Battling BAT BIRD PEOPLE?!- Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 30* Today is a FASHION SHOW! After that, half of the boys go battle BATS while the other half seek out a meteor showe...
Battling BAT BIRD PEOPLE?!- Conan Exiles
Battling BAT BIRD PEOPLE?!- Conan Exiles

Battling BAT BIRD PEOPLE?!- Conan Exiles

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures that the gang gets up to in Conan Exiles, then you're in for a treat with Season 2, Episode 30. Today's episode is all about a FASHION SHOW! I can already imagine the ridiculous outfits that they'll come up with, and I can't wait to see who wins the title of most stylish exile.

But that's not all - in this episode, half of the boys are off battling BATS while the other half are on a mission to find a meteor shower. It's always a wild ride with these guys, and I know that this episode is going to be full of laughs and epic moments.

Don't forget to check out the Resort Merch link in the description if you want to rock some Neebs Gaming gear while you watch the episode. And if you're a coffee lover like me, you've got to try the Neebs Gaming Coffee - it's the perfect way to start your day while watching the gang's latest escapades. Plus, if you're in need of a new PC, be sure to check out Xidax - the power behind Neebs Gaming's epic gameplay.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell so you never miss an episode. And if you want to show some extra support, consider becoming a Patreon member or joining the Discord community. Let's spread the love for Neebs Gaming and all the amazing content they create. I can't wait to dive into this episode and see what crazy shenanigans the gang gets up to next. Thanks for watching, fellow fans!

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so what's going on we need an MC yeah0.323.8
who's going to announce who like door is2.483.839
up first I'm up first so we just need an4.124.08
announcement oh you're in the show yeah6.3194.481
Simon you're the MC all right hey8.24.96
everyone welcome to the fashion show10.86.64
tonight we're going to start off with13.164.28
uping dor is wearing the golden black23.3595.521
uniform I don't know what the hell he's27.1193.721
wearing what's he wearing wax looks like28.885.44
some silent Legion mixed with some DLC30.846.52
that's right ooh silent Legion wowers34.327.8
made by children next up we have me it's37.366.56
nobody's going to announce me okay me42.125.0
Simon oh now I like43.923.2
that that's nice uh-huh and I love it50.525.32
when a man show some thigh that's right53.7194.16
look at this Simon what if someone55.844.719
struck at your left shoulder and I'd be57.8795.801
in trouble but looking good what's this60.5595.081
fashion show yeah hey Anthony hey what's63.684.04
up uh yeah we're uh we're watching Simon65.645.2
dance y I'm done now moving on the MC67.724.56
supposed to keep this thing rocking you70.844.76
know okay the MC is doing a bad job yeah72.287.199
well okay and the next person out is75.66.04
someone who I don't like because he79.4794.361
always gives me a hard time81.644.439
needs Dum I don't want to go out come83.845.0
ons neees nebs I like86.0797.761
it neees the Hat's stupid looking hat I88.847.2
think it's nice and and whack why don't93.845.44
you tell everyone what nebes is wearing96.046.8
well this would be the vaner fur medium99.286.56
armor you look like Bambi yep you look102.845.84
like bamby NES yeah I know so dumb it105.844.559
looks like a knockoff Mortal Kombat108.682.88
character like one of the one of the110.3993.641
pallet swaps yeah Simon what you're111.565.4
supposed to say who are you wearing I'm114.045.679
done I'm so done with you guys so this116.964.36
is is what you guys have been doing y I119.7193.36
woke up in the in a Tavern I must have121.323.64
been really drunk yeah sounds like my123.0795.081
day butt feel yeah I woke up on top of124.965.24
the tavern yeah a that's that's badass128.163.84
get off the stage Bambi yep you know130.23.6
