FIVE BOSS FIGHTS and a PURGE!!! - Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 32* YOU SAW THE TITLE! Five bosses and a purge as well as a um, aha, hmm. An apology to the developers. 🏝️ Resort M...
FIVE BOSS FIGHTS and a PURGE!!! - Conan Exiles
FIVE BOSS FIGHTS and a PURGE!!! - Conan Exiles

FIVE BOSS FIGHTS and a PURGE!!! - Conan Exiles

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? Episode 32 is jam-packed with five epic boss battles, a thrilling purge, and of course, some hilarious moments that you won't want to miss.

In this episode, the team takes on some formidable bosses while also addressing a few mishaps with a humorous apology to the developers. And let's not forget about the exciting purge that adds an extra level of chaos to their adventures in the game.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming and Conan Exiles, you definitely don't want to miss this episode. Plus, make sure to check out their resort merch and grab yourself some Neebs Gaming coffee to enjoy while watching the action unfold.

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all right wack we got Adventure Time0.9194.681
with whack yeah yeah we're going back to2.65.04
the unnamed City apparently right yeah5.64.079
we're going to go do the loop in there7.644.999
and get as much legendaries as we can M9.6795.561
all right so any particular words of12.6395.241
advice before we get into this the only15.245.24
advice I'd give you is grab food before17.884.92
we leave camp but you forgot that so I20.484.32
cooked you some on the camp fire here22.85.0
Simon hey I have food who said I forgot24.86.04
wack just said it why wack why whack27.85.4
I've got I've got spiced steak and I've30.844.36
got freaking steak and eggs n what you33.24.4
say to that whack no okay well you know35.25.96
somebody said he forgot food um do I37.66.439
need to have food for this thing I got41.166.52
none should have had food come on I cook44.0395.2
some for you anyway but if you don't47.683.519
want it I'll eat it oh well that's fine49.2394.601
thank you listen I'm I'm a how do I get51.1994.921
out it yep that's how I get up I roll53.844.16
backward we got Abbott and Castell with56.123.16
us it's going to be a fun Journey I'll58.03.079
just stand if that's okay all right you59.283.72
just stand yeah all right Castello all61.0794.08
right let's go and have fun don't accuse63.03.92
me of anything whack that you don't know65.1593.401
of it's too late all right did you did66.923.32
you need any of this food no I don't68.563.32
need any of it but thank you all you're70.243.4
welcome but no thank all right let's71.884.0
let's go all right let's just go all73.644.839
right oh God I'm stuck in the I'm stuck75.884.16
you got to be kidding me says I can't78.4793.921
reach the mount son of I can't get in80.044.52
I'm stuck in the Rhino82.44.96
J like I didn't hit jump stand guard84.566.0
haveit stand guard yeah all right it's87.365.6
not working you you can just crouch90.565.0
crouch Simon92.965.119
yeah ah makes up for you being a dill95.565.16
weed earlier dill weed yeah that's a fun98.0794.561
name here I was trying to do something100.723.92
nice making you food cuz I thought you102.645.119
were out yeah well104.643.119
hi my name is Anthony CSN and I would131.844.84
like to apologize publicly to funcom134.04.28
because it's not their fault that the136.683.76
horses have been dying my horse hasn't138.284.12
died I'm just saying it can be done140.443.72
right it's statistically nebs it's also142.43.32
being careful and being a anotal144.163.6
evidence more horses have died than not145.723.12
statistics so I'd like to apologize to148.844.039
funcom because it turns out it's151.43.479
actually Ada the goddess adahop who was152.8794.321
supposed to protect us had her settings154.8794.72
way too high for all damage to Friendly157.24.039
that's we're pro Gamers to Friendly159.5993.801
things anyways public apology sorry161.2394.201
funcom at least I'm hardcore what are163.44.72
you so hardc we should crank up fire it165.445.04
was cranked up it was at Max double it168.124.08
we can't it was at Max that's what Max170.484.2
means right it can't go any higher Max172.23.959
times 2 this is a light speed174.683.32
conversation isn't it excuse me yeah if176.1593.881
you're on a bus going light speed you're178.03.48
going faster than light speed The180.043.24
Friendly Fire no light see light speed181.484.679
is a Speed Max means the top of anything183.285.2
it's the top it goes no higher you know186.1594.36
