Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) Kick Him OUT!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings)  Kick Him OUT!
Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) Kick Him OUT!

Among Us (But We Animate The Meetings) Kick Him OUT!

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest Among Us video where we animate the meetings? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where we keep accusing each other and yelling 'Kick Him OUT!'? Classic Neebs Gaming humor.

appsro: I love how we always randomly guess it's Neebs as the imposter. It never gets old!

neebs: And don't forget about our Neebs Gaming socks and ugly sweaters, perfect for gaming in style!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're like me, you can never get enough of watching Neebs play Among Us. It's always a blast trying to figure out if it's really Neebs or just a lucky guess when they're the imposter. And let's be real, it's probably Neebs more often than not!

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And speaking of support, Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs. If you're in the market for a new gaming rig, be sure to check them out. It's always great to support the companies that support our favorite content creators.

Make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, and their official website. And if you can't get enough of Neebs' antics, be sure to check out their playlists for even more hilarious content. From cartoons to games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica, there's something for every Neebs fan to enjoy.

So grab your favorite snack, settle in, and get ready for some epic Among Us gameplay from Neebs Gaming. It's always a good time when Neebs is in the mix!

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hey guys just to let you know for a0.322.48
limited time we are selling ugly1.522.799
christmas sweaters and neebs gaming2.83.68
socks link in the description box4.3193.761
do you guys understand how this6.483.36
conversation works8.084.24
you talk about like what did thick see9.844.56
that makes him think it wasn't doraleous12.324.4
well i saw him in the med base scanning14.43.68
he saw him scan16.723.84
now between me and simon is this just a18.083.68
guess yeah pretty much20.563.36
yeah i'm thinking it's thick now oh wait21.763.12
yeah that's right23.922.24
why don't i leave thick on it because24.882.88
thick always does this i should have26.162.16
damn how did you vote i voted for you28.324.16
i'm sorry always happens to me you're30.483.28
always kicking me out of the ship first32.483.12
for no reason but it was probably you33.762.319
look it was me this time but in the36.0793.281
future let's don't just kick37.848.0
neebs out right away39.366.48
hey dora hi buddy where you going wiggle51.924.4
what are you doing i always like to work54.82.88
from one side to the other it's not a56.322.32
bad idea57.683.12
ah i mean usually it doesn't work out58.644.96
like you want it but60.82.8
but then sometimes it do work out like64.4794.081
you want it66.1592.401
oh i heard that through the mics68.7996.721
i know someone has a monitor way up72.06.24
i still don't know who who it was yet75.524.88
but i'll find out in a second78.245.44
if i find appsro's dead body80.45.52
i think i'm thinking you did it neebs83.683.6
hey look you really gotta stop87.285.92
okay so wait if abstra wasn't dead i90.563.84
would say it was zap stroke because i93.22.4
heard her death but since he94.43.44
is dead i had just seen him whose95.64.479
monitor could we have heard it from we97.842.72
it perhaps you heard it from appstar's100.563.199
monitor god neebs102.323.04
oh no we didn't we heard it from your103.7594.4
because that's the killer sounds again105.365.119
just throw me off oh my god oh my god108.1593.92
look through these episodes110.4793.92
and see how many times you're lucky one112.0794.881
out of a hundred times it's not me114.3994.0
you throw me off the ship and i'm116.963.199
innocent you want to remember this day118.3994.08
okay okay okay like the last time that120.1594.081
was the one in a hundred times122.4794.361
look how dumb you are right you're real124.245.6
simon remember what when they were138.2393.121
is like hey doraleous what are you doing141.363.28
he's like oh i just uh143.363.92
i like to work left to right or from one144.643.52
side to the other147.282.64
and he was the last person in the148.163.439
conversation and the conversation149.922.88
because you know151.5993.761
afterwards you know what dora dora what152.84.0
do you think buddy155.362.959
do you think who do you think i thought156.83.04
it was neeb so i feel like a douche158.3192.241
i know but who do you think it is now i160.563.759
mean i would i kind of want to lean162.722.96
