COME AT ME BRO! | Subnautica #26

Hey there fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a Subnautica log where they have a bone to p...
COME AT ME BRO!  |  Subnautica #26
COME AT ME BRO! | Subnautica #26

COME AT ME BRO! | Subnautica #26

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Subnautica with your favorite crew!

simon: And today, we're diving deep into the ocean to face off against Mr. Reaper!

appsro: Oh yeah, that big scary fish doesn't stand a chance against us!

neebs: I love this video because it's got all the suspense and excitement of a great adventure game.

simon: And let's not forget the hilarious moments when we scream like little kids at every little noise!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a Subnautica log where they have a bone to pick with Mr. Reaper. The team always brings such hilarious and entertaining gameplay to the table, so you know this video is going to be a blast.

If you're not already subscribed to their channel, you're missing out! Make sure to hit that subscribe button for more Subnautica content that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat. And if you want to show some extra support, their Patreon is a great way to do so.

Subnautica is such a unique game with its open world underwater exploration and adventure. It's currently under construction at Unknown Worlds, and Neebs Gaming always does a fantastic job of diving into the depths of this alien ocean world. From shallow coral reefs to deep-sea trenches and bio-luminescent underwater rivers, the game offers such a diverse and immersive experience.

The music in their videos always sets the perfect tone, and with tracks like "Mellowtron" and "Nowhere Land," you'll be fully immersed in the Subnautica universe. Plus, their social media pages are a great way to stay connected with other fans and interact with the Neebs Gaming team.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to join Neebs Gaming on their Subnautica adventure. Trust me, you won't want to miss a minute of the action!