the movie Max Headroom what's in the188.486.92
Title Max Headroom more room Max science190.5197.44
he has all right so we got all the195.44.559
treasures in here we're going to do a197.9593.761
purge are you done with your apology199.9593.761
yeah sorry funcom don't Sue now201.723.159
apologize to the audience for making203.723.28
them sit through that sorry audience204.8795.121
okay let's build a fort we're going to207.04.959
do a purge we're going to get stuff I210.03.439
don't know what we get but we get things211.9593.28
I think I want to build I like to build213.4393.0
right all right wack it's hot out here216.4394.281
are we going to be hot all day hot all218.763.839
day oh damn it and this is where we're220.724.2
stopping and I didn't realize that I I222.5993.801
didn't have anything to make a bed224.924.08
because I I dumped it for weight come on226.44.64
Simon I dumped it for weight I don't229.03.799
come on me give me spiber come on you231.043.08
know we're going on a mission we need a232.7993.041
bed roll I know and I thought maybe I'd234.123.44
be able to get like I didn't know we235.844.759
were in your rhino oh good was eating237.564.16
but I guess it's not going to eat so240.5992.601
good today are you Abbot not going to241.725.12
eat so good today nine hopefully mhm not243.25.879
good enough nope not good enough cuz I246.843.8
don't have the other [ __ ] either damn it249.0792.88
I got rid of all my weight cuz I was250.643.72
building before I left if I die I die do251.9594.721
we want do we want to drag this [ __ ] out254.364.279
let's just go we got our fingers crossed256.683.92
you stay safe all right all right whack258.6393.881
we're ready we've never been more all260.63.92
right let's go so the first guy we're262.523.72
going to fight down here is the brute264.524.08
The Brute yeah he's walking away from us266.244.32
right now all right fight them from a268.64.72
distance maybe uh you can somebody's uh270.564.68
Mount is following them oh oh yeah of273.323.76
course it's mine no it's mine are you275.244.399
sure that was yep that was my bad I277.084.72
didn't Place mine all right hey this is279.6394.441
huh here I'll stabby hey watch out buddy290.65.52
o all right get out of the way oops come293.445.8
on now oh y all right maybe I won't296.125.4
fight with that he likes you all right299.243.56
we're going to have to be very careful301.522.6
go ahead I'll distract the [ __ ] out of302.83.239
him I don't care not kill each other how304.123.919
do we lock on this son of a [ __ ] again306.0394.121
get a few hits in then I'll pop out and308.0394.961
heal all right I lock again who's next310.165.12
just just call it all right I'm in I'm313.04.88
in and I'm I'm going boom boom boom boom315.284.24
boom boom I got to get out of here I'm317.884.72
next aha you cannot touch me until you319.526.04
touch me nice moves I like it ah you322.65.0
should be doing big damage with that axe325.564.0
too yeah when I hit him I will don't hit327.65.28
him more okay he hit me there someone's329.565.079
going to trade off and hit him maybe all332.883.52
right I just did oh come on come on come334.6395.0
on come on getting badly hit run how do336.45.32
you lock again he's looking for a lock339.6394.801
how you lock on again Q come341.726.12
on I don't all right coming in oh sorry344.445.64
buddy sorry that was a horrible call oh347.844.919
yeah no worries okay I'm going in there350.084.52
you are taking longer than it should352.7593.401
right he still likes you there we go354.64.36
he's on me now no still on you now he's356.165.92
on me yeah I'm making bandages cut your358.965.959
turn all right trying to there you go362.085.399
nice hey we need to get you some help364.9194.56
some uh some what you put points in your367.4794.481
attributes yeah you got any in your help369.4794.401
I I do I've got I might have I might371.964.44
have not paid much attention to that I373.884.48
got I got to heal up here all right all376.44.12
right I'm going to jump in here yeah get378.364.839
get him sh all380.522.679
right sorry you said get in there son I383.684.16
know and then then I [ __ ] then you386.4793.44
jumped in I did all right so tell me387.845.84
when you go for it all right coming389.9193.761
in that was my stuff all right I'm going396.6394.041
in go thank398.9194.72
you how many bosses today he said maybe400.685.68
six or eight bosses oh yeah I'm going to403.6395.361
need a bed yeah yeah I really I really406.364.399
didn't take anything I needed except for409.04.08
food cut somebody else all right here we410.7597.16
