7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel yet? It's the second part of their Alpha...
7 Days to Die  - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 2
7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 2

7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 2

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of 7 Days to Die! Today we're diving into Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 2, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, I love this video so much! The way we survive the zombie apocalypse with our trusty tools and hilarious banter, it's just comedy gold!

appsro: I gotta agree with you there, Simon. This video is top-notch entertainment. Plus, watching Neebs try to build a base without collapsing it is always a good time!

neebs: Hey, I heard that! Building bases is an art form, okay? But seriously, this video is definitely one of my favorites. The action, the laughs, the survival strategies - it's all here in Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 2!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel yet? It's the second part of their Alpha 19 Full Playthrough of 7 Days to Die, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride!

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew dives back into the post-apocalyptic world of 7 Days to Die, facing off against hordes of zombies and trying to survive as long as possible. With their signature humor and teamwork, they navigate the dangers of the game while also building up their base and resources to stay one step ahead of the undead.

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's hilarious commentary and epic gameplay, this video is a must-watch. From their creative strategies to their unexpected shenanigans, every moment is filled with laughter and excitement.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and join the Neebs Gaming team on their thrilling adventure through Alpha 19 of 7 Days to Die. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out their merch and Patreon page to support the channel and keep the fun going. And who knows, maybe you'll pick up some survival tips along the way from these gaming pros!

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we have entered the age of flight10.947.9
ah yes yeah this will be easier for14.247.74
hauling [ __ ] back and forth18.846.9
oh you're on me oh21.985.26
you can't you need help oh two of them25.743.48
up shoot the butters all right I'm27.244.619
trying oh you're still on me I'll do a29.225.6
flyby you guys shooters31.8592.961
that was right in front of you it was35.184.84
right in front of you kill me oh we got37.264.979
zombies too I'm doing another flyby [ __ ]40.024.82
the buzzards are right on my bus42.2397.401
damn it do it again do it again44.844.8
I got that one no you didn't51.328.28
we cool Simon59.63.34
I guess we're cool64.5594.441
yeah he needs to realize you have a way66.863.88
more powerful gun than he does well he69.05.119
should oh bird oh70.743.379
good morning thank you good morning76.9395.561
Astro hey how's it going in here a80.14.08
little slow why don't you give me a82.54.2
little bit more instruction on what you84.184.619
want I know to put spikes down but I86.73.84
want specifically what exactly you want88.7993.301
okay well here's what I'm thinking I'm90.543.48
thinking this this is you know this is92.14.019
point one right so we're gonna be here94.023.9
defending zombies as they come in but96.1192.941
we're probably going to lose this point97.923.54
now what I really want I want a99.063.78
defensive perimeter so when the zombies101.463.0
come in they're only coming in from this102.844.62
direction so I need spikes kind of all104.466.119
around this bottom Lobby that's you know107.464.619
what we can wall we can actually wall110.5793.421
some of this off instead of using spikes112.0793.601
yeah so if we wall it off with concrete114.04.02
we just we don't want them getting in on115.684.56
the side here we want them to funnel in118.024.2
and go straight for us this way okay and120.243.6
then follow me once we lose this122.225.66
position we fall back to point two I see123.847.38
ah stairs yes I'm familiar with the127.885.74
stairs we'll fight at point two a little131.224.739
bit and then we'll I uh we'll just fall133.624.08
back and fight as long as we can then we135.9593.301
get here I've showed neebs all this yet137.75.759
uh already but little spike traps139.266.66
and then we keep on going this is uh143.4595.821
dick puncher alley dick puncher Ally I145.926.3
love it I love it I love it put down her149.284.679
dick punchers and they punch the zombies152.223.96
as they try to get through allows us to153.9593.481
keep on shooting and fighting and156.182.48
backing up157.443.78
scrap and then we get here this is a158.664.42
dart trap don't worry it's off it'll161.223.299
slow him down a little bit but then here163.084.7
is uh my web of electricity oh my God164.5196.0
as of now this is kind of our final room167.785.86
this is our final defensive area here oh170.5195.101
all right we'll see if it works now173.643.72
here's another project I want for this175.625.28
building I need to put in a Runway like177.365.28
in a floor above us so I can easily180.93.9
transport goods and [ __ ] back and forth182.643.319
hey what let's make this cool right now188.184.96
how are we gonna make it cool how How's191.044.02
that gonna happen just by not making it193.144.8
uncool right oh listen listen the bully195.065.34
and the douchebag one it happens in life197.945.519
it happens you win you win buddy but I200.45.16
tried to like make everything cool you203.4594.86
tried to make everything cool it's like205.564.74
you need to do drama well I didn't need208.3193.78
the drama I just tried to make things210.33.78
right I tried to make things kind of212.0993.481
even but you were a douche that's okay214.084.5
let's just move on you win you win I215.584.26
don't think you should look at it that218.583.12
way well I mean how do you want me to219.843.06
look at it you could tell me how to look221.72.58
at it and I'll look at it like that tell222.92.88
me what I should think just don't hang224.283.12
on to the High School drama you know225.783.72
okay I feel like I'm with a teenager227.44.259
right that's right you sure are you with229.54.739
a teenager your little teeny Bops oh my231.6596.0
gosh God God would you just shut the234.2394.621
[ __ ] up237.6594.201
Jesus who won't let it go you you won't238.864.2
let it go241.864.099
damn it243.062.899
all right folks I'm back246.365.939
um oh already huh is it a work day oh248.765.82
there you are oh you know what I'm gonna252.2994.861
keep it kind of quiet today I don't wake254.584.68
up the neighbors that's it one go with257.166.44
the X get in line there you go next259.264.34
came in kind of quiet it's a nice Lounge265.1993.181
all right we're gonna make it to the top268.383.84
today this is gonna be great269.884.14
no way they looted this whole building272.224.74
all right coming up274.024.92
dick I think this will be perfect I can278.943.42
fly from base and then take the280.744.08
gyrocopter and boom we gotta clear this282.365.339
out I can land right here unload some284.826.439
stuff then top of the driver287.6993.56
stop right here292.023.899
I thought you're gonna fall hey294.4193.0
hey fly that thing well enough to get it295.9193.421
in the small space man look who you're297.4194.441
talking to so can you fly that into this299.344.98
small space uh I think so I don't know301.863.899
we're gonna I'm gonna have to find out304.323.18
I'm gonna have to find out now I'm305.7593.781
probably out of any of us I would trust307.54.5
you the most on on flying anything all309.543.78
right we'll clear this out and then uh312.03.12
we'll give it a shot how about that all313.324.26
right sounds good315.125.82
Simon yeah this needs to end I know it317.586.3
does trust me320.945.64
[ __ ] shooting me hey you're the one323.884.8
who's killed me many more times than326.583.839
I've been because you're shooting me328.684.44
well I'm just saying it's a defensive330.4195.641
position it is so don't shoot me how333.124.98
about that for a start I'm not shooting336.063.9
you anymore today if you shoot me I338.14.62
don't even care I'm done okay I'm done339.964.14
oh my God342.723.84
what a waste of time it is a waste of344.14.379
time well quit doing it hey well I'm346.563.419
sorry are we gonna talk about this again348.4792.701
am I doing some more High School349.9792.641
[ __ ] is that what you're gonna start351.183.12
talking [ __ ] again oh but we both know352.623.84
that hey hey how about we just leave it354.34.32
be and stop shouting at each other I was356.463.78
shouting because I was on top of a hill358.623.84
okay but no more shouting or bringing up360.243.84
bad things about anything let's just362.464.679
forget it it's done it's over oh is it364.084.679
now over no it doesn't have to be go367.1392.761
ahead and shoot me in the head and then368.7592.521
I won't do nothing is that what you want369.95.34
no I don't no okay then don't say371.285.46
anything unless you want to shoot me375.244.5
don't say anything just the tone just376.744.98
the tone okay what do you want my tone379.746.019
to be like happy hey381.724.039
this sure let's go look this okay we're386.7597.5
gonna loot together we're friends I'm391.2595.821
smiling right now and you can probably394.2596.5
hear it you could you hear your smile397.087.2
who knew you could hear a smile hey hey400.7597.06
buddy we just did that together we're404.285.96
can I here we go all right uh there was410.8196.301
a light in front of these stairs so oh414.64.74
that's blocked off all right uh can I417.125.94
get by there we go aha okay how do I get419.345.1
through there now it's gonna take you423.063.3
forever that's uh I mean you just have424.443.12
your hands and this is like a metal426.363.0
grate I'll come around I'll come to you427.564.139
I assume it's this way I mean you work429.364.98
ah this is it too this looks like a fire431.6994.861
hazard hey how do y'all get out of here434.343.78
if there's a fire I'm gonna keep looking436.563.539
all right I got my pickaxe I'm coming438.122.82
and I should be seriously you guys just440.947.14
oh there you go good morning hello wake444.06.84
up on four okay I got your head look at448.084.5
that it's a dress code they should at450.843.359
least let you wear a tan suit or452.582.959
oh ah now I got this chair I don't want455.5395.681
to carry a chair around oh a trophy I458.344.079
bet you this was for like company461.223.9
baseball Japanese people love baseball I462.4194.081
don't know how that happened moving465.123.0
all right thick you got eyes on yeah I468.125.34
see you you look great oh coming in470.7594.321
coming in coming in come on looking good473.465.04
looking really good oh yeah yeah oh man475.086.66
ain't nothing but a thing baby beautiful478.55.699
boom and that's how it's done thick that481.744.56
is how it's done then I can unload this484.1993.84
do a bunch of stuff I need some storage486.33.899
in here all right cool I got plans and488.0394.141
now I got me a little little side build490.1994.56
Runway yeah that's been a good day you492.184.019
just picked this thing up and then set494.7594.141
it back down and take off uh yeah I can496.1994.201
just that's probably the best thing to498.93.54
just yeah keep all the storage out and500.45.28
then just do a little Boop got it in my502.445.64
pocket which makes no sense but then505.686.9
flip it around do a little Boop yeah and508.086.78
bam we're set up and I'm off tell you512.584.259
what I need to go get wood because we're514.863.84
gonna make all the spikes uh we need a516.8393.301
lot of wood but don't worry I got me a518.73.3
chainsaw I got gasoline I got medicine520.143.72
I'll be good I'll see you when I get522.05.58
back thick okay bye-bye oh yeah that's523.867.88
awesome that is the tits527.586.9
what the hell Road closed but the road531.744.719
looks just fine doesn't it Simon of534.483.66
course it does you know the bridge in536.4593.721
our town has been under construction for538.143.48
seven months and I haven't seen a damn540.183.12
thing of work done on it isn't that541.623.899
weird I don't know the bridge fixing543.34.62
world and there might be things we don't545.5195.461
see yeah the mob it's the mob it's the547.925.22
mob yeah because believe me I knew back550.984.08
in New York they would be working and553.143.9
they'd put construction people out on555.063.66
the site and they say if you try to work557.045.16
at all you'd get fired uh-oh oh god oh558.726.48
deadly radiation deadly radiation Zone562.24.62
the other way the other way don't worry565.24.86
about uh oh there's a bird yeah oh566.827.019
there's a bird excuse me okay I'm gonna570.066.06
get out and shoot the bird well Simon573.8394.861
that's radiation zone so no radiation576.124.339
zone right we just got out578.74.62
there you go get on there we don't want580.4594.901
to mess with that thing now I know why583.324.68
the the roads closed right yeah it makes585.364.5
perfect sense it sure does it's588.04.7
dangerous back there589.862.84
squeeze it there we go oh wow okay this595.4595.201
looks like one of those super corn599.3393.421
um okay this is done oh I hear a drop602.765.28
drop out there huh605.3395.541
which way it is608.042.84
okay where you at oh he's up first611.125.8
tickets are out they're out nope you614.3994.101
need to die616.924.82
oh boy618.53.24
oh no where am I this is bad this is bad622.3996.88
nobody touch me okay because that would626.3995.821
hurt gotta get some distance629.2795.781
is not going to end well632.225.78
it's your turn Okay635.067.56
passenger don't be stamina no638.07.18
keep stamming up nice and hurt I could642.625.86
use a bandage wait I got bandages all645.184.98
right let's hold up stamina hold up till648.483.84
I get through here I need this bike I650.165.54
don't I can't fight you're on your own652.326.36
come back for you655.75.98
oh I can hold him off in the stairs got658.685.599
a bottleneck661.682.599
okay yeah this is this is a just get out667.85.039
of here Neves bring friends back I'll be670.384.579
yeah my favorite thing about this region677.644.379
not only do you get wood you get cold679.744.86
baby all right never see the tree do682.0194.921
that that's fun let's see I'm gonna peek684.64.679
into this passing gas anybody here in686.945.76
the pace and geese hello oh I see you oh689.2796.361
you are a runner sir you need to calm692.75.579
down how about a bat in the face okay695.644.74
yeah you want to come out too sit the698.2794.201
hell down don't do it700.385.94
there you go flip on back tea bag I see702.488.419
anybody in here oh boy706.324.579
oh Luke come on something good shotgun714.363.84
shells me up and down water all right716.763.36
not terrible not terrible you scared me718.23.66
lady all right where's the dog I know720.123.959
you got a dog in here somewhere oh oh721.864.94
boy oh no yep things have gone South724.0795.641
anybody well okay oh it's just one726.84.32
I thought I'd fallen into madness this731.125.44
isn't Madness this is just a place I can734.225.28
climb right back up get out of here is736.564.38
this workbench work no of course the739.54.5
workbench doesn't work oh740.945.459
we go a little bit of ammo that's not744.05.94
too bad anything good in here is that a746.3996.481
marksman rifle that's a marksman's rifle749.945.16
oh you know what I bet thick will enjoy752.883.84
that and all this stuff's not too bad755.14.26
either and then let's see come on come756.724.799
on be something good in here be759.364.38
something good in here passing gas761.5192.791
now that is something good [ __ ] yeah765.57.24
all right Simon I'm going to propose a770.5794.081
fun little game since there's two drops772.743.539
the other one's not too far away which774.663.72
we can get to after this right you get776.2794.62
to choose which drop you open I'm gonna778.384.139
give you that choice you get this one or780.8993.841
the next one but uh whoever gets the the782.5194.26
best stuff in it they're the they're The784.744.98
Big Cheese today oh so what kind of Big786.7794.68
Cheese are we talking about just the789.725.1
biggest cheese the the top head cheese791.4596.481
all right well I am going to say that794.824.98
you should get this one because I didn't797.943.48
even see this one floating in the sky799.84.02
what was the end of um Price is Right801.424.979
the showcase showdown [ __ ] yeah803.824.259
something like that so you're passing on806.3994.261
this one I'm gonna pass on the first one808.0795.041
Bob yeah and I'm gonna go for door810.665.22
number two okay I guess that means I813.124.38
have to open this one yeah let's open815.883.78
let's see what the oh let's ooh and ah817.56.12
let's find it oh we got 14 uh 14 14 44819.666.84
mag 15 shotgun shells 16 iron arrows823.624.92
seven Blunderbuss ammo pump shotgun826.54.86
schematic and 49 mil not the best but828.544.4
not the worst831.365.64
not the worst on to the second showcase832.946.78
all right837.02.72
oh man and cheese head cheese what would841.4598.021
you say is the uh uh the best thing that846.546.9
you had in in your crate uh 49 no baby849.486.72
no yeah that's not too bad when it comes853.444.079
down to these things though you never856.22.819
know you've made a pretty good move857.5192.94
there buddy you made a pretty good move859.0193.301
hey we're rolling up on this one yes we860.4593.961
are I could see the the weird Yellow862.324.92
Smoke down in the trenches write it down864.427.46
there this thing oh yeah yeah867.247.5
good good good hey look at this road's871.885.139
closed ahead whatever four that's so874.743.26
I don't follow your rules okay let's see878.05.5
what we got here boom we're searching it881.2797.74
and I've got a sham I've got food oh883.58.22
[ __ ] I did the wrong book of course yeah889.0195.101
well it's just food it's like a bow and891.726.479
22 iron arrows and like uh yes the head894.125.25
let's get out of here all right good I910.884.959
liked your dance913.863.0
I don't know what they do in this915.8392.881
building thick but uh there's like916.863.86
science stuff918.724.679
with zombies you think science maybe920.725.44
probably science yep there's the bike oh923.3994.041
bike's up here huh oh God now listen oh927.445.44
he's coming out he's coming out he931.1394.32
jumped oh God he's on fire die already932.884.68
where are you don't shoot me don't know935.4594.281
where you are I think oh crap937.564.219
I know I know better turret do your941.7794.541
thing how come it's not doing his thing945.05.72
dick I don't know here we go here we go946.324.4
oh no I'm in a bad place neebs all right956.05.56
where are you I'm coming to you hold on959.764.74
I'm very hurt get Spikes all over the961.567.399
floor spikes okay964.54.459
use them first aid nice air971.185.92
sucker I'm gonna walk out of here live977.2794.081
I'm gonna take a bike with me and you979.265.4
guys will be dead yeah I'm coming doors981.365.76
open I'm back come here come here984.665.1
hillbilly oh yeah look at this the987.124.5
spikes held him off I think I think that989.764.199
guy's just dead right okay squeezed by991.624.68
the spikes and then listen we gotta get993.9595.401
back in here okay check the uh turret996.34.56
now listen think if you ever lay a999.364.02
turret down put bullets in it first I I1000.864.38
know that1003.384.319
oh Simon what a super fun day this has1005.245.76
been so far huh so far so good like not1007.6996.06
bad and and we started so grumply yeah1011.05.82
yeah we did but uh not anymore and look1013.7594.801
I've got a steel club like yours but1016.823.9
mine's not on fire oh let's get yours on1018.564.68
fire we'll be steel Club fire but we'll1020.724.5
we'll shorten that but let's get yours1023.244.559
on fire okay can we do t-shirts though1025.224.859
and then go to like the the local park1027.7995.04
at right by the um like a rent to1030.0794.681
Pavilion out and have a party just me1032.8393.48
and you yeah I mean think I think we got1034.763.6
like a little Pavilion like out on the1036.3193.541
lake now someone's been working on for1038.363.54
some reason oh well that sounds good1039.864.439
throw that on throw that on a second1041.95.72
okay sure her1044.2997.681
burning shaft mod complete yep yay we're1047.626.78
on fire1051.982.42
how do you like that swing do you like1059.445.38
it I do that's a fun swing oh sorry1061.465.579
sorry it's okay it's okay mistakes1064.823.66
happen let's go have a party1067.0394.321
sorry okay all right oh look at us1071.364.62
teamwork brought you here to save me1073.823.239
from the zombies and you're gonna kill1075.983.36
me you brought me into a death trap yeah1077.0594.441
but we didn't die did we well not yet1079.343.54
probably gonna walk out of here with a1081.53.36
bunch of ammo or something did I spin1082.884.62
already yeah I hope so but you know what1084.864.699
how'd you see that oh1087.56.299
I just saw Astro fly by afro yo there's1089.5596.521
a bird on you oh boy yes don't shoot the1093.7994.041
bird fly by me1096.083.9
get the bird get the bird get the bird1097.845.44
oh there's two birds oh watch out neebs1099.985.16
I got you already what are you not done1103.285.899
here we go got one1105.144.039
yeah you got another one on you need1111.344.02
there we go birds are gone gotta take my1115.74.979
first aid for freaking Birds starting to1118.344.14
wish we never seen Napster now you okay1120.6794.5
in their name yeah birds back help me oh1122.484.74
really are all the birds down yep I1125.1794.701
think so okay okay okay1127.225.94
can I sit down here here we go here we1129.884.86
go here we go1133.166.259
nice good Landing what's up oh God1134.747.6
okay I got a broken leg I didn't want to1139.4194.421
get out of that side the game made me1142.343.6
get out of that side you coming back up1143.844.32
hell no I got a broken leg all right1145.944.02
we'll bring the gyrocopter to you later1148.166.86
can you fly that thing of course not1149.965.06
for that long but hey worth it it was1175.0597.12
who doesn't love Bob Barker right1178.76.96
Adam Sandler yep they fought it's1182.1794.981
looking for the big boxes it should be1187.164.759
big boxes right yeah1189.325.46
thank you can I get two for one on that1191.9194.721
Collateral Damage I like it right now1194.783.6
sir yeah that's where the lights are1196.644.14
we're close to the big boxes oh boy oh1198.383.539
child yeah1201.9192.601
you have to pick up Nick oh big man1211.346.54
officer I see him is he gonna spit on us1215.265.74
don't you do it got him okay this is1217.884.919
good we oh we got this big guy down1221.03.84
thick pushing in Are you full of bullets1222.7994.5
pick it up just in case I'll do a little1224.844.92
reload reloading look at me I'm gonna be1227.2995.161
on TV as a Pro Gamer here we go and then1229.766.06
over here are all the big boxes oh yeah1232.465.64
we we had to have gotten all these maybe1235.824.44
you forgot something I'm hoping because1238.14.439
I don't want to be disappointed too I'm1240.265.88
disappointed with me oh yeah oh it's all1242.5397.02
empty for real okay I'm up every bit of1246.145.22
it every bit of it but it was probably1249.5594.021
stuff we all used all right well at1251.363.6
least we know there's a ton of1253.584.08
electronics and stuff inside yeah so we1254.964.079
need to bring the ratchets and the1257.663.18
wrenches and all that and uh clear this1259.0393.721
building out yep don't forget your your1260.844.23
turret thank you yep drive through1262.765.46
Hey listen I think we should hit these1299.024.899
guys head on just to see who's better1302.243.54
right now huh which one do you think is1303.9194.201
better hit what guys you know zombies1305.786.32
yeah no no I mean the Jeeps1308.123.98
they don't seem to damage each other I1314.384.6
got 100 on the Jeep I'm still at 100.1316.644.8
boom shakalaka get a real big long run1318.985.34
all right long run hold on Long Run long1321.444.56
run yeah start at the end start at the1324.323.42
end you got it1326.08.0
go go yeah come on baby1327.746.26
oh wait you're good that was it man my1343.5395.981
view looked good I did a flippity flip1346.44.62
let's not rinse that anymore I don't1349.522.7
want to lose these things let's get1351.022.58
serious now it's time to get serious1352.224.26
yeah let's get serious1353.64.38
sovere this is a fort dumpster okay uh1357.985.819
the guy should be in here let's see1361.346.12
let's see let's see guys hello yes oh hi1363.7996.841
what's up cute ass hey got some help1367.467.14
this is vertigo hello hey vertigo wow1370.646.18
well well well well look at you look at1374.64.68
him look at this special quite the1376.824.44
special quite the quite the handsome1379.284.56
hunk of uh man meat huh yeah he's he's1381.264.74
pretty he's pretty he sure is pretty1383.844.8
like your calves boy so where's was the1386.06.0
uh was was the the idiot which one I1388.645.76
know there's an idiot in the room group1392.06.44
and I need to help him listen listen1394.47.08
all right Vertigo Vertigo we want to we1398.444.9
want to start playing nice don't we me1401.483.54
and you yes me and you I am the1403.343.42
quote-unquote idiot that you might be1405.023.779
referring to now there's no quotes1406.765.82
needed okay listen let's try to be nice1408.7996.24
vertical let's we could be friends we1412.583.839
could become fast friends if you know1415.0394.081
what I mean there I was standing by my1416.4195.821
team and there's a new guy Among Us1419.125.46
we didn't know much about him but he was1422.244.26
there nonetheless1424.584.92
two idiots side by side what would come1426.57.52
of this I'm not sure two idiots1429.54.52
hey names we got a broke door two broke1440.64.26
doors up front yeah I was planning on1443.04.559
making one or two okay yeah yeah yeah1444.866.9
yeah yeah hold on hold on boom Oh and1447.5596.181
then let's see I put a little gas in1451.764.62
this bad boy oh [ __ ] I need an engine1453.744.319
damn it all right yeah I need an engine1456.383.419
now I got the gas I thought this was the1458.0593.24
engine forgot this worked that's a light1459.7993.12
right yeah that's gonna be a spotlight1461.2993.781
so we'll be able to Spotlight uh with1462.9193.301
this front where they're coming in there1465.082.88
is this where we start right here Yep1466.223.42
this is starting point this is point a1467.963.12
baby right here through these holes bang1469.643.48
bang through the holes you guys think1471.083.839
this is all right I think so and also1473.123.539
use this generator Bank to rig up some1474.9194.38
more of these uh electricity traps nice1476.6595.4
yeah be able to zap us some zombies baby1479.2994.801
they don't stand a chance man I don't1482.0593.961
think they do they think they do but1484.14.26
they don't wait I don't I don't think1486.024.5
that they think that they have a chance1488.365.1
but I think they think they do but they1490.525.159
don't got all that nope all right well1493.464.98
shut the [ __ ] up and keep building okay1495.6794.921
getting bloody under the water that's no1498.444.26
good getting bloody up what would you do1500.64.74
in this vert huh what would your expert1502.74.44
ass do I'd get out and kill the [ __ ]1505.343.6
Birdman well then get out and kill the1507.145.64
bird mate go ahead mate go ahead Bird's1508.946.0
dead let's get yeah Bird's dead great1512.785.759
good stuff follow me what kind of accent1514.946.0
was that that was me trying to pretend1518.5394.38
to be an idiot do you understand you1520.943.119
don't have to pretend man just be1522.9192.76
yourself you started with the idiot1524.0593.24
thing you know what you're so cute1525.6793.721
you're so cute I'm only calling you what1527.2994.141
I got told that you were okay don't1529.43.72
blame me blame your friends mate don't1531.443.06
blame me I didn't realize you didn't1533.122.64
have a brain to think for yourself1534.53.179
that's what I do is I think for myself1535.763.779
my friends could tell me that you're a1537.6794.681
[ __ ] and they did but I said I'm not1539.5394.921
gonna just assume you're a [ __ ] I'm1542.364.02
gonna [ __ ] tell for myself I'm gonna1544.463.66
say it but you're a [ __ ] and your1546.383.84
problems you know you're very hostile1548.123.72
you're just an angry person it's morning1550.223.72
this is how I wake up yeah you got1551.844.38
problems no I don't all right what are1553.944.14
we doing their conversation was getting1556.224.38
annoying already I don't know how much I1558.083.78
could stand it1560.64.62
how much I could take hey guys let's uh1561.866.54
let's go ahead and let's do the oh yes1565.226.18
the motel eight oh we got some rabbit1568.46.42
there's a rabbit rabbit1571.46.06
you don't use a knife no you shoot the1574.824.8
wrap you use a knife you don't look oh1577.464.56
my God let me show you sure go ahead1579.624.559
show me it's a little bit of lag here1582.024.88
but I'll do my job don't worry about it1584.1796.781
go ahead go ahead show me bubba goddamn1586.95.68
rabbit okay I've got stamina give me one1590.963.78
second I need a breather okay should we1592.584.26
just drop the rabbit thing no we not no1594.744.14
we can't we need the food um we're gonna1596.844.199
kill the rabbit I lost it in the brush1598.883.48
it's here it's over here it's over here1601.0393.421
to the West yeah come on come on we got1602.363.72
this this will be the thing that we1604.463.06
could work together and then we can be1606.083.06
friends wouldn't that be nice if that1607.523.3
happened not really I don't really want1609.143.3
to be your friend hey there's a wolf1610.823.959
chasing chasing the rabbit chasing a1612.446.38
rabbit don't chase this is our rabbit1614.7794.041
I win I win1630.646.159
see neebs we could really use some1635.1793.901
forged steel and like really fortify1636.7993.661
these doors a little better uh that's1639.083.18
back at the base yeah no we can go back1640.463.48
to base and get it I just went I wish I1642.263.12
just went back and got some engines so1643.944.08
hold on I'll make sure this is gonna1645.385.46
work oh yep okay yeah I'm sorry sorry1648.027.34
sorry God all right you okay who's that1650.846.78
I just went out the door just what the1655.364.6
exact what is that you seeing this I say1657.624.799
that what is this oh [ __ ] green guy oh1659.964.04
wow he's coming in here1662.4193.661
he was a runner he was a runner I'm1664.05.279
gonna hit him with a bat wow1666.086.78
okay where's the screamer is she inside1669.2796.221
oh where yeah where's the screamer oh I1672.864.919
see her she's in the bathroom [ __ ] get1675.54.62
out the bathroom hold on lady I'm coming1677.7795.161
oh watch out episode behind us oh boy oh1680.125.52
actually lure him in oh is that is it is1682.944.619
it still on oh wait yeah do that thick1685.644.08
let's go come on come on come on here we1687.5593.381
go baby1689.725.579
oh take let me know where you're in WoW1690.946.28
up names don't move from that position1695.2996.601
okay yeah yeah oh something hit me was1697.226.72
it him Jew wasn't it uh yeah it was1701.93.6
probably him you got another one kind of1703.943.18
climbing behind you but uh he's gonna be1705.54.08
dead soon oh this is great oh we got1707.125.7
your back don't worry about it go down1709.585.459
oh yeah this is going swimmingly this is1712.824.62
what I like this is what makes my day1715.0395.101
just so much better motorcycle man down1717.443.9
all right is everybody out of the1720.143.72
bathroom memes I think so all right1721.346.06
awesome and then a moop Boop he dead all1723.866.26
right nice1727.42.72
Simon what's up do you remember this1730.344.98
place I do we had a horde here yeah hey1732.265.159
I'm proud of your memory right there and1735.323.9
listen man we had walls going all the1737.4193.421
way up here we did a lot of fighting1739.226.059
down here Reeves made a a house was it a1740.846.12
Mexican house no I think it was a1745.2794.081
Chinese restaurant oh okay he does a lot1746.965.099
of ethnic stuff listen verts me and you1749.364.799
baby we're going to be friends now go1752.0593.72
ahead get the loot go ahead let's go get1754.1593.601
the loot together as a team all right1755.7793.481
all right all right let's work together1757.763.299
okay you want to lead the way or do you1759.263.539
want me to lead the way oh you lead the1761.0593.541
way and I'll give you some uh tips and1762.7993.181
tricks as you as you do your thing okay1764.64.319
okay oh sure okay well let's I'll humor1765.985.16
you okay so here we go let's open this1768.9194.98
up that's that door open now all right1771.144.62
yeah now let him out I'm gonna stab him1773.8995.341
right there you go there you go okay all1775.765.399
right okay wow very nice I mean I was1779.243.9
axing him and then you stepped in front1781.1594.201
of me very dangerously but okay what'd1783.143.539
you take from that Simon would you take1785.363.48
from that I took that uh maybe more1786.6795.421
communication like maybe1788.843.26
I mean maybe next time just say break1794.024.36
the door and step back keep looting and1796.523.539
stuff keep doing the okay let's move1798.382.94
let's go upstairs1800.0593.6
um I'm leading the way here and oh hello1801.323.9
hello there's a couple of guys right1803.6593.481
here I'm gonna bag on my knife it's okay1805.225.459
yeah it's now okay oh God oh God did1807.147.88
somebody fall down there is that okay1810.6794.341
yeah good steps steps good job I see him1815.267.299
teach you well I teach you well okay so1819.444.739
back up here all right look at the1822.5592.941
kitchen why are you why are you sleeping1824.1793.12
in the kitchen son I'm going upstairs1825.54.98
because this is what men do you1827.2995.641
understand are you a man all right all1830.483.96
right go go ahead there's nothing thank1832.944.26
you go ahead oh yeah there's oh I'm1834.444.08
sorry we're friends right there is1837.22.82
something up here all right you don't1838.523.659
think there's anything up here there's a1840.024.56
chair right there that's something yeah1842.1795.161
what about this crate huh nothing but1844.585.64
the chair picking up the chair lucky me1847.344.98
you've got to listen okay I'm not I'm1850.223.179
not trying to order you around I'm just1852.322.16
trying to give you advice I'm here to1853.3992.941
help you I'm your personal okay as I1854.484.14
said all right okay that's fine I'm glad1856.343.9
that I'm I'm so important that somebody1858.624.26
gets to hire you for me okay how do you1860.243.9
see as a compliment why is it why is it1862.882.82
an insult to you I don't know maybe1864.143.539
because my mom didn't hug me enough okay1865.74.32
well you know you gotta stop taking that1867.6794.141
hatred and anger towards your mother and1870.024.92
and throwing everyone else around you he1871.824.5
makes a good point he makes a really1874.942.88
good point Simon if there was a way to1876.323.12
hug would you hug me I'd give you a nice1877.823.719
pat on the back wow so you're you're so1879.443.239
insecure that you wouldn't even give1881.5393.061
another man a hug no it's not about1882.6793.6
giving a man a hug he's not giving you a1884.63.179
hug I'll give you a pat on the back okay1886.2793.841
well maybe I can get to a hug soon guys1887.7794.5
I had something come up I'll uh I'll1890.126.6
catch you in a bit okay oh you bastard1892.2797.14
tell you what finding a treasure map was1896.725.64
a blessing because those two that was uh1899.4194.86
it was worse than I expected just to1902.363.319
break away a little bit's nice1904.2794.321
especially when I get this sweet loot1905.6798.74
come on big winner yeah okay that's good1908.69.059
that's really good level six bat and1914.4194.801
some ammo because we were doing the ammo1917.6593.961
okay I hope those guys are doing holy1919.225.64
crap abstract hey what's up uh not much1921.625.039
I just uh it was a treasure down there1924.864.02
so oh cool I was out trying to find cars1926.6593.781
arranging a bird was attacking me so I1928.883.96
had to land nice seeing you you too good1930.445.76
seeing you you too use well glad I saw1932.845.16
you I know I'm gonna head back to the1936.23.9
idiots okay yeah I'm gonna raise cars1938.04.26
abstra was going to wrench cars and I1940.14.92
was gonna go back to the idiots oh boy1942.265.46
there we go hello people I'm just1945.025.46
getting my stuff from from God knows how1947.724.74
long ago yep and there's a little lady1950.483.72
running around out there watch out for1952.463.079
all right1955.5394.721
all right you know what I've been1958.1593.061
thinking about it I've been thinking1960.262.82
about it okay what's what's up do you1961.223.54
not see what's happened here what in1963.084.079
here well there's a zombie apocalypse1964.763.659
out there if you haven't noticed oh1967.1593.421
that's it no within the group do you1968.4193.541
understand what's happened here what's1970.582.88
happened in the group what's happened I1971.962.699
don't know what has happened in the1973.463.3
group they brought me in under the veil1974.6594.561
of helping you learn the game okay but1976.764.32
in reality what Michelle1979.224.559
sorry what they discarded you and they1981.084.92
got me watching you right they think1983.7794.02
we're stupid uh-huh and they want us1986.02.88
away from the group because they don't1987.7993.181
think that we contribute anything oh wow1988.884.08
well it's amazing how quickly you feel1990.984.86
like me you just got here today I I now1992.964.439
know I've realized that I've been1995.843.36
feeling like that my whole life yeah all1997.3993.301
right so let's what are we gonna do I1999.22.459
know what we're gonna do follow me2000.72.94
follow me okay I'll follow you I'm very2001.6593.941
easily swayed I can tell2003.643.24
give me a battery just a battery it's2006.885.1
one damn battery oil pipe iron yep not2008.9195.581
one battery okay that car that car there2011.983.84
is gonna have the battery but I gotta2014.52.7
get to it2015.823.18
oh wait oh God yeah it's just gonna fall2017.24.079
in it can I build a bridge2019.04.159
I build a bridge2021.2794.981
don't fall don't fall fall you're gonna2023.1594.781
break your leg you don't want to do that2026.265.419
that'd be real stupid that'd be real2027.947.68
stupid okay okay okay I can almost make2031.6796.571
it yep yep yep yep yep2035.625.279
okay come on oh what's in here come on2040.8993.181
give me something good come on just need2042.764.139
one good thing what is this lead Nails2044.085.519
all right come on give me a battery come2046.8995.041
on give me a battery come on just one2049.5996.841
damn battery okay okay leather gas huh2051.947.14
okay engine radiator a radiator2056.444.14
assignment likes to say for some damn2059.083.12
reason oil2060.585.779
come on damn it2062.24.159
oh hey guys Hey listen we were gonna2067.724.74
loot this place but we've already been2070.783.839
here like there's nerd pole I think2072.464.5
thick nerd pulled up there yeah2074.6194.321
um like does that mean it didn't respawn2076.963.36
because we were gonna prove our work2078.944.08
well let's put it this way even if it's2080.324.5
been loot you know it's not all been2083.024.379
looted that is a huge place there's2084.824.079
gonna be some there's gonna be some2087.3993.181
pockets of goodness in there for sure2088.8993.601
still you would imagine right yeah we2090.584.079
can get them something tasty and that'll2092.54.32
be good no we don't want something tasty2094.6593.901
we want something epic what's that2096.823.539
nothing listen door are you licking his2098.563.12
ear it looked like you were licking his2100.3593.181
ear he's allowed to lick my ear if he2101.683.0
wants to can you hold on for a second2103.542.52
vertigo could you just stay here for one2104.682.88
second yeah yeah yeah go ahead Hey2106.064.2
listen to her Dora yeah what's up he's2107.564.799
kind of you know feeling like he wants2110.263.72
to prove himself so just go along with2112.3592.821
it okay so we're good with this right2113.983.06
right okay so whatever I mean I get it2115.183.179
so you know so let's we don't need [ __ ]2118.3594.441
we're doing we're proving it big yeah2121.04.079
yeah yeah we're proven that we're going2122.84.319
to be worthy in this guy yeah I know I2125.0793.481
know believing trust me I know you got2127.1192.821
to play him like a fiddle is what you2128.562.58
gotta what the [ __ ] is wrong with you2129.943.139
nothing nothing2131.144.26
when you discuss things I turned my back2133.0793.52
and I didn't listen what you had to say2135.43.179
all right so you guys just gonna keep2136.5994.5
talking okay we're gonna go we're going2138.5796.181
we're going in now that I came back to2141.0995.041
see how they were doing it looked like2144.763.06
they were getting along better2146.144.62
maybe even lovers at this point2147.825.759
oh thick yeah I might need you I2150.764.8
accidentally I was looking for cars and2153.5793.841
then uh there's zombies everywhere oh2155.564.38
okay hold on let me all right uh my2157.424.56
friends are here now like that all right2159.943.78
well we got on Bottlenose right here2161.983.42
yeah right here me and you don't waste2163.723.48
don't waste your ammo that's right come2165.44.32
on yeah there we go oh nice we just wait2167.25.159
right here it's like in uh 300. remember2169.724.98
that movie yeah it's like they went to2172.3594.621
the canyon hey come here I don't2174.74.44
remember the lines I don't either I just2176.988.06
remember uh this is is it Sparta2179.1410.439
this is Sparta this is Sparta this right2185.045.819
here is2189.5793.601
okay and then you kick them in the hole2190.8594.901
yeah not not in the hole but into the2193.184.32
hole yeah you know what I mean kick him2195.763.18
in the hole2197.54.28
oh you know what he only had a shotgun2250.95.66
that's not good for loading yeah yeah2253.5996.061
thank goodness that was fun huh it was2256.565.14
and you know what he's my friend we're2259.664.08
gonna prove ourselves someday that's2261.74.08
cute yeah2263.744.74
you need batteries I got one oh uh no I2265.784.26
don't need batteries I I put a generator2268.483.54
bank here I could just use gasoline oh I2270.043.6
got gas too yeah I got a bunch of gas2272.023.42
and I figured yeah if anybody Harvest2273.643.6
cars it's easy to get gas so we can just2275.443.419
you know make generator Banks instead of2277.242.82
battery Banks battery banks are a pain2278.8593.961
in the ass yeah I think gas is easier to2280.065.88
come by oh yeah no absolutely oh this2282.824.98
thing's gonna kick him in the hole look2285.944.7
at this yes they are that is the plan2287.85.64
screamer oh another one kick her in the2290.645.56
hole oh God bird getting overwhelmed2293.444.74
hold on we're coming to you oh my God2296.23.36
there's a lot I'm trying not to waste2298.184.58
any ammo I'm up top2299.563.2
I'm trying to help oh wait I got this2303.066.1
sniper rifle I found boom level up ah2305.745.879
you didn't save me any oh there's one2309.164.5
over here go kick him in the hole okay2311.6195.22
yeah kick him at all get him ah I get2313.665.16
the bag that's my bag oh that should2316.8393.901
have been my bag I got the kill you2318.824.32
stole it from neebs could have been your2320.744.8
beef Russian2323.147.28
oh hey buddy hey oh dog dog dog dog2325.544.88
all right hey welcome back buddy so what2331.445.08
happened man I'll tell you what happened2334.663.72
I was in stealth mode with my little2336.523.9
knife okay I was ready to [ __ ] go I2338.384.02
was ready to stealth him me too and then2340.423.54
guess what happened your little buddy2342.42.82
over here decided you know what let's2343.963.5
just shoot up in the air for no reason2345.226.0
whoa the rally Is Here Yeah shot and2347.465.8
woke up all the zombies and then I got2351.223.78
swarmed yeah cause [ __ ] was getting2353.264.14
boring I figured that would be uh fun to2355.04.5
watch what do you mean well no no like2357.43.84
how fun was that then right I mean2359.54.38
listen I thought it was fun but our2361.245.04
friend here did not think it was fun no2363.884.8
well because he died okay right so now2366.284.559
we know vertigo he couldn't handle it2368.684.32
listen he he could he's just a little2370.8394.861
perturbed listen vertigo we're gonna be2373.04.74
okay just get your stuff it's right2375.73.8
continue our adventure Simon do you2379.54.119
understand that this is sabotage Rock2382.3592.76
they're trying to keep us down listen it2383.6192.821
stops right over here but it's right2385.1192.521
here on the ground I'm looking at it2386.444.2
listen we know that that's what life is2387.645.4
all about people sticking their foot on2390.644.32
your throat and telling you that you're2393.043.059
never going to amount to anything2394.964.2
because they know they know that you2396.0995.901
were oh my God all you guys do is2399.165.3
get your stuff all right all right2402.06.16
animals okay okay easy now what are you2404.465.44
doing what are you doing what are you2408.163.179
doing you want to [ __ ] [ __ ] me hey2409.93.84
let's just Dora Dora Dora all right come2411.3394.26
on no no you know what just step back a2413.743.18
little bit that's all just step back a2415.5992.821
little bit oh boy you want to mess with2416.923.74
this one2418.422.24
mate I'll mess with it wow Chad and I've2420.95.679
done that I think you might have2424.5994.161
hey boys hello hello all right I can't2428.765.46
make the blade traps right now I need2432.224.5
electrical parts like a ton of them okay2434.224.3
any idea where we can get some that2436.723.899
building over there uh that tall one2438.524.02
there's a bunch of like scientific stuff2440.6192.821
oh the one I landed on top of yes what2443.444.5
if I can land up there again yeah we2446.23.48
could run upstairs you you land up top2447.943.84
we'll sandwich it yeah okay let's do it2449.683.78
all right meet you there I think it was2451.783.54
like sixth floor or something like that2453.463.659
all right just don't get out on the2455.323.66
wrong side this time I'm through and2457.1193.301
you're gonna do just fine you're gonna2458.983.78
do just fine oh yeah look at this look2460.425.0
at this look I'm a damn Pro I'm a pro2462.767.26
professional avionics person wizard oh2465.426.76
nope nope I'm not a pro not a pro I'm on2470.024.44
my side that's that's okay going down2472.183.72
going down going down here we go here we2474.463.84
go recover oh that's not a recovery that2475.94.38
sticks stupid nerd pole you probably2478.33.96
should have just ran over uh no yeah I2480.283.299
could have ran over but I'm not at the2482.262.819
top not at the top here we go here we go2483.5793.661
okay take two should we meet you there2485.0794.321
yeah you may as well all right we'll be2487.244.379
inside this is the one this is the one2489.44.14
yeah get a little bit more High a little2491.6193.601
more look at this look at that look at2493.542.84
boom baby easy peasy all right let's see2496.386.219
where all the electronics these boys is2499.985.139
talking about what's this medical piles2502.5994.441
ready metastas vitamins in here and2505.1193.841
gunpowder there's good stuff up here2507.044.319
nice getting tons of electrical parts2508.966.36
electrical or mechanical uh yes oh I2511.3596.661
just hit the jackpot Harvest it oh yeah2515.325.46
this is some good stuff oh yeah this is2518.025.099
great good fun nibs I think you think2520.784.559
there's anything in this uh grate here2523.1194.5
she's like a place waiters they all have2525.3394.74
great yeah huh do you think what's in2527.6195.821
there is very great no oh boy yeah2530.0795.961
I was on the fence about vert being an2536.24.919
idiot now I know he's an idiot and an2538.545.84
[ __ ] Hey Bert oh boy2541.1195.701
listen there he is buddy where you at2544.385.14
where you guys where you at hey we're up2546.825.1
here on maybe the third floor what it2549.523.839
sounds like you're a little bit nervous2551.923.659
for some reason I'm not nervous I'm not2553.3593.421
nervous I just feel a little bit bad2555.5793.081
okay I want it okay because you2556.784.5
overreacted we're on the third floor2558.665.38
maybe come and find us we nearly at the2561.286.66
top okay great uh I wish you luck thank2564.047.62
you Simon this way okay yep yep gotcha2567.945.46
oh yeah that's right somebody was here2571.664.14
before good oh I like how you doing all2573.45.58
the work oh no that's not good my legs2575.87.279
you broke your legs2578.987.379
Simon I'm sorry uh I'm gonna drop down2583.0798.52
and split for you oh wait watch out2586.3595.24
are you dead already because I'm up here2592.58.38
and I'm shooting man man oh man he2595.786.9
hasn't had such a good day all right2600.883.6
Astro what's the idea here's what I'm2602.683.899
thinking phase one the entrance2604.483.06
hopefully they're gonna be coming2606.5792.401
through these front doors here and I got2607.543.299
all these electric traps set up that I2608.984.08
can turn on with this generator bank and2610.8394.161
uh we shoot them until they overrun us2613.065.24