someone took my horse uh I was across132.04.72
the map so that was I think Simon stole133.84.56
your horse Simon you Ste my horse I136.723.519
needed a ride I don't even know where138.364.159
you are Simon is my horse dead no okay140.2393.961
enough of the horse whack you've done142.5193.72
things what are we supposed to see we144.24.72
are going to go try to get some black146.2395.08
blood so that you can continue on the148.926.84
Journey of sorcery as well as some black151.3196.761
ice and if we're lucky we're going to155.764.08
get some star metal maybe some black158.084.96
face no no not at all not acceptable159.844.039
just checking just checking we're doing163.042.04
a lot of black stuff what about other163.8792.72
parts of your body like face is off165.083.6
limits but what about arm well if you166.5994.56
don't eat the spicy food you might end168.684.6
up with black toes all right all right171.1595.881
black toes fair enough let's get to173.283.76
up it up it up it181.286.72
up to still185.288.08
fantastic new it up Fant oh God there's188.08.319
a storm y I haven't made a mask still193.364.76
hurry hurry right around the corner is196.3194.56
my Resort all right oh oh we're going to198.125.36
your Resort yeah we'll be safe and also200.8794.521
comfortable this is good marketing for203.485.08
you I know sandalis Resort in times of205.45.36
emergency sandal is stepped up when208.565.319
there's nowhere else to go sllis hey at210.765.44
least I'm an option or you could just213.8795.201
have a mask true that's pretty cool well216.25.36
done Simon yeah oh God it's it's219.084.519
intimidating the clip get inside God221.563.679
where's the B where's inside okay well223.5993.441
inside and all honesty really it all225.2393.521
looks open yeah the only thing that's227.043.279
technically inside is this little Hut so228.763.72
everyone get in the Hut okay am I hold230.3194.041
on fori stay putot buddy here I got to232.482.759
on yeah the horse get over there hey guy235.2394.961
he he's following me he's just coming240.23.84
come on in guys I mean I'm fine not over242.04.72
there nebs over here over here yeah okay244.045.399
welcome to sallas Resorts emergency246.725.439
bunker this this is a [ __ ] hole well249.4394.72
it's we've never had to use it honestly252.1594.32
we built it back in 2000 and uh never254.1593.681
really had a need but you know what256.4793.401
though I mean it works though all right257.845.16
we just hunker down259.883.12
then ow there a mean old Sandstorm out263.165.36
there yeah we Are Climbing here though265.964.2
oh so are we leaving the hores no268.523.28
they'll follow us up they'll F they'll270.163.8
climb up with us they will they'll kind271.86.08
of T aimb teleport a climb climbing273.965.88
climing for fools oh you're going to use277.883.879
a bat aren't you heck yeah I'm going to279.844.12
use a bat why would I use a bat he's a281.7594.041
touchy too bad you can't carry us with283.963.56
that bat yeah285.84.399
no all right horse see you at the top287.525.959
Jesus Christ evil Canal you're evil290.1995.72
Canal okay oh wow oh it's pretty up here293.4795.041
there's trees that's cool oh look also295.9195.681
is like a camp of fools fool Camp going298.524.76
for this Camp whack maybe they got301.63.48
Treasures through it there's actually a303.283.4
sorcerer over there if you want to check305.083.959
them out uh yeah I always check out a306.684.0
sorcerer oh yeah and the horses did309.0393.961
follow us didn't they that is dumb oh310.684.32
there it's cream pie what's up dude okay313.04.56
Bean stay here while I kill this315.05.759
sorcerer that guy's mad at the sorcerer317.565.72
all right I'll get the Archer I'll uh320.7595.241
say had a cream pie boom sorcerer down323.284.28
got any good pages on you what do you326.04.28
got let's see a sorcerer skull and a327.564.639
stone guardian empty330.284.359
arm whack I keep finding these stone332.1994.361
guardian things are they should I keep334.6394.601