go here we go uh-huh nope no oh God no413.087.08
no no no no no no no get out of there I417.9194.641
got to get out of there still chasing420.164.36
just just run don't roll just run I'm422.563.759
running yep that roll is a stamina424.523.56
gobler isn't it yep let me know when426.3193.121
you're done all right go for it all428.083.959
right going to try sure oh yeah getting429.444.72
down come on get close what are you432.0394.081
doing oh I'm going to get another thing434.164.159
let me around you again look at that436.123.759
like what he was doing look at that438.3193.041
didn't see that coming did you oh [ __ ]439.8793.88
no come on all right somebody else oh no441.365.839
get out of here damn it oh stamina come443.7596.921
on stamina there we go hey first boss447.1997.0
down let's go to the next one next I450.685.72
like it Anthony thank you so they they454.1994.361
got a weave it's like being at the bank456.44.359
isn't it well or a amusement park I458.564.639
guess so or or any kind of line ever460.7593.84
yeah so they worked the way all the way463.1993.361
up maybe we grab a couple of those uh464.5994.081
you know some of your guys from uh466.563.88
sandalis oh yeah they're really good468.683.28
Warriors they're really good at fighting470.443.84
yeah we could throw some uh archers up471.963.799
yeah according to wack they they should474.283.8
follow this path and they really like475.7594.12
doors they like doors huh they're like478.083.799
doors so even here should probably be479.8794.28
another doorway put a door there okay481.8794.121
yeah so that way we can place what do484.1593.961
you think people right at the doors to486.03.84
fight yeah maybe a couple in the in the488.123.24
path and maybe a couple platforms of489.844.199
their own above right oh to like shoot491.365.08
down as archers yeah like a tower ah494.0394.761
security Tower clever oh wait do you496.443.879
think we should have a million doors498.83.119
like maybe a door here and a door here I500.3194.081
wouldn't say a million but maybe one 2 3501.9194.641
4 5 like like 40 man this is our first504.44.519
Purge we only got like a $150 in there I506.563.599
think it's going to be czy you're right508.9192.521
we'll just do the doors on the on the510.1592.76
levels yeah we'll do like four or five511.443.839
doors and then I don't know maybe five512.9194.721
or six THS sounds good and then then515.2794.0
they got to deal with us we'll be at the517.643.44
end they get we're like the boss fight519.2794.32
we are we're the threat boss fight yeah521.083.96
I've always wanted to be the boss fight523.5993.081
you did that's always been a a dream of525.044.64
yours that and uh yep want be I want to526.684.96
make cartoons and I've done that so and529.684.76
entertain people the world over okay I'm531.644.44
incumbered I'm going to go you're doing534.444.0
great all right536.084.92
Coming For You Commander oh I see you560.123.64
Commander you want to follow me you want562.563.04
to play this game just follow me all day563.764.28
I don't even care I will uh get behind565.64.32
and do a little stabby stab hey buddy568.042.919
doing a little stab just want to569.923.08
introduce myself oh God get away from me570.9593.961
you son of a CO jeez we were just saying573.04.839
hi yeah get this574.925.479
Skelly try turn to get away but doesn't577.8394.361
seem to want to see if you can take care580.3993.721
of those little guys real quick they're582.25.4
done all right bandaging all coming in584.125.719
okay we get a good yeah he got kind of587.64.12
landed that he's got like a good four or589.8394.641
five strikes that he does he's fast for591.727.84
a skeleton yeah yeah oh y yep y oh yeah594.487.32
you we're doing a nice little teamwork599.565.399
good yep oh all right I'm in I'm the601.84.599
[ __ ] with you here yeah you want to do604.9594.281
this oh I got to change my arrows yeah606.3994.601
you like these arrows look at that full609.245.08
combo he likes to pull off oh yeah four611.05.36
that is four sorry I might have just614.323.759
stabed you're good you're good all right616.364.719
good oo yeah he fast he looks good with618.0796.44
those arrows d a you oh [ __ ] come on621.0794.641
come on624.5196.281
scoo no no oh I'm going come try to take625.726.88
him from you oh he's coming right to me630.83.56
and I'm bandaging up oh632.65.16
good cut I got him do this all day dude634.367.12
wo che che oh God somebody help help637.765.92
yeah get out of there run you son of a641.484.28