wow wow2615.05.92
and then once we're overrun we fall back2618.33.58
phase two this is gonna be the hallway2621.883.6
of blades we'll be right here I'm gonna2623.6193.601
set some more blade traps up right here2625.483.66
we'll fight them as they come until we2627.225.28
get overrun wow wow how's the blade trap2629.144.88
that's better and then we fall back over2634.023.579
here too2636.3393.301
this is phase three dick puncher alley2637.5994.26
we have our dick puncher set up oh and2639.643.719
uh yeah careful Simon there are holes2641.8593.421
everywhere I got a dick puncher too oh2643.3593.661
yeah we'll put it down somewhere uh I2645.283.24
recommend this one this one was mine I2647.022.7
recommend putting it on this side2648.523.12
because it worked pretty damn well on2649.723.899
this side stick it right here like right2651.643.3
where I'm standing right here Simon2653.6193.121
stick that dick puncher right there oh2654.944.22
yeah it's gonna be just just careful2660.1195.681
careful there you go no no no no no hey2662.386.479
like that I prefer it kind of pointed2665.85.22
towards me okay that looks good I'm not2668.8594.621
gonna move it that's fine this is Final2671.025.46
Stand Diner not bad not bad so we'll be2673.484.68
sitting in here and shooting them as2676.484.26
they come in and um I have no idea how2678.164.14
this is gonna go this could be an2680.744.2
absolute [ __ ] show2682.34.34
hey Simon hey what's up how's your2690.3595.801
parkour skills like in in a in a bind if2693.284.14
you're in a lot of trouble do you know2696.163.36
how to like parkour you have to escape2697.425.34
if I can be I'm known to do really well2699.525.28
and I'm also known to panic in Easy2702.763.96
situations all right well you know I2704.83.059
want to test you out a little bit you2706.722.52
see these blocks over here it's all2707.8593.48
about timing now that's yeah barely2709.244.14
reachable but if you run and jump at the2711.3393.961
right time it's an easy jump I'll show2713.383.38
you you mean like that2715.35.519
don't show me anything I I jumped the2716.765.74
gun there come back up here and let me2720.8193.241
show you how about no no no how about I2722.53.0
watch you how about I watch you do it2724.063.66
from from here huh let's see if you make2725.53.78
it let's see if you can make it while I2727.723.42
watch I'll make it yeah let's see yeah2729.283.299
he's a professional look at that done2731.143.959
all right now copy and let me show you2732.5794.26
so what are you what are you gonna try2736.8393.48
to tell me how to jump no not how to2738.0994.5
jump how to run jump and parkour now I2740.3193.361
want you to do what I want to do is I2742.5992.22
want you to run as fast as you can we2743.683.419
get to this point right yeah I want you2744.8193.961
to jump right where shoot it again shoot2747.0994.441
it again right yeah okay and then jump2748.784.2
and then you jump at that point all2751.542.819
right that's what I tried to do last2752.984.02
time didn't work tell me better but yeah2754.3596.24
ah yeah broke my leg again that was2757.05.339
worth it I'm sorry to hear that mate2760.5994.74
sorry to hear that oh that that that uh2762.3394.921
I think you're laughing because you know2765.3393.421
that I'm there's something else that I'm2767.264.94
doing wrong and you're making me do this2768.765.7
okay I know there's a hole here2772.25.7
somewhere yeah there's also a pole2774.466.24
there was a stop sign until you got rid2777.96.459
of that mess yeah nice that one's this2780.76.06
good nobody is this good where are we at2784.3594.441
there we go hooked up hey right here2786.763.66
that's where we'll park it good idea2788.84.34
what's up fellas how you doing hey vert2793.685.5
oh boy bird hey did you guys get any2796.963.78
good stuff at the trader ammunition2799.184.38
weapons I got some 762. yeah I got some2800.745.22
ammo looking dish and stuff we have a2803.564.019
box anywhere for that like a collective2805.963.54
box up there or something like that oh2807.5793.481
no not up here you can stick it in this2809.53.78
wall safe right here for now yeah this2811.063.6
wall safe's got plenty of room sticking2813.283.9
in the wall safe okay2814.665.54
all right2817.183.02
I do it every time okay if you could2830.463.639
just gather around here and grab2833.0792.341
yourself a drink I want to give a2834.0993.661
toaster a quick uh to Our Success ah2835.423.84
I've never failed while doing this so2837.764.319
there's one for you one for you oh2839.264.559
you're giving us drinks I'm giving you2842.0793.78
drinks oh it's a beer one for you Simon2843.8194.5
Okay uh we better hurry oh God okay uh2845.8594.141
good luck to all you all and hopefully2848.3195.101
we don't fail Cheers Cheers Cheers oh2850.05.7
I'm Buzz I'm feeling Rowdy oh hey2853.424.199
they're coming already all right oh I'm2855.73.6
getting back up to my high spot it's a2857.6193.361
good idea oh wait I want to put spikes2859.32.64
out here2860.982.879
um right so what just just a row of2861.943.72
spikes right here watch my back all2863.8593.781
right hold up oh here we go they're2865.664.38
coming they're coming to the party yeah2867.643.719
the party they're gonna come through2870.043.42
that pretty quick guys stay on them this2871.3593.96
is really hard to place for some reason2873.463.899
oh there they go it just all right don't2875.3193.661
shoot me coming through I still got a2877.3593.361
little double vision that Beer's got me2878.983.2
look at them coming in oh this is2882.186.06
working fantastic boys2884.8593.381
line them up I like the electric it2888.3393.78
allows you to get head shots easy oh we2890.444.08
got a little crawler yeah yeah we gotta2892.1193.72
watch out for those crawlers they can2894.523.54
make it under oh yeah oh popping these2895.8394.801
heads like pitfalls working great Astro2898.064.62
I know baby we might not get to go to2900.645.12
the second floor we might not2902.685.46
crawler Crowley dude oh he's coming2905.765.14
through my hole oh boy you got him yep2908.145.16
uh that's what she said all right oh2910.93.9
another one she said she's coming2913.33.6
through your hole yeah how's that work2914.85.779
yeah what's I don't understand2916.97.08
oh yeah hey sit down ass oh sit down2920.5794.961
we're gonna go there's a green one right2923.983.24
under your feet I know I'm trying to get2925.544.2
him hey yeah I think I got him he's dead2927.224.68
they're getting close light them up sit2929.744.079
down green boy I have an idea what2931.93.959
what's that got a multi cocktail I've2933.8193.601
got a bob top to watch outside and back2935.8593.181
up back up back up here I come okay2937.424.46
you're nobody2939.042.84
good look at this look at this this is2953.885.02
amazing we have some good color uh we're2956.684.62
gonna break nearly uh in the middle here2958.94.62
on the desk oh they're breaking in don't2961.34.26
worry we got this I'm fighting him from2963.523.78
up here all right something tells me I2965.563.0
should have brought some more nine mil2967.33.779
there's some 762 in that safe right down2968.564.86
there oh good too bad I don't have2971.0795.481
anything to shoot it with2973.423.14
okay do you have any shotgun shells2981.724.42
still yeah the [ __ ] I'm good shotgun2984.283.48
that's what I'm shooting right now I2986.143.0
really want to get up to that pushy2987.764.079
pushy ledge I mean we can fall back just2989.144.86
to fall back but damn we're kicking some2991.8394.381
ass right here we are up it's open2994.04.14
though it's now open I don't know how2996.223.84
that happened I have no idea hey I'll2998.143.66
see some blue bags somebody get in there3000.064.1
and get them nope what do you mean3001.85.1
hold on we got a free second uh I can3004.164.919
repair this bridge3006.94.32
they're getting in they're getting in3009.0794.481
okay down fall back all right fall back3011.224.8
fall back it'll be fun it'll be fun all3013.564.44
right all right follow him back falling3016.025.76
back yeah come on everybody come on guys3018.05.579
they're coming all right I know we're3021.782.94
falling back we're falling back3023.5792.881
everybody get behind this man come on3024.723.96
come on come on all right hold on hold3026.464.56
on how far up do you guys go rep to the3028.684.56
Spinners the blade the blade trap who is3031.023.839
the jumper name Simon where the [ __ ] you3033.243.9
guys at we all said fall back doing I3034.8594.201
wanted to make sure they were coming so3037.143.9
they knew where the party was oh they're3039.064.44
coming oh yeah come on come on come on3041.044.559
okay all right all right everybody3043.54.98
passed here we go watch out yep but are3045.5994.621
you sure they were coming well somebody3048.484.079
was rushing me so I'm thinking that I3050.224.139
only saw one or two people come and3052.5595.0
we're just gonna be sitting here3054.3593.2
we go3058.023.24
come on I wouldn't even waste your ammo3059.044.74
I'm not gonna okay okay I still hear3061.264.98
people shoot oh that's abs are popping3063.783.799
oh yeah3066.244.02
here we go come out right through the3067.5796.78
damn blade trip boy come on3070.264.099
oh yeah get his head chop his head up3076.646.76
yeah pop goes the weasel look at this3079.766.04
app store you so far I mean this is a3083.44.5
wonderful job yeah great job what3085.83.6
happens when you put me in charge baby3087.94.58
[ __ ] gets done3089.43.08
he just jumped in front of my shot I've3097.45.38
been here the whole time was that a3100.86.14
genuine accident yes3102.784.16
okay all right I'm fine it's all good3107.5994.48
all right I'm back I'm back boys I'm3110.284.92
back I'm back I'm back oh [ __ ] sorry I3112.0795.24
son of a [ __ ]3117.8593.72
what the [ __ ] just happened I was I was3123.387.0
watching the window like that and I shot3127.144.8
the next thing that popped up and it was3130.384.32
burnt oh God okay well I guess he's3131.944.379
gonna be coming from downstairs so keep3134.73.119
an eye out there yeah he should have3136.3194.26
announced himself maybe he did I had to3137.8194.441
ask myself I got a fat boys I'm back3140.5794.681
boys okay oh that was what you meant God3142.264.98
damn it oh God that's a long guy that's3145.264.74
a fun guy don't shoot them don't shoot3147.244.099
the phone3150.05.28
probably me that was me gonna blow is he3151.3395.681
doesn't look like it it's blinking red3155.284.02
he's taking his sweet time blowing oh3157.024.98
what's the matter first I'm amongst the3159.35.84
zombie man3162.03.14
you're killing it listen I think you're3188.34.48
doing great pal oh this is a big3190.684.439
figuring guy got him let's uh go to the3192.784.2
pushings huh we gotta wait for vertigo3195.1193.661
vert I can turn off the spike so you3196.983.48
ready to run back turn them off turn3198.783.66
them off we want those bags let's get3200.463.96
those bags uh they're off but oh God3202.443.659
they're still coming turn them back on3204.424.199
oh oh God okay all right come on turn it3206.0994.801
back on turn them back on come on3208.6194.381
oh turn him off turn them off turn them3210.94.76
off turn them off3213.02.66
oh my god let's go to the pushies huh3220.944.72
are we falling back to the boogers let's3224.043.24
do it let's go pushies fall back fall3225.665.34
back to the pushies pushy control yeah3227.286.24
oh boy you guys be careful God damn it3231.05.28
man you did good Bert you did great all3233.524.2
right everybody everybody get up here3236.282.88
everybody get up here and get the line3237.724.139
and don't hit each other don't hit each3239.164.8
other don't shoot each other yeah yes3241.8593.0
um Bert I'm very sorry oh my god oh he3244.8595.661
fell off whoa yeah3247.383.14
that's a big guy that's a big guy3252.8594.2
they're not gonna get past this no this3258.0794.721
is impossible no what did you say that3261.03.839
it's not impossible come on everybody3262.83.9
come on come on come on careful dude3264.8393.0
what are you doing what are you doing3266.72.659
behind you3267.8394.801
come from Lady whoa where did she come3269.3595.2
from what there's no zombies over here3272.643.419
I'm just gonna grab my stuff real quick3274.5593.481
okay you guys all hear me say sorry I3276.0593.421
said sorry to Burt I didn't mean to do3278.043.42
that yeah we heard we heard the apology3279.484.2
I'm getting these bags down here there's3281.463.899
no zombies There's no zombies with the3283.683.419
uh the blade traps are so I got no idea3285.3593.901
where they're coming from uh hoof man3287.0993.781
should we lure them back yeah I probably3289.266.18
should oh god oh no oh god oh no where3290.889.14
the hell am I oh stop get a broken leg3295.444.58
the building's starting to collapse some3312.265.68
more oh that's not good do you have a3314.8195.101
second wait I'm gonna drop the splint I3317.943.84
just dropped it got it got it thank you3319.924.139
can you guys get back up to us yeah I3321.784.079
think so yeah be careful there's holes3324.0593.901
all in this floor yeah no kidding I3325.8594.081
think the stability of the building is3327.965.52
uh slowly crumbling I'm back fix back is3329.945.639
that vert yeah I'm at the Spinners all3333.483.96
right where's Simon I'm at the top floor3335.5793.721
I was just getting so I was getting my3337.444.02
bullets I got stuff up here I ran out of3339.34.74
oh there's a comment number yep don't3341.464.44
shoot don't shoot his head oh he's3344.044.039
default nope oh boy okay3345.95.1
don't shoot me coming through oh God oh3348.0796.101
God oh God oh God again I didn't mean to3351.05.78
him okay3354.182.6
come on back3358.53.0
I thought there were a bunch coming3360.184.159
where'd that go yeah3361.52.839
that was beautiful3373.3396.121
that was so close3375.83.66
we all need to get two of these apiece3382.225.139
and make a horde night face totally on3385.024.92
Dick punchers yep yep yep yep yep that3387.3595.22
would be fun somebody go and see how3389.944.08
many you can get following you who's3392.5793.421
gonna be fake relish you're up hello3394.024.099
where are you ears where are you all he3398.35.019
is so does Adam Sandler impression3401.43.659
what's uh what is that that's his3403.3194.081
Australian I don't see any right now all3405.0594.26
right well should we should we head back3407.43.959
down we could go back to one yeah let's3409.3193.421
go back all right let's push him back3411.3593.421
push him back watch your step folks find3412.743.98
the gap3414.786.0
Jesus they're falling what I fell when I3416.725.68
was patching something up and now this3420.783.6
is a problem and I already told oh Jesus3422.44.679
I am dead I am dead dead no you're not3424.385.939
no you're not oh yes I am I got you okay3427.0796.121
do you what in the world actually no I3430.3194.74
don't my apologies all right here oh3433.23.96
it's okay oh boy watch out watch out3435.0593.841
Bert watch out bird yeah I'm with you3437.163.84
buddy come on yeah hold the line bro3438.94.74
hold the line all right try me too come3441.04.579
on Jesus3443.646.719
come on baby wow ow okay hold up hold up3445.5796.701
watch out careful you're right don't3450.3593.061
worry yeah there was a couple little3452.283.48
sneaky hidden things going on you know3453.423.78
about two shots left I got two shots3455.764.68
left oh [ __ ] [ __ ] okay I've got nothing3457.26.06
and I'm about to die no Simon come up3460.446.48
with me Hey Google Okay3463.263.66
um hello lady how are you please ignore3470.465.399
me I see you guys hey uh it's a it's a3472.6195.541
oh All I Got This Bat [ __ ] you oh God3508.0797.26
come on bring it [ __ ] you I had to3512.524.68
stamina oh give me a drink where's my3515.3393.72
little where's my mega crush use it3517.25.419
drink up Bubba okay3519.0593.56
I didn't realize there was you that's3524.784.62
the third time this happened I'm sorry3527.165.699
don't shoot me names it's me please he3529.45.26
was right behind a zombie you gotta you3532.8594.141
got a nurse wait did you kill him again3534.664.98
first time for me okay listen I'm gonna3537.05.04
grab his stuff because chances are he3539.645.78
doesn't need it anymore3542.043.38
oh boy that was my favorite ever there's3548.2996.641
so much more coming there's so many more3552.724.52
coming out3554.945.399
we're not done we're not done are you3557.245.28
come on3568.5794.181
where's your glove push a cliff I'm here3570.784.98
I'm here dick punch alley yeah yeah I'll3572.765.7
push him push him yeah3575.765.7
right into the spikes just like Mortal3578.464.74
Kombat oh boy we don't need any spit3581.464.02
hello officer oh what you gonna do hey3583.23.72
you gotta handle it you're gonna fall3585.484.52
yep yep yep3586.923.08
I love this thing it'll be fat somewhere3590.966.599
else hey where you going3593.763.799
this is easy easily the best Horde ever3605.965.68
yeah hey you're welcome Burt Dying Three3608.763.99
Times made it even better3611.644.96
I could watch this for hours yeah no3616.8194.78
kidding no kidding I think we're gonna3620.0994.381
have to because I'm out of ammo3621.5996.181
hey neighbs yeah listen I see at least3624.485.28
three dogs right now and I'm trying to3627.783.9
get to you hold on I want to see if I3629.764.14
can kill one with a chainsaw oh okay3631.684.379
there's one separated from the pack so3633.93.659
why don't you start with this one try to3636.0594.821
chop this little baby boy up3637.5593.321
okay here we go come on hey Bubba hey3642.268.14
Bubba come on yeah baby chop ooh oh yeah3645.247.02
yeah I get it does not seem to be3650.44.14
working at all it's not working huh yeah3652.264.5
oh there we oh there we go I just3654.544.019
suffered an affection and a broken bone3656.763.66
damn it oh look at all these dogs over3658.5596.26
here guys run them over run them over3660.424.399
puppies yep three more poppy right here3665.1196.7
excuse me pops oh it pops oh who's it3668.47.62
pops who's your pops oh the pops oh oh3671.8196.421
yeah yeah that's that's the lake Nora3676.024.86
Pops Pops Pops I I don't I don't think3678.244.319
that those things actually ever kill3680.884.08
them yeah you'd think eventually you3682.5596.921
would think eventually Pops Pops Pops3684.964.52
hey guys look at trailer park hey oh3710.285.7
yeah yeah oh boy okay yeah we should3713.164.8
stop here right I mean trailer parks3715.983.3
sometimes have good stuff in them yeah3717.963.06
sometimes they do don't they well they3719.284.26
gotta have guns beer hello sir okay I3721.023.96
should probably not waste ammo why3723.543.0
because these These are easy enough3724.983.839
right there's no green guys here right I3726.544.74
don't know uh yeah who knows oh yeah3728.8193.661
there you are there you are what's going3731.283.72
on bars hello let's see man this place3732.485.46
is creepy it kind of is this is uh I3735.05.22
wouldn't choose to stay here no no never3737.944.5
this whole map is creepy hello will you3740.224.2
see in their door a [ __ ] well hit the3742.443.899
[ __ ] I'm hitting the [ __ ] you hit the3744.423.659
[ __ ] oh wait you know what beds are3746.3393.421
great hold on a second I've learned with3748.0793.421
bits Springs are really hard to come by3749.763.96
in this world so anytime you see a bed3751.54.92
just yeah yeah nope oh God I used that I3753.725.339
used the wrong thing I hit it with a3756.423.78
hammer I didn't mean to hit it with a3759.0593.321
neebsy boy what's up how long you been3762.384.719
working on this I mean a little bit on3765.0594.02
the side for the last few weeks wow3767.0994.141
you're impressed huh I'm interested3769.0794.02
because obviously what the they're gonna3771.244.5
drop down here in some capacity yeah I3773.0994.441
think they'll take some damage on the3775.743.599
first fall so they'll already be weaker3777.543.18
when they get to us and they will put3779.3393.421
those punchers up there I don't know oh3780.724.26
okay and then do you what's your plan3782.763.72
now I mean we're going to be working our3784.983.66
way up from here this is just like part3786.483.78
of the we're down here the whole3788.643.959
strategy is uh there's you can't run I3790.264.44
think that's a strategy of War okay but3792.5993.841
I still don't see exactly what you're3794.73.54
doing here because you need to tell me3796.443.84
more like are these gonna be walls built3798.244.44
up up here nope we're in a hole the3800.284.44
zombies come now we're in the hole it's3802.684.98
either uh fight or die that sounds awful3804.724.26
yeah but you're gonna fight harder3807.663.3
because you there's nowhere to run okay3808.984.079
I think they did that Wars in history3810.964.56
and they won who's the one that did that3813.0596.361
uh I don't know Sun Tzu maybe Sun Tzu is3815.526.12
that a real name sure if it is I got a3819.424.26
point Point man you got a lot of points3821.644.56
buddy you're something else yep it's3823.685.34
hard to keep track of them oh boy3826.27.34
drops on the Horizons boys that's right3829.024.52
oh man these things are way out there3833.763.96
they look a lot closer good thing I can3835.5595.341
fly yeah you have a flying mobile go get3837.726.0
it I'm going to get it back yeah where3840.94.32
are you right next to you oh you're in3843.723.8
the vehicle3845.222.3
here we go here we go oh look it's3850.44.78
flashing like it wants it bait all right3852.8394.041
all right what you got what you got3855.184.56
holy crap that's a lot of food ammo oh3856.884.719
my goodness that's a lot of food that is3859.746.18
gonna come in super handy wait all right3861.5996.72
just take all always forget R take off3865.924.5
just take it all3868.3194.8
get it dick uh okay let's see what we3870.426.78
got here supplies supplies lots of food3873.1197.021
shotgun bullets what is this sniper3877.25.46
rifle schematic hello ma'am uh we got3880.143.84
some nine millimeter yeah lots of food3882.664.02
she was coming for the supplies uh3883.984.379
supplies you're not getting them okay3886.683.6
looks like we got turd Town not too far3888.3593.48
from us but I see a building to the3890.283.48
Northeast yeah let's go look at that3891.8395.061
building let's get it3893.763.14
bring a shovel or a pickaxe no both3898.443.54
um I have a shovel and a pickaxe but I'm3901.984.56
gonna I'm jumping this thing so why do I3903.724.26
need that I'm gonna fly over it oh3906.543.18
you're gonna jump over the hall yeah3907.984.2
there's a ramp there and what just look3909.724.8
up look up right now baby go for it3912.185.76
let's go jump it over baby we got this3914.526.42
McLeod the ramp wasn't good enough it3922.24.139
broke that was the problem what's the3924.543.24
inventory in the Jeep we have to carry3926.3393.181
everything out of there oh God this was3927.783.299
what are you talking about you can't3929.523.0
just pick up the whole damn thing I3931.0793.121
don't think so3932.525.22
oh all right well it's a great try to3934.25.94
say great try Simon great try Simon3937.744.819
thank you3940.142.419
shall we we shall this is like a3942.5995.641
convenience store slash repair shop is3945.663.959
this what I'm looking at here3948.245.099
um yeah oh yeah lock picks I like a lock3949.6195.341
pick oh yeah luck picks are good hey you3953.3392.76
want to break into this place Dora well3954.962.94
there's a door that's open over here oh3956.0993.841
oh okay this this is where we're gonna3957.93.78
go I just want to go in through the the3959.943.3
simple garage okay we'll go in through3961.683.659
the garage yeah hello oh maybe we can3963.243.599
find some repair tools in here is this3965.3393.841
guy live hey I guess not no I killed him3966.8395.22
hello oh yep yep yep down here oh yeah3969.184.919
oh behind you Dora yep there we go oh3972.0594.681
I'm coming down to save you oh you saved3974.0995.7
my life bam I'm here what's up how we3976.745.64
doing uh really good oh there's a hole3979.7994.081
I'm going in the hole you're going in3982.382.82
the hole Yeah I'm going in the hole3983.884.159
seems to be leading me3985.26.899
hey you scared the hell out of me sorry3988.0396.701
so I got the vehicle I'm running up to3992.0994.381
the top of the hill put the vehicle down3994.744.079
epic jump does it still have gas in it3996.484.079
you would hope so I didn't know if when3998.8193.601
you pick it up the gas goes away that4000.5594.381
would suck right it would suck hold on4002.424.5
let me get the vehicle put it in my4004.945.639
inventory here lay this down come on4006.926.84
don't be red there's a Greenie and go4010.5794.561
all right4013.764.26
um in the vehicle okay I got gas baby4015.146.62
bring it on Summit4018.023.74
oh yeah baby4022.3594.141
yes man I just fishtailed around that4029.55.85
rock oh my God4032.664.5
God they call me4037.165.04
evil Simon I gotta come up with a more4039.0994.781
original name than that though right4042.24.2
still like Hang Time yep hang Town's4043.886.199
better forgot that one Hank town4046.43.679
let's see let's see hey4053.786.96
okay awesome let me grab them stacks and4057.0996.94
see what we got yeah let me grab these4060.746.059
these yeah I mean for starters let's see4064.0394.981
we got oh and after that there's a town4066.7994.141
to the South thick you see that I see4069.023.96
that oh we haven't been to that town but4070.944.619
I bet there's Bunches of loots hell up4072.987.02
oh hey guy guys yeah4075.5597.52
um Jen good4080.05.64
you okay hon did you have a strobe4083.0795.321
toralius are you trying to speak4085.644.919
if you could just come here and we'll4088.44.32
see what you guys think okay I don't4090.5596.061
know if she's shy or oh my goodness you4092.726.84
okay hon yeah that's that's something oh4096.625.28
oh you're down there huh hey what is it4099.564.98
a little kid is it is it a little kid4101.94.319
we're dealing with what is this I don't4104.543.719
know what's going on here I don't know4106.2195.661
either but I love it hey Jen oh4108.2595.821
it's pretty funny when you start talking4111.883.819
to her go ahead and talk to her and you4114.083.96
can get a better view oh okay oh4115.6994.98
beautiful hey hey little girl can I see4118.044.02
your inventory what do you got in here4120.6793.54
oh my God this is great there's a little4122.064.799
kid Trader yeah okay4124.2193.781
um let's see what we got in the old4126.8594.92
special anything yeah tons of ammo solar4128.06.42
Banks I'm robbing this [ __ ] blind I4131.7794.381
mean it's a little kid dick don't you4134.423.18
think that's kind of [ __ ] up she gotta4136.163.0
learn a lesson not to leave her stuff4137.63.239
unlocked that's true no that's that's4139.163.72
true little girl you gotta yeah just in4140.8393.9
case stick 44 comes around tough love4142.884.08
you little [ __ ]4144.7395.94
so this is a the bike side here yeah so4146.965.219
I figure you get a nice straight away4150.6793.781
that way and you come back on up this4152.1793.901
way and you try to see if you can make4154.463.719
the jump I think you might be able to it4156.083.9
might be close and then I'll try to time4158.1794.321
it so that I'm jumping at the same time4159.984.08
but I'm coming from the opposite4162.53.42
direction and you land here yeah and4164.063.96
there there'll be a small chance that we4165.924.859
might even Collide because we're4168.025.46
Daredevils danger maybe we should do a4170.7795.281
virtual practice virtual practice got it4173.485.219
get a spot where you're gonna start this4176.064.799
Cactus this is where I do we're gonna go4178.6994.861
full speed and see what happens ready4180.8596.681
ready hey go okay4183.563.98
oh that was pretty close so in other4190.7795.501
words I gather from that we say start4194.04.14
you get a three second hits two second4196.284.26
ahead start and then I move love it okay4198.147.32
places next one I'm ready all right and4200.548.24
go and I'm going4205.463.32
timing was off but I made the jump yeah4214.2394.721
you did one more time I want the time to4217.042.88
be perfect4218.962.16
and go away4221.127.46
oh come on baby come on4224.444.14
we'll just cut it right at the St where4231.923.9
we're in the air and then no one will4234.084.46
ever know that you didn't make it okay4235.826.06
this place is nasty it is nasty nasty4238.544.96
it's got a nasty feeling doesn't it it's4241.883.9
like if 2020 was a city we'll call it 204243.55.1
20 Town yeah 2020 time Navas game4245.787.56
Creamery oh I like cream cream yeah I4248.66.599
feel like there's a lot of good loot4253.344.26
here of course there is oh wait you know4255.1994.02
what I want to mess with this look at4257.63.42
this what you found these Dora oh yeah4259.2193.661
the time charges how do they work I've4261.024.32
never used one of these and I want to4262.884.68
blow up in a door okay oh yeah let's try4265.343.899
the creamery it'd be even better if we4267.563.179
could get some zombies beaten on the4269.2393.661
other side you know oh yeah yeah wake4270.7393.721
him up thick okay the one door's4272.93.48
unlocked but well there's all yeah and4274.463.36
there's also a window right there that4276.382.76
they can just jump through yeah this4277.822.64
isn't the right place this isn't the4279.142.46
right place you know what's not the one4280.463.0
there's a house down here let me get rid4281.63.26
of this4283.464.56
anybody in there yeah I hear stuff did I4284.866.16
hello oh yeah oh oh this is the one this4288.025.04
is the one I bet hey Ashley oh is that4291.023.78
just Ashley I'm hearing who's behind us4293.063.179
all right well I'm just gonna blow the4294.83.6
door anyway okay yeah go ahead all right4296.2394.381
again I've never used this so let's see4298.44.259
what happens oh yep all right stand back4300.623.86
stand back stand back up4302.6595.761
okay I'm a fan very nice get on the4304.485.44
ground all right let's go in here let's4308.422.819
find the door I got one more of these4309.922.94
things out4311.2393.901
oh we got one yeah oh wait back up back4312.864.2
up oh he's a runner oh [ __ ] never mind4315.143.72
all right he's a runner just kidding we4317.064.139
gotta funnel some into into this doorway4318.864.56
we'll bottleneck him I'll go and see if4321.1994.02
I can get some all right you get some4323.423.48
and I'm oh yeah I'm ready to blow it up4325.2195.541
oh okay he's running okay4326.97.94
boom it's down it's down it's down4330.764.08
okay complete failure yeah that was all4335.1995.201
a lot of fails there still I like the4338.1793.901
time charges they're a lot of fun but4340.44.14
now I want to make more shall we uh loot4342.084.68
this house yeah why not4344.544.92
she screamed that's okay right we want4346.764.32
her to scream don't we yeah listen I'm4349.463.239
gonna go back in the hole4351.083.3
um do your best to get him like to walk4352.6993.721
across this thing here right do my best4354.385.52
hello lady to have them walk where over4356.425.1
the bridge you see the bridge over the4359.94.259
hole yeah do that no problem because it4361.525.52
won't punch me lady oh hey lady how are4364.1595.341
you come over here please you are my4367.044.8
friend yes you look very nice this4369.54.679
evening or late afternoon whatever it is4371.844.379
come here come here right here oh she's4374.1793.961
on it all right she's walking turn4376.2193.661
around why is this thing not turned on4378.143.84
yep that worked well that worked really4379.884.38
well ever used one did I do it wrong I4381.984.38
guess I'm coming up hold up come on up4384.264.32
so my puncher's not working oh she got4386.364.44
me I guess a gear punch was not working4388.583.96
pick up it looks like it's working4390.83.66
doesn't it I don't know what well I just4392.544.5
saw the uh the laser maybe I gotta turn4394.464.62
it maybe you got Ah that's I just4397.043.84
punched it I did The Punchy thing okay4399.083.96
so what we're trying to do is to see if4400.884.62
we can get her to fall right uh yeah so4403.043.78
why don't you just delete a block and4405.52.88
forget the punch okay let's see if it4406.823.78
works I'll place it now look at her look4408.384.02
at her turret look to the left yeah4410.63.42
please look to the left turret look to4412.43.96
the lit okay yeah you see her you see4414.024.679
her you just ah knock her in the hole I4416.364.44
gotta put it on the side yep Miss I4418.6993.781
gotta pick this up pick it up and put it4420.83.419
back a little bit further now it does4422.485.04
this doesn't work lady oh we gotta turn4424.2196.161
that turret man yeah it's all wacky4427.525.95
what in the world fell through the roof4438.263.84
you wonder like a meteor impact or4440.2393.901
something I mean what the hell crazy I4442.14.26
don't know this is nuts oh come on4444.143.66
there's got to be something good yeah4446.363.24
we're not at the top yet keep on keep on4447.83.72
going keep on going oh yeah there's some4449.63.9
stuff in here come on in come on in oh4451.524.8
this must be the lab oh hello doctor oh4453.54.64
yeah get him get him4456.325.16
crawly boy yeah rid of that loser loser4458.145.44
another ladder all right shall we take4461.485.46
it yeah oh yeah oh yeah this is feeling4463.585.82
good this is feeling real good football4466.944.98
player in a Creamery you don't belong4469.45.64
here army guy in a Creamery what you4471.924.98
belong here either watch out I'm gonna4475.043.26
hit him4476.93.839
oh is this the office of the creamery4478.33.76
wonder if there's any cream for this4480.7393.0
coffee here in this floating trash4482.064.26
that's floating oh boy can I make that4483.7397.321
yeah yes nice Dora oh hello oh hello oh4486.327.56
oh no thick all right dig deep down oh4491.064.26
but I'm all right I'm all right no no4493.883.66
I'm good I'm good4495.324.5
boom [ __ ] leave our [ __ ] alone get him4497.547.56
directly nuts oh my God no yeah oh is4499.826.96
this the good stuff door smacking4505.13.96
smacking a lot of food but oh I got4506.786.0
blueberry pie okay food wait a recipe or4509.066.0
an actual blueberry pie uh blueberry pie4512.785.1
nice we found blueberry pie at the4515.065.119
creamery baby4517.884.98
zombies already okay sorry okay zombies4520.1793.761
are ready have them come back around4522.862.819
he's coming at you he's coming at you4523.944.02
all right come on around at me I'm gonna4525.6796.06
go down come on baby look at this yeah4527.966.66
oh almost knocked them down okay so now4531.7395.161
like I'm up here a little bit higher4534.624.86
he's in the Trap with me oh wait I want4536.94.5
some lights nice yeah you got to put4539.483.48
them up on the wall so now you're4541.43.54
shooting from right oh I like that4542.963.6
you're in the Trap with me I think it's4544.943.36
dead already are there more that's great4546.563.84
no more yet but we're gonna bring some4548.34.2
to you I like what you got oh hello lady4550.45.279
hello lady hello knock her over thank4552.54.739
you one's coming down oh look at that4555.6793.661
it's like feeding the snake it is I4557.2394.561
should just stand right here can I stand4559.345.16
on top of this thing maybe so man come4561.84.14
on come on come on can I all right4564.53.719
doesn't look so but hello4565.944.739
any more people want to come out and4568.2195.221
play zombie zombie yeah keep it up do4570.6794.741
that accent it's very inviting okay4573.446.56
hello who wants to come out and play4575.424.58
Hey listen let me do my accent ticket oh4581.265.8
hello sir you have a fat boy coming your4584.7195.601
way hello4587.063.26
yeah oh sorry sir you're at the snake4590.7395.741
hole now bam thank you for coming to4593.7194.861
hear my weird accent don't know what it4596.485.52
is yet Tiki tiki Tiki have a nice day I4598.586.48
got another fatty coming too come on get4602.06.42
him in there get him in there and for4605.066.599
dessert we got the big man oh look at4608.425.4
that banana pudding this is really4611.6593.481
looking good are you gonna have like4613.823.6
glass like bulletproof glass down there4615.144.14
we'll have something man it's gonna be4617.425.4
pretty awesome all right well so far so4619.285.52
let me think of this place thick looks4624.83.06
like [ __ ] something about the design of4626.543.06
like a place like this it's just I get a4627.863.78
creepy Vibe every time nah I bet you4629.63.36
there's pretty good stuff in here though4631.643.12
only one way to find out right yeah this4632.963.42
would be the last house I'm full the4634.763.6
Jeep's full yeah the gyrocopter's4636.384.02
getting there too yeah yeah I'm with you4638.363.12
hold on all right we're going we're4640.42.339
going right in the front door okay4641.484.199
because that's how I roll and boom I got4642.7396.0
this oh god oh you son of a [ __ ] okay4645.6795.701
you get him you okay yeah I got him hold4648.7394.561
on I got some pipe bombs I want to use4651.384.08
okay so watch out watch out all right4653.33.54
I'm moving up top all right I got your4655.463.779
back where you at where you at where you4656.845.879
at oh hello oh here we are like the pipe4659.2396.48
bombs throw the pipe bomb rest4662.7194.861
oh God I hit myself oh God there's a4665.7195.48
green lady through the through fire4667.583.619
I'm helping oh God it's a spinner that's4673.2195.701
a spitting guy get behind me we get him4676.524.82
ammo oh did you say ammo I need ammo4682.1796.421
yeah yeah hold on4685.043.56
here there's got to be some good stuff4691.13.24
dick there's got to be something just so4692.783.72
Randy go on the roof go on the Roof oh4694.344.14
God it's a creepy night it is a creepy4696.55.46
night oh man and it's starting to rain I4698.485.94
don't like any of this oh hey get it4701.963.779
actually behind you dick you wanna come4704.424.799
for me damn head off [ __ ] oh jackpot4705.7396.061
jackpot oh what we got what we got what4709.2197.581
we got what we got oh yeah ammo piles4711.88.879
oh hey Dora hi guys oh what's in here4716.87.12
hey some shotgun shells books all that4720.6795.701
good stuff we're gonna be about full oh4723.924.02
yeah no we need to head back for sure4726.383.6
but hey this was a good fight this was4727.943.54
worth it you guys want to bunk up here4729.982.58
tonight or we just we're just getting4731.482.94
out oh spooky bunk night I'm gonna go on4732.563.48
the roof spooky Buck Night on the roof4734.421.93
oh God you okay yeah I thought I thought4739.765.64
I had that impact brace mod maybe I just4743.1793.54
jumped from too high yeah but yeah you4745.43.06
did look how far you jumped look at that4746.7193.541
that's just silly that was silly of you4748.463.36
yeah yeah you're right that was stupid4750.263.36
that was stupid all right so I'm gonna4751.823.78
be hobbling back it's not as dangerous4753.623.36
out here as I thought it was so you guys4755.63.24
just want to head back we gotta we're4756.983.96
full that's true we are full we're so4758.844.02
full you know what before we go though I4760.944.2
did see a tree house no tree house when4762.864.14
I was up on the roof I I saw a tree4765.143.18
house over here and I kind of just4767.03.06
wanted to check it out sure you know4768.323.899
kids hide good stuff in tree houses do4770.064.08
they no they don't yeah yeah the kids4772.2193.661
get good man we used to steal so much4774.143.539
stuff put it in our tree house did you4775.884.38
we had like gold and diamonds did you4777.6794.741
jewels yeah we would Rob the neighbors4780.263.78
houses take all their Jewels that's4782.423.96
insane Jewels eh yeah it's gonna be4784.044.26
Jules here go for it hold on I'm going4786.383.299
I'm going I'm going there's not going to4788.33.54
be jewels in there no there's gonna be4789.6795.04
nothing oh there's a backpack oh there's4791.845.76
a backpack what's in it oh hey that's a4794.7194.621
level six padded gloves that's not4797.64.2
terrible not Jules no it's not Jewels4799.344.2
not Jewels at all yeah I'll give you4801.83.78
that these kids must have sucked we were4803.545.9
much more fun kids dumb kids4805.583.86
Simon yes sir can I get your opinion uh4811.885.22
yes what do you what do you need so4815.1794.081
zombies fall through the hole hit the4817.14.559
ground here and then we're up here out4819.264.68
of Harm's Way raining fire on them right4821.6594.441
uh but I was thinking like we'll have a4823.943.6
way of getting around should we have4826.13.48
Windows on all four walls or what do you4827.543.9
think two walls what do you mean Windows4829.583.599
there's just dirt behind it like like4831.443.66
this is a window right here stay down4833.1793.361
there pretend like you're a zombie okay4835.13.78
and I'm I'm one of us and I'm fighting4836.544.56
them off bang bang right but then I4838.884.56
might go okay uh see ya and you kind of4841.14.559
hide and you go through a tunnel and4843.444.86
then boom you pop out over here you got4845.6594.261
a different angle and you're like hey4848.33.379
surprise bang bang4849.924.44
ah okay so they're all Gonna Be4851.6794.121
Connected this is the main one yeah4854.362.76
we'll have like a little hallway in4855.83.359
there so because imagine a zombie ends4857.123.72
up kind of digging underneath like this4859.1593.661
like I can't see him right you go4860.843.66
through the tunnel you end up over here4862.824.26
and then you go I'll see you I see you4864.55.159
you sneaky little dead guy so do you4867.085.639
think uh a window in each one all or4869.6595.341
just like two or three of them three all4872.7194.5
together leave one pick which one you4875.03.54
want to leave off because you don't need4877.2193.0
that one got it and I'm gonna go dig4878.544.08
back here and get a lot of stone I'm4880.2195.721
getting stoned baby yeah4882.627.14
oh yeah good haul guys yeah hey I got a4885.945.739
proposal inventory space we rented a lot4889.763.36
of inventory space real quick on that4891.6793.0
last Loop what if you guys took both4893.123.66
Jeeps think of all the stuff you could4894.6793.841
get think of all the jewels a lot of4896.783.66
jewels yes a lot of it's a lot of4898.523.48
treasures a lot of rubies well here's4900.443.36
what we're gonna do then I'm gonna do4902.03.96
this treasure map that you follow me and4903.84.02
then we'll make our way to the north4905.965.1
with these big fat jeeps and get those4907.826.18
fat [ __ ] Stacks yeah that sounds good4911.064.26
I'm gonna I'm gonna run over there and4914.02.52
talk to Simon and her knees real quick4915.323.24
but you guys have a good trip okay go4916.523.659
far north far north as you can bring4918.563.72
back good stuff all right drellies I4920.1793.361
gotta follow you if you have a treasure4922.284.379
map yeah that's that's more Southie oh4923.546.659
boy okay oh okay oh that's uh what you4926.6595.58
doing it's your first time driving no no4930.1994.381
no no no no third all right good luck4932.2395.161
boys all right let's go see what moves4934.585.9
and stop it are up to4937.43.08
I think I have connected this tunnel4940.6595.921
look at this there we go who's in the4944.423.96
hole hey what are you doing up so late4946.583.36
what are you talking about huh what time4948.382.94
is it it's like 10 o'clock in the4949.943.84
morning dude oh crap the sun's out yeah4951.324.379
the sun's out okay we've been working4953.783.959
all night yeah okay yeah you guys are4955.6993.54
losing all sense of time in here huh4957.7393.601
yeah look at this you're a zombie right4959.2394.621
yeah okay nope zombies are down there oh4961.344.26
the zombie's falling there in here yeah4963.864.26
and I go oh okay and then I just4965.64.98
disappear uh-huh where'd it go did you4968.124.079
good you're going around coming out okay4970.584.02
yeah huh yeah okay cool and then maybe4972.1994.081
another window on that wall over there4974.64.2
oh gotcha all right dude yeah you could4976.284.02
you could build tunnels all over oh look4978.83.12
at this this is kind of cool if they4980.33.66
manage to climb up somehow we we fall4981.923.9
back where we falling back to back here4983.963.6
like this yeah but where does this lead4985.824.68
just back into a tomb where's your plan4987.564.56
to go with this don't worry about it4990.52.94
what do you mean don't worry about it if4992.123.36
this is gonna be our damn horde night4993.444.08
base look at me where's my back right4995.484.62
now to the wall against the wall yeah4997.525.06
what does that mean5000.12.48
I get it but we should probably be able5005.824.96
to go somewhere we do we go here and5008.564.619
that's nowhere that's that's to a wall5010.784.02
it's somewhere it's right here I know5013.1793.241
it's right there but that's nowhere it5014.83.06
is somewhere but it's somewhere stupid5016.422.759
somewhere really dumb you understand5017.863.48
that yeah but this is a good base it5019.1793.621
isn't not yet5021.344.62
here we go cover me thick it's gonna be5022.85.08
quick yeah we'll be fine ain't nothing5025.964.759
can get us no ain't nothing can get us5027.886.779
nope except for birds and cold weather5030.7196.581
and hot weather and falling in their5034.6594.621
zombies too yeah and there's dogs5037.33.96
there's bears5039.284.5
wolves there's some wolves Mountain5041.266.06
Leones there's fire you can drown yeah5043.785.64
you can freeze to death in in certain5047.324.379
places right right but I can't cover you5049.424.56
from freezing to death no so we do have5051.6993.901
a weakness or two come on there it is5053.983.56
there it is5055.65.82
damn nice job thank you what's in there5057.546.46
can't wait now I can cover you watch out5061.424.5
there's nothing here how do I how do I5064.03.96
not have lock picks I have lock picks5065.924.14
okay let me take care of it I've leveled5067.964.14
up all the way in lock pickery oh I hear5070.064.32
I hear something cover me okay all right5072.15.3
oh hey [ __ ] that was a [ __ ] hey [ __ ]5074.387.68
six thousand gold coins uh-huh 38.9 mil5077.47.839
19 shotgun ammo some machine gun parts5082.065.04
and a baseball bat all right let's go5085.2393.721
north yep5087.14.74
okay neebs and Simon working on the hole5088.965.94
that's fine Dora and thick are off on an5091.845.1
adventure and God look at this place5094.93.9
this place is a mess this place is an5096.944.02
absolute mess there's bikes all over the5098.85.22
place Vehicles chairs sleeping bag which5100.964.44
I'm gonna assume Simon's actually I'm5104.022.82
not gonna assume it's Simon's but we're5105.43.24
all pretty dumb except for me it's it's5106.843.66
anybody's guess5108.644.26
okay I gotta clean this place up that's5110.54.08
gonna be my job for the next couple days5112.94.74
Fort dumpster is gonna stop looking like5114.584.68
a dump still gonna have the dumpster5117.643.18
still gonna be named for dumpster but5119.264.08
it's not gonna look like this it's not5120.824.68
gonna look like absolute trash who lives5123.343.839
in this you know oh you know what we5125.53.0
need a place for our vehicles I'm gonna5127.1792.941
build a garage I'm gonna build a garage5128.53.48
right here on the side right in front of5130.125.34
the lake yeah yeah yeah okay I got a5131.985.34
project get the [ __ ] out of here you can5135.464.259
plant nobody likes you nobody likes this5137.323.54
grass grass5139.7194.241
what are you doing what have you been5145.564.48
doing this the whole time you've flipped5147.825.3
around make me twice5150.043.08
enough hold on okay you come here you5158.1596.161
some [ __ ] hold up here we go let's get5161.624.619
our [ __ ] together let's get our [ __ ]5164.324.14
together we need to grow up I'm not5166.2393.381
gonna grow up5168.464.62
into a tree why are you in a tree oh5169.626.66
there you are here5173.087.139
no I will not oh ghost town yep howdy5176.286.64
Partners should we go into a saloon real5180.2194.621
quick how about the police station you5182.923.54
know how good we are at that that's true5184.843.6
and there's one right up here ah and5186.463.12
they're nice and little and there's a5188.443.9
big safe you know yeah all right boys5189.584.86
open up we're that's our sheriff5192.344.02
sure let me see if there's an entrance5196.364.26
in the back because sometimes you can5198.47.02
get in the back door come on guys back5200.627.44
door's unlocked found the safe found5205.425.7
some zombies yeah uh-huh okay let me get5208.065.22
into this safe get that [ __ ] let's get5211.124.38
back on the road what's this guy what do5213.284.26
you think you're doing here little guy5215.55.219
see if he's got any jaw get back up hey5217.545.28
you don't have an arm now get in here5220.7195.101
get in the jail get in the jail sir I oh5222.826.919
hey girl watch your head5225.823.919
oh popped her head right off awesome I5229.84.419
couldn't pick this up because it was5233.1393.54
broke I gotta repair it to pick it up oh5234.2194.94
wait wait wait5236.6792.48
hey hey this is the first time I'm5241.085.44
utilizing this now I like it I like it5244.064.32
too and uh you just made me think we5246.523.9
should make up one of those uh Jewish5248.383.54
dances we should have a Jewish dance5250.424.02
yeah but shouldn't okay uh kind of like5251.925.36
I have uh5254.442.84
they're fun they have such good energy5257.584.3
why is it that on the radio well we5259.784.08
could try to make like a disco version5261.884.56
of Ava Niguel lava Or Nah I forget what5263.864.859
it is but a disco version of that would5266.444.38
