Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) SUPERCUT

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) SUPERCUT
Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) SUPERCUT

Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) SUPERCUT

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Among Us animated meetings supercut video? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is my absolute favorite! I love all the arguing and backstabbing, it's so entertaining.

appsro: I agree, it's like a masterclass in deception. I can't get enough of it!

neebs: I know, right? It's like watching a soap opera but with spacemen. And the animations just make it even more epic!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

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oh my god you guys are fools yeah why0.083.839
would you leave why won't you let all2.8792.721
three of us because i have3.9193.84
freaking tasks to do dicks one of you5.63.84
two and you're the one that was like i'm7.7595.641
leaving so i think it's you9.443.96
there's one in pasta so uh yeah anybody20.724.399
who's not an imposter get uh get to task23.2793.84
got tasks to do people25.1193.92
starting to think this is a crappy ship27.1194.32
because everything's always breaking29.0394.401
it's not a good one31.4394.561
oh oh already what who called the33.445.279
emergency meeting i did did i do that by36.04.719
mistake oh you did who do you think it38.7194.321
is simon i think it's dora40.7194.881
what what happened because he was i43.044.64
don't know man anyone who's on my butt45.63.279
right away47.682.32
that's that's the only evidence you have50.03.68
that's the only evidence i got i mean i51.63.92
was in the maps walking around i didn't53.684.32
even know where i was hey did i waste it55.524.559
maybe i wasted it i don't know this this58.04.16
was our only emergency meeting well it's60.0793.521
our only one62.163.84
yeah i'm voting for simon if he wants to63.64.8
play that damn game66.03.439
all right i'm going with simon i'm68.43.12
voting for dora i didn't know that we69.4394.321
only had one because he was behind him71.524.56
he was behind him so obviously dora's73.764.24
the guy you're fools76.083.28
let's see78.05.92
come on baby pleasure doraleous was nice79.367.96
what an idiot83.923.4
oh you're a ghost you [ __ ] me simon92.0794.161
oh wait are you guys does that work96.244.64
that's great97.7596.0
you do see me though right simon no oh100.884.48
you don't see my ghost oh it's too bad103.7593.68
oh what was that105.364.0
hold up we gotta fix the hold on what is107.4396.72
it oxygen oh no oxygen where's that oh109.367.68
neebs it's neebs it's neebs think so no114.1595.201
i'm just guessing yeah and they got117.044.32
fixing your the problem119.364.399
yeah or well that's exactly what121.364.799
the bad guy would do all right hey hey123.7593.521
[ __ ] off126.1592.88
you stay right back there what the bad127.284.4
guy would do oh129.0395.761
yeah good job good job guys131.686.639
pro tip don't follow simon nope do not134.84.96
follow me138.3193.041
i'm gonna do it the whole round hey139.763.04
that's fine i'm just not going to hit141.363.44
that button again let's all follow simon142.84.159
this whole round144.83.84
hey we're going to are we making you146.9593.761
nervous are you a little nervous here we148.644.239
what are you doing here did you have a152.9594.601
job in here154.2393.321
um i'd like to call a report okay160.3196.801
um all right who was there it was either164.644.48
neebs or doraleous you guys were closest167.124.24
it was either you or neebs you were169.124.16
there too i was i was further away from171.363.519
them there's no way you were there i173.283.92
wasn't even there yeah thick was out of174.8794.08
the presence it's either dora or neves177.23.36
it was neebs178.9593.36
it wouldn't be neaves no i think it was180.563.92
dora and he he's trying to frame these182.3193.84
yeah you guys are just fools it was184.484.88
neebs oh boy so what happened now it's a186.1595.521
tie so i don't think anyone gets wait189.364.0
did both of you get ejected that would191.683.279
be best case scenario oh no one was193.363.76
ejected it's a tie dammit194.9594.401
well we know it's one of us two don't we197.124.399
and now we can't follow simon okay but i199.364.56
can move around as a ghost i love it201.5194.321
well i'm following neebs now get away203.924.08
from me doraleous no i'm following you205.845.119
are you yeah you killed simon208.04.64
so if i was the killer why would you210.9593.84
follow me uh so you don't keep an eye212.644.0
out again so you can get killed it's a214.7993.281
good call well then i guess everyone216.642.56
would know who the killer was wouldn't218.082.799
they might think it's you no i'd be dead220.8794.241
how would i kill myself i don't know223.364.48
maybe you survived yeah i didn't225.124.16
okay well227.844.56
oh back off for me neebs yeah229.284.239
i don't trust either of you to be232.43.28
perfectly honest233.5193.841
because i know me235.684.24
you oh that is some good acting that is237.363.76
some quality239.923.36
yeah thank you meryl streep is here i241.124.24
didn't didn't realize you i tell you243.283.28
what you two keep an eye on each other245.362.959
i'm gonna fix wiring i can't have him246.563.84
follow me the whole day i'll tell you248.3193.361
what i'll join your name so there'll be250.43.199
three of us how about that all right251.683.119
perfect i'm breaking away where are you253.5992.801
at what room are you at oh he wait he254.7993.201
left doraleous is on the loose oh he256.43.76
left and it's got to be him oh yeah if258.04.96
he left i'm just doing it stay with him260.164.16
are you are you actually going door262.962.72
you're staying with him264.323.28
i'm busy wiring265.684.32
all right emergency meeting oh267.64.8
it's gotta be dora gotta be dora you're270.05.68
so shady oh my god you guys are fools272.44.48
yeah why would you leave why won't you275.683.12
let all three of us because i have276.884.4
freaking tasks to do dick that's hey we278.83.76
could have all done the task together281.283.04
worked together and got it done282.563.6
what happened one of you two and you're284.323.28
the one that was like i'm leaving so i286.164.16
think it's you you you're oh man287.64.8
bam you know what why would you care why290.323.68
do you care dora if it's not you why are292.45.04
you so offended another tie294.05.6
think why would you think it's names297.445.039
i don't know because it is because it is299.67.92
that's why fit come on what is going on302.4796.801
now we're screwed all right hold on307.524.0
neves dora st all three of us stay309.284.08
together me and doraleous are in311.524.08
question and it's understandable social313.365.279
distance yeah social distance okay315.65.52
laters say yeah he's off work to do yeah318.6394.801
doing work yeah going to do work i'm a321.123.359
busy boy323.442.4
i don't even care anymore i feel like i324.4792.801
chose wrong now325.843.76
after that after that delivery327.284.56
you yeah you have screwed us thick this329.64.08
is your fault331.843.76
you're the you're the next one to die333.684.32
man i got some navigation to download oh335.64.48
yeah what's up buddy338.04.56
keep it on him ah great oh does anyone340.084.959
have eyes on dallas wait who did it342.564.24
the whole time i got eyes on him i345.0393.841
didn't did you see me sabotage anything346.84.0
no no but you're just you're looking at348.883.759
me with that egg on your head because i350.84.16
think you're sexy um keep an eye on him352.6394.0
reactor meltdown we got two things to354.963.359
fill oh god that's in like 12 seconds356.6393.601
man that goes quick okay i'm sorry i was358.3194.16
i was ejecting other stuff crap where is360.246.72
it am i am i there there i fixed one of362.4794.481
listen to me378.3195.761
don't even deflect your dumb ass don't381.364.64
deflect you were wrong from the first384.084.32
oh boy389.0392.641
oh boy391.9193.601
i don't want to be by any one of you no393.443.44
yeah all right i'm getting the hell out395.524.48
of here just do the task quickly and396.884.56
it'll be over400.04.479
right yeah let's all focus on tasks okay401.445.599
oh hey ups bro what's up hey407.1994.481
hey how you doing dora six foot rule409.523.04
six foot rule that's okay keep talking412.563.359
to each other keep communication doing414.243.359
all right today what are you about to do415.9194.161
you about to go in that vent no no no do417.5994.801
this one is that all you have to do yeah420.084.559
i done that one well i didn't do it422.44.4
right right right right right right oh424.6394.56
we know somebody just dies431.1993.84
without a death sound and we know who it433.1993.601
you should still438.6393.68
still accuse me if you'd like vic just440.3193.121
came from this way i'm gonna go see if442.3192.561
there's a body down here where you've443.443.759
been thick thanks be an awful awful444.885.28
quiet i was doing my tasks yup hey i447.1994.801
found a body450.164.319
okay oh oop it was from the direction so452.04.319
then i if if you found a dead body that454.4793.921
way i don't think it was thick okay dora456.3193.761
i was with you458.44.079
you gotta be neebs names is a killer we460.083.28
know it462.4792.56
thick came from that direction where i463.364.559
found the body it was not me465.0395.121
if this game would make a person the467.9194.56
imposter three times in a row470.163.92
that'd be brilliant that which could472.4792.801
easily happen474.083.04
i i think it's neebs it's usually475.283.84
doraleous yeah well i think it's thick477.125.519
oh oh it's not you're a buffoon479.125.519
well i was with dora so i know it is not482.6393.441
where did we get it486.084.64
i told you488.84.079
sorry do it490.724.879
that's great492.8795.76
watch it be neebs every time495.5995.841
did you say every time it is names yeah498.6395.201
no i think you're gonna kill her or501.444.0
am i messing around he's just a great503.844.079
actor and fooled you again505.445.12
oh geez507.9192.641
who called that that was me512.243.76
who is it it's neebs516.05.2
just by the tone of his four times yes518.3994.88
by the tone of his voice i can tell he's521.24.24
the killer yeah i'm voting i'm convinced523.2793.761
i'm convinced it's never you realizing525.444.959
myself good sound527.043.359
yeah um who do you think it is neebs uh531.924.24
it's usually doraleous so let's go with534.643.28
doraleous dora536.164.4
take his ass out take him out here get537.926.45
out of here it's always neebs540.567.03
that's what a murderer would say558.03.76
what a waste560.324.56
i'm gonna haunt you561.763.12
hold on this is the direction thick went567.124.64
if i okay oh yeah all right you're569.64.0
trying to fix that one i'm over here if571.763.079
i die it's573.64.799
thick uh okay can you see me abso i'm574.8395.241
right in front of you no i can't see you578.3993.921
get away from me580.084.64
uh uh oh boy i heard that what the hell582.325.519
what uh oh apstro just died well i think584.725.28
we know who it is though yeah now wait587.8394.801
can a ghost can it go snitch i don't590.04.08
think so i don't think that's fair neebs592.643.44
i'm gonna say no okay594.084.4
first thing oh man i'm596.084.879
i went to call an emergency meeting598.484.479
call an emergency meeting i couldn't600.9593.761
because i already called one so i'm602.9593.041
if you find the body then you can do a606.06.16
report all right i found the body608.04.16
did you kill everybody i killed two of615.923.52
i knew it was simon619.444.8
ah i was pretty proud of myself there621.684.48
yeah sneaky boy i wonder why the game624.243.36
didn't end as soon as you killed two626.163.6
people though did somebody else die i627.64.479
did at the very end right okay so that's629.764.16
that's what prompted it oh i'm632.0793.841
downloading this stuff i don't i think633.924.32
the wait i guess has the imposter won635.923.919
every time it's abstract he said638.244.48
downloading the stuff what stuff639.8395.201
yeah stuff is killer talk i don't know i642.723.76
said oh i just saw somebody going to645.044.0
this vent did you yes that sounds like646.483.919
who went in the back649.043.28
i couldn't see i saw the vent closed but650.3994.481
i didn't cut the color all right652.323.68
i don't trust your neebs you could have654.882.88
gone to the vent right in the room trust656.03.44
you get away from me get away from me657.763.44
yeah jackass yeah i'm gonna keep talking659.443.2
to you if i go quiet neebs did it661.23.759
putting on a good shot662.643.28
that's a good start665.924.56
yeah what are you doing oh uh-oh667.5195.201
who was near simon the simon dead click670.484.08
where you at buddy hold on it's simon672.723.44
dead around here oh i'm right by no674.563.04
we're looking we're looking for oh it's676.163.359
got to be door because we're all oh yeah677.63.44
definitely dora it's got to be dork679.5193.121
emergency meeting emergency media no it681.043.359
doesn't have to be dora it does have to682.643.84
be dora684.3994.56
i was right686.482.479
i can't wait to vote on his guilty ass695.123.6
i'm going to vote on your minion you're697.64.16
looking at me talk to my lawyer i can't698.724.89
wait to see you floating out in space701.766.0
everyone's voted yeah get out of here707.764.16
killer yeah you guys smell anyway i hope711.927.64
it's you doraleous it's going to be714.485.08
oh simon what are you doing buddy735.24.72
what do you mean what am i doing i'm not742.883.44
doing anything it's dora it's weird that744.3993.601
you did a magic trick and made a half a746.323.44
body disappear i made that body748.06.079
disappear listen i think it's dora749.764.319
what'd you see doraleous754.82.88
i saw a body fall down next to simon757.684.88
what's your comeback simon my comeback760.484.72
is dora likes to make it look like i did762.564.56
it so that i and it's a waiting the one765.23.439
voted out right away did you see767.123.279
absorb's body when you walked in there768.6393.76
you when you killed him i walked in770.3993.841
right okay that's my thing i'm skipping772.3993.601
my vote oh i thought i was the killer774.245.399
though if you are776.03.639
it's weird how like i'm talking and for788.84.32
some reason i'm shaking i'm a grown man791.2792.601
and this is a game793.123.519
too much talking in this game i used to796.6393.841
like it none of you guys would shut up798.3994.161
you want us to be quiet and just work800.483.599
what do you want us to do this no you802.564.48
know what do do whatever you want to do804.0795.76
empty in the trash like you do807.047.84
jobs jobs work work jobs trash trash809.8397.521
another day another day814.884.88
another day on this piss-poor ship it's817.365.599
always breaking it's worthless819.764.8
take pride in my job822.9594.621
what's your job work824.565.04
interesting which part829.64.16
you know what a good answer is shut up831.8393.841
it's coming from a previous killer isn't833.764.8
it convicted felon unknown yeah835.685.44
that's very true who's this now thick oh838.563.2
dora thicken dora now i'm calling it out841.764.96
calling what out aren't just seeing us844.9593.761
yes i am that's what i'm doing i'm very846.723.359
clever everyone's been doing it the848.723.119
whole damn time why are you making it850.0794.161
seem like you they haven't been i've i851.8393.201
people all right dora it's you i'm855.044.72
calling an emergency meeting hey neebs857.1995.121
hey simon859.762.56
you know what absorbs not talking i863.8393.12
if someone has866.9592.721
a man868.244.0
neebs get away from me yep you get away869.683.76
from me872.243.279
i feel like it's neebs already873.444.079
because of simon875.5193.521
i bet i bet there's a blue body877.5193.201
somewhere around here because879.044.159
uh our good friend apsrow880.724.239
is not talking883.1994.721
oh i found it884.9592.961
yeah because you knew where it was889.683.92
i'm going to say neems is a killer no891.684.08
right when you said that i walked up on893.63.84
it and it was by the trash chute where895.764.079
you killed absero897.444.32
okay this is thick fixed guilty yeah899.8394.0
definitely thick he's like really trying901.764.319
to weed out the girl no yeah but you903.8394.961
know what i oh this is up to me this is906.0794.56
up to me it is908.84.64
oh man listen to me okay no i'm i'm done910.6394.721
listening to you really because last913.444.16
time i was right just stopped talking915.364.64
very good917.62.4
i love this this is fun isn't it so yeah924.04.959
it's great thick only has to kill one of926.3993.201
don't you even stop i'm not the killer929.63.359
how many times have you heard a killer931.443.839
say i'm not the killer that's go-to for932.9593.201
boy i don't know if i made the right936.163.599
we're getting pretty good at pointing944.164.08
out the imposter maybe too good yeah945.64.72
that's when the game dies it's over now948.243.44
we're done with it950.322.879
kind of rooting for the imposter this951.683.36
time just want to see it something953.1993.44
different they just got to be good you955.043.359
know you know what shut up let's see how956.6393.361
good you've been you sucked the first958.3993.841
time i was never the imposter you were960.04.56
the imposter and got called out i oh no962.243.519
you at least once964.562.48
listen i've come a long way if only i965.7594.08
could lie like you oh god you lie like967.044.479
so much better than me969.8392.8
all right971.5192.801
my tasks are complete know where i'm972.6393.44
hanging out with you this one takes uh974.324.879
forever the come back to976.0795.041
wait oh979.1994.161
oh [ __ ] i hit back to meltdown door you981.123.76
and me right now hold on hold on i got983.362.96
to get out of this one i didn't do that984.884.079
you're both back there okay it's it's uh986.325.12
i'm i'm guessing that it saves from that988.9596.641
shitty ass i got the i got the top one991.444.16
all right thick and i got it i go drive1003.5193.12
i would have got it it's just y'all were1006.6394.56
there so yeah not the killer i doubt i1008.6394.401
i'm thinking he might be1011.1993.601
if i didn't have so many working jobs to1013.043.919
do i'd be the killer probably1014.84.32
what task are you doing here neebs um1016.9596.521
i have to babes is1019.124.36
that's the way you're talking well the1026.724.56
way you're accusing me you're trying to1028.9594.96
get rid of bodies damn right baby man1031.284.399
man i might be rocking this but i see1033.9193.841
neve just sneaking around up top not1035.6794.64
actually going to any task i've seen1037.765.439
simon going to tap oh wait dora's dead1040.3195.041
nibs neebs let me ask you a question1043.1994.801
remember when you saw me yeah okay wha1045.364.88
what tasks or tasks did you do in that1048.04.32
room do you remember i slit a knob and1050.243.76
i've had to do the credit card test1052.323.76
twice for some reason now but what were1054.04.0
you doing in that room i did the knob in1056.084.0
the credit card thing it might be dora1058.04.799
oh no dora's dead [ __ ] it might be thick1060.084.16
just notice that1062.7993.361
i think i think it's neebs you think of1064.243.76
steve's i'm going to need sleep tonight1066.163.68
if you vote for me well you're done i1068.04.0
think i'll sleep like a [ __ ] baby get1069.845.12