[ __ ] here how about some light on this643.685.2
for the editing oh no I'm going to die645.765.56
me twice come on there buddy go in you648.884.199
want in on this go in go for it yeah651.323.84
that's right that's right that's right653.0794.721
in how far down is he go he's on he's655.166.52
almost there he's close we go ,000 oh he657.85.2
landed that661.683.64
one I know you got four attacks you663.05.32
switch it up idiot nice suck it well665.325.28
done you just executed him and in in668.325.0
this one there's a sword of crom670.65.239
crystalline Guardian leg you want the673.324.6
who wants sword of crom sure is it a675.8394.161
good sword not really all right no I677.924.4
don't want you have to you have to680.04.48
create a specific build around it in682.324.88
order to be able to use it but let me684.484.24
show you guys one more thing before we687.25.16
leave just back here behind this flame688.727.6
uh-huh there's a chest of goodies ah I'm692.365.84
I'm healing up all right and the goodies696.322.759
I don't698.24.84
appreciate yay here we go sun's coming699.0795.801
up but these torches will help if it's703.044.32
night okay I'm thinking about a bridge704.885.0
system like this bridge oh wow look at707.364.96
that hold on me still too heavy car too709.884.6
much junk around too much neebs has too712.326.319
much junk I know right 20 24 neebs okay714.486.4
so we have a Archer up here maybe that's718.6395.041
a good idea and then he's arching mm and720.885.12
then we could also kind of run all along723.684.0
this and check on their progress we're726.03.92
also be arching well we'll see we'll see727.683.76
how they do if we got to step in or not729.922.96
you know yeah right we're the boss fight731.443.079
we just wait that's right and then we732.883.079
can run our way back this way this will734.5193.521
run all along the thing then we can jump735.9594.041
in the final room yeah the final room is738.043.599
pretty big and open figured we'd need740.04.56
some space to just cause carnage oh boy741.6394.961
horse is confused is he horse I'll be744.564.36
out there in a minute fore h a sit tight746.64.0
he wants to be by your side he gets as748.925.279
close as he can he's got a okay so this750.66.799
the what happened horse is on the stairs754.1995.681
you stinker all right anyway final757.3994.361
fights in here if they get this far and759.883.959
uh free Hol will be in here too maybe761.763.72
maybe yep and then is there going to be763.8393.281
like a wall right here to keep them off765.484.76
of him off the Coffer off the well I we767.125.0
need to leave it open at to a certain770.243.44
extent a little bit well there could be772.123.2
a door there needs to be a door yes773.683.64
you're right so maybe a door Coffer is a775.324.199
dumb name right um it is that where777.325.12
cough it up comes from uh oh man you779.5194.88
might be right are you right ah cough it782.444.44
up it's crazy cough it up I always784.3994.361
assume someone had something in their786.884.8
throat there's a quarter here's your788.766.16
money yep all right I like this I think791.685.56
we're on the same page yeah let's uh794.924.359
fore you'll get to be here buddy797.243.0
actually he shouldn't he should be799.2792.721
hanging out at the resort yeah oh yeah800.243.08
you'll get you'll get a view up there802.03.279
yep in the Box Seats yep all right let's803.324.8
do this let's finish it up yeah805.2794.201
come oh yeah there's the boss showing up819.2798.56
it looks like he's on me now all823.8394.0
right one down finally all right good828.245.519
job good job all right come on I haven't831.723.84
been able to get a sword guy yet I only833.7593.401
get the ones that don't have a hand835.564.44
weapon all right okay most of the the837.165.599
underlings are down there we go all840.04.72
right I'm going in on him all right okay842.7594.44
trade out if you want all right going to844.724.72
take a swing and then run I'm going to847.1995.121
miss entirely oh and he got little stab849.445.759
baroo in the back yeah long sword o nice852.325.12
that was a good move Dora yeah all right855.1995.0
I'm in yeah okay he's pretty quick with857.445.16
that long sword oh yeah I didn't know860.1994.921
you doing that still likes me I'll go862.65.96
next oh come on now get off my back no865.125.8
ah oh all right who's in D you want868.563.76
somebody to come behind you you used to870.924.52
fight I could you know okay go for get872.324.4
some of that well you're in there you875.443.72
said get some of that yeah because him876.723.84
