7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 1

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? If not, you're in for a treat because th...
7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 1
7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 1

7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 Supercut - Part 1

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why this 7 Days to Die Alpha 19 Supercut is our favorite video ever!

simon: Oh man, this video is just epic! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch us survive the zombie apocalypse in style?

appsro: Haha, yeah, and let's not forget the hilarious moments we had during this playthrough. Like that time Neebs accidentally blew up our whole base!

neebs: Hey, that was one time, Appsro! But seriously, this video has everything - action, suspense, and of course, our trademark Neebs Gaming humor.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? If not, you're in for a treat because they just dropped a supercut of their full playthrough of 7 Days 2 Die Alpha 19.

I don't know about you, but I always get excited when Neebs and the gang tackle a new game, and this one is no exception. From the hilarious banter to the epic gameplay, this video has it all. And if you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all their latest content.

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So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to watch Neebs and the crew take on 7 Days 2 Die in their signature hilarious style. Trust me, you won't want to miss this epic adventure. And be sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay connected with all the latest updates and behind-the-scenes fun. Let's show our love and support for Neebs and the gang as they continue to entertain us with their amazing content.

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thank you0.04.44
beautiful it's gorgeous Navas game Alpha1.266.599
19 boys back again hey I found an iron4.444.76
nice yeah yeah baby that's that's good9.26.179
luck I know good luck starting already13.386.12
gear coins gold if I remember there's a15.3795.801
Trader further down the road maybe the19.53.359
bunch of coins here how do you remember21.183.54
that because we used to live here yeah22.8593.481
we have a long time here it's a big24.723.719
world okay yeah it's not that big I mean26.344.019
if you could if you can map a place like28.4393.541
Los Santos in your head you can map30.3594.021
Mama's game I haven't mapped that hey I31.986.72
got paper hey good that's good luck all34.386.06
right hey guys should I uh we're going38.73.539
in here should I should I bust open the40.444.02
door yep with your brand new ax let's do42.2394.621
it oh it's unlocked though so there you44.464.5
go yeah so you guys could go in oh this46.863.359
is gonna be a mess this sucks without48.963.48
the weapons I could go in first if you50.2194.141
want I got a bench hey how much you52.444.38
bench oh don't get me started I I don't54.364.039
want to56.823.84
zombies coming from the roof from the58.3995.281
roof of course60.665.7
Britney Spears is here oh there's a lot63.685.4
of them in the room66.362.72
getting out that was really dumb really71.225.64
dumb oh here we go come out thick yeah73.325.54
ow what hit me what happened76.864.439
oh is that Pete Davidson all these78.863.88
zombies look like celebrities he got81.2993.241
Britney Spears over here Pete Davidson82.743.66
this is great oh yeah Britney's got her84.544.14
eye hanging out86.44.74
all right we make beds and then we88.684.02
continue oh you want to make beds here91.143.36
well I don't want to die and end up in92.73.48
the wilderness somewhere yeah that would94.53.24
suck that would suck we need to do that96.183.72
yep I got a bed and it's sitting out97.745.339
there right now baby you ready alrighty99.95.46
hey Simon what look at this look at this103.0794.801
look at this and then yeah oh God okay105.364.2
get up here to the roof this is where107.883.18
the good stuff is watch out for these uh109.562.58
you see the ones that are kind of white111.063.599
colored yeah don't step on those you112.144.08
step on those you'll fall down to the114.6595.641
bottom oh that's a good tip yep yeah116.225.28
all right oh suitcase hold on a second121.55.82
anything good oh I got a tank top right124.864.44
now everything's good man what color is127.325.279
it white white man put that on oh okay129.35.64
hold on I could do this there it is132.5995.121
there it is huh134.945.34
that's not white it's not white at all I137.724.18
thought I thought it looked white but140.284.44
hey it's here man Alpha 19's looking141.95.22
good already you and your underwear with144.725.159
them big old legs oh yeah and I like my147.124.32
uh it looks like I'm wearing boxer149.8794.021
briefs so that's nice yeah hey guys I151.444.98
got a cooking pot yeah sweet good fun153.95.1
yeah oh there's a nurse156.423.66
um that's probably oh there's a bag159.03.3
behind her yeah I got her I got it I got160.083.56
it you got it162.34.799
oh suck it take that lady oh and I found163.646.64
a flashlight there you go that's it oh167.0995.64
hey this could be promising yep get it170.284.2
on the roof baby you know there's stuff172.7393.301
on the Roof oh you would hope there'd be174.484.759
stuff on the roof you know yes176.047.02
nope oh there's a lady hiding out oh we179.2397.351
have some loot baby yeah oh yeah okay183.065.24
oh yeah I got 78 9 mil I got a red188.38.439
remover mod oh nice what do you got over193.55.34
here we got these other things I don't196.7394.321
have a gun yet but I got some ammo198.845.7
what's in there neebs uh military armor201.065.94
parts oh okay okay hold on watch out204.544.14
Bubba all right what you got all right207.04.56
uh yes uh military armor parts as well208.685.279
and a polymer string mod so we got some211.565.34
stuff okay hey I got uh when we get a213.9596.36
nine mil baby I got 88 bullets damn oh216.96.36
yeah look at you tank top ax bullets oh220.3194.92
and you know what else you know we can223.264.5
do tank top I mean tank tops happen but225.2394.14
then on top of the tank top sometimes227.764.8
you need sometimes you need that that229.3796.321
looks really good with the underwear232.563.14
yeah hey shall we move on down the road235.8794.581
moving on down the road238.37926.901
thank you265.286.52
oh I found some water boys268.15.92
but you know what but that little house271.84.26
might as well be it let's go check it274.023.72
out right and then we could just that's276.063.6
a beautiful place the little Log Cabin277.743.36
right there by the lake do you all279.663.539
remember this house uh vaguely yes we281.13.72
about froze to death in this house a283.1993.78
long time ago oh wait I remember I284.823.96
remember that uh those docks over there286.9793.78
didn't one of us bring those docks down288.784.02
yep heads up what are you shooting290.7594.38
there's a rabbit is it worth the arrow292.85.16
or will you get it back no no probably295.1394.441
not probably not but we know what297.963.66
Traders up the road there's water nearby299.584.5
this isn't a bad spot it's a it's301.624.2
definitely a fixer-upper it's a good304.084.5
spot for a first go you know what I'm305.824.379
saying I'm gonna I'm gonna check the308.582.94
door yeah you guys want to check that310.1992.701
out needs you and I can walk down the311.522.82
road see if there's anything else okay312.93.359
now let's do that yeah you guys do that314.343.359
yeah we'll go down the road we'll uh316.2593.241
we'll we'll meet back okay all right317.6994.56
going in the back oh is the back open319.55.639
downstairs oh yes all right I'm with322.2596.201
thick all right oh there's a oh hello325.1397.201
hello ma'am oh zombies coming here we go328.466.959
there we go I got him332.343.079
oh I'm fighting Roseanne Barr really345.085.5
yeah she could be she could be tricky348.184.859
she's tough man got like four arrows in350.585.399
her good lord well I'm upstairs lots of353.0395.041
zombies up Ralph Macchio just fell to355.9794.621
the ground I love all of these 80 Stars358.085.52
some arrows 762 looking good looking360.64.98
great feeling good feeling great that's363.64.08
really nice you're a motivating person365.584.619
you're special to someone Simon met367.684.68
someone's me oh wow I was about to say I370.1994.861
didn't know who thank you yeah just to372.366.48
clarify yeah oh oh hunting rifle oh are375.065.76
you serious yeah378.844.919
[ __ ] gas that's right man you want380.825.219
to go in we can you don't want to well383.7594.321
I'm also you know my my focus right now386.0394.921
is finding a place to live okay but uh I388.084.86
mean this might could work obviously390.964.32
very close to water I like it better392.944.199
than the other house well it's got a395.283.359
little bit of character my thing is397.1393.421
space it doesn't have a lot of space I398.6393.84
mean it's just a starter right yeah this400.563.66
is true let us get started and then402.4793.84
we'll pick another place yeah there's a404.223.539
big place right across the lake there406.3192.701
um yeah you're right maybe we should run409.025.459
over and check that place out okay but412.083.54
do you still want to get in here let's414.4793.181
loot it and then uh yeah we'll go okay415.623.48
yeah we'll look this when we back up417.662.46
with the boys and we'll check that out419.12.76
hello ladies and Gavin here we're here420.126.079
for the blow jobs oh God421.864.339
okay where did she come from433.563.56
ah yeah that hurt y'all hit her at the437.245.34
back of the head okay439.682.9
no he's not damn okay he's dead he's454.46.34
dead geez this should be easy we're458.584.5
professionals we are professionals how460.744.26
did this go so a ride I don't know oh463.084.019
there's another crawly guy you shut them465.04.259
you shut your damn mouth you just [ __ ]467.0994.921
stop stop what you're doing look how469.2594.581
gross this is472.024.26
yeah it's got like entrails and stuff473.845.259
hanging off of him all right let's get476.285.699
the gas I don't see any gas oh we do479.0995.1
have a cooler though full of hey I got481.9795.06
me some red tea hey484.1995.461
not a bad start nope all right you want487.0393.701
to head back to the guys now we're489.662.4
checking out that other place well yeah490.743.179
once we get the guys nah let's just492.064.199
check on it okay493.9195.521
Savage country what is this that looks496.2595.821
like a bear is that a bear oh boy it's a499.444.439
dog that's a not a bear that's a bear502.086.019
wolf I'm shooting him oh I missed out503.8794.22
that's a big thing508.223.539
hello oh God oh God512.246.52
it just disappeared he just disappeared516.265.199
like a like a [ __ ] Jedi I got 24 meat518.764.68
I believe nice we got this lady watch521.4594.141
out hey baby now listen I'm gonna shop523.445.459
you oh you hit me oh that was her face525.66.54
all right good job oh rugged wear for528.8996.901
Primal Survivor Savage country that's532.145.94
what we need because I don't feel so535.84.62
rugged how I'm dressed right now let's538.087.08
get rugged baby oh a hammer oh all right540.426.359
I'm gonna get the gun out for this just545.164.02
in case [ __ ] gets hairy as you should546.7794.441
you have a gun immediately I see a sign549.185.04
that says deals oh iron pickaxe in a551.224.98
treasure map oh554.226.54
oh here they come hello how are you556.27.44
ma'am how you doing oh wow yeah what's560.765.94
up Simon behind you all right hold on oh563.646.02
hello how are you today566.76.42
I gotta have this ax no [ __ ] look at it569.665.28
oh wow573.126.48
motorcycle guy sir Hey sir sir sorry sir574.946.519
you're not welcome here another one for579.64.2
you right there baby come on baby we're581.4596.801
doing so tough I am yeah please stop583.86.96
nice just one for good measure you know588.264.36
what this reminded me I'm gonna I'm590.763.66
gonna lay a bed roll outside right here592.624.14
do it because I don't have one otherwise594.424.32
there's so many good clothes in here hey596.764.32
doralis how do I look you see you see my598.746.08
shoes oh dude how could I not oh okay601.086.74
I'm a little tap dancing Joe604.826.94
oh wow very nice607.825.92
now he said eyeball hanging out is so611.764.32
nasty yeah I want to burn it off take it613.743.9
off there we go burn it off yeah there's616.083.36
no safer that eyeball out get out of617.644.02
here yep okay it's still there yeah I619.443.42
wish you I just want to yank it and621.662.7
throw it in the lake ah she went face622.863.3
down can we turn her over no I like him624.363.12
face down I want to get a good look at626.163.54
that eyeball though no you can't you627.483.84
can't pick him up after they're down you629.73.54
see they had an IHOP here I noticed that631.323.42
building you know we were on our way to633.243.9
that building over there but uh this634.744.02
place looks pretty sweet for what637.144.02
looting maybe a base man I've been638.764.079
thinking are we in the middle of nowhere641.163.72
we want to be near a town right oh if we642.8394.56
want to be near a town then see I don't644.884.38
think we're let's see there's a snowy647.3996.18
Town two hour what North yeah exactly it649.266.66
was a snowy Town yeah but there's a lot653.5794.141
of buildings around here like I you know655.923.18
somewhere around here might not be bad657.723.299
for the first seven days then we can659.13.54
move take will have these buildings661.0193.541
looted within the hour yeah you're662.643.24
probably right and then what are we664.562.839
gonna do I don't know665.883.959
I am done trying to look for a spot you667.3993.94
look for a spot and then we can just all669.8393.901
agree on there we go now we're talking671.3393.721
yeah I thought you want to go to that673.743.659
place over there I did and and we were675.064.019
on our way there that we saw this you're677.3993.721
like oh I want to live on the aha I mean679.0793.361
it's not bad it looks roomy it looks681.122.339
like it's got a huge ass basement682.442.76
there's not enough grocery stores683.4593.541
there's no movie theater no listen685.23.12
there's not a lot of stuff around we687.02.94
might have to like send out parties to688.323.54
loot until we can get vehicles if I can689.942.76
get to a point where I can build691.862.219
Vehicles again getting around it's no692.73.78