toward thick but i don't want to be that164.3193.2
person because oh165.684.96
that is not me because i am honest167.5196.161
yeah [ __ ] son of a [ __ ] you are170.643.84
i'm dead beat that honesty174.484.8
oh i'm close i'm close all right i will181.364.32
get top reactor somebody get bottom oh183.762.24
could somebody else or am i doing it uh186.03.76
i'm close enough to do it188.2394.0
19 seconds wait what reactors oh that's189.763.199
[ __ ] i need i need somebody else i got192.9596.881
you ain't on [ __ ] boy i [ __ ] all of203.844.479
i thought i was in y'all right place i211.23.08
was doing the right i wish you were212.564.0
i already i already know who it is oh my216.563.759
god you do you know who it is218.483.839
though do you really not really but i220.3193.84
have a guy i have a good guess222.3193.681
listen this is not a guessing game this224.1593.201
isn't pick a number226.04.0
this is look at your facts it can't be227.364.0
the whole time it's it is a pick a231.363.519
number thing233.683.119
that no it's not yeah you can there's234.8793.761
guys guys i'm not hitting the butter the251.764.16
buzzer but254.8794.401
uh thick is dead at the security255.926.48
i was already wrong again so just fyi259.285.76
it happens so when you find a body there262.43.12
it's not a surprise keep an eye on neebs265.524.239
everybody keep an eye on neebs268.03.759
what did he say that was what did he say269.7593.681
that was i didn't see his mouth271.7595.201
just his mouth can i273.445.6
play with people that do clues i want to276.963.44
do clues279.043.599
like if you see some and throw trash out280.43.44
and he actually throws a trash out282.6391.921
that's what you want283.842.32
you want to dust for prince is that what284.563.28
you're saying that's a clue no i i'm286.163.759
suggesting what i just suggested287.844.32
you see someone scan you can rule them289.9194.321
out they're not that guy292.164.24
in a camera yeah i like guessing i like294.243.519
just throwing caution to them296.43.12
just pick a number i'm guessing of a297.7592.961
number i'm thinking of a number between299.522.239
one and ten300.725.12
is it five no seven yes301.7598.481
we did it we got the killer305.849.28
oh neebs neebs very little time bud310.247.36
no no no no no no i'm not i'm not going315.123.44
i'll stay here317.62.8
no because i can do this i can do this318.563.6
go ahead320.45.28
come on baby do you need help or no322.167.36
hey we completed the task325.687.84
who was the guy it was me baby329.524.0
well i don't know why you're celebrating334.44.799
i lost we fixed the ship337.1996.161
oh damn it i thought i won that time339.1994.161
hey dora hey buddy a pretty good card344.165.599
now wait you have no basis for saying364.6393.601
i'm bad at this guy i saw you do it on366.4793.361
the camera yeah but that's the first368.243.36
time you've done real sleuth work369.843.04
have you had times like just throwing371.63.76
knees down work has worked but every372.885.52
other time i've been innocent375.364.74
except for that one time378.44.999
all right man got a lot of work to do386.6392.961
get out there get it done let's keep388.162.56
you know what i i have noticed that390.724.0
thieves when he393.63.84
is the imposter he likes to tell people394.724.4
right off the bat to start getting to397.442.16
come on people get some artists399.65.68
simon has these things that he thinks he403.443.199
knows something he never does405.284.72
it's a tell just saying got it406.6395.041
i got that one kill and you're wrong 90410.03.68
percent of the time how's that a tail411.684.56
dude i'm just saying why you get the413.683.84
other one i got this one416.242.239
all right do you have the bottom of the417.523.44
top which one i got it418.4795.921
i got it the bottom all right420.963.44
guess i guess i'll get them all like the425.9194.081
whole set427.685.2
i'm the one who got it not neebs i'm the430.04.08
one who got it432.885.599
you did not got it i got it oh434.086.18
guess what438.4793.921
time for a meeting let's bring it on442.43.44
because here's going to be simon's444.6391.761
i put the numbers in and it stopped well446.43.68
it's probably because both people can do448.3192.0
it's true that's true what but why450.3194.561
didn't the alarm stop until i did it and452.725.199
you were very far away454.883.039
guess i guess i'll get them all like the460.44.0
whole set462.165.2
i'm the one who got it not neebs i'm the464.44.56
one who got it467.364.48
because maybe i was pushing it slow nope468.963.919
nope nope nope471.843.84
he was body his body was far like he was472.8794.241
going out of the room475.684.079
when it stopped i i like i like that477.123.519
i'm voting against neebs are we keeping480.6394.801
track of how many times you throw me out483.124.079