be pretty [ __ ] tight hey stay there5268.7193.721
for one second I got some science right5270.823.839
now okay okay see if I could shoot in5272.444.38
between your legs uh that's not a good5274.6593.961
sign oh guess what I already shot and5276.823.96
missed did you yeah shoot it between my5278.625.7
knees okay with it what shotgun uh well5280.785.52
no no no no no no no no like between5284.324.319
your feet or knees between my knees is5286.34.26
what I did between you your knees you5288.6395.281
ready yep nothing nothing yeah that's5290.564.92
pretty okay hold on I'm gonna try to get5293.923.48
right up to your crotch right below your5295.484.32
penile okay careful oh I know I'm big5297.46.66
listen I'm right below it nothing I I5299.86.0
tell you if you had any balls I would5304.063.72
have shot him do it for me get real5305.84.379
close Okay one second right between the5307.784.08
legs right and I'm talking about trying5310.1793.361
no what are you doing5311.863.9
caught it hit something it got your leg5313.544.74
no I was gonna say try to hit my5315.765.82
testicles with a did that get you you5318.286.12
got me okay that one shot you nuts okay5321.584.139
I'm gonna try to get you right in the5324.44.08
face okay do it ready yeah5325.7197.341
oh I'm burning up baby5328.484.58
I don't I don't know where the trailer5337.7194.321
is man might be what oh yeah I know my5339.345.04
maps oh hello everyone wow hello okay5342.044.56
that's not a traitor but no no these are5344.384.859
all dead people oh it's the it's the Jax5346.65.4
lumber mill I heard Jack's a douche5349.2395.94
absolutely oh God come on come on what5352.04.92
jack isn't a douche you know what I mean5355.1794.201
they're all Jack holes right yep I'm5356.924.56
kidding I don't mean to generalize I do5359.385.4
only 90 of them are Jack holes oh come5361.487.28
on baby come at me come at me buddy5364.787.26
I stole it I was enjoying watching how5368.765.62
dumb he ran yeah a little bit of a maze5372.045.34
over here okay okay come on rallies oh a5374.385.1
lumber maze I'll take point I'll take5377.384.74
Point here we go here we go in the lumba5379.486.06
Maze oh oh [ __ ] it really is isn't it5382.126.66
yeah you dead good we have to go into5385.545.63
here and around back up back up5388.783.5
do you see what I see I see what you see5392.2810.06
to mine a mine I'm sure we'll be just5397.6595.881
why why I just what is that just a5403.545.04
hubcap just to [ __ ] with us man all5406.2393.721
right this is nothing we should probably5408.583.42
find some uh better clothing for this5409.963.84
place too I know I know it's very very5412.06.719
cold okay okay oh a nurse at the lumber5413.88.76
yard surely there's an affair going off5418.7197.801
oh really what's behind you5422.566.3
oh you hit me all these guys hit me not5426.524.159
were you guys both banging the nurse I5430.6796.54
bet you were there's a there's a scandal5433.546.86
always attacks5437.2196.041
leaves yes sir listen come down here5440.45.08
come all the way down where I'm at you5443.263.72
know more people than thick have to be5445.482.94
in here I understand that come here5446.983.36
these ceiling's got to go up I know but5448.423.42
I'm just trying to get the straight part5450.343.299
right now okay and then down here I got5451.843.359
wonky and then for a little while there5453.6393.901
I was doing really well but I really5455.1994.801
needed an estimation I I you know me I5457.544.56
think we're good I think the zombies are5460.04.8
never gonna get past this point way down5462.14.68
here wait what the hell have I been5464.83.66
digging all the way that way for then5466.784.32
this is like a crowded kids scene wax on5468.464.44
paint fence you telling me I've been5471.13.119
painting the fence but there's not even5472.93.6
any paint there's no fencing all I got5474.2194.681
is a freaking bunch of rocks you've seen5476.54.32
Karate Kid right of course I have at5478.94.5
least Mr Miyagi got his paint he's got5480.825.46
his his fence painted did you level up5483.45.52
today no huh man you're worse than Ralph5486.285.52
Macchio I am but I'm cuter I mean this5488.924.44
is probably gonna hold them off but5491.83.66
that's plenty you're good now I guess5493.364.5
I'll just go higher yep just for like5495.464.56
barely anything right you're gonna level5497.864.859
up man I know it yeah you're gonna spin5500.025.1
a point maybe learn to build a trash can5502.7194.201
or something yeah we'll see you're doing5505.123.9
great Simon son5506.926.299
oh yeah yeah remember this Journey's End5509.028.1
I have got a way to say hello yeah in5513.2197.321
the form of a grenade grenade you say I5517.126.42
do do it well I mean was the front door5520.545.159
open like open and throw it in it5523.543.9
doesn't look open no it certainly5525.6993.54
doesn't but is it unlocked is what it5527.444.32
meant no it's it's locked how about how5529.2394.741
about you uh you smash it open I throw5531.764.919
in a grenade good idea yeah oh yeah5533.985.48
uh-huh uh yep yes yes5536.6795.941
all right holy [ __ ] this look okay well5539.465.32
there's just a lady watch out thick yep5542.624.76
backing up5544.782.6
oh God [ __ ]5549.94.839
get the hell out of me oh home run she5554.86.12
got you huh yeah this is different in it5557.625.46
yeah let's clear it we're clearing okay5560.926.06
it uh oh hello sir oh have you guys uh5563.085.76
sorted your luggage out yet uh5566.984.44
continental breakfast is from six to5568.845.1
nine okay if anybody's interested no I5571.423.86
always miss those5573.944.739
I didn't notice that ow workout room oh5575.285.5
good oh we should take steroids here5578.6793.421
probably you're probably right about5580.783.66
that hold on just wait for me I know I5582.14.579
got him I got him5584.447.32
steroids yeah today's CrossFit day today5586.6797.06
I'm gonna do 20 pull-ups wearing a5591.765.34
fireman's outfit then I'm 120 sit-ups5593.7395.4
wearing policeman's outfit oh good5597.14.28
outfit cry cause my ex-girlfriend left5601.55.8
me for that other jackass that's at the5605.085.6
other gym yeah it was me yeah5607.34.859
how much do I bench got one right here5612.1595.281
looks like me you're no buddy you tell5614.55.699
me I'm nobody I do 30 push-ups for every5617.444.86
shower yeah5620.1994.381
great I feel alive5622.36.06
okay okay let's see if I did this right5624.586.78
do I have the dimensions correct oh5628.368.04
looks like I do and blammo all right now5631.368.4
all I gotta do is kill to the yeah that5636.45.7
looks silly right now but once it's oh5639.764.439
that's gonna be a good ass garage can5642.14.32
you imagine like we're on our vehicles5644.1996.0
we're coming in honk honk honk honk honk5646.426.48
baby how hot was it then we could just5650.1994.681
drive right in it's gonna be a nice5652.94.86
garage oh you know what I'm gonna do all5654.884.68
right we can store the vehicles in here5657.764.379
maybe the bikes on that side it's a5659.563.48
little bit smaller and I would imagine5662.1392.281
but no we can get them in here and then5663.043.36
you know what I'm thinking workbench5664.423.84
storage everything I'm gonna move5666.43.96
everything into this space so that when5668.263.6
we pull the vehicles in we can get the5670.363.06
stuff out of the vehicles move them into5671.863.9
the boxes we got the forges we got the5673.424.38
workbenches all in here and in this5675.763.84
place I'm gonna convert into a lounge5677.83.48
something nice something when we walk in5679.64.8
we're like yeah this is the hangout this5681.285.7
is is where we chill this is where I5684.44.62
[ __ ] at somebody for leaving a sleeping5686.983.719
bag in the middle of the5689.023.42
year who was is it vertigo it's probably5690.6994.681
vertigo oh I can pick it up so it might5692.444.92
be mine I'm gonna destroy it don't tell5695.383.299
anybody I'm gonna hit it with a hammer5697.362.65
until it's gone5698.6796.481
no it's not can we make it up this come5708.588.22
on baby oh God uh5711.2195.581
okay come come on we yeah we should5717.366.16
probably walk it okay but you know what5721.424.68
coming we're making it so it's like keep5723.525.159
going this is so dumb yeah this is5726.14.02
terrible this is really dumb I'm almost5728.6794.02
at the peak though yeah yeah I'm5730.124.44
probably gonna beat you oh yeah but I5732.6994.44
got a Jeep man there's backpacks or no5734.565.22
that's a bird's nest okay okay okay oh5737.1395.641
no oh that's a bad hole that's a bad5739.787.08
hole no such thing yes yes there is such5742.786.359
a thing that's a horrible hole I went5746.864.859
into the only hole here oh wow can you5749.1393.361
get this out5751.7191.94
somehow yes Queen5755.2196.841
oh you're doing great5759.7196.821
oh no oh God what's behind you5762.067.36
boy oh level up yeah5766.545.699
come on yeah you got this trellis yeah5769.426.12
yeah yeah okay5772.2393.301
I gotta take these down they're able to5781.924.08
run right in here5784.6595.941
yeah that was all my stairs oh damn5786.06.639
okay oh no5790.64.079
this one's getting in are they falling5792.6394.201
down pick up those blocks Steve pick up5794.6793.54
that blocks okay I don't want to walk in5796.843.359
front of your gunshot remove it oh boy5798.2195.821
there's oh geez come on oh boy come on5800.1996.321
more Bluffs yep I'm over here she's5806.528.32
Louise oh God oh God yeah hey lady fire5809.988.28
fire in the hole that's what she said5814.847.28
when she got a urinary tract infection5818.263.86
that's true what's going on in here I5822.424.06
heard a bunch of screaming so I came to5824.83.06
check see what's what yeah you gotta be5826.482.759
careful that's the death hole is that5827.862.7
what we're calling it The Death hole or5829.2392.46
The Horde hole I don't know okay5830.562.82
something like that how about my5831.6997.581
ex-wife's okay make a sign oh here it is5833.3810.5
yes oh goodness okay ah I'm cold all5839.286.899
right let's go let's go5843.885.22
hey I'm gonna pull out my ax cause it's5846.1794.781
on fire I'm gonna pull out my dick cause5849.14.5
it's on fire oh yeah oh you might want5850.964.44
to get some cream yeah that's what I'm5853.63.599
looking for here all right which one is5855.43.54
this guy oh if you want to get that you5857.1992.761
want to go ahead and do the little side5858.943.199
Trader yeah5859.966.0
just keep your eyes on me oh hey what5862.1396.221
doralis what use the one with the5865.966.36
daughter with the titties phew hey how's5868.365.64
it going it's been a minute5872.324.5
um let's see let's keep it busy I am I'm5874.05.28
talking to you come on all right I'm5876.824.68
gonna sell that here I'm gonna sell that5879.286.439
to you if that here's yours there here5881.56.48
look at me here keep your eyes on me5885.7193.94
Hugh uh no it's all good dress I got it5887.984.1
I got it okay5889.6592.421
we're not going to talk about your5893.84.02
daughter this time because we know it's5895.7195.821
disrespectful right and women are people5897.826.06
too tell her we're we're in town we're5901.543.72
thinking of her I mean specifically5903.884.08
praying every day for for some reason5905.265.82
just one of them titties to pop out yeah5907.964.92
oops Yeah right oh I got you yeah we did5912.886.299
talk about your daughter you said son of5917.55.54
a [ __ ] sorry about that yeah all right5919.1793.861
all right Simon you ever seen Hugh's5925.63.9
daughter Hugh's daughter yeah yeah she's5926.984.679
pretty but you know it is one of those5929.54.139
girls that is so pretty it feels fake5931.6594.141
you know lots of makeup lots of hair5933.6394.141
dude well I don't think that she's so5935.83.72
pretty I think you're right about the5937.785.879
lots of makeup Lots way too much yeah I5939.526.78
like the natural thing I I personally5943.6595.401
she she might look hot if she had5946.34.919
nothing on sometimes these ladies make5949.064.44
themselves look you know like it's5951.2194.741
Overkill I agree with you 100 just5953.55.639
Overkill I like natural I like give me a5955.965.52
ponytail huh I might grab it well boom5959.1393.481
you know what I'm saying I do know what5961.483.12
you're saying ponytail's cute yeah5962.625.039
simple this door open does this door5964.65.039
open come here neebs okay have you seen5967.6594.281
one of these before nope Clank5969.6394.921
look at the movement yeah I know that5971.944.779
was beautiful I didn't even see that5974.564.8
yeah I need uh electric stuff5976.7194.801
um electric you know the wires oh why5979.363.839
are you under the wiring phase already5981.523.719
yep I'm busy man I'm kind of busy today5983.1994.081
I got lot of stuff going on I gotta5985.2394.021
paint the floor I gotta finish the roof5987.284.08
yeah me too I'm busy I got a lot of5989.264.68
things to do I got something what are5991.364.08
you doing today I'm gonna be running5993.943.84
over here I'm gonna be pointing at you5995.444.259
and then I'm gonna run over here again5997.784.5
then I'll point over here or maybe like5999.6994.801
you know all right neebs how long do you6002.284.08
need me for um look I just want you know6004.53.78
how I got The Horde Hole uh I want the6006.364.56
zombies to fall and and hit wires as6008.284.26
they fall so like a little little6010.923.48
crisscross it's like a spider web a6012.544.08
spider web spider web travel okay okay6014.44.799
you know what that sounds so dumb that6016.624.26
yes I'll absolutely rig that up for you6019.1993.121
okay let me uh let me finish the floor6020.882.4
in here and then I'll meet you over at6022.323.3
your place yep I'll cut the holes uh yep6023.284.82
you bring the electric all right6025.625.16
the window oh you do it going out the6028.14.84
window no I can't can't do it now I'm6030.783.48
stuck yeah you should have known that6032.942.94
wouldn't work6034.264.26
oh we got a couple of Macho mans and a6035.886.24
zombie thick 44. ah come on come on go6038.525.57
down oh yeah6042.124.579
oh yeah recipe for a heart attack6046.6996.161
brother I'm on the roof roof roof okay6049.6795.401
coming up coming up oh I see you all6052.863.12
right here this is what we're gonna do6055.083.0
yeah we're going to anger the bear and6055.983.96
I'm gonna throw a grenade at him okay6058.084.02
looks like he's angry yeah he's an angry6059.945.84
bear oh man that was a bad throat6062.17.139
let me try a Molotov okay get a big bear6065.786.64
oh [ __ ] oh oh boy oh God Kenny he can't6069.2395.181
come in the house though6072.427.4
I just got on your own Oh no6074.425.4
I got you6080.063.3
how'd you die6084.6793.241
let's see Hunter there we go that's6088.87.339
cooking take what I got out of there6092.047.44
ah these bikes just don't hey hi could6096.1395.441
you stop trying to jump bikes into doors6099.483.84
are you coming over coming over to where6101.583.48
remember the electric stuff yeah I'm6103.323.06
coming over to the electric stuff you6105.063.179
know how much crap I gotta make oh to6106.384.56
make the electric stuff hey guys hey hey6108.2395.221
doors back hey uh did you guys build6110.944.08
another Jeep oh what are you doing uh6113.464.02
nope I'm jumping I'm BMX you're not6115.023.619
down the way of the door I'm trying I6118.6394.181
can't can't move there there's you have6121.024.08
a bike there now uh but but for real6122.824.26
um that you guys didn't make this I have6125.14.32
never made it we have two jeeps and you6127.084.5
and thick have them okay cause I just6129.424.38
saw this out in front of the the uh6131.584.2
planetarium Towers6133.83.54
um because I died and I respond there6135.782.76
and this one's up front I can't listen6137.343.359
to him he just runs around like I know6138.543.54
he runs around he just Rambles doesn't6140.6992.94
he yeah it's weird oh is that what I do6142.083.9
okay you can't okay well there's a6143.6395.941
mysterious new Jeep you [ __ ] can't hear6145.985.52
you you gotta quit running I was6149.584.639
standing when I said that6151.58.76
oh [ __ ] I'm stuck this is not good hey6154.2198.861
guys can anyone hear me where you at6160.264.74
dude is gonna have to come to try to6163.084.619
find me by looking at the map up there6165.06.119
I'm stuck is what I am inside of uh like6167.6995.701
a hill but in like bushes so I'm6171.1194.08
completely buried I was trying to fly6173.43.9
and it just didn't work out oh you6175.1994.321
managed to find your way into the only6177.34.62
cave on the side of the hill where the6179.524.86
palm trees are growing yes that's what I6181.925.34
did how do you I'm I'm Blown Away by6184.385.22
your luck I would call it luck I would6187.264.26
call luck yeah hey neighbors are in the6189.64.079
trees I see you did you say palm trees6191.524.38
uh no pine trees is what I meant yeah6193.6794.381
it's pine trees I can't see anything is6195.94.56
this uh salvageable oh yeah yeah well6198.063.84
listen I think there's only a few things6200.463.0
in this thing worst case scenario we can6201.93.54
pick this up what just happened did you6203.464.14
just shoot a trip well I guess I have to6205.443.48
take the gun out of my hand how long6207.62.4
have I been playing this because I'm6208.922.34
trying to just put that thing in my6210.03.119
pocket oh well we got to empty its6211.263.959
inventory first okay everybody grab a6213.1193.421
little something yeah it should just be6215.2192.821
a couple medical supplies Simon you can6216.544.079
get that right sure get the medical6218.043.9
supplies put them in your pocket and6220.6193.241
then just pick it up all right I can6221.943.6
even get in here neebs only place with a6223.863.06
cave only place with a hole oh that's6225.543.48
the problem there's a hole yeah yep yep6226.925.52
I love a good hole oh you picked it up6229.025.88
yes I did look at that look at that all6232.443.84
right yeah now you got now you gotta do6234.92.58
is throw it on the ground it's ready to6236.282.459
go but make sure to put those medical6237.482.58
supplies back in there those are6238.7393.181
important gas medical supplies you6240.063.059
should always have those if you go out6241.923.779
on a flight you know sure but hey I love6243.1194.201
that you're learning to fly that's great6245.6994.681
well it's it's difficult on the uh I6247.325.22
just don't know how to do it yet so um6250.384.739
space bar nose up see nose down and then6252.544.679
just skip whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait6255.1193.961
a second valuable information what did6257.2194.141
you just say space bar nose up see nose6259.084.92
down C is nose down that's the one I've6261.364.68
been trying to figure out see his nose6264.05.1
down like Crouch got your nose that is6266.046.179
not what I was doing that should help me6269.15.34
all right neebs I'll be over shortly I'm6272.2194.5
still making [ __ ] for you looking6274.445.54
forward to it buddy6276.7196.181
all right this looks like a good area to6279.986.42
try here come on let's go uh This Way6282.95.759
space bar6286.45.2
see spacebar to see the same oh look at6288.6594.98
that flying straight oh God I wish I had6291.65.42
another finger that I could use6293.6393.381
I'm not gonna know how to uh land maybe6298.6394.6
I'll try to land around the top of the6302.044.44
building right there Spaceport C6303.2395.821
look at me6306.486.179
look at me oh that was close what are6309.066.24
you doing Simon oh I'm learning to fly6312.6595.161
but I mean and I'm getting stuck in6315.36.54
stock okay man I'm finding my wings yeah6317.825.46
you want to fly somewhere you want to6321.843.24
like go on an adventure yeah but I gotta6323.283.959
practice flying I don't know how to fly6325.084.079
yet it's like we can't go on an6327.2393.301
adventure yet all right I tell you what6329.1592.341
when you do we're gonna make another6330.543.24
gyrocopter Simon then you and me you and6331.53.84
me we're gonna go on a big old Adventure6333.783.54
what would you call us would it play if6335.343.48
we were a movie what would you call us6337.323.18
uh the Wright's Brothers but they're6338.823.78
[ __ ] or the guys that make electric6340.54.26
stuff for the electric thing I'm still6342.63.98
working on it6344.764.919
it's making defenses they take a minute6346.586.639
shut the [ __ ] up oh6349.6796.241
excuse me hey The Boys Are Back In Town6353.2194.98
we are we are6355.925.819
up get off for me you bastard oh oh stop6358.1996.081
it go okay6361.7394.801
all right we got the bird we got the6364.283.64
bird this is what I was talking about6366.544.02
look at three Jeeps we got three Jeeps6367.924.14
that's what I was saying oh someone6370.562.76
should put one of those jeeps in their6372.062.639
pocket and go to the top of the building6373.323.72
and drive off of it for fun and science6374.6994.5
say no more6377.044.079
Dallas you're gonna jump too you got6379.1993.901
those candies right yeah oh [ __ ] drops6381.1194.381
[ __ ] drops I'm gonna eat that and jump6383.14.68
right alongside you my friend and do6385.54.86
some science with you and in three6387.783.32
one I'm right by you6391.18.98
oh I see you oh boy oh God knows first6394.528.5
yeah that felt great I'm fine and you're6400.086.599
fine absolutely fine Hey listen guys I6403.025.28
am higher than I've ever been and I6406.6793.621
actually saw that6408.34.74
I'm coming down on you right now though6410.34.66
cause Lord knows I'm gonna crash6413.045.28
probably and I might die but wow very6414.966.12
very high in the sky I know you were6418.325.399
coming down heavy and hard yep good job6421.085.84
Simon almost yeah6423.7193.201
oh God6428.364.839
all right memes where you want the6431.523.48
generator Bank uh it needs to be kind of6433.1993.92
down there where we're gonna be okay6435.05.6
turn around go down the ladder all right6437.1197.181
we're gonna be in this little this hidey6440.65.26
hole here oh right you made it yeah yeah6444.33.24
there we go yep6445.863.66
um so we can turn it on maybe6447.543.179
sailing somewhere6449.524.139
somewhere so right maybe up here yeah I6450.7193.9
don't think you can actually build it6453.6592.58
how about right there is that safe you6454.6193.06
think a spitter will spit I don't think6456.2393.9
that'll be safe yeah that's fine that's6457.6794.801
fine all right all right let me uh let6460.1393.54
me I'll get you know what we're gonna6462.482.159
need some engines I didn't bring any6463.6792.641
engines with me good thing I brought a6464.6394.621
relay we might need that so let me do6466.326.299
this Tink all right got a relay and then6469.267.379
now I think we'll go from here to the6472.6197.941
relay okay and then6476.6393.921
all right I'm gonna take this block out6480.923.819
so be careful on your way we're gonna go6483.063.9
no just be careful I took that block out6484.7396.48
gotcha sir give us a relay to here we go6486.966.42
we'll go to this one and then I zigzag6491.2195.181
watch out Tink okay6493.386.72
and then hey yep are you going over this6496.44.38
I am zigzag an [ __ ]6500.785.08
you're breaking my damn way okay this6503.423.699
way do you think could have went this6505.862.839
way and then Tink6507.1194.02
oh you're not gonna walk through again6508.6995.44
and then three oh yeah this is gonna be6511.1395.1
fun neebs I'm looking forward to this6514.1394.381
I'm looking forward to it and I gotta6516.2393.42
put something on the floor6518.522.099
should I like something down there too6519.6593.0
on the floor eh6520.6193.961
oh thinking down there choppy things I6522.6593.121
mean eventually it's gonna be us oh6524.583.18
blade traps yeah yeah blade traps would6525.782.879
be sweet6527.762.52
um actually let's see I got that going6528.6593.0
there this is actually gonna come get6530.283.66
the [ __ ] out of my way all right6531.6595.421
it should be the spider because it's6537.084.0
gonna be Madness6539.6393.301
this is the spider hole that's good6541.084.159
coming to my whim6542.944.38
[ __ ] out of my way [ __ ] out of my way6545.2394.061
just say please please [ __ ] out of my6547.324.74
way please get the [ __ ] out of my way6549.36.3
well under attack under attack anyone6552.065.34
over here by the what the hell do you6555.64.68
call the skyscraper anyone good all6557.44.38
right Screamer's not gonna make things6560.285.04
good I need to kill the screamer hey guy6561.786.959
how you doing pal [ __ ] July I cannot6565.326.5
like Dodge you come on come on hello6568.7396.601
holy Jesus hello sir come on come on6571.826.7
come on bye okay I should kill you make6575.345.16
you a priority come on6578.525.04
holy [ __ ] I have not seen a lot of6580.55.58
things like this for a long time this is6583.565.119
a lot of bad people6586.086.18
Jesus it's a good thing I have a lot of6588.6796.821
bullets I can't believe I'm not dead and6592.265.24
all right thick yeah uh you want to go6601.1394.681
in first yeah I'm backing in okay you6603.64.079
back it in we backed that [ __ ] up can't6605.825.16
see really oh boy okay there's no way6607.6796.241
we're going to be using this the way we6610.984.32
should be every time you need a little6613.924.68
hand no oh thank you when you back into6615.35.819
parking spots do you back in or or what6618.64.619
do you do well that's exactly that is6621.1193.781
the weirdest question when you drink6623.2193.301
water do you drink it no do you back6624.93.299
into parking spots or do you pull in6626.524.98
forward it depends it's all Case by case6628.1995.52
this thing's gotta go this thing's gonna6631.54.92
go who puts a bicycle in a crowd I mean6633.7195.161
unless you're a many people yeah when's6636.423.9
the last time you saw a zombie jump on a6638.883.54
bike take it off I got you it's just6640.323.839
storage keep it out of the front lawn so6642.422.699
we don't look like a bunch of6644.1593.121
hillbillies we are Hillbillies you're6645.1195.821
right but hey if I can I backhand every6647.285.459
time yeah because then you're always6650.945.219
happy on the way out right oh these6652.7395.161
we're gonna fit these three we're gonna6656.1593.08
do this6657.94.02
hey excuse me okay moving out of the way6659.2394.141
I can't see it uh this is how you know6663.385.44
that somebody's somebody's just not cut6666.783.899
out for a job I used to work at a hotel6668.823.66
and uh what is that called when you do6670.6793.841
the Park people you don't even remember6672.483.139
yeah yeah I get my car valeted all the6675.6194.301
time maybe you valet it once yeah I6678.2393.541
might have did was there a broken wall6679.926.08
next to it that was me yeah6681.784.22
you thinking bubblegum princess uh to6686.465.82
make sure the zombies uh go for us I'm6688.565.82
thinking there's a layer just below okay6692.284.5
so that bridge down there yeah okay like6694.384.319
Simon would be there and the zombies go6696.783.54
oh I see him I see him right there we6698.6993.361
get rid of this ladder okay yeah I was6700.323.12
about to say yeah we'll need to take out6702.062.88
that ladder and then I go okay well he's6703.442.58
right here and then we put these6704.942.94
punchers maybe on these Wings right here6706.024.619
on the sides and as they try to run over6707.885.66
where Simon is yeah6710.6395.761
and maybe Simon has some bulletproof6713.544.84
glass around him in case anybody wants6716.43.48
to spit on him or do something crazy6718.384.2
that would be cool oh so we we lock him6719.885.52
in oh there's a zombie right here don't6722.584.619
lock me in because I want to be able to6725.44.259
shoot too right right so yeah Simon6727.1993.901
you're you're right there I'll pretend6729.6593.301
to be right here the dick puncher's6731.14.079
there oh come and get me baby who's6732.963.84
gonna go for us now oh yeah because6735.1793.781
we're right here but all right I just6736.83.66
nope that didn't work at all see that's6738.962.759
why it's got to be on the wings okay6740.462.52
you're right tell you what I'll pick6741.7192.641
this up and I'll put it on the wing and6742.982.82
face it you may want to do it from over6744.363.05
that's awesome didn't have the fence on6770.43.36
though no offense wasn't on but what do6771.94.02
you think Simon's Simon's the bait I6773.764.74
think that that is a great idea as long6775.925.34
as I have a stable floor I'd love to be6778.54.619
here because it's just from up above I6781.263.479
get to help and then you guys down there6783.1193.6
if you got three other places to be I6784.7393.9
think it's a great plan okay6786.7193.721
yeah yeah I've got something really6788.6393.841
weird going on right here what do you6790.443.42
what do you mean you see all these trees6792.484.679
oh yeah the desert forest yeah but do6793.864.799
they disappear on you we're not6797.1593.421
disappearing for me come down here okay6798.6593.841
hey I'm gonna see I'm gonna see how far6800.584.5
I can fall without breaking my legs here6802.55.46
watch this here we go yeah yeah got it6805.084.98
oh that wasn't that wasn't very far okay6807.964.62
here I go here's again okay oh yeah did6810.064.44
that hurt no stand right where I am yeah6812.584.32
and if you look left and right do the6814.55.1
trees go on and off no they don't oh6816.94.56
what's wrong with my brain then huh I6819.65.099
don't know huh it's like no trees trees6821.466.9
no trees trees okay it's just me I might6824.6995.901
be slowly losing my [ __ ]6828.364.799
it happens to the best of us you want to6830.64.96
see something fun yeah I'm going all the6833.1595.04
way up I'm jumping all the way down no6835.565.04
legs breaking okay I'll do it too I'll6838.1994.94
do it with you6840.62.539
can you go Tippy can we Tippy I could6844.15.019
probably jump up there yeah yep because6847.1995.46
of my parkourings waiting on you Vic I'm6849.1195.761
right here hey yep you're ready to jump6852.6596.48
out uh maybe out straight North I bet I6854.886.96
will break a leg but I won't die I'm6859.1394.441
gonna jump as high as I can too all6861.845.18
right let me watch you first okay6863.583.44
uh my legs broke okay okay that doesn't6867.6197.381
give me all right here we go yeah6871.263.74
oh [ __ ]6875.7193.721
what's your damage oh man6879.6797.06
um 112 out of 178 what's yours 117 out6882.966.719
of 169. okay yeah hey we learned a lot6886.7395.88
today we learned everything oh [ __ ] like6889.6794.961
how dumb we are we're the best6892.6195.28
oh yeah there's two you know just one's6898.6792.841
oh yeah hey that was working two down6901.527.78
wanna blow us just disappeared come on6906.36.72
baby baby girl hey that's ammo man oh6909.37.26
well that's nice I'm sorry I had 1376913.025.58
where'd she go I hear her where you at6916.564.26
ma'am hey [ __ ] oh she's not digging is6918.63.78
she leaves go up there and check make6920.824.14
sure she's not digging go nibs go hold6922.385.0
on do your thing6924.965.219
okay yeah I gotta turn that off okay6927.384.299
you're fine you was trying to miss it6930.1793.841
but I hit it okay yeah what you doing oh6931.6794.621
nope she not digging come on baby come6934.025.94
on baby girl no no now the ladder crap I6936.34.8
should have covered it back up that's6939.962.88
right the [ __ ] loving the left get6941.13.539
there we just can't do science today I6942.843.42
know yeah we're having a hard time of it6944.6393.721
power on or off uh Power should still be6946.264.379
on and turn it out yeah it's on turn off6948.365.52
for a second oh [ __ ] okay it's off it's6950.6395.821
off bubble okay uh give me one second uh6953.885.819
can I hear a jump okay turn on and it's6956.465.94
on bubba come on Cowboy ah oh there he6959.6996.121
is I see you come on so that's good oh6962.45.52
he's right above us is he going for the6965.824.74
block back up we just got to move all6967.924.319
right you got punched back yeah and then6970.566.0
these guys down yeah that kind of worked6972.2397.081
huh okay so yeah Simon in the middle on6976.565.22
the bridge and uh covering the ladder6979.324.74
might do it hey yeah listen I want to be6981.784.68
able to shoot up so I need to be here6984.064.02
with ammo I'm not gonna just be running6986.463.6
around doing nothing you got it buddy6988.083.48
thank you we'll beat you something nice6990.063.42
we'll build you a nice cage Cowboy still6991.564.139
alive man I don't give a damn he's down6993.484.44
these traps shut the sit the hell down6995.6994.801
dumbass cowboy Oh I like it I like the6997.923.84
leg spread though I'm getting in on this7000.53.06
you don't look I'm doing stuff you don't7001.763.78
do stuff I do stuff is that what you do7003.564.139
just walk on top of people it's build up7005.544.44
neebs it's probably not that pleasing7007.6994.381
it's called edging I gotta edge up to it7009.984.739
yeah plus it's okay because they're dead7012.084.59
there it be Simon the drop the drop of7018.7396.781
drops yes why don't you get the drop oh7022.466.12
okay we're doing almost fancy trucker7025.526.36
you get the drop while I eat my food I7028.586.24
just saw a rabbit and I let it go hmm I7031.884.5
need to eat and drink7034.822.279
okay I'm gonna I'm gonna let it go you7037.0994.321
know you gonna let it go yeah I know7039.6193.301
they provide so much meat but I'm gonna7041.423.299
let it go of course you do leave the7042.924.319
little rabbit bait oh okay robotics7044.7194.44
parts and you know just a stand okay7047.2393.241
um how do I take it there we go all7050.484.199
right it's uh it's up to us as usual to7051.865.759
save everyone I know sometimes I get7054.6795.04
tired of carrying everyone's lazy ass I7057.6195.52
bet you do I'll bet you do yeah you do7059.7195.94
it so gracefully I do I hardly ever talk7063.1394.56
about it what we're gonna do is for the7065.6593.901
benefit of everyone we're gonna do a7067.6993.661
couple Trader missions you and I and7069.564.92
just sharpen our skills oh okay I could7071.366.239
sharpen also tools if you'd like no no7074.487.02
skills today salmon skills okay hey7077.5996.301
[ __ ] whoa oh that oh you guys are7081.55.099
friends that's fun yeah we just busting7083.94.259
each other's little little tiny little7086.5994.14
balls yeah your little acorns that you7088.1594.321
got in your little skin sack in between7090.7396.261
your legs our little sweet pea balls7092.484.52
what's up sweet pea balls uh Bob doesn't7097.5995.08
have one of his testicles because well7100.583.41
you know oh7102.6795.701
it looks like Simon's been in the food7116.384.06
box oh is there like some weird stuff in7118.584.5
there ratchet there's a iron Sledge7120.444.92
Hammer oh yeah pickaxe made its way in7123.084.26
here uh-huh I think it's because it's7125.363.6
close to tools I think people are7127.344.68
accidentally thinking there in tools all7128.964.679
right and then they're just putting7132.023.24
stuff in food so here let me just7133.6394.08
reorganize yep you can't fix it you7135.264.439
can't so hey neebs I was thinking this7137.7193.721
uh this hole you got what are you doing7139.6995.221
for lighting uh torches so far you got7141.444.98
something better I do have something7144.923.96
better okay actual light bulbs7146.424.199
um and the power source generator Bank7148.883.48
okay I'm gonna light that place up I'm7150.6193.06
gonna light that place up like a7152.363.48
Christmas [ __ ] okay but let's do summer7153.6794.801
like a summer [ __ ] sure because I don't7155.843.899
like winter what about what about7158.484.02
Christmas in some place warm you know7159.7395.101
yeah I don't know it's still7162.54.26
somebody's at my front door oh is that7164.843.72
what that is we should get ring for The7166.765.28
Horde hole as well yeah it'd be good7168.567.679
Dora Simon I'm right by here this7172.045.82
this you got this you got this I'm gonna7176.2393.841
get a little uh A View From up here and7177.863.9
help if I need but I think you got this7180.084.86
well it says you know e to start Quest7181.766.899
oh press e to start Quest bam do it do7184.945.82
it I did it what is that what does that7188.6594.141
do from here I forget I don't know7190.765.04
what's it say to do on the map huh the7192.85.819
only thing I see on the map is uh I7195.84.68
guess is that like an orange maybe7198.6194.201
briefcase type thing sure that's what7200.484.44
you got a fetch I'll bet maybe coming in7202.824.319
behind you I'm not even here but wait7204.924.62
everywhere I go it it's it just keeps on7207.1395.161
moving yeah does that make sense do you7209.544.44
want to just run toward it and I'll just7212.33.899
follow you I'm trying to run towards it7213.984.86
okay hold on I go here no this is like7216.1994.261
some sort of a crazy trick it's not7218.843.54
working man now I look even more dumb7220.464.86
than usual which is hard to do right it7222.386.44
says it is between East and Southeast7225.327.2
okay but then when I go over here it is7228.827.299
between South and Southwest I mean is it7232.525.579
in this building here well that would7236.1194.641
make sense wouldn't it kinda kinda would7238.0995.281
I didn't think it was that close we7240.764.54
drove all this way we're we're at the7243.385.219
yeah okay all right hello door lock7245.35.879
hello how are you how are they they're7248.5994.921
doing well and look I found loot up here7251.1796.601
yeah but that's not oh [ __ ] okay I7253.525.76
should have fallen but I didn't I fell7257.785.0
on one of the uh the ceiling joists7259.286.6
oh you're good buddy yeah now I go like7262.785.319
this and now I'm good and I have things7265.883.779
but is that the thing you're supposed to7268.0993.781
get for the mission maybe yeah but but7269.6594.44
does does it look like it's oh wait wait7271.884.14
it doesn't look like it's the thing but7274.0994.201
it is but it's so good yeah it's loot7276.024.38
um that stuff is still maybe it's above7280.44.92
me I don't know it might be in the7283.44.08
basement too Simon yeah but when I look7285.324.5
up it's there oh then it's above you7287.486.679
right so I found it oh congratulations7289.827.14
yeah oh because there's I forgot that7294.1594.241
there was a number this whole time I've7296.963.54
been just looking up at the map but when7298.43.839
you put your head down there's a little7300.55.88
counter here sure there you go so I'm7302.2397.141
opening it up and I found White River7306.385.819
supplies Bob's gonna want that okay good7309.385.1
I'm glad that worked out this wasn't a7312.1994.141
complete waste not at all let's go do7314.483.6
man I'm glad this looks as good as it7318.083.539
did I did not want to have to say7320.1193.301
something this is looking good you think7321.6193.241
this looks good let's see what it looks7323.424.279
like when I do this7324.862.839
see this is great I know Christmas horn7328.425.98
yeah I know summer [ __ ] summer [ __ ]7331.764.26
got it but yeah take that torch away7334.44.08
torch unnecessary yep you're right okay7336.024.44
got it so again is this eventually going7338.483.0
um I just been digging because I don't7341.482.94
know what else to do are you at any7342.7393.721
point going to dig up7344.423.96
um no had to plan on that okay so just7346.463.36
going straight back yeah you know what7348.383.9
like right here we need more clay uh7349.825.1
These Bars want to have a fallback I7352.283.48
don't think we're gonna need to fall7354.922.279
back how they gonna get out of this pit7355.763.54
well if enough of them get down in the7357.1994.5
pit I could see them breaking all the7359.34.5
stuff at the bottom of the pit or from7361.6994.741
the top digging down to us okay well the7363.84.62
summer horror tunnels there just to to7366.443.9
run to run away so that's that's an7368.423.84
escape Point yeah hey also put a light7370.343.54
over there you see it oh yeah should7372.263.0
light the bottom up a little bit that is7373.883.48
great yeah I knew you'd like it so yeah7375.263.6
get these torches out of here generating7377.364.2
heat yep we'll do7378.865.16
Simon I got you back this is like a7381.565.039
clear zombies thing and uh my turrets7384.023.9
obviously have my back too this is how7386.5993.54
you do it seven ready let's see I'll be7387.924.679
right back oh okay so I stay here yep oh7390.1394.621
that's kind of boring for me start Quest7392.5993.961
yeah it's gonna be easy it's tier one7394.763.24
it's gonna be it's gonna be easy all7396.563.539
right oh here they come here they come7398.06.239
hey what's up is this that one so far7400.0997.14
hey I I that might not even be part of7404.2395.341
this I mean where are they uh inside the7407.2394.86
house maybe are they maybe I thought7409.584.619
they would just come okay I guess so7412.0994.14
well Simon here this is my mission maybe7414.1993.721
I should go first of course you do you7416.2393.96
do you yeah I mean you're such a [ __ ]7417.924.799
hero no not a hero I barely understand7420.1994.5
the game I said that in a good way it7422.7194.201
was a good thing I'm gonna go around7424.6994.98
this door hello I have a mission to be7426.925.58
doing I should be getting attacked now I7429.6795.821
figured you would think help I'm7432.55.34
watching you oh look at that you fell7435.55.46
you okay yeah I'm great okay a bunch of7437.844.92
fatties down here that I'll come down7440.964.5
you don't need to hello well I mean I7442.764.979
just want to be a part of the fun or at7445.463.9
least I could look at it like this isn't7447.7394.021
this wasn't the okay hold on hold on all7449.364.2
right I got a red flag I feel like you a7451.765.22
little bit oh yes what well just big7453.565.46
safe but hey but that's not it though7456.983.6
right no why don't you get the safe in7459.023.78
this box Simon Okay and then you could7460.583.9
seamlessly find the thing that I7462.84.439
couldn't find easily yep yep you got it7464.485.699
ah [ __ ] [ __ ] I'm banging away at the7467.2395.46
safe why you game yeah I'm banging away7470.1795.121
at your mom oh7472.6995.161
man is it weird that that turns me on7475.35.5
yeah okay it is in fact weird yeah7477.864.2
that's what I thought maybe you7480.83.299
shouldn't bang my mom then I never would7482.064.139
yeah well you just talked about it now I7484.0994.981
can't get it out of my head oh [ __ ] I've7486.1996.181
done goofed damn it sir what you can't7489.085.88
find it we're really good at this I7492.384.08
don't understand why I mean you should7494.963.719
be able to I I thought for sure I was7496.464.199
just being I was just supposed to clear7498.6794.381
it hold on Simon this might be it all7500.6594.56
right hold on I'm breaking open the door7503.064.559
yeah here we go I've got a good feeling7505.2196.141
hey we're right here7507.6193.741
okay Simon I did it it said clear the7513.1995.46
area did it return to Trader Jesus damn7515.5995.821
we're okay yeah we're good nobody needs7518.6595.121
to know about this7521.424.86
follow me neebs all right we're looking7523.784.48
for iron so holler if you see an iron7526.284.08
deposit iron and Clay okay well Clay's7528.263.72
just on top right yeah but you don't7530.362.819
want to dig a bunch of holes everywhere7531.982.58
because we live here yeah that's true7533.1793.181
well we could go a ways I mean you know7534.563.42
we got a lot of space out here it is a7536.363.839
desert all right surely there's an iron7537.984.44
you know what I think I see one neebs7540.1995.121
all right yeah yeah yeah yeah7542.425.94
oh yep that's one right there there we7545.325.799
go yeah wait all right you get iron I7548.365.339
get clay here stand back Bubba hey oh I7551.1194.381
was gonna do it like a competition oh7553.6993.96
yeah there's uh there's no contest here7555.53.48
I'll be able to win with this thing yeah7557.6592.94
it's like that story where the guy what7558.983.6
are they doing laying railroad oh yeah7560.5993.721
the one guy's like I'm faster than a7562.584.139
machine which is probably true for uh7564.324.919
maybe 10 minutes but probably not true7566.7194.261
anymore I guarantee the machines out7569.2393.121
there now that can actually absolutely7570.984.02
ow [ __ ] sorry you wanted like a7572.364.52
nice Trend yeah7575.04.56
is that how you do is that how you7576.884.66
reason with people you knew it was a7579.563.599
mistake you start shooting all right I'm7581.543.119
just trying to teach you a lesson pain7583.1593.781
pain is a good lesson teacher trying to7584.6594.261
teach you a lesson but your reaction was7586.943.239
overdoing it all right well just don't7588.922.58
hit me all right wait are we done with7590.1792.701
this one oop nope I think there's a7591.53.84
little more yeah aren't you supposed to7592.883.779
be getting clay well I don't want to7595.343.899
hurt you and set you off again please7596.6595.161
everywhere go over here and click clay7599.2394.44
okay I thought we would just work on the7601.823.839
same hole I thought this was the iron7603.6794.081
hold you dig in the clay hole Yeah but7605.6593.361
we're supposed to do this together we7607.762.58
are doing it together just get the damn7609.024.63
clay I'm getting the clay yeah7610.346.54
all right I'm peeking all right you peek7616.885.7
uh-huh yeah it's like a coal mine it's a7619.05.199
coal mine thing all right well the coal7622.583.659
mine things they usually have something7624.1994.5
up in the coal mine now yeah like I7626.2394.141
already found this dude I'm gonna lock7628.6993.48
this door because these guys I see the7630.383.299
zombies on the other side we're not even7632.1793.0
gonna mess with them no because we're7633.6793.361
smart I'm gonna grab all this stuff oh7635.1794.92
yeah stuff stuff and I'll I'll hit this7637.044.8
thing over here hit this thing we don't7640.0993.241
need to mess with them and we're not7641.844.02
mining today no we're not right now7643.344.319
we're just doing this which is getting7645.864.56
Yucca juice and three sham sandwiches7647.6594.56
and some beer that's what we're here for7650.424.319
well let's see let's okay here here you7652.2195.52
guys are hey guys hey all right just to7654.7394.5
give my turrets a little bit of a job7657.7393.9
yeah just do a little something a little7659.2394.5
greeny a little bit of this here7661.6394.261
greeny's gonna have to get yeah uh hit7663.7394.681
come on I should be able to shoot these7665.94.799
guys through the fence there we go yeah7668.424.199
you would think these things are let's7670.6993.9
just peek around the corner okay peek7672.6193.661
around the corner just a little peek7674.5994.161
watch out7676.282.48
that's what you were talking about okay7679.04.06
that's the yeah that's what you meant7681.1394.02
when you said Greenie I was like who's7683.062.88
who's holding a Greenie the creamy I was7685.946.199
cleaning a Greenie and then puppy7688.765.82
well now I kind of want to peek just a7692.1394.54
bit further did you just hear a screamer7694.584.98
maybe that's not good down here is it7696.6794.741
well is it good anywhere well yeah but7699.563.24
especially down here I would think it7701.423.6
would be bad look at this what is up7702.84.76
with this7705.025.34
oh look at these you you see these guys7707.565.88
yeah just chilling out hello hello hello7710.365.16
there's another one a little over there7713.444.179
okay gotcha from far away because I'm a7715.524.139
gamer right one pop in the head you got7717.6193.241
that one and then there's one over here7719.6593.121
it isn't even getting up yet yeah I mean7720.863.239
I guess I've seen this place I think we7722.783.419
got like the best [ __ ] maybe you think7724.0995.781
we'll say we did all right back7726.1993.681
jumper okay you okay out there uh oh no7730.1594.861
they're coming they're coming who's7733.284.7
coming zombies in your mouth7735.025.28
do you hear what I said yeah good one7737.985.92
okay oh it's a bigger okay timed it7740.35.46
perfectly big guy coming in your mouth7743.94.14
yeah so are you coming up here or no no7745.764.74
I'm in the hole man digging you come out7748.045.52
of there I'm hot no okay reload I'm7750.55.099
reloading okay I'm gonna get this iron7753.565.7
there's turns on me oh screamer all7755.5995.461
right kill the screamers first that was7759.263.0
a head shot you should have been here7761.063.539
okay uh third screamer they're probably7762.264.08
attracted to all this noise I'm making7764.5994.921
okay well keep it down no it's an auger7766.345.22
it makes noise how are there no zombies7769.523.659
in your hole right now yep he's going7771.564.26
towards it hold on I got you I'm your7773.1795.94
hero oh thanks thanks here we go there's7775.824.98
a lot of shooting out there there's a7779.1196.08
lot of zombies okay okay behind me7780.84.399
okay it's daytime he was running oh yeah7794.925.199
he hit the he had the stuff yep7797.786.18
um okay I think I did it all right good7800.1196.241
down down baby look at the seven six7803.965.04
five four three two here we go baby yep7806.364.2
give it good Simon you go first what'd7809.02.52
you get what'd you get what you get what7810.562.22
you get what you get what you get saying7811.523.06
to choose one yeah what do you what do7812.784.62
you what are your options 150 44 Magnums7814.585.039
or a hop seed recipe well what are you7817.46.66
feeling I'm feeling 44 magnum yeah there7819.6196.48
you go and then you got some XP and all7824.063.96
that [ __ ] look at that do you have any7826.0993.661
jobs no I'm leaving right never mind7828.023.599