Neebs Gaming
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spend three days man okay well you21.075.55
coulda leave pump it I'm busy but we25.034.62
were still thinking about you scared me26.6236.72
for a minute I was oh okay well that's29.6534.29
ten years all right so that's it wait a63.943.47
minute so that's the good news65.9793.42
so you don't really have any good news67.415.5
for me all the news for me is bad69.3998.091
actually the first bad news for me I72.917.98
don't give a [ __ ] about boots okay so77.4931.09
that's not for me so you don't have80.8929.519
blueprints for the escape ship on me but108.582.55
the escape ship110.4092.041
blueprints might be on the ship that's111.136.05
crash me running112.454.73
alright I'm in the shallows now heading141.724.28
no yeah that was annoying me146.0618.72
for again cool - any Altair a crew172.2216.02
counted predators in the Leviathan class190.735.26
highly aggressive spectroscope scanner193.25.88
assigned species designator Reaper one195.994.62
specimen attempted to swallow the Life199.083.66
pod do an extensive damage in the200.614.8
process only viable option is to make202.744.68
the safety of the Aurora crash site I205.414.05
have retrieved a data box with the207.424.17
creature decoy and enough resources to209.464.2
fabricate a couple of them the swims211.594.05
longer than the decoy lifetime but it213.664.19
should just be enough to keep them busy215.644.5
if you don't find me on board the ship217.855.859
oh geez you my miscalculate220.147.26
well means I think like the guy from223.7095.551
like pot for tried to swim to the Aurora227.44.649
and he was eaten by something and I229.265.52
actually see the something okay it's232.0495.16
it's that really big creatures thing ie234.784.709
bit me once or well I mean he didn't237.2094.711
bite me but oh my god that thing's huge239.4894.261
what was he saying about decoys we use241.929.03
decoys I don't have any décor look I'm243.759.239
in the crap I'm around the Aurora's250.955.49
crash site so I think I'm safe okay god252.9894.77
I would love to torpedo this guy in the256.443.59
arming torpedoes261.172.78
hey [ __ ]264.486.9
[ __ ] Oh268.273.11
I took me to the [ __ ] in the283.065.92
face yeah thanks for trying to chew on285.926.84
me [ __ ] damn that felt good I swear288.988.0
damn that felt good okay listen whoa292.764.22
well yeah I've been to the ship before297.45.82
never found blueprints299.63.62
all right oh yeah you're not gonna315.84972.78
believe this is a Sima dep module mk1 in385.187.259
here yeah I know I would have been nice388.6295.94
to uh you know have that because I had392.4394.551
to make that394.5692.421
I told you directly stop438.7894.38
and II found the cabins quarters you457.366.26
think the blueprints might be in here460.363.26
okay I know you guys don't have the463.91958.5
[ __ ] well your - 679 give it a shot466.855.619
nice terminal523.76922.44
holy [ __ ] upto data me I got it I got a546.3911.31
blueprint for the rocket hell yeah yeah552.487.289
I'll send a copy to you right now let me557.74.71
uh well actually I don't know if I can559.7697.651
what's that wall shelves well extended562.416.27
dad I hear it here's how you build a567.4257.8
wall we're starting today son568.6856.54
all right to this land let's see two636.93912.971
titanium ingots I went out searching for646.859.019
[ __ ] see boys it blend a computer chip649.918.31
had one for when I deconstructed the655.8694.69
thing at the Cyclops658.2211.51
the modification station here we go I660.5599.171
assume it's gonna float alright here we671.1993.67
I'm logging in alright yeah674.8695.16
Neptune launch platform so as I could678.174.079
build it alright I'm putting in the680.0298.99
parts oh [ __ ] alright go guys go682.2496.77
yeah done yeah hold on I'm going through721.418.2
it right now yeah it is floating it is a725.477.17
floating platform that has a giant hole729.613.84
in the middle of it732.643.15
I assume this is where I'm supposed to733.455.64
build a rocket it's kind of dark out735.794.86
here right now so we having a hard time739.095.97
seeing okay yep there's a platform here740.657.17
I bet this works like all the other ones745.068.34
I'm accessing the platform now Neptune747.827.56
gantry oh okay I guess I gotta build a753.44.23
gantry it's something that supports the755.385.88
rocket during construction plasteel757.639.39
ingot copper wire and lubricates the761.269.45
Neptune gantry gantry I guess that's767.024.62
what they call the thing that holds the770.716.9
rocket in place plasteel ingot copper771.648.79
wire lubricant we build the rocket777.6127.72
really wacky now we're building the780.4334.64
rocket boot Simon you guys here805.339.74
now lubricant remind me I know it's863.3196.801
creepvine related but no Meredith is the866.413.71
c+ decree pine seed cluster Creek lines872.0094.33
are right here I'm getting to get874.664.13
we are ready to construct the gantry I'm908.4810.95
inserting this stuff here we go okay910.33911.25
yeah it's a gantry all right holy crap919.437.409
that thing's big yeah I'd say it's about921.5897.951
two school buses and imagine a third926.8395.071
school bus on top but I'd like an929.547.859
l-shape I'm building I'm out here in the931.916.57
middle of the ocean built a [ __ ]937.39919.11
rocket okay now let's see we need938.4819.969
boosters oh boy956.5095.94
three nickel or two aerogel and a wiring958.4498.531
kit yes sir Buster's this is to build962.4496.75
the boosters oh boy nickel966.984.14
I think nickels gonna be a [ __ ] I'm not969.1996.81
really sure okay hold on a little shaky971.127.19
stuck stuck nibs stuck981.565.36
yeah here's foof same prayer yeah this988.06.029
month top of the platform platform is991.995.459
shaking and I can't seem to move then994.0295.31
are you taking any mushroom no I have997.4493.361
not taken even mushrooms Simon no999.3394.92
mushrooms any other aesthetic truck no1000.814.5
no Hallucigenia1004.2596.051
I seem to be stuck1005.315.0
we need some materials do you have those1027.024.809
materials it's written for a space I1029.6995.64
don't know let's see the nickel I1031.8297.26
definitely don't have nickel maybe I'd1035.3395.431
have to go back and look1039.08920.671
all right know I've kicked all the1059.7680.32
Stewart well no you don't know what the1138.612.94
ones on the bottom but I need a breath1140.083.42
of air I'm gonna run back and take a1141.554.79
breath we'll come back1143.52.84
okay yeah here come on Nikhil what1161.7678.46
Nikhil yeah I know what Nikhil1232.3311.27
everything but Nikhil yeah1240.223.38
is a damn good question whoo hi if I'm1248.6197.24
not mistaken I think I have found nickel1253.585.64
before in the super creepy river what I1255.8595.25
need to do is I need to go back to dr.1259.223.99
spaghetti and then I need to go back to1261.1094.65
red grass base I'll deposit some of all1263.214.949
this [ __ ] I picked up at red grass base1265.7594.831
and then we're gonna go nickel hunting1268.1594.051

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