out of here imposter1072.02.96
it's easy oh it's simon it's simon oh no1076.644.399
oh well no i have it's like 11 seconds1093.0394.961
thick until we can call the meeting1096.04.32
stick stick do it call the meeting1098.04.0
stick with one second one second it's1100.324.64
not me yes it's not me got it sherlock1102.05.919
holmes and watson it's not gather again1104.964.88
wait a second now neebs is dead the1107.9193.521
whole time you guys were both watching1109.842.4
yeah of course neebs is dead we ejected1112.243.439
his ass out into space yeah you don't1113.9193.201
remember killing me1115.6792.321
it's not me1119.843.839
it's it's absorb oh you son of a [ __ ]1121.0396.561
it's apsro what no no it's like1123.6795.921
no i saw him i can't believe i don't1127.63.92
know which one of you guys is lying son1129.63.92
of a [ __ ] i can't tell which one1131.525.56
it's thick1133.523.56
i'm gonna go run around my cul-de-sac1145.63.04
now with happiness1147.124.619
neebs where you at i'm i'm leaning1158.323.84
towards thick except i saw thick i'm in1160.082.76
cafeteria emergency meeting thank you1162.844.76
thank you you know who it is1165.24.88
oh yeah dude yeah who tell me i believe1167.63.439
it's neebs yes i'll vote for neebs any1171.0394.801
day why me um well1173.63.52
your monitor's right beside me and i1175.844.0
heard you murder somebody1177.125.76
i knew it was steve you're monitored1179.844.16
i hate the menu on this monitor1184.06.559
oh neebs neebs hey neebs how are you sir1190.5594.721
hey simon how are you doing i'm doing1193.443.599
leaves buddy and you were coming up1195.283.68
right behind me and you better not you1197.0394.081
better not well i'm just as suspicious1198.963.28
as you or1201.123.28
so or you're the guy1202.244.319
you don't run at a man like that in a s1204.44.32
in a ship like this you ran on me1206.5593.681
up up1210.243.919
simon just disappeared1212.325.68
simon did you go into a van right here1214.1596.081
i went to the cockpit i was missing wait1218.04.0
a second i'm in front of abstract i'm1220.243.52
not waiting at all hold on what just1222.04.24
happened he said i disappeared we were1223.764.48
in the like oxygen room and then i1226.243.679
followed him into the cockpit and then1228.243.52
he wasn't there okay that's but now he's1229.9193.201
completely lined because that's where1231.763.12
you just saw me didn't you yeah he just1233.123.6
came around thank you right in front of1234.884.48
me well he probably vented out of your1236.724.48
corner and walked around the corner when1239.363.36
when you called it was as you were1241.23.68
saying simon like he wasn't he wasn't1242.724.12
coming back i didn't do it it took me a1244.884.799
minute green it's nice1246.844.68
you're gonna ruin this [ __ ]1249.6794.401
oh green it's sus [ __ ]1251.524.399
how could y'all do this1254.084.079
what do you mean because he's suspicious1255.9194.561
you're insane i'm choosing salmon [ __ ]1258.1594.4
and then i saw simon1260.483.52
it wasn't me1262.5594.24
so you saw something so stupid you're so1264.04.08
dumb neebs1266.7992.961
that you not only now i'm gonna get1268.083.36
voted up because you can't even see1269.763.84
right you said hey napes and then you1271.444.0
went and vented away listen i didn't1273.63.6
fence anywhere you idiot then you got1275.443.359
miguel i really want to know what the1277.24.8
hell you saw names1278.7994.401
simon what are you doing in here i'm1282.03.52
doing the last two tests that i have1283.25.12
okay me too which is kill absorb and1285.525.2
then kill and then vent absorb's gonna1288.324.64
stay alive and you see what i'm doing1290.723.28
don't you1292.962.56
hey doraleous1294.04.24
how are you buddy i'm good1295.525.36
i'm all done with my uh oh no i'm not1298.244.0
two more1300.883.919
[ __ ] two more people to kill all right1302.244.799
two we'll be back wait a second you're1304.7994.481
dead you're not allowed to say i'm the1307.0394.321
killer hey simon let's you and i stick1309.283.36
together right hey stay with me stay1311.363.36
okay stay with me go with me1312.643.84
yeah yeah stay with me hey let me do my1314.723.839
test okay just hang out and chat i'll1316.483.199
hang with you1318.5592.641
so all right yeah let me do this so we1319.6793.36
just upload these files so it's store or1321.24.16
thick because if i trust that it's not1323.0394.561
you so it must be door or thick1325.363.52
yeah so if two of us are working1327.62.4
boom that task is completed okay come1330.03.12
here come here1332.02.64
come here i got one here over here over1333.123.679
here one down in storage indoors hey1334.643.12
hey you want to stick with us door1337.763.919
yeah stick with us but i got to do this1339.444.16
yeah well i'm right here good thing1341.6795.601
all right yeah you do that you do that1343.65.439
all right1347.283.519
it might be it might be abstract because1349.0393.361
he's the one keeping us all together1350.7992.961
maybe yeah yeah i'm trying to keep it1352.42.72
together hey follow me i got one right1353.763.919
here i got one oh yes what it's dora it1355.125.039
is dora1357.6794.081
oh you know what maybe not but unless1360.1592.961
you went by the vent i don't think1361.762.56
there's anything ever there it looked1363.122.559
like you were trying to go in the bed1364.322.64
you're talking about there's this thing1365.6792.721
i don't know i'm trying what thing were1366.963.839
you doing were you doing okay oxygen1368.43.6
stick together get through the oxygen1370.7993.601
get to the1372.02.4
i knew it1377.283.36
i can't wait to see the replay i don't1379.286.04
know what i saw i know no [ __ ]1380.644.68
up up simon just disappeared1388.329.12
it's not me1397.442.64
but if you want to win but here's the1398.722.72
thing is that you're trying to pit me1400.083.52
against simon and that's no i'm trying1401.444.08
to figure out one one of you is the1403.64.0
imposter but you don't think it was each1405.523.92
other one of you1407.65.24
needs names1409.443.4
we'll try to be quiet1418.5593.921
but not really we'll try to be we we've1420.324.08
see we see you guys as comments about us1422.483.36
talking to each other but uh and we're1424.44.0
ignoring them and yes we are ignored1425.844.959
i wish somebody could see me scanning in1430.7992.961
med bay1432.723.199
to know i'm not the imposter i wish1433.765.919
somebody could see me um in this area1435.9195.681
doing things that i'm supposed to do1439.6794.551
sounds sounds really really soft1441.63.7
god i'm good at jobs what's up what job1447.2794.241
are you working on bub it's the the1449.63.6
freaking i'm with i see doraleous he's1451.523.68
working really hard the cable stream1453.24.24
the cables oh man i feel like it's i1455.24.0
feel like it's neems already he's just1457.443.119
stalking people1459.23.359
or i'm afraid of all the people over1460.5593.6
there where i need to do work or neebs1462.5592.801
was in here1464.1591.921
no no neebs was stalking you think hold1466.084.24
on a second let me finish this you're1469.0394.161
supposed to be shushing remember1470.324.4
okay okay yeah yeah yeah i think the1474.724.079
imposter would say that it's supposed to1477.0392.721
okay oh that was i thought i died for a1479.763.6
what happened1483.363.04
after is dead1484.484.24
i i didn't see him die but i already1486.44.72
think it's neebs because he was in1488.725.199
electrical not doing anything i had two1491.124.559
jobs there and there were two people and1493.9193.921
i didn't trust him why someone voted1495.6795.281
already because i voted up ah1497.845.839
voted let me say this my peers okay it's1500.965.599
not me it's not abstro vic's trying to1503.6795.041
get people thrown out so oh that's us1506.5594.401
right it's coming back to me no what do1508.724.48
you think dora because i'm right now i'm1510.964.56
done decided now with neebs switching1513.25.44
like that like it seems suss as hell1515.525.2
you think it's kind of like a defensive1518.644.159
sus well i can tell you if you vote for1520.724.079
me you're throwing away your vote all1522.7994.801
right well i'll listen listen what you1524.7995.601
vote for thick i voted for you neebs you1527.64.88
didn't listen to me i didn't listen to1530.44.32
you maybe i should have1532.484.88
son of a [ __ ] thick i didn't think i1534.725.36
already know who it is now it's thick1537.365.199
no it's not it's not thick oh well i1540.085.36
think i know who it is now who who is it1542.5594.641
it's doraleous yeah1545.443.599
what makes you think that's it's him1547.25.2
because uh you made a comment earlier1549.0395.601
about how you did something1552.44.08
like weird and it was like it was a1554.643.919
stupid simon thing it was very genuine1556.484.16
what are you talking about oh1558.5593.921
no i got locked in the room someone did1560.643.76
the door thing hey you can you can lock1562.483.36
yourself in a room yeah but i didn't i1564.44.44
don't know i've never even done the1565.845.12
doors all right how many tests do you1568.844.76
have left or two i've got two left two1570.963.92
where are they1573.63.28
right in the top or the the control room1574.883.279
the the main1576.883.6
the far right room1578.1594.4
the main and the far right well far1580.484.0
right one up in the cafeteria doing that1582.5594.24
one in the top of the cafeteria1584.484.0
all right well i'm looking at1586.7993.36
thick what are you doing i'm doing1588.483.439
electrical right by you1590.1594.0
the the electrical thing right here1591.9193.441
security i've got one more in1594.1593.12
communications i should have said that1595.363.52
because he's probably gonna meet me1597.2793.201
you know it's not me you know it's not1600.482.88
who just1603.362.319
hey dora1604.42.879
how do i do this oh i'm going to the top1605.6793.281
thing how do you do what1607.2795.201
uh how do i how do i help with uh this1608.965.44
heroes followed oh [ __ ] come call an1612.483.92
emergency meeting simon1614.44.24
just come to the cafeteria okay i'm1616.44.399
coming i'm coming hurry we got eight1618.643.36
seconds you don't you're not going to1620.7993.601
close this out it'll stop it1622.04.4
stop it1624.45.099
oh my god1632.962.8
yes oh my god1636.084.36
twice in a row you're the imposter twice1642.324.479
in a row1644.322.479
oh task complete what are you working on1649.6794.281
here door i just downloaded a file1651.444.0
what is that reactor meltdown who's1655.443.52
close to the reactor i'm close to the1657.6793.841
reactor i'm going to the bottom one1658.965.12
i'll be there in a second1661.523.92
i'll take top one1664.082.88
all right bottom1665.443.599
i'm here1666.963.52
oh wait oh crap i went to the wrong1669.0393.441
place yeah you're at the complete wrong1670.483.76
spot i thought it was1672.483.12
get this oh my god who's that who1674.242.96
doesn't know what the reaction oh my god1675.63.28
are you kidding me get us killed it's1677.23.52
the reactor1678.884.08
same map sorry1687.763.2
what are you doing in here i'm just1689.9192.081
trying to get away from you you're1690.963.439
looking sus over there okay just said1692.04.08
that like that word to me is the same as1694.3994.801
like using moot ugh you don't like mook1696.084.88
what do you mean you don't like move1699.26.16
no one likes moot it's fantastic1700.964.4
dora when did you1705.6793.441
did you just finish the electrical room1707.23.199
yeah i just did that yeah i did the1709.122.799
little wiring thing1710.3992.321
i'm pretty close to one of them who else1712.724.64
is there i will be uh uh1714.485.12
i'm going oh no i'm not close1717.365.12
i got bottom oxygen1719.65.36
thick what are you doing i just i just1726.644.56
turned off the oxygen thing because1729.63.12
someone sabotaged it1731.23.839
all right you're lucky i just said hi1732.724.079
you're very defensive you're very1735.0394.0
defensive all i said was hey how you1736.7994.321
doing hey how you doing i'm just doing1739.0394.401
money defensive1743.63.36
mighty defensive1745.123.84
why did i have to do gas twice oh that1748.964.8
sounds like a bullshitter that sounds1751.844.24
like a real bullshitter why do you have1753.764.08
such a good alibi1756.085.36
why oh who's dead1757.846.079
okay now i now simon and i were just1761.445.28
near the oxygen because you you question1763.9195.36
me it's i think it's neebs or dora and i1766.723.92
don't know which one it is i know it's1769.2793.601
not me and i believe you thick and who1770.644.32
do you think it is thick i don't know i1772.883.2
don't know but i can see to narrow it1774.963.439
down you no actually i actually i think1776.084.24
it's doraleous i think it's true he said1778.3993.201
in the beginning1780.323.04
oh yeah yeah that was my that was my1781.63.439
funny joke that was making them out i'll1783.363.28
jump in on this doraleous thing i got1785.0393.281
thrown out for nervous yeah let's get to1786.644.96
our doors out okay yeah later guys1788.325.92
good luck with uh finding these oh my1791.64.959
god if it's him i swear if it's him this1794.243.919
is going to be the best come on let's1796.5595.201
see come on come on come on1798.1593.601
it's neves the son of a [ __ ]1802.3994.801
it's not me so how come you two would1805.2794.081
think it was each other huh1807.24.56
what did you see to make your [ __ ]1809.363.76
can we even talk right now it's not even1811.763.2
meeting time yeah we could talk1813.122.96
i'm wondering why you didn't think it1814.962.56
was thick though because when i went1816.083.839
over maybe it isn't convince me convince1817.523.12
no i don't i wasn't with you two you two1820.645.6
were okay meeting yeah convince me1823.365.039
because i know it's not me1826.244.0
i know it's not me and i actually know1828.3994.0
so why don't y'all think it's each other1830.243.919
y'all were together well we were1832.3993.76
together and then i found the body all1834.1595.52
right who disconnected or who made that1836.1596.4
um sabotage go away who participated in1839.6795.041
that the first one by oxygen was me i1842.5594.0
stopped both of them but the killer can1844.724.4
also stop it as well so think why don't1846.5594.641
you think it was simon1849.123.2
he was he was right by me it's not me1852.324.32
but if you want to wait but here's the1855.2792.721
thing is that you're trying to pit me1856.643.44
against simon and that's that's the1858.03.919
deepest thing that's1860.084.319
the empire1861.9192.48
get out1876.323.12
get out i can't win yeah killers don't1877.363.84
win killers don't win and winners don't1879.443.92
kill excel oh my god yes that's a bumper1881.25.599
that's a shirt and a bumper sticker1883.363.439
thank you son of a [ __ ]1888.725.12
killers do win1893.843.93
i'm a nightmare1896.486.78
well absolutely's dead so that adds up1919.763.519
um yeah1921.763.44
jealous you're not gonna fight it1923.2793.201
well i didn't know you could have1926.485.12
that's true that's true that's your1929.763.279
final argument i just felt so damn1931.63.04
guilty i felt really you could have been1933.0393.52
like [ __ ] i just saw you do that why1934.643.519
did you do that if you would have done1936.5593.041
that to me i would have punched my1938.1594.441
i feel really1949.9193.201
vulnerable with neebs around me well i1951.2793.361
trust you thick because i've seen you1953.123.12
working hard1954.643.039
i do work hard1956.242.799
good actor1957.6795.201
oh i'm right i'm right behind three1959.0393.841
i already got this so i'm go are you1963.9193.12
gonna both do it because i was going1965.5193.52
there to actually do something1967.0395.281
got it i found a body all right fine1969.0396.161
well body who absorb1972.325.839
well okay so it's simon or neebs isn't1975.24.56
it thick why the hell would it be why1978.1593.681
would it either why is it even me thick1979.764.0
where were you back of the ship reactor1981.844.4
why is it not you we we just we just1983.763.6
that could have been killed that doesn't1987.363.84
matter we don't have enough information1988.884.48
of course we don't here's what i know1991.24.4
what the body was closer to the front of1993.364.08
the ship but no telling how long had1995.63.04
been there1997.443.119
i'm skipping her in the back where were1998.644.639
you simon i was going to the reactor and2000.5594.321
you guys were both saying oh i already2003.2793.441
got it and i said i'm running there i2004.884.24
was coming from the electrical room2006.724.559
from the bottom yes okay whatever i'm2009.124.08
skipping my body you guys could do it2011.2794.161
yeah from the bottom from the body2013.23.44
oh really2015.442.8
neebs now you're you now you're just2016.644.08
gonna have pass go for it2018.244.159
come on baby come on baby well you're2020.723.199
not it's not gonna kick you out i know2022.3993.12
but you're still voting for me which i2023.9193.201
feel kind of strange about but okay2025.5193.28
whatever you want to do that says a lot2027.123.52
it says a lie it does say a lot it's2028.7993.76
like you normally you don't vote unless2030.644.48
you have an idea yeah neebs usually so2032.5594.24
that's interesting2035.124.0
interesting interesting i must say we'll2036.7994.561
get more facts and we'll see won't we we2039.124.64
will won't we unless we're dead yeah we2041.365.88
might be dead2043.763.48
i'm going to storage where i have uh one2048.05.919
of my things2052.04.159
no no no i'm i'm in my map brother dora2053.9194.641
hey dora how you great going to the same2056.1593.92
thing that i was just going for great2058.563.76
thank you so much isn't that interesting2060.0795.441
of course it's interesting2062.323.2
tell us more tell us everything about it2066.325.599
oh boy2070.324.559
oh boy hi simon2071.9195.68
say the killer i just saw on the cameras2074.8795.52
killing alias listen to me2077.5996.0
somebody's got to shut that camera off2080.3995.68
hold on2083.5992.48
you just saw someone in the cameras yup2086.244.8
killed doraleous and doraleous is dead2088.324.319
and i think thick because i saw him2091.043.359
throwing leaves out i think thick is2092.6394.161
that yeah i could see thick clear no you2094.3994.161
just said someone's got to shut those2096.84.799
cameras off oh come on no i told you2098.565.68
you said that like the cameras were bad2101.5994.401
what are you talking i didn't say you're2106.04.0
so guilty look at you you're just2108.43.28
dripping with gail yep2110.03.68
or blood doraleo says yes2111.685.12
yes okay fine yes i voted for myself too2113.686.32
good voted for yourself yes goodbye2116.86.08
this is it i'm freaking done2120.06.96
we gotta get rid of those cameras2122.889.199
do you guys understand how this2132.0793.441
conversation works2133.684.32
you talk about like what did thix see2135.524.559
that makes him think it wasn't doraleous2138.04.4
well i saw him in the med base scanning2140.0795.441
he saw him scan now between me and simon2142.45.04
is this just a guess yeah pretty much2145.524.16
yeah i'm thinking it's thick now oh wait2147.443.76
yeah that's right why don't i leave2149.682.96
thick on it because thick always does2151.23.36
this i should have waited damn who'd you2152.644.24
vote for i voted for you i'm sorry2154.563.84
always happens to me you're always2156.882.959
kicking me out of the ship first for no2158.43.439
reason but it was probably you though2159.8393.76
look it was me this time but in the2161.8393.841
future let's don't just kick neebs out2163.5995.24