problem with the city we don't have a694.0793.601
vehicle yeah but we don't have good696.482.76
weapons either that's a reason not to697.683.719
live in the city the city's overrun in699.244.2
New York people don't have cars why701.3994.321
because they live in a city listen I'm703.443.66
not opposed to living in a city but705.723.54
we're nowhere near armed for that all I707.13.56
got is a [ __ ] wooden Club in my hand709.264.079
suburbs walking distance this is710.664.299
December I mean this is still out in the713.3393.541
middle of nowhere but it's it's yeah714.9593.241
whatever I don't know why you hate716.884.139
reason so much no I don't know why you718.25.66
hate reason so much721.0197.741
oh boy guys another big doozy yep oh you723.866.34
know what I'm gonna just get this car728.763.06
right up the bat I've had some good luck730.23.54
with the vehicles yeah cars are good731.824.68
stuff come on baby733.745.46
boy oh my God there's so many zombies in736.56.66
there no baby jackpot what'd you get739.26.68
seven eight743.162.72
seven Nails all right how about we start747.365.159
at one end all right I'm gonna I've got750.04.56
you back thick all right how about that752.5194.56
I'll get you back all right for at least754.564.68
a moment or at least I have doralis's757.0795.521
back oh nice red shoes Dora thank you oh759.245.64
my goodness I thought I liked my boots762.66.0
man you are freaking fly dude I feel so764.886.36
good you should I feel so good this [ __ ]768.65.4
baby well we clearing it all right clear771.245.76
clear next wow so far we are we are774.05.1
really efficient yeah I feel like it's777.04.2
gonna get Harry here kind of want to779.13.6
check the boat I'm gonna check this boat781.23.96
oh that's a good idea yeah I think I782.74.56
want to check the boat with you you do785.163.84
that you do that thick you you have a787.263.18
good time nothing but supplies on the789.04.8
boat sucks sucks both sucks oh how do I790.445.04
get did you already get up from the boat793.84.32
I'm in the water okay uh it was a795.485.58
horrible mistake trying to do this all798.125.519
right I'm in the water too oh there's a801.064.26
there's a zombie over here this will be803.6394.801
fun thanks the game told me I'm wet yeah805.325.759
I knew that because I was you know in808.445.16
the water so far this has been fun thick811.0795.401
what are you doing I'm upstairs clearing813.65.22
out anything good uh I found some lock816.484.74
picks which I love I'm really good at818.825.1
picking locks I also found some zombies821.225.76
somewhere oh right here Brad it's Brad823.925.82
Brad okay hey Brad guess what Brad I826.985.419
just got my first repair kit the bus829.746.3
oh yeah coming down coming down and out832.3996.521
yep there wow watch out Sunday I just836.046.539
knocked his head off because I'm a man838.925.46
and neebs I found a backpack up here842.5793.541
with a level five wooden Club in it844.383.86
really that's pretty good yeah and also846.125.219
boom got some scrap boots and a boy I848.244.96
made some pants nice I didn't realize851.3393.18
there were boats here like this would be853.22.939
like you know someone's living a boat854.5194.26
some of us live up there yeah no we got856.1394.621
options here I like this again I like858.7794.081
this place I like this place quite a bit860.764.079
yeah you want to go inside oh boy hold862.863.84
up wow whoa my frame rate what was that864.8393.841
the water reflection doing that I don't866.74.259
know wow okay turn it this way I'm Gonna868.684.56
Keep Looking this way smooth that way870.9594.56
kind of a mess near the water oh hey873.244.32
Lois I think this lady looks like Lois875.5194.081
Griffin oh really yeah I think it's the877.563.3
red hair and the you know the blue879.63.359
blouse blue shirt okay oh step back let880.864.32
you yeah got her something like lilas882.9594.62
now nope let's see what's the best way885.184.74
into this dump I bet this is where you887.5793.901
order sandwiches of course this is where889.923.599
you order sandwiches this is Sally you891.483.84
pull up in your boat you get a salad893.5193.841
sandwich listen this has been this would895.323.84
be an awesome place to live like in real897.364.32
life it's got a lot of character you899.163.72
know what all right let's pop here in901.682.76
the Jimbo's oh the door's unlocked902.884.199
perfect hmm they must have been oh they904.444.86
got drinks yeah they got drinks all907.0794.021
right what you got909.36.02
um come on baby give me some smoothies911.16.32
oh gosh915.325.44
yep come on get it watch out for that on917.424.719
the ground oh boy there's a couple of920.762.939
at the door okay all right all right923.6994.741
we're gonna funnel them out here yeah926.483.24
come here928.445.54
hey uh step back nope not yet okay929.726.94
I couldn't do it now I told you when it933.984.06
was good you didn't listen to me okay936.664.7
all right knocked his arm off938.045.82
damn dude watch out for that Spike all941.365.02
right there sit your ass down you're943.865.159
done good yeah it was the scrap boots946.385.519
man it's always the boots949.0195.041
excuse me Simon what's up you see this951.8996.18
over here it's a door oh fantastic all954.067.079
right let's do it going in going in oh958.0796.06
boy water I like this uh this view by961.1395.401
the way is pretty fantastic oh boy oh964.1396.181
yeah oh boy I'm going in uh I don't know966.546.0
if I can I can't breathe water water970.326.78
this is not underwater I can't nope I972.546.739
can't breathe here nope977.14.94
am I going back you okay okay do I dare982.047.0
it goes a ways well hold on one second I986.4594.56
gotta get rid of [ __ ] I don't need Nails989.044.919
all right I don't need a rope mod all991.0194.5
right I don't need can oh you're993.9594.8
cluttering the hole I don't need this I995.5194.921
don't need bones no I'll keep the Bones998.7594.14
come on come on all right come on coming1000.446.199
down coming down come on you got come on1002.8997.38
come on uh come on come on come on oh my1006.6397.421
God can you breathe here oh okay I'm in1010.2797.441
oh my god oh zombies thick yeah right1014.065.579
above you I know what the hell is he1017.724.32
doing I don't know I can't see is he1019.6394.381
going in the right freaking area I guess1022.044.139
Simon we should go help him okay going1024.026.24
down oh God get up get up which way do I1026.1796.14
go no no no1030.264.559
turn it around turn it around Simon1032.3194.721
you're gonna make us drown you dumb dick1034.8195.221
[ __ ] you oh my God I'm gonna go up the1037.045.279
ladder Simon go up the ladder I'm gonna1040.045.1
die guys don't die I'm gonna I'm so good1042.3195.76
okay ah he died because he wouldn't help1045.145.4
him Simon oh suck my balls thick I1048.0794.621
didn't know where to go I had nothing to1050.543.2
do with me1052.74.8
oh a buffoon I see huh get over here1053.745.08
come over here and say that how about1057.53.059
you eat one of these huh don't you you1058.823.12
want to do this don't you want to do1060.5594.86
this to a gun fight you pink headed1061.945.64
ninny muffin I didn't know where to go1065.4194.861
with that one all right it's okay1067.584.26
all right so bunk here for the night you1070.284.08
think I think it looks pretty secure uh1071.845.16
yeah surrounded by cars we either build1074.364.92
a box maybe put some little boxes right1077.03.84
here block this off yeah that's easy1079.283.54
enough to do and then uh let's get a1080.843.12
campfire going do you hear something1082.823.599
yeah I imagine this guy's got a zombie1083.964.26
or two around here yeah1086.4193.601
you are okay yep I'll get the other1088.223.06
watch right back watch my back okay1090.022.519
you're back yeah I don't know if1091.283.66
anything's gonna come behind me okay got1092.5394.5
it oh laid it down oh God that was a1094.943.68
spike I was hitting a spike1097.0394.14
it wasn't mine I know it wasn't yours1098.624.78
hey Dan sir okay come on just work with1101.1794.921
us all right any more let's let's clear1103.44.32
this place before we start laying [ __ ]1106.13.6
down wow there's a ladder look at this1107.723.959
we're gonna build up to see what's going1109.74.14
on oh wow it's the ladder don't act like1111.6793.841
this isn't cool it's a ladder I can't1113.844.26
climb stupid okay we got a couple up1115.524.8
down here we got a biker I'm looking I1118.14.199
see oh he wants to run at me sandwich to1120.323.42
run at me here we go oh there's one1122.2993.721
around the corner we got him nice test1123.744.439
oh God it's getting real dark real quick1126.024.019
yep see ya that's what happens when you1128.1794.74
mess with us uh Bottom's clear uh-huh1130.0395.341
move upstairs yeah and then we gotta1132.9194.861
work on sealing that front door lockers1135.384.08
this is kind of cool it's like being1137.783.779
back in a sports team all right let's go1139.465.04
inside see what's up there oh1141.5596.261
Jesus that scared the hell out of me oh1144.56.0
whoa that was fun does the bird look1147.824.0
different what's going on with that guy1150.53.84
he's got pretty wings doesn't he no it's1151.826.9
disgusting bloody bloody weird flanky1154.346.24
like floppy floppy Wings he might think1158.723.78
you're a bloody floppy wings that makes1160.583.959
sense I found what I think is the door1162.54.5
oh yep there's a guy in there oh crap1164.5394.02
real quick1167.03.66
crap okay okay got my you got my back1168.5594.561
I'm hurt I'm down here oh you went down1170.664.68
huh I'm here with this guy I'm here I'm1173.123.78
just right behind you you can fall back1175.342.94
if you need to I'm falling back I'm1176.92.88
falling back this guy's running I need1178.284.32
help with this guy I'm trying yeah no oh1179.784.88
man my health is low1182.64.14
no there's two damn it I thought you1184.663.46
killed one of them he's a big he's a1186.744.799
cowboy okay okay okay okay we're good I1188.124.62
don't know I don't know if it's empty I1191.5393.241
took a beating I did too I got 55 health1192.743.54
and I got no food we gotta make some1194.784.5
food all right let's clear this oh hey1196.286.36
neebs uh food no treasure Oh shot go to1199.284.92
some boots in there if you want them I1202.644.8
do oh a spear is that a spear I think I1204.26.12
got a spear okay okay this is not food1207.445.04
either it says shotguns it's all you man1210.324.08
get in there thank you what you got and1212.485.34
we got 762 but still no gun yeah oh yeah1214.45.519
it sucks all right got ammo no guns all1217.823.12
right where do you uh where do you want1219.9192.88
to set up let's uh barricade this place1220.945.119
and wait out the night easy1222.7993.26
yeah come on let's get your stuff back1227.6794.661
it's getting late it's not easy down1230.0594.321
there it's gonna be so dark it's um1232.344.02
which should I should I stay here1234.383.72
because I'm not looking to die I think1236.363.179
I'll stay here and I'll be more support1238.14.74
maybe make a campfire oh [ __ ] I don't1239.5395.341
think okay I'll try if I have the stuff1242.844.38
keep going dick keep going I see your1244.885.58
stuff yeah yeah yeah holy cow oh air oh1247.225.22
that's weird how that two zombies I know1250.463.66
I know I don't know where they are so1252.445.46
hey oh there's one hey little [ __ ] oh1254.126.0
oh hey come here all right he was almost1257.94.56
dead yeah okay there's another places1260.125.58
crazy oh there you are down there down1262.465.42
below I don't know which way to go let's1265.75.04
maybe because it's 2200 should we like1267.884.96
well hunker down here I don't know about1270.744.76
down here1272.842.66
whoa who is that whoa got her nice uh1275.866.76
gravity doesn't work the same way here1280.44.5
with water yeah we we better get the1282.624.14
hell out of here honestly we'll we'll1284.94.92
come back we'll come back right yep yep1286.765.1
I wish I could sit in this chair nibs1289.823.42
that'd be comfortable wouldn't it yeah1291.863.36
like I sit there with my rifle in my lap1293.243.96
yep then I could be all like yeah who1295.224.98
goes there who goes there oh behind you1297.25.76
oh okay you're above it see it whoa whoa1300.24.5
yeah this guy yeah from mango I thought1302.963.54
he was getting ready to attack him man1304.74.02
he ran right up didn't he hey Bubba give1306.53.6
him the old whack-a-mole yeah let me1308.723.839
just squat a little bit oh he dropped1310.14.8
blue he dropped loot nibs yeah oh wait I1312.5595.541
see people hey hey1314.95.519
we got a little safe spot for the night1318.15.559
yeah oh I like it man this is great it's1320.4195.161
like a Sanford and Son type thing1323.6593.9
doralis yeah do you still have that1325.584.56
cooking pot yes thank goodness man I got1327.5594.321
meat no way to cook it that's good to1330.143.6
see it guys you guys look great thank1331.884.14
you we went to a clothing store what was1333.744.26
the outdoors shop you need to find pants1336.024.139
by chance did you I brought some for you1338.05.4
baby you and Simon I love you and neebs1340.1594.921
I got some some stuff for both of you1343.43.18
how do you get up there someone throw a1345.082.76
nerd pole down right here where I'm1346.583.0
standing will doll jump in and then take1347.844.319
the nerd pole up got it okay yeah yeah1349.584.16
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah1352.1593.9
don't forget to take that nerd pole back1353.743.7
up otherwise the zombies can just jump1356.0593.841
in here last one it was last I don't1357.444.859
know who last was all right I'll do it1359.94.62
Jesus the person that was last should1362.2994.26
know if they're last I think a couple of1364.524.38
us came over at the same time so apps1366.5595.661
row yo check this out1368.93.32
hey nibs yeah you want some pants yeah I1372.285.8
really want a green shirt oh wait a1376.344.199
second Bubba there's a green shirt you1378.084.02
got a green shirt and you started with1380.5393.421
pants some bags green do you notice that1382.14.38
the bag was great hey hey just put on1383.964.86
the pants in the shirt Bubba you got it1386.488.6
hold on pants and shirt and look at me1388.826.26
looking good we're all looking good now1395.484.319
pretty good first day in Alpha 19. I1396.985.28
would say well I died yeah me too me too1399.7995.041
but here we are and we're happy we are1402.263.95