go in that's like the perfect time right879.162.72
there all right well yeah I know but880.562.48
when you say get some of that you were881.882.959
you were still swinging at him yeah you883.044.28
were swinging yeah all right no no damn884.8395.321
it oh [ __ ] [ __ ] do you remember how to887.326.0
roll Z or something Al890.167.039
maybe I'm in it is all right uh I can go893.326.319
in next whenever go for it all right897.1994.44
uhuh I'll try to do the roll when he899.6394.56
does something roll901.6395.921
yeah look at you all right I'm going in904.1995.56
I'm right oh that was a good hit go for907.564.32
it oh they got me on that one all right909.7593.721
all right I'm going to go in here oh no911.883.6
he's still going after you come on come913.484.2
on oh no I roll back into him coming in915.484.0
and come on come on baby this guy's a917.685.04
sucker I'm going in we're like a fine919.486.039
fine oiled machine is that a thing well922.726.32
tuned finally oil find something yes oh925.5196.76
oh no okay oh I'm so close take them929.047.479
tuned massively oil take them out get it932.2796.68
that's I'll go in and get him in a936.5194.68
second for it going to get him I'm going938.9594.44
to get him I'm going to get him D I941.1994.721
think you'll kill him one shot if you go943.3995.92
for it there it is yeah look at that945.925.359
power frag are you kidding me another949.3195.08
sword of cro sword of cro man grandmas951.2795.04
weapon repair kit all right that's okay954.3994.281
cuz they break down into star metal Okay956.3195.601
so that's cool yay958.686.079
fighting I love it man I think it looks961.924.68
good and functional I think it's great964.7594.601
so supposedly if we uh wall that off966.64.4
completely they won't want to break in969.362.64
that way they'll want to come in through971.02.72
the front right yeah as long as there's972.05.04
a real real real path you got stairs up973.725.0
to that front door yep okay they come in977.042.76
the stairs they got to work the way978.722.4
through here we have archers I don't979.82.8
like that front corner and how the wall981.123.199
is just missing I'm going to go fix that982.63.479
okay yep and then it's all about984.3195.041
Aesthetics boom what was that oh wow ow986.0794.641
oh God it's on fire I didn't realize989.362.64
there was fire what kind of arrows do I990.722.239
have I don't know is that going to992.03.199
spread to everything what is it hold on992.9593.921
I know it's Stone but there's wood in it995.1994.0
it wasn't explosive was it it was oh996.885.0
wait it hurts po poane bow no that's my999.1994.76
bow yeah it hurts it burns ow I don't1001.883.72
know why it's burning had explosive1003.9593.8
before for the star metal okay so you1005.63.799
probably still have them I thought that1007.7593.32
was a bone arrow well based on the1009.3994.201
evidence of fire it probably isn't okay1011.0794.961
or wasn't all right well oh oh excuse me1013.63.76
pardon me just got I wish I used that1016.042.4
during The Purge yeah that would have1017.362.719
been cool now now The Purge is going to1018.444.48
be can you move uh we'll have a thw here1020.0795.24
and then uh we can put a thraw here uh1022.925.2
and maybe a thraw here and then uh what1025.3195.041
you think just three thrs I probably I1028.124.199
mean are we over doing this and then1030.364.52
boss fight up here are we overdoing this1032.3194.281
totally maybe it's our first Purge I1034.883.039
don't know we don't know this is our1036.63.719
judgment first Purge we were aware of1037.9193.76
what what does that mean I mean most1040.3192.76
purges just happened all right the one1041.6793.16
that destroyed my mansion in the woods1043.0792.84
sometimes they're not even there yeah1044.8393.281
yeah I heard about that okay well let's1045.9195.321
grab at least three THS and then uh1048.125.4
maybe we're ready to do this maybe okay1051.244.559
looks this is a the bat of all bats this1066.526.2
the the most powerful bat I think I see1070.44.8
said bat oh yeah I F we fought this with1072.724.8
thick before I that I remember okay hey1075.23.88
how you doing buddy all right I'm going1077.524.399
in behind little1079.082.839
stabo oh yeah I will Pepper you all day1083.525.8
idiot bat I'm going in all day with this1086.7995.721
I do it all day that's great cuz working1089.325.12
if I can keep my stamina up this is the1092.524.48
battle all bats you say just batt all1094.444.84
bats like 3/4 down in Hell got a [ __ ]1097.04.24
bats it used to be a lot harder oh is1099.284.16