them gotone ones aren't great we could336.564.8
keep a different one and make a Golem at339.243.56
some point yeah we've got a bunch of341.363.839
golum parts like collectively I'm sure342.84.119
we could we have to make a Gollum making345.1993.241
bench or something be cool if we can346.9193.12
make Gollum from like that that damn348.442.879
movie I don't think that would be the350.0393.041
one we'd want like a little child like a351.3193.481
little baldheaded gangly teeth child353.082.959
that could follow us around not really354.83.28
how it works no that'd be neat but they356.0394.72
will harvest resources es for us yeah we358.085.399
can make a Bader abro oh cool All Right360.7596.921
Where Do We Go From Here wack this way363.4796.641
okay remember you describing most oh my367.684.16
God nebes don't ever get off the horse370.124.0
in front of a sprinting man yeah what is371.845.24
wrong with you don't ever oh my God hey374.125.0
look at that this is fun and I just377.083.679
killed a little Bambi we talking about379.123.76
Bambi earlier weren't we neees I just380.7594.401
killed your twin sister I wasn't talking382.884.92
about oh somebody was yeah they were385.165.12
calling you Bambi love that seen I've387.86.48
never seen Bambi neither help sorry oh390.287.16
did you die my God it's ridiculous what394.285.199
kills you in this game is it the was it397.443.56
cuz we hit him with the horse I hit him399.4792.801
with the horse but it wasn't when you401.03.12
see what I did it wasn't like well it402.283.479
wasn't the first one he said he ran into404.124.799
me oh man yeah great now what we got to405.7594.84
set up camp and wait for him to come408.9193.441
back it's a beautiful area look oh look410.5993.121
at your Aunt412.363.08
hey hey hey oh you're ant's dead you're415.448.4
hilarious great actually I always liked421.0394.6
your costume there you're the one that's423.844.199
insecure about it okay well it's hard425.6394.361
it's not comfortable yeah your aunt had428.0393.961
a nice ass I'll tell her you said that430.03.8
well she's dead you like flirting with432.03.56
my family for some reason yes I do I433.83.13
don't know435.565.4
why all right you guys were looking for440.965.72
a view here's a good one yeah right here443.445.52
a little foggy but yeah not bad we446.683.359
leaving the448.962.6
we're going to leave the horses here put450.0394.16
down some bed rolls okay like this all451.564.0
right bed rolls are down what now all454.1992.72
right we're going to go face the bat455.563.56
bird people to get your black blood bat456.9194.321
bird people yeah you'll see what I mean459.124.6
once you see one bat461.244.679
bird I think they're called the children463.724.96
of Jill or something like that yeah I465.9194.521
just call them bat bird people did you468.684.239
learn that from a l stone sure wow470.444.52
skeleton here pile of bones so there you472.9195.081
go bat bird person oh oh yeah yeah we474.964.959
yeah we fought oh yeah it's been thing I478.04.159
F this one so one thing with these guys479.9194.68
is when they do that attack that will482.1594.04
throw you really far so you don't want484.5994.04
to get thrown over the off the that be486.1994.921
cool all right then Rush In And boom bam488.6394.641
take turns nice nice you want to swap491.123.72
out yeah swap out get him with you Mak493.282.24
uh oh wow you okay D yeah I'm all right498.366.88
I think that wasn't no hit him hit him501.7595.681
I'm in the snow yeah hit him in the back505.244.44
get out of here yeah there you go yeah507.444.68
uhoh watch out got one behind you you509.689.159
okay yeah yeah uhoh are you okay AB damn512.1211.0
it well at least put down that bed518.8394.281
roll we're out of the desert yep and uh526.84.0
we need529.83.599
water I'm fine now but I need to fill up530.86.4
my skin right so uh might be did that533.3995.921
hurt you a little bit sorry so yeah537.24.24
water and uh we oh look at that Big539.324.32
Moose thing moose well it's not a moose541.444.44