for now1404.843.42
they even see a zombie on the roof I see1408.264.08
if several like three on the roof boy I1410.123.299
think they're gonna come down to us we1412.343.18
gotta go to them yeah well let's see if1413.4194.38
we can learn down here hey they're1415.524.019
coming they're coming they're jumping1417.7993.721
off that's right they are zombies are1419.5394.441
suicidal yep do it again do it again oh1421.525.039
they hurt well yeah it looks like one of1423.983.92
them hurt I'll get the one in the back1426.5594.081
gotcha going with the eye hanging out oh1427.94.48
man I've gotten bad at the bow and arrow1430.643.539
it's been a minute yep but you're good1432.384.58
with the club yeah1434.1792.781
hey I was fighting and it turned around1444.0394.301
I went for you you went too close all1446.4194.021
right let's find a way in well we know1448.344.319
there's a way in back remember nibs yeah1450.445.7
follow us seven yes yes I'm here and I'm1452.6596.26
ready to fight1456.142.779
okay so the treasure map1462.864.199
um it shows the treasure on the screen1465.444.38
now all like pulsating and throbbing1467.0595.161
uh-huh we're about to go into a little1469.825.04
shitty bill over here I see you look1472.224.38
ready for business through Alias1474.865.04
literally yes I am hoping for a meeting1476.66.36
of some sort at some point discuss uh1479.95.82
stocks bonds trades meetings and yeah1482.965.4
meeting things just official businessy1485.725.64
stuff wow that was a significant change1488.365.16
in lighting just like that thank you1491.363.02
okay if we don't get any animals between1494.386.34
here and there and there in the way back1498.6793.661
we should probably get that strip joint1500.723.24
on the way back huh I know we're looking1502.344.68
for Treasure but uh you know it is some1503.965.06
other time1507.024.86
I do they're all dead though they're all1509.025.1
here we go here we go I just want to1514.584.44
open up these windows so we can look out1516.865.78
see some sunshine1519.023.62
the thing's coming down1524.1794.141
what's happening bridge is collapsing1525.824.38
what the hell1528.324.979
maybe what the hell did you do all I did1530.25.5
was break one of the boards in the1533.2995.161
window right and then that fell on me1535.75.4
and I got hurt you bastard but that1538.464.68
shouldn't have happened I just wanted to1541.14.86
look out the window oh man man this is1543.144.26
that this is just turned into a giant1545.963.36
Works project like I didn't Place1547.44.2
anything I just broke something okay so1549.325.28
do you want help fixing this thing neebs1551.66.84
um yeah I guess geez this is gonna be a1554.65.52
all right this is not how I wanted to1558.443.96
spend my day cleaning up your disaster1560.124.439
well let's just clean this up and we'll1562.44.259
build it later we got other stuff to1564.5594.321
worry about yeah we need to make a forge1566.6595.161
God you guys suck1568.885.58
it's sick yeah it's kind of nice it uh1571.824.2
it told me that you're getting close to1574.463.42
the treasure oh really yeah and I know1576.023.659
you don't see it but it provides this1577.885.52
yellow ring around the area oh what I1579.6795.821
just found the treasure it's locked oh1583.43.72
because it's my treasure give me that1585.53.179
treasure well you want me to pick the1587.123.659
lock where are you I'm in a hole just1588.6794.261
unlock the treasure chest really you see1590.7794.741
me hello yeah I unlocked it for you it's1592.943.96
your treasure map so I'll let you get1595.523.3
the treasure I've got a huge issue with1596.93.3
that how the hell did you find that1598.824.02
there I don't know because that is I1600.24.32
wasn't getting close to it then is there1602.843.6
another Treasure Chest because this is1604.523.6
the ring right where I'm on this is the1606.443.06
edge of the Ring I don't know what to1608.123.36
tell you I don't either man that's weird1609.54.44
I wonder if you just said hey start1611.484.86
digging so I started digging okay so1613.944.26
there's yeah stuff like that kind of1616.343.78
beer after stuff money and crap let's go1618.24.38
uh let's go a hunting now yeah or1620.124.74
stripping we're watching strippers1622.584.62
hunting in the strip in our hunting and1624.865.54
stripping and we're hunting1627.23.2
oh funny have it get it come here oh1630.465.62
he's running away I know that's what1634.1593.481
they do I want a clear shot these1636.085.28
bullets are valuable come on come on get1637.647.279
back here get back here1641.363.559
there's that familiar sound of1651.884.84
screeching death hey I've got a uh I got1654.264.98
one of these things yeah man we are1656.727.22
bringing home the bacon oh rabbit bacon1659.244.7
candy right there nice looking good yeah1664.584.68
I guess I mean do you still want to live1667.44.019
here man I don't know it's like now now1669.263.899
that I look at this place it's like it's1671.4193.721
a lot isn't it it's a lot it's not near1673.1594.981
the city yeah you know what I didn't see1675.145.34
a building to the West I'm not sure1678.144.5
exactly what it is but maybe go check it1680.484.079
out I'm gonna try to get this chicken I1682.643.539
thought we were just looting here man1684.5593.841
can you guys let me in on your decision1686.1793.901
making sometimes I think I could have1688.43.84
saved us some time well yeah we we1690.084.56
talked about it last time Simon all1692.244.86
right so uh yeah I guess uh meet out in1694.644.2
the parking lot and we'll head West did1697.14.199
you get that rooster ah he's so sneaky1698.844.579
oh see him1701.2993.701
let's uh let's run let's run back to our1706.5394.541
little uh makeshift board base over1709.0393.541
there let's put some chicken on that1711.083.66
fire yes sir let's cook some chicken and1712.583.24
then we'll go check out that other place1714.743.48
oh yeah Hey listen I got some beef too1715.825.16
baby let's cook oh hell yeah let's cook1718.225.939
gobble gobble move1720.985.819
so what do you think yeah let's uh let's1724.1594.861
see what's in here I mean not not for1726.7995.221
perverted reasons but all reasons see1729.024.74
this little mine yeah we could use that1732.024.139
we could just drag it over here or one1733.763.96
of them you know what I mean we could1736.1593.361
use that to our advantage plus I've got1737.724.38
some money I could uh buy a um they've1739.525.82
got this food sugar butts sugar butt1742.15.579
yeah it makes bartering better 10 better1745.345.219
on bartering with sugar butts coming to1747.6795.761
the stage thick 44. coming to the stakes1750.5596.24
think 44 ready to give you a nice dance1753.446.3
seductive he's just swinging it ladies1756.7995.221
he's just swinging it you've never seen1759.744.559
a helicopter like this go ahead and do1762.025.6
the helicopter thing yep1764.2993.321
I expected more patrons yeah she just1770.987.36
danced herself to death wow okay yeah1774.9194.561
it's gonna be hard to get I'm coming1778.343.059
through the window hey I'm not1779.483.9
complaining if this is the case but I1781.3993.601
feel like there's um there's usually1783.384.14
blow and blow jobs in the back oh I hear1785.04.38
noises yeah be careful out there where1787.524.379
are they at oh a nurse1789.386.299
sexy nurse yeah dropper tip uh well1791.8995.4
hopefully I'll just lead her over it's1795.6793.72
just one Christ are you leading her out1797.2993.961
ah no I'm not gonna lead her out because1799.3993.721
we should save that in case we get1801.264.26
surprised by like a group of them uh-huh1803.124.5
or anything all right let me see if I1805.524.44
can lure some more out you got contact1807.624.62
oh he's fast contact come on follow me1809.967.079
follow me Patron manager follow me you1812.247.799
follow me you coming come on oh there1817.0394.62
you go hey follow me come on come on1820.0394.281
come on come on come on1821.6592.661
yeah but didn't die that's some [ __ ]1825.584.62
I think we need to find a grill yeah we1831.985.1
have what a cooking pot got a cooking1835.523.12
pot yeah we need a grill did you get1837.084.38
that crossbow I found it Bubba what do1838.645.159
you have ammo for it got six arrows I1841.464.079
think they're called bolts yeah I got1843.7994.38
six of them so just in case I think I'm1845.5394.981
gonna you know I might utilize them now1848.1794.62
all right let's check out this Cafe see1850.524.08
what we got going on let's do it all1852.7994.021
right take point neebs I got it front1854.64.92
door yeah why not okay I'll go knock1856.825.7
politely hello oh that sounds like a1859.525.22
hard door to open yep I don't know about1862.524.92
this yep I'm doing it though all right1864.744.74
well I got an ax if you want me to oh1867.444.32
yeah you step in there all right hold on1869.484.02
some good stuff didn't he yeah he's got1871.764.32
an ax a crossbow all right hold on oh1873.54.799
there's a handsome uh Handsome Jack yep1876.084.26
Handsome Jack how you doing buddy you're1878.2995.701
doing great summon yes I am swing let1880.345.76
him do the work if you want nah okay1884.04.32
easy man I hope there's a grill in here1886.14.86
neebs you see any food in there uh I1888.324.979
have not I'm just looking down I do see1890.964.68
a vending machine so does anybody have1893.2995.221
any coins on them nope oh oh Jesus you1895.645.18
scared the [ __ ] out of me names1898.524.74
boo it's neebs glad you didn't shoot me1900.824.359
with one of your six bolts where would I1903.263.6
keep a grill in the back yeah of course1905.1794.801
in the back hold on baby right in the1906.865.299
now if you finish it off I got her in1912.465.219
the face one shot1914.7792.9
okay okay it's gotten serious1918.227.14
all right1922.1793.181
we got her jeez1925.486.939
oh thick yeah I can't get my my health1928.7796.341
above 65 with what I've got well if1932.4194.321
neebs was here he can make some food to1935.124.5
get us up we've uh we got 23 meat I've1936.744.62
got two charred I know how much he likes1939.623.36
the chard Meats1941.363.539
I'm gonna see if that helps at all and1942.983.9
then then let's go I just don't want to1944.8993.66
go back out when I'm this low because1946.883.179
you're just asking for it you know a1948.5593.12
couple smacks and you're down a couple1950.0593.6
smacks and down can't just stay here1951.6794.321
though right no we can't just stay here1953.6595.041
even even if it's wrong yeah no it's1956.04.86
it's a horrible idea let me drop these1958.75.52
jars off and let's go uh somewhere and1960.866.66
get into something indeed Which Way1964.225.64
thick which way is your your schnoz1967.525.279
leading you let's see I mean snout is1969.865.76
telling me to go south1972.7995.76
um Southeast East yeah interesting1975.625.52
that's what I smelled as well all right1978.5595.641
let's move which way is that oh yep1981.145.84
this place looks cool yeah like this1986.986.16
it's a grocery store with a pharmacy1991.224.559
attached to it I like that that's gonna1993.145.759
be good I'm gonna try to use my uh my my1995.7795.52
strong swing which I forget that I even1998.8994.26
have well Simon once you go use it on2001.2993.6
that stripper over there what stripper2003.1594.02
right over here oh yeah oh green green2004.8994.081
girl over there hey honey how you doing2007.1793.48
I need to practice a little a little2008.983.419
Swinging with this one here okay so hold2010.6593.061
on take a swing at me and then I'll do2012.3995.041
it to you okay boom and then2013.728.4
oh doctor out cold one shot to the face2017.447.739
baby geez she opened the door yeah open2022.125.64
that door I like this area man we should2025.1794.441
move here neebs well I don't like the2027.764.2
other place now it's a mess I know so2029.625.22
far this is looking pretty good yeah I2031.964.199
don't think I've ever seen a place quite2034.845.04
like this all products are on sale2036.1596.0
really surprised not another Pharmacy2039.884.08
across the street they usually run in2042.1593.841
pairs that's true all right here watch2043.964.26
out neebs get it use your Sledgehammer2046.04.139
no because that my Sledge arm is almost2048.224.439
broken well that's metal and that's a2050.1394.441
wood ax I know I don't know why would2052.6593.0
you don't break one of these damn2054.582.519
Windows over here you're talking about2055.6592.821
living here now you wanting to break2057.0994.08
stuff yeah let's break Windows come on2058.484.859
baby all right I mean yeah look how much2061.1794.561
easier that is that's a lot easier you2063.3393.54
know how hard it is to build a new2065.742.359
there we go there we go right behind you2068.0995.881
Simon hello hello2070.8393.141
holy crap I was not expecting this now2078.546.099
look at this oh wow okay so down below2082.5994.381
looks like something happened here like2084.6395.821
this looks like hell oh wow whoa I found2086.985.52
some money names come check this out2090.463.959
okay I'll watch your back watch your2092.54.04
everybody run outside run outside okay2096.788.26
out the door all right all right let's2101.825.74
work our way in slowly hey sit down sit2105.045.039
down sit down you take that lady oh yeah2107.564.08
we got a running Lois Griffin here2110.0793.241
that's fine that's fine let's get him2111.644.74
out here on October come out here lady2113.324.46
oh boy2116.384.32
come on all right she's dead nice Simon2117.784.98
watch out behind you oh yeah2120.75.52
nice cheerleader wow oh God Simon I2122.764.9
think you hit me careful with that thing2126.224.26
sorry sorry all right now you can swing2127.664.38
when I'm not you know right in front of2130.484.2
you oh Lupe loot bag anything good2132.046.24
um let's see there is a oh some oh P2134.687.56
miso soup money a trophy I like to oh2138.285.819
jar honey did you say you were infected2142.243.8
I would love that jar honey there you go2144.0996.121
sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet good work2146.046.22
what do you think that back door's open2150.225.6
probably probably safe right2152.266.72
hello hello hello hello I'm gonna get2155.824.9
out the gun oh I hear somebody I hear2158.985.42
him I hear him coming okay let me see2160.723.68
oh yeah you got your door now I only2164.76.639
have 81 health I gotta be super oh2168.644.68
jumping over the Watch Out jumped over2171.3393.24
oh he did like a spin on you okay I2174.5794.561
can't see in that tree it's hard to2178.062.94