we're out here I mean that's that's good7829.763.959
for jobs for the day right absolutely7831.6194.62
one job a day keeps the I don't know7833.7195.161
keeps uh herpes away you got a uh what7836.2393.96
do you tell me what you got this guy's7838.883.12
got the herps on the arms hey does he7840.1993.9
have the arm hurts he might stay the7842.04.139
[ __ ] away from us Bob don't ever point7844.0994.08
at us your hand too close what's that7846.1393.6
it's okay he's wearing gloves just don't7848.1793.661
touch his arms yeah but you okay7849.7393.081
um hey Bob7851.844.799
let's see I can get oh same thing 447852.826.879
magnum 150 that's awesome that's a lot7856.6395.281
that is a lot and or an armor plating7859.6994.94
mod yeah7861.922.719
or would you like a feather7865.7195.98
let's have some tissue paper well look7869.083.88
at the special stash but yeah we're7871.6993.96
heading home I got a uh a new mod I want7872.964.56
to build and try out and I think it'll7875.6593.781
be fun to watch you know I like to watch7877.525.94
rare me and your mom whoa okay that was7879.446.179
let's not do that again that was a big7883.464.139
all right so neebs I'm thinking put a7887.5995.52
pressure plate yeah okay and all right7890.7194.261
I'll need to tear out one of these walls7893.1193.781
and we'll replace it with a dart trap7894.985.34
chest High chest High okay do we want it7896.95.04
do we want it firing you know what we7900.323.0
probably want it firing like side to7901.944.62
side right like possibly yeah yeah down7903.325.279
the line bang Bang Yeah so let's tell7906.563.659
you what I will take out I'll take out7908.5993.481
this wall this piece there you go give7910.2194.561
me me perfect we can cover all how many7912.084.019
loads do you have right now I have two7914.782.64
but I can make more7916.0993.0
um two okay so that would cover two7917.423.779
walls if we have four we could cover all7919.0994.02
four walls couldn't we absolutely could7921.1993.48
yeah I don't know if they're gonna go I7923.1192.821
mean if we're gonna be right up there7924.6792.881
they're probably gonna come this way7925.943.239
that's at least that's in theory yeah7927.562.82
and some of this will be here on the7929.1792.94
side oh that's true so they might come7930.383.48
this way in this way yeah at least cover7932.1193.721
three walls but yeah we can go for four7933.863.0
yeah they're not gonna want this wall7935.842.7
over here nothing back here all right7936.864.68
and then make sure I put this one down7938.545.579
correctly where's the hole there we go7941.544.38
so oh yeah it's got an arrow on it7944.1193.12
doesn't it yep sure does that's great7945.923.42
yeah they're looking at us and they're7947.2393.121
not even thinking about this guy over7949.343.56
here they step on that and7950.364.56
this isn't even gonna be a challenge for7952.94.54
us I don't think uh yeah well I don't7954.924.319
know we'll see we'll see we might need7957.443.42
to build some lawn chairs and put them7959.2393.541
right up there uh no there's gonna be a7960.863.54
lot of them uh there's there's gonna be7962.783.359
a lot of them there always is okay but7964.44.64
let's have lawn chairs7966.1392.901
how much wattage do I have it needs7969.524.48
electricity yep that's it all right got7972.0793.06
plenty of water cheers so I might be7974.03.06
able to clink and then let's keep it7975.1393.121
clean looking just don't make it look7977.062.7
tacky well I can always you know I could7978.264.2
always mix it up and admit and then bam7979.765.399
yeah so uh yeah so I think I have to7982.465.46
come here I have to lock the ammo and7985.1596.741
then he's doing it uh I'll do it7987.926.179
all right that's how you that's how it's7991.95.14
done that's how it's done7994.0995.161
we got a dark trap damn you know what I7997.043.599
could have made a bigger one neebs there7999.262.7
is a dart trap you can make that's like8000.6393.781
a five by one okay covers a bigger area8001.964.139
you know what I might end up making that8004.423.98
hey Simon yes sir I've got you a desert8008.84.919
vulture cooking it's gonna take like8011.443.9
five minutes it's a pretty sweet sweet8013.7194.261
gun okay I've heard I gotta make sure I8015.344.799
don't lose that also I cooked one of8017.984.32
these I figured we needed one of these8020.1393.681
uh eventually8022.34.2
oh that's that's a little different8023.824.299
that's different than the one we used to8026.53.3
have isn't it no it's the same exact8028.1195.46
thing see same exact thing yeah same8029.86.299
exact one wow that looks very different8033.5794.921
to me but you know why right uh because8036.0995.1
it's your brain yeah sure hey I've never8038.55.88
been a fan of the stun batons per se but8041.1996.181
I just built a Repulsor mod that's8044.384.98
supposed to send them potentially flying8047.384.14
oh let's find a zombie come on yes find8049.363.96
the zombie while that thing cooks very8051.523.84
good I'm on your butt like a chicken8053.323.899
we've got things what's that on your8055.363.66
butt like a chicken isn't that a saying8057.2193.36
like chicken butt on your butt chicken8059.023.9
butt chicken butt like a chicken not in8060.5794.08
that context no whatever8062.923.659
um now it's a thing I'm on you butt like8064.6594.98
a chicken zombie zombie zombie zombie8066.5795.241
hey there's one zombie we're looking for8069.6395.881
one single volunteer one willing8071.827.779
participant preferably a fat one oh here8075.525.579
we go we got it we gotta here we go8079.5993.661
Simon and he's running he's running okay8081.0996.02
watching watching he's running come on8083.266.72
that didn't do anything nope nothing8087.1194.661
didn't anything just popped off the set8089.983.659
well look at that we'll have to try it8091.784.5
again well maybe if you do it at me I8093.6395.281
man I don't wanna okay well I mean just8096.284.98
just yeah go all right stop you didn't8098.924.08
even give me a shock that's supposed to8101.263.54
be a what is that supposed to be piece8103.02.82
of [ __ ] that's why I don't like these8104.83.66
how often is the repulsing happen it's8105.824.98
not even on it's it's not even glowing8108.464.86
yeah but I think it just every now and8110.84.26
then it Sparks them when you hit them8113.323.359
here's one here we got one all right8115.063.059
watch this repulsion ready for the8116.6794.101
repulsion come on propulsion8118.1197.52
oh oh hey ladies come on8120.784.859
she got a little one yeah but that's8127.1994.96
just what the thing does I know one day8129.44.56
I'm gonna smack something with this and8132.1593.121
they're gonna go flying like a football8133.963.3
field away and be like [ __ ] do you guys8135.283.54
see that none of you have seen it none8137.264.14
of us and we won't believe you I know I8138.823.899
wait neighbors yeah you gotta crawler8142.7194.141
down below you in the hole in the hole8145.063.9
yeah what if I can jump that uh you know8146.863.839
the the height of that hole no it looks8148.963.179
like he's trapped down there oh yeah8150.6993.121
yeah I just noticed it I was out here8152.1393.6
building a light pole see him he's on8153.823.359
the pressure plate right below you it's8155.7392.88
probably oh he's probably too short to8157.1793.121
get hit by it didn't he uh well no and8158.6193.421
it's also off so you know it's got that8160.33.18
going I was gonna turn it on you know8162.043.059
can you I can you reach it from there8163.483.659
can I reach it from here it's right here8165.0994.381
isn't it no no no the actual the dart8167.1394.44
trap the dart traps off oh you gotta8169.485.04
turn it on yes I see no I'm not going8171.5795.881
down for that I will I will I'm a Madman8174.524.699
all right so let me get down to where8179.2194.9
you're at all right all right all right8181.1794.621
shoot over his head isn't it midnight8184.1196.06
we'll see you and8185.84.379
it's on hey come at me come at me zombie8211.124.8
boy yep over his head right over his8214.0593.96
head oh yeah you're right yeah so the8215.923.78
little guys we gotta shoot all right8218.0193.481
damn it he's way too nice he's wasting8219.74.859
all my damn ammo hey there you go8221.54.859
should be done legs you know what we can8224.5593.781
put one right below that that does legs8226.3595.761
Double Double it up yep double lounge8228.346.12
chairs horde night or we just shoot the8232.125.72
little guys okay either way what8234.463.38
how's it feel in your hands it feels8238.35.04
nice yeah listen it holds I think a8240.2194.741
couple more than the other one did and8243.343.179
they're stronger rounds I'm pretty sure8244.963.78
yeah I kind of want to do something but8246.5194.441
I don't know well I mean just let's come8248.744.199
on let's go come on you gotta get you8250.963.78
gotta get one we're back at this again8252.9394.261
back out and about we don't mind because8254.744.38
we're we're men that like to go out in8257.24.319
the night we do we do We're Men of the8259.124.319
night men of the night together in the8261.5193.84
woods that's nothing more manly than8263.4395.46
that that's so true it's so true all8265.3595.521
right um get a little broke back yeah8268.8994.261
why not right I mean listen a real man8270.883.96
[ __ ] a man you know what I'm saying and8273.163.0
they don't even think8274.843.599
watch out get him Simon all right get8276.164.38
him I think I got him one shot come here8278.4396.2
Bubba right here turn around hello8280.544.099
how good is that sound three shots and8284.825.859
I'm getting wet because it's raining8288.6394.681
where do you get wet no the tree was wet8290.6794.561
and then I think the wind blew some wet8293.324.079
drops down on me the droplets down God8295.243.42
yeah I was a little concerned there8297.3993.96
right no that's fun though yeah those8298.663.84
are nice8301.3593.421
um we've learned a lot today yes we have8302.55.04
I don't remember any of it but I can8304.785.72
re-watch the video8307.542.96
oh come over here meet my dick puncher8311.55.939
lady Whip and oh shocker yeah yeah I'd8313.8995.221
love to see it pardon coming through oh8317.4393.66
I hope that [ __ ] walks on the dark trap8319.124.76
walk on the dark trap yeah there you go8321.0996.241
there you go and they're tall enough to8323.885.62
get on the thing thing get down on them8327.344.44
think of things boys uh-huh I like that8329.54.559
we're just collecting zombies yeah with8331.785.579
pets imma love you Bob I'm over here oh8334.0598.031
boy oh God I fell on apps Road8337.3597.461
oh [ __ ] whoa just damaged me yeah it8344.826.699
damaged me too hey watch where you're8349.424.92
going oh the other guys oh I was no I8351.5195.88
was nowhere near you whoa thick8354.344.62
seriously that's how you gonna start8357.3995.521
yeah uh I got hit by a Jeep and I flew8358.965.939
up in the air and lost half my health I8362.924.86
was nowhere near you that's a lie and8364.8995.16
you know it whoa whoa oh thank you I8367.783.659
thought you were gonna shoot me now just8370.0593.061
in a killing mood what are you guys up8371.4392.7
to I thought you were going to the8373.122.46
trader and you ended up behind me we8374.1392.76
gotta lit up then we're going to the8375.583.359
trailer I'm gonna take his business all8376.8994.561
right I'm just following so yeah I guess8378.9394.5
I'll go back and get neebs oh hey neebs8381.464.92
oh you're dead neebs let me see this8383.4394.681
what's he doing uh he's just sitting8386.384.04
with me look at him running8388.125.34
his dead body's having a spasm up there8390.425.32
he goes oh is it oh he's tea bagging he8393.463.84
just tea bags a little bit oh yep he's8395.743.78
teabagging look at that all right well8397.33.78
I'm gonna go pick up live needs you guys8399.523.9
have a good day okay you have a good day8401.084.02
as well okay thank thanks8403.424.87
heads up we have a theater the brother8411.186.04
theater look at that wow what a weird8414.524.74
freaking place for a theater it's like8417.224.2
they were hoping maybe there'd be like8419.263.599
um some like shopping center around it8421.424.26
maybe but then uh zombies happened okay8422.8594.561
you think you think that's the story8425.683.66
that's the story I'm telling myself look8427.423.42
at all these like look at the what do8429.343.599
you call these the little like uh oh we8430.843.54
should probably use these oh yeah we8432.9394.821
should probably use them yeah okay8434.383.38
you cannot step in front of me like that8438.64.6
thick I was in front of you and the dog8440.924.2
was in front of me you don't shoot what8443.23.779
is wrong with you today you stepped in8445.124.02
front of me I was I was over already in8446.9793.481
front of you no you weren't you're8449.142.7
behind me I'm skipping line because8450.464.32
you're a bad person oh my God damn it I8451.844.32
just got hit by Simon I'm gonna stay8454.782.52
away from you guys for a little bit okay8456.163.72
okay stay away I gotta heal up I'm8457.34.86
taking upstairs I'm going upstairs with8459.883.18
you because we're gonna be together8462.162.76
because that's what we do I'm gonna heal8463.064.379
all right and Hey sir oh nice headshot8464.924.5
thing thank you thank you nice we got a8467.4394.441
fat guy down there yep oh we got a we8469.425.519
have a uh meth tripping guy up somebody8471.885.34
across the way too yeah I shot that guy8474.9393.901
in his balls by the way I think that was8477.223.12
like his weak spot shoot him in the8478.843.479
testicles when you can thank you for8480.344.139
coming I think where did you go8482.3194.08
downstairs nope nope I'm still upstairs8484.4793.781
uh I think I'm going by the lighting8486.3994.021
Booth the they call it front of house oh8488.263.96
yeah here I could hit that for you if8490.424.04
you'd like oh you're gonna help him yeah8492.224.86
good shot Simon oh we got another one8494.464.66
coming in too oh all right we got a safe8497.084.68
and a box in here safe in the Box Let's8499.125.4
uh yeah we'll make sure that we we clear8501.765.46
the Cyber behind you hello sir what do8504.524.98
you think you're doing huh you rude son8507.223.9
of a [ __ ] how's it looking down there8509.53.84
dorelius I was just kind of clearing it8511.124.319
slowly taking taking out the employees8513.343.96
and such you know okay you're going8515.4393.901
there I'm going here haha yeah nothing8517.34.2
nothing in here check the toilet is8519.344.2
always great stuff with murky water or8521.56.84
Bingo hey hey we've got a theater boys8523.545.88
all right we got you stuffed back and8532.35.28
I'm looking for cars oh I see a car8534.885.4
already did he feel bad though oh thick8537.584.56
you know the hell he didn't feel bad did8540.283.119
he know I was just sitting in the car8542.143.42
like I wasn't even driving and I just8543.3993.901
next minute dead no something went wrong8545.563.419
on his screen and he blamed everybody8547.33.84
else for his problems but himself which8548.9794.321
is you know typically thick right do you8551.144.08
think he's teachable at this point no no8553.33.96
no no he's just how it's easy none of8555.223.06
these none of these guys are teachable8557.262.34
you know they're like old dogs at this8558.283.42
point okay so like even like doing8559.64.08
something you know come back with a8561.73.54
retaliation would be pointless because8563.683.42
it's like yelling at a dog for something8565.243.659
yeah yeah I don't know what it is I8567.14.799
don't understand why you're angry8568.8994.861
I'm I'm hopping out are we gonna stop8571.8993.661
here yeah let's get the birds get the8573.765.96
birds birds birds birds I got a boat8575.567.259
that was really good birdage hey check8579.724.98
this out can you guys do this8582.8194.861
oh yeah I can jump straight into this8584.75.44
fence yeah yeah let me see if I can do8587.685.58
it ah yeah we could all do it oh another8590.146.24
bird oh my God okay8593.264.8
um well I think if I go up one more in8596.383.599
parkour I could probably clear that so8598.063.839
you watch out oh okay in the meantime8599.9794.38
we're gonna get in yeah just do this and8601.8994.261
if we need to get out do the same thing8604.3594.441
back here oh look at all this gas wait8606.164.62
wait wait oh my God are these the ones8608.83.84
that explode oh it's the blow up so we8610.783.84
have seen this pull back pull back I'm8612.643.42
already shooting guys inside I'm not8614.625.4
pulling back Simon oh come on I said I8616.066.12
was dope I said I'm already shooting8620.024.64
well because it's my brain he's he's is8628.926.88
on fire today yeah all right sorry no no8632.265.34
problem I'm still alive everything's8635.85.46
okay yeah it is it's fine8637.65.219
tell you what this was probably a fun8641.263.54
neighborhood to live in but you know I8642.8193.241
I'm thinking this guy might have been8644.83.3
the craziest of the bunch oh yeah yeah I8646.065.879
mean what does this say beware dog Snick8648.18.219
pig man uh snack I would think is a8651.9397.681
snake snake yeah so beware of dogs snake8656.3196.0
Pig and man huh yeah this is the guy8659.624.859
that you got unlucky to live beside we8662.3193.781
gotta go in there maybe we kind of want8664.4793.601
to go in there but beware of dog snake8666.14.44
Pig and man all right let me get rid of8668.084.98
some of this okay and then let me get8670.544.38
rid of some of this okay I should8673.063.86
probably get a gun ready yep this gun8674.924.439
reloaded look at me hey oh by the way8676.924.24
does my nose pop out of this thing8679.3593.901
um yep that looks stupid it does looks8681.163.96
really dumb it's like and it itches you8683.263.66
know yeah but it protects my head which8685.123.48
I like it kind of makes it not scary are8686.923.12
you going for scary no I'm not going for8688.62.64
scary at all I'm going for you know8690.043.359
Maximum Armor okay but on second thought8691.243.96
anyone that would go out like that is8693.3993.96
scary yeah you're not wrong okay oh yeah8695.24.14
I see a dog crate okay reload your gun8697.3593.841
yeah we both Reloaded8699.344.32
look at us like we graduated we're like8701.24.56
pros we should get uh certificates or8703.664.44
something oh boy there's a hole I see a8705.764.5
hole I see a bunch of dog crates okay8708.14.5
all right push in I'm right behind you I8710.264.02
got you covered okay8712.63.6
oh yeah oh crates everywhere oh geez8714.283.24
where in the hell does that there's a8716.23.239
ladder down there we're going straight8717.523.48
for it I'm going here we go I'll watch8719.4394.201
you from up here for a second8721.06.0
dog I saw you got him all right seemed8723.645.52
to be clear now yeah look this guy had a8727.04.439
bunker okay this guy was nuts coming8729.165.159
down bunker butt oh that is a green guy8731.4395.781
yep two of them8734.3192.901
oh what was that that was a mine that8751.144.839
was a mine you just drove over a mine8753.883.54
what the hell's thick yeah well he's8755.9794.621
having issues with his interwebs so why8757.426.059
don't you hop in the Jeep okay follow me8760.65.1
all right and we'll just move on without8763.4794.081
him hopefully he'll pop in at some point8765.74.14
well yeah that'd be nice will he pop in8767.564.62
back here or in the Jeep he won't come8769.843.9
in the Jeep because his body isn't here8772.182.759
anymore I don't know where he's gonna8773.743.42
pop back in well that's that's just too8774.9394.561
bad huh well I guess let's head down8777.163.779
this road see what see what we come8779.54.319
across okay down to the road down the8780.9393.501
road we go8783.8192.04
all right ready on the count of three8785.8594.04
one two three8787.544.92
all right good good good deal you see8789.8993.881
the pause you said before three right8792.463.24
there was no rhythm to that count yeah I8793.783.539
guess so but I mean we got the job done8795.73.54
right yeah but I almost shot before you8797.3194.08
because you're like one two three yeah8799.243.659
but we got the job done oh this guy8801.3993.781
maybe the snakes in there see that oh8802.8994.801
I see a snake uh this must be a snake8805.184.7
all right I think I got him all right we8810.427.96
found uh man zombie man uh dog a snake8813.886.42
and a pig wait we haven't seen it well8818.383.599
yeah there was one dog this guy's got8820.33.72
like a thousand crates though uh-huh I8821.9793.0
feel like there should be a thousand8824.023.48
dogs always saw oh what's in the back8824.9793.96
here oh there's a you'll go through the8827.54.319
window uh okay8828.9395.581
um there's up there's a pig in this oh8831.8194.741
pin are you did you get that pig meat by8834.524.02
the way ah you're right it didn't oh8836.563.54
there's a dog hold up hold on dog8838.543.6
where's the dog he's right here and8840.14.56
right there blow his damn brains out8842.144.92
yeah you damn cool okay remember8844.666.239
reloaded before all right dog down yeah8847.065.82
all right let me get Wilbur here8850.8993.441
all right Wilbur's dead8854.345.62
what you got Simon check this out I'm8857.83.96
making a jump full jump maneuver come on8859.964.38
baby come on oh no I skidded on that one8861.764.8
wow I like that though that was cool it8864.343.72
did look good see if I can ride this8866.565.4
rail go for it right the rail baby no8868.065.1
you know what I need a different8871.963.24
approach on that one okay okay hold on8873.165.84
what a sick rail watch this8875.23.8
did you see that no because I was so8880.9795.561
selfishly focused on myself and my sweet8883.8994.621
moves okay oh yeah I got I got something8886.544.02
I got something go for it I gotta do the8888.523.839
big old takes a little while to turn it8890.564.94
okay here we go I'm watching whoo8892.3597.201
oh that was nice it was something it was8895.55.66
definitely not nothing8899.563.96
man that in front of me over you son of8903.524.68
a [ __ ] we're the coolest kids in town8906.3995.521
we totally are nice see that was a jump8908.25.22
watch this and I'm riding the rail baby8911.924.38
come on come on get that rail yep oh oh8913.424.62
what a what a nice I don't even know8916.33.24
what these moves are called it's called8918.044.08
the Pitchfork oh yeah I didn't know that8919.545.72
I made that up myself8922.123.14
I mean Neves this guy kind of had it8926.383.42
figured out look at this it's great I8928.183.42
want that on my house I mean yeah like8929.85.099
I'm gonna put a couch or a love seat now8931.65.1
sounds like a one-seater yeah I guess it8934.8993.361
is a one seat yeah God loveseat is just8936.72.82
kind of like a mini couch and that's8938.262.88
yeah it's for two people yeah I call it8939.523.299
love seat Well I mean this could fit two8941.143.299
people you know two healthy people but8942.8193.361
anyway this is great cooler repair8944.4393.901
sitting up here you can keep your eye on8946.183.48
your weird neighbors there's the guy8948.344.22
over there with the engine that guy8949.665.46
neebs I think I see a place you're gonna8952.564.66
love oh follow me follow me follow me8955.123.239
follow me what are you looking at follow8957.222.48
me follow me8958.3594.261
okay oh there you are oh leaves if I8959.74.48
think I think this is a greenhouse house8962.624.56
oh okay get some uh man I've gotten some8964.185.46
good food stuff today already well let's8967.184.02
see what this guy has hey I should have8969.643.0
emptied my inventory I'm full all right8971.22.64
the team's right there do you need to8972.643.12
yeah well let's take a look let's take a8973.843.3
peek we'll take a peek going the way8975.763.059
we're not supposed to because that's how8977.143.66
we roll to check to see if it was open8978.8194.801
oh hi guys ready back it up all right8980.84.44
you want to blast them there you go okay8983.624.64
I'm stepping in front of you yep8985.243.02
keep it down coming through clear looks8990.785.14
like yep clear all right I'm moving in I8993.9393.601
think I saw some super corn in there all8995.922.64
right you know what to do with super8997.543.3
corn because I've never utilized it in8998.565.46
any way corn dead corn dead corn corn I9000.844.86
don't see any supercars regular corn9004.024.68
yeah regular Yucca yeah yeah you know I9005.76.619
got access to all this stuff yeah I know9008.73.619
you've never used or could use uh right9012.4794.5
behind you right behind you I'll let you9015.663.42
lead the way all right look at this wow9016.9792.88
this whole town is just full of uh some9019.8593.781
crazy [ __ ] they're cooking meth in here9022.142.94
what's probably they're probably9023.643.179
watering their plants with meth what's9025.084.26
this one I don't know um I got XP I'm9026.8194.08
full I wouldn't even get it if oh it's9029.343.96
on the ground okay do we need potatoes I9030.8995.04
mean I've got potatoes at home so uh oh9033.34.38
okay so this was a point I thought all9035.9393.241
right hey you thought about me though I9037.682.58
did I thought you were gonna really9039.182.28
really like this place I'm gonna get9040.262.639
this aloe I can make some medicine with9041.463.359
that all right nothing but he's got9042.8993.481
nothing in here I don't say nothing9044.8193.54
nothing there's something that's right9046.384.439
anything back here oh oh that's9048.3594.5
something yep oh my God you killed her9050.8195.821
nope I'll finish her bam nice9052.8596.181
oh they got to be around here somewhere9056.647.28
I see the Jeep yep let me see you hello9059.044.88
my friends shitty internet man just the9064.586.22
worst it's okay it happens all right so9068.73.84
uh can I ride the bike and you arrive9070.85.16
with uh thick there sure cool so like9072.545.399
looking at the map yeah9075.963.899
um we should well I mean everything I9077.9393.601
don't have anything checked off in front9079.8593.781
of us so fingers crossed for something9081.547.02
oh there's cars cars cars cars cars hey9083.647.32
Carl I'm gonna break these [ __ ] down9088.564.2
you guys want to go in while I break9090.965.04
these [ __ ] down that sounds good yep9092.765.88
we got some cars in here too so it9096.05.64
sounds good okay well you take care of9098.645.04
all those baddies I'm gonna break these9101.644.56
come on hey hey how you doing thick how9103.685.0
are you oh9106.22.48
behind me too yeah9108.8593.781
a parkour that's just me shooting9114.724.139
somebody yep going down going down I'm9116.14.799
gonna go down on you thick and it's9118.8594.5
gonna be good why would you do that why9120.8995.481
why not why not9123.3595.701
oh I see cars hold on names I want to9126.384.9
get these yep oh chili cheeseburgers I9129.064.68
hope oh Birds on me hold on9131.284.26
what the hell was that that was a home9133.745.04
run baby they went flying yep awesome9135.545.1
come on give me an engine man this place9138.783.24
is kind of sweet I like this little9140.643.42
diner in the middle of nowhere you know9142.023.18
thick said something about starting his9144.062.879
own business I could see really just9145.23.6
revamping this place did he say what9146.9393.061
kind of business yeah he think he was9148.82.82
gonna do a traitor I would traitor but9150.03.24
neebs imagine you and I getting together9151.624.199
I could see think being a traitor no no9153.244.8
no no no not a traitor like a Trader9155.8194.681
like he trades Goods oh gotcha no I9158.043.96
don't see that yeah maybe not but look9160.53.24
at this place neebs you and I could take9162.02.939
this place we could turn this place into9163.743.06
something into like another burger place9164.9393.661
yeah an Eatery yeah because I know9166.83.42
you're like you're cooking you're good9168.63.96
at that I'm good at stuff yep wait what9170.223.96
are you good at stuff things building9172.563.18
Vehicles oh yeah9174.183.62
I hate to kill him because he might be a9182.34.84
potential customer oh he's is he dead uh9184.564.94
sir always he's angry9187.145.219
that's two baby I'm about a thousand9189.55.26
nice I learned that I see some [ __ ] in9192.3594.261
the kitchen okay where'd she go in the9194.763.96
kitchen this interior is all right open9196.624.8
it yep come get it folks yeah oh she's9198.723.84
getting close all right there you go9201.423.32
back get back up all right get her name9202.564.58
smack smacking9204.745.14
oh you gotta smash I'm back yep there9207.144.6
you go there you go all right stay down9209.884.08
or order some cheeseburgers with some9211.745.34
chili fries can I help you uh yeah9213.965.28
what's your special today oh Lord we got9217.084.08
a cheeseburger with some Havana cheese9219.244.02
on it you ain't never tasted anything9221.164.38
like that in your mouth I'll take three9223.263.96
all right let me go cook him9225.544.1
[ __ ]9227.226.36
yeah these freaks oh I'm getting spit at9229.646.339
I just got spit at man did you ask for9233.583.92
it oh god9235.9794.261
oh he's about to spit don't spit don't9237.56.04
spit no swallow I knew you're gonna say9240.245.76
it no wow someone had to yeah that's too9243.544.08
easy too easy nothing wrong with9246.04.2
spitting it out either no no no9247.624.8
um so this compound like yeah I like it9250.24.86
can I just jump onto here without yes I9252.425.7
can't got it what a great great spot you9255.064.86
guys are safe just so you know but you9258.123.359
see it around it's anything good9259.923.24
um well there's just several uh9261.4793.061
buildings that we should probably get9263.163.239
our loot skis on in we're always getting9264.544.02
something on well yeah what would you9266.3994.021
like me to say that would say no it's9268.564.14
just it it seems like a commonly used9270.425.16
phrase yeah people have things they say9272.74.38
often don't they and then some people9275.583.359
judge them no no I didn't judge you at9277.083.3
all I just I don't understand your point9278.9393.901
okay oh boy it was just slicing that9280.384.74
people or that I hear a lot there was no9282.844.68
judgment no [ __ ] I didn't make a comment9285.123.9
I'm really glad you guys are having this9287.523.56
he wasn't kidding was he thick neither9297.54.02
was I9299.886.12
oh son of a [ __ ] what the hell man I am9301.526.879
so freaking done all right this has got9306.04.979
to be my place this is where the the the9308.3996.661
the Jeep and the the helicopter are I9310.9797.081
need to go back to my stuff and I'm9315.066.0
gonna take a Jeep to get there yes9318.066.06
where's the Jeep9321.065.339
so far we got uh I think four engines9324.124.26
nibs how many you need uh as many as9326.3993.841
possible you know I also remembered I9328.383.9
think we have some at the uh the9330.244.38
building base oh the last yeah some of9332.283.72
the generator brakes there so I'll go9334.623.3
there grab those I think we'll have9336.03.6
enough to power our entire operation9337.924.26
cool I got a ton of metal a ton of clay9339.65.16
so we're ready I think yeah I don't know9342.184.98
if this pills place is being looted it9344.764.559
probably has doors wide up well I mean9347.163.84
this isn't like I saw a bed laid out by9349.3193.721
the road so probably hmm then yes9351.04.38
probably let's see I'm gonna peek okay9353.045.58
all right hello I want you back hello oh9355.385.04
wait no I see there's there's people oh9358.625.9
boy you got her yep there's people here9360.424.1
there's a lot coming to you okay are we9366.745.32
fight and Retreat yeah apparently we're9369.723.38
fighting okay9372.063.24
I'll be right I'm just gonna fight this9373.14.62
lady outside9375.32.42
yep I got her okay oh when I dropped a9378.265.5
bag dropped a bag I love it when they9382.53.24
drop a bag yeah what you got what you9383.765.7
got I got hey ooh money we have ammo9385.747.02
crossbow you know I don't use crossbows9389.464.92
often if you got the exploding arrows9392.763.179
they're pretty cool9394.384.019
don't have those this does look cool but9395.9394.201
do I have any ammo for it oh yeah I got9398.3993.301
a little bit I'm gonna use this on some9400.143.719
okay maybe in the back huh if there's9401.74.32
any left yeah oh God this place is9403.8594.62
amazing oh yep can I get through here I9406.024.2
see a guy up here if you get up here you9408.4793.601
get you got a clean shot up on these uh9410.225.099
shelves okay I'm trying to get how did9412.084.859
you get up there here we go here we go9415.3192.881
all right where all right where do you9416.9392.401
see this yeah right here in the9418.23.54
bathrooms oh yeah yeah yeah you know9419.343.599
what I have sneak attack and watch out9421.744.199
okay here get behind me I get behind9422.9394.861
yeah you get little sneak damage if you9425.9392.821
hit them when they don't know you're9427.85.3
there boom sucker hey9428.767.679
get away from me bird you son of a [ __ ]9433.16.64
hey I'm I'm back hey watch out for the9436.4395.581
bear oh God there's a bear and a bird9439.745.579
that's not good I got the bird okay uh9442.024.919
there's a lot of bad stuff oh there's a9445.3195.281
dog too whoa okay oh [ __ ] all right I9446.9395.761
got a good Vantage Point help uh help9450.63.839
the ever other people oh the Bear's down9452.73.239
yeah I got it bird bird bird bird bird9454.4397.261
[ __ ] you bird oh got the bird I'm gonna9455.9398.641
get my stuff back and it'll be good here9461.75.94
I am thank goodness let's go home guys9464.586.56
come on absolutely after I get this safe9467.648.299
oh God who's at me son of a [ __ ]9471.144.799
Simon's having a stroke yep I'm okay and9478.226.04
I just got 394 coin for killing those9481.8594.921
two yeah that'll get you one bullet the9484.264.219
jeez neebs you ever seen a uh oh hello9488.4795.321
hello how are you good sir boom right9491.524.76
your face9493.82.48
I saved you there you go all right geez9499.55.399
you ever seen a place like this under a9502.8593.841
pharmacy uh I think they're making their9504.8993.901
own drugs they probably are they're9506.73.659
probably making Sudafed right here9508.83.059
that's a great idea you cut out the9510.3593.421
supplier that's right hell yeah you9511.8593.061
don't have to get it approved or9513.782.579
anything hell no you just make it9514.923.42
yourself and sell it oh now what is this9516.3594.201
where do you think a tunnel from the9518.345.46
pharmacy goes to go ahead wait yep get9520.566.24
him there you go get down don't got him9523.84.679
Mr hard hat how's your health you need9526.83.42
me to go up front you good uh no I'm I'm9528.4793.901
okay right now I'm okay I'm okay I Want9530.224.02
You Back Health up okay where are we9532.384.439
going oh I see some barrels was this9534.245.82
beer no it's got the uh it's like a9536.8195.101
biohazard symbol on it probably like9540.063.36
flesh I was looking at this Barrel to9541.923.3
the right oh that yeah this is like oh9543.424.5
there's a wine barrel yep probably some9545.224.56
Vino in there there's some murky water9547.925.16
oh murky water yeah not a fan me neither9549.784.98
you ready yep right behind you bubba oh9553.084.02
now I'm taking points yep bunk beds what9554.763.599
the hell Who the hell's sleeping down9557.13.12
here uh probably the pharmacist okay9558.3593.421
yeah maybe when the uh you know what9560.222.82
this makes sense when the [ __ ] hit the9561.782.94
fan the pharmacist just tunneled his way9563.043.24
in here and made himself a little place9564.723.96
to stay yeah you think that was uh that9566.284.079
was him and his boyfriend the guy in the9568.683.299
hoodie the guy in the hard hat um I9570.3593.181
don't know I'm not familiar with the9571.9794.46
neighborhood here yeah9573.542.899
stairs I didn't know you knew that song9581.663.699
too it's like a well-known song isn't it9583.743.18
I don't know what song is that you know9585.3593.12
I don't know that's a good question we9586.923.3
know the tune we don't know the song all9588.4793.84
right oh hey there's some uh popping9590.223.599
pills crates in here looks like some9592.3192.881
stuff that hasn't been touched not bad9593.8193.54
yeah all right anything down here oh man9595.24.32
lots of popping pills crates oh yeah oh9597.3593.901
wait we could have just we could have9599.523.9
just got in here from from this oh that9601.263.84
was stupid yeah that was really dumb9603.424.019
okay well let's grab all this stuff and9605.14.08
head home do we have to head home why9607.4393.181
don't we stay here tonight we got bunk9609.183.92
beds down below yeah okay bike beds yeah9610.625.16
all right I got top folk all right don't9613.14.12
you get top punk [ __ ] you stay9615.782.78
awake yeah9617.223.84
I'm in the top okay I don't even want9618.563.879
the top bomb well good because you don't9621.062.879
have it you want to bottom book [ __ ]9622.4394.681
okay all right Simon we need to loot up9623.9395.401
and get some ammo and anything else that9627.124.62
could help us for horde night Red Mesa9629.344.74
restricted area that seems important oh9631.744.619
what's what's that I got my automatic uh9634.085.1
the shotgun thing oh I missed you you9636.3595.641
missed him oh damn it I guess I did but9639.184.86
I I do like the automatic thing this9642.04.319
whole 16 that's pretty awesome yeah it's9644.045.7
nice good job seven thank you yeah hey9646.3194.861
how the hell are we gonna get in there's9649.744.56
a gate here just kidding also watch out9651.185.219
for landmines please oh one of the9654.33.66
things I like to do on these bases I9656.3992.821
like to go in through the top bird9657.964.26
coming in birdie bird nobody so I like9659.225.34
to go up through the top on these oh9662.224.5
hello that guy came out of nowhere oh9664.564.5
were you damn this is yeah it was very9666.725.16
fast too by the way yes we're good we're9669.064.379
good and there's mama I have an idea9671.883.84
Simon what's that if we lure him out9673.4394.681
uh-huh here I'll open this door hello9675.724.32
and maybe if we lure them out we can9678.124.02
lure them kind of past these uh these9680.043.6
land mines and they go through it I9682.143.719
could tap dance look I can tap dance all9683.644.92
right please please oh God I did it see9685.8595.221
okay hey Buckaroo come here Buckaroo9688.564.86
funny thing is his name is buckaroo I9691.085.1
knew Buckaroo Billy Erica here he comes9693.424.86
come at me Billy here back up back up9696.183.6
towards me seven it's okay he's coming9698.283.24
right at one right here come on get in9699.784.94
here get in there belly yeah9701.526.12
yes man you got some serious hair Bud9704.724.84
yeah that's always fun that's his name9707.644.62
that's his new name Air Bud Air Bud yep9709.565.22
let's uh go in here nice and slow let's9712.265.86
get nice and greased up and take it easy9714.787.699
all right neebs how much uh iron Dart9723.424.2
trap ammo do you think we need all of it9725.763.179
all of it no we don't that's that's9727.623.239
using all of our iron and Clay we need9728.9394.021
some from metal bars and a door too9730.8593.601
exactly so we don't want to use all of9732.964.439
it let's see maybe we'll start with 300.9734.464.74
okay all right so that's cooking that's9737.3993.42
gonna take five minutes this thing all9739.23.0
right still got a pressure plate cooking9740.8193.721
that's gonna take two minutes but hey uh9742.24.199
got some generator brakes made follow me9744.543.6
okay let me follow me follow me all9746.3993.661
right well first things first Well for9748.143.179
now for now just stick it on the ground9750.062.879
well that's dumb it's dumb right now but9751.3193.361
I can move it okay I think well actually9752.9393.121
I don't know if I can move it but why9754.683.179
are you wiring it's temporary yep I9756.063.54
don't know I can't reach out there come9757.8593.321
on damn it9759.63.96
what are you doing just wiring this up9761.185.139
uh okay I think and then just because9763.564.799
why it's man that's a light right yeah I9766.3193.241
just wanted to like yeah just get some9768.3592.821
light out here it's daytime to make sure9769.563.12
I know it's daytime now but I wanted to9771.182.88
go ahead and wire this damn thing up I9772.683.24
do not understand what you're doing9774.064.919
okay shut the [ __ ] up all right I gotta9775.924.5
rebuild this damn it maybe I do have to9778.9792.46
rebuild this thing I thought I could9780.424.46
pick this up this is a damn9781.4393.441
all righty need these sweet sugar butts9785.065.82
you know you got some competition9794.724.48
Rolling In by the name of thick I guess9796.564.56
he's making a I don't know it's probably9799.23.779
not gonna happen but just wanted to warn9801.123.359
you Bob because you're all right with me9802.9794.5
I want to get some stuff and buy stuff I9804.4795.101
mean ammo or a bunch of stuff let's see9807.4793.541
um hey Bob you ever heard you ever you9811.025.94
ever seen uh Fifth Element yeah9813.847.559
you ever seen Nell right yeah we were9816.965.76
talking earlier about how funny it'd be9821.3993.241
if Nell was in Fifth Element and then I9822.724.92
said Fifth Element we all laughed we9824.645.28
were like and they said that's your joke9827.644.74
of the day you should just stop and9829.923.96
they're probably right but how funny is9832.383.439
multi-pass way way that's funny [ __ ] Bob9835.8194.901
you don't know where the [ __ ] is your9838.9794.101
watch it go to work don't waste your9851.843.7
ammo that's what we're here for watch it9853.8593.861
watch it watch it right past them9855.544.68
that's that's why you got to be careful9857.724.84
okay these dick punchers don't really do9860.224.44
their their dick punching if you know9862.563.72
what I mean all right I think that guy's9864.663.659
down that guy's down I'm gonna pick this9866.283.659
up we're going in we're going in hot9868.3194.62
heavy and soft and nutty yep and I'm9869.9395.701
definitely heavy on the hotness you know9872.9394.621
what I mean nope I have no idea what9875.643.839
you're talking about neither do I but if9877.564.2
I if I was heavy on the hotness that9879.4794.38
means it'd be pretty hot yeah yeah don't9881.764.32
forget to look up up uh because [ __ ]9883.8594.381
drops from the ceiling a lot it does9886.085.34
where did you go lover where did you go9888.245.28
right behind you okay get over here yeah9891.424.8
there you go there you go all right all9893.524.919
right so are you looking for things in9896.223.66
here or because there's stuff out there9898.4393.0
I could be looking in I know I know9899.883.68
let's just9901.4394.261
all right I didn't know that you were9903.563.58
all the way over here good for you all9905.73.3
right lots of stuff lots of stuff the9907.143.9
store is locked doors locked we should9909.04.02
go up a little bit right yeah why not9911.044.26
why not why not it seems like it's a9913.025.52
good thing to do yep uh lock door and I9915.34.86
don't wanna that that's a lot of banging9918.543.359
you got to do on that one yeah yeah I'll9920.163.6
tell you what Simon what's that this9921.8994.441
this floor seems to be clear uh we'll go9923.765.099
ahead loot up and then we'll move on to9926.344.74
the next place I found I found a box up9928.8595.781
here I'm doing this you do that9931.083.56
oh what's up Dora hey what's going on oh9941.724.12
man you know just building building9944.643.12
bases building bases doing stuff I need9945.845.519
materials yeah concrete hey hey hey hey9947.765.82
hey hi you guys okay over there because9951.3594.441
I heard a bunch of uh just a bunch of9953.583.66
[ __ ] you know when I came back no no9955.83.12
it's just it's the typical stuff you9957.242.88
know I don't need to describe it to you9958.923.42
it's me working blah blah blah blah blah9960.123.18
blah blah you know you know you know9962.342.639
conversation yeah a little bit of9963.33.72
conversation and uh where's all our9964.9793.301
[ __ ] wood I know we have wood9967.022.7
somewhere around here we just got a9968.283.36
bunch of damn wood why are we using wood9969.723.84
here we should be using wood we got coal9971.643.66
we have plenty of [ __ ] coal did one9973.563.96
of you shoot the other person oh yeah I9975.33.9
shot I shot names just in a moment of9977.524.14
rage that's perfectly normal to do yeah9979.24.56
where is our wood how do we not have any9981.663.72
wood around here there's a thousand ten9983.764.44
in the in the in the the thing well with9985.384.74
this yeah we shouldn't be using we need9988.23.72
to be using coal for these things coal9990.123.84
makes gunpowder I took the gunpowder I'm9991.923.78
making gunpowder okay so now we're using9993.963.359
for that damn it all right I need I need9995.73.48
I need half of this then all right gotta9997.3193.181
get back oh good so you're not gonna9999.183.719
shoot me cool no I have no no reason to10000.56.479
great good uh good yet10002.8997.621
oh this is interesting is it well kind10006.9796.301
of right maybe please don't be ah10010.524.76
nice okay come on come on we're going it10015.285.619
slow aha here's a little little little10018.8595.061
guy his name's Tito10020.8995.341
Tito's Dead all right good good good10023.925.26
anything in here oh look at this what10026.244.86
Tuttle oh there's a snake in the tunnel10029.184.02
where [ __ ] you snake how the hell did I10031.14.08
lose you already huh look right here10033.25.1
look Simon Simon watch me there oh10035.185.16
that's you call that it's fun oh well I10038.33.36
guess it is a tunnel it's more like a10040.343.78
big pipe yeah okay okay going over here10041.666.0
going over here oh look at you done done10044.126.0
and done look at this nice flesh oh that10047.663.72
looks like a flashlight but it's not10050.123.9
it's a pipe yes too big to be a10051.384.86
flashlight are you kidding or it could10054.023.54
be a big like one of those big10056.243.239
flashlights that people used to kill10057.564.2
people What what are you talking about10059.4793.901
lights man they have those big10061.763.54
flashlights that we use to like fat10063.384.019
people in the head yeah but that thing's10065.34.38
the size of the table Simon all right10067.3994.141
well I Can Dream right you can dream10069.683.36
your dreamer that's what I like about10071.542.64
hey napes yeah you mind if I uh double10074.184.86
up on the fortification down here uh nah10076.764.44
yes that's the plan okay you were all10079.043.48
right well I can go ahead and start10081.22.64
working on that because all the other10082.522.94
stuff's cooking so yeah this could be10083.843.84
concrete baby yeah all those bottom10085.464.8
three or four or five layers strong as10087.683.78
they can be yeah what you working on10090.263.54
over there I'm making it super deep in10091.464.14
the back so if they if they do get up10093.83.36
there we can like go through like a10095.62.879
little tunnel and then they gotta10097.162.279
squeeze in it they got a little10098.4792.581
bottleneck in there is it is that going10099.4393.721
to dump out anywhere again or is that10101.063.36
just into the line for us it's another10103.162.819
hole another hole that we're stuck in10104.424.26
okay but it's further back so but is it10105.9794.92
going to go and is it going to go up to10108.684.98
the surface at any time okay all right10110.8994.92
just in case then for our own protection10113.664.08
I I got a couple of more uh electric10115.8194.201
fencing do you want me to zigzag wire10117.744.32
that hallway up in the in the hallway in10120.023.48
the back yeah yeah the one right behind10122.063.18
you yeah all right I'll do that too and10123.53.12
you know how you get sucked into doing10125.243.18
this how because a long time you're like10126.623.359
knees will you please10128.424.62
please learn to grow food and cook food10129.9795.88
so I can eat and I said yeah I'll do10133.045.04
that for you I'll forgo all the Trap10135.8594.08
learning just to feed abstract I feel10138.083.12
like I could learn to grow food it's not10139.9392.821
too hard but that's what I put my points10141.23.84
into yeah got it got it yeah until I get10142.763.9
wrecked into this I get it you do not10145.043.96
seem very you know appreciative [ __ ] oh10146.665.159
[ __ ] [ __ ] I hate this [ __ ] no I'm10149.04.7
just talking to myself10151.8196.721
oh Simon what I got a chainsaw nice did10153.77.18
you hear the growl though I did like10158.546.06
that sounded like a growl and there10160.886.0
shouldn't be a bear down here no that10164.65.1
would be unnecessary it would I do see10166.887.26
oh god oh dog oh okay that's fine hey10169.78.04
puppy girl oh green guy it's too bad we10174.145.759
can't like you know turn them back hey10177.744.199
how you doing yeah those guys take a lot10179.8995.821
all right all right lots of beds okay oh10181.9396.061
fat lady good night hey sweetheart how10185.724.56
are you shattering the cooch that's is10188.03.96
what you do you don't have to but10190.283.48
sometimes it's it's better that way10191.965.519
makes me feel again oh Simon yeah we got10193.765.639
the white room you know what that means10197.4793.721
what is it I know what it means but I10199.3993.181
don't know where the weight room is it10201.23.48
means you're gonna do steroids started10202.585.52
in steroids oh boy get in here go away10204.686.48
go ahead show today hey hey shoulder day10208.15.4