but elk I don't know got big antlers543.644.92
it's your Uncle545.882.68
Buck well at least it's I don't know it551.244.48
doesn't like it would protect my head554.3993.801
much does it no not at all yeah looks555.724.2
like it would you know hurt others558.23.36
though it's pretty oh that's the joke559.923.84
you're wearing antlers you didn't get561.564.2
the J this whole time I'm like what the563.763.96
I I must have missed something last week565.763.92
okay this is brought up here he was567.725.04
being called uh Bambi earlier ah now I569.686.279
get why mhm right oh Wolfie oh my God572.764.96
Wolfie just came in never seen a wolf575.9594.88
you right oh oh run um sure okay where577.725.0
are we going I don't know North just580.8394.201
follow me yeah all right we can't run582.724.64
this no we sure can't all right just585.043.76
we'll do our best don't get your horse587.363.2
killed yeah don't do your best off a588.84.8
clip oh God this is not proper horse590.565.719
riding terrain it is if it's Skyrim all593.64.479
right this whole place looks like Sky oh596.2793.361
God horse the598.0793.801
H yep almost almost through it this is599.644.92
bad careful oh God H each other off the601.884.24
horse don't kill the horse don't kill604.563.76
the hor kill that horse clear we're good606.124.32
we made it Simon killed this horse would608.323.959
you would you call him a bad father I610.446.04
don't think so your name just me612.2794.201
how I'm going to try out my new617.725.48
two-handed axe I found at freya's hobble619.886.76
X oh nice yeah I see that thing fancy623.26.0
wow a three-handed one would be all626.644.48
right there's a guy jeez those guys629.23.759
coming out of the dark are creepy y all631.124.6
right all right there you go oh that was632.9595.721
a bad time bad time there you go smack635.726.08
with that mace okay mace in his face let638.685.24
me get all right I'm in oh sorry hold641.84.4
back oh n he's still on you yep yep oh643.924.919
God I'm I'm going get646.25.439
back there go all right so now I hit him648.8395.0
with a pickaxe come on give me some of651.6395.361
that black blood feathers demon Blood653.8395.961
Demon Blood Demon blood feathers you got657.04.399
some black blood I ain't got no black659.83.839
blood whack all right we just keep661.3995.601
looking it's random it's it it's totally663.6397.44
RNG yep come on I think I might hate RNG667.05.279
I know I hate671.0794.2
RNG I hate acronyms really I don't mind672.2795.321
some acronyms yeah some are okay yeah675.2793.881
trying to think of a good acronym all677.63.64
right here we go679.164.88
hello like MTV that's a good acronym681.244.279
that one works why doesn't he care about684.044.359
me he doesn't even like me to me all685.5195.681
right you want out out son of a [ __ ]688.3994.0
don't hit me don't hit don't hit hit691.23.24
don't hit I'm going692.3993.961
in all right all right let me pull the694.445.04
pickax out and come on black blood696.365.96
arrows feathers feathers feathers oh you699.485.56
got arrows nice we don't want arrows get702.324.48
a lot of demon blood do I have any black705.043.4
blood what type of arrows are these706.84.279
These are Hollow bone arrows okay yeah708.444.44
one of the best arrows in the game hey711.0794.241
Heth damage 15 okay all right I'm just712.884.16
going to drop these other [ __ ] arrows715.323.639
I'm holding I'll take them you ready for717.043.799
for the boss are we going to get black718.9594.921
blood let's hope so yeah Hollow B okay720.8394.24
I'm going in723.884.44
first oh725.0793.241
God yeah oh it's the big oh that's a730.687.719
real F back in oh no oh look look he735.245.2
only likes you don't know why no no no738.3995.201
no no no no no no I was that was oh I740.445.399
got a couple hits in there you go oh743.64.52
boyoo oh man I should have hung out with745.8393.68
the dancers before748.125.0
I no he's going after you leave me alone749.5195.201
TR to he753.124.12
no oh God I got to get away from this754.723.76