fight in that tree all right this this2179.146.9
dude yeah yo ow crap I'm not what's2181.09.68
wrong rallies I don't know there we go2186.044.64
just gotta get that Groove ow2191.385.88
there hit me sorry about that I was in2194.83.9
the groove I only took off one point2197.264.16
yeah let's get in here2198.77.32
okay oh that's you damn it2201.427.0
this guy didn't hit you how bad I am2206.025.04
this place looks great nice shower yeah2208.425.82
moldy backpack the flashlight in it all2211.065.82
right uh-huh there are lots of things oh2214.244.68
man I almost swung at you again that's2216.884.199
that would be no good yeah I'm like your2218.924.199
friend you don't check anything like do2221.0793.54
you check the medicine cabinets for2223.1193.541
things like medicine well no you clear2224.6195.701
first you clear oh hey cowboy2226.666.54
come here son now let me knock your damn2230.326.24
head off yeah you did yes you did that2233.25.72
oh here comes Beetlejuice okay2236.565.16
yeah I got the right angle for this get2238.925.04
back up get back up2241.726.3
come on yeah food pile that's yours man2243.966.639
need it more than I is there even2248.026.3
further uppings or is this it oh man uh2250.5995.161
I think it might be it yeah that might2254.323.42
be yeah this looks like it all right who2255.765.339
I just learned how to make a power door2257.745.7
and Bridge that's what we need right now2261.0994.98
more than anything that's right all2263.446.38
right let's loot it up dude yeah2266.0796.901
and names yeah yeah I'm up on the roof2269.824.84
checking this hole out anything good2272.984.92
yeah well man this place is gigantic oh2274.665.28
wow just realized this is a bad ceiling2277.93.9
there's a that's where all the zombies2279.944.26
are coming from maybe yeah is there not2281.84.799
uh stuff on the roof that's valuable2284.24.98
like a bunch of loot I haven't seen any2286.5994.98
yeah oh boy that's a couple of guys hold2289.183.54
on a minute2291.5793.601
oh yeah come on guys come on let's do2292.724.92
this let's do this for me I can hard hit2295.183.5
too like2297.644.34
come on bring it on ready ready2298.687.2
I'm not seeing that guy before2301.983.9
Simon all right I know I'm I'm hitting2306.04.66
one right now it was coming up on your2308.685.1
ass yep thank you welcome lay down we2310.665.28
got a crawler yeah oh guys yeah below2313.784.319
you you have like three of those burnt2315.943.84
zombies crawling around down there in2318.0994.081
the uh crater oh yeah yep can you see if2319.784.319
there's anything good down there uh not2322.184.919
from here I'm up top gotcha I feel like2324.0994.98
we should go down there but I don't know2327.0993.721
how we'd get back up now we could build2329.0793.841
our way up uh I don't have enough blocks2330.823.48
I only got like seven wood I could2332.922.52
probably make some more I probably got2334.33.539
out of the wood uh yep I can do it you2335.444.74
want to go down sure you ready I'm2337.8394.141
hungry though you got food no probably2340.184.38
no one has food I know2341.984.2
um we're doing it you got you got my2344.563.36
back well you know what I'll watch you2346.183.6
for a second and if you need me to I'll2347.924.5
jump down and save you okay uh watch out2349.785.04
for the spike okay okay yeah hey names I2352.424.62
got eyes on you yep I got one over here2354.824.799
I see two maybe I can lure them into the2357.045.16
hey nice oh boy they're right now I see2359.6194.98
four all together yep I see four two2362.26.379
here we go come on baby yeah2364.5996.121
looks like they're they're crawling up2368.5793.76
they're going that way oh they want to2370.724.02
go up huh yeah they smell salmon they2372.3394.921
smell the garlic on my ass man this2374.744.44
place is a disappointment it is very2377.263.24
much a disappointment what are you what2379.182.159
are you talking about we haven't even2380.52.52
explored this place yet but it's just a2381.3393.121
hoe I thought this would go to the2383.023.36
Nether world and then we'd get like what2384.463.72
do you want a grill this isn't Minecraft2386.383.9
yeah you're crazy look there's an easy2388.184.5
way to get up right over here neebs just2390.284.62
come on up I'm not worried about getting2392.684.26
up I'm disappointed I thought there's2394.94.32
gonna be something cool in the burning2396.945.159
well get out of there cause it's not and2399.224.98
we already heard you're disappointed so2402.0994.861
get the hell out of there whoa [ __ ] oh2404.24.62
God I just fell and broke my [ __ ] leg2406.964.5
oh is this the grill did you find a2408.824.62
grill I did but it doesn't have a grill2411.463.36
on it doesn't have the top of the grill2413.443.419
it's a grill without a grill what what2414.824.32
I'm even mean that means something if2416.8594.081
you looked at what I was looking at I2419.143.479
swear you'd know what it meant the grill2420.943.24
without a grill a grill without a grill2422.6192.881
look at this and I found another Grill2424.183.72
without a grill and another Grill2425.54.74
without a grill is he talking about like2427.94.14
you he actually just found a grill it's2430.243.3
it's probably something when you see it2432.042.64
you're gonna go why would you even say2433.543.24
that because it's a crew without a grill2434.685.58
that's why oh nicely you cooked him yep2436.785.94
all right so there is nothing well I2440.264.14
guess there's is that iron is that iron2442.723.84
right there yes sources at least we got2444.44.5
some yeah this whole sucks but there's2446.563.96
got to be something good here this place2448.93.84
is huge2450.524.26
you like these glasses thick2452.743.72
um I like the shoes a little bit more2454.783.96
the whole look I feel like this is how2456.464.32
I'm staying the rest of the game yeah2458.744.14
you look great I love it this place2460.784.44
doesn't look looted and my health is at2462.884.26
73 so I'm ready for the to Take On The2465.223.42
World really they've got this whole2467.144.02
downstairsy area thing again now another2468.645.1
downstairs he's yep and I hear him I2471.164.5
hear them come on out guys come here sir2473.744.879
come on2475.662.959
let me get one it might be coming up2478.985.98
from the top two he's down yep all right2481.245.76
I don't see anything from the top I'm2484.966.24
right behind you I hear stub oh I see a2487.06.66
guy I see a guy up there yeah I got a2491.23.86
shot on him2493.663.439
nice nice Dad just helping from afar2497.0994.321
oh hey lady oh wait I think I I see some2501.427.96
good stuff oh yeah yeah back here we got2505.725.82
the we got some boxes some pills boxes2509.384.02
I've never seen this type of nurse2511.543.96
before sorry to set you on fire and beat2513.43.78
you the [ __ ] out of you with a ball bat2515.54.339
but you know what it is2517.188.399
a pharmacy worker Neato oh yeah we got2519.8398.081
some medical supplies with names I'm2525.5793.841
full up you want to watch share2527.923.36
inventory yeah I'm jumping down to this2529.425.04
thing that I found okay so forth I can't2531.285.52
move this uh crap I just need to reach2534.463.48
over there2536.84.5
this rocks in my way you can do it man I2537.945.22
believe in you maybe if I take this one2541.35.88
up and then I put it over here holy crap2543.166.54
I just hit the jackpot oh God I got2547.184.98
[ __ ] I'm 50 Shades of [ __ ] you run2549.74.919
where are you uh hold on am I gonna do2552.165.34
this dude oh [ __ ] Lois gripping oh God2554.6195.46
I'm in the back I'm in the back and I am2557.56.78
[ __ ] oh God oh God oh God burn run I2560.0796.421
can't run I can't run oh I'm in a corner2564.285.6
I am screwed2566.53.38
come on I need to stay able to drink2570.5993.281
drink drink words but think oh God2572.682.76
where's my drink all right oh wait copy2573.883.18
can I can drink the coffee drink some2575.443.12
coffee drink the coffee get the hell out2577.063.779
of here are you outside no I'm not2578.565.16
outside I'm in the pharmacy I think oh2580.8394.441
boy all right hold on hold on I might be2583.723.18
able to get out of this use a little bit2585.285.76
of this oh he's a [ __ ] you better wow I2586.96.9
see you can you get in here Simon2591.045.22
um I I don't know if I can because I'm2593.85.24
going quite slow I can see you very well2596.265.46
let me see if I can kill I would really2599.044.18
oh I love it if you could get in here2601.722.48
oh Jesus come on I just watch you [ __ ]2604.26.159
oh God I'm out of stamina okay come on2608.143.719
it's gonna go back up because I'm2610.3593.121
drinking a big arm I don't know how to2611.8594.561
get to you my friend Hey Hey sir sir how2613.484.82
oh hello2616.425.399
aha I'm hitting him yeah through the2618.35.98
thing oh nice thank you Simon come on2621.8195.461
you [ __ ] oh I think this is an Asian2624.283.78
oh yeah I've never seen this dude before2628.064.799
it's an Asian it's an Asian college2630.284.98
student yeah2632.8595.161
sorry Bubba and there's there's Lois oh2635.264.46
yeah hey Peter2638.024.079
okay God I might have actually pulled2639.724.54
that off good for you now what did you2642.0994.561
what did you say you found before you2644.265.88
started screaming oh I found a vault2646.666.0
with some shotgun Messiah crates shamway2650.144.92
food crates and uh yeah this could be2652.664.74
good okay ammo pile2655.064.259
oh hell yeah guys we got some stunt2657.46.179
batons yeah I got into the bag it's a2659.3196.441
everyone's on the edge of their seat2663.5795.121
titso chicken soup2665.766.16
oh well eat it why not oh can I pick2668.74.659
this lock oh there's got to be something2671.924.1
good in here look this is a big chest2673.3598.24
yes come on something good a pistol2676.025.579
I have entered the2683.144.28
a firearm2684.8192.601
dogs no there's three of them that's2688.564.96
perfect I've been wanting to use these2691.963.72
ready neebs oh you're going in okay go2693.525.059
for it man yes2695.685.76
come here puppy you gotta punch in the2698.5794.601
face with some [ __ ] needles and wine2701.445.159
corks come on oh is this not working oh2703.186.72
God there we go there we go boom right2706.5994.821
you get one where's the next down oh God2711.427.08
I'm hurt bad I broke my leg2714.763.74
all right you guys are clear to go to2733.685.43
the Traders come on Simon come on baby2736.0610.24
's game hi Joe Joel this is Joel hi I am2746.56.599
doralius and this is Simon we've seen2750.74.56
Joel right have we've seen yeah but well2753.0994.321
not not in 19. yeah he does look2755.264.26
different is he does his face look2757.424.74
better yeah it looks better uh you look2759.524.68
great Joel I I don't know if you've2762.165.459
noticed my minty fresh butt but uh let2764.26.139
me check what you have in your inventory2767.6195.521
particularly the secret stash you know I2770.3395.921
like to see oh weapons well I'm gonna2773.145.219
sell stuff first Simon we're leaving2776.263.599
here with weapons and hopefully enough2778.3593.661
for uh for everybody this is gonna be a2779.8594.021
good time yeah maybe I can have like a2782.023.599
nine millimeter like can I have one of2783.882.459
um yeah yeah we're gonna make it happen2786.3392.941
let me sell this stuff what you got two2787.784.62
raw diamonds Joel two raw diamonds Joel2789.285.94
13 uh silver nuggets you could do2792.44.02
whatever you want with that you can2795.222.879
stick them in your ass if you're into it2796.423.6
we don't care I don't care we don't care2798.0994.02
we're very agreeable I heard that raw2800.024.26
diamonds in the ass is good luck I did2802.1193.621
as well2804.284.98
and boom forges up baby nice beautiful2805.746.52
now we need a uh a grill I gotta make2809.264.44
food oh that's easy I think that's just2812.265.16
iron and Clay okay and boom stuff that2813.76.72
one bounced what'd you get a snowball I2817.425.399
uh use that wrench on an ice uh an ice2820.425.64
machine oh okay boom stop all fight hey2822.8195.461
bang wreck your face hey now I don't2826.064.08
know if y'all notice to put a door right2828.284.2
there did you see it uh let me check it2830.144.82
let me check it2832.482.48
you're crazy oh I'm sorry I can't just2842.765.02
punch him I ran out of snowballs and I2845.924.919
just punched you in the face I apologize2847.785.4
what do you think Sam I think that I2850.8394.5
love the colors of it it's beautiful go2853.184.2
ahead go ahead all right hold on hold on2855.3396.0
Boom oh yeah that is good bike posture2857.388.06
sure oh yeah go ahead look at this yeah2861.3398.901
it is off-roading baby come on2865.444.8
let's go2872.85.36
hey that's good2874.53.66
oh God bloody bloody oh here's a uh2880.87.42
Karen did you did you get me a a gun as2885.464.5
well yeah I got a nine millimeter and I2888.224.44
got a shotgun oh wow and I just want to2889.964.68
look up over this hill ifans you don't2892.664.98
mind no that's fun how much is the nine2894.644.38
mil because you know I don't do much2897.643.36
trading I'm not very experienced I don't2899.023.72
remember numbers I'm not a real big fan2901.02.96
all right dick yeah there you go 162903.965.44
mechanical parts for you oh I need four2907.244.859
more to make a workbench four oh man2909.44.199
it's got to be some mechanical parts2912.0993.48
around here somewhere yeah I don't want2913.5994.141
to take away from the base so I would2915.5793.481
probably want to go somewhere close by2917.744.26
and just get it with a wrench uh yeah I2919.066.96
just cooked 22 grilled meat oh yeah2922.05.94
hungry boy2926.025.04
that's that's good so do y'all want to2927.945.22
venture out we need some stuff I know we2931.064.2
do yeah yeah we need to venture out yeah2933.163.54
we need to make a work base so we'll uh2935.263.18
we'll venture out we'll get stuff we'll2936.73.24
make the workbench and then we'll uh2938.443.72
fortify this place this is gonna be uh2939.944.44
this is gonna be a fortnight Place do we2942.164.5
want to go west west sure looks like2944.384.8
that's been uh unexplored so yeah let's2946.665.82
Head West all right allow me I will grab2949.184.26
the door2952.482.94
that would have been funnier had you not2953.444.679
hit it first oh man I ruined it yeah you2955.424.679
did oh and we already knew it was a fake2958.1194.141
door so it could have been funny2960.0995.52
everything about that sucked I'm heading2962.266.319
north I'll ruined that too2965.6192.96