the ship when it's wrong because it's485.443.36
way up there i'm skipping vote i don't487.1993.041
know who the hell it is okay i'm not488.83.2
suss because i saw myself not being so490.242.239
all right492.02.24
neebs did wasn't that a good reason to492.4793.361
vote for you though it was a good reason494.243.12
for you to be confused but once you495.843.039
understand it you should go497.363.839
nope that's not right uh we'll see we'll498.8794.481
see oh look put put thick and simon down501.1992.881
for the503.362.16
guys that make the dumb decisions all504.081.9
the time505.523.87
who's who's uh who's the fish514.645.92
the fish talking about the fish i'd like518.084.72
to get rid of sus and say someone's fish520.562.88
it's fishy plus fish f gills and gills523.443.519
is like guilty525.683.52
come on oh yeah let's start it who's526.9593.44
being a fish that529.25.6
that's weird who's got the gills fish530.3994.401
what do you see what do you see no i535.62.88
didn't see anything i'm watching your537.042.479
i'm cafeteria coming back come on back539.5194.641
come back come out541.27.44
tasks complete for me guys all right544.164.48
simon you were right beside me you could552.723.2
have done this of course i could have554.163.679
but right now i'm watching dora commit555.924.24
me and you coming in my tasks are done557.8393.601
you should go finish yours and maybe560.162.4
help the ship561.443.6
well you don't think i i'm done i'm done562.563.52
well how about what565.042.64
what do you mean so uh you don't think566.084.24
i'm [ __ ] you have tasks to do still yeah567.684.0
do you not think i've been helping the570.322.0
i'm just saying what are you doing now572.323.36
you're i'm done with my tasks573.444.16
oh follow me then simon i know for a575.683.2
fact it's not you577.63.2
okay thank you oh wow how do you know578.883.6
that oh did you see him uh580.83.92
in the med bay i might have seen him582.484.4
doing the taste584.723.36
why are you bringing me over here i'm586.884.32
not going with you uh i got talent588.085.04
no don't don't follow him simon you591.23.6
might kill me you might kill me593.123.52
after oh i don't need you to do that594.83.44
guys somebody get bottom please596.644.0
i got one in here i have one in here i'm598.243.12
an o2600.642.319
absorbs right behind me you better watch601.363.52
it but hey i'm just602.9593.041
all right are you going to do that one604.882.8
yeah make sure they've got the top one606.01.92
got the top one i got it somebody needs607.923.52
to come to the top one610.242.96
otherwise i'm going to kill you all611.444.079
all right hold on boom wait i need a623.923.599
second guy in the box okay626.244.48
i'm on the top i did it there you go627.5196.721
thank y'all i've got all my tasks done630.726.799
oh simon i just saw you you dumb [ __ ]634.246.0
right in front of me [ __ ] right in front637.5193.601
of me you're640.245.039
you're you're stairs with a small stupid641.126.32
i don't understand why you you just get647.443.28
off on [ __ ] lying649.2793.921
and telling people that they're i just650.723.359
saw you653.24.079
and i wish i didn't say [ __ ]654.0795.281
i wish i didn't say [ __ ] i wish i could657.2794.8
have reacted to haha659.365.599
it was you and i was almost about to let662.0793.281
like like slide on that [ __ ]665.365.44
and then you said i wish i didn't say668.9594.32
this now i gotta vote for you670.84.719
well i'm voting for you neebs just cause673.2795.361
right you guys smell that fish675.5196.161
smell the fish he's totally gills678.646.24
yeah yeah681.685.44
get out of here fish i didn't see you684.883.76
behind me [ __ ] that would have687.123.12
been smooth if it were i'm not688.646.56
dumb uh-huh690.244.96
i'm with simon i'm over here i'm going696.563.6
low i'm going low699.122.959
oh it's right here it's right here okay700.163.119
hold on i'll get back702.0793.921
oh i just walked past the body i'll walk703.2794.0
i'll get past the bottom i'll get this706.03.04
watch this no one going to the bottom709.045.76
oh i just did it yeah there's a body712.84.32
right here and it looks very green and714.84.719
no i don't even care where where was the717.123.12
body found719.5192.401
where was the body right by uh what's720.243.36
that main room in the middle cafeteria721.924.719
that everyone's always uh admin right723.66.0
mm-hmm is that where you killed him uh726.6393.521
yes yes that's where i murdered him oh730.165.28
i could hear the odd he's an honest man733.24.96
i think that's him735.442.72
he is super tight he's got his top in738.243.68
the reactor741.042.56
okay somebody else please get them i'll741.923.039
go on the bottom743.62.88
i'll get the bottom look at me i'm744.9593.041
freaking all over what's you're not at746.482.159
the bottom748.03.92