right I need you to get on here I need10211.165.04
you to do overhead presses as fast as10213.55.52
you can go I need you doing it wearing a10216.24.8
fireman's outfit oh with your balls out10219.024.68
what that helps with the testosterone10221.05.7
you look at my girlfriend oh geez that10223.75.46
got really weird10226.74.98
oh hey excuse me sorry sorry about that10229.164.08
and you've been standing there a long10231.683.36
time been waiting in line well no it's10233.243.96
all you now been busy making the ammo10235.044.859
and stuff and uh Hey listen so apps are10237.24.619
just shot you yeah he was putting a10239.8993.42
light up uh-huh you want to put a10241.8192.521
generator on the ground and it was10243.3192.521
daytime he's like I just want to turn10244.343.42
this light on that's daytime and he's10245.843.599
like I hate you and you shot me right10247.764.139
yeah so don't turn your back on him10249.4394.561
that's unfortunate and uncalled for I10251.8992.881
suppose there's something wrong10254.02.399
something going on with him that we10254.783.42
don't know about he's mad cause he had10256.3993.781
to make the traps but I agreed to make10258.23.72
the food and he'd make traps I don't10260.183.96
know he's being very unreasonable okay I10261.923.479
was just curious you know I want us to10264.143.42
all get along we are a team and I gotta10265.3994.141
make important stuff I got to make uh10267.564.74
bars metal bars and a vault door sure10269.544.68
right right stuff like that well I just10272.33.32
wanted to make sure you guys are okay10274.224.2
well one of us is right that's what it10275.624.18
would seem that's what I've taken from10278.422.82
this happy to talk to both of you though10279.83.0
and get the angles yeah like a10281.243.84
psychiatrist today but um you know if10282.83.72
you guys want to ever come in and talk10285.083.96
together yeah let them know okay okay10286.524.44
okay well we'll do that we got time10289.045.76
Ford's not tomorrow so yeah exactly10290.965.7
all right they should be getting through10294.84.5
any time now okay oh here we go here we10296.666.12
go Simon run run run run run run oh yeah10299.36.78
come on people oh [ __ ] now be careful10302.784.86
going through here cause watch I could10306.083.08
do it because I'm a man10307.644.44
I did it come on people yeah where they10309.164.72
at for that come on they already blown10312.084.199
up in there come on guys how'd they blow10313.884.38
up I don't know but I saw one thing come10316.2794.261
on hey come on fella it's like Gypsy10318.263.74
Bingo right here10320.544.62
we got through you gotta see if you can10322.07.8
do it again ah come on you little [ __ ]10325.169.18
oh God was that me did I do that yeah10329.89.58
[ __ ] sure did Urkel oh boy okay hey bud10334.347.5
come here come on let me see I'll try to10339.385.64
I'll try to whoops it up hey Chino hey10341.845.22
come this way come on chino I hate to do10345.024.379
this to a veteran you know but he's he10347.064.02
just he's asking for it like right here10349.3994.201
right here right here come on right10351.084.76
hey guys hey abstro neebs uh yeah could10358.465.88
you come up here please all right I got10362.33.78
a minute I got a minute10364.343.479
so neebs how would you say you're10366.084.08
feeling right now uh this close to apps10367.8196.0
row uh unappreciated anything else I10370.165.699
feel like he's unreasonable he's being10373.8195.281
Hasty okay sure sure now apps row how do10375.8595.58
you feel right now sat down by neebs10379.14.86
whoa whoa whoa no no put no no no no no10381.4395.221
no no no no no apps or no what is wrong10383.965.34
with you what are you doing stop it stop10386.666.06
approach stop approach stop it stop stop10389.36.2
right now stop abstract stop10392.725.639
apps row see what I'm dealing with you10395.54.359
see I'm dealing with right yeah it's10398.3594.141
hard to not see therapy [ __ ] sucks10399.8595.161
broke my leg okay neebs this was a bad10402.53.6
um he's unreasonable and something's10406.13.78
going on with his stupid brain all right10408.143.9
so I won I won therapy yeah I want10409.885.24
therapy therapy10412.043.08
thank you you didn't win [ __ ]10418.065.56
Simon funeral homes are fun they can be10421.164.38
but it really depends on who you're10423.624.199
there to see yeah you can't have a10425.544.739
funeral without fun right did you search10427.8194.62
the coffins already I did okay hey10430.2793.901
here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna open10432.4393.54
this door and I'm just gonna throw the10434.183.84
pipe bomb in all right close the door10435.9795.521
close the good idea oh hello you're10438.025.459
running all right oh hey how are you10441.55.16
missy let me pick that up all right all10443.4796.3
right please do hey Beetlejuice hey10446.665.34
back at you baby all right all right10449.7794.861
we're good we're looking good oh fat cop10452.04.74
just set him on fire that was freaking10454.645.7
you almost got shot yeah oh what I do oh10456.745.64
boy yeah come on out come on out Simon10460.344.019
hold on I'm not out I'm in you know why10462.384.14
I'm in what's up a man you are a man10464.3594.201
with pubes I don't run away from these10466.525.04
dead [ __ ] huh man we're killing it10468.565.16
today where we are going on the roof and10471.564.5
I'm getting so oh I got some vitamins10473.724.679
just in case you need something to get10476.064.879
your wood hard10478.3994.641
ammo we got shotgun shells nine10483.046.819
millimeter seven six two man we killed10486.3196.0
it today Simon you and I we need to talk10489.8594.441
to our agent about doing a buddy cop10492.3195.46
movie oh yes yes very good can I also be10494.35.519
the Loose Cannon yeah like you never10497.7794.321
know what's gonna happen with me I might10499.8195.841
kill you yeah right10502.13.56
I'm thinking we fortify all these blocks10506.146.1
Cobblestone or concrete or something all10509.4394.84
right I'll start doing that then you put10512.243.96
the punchers here and it like knocks10514.2793.481
them this way and there's one here10516.23.42
knocking them that way like all the way10517.764.2
in a circle yeah I see yeah I see we're10519.624.26
going with this is that gonna work that10521.963.72
should work right well I guess we'll10523.884.019
find out won't we hey guys how are you10525.683.96
hey what's up Bubba I'm just I'm doing10527.8993.121
house calls now I just want to see how10529.643.42
you guys are doing after that session uh10531.024.379
well I won so I'm great like you win10533.064.08
yeah I did there's no therapy there's no10535.3993.601
you don't win it therapy neeb's kind of10537.143.54
won that one though but just want to10539.03.0
make sure you're okay you know I just10540.684.799
want to check in and do my my duties you10542.05.64
know yep doing great all right yeah dude10545.4794.8
he's done good job doc well that's good10547.645.52
to hear I'll check in on you soon okay10550.2794.681
okay actually you wanna jump down there10553.163.42
real quick and see if your punch are10554.964.439
still working uh yeah right after I do10556.586.72
this I just want to make sure watch out10559.3995.941
for these Electric fencing on the10563.34.2
outside here we go all right yeah a10565.343.78
little bit of light out here okay those10567.53.18
are on you know how to do the jump down10569.124.08
finish right here uh oh yeah you can10570.684.38
also just jump onto the platforms yep10573.24.02
all right it seems to still be active10575.063.839
Okay so yeah if I'm right here during10577.223.84
this whole night it should work yep10578.8994.561
Laser's on it's looking okay rock it off10581.063.96
I can level up and your eyes can do it10583.462.76
so we should at least be able to get10585.022.879
four of these up here oh hell yeah this10586.222.4
should be10587.8993.061
should be we're ready10588.624.26
Simon how good10590.964.26
how go if I had to rate it between like10592.885.16
uh bologna sandwich being like a one and10595.225.7
like a full-on juicy Reuben being a five10598.045.16
yeah I'd say it was a Reuben definitely10600.925.64
a Reuben yep hey doralius hey guys loose10603.25.159
cannons are here what's that loose10606.563.66
cannons baby that's us we're doing a10608.3593.481
buddy cop movie yep when are you doing10610.224.74
that this summer coming this summer and10611.844.86
you know what you should be in it too10614.965.28
doralis yeah Simon Simon yeah Simon yes10616.75.579
got that right there by your no don't10620.243.659
shoot me why would you shoot me wouldn't10622.2792.66
you are a loose freaking Cannon why10624.9395.081
would you even respond that way I am10627.746.02
baby I lived apart10630.023.74
got a cowboy on me hey neighbors is a10634.74.86
fence off uh yes fence is off okay how10636.8593.96
does he run in those boots like that10639.563.299
okay I can slow him down I'm almost10640.8194.021
through okay what's the plan are you10642.8593.781
gonna uh we're gonna punch him down ooh10644.843.42
maybe he'll get back up yeah stand in10646.642.88
the middle here see what happens see10648.262.4
what happens okay see if we can get to10649.523.6
us hey come on bubba not that one not10650.663.779
that one not that way not that one go10653.123.48
yeah there you go okay oh he got hit oh10654.4393.781
he did a little nice nice little twirl10656.63.06
there he died oh he's probably he10658.222.82
probably did ballet before he got into10659.663.9
cowboy and yeah got that door oh cool10661.043.84
hey real quick before we put that in10663.563.839
check this out check this out I set this10664.885.899
up a little differently but10667.3993.38
and then this corner yeah yeah that's10677.8994.5
cool that looks great hey yeah exactly10680.724.44
super nice light it right on up okay you10682.3994.321
ready put the door in this is how I get10685.165.819
down jump here bam jump here bam okay10686.725.52
yeah hey that works doesn't it it's10690.9793.181
quick yeah so right here I like what10692.244.82
you've done so uh10694.165.6
does the door have a front back10697.065.56
maybe I made the center things it's10699.764.48
gonna look a little weird oh well well10702.623.659
as long as it's functional if I turn it10704.243.84
yeah that looks like the back that's the10706.2793.241
back okay yeah I mean you can see the10708.083.3
problem with the hinges are yeah um yeah10709.525.0
this looks pretty good okay10711.386.0
oh that's nice noobs okay so we come10714.524.419
through here and then if they if we fall10717.383.78
back this far you've got your electric10718.9394.92
fences yep I got a generator right here10721.164.68
should work uh yeah it's powered and10723.8593.841
yeah that'll slow them down and oh boy10725.843.9
this is it right here and hold them off10727.74.38
and then after this after this we're10729.744.26
[ __ ] no right here you got another one10732.084.38
it's just a deep skinny tube you know10734.04.8
how hard it makes them to fit two all10736.464.62
together yeah and then here we are right10738.84.26
there Bam Bam little bitty hole fishing10741.083.899
barrel and this is it huh this is this10743.064.32
is where we either live or die oh man10744.9794.681
tomorrow okay this would be fun see we10747.384.2
didn't need therapy look at this all we10749.663.3
needed was a door and a couple of Lights10751.583.48
a door a couple lights and a hole that10752.963.96
fixes everything hell yeah seriously10755.063.299
we're talking no more [ __ ] yeah you10756.922.88
either you want to lose therapy again10758.3593.54
you'll lose therapy don't even test me I10759.84.34
already won10761.8992.241
[ __ ] you [ __ ] you I want therapy10773.65.16
yourself I'm gonna [ __ ] yourself Nate10776.35.179
eat [ __ ]10778.762.719
I love you see you tomorrow love you too10781.524.379
good night good night10783.3196.601
hey Dora hey what's up what's up what's10785.8996.601
you working on here I'm making the ammo10789.926.6
man oh sweet are you using the forge man10792.57.56
not anymore we go blah blah come on oh10796.528.72
sweet I'll miss me some dark traps ha ha10800.065.18
I don't know why we're doing this oh10809.923.34
because it's fun it feels good it's10812.123.3
happy isn't it and it's happy it is a10813.265.76
very happy joyful accent agreed hey what10815.425.519
are we calling that base10819.023.6
um I think they called it like the10820.9393.901
butthole I forgot there was a bunch of10822.623.96
names thrown around I just assumed we10824.845.479
were gonna call it our grave okay10826.583.739
so you've got a lot of spikes what else10834.75.86
needs to be done well like this this uh10837.85.04
little trap thing over here needs to go10840.564.2
on one of these guys I know but listen10842.844.139
that's an extra one Dora has two of them10844.765.28
so door is gonna put one here yeah okay10846.9795.641
and then there and then mine's the extra10850.044.98
one mine's the extra silly one that I10852.624.319
just threw in there okay okay unless you10855.023.48
want to find a different place for it I10856.9392.941
figured it wouldn't hurt to be up here10858.53.18
right well I mean it's got to be back a10859.883.42
little because like like a zombie's not10861.682.82
gonna go through all the effort to10863.33.9
squeeze like like I'm doing see like it10864.53.96
would need to be like maybe on this10867.23.119
corner but what if like if it was right10868.463.899
here a zombie came right here and then10870.3195.16
it got hit there boom got hit over here10872.3594.681
well like if it was here it would get10875.4793.84
hit there we go and is this just over10877.044.68
here so you really think you think that10879.3193.96
uh punching it that's the wrong thing to10881.722.46
um boom we want to fall in the hole I10884.184.62
know we want it to fall in the hole okay10886.3994.441
but I mean based on where you put it you10888.84.139
didn't know that of course of course I10890.846.0
did hold on okay boom now if it was here10892.9397.021
which was only what two feet over it10896.845.04
also would have hit things into holes10899.964.439
right it just ran on my Spike damn it10901.883.72
and it still seems like you don't10904.3992.88
understand what I'm saying about they10905.63.24
need to fall in the hole because there's10907.2793.961
no room between the puncher and the hole10908.844.92
all right well I think that there is but10911.244.38
maybe not I guess I just don't10913.764.019
understand everything right what game10915.624.739
are we playing again yep I can yeah10917.7794.681
seven days okay zombie game survival10920.3593.741
all right it's almost fortnite so uh one10924.17.66
last lootage hey lady and Britney Spears10928.465.22
has really gone downhill all right let's10931.763.42
let's go down here let's clear this10933.686.08
place out goddamn Warrior hello10935.184.58
jackpot yeah reinforced chest seven six10940.729.28
two uh 44 magnum bullets this helmet uh10945.746.78
machine gunner I'm gonna use that ah all10950.04.16
sorts of goodies10952.524.98
man this is gonna help what is that is10954.165.22
that a drop10957.54.979
oh that's the interruptives I see a two10959.384.96
episode oh wow that's pretty close to us10962.4793.84
oh yeah oh that's coming man it's coming10964.343.42
right on our damn heads look at that10966.3193.721
it's a good day for it uh we might need10967.764.26
medical supplies or something oh yeah10970.043.54
you're right it's gonna land right here10972.024.08
I know I mean look at this they're never10973.584.56
this nice to us what the hell did we do10976.13.6
it's a good sign they must really love10978.143.36
our base do you think they could see the10979.73.36
butthole from the air I bet they could10981.53.18
just like the astronauts can see the10983.063.0
pyramids like look at that butthole10984.683.06
let's see if we can get they can see if10986.063.36
we can get these supplies right in the10987.743.36
butthole I hope there's first aid kits10989.424.26
ammo I made some of those by the way oh10991.15.339
right on my head right on my head oh boy10993.685.54
oh wow you're in it now10996.4397.38
look at you man you look good wow that10999.226.7
is something else I'm like an action11003.8193.5
that is cool all right so now I guess11007.3196.281
I'll look in see what we got sorry ow11010.424.979
what the [ __ ] that was me punching you11013.64.08
just punched you just calm down oh hey11015.3993.901
yep there's a first aid kid in here11017.684.799
share some ooh antibiotics a beaker oh a11019.34.679
schematic for learning how to make a11022.4794.561
grenade let's learn that and then a11023.9795.761
sledgehammer not bad that's it and uh11027.044.319
yeah we'll get the other one [ __ ] you11029.743.3
looking at I'm looking at you you're11031.3592.941
fine ass right now that's what I'm11033.042.58
looking at you got a problem with that11034.34.679
yeah check out my auger oh you know how11035.625.46
to use that thing don't you why don't11038.9793.901
you lay that [ __ ] auger down where11041.085.18
you know you wanna oh11042.883.38
I didn't know you wanted it there11046.65.8
can I make money here we go almost there11049.066.62
oh yeah take more of that I don't use11055.684.24
that but I'll take it and give it to11058.662.18
oh neebs you beat me to it yep sorry11060.845.62
I'll share it with you okay hey I got11063.9394.801
some ammo what kind of ammo do you need11066.464.92
I got all the ammo I need oh wow I'm11068.744.14
good to go didn't know you're a11071.384.439
Rockefeller yep jeez rich guy all right11072.883.77
let's head back11075.8195.53
okay we're set up and now we wait it's11085.126.779
like a big blender it is so it's like uh11088.845.24
what's um Jimmy Buffett's restaurant11091.8994.621
Margaritaville Margaritaville yeah oh11094.084.66
it's like hey everybody are hurricanes11096.524.56
coming again11098.744.32
you've been here for 10 minutes and11101.084.319
three hurricanes have been here fencing11103.066.5
left sure like to get your order in11105.3994.161
touch the [ __ ] wire okay I get it now11109.725.48
there it is it's 22. oh okay oh boy here11119.78.5
we go Simon entice them entice them do a11124.545.819
dance yeah tell them to come on sell it11128.25.239
make it sound pleasing over here11130.3595.58
hey that sounds like something's working11133.4395.741
upstairs yep are we winning uh yeah we11135.9396.42
won it's over huh it's not over because11139.185.639
it's too early oh you guys smell that11142.3595.221
smells like fried cankle yeah fried11144.8195.341
zombie I I don't see anything as of yet11147.584.5
no I just hear him I hear them up there11150.163.659
just getting their asses kicked we might11152.083.3
not even have to do anything guys this11153.8193.181
might be easy yeah we'll just let the11155.383.3
traps do all the work oh yeah this is11157.04.08
gonna be this is gonna be smooth up we11158.685.179
got a visual we got it11161.085.819
come on everybody come on down to11163.8596.881
buttholes where we got free drinks and11166.8996.721
free bullets up your ass come on in baby11170.745.64
we got two for one specials someone's11173.624.68
crawling on the side I see it really11176.384.979
they're crawling beneath the dirt whoops11178.35.46
there's one oh boy yep there's one he11181.3594.441
just fell down and he was dead when he11183.764.8
hit the ground oh [ __ ] nope nope nope oh11185.88.3
God oh God oh God I fell okay I'm trying11188.565.54
they're attacking from the side so11197.225.02
they're digging down no no no they're11200.083.96
digging down yeah they're digging down11202.244.32
and then I you see where oh God Nick11204.047.68
what oh my god wow that is not a good11206.567.2
thing that's not how the hell they get11211.723.84
down here that was quick they dug11213.764.5
through all that dirt that quickly oh no11215.564.56
all right they're coming through guys11218.263.42
they're coming down into the hole11220.123.659
they've broken through the sides and11221.684.86
they are coming down to you oh my god I11223.7794.741
see them yep all right listen I'm gonna11226.543.6
be shooting them a little bit on the way11228.524.44
down all the rocks that are falling this11230.144.679
place is gonna cave in yeah no this11232.963.54
isn't good you see this right thick yeah11234.8193.781
we got we got a lot of rocks falling11236.53.66
this whole thing's gonna [ __ ]11238.63.719
collapse man it's working though they're11240.163.779
falling and they're dead when they land11242.3193.901
are they falling I'm also shooting them11243.9395.34
but are they dying yeah okay can y'all11246.225.219
plug that hole that came in man I don't11249.2794.261
even see the hole they came in I know oh11251.4394.261
well I could see the hole that they came11253.545.66
in over here this is working11255.73.5
I mean yeah now it's kind of working in11259.684.48
it yeah neebs do you have a repair tool11262.124.199
or uh repair kit yeah oh no no no um11264.164.739
something to repair like a block11266.3194.261
um yeah yeah come over here be right11268.8993.721
there see these blocks they got damaged11270.583.239
somehow you might need to fixing these11272.623.72
up on the floor yeah okay yeah I can do11273.8194.381
that let's see here yeah knock that out11276.344.68
watch my back oh [ __ ] me look what above11278.25.1
above what see you see that like above11281.024.5
this block above this block whoa is it a11283.34.2
hole Yeah there's a hole oh God it just11285.524.259
broke oh boy babes it's not letting me11287.54.08
drag my tool it's like froze hold on11289.7794.021
here we go there's a lot of zombies11291.584.739
coming down are they all dying when they11293.84.8
fall off boy I got one off they've11296.3195.341
reached it they breached the bridge all11298.64.92
right but they're off I killed them oh11301.664.22
anybody you guys might want to get the11322.564.299
hell back hey it's pretty safe here in11324.884.019
the pit okay hey Dave can you can you11326.8593.901
fill that hole uh no I'm in the pit11328.8994.261
right now excuse me just wait don't11330.763.78
shoot me come on through door excuse me11333.164.02
move all right leaves you might want to11334.546.0
get out of the bed okay well this went11337.185.04
about as I planned you know what I11340.543.96
missed I missed her Alice's Tower yeah11342.225.04
me too I was saved as a little infant11344.54.8
all right boom let's move forward can we11347.263.719
repair uh the holes they've come in11349.34.019
through like right above us here see oh11350.9793.84
God yeah they just dunk straight down11353.3194.08
didn't they yeah oh you [ __ ] after I11354.8194.62
watch out oh boy oh boy ow what the hell11357.3995.101
was that I am it I'm hit man I'm respawn11359.4394.201
all right you think there's a chance I11362.52.88
can get my stuff back out there baby if11363.643.6
you go where is your stuff it's down11365.383.48
here I'm going11367.244.689
is it my gun oh yeah is it your damn11376.4395.441
yeah it's your damn guns Dora why I11379.543.96
don't know are we not Allied or11381.883.24
something oh I just want my stuff back11383.54.979
this is insane and I love it I thought I11385.125.76
was gonna be dead this is so far a very11388.4793.901
good place to be yeah you're doing all11390.883.599
right come on zombies clear out of there11392.384.2
my stuff's down there just want to get11394.4793.901
it I'm going in I'm gonna see if I can11396.583.72
help him cover me boys all right coming11398.383.899
I'm right behind I'm getting it there I11400.33.54
got it nice all right get out of there11402.2793.361
needs get out of there go jump why can't11403.844.099
I jump11405.642.299
you gotta watch out for Dodge Rams11408.4795.081
reloading oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh God11410.925.78
push him back push him back oh no dude11413.566.839
okay go for his head go for his head oh11416.75.68
God okay just your head bud you guys are11420.3993.241
doing great11422.383.18
um I'm having a bit of a day yeah you11423.643.42
guys are doing great oh here he is hey11425.562.78
watch your feet out through see yeah11428.343.939
that guy was going for your feet all11430.842.639
right you want to try to get [ __ ] again11432.2793.961
I do I sure do all right let's go all11433.4794.741
right come on oh Army go all right11436.244.02
running through man I don't like it I11438.223.54
had it and then I died all right so11440.263.059
watch out for those uh you know what I'm11441.763.3
turning the traps off all right all11443.3193.181
right there's one army guy down there I11445.064.1
can't tell if he's alive or dead11446.56.18
okay and back and grab it grab it come11449.166.659
on quickly grab it quickly R got it11452.687.32
last time Jump Jump I can't jump back up11455.8195.261
a little bit yeah you're jumping there11460.02.84
you go there you go come on all right11461.084.859
cover me I'm turning the traps back [ __ ]11462.844.26
[ __ ]11465.9394.38
okay oh boy guys you got a lot coming11467.14.54
down in the hole and looking at him11470.3192.761
right now I don't have much ammo left11471.643.48
leaves yeah I think we can possibly11473.083.84
cover this hole which hole the ones that11475.123.54
keep uh crawling through right here hold11476.923.479
on I got some blocks show it to me right11478.664.5
here trying to fill it in best I can11480.3995.04
that's that's it that's it okay yep I11483.165.04
can reinforce up to Cobblestone there we11485.4395.401
go go hey they're digging from this side11488.24.92
of the tunnel this side oh that's not11490.844.08
good oh no that's not good at all no11493.123.359
it's not it's not gonna be maybe we11494.922.939
should go back to the front they might11496.4793.84
sense us maybe yeah everybody come back11497.8593.781
to the front Simon how you doing up11500.3193.841
there I am yeah if you all come to the11501.644.38
front they're up away I'm gonna die soon11504.163.6
I don't have any more bullets hardly you11506.023.9
got 58 more bullets left seven six two11507.766.3
ah ah I just fell oh no that didn't11509.926.84
sound good oh Dave oh I'll break break11514.065.94
through yep yep coming each other just11516.765.46
stepped in front of me whoa you11520.03.899
literally just stepped in front of me11522.225.3
sorry oh boy oh boy11523.8993.621
close the door11532.146.04
fall back wow is it closed yes it's11535.425.18
closed all right let him have it quit11538.184.74
you guys been stepping in front of my11540.64.6
bullets all right I'm staying still baby11542.926.0
no it's Simon oh God oh my God where are11545.26.54
you for each big breach oh God big11548.924.859
breach where big breed shot down that11551.744.56
side I was on oh yeah11553.7795.521
I'm in all right shut the door all right11561.584.739
guys right behind where you guys are at11564.163.54
I'm sorry I think if I just jumped in11566.3194.021
front of you it's crumbling yeah it is11567.74.26
crumbling above us that's not good11570.343.36
that's right here we really gotta keep11571.963.3
an eye out for holes right here let's11573.73.06
not lure them that way so we need to11575.263.0
stay forward you know what I mean I know11576.763.42
but where you guys are at is where it's11578.263.719
crumbling and I feel like maybe you11580.184.08
should move everyone moved now nobody's11581.9793.661
in the hallway everyone moved all right11584.262.639
yeah we're moving forward moving it11585.643.06
forward moving forward in forward okay11586.8994.801
come on I'm out of 762 already all right11588.74.199
where was that where's that hole where's11591.73.3
that breach let's let's patch that over11592.8995.401
here oh God sorry sorry thick sorry oh11595.07.939
god oh what's that behind me behind us11598.34.639
shut the door last person in shut the11603.64.719
door holy crap oh I gotta repair I gotta11605.924.68
repair my [ __ ] Dora how are you over11608.3194.46
it's so fat two more hours left boys11617.585.98
all right all right cover me Neves cover11621.8194.201
me oh there's a spitter in there okay11623.566.06
God damn it um [ __ ] oh good guy die you11626.025.22
[ __ ] hey if we can clear it out11629.623.18
I can feel the hallway full of spikes11631.243.42
hey that'll work too that'll help is it11632.84.139
clear uh it's clear now okay all right11634.664.619
ready put [ __ ] down I'm trying start11636.9394.741
starting oh that's spikes I was doing11639.2794.62
the thing okay well we got both don't we11641.684.62
oh God I'm shooting the bastards the11643.8993.841
bearings prepare as fast as you can11646.33.599
repair as fast as you can do not move to11647.743.9
the right time and do not move to the11649.8993.601
right okay I'm not moving to the right11651.643.719
you just moved to the right oh my God11653.53.24
you're stepping him in front of my11655.3593.801
wait I gotta get to you I'm stuck neaves11660.725.52
come on I'm going around11664.125.64
no don't spit don't spit babes I gotta11666.246.28
go in the Hulk um and I'm in a bad place11669.766.679
I'm going around okay11672.526.6
I'm on the ladder lives can you make it11676.4394.781
in here if the hallway gets clear I can11679.124.64
jump in the ladder to the uh the hallway11681.226.98
oh no focus on the big guy oh boy oh God11683.766.58
all right we're trying our best to clear11688.24.56
the hallway that's a fun job oh my God11690.345.82
I'm in a bad spot man they're bleeding11692.765.94
all over me11696.162.54
oh this isn't good guys this is not good11699.125.08
we can fall back but we would abandoned11702.13.78
deep thieves we might have to abandon11704.23.48
you is it clear I can't make it all11705.883.059
right here we're done fall back11707.684.44
everybody fall back fall back ah crap I11708.9395.04
missed the job11712.125.279
fall back sick fall back stop it fall11713.9795.821
back Simon fall back further all right11717.3994.741
everyone kind of fan out yep don't shoot11719.85.7
the electric things oh spinner oh my God11722.145.52
breakthrough breakthrough [ __ ]11725.54.439
out there oh they want to see if I have11727.664.02
any 762 they're willing to give me I11729.9393.721
have nothing I have very little of that11731.684.74
oh here here you go oh wait let's do it11733.663.72
right there and right in front of my11736.422.7
person on the ground awesome thank you11737.384.14
that'll help yeah I've done like three11739.124.68
times already we got one more hour yeah11741.524.259
but this this is fun isn't it it is look11743.84.76
at that that's incredible and why11745.7795.341
[ __ ] idiot [ __ ] idiot damn death11748.565.919
trap don't shoot me coming out all right11751.127.14
this is fun this is fun we had zombies11754.4795.821
falling from the sea land and now we're11758.264.26
trapped in a hole with a electric fence11760.34.019
in front of us yeah I like it it's11762.524.74
exciting I died who else died Simon I11764.3194.261
died once just because the bridge11767.263.3
collapsed yeah did you think you guys11768.584.68
didn't die did you no no no not yet see11770.565.339
just give it time I'm still not over I11773.264.74
have seven bullets left make them count11775.8994.741
I don't have any weapons either yeah11778.03.899
hopefully I can get them back I'm gonna11780.643.66
let them get electrocuted oh man go11781.8995.941
electric traps go you got to feel it no11784.35.94
one it's electric boogie woogie don't11787.844.68
shoot me don't shoot me you know you11790.245.579
like that song weddings whatever it's a11792.526.06
good funeral Jam this is incredible it's11795.8195.761
not bad oh boy a couple of big guys a11798.584.92
little over half hour left oh boy these11801.583.54
big guys11803.52.96
he made a break he really ran for it11806.466.58
didn't he they did I got 23 762 left we11809.565.94
got 12 bullets total left all right11813.043.899
switching to bow and arrow for a minute11815.53.899
just doing my best oh wait completely11816.9394.141
forgot about you oh that's right I have11819.3993.42
one of those too well mine was shooting11821.083.54
you guys so I figured it would go the11822.8193.421
same both ways oh yeah well you still11824.623.359
got yours you can put like facing that11826.244.199
way right Dora no I left one I have one11827.9795.401
way up top I had an adventure I'm11830.4396.601
officially out of ammo they come for us11833.386.24
it's just me and my ex if they get past11837.044.14
this we gotta fall back through the11839.623.84
tunnel there yeah and then we just got a11841.184.56
bottle bottle neck them in there seven11843.465.16
minutes guys they're not gonna pass oh11845.745.1
we're gonna make it or you're gonna make11848.624.739
it I died a bunch oh we're gonna turret11850.844.68
oh little turret that you've been this11853.3594.321
is a little turret that could oh we got11855.524.799
the big guy coming bigger oh big guy big11857.684.74
guy big guy there you go oh God hit him11860.3194.681
hit him hit him hit him he down you got11862.425.64
it oh wait got it now we're down we have11865.06.96
1976 sorry 99 millimeter left 23 76211868.065.339
save it11871.963.479
um holding it for just headshots people11873.3993.481
that break through I think they're11875.4393.661
digging from right above us too so it's11876.884.68
after four so we did that oh hey yeah we11879.14.799
made it to Morton hey all right we just11881.563.719
gotta finish these guys now we just11883.8993.96
gotta get out of here is it is it four11885.2794.681
or five it's four I didn't hear the11887.8593.661
noise I didn't hear the music probably11889.963.359
because of all the electricity that's11891.524.5
true that's true electricity do cause11893.3194.861
some noise I'm just going for head shots11896.025.1
doing my damndest come on oh man they're11898.185.28
getting close big guy oh they are11901.124.98
getting close they are really pushing11903.463.19
forward here11906.12.54
okay I am adam762. all right you know11908.644.96
what compound bow these [ __ ] a11912.042.939
minute look at this11913.63.78
this is the name yeah this is crazy Drop11914.9796.3
Dead die you [ __ ] come on go die die11917.387.22
come on all right there we go11921.2796.181
holy cow these Green Guys these green11924.66.54
guys get right back up come on die11927.467.38
guys electricity is in the air it's the11931.146.219
best it's the best oh wait I can refill11934.845.82
you hold on hold on come on come on come11937.3596.92
on up one down what's that two left11940.667.5
three four there's four four left four11944.2795.921
or five hey I think we can push back if11948.163.48
we shut these things off we can just go11950.23.659
kill those guys melee style well what up11951.643.9
the greedy hold on we're getting these11953.8594.381
guys they're going down okay oh thank11955.545.88
God for electric traps yep kind of the11958.244.68
new best thing aren't they they really11961.422.939
are they're wonderful they're all the11962.923.6
rage with the kids come on go down you11964.3595.161
son of a [ __ ] how many shots come on11966.525.759
yep all right maybe two more maybe oh11969.525.22
wait I do have a shotgun whoa is that it11972.2796.921
oh one more one more one more got it11974.744.46
there you go that was my last round let11979.3195.381
me turn this generator off okay all11982.964.2
right generators off generator's off all11984.74.02
right we still got oh that's a spitter11987.164.38
oh okay a screamer I'm very screamer all11988.723.84
right so we're not out of the woods yet11991.543.359
boys at least I'm getting some ammo yeah11992.564.02
hopefully yeah loot these bags maybe we11994.8993.601
can get some ammo out of these bags good11996.584.199
job Dora hey I found a sledgehammer not11998.54.92
empty-handed anymore throw behind me oh12000.7795.641
behind me oh yeah oh God whoa oh wow12003.426.859
they're dropping in from behind okay12006.423.859
oh boy yeah the dirt track to his ammo12012.8596.281
what was that some I just saw Simon fall12016.3195.401
about him or you can hear that generator12019.144.139
with the traps yeah I can get that yeah12021.723.54
turn that off please I think I just did12023.2794.681
all right so now all those delicious12025.264.8
Loop bags at the bottom we can get I12027.963.54
think yeah there's some bags down here12030.063.719
for you people yeah I got my bag the12031.54.319
dart traps what killed me I have two12033.7794.2
bags of mine are down there but this one12035.8196.301
should be mine oh right all right got my12037.9798.161
stuff back man I thoroughly enjoyed that12042.125.94
that was a disaster but it was fun12046.144.02
wasn't it it was pretty fun I think it12048.063.66
was fun it was fun I'm not gonna say it12050.163.48
wasn't fun but yeah good God look at12051.724.559
this place I'm going up top yeah I want12053.644.259
to go up and see what happened I want12056.2795.221
fresh air I want fresh air it's so bad12057.8996.301
it's really good at digging yeah zombies12061.54.5
like the thing is the lesson that we12064.24.739
should take okay from uh from this wow12066.06.89
that is insane jeez what a mess12068.9397.911
well well well look at this permadeath12077.3996.181
Starts Now last horde you have one life12080.526.24
left so the goal now is for at least one12083.585.52
of us to make it not only to The Horde12086.764.32
but past the horde hopefully all of us12089.13.719
will make it but yeah the goal is all of12091.083.779
us yeah the goal is all of us but we12092.8193.361
might not even make it to horde night12094.8593.361
we're gonna try our best but permadeath12096.185.28
is now on when you die you did so don't12098.225.16
shoot each other you guys probably go12101.464.62
often without dying where I die on a12103.384.439
very regular basis because I always know12106.083.66
I could just come back shouldn't we all12107.8193.66
not have our guns out right now every12109.744.02
one of you has a gun out pointed at each12111.4794.681
other oh God Simon what was that oh12113.764.38
watch out what are you doing I was just12116.163.659
letting him know that it's okay if we12118.143.299
have our guns out I just shot and I12119.8193.181
didn't even come close to thick yeah12121.4393.0
it's like we know how to practice gun12123.03.54
safety yeah ever look at this look at12124.4395.281
gun safety yeah what is fine you guys12126.545.399
doing stop it stop let's let's be safe12129.724.8
one of you mentioned uh doing this horde12131.9394.5
on the bridge yes should we check out12134.522.82
the bridge yeah let's check the bridge12136.4394.161
yeah take it to the bridge12137.343.26
all right nobody fall12144.123.14
now look at that thick you are really12147.664.56
flirting with the devil aren't you I'm12150.34.38
kind of a Pro Gamer okay well this12152.224.679
brings me up to something now if by12154.684.74
accident obviously one of us kills the12156.8994.5
other that doesn't matter no yeah we're12159.423.479
you're done I just thought of something12161.3994.38
too actually constructing a horde thing12162.8994.801
on this bridge the threat of that alone12165.7795.54
is gonna add to the stakes12167.73.619
now first uh yeah the first bit is we12172.344.96
got to build one massive pillar yeah we12175.263.719
got we gotta really structurally support12177.34.679
this thing big time probably two pillars12178.9795.46
this is perfect you know what we12181.9793.84
probably should put a bunch of hay down12184.4393.241
there that might be a good idea that's a12185.8193.901
good start yeah but doesn't the hay only12187.684.559
works to a certain point so yeah but it12189.723.96
might be the difference between breaking12192.2393.481
your leg and dying permanently right we12193.683.599
should buy those candies the things you12195.723.599
eat that uh help your fall if we're12197.2793.54
gonna do some of the most dangerous part12199.3193.601
that'd be the most uh responsible and12200.8193.181
intelligent thing to do I would imagine12202.923.24
yeah maybe where you buy those uh12204.03.72
they're in like those uh vending12206.164.14
machines sometimes oh God sorry my gun12207.724.86
went off my bad my bad all right we got12210.34.38
seven days we gotta get to it yeah no12212.583.659
kidding I'm gonna make some of those12214.683.36
drawbridges the power to draw Bridges12216.2394.08
everybody be careful today I'm gonna go12218.044.98
gather resources hey my bad that was12220.3196.181
that was an accident will you stop it12223.026.54
this is how we die mechanics in this12226.55.279
game are wrong oh now you got it now you12229.563.839
got it with a little bit then you angle12231.7795.101
it down yeah yeah I'm trying here we go12233.3996.861
there it is12236.883.38
I hate going through this River yeah we12242.8193.781
we could have built something that would12244.7393.66
have made this a lot easier a long time12246.64.32
ago many moons ago like really easy too12248.3995.781
yes but no we're we're completely12250.926.78
ignorant all right we're at the Traders12254.185.2
which Traders this again what's his name12257.73.659
again I feel so bad I'm not good with12259.382.7
dick licker we're back hey and our12262.087.14
motorcycles here for some reason okay oh12265.7396.861
oh you're gonna die Vic12269.223.38
what's that oh [ __ ] no no no get inside12272.847.899
oh no God12278.544.18
shut the door it's a bird12280.7395.101
the bird will never win you know you can12282.725.099
get us Trader Bob it's a goddamn bird12285.844.08
feeder hold up trailing step back let me12287.8193.601
take care this is this is driving me12289.923.359
nuts hold on where are they at where12291.424.92
they at here here I go oh there it is12293.2796.241
got one oh you're a hero there we go12296.347.26
nice nice oh it's much better Trader Bob12299.527.919
we got we got stuff to sell and buy and12303.65.759
we want to do missions12307.4393.54
the lights right there Simon you see12309.3593.0
that little Lantern on the ground no12310.9792.46
it's right there I don't know if that12312.3592.521
means climb this like there's the good12313.4393.121
stuff up here well who knows I mean12314.883.479
certainly certainly a nice look there's12316.563.24
something right here already I could see12318.3593.481
it's not trash either hold on is that12319.84.439
ammunition uh looks like it is but I12321.844.92
can't access it it doesn't say access it12324.2394.801
isn't that weird maybe I thought I could12326.765.36
jump that jump yeah okay I'm in12329.046.48
now yep if I hit it oh there's some uh12332.125.38
nine millimeter nice and some iron12335.523.78
arrows would you like those no thank you12337.53.84
I'll take the nine Mill but no uh do you12339.33.599
don't need nine mil I don't have a nine12341.343.96
mil gun right now so I'm I'm on it baby12342.8994.681
I do okay just step back I'm gonna chop12345.33.599
this I don't wanna you know all right12347.583.48
chop you that's fine here we go chopping12348.8994.561
away like a real man does I like that12351.065.1
yep uh below us yeah see it hello hello12353.465.88
sir yes yes zombie how are you he's12356.164.8
coming up yep no I can't come up yet12359.344.5
I'll just do this okay yes and then this12360.965.519
there you go uh see another zombie down12363.844.86
below okay okay I got something here all12366.4794.26
right uh watch your steps Simon there12368.73.539
might be some Breakaway boards okay12370.7393.66
probably the darker ones maybe I'm gonna12372.2394.08
be careful because I think I can step12374.3994.441
here but not these not which ones can12376.3194.801
you not step on I'm gonna run across oh12378.844.32
you're right okay see that I see it okay12381.124.14
now there's a big lady downstairs so12383.163.96
taking the ladder okay where you at12385.264.44
ma'am coming down neebs neeb's gaming12387.124.68
I'm here to service your face with my12389.76.539
boy Max see it oh she wants more oh I'm12391.86.12
good sermon you're okay I'm good all12396.2393.781
right good yeah I'm coming down gutter12397.923.6
I'm gonna grab this hay because we were12400.023.06
talking about falling in our work area12401.523.48
yeah you do you grab the hay because you12403.083.3
already got the hey slot you know what12405.05.64
I'm saying and I will grab the gay oh12406.386.92
look at this a motorcycle12410.646.54
all right oh okay easy now hey buddy12413.36.28
thank you12417.184.32
in fact this is going to be an easiest12419.584.38
balls Quest it's like basically treasure12421.54.859
Mappy I don't know if I mean is that it12423.965.04
as far as yeah I see a circle here yeah12426.3594.261
I see this circle I'm gonna you know12429.04.319
what just just cause man it's a it's a12430.624.68
different week so I'm putting these guys12433.3194.92
out hey yeah I got some uh some good12435.34.439
stuff a little bit of ammo back there I12438.2394.021
got two auto shotgun turrets I'm sure we12439.7395.04
could put to use nice yeah I also bought12442.264.44
this candy I hadn't seen yet called12444.7794.921
covert cats I bought two of them thick12446.75.76
they bring your sneak damage up 50 nice12449.74.739
maybe we could do a covert cats Mission12452.464.38
sometime hey because we're Gamers we're12454.4394.201
Gamers yeah hey it said I'm getting12456.843.42
close to the treasure yeah I'm sure you12458.643.12
are I'm realizing I don't have a shovel12460.263.9
and sold my shovel so uh you're killing12461.764.44
me out there buddy dude treasure yeah12464.164.92
use your hands12466.25.64
I got a pickaxe there we go yeah you're12469.085.159
doing great yeah apparently it's close12471.845.46
to me yeah I'm killing it I'll help more12474.2395.361
with the next mission thick sure12477.35.4
all right get this generator back take12479.65.32
these engines can I break apart this God12482.73.6
it's so dumb you can't pick up the12484.923.24
generator Banks well at least I can12486.33.54
harvest the parts back from so I can12488.164.02
make new generator Banks and put more12489.844.68
engines in and make new traps because12492.184.799
I've got to fortify the bottom of this12494.526.54
pillar oh boy oh boys this is gonna be12496.9795.641
one of those in it where's the blocks12501.064.919
there's blocks okay how many engines are12502.625.64
in you three engines yep gonna need you12505.9793.901
guys I'm gonna break12508.264.2
you apart all right moving forward12509.886.2
moving forward Oh yay12512.467.8
uh summon there's a lady behind us yep I12516.085.62
see her and I think I'm gonna build a12520.263.42
bridge right here like across this water12521.73.659
okay because we've we've crossed this12523.683.299
water like three times a day oh that's12525.3593.96
fine keep on doing that I just I wanna I12526.9794.38
wanna leave some of these zombies be I12529.3193.54
don't want to kill them all well what12531.3593.361
are you gonna do start a like a reserve12532.8593.361
or something no I could just kind of12534.723.059
lead this one away while you're building12536.223.84
okay how's that just tired of killing12537.7793.841
stuff or what yeah well I also don't12540.063.06
want to waste my ammo if I could just12541.623.659
lose this this lady I don't need to12543.123.779
shoot it yeah but you could smash your12545.2793.421
face with your uh bat or something12546.8993.54
that's true I should be getting some12548.75.579
melee practice all right good call and12550.4396.54
swing and then bam all right let's see12554.2794.441
if I can pop the head off in two shots12556.9794.76
if I do I get three points yeah12558.725.28
nope I knocked her out and I killed her12561.7393.941
but her head stayed on I just get two12564.03.6
points I think the game has its own12565.683.78
point system though you know and they12567.64.679
decide points no I have my own game12569.465.1
system if the second hit gets the head12572.2794.381
popped off it's three points if the12574.564.74
second hit kills it's just two points12576.664.14
okay and you're like keeping track of12579.33.059
this somewhere yeah I keep track of it12580.83.059
here on my little notepad how many12582.3593.601
points since we started since we started12583.8596.661
I have uh 673 and a quarter points okay12585.966.84
there's a quarter point system too and12590.523.959
you can't redeem those for scales or12592.84.08
anything huh no no it's just a thing on12594.4794.441
your notepad it's it's something that I12596.884.2
use to keep track of my progression in12598.924.859
this fantastic game okay that sounds12601.085.22
like a waste of time yep yep it is I12603.7794.441
like to waste my time just like you12606.34.559
building bridges over this freaking12608.224.98
water yep no one appreciates the bridge12610.8594.981
nope not one person everyone prefers to12613.24.44
just drive their vehicles right through12615.844.019
the water hey what are you morons doing12617.644.799
down there hey yes oh you build a bridge12619.8595.641
yeah okay you know maybe learn to fly12622.4395.401
yeah well you have the flying thing and12625.54.319
it's a one-seater so we got two of them12627.844.439
now yeah but it's once eight or so it's12629.8194.741
also kind of a pain to fly and you know12632.2793.781
staying on the ground is a little bit12634.563.48
safer all right are we gonna get to work12636.064.62
on this bridge good luck be safe one12638.044.88
so guess what the what's that I had a12643.145.0
shovel the whole time12645.65.28
silly goose and silly okay we should12648.144.66
race hold on we should race this is fun12650.883.899
if we have the race oh okay oh but wait12652.83.78
wait wait wait okay I mean I'm gonna do12654.7794.141