oh Simon yeah okay what's up I just I2968.745.339
don't know how big this place is right2972.164.02
so let's not let's not push it too much2974.0793.481
because we it's not like we have weapons2976.183.72
but if we could just get what's in that2977.565.16
I'd say that's a win that's a big win2979.94.679
you knew that this was here that's great2982.725.04
no I didn't we just stumbled upon this I2984.5794.981
just looked in and I can see it wow well2987.763.48
you said it's so nonchalantly I'm like2989.563.42
so all we need to do is get that2991.243.06
treasure over there that I didn't know2992.982.94
anything about until I just I was2994.33.36
looking at it when I said it I was2995.923.24
looking at the treasure your reaction2997.663.84
was just a minute I'll see with my eyes2999.164.08
well it's good well I'm very excited3001.53.54
thank you very much thank you very much3003.242.94
you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna3005.043.539
block off this do it that's a smart3006.184.62
thing to do I do smart things sometimes3008.5794.26
yeah a lot of the time I think I think a3010.83.48
lot of people who call you dumb because3012.8393.121
a lot of people do yeah they do I think3014.283.96
I think most of those people are dead3015.965.22
wrong yeah I mean a good 60 of them are3018.245.64
wrong 60 to 75 sometimes depending on3021.184.56
how dumb you are in certain situations3023.884.8
you know and it's I'm awful [ __ ] dumb3025.745.82
you know I mean we all can be yeah but3028.685.34
mostly me mostly okay I just want to3031.563.9
make sure I don't have to deal with any3034.023.54
[ __ ] so I'm doing the same thing3035.465.94
over here Simon uh-huh now I gotta oh3037.567.38
[ __ ] what I fell oh my God how did I3041.45.939
fall I didn't oh you son of a [ __ ] did3044.945.82
you really fall Simon oh boy that was3047.3396.24
really dumb okay I can this is fine this3050.765.099
is fine hurt the leg you're a good how3053.5794.5
dumb was that well you know pretty3055.8594.921
[ __ ] dumb yeah I would say 100 of3058.0795.04
people would agree with you there yep3060.783.72
and we were just talking about it so it3063.1191.721
worked out3064.52.0
oh yeah that's a gas station boy yeah3066.55.26
there was a lady on the roof that's3070.383.66
funny how'd she get up there yeah she3071.764.079
thinks she's doing man I hope we find3074.044.2
repair kits in here I need repair kits3075.8393.961
so I can repair my bat I think a free3078.244.859
manure hold on we're free right here in3079.86.0
this thing holy moly that is one big3083.0994.681
pile of [ __ ] well I'm digging in okay3085.84.559
okay enjoy yourself go for it we're the3087.786.319
zombies where the zombies3090.3593.74
I'm coming I'm coming shut the [ __ ]3096.384.66
gotta sit down sit your ass down I don't3098.763.72
want to deal with your ass if you just3101.044.44
shut up just shut up sit all behind me3102.485.52
hey hey what's up what's going on back3105.484.98
there I'm sure3108.04.619
would you I saw the whole thing she3110.463.54
started it I think it was just minding3112.6193.0
his own business yep you're batting a3114.04.68
thousand apps row I know let's see we3115.6196.361
got some medical supplies3118.685.3
a little bit of ammunition3121.984.619
it's at the door for you can oh really3123.987.72
yeah over here oh hello oh hi there I3126.5997.76
gotta hold on3131.72.659
man's puppy3134.99.64
repair kids what we got what we got what3149.665.02
we got oh damn it a mini bike handlebars3152.224.56
that's all right I can build a bicycle3154.684.74
that's a good start yeah I want a mini3156.784.799
bike no repair kits though this gas3159.424.62
station sucks yeah I found some coins3161.5794.561
but not not much3164.044.38
big pile of [ __ ] outside should have3166.144.5
been the sign3168.425.34
look at us huh look at us how listen oh3170.644.5
hold on a second I forgot I got to give3173.764.14
you something here uh but a boom and3175.144.56
don't ever say I don't give you nothing3177.93.54
there's a little present for you holy3179.74.44
crap thanks Simon thank you so much hey3181.444.44
you're welcome how are you doing on nine3184.144.04
mil uh I got only I only have one for3185.885.88
145. 145 9 mil yeah I think that'll do3188.185.26
it that should get us uh through that3191.764.5
A-frame across the the lake apstro is uh3193.445.46
gonna be happy because I got a little3196.264.92
stun baton for him oh he likes those3198.94.56
things because he's sadistic he's like a3201.184.08
you know it's all about the The Kinks3203.464.08
and the stuff yeah he actually told me3205.266.02
that when he zaps either a guy or a girl3207.546.24
uh he pees a little bit every time3211.284.059
because he gets so excited well have you3213.785.1
seen him like when he sleeps no he puts3215.3395.641
it in his butt a little bit oh what his3218.885.88
own finger or the stun baton oh Simon3220.986.18
the thing we were just talking about the3224.763.9
thing yeah but that's gonna shock him3227.163.3
inside that seems dangerous what do you3228.662.939
[ __ ] freak dude I kind of love it3231.5995.581
um you want to hop on that bike and uh3234.544.62
follow me back to that A-frame yes yeah3237.185.419
let's own that [ __ ] okay3239.163.439
ah the city of predators still Let's uh3248.73.84
let's see if we can find a clothing3251.464.26
store where's downtown oh yeah we can go3252.545.279
downtown and find a shop I could I could3255.724.08
load up on some clothes it's got to be a3257.8193.841
clothing store here right I think it's a3259.83.96
good chance oh what's that ahead is that3261.664.98
some sort of a wolf wolf dog uh I don't3263.764.62
see a wolf hold on I'm gonna shoot it3266.644.32
it's Bubba oh is that a panther oh my3268.385.36
God damn3270.962.78
you're nobody hey feline oh Lumberjack3273.927.8
oh boy oh boy yep3278.0993.621
stop right there sir3282.6193.781
okay oh yeah this is there this has got3290.184.36
to be center of town clothing shop3292.8595.301
clothing shop come on guys3294.543.62
so Simon yeah you see over here there's3299.5996.161
a hole that goes down to the basement3302.945.399
like it sometimes I don't like it's like3305.764.799
it's telling you hey enter me this way3308.3393.661
and I'm like I don't want to listen to3310.5593.54
you game right don't tell me what to do3312.04.319
basically yeah what would your instincts3314.0993.781
be I didn't mean to give you what mine3316.3194.081
were but I just did no my instincts are3317.885.939
go it's easy I like easy things go into3320.45.64
the hole yep go into the hole because3323.8194.921
it's easy oh so the opposite okay well3326.044.98
I'm following you then okay all right3328.744.26
and um by the way I really really love3331.024.02
your braids I've just come to appreciate3333.03.66
them they're looking very nice oh thank3335.045.039
you yeah um your burlapad is shaping up3336.666.06
hello looks like we're totally open I'm3340.0795.461
not I'm not looting anything at all oh I3342.725.099
wasn't either yeah well there's a light3345.545.519
hello is it shining on my crotch it's3347.8195.461
shining on all of your body it's a light3351.0594.621
oh it's not like a I just thought maybe3353.285.52
okay well I'm trying to be juvenile dude3355.685.159
what the hell's going on here I'll tell3358.84.019
you what's going on empty gun store box3360.8394.201
that's what's going on what what you got3362.8195.04
an empty gun store box come on did I3365.044.559
loot this3367.8594.26
I don't remember did you loot this you3369.5994.141
son of a [ __ ] Nick and I were here3372.1194.98
thick and I were here I remember this3373.748.52
now oh come on ah I'm so stupid you are3377.0997.381
you're beyond stupid this is the dumbest3382.264.02
and that's what we were talking that's3384.484.5
why [ __ ] you are full of doing dumb3386.285.64
stuff today oh my God I need to take a3388.983.75
Jesus it is so cold here this was a3405.6195.261
terrible idea well we got a Store and3409.0793.841
More in front of us what store More3410.884.14
Store and More I think they got clothes3412.925.76
well it's a store and uh and more they3415.025.88
got it boarded up pretty good3418.684.2
um I think there's another way in uh3420.93.959
possibly let's go around just break the3422.883.9
front you can't break the front I gotta3424.8593.361
Stop Standing By I'm standing by this3426.783.779
campfire better idea needs yeah nerd3428.224.92
pull time oh okay all the good stuff is3430.5594.861
always at the top everything in this3433.143.84
game so I didn't know if it meant store3435.423.36
like you store stuff but there's a lot3436.984.619
of those around here yeah I bet up who's3438.784.559
that okay there's a guy in there hello3441.5993.541
sir I'm just coming through the top3443.3394.681
tippy tippy top how we looking looking3445.145.28
good looking great feeling great is it a3448.024.5
storage place or or are there chances3450.423.419
that they're being coats in there3452.523.299
storage we don't need to store anything3453.8393.901
we don't own anything yeah I was looking3455.8193.961
for a clothing shop you think this town3457.744.319
would have one clothing shop I'm gonna3459.783.9
buy you something he's really committed3462.0593.78
to this episode I know it's got a3463.685.1
bookstore it's got a law firm it's got a3465.8394.52
toilet place3468.785.039
oh I broke my house do you live that oh3470.3595.801
hey yeah I landed it I got a broken leg3473.8193.961
button oh there's3476.164.38
a phone from the roof I bet ah yeah3477.784.44
storage place definitely a storage place3480.544.079
oh needs I was I really need I just need3482.223.96
a coat I know you need a coat but you3484.6194.381
got a fire so hey don't feel too sore3486.184.62
for yourself listen look like it could3489.03.78
be worse but it might get cold out here3490.83.96
I want to move this fire inside yeah3492.784.26
good job thick got him oh yeah it's3494.764.859
gonna be night time soon well God where3497.044.62
you want to live I don't know maybe the3499.6194.74
pub oh yeah maybe they have some booze3501.664.26
in there I can drink that's way better3504.3594.74
than the toilet place oh absolutely I'll3505.926.419
start finding the way in okay3509.0996.96
hey Simon yeah you ready to try uh sure3512.3396.0
I think okay but you know you need to3516.0595.221
bail out as soon as as uh if you're3518.3395.101
gonna die we don't want to like leave it3521.283.6
down in the bottom you know all right3523.443.679
all right in the bike I'm riding the3527.667.0
bike riding the bike and no I'm okay I'm3530.528.76
riding the bike under the water ah man3534.667.199
oh it's like a submarine box I'm a3539.284.92
submarine oh you know what it doesn't3541.8594.98
want to go up uh oh damn it oh no oh3544.24.56
come on get up get up come on really3546.8393.841
hoping you'd pop your head up come on3548.764.92
now come on a little bit let's keep on3550.684.04
we can do it baby3554.726.04
okay I don't want to say anymore I'll3558.025.62
start singing for you Simon I hope you3560.765.42
don't die3563.642.54
there you go and there's a guy here to3568.944.96
greet me there's there's three guys so3571.3194.621
um stay safe I'll uh I'll meet you at3573.94.679
home okay good bye that was awesome hey3575.945.119
are we silenced yes we did3578.5795.161
a couple doors back here some stairs3581.0594.181
going up yeah it's gonna be night time3583.743.96
any second now so they're gonna get real3585.245.46
real Yancy okay we'll be aware see3587.74.98
something yeah I got a zombie in the3590.75.899
kitchen she gone I'll be in the kitchen3592.686.84
bacon [ __ ] in the kitchen this looks3596.5994.541
nasty here in the kitchen all right3599.523.9
let's head upstairs okay I'll be the3601.143.84
light all right I'm right behind you I'm3603.423.48
the gun both you guys got guns already3604.984.859
yeah yeah I found I found this I almost3606.95.28
died finding this dick you coming I'm3609.8394.381
right here all right all right light guy3612.184.379
uh running in3614.226.139
um is that a zombie no that's it3616.5593.8
there's more stuff careful okay3621.0794.201
Jesus that was a big guy look at this3646.465.859
guy he is nasty looking too yep Jesus3649.744.68
let's go back up see what else is up3652.3194.321
there yep come on come on neebs like3654.423.26
here we go right behind your light guy3657.684.419
it's a stage up here did all these3660.183.119
people just die while they were dancing3662.0993.601
probably line dancing line dancing sucks3663.2995.101
ooh is the motherload here's the oh it's3665.74.859
locked oh I have some lock picks oh so3668.44.74
do I oh lots of ammo I've got the uh3670.5596.201
lock pick uh ability it's fully unlocked3673.146.78
oh hell yeah you guys get the boxes I'll3676.765.02
unlock this thing let me know if you3679.923.3
find some steroids because I'm3681.783.779
encumbered look at that first try oh3683.225.52
abstract found you some goodies you're3685.5595.701
gonna love this oh please tell me it's a3688.745.099
[ __ ] trench coat well it's a coat or3691.265.64
something that could work as Echo oh a3693.8395.161
military vest hell yeah that's better3696.94.02
than nothing oh come on come on put this3699.03.66
on please warm me up please warm me up a3700.923.72
little bit bang oh it's just a vest3702.663.899
though isn't it it looks great I mean it3704.643.419
looks cool but damn it it ain't doing3706.5593.181
anything I'm freezing to death here I3708.0594.26
gotta go back down downstairs yes what3709.744.2
what oh my God I gotta show you guys3712.3194.26
something oh is it a trench coat God I3713.946.06
want a trench coat better take a look at3716.5796.48
this it's an X look at this ax that's a3720.06.0
pretty cool looking ax yeah yeah I gotta3723.0594.681
go try this out yeah you look like3726.03.24
you're like gonna go into like Valhalla3727.742.52
or something with that thing that's3729.244.02
right yeah it's dark souls now baby3730.265.28
the Simon yeah I don't know where those3733.264.62
guys are but um yeah we should probably3735.544.5
just stay here for the night listen you3737.884.02
don't have a wrench do you no I don't3740.044.259
but I can barely I could barely see you3741.95.28
see you can what do you mean yeah maybe3744.2995.101
we should take out there we go there it3747.183.84
is no I couldn't I could see your face3749.43.48
better yeah3751.023.779
um I put a couple points into uh3752.883.6