right away2165.683.159
hey dora hi buddy2177.5993.201
where you going wiggle what are you2179.762.64
doing i always like to work from one2180.84.08
side to the other it's not a bad idea2182.44.24
i mean usually it doesn't work out like2184.884.4
you want it but2186.642.64
but then sometimes it do work out like2190.244.08
you want it2191.8392.481
i heard that through the mics2195.525.68
i know someone has a monitor way up2197.685.12
i still don't know2201.23.68
who who it was yet but i'll find out in2202.83.279
a second2204.883.36
if i find appsro's2206.0794.241
dead body i think2208.244.72
i'm thinking you did it neebs maybe2210.325.92
hey look you really gotta stop2212.965.92
okay so wait if abstra wasn't dead i2216.243.839
would say it was zap stroke because i2218.883.44
heard a death but since he is dead i had2220.0794.481
just seen him whose monitor could we2222.324.48
have heard it from we heard it perhaps2224.564.48
you heard2226.82.24
oh no we didn't we heard it from your2229.444.399
because that's the killer sounds again2231.045.12
just throw me off oh my god oh my god2233.8394.481
look through these episodes and see how2236.164.64
many times you're lucky one out of 1002238.324.32
times it's not me2240.83.36
you throw me off the ship and i'm2242.643.28
innocent you want to remember this day2244.164.0
okay okay okay like the last time that2245.924.56
was the one in a hundred times look how2248.164.88
dumb you are it's real stupid no no it's2250.484.56
not it no no no it's not i know who it2253.044.16
is it gets there australia can't wait2255.044.4
for me it's got to be doraleous2257.25.2
you can't get away from me2259.442.96
simon remember what when they were2264.04.32
talking is like hey doraleous what are2266.244.4
you doing he's like oh i just uh i like2268.324.88
to work left to right or from one side2270.644.719
to the other and he was the last person2273.24.159
in the conversation and a conversation2275.3594.161
because he was afterwards you know what2277.3595.121
dora dora yeah what do you think buddy2279.524.559
do you think who do you think i thought2282.483.119
it was neebs so i feel like a douche2284.0793.28
already i know but who do you think it2285.5994.161
is now i mean i would i kind of want to2287.3593.841
lead toward thick but i don't want to be2289.763.44
that person because oh2291.26.84
that is not me because i am honest2293.24.84
son of a [ __ ] you are honest i'm loving2298.323.68
it i'm dead2300.0794.881
beat that honesty2302.02.96
oh i'm close i'm close all right i will2307.1194.24
get top reactor somebody get bottom oh2309.443.84
so could somebody else or am i doing it2311.3593.441
i'm doing it uh i'm close enough to do2313.282.24
19 seconds wait what reactors oh that's2315.525.68
those [ __ ] i need i need somebody else i2317.924.64
got it2321.23.36
copper bottom uh get the bottom i got2322.564.0
the top i got the tops i am on it i'm on2324.564.96
it i'm on it2326.567.76
you ain't on [ __ ] boy i [ __ ] all y'all2329.524.8
i thought i was in the right place i was2336.883.1
doing the right i wish you were2338.483.84
i already i already know who it is oh my2342.324.16
god you do you know who it is do you2344.164.48
really not really but i have a guy i2346.483.359
have a good guess2348.643.04
listen this is not a guessing game this2349.8394.561
isn't pick a number this is look at your2351.685.439
facts it can't be played2354.45.04
the whole time it's it is a pick a2357.1194.801
number thing that no it's not yeah you2359.444.88
can there's clues2361.924.48
sounds like it's never to me yeah my2364.323.759
instincts were on the point in that2366.43.04
first round and you're still bitter2368.0793.121
about it you guys never have any2369.443.44
guys i'm the witch2375.25.36
guys guys i'm not hitting the butter the2377.446.72
buzzer but uh thick is dead at the2380.566.16
security i was already wrong again so2384.165.52
just fyi it happens so when you find a2386.726.16
body there it's it's not a surprise keep2389.684.96
an eye on neebs everybody keep an eye on2392.884.32
neebs what did he say that was what did2394.644.479
he say that was i don't know his mouth2397.24.639
just his mouth2399.1195.361
mia can i play with people that do clues2401.8394.24
i want to do clues2404.483.839
like if you see some and throw trash out2406.0793.441
and he actually throws a trash out2408.3192.641
that's why you want to you want to dust2409.522.72
for prince is that what you're saying2410.963.359
this is a clue no i'm suggesting what i2412.243.44
just suggested2414.3193.601
you see someone scan you can rule them2415.684.32
out they're not that guy2417.924.48
in a camera i like guessing i like just2420.04.48
throwing caution to this pick a number2422.43.52
i'm guessing of a number i'm thinking of2424.484.0
a number between one and ten is it five2425.923.679
seven yes2429.5995.041
we did it we got the killer2431.523.12
oh neebs neebs very little time bud2435.927.36
no no no no no no i'm not i'm not going2440.84.319
i'll stay here oh no because i can do2443.284.64
this i can do this go ahead2445.1194.881
come on baby2447.924.64
do you need help or no hey2450.03.44
we completed the task2453.445.84
who was the guy it was me baby2455.284.0
well i don't know why you're celebrating2460.0795.76
i lost we fixed the ship oh damn it i2462.886.16
thought i won that time2465.8393.201
hey dora hey buddy2469.8396.681
a pretty good card swiper2472.563.96
now wait you have no basis for saying2490.3193.601
i'm bad at this guy i saw you do it on2492.163.36
the camera yeah but that's the first2493.923.76
time you've done real sleuth work i feel2495.523.28
like time's like just throwing knees2497.682.88
without batteries2498.85.279
but every other time i've been innocent2500.567.32
except for that one time2504.0793.801
all right man got a lot of work to do2512.42.88
get out there get it done let's keep2513.922.48
you know what i2516.44.16
i have noticed that thieves when he is2517.925.199
the imposter he likes to tell people2520.564.24
right off the bat to start getting to2523.1194.881
work come on people get to worst2524.84.319
it's it's2528.03.04
simon has these things that he thinks he2529.1193.601
knows something he never does it's a2531.044.64
tell just saying got it2532.724.72
i got that one kill and you're wrong 902535.683.679
percent of the time how's that a tail2537.444.56
dude i'm just saying why did you get the2539.3594.161
other one i got this one all right do2542.02.8
you have the bottom of the top which one2543.522.319
i'm not here2544.86.12
i got it i got it the bottom all right2545.8395.081
guess i guess i'll get them all like the2551.684.0
whole set2553.3595.201
i'm the one who got it not neebs i'm the2555.686.0
one who got it you did not got it i got2558.565.6
it oh2561.684.28
guess what2564.163.919
time for a meeting let's bring it on2568.0793.52
because here's going to be simon's2570.3192.961
argument i put the numbers in and it2571.5993.601
stopped well it's probably because both2573.284.48
people can do it it's true that's true2575.24.8
what but why didn't the alarm stop until2577.765.92
i did it and you were very far away2580.03.68
guess i guess i'll get them all like the2586.0794.0
whole set2587.8395.201
i'm the one who got it not neebs i'm the2590.0794.561
one who got it2593.044.559
because maybe i was pushing it slow nope2594.645.52
nope nope nope he was body his body was2597.5995.281
far like he was going out of the room2600.165.28
when it stopped i i like i like that2602.885.28
sluthery i'm voting against neebs2605.444.72
are we keeping track of how many times2608.163.84
you throw me out the ship when it's2610.163.52
wrong because it's way up there i'm2612.02.96
skipping vote i don't know who the hell2613.683.04
it is okay i'm not suss because i saw2614.963.76
myself not being inside all right neebs2616.723.359
did wasn't that a good reason to vote2618.722.879
for you though it was a good reason for2620.0792.961
you to be confused but once you2621.5993.52
understand it you should go nope that's2623.044.48
not right uh we'll see we'll see oh look2625.1194.641
put put thick and simon down for the2627.523.76
guys that make the dumb decisions all2629.764.599
the time2631.283.079
who's who's uh2640.3194.881
who's the fish the fish2642.83.76
talking about the fish i'd like to get2645.23.28
rid of sus and say someone's fish2646.564.48
because it's fishy plus fish f gills and2648.484.16
gills is like guilty2651.043.6
come on yeah let's start it2652.644.32
who's being a fish that that's weird2654.644.56
who's got the gills fish2656.964.0
he's weird hey2659.23.44
weird what do you see what do you see no2660.963.2
i didn't see anything i'm watching your2662.642.56
i'm cafeteria coming back come on back2665.24.639
come back come out2666.965.6
tasks complete for me guys all right i'm2669.8395.28
going i have top of reactor2672.564.4
i'm going i'm making my way go on the2675.1194.0
bottom come on simon you were right2676.963.92
beside me you could have done this of2679.1193.121
course i could have but right now i'm2680.883.6
watching dora come at me and you're2682.243.839
coming in my tasks are done you should2684.483.76
go finish yours and maybe help the ship2686.0794.801
well you don't think2688.242.64
how about what what do you mean so uh2691.1193.361
you don't think i'm happy2692.963.359
you have tasks to do still yeah do you2694.483.76
not think i've been helping the ship i'm2696.3192.881
just saying what are you doing now2698.243.599
you're i'm done with my tasks oh follow2699.24.56
me then simon i know for a fact that's2701.8394.48
not you okay thank you oh wow how do you2703.764.64
know that oh did you see him uh in the2706.3193.361
med bay2708.44.16
i might have seen him doing the task2709.684.08
why are you bringing me over here i'm2712.562.48
not going with you2713.763.12
uh i got talented2715.043.76
no don't don't follow him simon you2716.884.08
might kill me you might kill me after oh2718.83.519
i don't need you2720.963.28
guys somebody get bottom please i got2722.3194.081
one in here i have one in here i'm gonna2724.243.839
know too the absorb's right behind me2726.44.16
you better watch it but hey i'm just2728.0794.401
all right are you gonna do that one yeah2730.563.2
make sure they've got the top one i got2732.483.599
the top one i got it somebody needs to2733.764.24
come to the top one otherwise i'm gonna2736.0794.321
kill you all please2738.05.29
all right hold on boom wait i need a2749.684.0
second guy in the box okay i'm on the2751.924.48
top i did it there you go2753.686.72
thank you i've got all my tasks done oh2756.47.04
simon i just saw you you dumb [ __ ] right2760.44.959
in front of me [ __ ]2763.443.679
right in front of me you're you're2765.3594.321
you're stairs2767.1192.561
with a small stupid brain2769.765.28
i don't understand why you you just get2773.1194.321
off on [ __ ] lying and telling people2775.043.36
that they're2777.443.36
i just saw you you and i wish i didn't2778.43.919
[ __ ] i wish i didn't say [ __ ] i wish i2782.3196.401
could have reacted to ha ha it was you2784.886.4
and i was almost about to let you like2788.725.92
like slide on that [ __ ]2791.285.2
and then you said i wish i didn't say2794.644.4
this now i gotta vote for you2796.484.72
well i'm voting for you neebs just cause2799.045.279
all right you guys smell that fish2801.24.879
smell the fish2804.3195.361
he's totally gills yeah2806.0794.561
get out of here fish i didn't see you2810.643.679
behind me [ __ ] that would have2812.885.36
been smooth if it were i'm not dumb2814.3193.921
i'm with simon i'm over here i'm going2822.244.56
low i'm going lower oh it's right here2824.883.52
it's right here okay hold on i'll get2826.84.08
the oh2828.42.48
watch this2834.723.84
no one going to the bottom2835.924.56
oh i just did it yeah there's a body2838.563.2
right here you see this hello and it2840.482.879
looks very green and no i don't even2841.762.64
where where was the body found where was2844.43.6
the body right by uh what's that main2846.3193.28
room in the middle cafeteria that2848.03.2
everyone's always2849.5994.24
uh admin right mm-hmm2851.24.639
is that where you killed him uh apsara2853.8395.041
yes yes that's where i murdered him oh2855.8395.361
i could hear the he's an honest man i2858.884.959
think that's him2861.22.639
he is super tough he's an honest top in2863.924.8
the reactor okay somebody else please2866.84.319
get the i'll go on the bottom i'll get2868.723.92
the bottom look at me i'm freaking all2871.1193.521
over you're not at the bottom i said2872.643.199
i'll get it2874.642.959
i don't know2875.8392.72
all right2877.5993.841
hey okay2878.5592.881
man i feel like i know who it is2882.5594.241
but i won't go off hunches2884.723.839
ghost needs you never know who it is i2886.83.759
always know who it is2888.5594.0
because i can tell by your2890.5594.8
i gotta we got a track record now i know2892.5594.881
you don't the the ones where i was wrong2895.3594.081
don't count2897.444.399
who's a lake trout2899.444.72
okay hold on uh i'm i'm close to ant-man2901.8393.921
i can i can get the bottom one in the2904.165.04
end i got the top on my way man i think2905.765.839
that was abstract is that really gonna2909.23.919
get the bottom one2911.5994.081
yes i just got the bottom one2913.1195.041
oh oh well we already knew2915.683.919
who here's why2918.164.0
here's why i did that because i didn't2919.5995.041
want that countdown to get down to zero2922.164.159
guys are any of you smart enough to know2924.643.439
if he's like covering something on his2926.3194.721
own part with that move i yeah i don't2928.0795.28
know because before2931.044.72
simon tried to call an emergency meeting2933.3594.48
but it was in the middle of a like a2935.763.52
reactor meltdown and it wouldn't let him2937.8395.121
call it okay well okay but maybe before2939.284.72
i don't know2942.963.52
it is different i think let's skip vote2944.05.119
but i didn't let time run out i saved us2946.485.119
that was pretty fish i know it is pretty2949.1195.521
gilly dumbest dumbest thing i've ever2951.5995.361
i'm not close2972.963.44
i got bottom good i'm not doing anything2974.163.679
except for my task2976.43.199
and killing autumn's done2977.8393.681
i'm not killing anything why because2979.5994.161
you're the killer oh wait a minute wait2981.524.319
a minute simon hey you just admit to2983.763.76
being the killer because you said you're2985.8394.24
not killing it2987.525.039
you said you're not killing anything2993.8395.681
i did and i'd say it again because i2996.5595.601
still forget how to properly speak who's2999.524.319
a tuna3002.164.72
who's got all the gills3003.8393.041
no oh okay guys come on3008.966.24
we only need like one more task done i'm3013.23.76
guessing it's simon because he never i3015.23.84
and i'm doing it3019.763.76
second user i need a second user second3023.524.559
user up top3026.0793.921
second user up top too stupid second3028.0795.52
user up top you're too stupid come on3030.04.96
[ __ ]3033.5993.52
finish his last task wait how did they3034.964.56
get that3037.1192.401
oh yeah yeah you were just [ __ ] on3046.723.04
me 20 seconds3048.43.6
you're right all right damn it3049.766.079
that was awesome that was great3052.03.839
okay okay3068.5594.56
i'm gonna say this i don't think it's3071.5993.041
awesome i don't think it's neebs because3073.1193.681
they were on the left side with me i'm3074.644.32
out by myself guys i'm like out in the3076.84.559
middle of nowhere by myself i'm by3078.964.399
myself too so i don't know i'm smelling3081.3594.081
a lot of fish from simon and dora right3083.3593.681
now i don't blame him i'm gonna skip3085.443.76
vote because i don't know3087.044.799
which one skip and vote ozzy are you3089.24.8
keeping up i'm new here so i don't want3091.8395.52
to kill anyone um3094.05.04
it's not the way to start you have to3097.3594.081
kill that's the best you're the imposter3099.046.12
you have to kill3101.443.72
i know who it is though yeah you do it's3111.764.16
you isn't it why didn't you vote3113.3594.801
because i'm putting it all together3115.924.56
but i i'm learning a tone i'm learning a3118.164.399
certain tone with a certain someone3120.484.24
there's no tone can we just establish3122.5594.321
that none of you understand tone yeah3124.724.399
right yeah i mean i think i think that's3126.884.08
safe to say at this point i think i3129.1195.361
understand tone and then i don't3130.964.639
so you don't3134.483.599
no exactly but i think i do that's the3135.5994.321
thing i think i do and then i'm like i3138.0794.031
don't [ __ ] know3139.924.639
i found a theater room that's exciting3144.5594.081
i don't know any other buttons except3147.25.2
the arrows by the way so that's an issue3148.646.959
yeah i think that he did not get nearly3152.45.52
enough explanation before getting it i3155.5994.24
think he got the the best basics you3157.924.159
could get for them except for except for3159.8394.801
well okay yeah for the money i can run3162.0794.881
away that's my main move right now run3164.645.199
away yeah yeah that's the way i'd do it3166.965.04
i don't think i know everyone has left3169.8394.72
me i'm i'm totally isolated i cannot3172.06.0
figure this task out like which one come3174.5595.52
oh jeez3181.683.439
it's never going to happen3183.5994.801
i'm going to fix some wires3185.1193.281
got it3189.3592.881
things seem to be going pretty well3192.244.8
oh as soon as i speak3194.645.919
okay okay hmm i think it's simon3197.046.079
earlier appsro said he doesn't think i3200.5595.441
did it or aussie man yeah before neebs3203.1194.24
and ozzy were over on the left side with3206.02.72
me then i walk over to the right side3207.3593.281
and i see a little purple body that's3208.724.16
thick 44. so i think it's either simon3210.644.479
adore but now door's dead that leaves3212.885.04
simon i haven't seen anybody you saw me3215.1194.641
you passed me i might have passed you3217.923.76
passed me and you didn't kill me because3219.764.24
you just killed doraleous i didn't do it3221.684.48
i did not kill doraleous and most of the3224.05.28
time when i hear you screaming like uh i3226.165.52
he did it he did it i am trying to turn3229.283.76
it around trying to turn it around i3231.683.439
have a clear memory of simon and thicke3233.044.319
going neebs neebs names neebs and i3235.1194.401
didn't even do it does the guest know3237.3595.041
what do you think what do you think ozzy3239.524.72
i've not seen anything yet i've really3242.44.32
been walking around aimlessly so i can't3244.244.64
cast any aspersions yet but i am3246.724.72
listening to the tone of voices and it3248.885.199
is quite telling ah you know it's you3251.444.72
get sucked in when someone has3254.0794.24
conviction and they scream all right i'm3256.163.52
voting for whoever was screaming was3258.3193.04
that abstract all right fine you guys3259.683.2
have killed yourself i know it's simon3261.3593.681
you know it's me you don't know dick ah3262.884.719
you were fish oh good i'm fish no one3265.044.0
was ejected3267.5993.681
you are dead dude you were you should3269.043.76
have been gone i know you're coming for3271.282.88
long time ago3274.164.56
i appreciate it i like the fish thing by3276.485.04
the way i think it's dumb as nuts yeah3278.725.52
it's not dumb it's wonderful3281.525.039
why are nuts dumb you're a goddamn3284.246.16
