BLAST OFF! | Subnautica 29 (FINAL EPISODE)

Hey guys, I just watched the latest Subnautica log on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel and let me tell you, it was an epic journey! If you're ...
BLAST OFF!  |  Subnautica 29  (FINAL EPISODE)
BLAST OFF! | Subnautica 29 (FINAL EPISODE)

BLAST OFF! | Subnautica 29 (FINAL EPISODE)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, it's Neebs here! Just wanted to say, this Subnautica final episode is hands down my favorite. I mean, who wouldn't love blasting off into space after all that underwater exploring?

simon: Oh, Neebs, you always have a flair for the dramatic! But I have to agree, there's something satisfying about wrapping up a game like this. Plus, the music in this video is top-notch. Really sets the mood for our big finale.

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much. But seriously, I think what makes this video my favorite is the sheer sense of accomplishment. We survived the depths of the ocean, built a base, and now we're taking off into the unknown. It's like a sci-fi adventure come to life!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, I just watched the latest Subnautica log on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel and let me tell you, it was an epic journey! If you're a fan of underwater exploration and adventure games, then Subnautica is definitely a game you need to check out. The team at Unknown Worlds has created an open world game where you crash-land on an alien ocean world and have to navigate through sun-drenched coral reefs, deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent rivers.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew dives deep into the world of Subnautica and encounters all sorts of creatures and challenges along the way. From building underwater bases to exploring the depths of the ocean, they take you on a thrilling ride through this mysterious and beautiful world. And let me tell you, it's not always smooth sailing - there are plenty of moments that will have you on the edge of your seat!

If you're a fan of the channel, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming community. They've got a ton of other great videos on their channel, so you won't want to miss out on any of the action. Plus, if you want to support the channel even more, you can check out their Patreon page and get access to exclusive content and rewards. So grab your diving gear and get ready to explore the depths of Subnautica with the Neebs Gaming crew!