i said i'll get it i don't know748.6397.121
all right hey okay751.923.84
man i feel like i know who it is but i756.84.32
won't go off hunches759.2793.601
ghost needs you never know who it is i761.123.76
always know who it is762.884.8
because i can tell by your i gotta we764.884.32
got a track record now767.683.68
i know you don't yeah the ones where i769.24.56
was wrong don't count771.366.159
who's a lake trout okay hold on uh i'm773.765.68
i'm close to admin i can i can get the777.5194.0
bottom one in the end i got the top779.445.44
on my way man i think that was abstract781.5194.961
is absolute really gonna get the bottom784.885.12
one yes i just got the bottom one786.486.479
oh oh well we already knew who here's790.03.92
here's why i did that because i didn't793.925.039
want that countdown to get down to zero796.3994.161
guys are any of you smart enough to know798.9593.12
if he's like covering something800.564.56
on his own part with that move i yeah i802.0793.76
don't know805.123.76
because before simon tried to805.8394.961
call an emergency meeting but it was in808.883.68
the middle of a re like a reactor810.83.2
meltdown and it wouldn't let him call it812.562.64
well okay but maybe before the bodies i815.23.12
don't know817.363.44
it is different i think let's skip vote818.324.0
but i didn't let time run out820.84.56
i saved us that was pretty fish i know822.324.879
it is pretty gilly dumbest825.365.0
dumbest thing i've ever heard the827.1996.161
all all right hey how many how many uh840.323.519
oh hit thick843.042.32
oh wait what are you doing how many how843.8393.44
many uh i got how many i got845.364.8
i'm not close i got bottom good i'm not847.2794.881
doing anything except for my task850.164.08
and killing autumn's done i'm not852.163.039
killing anything854.243.279
why because you're the killer oh wait a855.1993.841
minute wait a minute simon857.5192.88
hey did you just admit to being the859.042.96
killer because you said you're not860.3993.921
killing it862.02.32
you said you're not killing anything i868.0794.081
and i'd say it again because i still872.164.0
forget how to properly speak874.166.96
who's a tuna who's got all the gills876.164.96
we only need like one more task done i'm887.443.68
guessing it's simon because he never889.5198.56
i mean i'm at the top and i'm doing it891.129.76
user i need a second user second user up898.0794.32
second user up top stupid second user up902.3993.44
top stupid904.725.28
come on mother pass905.8397.281
task wait how did they get that yeah oh910.04.079
you got the task913.124.64
i got this i'm a [ __ ]914.0793.681
[ __ ] you guys i got inside so smart oh918.564.399
yeah yeah you were just [ __ ] on me921.1992.88
20 seconds922.9594.24
you're right damn it that was awesome924.0796.56
that was great yeah927.1993.44
oh wow you made it all the way to the931.1992.801
end jesus i don't know what to say932.563.04
except check out our ugly christmas934.03.279
sweaters and maybe go check out our935.63.599
neebs gaming socks happy holidays and937.2792.731
all that [ __ ]939.19912.98

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's Among Us videos? They are absolutely hilarious! The way they edit the footage into little cinematic stories with dramatic music and effects makes watching them play the game way more entertaining than just your average gameplay video.

I love how they split the video into "episodes" where each round of the game is its own mini saga, with the story cutting between different characters' perspectives. It really builds up the suspense not knowing who the imposter is until their big reveal at the end. And the voice acting they add for the characters is comedy gold - hearing Thick's deep voice accuse Dora of being "sus" just cracks me up every time.

The high production value they bring to their Among Us videos with the editing and music makes it feel like you're watching a fully scripted animated show rather than just a random game played online. It's like the perfect blend of improv comedy mixed with a thoughtfully crafted narrative. I've laughed out loud more times watching their Among Us episodes than most actual sitcoms!

Even if you don't play the game yourself, watching the Neebs crew play it is just as entertaining, if not more. Their personalities and humor shine through and make Among Us even funnier and more engaging than it already is. I really think it's the best way to experience Among Us without having to play it yourself.

Neebs Gaming always finds new ways to make gaming videos creative and cinematic. If you're looking for some hilarious, high-quality entertainment, you can't go wrong with their Among Us series! I can't wait to see what kind of zany stories they come up with next.

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