geezer who's a geezer me you i know i'm3286.5595.28
a geezer why are you pointing out the3290.42.959
obvious it's like me calling you a3291.8394.24
[ __ ] [ __ ] nobody nobody needs to3293.3594.881
know that you are a [ __ ] well everybody3296.0793.601
knows that ozzie what are you doing why3298.242.48
are you hanging out with me i'm just3299.683.36
watching you i'm just watching you3300.724.24
that's all oh just watch3303.043.68
watch me all right if i go quiet it was3304.964.639
the orange [ __ ] yeah3306.724.96
man you are stalky you are awful star3309.5993.441
have you have you done all your tasks3311.682.72
are you just getting stalky i just want3313.042.559
to know where the wires are do you know3314.42.56
where they are3315.5994.24
stalky man not ozzy man stalky boy we3316.965.28
never told them how to use the map3319.8394.081
oh yeah where's the bat3322.243.04
i'm just following someone so i've got3323.922.879
some level of guidance really what are3325.283.2
you doing in the boiler upper right3326.7995.121
corner map oh boy oh boy3328.485.359
hold on i'm turning this wheel i think3331.924.639
someone sabotaged their comms3333.8394.641
come sabotaged i don't even know where3336.5593.201
the hell i am3338.482.879
communications room that's where we go3339.763.65
to fix that right3341.3594.561
oh i just saw him i just saw him i just3345.923.36
saw his big ass3347.683.28
he's coming for me named3349.283.6
simon how do i get out of here let's get3350.964.48
simon call him meeting column eating3352.883.919
are you talking about i can report the3355.443.359
body i can report the body report what3356.7995.201
body oh you peak [ __ ] i knew it3358.7995.841
was your ass you knew it was my ass so3362.05.52
you just killed aussie man our guest i3364.645.52
didn't just kill ozzy man our guest3367.525.68
yes you did i know he didn't kill him3370.165.12
i didn't say he didn't see [ __ ] first of3373.24.56
all i never saw ozzy man second of all3375.284.799
you [ __ ] self-reported apparently is3377.763.599
that what they call it oh is that what i3380.0792.561
did yeah you walked around the corner3381.3592.801
saw you murdered and saw you chasing me3382.643.28
then realized wait guess what i'm going3384.164.0
for you bubba uh neebs you do what you3385.923.52
want to do3388.162.639
it's up to you neebs this is a tough3389.442.72
yeah i'm getting a beer i'm getting a3390.7993.201
beer do me a favor turn my way argument3392.163.199
do what you're going to do i'm getting a3394.02.24
i rest my case what am i supposed to do3396.245.04
what am i supposed to do in this3399.3594.401
situation you heard him talk you heard3401.285.839
me talk and then you who who's lying3403.765.44
i'm sorry i'm getting a beer3407.1194.641
okay go get a beer you son of a [ __ ] i3409.26.76
can't even burn his ass yeah3411.764.2
[ __ ] you you should have voted simon off3421.524.16
earlier aussie man was still i told you3423.684.24
i told you all right well you just you3425.684.08
yelled a lot and it just it was3427.924.14
okay yeah for this round for this round3437.1194.321
let's do a buddy system okay you pick3439.046.079
you pick ozzy you you pick ozzy3441.446.48
i want to be with neebs everyone3445.1194.561
nice okay3447.924.0
all right3449.682.24
i didn't know you could kill him in here3453.765.58
what happened3456.644.0
ozzie man's super quiet i'm guessing3460.642.959
he's dead3462.5592.721
he's super quiet neeb's super quiet3463.5993.601
simon's super quiet door is out killing3465.284.24
up there3467.24.159
i'm ticking off tasks the boiler room's3469.524.799
secured no worries there good for you3471.3594.96
unbelievable voice that to everyone like3474.3193.601
that's okay3476.3194.401
hey he's concentrating yeah3477.924.159
just letting you know i'm a productive3480.724.48
team member oh he's a big boy i feel you3482.0797.72
i don't think i'm a good boy again3485.24.599
good for you thank you he's excited3490.244.72
that's great3492.42.56
our task completed [ __ ] kicked it in3495.445.399
the dick oh wow way to go i thought you3497.445.84
will it's too bad neebs is a killer this3500.8394.681
round my tasks are all over the place3503.284.319
yeah you put them as far as killers have3505.524.799
to be on the move i'm uh i'm about i'm3507.5996.801
one task away i'm from being done3510.3196.0
you're done come on guys my tasks are3514.44.32
done so get it done baby come on do it3516.3194.641
it needs you know what try to kill you3518.725.359
so hard oh [ __ ] okay yeah that might be3520.965.28
the last task i bet you this is the last3524.0796.881
one watch out for that killer who's it3526.244.72
anybody near that3534.243.04
i don't even know3535.763.12
i'm yeah i'm heading towards the yeah3537.282.88
i've never done this3538.882.8
i'm not going that way i'm going that3540.164.8
way i got one3541.683.28
i meant the other one3556.964.72
yeah hit it3559.763.599
waiting for the second music you're not3561.683.679
he's just waiting3563.3594.161
because i'm the killer i'm not gonna hit3565.3594.641
it when i'm the killer he's the killer3567.524.0
he's killing us3570.02.64
trying to get to the bottom of charlotte3571.523.839
yeah neebs is here3572.642.719
oh my god you idiots i can't believe3580.03.599
i was masterful that was very much oh my3583.5996.611
god what is wrong with you wow3586.3195.28
listen i haven't been the imposter this3591.5994.401
whole time3593.444.96
listen no if you're the imposter3596.04.319
just save me for last so i can stick3598.44.48
around please because i keep getting3600.3194.48
killed first well now you know how i3602.884.56
feel it happens it happens deal with it3604.7994.481
and pasta live3607.445.48
pasta life3609.283.64
you're very quiet i'm looking at my map3623.044.72
i smashed my tasks last time i've got3625.5994.321
task confidence all right good for you3627.764.72
good for you yeah we'll task3629.923.679
just want to keep getting what you're3632.483.44
doing simon hey i'm doing the uh that3633.5993.921
was the chip flip around thing by the3635.922.48
so i i believe him yeah as you should i3638.44.8
only have two more tests left and i am3640.886.4
oh done oh seven look at this what3643.26.48
green is dead you can read vitals over3647.286.0
here oh yeah i saw that vitals thing3649.686.24
green is dead neebs thank goodness let's3653.285.2
so i don't know where he's at i know but3658.643.76
it doesn't matter it's just the fact3660.5593.441
that he happens to be yeah we should3662.45.04
celebrate that yeah oh man i3664.04.839
just from the3667.444.399
tone oh really yeah you're great i'm not3668.8394.681
gonna do it i'm not gonna do it great3671.8392.561
look at you like tone loke you're the3674.44.399
get away from me3679.1193.361
why are you so afraid of me in this3680.7993.52
round thick3682.483.76
because you uh i haven't i haven't seen3684.3193.921
you do any tasks you know what come3686.244.0
watch me do my final one come here he's3688.243.839
the most confident when he kills you3690.244.4
right before he kills you so watch out3692.0794.401
all right i'm the most confident when i3694.644.08
do my final task which i'm doing right3696.483.92
now this is nick's a good liar let's3698.722.96
that's why that [ __ ] he said at the3700.42.719
beginning of like i haven't been there3701.683.84
no no no i get excited when i'm the3703.1194.801
imposter and i'm pissed that i'm not3705.524.72
ozzie you're also an expert bullshitter3707.923.439
that's true3710.242.96
already dead did we already say that3711.3594.401
he's already ozzy no i'm around i'm just3713.23.76
all right3716.962.399
look at my mouth3718.03.039
if you haven't seen anyone forever i3719.3595.121
want to bring back the buddy system3721.0393.441
except all five of us3725.443.28
listen ozzy if i see you let's meet3728.7994.56
somewhere i will be your friend we'll be3731.3592.96
your buddy3733.3593.041
i'm back in the abstract right3734.3194.0
what's up you guys need to upload3736.43.919
nothing just going doing my last task3738.3193.76
almost done i'm done with my test3740.3194.321
appstore's last task is gonna do it i'm3742.0794.0
stuck in the all right there's there's3744.643.199
like one more task to complete yeah i'm3746.0794.801
done with that it's mine3747.8393.041
okay so i'm stuck in the drop ship room3751.1196.96
a bloody who was meeting me there oh3753.8394.24
okay okay guys let's this is gonna be3759.24.32
easy i called the meeting i found3761.8394.321
simon's cute pink dead body out in the3763.525.68
middle of the open i think we know i3766.165.12
when ozzie's character walked by me it3769.23.76
had like this confidence and this kind3771.282.96
of like this3772.962.56
bounce to him3775.523.839
yeah and i feel like i feel like simon3777.24.159
was talking to ozzy yeah yeah i could3779.3594.48
have and then kind of quiet yep3781.3594.881
or they were just together yeah yeah i3783.8393.841
had confidence because i knew where i3786.243.68
was going i finally had a direction yeah3787.684.399
i figured out where the thing on the map3789.924.08
is a minute ago you were like i'm lost3792.0794.24
i'm lost in the map i was lost and then3794.04.24
i had direction because i i [ __ ]3796.3193.76
found where i wanted to go i found jesus3798.244.48
good for you that was the confident step3800.0794.72
that was going on i'm smelling fish i'm3802.723.839
smelling a big old pile no it's it's3804.7996.24
total [ __ ] fish piles no i'm skipping3806.5594.48
doraleous you're you're kind of leading3825.924.8
this a little much i reported the body3828.05.28
i'm just saying oh i know your tactics3830.724.24
because i'm getting a hunch i'm getting3833.283.68
a hunch i'm i'm not going off i'm not3834.963.2
going to vote on you i'm not going to3836.962.72
vote for you but i'm getting i know what3838.163.04
you're doing you're planting seeds it's3839.683.359
okay i know your psychological war game3841.23.919
oh my god i'm voting for you doraleous3843.0393.201
because do it3845.1192.96
bring it bring that you3846.242.48
the actor in this game3848.724.119
all right i played with some settings3858.963.52
so fast3861.442.32
i hate it3862.483.52
all right everybody also we also have3863.764.4
more tasks to do so everybody's faster3866.04.0
there's more tasks simon come on what3868.162.8
are you doing3870.03.2
you're doing a task oh you are hey guys3870.963.599
can i tell you can i tell you about a3873.23.76
dream i have sure okay i had a dreamer i3874.5594.48
hit this like there's this animal in my3876.964.0
driveway like on a big branch like a3879.0393.361
fallen tree3880.963.52
and then i went up close to it with my3882.44.639
vehicle and it and it broke through my3884.484.24
my windshield okay3887.0394.961
it looked like a kangaroo mixed with a3888.725.76
horse and a bear uh-huh and i was like3892.04.24
what the hell was that and there's this3894.483.44
lady down the street street named miss3896.242.96
deborah and i was like what was that and3897.923.36
she goes oh honey that was just a tim3899.24.48
tam i was like i tim tam3901.284.48
no tim tam and3903.683.439
and so uh3905.762.799
yeah i didn't know what a i didn't know3907.1193.281
what attempt like i was like no tim3908.5593.76
tam's a candy and i'm from australia but3910.43.12
when i woke up because you don't know3912.3193.04
what all the animals in the world are no3913.523.68
but you know they're not tim tams well3915.3594.24
we don't don't and so i just googled tim3917.24.08
tam to make sure it wasn't an animal3919.5993.361
that i didn't know hey that could have3921.283.759
been one that could have3922.964.399
it could have been absolutely3925.0394.08
yeah sometimes i'd like to try to break3927.3593.44
the code of like in the dream world and3929.1192.771
somebody just3930.7993.121
you just what oh that's good story i'm3933.924.8
kind of glad nice no i'm glad he got3936.963.52
killed on that one3938.723.359
oh i'm going for the one on the left3940.483.92
should be easy to get i'm far i'm on far3942.0794.081
right it's gonna take me a while well3944.43.36
i'll be fast3946.163.36
everybody should get there real easy yep3947.763.359
you're right please go all right i got3949.524.16
top right i got tough right got top left3951.1193.841
good job3954.966.24
top left3961.24.76
found a body but uh should i report it3973.525.599
i mean probably all right i was about to3976.3195.121
swipe a card3979.1194.321
alice and simon are dead i found it by3981.444.32
medical but i mean i didn't see anything3983.444.8
well there's two possibilities here3985.765.279
either thick killed a body and then said3988.245.04
let me report it or abstract kill it3991.0394.241
there's three really but no there's only3993.283.839
two it could be either one of you i have3995.283.36
no idea who it is i don't know either i3997.1194.72
think all we know is it's not me so3998.646.84
and yeah yeah4001.8393.641
well skip vote4006.243.68
i mean we should probably okay skip vote4007.684.32
skip oh we should i mean all he has all4009.923.52
somebody has to do is kill one more4012.03.119
right which of us are pretty sure we're4013.442.879
not it4015.1193.2
me me me two4016.3195.921
okay that's we stick together huh4018.3196.72
thick ran off yeah cause i got a one4022.243.76
all right you got any test thieves that4026.04.0
you can prove to me you're uh that that4027.684.96
you know don't incriminate you yeah um4030.06.4
follow me okay okay i'm gonna go in here4032.645.76
i'm on to this you better not kill me4036.43.6
during this this is what i was doing4038.43.04
with the body4040.03.76
there we go did it4041.444.24
and then yep and i saw the thing all4043.763.44
right yep yep you know what let's call4045.683.679
it neebs i bet it's thick4047.24.159
oh but there's a crisis oh crap the4049.3593.521
lights you got the lights can we not4051.3592.96
screwed can we not do this with the4052.883.04
lights out well i just4054.3193.52
ran past somebody4055.926.36
i ran i ran past them4057.8394.441
oh my god4064.7995.121
all right boys this time we're just a4068.04.48
little bit slower4069.925.36
oh my god like we're so much now now it4072.484.4
feels like we've got like bricks in our4075.283.92
is this normal speed4080.243.359
or is it slower than normal it's slower4081.8394.161
no but there's less tests right oh wow4083.5994.321
this isn't as slow as you could possibly4086.05.92
go this is like it's like .754087.926.639
and whoever's killer like you're good4091.924.96
luck getting away from the body okay i4094.5594.081
don't i don't know why we're not just4096.883.279
doing normal4098.642.639
just mixing it up it's just mixing it up4101.2793.04
you know sometimes you gotta mix it up4103.043.279
in the bedroom yeah i'm gonna put4104.3194.4
something down on my like my w key if i4106.3194.321
leave the room go to the bathroom get to4108.7194.721
the top of the hall4110.642.8
retro thanks like when your tasks are4114.644.719
far away from you4117.123.76
you should give us a heads up so we can4119.3593.121
complete our task like hey i'm going to4120.883.76
report a body give me a second i'm about4122.483.679
to kill someone all right yeah it's kind4124.643.28
of cheating but anyway i found him in4126.1593.2
the i found him in the room where you do4127.923.439
the card swipe thing okay i don't know i4129.3593.761
don't know what room that is anybody see4131.3594.721
anything no no i didn't see anything oh4133.124.88
all right skip and vote we all have very4136.085.199
yeah good job everyone on our lies4138.05.52
good job4141.2794.641
whoever's the big fat liar good job i'm4143.524.719
doing a good job dying yeah you die like4145.923.839
a champ great job you're doing great4148.2393.04
over there great time we'll wrap this4149.7595.04
one up in 45 minutes tops4151.2793.52
better get started4154.962.879
start walking4157.923.319
oh so this is now slide the card room4167.3596.681
copy roger dingdong4170.2393.801
mm-hmm neebs is behind me he's stalking4178.3195.761
me i'm gonna kill you you better run4180.1593.921
see he admitted it i hope ghost simon is4184.7995.121
done with the tasks that ghost simon4188.03.92
should have oh ghost simon's the [ __ ]4189.924.72
best ghost there is out there4191.924.4
thank you ghost simon4194.643.84
guys i just had a seance and ghost simon4196.323.44
that's right4199.764.24
and somebody should make me so sandwich4201.1995.441
yeah yeah yeah what are you doing names4204.03.92
i was doing electrical what are you4206.643.519
doing over here to security what are you4207.925.04
doing in security4210.1592.801
come hey yeah i was gonna kill you right4215.124.16
then and there4218.04.88
i love it when neebs gets caught4219.285.76
all right we brought in a friend hey nam4222.883.839
how are you doing all right hi what's4225.043.76
going on uh nothing much there's a4226.7193.921
killer about so you've played this4228.84.16
before right yeah what which level is4230.644.559
this though huh uh4232.963.92
i think it's called poem oh yeah i4235.1993.361
played this i played this one once or4236.883.44
twice i'm usually a first level guy you4238.563.599
know yeah we were something a killer4240.324.08
would say well everything is4242.1594.481
yep everything is exactly what a killer4244.45.839
would say yeah because they talked to4246.643.599
i feel neebs has been awful quiet is he4250.964.32
dead right i'm here i'm here what would4253.044.56
you like to talk about he's killing4255.285.2
oh wait someone's on a camera right4257.65.2
hey do you see me yeah do you see me hey4260.484.64
neebs hello i see you ah i saw that4262.84.32
blinking watch me go in this hole you4265.123.36
ready i'm gonna go in this hole yeah go4267.122.4
in the hole4268.482.56
uh i'm hold4271.044.88
kill me oh okay we got some death4271.764.16
okay it's in the uh card swiping room4277.924.56
who did i just me and neebs were over a4280.484.0
hole yeah i was watching i was watching4282.484.16
neves and nem on the camera we got rock4284.484.719
solid alibis well simon and nim were4286.644.88
together earlier oh okay nam earlier4289.1994.241
after you and simon split what happened4291.524.4
i i i don't even remember seeing simon4293.444.88
honestly i know i went to the vitals4295.924.48
place i checked that no one was dead and4298.324.16
then i went up to where neebs was over4300.43.12
the hole and4302.483.12
we was talking about a hole hmm4303.524.159
well it's an unfortunate night for simon4305.64.16
doraleous you're you're kind of leading4307.6794.721
this a little much i reported the body4309.765.2
i'm just saying oh i know your tactics4312.43.92
because i'm getting a hunch4314.963.199
i'm getting a hunch i'm i'm not going4316.323.359
off i'm not going to vote on you i'm not4318.1592.961
going to vote for you but i'm getting i4319.6792.721
know what you're doing you're planting4321.122.64
seeds it's okay i know your4322.43.36
psychological war game oh my god i'm4323.763.84
voting for you doraleous because do it4325.763.84
[ __ ] bring it bring that4327.65.2
you are a shitty actor in this game4329.65.36
you are a terrible actor in this game4332.84.16
you are awesome on television and in4334.964.08
movies i love your work4336.963.759
but in this game4339.045.84
no i i i can smell it i've i've had4340.7196.0
quite a few smell the fish yeah a few4344.884.96
victories in my day on this game4346.7194.96
yeah as a killer4349.843.92
andy's not always good in television4351.6792.881
no not always um but i've got one more4354.565.04
task that's it and i'm happy to say oh i4356.84.16