my part serve my country what oh yeah12656.584.38
yeah count it down when you're ready all12658.925.22
right one of my feelings no12660.967.88
one right here right here go12664.144.7
digging and digging and digging12669.146.82
I'm gonna win at the Dig and that's a12673.14.66
good song it's all right oh you're12675.963.12
getting closer to the treasure did it12677.762.88
tell you that no it didn't so I'm coming12679.084.5
over to you oh I hear no no you can't no12680.646.36
I can no no I'll kill you if it wasn't12683.586.84
permanent if it wasn't permanent you12687.05.04
watch your ass thick I don't need a12690.423.899
shovel in my Noggin I ran out of stamina12692.044.08
I don't have a shovel I've been using12694.3194.141
the freaking Sledgehammer someone hit me12696.124.02
something hit me you hit me I didn't12698.462.64
mean to12700.143.9
oh I swear to God thick I didn't mean to12701.16.54
God this sucks this is so dumb I'm12704.047.439
getting iron now oh found it12707.645.339
ah I can make I better give that to12712.9793.481
neebs we're gonna get attacked as soon12714.8993.481
as you grab it ready potato meal perfect12716.464.5
good story bro just grab it yeah just12718.383.96
grab it bro we're gonna get attacked12720.965.04
some learning Elixir good story bro I12722.345.639
got just a crate oh god oh how do I get12726.06.2
out oh [ __ ] I'm in a hole oh12727.9794.221
[ __ ] might have just punched you I think12732.3195.321
you did oh no I'm freaking out got one12734.8195.821
you got out got out yep we're good I'm12737.645.58
the parkour Master too yeah you are yeah12740.646.12
go go to rallies do it you've got this12743.226.36
easy cakes is that what they say easy12746.766.719
cakes what is that from I don't know12749.587.199
you like it I like it but uh who's the12753.4796.541
it's a Memorial Bridge To Us yeah so12756.7795.761
people remember us all right I mean I12760.024.56
guess so but I would rather I want to12762.543.48
name the next Bridge could I name the12764.582.819
next Bridge it's gonna be hard to top12766.022.7
that but yeah they can't be named the12767.3993.181
same thing so yeah of course I'll name12768.723.96
the next Bridge what where's the okay12770.584.02
that'll be good though I like it though12772.683.96
good job looks pretty thanks look how12774.64.02
quick we crossed the water that time so12776.643.66
much quicker all right now we just gotta12778.623.42
Sprint up this hill did we already cross12780.33.66
the one River we already did didn't we I12782.043.54
think so should we turn around and go12783.963.24
back yeah we're in the city should we12785.583.06
turn on go back go the other River oh12787.22.88
and then build the bridge there yeah12788.642.88
because you want to name it oh yeah yeah12790.083.06
cause if we don't do it now you won't12791.522.94
remember that's why it should be12793.143.06
Memorial Bridge so that's for well yeah12794.464.439
well no that would be a memory a memory12796.26.3
Bridge not a memorial ah Memorial a lot12798.8996.181
of times you know yeah is it just dead12802.54.56
things is that all I don't know I would12805.084.199
think but this bridge is gonna be the12807.065.82
Verrazano Bridge Verrazano Verrazano12809.2796.301
what's a very Arizona Verrazano is the12812.885.04
bridge right by where I grew up and it's12815.583.899
one of my favorite Bridges it's called12817.923.66
the it's a double decker bridge I don't12819.4793.541
know if you can do that there's already12821.583.18
a bridge called that yeah but you know12823.024.02
what there isn't one in this world all12824.764.519
right hold your breath all right see12827.046.72
now this is less fun than a look see12829.2796.16
this won't be a thing in a minute we're12833.763.3
gonna have a Verrazano Bridge well if I12835.4393.54
was the one building it then I would say12837.063.6
no we're we're not going to do it but12838.9793.361
you're building it so that's why we're12840.663.84
gonna have the Verrazano okay let's do12842.344.91
it and by let's you mean you yep12844.54.8
all right here we go get out of the12849.34.5
canyon come on come on oh nope that12850.9794.081
ain't gonna work not gonna work like12853.83.12
that okay back up we'll go the other way12855.064.259
go the other way here we go here we go12856.924.859
come on turn this thing does not back up12859.3194.681
for [ __ ] here we go here we go here we12861.7795.46
go straight around straighten around fly12864.04.68
come on give me some air give me some12867.2393.66
air get some air oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh12868.684.219
okay okay that's a little precarious you12872.8994.661
know what I should probably not bring12876.33.36
the gyrocopter down here that's stupid12877.565.04
okay back to base getting a hammer12879.666.119
ooh my name's names my name's Simon I'm12882.65.46
too stupid to fly I'm gonna build really12885.7795.221
hey abstro hey great to see you good to12888.064.799
see you too how's that coming Simon what12891.03.779
am I supposed to do it says press e to12892.8594.5
use but I'm pressing in it's not doing12894.7795.221
anything I just punched it well punching12897.3594.741
it won't do it no no I know I clicked it12900.04.38
by accident but what I I it says press e12902.13.9
to use maybe I have to be the one to12904.384.5
place it I hit e it gives me a thing to12906.04.68
write on doesn't do that for you no when12908.883.3
I hit e it doesn't do anything so maybe12910.682.94
I have to be the one that plays the sign12912.183.54
that doesn't sound right but maybe okay12913.624.319
so what do you want to call it uh12915.729.019
Verrazano v e double r a double z12917.9399.361
a-n-o you didn't want to do it like mine12924.7394.54
included both of us this this is just12927.34.38
you we'll call it the little Verrazano12929.2795.101
Bridge well I've already written12931.685.16
Verrazano okay well it's technically the12934.383.96
little one but that's your you didn't12936.842.82
want to name it something you noticed12938.343.599
mine was about both of us right yes and12939.665.159
this is a about a person I think it's12941.9395.101
named after somebody else potentially12944.8195.641
but it was built in 1959 this bridge12947.046.239
what if we called it like the the George12950.464.979
Street Bridge you and I have memories at12953.2793.901
George Street right yeah we do but why12955.4393.601
don't we call it the Verrazano and12957.183.719
George Street Bridge there we go12959.043.84
remember we used to Go karaoke in there12960.8994.5
yes remember that we'd play and we'd12962.884.559
play ping pong on when we were waiting12965.3994.521
no you you're spelling it wrong it's12967.4394.761
v-e-r-r-a-z-z there you go so that's12972.24.659
what we do we played ping pong too do12974.883.96
you remember that uh yep remember you12976.8594.441
you picked nine to five for me and I12978.844.8
sang it and instead of saying jiving I12981.33.9
was saying given or something stupid12983.643.86
I'll say I remember it but I don't okay12985.26.06
well that's why you got to make bridges12987.55.8
I kind of wanted to do the covert cats12991.263.3
thing but I don't think that's smart12993.33.66
it's just not smart nope oh she jumped12994.565.82
over oh [ __ ] pretty limber for a thick12996.965.819
lady no pun intended oh another one13000.384.62
coming yep yep sure sure come on she13002.7794.381
looks healthy yeah she's the one that13005.04.08
ate all the snacky bars in there right13007.164.38
she had all the snacky bars oh look at13009.084.859
that yeah I like it a lot all right13011.544.62
maybe we should reload the uh these real13013.9395.281
quick uh I'm out of I'm out but you know13016.164.86
what I don't care I don't care I'm going13019.224.559
in that's not thick I am absolutely13021.026.0
going in oh you're so tough so tough uh13023.7796.181
me bad boy me big bad boy being Smart's13027.024.62
tough too you know that it is there's13029.964.26
only one guy in here no there's so many13031.645.06
more back13034.222.48
beer I don't want any beer yeah all this13038.085.62
stuff man this was easy I mean that's13041.35.28
just garbage what a joke yeah right I13043.75.1
think these stalactites no they're good13046.584.319
source of the stuff the white stuff the13048.84.439
night trade we should get that for sure13050.8994.08
all right let's do that we'll head back13053.2395.401
to the Traders yep and then go help yep13054.9796.0
bridge is over here Astro seems like13058.644.02
he's been doing all the work well what13060.9792.821
are you talking about I got a decent13062.664.619
amount of oil shale and and stone and13063.85.4
I've been I've been doing stuff I know13067.2793.481
it's just building the base you know is13069.23.36
a lot of the stuff and we've we've been13070.764.44
out you know bonding and naming Bridges13072.564.919
and yeah all that hey what up oh hey13075.25.4
what's up y'all hey careful yeah super13077.4796.121
careful I am being really damn careful13080.65.4
about this build oh look at that you13083.63.48
might have to name this bridge after13086.04.38
abstract oh really yeah we could call it13087.085.58
the apps Ro Verrazano George Street13090.385.04
Bridge Memorial it seems wordy oh it's13092.664.199
wordy all right all right I definitely13095.423.059
want to fortify this bottom and then13096.8593.301
yeah up top I'm gonna build yeah there's13098.4793.781
another layer of concrete gonna make13100.163.84
this thing awesome looking we need us to13102.263.719
do well I I definitely want to put one13104.03.84
more pillar up starting down below13105.9793.481
uh-huh and I've already kind of put it13107.843.599
in place and we also got to uh fortify13109.463.42
these columns I'm making a [ __ ] ton of13111.4393.481
concrete back at the base okay so yeah13112.883.899
we're gonna wanna do all that so you13114.924.559
already made the the big beginnings of13116.7795.04
these guys up here yeah careful oh I13119.4794.5
know right so okay all right well that's13121.8193.781
good to know so we just go down there13123.9793.481
neebs and then we build up with wood is13125.63.299
that it I think so I don't know how to13127.463.06
get down let's try to take the vehicle13128.8994.08
down yeah you can you might you might be13130.524.08
able to yeah it's over there by uh the13132.9793.181
pass right by Hibachi Buffet that way13134.63.54
okay I'm gonna walk it who is that we're13136.165.9
walking yeah bastard all right13138.143.92
all right there's the gyrocopter guys uh13148.646.839
yeah what's up got some stuff man got13153.084.44
some stuff and abstro I figured you were13155.4794.021
probably working on some take these man13157.524.919
take these okay just in case you get to13159.55.76
some really hairy [ __ ] use those oh13162.4395.941
shits Drops Fall damage immunity what13165.265.94
yep you can fall all the way down so on13168.386.479
the hairiest moments oh man yeah no that13171.25.22
that might come in super helpful for13174.8592.821
what we're doing here I would have13176.422.519
bought more but there's only one and I13177.683.42
made two drawbridges powered drawbridges13178.9393.441
got a generator13181.13.66
oh wait go to hell I want to knock him13182.384.479
off oh man I was hoping he'd get back up13184.764.08
so I can go well he'd go flying off that13186.8593.601
would have been sweet yeah these draw13188.843.599
Bridges sure I gotta figure out where to13190.464.56
put those how wide are they ah let's see13192.4395.941
if I were to put one in my hand oh yeah13195.026.299
that's uh let's see it's hard to sell13198.385.099
okay it looks like it's about probably13201.3195.341
four blocks long oh wow all right oof13203.4795.581
potentially five but at least four and13206.663.72
what are we thinking putting one on each13209.063.24
end of the bridge yeah I think that's a13210.383.599
good idea neebs how's it going down13212.34.32
there I'm just uh reinforcing debate in13213.9794.5
the back face in your face pounds of the13216.623.06
sound all right I think what you guys13218.4792.521
are gonna do to have to build on each13219.683.84
side is uh build up together then both13221.04.2
get on one block and then go back down13223.522.94
because I don't have a hole up here for13225.23.3
you to go in you know what I mean uh13226.464.8
yeah I understand you thank you you13228.55.16
ready something uh no but I will listen13231.264.019
to what you told me to do same things13233.664.199
last time uh we're gonna go up uh side13235.2794.62
by side okay probably about here but13237.8594.021
when we get to the top we have to shift13239.8993.84
to one of our blocks and go back down13241.883.3
together because there's something gonna13243.7393.361
hit our head I think okay I need more13245.185.099
blocks baby okay I got some for you13247.15.879
yeah yeah all right this is good relays13250.2794.681
generator Banks it's a good start oh13252.9794.081
yeah this is a good start thank you Dora13254.963.779
oh yeah no we're gonna be on it and I'm13257.063.839
making some blade traps he's trapping it13258.7393.66
up we'll bring you the Technologies13260.8994.201
we're working our way up oh come on boys13262.3995.46
Simon if you fall fall towards the cone13265.14.139
that we built last time okay because13267.8592.761
there's a little bit of hay there I like13269.2393.961
that that's very nice back up Sir smart13270.625.1
man oh I'm like okay yeah I see you guys13273.24.739
yeah you guys are coming up real nice oh13275.724.08
man you're beating me neebs aren't you I13277.9393.181
didn't really see this part as a game13279.83.479
did you want to keep score with your13281.124.199
notepad yeah well I already marked off13283.2794.62
uh my notepad six okay I think I'm up13285.3194.08
wait we don't need to go back down13287.8992.821
there's a hole oh yeah I've made a hole13289.3993.301
okay you're good you're good come on up13290.725.58
come on up sweet okay that feels a13292.76.539
little bit more structurally sound hey13296.35.22
all right we got a bridge boys yeah yeah13299.2394.441
nice we're gonna have to chop it in half13301.523.9
to put these drawbridges down but it13303.683.96
goes from one to the other yep hell yeah13305.424.26
not bad we should all probably go home13307.644.02
right yeah let's go home let's go home13309.684.38
and make some [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I broke that13311.663.84
did not want to break that what am I13314.062.879
doing what am I doing with myself right13315.53.18
now where's my hammer fix it tomorrow13316.9395.161
getting late okay it is late13318.685.94
it'd be late come on now let's go home13322.15.21
who's gonna die first y'all think13324.624.13
oh yeah this is what I'm talking about13333.53.84
thick this is structural support right13335.4793.601
here yeah hey we're gonna put a13337.343.42
drawbridge in the middle right yeah I13339.083.0
would like to I would like to but I mean13340.762.7
does a drawbridge in the middle make13342.083.06
sense what are we gonna do run from one13343.463.54
side to the other I don't know just13345.143.78
seems fun I I listen I like the13347.03.42
drawbridge idea but I just want to have13348.923.84
you know an actual plan with it not just13350.426.059
it seems fun okay well that's cool hey I13352.765.099
remember that there are some ruins13356.4794.201
Northeast of here I believe yes yeah oh13357.8594.741
yeah I remember those yeah okay so you13360.683.599
can just leave me here to work and go go13362.63.36
off and have fun looking at ruins well13364.2794.021
no I'm gonna try to get supplies because13365.964.439
we're gonna need those you just want to13368.33.78
go looting the killing zombies that's13370.3994.621
okay I'll I'll sit here yeah that's what13372.085.34
I'm gonna do I'll sit here and I'll just13375.024.44
work I'll build your damn bridge for13377.424.319
horde night get to work boy I I'm13379.464.439
already working work boy I'm already13381.7396.08
working yeah yeah13383.8993.92
hey man listen that Joel's got some good13394.05.979
facial hair don't mind me while I eat13397.345.0
these sugar butts that were in your13399.9794.8
every time you know I already sold some13402.344.599
armor and I got some nine mil yeah you13404.7793.841
did he was good to me you were good to13406.9394.021
me Joel Joel's good and you know what we13408.624.199
wrapped uh abstra into doing all that13410.963.42
work again let's sneak in just a couple13412.8193.721
quick missions here right oh why13414.383.54
wouldn't we all right we've done good13416.542.88
things let's just pick a mission and13417.922.88
we'll head back it'll be nothing you13419.423.84
pick a mission I go with you we get13420.84.92
adventurous no one dies we can share our13423.264.74
missions remember okay I know but I mean13425.723.66
you know what I mean like I don't want13428.03.479
to have to do any work right or do I13429.384.14
have to like go to him and you're gonna13431.4794.681
have to do them yeah son of a [ __ ] son13433.524.5
of a [ __ ] shut it just shut it it's13436.165.1
been a real pleasure if chicken Terry13438.026.839
I'm getting out oh it's locked however I13441.267.139
heard a snarl hold on okay let me put13444.8596.661
this down do the old doralius uh jump13448.3995.34
turrets got a construction worker in13451.523.78
here he doesn't seem like a native to13453.7394.5
these parts good boy junk turret good13455.35.46
boy keep it up good boy oh there's13458.2395.401
lattice is this door open this is okay I13460.764.08
hear more people13463.643.599
I hear more people that one's locked oh13464.844.439
oh this one's running13467.2393.561
Sucka I hear a lot I heard a lot of13470.84.479
okay back up thick 44 because permadeath13475.2797.62
is on here's what we're doing yep just a13478.8196.611
pop pop scratch attack13482.8995.74
okay love this I don't know why I13488.925.979
haven't been using this sir alias is13491.727.139
like the Albert Einstein of our time why13494.8994.801
are there nothing but construction13498.8593.361
workers here you guys made a shitty13499.74.26
good boy13503.964.62
I'm not very good at this gyrocopter go13505.525.7
up go up you're falling too fast don't13508.585.46
fall too fast okay13511.224.8
that's right Dave what are you doing I'm13514.044.62
trying not to come in too hot ah crap13516.024.08
are you trying to land that I got a13518.664.98
board I gotta go up ah MK uh oh I guess13520.15.46
I'm still going are you okay nope not13523.643.06
really I was trying to bring you13525.563.6
Cobblestone oh I'm falling really fast13526.73.659
that's okay13529.164.579
okay all right okay all right13530.3595.641
you know you you can take a good amount13533.7394.0
of damage on that thing13536.03.66
um okay I'm hungry oh I gotta eat yeah13537.7394.321
you need to eat so watch your head13539.665.04
spinning propeller yeah it never hurts13542.064.56
you doesn't exist in this game okay I13544.73.72
want to make some Cobblestone rocks I13546.623.42
could make do you still need those uh13548.423.3
yeah uh I could absolutely use them13550.043.48
although I am done well not completely13551.723.84
done with the base here but the base is13553.524.2
structurally sound so we got that going13555.564.2
for it looking great I couldn't help but13557.723.36
notice remember how we're like What are13559.763.179
we gonna do for our last horde and you13561.083.239
and I were like let's just use the13562.9392.88
skyscraper because it's already ready13564.3193.361
yeah it's easy and we want to spend a13565.8193.66
whole week building yeah and then the13567.683.719
people who don't work were like no we13569.4793.361
should do something else we should build13571.3993.121
a bridge yeah although we don't want to13572.843.54
do the work to build the bridge we just13574.523.36
want to see the bridge it's funny how13576.383.54
this works do you need some Cobblestone13577.884.62
hell yeah I need Cobblestone or I can13579.924.08
make it less hey uh just give me what13582.52.7
you got I mean do you want to make two13584.02.64
thousand that's a lot right all the cops13585.22.82
all you give me just give it to me yep13586.643.299
I'm still making it I can't just throw13588.025.719
it out be cool though but sit tight oh13589.9396.54
Simon yeah we could share missions but13593.7394.12
we're not good at because this is my13596.4792.641
mission I'm supposed to clear the13597.8593.241
zombies from this place and uh we've13599.123.6
been here I hate this [ __ ] place okay13601.13.839
so I'm not supposed to help you no you13602.723.84
could just kind of enjoy the uh I left13604.9393.121
my junk turrets at the bridge I don't13606.562.82
like that I feel naked but it's okay13608.063.54
it's okay I've got this under control if13609.384.68
you'd like to just watch and um maybe13611.64.679
help if I'm in a pickle you could help I13614.063.839
suppose but I'm gonna do something I13616.2793.841
mean I can watch that's fine oh there is13617.8994.201
a player inside the POI you wanting to13620.123.96
question please you're gonna have to get13622.13.96
further out Simon it's not letting me do13624.084.44
it okay go back to the car all right I'm13626.065.04
gonna go to the car sit in the car oh13628.523.6
oh yeah I'm missing oh13632.126.3
all right and if you could just yep okay13635.65.7
one down we got one down one down are13638.425.1
you in the general area still yeah I13641.33.72
mean like I'm at this I'm clearing this13643.523.48
house okay so I'm just in the backyard13645.024.74
waiting to see something yeah yeah the13647.04.02
floor is13649.764.74
not good NFL there's the fall okay floor13651.025.52
is not good okay I'm inside just13654.55.04
chilling holy crap okay okay any more13656.545.279
more any more there's gotta be it's13659.545.22
Gotta Be hello okay let me finish this13661.8196.021
once and for all13664.763.08
sorry that was a little funny do you13668.145.099
like that yeah yeah13670.3992.84
you can't yeah13673.8994.92
yeah yeah fun13678.8194.381
I wish I would have seen that one I'm13683.7395.021
gonna keep on watching this one look at13686.3594.021
this is fun huh yeah yeah13691.3594.38
hey oh I see you guys okay bam headshot13696.529.04
let's see you oh it's Minnie hi oh how'd13701.36.54
you hit me we have neeb's arms no he's13705.565.52
got extra elbows all right you can I'll13707.844.38
not waste ammo yep yep yellow and loot13712.228.94
nice 762 some goodies all right there13716.687.599
you go here we come on come on I'm so13721.165.76
good I'm so good now you're on fire13724.2795.881
you're welcome there you go all right13726.928.1
taking it really easy this could go very13730.168.04
very wrong very fast if I'm not careful13735.026.48
and careful is my middle name13738.26.48
all right bag of weapons uh robotics13741.55.88
Parts sure [ __ ]13744.684.62
it's gonna be a bus isn't it what do we13747.383.059
have here13749.34.2
this is just someone's garbage13750.4395.821
driving son thank you thank you I'm so13753.55.16
surprised I didn't have to do complete13756.264.979
turnarounds nah you can get to most of13758.664.86
these places by taking the roads and13761.2394.08
stuff so is this where you have to be it13763.523.719
looks like it yeah dude this is crazy13765.3193.301
this brings us back to the very13767.2393.421
beginning of uh when we started remember13768.625.52
no you don't remember okay of course I13770.665.279
don't just wanted to see if you did I13774.144.08
don't know how you don't remember by now13775.9394.861
that I don't remember okay just assume I13778.224.32
don't remember until I tell you I do13780.83.78
consider it assumed thank you all right13782.545.279
so 21 meters yeah so it's got to be real13784.585.34
close they're both locked be super13787.8194.381
careful okay okay I'm gonna be very very13789.924.26
careful yeah because remember permadef13792.24.34
remember K right13794.186.24
okay I like I like that I like that all13796.547.66
right okay uh let's bang the door down13800.425.46
I'm just gonna loot around the outside13804.23.6
outskirts but I'm here if you need me13805.885.28
okay okay I thought maybe it might be13807.85.82
nice if you watched while I potentially13811.165.22
died I want to get in your wag hat okay13813.624.5
or you don't want to help me either do13816.383.78
you okay well no this is your mission13818.123.54
that's what we we thought we would add13820.165.76
the I know but hello zombie now if I13821.667.38
were to uh die though maybe I could have13825.925.28
your help I might have helped with one I13829.044.26
took one zombie out for you already oh13831.24.619
boy I think I just got spit at oh you13833.34.08
got a fatty in there I think there's a13835.8193.361
fatty there is a fatty13837.383.84
oh hey I'm coming from I'm coming from13839.184.74
the Po Boy downstairs okay I've got13841.225.04
three zombies uh I'm working on I think13843.924.26
I might have blown Fatty's head off in13846.265.099
one shot I bet you did13848.184.44
um already kind of cleared down here I'm13851.3593.361
just like uh13852.623.54
uh grabbing stuff I just grabbed a13854.722.88
motorcycle chassis not that it really13856.164.02
matters anymore what a great shower hey13857.64.74
gets awesome so press e to Star Quest13860.184.139
I'm pressing e oh you didn't start the13862.343.899
quest all right I'm clearing out oh13864.3195.821
Jesus I almost shot you yeah I know yeah13866.2395.221
that's why I didn't want to go in for13870.143.719
confusion's sake so I went in13871.464.859
prematurely and I've already fought13873.8595.641
three of these gentle men yeah and I13876.3196.66
took out one so good luck oh I'll take13879.56.779
the jumper out yeah that was a tough13882.9795.521
little jumper pants you got a jumper out13886.2793.601
there maybe you should be leaving them13888.53.66
for me oh hey I'm just clearing a little13889.884.8
bit hey you told me to come remember and13892.164.26
um I know but now I'm starting to think13894.684.08
I I want to make sure that I earn this I13896.424.2
killed two for you killed two for you13898.765.66
you killed more than me on my mission13900.626.96
look at those instincts fat boy came up13904.425.5
at me you see that [ __ ]13907.583.659
ha man I tell you if my name Simon13911.2394.261
wasn't on the screen you wouldn't even13913.75.1
knows me that [ __ ] was tight oh oh13915.55.3
there's a green in here hey wait wait13918.84.62
where's the greeny in the Attic all13920.84.24
right I'm going to the basement Claire13923.423.84
oh wait was already in the basement stop13925.044.08
I was in the basement already hey get13927.264.74
out of the attic no yeah why'd you get13929.126.3
up there there was a Stairway no oh wait13932.06.779
a second oh boy what's up nothing I13935.427.92
think I found the last guy okay oh13938.7794.561
all right so I got the thing and I guess13945.585.98
it says yep 372 meters away is where I13948.8594.5
gotta go now yeah we got to go back to13951.563.54
the trailer13953.3595.46
hey guys Hey Hey so uh those ruins kind13955.15.879
of suck I did get some ammo and some13958.8194.741
pills oh that's it yeah cow what a waste13960.9794.5
of damn time I know I thought that I13963.563.54
thought it was gonna be better I didn't13965.4793.541
know uh thick back up you're kind of in13967.14.379
my way here okay oh wait didn't do it13969.024.98
that way it's gonna turn and bam yeah so13971.4794.201
lower it doesn't have to be hooked up to13974.03.6
power I thought the passages went does13975.683.78
it need power yeah okay so yeah five13977.63.719
Watts so yeah we gotta hook this up to a13979.463.24
generator which is actually nice that13981.3192.761
means we can control it really easily13982.73.06
yeah I'll have to go get a generator13984.083.72
bank and then we'll have to clear out13985.764.44
this section of the logs is this a dumb13987.84.92
idea yeah yeah no smart idea would have13990.23.9
been like oh let's stay at that uh you13992.723.3
know that skyscraper we have everything13994.13.719
kind of built up the traps already laid13996.023.36
Yeah that would have been the smart move13997.8192.701
that would have been smart or back in13999.382.939
the hole no not the hole hole is a good14000.523.419
idea too oh no we almost died in the14002.3194.401
hole yeah we did14003.9392.781
yeah this is uh not what I was expecting14007.7396.341
to do tonight timing didn't work out the14011.3193.54
um got here a little late well yeah but14014.8595.04
we were here before five when does he14017.084.739
close what do you mean before five we14019.8993.601
got here at like we got here at like 1114021.8194.5
o'clock oh what really I thought it was14023.54.979
still like daytime kind of like the the14026.3194.441
sun was just going down no it was dark14028.4793.901
it's just a nice it's a nice moon14030.764.139
tonight you know okay but this isn't bad14032.384.38
it's just like I hate that we're not14034.8994.261
helping apps bro I know well I am14036.764.26
because I've been chopping away at a lot14039.165.1
of concrete yeah we are we are didn't14041.024.56
you just say that you feel bad that14044.264.26
we're not just that we're relaxing at a14045.586.38
campfire because I'll bet he's like14048.526.24
but are you relaxing because my Lord I14051.964.66
am not relaxing right now if I could lay14054.764.019
down I would but kneeling by a campfire14056.624.08
is that no no that if there's nothing14058.7793.96
relaxing about this position hurts the14060.73.659
knees hurts the knees it does hurt the14062.7393.721
knees I'd much rather just be right year14064.3593.781
well we could we could pull the truck up14066.463.359
here and just sit in the truck oh we14068.143.0
only got a couple hours left I'll pull14069.8192.821
the truck up yeah pull the truck up14071.143.9
that'll be fun all right heads up heads14072.644.92
up make a hole yep back it on in you got14075.044.92
this I love this Jeep this thing is14077.565.16
always doing well come on a little slow14079.964.5
a little slow in the up but it it'll14082.723.42
make a camping Jeep good camping Jeep14084.463.54
great camping chip all right here we go14086.144.86
boom hold on oh all right oh okay okay14088.05.279
yep that's what I'm doing yep yep yep14091.04.26
and then hold on let's get in the Jeep14093.2793.901
yep just get in there I'm gonna see if I14095.263.84
can get in I have a seat let's see if I14097.183.54
can get in the Jeep it's not giving me14099.13.48
the prompt just hit e to get the Jeep14100.724.5
there we go all right here we go I'm14102.584.56
just let up yep can't put a parking14105.224.74
brake on that's you should oh okay14107.145.7
that's not why you just park but you14109.965.1
know park by the road pad I'm I'm gonna14112.844.559
I'm gonna oh God I'll just kneel on the14115.064.08
truck I'm just gonna kneel okay yeah you14117.3992.941
can kneel in the truck and now I'm just14119.143.96
gonna roll down the hill yep okay I'm14120.344.92
Gonna Be by the camper yep and I'm gonna14123.14.56
be by myself elf rolling down the hill14125.265.4
babes yeah is that you I think I saw14132.044.399
massage Parts have you been in this14137.8593.54
hotel down here I haven't but I feel14139.33.96
like someone has uh well I'm sure14141.3993.42
someone who has been in there hasn't14143.263.42
reached the televisions yeah they're not14144.8193.781
very thorough no so yeah I bet we could14146.683.54
go in here and just get all the14148.62.879
mechanical parts we need because we're14150.222.34
gonna need a punch them if I'm making14151.4793.361
these generators okay landing at the14152.564.139
hotel yeah it's putting it down real14154.844.439
smooth I'm gonna put it down real14156.6995.881
violent like here we go hey this is14159.2795.221
actually whoa might be my best landing14162.584.68
yet look at that came in like a like an14164.55.1
action hero nice they've done nicely14167.266.36
done skirt okay so I've got my ratchet14169.65.82
thingy I'm gonna start here in the14173.623.9
office yeah oh I see a vending machine14175.424.319
that's already a good sign but yeah14177.524.32
start this office like sure snacks out14179.7392.641
of there14181.843.78
yeah peanut here right making a lot of14189.184.96
noise all right hold on that's right you14192.3992.761
were shooting your gun like a crazy14194.143.12
person yeah it's a zombie you get14195.163.3
mechanical Parts out of that is that14197.262.7
what those are yeah we need electrical14198.463.359
parts sorry not mechanical Parts I got14199.963.6
electrical parts no I'm sorry we need14201.8193.481
mechanical parts and you know what we14203.563.24
could probably use both I'm getting14205.33.12
electrical parts okay but what do you14206.83.0
need the blue one is uh the main thing14208.423.12
we need those are mechanical okay14209.85.519
uh let's keep looking next room over I14211.545.159
keep getting stuck oh God they're full14215.3193.12
oh God they're falling out everywhere14216.6993.841
you're making a lot of noise aren't you14218.4394.561
I really am I'm counting uh don't shoot14220.544.46
okay don't shoot me yeah there you go14225.05.859
okay damn lady that's my friend you're14228.8194.521
dealing with14230.8592.481
I don't know man ah crap this is14240.426.7
ridiculous come on Joel open up we're14244.2395.101
here there's no one else in this world14247.125.22
we're the only ones here open up right14249.344.8
and you do we know you're in the14252.344.8
basement 605. he listened oh okay good14254.144.52
sleep do you need loser seriously hey14258.665.8
Simon what if I get one more point I can14261.9394.981
max out my parkour is it exciting oh14264.464.979
that is exciting higher and maybe land14266.924.68
from further if I fall off that bridge14269.4394.681
oh Night Stalker Vol 2 I've been looking14271.64.2
for that book you can't find it anywhere14274.124.319
on Amazon I'm gonna take that thanks all14275.84.8
right well it looks like I I choose one14278.4395.46
either 20 Molotov cocktails or 20914280.64.98
millimeter I'm gonna go for the molotov14283.8994.321
cocktails crap is that good you choose14285.584.319
this is your choice I know well you I14288.223.42
know it's my choice but which what's14289.8993.96
more valuable Molotov will be right on14291.644.139
the bridge man I think you would think14293.8593.781
and I usually don't I'm usually don't14295.7794.141
and I'm not heavy on that so I think I'm14297.644.2
gonna take them yeah do it do it do it14299.923.96
may I see your answer he wants to see my14301.844.08
inventory no he doesn't want to see14303.884.38
yours no that's me asking him no go to14305.923.899
hell Joel yeah he just wants to see your14308.264.519
junk yeah perv14309.8196.361
so if I did this right I had to Boom oh14312.7795.441
hey but it worked so is this something14316.184.259
that we can just control by looking at14318.224.559
it and hitting a button or is this it's14320.4393.96
oh it's entirely controlled by the14322.7793.301
generator being on and off we can make a14324.3993.84
switch right yeah yeah I think I think14326.084.02
we can I should have put it on this14328.2393.601
other side that's okay I can make uh we14330.13.42
got a bunch of mechanical parts now I14331.844.139
can I can reformat this yeah you can but14333.524.08
yeah I think I can't hook it up to the14335.9794.201
switch and then bam boink hey do I go14337.64.44
flying if you uh put it up let's see14340.183.63
here we go14342.045.48
hey ah we're back that's right oh yeah14371.1996.481
what's up boys we just got stuff just14375.344.559
stop yes we got started listen I got14377.683.9
Cobblestone for you my friend because I14379.8993.181
know that's an important thing for you14381.583.359
to build with yep got plenty of it now14383.083.42
and uh use it for it well actually I14384.9392.701
could you know what I could use it I14386.52.46
could use it to fortify the bottom a14387.643.299
little more there you go but hey you're14388.963.96
just in time for this all right so pick14390.9395.581
up all the ones around yeah okay yep yep14392.924.859
worked my way back I tell you what we'll14396.522.7
leave the sides for now we'll take those14397.7793.361
out later you know what I mean yeah uh14399.223.719
yeah and this goes back down right right14401.143.48
here like that yes yeah that'll go back14402.9392.84
down okay14404.625.699
oh boy oh I'm glad none of us have died14405.7796.641
yet that's impressive it is for14410.3193.66
pervadeth yeah we've done really well14412.424.26
what day into permadeath are we two okay14413.9795.46
so it's not like a huge feat no it's not14416.685.759
for us it is right let's be honest and14419.4394.621
boom all right needs replace that one14422.4393.42
for me you're making me nervous standing14424.063.179
right there oh it made me nervous the14425.8593.0
whole time couldn't watch it all right14427.2395.46
so now if I turn this on help there we14428.8595.941
go that's it yeah and we'll take out14432.6994.381
those sides bam we got us a drawbridge14434.83.25
now I guess we have to figure out if we14439.3593.361
want to do it on the other side as well14441.163.72
and then maybe build somebody I think we14442.724.019
do I think that's a good idea because14444.884.8
it'll you know things will fall options14446.7395.341
options okay let's do it and then we'll14449.684.74
build some uh some more pillars off the14452.084.38
sides here yeah we'll have some uh side14454.424.8
stuff yeah all right this is turning14456.464.5
into something that it is all right14459.222.94
Simon I need you to help me build14460.964.62
pillars all day brother man14462.166.84
I'm back hey what's going on you oh this14465.586.68
is mine I left this here okay14469.03.26
okay what are you doing taking out this14472.843.359
uh right now I'm refilling the chainsaw14474.3994.08
okay found this nice chainsaw here let14476.1993.841
me show you what I've done so I'm gonna14478.4792.941
I'm gonna put a generator over on this14480.042.88
side for that bridge but as of right now14481.424.2
look at this okay we got two bridges are14482.924.92
you gonna have a lever for each one yes14485.624.14
okay so yeah I just wanted to hook this14487.843.54
one up for now just to you know test it14489.763.36
make sure it works yeah which is working14491.383.72
great so yeah now I'm in the process of14493.124.22
just chopping out the walkway okay14495.14.799
please don't collapse on me please do14497.343.88
not collapse on me oh wait you know what14499.8993.061
I should take these oh shits drops you14501.223.12
ever seen these I've heard about them14502.962.939
yeah can't you get more you buy them14504.343.3
right yeah maybe but uh doralius only14505.8993.54
gave me this one okay well there's a14507.644.44
Trader over there somewhere you may or14509.4393.901
may not have it I don't have any money14512.082.699
that's that's kind of Thor's thing he's14513.343.599
a Trader boy okay all right tell you14514.7793.481
what if I start falling then I'll take14516.9393.0
it that's how it'll happen you got it on14518.264.62
the hot bar nope what you gonna do go on14519.9394.201
your menus while you're falling hell14522.884.2
yeah but I didn't but I oh God oh God14524.145.96
take it take it take it take it take it14527.085.52
okay my leg's broken but I'm okay you14530.13.94
take okay thanks for putting the hay14532.63.9
down here no completely missed it hey14534.044.439
saved you yeah it might have still I14536.53.96
broke my leg that was really dumb oh14538.4795.061
that could have been the end of me14540.463.08
hey there Bob it's your favorite Trader14546.16.36
boy rally yes we're wrapping up here14549.225.219
soon I know we've talked about it you've14552.465.46
been mildly helpful I wish you got more14554.4395.221
[ __ ] hell if we weren't in this area I14557.923.359
don't know how You'd Survive but I'm a14559.663.539
little obsessed with getting this final14561.2795.341
point to max out my parkour man I wish14563.1995.401
you'd think I'd earned tier two [ __ ] by14566.624.92
now Bob because I did a couple Bob but14568.64.5
I'm not gonna I'm not here to start [ __ ]14571.544.26
I'm gonna clear some zombies and uh I14573.14.08
eventually will help at the bridge but14575.83.899
it might not be this week you know14577.184.799
so thank you Bob I'll uh see in a bit14579.6993.54
you better give me some good [ __ ] when I14581.9793.741
get back Bob14583.2392.481
we kid around with each other I14587.624.52
Simon it's hot it is hot hey uh we need14592.146.28
to get some ammo together we need14596.084.8
supplies to make especially shotgun ammo14598.425.279
so that's gonna be our task you know14600.884.979
what what there's no way we're gonna die14603.6994.261
before hard night we're like such high14605.8594.201
levels like this is ridiculous the14607.964.439
stakes are not high I think the stakes14610.063.96
are high you know why because I'm a14612.3994.561
loose cannon now I'm gonna show you how14614.025.28
dangerous it really is out there how do14616.964.5
you plan on doing that I don't know14619.34.26
probably put myself in stupid situations14621.465.46
just because I'm gonna prove to you that14623.565.37
it's easy to die14626.923.2
ah right hey may I pass the bridge14630.128.5
please uh you got it extra oh here yes14634.188.219
yeah oh yeah thank you gentlemen thank14638.626.9
you that was cool yeah hey this thing's14642.3994.741
coming handy uh for for more than just14645.523.78
fortnite yep I appreciate it yeah you're14647.144.38
welcome get sugar butts is that what14649.34.26
they are oh yeah buy more um what are14651.523.839
they called they don't have any more oh14653.563.66
[ __ ] drops I need those [ __ ] straws yeah14655.3594.321
the drop ones I bought them all and we14657.224.86
let him use our bridge I know yeah we14659.684.86
need to we need to have a toll neebs yep14662.084.619
it would be like trolls the drop pills14664.544.62
and the sugar butts or you don't pass We14666.6994.981
need oh shits jumps we do talk like14669.164.56
trolls and then we like fart and burp14671.683.84
like trolls is that historically14673.724.019
accurate I don't know okay so now names14675.524.02
I have the oh shits drops in my number14677.7394.141
one slot and you know what I'm gonna be14679.543.42
safe I'm gonna go ahead and take them14681.883.72
bam you were almost gone from this14682.964.92
series I know I could have that that14685.64.139
could have been it for me I thought I14687.884.14
was all right but yeah I think your hey14689.7393.721
saved me and I think I landed on the14692.023.54
edge of it all right so that's that and14693.464.26
poop something collapsing okay cool14695.563.839
wouldn't that be something we both just14697.723.599
follow our death right now no we should14699.3993.84
have enough structural support under us14701.3194.741
I think I've done a good enough job are14703.2395.101
we gonna add more weight to this if so14706.063.9
we might need to put more structure14708.343.24
support and hey we can do that we can14709.962.939
really go down and just pad that thing14711.583.48
but I got you know a two uh they're14712.8993.661
doubled up down there two pillars each14715.063.299
right below us okay this baby is14716.563.54
structurally sound okay but I don't know14718.3593.0
how much weight we need to add yeah we14720.13.06
do need to be careful red people we're14721.3593.721
gonna be adding yeah I know I remember14723.164.86
doralius's one fort yeah yeah it was a14725.084.859
disaster all right so but yeah we'll add14728.023.54
uh you know what yeah we'll really add14729.9393.121
in the structural support good call good14731.562.879
okay you want to get started on that yep14733.062.639
I'll do that why don't you do that yeah14734.4393.361
do that I'm on it14735.6994.861
Simon yes sir look at this little campy14737.84.979
Camp yeah you think this is a dangerous14740.565.4
situation no like I think this is not a14742.7795.04
dangerous situation really you know this14745.964.38
is nothing like a military base it's a14747.8194.561
little base look at this I know but14750.344.62
there might be one or two or three14752.386.059
zombies here you think only two or three14754.965.939
there might only be two or three that's14758.4394.321
insane is it really what do you think14760.8993.121
there's gonna be that if you think14762.763.12
that's insane I wanna I wanna see what14764.024.14
the hell you think is Sane I'm gonna say14765.885.22
there's gonna be at least six at least14768.166.42
six at least six all right there's one14771.17.139
okay oh annaberg birds don't count one14774.585.64
zombie okay she's just standing there14778.2394.62
yeah she is so let's let's leave her be14780.225.58
all right uh all right next one next one14782.8595.641
go for it hello two zombies two oh14785.84.2
there's some treasure they're not he's14788.52.819
not even moving why isn't he moving14790.03.6
three why isn't he moving I don't know14791.3194.801
four oh this one's moving not anymore14793.68.12
okay 70s four four at least six at least14796.1212.42
ah man this is it at least six oh man14801.728.2
all right so why aren't they coming out14808.543.18
we just gotta shoot them yeah one in the14809.924.74
head for you hello found a bunch of ammo14811.724.74
by the way so that's these are good14814.664.8
things in life that is very good end not14816.464.92
what you wearing over there I am wiring14821.383.359
the other bridge to the other switch14823.424.019
okay turn it on there we go turn it on14824.7394.561
fire it up yay all right now we gotta14827.4394.561
switch on this one okay cool I just uh I14829.34.86
built two columns up and then I'm14832.04.319
reinforcing one and taking the other14834.165.1
column back down sounds good man so Yep14836.3195.221
this is working take one reinforce okay14839.264.439
I'll do this again we'll get a couple14841.544.1
more now yeah the more support we have14843.6994.62
I'll start up oh God this is what I wish14845.644.059
I had the oh shit's job because I want14848.3193.12
to extend this out but we can go to the14849.6993.24
store you wanna store in a minute to see14851.4393.481
if we found any more oceans Drive Dora14852.9394.021
said they were out yeah but sometimes14854.924.319
people just tell door stuff okay do you14856.964.56
have any money I I can sell something14859.2393.96
finish that we'll run back to base we'll14861.522.879
find something to sell we'll go to the14863.1992.941
stores okay wait can't we find that14864.3994.681
stuff in um vending machines maybe we14866.146.42
need money we'll sell something14869.086.239
okay get those points from Bob I was14872.564.62
here with Simon I think Simon cleared14875.3194.62
this actual house like same Mission but14877.185.219
that's okay all right I assume they want14879.9394.441
you to go yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh14882.3994.58
[ __ ] that was a horrible start oh no14884.386.059
yeah it was just like right there and14886.9795.441
you're right there all right if you guys14890.4393.781
you know what I feel like I gotta cover14892.423.84
my butt they're gonna come out other14894.224.259
places hmm14896.264.74
not a good start okay heading up14898.4794.561
clearing clear and clearing we'll be14901.04.02
clearing hi14903.044.56
come right around the corner please sir14905.025.04
right around the corner thank you thank14907.66.599
you and thank you I'm a thank you14910.066.96
thanks guys for cooperating14914.1994.381
and I'll probably just have to go up14917.022.52
reloading is important neebs doesn't14919.545.279
reload ever okay14922.2396.361
right here you hi buddy14924.8197.38
that's it that's it for this one hello14928.68.28
okay okay all right thank you and anyone14932.1997.2
in here someone up here maybe huh come14936.884.439
on come on come on come on oh yeah we14939.3993.901
got all this sweet loot but are we clear14941.3195.221
are we clear yeah return to Trader I did14943.34.76
I'm gonna jump higher than anybody at14948.065.379
some point14951.3995.161
all right Simon this looks like a place14953.4396.3
a navis game National Forest it's run by14956.564.56
the forest Department they're14959.7393.781
practically military okay and look at14961.123.96
this look at this place this place is14963.523.9
look it's got freaking sandbags this is14965.084.98
the real deal this yeah is a threatening14967.425.64
place that I would think twice about14970.064.799
going in I didn't even think once about14973.064.5
it but uh yeah there's not even a a14974.8595.221
person at the gate okay all right I know14977.564.259
how to get in watch us watch this watch14980.083.48
us oh we're gonna watch it oh we got an14981.8194.681
Ashley in here hello sorry hey Ashley14983.566.6
honey I'm in I'll show you hey baby girl14986.56.72
how are you yep head's gone on that one14990.166.239
hey hey I have an idea what we don't use14993.225.82
guns all right we try not to use guns14996.3995.281
we're doing hand to hand or melee whoa14999.045.04
yeah melee you know what just being with15001.684.44
you thick is giving me bigger balls15004.084.38
because I I when I would normally be15006.124.739
more scared now I'm not you're not15008.465.399
because we you know we're good this this15010.8594.981
is this is nothing this is nothing15013.8594.201
you're including me and we you know how15015.845.22
many times I die I die all the time this15018.065.1
is definitely something for me I could15021.064.56
very easily kill myself you know by15023.164.92
accident every week okay I see a lady15025.625.579