it's going to take me out I'll try to757.243.24
get in can you roll out of there yep yep758.484.919
yep yep yep yep there you go good job is760.485.64
it coming at me sorry you first go ahead763.3994.44
oh man no I'm extremely cold now I need766.124.48
to eat some spicy meat I'm on him I'm on767.8395.041
him yeah stay on him a second oh finally770.65.12
likes me finally all right all right772.885.12
coming back in I can't roll I'm stuck in775.724.96
place Crouch uncrouch there we go see if778.03.68
I can hit him with some of these new780.683.519
arrows no ammo what my why's my arrow781.684.519
saying no damn ammo I just you got to784.1995.2
move it drag it on there load it load it786.1994.921
load the load your bow I got arrows in789.3994.961
my damn pocket load it load it how how D791.125.56
I'm going in I'm going in oh [ __ ] I was794.364.4
in all right all right had to load damn796.685.04
arrows before come on how the hell do I798.766.0
load arrows drag them on your bow yeah801.724.52
drag them on okay all right I have to804.763.16
switch your damn Mouse all right all806.242.959
right right I can't f figure out how to807.923.32
equip these damn arrows man well don't809.1993.481
worry about it then use your other811.242.88
weapons going to shoot them with these812.683.399
arrows I got these hollow bones can do814.123.32
that stuff when we're not in the Heat of816.0793.601
the Moment come on817.445.0
sucker taking down another bat all right819.685.159
another bat down okay I need to back out822.444.759
backing out taking a drink did I drag it824.8394.761
into the damn Arrow why is this so hard827.1994.841
just stop there arrows in my [ __ ]829.64.52
pocket just quit the damn thing just832.044.2
stop and use your on top of it use your834.125.04
daggers oh there it goes for some Godly836.245.36
reason boom839.165.119
wow all right heing up yep yep yep oh841.64.28
yep yep yep yep you got that all right844.2793.521
I'm in I'm in sh me that damn hard do845.883.56
you have arrows in your pocket if the847.84.24
answer is yes then you shoot them and go849.444.88
back in oh oh come back come to me now852.044.599
oh I need to I need to eat my hot meat854.324.92
oh I'm I'm fixing up hot meat where' the856.6395.241
light go get over here but I've got to859.246.08
put on oh got it I'm I'm roll861.886.079
roll oh my torch broke torch broke that865.325.959
ain't good make another one he's almost867.9596.041
four hit points there there we go all871.2795.201
right all right get it now what do we do874.04.68
hit him with a pickaxe okay take that876.484.719
knife black blood skinning878.685.44
knife with that now that that sounds881.1994.681
like something that I can equip and get884.124.159
some black blood here there you go885.883.959
there's another dead bat up around this888.2792.8
corner that I killed in the middle of889.8392.92
that fight so see if you can use that891.0793.32
skinning knife on it got you I got a892.7594.041
skeleton key from this guy okay good and894.3994.56
not one damn bit of black blood up here896.83.64
and see if that skinning Knife Works on898.9594.401
this one my God does y it's right here900.444.759
hey you should heal up too oh yeah903.362.88
that's a good point all right all right905.1992.521
all right let's use this skin and knife906.243.88
come on demon blood black feather come907.725.2
feathers come on black blood Fe son of a910.124.44
[ __ ] I never said it was going to be912.924.599
easy all right forever and I never said914.564.36
I'm not going to ask the goddess AA to917.5194.32
just spawn me some [ __ ] black918.925.159
blood how far are we going to be taking921.8394.12
our horses I don't know this isn't much924.0793.601
of a path but why don't we stop right925.9593.761
here okay all right leave our horses927.684.079
here yeah put a bed down all right all929.723.799
right it's a good decision nebs good931.7593.281
father would make that decision that's933.5193.921
right look out for my children okay935.046.12
let's see here no bed all right are we937.445.92