hate this one4359.63.76
it's the draggy block through the blocky4360.965.44
blocks the maze bam4363.364.72
who's got oh wait that's not talking4366.44.56
about maze are you4368.082.88
all right i'm all done with tasks guys4381.523.76
get to it somebody killer on the loose4383.1993.761
somebody fix electric4385.283.76
oh i'm working on it i'm working on it4386.963.84
i'm worried i'm making my way over to4389.045.199
electrical right now in front of you4390.88.68
there you go names names is fixing it4394.2395.241
hey the only person not here is thick4408.646.8
yeah yeah well i think i think4411.1994.241
oh wait is thick dead yeah check the4415.523.44
vitals let's go check the vitals right4417.522.24
where's the where's the vitals thing4419.763.6
wait isn't it over here4421.124.96
there it is over here let's see oh yeah4423.364.24
we got a dead thick4426.084.48
oh it's not thick okay so one i was just4427.64.8
standing by a killer oh yeah i'm4430.563.52
starting i think too4432.44.319
because of the horrible acting4434.085.76
yep the terrible acting the stinky fish4436.7194.881
no i'm done with my task guys please do4439.843.12
your tasks4441.65.44
including the trash um there task done4442.965.6
all right cool cool i just took the4447.044.8
trash out cool4448.563.28
cool just gotta feel these water bottles4452.644.8
come on come on so close so close4454.564.8
we are so close if wait if i do this are4457.444.08
we done is it me am i the last task do4459.365.28
it do it do it do it do it4461.523.12
but i had one more guy to kill you have4465.124.079
no idea how4467.6793.921
guilty i felt after when them killed me4469.1994.96
i was like oh my god doraleous i'm so4471.63.89
hey neebs what you doing in here hey4480.43.68
come here i'll show you4482.2393.601
oh hold on i gotta find the damn top4484.082.96
i'm looking for like a ghost thing hold4487.042.96
i got top left oh there it is got it4490.03.679
all right they got that what you gonna4492.2395.241
show me over here4493.6793.801
is anybody on top left i thought he said4498.43.759
he got top left i'm on top right okay4500.083.76
i'm on top left i got tough luck have4502.1594.481
you guys got this i got left i am on top4503.845.2
right i just got left well that took4506.643.76
forever didn't it4509.043.6
it did all right neebs i trust you i4510.46.72
trust you all right don't die i'll try4512.644.48
oh yeah spring me down baby4517.843.05
it feels good4519.842.319
we're talking about the game right4522.1593.681
i'm right by the top right4526.03.04
nowhere near it4529.043.04
top right i got top right someone get4530.43.759
left someone get left4532.084.0
somebody get lipped yeah4534.1593.761
get left4536.084.24
nice nice nice nice nice4537.925.12
thank you thank you left hey4540.324.879
i found a purple body4543.044.48
bottom left corner i'm not calling it4545.1993.921
though i'm4547.523.28
calling i just saw the purple body4549.122.88
you're talking about cause i'm going to4550.82.72
cut my fangs4552.03.679
well i mean uh oh4553.523.36
it's right here4555.6792.241
i found4556.883.04
a brown body4557.923.92
okay oh wow4559.926.48
somebody's been busy dora dora i've been4561.847.6
turning off the alarm thingies what do4566.45.2
you mean busy me and absolutely go way4569.444.799
back what do you mean you go way back we4571.64.96
we go back to the medical yeah scan on4574.2393.361
each other4576.563.119
having a big old time you having to look4577.64.24
like being a killer dora were you having4579.6793.921
a party guys4581.843.359
yeah wow4583.63.119
someone's got to do it yeah4586.7192.801
you got my vote you already killed a4589.523.84
chicken it's on your head4591.523.679
oh wait why did i vote for myself i4593.364.48
voted wrong4595.1992.641
well i could have gotten away with that4600.323.9
if i didn't vote4602.087.36
[ __ ]4609.446.789
i'm doing the blocky draggy thing as uh4618.45.0
downloading files is the worst it's4629.283.04
really you didn't see anything how did4632.324.56
you not see anything you were right4635.1993.841
i found neebs he's dead hey i just the4640.484.88
blocky thingy i just did by neebs and4643.1994.161
the only people i saw well i know i saw4645.364.4
nem okay wait wait wait i just did the4647.364.64
maze thing and then i went and hit the4649.764.32
button that says node oh you know what i4652.04.56
did too i i just walked around the block4654.085.36
who gives a [ __ ]4656.562.88
wait somebody followed me into that room4659.525.84
though and just i was right behind4661.523.84
the first thing i do is swipe the card4667.843.2
i'm gonna say it's the only person i saw4669.443.44
so i'm not gonna point the finger hard i4671.043.04
would personally because there's4672.883.839
something something said it to me all4674.084.079
right go ahead i'm skipping vote i have4676.7193.601
no idea well when i dead when i'm dead4678.1594.721
it's nem4680.322.56
oh pink likes to point fingers we've4689.443.68
learned that4691.1993.761
pointy finger pinky4693.124.4
wha what are you doing over here i'm i'm4694.965.199
i'm doing the card appsro yeah i did the4697.524.8
card too old stinky pinky4700.1594.321
wow you think i'm smart enough to uh to4702.324.8
know that that was the card yeah oh oh4704.484.96
[ __ ] [ __ ] oh i got the top right i got a4707.123.039
top right baby okay i can go top left4710.1594.881
i'm juking you out yellow you can't kill4712.87.08
me i'm not even going to the thing4715.044.84
simon you were there you were there when4722.644.32
i died you should have seen it why4724.884.08
didn't you see when i died what's up4726.964.4
stinky pinky what you doing in here4728.964.64
where's the stinks pinks what you doing4731.364.4
who me what you doing stinks yeah stinks4733.63.84
oh the damn i don't even know how to do4735.764.56
this eta it's the test tube [ __ ] go grab4737.444.96
a coffee i don't even understand this4740.323.839
one all right well hey follow me then4742.43.52
after you're done being dumb oh it's not4744.1596.08
working i need to do all the tasks oh4745.926.08
i didn't see anything i just found a4750.2394.641
dead body i nobody was near me thicker4752.04.32
thick's been pretty lucky about finding4754.883.279
all these dead bodies indeed absurd you4756.323.76
so could have killed me very easily you4758.1593.52
were just watching me for a while there4760.083.2
he might have been recharging his kill4761.6793.601
thing too inside him is pointing fingers4763.284.16
at nim that's true i was pointing4765.283.6
fingers at nem absurd who do you think4767.443.04
it is kind of leaning towards thick4768.883.52
right now because he's uh he's found all4770.483.84
the bodies magically4772.44.0
kills too remember that4774.324.32
dora though the way you're reacting4776.44.0
makes me think it's you i don't know who4778.643.039
it is4780.42.72
i don't know i'll just shut up i don't4781.6792.56
know yeah4783.123.039
dora's awful fishy too4784.2394.48
yeah we're all fishy turns out because i4786.1594.321
didn't see anything i'm skipping vote4788.7193.201
i'm doing that too i want to see what4790.483.36
happens this will be a fun next meeting4791.923.6
it's going to be great next meeting4793.844.0
i'm almost done with all my tasks as am4795.525.58
i thank you4797.846.16
oh that's right here4804.03.679
it's right here swipe the card swipe the4806.082.559
oh you're going to swipe the card and4808.6393.121
it's going to be done all my tasks are4809.844.08
complete dude you are a you are a task4811.763.84
man you know what guys i'm thinking it's4813.923.6
yellow i'm really thinking it's yellow4815.64.4
now what ask masker4817.523.44
oh all right i got the upper i got upper4820.964.239
left i got top left i have top right i4823.284.879
got the top right no i got top right4825.1994.881
i might oh you already got two hey dora4828.1593.52
top left so you got double check there4830.083.76
we go okay there we go copy that okay4831.6794.48
i'm not doing good with my tasks so i'm4833.844.879
just happy to be here4836.1593.921
this bottle one i don't even know how to4838.7192.48
do either4840.083.04
i'm happy you are here but the bottom4841.1993.281
one i don't even know how to do it i4843.123.599
always got to do it twice4844.484.48
the stupid air pressure bottle thing4846.7194.96
i've got the i've got the uh4848.965.44
i've got that coming up myself okay4851.6795.04
hey buddy there we go god just don't4854.44.08
kill me i want to do all my tests and be4856.7194.881
a good boy air pressure water thing yeah4858.485.04
once you know it once you don't need to4861.63.92
know it again dude4863.524.96
emergency meeting who's dead now absorbs4865.525.199
dead i called an emergency meeting i i4868.484.64
saw his dead body on the cams i'm4870.7195.121
thinking it's doraleous why i just saw4873.124.24
it because i went up to do this thing4875.843.12
and i ran into the other thing he's very4877.363.52
convincing with how he doesn't know how4878.964.4
to do a certain thing yes he was like4880.884.799
reading it off the screen it's doraleous4883.365.76
sora tell me why it's not you because i4885.6796.0
was right there done had one left you4889.125.44
have one left one task left and we've4891.6795.52
got thick down no the fact that you're4894.565.119
not done yet i have no idea vic where4897.1996.44
has thick been my last4899.6793.96
easy thing easy easy like i know4906.7195.44
listen i may be i may be wrong no i mean4912.1594.321
you had good instinct there that was4915.124.96
good it just kind of happened4916.483.6
m as in molly4926.483.04
you said p q4932.564.32
that was different than last time all4934.6393.841
right tell me one more time because it4936.884.799
sounded like you said a pq at the end so4938.484.36
m x4942.847.08
thieves is following me right off the4949.924.239
bat he's creeping me out yup my first4951.764.0
victim is gonna absorb my first victim4954.1594.241
is gonna be simon you watch once i get4955.764.32
it we get a loan just hang on what do4958.43.44
you mean once you get along oh yeah what4960.083.36
does that mean4961.843.359
why aren't you doing anything though4963.444.239
neebs like you're already very sus to me4965.1993.921
waiting for myself he's gonna press the4967.6793.161
but you are you're wasting time4972.484.64
no i want to wait until you're mid not4975.363.68
mid-sentence so you don't go4977.124.0
well i'm not going to do that now i just4979.045.199
know listen if i turn up dead it's neebs4981.125.84
i'm up left up4984.2392.721
okay we're good we're good4994.885.599
hey up sir oh simon's still alive so i5000.6394.241
guess neebs hadn't been killing not yet5002.83.76
summon where'd you go5004.883.44
oh he is so5006.564.079
i'm definitely going for him he's being5008.324.0
really silly5010.6394.401
once i found5012.322.72
and now he's on me oh boy yep5024.2396.801
oh poor apps wrong and i just saw apps5028.085.28
row and you were in there5031.044.4
hmm i was gonna kill you first simon but5033.364.56
i was like well absolutely here so i5035.444.56
got him is anyone else this is the first5037.924.239
time that neebs is ever completely5040.04.56
committed to acting like he is the5042.1594.321
killer the entire time i think he's5044.563.599
doing a good little flip ski on that on5046.483.199
that okay so you don't think cause i5048.1593.761
think he's gonna say i told you5049.6794.161
i told you yeah i don't know i don't5051.923.12
have a problem with abstract i was going5053.842.56
to kill simon so i didn't do i didn't5055.043.28
kill after this is confusing me so much5056.44.16
because i think it's neebs i do too i5058.323.28
think it's neebs too i don't have5060.562.8
anything against abstract i'm voting for5061.63.68
neebs oh you are you're going in on it5063.363.359
yeah because you know what he's saying5065.284.08
he's doing it how do i not vote for him5066.7194.081
i said i don't have a problem with5069.363.52
absurd i'm gonna kill you5070.85.04
once i get a chance simon i think that5072.885.92
it's either you or a thick maybe but it5075.844.72
also might be dora could be door it5078.84.72
could be anyone but me right simon neebs5080.566.159
was not the imposter okay5083.525.76
[ __ ] certainly wasn't me i don't feel5086.7194.721
good about that well i don't mind it5089.284.08
because he deserves it if he's gonna5091.443.52
keep on saying that he was the one who5093.363.279
did it why wouldn't we vote him out well5094.963.279
yeah you know what it was an interesting5096.6395.361
angle i think it's yeah it was hilarious5098.2396.161
i don't like this map i can't hardly get5102.03.44
oh you lost dum-dum not law kind of5105.445.88
there we go yo you gotta get spread5112.083.599
yeah i gotta yeah spray me spray yes5115.6795.281
what a douche bag you getting haunted5122.44.239
are you5124.323.52
douche ghost5126.6393.921
douche ghost5127.842.72
ah i don't want to go okay i got top5131.845.04
right i got two top left i don't i don't5134.6393.681
want to announce that i'm going to this5136.883.92
because then the killer knows like5138.325.12
yeah i've seen you do that no no i5140.85.919
remember when neebs did that once5143.443.279
oh no5153.524.4
who called the meeting i did and i5155.523.199
thick tell me what you think because5158.7195.201
dora's so freaking fish i'm so5160.328.68
i'm so split on like okay5163.925.08
i'm going for it dora it's dora it's5172.7194.241
dora you guys want to talk a little bit5175.044.639
it's dora i'm gonna call amino vic use5176.965.92
your little brain no no simon i'm sorry5179.6795.601
yes oh really i'm so sorry oh you're5182.884.88
that dumb okay okay be proud of this one5185.284.8
do it thick go for it5187.765.12
i'm so sorry no no take this one kind of5190.085.04
take it to bed with you yep5192.883.839
with his thumbnails5195.123.519
am i so dumb5196.7194.561
am i so dumb oh yeah5198.6395.921
you're not you're sort of [ __ ]5201.283.28
damn it yeah5205.6793.921
why isn't yellow m as in5209.65.84
mars sorry sorry why why5212.84.879
oh my god no5215.446.08
yellow macaroni xylophone alligator5217.6796.401
pancake first give me the first letter5221.525.82
is y the second letter is e correct no m5224.085.119
start over5230.883.68
yellow all right macaroni5232.43.2
what you're telling me it's yellow and5237.63.42
all right no [ __ ] around yeah and if5242.564.48
you're the imposter impostor kill me5244.964.16
last impostor burr kill me last if5247.044.48
you're the imposter tell us i uh get5249.124.64
killed early a lot today it happens you5251.524.639
know it it just happens sometimes it's5253.764.24
not not oh hey5256.1592.961
stay away from me5259.124.079
talk to each other whisper into each5261.845.24
other the entire time5263.1993.881
the layout of this place is horrible it5269.524.32
it i can't see it's no flow yeah i like5271.364.24
it but i think that's my design and that5273.844.319
that's by design they want it to be hard5275.64.32
for you to get around i feel like it5278.1594.161
doesn't it seem like it's made that way5279.925.2
just to like confuse you5282.325.12
i mean once to me once you learn it it's5285.123.76
like any other map you kind of just you5287.443.199
know where things are i'm getting better5288.884.4
at it hey neebs hey5290.6394.56
want to get killed last remember okay if5293.283.04
i write that i don't i don't trust5295.1993.841
someone respect the man respect him last5296.325.2
on that5299.042.48
i swear i swear i swear to colonel5302.565.8
i hope that dora how you doing on tasks5308.6394.881
dora pretty good i think i got two three5310.964.8
all right oh son of a [ __ ] i just saw5317.444.88
neebs oh really yeah when you killed him5319.524.56
no i didn't kill him but you're being5322.323.919
really accusatory which makes you kind5324.084.4
of fish yeah no i think you did it5326.2393.601
because he was talking to you and all of5328.483.36
a sudden there's no neebs well i'm going5329.843.839
for simon it's simon oh that way he's5331.843.68
quick to do that dora oh wow you pay5333.6793.761
attention to that pay attention how5335.523.76
quick he was to that well yeah because5337.444.08
you're [ __ ] obvious wow5339.283.84
oh i don't think i'm obvious and i think5341.524.24
dora he knows how to tell my towels oh5343.126.44
smell that pink fish5345.763.8
dora who did you vote for well it's uh5350.2396.0
it's kind of classified simon okay well5353.444.88
i hope my vote is my vote i hope you5356.2393.281
thicker on5358.323.44
i hope you voted for the right you dumb5359.523.199
well did he pick up did he pick up on5367.765.6
nothing oh it was dora well you [ __ ]5370.084.32
i know yeah good job dora what did i say5375.765.52
i needed that i was still the glass you5378.84.56
did you've been really bad at this yeah5381.285.28
i needed that heart he5383.363.2
did right then right then so i don't5390.845.56
need to delineate here it's appspro 1005394.084.72
i just watched him kill simon the end i5396.44.4
it was a stupid move it was a real oh5398.84.0
wait you're admitting i'm full on5400.84.48
admitting it yeah i did okay i did it oh5402.84.0
yeah i did it and then i was like wait5405.283.04
why didn't i kill simon simon was the5406.83.839
other guilty one bad move bad move on my5408.324.56
all right we got some friends with us we5418.1594.08
got a bongi and tommy rage hey are we5419.524.8
allowed to talk yeah it's just new we've5422.2393.521
never we're not usually allowed to talk5424.322.8
to you we don't talk when we're doing5425.763.6
the tasks good lord though oh yeah we5427.123.36
play it completely different than5429.363.12
everybody we like that yeah5430.484.08
that's very confusing i'm a bit scared5432.484.48
because that absorbed and needs to be oh5434.564.0
oh boy all right i'm getting the top i5436.965.12
can go for top reactor top reactor5438.565.679
oh boy look at these murderers following5442.084.24
me i'll be a witness all right anyone5444.2394.721
get bottom reactor yep um doraleous is5446.323.6
all right yeah5449.922.56
i feel like we got a shitty killer this5461.044.32
time no yeah i don't know i hadn't found5462.884.4
you are acting weird yeah shitty killer5467.284.56
i'm just doing this because i want a5470.482.4
oh no5472.885.279
dora you're calling out a shitty killer5474.965.6
yeah what makes them shitty wow and5478.1594.08
that's what made me and listen i don't5480.563.36
even know if you might be suss you might5482.2394.0
not okay i voted you guys are just5483.924.0
voting like yeah like i haven't even5486.2392.48
i'm not going to be a crazy person this5496.83.68
time that's it get out of here5498.1594.321
take a walk simon so is that like with5500.483.84
the four people do that is that how it5502.482.719
does it5504.322.319
yeah get the [ __ ] out of here5505.1993.841
yes you did this5506.6394.321
then i tried to do something different5509.044.0
you don't call emergency meetings you5510.966.239
[ __ ] yourself i did i [ __ ] myself5513.046.08
damn it5517.1993.681
it's the twist the neebs twist on the5519.123.119
game where we just5520.883.2
play it totally differently super twisty5522.2393.361
yeah [ __ ] the normal this is one of5524.083.599
those things where you ask the the5525.63.599
british people over there like we don't5527.6794.161
do like this back home no no not just5529.1994.241
race people but no one does it like this5531.843.839
that pioneers is what we are you are5537.6795.841
pioneers you are pioneers at least5539.763.76
all right i'm gonna try to help here i5544.084.88
am close i will go top i am kind of5545.924.319