all right come on lady Vic wants to hit15028.085.58
you with his flaming ax it's old Sally15031.1995.641
knockers and her son oh oh and her15033.665.64
husband okay back up back up all right15036.845.399
up hello shoot you I got you in the head15039.36.62
maybe all right maybe one of these15042.2393.681
there we go nothing nothing well man I15046.045.56
took half almost half my health went15049.86.599
down how because apparently I suck15051.67.92
oh hey Dora oh hey guys how are you15056.3995.721
we're good we're here to make some money15059.526.36
yeah I'm doing things as well how crazy15062.127.119
is that listen uh Bob thank you um oh15065.885.46
what's that Bob I should do one more job15069.2395.101
okay yep clear okay yep I'll do that Bob15071.344.979
guys I'm gonna help you super soon I've15074.344.5
uh okay I got a got a thing to do oh15076.3194.5
pardon me go ahead go ahead okay yeah15078.843.3
you're gonna do a job this late you15080.8192.46
probably won't be he'll be closed when15082.142.299
you get back15083.2792.7
we can really use some help down okay oh15085.9793.121
I'm bringing you stuff I'm always15088.022.64
bringing you stuff cool I don't think15089.13.78
I've been to a Trader this whole time15090.664.92
um sale how much is he giving me 500 50015092.884.08
yeah you see the cell like click on the15095.582.819
thing the sale prices at the top right15096.964.14
neighbors top oh 306. okay uh I got some15098.3994.741
money now how about this I got tons of15101.13.96
this stuff there we go um yeah here's a15103.143.54
tip you tap W you can sell it so you15105.063.0
don't need to like click it and then15106.683.599
load it under the cell just tap w we got15108.065.46
tons of these uh anvils uh only 48. well15110.2794.141
he's not interested in that actually15113.522.82
want this he doesn't want it he got it15114.423.66
pull your van bills I need to sell my15116.343.0
[ __ ] I don't want to get kicked out well15118.083.48
I don't want pumpkins women love15119.344.139
pumpkins all right move the [ __ ] out of15121.563.419
my way okay all right let me see your15123.4793.541
inventory Bubba yeah look at this does15124.9794.201
he have those Fallen pills uh oh let's15127.025.719
see heels pills pills pills pills pills15129.186.24
yeah I don't see any but uh oh I15132.7394.24
remember remember over at that um the15135.423.66
hotel yeah with the uh the vending15136.9793.601
machine Let's pop over there yeah maybe15139.083.779
they got it okay let's roll okay well15140.584.14
start carrying pumpkins people like15142.8593.781
pumpkins sometimes if they're women15144.726.719
sexist it's not sexist specs15146.6410.08
come on go go let's do it hello oh hey15151.4398.76
um I'm here for a clearing Mission what15156.726.3
does that entail clearing you idiots out15160.1995.401
that's what where are you where is15163.025.1
everyone okay okay well take your time15165.64.08
take your time just come to the door15168.122.819
your dad what does that sound where's15170.9395.161
that from was that you making the15174.423.72
the area oh I see you15178.145.099
oh ow ow okay come on inside I don't15183.2394.62
know where you got come on come on oh a15186.05.42
little [ __ ] jumpy jumps15187.8593.561
yep anyone else clear the area anymore15194.764.979
just come out guys I don't have time for15197.3994.08
this [ __ ] I gotta do like 40 more of15199.7393.721
these before I get my point are you the15201.4796.121
last one are you it oh okay God this15203.465.939
could be so much quicker if you guys15207.64.339
would karapa Ray15209.3995.521
oh here we go okay here's what here we15211.9395.5
go there's gonna be gotta be like one15214.927.439
more one more oh bird bird really15217.4396.111
okay all clear15222.3593.301
oh it's a nice evening neebs lovely15225.664.02
evening let's see15228.065.1
oh but bad news nothing nothing not one15229.685.04
damn of them sugar butts or whatever15233.163.48
they're called [ __ ] straps not in here15234.724.979
uh-huh man where do you get those I mean15236.644.86
you might have to go to another Trader15239.6993.601
oh that's a bit of a flight and it's15241.53.479
getting late I think they close at 22.15243.33.66
yeah it ain't gonna happen today no okay15244.9794.561
well let's Retreat to the bridge for now15246.965.64
and then uh yeah tomorrow tomorrow we're15249.545.58
gonna find some more [ __ ] straps15252.64.679
how many do you think it'll take how15255.125.22
many licks I don't know oh let's see sir15257.2795.641
uh you're part of science sir that's one15260.345.28
lick okay going back two that's two okay15262.924.8
so the backup counts as a hit all right15265.624.5
beat the horn I would take a guess three15267.725.45
at eighteen15270.125.88
what do you think it's gonna be eight15276.04.26
you think it's happening soon I'll say15277.686.259
12. uh okay15280.263.679
11. wow this is exciting15286.086.84
at 12 oh it's not 12. no it's not it's15289.046.6
been 13. I think I was right15292.926.0
13. it was 13. damn it you were very15295.646.16
close but you went no I guess you didn't15298.926.059
go over you win yeah I win so now you15301.85.519
got to blow me oh wow15304.9793.96
I think we should have discussed this15307.3194.321
earlier I don't make the rules oh damn15308.9395.221
that is connected sweet so you're gonna15314.164.14
secure and drop again15316.7394.021
um yeah I'm gonna reinforce and drop15318.34.559
good job oh man it's dark over here hold15320.764.2
on I want a test my new thing your new15322.8595.101
thing this should give us lots and lots15324.965.399
of light out here15327.965.58
Spotlight is it on uh yeah it's on and I15330.3594.981
can actually aim it I see it I see it on15333.543.18
the side of the bridge there hey you see15335.343.42
it lighten it up yep sweet yeah we got a15336.724.32
spotlight all right well done I kind of15338.763.66
want to add some more yeah you know what15341.042.76
I'm gonna light this place up a little15342.423.66
bit more it's dark yeah I don't care for15343.83.18
it I don't either15346.082.88
I remember this place well to the top15348.964.92
Simon to the top all right buddy I'm15351.2396.061
with you and I am definitely intimidated15353.886.72
with this one boom boom now we got to be15357.34.62
careful because Fallen could kill15360.65.28
couldn't it very well could oh boy all15361.928.22
right yep here we go here we go like men15365.887.559
like men do there's that bird fat people15370.146.08
oh there's a lot of people around here15373.4397.201
yep hold on [ __ ] I'm in bad shape here15376.228.2
come on baby oh boy reloading watch out15380.646.96
uh well here shooting them in the back15384.426.899
come on you little [ __ ] oh boy birdie15387.67.62
bird nice all right and are we clear15391.3196.841
seems to be seems to be great job okay I15395.225.16
don't see any stuff up here interesting15398.164.56
I think the big tower this one right15400.385.0
here is where we want to go okay15402.727.2
I love living dangerously do you yeah is15405.386.46
that why you drink those uh you drink15409.923.72
those energy drinks because you like to15411.843.12
live dangerously because you know15413.643.799
they're bad for you they are bad for me15414.966.899
uh but I don't do really anything else15417.4396.46
bad oh so that's what you give yourself15421.8594.08
where did you go did you climb up other15423.8995.701
side of the tower ah sneaky sneak oh and15425.9395.46
you're going straight up this way yeah15429.64.98
should I go next to you sure okay oh I15431.3994.201
don't know if I'm gonna be able to do15434.582.94
this okay we'll see we'll see oh hit a15435.63.96
roof hit a roof yeah this is gonna be15437.524.379
difficult yep I'm learning from your15439.564.5
mistakes I'm not going up there that way15441.8994.621
yeah I uh I did that wrong did that15444.064.86
wrong let's try again so if I was like15446.524.799
three blocks out am I going up in a good15448.924.26
way oh yeah yeah you're doing it right15451.3194.021
that's it baby boy that's what I'm here15453.184.139
to do live dangerously and do it right15455.345.28
Die Young die old well I prefer to die15457.3195.88
if well if I died now I would be dying15460.624.819
man there's looting here Lou yeah yeah15466.047.659
okay whoa more bullets and a pistol15469.4398.581
anybody here hello all right I got one15473.6997.441
shipping crate in here okay see what I15478.025.1
got inside I was expecting to be15481.144.259
attacked here we're fine this is easy15483.125.94
all right easy oh I got a hunting rifle15485.3997.38
some 762 a robotic Sledge four look at15489.066.98
this is nice yeah15492.7793.261
thank you15498.7395.281
Simon we still have two more Towers up15504.025.62
here okay so more stuff to get here's15506.2796.0
the thing what we got some green guys to15509.644.92
the right oh God I hate the spitty guys15512.2794.861
that's what they do okay I don't know I15514.564.08
think we might be able to avoid them15517.145.58
just take it slow and follow me my15518.646.36
friend I'm following you and I'm taking15522.724.44
it slow and I'm gonna try not to fall15525.04.199
off the edge of the okay we're going in15527.164.5
here that's good get sneaky that's fun15529.1994.801
yeah so if we shoot everyone's gonna15531.664.56
wake up here we go oh boy everybody's15534.04.62
waking up oh boy Birds everybody's15536.226.5
waking up everybody's waking up15538.624.1
oh boy big trouble oh boy15550.226.24
I know what you guys might be thinking15563.044.56
that maybe Simon may have been thicked15564.725.519
but honestly this is uh this is part of15567.65.099
natural selection in a way it's survival15570.2394.921
of the fittest we no longer have another15572.6994.321
mouth to feed supposed to be about him15575.164.92
yeah this is not oh [ __ ] yeah you really15577.025.82
you're really making Simon's funeral no15580.084.38
because I know what everybody's thinking15582.843.78
you're thinking his funeral you not only15584.463.479
thick him now you're thinking his15586.622.699
funeral you're just making everything15587.9393.181
worse that's a low Point all right I'll15589.3194.021
take over Excuse excuse me okay pardon15591.124.68
me I know we all probably thought the15593.345.099
Simon got thicked and it's true we heard15595.86.66
the uh around the world and uh yeah I15598.4395.641
can still hear it yeah kind of I mean15602.466.479
too like damn you thick so15604.086.779
um yeah but uh he was all right he was15608.9393.42
an all right person all right good stuff15610.8592.701
I'm gonna get these torches off here15612.3592.58
neebs I know they look pretty but15613.562.879
they're generating a lot of heat yeah I15614.9392.34
know what's you know I don't want15616.4392.46
Simon's grave you know summoning15617.2793.42
screamers he would he would want it that15618.8993.84
way I think well tough [ __ ] I don't want15620.6994.321
that way all right I'm getting back I'll15622.7394.381
work on this bridge okay one less mouth15625.025.339
to feed me15627.124.859
it's funny how you pretend to miss him15630.3594.941
yeah I don't give a [ __ ]15631.9793.321
yeah it's a pretty awesome deep we need15641.8994.661
a lot more structural support though I15645.063.179
think okay have you ever been to that15646.563.9
big uh what is that a hotel or something15648.2394.381
down the road there uh the one I think15650.464.019
I'm looking at I don't think so no I15652.623.9
have not let's check it out let's do a15654.4794.38
like a top-down kind of search oh okay15656.523.6
all right well I don't want to put15658.8593.361
myself in any stupid situation yeah but15660.124.26
that might be safer huh maybe maybe not15662.223.719
they're expecting us in the front door15664.383.3
right not from the roof I'm just I'm15665.9393.84
worried about like escaping but all15667.683.84
right yeah I'm looking at this roof this15669.7794.261
roof's got a pretty good LZ yep coming15671.527.2
in uh clear for Landon nibs here we go I15674.046.659
see some oh I see some zombies and some15678.726.12
okay there we go you good I think so let15680.6995.761
me just whip it around so when I leave15684.844.559
I'm going that way okay boom zombie15686.464.5
behind you I ain't worried about him15689.3995.04
right yeah hey we got them surrounded oh15690.965.519
took your head right off yeah that's15694.4394.26
right that was some fun shooting yeah we15696.4793.481
don't even go through the build look15698.6993.78
here's the good stuff oh there's a15699.965.16
campfire oh there's this ammo hell yes15702.4796.541
is ammo oh that's a lot of 762s I'll15705.126.0
take this one yeah oh yeah I always like15709.024.32
some uh shotgun shells what is this oh15711.124.56
the steel Knuckles gotcha pump shotgun15713.344.74
number two sandwich wait you can make15715.683.54
something out of those sandwiches can't15718.082.64
you uh yeah I can get like the moldy15719.223.54
bread make the antibiotics all right we15720.723.84
did it um we're gonna drop down right15722.763.479
you really want to put me in a dumb15724.563.299
situation because you want to thick me15726.2393.181
don't you whenever we're at your funeral15727.8593.84
and fix making excuses about how it15729.424.319
wasn't him don't you want to know that15731.6994.08
you lived a full life no I wanna I wanna15733.7393.601
make it a horde night is what I want to15735.7793.54
do you're trying to drop me down do a15737.343.72
building full of damn zombies no no no15739.3193.781
no no no I'm gonna go get my damn wood15741.063.78
and I'm gonna continue building on our15743.13.839
base which is dangerous Enough by the15744.844.979
way okay I'll check it out by myself and15746.9395.941
then uh if I die say good things no I'll15749.8194.681
say you're an idiot for going into a15752.883.479
building no say I was Brave and then I15754.54.319
put the team before me no I will not15756.3594.62
under necessarily went into a building15758.8196.361
and got yourself killed man15760.9796.42
trellis we need more ammo and we need15765.184.259
coal these trees these dead trees are15767.3994.38
going to supply coal and hopefully this15769.4394.621
place in here will supply ammo goodbye15771.7794.741
dog yeah let's let's not waste ammo15774.064.74
though well it was a dog coming toward15776.524.32
you I see I'm like I saved your life15778.84.32
from that dog so I guess I just won't15780.843.84
shoot it next time I'll let it let it15783.123.42
attack you yup I want to feel live15784.684.44
you're driving back uh by the way okay15786.545.58
before we go in here doralius this is15789.125.4
your choice this is your choice to go in15792.124.44
here because the last thing I need is15794.524.2
someone crying about how dangerous it is15796.564.86
I'm in okay good good I already hear him15798.724.86
let's not waste the ammo let's draw them15801.423.6
out of the door so this guy's running15803.585.22
bam he's on fire everybody yeah we're15805.025.4
trying to get ammo I would probably15808.83.96
melee at this point all right right I15810.423.779
see the point I see what you're saying15812.763.24
hey there's a oh this is gonna be fun15814.1995.401
this is gonna be fun yeah what you doing15816.06.42
all right we're good we're good oh you15819.65.7
hit are you using a torch oh that's your15822.425.399
baton no is it a baton is that what they15825.35.7
call it uh what is that a club flaming15827.8196.241
Club yeah join the club15831.06.06
jump in here that window looks steep15834.066.78
there we go okay I could probably do15837.067.799
this jump okay hello oh clear all right15840.848.16
oh I heard hello hello I heard you where15844.8596.0
is that15849.04.26
fire all these doors locked I don't15850.8594.741
think there's big mom oh there's two of15853.265.479
them okay got me cornered huh15855.66.66
yo oh there's three whoa okay that thing15858.7395.04
okay right here get him yeah oh and we15863.7796.761
got a bag look at that bag you watch my15867.725.04
back I'm going in15870.546.56
okay nothing else in my bag so I'm good15872.767.32
yeah not too bad ah15877.16.96
that was Simon's favorite ammo15880.087.5
hey it's this place it's a cult cabin is15884.066.759
what it is I love Colts careful now15887.585.88
careful never yeah let's uh slowly go in15890.8194.321
hold on here I've gotta I gotta get15893.463.779
ready for cult stuff here15895.144.98
um yeah you gotta you gotta burn some15897.2395.281
sage and yep I got some Sage here we15900.123.9
know where it is it's down there you15902.523.48
know you're gonna lure them up quick15904.025.52
yeah why not hello yeah hey cult folk15906.08.399
hello Jesus is cool oh wow I see I see15909.547.68
loot or okay oh there was a sneaky pants15914.3996.481
okay you know what I'm not gonna save my15917.225.28
okay here's another okay I got you15920.883.24
covered thick I got you covered out here15922.53.18
this might have been the leader oh15924.123.96
you're up there still because I see I15925.684.2
see some down here yeah go for it15928.083.6
there's a lot to look at up here just go15929.883.599
for it huh just do it for your life yeah15931.683.66
all right here comes a little hoodie guy15933.4795.821
get out off me get off him yeah15935.347.5
he says there we go yeah you already15939.36.24
found some goodies I went up a boy oh15942.844.819
you did15945.542.119
you did yeah I'm gonna Max up my parkour15947.763.78
let me oh we gotta see it jump oh we15949.384.099
gotta can you jump on this15951.545.159
Roofing oh problem can you no no no15953.4799.0
parkour maxed out done and done jump15956.6995.78
whoops I missed that job but still oh my15964.345.979
God oh my God you're like a human toad15967.685.04
dude it's a lot of Joe oh my God I'm the15970.3194.531
best man15972.725.219
hey man15977.9393.141
maybe that Way's longer let's do that15982.3195.821
nope just gotta turn a bit aim right for15984.964.38
right Full Throttle nose up I'm going15989.346.359
full throttle and nothing15993.3594.741
right turn in well it turns good at15995.6994.981
least here we go all right15998.16.24
Runway Full Throttle takeoff short16000.686.719
Runway leaves it's got to be perfect and16004.345.519
go and16007.3997.741
lift lift lift lift lift yeah okay all16009.8598.161
right need to head back depth throw see16015.145.219
what's going on look at all this there's16018.024.08
a whole neighborhood out here I don't16020.3592.821
know if anyone's been out here yet16022.12.639
there's some stuff let's see if that16023.185.0
shows up for a road trip16024.7393.441
much smarter smart to bring up here16030.564.62
quick okay that's okay we're getting the16033.4394.46
job done16035.182.719
I don't blow this all right I suck at16038.026.459
these okay where all there you are yep16042.084.38
coming down um I just found this whole16044.4793.061
neighborhood I don't know if it's been16046.462.46
there it's just like it's not far from16047.544.5
here a neighborhood huh yeah here we go16048.925.64
ah that was perfect there we go I got16052.045.279
all kinds of stuff man okay coming down16054.566.06
this directional support is complete oh16057.3195.281
yeah yeah for the uh for the right side16060.624.619
where we'll be hanging out okay upstairs16062.64.74
I got to build some stuff and then I get16065.2394.321
one more column here on the left side16067.344.5
actually I think I have two more yeah a16069.563.48
little bit more work to do here on the16071.843.479
left side but uh yeah coming right along16073.044.8
baby okay cool but neighborhood you know16075.3193.84
honestly I do need a break spend a lot16077.843.84
of wood building just yeah I need16079.1594.021
something new in my life yeah grab your16081.684.38
gyrocopter let's go explore okay Where'd16083.185.04
I put my that one's got to be yours yep16086.064.02
the One landed perfectly yeah the one16088.224.32
landed not at all facing how you should16090.084.319
get out of here that's all right where's16092.543.899
this neighborhood I'll show you here we16094.3993.96
go oh boy turned right into it didn't it16096.4393.901
here we go come on come on baby come on16098.3593.84
level out level out level out level out16100.342.939
what are you doing what are you doing to16102.1993.24
me why you acting crazy today you gotta16103.2794.681
do it like this no you gotta yeah yeah16105.4394.321
yeah you gotta do what I'm doing I'm16107.963.06
working on it I'm doing what you're16109.764.2
doing hold on here we go yep yeah there16111.025.16
we are there we are hey baby yep you're16113.965.399
looking good noobs yep you too16116.188.639
oh yeah one more one more one more one16119.3598.46
more oh there's a little mannequin just16124.8194.92
staring out the window up up there you16127.8194.441
see that uh oh yeah that's that's16129.7397.441
Pleasant hey Ashley hey guys there you16132.267.5
go Ashley thank you hello I'm getting16137.184.019
rid of a couple things thick one second16139.763.599
sure uh they're probably coming out16141.1993.481
they're probably coming out I'm gonna16143.3593.181
put down the old what is this thing16144.684.799
juncture it yeah you are hey come on out16146.545.84
come on out guys16149.4792.901
anybody you see them you hear him no I16152.8593.941
hear them but I don't maybe I'm just16155.3594.141
gonna uh here here we go I was gonna do16156.84.8
like a bam that usually wakes them up16159.54.979
yeah uh search pile of books oh paper16161.65.28
could use that for uh shotgun shells16164.4794.561
nice yeah yeah all right I'm liking this16166.884.319
place already I like it yeah all right16169.044.739
upstairs we go yeah oh my God I can't16171.1994.561
resist the books I can't resist them do16173.7793.841
it now let's do the books guessing16175.763.42
there's someone in here you would think16177.626.119
oh but no so far not one zombie yet I16179.187.139
hear them you do oh here we go they're16183.7394.941
they're upstairs16186.3194.92
I am gonna actually get my shotgun ready16188.685.08
for this yeah uh because oh there's a16191.2394.981
noose you see the news I didn't see the16193.764.38
news yeah look straight up you just walk16196.224.979
by it look at this room oh was that all16198.144.38
the zombies you were talking about yeah16201.1993.301
she was just a loud one well I hear16202.523.719
another one guess what I found in this16204.54.08
pair of shoes down on the ground what16206.2395.42
more shoes shoes16208.583.079
oh boy what a well maybe there's a16211.724.54
secret basement this was really16214.6994.381
lackluster oh hey oh there you guys are16216.265.58
the twins hey the twins showed up oh16219.085.34
Monique and unique yeah yeah but they're16221.844.2
both boys I'm walking around out back16224.423.3
see if there's like a way down below or16226.044.38
something okay I hear them yeah I think16227.724.679
this is just a they're outside oh16230.424.64
they're outside16232.3992.661
yeah it was just a Wandering it was a16236.686.04
conga line conga line okay well head16239.06.96
back head back heading back16242.725.04
oh look maybe this neighborhood has a16245.964.319
natural Runway yeah I like it this is16247.763.66
where we're going huh yeah let's just16250.2792.7
lay on this Main Street check out this16251.422.819
neighborhood I don't know what that is16252.9792.581
over there on the left looks like maybe16254.2394.021
a pancake house yeah KFC or a Pancake16255.564.2
House something like that yep I've16258.264.439
already gone too far ah boy oh boy oh16259.764.74
you know what I can do this okay she's16262.6995.421
easy easy damn okay16264.53.62
just gotta point it the way you want to16275.54.12
leave and you land and then you'll boom16277.644.259
you hop out and you're good yep that's16279.623.18
um well watch out you got a guy near you16282.84.26
yep okay16284.2395.04
um you have a honey nope uh yeah you got16287.063.599
a guy back there we're trying to16289.2792.821
conserve ammo he's over there by the16290.6594.261
blue house see him blue house oh yeah16292.14.379
um oh we're conserving ammo that's right16294.925.16
yeah you know because pretty sure16296.4796.781
bring it yeah nice hit all right we want16300.085.579
to start what is this shade tree Auto oh16303.263.899
it's an auto company oh you need some16305.6593.361
mechanical Parts oh yeah listen I'm not16307.1593.601
gonna turn down electrical parts and16309.024.02
mechanical Parts yeah I need to build a16310.764.019
couple more generators oh we got a bird16313.045.64
coming in bird come on bird got him oh16314.7795.7
man did you see that shot you see that16318.684.5
damn shot one shot one kill man Bam Bam16320.4795.281
God God it felt good yeah look good16323.184.08
shade treat16325.764.8
Otto for all your shady needs16327.264.86
um does it say that are you making that16330.563.299
up obviously is either all your tree16332.123.96
needs or your auto needs I mean okay16333.8594.141
well you have three options there take16336.084.38
these parts always need parts okay I'll16338.04.38
just peek in the window yeah see we got16340.465.22
in there passing gas box okay oh look at16342.385.76
this little sneaky guy hmm oh I see a16345.684.5
sneaky guy too oh wait I got my bow16348.143.96
where's my compound bow this is a16350.183.66
perfect time yeah let's go sneaking to16352.13.36
get sneakers it's getting late oh yeah16353.843.479
you're right all right follow me follow16355.465.72
me I'll be sneaky boy I don't have a16357.3196.12
oh he woke up a little bit but that's16361.184.74
okay come up oh that was a weird shot16363.4395.88
and ow yep pretty quiet sorry that was16365.925.08
not quiet man did this other guy wake up16369.3193.781
no no no he's good he's good we didn't16371.03.12
make that much noise does a sound16373.14.08
sleeper any oh I see him oh I see him16374.126.539
going for his butt right16377.185.759
okay I'm just I just want oh wait nope16382.9393.901
that was a miss16384.6195.24
you need help no I got it16386.845.4
clumsy clumsy Mission there what in the16389.8593.461
world hold on let me look at something16392.242.52
if I got the right arrows equipped16393.323.719
there's a ladder here going up down up16394.764.74
up there's a lady there's a lady just16397.0395.641
hit her damn take that16399.55.939
good day fig it was a good day yeah very16402.684.92
productive we got a lot we got tons of16405.4394.202
ammo my friend yeah we'll drop this16407.64.859
stuff off and we'll I I'm gonna help at16409.6414.5
the bridge finally because I can jump16412.4594.26
high now so now yeah who knows what you16414.1415.279
can do for with that right well just I16416.7194.5
could jump high I think I answered the16419.423.84
question when I said home sweet home16421.2193.861
home sweet home16423.265.58
sorry Simon rest in peace buddy yep hey16425.086.039
I'm gonna get working on uh more of this16428.843.959
ammo oh yeah yeah I'm gonna grab the16431.1194.141
[ __ ] out of the truck and uh disperse it16432.7995.82
appropriately sounds good man good a day16435.265.179
great honey16438.6193.541
I'm moving down into the basement they16442.164.379
got a pool table yeah I saw that oh and16444.1414.138
they got a bar name this is a pretty16446.5393.24
sweet basement yeah hold on I'll be16448.2793.0
there be there in a basement like this16449.7793.961
yeah you can work out you can drink you16451.2794.741
can play pool oh I found the stairs16453.744.44
um huh oh this is nice oh there's a oh16456.024.14
yeah green guy across the way I'm gonna16458.184.381
shoot him in his little peeper see that16460.163.299
green guy16462.5612.519
um nope I'm looking at him let's go this16463.4594.16
way yeah oh here he comes16465.086.18
all right I dare to get up dare you he16467.6195.801
ain't getting up oh names to [ __ ]16471.263.359
that's the good stuff right over there16473.423.539
okay get up here hold on hold on I got16474.6194.221
you I got you look at this16476.9594.861
ah yeah well there is there's a good16478.846.34
room oh yeah it is shotgun Messiah okay16481.826.241
working stiff tools medicine all right16485.184.5
what do we got what do we got hey that's16488.0613.478
some good ammo and what was that that's16489.683.779
a level five sniper rifle that's all16491.5395.461
right isn't it whoa golden raw diamond16493.4595.521
[ __ ] we should sell that to the trader16497.04.199
oh boy screamer are we in trouble uh16498.984.26
maybe we gotta get out of here ah she is16501.1993.84
screaming no yeah she's screaming yeah16503.243.539
we gotta get out of here this is about16505.0395.041
to get stupid oh dog okay all right16506.7794.94
don't shoot me I'm taking Point okay16510.085.639
reloads okay16511.7194.0
oh God yeah we gotta go team let's go16517.4593.621
all right all right behind you yep16521.087.02
I'm out the front door16525.345.019
that's what happened okay come on name16528.14.72
go run Where'd I park Where'd I park16530.3595.461
what was that to the nearest behind me I16532.825.639
got her I can feel take a pill okay is16535.824.321
that you down there yeah you're down16538.4593.961
there all right we're good oh wait uh16540.1414.019
they're still running I got him I got16542.423.42
him go they're running from everywhere16544.164.379
I'm down here find your [ __ ] Chopper16545.844.08
I thought you said you're down there16548.5393.24
like you knew I think I'm further this16549.925.699
way we'll find it please okay uh no this16551.7795.282
one's yours neebs all right God damn it16555.6193.381
get in this one16557.0614.978
all my ammos oh God green guides okay16559.06.641
okay okay one more reload there's so16562.0396.42
many I know we gotta go dude we gotta16565.6414.92
okay okay did I just jump in the chopper16568.4594.141
jump in the chopper and run oh God oh16570.5614.318
God did I just get oh man the Choppers16572.64.439
no I'm sure that's a good idea there's a16574.8793.32
come on come on16578.1993.721
oh my God I'm infected thank God I found16592.2994.541
those antibiotics16595.0394.08
okay that was really stupid yeah but16596.845.24
that was fun16599.1192.961
all right neebs I got a surprise for you16602.184.74
I love surprises yeah and I'm not the16604.14.38
guy that'll ruin a surprise either so I16606.922.879
don't even want to know what it is oh16608.483.84
okay well I will tell you this it's16609.7993.842
gonna be a little chilly so we're gonna16612.323.479
have to loot up somewhere where we think16613.6414.019
we might be able to find some clothes16615.7994.32
for cold weather and then we're gonna go16617.665.16
to a place yeah it's it's a I ain't even16620.1194.022
gonna give you a hint you already did16622.822.821
you said it was a cold place well it's16624.1413.0
cold place but that's all you know it's16625.6413.839
all I need I'm a sleuth oh you're not a16627.1414.439
sleuth yes I am no one ever says that16629.483.84
about you who found out that I was a16631.586.06
sleuth who I did oh bam16633.328.52
it's gonna get cold so I I'm confident16643.664.719
that we can find some jackets pretty16647.04.32
soon hold on hold on oh yeah you got her16648.3794.861
right on yeah she'll get back up these16651.324.02
they're pretty resilient bye all right16653.243.6
well she got to be in the show that was16655.343.48
cool yeah yeah that's probably good for16656.842.939
all right yep cold area16659.7795.1
you know what this is our old16663.53.0
neighborhood isn't it it is our old16664.8793.541
neighborhood oh look this is my old16666.54.74
place doggos they turned my place into a16668.424.98
dog place should we go in there yeah we16671.243.539
should we gotta take care of this wolf16673.44.08
oh there's a lumberjack too okay well16674.7795.1
let's get out and do that okay and that16677.485.52
wolf too Lumberjack whoa got any uh wolf16679.8794.201
um yeah I put the same type of meat and16684.084.5
everything come here buddy that's a big16686.244.92
dog oh boy he's gonna get you he takes16688.585.459
more than one shot yeah one shot would16691.166.539
take out ah skip a nail right here I'll16694.0395.34
Harvest this you knock the door down16697.6993.721
it's already open uh I can only imagine16699.3793.601
that we're gonna encounter some dogs in16701.423.66
here I'll put them in the stew16702.985.1
okay I'm gonna try not to use any ammo16705.085.34
I'm just gonna use ax yeah we'll do axes16708.085.58
okay okay back up back up back up I hear16710.424.68
44 zombie man boy am I not usually gonna16715.15.519
need it yep here oh sneak oh it came16717.7995.16
right for me oh boy I'm gonna have to16720.6195.0
use some ammo16722.9592.66
okay I gotta use my things16725.928.229
I'm not using my thing anymore I'm using16746.084.299
guns because I about died already all16748.584.02
right uh yeah what do you have more of16750.3795.16
shotgun shells or 762 I'm loaded up on16752.65.041
everything I'm good oh good so we're16755.5393.602
going upstairs first yeah let's go16757.6413.658
upstairs I think for anything to drop16759.1414.679
down from the top on oh okay there's16761.2994.5
this you got eyes on something I hear16763.824.28
more dogs16765.7992.301
this is a tough area they got a bunch of16772.94.54
glowing ones and oh he coming down oh16775.344.1
that looks fine16777.446.3
oh hey baby hey how you doing hey what16779.446.76
are these hey I don't want to fall hey I16783.743.718
don't want to hurt myself when I fall16786.23.24
hey that would suck hey that would suck16787.4584.202
to die so hey maybe I'll just put16789.444.2
something down here so if I fall hey I16791.664.44
won't die oh hey hey I'm through you're16793.645.52
still alive hey good to see you oh hey16796.15.94
good to see you too hey hey16799.166.0
what's up Dora Dora I've got stuck just16805.165.28
trying to uh help you because I hadn't16808.524.438
been the last few days well directly oh16810.444.8
sweet yeah what's up bro what's up baby16812.9583.84
boo I just got a bunch of electronics16815.243.718
for you hey tell you what uh I know you16816.7984.442
we got those shotgun turrets in there16818.9584.202
yeah one of my concerns out here is16821.243.6
going to be the vultures and what I was16823.163.0
thinking is I want to put some shotgun16824.843.48
turrets up top on the both sides of this16826.163.96
bridge you sure you want SMG right16828.324.138
instead of shotgun yeah you know what16830.125.4
SMG would be probably better for that I16832.4585.462
want to jump to you man that's that's16835.524.438
crazy talk that's really dumb but I've16837.924.08
got these jumpy legs now I maxed out my16839.9583.42
parkour I'm not gonna do it I'm not16842.02.64
gonna do it there's hay down there I put16843.3782.942
hay down there do it I'm not gonna do it16844.643.54
that'd be really good do it do it my God16846.323.3
this could be the dumbest thing it's16848.184.82
perfect dead risk it for the biscuit16849.623.38
neebs yeah remember this place ah the16858.7987.042
police station oh he's back yeah16862.16.42
hold on are you gonna yeah oh there's16865.844.72
two now there's a lot there's a16868.524.14
lumberjack and two wolves it's like the16870.564.738
start of a joke yep walks into a bar and16872.664.5
a bear and they just keep getting up the16875.2984.022
rent to kill them we're gonna jump out16877.164.34
and do oh the bear16879.324.5
this does not seem like a good place to16881.53.878
get out but this is a great place for16883.823.66
clothes okay man we've got a clothing16885.3784.08
place too yeah that's right we're16887.484.38
looking for jackets okay nope we got it16889.4584.982
we got it hey we can park and take these16891.864.68
guys on let me just soften them up a16894.443.56
little bit yep give him another hit16896.545.338
there you go what about you sir yeah all16898.05.378
right we gotta Park and do this all16901.8783.722
right we'll park right now okay we're16903.3785.102
out uh okay Lumberjack you're up oh boy16905.66.3
the wolf's coming up on the roof16908.485.88
come on okay pulls down bumper jacks16911.95.46
down oh no he's not there we go stay16914.364.32
down all right there should be another16917.363.24
wolf and a bear out there reload thick16918.683.538
that's the thing I like to do sometimes16920.63.3
I was gonna I was gonna drive with you16922.2183.542
on there but I'll follow you I'll be16923.93.478
like a one of those secret agent guys I16925.763.9
run beside the Jeep yeah up see the wolf16927.3786.442
oh there I see him ready yeah16929.664.16
really yeah I got him in the face with a16934.545.98
sniper rifle uh okay you down are you16937.345.52
cold right now uh not too bad you I'm16940.523.96
not either you might not even need a16942.863.48
clothes okay where do you want to go16944.483.36
first there's so much to explore here16946.344.14
and right here oh that this was the16947.845.58
first base was the first base the first16950.484.67
horde base16953.427.76
he he16961.185.68
Pro would you build us a base wash your16963.624.98
wood would you spend all the episodes16966.864.5
climbing up on on pillows and putting it16968.65.4
all together well I guess I would not16971.365.34
mind I would not mind one bit would you16974.04.74
let us go off and have fun and loot and16976.75.098
shoot zombies I suppose I would God damn16978.745.12
ah not finding much in here I've already16983.865.08
been in this room16986.786.24
bear thick what bear oh really a bear16988.946.0
huh yeah shoot it all right all right16993.024.16
I'll shoot him I'll shoot him16994.947.08
okay man how'd that get in here I may16997.187.0
have shot him and you shot him he17002.023.54
brought him in here yeah he came after17004.183.42
me while I was inside actually he came17005.565.04
after you he didn't find me okay well we17007.65.16
got plenty of bear stew coming up yeah17010.63.98
yeah yeah yeah yeah17012.765.52
oh hey Dora hello apps bro guess what17014.586.46
what I can't build the SMG turret so I17018.285.16
brought your workbench ooh okay hell17021.044.44
yeah all right I can get it done oh man17023.443.9
I think uh I think this is gonna be fun17025.483.72
we still need some defenses down below17027.344.378
but uh yeah shall I put this maybe just17029.23.78
over here it doesn't really matter does17031.7182.642
it yeah you know put it over here by17032.983.0
this chest if you would that seems like17034.362.82
the most appropriate place for it17035.983.42
doesn't it you know what there was we17037.184.08
already had a motion sensor God we all17039.43.0
these shotgun turrets but you know what17041.262.038
maybe we'll put some of the shotgun17042.42.94
turrets downstairs or we can put them up17043.2983.302
here we'll do something with him all17045.342.878
right you got all this stuff well let me17046.63.42
grab uh I'm gonna put a bunch of stuff17048.2183.782
in there actually yeah all types of17050.024.56
stuff good god I got stuff I do things17052.04.86
yeah thanks for the help yeah yeah yeah17054.585.4
it's about time I felt bad kinda17056.866.24
um here we go and then you can do your17059.985.36
I like your moving stuff song uh stuff17070.685.76
moved make it make it17073.546.178
here I go baby here I go uh doralis I17076.445.198
need Ford steel you brought me uh forged17079.7185.042
iron [ __ ] balls yeah I need I need Ford17081.6385.402
steel you know what like a lot of the17084.763.958
things stayed in my head a lot of them17087.043.48
did yeah you're doing great though you17088.7183.062
do it you're doing great you're doing17090.523.6
great get that phone still yeah take the17091.785.22
copter it's much faster17094.125.64
and cold now thick yeah me too but hey17097.05.7
we're going back to school yep I built a17099.764.618
campfire so if we get like crazy cold17102.73.78
we'll stop and warm up yeah that sounds17104.3784.322
good hey uh hopefully there's like some17106.484.14
puffer jackets or something up in here17108.74.14
yep or a letter jacket right yeah17110.624.018
something we could have all of our17112.844.98
medals for swimming and whatever Sports17114.6386.122
same thing doors open I hear people uh17117.824.8
okay I hear something too I'm gonna put17120.764.56
the turret down oh wait I should reload17122.624.98
here we go look at me thick I'm on fire17125.324.08
today with this reloading thing you just17127.62.94
helped me out with the reload thing17129.43.058
right there okay sir it's up Drink17130.544.02
Machine if you want a soda later you've17132.4584.202
handled this room nope nope there's17134.564.98
another one okay lady I missed yeah okay17136.665.16
was that good enough nope I'm doing17139.544.38
horrible hold up oh she came out quick17141.824.2
there we go turrets thanks for the17143.925.16
assist yeah oh more there's a Clown Room17146.024.92
I don't know it's leaking right maybe17149.084.44
they're just really sneaky Gumbo Stew17150.945.16
right now I can make it I'm the chef now17153.525.82
all right moving on adding in this is17156.15.698
where you bring your notes uh yeah I17159.344.86
have a note my mom wrote it she said I17161.7984.562
can't be at school today17164.24.08
don't lose your head over it I like that17166.364.14
neebs that's pretty good thanks going to17168.283.78
the principal's office where I spent a17170.54.378
lot of time uh in real life right got17172.065.28
potato seeds in here for some reason not17174.8784.022
a very awesome principle yeah there's17177.342.82
not gonna be any jackets in here we17178.92.94
gotta go find the lockers that's where17180.163.058
the jackets are gonna be here's some17181.844.618
lockers yeah back this way uh BDU top I17183.2184.862
already have one what's what's that mean17186.4583.602
what's it mean to you be to you that's a17188.084.98
military Garb oh what's the stand for uh17190.064.62
I don't know maybe drallies would know I17193.063.18
think we could just make it uh make it17194.684.68
up right BDU yeah oh there's a lot thick17196.245.94
it's starting to get don't bro okay nice17199.365.7
side by side side by side yeah that's17202.185.16
two oh oh we got some crawlers now don't17205.066.738
we I'll just smack this one here we go17207.346.72
hop seed I don't know what to do with17211.7984.062
that can you brew beer do you know how17214.063.42
to brew beer I don't I yeah I don't know17215.863.3
how we should do that one year let's17217.483.898
just make that our thing okay that17219.163.66
sounds like a good like little hobby17221.3783.242
that we could do together yeah like17222.823.66
today I'm I'm learning to make dark17224.625.64
tracks and uh turret thingies I'm proud17226.486.6
of you so nope no puffers no puffer17230.266.118
jackets really okay come on puffers I'm17233.084.378
gonna go upstairs check out those17236.3784.76
lockers all right moving upstairs17237.4583.68
oh door boo thank you for these17241.323.818
electrical parts and hey forged iron17243.6383.542
actually worked out because oh man I can17245.1384.922
make 50 electric fence posts boo what it17247.184.26
was is earlier you said something about17250.063.6
forged iron so you can fortify or make17251.443.96
something stronger so that's what stayed17253.663.718
my hat gotcha all right this is gonna17255.43.66
take a minute 36 minutes on this17257.3783.242
electric fence post and we got about17259.063.48
four minutes left on this SMG turret17260.624.018
sure sure so we got a second which is17262.543.0
um we're gonna need spikes especially at17265.543.96
the base of this thing well you see how17267.6383.362
many I brought well I brought the ones17269.53.958
that were there there's 369 wood ones17271.04.44
that should be enough holy crap are we17273.4583.902
good with the hay in that one spot17275.444.32
what's that there for the hay was in17277.365.64
case I fell yeah but I think we may be17279.765.4
ready to pull it up pull up the hay pull17283.03.9
up the hay because yeah the platform's17285.164.978
made and just spike it up yeah uh do17286.95.818
that I'll do that uh yeah okay well you17290.1383.962
could stay up here yeah you know what17292.7182.942
let me stay up here I'll work on the SMG17294.13.48
stuff yeah if you could spike it up down17295.663.84
there remove all the hay yeah that'd be17297.584.2
gravy best way to it down it's probably17299.54.7
the jump huh17301.785.098
if you want to oh my God would that be17304.24.3
dumb now do you have the mod on your17306.8784.022
shoes that'll uh no the structural brace17308.53.78
is that what it is yeah the structural17310.93.238
brace mod I wouldn't do it I wouldn't I17312.283.72
mean I know the haze there I fell once I17314.1383.542
got the structural brace mod though yeah17316.03.718
yeah and I and I landed in the hay and I17317.683.538
almost died it was super close you would17319.7183.182
think between the structural brace mod17321.2183.66
my parkour skills in the hay I'd be good17322.94.02
to go for a quick drop but I don't have17324.8784.682
that mod you want to give me your mod oh17326.924.32
not really no don't you don't have to17329.563.42
give me the mod you don't have to do17331.243.36
that no don't give me the mod who would17332.983.238
give me the mod I got my nice dress17334.65.1
shoes on I really want that mod all17336.2184.92
right fine I'll give you the mod hold on17339.72.938
if I die this is really dumb oh yeah17342.6384.382
super dope audience is gonna like it17345.283.598
though huh I mean I'm I'm entertained17347.023.42
right now I gotta see what happens see17348.8783.142
in a bit come on17350.443.18
no I'm fine yeah I didn't even break my17353.628.04
all right well hey hey hey hey hey hey17358.444.32
all right get to spiking you brought you17362.764.06
took the spikes down right uh yeah I17365.1383.832
took him down sweet pick it up hey17366.823.78
all right neebs gotta jump you're good17370.64.08
looks good we're on the top of the17373.2983.062
building uh yeah there's a there's a lot17374.683.36
of folks well not a lot of folks there's17376.364.2
just this guy uh yeah it doesn't seem17378.044.32
like a lot there's a light over there17380.563.84
yeah you take that guy out yet17382.364.92
I mean yeah we can that was a bad jump17384.44.318
oh good thing that happened though I17387.283.178
found some stuff oh yeah life's little17388.7186.122
happy uh Gifts of of whatever ammo17390.4587.942
um Iron arrows where was that oh God17394.847.98
whoa thick is he still there yeah he's17398.47.0
still there the Giant's dead giant [ __ ]17402.826.478
man bam okay lady come from man where17405.46.058
were they hiding I don't know man tired17409.2984.142
of things sneaking up on us let us know17411.4584.862
let us know take some painkillers a17413.445.278
little bit of water okay it is new yeah17416.324.5
all right this is where we should drop17418.7183.842
down whenever we're ready oh wait are we17420.823.6
in here already are we in there I don't17422.564.2
remember huh all right let's let's uh17424.425.458
just check out the roof first okay I17426.765.52
don't see anything he gone he gone he17429.8784.442
gone probably garbage oh yeah moldy17432.283.78
bread that's actually pretty useful I17434.323.42
found a purse up here anything good17436.064.078
chili you know any uh ladies who keep17437.744.62
chili in their purse most ladies keep17440.1383.842
chili in the purse they can't keep17442.362.82
pumpkins in there because they're too17443.984.318
big so what do you do you you keep chili17445.184.98
yeah all right we're gonna drop down17448.2983.84
here yeah I don't know if we've been to17450.163.718
this part yet but this is where the17452.1383.902
light's pointing hey hey there take a17453.8783.122
um oh or just above the edge you pass17457.04.62
for you lady yep that stick 44 you're17459.6384.022
dealing with check the news once in a17461.624.86
while yeah not on there but check it you17463.665.638
know just to be informed17466.486.3
SMG turret set up this is set up the17469.2986.0
base is being covered in spikes man okay17472.784.5
this is uh this is coming along baby17475.2983.482
it's gonna be fun I'm looking forward to17477.284.018
this one yeah this is gonna be17478.784.74
interesting if I make it oh yeah no yeah17481.2983.542
if you make it I think we'll make it17483.523.778
we're on day 33 going we're going into17484.845.7
day 34 and then yeah day 35 four night I17487.2984.982
feel like I got time now like it's done17490.543.838
yeah why don't you go do a go loot17492.283.66
something oh yeah17494.3783.302
yeah I'm gonna do yeah you want to go17495.942.82
with me or you're just gonna stay on the17497.682.64
spike I'm gonna do the spikes you go17498.764.02
loot oh yeah I want to go loot all right17500.325.638
I'm going to play have fun have fun you17502.785.64
say about that be home by seven oh yeah17505.9584.142
oh it is getting dark isn't it yeah this17508.423.18
is actually kind of stupid it's too late17510.12.94
yeah you know what yeah I'm coming back17511.64.14
I'm coming back that was fun huh17513.045.04
thick yeah it's starting to get late man17515.744.92
I know kind of stupid to be here right17518.085.28
now it's nice it's a gym oh yeah yeah17520.665.218
it's all locked up is it from from all17523.364.92
sides there uh is there another door you17525.8784.982
go this way uh yeah let's check it out17528.285.098
okay okay yeah we gotta pickaxe through17530.865.278
this oh I'll see somebody yeah got some17533.3784.862
green some glowing ones or some boxes17536.1384.74
though oh my God jackpot yeah there's17538.244.2
good stuff in there here you knocked17540.8782.702
that down make sure everything's17542.443.42
reloaded yeah maybe they'll hear us and17543.585.7