the children uh sure considering how941.164.599
we're acting today all right so we're943.365.039
close to where this star metal945.7594.681
apparently yeah star metal we're at the948.3993.761
coordinates didn't he say black ice as950.444.0
well black ice did he yeah star metal952.164.32
black ice maybe so if we see it we'll954.443.56
grab it I'm glad whack's here we have956.482.839
uhhuh certainly much more productive959.3194.52
yeah we' just be floundering around all961.9594.521
right we got some locals like two locals963.8395.201
hey folks hey are you friendly hey guys966.483.96
we would like to get some of your wait969.043.52
what are we here for Star medal oh my970.443.959
God they don't have it they just live972.564.16
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah take that976.727.239
take that a she seemed nice I know well980.1995.521
oh God she was at least nice to look at983.9593.88
what's wronge is dead wait oh God I985.723.84
thought that wasz he's glowing great no987.8393.24
all right buddy here we're going to do989.563.719
this hey there you go Simon all right991.0794.76
one shot wow I'm so powerful can't993.2795.161
believe di nebes did no work yeah but he995.8395.36
died like 8 ft away like little him man998.445.759
that was crazy yeah I I uh stabbed him a1001.1995.32
thousand times then boom Simon you1004.1994.44
killed this man would you like a a star1006.5194.921
metal axe or a star metal boot is that1008.6394.481
what he hit me with maybe yeah it must1011.444.48
have been oh that thing was powerful oh1013.125.399
yeah I'm getting that and ooh a siman Fe1015.925.44
Feast ooh thank you very much there even1018.5194.721
harden steel arrows you you shoot those1021.363.88
nebs oo that Samaran Feast filled me up1023.243.52
I'll shoot any kind of Arrow yeah go go1025.243.36
take arrows out of that guy's body all1026.763.6
right well this is our camp now huh all1028.64.199
right cool D all right that was insane1030.363.959
so now what what do we what even worried1032.7993.081
about this guy killed me how do you like1034.3195.321
my new boots ooh huh huh they look1035.886.84
strong show me the axe oh o it's star1039.644.64
metal it's like this one it's got the1042.724.479
little glowy core in it so I should be1044.285.0
uh using this from now on yeah so now if1047.1994.441
we fight it'll be an even match oh okay1049.285.72
good but oh oh oh you swing really no I1051.645.399
didn't you really swung I didn't swing1055.03.919
is this a swing what is it that's that's1057.0395.361
a that's a poke kick ow yeah that's that1058.9195.921
was a hilt smack this doesn't even swing1062.44.0
oh my god oh it does swing yeah it sure1064.843.64
does oh it does oh star Metal Fight does1066.43.68
it swing any other directions than you1068.483.68
know the one I'm in yeah no it's listen1070.084.839
you're lucky I'm not good cuz yeah it's1072.164.399
very easy for you to kill me what do we1074.9194.041
do now I don't know we uh relax1076.5594.521
right all right where are they at I1081.084.28
think it might just be the boss that's1083.64.8
left down here and I I got to confess1085.365.36
something to you what what it's only the1088.44.68
bosses that dro the black blood the rest1090.725.28
of well that makes more sense yeah1093.085.56
they're just here to slow us down got1096.04.12
this is just like the other boss pretty1098.642.919
much yeah so wait oh it's just another1100.123.64
damn bat monster yep they're all bat1101.5594.761
bird people up here okay what a l going1103.766.56
in all right yeah go in1106.324.0
wait is that a big one I can't tell yeah1113.5594.161
this is the B oh there might be a big1115.844.319
one behind it could be I'm going to get1117.724.6
them I'll take it get this one I want to1120.1594.041
fight both of them at the same time wait1122.324.479
are these two bosses or no okay the1124.25.25
other one's just TI of guy got1126.7994.601
it yeah these arrows are pretty sweet1131.44.12