that what it was oh you weren't1101.245.48
wrong easy easy1103.446.32
almost yeah going in I'm going in oh but1106.726.52
I'm all stunned now I used my big power1109.767.279
power I'm a dumb bad here let me jump1113.247.16
in oh you're about to there it is there1117.0396.801
it is what what come on now get anything1120.46.12
exciting though nothing nothing exciting1123.845.04
I was really hoping for a Rip Tide cuz1126.523.6
that would have been awesome I was1128.884.08
hoping for a stronger bat yeah I wasn't1130.124.52
I'm glad it was that week yeah I'm glad1132.963.28
it was a baby bat all right you ready1134.644.76
for another boss yes yeah let's go1136.245.72
yes neebs I'd like to introduce you to1139.45.159
one of our finest Warriors of sandalis1141.966.04
Anthony he's a defari Archer level grade1144.5596.401
three and as you can see he has really1148.05.679
nice armor kind of inherited my old1150.964.719
armor he's a bit of my1153.6797.12
Protegé Anthony oh what you doing I'm1155.6796.841
I'm very confused we need to get you up1160.7993.401
here with your thraw I got two in place1162.523.159
already that's all you have there's not1164.24.8
many THS over there mostly dancers well1165.6794.801
you realize your point was like oh the1169.03.2
quality over here is so much higher so1170.484.199
many greater people no I'm talking about1172.25.0
like uh you know high high level like1174.6795.401
brain work you know right but right now1177.25.32
we need Warriors yeah that's did you get1180.084.079
warrior and I'm1184.1595.681
booted oh oh [ __ ] what are you what are1187.324.0
you doing I was trying to do the chicken1189.843.839
dance but I but I walked up the thing1191.324.56
yeah you did hey this guy's pretty cool1193.6794.36
looking yeah oh he's go Simon here you1195.884.32
that's what you are bossy boss you're1200.25.52
like a chicken it is yeah I dare you to1202.644.399
go up there and do that right in front1205.722.68
of him dude Simon go do it right in1207.0393.081
front of listen I'll do it at some point1208.43.48
in the fight well I got to start with it1210.124.08
don't you you think okay I can do that1211.884.76
I'll try all right wait uh the bed I1214.24.359
really wish uh I had more fiber to put a1216.644.519
bed right here cut down on the L all1218.5595.721
right hello sir s you're so tough how1221.1596.361
are you hey buddy check this out s do it1224.286.2
huh hey what you1227.526.08
doing scar1230.487.04
C that makes me so happy all right now1233.66.76
now go fight him yeah I think you could1237.524.96
solo him okay I'm coming I think you1240.363.84
could solo him this is not what are you1242.484.52
doing this for do it go up there all1244.25.2
right it make you happy I got your back1247.05.48
if he doesn't make1249.43.08
Happ oh I got to talk to him this is not1253.6795.681
a bad guy oh wait1256.725.04
yeah son of a [ __ ] it's an alien of1259.366.4
sorts I will I will talk warmaker clo1261.766.919
smell you smells us Sten of your kind is1265.766.12
not improved through aons you don't1268.6795.24
smell great especially down there right1271.886.12
um talk more ashes and dust sure oo this1273.9195.841
is a nice shot right here e of an echo1278.06.2
you are a poet ashes and dust ashes and1279.767.32
dust sure oh oh God damn it I hit1284.24.839
control sorry Simon I thought he hit me1287.084.56
you idiot what are you doing I control1289.0395.24
but it's not it's it's it's uh C for1291.645.0
Crouch the ages turn human yeah so for1294.2794.361
the record I never said this was a boss1296.644.68
you all assumed that oh I see I know you1298.644.44
would you would you would understand why1301.323.52
we'd assume it right yeah yeah1303.083.36
absolutely absolutely you want to go1304.843.959
fight the the actual thing yeah I hope1306.444.359
it look does it look anywhere as cool as1308.7994.041
this one I'll let you judge that all1310.7995.201
right Proclaim wealth Proclaim it yep1312.845.199
confirm do we yell are we Yelling to the1316.04.76
rooftops look how rich we are uh yeah if1318.0394.161
you want to I mean that's what1320.763.24
proclaiming means I Proclaim to the1322.24.839
people okay fantastic let me um yeah1324.05.52
okay thanks yep uhhuh I did it are they1327.0396.561
coming no okay I just see animals dancer1329.526.08
be on the lookout H me downs try to look1333.64.28
busy or you look bored Archer stand1335.64.4
steady pre you got a good view up there1337.883.64
if you see them call it out want to yell1340.04.08
at me to do what what what look what's1341.524.519