engineering I can make a workbench we3754.7993.06
really need a workbench that'd be really3756.483.72
helpful but I'd have to sacrifice my3757.8593.841
wrench which I'm not gonna do because3760.24.32
it's a level six if I well you know what3761.75.879
hold on a second sometimes I just I I3764.525.22
speak too soon put stuff away and you3767.5794.201
don't even know uh well I mean I think I3769.743.42
would have remembered the wrench and I3771.783.12
was correct you son of a [ __ ] I don't3773.163.12
have a wrench but I do have a bike3774.93.659
that's our that's our bike right I know3776.284.799
that's my bike my bike nope that's our3778.5594.081
that's our plan I thought it was mine3781.0793.061
because I'm really good at riding it I3782.643.3
ride it like a freaking like a3784.143.719
professional I want to start doing ramps3785.944.26
we need to start jumping [ __ ] we'll go3787.8594.381
make a ram you can make a Ram oh maybe3790.23.599
that's what I'll start doing from now on3792.243.48
like a ramp up yeah right out front here3793.7993.54
you can we can make a little ramp and3795.724.44
maybe do a a really fun like Grand3797.3397.26
Finale uh jump oh that's a good idea all3800.166.6
right since you're not gonna do it3804.5994.02
um I guess I'll make the ramp I'm making3806.763.96
the ramp you son of a [ __ ] make the rap3808.6194.2
Simon all right you can make a backup3810.724.2
ramp if you want no but nope I'm gonna3812.8193.54
have you do something right now I'm just3814.922.879
gonna rest because my leg's still broken3816.3594.321
so rest rest you sweetie3817.7994.741
what are you saying their names uh it3820.685.399
looks like a it's the sofa place so oh I3822.545.4
see a hoodie zombie over there see you3826.0793.301
oh God leaves yeah you got a bunch of3827.943.56
I need light I need lights3834.5593.961
oh here we go okay everybody okay okay3846.446.82
how we doing uh we're I'm good I'm hurt3849.8396.181
anybody got any pain killers uh yeah I3853.264.98
do I would like them I still hear some3856.024.799
[ __ ] yeah there you go thick thank you I3858.244.14
got you covered I got you covered going3860.8193.24
back in go for it yeah go for it right3862.383.959
behind you right behind you okay uh3864.0593.721
can't imagine why they went out of3866.3393.24
business look at this pattern who would3867.783.72
buy that hold on I hear a bunch of [ __ ]3869.5794.081
neebs where's that coming from3871.54.079
um it's not the office it's pretty quiet3873.664.5
back here needs I need lights back here3875.5794.801
hello come over here neebs I'm hearing a3878.163.12
bunch of breaking I don't know where3880.382.82
it's at can't tell you man oh yeah there3881.283.6
it is it's front door it's front door a3883.24.44
front door yeah who is it hello we're3884.885.4
closed look it's Girl Scout cookies man3887.644.679
I love a Girl Scout cookie the caramel3890.283.66
ones yeah the kid yeah Girl Scout3892.3193.841
cookies are great but do you like the3893.943.96
caramel ones no my favorite I like a3896.163.48
thin mints man give me those all day oh3897.93.12
yeah those are good too those are good3899.645.159
too yeah I just found a shotgun boys oh3901.025.88
cool the zombies taking its sweet time3904.7995.161
Vic you want to help this guy yeah hold3906.96.419
on excuse me there we go there we go hit3909.966.44
it back up I got him welcome there damn3913.3195.78
we'll take two boxes of thin mints and3919.0995.98
the caramel ones thank you3922.445.58
oh God Zep what Sonic get in get in get3925.0796.901
in the get in get in get it oh boy oh3928.025.579
crap what's gonna keep them from just3931.983.02
coming up here3933.5993.841
terrible come on you [ __ ] you want to3935.05.22
get in I'll get you oh3937.446.139
there's more huh3940.226.099
big mama it came for the show oh yeah I3943.5794.661
forgot I had a gun yeah he's got a gun3946.3193.3
I'll give you a gun3948.243.96
there's more there's more come on what's3949.6195.341
up [ __ ] what a dick we were trying3952.24.859
to jump easy we're trying to do the jump3954.963.54
do you even know where the bike is uh3957.0593.121
yeah you put it in your chest for some3958.53.42
weird reason oh is it my chest yeah3960.183.06
because I didn't want to lose it why are3961.923.6
you asking me where the okay because I3963.244.859
forgot I thought I just I thought I had3965.525.94
it outside Show's back on all right come3968.0995.101
on baby this is gonna be good it's gonna3971.463.54
be good is that what they say the show3973.24.139
The Show Must Go On always come on all3975.04.859
right hold on [ __ ] [ __ ] for brains even3977.3394.74
though that's not really your name e oh3979.8594.68
look at that trick already yeah get a3982.0794.26
good run hold on don't worry trust me3984.5393.481
buddy I'm gonna go fast this is gonna be3986.3393.061
this is like Evil Knievel [ __ ] baby all3989.44.62
right ladies and3992.3394.561
he's in the great Simon BMX expert3994.029.18
getting the most air ever just like yeah3996.96.3
oh for real were you scared legit let's4006.265.12
go home okay4009.56.839
Simon uh yes sir be so careful Bud be so4011.387.3
careful I know this is listen if you're4016.3394.02
worried about this one this is just4018.683.6
number two there's gonna be several4020.3594.141
levels of this you're taking this to a4022.284.259
weird level but I like it it's exciting4024.56.38
and there's fire involved hey come on4026.5399.621
oh watch me come on watch me4030.885.28
give me a kick a kick Kitty a smack now4039.886.04
it's gonna hurt you I think you'd regret4043.8194.321
that I forget it I'm I'm hey does he4045.923.899
does he make it does he make it I think4048.143.3
so I can't even get off it won't even4049.8193.121
let me get off because I'm hanging in a4051.443.659
weird place so not you you can't get off4052.943.899
I can't get off do I have to break this4055.0993.661
below you oh God you heard it you're4056.8396.0
hurt oh oh sorry oh God that get you no4058.767.319
oh all right almost oh this is exciting4062.8395.401
it doesn't even stop being exciting oh4066.0794.02
it does it oh the music I'm sorry about4068.244.52
that oh god4070.0998.52
oh he's alive ladies and gentlemen alive4072.765.859
oh yeah what's upstairs what's upstairs4100.96.04
anything good uh bike chassis schematic4103.644.86
we already know how to make that right4106.943.239
uh yeah I know how to yeah somebody else4108.53.06
read dead I know how to make the bike4110.1793.961
well we can sell that at the uh Trader4111.564.679
what is she doing is this lady doing4114.144.199
what lady you see a lady4116.2395.1
oh she's gone what ah this place is4118.3395.041
spooky are you seeing things you're4121.3394.201
seeing things yeah who leaves a purse on4123.383.54
top of a refrigerator by the way4125.544.44
probably the spooky ghost lady yeah4126.925.939
ready and come on wait wait oh you4129.984.379
little sneaky [ __ ] all right hold on4132.8594.38
Buddy don't run it's it's doing exactly4134.3594.621
that all right hold on I'm gonna get him4137.2394.141
it's gonna be good oh God you know what4138.984.5
I'm making a promise to myself that I'm4141.384.68
not gonna go rabbit crazy in in Alpha4143.484.44
19. okay I just missed that one okay4146.063.779
it's a wasted it's a waste of time and4147.923.96
you'll just it is it is look at all this4149.8394.561
crap what well Bart's Salvage for one4151.885.399
okay I wonder if Bart's around hey boy4154.45.399
that's a great old-fashioned name Bart4157.2794.681
yeah Bart is nice I feel like this area4159.7995.221
should be basically just uh we'll just4161.964.739
loot this and head back maybe kind of4165.023.42
this whole vicinity right here all right4166.6993.361
well the you see this there's a jail4168.443.239
over here which kind of makes me go4170.065.04
interesting huh like not a jail but like4171.6795.16
you know like a like it looks like a4175.14.5
jail door whoa what you know in that4176.8396.96
drop I got a 4x4 truck chassis schematic4179.66.119
really and I you know that food yeah4183.7993.781
that I brought back and right in this4185.7196.661
workbench I got a truck chat oh yeah uh4187.587.38
something tells me it's it was meant to4192.386.9
be it was meant to be also we're meant4194.966.9
to be up there I'll bet okay yep I want4199.284.98
to go up there to the office how Bart4201.863.96
get to his office that's the question4204.263.78
Bart usually went through this door over4205.824.2
here watch is it that's how oh yeah4208.044.38
that's what BART did no you're right and4210.024.14
then and then he went up here the stairs4212.425.84
oh there's a oh that right4214.168.34
oh that's how Bart would do it yep Bart4218.266.22
that Bart would come up to nothing up4222.54.62
here right now I don't think not one4224.483.38
I mean not really we're talking about4227.865.14
these shelves I'm getting all the4230.364.26
goodies are there a lot of goodies there4233.05.52
yeah just parts and crap Hey sir sir how4234.627.32
are you there's a gentleman here oh4238.527.98
no uh for business where where well I4241.946.54
just hit him and he seemed to you know I4246.54.199
messed up okay well he I think he's just4248.485.16
leaving now okay yep yep this is most4250.6995.48
certainly Bart okay4253.645.579
yeah that's part yeah4256.1794.841
hey Nate what are you looking at so this4261.023.78
building over here I think it's a4263.483.179
hardware store it's a working stiff I4264.84.74
think maybe I'm starting I'm starting to4266.6595.101
think that we want to put a base in this4269.544.199
city if you want to who's doing the4271.763.72
horde night this week well yeah no we're4273.7393.121
still doing the horde night at that uh4275.483.719
at that place we're at now okay so we4276.864.68
still gotta do that but I'm thinking4279.1994.261
um like maybe after that we can move4281.543.36
into this city because I mean look4283.463.9
having all these resources is great yeah4284.94.98
I agree and uh so if we if we could move4287.364.02
here like maybe move into I don't know4289.882.94
I'm at the hardware store or anywhere4291.383.54
just uh set up a shop set up a place4292.823.419
where we can build vehicles and then4294.922.759
once we can build Vehicles then we can4296.2393.301
go to uh warmer climate yeah I don't4297.6793.661
live here longer are you ignoring all4299.543.78
this stuff down here uh no I saw it you4301.343.42
want to go get it yeah I want to go get4303.323.839
it yeah hopefully there's something good4304.764.86
in there oh hey guys I see you okay we4307.1594.381
found some stuff got lots of good loot4309.624.32
pick nice man there's some goodies oh4311.543.72
here you look in there I know you want4313.943.18
some nine millimeter probably man I'm4315.263.479
not going to turn it down give it to me4317.123.84
baby I'll take that hunting knife too4318.7395.641
hunt right now a hunting rifle man yep4320.965.699
you lucky duck now we're talking what4324.384.799
else we got still more ammo there uh-huh4326.6594.981
okay uh I'll take I got a shotgun the4329.1793.961
thick gave me and now I got a hunting4331.645.16
rifle yeah baby oh man we haven't even4333.145.64
gone into the shotgun Messiah across the4336.83.78
street yet oh that should be that should4338.784.08
be our next uh our next point we go over4340.584.44
there and get all the ammo we could4342.863.54
possibly take because we're gonna need4345.023.6
it with this horde night yep ooh maybe4346.43.36
this yeah what's in there what's in4348.621.49
Iron arrows and leather leg armor4351.49.04
well Simon this appears to be a point of4360.446.299
Interest we might want to investigate4364.45.339
I'd say you go down and I'll stay here4366.7395.46
and then you tell me to go down when you4369.7395.581
need me I'll go down any moment there4372.1996.421
there we go okay just inching down looks4375.324.62
like there's going to be a little fall4378.623.96
it doesn't go all the way down oh you're4379.944.44
gonna be able to get back up yeah you4382.585.94
make nerd poles remember those oh4384.384.14
what if this isn't into Asante all right4389.844.859
I'm already intrigued I'm coming here4393.143.599
we're clear right here uh it's like a4394.6994.681
it's a bunker base bunker okay bunker4396.7395.221
base bunker check out okay not [ __ ]4399.384.08
there let's just clear this real quick4401.963.719
all right quick just real quick because4403.463.96
if there's food we're gonna want it of4405.6794.98
course ah this this is crap4407.424.799
of course they died4410.6594.321
of course they died Uh crap crap I don't4412.2197.921
care about glass okay Simon yeah oh4414.987.759
oh I like it when you whisper this is4422.844.56
another look there's there's another4425.365.4
door down go down more ah should we4427.45.58
clear okay yeah what do you think yeah4430.763.66
yeah yeah let's clear let's look at4432.983.06
there's a door right there I mean look4434.423.0
we should probably investigate that's4436.043.48
locked this is wacky pants this is all4437.424.08
wacky pants it's not um it's not wacky4439.523.6
pants listen it's all wacky pants4441.52.88
totally normal4443.123.059
um look at this what you want to hear4444.383.96
what's stupid what lock picks should4446.1794.5
work on doors too hold on they're really4448.344.08
[ __ ] you sure they don't yeah I'm sure4450.6793.621
they don't well that's why I said it4452.424.02
you'd think I would say that and having4454.34.24
never tried I signed well I mean I could4456.444.259
have swore I did we used to no you4458.543.78
didn't yeah no you didn't use them right4460.6994.761
now upworked it's open4462.326.78
okay hey maybe uh this one's unlocked4465.465.14
though Simon all right let's go in here4469.14.559
be ready be ready I am so ready4470.67.559
hiya hello ma'am are you yep yep yeah4473.6597.5
okay this could be a bunch okay we'll4478.1595.161
see um I wanna it would be beneficial if4481.1594.681
I could be side by side with you we have4483.326.18
angered angered the locals yes wow this4485.844.379
this is insane I've got a Grenade ready4490.2194.321
okay let me go can I move up a little4492.624.92
forward oh I see he's right up here4494.544.74
right up here Simon you want to get that4497.543.92
I hope a lot I would like to make a pump4512.265.62
action shotgun speaking of shotguns oh4515.065.34
man that would be good I bet we find 2094517.886.18
millimeters 200 209 millimeters oh4520.45.7
immediately hey back up back up let's4524.065.4
let them come out okay hello oh boy4526.15.46