that hurt okay that hurt I should have1133.9193.801
brought my demon bow okay I'm going in1135.523.48
that still got me from here [ __ ] all1139.05.679
right I got to disengage and get healed1140.765.399
yeah you want some you want some come at1144.6794.961
me oh he knock me down with his wings y1146.1595.041
okay I'm going out I'm going out all1149.643.159
right I'm coming in backing on got it1151.24.2
back to me this perfect okay oh no it's1152.7994.76
not now it isn't all right I'll just I'm1155.44.48
going in I'll pepp1157.5594.881
him I'm a gun all right I'm going in oh1159.884.2
he's going for you D yeah yes o he's1162.444.28
still on you door y bam going in1164.084.4
distraction though he getting close1166.723.4
getting close oh yeah no we're wearing1168.485.36
his ass out this on the ground ah sucker1170.126.64
yeah sucker oh look at that yeah got an1173.844.88
act of violence in there what all right1176.765.08
so now now I will try an act of violence1178.725.04
did you say yeah he's got an act of1181.844.0
violence in his butt oh d That's a1183.764.36
decent axe you like axes I do I mean I I1185.844.6
don't care sure yeah take that axxe I'll1188.124.08
take the axe I could use it better take1190.443.64
that a get the a all right now I'm going1192.24.12
to try to chop him up with this come on1194.084.4
black blood baby baby baby baby baby1196.324.479
demon Blood Demon blood I'm going to hit1198.485.319
you demon blood feathers demon blood no1200.7996.601
black blood oh my1203.7993.601
goodness stare at the sky huh yeah I'm1211.125.559
what I'm seeing stare at the sky yeah1213.964.36
we're suppos be look for stuff falling1216.6793.961
from the sky you told me to relax neebs1218.325.28
you can relax yeah you relax I see1220.645.519
things that look like they're or maybe1223.65.16
I'm just seeing these like flick ing1226.1595.281
snowflake looking things is this snow1228.764.52
yeah it's probably snow but it's weird1231.444.719
it's like a yellowish tint and well we1233.285.72
all know what happened there so is is1236.1595.281
this like more of a nighttime thing I1239.05.039
heard it was anytime anytime what is the1241.445.88
thing in the sky yeah the falling of the1244.0395.76
star medals Stars falling stars wish I1247.323.76
knew what that looked like that sounds1249.7993.721
like a night thing but wack wack said it1251.085.839
was like I think cool either or so it1253.526.159
should be obvious he also said it's rare1256.9194.64
and we got to wait for it so this is us1259.6794.24
for the next few episodes like you said1261.5595.6
Relax we wait till it till it happens1263.9195.841
yeah yeah that's not bad and in the1267.1594.481
meantime you can stare at my crotch cuz1269.764.36
it looks pretty nice yeah neees nebes1271.643.56
you you're going to want to sit more to1274.122.919
the left you go I've got a perfect view1275.24.24
here there you go of of crotch1277.0395.441
everything it is nice nees don't eat the1279.447.599
grass I know your kind likes that1282.486.6
about like a it's so good though no1289.086.04
what's so good though so good though1292.485.439
like do a deer yeah I get the joke nebs1295.124.48
I get it but it needs to be prompted by1297.9193.401
something no it doesn't I think said eat1299.63.52
the grass I said it's so good though1301.323.2
yeah oh you were I thought you were1303.123.84
throwing out my joke cuz it was so awful1304.524.52
okay remember when you were1306.964.64
like well there's another one coming up1311.64.6
all right all right d you want1314.444.8
to use that new fancy ax of yours oh my1316.25.719
god well well otherwise it would have1319.244.72
been done but that's1321.9194.521
nice can we address just one very1323.964.319
obvious thing what it's called act of1326.443.719
violence but I think we know what it1328.2793.921
should be called yeah it's right there1330.1594.601
acts of violence come on right yeah come1332.24.8
on all right let's let's uh I think you1334.764.72
need to go first now you're you're in1337.04.799