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I on Power Cells okay you know what I on0.029.31
sales I know you need these uh these27.334.439
fuel crystals here here is this can I29.318.929
drill this hold on now31.76910.641
don't kyanite me oh yeah okay you feel38.2396.421
sounds yeah it's drill this thing fuel42.414.829
cells cool yeah I got a I got several of44.668.309
them Oh God nutty all right ten back47.2397.14
we got the kyanite we'll make a couple52.9693.331
of ion batteries and we'll build the54.3794.851
next piece of the rocket56.32.93
all right do ion cubes to gold to silver65.975.8
should be able to make to ion batteries69.497.29
yes ma'am here they come alright easy71.777.05
oh all right silicon a rubber that's you78.825.1
know what that's just creep buying82.632.099
something or other83.923.809
just actual creep but not the feed the84.7295.731
see okay be pleased the seedplot there87.7294.051
all right I'm gonna grab a few of those90.4615.269
real quick I've never heard that phrase91.7836.69
that ain't might known as beat them bad105.72925.351
news I don't think I have any more fuel128.477.26
crystals I know and I already use them131.0810.14
everything yeah I thought I had work I135.737.94
guess I know141.222.45
I could have sworn I had some in storage143.74.5
and maybe that's what I'm thinking I'm147.037.08
thinking they were the Cyclops no we148.27.77
were just down there all right hold on154.114.53
I'm going it's the last time maybe the155.976.26
last time we ever have to go down there158.643.59
already did empty my [ __ ]162.415.9
I'm running back I'm almost at the door176.726.92
to go out and have fun clear the chamber179.5926.76
Simon Stevin oh my god did I even bring203.624.83
a help back I'm a [ __ ] idiot I'm a206.355.7
goddamn [ __ ] idiot I am so stupid208.457.56
I am so [ __ ] stupid I'm gotta go fit212.055.4
I gotta go way back up there to get216.012.67
[ __ ] held back217.4510.05
do my beige I got an idea218.6812.15
I'm gonna go down there to Big Mama see227.54.53
if there's any fuel crystals laying230.833.51
around I know I got lucky one time can't232.035.48
believe it it bring any health packs234.343.17
Hey oh no Neves I think mom is dead wait247.7414.56
believin get Phil hey oh right no she's258.845.14
not dead please uh she's getting there262.36.6
though yeah that's daddy's okay damn263.987.08
eggs all right maybe I can get lucky268.93.87
fine I felt a fuel crystal around here271.066.68
that one time Oh they've named names I272.777.65
found one277.744.45
hey guys tell me do I need I got to make280.424.11
two ion batteries wait and already have282.194.41
the wait no I got it yeah I got to make284.533.69
two ion battery to make the ion Power286.63.75
Cell because crisis is overly288.2210.98
complicated babe Cristal boom all right290.3510.08
we got two crystals that's what we299.21.59
holy [ __ ] all right lucky lucky break300.794.04
yeah I would love to go to the Cyclops310.983.939
but I don't have a health pack and the313.32.88
whole reason coming down here we were314.9194.801
going to the Cyclops no we got lucky316.186.9
with the crystals hopefully hopefully we319.726.38
won't have to come back here323.083.02
silver to my own crystals yep already332.476.75
have the two ion crystals boom one ion336.469.87
battery two ion batteries and now one339.229.75
ion power cell already have the silicone346.337.16
rubber holy [ __ ] we have everything now348.9712.96
bill the middle of the rock yes I have353.4911.49
everything you always fuel reserves361.936.78
coming up hey all right we're looking364.987.12
good yeah it's building the fuel368.715.69
so can we get off this planet now okay374.775.54
yeah alright I gotta build a cockpit378.44.739
okay computer chip easy plasteel ingot380.316.699
easy an amaz glass easy shield generator383.1395.581
what do I need to build a cyclops shield387.00910.581
generator advanced wiring kit okay okay388.7219.68
ourself polyaniline Cyclops upgrade397.5915.04
console holy [ __ ] are you telling me I408.46.09
got to build a whole nother Cyclops just412.634.99
to build the upgrade for the rocket414.494.459
anyway - oh god that's crazy418.9496.791
that's crazy talk he's hitting me421.6596.54
that's insane why can't I just build the425.743.81
upgrade without the thing why not the428.1996.12
modification station anywhere it's not429.558.03
my fault it exploded434.3193.261
I mean yeah there's an upgrade station441.414.45
in the Cyclops like you're just building443.794.08
yeah oh my god it's a part of it are you445.866.87
telling me I just can't make it what447.877.77
it's a building I got a building yeah452.734.77
I'm gonna build the submarine just to455.643.84
use the one thing and then get the [ __ ]457.53.96
out of here I feel like there's a bright459.483.09
sign somewhere we didn't make that461.464.14
before did we did we have a shield462.575.19
upgrade cuz it might it might still be465.65.31
in the modules down in the Cyclops maybe467.765.1
I don't remember I don't remember if we470.916.51
built that or not no and I hate going I472.866.06
know I hate going down there we go down477.423.86
there all the time478.922.36