that's a couple of them4529.465.84
take that you need help4531.563.74
yeah how are you so sneaky you want to4537.6995.441
handle it oh watch out this guy getting4541.1594.741
back up there oh no come on oh yeah4543.144.62
oh hey you want to handle it that's how4545.94.279
we handled it huh4547.765.7
oh boy anyone I'm infected do anybody4550.1794.961
have any antibiotics if not I need to go4553.463.36
back and get honey yeah drink some honey4555.143.599
all right I gotta go back and get it you4556.823.899
guys go in I'll be right back we won't4558.7394.141
take all the good stuff there's a hole4560.7195.221
here neebs uh yep oh behind you hello oh4562.885.359
where'd she come from oh sneaky little4568.643.66
witch was hiding right here oh you were4570.563.42
hiding all the good stuff was there it4572.33.06
was just something back there she got a4573.983.9
little oh oh she what was she doing here4575.364.98
playing hide and seek I don't know hey4577.884.26
we want to go down this hole drop in4580.344.14
like the names okay we didn't time that4582.145.28
at all did we okay and we're in oh wait4584.484.86
lockers please be close please be close4587.423.96
oh there's a bandana in there oh there's4589.345.0
thread needle uh I don't need a bandana4591.385.52
well actually yeah it might that might4594.344.3
work worked for Rambo looks like a gun4596.95.54
range the zombie in it all right hmm4598.647.579
I wonder if there's something over here4602.448.64
oh Smacker fupa that's the weak spot4606.2194.861
and then right in the face4611.143.78
oh look at the way she landed cute I4615.55.64
hear stuff oh I hear this guy will you4618.7394.321
stop what you're doing man come on just4621.144.62
oh don't don't there you go they never4623.064.86
listen take it easy cowboy4625.764.919
beautiful all right seems like there4630.6794.801
should be more stuff in here right more4633.324.68
bullets more weapons leaves we're gonna4635.484.08
find it this place has got to have good4638.04.32
stuff oh I think I found some stuff4639.566.139
beautiful oh yeah4642.327.62
oh yeah look at all these guns are they4645.6996.761
really guns these are just props no oh4649.944.44
no yeah cause sometimes you just click4652.464.08
on it and there's nothing oh got 204654.385.4
shotgun shells 29 millimeter those are4656.545.82
going to you guys gun rack let's take a4659.784.86
look iron spear level six all right all4662.364.379
right all right we're doing nice I'm4664.643.78
gonna divvy out this stuff to you guys4666.7393.721
let's just make sure this place is all4668.425.52
clear is this okay ew all right all4670.465.64
right all right let's listen to this4673.945.16
listen when I walk on her hmm you tap4676.16.059
dancing get it baby nice Rhythm nice and4679.14.68
all right Simon here's the plan okay I'm4683.784.56
gonna go in here at the same time you go4686.424.319
in there we're gonna surprise them okay4688.344.379
so this is open I see a guy I wonder if4690.7394.621
I can just take him out right here all4692.7194.741
right where's my I mean should I go down4695.363.6
oh we thought we were both going down4697.463.42
yeah but uh this guy might just be a4698.963.66
prop guy all right you ready to do it4700.883.779
yeah I think that's just a prop zombie4702.623.84
your shirt like straight ahead are you4704.6593.421
shooting down yeah I am shooting down4706.463.96
yeah it looks weird I appreciate your4708.085.159
concern all right you ready yep in three4710.425.779
two one blooper4713.2396.301
I'm in hey Simon there's a guy right4716.1995.201
here on the ground okay I got him in the4719.544.32
head one shot because I'm rolling look4721.44.62
at this look at this right here was I4723.865.04
shooting out look at that I think the4726.024.92
proof's in the pudding or or in his face4728.94.08
in the in the Bloody Face take those4730.943.9
back thank you okay4732.985.46
um this goes up to what okay4734.846.06
hold on there's got to be other things4738.443.84
yeah there's there's so many other4740.93.06
things there's other things all right so4742.283.899
it can go yeah it goes up so these go up4743.963.98
to the rooms we could have gone into4746.1795.121
okay uh I see4747.946.52
interesting oh wanna come up here yep I4751.35.32
do let's do this one first okay you know4754.465.84
there's gonna oh come on baby come on4756.626.78
oh really come on now I'm excited let me4760.35.28
with a crack4780.644.599
careful don't step on those uh those4783.324.62
white boards you'll fall okay uh-huh4785.2394.5
look through there that looks like three4787.945.4
shotgun Messiah boxes I go around4789.7396.241
yeah just avoid the white ones easy easy4793.345.94
peasy dick you coming yeah making my way4795.985.58
thick you better get in here all right4799.285.04
come on careful oh this is locked I got4801.565.48
I gotta pick it oh my God4804.322.72
oh my good too thick I'm leveled up all4807.383.359
the way and I found some gravity boots4808.764.2
or something gravity boots impact4810.7394.44
bracing mod I'll put that on my shoes4812.963.84
all day you don't take as much fall4815.1793.601
damage oh I want to see you jump off the4816.83.24
roof I want to see how much damage you4818.783.72
take the whole roof yeah the whole roof4820.044.86
he was crazy well here I am here I am4822.54.199
shotgun ammo in this backpack for4824.93.24
anybody who wants it yeah thick open4826.6993.421
this uh this reinforced chest here would4828.144.26
you lock pick will do get into these4830.124.68
boxes jackpot let's see if I can do it4832.46.74
on the first try ah almost ah just yeah4834.87.26
ah come on thought you were good at this4839.146.039
I thought I was good at this too4842.065.94
um you want to go inside Simon uh yeah4845.1794.321
well this I think there's somebody4848.03.06
trying to get through is there somebody4849.54.8
yeah probably let's just let them break4851.065.34
it shouldn't I I'll check oh there's4854.34.2
lock picks it's always fun to find so4856.44.08
you can use 40 for one thing right I'm4858.53.42
gonna go up top side Simon that's all4860.483.06
you right there but okay I'm just gonna4861.923.66
chill out here just wait and shut up4863.545.46
here ain't [ __ ] ain't [ __ ] cause it's4865.586.8
all inside hurry up please yeah4869.05.4
tell them they'll never work in this4872.383.7
town again you'll never work in this4874.44.98
game again come on [ __ ] listen I4876.085.579
know people who know people you do who4879.385.54
wants who once knew somebody yeah4881.6596.481
I think that's part part how you doing4884.926.279
buddy I like Bart had really nice like4888.145.579
couple rolls yeah that was Bart what are4891.1994.861
you doing over here Bart Bart all right4893.7194.5
well I'll say if I'll use those PX oh4896.064.08
this is this is horrible this was a4898.2193.901
complete waste of time yeah yeah total4900.143.36
waste of time so far it was probably4902.123.36
jacketed in here watch out for the come4903.55.1
he puts it all in the wall safe4905.486.56
what a weirdo that bar he is a weirdo4908.66.3
he's he's been storing semen in that4912.045.139
wall state for years you never knows can4914.92.96
go up and value4917.1794.3
thank you4944.445.56
almost home boys nice to be back in a4947.324.899
warmer biome yeah there is something4950.04.679
about your walk abstro if you just have4952.2195.281
a us I don't know kind of a strut to you4954.6795.04
don't you yeah you got kind of a strut4957.53.96
too do us I figured why don't we go4959.7193.241
sideways yeah check this out am I4961.463.12
strutting oh yeah you're strutting check4962.963.66
me out baby yeah look at that butt4964.585.159
wiggler check out my Swagger do I not4966.625.22
strut like you guys no oh you got a4969.7393.901
strut yeah kind of like you got4971.845.22
something in your butt cheeks hey yo hey4973.646.48
guys hey we got weapons and bullets and4977.066.119
stuff do you have food we got meat I can4980.125.88
go cook it cook please get a bike and a4983.1796.601
ramp Simon Knievel's been uh yeah a4986.05.28
little bit you know make sure we put at4989.783.18
least two torches in the middle of that4991.283.72
don't tell me what no you don't boss me4992.963.84
around now that they're here I'm just4995.03.42
saying can you please I got one in there4996.84.32
yes we need two I want to see this yeah4998.425.06
this could be big ladies and gentlemen5001.126.119
that'd be you guys uh the great Simon5003.486.34
Knievel with his third death defying5007.2395.401
jump ever this is the this is the most5009.824.5
dangerous one he's done yet guys okay5012.643.36
there's nothing dangerous about this at5014.325.22
all yes yes it is [ __ ] shut up all5016.06.42
right Simon whenever you're ready I'm5019.545.13
ready and go5022.429.109
talking about5036.7195.361
that's what I'm talking about5038.925.299
yes yes now uh what were you guys saying5044.2195.861
about how ridiculous that was I didn't I5047.625.22
I was ready for it and I'm happy no no5050.084.139
I'm I'm in the I'm in the that's5052.843.3
ridiculous Camp yeah yeah it was5054.2195.041
wonderful and it worked let's get some5056.145.3
you're gonna take the ramp I'm gonna5061.563.88
take the ramp but I know that I'm gonna5063.6993.121
have to do some I'm gonna have to do5065.443.9
some modifications because you see I5066.825.0
can't go more than too high straight up5069.345.879
close down up and look see what happens5071.827.06
oh okay cool so I need to I need to I5075.2195.881
think take down two rows change the5078.883.96
slope there's a lot of math in this5081.13.54
thank God neebs isn't doing it are you5082.843.66
gonna be doing this during The Horde you5084.643.84
you out here doing like BMX stunts while5086.54.62
the hordes going on yeah zombies yeah5088.485.58
that's a recipe for awesome I can do5091.125.76
that yeah that's that could be fine sure5094.064.8
that that could be the plan okay awesome5096.883.779
yeah I want to see you build like the5098.864.56
coolest BMX ramp and all this stuff the5100.6594.461
BMX stuff5103.424.739
easy easy easy shut up shut up I'm doing5105.127.18
my own ramp not this crazy Fantastical5108.1596.181
ramp that that apps are thinks that I5112.34.439
should have I'm building my ramp the way5114.344.98
I want to do it so lazily go to hell5116.7395.101
apps Road lazily don't get defensive5119.325.1
already just be excited come on neebs5121.844.02
come on I'm building a ramp that's it5124.423.0
I'm gonna build a ram I like your RAM5125.863.72
it's already cool I love it thank you5127.423.84
we're ready for the horde good and I'm5129.583.54
only gonna have one ramp and nobody [ __ ]5131.264.02
on it oh I'm gonna [ __ ] on it damn you5133.123.86
you fasted5135.286.959
[ __ ] thick tell me what is the [ __ ]5142.2395.281
speak of the majority of this circle5145.2394.98
would be on this road it's gonna break5147.525.58
through this crap oh who puts a treasure5150.2195.101
under the road was it the highway just5153.14.98
in case just in case is the circle right5155.325.1
here too by the dirt yep you're on the5158.084.02
edge of the circle and you seem to find5160.424.14
it Well outside of the circle like like5162.14.26
last time we could probably tunnel under5164.564.079
yeah well I'm gonna tunnel once I get5166.364.62
through this first layer this crust okay5168.6394.801
and you can tunnel from there and we'll5170.984.739
take it from there all right I'm5173.445.88
underneath the crust I hope I hope not I5175.7196.601
I I I can't talk I can't talk right now5179.324.919
it's okay we just dig oh I found it5182.326.6
already yes yes that's crazy are you5184.2397.021
kidding I'm not I wouldn't what a weird5188.924.14
joke that would be what you got sir5191.265.76
shotgun breaching slugs uh 10 of those5193.067.74
oh exploding arrows ammo nice5197.028.76
um 15 762 uh HP 11 shotgun AP score bugs5200.85.78
47.41 Duke's Casino tokens this is this5206.585.02
is perfect yeah we got to go to the5209.863.66
trader though I'm encumbered with a lot5211.64.5
of stuff I need to uh get out of my get5213.523.9
out of your hole actually I'm just gonna5216.12.94
stay down here I'm just gonna be here5217.423.54
for I'll get you out for now on help5219.044.199
yeah I'm gonna make a nerd pool oh all5220.965.54
right I always get you5223.2393.261
every now and then5227.082.659
yeah jukes5230.025.28
all right so we have a little bit of a5233.384.62
dilemma here I think with uh structure5235.34.859
support yeah because there's only5238.04.56
certain places because I guess this is a5240.1594.98
walkway okay we can't place regular5242.565.04
blocks on top of it hold on let me I can5245.1395.04
put a block like here and here but I5247.64.8
can't put one above it what if you come5250.1794.261
out here on the side can you attach to5252.44.739
the side and go down I'll give it a5254.445.88
whirl also like uh yes yes so we can do5257.1394.741
[ __ ] like this that should give it a5260.324.08
little extra support yeah all right okay5261.883.6
and then what do you think for the5264.42.94
perimeter lots of spikes5265.484.02
um I got an idea come out front here I5267.344.2
think spikes would be part of it5269.56.12
um also confusion is a uh strategy okay5271.546.3
like this a zombie comes up and they5275.624.14
think I'm gonna go in there and kill all5277.843.54
those people and eat those brains and5279.765.04
it's not a door okay that's not a bad5281.384.859
hey you steam punk-looking stupid Cowboy5286.2395.94
miss you he likes when you get around5289.2394.681
yeah I don't5292.1793.841
um hey what do you got sir what do you5293.924.02
got looking around see if there's any5296.023.96
other things of his that I can sell back5297.944.199
to him you know that's the dream even5299.984.02
when you talk about it they don't they5302.1393.361
don't it does they don't pick up on it5304.04.199
dralis I think I'm all good right now5305.55.1
um [ __ ] that I needed to sell you shut5308.1994.381
your [ __ ] face I mean I'm sorry I5310.63.96
didn't mean nice Joel's nice let me know5312.583.9
if you need any more money you handsome5314.563.96
handsome person5316.483.36
um let me just get rid of all this stuff5318.525.659
that neebs gave me some uh5319.844.339
you speak my language don't you Joel5327.2397.98
English yeah and mumbles and sounds5330.2397.061
how big do you think we want it I5335.2193.761
wouldn't get too big I'd say yeah5337.33.48
smaller than that even smaller than this5338.983.719