oh oh oh no dead body reported too5551.285.68
door is oh5555.363.44
so dora was talking when did he stop5556.963.44
talking i don't think he ever talked who5558.83.76
spoke to us did anyone see dora i don't5560.44.0
really pay attention when when i'm just5562.563.119
doing my tasks you know i like to keep5564.42.96
my head down i'm not paying attention5565.6793.281
guys so i've got no i've got nothing to5567.364.08
say all i know is nate's dead and um i5568.963.92
don't mind to be honest i don't know you5571.443.36
sound a little too i'm skipping vote i'm5572.883.68
skipping i'm skipping but i'm taking a5574.84.0
note you're talking an awful lot tommy5576.564.079
sounds nervous doesn't it i've got i've5578.83.839
got the megaphone5580.6393.361
and i'm going to tell you guys that's5582.6393.04
not a rule it is a rule let's see how5584.03.679
much you talk later well let's see we'll5585.6793.441
we'll we'll see something yeah we will5587.6792.96
see we will when simon goes killing5589.123.68
again hate me bubba it's simon everyone5590.6394.401
skipped yeah man look at us we're like a5592.84.879
real democracy here5595.044.32
we didn't throw anybody out on a whim5597.6793.921
good for us hey tommy how many more uh5599.363.839
how many more do you got how many more5601.64.8
tests i've got four four well two of5603.1995.04
them are zero of two but that's four5606.43.44
right oh yeah no you just lied i just5608.2393.201
heard you lie again5609.843.52
such a liar i mean i wish i was the5611.445.6
killer because i just love i'd love that5613.365.2
okay neebs how are you doing i'm just5617.043.199
keeping an eye on you you know yeah oh5618.563.76
yeah are you oh hey boys hey hey hey5620.2394.561
yeah what were you working on over there5622.324.16
it's just sort of actually i didn't you5624.83.04
know you distracted me so i'm gonna do5626.483.12
it again okay i know it's done sorry no5627.843.52
it's done don't worry all right yeah i5629.63.36
aligned the engine5631.362.879
i'm gonna go do the other one okay i'm5632.963.04
leaving you guys i think he checks out5634.2394.721
absolutely maybe yep i mean5636.05.28
okay oh someone's called oh god5638.964.48
what what what what do you want to know5641.284.16
who the [ __ ] killer is who's the5643.444.719
killer it's bungie what what what was5645.443.84
this what's this5648.1592.56
listen to these [ __ ] lies go ahead5649.283.04
bonnie talk your [ __ ] liar go ahead5650.7193.201
you've got to pull up some evidence5652.323.2
first before you make these wild claims5653.922.96
yeah why i've come and said this this is5655.523.199
just like an election or something oh no5656.884.4
you could you don't know listen i have a5658.7194.48
legit reason you could believe me or not5661.283.919
i was in security just like you were5663.1993.44
weren't you abstract i was there i was5665.1993.201
looking at the cameras for a minute yes5666.6393.121
i saw you leaving the camera and then i5668.43.2
saw a bunny come in and then when i got5669.763.28
off i'm like i'm not gonna let bongi5671.63.119
kill me as soon as i got off he was gone5673.043.599
where did he go the vents right below5674.7194.721
the cameras5676.6395.361
i am voting bonnie all day and you can5679.444.239
do what you want boys i think here's5682.02.84
what's happening5683.6793.201
simon is5684.843.56
and he's he's he's desperately trying to5688.44.08
just inject somebody because he's so bad5690.2394.0
at killing as he was last round right5692.483.04
all right look there's a bunch of5694.2392.641
there's a bunch of us left here here's5695.522.48
what i say5696.883.68
i'm sorry i say we throw bong out and if5698.04.159
it's not him we know it's simon are we5700.563.599
doing that yeah5702.1593.761
because yeah that's that's worked in the5704.1594.801
past we're just expensive5705.924.96
guys that doesn't seem fair but it looks5708.964.0
like i'm voting for both i feel dirty5710.884.48
about this it's bonking it's gotta be5712.965.04
less profit5715.362.64
it wasn't me i swear what have you done5720.7193.92
it wasn't me5723.283.12
it's tommy then or something i don't5724.6393.52
know who the [ __ ] is me mate i'm just5726.43.92
doing my tasks i'm watching his ass5728.1594.161
watch my ass i'm watching i'm watching5730.323.44
you stay with me and i'm gonna do my5732.323.44
[ __ ] washing yeah what are you gonna do5733.763.919
what are you doing simon you just got5735.764.08
evil oh shut up tommy now i know it's5737.6795.48
you probably5739.843.319
who do you think it is oh you know who5750.43.36
do i think i think it's your asses who5752.2392.88
what did you oh okay you were up there5753.762.879
and then you just sabotaged something5755.1193.841
what is that oxygen no5756.6394.161
all right who's going for oxygen i'm5758.963.679
shooting asteroids i'm busy uh i don't5760.83.2
know if he's actually i'm doing the5762.6393.52
lower oxygen just because5764.03.6
oh wait i gotta approximately watch i'm5766.1593.52
right here5767.63.44
can you do that one up there names or5769.6792.721
not yeah i got it is it always about to5771.043.04
say is anyone up top5772.43.839
no i got it he might if names is the5774.084.639
killer oh okay no he's done it5776.2394.801
oh that needs he's a good guy we trust5778.7194.0
him he is a good guy i've done my i'm5781.044.8
happy to buddy up oh my god5782.7196.721
oh simon okay oh right we got a real5785.846.24
issue here right then right then so i5789.444.08
don't need to delineate here it's5792.083.44
appspro 100 i just watched him kill5793.524.88
simon the end i it was a stupid move it5795.524.8
was a real story you're admitting guilty5798.44.319
i'm full-on admitting it yeah i did yeah5800.324.399
i did it oh yeah i did it and then i was5802.7193.681
like wait why did i kill simon simon was5804.7193.841
the other guilty one bad move bad move5806.44.4
on my part i can't tell if you're okay5808.563.679
vote for yourself do the honorable thing5810.83.28
well you can do it i vote for myself5812.2394.561
that was stupid that was really dumb5814.084.24
but it felt good it felt good to do it i5816.82.879
wanted to kill him i wanted to kill him5818.323.359
so bad i'm glad i did it i'm glad i did5819.6793.841
it [ __ ] you simon you know the point of5821.6793.921
the game right is to try and play you5823.525.36
could have blamed tommy apps bro5825.63.28
we don't do that way in america5828.965.36
i can't believe you guys airlocked me5832.884.319
again well you do i mean it was very5834.325.2
suspicious that's all i'll say it's so5837.1994.241
tempting it's so fun you've been just5839.524.4
having some bad luck my friend hmm at5841.444.16
wrong place wrong right all the time it5843.924.239
has nothing to do with my bad decisions5845.64.72
but picky bad friends i guess you know5848.1594.96
okay listen i am watching bongi scan i5850.325.44
watch spongy scan guaranteed bonnie5853.1196.961
scans like a champ oh yeah like a champ5855.764.32
how come neebs like gets to wear a crown5861.1194.321
is that did you guys vote on that or5863.523.92
neither just at the store just get it so5865.443.04
it's not like you're the king or5867.443.199
something nope just looks good5868.485.92
everyone's allowed a crown oh my5870.6393.761
oh that spruce dead in the shield5875.284.879
generator room i feel like somebody5878.1593.681
should say something i didn't see anyone5880.1593.281
don't know who's over that side of the5881.842.799
map i've only gone to this side of the5883.442.08
for simon even though he's throwing me5885.523.92
under the bus previously because he i5887.1194.161
definitely he was on the polar opposite5889.443.6
side of the ship could not have been him5891.283.6
well then where's neebs i was on5893.044.0
security cams and i did not see a killer5894.884.319
i'm still confused about which what i'm5897.043.52
looking at in the camera why are you5899.1992.801
operating them if you're not if you5900.562.32
don't know what they just thought5902.01.76
someone would kill somebody in the5902.883.12
hallway but they didn't wait what did5903.763.439
you see someone kill somebody in the5906.03.199
hallway no i was hoping somebody would5907.1993.601
kill somebody in a hole5909.1993.601
he's got this accent guys that nobody5910.83.28
really understands we just shake our5912.83.439
head and smile they have accents both of5914.084.559
them have accents no we don't we just5916.2394.641
sorry the queen remind me who so remind5918.6393.6
me whose country was founded by him and5920.883.04
then we'll talk about yeah that's a good5922.2393.121
point that's a good point you guys have5923.923.6
to sign the accents right listen i don't5925.364.4
know who it is i'm skipping okay me too5927.524.24
oh look everyone escaped that's unusual5929.764.0
look at us we're civilized should have5931.765.72
been bongi probably5933.763.72
keeping an eye on you neebs i'm not5942.7194.0
doing my task cause i always get killed5944.43.52
when i do tasks i'll tell you why you're5946.7192.161
not doing them because you don't have5947.923.199
any to do because you're the most well5948.883.92
i'm not i'm actually a really good5951.1193.681
worker when people don't kill me you5952.84.24
just said you weren't doing your tusks5954.84.75
yeah you've conditioned me this way5957.045.44
i used to do my task until people kept5962.483.92
breaking my neck every time i go to do5964.7193.681
something it happens it does happen that5966.43.52
way doesn't it5968.43.44
it's a real shame go leaves i don't know5969.923.199
what what are you going which tasks are5971.842.96
going to do needs to tell me uh well5973.1193.201
actually i'm glad you asked i'm going to5974.83.04
go to the cafeteria would you like to5976.323.04
okay let's go i need to go that way5977.843.2
anyways come on let's go let's go5979.363.6
together here we go this is fun this is5981.044.24
like a foreign exchange ooh and you guys5982.964.0
are hanging out with absorb the jack off5985.283.68
that's my favorite ghost oh okay i'm5988.963.44
going to go back and do that oh to the5990.962.64
top position5992.42.319
all right no one wants to see my5993.62.559
cafeteria thing5994.7193.361
what is your cake5996.1593.681
we got to do the we got to do the things5998.084.639
i got to download cafeteria files5999.844.56
probably the lunch menu being able to6002.7194.081
breathe quite importantly6004.43.68
being able to breathe it's quite6006.84.64
important oh yeah6008.083.36
the what's the slot cafeteria the doors6012.7194.321
are covered in the slams shut6014.884.319
yep i'm locked in here simon knows how6017.044.8
to do that now so simon simon's he's6019.1994.561
dead i think he's learning is he we're6021.843.44
back okay6023.763.28
oh there's a meeting i was going to show6025.283.52
you guys my next task i've called me6027.043.28
because i know because simon's not me6028.83.76
talking so i knew because he does talk6030.323.919
this is teaching this in detective6032.564.0
school right but if he's not talking6034.2395.121
he's dead okay so me me and the british6036.564.559
guys were on a field trip going to the6039.363.52
cafeteria i was a ghost i was behind him6041.1194.801
i was jacking off okay doraleous was off6042.884.48
who knows where probably killing6045.922.239
exactly why don't we throw d'raelius out6048.1593.921
no don't i don't want to hear it let's6050.2394.241
get him out oh wow i think that that's a6052.084.4
bit hasty that's a bit you know yeah but6054.483.759
listen sometimes you gotta vote with6056.483.44
your um6058.2393.761
nuts well we were together we were all6059.924.0
together all right bongi we voting for6062.03.679
doraleous are we skipping it's it's easy6063.922.799
you guys it's6065.6793.601
tommy if we vote it's not me we vote6066.7194.721
doraleous off and tommy kills one of his6069.283.439
incidents to start the next round we6071.443.52
lose all right bongi uh for some reason6072.7194.121
i trust you maybe it's cause you talk6074.965.36
weird let's stick together and6076.846.04
we'll we'll skip vote6080.325.76
oh wow okay okay well i can tell you6082.884.4
that hey me6086.083.84
it's dora again he's playing the long6087.285.439
sort of small-ish game what are you even6089.924.64
talking about i don't know you6092.7193.201
you've got killer you've got killer6094.563.599
vibes so i've done my tasks6095.924.08
i'm gonna go i'm gonna go okay it's all6098.1593.681
i'm gonna stick with you if you listen6100.04.159
i'm sticking with you man6101.843.6
do it i was sticking with you for6104.1592.48
storage dude6105.443.199
i'm right here bong neebs i'm sticking6106.6396.241
with dora all right remember that okay6108.6394.241
here he is come on let me keep up you6117.6793.681
can't keep i'm trying to do my test so6119.763.6
we get this son of a [ __ ]6121.364.319
right okay6123.364.0
let's go leaves6125.6793.361
i'm right behind you buddy6127.363.839
this is great this is my last task this6129.043.52
is like one of those disney movies where6131.1995.761
the twins oh i know he's going to stop6132.566.079
he's going to stuff me in the back guys6136.963.199
he's going to stop me in the back i'm6138.6393.121
getting the hell away from your ass and6140.1593.52
i'm taking the difference6141.763.52
i'm going to go to south i too and then6143.6794.0
i'm going to die i'm sorry please i've6145.284.399
got it guys okay i did this i did the6147.6793.44
south one i did the sales i'm coming6149.6793.761
i'm looking at doraleous6153.443.12
definitely dorae he's i just watched him6162.04.639
rip off lee's head like like a puppy6163.765.2
out of him yeah all right guys6166.6395.121
in my face bongi in my face suck it suck6168.965.6
at bongi suckers so sorry sorry i'm6171.764.64
confused who do you think it is bong6174.563.2
it's 1006176.43.279
doraleous do you remember when you voted6177.764.08
for me last round6179.6794.0
so you're gonna give doraleous the game6181.843.6
no i'm just telling you i'm just telling6183.6792.48
maybe you should have listened to me and6186.1593.761
we wouldn't be and maybe tommy you know6188.1593.841
everything you need to know6189.923.92
doraleous if you can guarantee me a6192.03.84
space on your murder craft to the next6193.843.68
planet or whatever we're doing6195.845.279
oh i've got you covered my friend6197.523.599
oh get rid of him6202.7193.52
get him dorado6210.2393.841
get him6211.843.04
run do the6216.2392.801
we're going to try to avoid him just6221.362.799
avoid him it's okay6222.6392.881
now we know it's him6224.1594.321
yes i've done ghosts6225.524.96
i forgot about this i got top i got top6228.484.48
i'm right6230.482.48
do the other one do it you do the other6242.1594.56
okay we can do it together do it6244.1594.161
watch out got it i'm on it i'm out i6246.7193.361
just got here i just got it6248.323.6
okay do it all right okay you're gonna6250.083.44
press it down you're gonna do it did it6251.922.319
nice nice i can finish this [ __ ] guys6254.2395.721
there's like one task6256.43.56
michael myers what are you doing ghosts6264.6394.241
please finish with us6266.964.4
we want to win i'm watching this6268.884.319
i'm going to it6271.364.0
is it me am i the last test oh god this6273.1994.561
is the ghost6275.362.4
i think i've lost him i think i lost him6278.084.8
we're gonna go south6280.2392.641
i've definitely finished one6283.6794.291
i finished6286.44.64
me too i finished my task guys6291.045.679
why me i i i let you what the hell was6294.083.59
that last vote6296.7191.091
well i wish one round i'd have been the6301.1192.801
murderer for this i'm very sorry i6302.6392.721
didn't get it right thomas murderer very6303.923.6
much that's something that you have to6305.364.24
think about before you say it6307.523.599
i thought about saying i don't care i'm6309.63.36
just being honest honest i went for the6311.1194.08
honesty's best policy and uh i stick by6312.964.56
it i'm just going to do my tasks6315.1993.681
keep my head down6317.522.4
ask one done6319.923.759
my tablet to the headquarters6323.6794.241
56. oh6325.845.08
first it sounded like he saw something6332.7194.241
then it was like maybe he was dead afro6334.1593.841
abstract he was like6338.04.4
he did i heard a shriek6339.924.319
in the corridors of the spaceship and it6342.42.96
young absorbed6345.362.16
you just saw me in electrical correct i6347.525.28
did yeah yeah so i was walking out and6350.04.719
so i would say that it's not bongi and6352.84.319
it's not me because we were we saw each6354.7194.0
other within like two because you'd say6357.1194.641
it's not you but i'm saying both of us i6358.7195.281
can see does anybody have good evidence6361.764.64
no it's not us6364.04.8
it's not us because we heard the i'm6366.44.16
with simon it's not it's not simon it's6368.83.919
not me i saw bong go away from the admin6370.563.76
room and that's it i didn't see where6372.7193.92
you went skipping skip and vote i think6374.323.68
it's neebs by the way just because his6376.6393.921
attitude no it's not i just want to get6378.04.0
through this without dying this time6380.564.159
guess what you're [ __ ] really sus6382.05.52
because of your quick sassy attitude uh6384.7194.321
well let me tell you something simon6387.524.08
yeah you can shadow me i don't want to6389.044.079
shadow you last time somebody shattered6391.63.2
me they [ __ ] killed me because they6393.1193.04
were trying to prove that it was me and6394.83.359
then they killed me i'm not playing that6396.1593.681
take you to the reactor right now and i6398.1593.201
can do all my business i don't want it6399.843.12
does not involve killing you i don't6401.363.52
want you near me how about libya alone6402.963.84
all right i'm in the reactor now though6404.883.759
so if you find me dead in the reactor6406.83.68
guess who well now i gotta watch your6408.6393.361
back cause uh somebody else might come6410.483.679
in and do it and blame it on me tommy6412.04.48
bonnie sorry for just how loud like they6414.1594.881
just it's like non-stop but6416.484.719
yeah have you met i mean you have you do6419.044.079
know us i mean we don't worry the6421.1993.681
loudness is something that we are6423.1193.12
accustomed to6424.883.6
it's a way of communicating you know it6426.2393.841
really gets your point across fine i6428.483.92
like it it's good i'm sure it's taking a6430.085.44
long time simon because i'm bad at it6432.45.44
what is it it's the one that has uh six6435.523.84
dots on it test complete you got to like6437.842.799
do the pattern6439.363.6
that one uh-huh you believe me now6440.6394.721
i did see the test bar go up so maybe oh6442.963.84
what are you following me for again6445.362.56
because i want to see what you're doing6446.82.64
no how about you leave me alone i'm in6447.922.48
go ahead okay fine there i left you6450.45.44
i'm gonna go find some bodies because i6453.444.08
think someone's dead someone's got to be6455.843.359
dead otherwise we'll get a slack ass6457.524.639
bong's not talking6459.1992.96
kissy ghost6467.443.32
trellis where'd he go6483.282.72
are you around dora yeah i'm right here6486.06.4
okay dora you are so cool and calm6488.325.6
it kind of makes me think it's you but i6492.43.04
also think it's neebs what do you think6493.923.199
let's get hold on i think it might be6495.443.199
doraleous let's get the oxygen though6497.1193.52
okay i can get the oxygen let me get the6498.6394.56
lower i'll get the low i'll get oh i get6500.6394.48
okay crap i was head to lower okay i'm6503.1994.641