all right here the upgrade [ __ ] son of485.79.55
a [ __ ] need depth module fire492.764.23
suppression system engine efficiency495.2515.84
model deep decoy tube upgrade we take it496.9916.08
to deconstruct this whole thing that'd511.094.92
be amazing deconstruct the whole Cyclops513.074.92
right now give me everything I never516.0117.28
wanna have to come back here again we517.9929.82
only we only need certain things the533.2923.01
last time we're now here okay only need547.819.99
one all right then I'm gonna I'm gonna556.36.06
drop these I'm not gonna build a [ __ ]557.88.25
box listen what do I like while we're562.365.25
here I'm gathering the materials to make566.054.41
it here okay so you're looking at the567.6114.97
recipe right no I mean I gotta go why570.4618.03
would I build it here no I'm not gonna582.587.59
do that because I got to go there to get588.493.06
it anyway then bring it back that sounds590.174.04
teases bug591.552.66
no that's insane your idea is insane594.49.93
it's where we get back you so now have598.117.419
the advanced wiring kit what do you need604.332.46
to make that that's just like gold605.5293.391
copper is there anything else crazy in606.796.35
that yes uh-huh608.926.54
alright computer chip what is it you got613.143.46
to make that like that's that's all615.466.6
stuff that I can find up top right right616.67.5
easy easy so yeah I'm not worried about622.063.81
it anyways this is the last time say624.14.17
goodbye to this castle your byes castle625.874.83
we're done with you [ __ ] you never gonna628.275.46
see you again not gonna know we're not630.710.29
coming back okay we can build a cyclops633.739.81
Neves well I gotta go to my mobile640.993.24
vehicle babe643.546.18
that's right good eye man the mobile644.237.02
vehicle base sitting really close to the649.723.0
platform I feel like I should take it651.253.06
away Zab it I don't want to build the652.723.15
Cyclops and it just fall on top of the654.316.06
rocket pack it up I'll bring it over655.879.18
here a little bit yeah exactly I don't660.375.969
want to do on that over again I'm with665.053.78
you trust me okay what'll be a little666.3394.261
bit go baby go668.834.939
all right wave plays away from the673.76910.151
rocket not going anywhere676.1499.87
all right we're building another Cyclops683.925.749
just so we can access its freak'n686.0195.4
upgrade station689.6693.16
yeah we're just building a shield691.4193.45
generator I'm not even naming this piece692.8299.391
of [ __ ] no what do you want you to call694.86911.64
it in the meat noobs so when they find702.226.889
this in the future706.5092.6
a vehicle modification station actually725.48911.171
in the Cyclops now okay so Cyclops728.4711.339
upgrade fabricator good god736.664.799
Cyclops shield generator what do you739.8093.74
main ingredients unknown741.4595.87
what do you mean ingredients unknown743.5496.76
heaps yes sir I got to go digging747.3297.081
through wreckages of the Aurora to find750.3097.101
no needs a monthly good your wake yeah782.099.61
no no I'm out in about the day I'm hey I788.675.22
found another piece of the aurora yeah791.73.75
I'm out I've been I feel like I've been793.893.15
in six or seven pieces already I'm just795.453.78
trying to find this damn Cyclops shield797.046.63
generator yeah I've not been able to799.236.29
find it yet and it is really frustrating803.673.93
that's the last thing I need to get off805.525.95
this damn planet sound fresh tree oh man807.64.95
oh yeah811.472.88
I'm I'm livid I'm in a bad mood I'm812.554.16
another door all right where where am i825.833.659
where am i oh I got turned around okay857.8394.28
here we go859.4592.66
okay let's take inventory all right we898.1195.731
gotta do the Cyclops shield generator900.4993.351
I don't have any rooms yeah guess where911.3976.49
I gotta go985.462.42
yeah I don't think you should be able to1021.363.699
beat you know do that right1023.685.999
like that's messed up right you1025.0595.911
shouldn't even do that just ethically1029.67939.301
you should have I'm almost at sea1030.9739.24
wouldn't you wanna send I swallowed my1068.984.38
spit where you guys are true masters now1070.215.92
I don't think any of us are1073.367.989
this is the entire reason we built this1081.644.78
damn Cyclops so we can make this stupid1084.177.62
shield generator that makes the cockpit1086.428.46
for this freakin rock not to piss me off1091.793.84
this planet1094.8811.43
oh yeah no I'm almost out of here not a1095.6313.62
thing so ready to leave well actually1106.314.98
you know what if you guys set up a1109.256.06
resort here might be okay sandals they1111.295.52
should put a sandals here sandals would1115.318.76
be great all right hey I'm looking at1116.818.88
the cockpit got to Cyclops shield1124.073.6
generator that was a hard part an ammo1125.693.84
glass I have a piece of enamel glass1127.673.96
[ __ ] computer chip I used it and1129.538.49
plasteel ingot charger I know I need a1131.639.3
computer Jim okay what else could I do1138.026.14
struck here what do you want to1140.933.23
now we had a big time [ __ ] I think needs1188.836.27
remind me of the class tell ingots I1193.633.06