happening oh God oh God oh God that's1344.083.68
where the enem is going to come from1346.0392.88
I've heard that that's the the forward1347.764.399
operating base okay um how goes you1348.9195.601
state York business here they come here1352.1594.4
they come okay wait just watch where1354.523.84
they go okay they're just going there1356.5595.081
they oh was that you oh crap the did I1358.365.72
was that you man they're bone arrows oh1361.644.76
they are bone arrows they're doing stuff1364.085.199
yeah The Archers are going for it oh yep1366.44.639
swear the bone arrows why is there so1369.2793.76
much fire sto lighting the good part of1371.0393.481
the base on fire you got it okay I'll1373.0393.24
stop shooting okay The Archers are just1374.524.36
fighting they're not even going for the1376.2794.76
why is handam Downs over here now cuz I1378.884.279
don't know all right my Archer is over1381.0394.041
here let's move them the dancers's got1383.1593.721
an arch I mean I placed him and he's1385.084.32
moved the dancer has an arch yep all1386.883.96
right all right get him let's try this1389.43.04
from here he is really focused on that1390.843.319
corner over there oh that guy's burning1392.444.28
check him out now you're doing something1394.1594.841
that guy got like a battering uh thing1396.724.52
does break down the1399.05.32
doors uh right in my shot there handy1401.245.12
Downs I probably should have had a bow1404.323.599
so I could you know be useful you're1406.363.48
useful you built this thing man yeah I1407.9193.481
built this city oh they broke the front1409.844.68
door already oh God okay I want this I'm1411.45.08
going to start fighting them should I1414.523.08
yeah get in there if you like let me get1416.483.079
in there like we just start slaughtering1417.63.48
them okay I'll stay here and Arch with1419.5595.081
the guys we go and oh God the battering1421.085.32
ram guy does it with one hit that's good1424.644.72
to know can I can I please swing the1426.46.6
sword I can't they've trapped me in a1429.366.04
corner corner all right I'm good I1433.04.48
should have went and grabbed my shield1435.43.759
I'm totally in building mode you didn't1437.484.16
even bring a shield no oh God this guy1439.1593.721
he's right up there he's already broken1441.643.12
three of our doors you know what NES you1442.883.84
you fight I'll be right back okay get my1444.763.96
shield it's over at your friend Camp yep1446.723.559
I'll uh I'll go to the front door and1448.724.16
give it a little oh they're archers a1450.2795.041
they're shooting at me now D it h we're1452.884.52
going to flank them the detectors have1455.324.599
determined they can no longer reach the1457.46.519
why is that can't reach the Coffer who1459.9195.36
what is happening they say they can't1463.9192.561
reach the Coffer and they are they1465.2792.681
leaving they didn't even dismantle all1466.483.16
their [ __ ] [ __ ] look is that just1467.965.52
there now oh God there's a sandstorm is1469.646.36
that why I don't know man inside with1473.486.0
the CER man go yep come on baby go go go1476.06.08
I'm going hide away with our wealth1479.484.079
where are you I'm coming I'm coming1482.083.36
right now go get inside get inside the1483.5593.24
coer are we going to fit in there I1485.443.56
don't know just roll in there come on I1486.7995.321
can't get in god damn it all right great1489.04.799
am I good here no I have a little bit of1492.123.799
shelter are you good yeah just here no I1493.7993.841
can just do this come on in okay there1495.9194.841
we go build it back working on it bam1497.646.48
we're safe okay did we just ruin our1500.766.48
first Purge that's right you better1504.125.24
run all right so we're going to climb up1507.244.159
there guys there's another skeleton boss1509.364.72
up there really okay so uh doesn't look1511.3994.201
like there's anywhere to take a break1514.084.04
lead the way yeah there's there's a stop1515.64.439
up here yeah easy enough oh yeah those1518.125.279
okay those closer yeah all right don't1520.0394.601
be don't be looking up while you're1523.3993.921
climbing now listen if you don't want me1524.645.039
to look up you need to wear some more1527.324.64
covering you understand cuz you're1529.6794.36
pretty much like right now like you're1531.963.56
climbing and I could see everything and1534.0392.841
I'm happy about it I mean at least we're1535.523.36
not talking about zers what the hell's a1536.884.56
zuper you you're the one who said zers1538.884.919
oh that I've heard you say it before I1541.444.719