going to top i'm going to show you guys6505.1194.401
you get away you get away you're talking6507.843.68
about let's get away you stay i got top6509.523.28
why would you come if i'm going because6511.523.04
i wanted another body hey listen to me6512.85.439
simon listen i'm doing it what6514.563.679
see it was it was6519.6793.681
why do you get to be the killer every6523.363.92
time whoa names if you report the bodies6524.7193.681
on the floor it's6527.282.959
yeah why don't you report my body names6528.47.0
you ran past me because i suck6530.2395.161
hey oh what is this6542.2394.0
we're all doraleous6544.44.56
oh god oh my god which is the imposter6546.2393.96
oh my god6550.1996.361
that is something else6552.6393.921
which doraleous is this who am i talking6560.84.24
to uh where are you i'm i'm standing6562.564.32
behind it doraleous okay well are you6565.043.76
watching me go left and right6566.884.0
yeah okay so that's simon doraleous yeah6568.84.799
oh which doraleous is this oh that's6570.886.16
doraleous doraleous yes it is oh um the6573.5999.881
original the og the the od the ogre6577.046.44
this is6583.844.56
really throwing me off here like um6584.83.6
hyder alias6589.845.29
it's like we're just not gonna6592.45.829
i'm scared i'm scared is what i am6601.445.199
i'm a little scared too kind of me too6603.924.08
kind of me too6606.6392.641
uh oh6608.04.08
i bet doraleous did it found me6609.285.52
you fell what i found me on the ground6612.085.2
yeah cause everyone's doraleous here how6614.84.16
the hell do we do this we gotta use our6617.283.12
voices let's all check in neebs you're6618.965.639
here uh here simon you're here6620.44.199
simon doraleous is dead6625.925.04
okay well at least we know simon's dead6628.884.08
i don't know which one of y'all did it6630.964.4
yeah you know i mean look at this oh my6632.964.56
god you know what's really frustrating6635.364.799
for me by the way i know i'm a ghost but6637.525.28
i have no [ __ ] clue is this do we6640.1594.321
have to do we have to just eventually6642.82.64
i i i think because yeah even if you6645.444.159
know which doraleous it was how do you6647.5992.801
because we got a vote out of doraleous6650.43.52
it's so it's a matter it's kind of a6652.483.759
guess game then i mean maybe or did it6653.924.719
make us all doraleouses and doraleous is6656.2394.321
the imposter6658.6394.0
what well how would we vote him out i6660.563.599
don't know well that's where this is6662.6393.121
that's where the guessing would be oh my6664.1593.201
god so is that what's happening oh god6665.763.76
do your task get away from me doraleous6667.364.319
get away from me doraleous listen i6669.523.84
gotta upgrade which doraleous yeah i6671.6794.0
don't know i don't know6673.364.08
freaking me out everything's freaking me6675.6793.161
out you're all in6677.443.92
trouble oh god there's one right behind6678.843.72
oh i just what die6684.084.079
what was the hope my guess is we just6685.924.64
lost abstra6688.1595.841
oh that's a good guess6690.565.76
oh yeah i found i found it i'm just6694.04.48
going to finish my task watch i got to6696.323.52
i should just call a meeting6699.845.04
we just vote i mean that's kind of what6702.44.4
it's feeling like we kind of6704.882.88
you know what it feels like it's the6706.83.52
only way no you finish all your tasks6707.763.919
whoever's left6710.323.12
it was doraleous to rally6713.444.48
the whole time6716.04.32
that's i don't want to do that again no6717.925.4
nobody talked during this one yeah right6723.5992.961
everyone's shut up that's how you6725.362.64
normally play the game6726.566.76
oh all right test the dude hold up6728.05.32
wait whoa whoa6736.083.44
oh wrong room6737.763.919
what's wrong you sound confused i went6739.524.8
to the wrong room6741.6792.641
i was like is this mod just like make6744.6395.121
you have to guess what the thing whoa6746.6396.641
what was that whoa okay i got teleported6749.765.52
yeah that's what this mod does this mod6753.284.319
teleports you ever every so often but6755.283.6
you know what6757.5993.281
i gotta finish the freaking6758.883.279
that's great6760.883.44
yeah you gotta do it quick otherwise oh6762.1594.241
boy oh get away from me neebs what's6764.324.799
what are you doing6766.42.719
perfect i found the body oh [ __ ]6769.525.119
this is gonna be hard to do oh god yeah6772.83.919
i can't all right i was in the middle of6774.6394.48
one task and i got flicked out i don't6776.7194.241
think thick is the killer because i saw6779.1193.681
thick driving the ship just before the6780.963.679
teleportation actually i was doing the6782.83.439
switch thing and thick could probably6784.6393.201
vouch for me because we were both in the6786.2393.521
cockpit just before simon you were just6787.843.279
standing there though6789.763.6
so yeah but i didn't kill simon and then6791.1194.161
whenever the teleport happened i was in6793.364.48
the same room and doraleous showed up6795.283.919
okay okay6797.843.6
yeah i haven't seen [ __ ] i didn't see it6799.1993.681
i got i have to skip vote i've got6801.442.96
something i found with simon's body i6802.882.799
don't know i'm skipping i'm gonna say6804.43.279
abstro or doraleous i'm gonna say neebs6805.6794.081
are doraleous or thick i'm gonna say6807.6793.361
names i don't think it's thick you don't6809.762.399
think it's thick i don't think it's6811.042.24
thick either6812.1592.801
okay that's two of you thinking that6813.283.68
it's not well no i i know it's not me6814.963.679
i'm a solid man a6816.964.48
man of my word word man6818.6394.721
that's how they call you word man on the6821.444.96
streets what's going on word man6823.364.799
buddy oh it's the man of my word that's6826.42.799
it's a thing it's like i gotta get that6829.1993.761
what come here no6831.1193.441
watch me do leaves i don't want to watch6832.963.44
you do damn leaves i'm trying to get the6834.563.28
navigation oh god6836.43.36
i just want to get oh hi6837.843.359
i just did leaves you missed it it was6839.763.52
amazing okay oh hey that one let me6841.1993.92
finish oh6843.283.52
so is it one of those okay yeah is it6845.1193.12
all right it's right before you get to6846.82.879
because yeah that was must have been it6848.2392.801
like right before i got to it let me go6849.6793.361
do the shields i never okay i got one6851.043.28
thing in dead man i want to watch you do6853.043.36
shields is there anything to watch6854.324.72
yep the lights go on on the outside6856.44.239
[ __ ] [ __ ]6859.044.599
oh no this is gonna suck what's that6865.843.68
what's that oh it's oxygen oh god all6867.5993.841
right oh is it gonna flick us every time6869.525.199
oh god no i got out6871.443.279
oh i got top i got top i got top okay6876.565.039
okay okay okay all right okay oh you got6879.444.88
top here neebs six i got lower nine five6881.5993.921
one whew6884.324.0
okay oh good job guys good good good6885.524.96
work guys wait is it doing it again6888.323.919
what is that6890.484.0
what is that6892.2394.721
that's all you have to do is sabotage6898.083.28
something and then wait for people to6900.2395.321
not get to it yeah [ __ ]6901.364.2
oh [ __ ] i did it6907.6795.601
oh hi i didn't even see you do it oh wow6913.284.76
you really could have gotten away with6918.964.159
that dora it was me yo why why are you6920.1594.721
guys trying to kill me first because6923.1193.921
this is ridiculous yeah shut up you're6924.884.56
dead yes i want to kill you right now6927.044.48
all right guys we're going to try zombie6931.522.88
mode okay6932.83.68
mode oh and i guess one of us is about6934.43.6
to get infected and then you got to try6936.483.52
to infect everybody else so6938.02.96
you'll know you'll turn a different6940.02.8
color and you're uh6940.964.0
way down seven one6942.84.96
what okay oh so now somebody's a zombie6944.966.239
right oh everybody else do their task6947.765.76
okay hey how you doing hey hey i'm doing6951.1994.641
good hey good good any zombies coming oh6953.523.679
be a lookout man maybe we can work6955.842.72
together because if a zombie comes yeah6957.1992.641
we can run away i don't want to stick6958.562.8
with you i need to feel like i need to6959.844.16
do my own stuff all right well hey okay6961.365.92
don't stick with me then all right6964.03.28
we should have a lot more tasks6969.445.84
i saw one6972.085.28
i saw a green [ __ ] oh6975.283.28
what it looked like6978.562.69
it probably looked like a thieves6979.844.51
oh man i'm being chased6984.44.04
thick what side are you on6993.1194.75
join me simon6997.924.48
so now what now i get to touch people6999.5995.841
now we work together yes7002.46.0
my little student ah [ __ ]7005.444.4
i'm gonna follow you7009.844.96
oh god don't go that way7012.43.199
don't go that way7015.5993.441
never go that way7017.1994.801
that's where the zombies live they do7019.046.48
boy my vision is super small yeah when7022.06.32
you're oh no no no no [ __ ]7025.525.44
did i just get7028.322.64
oh my god7042.323.319
it's a good noise ooh y'all better do7056.2395.841
your task hey do i get to kill again7058.884.16
what do you mean7062.083.68
mike don't you hit oh you know7063.046.0
man i got two more tasks7065.763.28
where did you7069.284.879
go where did he go7070.845.56
like i i see a guy i can't change him i7074.1594.0
can't touch him7076.43.279
all right is it are you two zombies7078.1593.52
chasing each other well he was blue i7079.6793.44
was green7081.6793.04
it doesn't matter7083.1193.921
one more7084.7192.321
i can't push the button i'm pushing it i7088.962.96
don't think you push the button you just7090.883.279
touch it you just touch him7091.924.799
i'm all over him i'm not doing it i7094.1594.721
finished all my tasks where's he at i'll7096.7194.161
join your news well it's it's not going7098.884.56
to do any good where are you7100.884.4
come on the admin room he's already7103.443.92
moved oh is he moving where is he going7105.284.48
i'm in the admin i lost him this game7107.364.16
doesn't work7109.763.52
come on doraleous finish your test could7111.523.199
have killed him look i'm on him right7113.284.24
now downstairs in the what hey7114.7194.641
hey where how7117.523.52
how did somebody get me7119.364.0
how how did it not work the first time i7121.044.32
don't know you shut your mouth is it7123.365.12
dora find dora focus on finding dora hey7125.365.44
dora isn't that a movie7128.485.199
yep yeah fun and dory ooh where is he oh7130.85.12
where is he7133.6794.081
everyone okay go to where like tasks are7135.923.759
normally done he's not an oxygen all7137.764.32
right i'm going to the electrical thick7139.6794.721
thick do you have a thick are you dead7142.084.48
i'm a zombie you're a zombie you have a7144.46.0
dog okay suck it losers7146.563.84
that's fun7151.042.4
oh my god it's intense when you're the7153.444.4
last one7155.1992.641
what's different about this7162.43.6
i'm the same as you simon man you're by7164.1592.881
hey dora where is this you7167.045.199
no oh wait yeah right here it is yes yes7169.445.199
oh hi i'm a simon7172.2394.161
okay oh thick is that you i think7174.6394.0
they're three simons and three doras oh7176.44.96
really wait three and three no i'm sorry7178.6395.201
three simons and two doras your math is7181.364.72
on point athlete7183.844.24
i'm oh i'm doing i'm downloading files7186.083.68
i'll get the bottom one i'm already here7188.083.519
i'll go i'm already here now to the7189.763.12
bottom one i don't see anybody at the7191.5992.801
bottom one i'm at the bottom one right7192.883.2
now i'm sorry simon's at the top when i7194.43.759
was at the top one i just came up to7196.083.68
that i do i have to hit show oh i have7198.1593.52
to hit you there you go fine jesus simon7199.763.28
look at me i'm about to do something all7201.6792.641
right i want you to see it all right7203.042.72
does this make an animation when i'm7204.322.319
doing it7205.761.919
okay well trust me i'm throwing leaves7207.6795.201
in this thing that is that is some7209.6794.241
that's classic i don't know sorry i7213.927.199
can't really tell what is what anyway7216.324.799
oh there's simon7222.963.84
i think where is it7225.1992.96
damn it7228.1592.641
there we go7229.763.359
no oh oh it was it was simon7233.286.56
[ __ ] but not me simon7236.85.439
why is this on the side of my screen7239.844.879
so now hold on hold on who's dora it was7242.2394.88
dora it was a simon but it's not neve7244.7194.88
simon it was a dora no it's a simon i7247.1194.241
just watched the assignment go to hell7249.5994.721
guys sorry sorry okay god this is7251.365.52
confusing nape simon neebs simon and7254.324.16
neebs thick do you see the assignment7256.883.359
that's already voted i can't see all of7258.484.08
my screen i see two simon's and then on7260.2395.121
the other side i see like a partial7262.564.24
voting screen7265.364.0
so i voted for the person underneath me7266.84.96
because that's probably a doraleous and7269.364.48
i heard doraleous did it right neebs7271.763.919
vote for the simon that isn't listen i'm7273.844.24
stuck in the freaking cockpit i don't7275.6793.681
even see the meeting room right now i7278.083.039
can't even see the meeting room either7279.363.359
that's the whole thing like i have no7281.1194.321
idea what's going on all i know is dora7282.7194.641
killed dora7285.444.48
so who is dora it was absolutely true7287.365.839
i'm doraleous thank you then it was you7289.925.12
jesus i can't i'm not even in here this7293.1994.241
is [ __ ] no it was you god it was you7295.045.04
whatever i how do i [ __ ] vote you7297.444.08
can't you have to get someone i'm sick7300.082.88
and i voted that round this this is7301.523.199
[ __ ] but guys it's it's one of the7302.964.88
simon's no it's not me who's the other7304.7195.601
simon i'm the other simon and neves are7307.844.64
other simons hey i can move again it's7310.326.56
not thick or i it is [ __ ] abstraum7312.486.56
no what is it is it thicker or thicker7316.885.52
me i don't know come on captain english7319.046.8
okay well that's not a oh fixed lights7322.45.6
i don't know where that is7325.844.08
what lights i just did i'll get the7328.04.88
lights here i got this one here hold on7329.924.719
how is that not7332.884.4
oh jesus christ how do you do it7334.6394.641
oh are you doing this with me is it not7337.283.76
working are you in here go ahead and do7339.284.0
that then okay we can't both do this7341.043.599
well i didn't know i don't know how we7343.283.2
were both in there one down here at the7344.6393.681
bottom quit [ __ ] with it someone's7346.485.119
doing it again i was trying to do it7348.325.68
it's name simon is that neb simon yeah7351.5994.401
okay this is doraleous app store but you7354.03.84
knew that the real doraleous is dead7356.04.239
okay all right so neebs simon i don't7357.844.08
think it's you because i know it's real7360.2394.601
simon so maybe maybe we stick7361.924.48
together she's calling dating man i do7364.843.879
know [ __ ] you don't know [ __ ]7366.43.6
yep let's call a meeting can we do that7368.7192.801
all right oh7370.02.96
okay you call the meeting you call the7371.523.119
meeting okay yep come on come on come on7372.963.44
quick quick quick quick right here this7374.6393.201
way this way this way wait keep going7376.43.92
backwards forward go7377.844.08
there's a dead yellow body all right if7380.322.64
you call the meeting you'll have the7381.922.56
thing oh there he is watch out for his7382.962.719
call the meeting call the meeting call7384.483.119
the [ __ ] meeting7385.6794.081
boom all right so neebs yeah you got the7387.5994.481
megaphone so i know that one's you this7389.764.479
is the simon that's the one what's the7392.085.28
simon who's the simon he's the son one7394.2395.841
without the megaphone no it was dora yes7397.365.2
but it was it was it was freaking uh7400.085.76
wouldn't you like to be a simon7402.566.639
drink simon pepper drink salmon pepper7405.845.44
you're going to space simon simon's7409.1993.761
going to space7411.283.359
i'm not we did good that was good7412.964.719
deduction oh was it yeah i was [ __ ]7414.6396.761
oh i was the impostor7417.6793.721
hey we have a a guest with us today this7427.6793.681
is our buddy daniel from how it should7429.763.919
have ended hello that was safe to say7431.364.48
that instead of he she is he i think7433.6794.161
it's hissy one of my favorite people i7435.844.399
love him daniel how are you yeah i'm7437.843.52
doing good7440.2393.601
how are you7441.362.48
oh [ __ ]7445.762.64
i mean daniel hey you can't do it right7448.83.919
in front of people like that you guys i7451.364.239
was given the option to kill and i7452.7194.041
pressed the button7455.5994.08
thanks for playing with us7459.6793.881
all right let's do this again all right7469.043.52
all right all right we got this get your7470.564.0
[ __ ] get your [ __ ] who doesn't have it7472.564.48
up here come on everyone look you should7474.564.96
be doing this task at the top right7477.044.639
task up there mine are all down south7479.524.079
yeah get it up7481.6794.081
i've got a good consolidated task area7483.5994.161
for once i like it well do you really7485.763.04
you got to do this what are you good7488.83.2
what do you got to do here well the7490.563.28
wires i hate when you have a task down7492.03.36
there in this spray room you got to get7493.843.52
sprayed i'm getting sprayed right now7495.363.52
covered in gunk i just sprayed you7497.363.279
all right does anyone know how to do the7500.6394.401
one that has exclamation marks7502.44.16
in the corners keep clicking on the7505.043.36
exclamation marks oh yeah i've got that7506.564.0
one right now or actually the one next7508.44.4
to it okay okay good i've never done7510.565.36
that one you gotta yell just yell yell7512.86.16
who's got it who's near it uh i'll come7515.925.679
up there i'm close i'm not close but i'm7518.963.52
gonna go7521.5994.0
top right i got top7522.484.639
you got top what7525.5992.721
top right7527.1193.04
are you doing it he's left in it i'll go7528.324.319
left top left neeps called it uh top7530.1595.44
left and bam uh push my hands7532.6396.161
got it good job team hey hey what's up7535.5995.441
what's up you making me nervous uh well7538.83.76
i was just checking i was just checking7541.043.36
for bodies i heard people up like oh i'm7542.563.28
needs i'm at the top left i was just7544.43.759
going uplift well there's a fish what do7545.843.92
you mean there's a fish7548.1593.841
nothing could've saw fish on the screen7549.764.08
and wasn't listening to your voice at7552.04.639
all after all chasing me7553.846.08
okay oh hello how are you oh wait a7556.6396.281
where do you report things where do you7564.04.4
report things well if there's a body you7565.764.399
report there if not you go back to break7568.42.56
[ __ ] please i just saw something really7570.963.84
interesting you know how to do that you7573.5992.64
know how to get to the room simon i7574.83.359
forget but the but the killer's trying7576.2394.721
to just chase me right now and i'm not7578.1595.841
i'll call the meeting for you7580.963.04
simon what do you see so7585.444.96
how are you daniel7588.1595.04
me yeah a bee did you uh were you just7590.45.52
chasing after me you were chasing me oh7593.1996.161
i was chasing you interesting so i7595.924.88
didn't see you7599.363.52