think I need to lift him damn it I hate1195.13.0
going to get lithium and I know I don't1196.6923.49
have any here well no I already this1198.123.55
could be constructed the modification1220.187.23
station and got another chip is there1221.657.08
anything I can deconstruct to get1227.414.14
lithium what let's sing constructing me1228.734.23
can I be constructive Cyclops1231.555.1
put this prong Zeus I don't need the1232.9611.61
Cyclops anymore damn it no I don't think1236.658.43
I can1244.572.19
oh yeah I didn't put me a leaky lithium1245.0829.61
in the air no yeah yep I gotta go UN1246.7630.44
yeah I know I know I need to eat and1332.854.15
also need to find lithium which seems to1335.233.27
be like that the most impossible thing1337.014.76
to find on this entire [ __ ] planet by1338.516.47
worm there I got one piece I need two1351.7610.52
pieces of the ship yes just full now1354.9716.31
don't we were needed repair Getty1362.289.0
no huge1397.9297.301
hey I gotta repair that spaghetti no my1400.65913.421
heart to doing the heart right now1405.2310.78
working worm turning1414.0818.169
all right all right guys I'm sorry1441.267.86
interrupt nice cockpit what do I need1444.012.0
yeah well that's the thing we're doing1449.128.2
on time if we quit talking about your1456.03.39
[ __ ] Mexican jumping shoes it would1457.324.609
have been a head I think1459.392.539
Neptune rocket cockpit wait you guys1465.743.34
don't have that you don't have a damn1467.887.89
blueprints the whole purpose of going1469.088.94
out here we go neptune cut holy [ __ ] i1475.774.07
have everything1478.024.47
computer chip plasteel ingot mabel glass1479.845.56
cyclops shield generator I'm building1482.495.43
the cockpit boys1485.44.45
all right dr. spaghetti maybe the last1489.8524.33
time I see your dumbass here we go is1492.725.65
that it just ready to go just is there1514.1818.81
anything else needs you know [ __ ] this1518.3519.28
planet I'm getting the hell out of here1532.994.64
alright that was freakin terrifying1543.616.84
let's see take the elevator up hell yeah1546.96.82
I'm leaving nope1550.456.75
leaving him here I'm leaving him in the1553.725.72
cuz listen I read the fine the fine1565.385.08
print if I got back and I had that it1568.363.84
would all belong to the company none of1570.462.61
it's coming to me1572.27.14
so I ain't takin XE let's see I got one1573.078.28
diamond I'm bringing one down in women1579.346.17
let's see hydraulic systems1581.357.86
alright see it's a cockpit there's all1589.2115.29
this life support system that's good1593.16912.931
it's over here1604.520.919
time capsule oh no it wants me to leave1606.121.39
okay it wants me to leave a time capsule1625.4197.681
here Oh like when I take off not doing1627.497.53
there here I'm gonna boot up the primary1633.17.949
CPU primary computer systems are now1635.029.45
active well we go well we go oh okay I1641.0495.041
got to turn all this [ __ ] on I got to1644.473.15
turn on the auxiliary power unit the1646.093.48
communications array well I got to do1647.6221.779
something with the time capsule wants me1649.5722.88
to take a picture and message here1669.3997.681
message here we go let the message do I1672.457.38
have to take a picture1677.082.75
here we go ah look at that look at that1681.179.18
nice little moon there Hey yeah well1682.828.7
I'll take a picture it'll be in the time1690.352.76
capsule when I leave this [ __ ] Hill1691.524.59
home who uploaded the time capsule time1693.115.43
capsules full of pee water messages this1696.113.99
is after is pee with a fitter of the1698.547.71
moon but that exists now time capsules1700.18.01
ready okay I think I just have to throw1706.253.24
the switches downstairs for the1708.113.93
auxiliary power unit hydraulic system1709.494.38
and the communications around the1712.0443.85
switches are now down all right guys1713.8748.03
coming home turned a time out of nowhere1755.898.73
that's nice1761.92.72
all right hold on all right1764.847.73
okay g-force whoa all right1797.9195.01
okay all right1811.0711.07
what is a wave without the ocean a1867.386.85
beginning without an end they are1870.845.969
different but they go together1874.236.36
now you go among the stars in I fall1876.8097.951
among the sighs we are different but we1880.597.28
go together1884.763.11
that's Altera HQ this may be your only1903.675.34
communications window can't send a1906.3094.351
rescue ship all the way out there so I'm1909.012.039
you're just gonna have to meet us1911.0493.601
halfway we've uploaded blueprints to the1912.45.85
ships come in yeah give me a second Mike1914.655.46
box data shows the high-security turbo1918.253.45
and the captains quarters is still1920.114.949
functional all right I'll tell Becky1921.75.91
I'll just take the regular thank you yes1925.0593.661
you'll know what I mean the coach should1927.613.42
be see nothing just tell her the regular1928.724.32
dude okay the totally regular she's like1931.033.66
what's the regular I think of all the1933.043.72
back of the coach should be two six1934.693.96
seven nine the regulars just a ham and1936.765.13
cheese ham and cheese okay1938.654.47

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