know but you know you know me and all1543.7994.921
heyit that was1549.65.64
Zer all right oh all right I'm going to1551.765.519
start in on these guys right to it with1555.243.76
these little suckers1557.2793.241
oh there you are I mean they were both1559.04.08
one hit you just one hit that's it I1560.524.6
know well they got a hit on me just one1563.084.479
oh there you go day all day with that1565.125.0
all right is that the guy no there's two1567.5594.281
guys no two this the guy right here this1570.123.52
is the guy look at how arrogant I'm1571.843.319
going go do the chicken waiting for us1573.642.8
should I do the chicken thing hold on I1575.1593.041
got something to do sure go for it hold1576.444.2
on no chicken thing1578.25.719
then all right what what's happening hey1580.645.44
I have a spider your spider didn't do oh1583.9194.901
there he is oh hey spider1586.088.66
that's right that's right that's my1595.03.039
spider how do you like it you like the1596.3993.921
spider [ __ ] with my spider uh-oh said1598.0393.88
spider's probably going to hurt me more1600.323.719
than anything maybe yeah I don't want to1601.9194.521
get that was a good hit I got I got hit1604.0395.561
a little bit all right I'm going1606.443.16
iny I'm healing heal healing there we go1609.726.24
I'm in looking good I like his whatever1613.5594.081
he's holding that looks neat that's the1615.963.8
two-handed star metal Hammer that's like1617.643.88
a party Hammer excuse1619.765.039
me yeah come in beautiful night for a1621.526.2
boss fight it is up on a bridge mhm and1624.7995.161
his minions down in the end just unaware1627.725.48
of this fight I love it I'm in1629.966.439
sorry I'll come in next I can't wait let1633.25.92
him do that oh a little fake out I guess1636.3994.321
wack didn't hear me say I'll be next but1639.125.039
oh oh wack what oh you almost fell it1640.726.559
was exciting for all there St it's just1644.1595.361
it's just stairs as you thought is it no1647.2795.481
not even close I'm going in uhhuh uhhuh1649.526.159
uhhuh and then couple of these you want1652.765.88
a couple those maybe look at this the1655.6795.321
roll is my friend I can't stop fighting1658.645.32
you I'm glad you learned to roll yes me1661.06.08
too very handy it's good yeah that's me1663.965.4
that's me shooting the AAS it was me I'm1667.083.64
just going to watch the rest of this1669.362.559
fight I1670.725.24
think why you I'll just be lighting okay1671.9196.681
thank you I'm just healing oh no w all1675.965.24
right I'm coming almost dead okay here1678.65.919
we go Simon enough of that oh oh God1681.25.12
that was a good yeah yeah he gets a good1684.5194.361
hit if you let him mhm I got right to1686.325.44
whack tce I'm in thank you I just like1688.885.0
to say all in all we've been uh doing1691.763.96
some good little boss fightings today1693.886.56
yeah man it's good fun o oh we got you1695.726.64
oh God I'm going to go in come on come1700.443.959
on buddy you know you like it you know1702.364.88
you like it yeah you know you like it1704.3995.081
come on baby you can't touch me you1707.244.039
can't oh you did you touched me really1709.483.679
hard you touched me hard touch you right1711.2795.041
in the no no spot uh-huh oh God get away1713.1595.201
all right I'm going in there you are1716.324.079
okay I'm just going to miss too don't1718.364.199
worry got to be close got to be close oh1720.3994.681
super close okay and I'll get it come on1722.5596.041
CR get cool sure I'm coming K1725.087.68
her [ __ ] we were doing so1728.67.36
good [ __ ] we we had such a good run I1732.766.759
know he got kind of stuck up homeboy oh1735.966.12
man that was what we got there we got a1739.5194.76
scorpion harness I'll just grab it yeah1742.084.56
our fourth fifth fragment of power1744.2795.161
layered silk bunch of radium gems all1746.647.56
right man that oh Simon I'm sorry buddy1749.446.04
bastard Dora if you come over here you1755.484.12
could probably see him running up well1757.6793.84
just want to do something to his1759.65.959
corpse oh that's I hear you buddy that's1761.5197.4
real mean ah I hear you1765.5595.681
what are you1768.9192.321
doing it's like he's farting green glowy1773.6797.36
powder yeah don't think I've ever heard1778.1597.481
it described like that n that smell good1781.0395.88
I don't know if he'll be able to make it1785.644.279
up here by himself there's a lot of1786.9197.0
stuff between here and there I'll be1789.9197.0

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