go down in a little hole no i don't know7600.84.399
what that means oh he doesn't know what7602.884.08
that means guys7605.1994.081
also what she said7606.964.56
cyan you're smelling real sus right now7609.283.919
hold on let me feel you yeah i'm feeling7611.523.199
that butt that butt feels sus what do7613.1995.44
you think simon says no cyan cyanus7614.7196.241
yeah you can see how i'm felt that's7618.6394.721
simon cyan yeah daniel daniel yeah i'm7620.964.08
going daniel you're not gonna defend7623.364.239
yourself what do you got daniel no i7625.044.48
that was i just totally jumped in the7627.5992.881
right in front7630.485.33
all right daniel try not to suck so much7643.443.679
this time yeah i have no promise i think7644.963.84
this game does not want me to be the7647.1194.801
imposter ever again said the imposter no7648.85.919
yes said the impostor yeah not the7651.924.719
imposter i believe him on that one7654.7193.041
all right hey apps ro how you doing7657.763.52
bubba hey7659.764.08
how you doing7661.282.56
why we're talking like that i don't know7664.02.4
i like it do the rest of the7666.45.04
show like that7668.7192.721
where's everybody7671.923.4
someone just fire a space laser7679.044.639
are you looking at me i see you after7681.284.399
are you firing space lasers yes it was7683.6793.44
the jews7685.6793.361
sorry oh then i don't think it's you7687.1194.96
thank you remember that oh i7689.046.72
i have a suspicion i saw something i saw7692.0794.721
made eggs i got the task completed so7696.84.24
i'm fine meeting where is it oh crap7699.043.52
call them7701.043.599
i did it for you there we go7702.564.72
who's seen whatnot that's all daniel no7704.6394.801
through the vent again or the whole7707.285.6
you just did it this is not true you are7709.446.32
using what happened against me oh7712.885.839
i saw a name up here through the wall by7715.764.959
the vent and then neebs came around the7718.7194.161
corner into view and now he's suddenly7720.7194.641
accusing me oh really turn this around7722.885.279
you went from bashful7725.366.08
little innocent guy too to a monster7728.1596.321
you're a monster no i saw you hey if7731.445.679
honestly if it's not daniel then we we7734.484.56
get neebs out of here you do me next so7737.1193.52
if it's not daniel we'll throw you out7739.042.8
yeah all right all right i'll go for7740.6394.801
daniel you can i will i'll take the hit7741.847.2
good luck i knew it was nice7745.443.6
[ __ ] all right how can you defend that7749.6794.801
their names you came back7751.6795.841
hey simon check this out you can't7754.484.88
yeah see you go in that hole where'd he7757.523.84
go you in the hole where are you at he7759.364.0
donkey he's a killer where'd he go at i7761.363.12
don't know7763.363.04
about to go in the lava pit okay well it7764.483.36
could have could be it could be7766.43.36
drownings we don't know what are you7767.845.359
pushing the button for needs7769.763.439
shut the [ __ ] up get out of here7773.6793.52
all right7775.923.36
but hey i should have died earlier i get7777.1992.941
points for that7779.282.399
i don't i'm so paranoid about this oh7781.6794.241
don't you know what let's take a want to7784.2394.561
do a breathing exercise7785.924.89
and in7788.83.52
and out7792.322.72
feels good7795.1192.96
and in7796.7193.601
through the nose7798.0795.361
out through the mouth out7800.323.12
oh hey hello everyone hi hi babe after7807.445.36
what's up watch this uh7810.564.559
i do this i do this you're watching me7812.84.96
yep um7815.1194.641
okay i'm good still there and that's not7817.763.28
doing anything there's no animation7819.764.399
watch the task ready7821.043.119
i okay not okay i didn't see the task7827.764.08
move i did though it just did it okay7829.1195.361
there it goes well it didn't i did that7831.844.64
one though that doesn't anyone could be7834.484.32
doing a task right7836.483.599
lights are out7838.82.16
did all that work no one appreciates it7840.963.92
i got it okay you got it i think7846.564.48
somebody just killed7849.1993.04
daniel's dead7858.0795.361
i didn't do it hey hello7861.044.24
don't you're right by me i'm not don't7863.444.159
get me yeah i know i'm right by you7865.286.0
is there a daniel body this way oh i7867.5995.201
found his corpse7871.282.879
all right7872.84.48
it was in the med bay ah no doraleous is7874.1595.681
dead too did we know that no i didn't7877.284.72
okay now the the news i had to bring the7879.843.52
table was i thought doraleous was7882.04.159
innocent now that's worthless okay neebs7883.365.2
i watched you do that uh thing that7886.1594.801
didn't do uh didn't fill the task bar7888.564.24
but it did and then i left you you were7890.964.88
close to med bay no i did the maze which7892.85.6
is hard oh my god your your tone7895.844.319
if you said that you did a test you're7898.43.44
like oh amps right over there look look7900.1593.601
see i did the task and the taskbar7901.844.08
didn't move then that means you were7903.764.56
bullshitting do you realize with that7905.923.92
voice that you're doing right now if i7908.323.68
get kicked off this ship you're gonna7909.843.6
play that on the news over and over7912.03.119
again when you're wrong neebs do you7913.444.159
think that it's thick from thick's tone7915.1194.321
i would kill him just for that tony i i7917.5993.6
would kill thick for the fact that i7919.444.239
think it's him oh my god all right oh7921.1993.92
i'm good with that all right let's do it7923.6794.56
let's kill thick are you kidding me7925.1195.6
is going to kill you7928.2394.48
it's a rehearsal it's a reversal thing7930.7193.201
you guys7932.7195.841
are the abraham lincoln of idiots7933.924.64
all right simon we got to call an7938.883.04
emergency meeting we know it's neat no7940.2394.48
no i think it's appsro i think it's apps7941.924.48
road do you think it's app store neebs7944.7193.44
yeah it's absolutely wait it's7946.43.36
absolutely fine throw me out i don't7948.1593.92
give a [ __ ] what could be simon it's not7949.764.879
me appsro we're gonna take apps throw7952.0794.64
out i think it's actually fine throw me7954.6393.921
out neebs wins you know what since you7956.7193.841
didn't see my tabs or [ __ ] is it simon7958.563.92
it could be it's not maybe it was all7960.563.28
well you all of a sudden was like let's7962.483.28
throw after around why am i frozen by7963.844.64
the way how do i uh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] all7965.764.56
right do me a favor do not vote oh no7968.483.52
not at all he's gonna save your butt7970.323.04
absolutely i'll vote for myself if he7972.02.96
makes it feel you better you [ __ ] oh7973.363.6
you're that confident yeah that's either7974.964.239
a bold lie or that's honest it's a bold7976.963.92
lie the only reason i think it's your7979.1993.121
names is because if daniel was killed7980.882.88
near med bay you were near med bay and i7982.322.96
think it's you because i did a perfectly7983.763.6
good task and no recognition i didn't7985.283.52
see it i swear to god i was looking at7987.362.879
it i didn't see that thing [ __ ] move7988.83.279
wow it's not me so now i'm confused7990.2394.4
because i think it might be neebs now7992.0795.52
well i'm going to skip then fine son of7994.6394.321
a [ __ ]7997.5993.361
all right there's three of us left one7998.964.0
one murder and we're done for it right8000.964.08
so everyone stay away from each other8002.964.639
yeah if you yeah if somebody goes near8005.045.199
you you know they're the one8007.5994.881
yep all right oh neebs or we could keep8010.2395.041
an eye on each other or look i haven't8012.486.0
hardly done any of my tasks me neither8015.286.319
i have done more of my tests simon stop8018.484.639
it i'm going up here and doing more8021.5995.04
tests i have three tasks left8023.1193.52
so who's willing to watch me do a task8026.7195.44
i'll watch you do a task now are both of8030.324.16
you simon wait if he just kills one of8032.1594.161
us we're done yeah i know guess what i'm8034.483.28
doing a task and somebody's probably8036.323.839
going to murder me right now8037.763.839
son of a [ __ ]8040.1593.201
i'm watching you yeah who are you8041.5993.201
i'm trying to find this [ __ ] thing8044.84.799
did you find it i'm wiring two in a row8050.06.56
wait did you yeah i found the [ __ ]8054.883.44
planet did it yeah8056.563.519
do you have something that you can do no8058.323.2
i think we should vote for simon though8060.0792.801
because i just saw your thing go up do8061.523.44
it call the meeting no no no no no no no8062.884.08
no no no no no8064.964.88
no no no no no no watch me do [ __ ] watch8066.965.759
me do stuff then come here8069.844.48
don't even think about playing that ball8072.7194.0
we watch him do stuff yes baby8074.323.839
so hey summer are you doing you're not8076.7194.241
even doing a task you're running hold on8078.1594.48
where are you going i've got to go and8080.963.759
get going instead of a [ __ ] come here8082.6394.401
come here let me know what you're doing8084.7194.561
okay okay i'll let you know are you8087.044.48
doing it now no i have to get to the8089.283.28
let's be by the button where's the8092.562.159
hold on i got to get in the damn door8094.7194.48
son of a [ __ ]8097.444.88
uh-huh there he goes come on8099.1995.121
oh he's in he's in there alone it's got8102.324.0
to be him you to kill me by now right no8104.325.279
no it's you neebs it's probably you all8106.324.879
right hold on course it's not me i would8109.5994.08
have killed him by now i'm doing it8111.1995.761
i'm doing a task one two three8113.6796.96
four five six seven eight nine ten8116.967.04
test complete it went up thank you it8120.6397.121
went up it's abstro then8124.03.76
wow that was a real player8131.924.52
been doing horrible all day i'm changing8149.283.28
my strategy i'm going to have a buddy8151.1993.52
system today oh neebs yeah and i get8152.565.039
lost a lot so where are we going i still8154.7195.281
don't know where to report anything uh8157.5994.64
in the mid like if you look at the map i8160.04.32
think it's meeting room where hold on me8162.2393.36
meeting room yep wait don't leave me8165.5994.0
though wait for me8167.763.76
oh did you tell the guys we found the8169.5993.441
button should i push it why would you8171.524.159
push that huh for what wait the [ __ ] did8173.044.48
we just get one because we never used it8175.6794.0
why'd you do that oh what two people are8177.524.159
dead and i've been with doraleous the8179.6794.4
whole time so it's simon8181.6794.0
worked out didn't it you've been with8184.0793.921
him the whole freaking time the whole8185.6794.801
lucky bastards that worked out real well8197.5998.201
it really did follow me yeah8200.964.84
thank you his name's poops8217.6793.68
where is it why don't you spawn with8219.763.52
anybody anymore it depends on where you8221.3593.761
pick what you can pick yeah what do you8223.282.72
think you're clicking right at the8225.122.72
beginning oh i was just reading them i8226.03.12
was like okay8227.846.0
got it kitchen cargo and something else8229.126.72
lights lights oh wait i think i'm about8233.844.0
one of the lights oh wait no i'm by one8235.843.679
of the lights i am connecting the light8237.843.44
oh somebody come by who connected the8239.5194.241
lights i'm not by a light this map is8241.284.72
not easy to traverse that's like any one8243.763.679
of these maps you know know you'll get8246.02.96
used to it8247.4393.841
yeah i understand that but guys are you8248.964.479
forgetting like the fact that all of you8251.284.88
just mentioned that this is8253.4394.0
this could be8256.162.08
oh [ __ ] hello8258.245.92
hello body body body reporting wait not8260.886.719
yet okay so i gotta give it boom8264.163.439
i was trying to get a signal i ran into8267.764.639
you simon and then you said you saw the8270.243.68
body above me i didn't see the body when8272.3993.841
i passed so thick's gone it's not thick8273.924.479
doraleous we don't know i was dressing a8276.244.399
doll part of me kind of wants to just go8278.3994.16
for abstract that's not enough though8280.6393.76
you should be sure well i'm never hardly8282.5593.76
ever sure i'm skipping i have no clue8284.3993.761
who it is let's be sure let's do let's8286.3194.32
do facts well the facts are i saw abstra8288.164.399
and the facts are he saw me you're both8290.6394.641
on notice you're near a body or thieves8292.5594.641
uh or dora were you with me the whole8295.283.52
time like you guys have each other8297.23.279
okay well then that's good to know too8300.4793.601
because all right i'm gonna pick a spawn8302.083.439
look where are y'all spawning i spawned8304.083.359
at the main hall i saw in the main hall8305.5192.8
me too records hey you didn't spawn in8308.3193.921
the main hall oh there you are okay8310.5593.201
right here with you okay well i didn't8312.243.04
know you were here with me8313.762.559
me and you8315.283.199
and dora let's8316.3194.32
okay all of us together yeah but we have8318.4793.84
yeah don't we have tasks to do oh we do8320.6394.0
actually hold on yeah i do oh yeah i'll8322.3194.381
do it i'll do it with you okay8324.6393.441
wait don't go simon no i'm doing my life8328.084.16
hold on wait the where the [ __ ] is the8330.244.64
thing oh here there it is here we are8332.243.84
there um8334.882.96
wait i got one over here if you want to8336.083.2
come with me oh hey braless hey i've8337.842.32
lost it8339.282.399
no i'm kind of standing here it's just8340.163.439
still doing my job you know8341.6793.361
how do i do this8343.5993.04
don't leave me y'all hold up where are8345.044.16
you do it all my tasks you see no i'm8346.6394.481
not talking about him so he's saying8349.24.479
here he is8351.122.559
neebs where's neebs where's he there he8354.244.8
is okay boom8357.283.92
uh i don't know8359.044.319
well whatever i don't know where i am8361.24.88
but neebs dead nibs8363.3594.721
dead knees i was nowhere near you guys8366.083.519
but i heard you guys jammer it on the8368.083.04
whole time i don't know if it makes a8369.5993.681
[ __ ] difference but i also didn't see8371.123.76
anyone i feel like we got to make a8373.282.8
decision because there's only three of8374.882.479
us left all we have to do is not make a8376.082.8
decision and somebody can kill us and8377.3592.881
they win the game all right so one of8378.882.639
you guys killed neebs because i was8380.242.56
nowhere near you guys i was down there8381.5192.641
on like the uh8382.83.519
some sort of viewing deck trying to get8384.164.08
a signal with something uh why am i8386.3193.681
taking your word for where the [ __ ] you8388.243.28
were well you don't have to but that's8390.03.04
what i was doing okay good you have to8391.523.12
take my word but i'll explain that's8393.043.76
what i was doing this is so tough for me8394.644.08
you're so convinced that you were so8396.84.0
away from us and i have no [ __ ] clue8398.723.759
where the [ __ ] you were so go ahead8400.83.76
that's me that's me saying i'm voting8402.4794.081
for you okay fine all right come on come8404.564.0
on decision baby somebody's gonna be8406.562.879
[ __ ] come on baby8410.643.92
somebody's about to go down real stupid8412.06.0
[ __ ] that was what what do you mean8414.564.39
that's so weird8418.04.64
simon all right it happens every once in8422.643.43
a while [ __ ]8424.643.04
all right i'm spawning in at cargo bay8427.684.88
me too all right all right me too8429.844.479
then i got a task kid i know how to8432.563.839
spawn in all of us here cargo bay take8434.3193.841
note gotta i gotta do something in the8436.3996.92
safe oh wait what one i'm doing records8438.165.159
oh my god how does this work babes have8444.03.439
you done this i have not it's my first8445.763.44
time in the cargo bay what are you doing8447.4394.241
um i'm i like to have buddies next can8449.24.239
we go to electrical no what are you8451.683.44
doing are you doing a task here no i8453.4393.441
don't have a test here well then why are8455.123.76
you why are you here with me that's me8456.884.479
in numbers8458.882.479
i don't know i just don't understand how8462.724.24
this task work names all right so tell8464.644.0
me if you don't understand how it tasks8466.963.519
tell me exactly what you're seeing it8468.643.679
looks like a safe and it says spin three8470.4793.761
times one8472.3193.281
oh man and then go keep your breath on8476.643.28
no listen okay keep your eye on me but i8479.923.36
feel pretty good about abstract i've8482.03.84
never done this uh thing but he's pretty8483.284.64
convincing with the details i have no8485.844.88
clue yet there's a safe here ah lights8487.924.72
the number zero and it says spin to the8490.724.08
right i gotta leave you absorb the right8492.643.679
dude i'm gonna try to do this light8494.83.28
thing oh okay i can spin this too so8496.3194.321
hold up oh wait light's right here8498.085.12
i got one of the lights wait8500.643.92
that's it8503.23.119
that i was spinning the wrong thing i8504.564.08
got it now neebs okay i'm just up here8506.3195.441
to the i know just making excuses8508.644.48
over here8511.763.28
all right i can't i can't get out of my8513.124.48
room i'm locked in i can't do anything8515.043.6
so you're doing that too you're getting8518.644.08
locked in i couldn't even [ __ ] use it8519.845.04
i can't get out of this room i'm in8522.724.24
medical and i'm trapped i don't know how8524.884.64
to make well either do i meant a while8526.964.56
ago all right well no more tests for me8529.523.6
i'm trapped8531.523.6
come and kill me somebody come and kill8533.124.16
dude [ __ ] this safe i can't [ __ ]8537.524.0
all right if anyone gets yeah oh8541.525.919
i'm just glad i can get out of the8547.4393.521
[ __ ] area oh my god thick end neeps8548.884.479
are dead okay i was i was in the cargo8550.964.399
bay the whole time working on a safe it8553.3594.161
was the worst minigame possible that's8555.3594.0
so sus that you're working the whole8557.524.4
time on a safe you know the whole uh the8559.3594.721
library room that thing takes like8561.923.68
forever and that was the majority of my8564.085.04
game so far i was literally stuck in the8565.65.52
medical area because both the doors were8569.123.76
closed on me and i couldn't get out and8571.124.08
all i did was one task which was picking8572.884.88
up garbage did one of you close the door8575.24.32
because only only the imposter the8577.763.679
imposter can close the door two people8579.523.6
are dead we gotta vote for somebody i8581.4393.761
don't believe it's me the fact that it8583.124.88
could be absorbed again8585.25.279
i don't believe it's me it's crazy balls8588.04.479
i know well it's one of you it's one of8590.4793.201
you listen i was working on a safe the8592.4792.481
whole time you guys got to convince me8593.682.96
right now which one of you was it well8594.963.359
you're you're you're panic and your8596.643.679
voice convinces me it's you i am not8598.3193.681
panicking it's it's not panic you8600.3193.12
[ __ ]8602.03.28
i mean appsro rather dora what do you8603.4393.441
want to do oh [ __ ] it i'll vote for8605.283.36
simon because jesus jesus you guys are8606.883.599
making the same [ __ ] mistake again8608.643.44
again well i thought i got you right8610.4793.121
last time no8612.084.64
god you idiots8613.63.12

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