help us out maybe oh wait oh can I shoot17545.866.12
through these grades try it yeah hey17549.284.98
help us I want to be here all day with17551.983.96
this oh he's full of energy too isn't he17554.263.72
he is full energy it's like he's been17555.943.42
drinking Mountain Dew now he looks17557.983.3
dangerous he's in the concrete wall17559.363.72
that's stupid it's like we should we17561.282.88
should weaken him up a little bit17563.082.82
because he looks like a tough guy you17564.163.54
know yeah you have anything to set him17565.95.04
on fire with do you um yeah but is that17567.75.16
gonna kill us or him or I'll give him a17570.944.74
little weak oh you just killed him no no17572.865.22
wait see yeah there we go okay looking17575.684.14
good feeling good step back thick you17578.084.62
think he's almost out oh nice17579.825.7
haha you're a hot boy yep how you like17582.75.28
your zombie well done uh actually kind17585.524.92
of medium oh I'm on fire why fire was17587.984.86
out dang it he's still at it didn't he17590.445.1
I'm still on fire are you what the hell17592.845.458
how am I on fire the fire went out yeah17595.543.96
you don't even look like you're on fire17598.2982.942
to me oh there's a bag here17599.52.82
tuna tuna bag I looked up BD you thick17602.326.138
what is it forgot already17605.56.54
no wait battle dress uniform dress17608.4586.522
uniform nice yeah that's it seems pretty17612.045.16
simple yeah you know dress dress could17614.984.978
be two things so yeah maybe just call it17617.25.22
battle you know like be used yeah battle17619.9585.162
shirt put my battle socks on all right17622.425.038
names it's pretty good looks pretty wait17625.124.92
what yep over here you just fell from17627.4584.622
the ceiling yeah um slide it up they're17630.044.258
they're falling everywhere thick17632.085.1
oh my God come on yep there's a lot17634.2984.982
that's not the weapon oh boy go back17637.183.84
here go back here Deeds where go back to17639.284.28
where we came from17641.022.54
the hole or hit him in the hole what is17643.683.88
that thing am I crouched why am I17645.943.54
running so slow I don't know oh boy I'm17647.563.658
coming thick cover me can I shut this17649.483.6
door shut the door17651.2184.202
okay where am I I'm on a different room17653.084.68
sick where are you uh I'm inside the gym17655.425.1
okay it's clear completely fine yep17657.765.34
clear clear clear17660.524.26
hey come over here Bubba oh yeah he's17663.13.858
and oh how you gonna handle it I can17666.9585.802
handle it oh you're gonna attack the17670.544.678
door nope okay oh where are you going oh17672.766.48
oh wow wow he just jumped right over17675.2187.562
holy [ __ ] what's up uh nothing I I just17679.245.58
wanted to see what a zombie would do if17682.783.48
he couldn't get over the bridge the son17684.823.3
of a [ __ ] just jumped right over here17686.263.36
so there's a big flaw in the design you17689.623.3
know what I'm gonna have to make these17691.842.58
fences a little bit taller yeah that's17692.923.9
the that's the trick okay we gotta make17694.425.218
the fences taller yep okay glad I saw17696.825.46
that oh geez out of spikes I'll see you17699.6384.622
in a few okay yeah all right if you17702.283.42
gotta climb back up here it'll take you17704.262.94
an hour I think we're good though I17705.72.64
think we're good I don't know if you17707.22.64
knew I could parkour I'll be up there in17708.343.0
a second oh that's right are you gonna17709.844.44
try to climb the side oh God hardcore up17711.344.56
the side like a Skyrim horse that'd be17714.283.54
crazy that would be crazy okay a little17715.96.72
too steep I'll see in a few okay17717.824.8
all right neebs let's hit the stadium17723.4583.902
yep I remember this being kind of hairy17725.1384.022
yeah probably a lot of football players17727.363.24
I think I remember I would guess17729.163.36
football players and cheerleaders all17730.65.72
these locks come on come on there you go17732.527.02
Sledgehammer get it there we go we clear17736.325.44
yeah cheerleader for sure okay I'm gonna17739.544.38
sneak in behind you here she dead oh got17741.764.08
a guy down this end I'll meet him with17743.924.26
the ax of fire oh did you shoot him oh17745.844.2
yeah you got him there we go all right17748.184.458
no here comes another one oh you good17750.044.98
where would the good stuff be we're17752.6383.882
underneath the bleachers I wonder if17755.023.42
it's gonna be in the Press Box uh yeah17756.525.04
good idea follow me all right17758.444.8
all right I'm gonna check on the roof of17761.563.48
the Press Box first you're a chicken on17763.245.16
the roof what check on the roof oh a bag17765.045.94
moldy backpack with some jars in it this17768.44.5
place is Tara oh my god there better be17770.984.02
something here otherwise we should just17772.95.94
go we should honestly just go because17775.06.12
it's late let's see zombies you see17778.846.92
zombies yeah oh these guys want to run17781.126.96
oh nibs17785.764.538
oh no17788.084.44
no don't eat my17790.2984.402
come on17792.524.76
oh neebs17794.75.08
oh God17797.285.26
oh this one hurts does it it was our17799.784.92
food guy like losing Simon was like oh17802.543.48
okay whatever he doesn't do any work17804.73.24
anyway losing neebs I think we got17806.023.118
enough food though I think we can get17807.943.0
through this and with the work he had17809.1384.562
done well hey here's the thing I can go17810.944.56
out hunting to just get some more food17813.73.9
just in case we do it a lot but we could17815.53.48
use more okay you're gonna do that alone17817.62.88
don't go with him dorelius I'm not gonna17818.983.238
no no but well how did neebs die again17820.483.478
uh shot in the back of the head by thick17822.2183.842
oh God keep in mind I was backing up17823.9584.142
like the way that this game works I17826.063.72
clipped right through him like he was a17828.13.72
ghost thick I'm just saying I I've just17829.784.32
seen a pattern here Simon dead on a17831.823.898
thick Adventure Nev's dead on a thick17834.13.42
Adventure so if it walks like a duck17835.7183.182
talks like a duck it means don't go with17837.522.82
thick on adventures you'll end up dead17838.94.14
fix Not Dead on the thick Adventure that17840.345.458
means thick is the good player neebs and17843.044.98
Simon bad players it doesn't it doesn't17845.7983.602
make sense it makes perfect sense17848.023.84
because I'm still alive yeah maybe but17849.43.78
you're dragging them into crazy17851.863.598
situations what do you need abstra what17853.183.84
do you need over at the bridge what can17855.4582.942
I help you with I need you to ride17857.024.52
around on that motorcycle for a minute17858.45.34
it's an interesting way to ride a17861.544.06
vehicle here well it's called a side17863.743.898
straddle people do it on horses all the17865.63.84
time you know what I need to go to the17867.6383.302
bridge if you just want to meet me over17869.443.42
there and then uh we'll discuss plans17870.943.54
from there yeah that sounds good hey fun17872.863.72
uh fun little thing I have placed17874.483.36
six Minds so good luck what I'm kidding17877.846.6
hey Dora yeah oh see you zombie hold on17892.265.74
I want to test something okay over here17895.94.44
Bubba is that bad get his attention hey17898.04.92
hey yeah right I shot him in the ass17900.344.08
okay here he comes I want to see what he17902.923.42
does okay last time he came over here he17904.424.44
just jumped right across okay this is a17906.345.52
decent angle okay yeah going around the17908.865.46
bridge I mean yeah are they God now that17911.863.42
I'm looking at this whole thing this17914.321.978
whole thing's stupid we should have17915.282.76
built the drawbridge on this side yeah17916.2984.08
yeah I certainly do this is really dumb17918.043.838
yeah they're just gonna attack the17920.3783.662
drawbridge okay well oh what are you17921.8784.442
gonna do oh okay okay that's not bad17924.044.258
that's a good that's a better start that17926.323.78
is a good start he made his way around17928.2984.562
and just like bloops okay but now oh God17930.14.02
the hay still down there in there you17932.863.12
still got those boots on yeah I have the17934.123.66
hay I picked up it's all spikes down17935.983.18
there oh you picked up all the hay I17937.782.58
wonder if he's dead because if he's not17939.162.34
he's down there and just hitting on her17940.363.12
base he's dead oh good I probably should17941.53.958
do a lot more spikes then but there's no17943.484.2
good way except for the helicopter to17945.4585.162
get down yeah yeah I mean I can help you17947.684.02
do that you know what we really do we17950.622.82
need more forged iron because what I17951.73.48
think I need to do is I need to put some17953.444.858
fencing on both sides a couple up maybe17955.185.58
maybe Too Tall this yeah too tall and17958.2984.742
those sides and then uh ideally what we17960.764.618
have is we have some forged iron I have17963.044.74
some in my pocket but we fortify these17965.3786.542
fences yeah yeah okay yeah if you put17967.785.82
the fences17971.923.718
aren't they just going to attack the17973.63.778
bridge instead of going around like they17975.6383.482
did though what the what the [ __ ] oh17977.3785.162
[ __ ] too heavy too heavy uh-oh okay God17979.125.338
that could have been the end of you that17982.544.74
really could have wow I uh avoided death17984.4585.34
yet again I am the death-defined maniac17987.284.8
okay just gonna Just Gonna Fill This17989.7984.08
back in you know as you do yeah should17992.084.26
we make these stronger around here will17993.8784.08
they be able to hold more weight bear17996.343.06
more weight or they just become heavier17997.9583.242
I don't really know I think they'll just17999.43.72
become heavier yeah all right so I'll18001.24.2
just put more wood fencing around here I18003.123.36
mean they're not gonna hit this stuff18005.42.64
anyway so I think we'll be okay I'll put18006.483.18
the heavier stuff on that side okay18008.043.598
that's that sounds great we're gonna die18009.664.08
so quick but this is you've done a great18011.6386.24
job yeah thanks iron forged iron18013.748.18
yeah yeah forged iron18017.8784.042
hello everyone welcome to hunting with18023.285.88
thick 44. I'm think44 here out on the18026.044.98
cusp of the Wilderness and in front of18029.164.02
us we have a bear I should address that18031.025.4
unfortunately my co-host Simon and neebs18033.184.8
could not be here as they have passed18036.424.74
they cannot handle the Wilderness or any18037.986.36
sort of situations that involve firing a18041.166.298
gun defending themselves or even just18044.344.44
being men18047.4583.722
anyways what we have in front of us18048.784.5
right here is a bear now what a lot of18051.183.66
people don't know about bears they're18053.284.14
extremely intelligent animals they also18054.844.56
grieve deeply for others Cubs are known18057.423.6
to moan and cry when separated from18059.43.54
their mothers uh let's go ahead and kill18061.024.74
this bear because we need food our food18062.946.3
guy is dead he's not a man oh gotta18065.766.72
reload always remember to reload kids18069.246.0
this bears oh he's a tough boy how many18072.484.38
bullets he's gonna take to get this guy18075.245.1
down up here he comes out okay18076.864.56
thank you18080.342.82
there we go18081.424.08
now this bear it it took a while to get18083.165.16
this boy down uh I always like to name18085.54.92
my Bears after I kill them I'm gonna18088.325.7
call this one uh Dennis Dennis you're18090.426.48
gonna make a delicious meal and my18094.025.88
family and friends thank you for the18096.95.46
meat and other stuff that you've18099.94.62
provided us with let's go find us18102.364.92
another animal to kill and hey if you're18104.524.698
vegan [ __ ] off18107.285.098
so yeah I was gonna get iron like out18109.2185.322
like in the Primitive way but look at18112.3785.34
all this [ __ ] we've got like I just grab18114.545.46
I grabbed a half of these half of the18117.7184.382
springs and I'll tell you what I'm gonna18120.04.32
come into the tools after I get look at18122.14.198
all this stuff I can scrap I don't need18124.324.978
to mine for [ __ ] and I'm not gonna lie I18126.2984.982
seriously considered putting down six18129.2984.742
random Minds who am I telling I don't18131.285.9
know how fun would that be18134.046.06
I'm not gonna do it I might do I'm not18137.184.9
gonna do it18140.15.16
hey Hugh how you doing buddy I'm filming18142.085.04
my show right now hunting with thick 4418145.263.958
just killed a bear I also need recipes18147.124.678
because I'm the food guy now because uh18149.2184.622
neebs ended up dying it looks like uh he18151.7983.602
doesn't do well with friendly fire so18153.844.56
hey you know I don't hey hey you you18155.45.28
weren't you where'd you go buddy you18158.44.62
just you just disappeared into the floor18160.684.32
I'm Phil I'm filming a show that it's18163.023.96
are you camera shot with what's what's18165.04.44
going on try trying to give you some18166.985.158
business Hugh Hugh where'd you go man18169.445.46
stop messing around it's freaking me out18172.1386.062
you you get out here I am thick 44 I'm18174.95.04
filming a show get out here right now18178.25.28
quit being a coward oh man these places18179.945.518
haunted there's [ __ ] going on outside18183.484.38
what the hell's going on out here what18185.4585.102
the hell oh oh mountain lion fight18187.865.22
mountain lion fighting a fighting a18190.564.5
lumberjack okay18193.084.98
mountain lion fight a thing oh God18195.065.18
well welcome back to hunting with thick18200.244.36
44 we just blew the head off a mountain18202.746.18
lion also known as a puma uh I'd give18204.65.698
you some facts but18208.923.66
I'm not prepared with those I'm just18210.2984.322
gonna cut this up and hopefully I'm not18212.585.718
haunted by the ghost of Trader hue18214.623.678
what this is uh you seeing this come on18219.025.618
come out to the front yard oh you see18222.665.52
this yeah can I go under it nope yeah18224.6385.402
can I go under this18228.184.44
cannot well what what's happening this18230.044.08
is like that scene in Poltergeist18232.623.24
remember that in the kitchen oh that's18234.123.3
one of my favorite I love that I love18235.864.08
that movie and I love that scene on the18237.424.2
floor the kid slides across the dad's18239.944.14
like what the [ __ ] yeah and when she18241.623.9
looks back and there's things floating18244.084.2
in the kitchen and she's like whoa yeah18245.527.38
yeah they stack the chairs [ __ ] yeah I18248.286.12
loved it I love that I love that movie18252.93.238
that's a wonderful movie I accept this18254.44.14
then I accept all of his floatiness okay18256.1384.622
I picked up some uh some Dart traps I'm18258.543.598
gonna try to lay some Dart traps down18260.764.198
here take these what you got what you18262.1384.74
got I'll just go ahead and bring those18264.9585.582
there forged iron Ford steel oh did you18266.8784.982
already have did you already grab these18270.543.9
okay engine ninja okay I'm full now hey18271.864.74
easy easy yeah okay yeah all right I'm18274.443.72
gonna I'll see you over there I'm just18276.63.42
gonna I found some more18278.164.74
um uh gold and all that [ __ ] I'm just18280.024.02
gonna go ahead and hit the trailer on18282.93.42
the way back to you or the TR the trader18284.044.74
the trader gotcha yeah see if yeah ammo18286.324.8
obviously in a man and I still feel like18288.783.72
we should get more coal and just like18291.124.74
make a [ __ ] ton of ammo yeah yeah last18292.55.458
tour night we almost ran out of ammo18295.862.938
sure we have two helicopters what if we18298.7984.08
had three and we had like that was one18301.24.22
getaway plan if we needed all up top18302.8785.462
an escape plan all right I like where18305.424.36
your head's at but I've also got another18308.342.878
idea for an escape plan I'll see you in18309.783.0
a bit I'll see you in a bit okay that18311.2182.942
actually is a good idea yeah build18312.785.72
another Chopper yep [ __ ] yeah okay18314.164.34
welcome back to hunting with thick 44. I18318.95.7
see a wolf down there oh and I got a guy18321.9584.622
back here hold tight hold tight and I'll18324.64.198
tell you all about the wolf all right18326.584.558
little known facts about wolves they can18328.7984.742
Sprint from 36 to 38 miles for short18331.1385.82
distances guess 38 miles an hour wow in18333.545.22
the wild they can live up to 13 years18336.9585.76
and in captivity 16 years and well pups18338.766.6
are born in the spring I like that that18342.7184.74
makes me happy unfortunately what makes18345.364.62
me unhappy is killing a wolf18347.4586.722
because I I like them oh holds down oh18349.987.68
boy I don't like this one okay why are18354.186.06
you so big okay all right oh that easy18357.663.54
easy boy18361.24.92
all right I'll kill another wolf if I18363.026.22
have to and a lumberjack The Lumberjacks18366.124.86
aren't good eating so I'm just gonna18369.244.62
smack you welcome to hunting with thick18370.986.18
44. all right hey there's a restaurant18373.866.358
up here best place to hunt for food18377.165.34
is that a restaurant that's right I said18380.2184.142
restaurant because right now I'm doing a18382.54.5
show based off of redneck culture18384.364.68
and we don't have our our redneck here18387.04.68
to to give that to us anymore all right18389.044.5
all right gonna have to take out the18391.684.76
shotgun for you guys18393.542.9
notice how I don't have any trouble18398.184.6
surviving in the wild18400.7983.362
looks like we probably have some people18402.783.358
on the roof we like to call them roofies18404.165.96
oh boy oh and your runners18406.1383.982
oh I can't hop up anywhere but there we18410.285.76
go that's part of survivalist hopping18413.345.458
can't make beer without hops18416.045.88
there we go all right18418.7986.602
no more yells coming back down gonna18421.925.1
clear this house out18425.44.318
loot up oh lumberjack18427.026.08
two Lumberjacks done18429.7188.102
done all right one more line step number18433.17.0
two can't get in here sir drop this18437.825.16
clothes all right I'm gonna loot up head18440.15.96
back to the boys with today's feast18442.986.319
I'm cooking a bunch of stuff back there18449.63.58
but I figured I'd go to the trader since18451.683.06
it was like probably a final time got a18453.183.26
bunch of ammo I'm gonna toss in here18454.744.2
wonderful man I tell you what you know18456.444.24
when the uh with that little bit of18458.943.72
fence broke earlier it really got me18460.684.5
worried about um these the the strength18462.664.86
of these supports understandably I kind18465.184.92
of want to go down there and add more18467.524.68
but God is so many there's so many18470.13.42
spikes now we have to cut through in18472.24.8
there um yes there are and that's okay18473.527.08
because I was thinking Escape Plan wise18477.05.58
I don't know if I'm gonna make maybe a18480.63.72
third gyrocopter but we'll see what18482.583.42
happens take some time I can't make the18484.323.66
accessories either but if we put those18486.05.878
maybe be up on top of these we don't18487.986.18
want to add any extra weight no I was18491.8783.302
about to say I don't think we need to18494.163.478
add anything up here okay but down there18495.185.76
the other idea I had was maybe just one18497.6386.66
off to the side place we can jump an oh18500.945.698
[ __ ] tiny pile of of hay that's a little18504.2984.742
further out and then maybe something18506.6385.282
I'll dig something as a last resort into18509.045.58
the canyon wall oh God so you're talking18511.924.62
about putting the Choppers down there18514.623.66
not the Choppers Choppers stay up here18516.544.38
but that's a second uh way that we jump18518.285.16
for our lives land and go in this tunnel18520.924.92
that we seal ourselves up in oh man see18523.444.858
I I think uh I think that kid it's going18525.843.78
to be overrun with zombies they're gonna18528.2983.0
be looking to survive this thing like18529.623.12
really if this thing starts shaking and18531.2983.482
collapsing what I would do like we18532.744.38
should put like a chopper and Jeep out18534.784.5
here yeah that's fine that's safe you18537.124.32
know what I mean so it's like okay yeah18539.284.08
we can uh we can turn off the power we18541.443.9
can fight the zombies back and then we18543.364.14
can just grab them and go okay18545.343.78
um but I'm still gonna make that uh the18547.53.18
little tunnel on the wall oh the tunnel18549.123.24
on the wall hey jump yeah go for it I18550.683.778
think yeah worst worst case scenario I'm18552.363.84
just gonna open the bridge and run it18554.4584.022
brings me back to the um remember the18556.24.2
the Mountain Base that I made across the18558.484.44
way from the the oh the the one that18560.45.16
lasted uh the one that like fell apart18562.924.56
immediately no no no no no no no the one18565.563.96
that was across from the lighthouse oh18567.485.04
yeah that one was fun okay hey I'm gonna18569.524.68
keep cooking I'll see you in a second we18572.523.06
can do that thing at the base all the18574.23.12
things at the base all the things at the18575.584.2
base yes what things well like we're18577.324.74
gonna strengthen the the base of down18579.783.78
yeah yeah I was I was gonna go ahead and18582.062.88
fly down there and get to work on that18583.563.0
so just just meet me just meet me at the18584.942.698
bottom of the game yeah I'll see you18586.563.86
soon it's gonna be great I hope so18587.6386.682
watch out for those mines18590.423.9
aha the bridge base all right can man18594.486.0
can I drive over this without tearing18598.264.82
[ __ ] up nice there we go18600.486.72
like a charm hello hello hey buddy18603.086.4
welcome to hunting with fig44 I just18607.23.9
killed a lot of animals and got a lot of18609.483.42
meat uh okay sweet you're gonna make18611.13.48
some meat stew yeah I'm gonna make18612.93.72
something uh this is the show where my18614.583.78
redneck Roots come out like [ __ ] on18616.624.258
Halloween so uh welcome welcome it18618.364.018
you're my first guest besides the18620.8783.362
zombies I've killed and the Animals okay18622.3783.302
do you think you think your show could18624.243.0
involve you going to get me more wood18625.684.14
because I just use every bit of my wood18627.244.558
and I want it structurally so it's18629.824.138
important to the undercarriage of this18631.7983.362
thing so you know it doesn't collapse18633.9582.76
during horror night yeah I can get you18635.163.718
some wood it changes the format of the18636.7184.262
show a bit but yeah uh hunting and18638.8783.722
getting wood with thick everybody18640.984.318
unfortunately hunting with thick 44 has18642.65.22
been canceled welcome to uh welcome to18645.2984.92
lumberjacking with fig 44. just get some18647.824.02
damn wood and stick it in that chest up18650.2183.122
there it's uh it's over there there's a18651.842.878
little crafting bench you see it all18653.343.24
right yep I see it I'll be back thank18654.7182.66
hello hi hello oh [ __ ] what okay uh no18657.3787.602
I'm just hit and things okay hey uh18662.524.198
right inside saddle in the Jeep saw the18664.983.36
rage now you know oh dude right inside18666.7183.482
saddle period is the best hey do not18668.343.48
walk in this door don't walk in the door18670.22.88
I need to come in there and cook some18671.823.0
food and then oh my god dude there's a18673.083.54
mine right on the other side of the door18674.824.5
on the inside who put that there I don't18676.625.58
know Vic you don't know yeah yeah this18679.324.8
there's only three of us left and I know18682.24.08
for a fact that thick 44 didn't put that18684.124.4
there oh my God18686.284.92
careful I'm kidding I was kidding18688.524.68
there's no mine oh good18691.25.04
wasn't that fun yeah hey so I was18693.25.678
hunting and then I had to cancel my show18696.244.8
abstro told me to go get some wood so18698.8785.042
now the new format is uh jacking with18701.045.52
thick 44 Lumberjack Show oh there's also18703.925.52
there's also that oh damn okay good job18706.565.34
that was easy yeah that's a quick season18709.444.04
all right and uh that's it for jacking18713.484.84
it with thick 44. yeah I can't wait to18716.523.3
see your next show you're you're a great18718.323.72
host thank you drive through drive18719.824.21
through what drive through18722.045.87
hey what's up buddy what's up you need18738.923.82
to turn your lights on that jeep when18741.2982.822
you're riding around at night I thought18742.744.68
they were on there we go oh I was trying18744.124.98
to keep them on oh anyways hey I got18747.423.84
some stuff for you from dorelius I'll18749.13.9
stick it in this uh stick it in this18751.263.18
chest over here Bubba in the chest18753.03.36
bubble right here uh all right I don't18754.443.84
see these lights on by the way yeah they18756.364.46
they were on now they're on there we go18758.285.34
yeah now we're looking good now I can18760.825.08
see uh this is looking great by the way18763.624.44
looking fantastic we'll see the damn18765.94.978
wood in here thick oh sorry yep the wood18768.064.92
the wood the wood that's what I really18770.8783.862
how about that uh yeah I think this is18774.746.28
gonna work my main concern these zombies18777.7186.122
out here oh I hear screamer did she18781.025.278
scream a little bit oh we got a dog look18783.844.26
raise that bridge thing you see that uh18786.2983.542
the switch beside this too late too late18788.13.538
oh yeah you got a great guy raise that18789.844.378
bridge turn on the Trap stick trap trap18791.6384.5
where trap it's uh the left generator18794.2183.482
bait look behind you there's a generator18796.1383.24
Bank just turn it on turn it on that's18797.73.72
off turn on not that one the other one18799.3785.882
turn on no no thick turn to your left to18801.427.5
your left this one God damn it no down18805.266.118
to your right that one no this one no18808.923.9
not that one the one on the other side18811.3783.962
God damn it that one turn that no God18812.823.72
you were just looking at it Christ's18815.342.58
dick I don't see it all right I'm coming18816.542.88
down don't touch anything don't touch18817.923.42
anything all right correct yeah these18819.423.84
are these are things are off yeah18821.343.66
there's one thing this one I don't even18823.265.28
see you oh there you go ah I see it oh18825.05.34
so they're attacking oh man so they're18828.543.24
just attacking the bridge can we hit him18830.344.08
from here I think we're gonna hit the18831.786.24
bridge oh what no they broke the bridge18834.425.34
oh boy this is okay you know what18842.14.5
actually this is a good thing we need to18844.983.18
rebuild the bridge and then we're gonna18846.62.82
put it on this side we're gonna put it18848.162.638
on this side so we can control it better18849.423.66
there we go oh is it is the weight gonna18850.7983.722
handle that is the weight gonna handle18853.084.08
that thick oh God that just [ __ ] us18854.525.04
that just really [ __ ] us welcome to18857.164.5
getting [ __ ] with thick 44. I don't18859.563.78
want to be here it's the worst show ever18861.666.12
welcome Astro welcome18863.344.44
all right guys if I did this correctly18868.345.798
boom why wouldn't it go go come on boom18871.445.82
bam there we go yeah all right now let18874.1385.882
me just hook this up with the papa and a18877.264.26
beep beep and then if I hit the switch18880.024.198
yeah yes you okay yeah I'm great you18881.524.5
imagine imagine that how you died that'd18884.2184.822
be funny and I would go take a nap18886.026.66
all right but so now we can control the18889.045.32
bridge from this side and the zombies18892.683.118
have no choice all right watch out I'm18894.363.18
gonna raise it yep I'm backing up oh18895.7984.262
wait oh wait is this on uh-huh yep oh18897.547.28
okay okay hello hi good to see you too18900.069.26
that goes that way and then18904.824.5
this is gonna take forever you need18924.56.52
zombies over here hey oh hey over here18927.94.38
oh yeah come get it come get it yeah18932.284.62
start stomping over here like you want18934.983.658
some I need you to break my bridge18936.94.68
should be easy and you're just a slow18938.6385.16
lumbering dork aren't you yep come this18941.584.558
way where are you going you don't look18943.7983.42
like you're heading towards me okay18946.1382.942
there you go yeah come on that might be18947.2182.842
yeah are you coming up all right do me a18950.065.98
favor break this bridge yeah hit it I18953.2184.682
know you want to oh you're just gonna18956.043.48
walk right past it and fall down aren't18957.95.7
you all right oh man turn around break18959.526.0
that bridge come on break that bridge18963.64.34
for me18965.522.42
you want to break the bridge fine I'll18968.365.38
do it myself yeah take a seat zombie18971.165.46
coming down take a dick okay oh I see18973.746.18
him oh let me see if I can him ah18976.627.14
yeah uh he has passed again rest in18979.925.298
peace again18983.765.24
okay okay18985.2183.782
so now can I put this one on this side18997.345.86
oh boom you're gonna go in there sweet19000.565.76
now hook you to the switch take a look19003.25.54
at papa19006.322.42
yeah should have done that to begin with19010.425.44
what a waste of time and resources so19012.986.6
boom bridge is up boom ridges up19015.865.76
and then we fight from the sides bring19019.584.218
it on zombies19021.625.9
oh well come on over here19023.7983.722
oh they come from this way19029.9583.862
ah it's gonna be fun oh vultures19033.825.46
vultures up top19036.23.08
it's a big monster19041.53.718
okay I guess we finished or at night we19051.046.88
did it we survived hey guys yeah where19054.685.64
you at uh no I'm down below and yeah19057.923.9
thick or whatever you don't have to see19060.324.08
it I just want you to know that on the19061.824.92
northeast side of the bridge down here I19064.46.058
made this last minute oh [ __ ] uh Cave19066.746.18
okay final fight there's some be careful19070.4584.68
there's a couple mines and a couple trap19072.925.28
yeah okay okay how do you expect to get19075.1384.622
to that do we need yeah we should we19078.23.42
should make impact bracer mods right and19079.763.24
have everybody should have that I can't19081.623.06
wear these [ __ ] shoes I know I've19083.03.958
still got your impact razor mods there's19084.683.778
one in the CH yeah we should definitely19086.9583.602
have that if we somehow survive down19088.4584.022
here it's a last minute thingy okay do19090.563.36
we have any boots back at base anybody19092.483.238
know I'm flying back I'm gonna check all19093.923.42
right get the boats I'm going for a19095.7181.802
think holy moly what are you oh stay19102.27.14
right there don't fall in oh my19106.6384.622
God oh it's like someone's little [ __ ]19109.345.16
Shack wait somebody's just was just a no19111.264.74
the other guys didn't do this they19114.52.34
wouldn't have been out here like19116.02.638
building stuff oh I should probably19116.844.5
watch for mines or something crazy and a19118.6384.802
door likes to leave those around19121.343.72
what the hell what is this this is just19126.54.94
a weird oh my19130.14.02
one two three four five of you oh my19134.127.4
goodness I'm about to get stealthy19138.028.698
let's see who first which one hmm oh you19141.527.3
oh no wait the one up top the one I'm19146.7183.782
sitting on the box because that's gonna19148.823.6
be my box19150.54.138
that was a complete wow forgot how19152.425.66
accurate these compound bows are19154.6385.942
and you guys didn't even hear it didn't19158.085.02
even hear it all right lady sitting on19160.585.04
top of the box you're next19163.15.84
wow what a shot19165.627.678
she didn't even see it coming oh boy all19168.947.06
right you straggly guy sitting on top of19173.2984.642
a log you're next19176.06.0
oh my God you dumbasses can't even hear19177.946.34
my ass I'm so sneaky19182.04.08
all right you right in front of that bag19184.285.518
I can't wait to see what's in that bag19186.088.058
oh oh oh I woke you up shut up19189.7984.34
sleep little baby all right last Bubba19195.025.46
and you're down oh you're gonna get up19198.564.318
all right well let's have some fun with19200.486.0
you but let's swing better19202.8787.022
you done yeah you're done okay let's see19206.485.0
what's in this pack19209.95.04
beer man I don't even want the beer19211.485.62
what about these boxes empty but they're19214.944.68
all empty this is all empty somebody's19217.14.618
bidding here there's a bedroll is this19219.623.48
one of our bedrooms no it's just a bed19221.7183.42
roll whose little [ __ ] was this was19223.14.02
this one of ours that was disappointing19225.1383.602
fun though I enjoyed taking all you19227.123.0
[ __ ] out silently I'm like a ninja19228.744.94
like a bouncy ass Ninja19230.123.56
yeah you think it's gonna as far as like19241.44.08
um who's gonna die first if you were to19243.565.94
make a bet I know it's weird ah man I19245.486.12
think you you might be right I'd maybe19249.54.798
bet on me yeah I'm thinking you but19251.65.22
honestly it's a coin toss it really is19254.2985.34
well a three three-headed coin toss yep19256.824.2
yeah I don't know why they don't make19259.6384.682
those no right probably you know why why19261.025.64
is that vending machines you damn right19264.324.5
that's why they'd have to retrofit every19266.664.978
vending machine yeah and then there's19268.825.638
problems okay hey so I made some blade19271.6385.102
traps down here but here's the problem I19274.4584.142
gotta turn this thing on when it's just19276.744.08
about horde night then nerd pull all the19278.64.74
way up so I'm just gonna wait here until19280.825.818
until it's time it's a long time it is a19283.345.34
long time but you know what I uh just19286.6383.842
gonna think about stuff think about the19288.684.56
next game we're playing you know yeah19290.485.22
also don't forget your steroids they're19293.244.2
good for you oh I got plenty plenty19295.74.098
ooh fats food maybe we can find some19301.046.54
good food one last good meal19303.986.78
oh all right primed for a getaway all19307.584.2
right you don't want to waste too much19310.763.538
ammo I might just bring them on out19311.785.54
hello boys I know you're in there19314.2986.121
the woods gone switch back to the yoga19320.425.12
man I mean are they deaf Are they deaf19325.8784.5
today what is happening19327.983.72
there you go19330.3783.08
he's sneaky boy hey sneaky boy right in19333.4585.742
the dick19337.13.778
oh that was not that was right in the19339.24.32
gut right all right yeah19340.8786.122
oh yeah all right right the Old19343.526.84
Sacramento there you go right in the19347.04.26
oh right through your legs that was cool19351.266.78
okay and snipper oh give me the mirrors19353.56.458
back God I love collecting arrows out of19358.043.3
bodies I don't know why19359.9584.622
so satisfying all right now let's see19361.346.06
let me talk to your buddies in here19364.585.1
oh did I awaken you19367.46.12
shut up oh give it up Bubba19369.686.02
really oh19373.526.42
really the hell really Jesus19375.76.16
I mean what kind of HP did you have19379.943.48
sneak attack and everything didn't work19381.863.72
on it give me that stuff okay we're19383.422.74
going in19385.584.379
oh oh I look at this [ __ ] look at this19390.447.858
sleeping [ __ ] okay that's fun shut up19393.627.5
whoa oh you're you're a Rudder what are19398.2984.322
you running for19401.124.22
sit down19402.622.72
hey yo Petro hi be careful when you land19412.786.34
I put a couple spikes on each side oh I19416.664.08
see those okay yeah that'll slow them19419.123.48
down a pitch there's one mine on that19420.744.32
side and this side I use the Jeeps to uh19422.64.618
help with the wall because why not oh19425.063.658
all right yeah you know what those are19427.2183.42
gonna be our Escape Vehicles maybe yeah19428.7183.062
I know I know you said something about19430.6384.08
going down but uh I I might play into my19431.785.598
Escape Route to be worst case scenario19434.7185.542
uh of this sure19437.3785.742
options options man we all have options19440.265.14
we don't know what'll happen nope nope19443.124.2
this is gonna be this is gonna be stupid19445.44.318
oh great all right I'm gonna get rid of19447.324.8
[ __ ] I don't need okay food all right19449.7183.782
there's still some ammo and stuff in19452.122.94
this chest yeah we need to get all this19453.54.02
stuff before we uh yeah before we go19455.064.738
what's thick doing thick yeah what are19457.524.5
you doing I'm just waiting I gotta turn19459.7985.402
this thing on this generator dude it's a19462.025.34
generator full of gas yeah it is Oh19465.23.598
They'll last forever go ahead and do it19467.364.68
oh yeah come on up buddy caps roll apps19468.7984.92
yo yo yo where should I put my dick19472.044.678
punchers oh dick puncher you can Factor19473.7185.042
those in I know this isn't really set up19476.7184.5
for that is it no it's not yeah well you19478.763.6
know what I would say screw the dick19481.2182.942
puncher put a turret down my turrets are19482.364.08
down in the getaway cave wait I thought19484.164.558
you could only have two of each it's19486.443.72
what you're close to that's what19488.7184.022
activates oh gotcha well then in that19490.164.68
case bye maybe I'll just we'll just put19492.743.84
it over here and it'll be throw it out19494.843.36
man yeah throw it over here maybe in19496.582.94
these uh yeah and some of these electric19498.22.938
traps maybe it'll just knock them down19499.522.82
they'll have to keep getting back up19501.1383.122
yeah something like that man yeah who19502.344.34
knows okay okay okay19504.267.08
this this could be bad yeah of course19506.686.43
what are they doing where are they19531.343.28
coming what you doing where they're19533.183.0
coming oh they're coming I see them19534.624.44
which way Direction uh the West yeah oh19536.186.38
yeah Greenies Greenies oh19539.065.88
right behind your door don't step right19542.565.14
nope come on boys oh God they're sitting19544.944.56
big guys at us already oh yeah they're19547.73.42
trying to scare us and we're not scared19549.54.5
no not one bit we're busy being not19551.124.1
oh I feel like there should be way more19561.8784.662
than this what's happening well it's19564.865.7
only 22.42. yeah maybe so maybe so maybe19566.547.14
so God I can't even see that's what's19570.564.86
happening down there is isn't it19573.684.1
oh fatty fatty fatty pads coming from19583.44.62
the West couple fatties fatty pants on19585.863.96
the list couple fatties on the west yep19588.023.54
um right beside you Nora all right I19589.825.28
think we got them okay so far so good19591.566.72
yeah yeah really good yeah no this is19595.15.64
like uh kind of boring isn't it a little19598.283.858
bit yeah19600.743.66
oh wow we're doing we're doing really19602.1384.66
great look at them look at them they're19604.44.92
so dumb it's great they're so stupid God19606.7984.802
we're smart they're dumb that's true oh19609.323.5
I got hit I got hit he's falling down19612.825.62
he's falling he's falling down by oh you19615.7984.982
[ __ ] oh that nipped me a little bit that19618.444.14
nipped me a little bit but I'm okay you19620.783.66
know I'm gonna remember neebs right now19622.584.26
I'm gonna eat a piece of his pumpkin pie19624.445.518
oh nice that's nice that's the least he19626.845.458
can do after killing him huh I mean not19629.9586.202
my fault I wonder what neebs would say19632.2983.862
that's what he would say19642.043.72
oh wait a minute oh [ __ ] uh guys what19657.56.66
what look over here uh stuff's breaking19660.984.978
we lost some stuff probably because uh19664.164.5
spitters was that spitters where did19665.9586.062
that break oh no oh no oh God trapped19668.664.978
the bridges up Bridges up Bridges up oh19672.024.438
[ __ ] oh oh God he got ow get off my face19673.6384.922
ow damn it damn it dick I think you shot19676.4585.702
me sorry oh God okay so [ __ ] that oh19678.565.158
they are tearing us there they're19682.163.66
hitting us down they're definitely true19683.7184.262
and is this side safe okay they're19685.825.54
falling down now this is kind of cool19687.983.38
there we go I got him I got him I got19715.844.42
him all right do we have uh mechanical19718.284.5
parts and electrical parts [ __ ] we don't19720.263.84
have enough mechanical parts or19722.783.3
electrical parts what about the Jeeps19724.14.44
make that government mechanical Parts19726.084.74
electrical parts any any in here oh look19728.544.44
at all this stuff everything but what we19730.824.2
want after I saw one over there it's19732.984.26
it's a regular one but just just letting19735.025.1
you know I see him behind you okay oh19737.246.138
behind you booty bastard come on nice19740.125.88
okay okay19743.3784.542
all right we're at one o'clock we're at19746.03.298
one o'clock we're doing pretty damn good19747.922.7
[ __ ] killing it we don't know what's19749.2982.522
happening down there but we know it's19750.623.48
not good no we know it's not good and we19751.823.36
know they're chewing at that yeah19754.12.76
because yeah all right how we doing come19755.183.958
on 51 seconds all right thick here's my19756.864.26
plan if I get that generator Bank up and19759.1384.08
running I can put that generator bank19761.124.258
here and I can still power these traps19763.2184.262
even if that collapses okay it just19765.3783.84
means we're stuck here all right I'll19767.483.84
cover you let me know when it's you you19769.2183.722
said it's got another minute yeah19771.323.36
another minute I think we're doing good19772.943.84
door you solid over there yeah it's19774.684.32
great God okay they all got to be down19776.784.32
below then yep can't even see down there19779.04.5
yeah it's alarming oh crap it's it's a19781.16.24
candle here oh [ __ ] Boy Oh yay oh boy19783.56.42
door did you turn that off no oh it19787.344.68
broke oh door you're trapped over there19789.923.32
yeah it's true19792.023.9
oh [ __ ] I love it cover me that cover19793.245.32
everything okay I got you I got you uh19795.925.4
generator bank one second oh boy we got19798.565.52
spinner you sure get over there Dora I'm19801.324.62
loving it I love it I love it all right19804.083.96
right we were officially separated hey19805.944.74
abstro hi see if I can throw a uh a19808.045.4
Molotov over over the bridge yeah you19810.684.98
hit me don't don't you hit me you might19813.443.54
just you might want to throw it down19815.663.54
below okay like I can't see anything19816.984.2
down there but damn I mean you can't19819.25.46
hurt ah anything now I can see a fire oh19821.185.038
there's definitely I I definitely hit19824.666.12
one he's running around nice yeah what19826.2185.522
the hell19830.783.96
holy [ __ ] what dora yep there's one19831.744.74
pillar left thick do you see that what19834.744.5
there's one there's one pillar left yep19836.484.14
thick throw it towards the bottom of19839.243.3
that pillar how is that one pillar19840.624.08
holding all of that holy [ __ ] it's not19842.543.838
good if I go down with it I'm fine I'm19844.74.018
going to my my hidey hole okay cool19846.3784.982
which pillar where's that pillar it's19848.7184.802
the one on the right side oh I see it I19851.365.12
see it I see it I see it19853.522.96
it's all right all right well banded19863.925.2
yourself up man yep bandaging up eating19866.64.858
some food drinking some water I threw a19869.125.88
couple random Molly mollies down oh that19871.4587.522
was a bad one that was gone19875.03.98
I didn't charge it [ __ ] oh boy that was19880.066.238
really dumb19883.762.538
are you shocking yourself setting19888.623.838
yourself on fire you're a mess19890.2984.822
oh pillar is breaking pillar is breaking19901.45.42
oh God okay19904.12.72
I'm going down19909.083.42
door I believe in you19910.344.26
oh God there's a lot of people a lot of19912.54.32
people a lot of zombies here going into19914.64.98
my oh [ __ ] building going in19916.824.5
thick thick thick what are you doing19919.583.9
bubba step back step back step back I'm19921.323.72
back you were stepping on the blade or19923.483.3
the um the trigger plates you were19925.043.838
getting hit with the dart traps okay are19926.784.26
you okay I'm fine19928.8784.822
my God I might be going out I might be19934.185.76
going out19937.946.198
Dora are you okay not really19939.944.198
all right thick it's you and me baby yep19962.925.5
oh God oh God oh God we got another hour19965.9585.542
left uh yep we19968.423.08
got and our traps are kind of [ __ ] oh19972.084.98
big guy big guy big guy big guy green19974.666.2
guy holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] this is not good19977.067.078
good at all oh wow for the electric19980.866.04
traps really that damaged holy [ __ ] okay19984.1384.622
still working thank you reloading these19986.94.86
electric traps are like the only thing19988.765.94
can save us Buzzard oh doralius left the19991.765.82
game he's out oh biker all right our19994.74.32
biggest threat thick are gonna be those19997.583.42
bomb guys if we see those coming in we19999.023.118
got to like try to take them out20001.03.06
immediately yeah or don't uh don't don't20002.1383.542
shoot their bomb unless you can hit it20004.063.6
from a distance okay okay20005.684.08
oh God are they gonna chew under us how20007.663.54
are these Bridges still standing up you20009.763.06
see this this is ridiculous all right20011.22.7
should have known this was gonna happen20012.823.0
but we kind of we talked about it yep20013.94.5
yep yep yep and uh you know what if for20015.825.28
some reason this starts to collapse uh20018.44.44
we we just run towards the vehicles and20021.14.26
get out of here yep I'm surviving I am20022.844.92
making it to Daylight okay yeah me too20025.364.14
that's a plan that guy trying to take20027.764.378
out our Jeep yeah poor bastard hey hey20029.54.798
buddy anything to throw at that guy well20032.1384.682
everything hits uh everything hits the20034.2984.982
Jeep let me see if I can20036.824.318
a little too far yeah a little yeah a20039.284.38
little low a little lower oh [ __ ] yeah20041.1384.08
that's all right I mean we're not gonna20043.663.54
get back in that jeep anyway kill it20045.2184.08
come on jump up again jump up jump up20047.24.38
jump up jump up for me one time stupid20049.2986.562
come on stupid got him20051.586.68
and and yeah we didn't think we did a20058.267.48
thick we did a thing all right yeah20063.584.378
let's run downstairs do some cleaning I20065.744.978
bet they're all down there20067.9584.68
say uh you want to try to sacrifice20070.7183.42
ourselves and just like see if we can20072.6383.0
take these guys out with melee weapons20074.1383.74
steroids oh do I20078.44.92
can I have something let me steroids you20081.4585.162
got uh I got seven use steroids some20083.327.26
[ __ ] steroids oh yeah steroids give20086.624.74
me something give me something give me20090.583.54
something yeah there's all of them oh oh20091.364.8
all of them you know I have to ask you20094.124.82
know I have to ask how about you [ __ ]20096.165.24
how about you [ __ ]20098.946.22
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let's20101.46.7
do it baby let's go let's get him uh20105.165.16
where are you at oh I see one over there20108.14.38
it's a biker let's get it how much do20110.325.88
you [ __ ] it's leg day it's leg day work20112.485.52
your legs now then you work your way up20116.24.14
to Friday Friday we work chest do some20118.05.04
squats [ __ ] yeah you do squats20120.344.98
oh God he is hitting me good I am out of20123.045.338
stamina but that's okay I'm gonna drink20125.325.638
a water oh he got me20128.3786.242
oh go down God is tough he is shut the20130.9586.482
[ __ ] down oh my God he's dumb thick20134.625.58
thick nice20137.445.04
back but it's taking Health back heal up20140.24.2
heal up heal up dude that was one guy20142.483.3
there's no way all right I'll pull it20144.44.978
out by SMG [ __ ] it all right remember20145.786.0
compound movements are gonna build many20149.3784.802
different muscles20151.784.32
wait was that the last was that the only20154.183.66
one down here no way that's impossible20156.13.358
there's no way possible look at this20157.845.72
junk garbage look at this pile20159.4586.362
that's what dreams are made of right20163.565.56
here hello look at this big pile of [ __ ]20165.826.058
oh that's it I don't see them they left20169.125.16
hey but hey we did it I don't know why20171.8785.462
I'm collecting stuff but I am no yeah we20174.285.82
did it lock it off baby Seven Days to20177.345.84
Die season's over20180.13.08
why are you doing a cow thing why are20228.844.24
you doing a cow thing because we're20231.8784.682
selling shirts why is that a cowboy20233.085.46
why are you doing a cow thing I don't20236.564.27
know it works for Chick-fil-A20238.5410.29

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