front of everybody else so once we get1339.484.559
down here we're going to go in this cave1341.7994.12
all right and I think you lead the way1344.0395.24
oh like a three of them oh boy right1345.9194.961
come on D you got this all right all1349.2792.921
right all right let me get back up on my1350.884.64
feet oh God okay they all1352.25.68
are try to help1355.525.68
out oh man dude1357.887.039
that yes suck it hell yeah dude that1361.25.68
thing's amazing pretty good I'm I'm1364.9193.281
really happy I don't even have to do1366.883.24
anything just watch you fight them yeah1368.24.04
ois door get in there well no I'm please1370.124.2
help we'll help if you call for it okay1372.244.919
Dora you're leading you you lead the way1374.324.839
with that new fan the ax of yours oh1377.1596.801
bats oh bats hey bat hey bat I think1379.1597.801
they only respond to their proper name1383.966.56
fat bird people hey there bat there he1386.967.959
is Boom get him oops I will I will no he1390.528.96
we here we go oh oh boy oh no it's a b1394.9199.24
shut up yeah it's amazing it it feels1399.486.199
really good all right we're going to get1404.1595.0
some Demon blood not demon blood1405.6795.561
black blood sure it's that's the blood1409.1594.201
we're looking for all that different1411.243.96
blood there's a B in the center of the1413.364.12
Arena wow should I just go at him yeah1415.24.24
go for it and I'm going we'll cover me1417.485.64
with the other stuff on the1419.443.68
outside go for the boss I'll go oh wow1425.1596.88
all right okay come on come on there man1428.126.919
they are so windy awful windy I need to1432.0395.321
freaking oh boy I need a drink sorry1435.0395.201
look look I wish I had the oh no wow all1437.364.24
right I'll be back in there in a second1440.243.64
coming okay I'm coming in there you go1441.64.559
get take one of them I got one there's1443.884.039
another one up top I got three all right1446.1593.681
where's uh where's big old is this bossy1447.9195.041
pants uh no it's got boss went for boss1449.846.12
I got this one yeah one down yeah best1452.964.52
best thing we could do is try to1455.965.52
separate them okay there there all all1457.485.64
right just the boss left dude you're1461.484.199
doing like yeah I'll do this all day 2001463.124.439
damage per swing right now I'm getting1465.6793.401
head a little low on health there door1467.5592.881
that was getting hit all right yeah here1469.084.56
I'll yeah tag out go heal go heal I'm in1470.445.479
oh I'm sorry all right you're in whack1473.644.279
you're in okay okay we just got to stop1475.9195.321
him from going after th there yeah I I'm1477.9196.041
going to Pepper with the the arrows okay1481.245.24
yep go for it all right I'm out get him1483.965.439
he doesn't want to play with me I1486.485.36
friend all right okay so now this time1491.845.64
according to the wiki I don't use the1494.884.88
black black blood skinning knife to get1497.484.48
the black blood I got to just use a1499.764.72
regular old iron pickaxe don't use iron1501.964.839
use the steel use the steel steel steel1504.484.199
steel steel oh yeah that's when I do1506.7993.36
have a steel picka always the best that1508.6793.48
you have all right steel pickaxe yeah1510.1596.601
come on here we go black blood yeah that1512.1596.721
was it got some black blood yeah yeah1516.766.279
yeah oh got some more got 30 man I got a1518.887.64
little like almost over 100 okay good1523.0395.801
sweet that's what I1526.525.36
needed thank God yeah no kidding all1528.845.16
right let's get the hell out of here no1531.883.6
[ __ ] oh well I'm going to open one of1534.03.159
these chests over here there should be a1535.484.0
chest in here somewhere oh I got a1537.1593.721
skeleton key oh yeah right here oh you1539.483.48
got a skeleton key cuz I I took the1540.884.279
skeleton key oh you did Oh that's oh1542.966.16
yeah I did get it Gavin's Rusty Pike Ah1545.1596.601
that's a sex1549.122.64

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