really yeah oh well you want a good5340.783.959
foundation what would I like that oh I5342.6993.421
mean it's just more resources to get5344.7393.661
yeah I know but uh if we're gonna make5346.123.9
this thing work I kind of feel like it5348.43.299
has to have a good foundation yeah yeah5350.023.9
okay we can do it and then it will just5351.6995.581
go up uh what maybe Seven Ten blocks5353.925.88
yeah it's a lot it's a good amount of5357.283.84
height you might even only have to do5359.83.24
five really okay we'll start with five5361.124.2
and then uh we'll see and then maybe5363.044.86
Simon can jump it what God needs only I5365.324.14
almost feel like four is enough what are5367.93.239
you guys making what four is enough for5369.463.9
what oh well we're gonna build a tower5371.1394.441
outside of our main base for us to uh5373.363.839
plant some people that way we can shoot5375.583.0
the zombies from the outside as well5377.1993.301
that's a good idea because they'll5378.583.18
probably I'll be trying to get in this5380.53.36
door over here and then you just shoot5381.763.36
them from right there on the tower5383.862.7
you're not gonna go for that door you5385.122.82
don't know we'll see do they still go5386.563.24
after doors they'll go for that one I'll5387.943.84
put a sign on it it'll say zombies5389.83.899
Welcome yeah I'm sure yeah they'll5391.783.84
they'll they'll kill right right for5393.6994.321
that one because the sign zombies love5395.625.64
signs okay I'm free brains I'll say5398.026.179
something really enticing yeah that'll5401.264.32
do it that'll do it they'll look at that5404.1993.54
and be like hey hey Carl do you see that5405.583.24
that's crazy well he's knee-high yeah we5416.525.44
got 26 meat out of that guy let's head5419.623.48
back real quick because we're not too5421.963.06
far and then let's come back down this5423.13.84
um you know get one loot in maybe two5426.944.44
yeah we gotta we gotta dump some stuff5429.464.92
this is insane we will be back we will5431.386.42
return yep mark my words his words have5434.385.96
been marked5437.82.54
Hello friends hey welcome back Hello5455.948.14
friends did you get anything good I got5460.6795.741
some ammo a little bit of food got a5464.085.46
wheel good hold up a wheel um does5466.425.1
anybody have a bottle of acid I have a5469.544.08
bottle of acid oh okay give me the wheel5471.523.179
give me the bottle acid I can make5473.622.28
another wheel I might be able to make us5474.6993.301
another bicycle shut it wait does5475.93.9
anybody have electrical parts it's a5478.03.54
bunch of stuff in the trailer okay great5479.84.02
all right door you got a yeah electrical5481.544.92
parts oh yeah I've got 29 mechanical 335483.824.379
electrical sweet hook me up with those5486.463.6
electrical how many you need all of them5488.1993.721
maybe just give me half that should work5490.063.84
it's a bicycle if it needs it shouldn't5491.923.54
even need electrical parts really no5493.92.88
that makes no sense unless you're gonna5495.463.719
put a a sweet light on it or a there5496.783.959
might be a light on it and doralis give5499.1792.821
me those mechanical Parts if you don't5500.7393.721
mind yeah Crucible coming up guys I'm5502.04.98
gonna make another chest just for like5504.464.679
ammoe stuff okay we can have like an5506.984.5
ammo share another thing I need a spring5509.1394.08
oh I got a spring [ __ ] you got5511.483.0
everything how do you get all this stuff5513.2193.361
just one spring just one Springs all I5514.485.159
need I've got nine but here's the one oh5516.586.119
hey I need torches any torches anyone5519.6396.181
what torches or animal fat it's in the5522.6995.641
boxes all right there's a lot of boxes5525.824.62
there's like three just look through5528.346.06
three boxes four boxes at least four5530.447.259
boxes look through four boxes they're5534.46.66
jammed let's open these jam boxes quit5537.6996.741
hitting the boxes well then open them5541.066.24
all right hey guys you in place yep I5544.444.299
Think You're Gonna Want a duck maybe no5547.35.1
no I'm gonna go fly it baby it's a5548.7396.261
you did it look at that yeah Daredevil5566.585.68
what what's going on with you why do you5570.463.6
ride a bike like that yeah you ride it5572.263.899
really weird what are you just like wow5574.064.26
that was good though that was good are5576.1593.361
you done with the tricks for the week5578.322.76
you want to help at some point I mean5579.523.659
I'm done for the tricks for tonight I'm5581.083.84
gonna have to obviously do bigger and5583.1793.781
better yeah no I'm kind of I'm kind of a5584.923.18
door you got to be done with the tricks5586.962.94
for the week we really gotta prep all5588.13.36
right well you guys prep I never help5589.93.54
anyway you know that let me just play my5591.464.02
game we're [ __ ] regardless guys we5593.444.14
know this right right no oh yeah no we5595.484.14
can survive this listen I'm gonna make5597.584.26
no we can't no yeah we can listen I'm5599.623.66
gonna I'm gonna make so many wooden5601.843.06
spikes Simon that's what you can help5603.283.66
with fine wood spikes and I'm doing5604.94.38
another ramp oh Jesus thick we'll go out5606.944.14
in the morning all right sounds good5609.283.72
yeah take the bikes and we need food all5611.083.72
right let's go so I'm gonna go hunting5613.03.96
tonight do anything I'm gathering wood5614.85.52
spikes good job shut up Simon do5616.965.64
something okay fine besides entertain5620.323.17
we can't take on the fact can we we can5637.94.86
try we can we can go in a little at a5640.6594.801
time just ease her in a little uh oh5642.765.22
it's a shotgun Messiah oh you know what5645.465.279
to do here though yeah what to the top5647.985.34
top first top to the bottom bottom top5650.7394.98
all right I'ma make a bunch of nerd5653.325.339
poles I've got some already but we're5655.7194.761
gonna have to go up together yeah I know5658.6595.221
oh God which uh which route are you5660.485.38
let's see okay are you starting over5663.883.6
here probably a little front here a5665.865.18
little frontal boom5667.483.56
and then I'm thinking uh maybe right5673.444.5
yep it's a good look how come I I can't5680.266.06
replace that you can't do it why can't I5683.926.239
please just place it okay uh Skillet5686.327.28
smacks because the smack's gonna smacks5690.1593.441
oh you're going even further okay yeah I5696.364.66
thought you said top well yeah but I I5699.13.84
didn't know what route we were kind of5701.023.84
taking yeah nor did I we're kind of5702.944.44
winging it aren't we so I will uh I I'll5704.864.799
keep going with you can't hurt it can5707.384.62
hurt ow5709.6596.141
like that it hurt okay5712.07.56
all the birds let me help him oh man I'm5715.86.05
afraid to show you oh my God5719.566.32
that's how I'm going out first5725.887.02
oh there's so many oh my god5728.6994.201
oh boy I can't hit any thick I'm dying5733.1995.801
I'm gonna die I think I'm gonna die come5736.485.219
my way come to me where's you I'm gonna5739.06.179
back the way you came oh he gone oh my5741.6997.681
God I'm gonna bleed okay wow well [ __ ]5745.1797.321
[ __ ] indeed I have six Health do I have5749.385.52
food oh no I only have energy drinks and5752.54.58
oh we could probably load up yeah that's5757.084.78
what I'm hoping for5759.465.64
what do you think neebs yeah huh see my5761.865.16
ramp it looks just like the ramp you had5765.14.68
it's farther it's higher it's more5767.024.56
dangerous looks like you got the5769.783.6
beginnings of a ramp right here yeah you5771.585.22
do that on foot watch this yeah oh I5773.386.18
like that I'm a big ramp guy now I never5776.86.66
was but like before but this is5779.568.04
father by two blocks okay and higher up5783.466.3
what I'm looking forward to I'm kind of5787.64.2
building this there just so I can see5789.763.84
the ramp show horde night right you know5791.83.3
what I'm saying I completely understand5793.63.78
I can be up there I can go tap tap tap5795.15.76
tap oh cool jump bang bang right that's5797.384.62
a great plan5800.862.879
um I'm hoping zombies are gonna be here5802.04.32
at some point mid jump and I look over5803.7395.46
and in just slow motion just5806.325.22
yeah but jumping like I could I could5809.1995.881
probably fit like at least 12 zombies5811.546.659
but but to Dick poor vagina you know5815.084.86
what I'm saying fit like just slide them5818.1993.301
all in just stay all stand them right5819.943.36
here how you gonna slide a zombie in I'm5821.53.78
just saying you probably could fit if5823.33.72
they were if you could Reign them in or5825.283.3
tie them together you could tie a whole5827.023.119
bunch of zombies right in between here5828.583.84
well I got an idea all you need is a5830.1394.741
couple doors and a sign that says oh you5832.425.88
can eat oh my Lord listen to me we are5834.886.779
going to jump a pit of zombies I'm in5838.36.06
baby baby boo let's get to work all5841.6594.861
there's a there's a zombie bear out5846.524.86
there Rick oh yeah oh there is zombie5848.326.54
bear I'm on the bike come on whoa oh my5851.386.2
God he just blew up5854.862.72
get at him okay you got some points we5858.1594.5
didn't get any oh wow all right get on5860.7394.46
the bike and go go watch out5862.6594.5
where are we going we're going straight5865.1995.52
this way just go this way Drive Drive5867.1593.56
oh yes oh I've been looking for you5872.265.16
looking for you and I'm not going to5875.863.66
take any risk it's going to shoot you5877.423.54
with a bow and arrow but nope I want to5879.524.8
make sure you go down oh no you're right5880.968.279
nope come on state drop yeah5884.327.44
oh we needed this we needed this all5889.2394.92
right here we go5891.764.82
yeah man I got food5898.386.279
baby I need you to cook this like now I5901.386.16
like food yeah me too and I've been5904.6595.221
starving all day okay if you want me5907.544.56
eggs do you I have one egg I've been5909.883.96
starting to burn this when I find them I5912.14.44
got one one damn egg I got an egg I can5913.845.7
make one thing of eggs in bacon oh and5916.545.699
uh hey watch this you ready yeah what's5919.546.72
up let's see yep fans no damage oh you5922.2395.4
got some sort of like fancy boots or5926.263.959
something fancy boots baby nice so uh5927.6394.321
yeah hand me that meat and eggs and I'll5930.2193.841
cook up some dinner yeah here I'm gonna5931.963.719
give you my meat I'm gonna give you my5934.064.86
meat right now that's 20 my meat oh oh5935.6795.341
hey you want my eggs I want you to poop5938.925.219
there's my eggs thank you oh all right5941.024.8
all right I'll be back all right let's5944.1394.621
see how you get in this place5945.827.64
it's not funny Win It kind of funny5948.764.7
I think this is my like final chance I'm5953.923.84
gonna take a hit and I'm done I'm gonna5956.442.759
I'm gonna go to the top and have a5957.763.54
grenade in hand oh okay and I'll just5959.1993.721
kind of work it that way right you want5961.33.06
me to come with you or what oh you5962.923.239
whatever you want to do approaches this5964.364.5
is like my only way to go about this5966.1595.641
given my condition oh and I already see5968.865.94
uh I see a bird lying in weight one5971.85.28
second thick yeah going up from the5974.84.5
other side all right that was a bird5977.085.7
bird down nice bird Hawk Down5979.37.14
um nothing here but as we drop down yeah5982.784.919
I guess we'll maybe meet in the middle5986.445.1
I'm with you I'm with you oh box did you5987.6996.061
see this box and all this food I was5991.544.98
blocking the door I was thinking you get5993.765.459
that cat food that's yours oh you you5996.525.04
are really a sweet dumpling oh there's5999.2195.161
some brains three egg [ __ ] [ __ ] okay6001.564.139
but I'm gonna I'm gonna eat this honey6004.383.6
real quick let me eat eat all right all6005.6995.341
right beer oh beer no there's no honey6007.987.02
it was beer usually I'd be I'd be loving6011.046.06
that get wasted I might drink the beer6015.04.86
just because why not I'm gonna get a6017.14.4
found some jeans now it doesn't matter6021.55.32
so much you know it doesn't even matter6024.365.279
so much you know yeah when it doesn't6026.825.46
matter so much hey what's what's your6029.6394.861
health looking like I've got 21 Health6032.286.84
all right good for me okay making I hey6034.57.26
guys hey I got something for you guys6039.124.82
take it6041.765.939
hey what'd you do through a grenade6043.946.779
it's pretty cool6047.6995.641
what do you think Dave's makes it more6050.7194.241
dangerous doesn't it yeah I mean6053.343.899
certainly a much bigger jump without6054.965.1
having a bigger ramp which is very nice6057.2396.0
yeah I wanna I wanna see if I can get a6060.065.7
zombie in here soon oh really just to do6063.2394.98
a test I just want to see okay I just6065.763.78
killed one you should have told me6068.2193.061
listen you're probably getting a lot of6069.545.58
rock and Clay can I have it uh yeah hold6071.286.06
on a second let me see because I want to6075.124.74
fortify I want to upgrade that to Brick6077.344.319
or whatever it is how about this I'll6079.863.839
trade you you got any food hmm I've been6081.6593.421
cooking you food up there's a food on6083.6993.0
the fire pretty good here here's some6085.084.02
here's some clay all right okay perfect6086.6994.5
and then you said you wanted some Stone6089.15.22
here's some Stone okay and look at this6091.1994.561
hold on one second okay you know what6094.323.299
I'm gonna give you uh-huh there's some6095.764.26
pine cones there's six pine cones there6097.6194.321
I want you to take two of them shove6100.025.099
them up your ass and the other four wait6101.945.699
about 10 minutes and then shovel them up6105.1194.5
up your ass joke's on you I'm gonna6107.6393.48
plant trees and you have more wood for6109.6195.401
my fort so uh good try sir yeah joke's6111.1195.58
on you when you shove pine cones up your6115.023.54
ass you get super powers so I guess6116.6993.48
you'll never find out joke's on you6118.563.96
already got super powers jokes on you6120.1793.96
they suck jokes on you you don't know6122.523.84
about superpowers jokes aren't you the6124.1394.441
pine cones are like super power on6126.365.46
steroid [ __ ] okay I'm done joking on you6128.586.059
oh good thank you you were boring Me6131.826.14
Anyway come over here6134.6393.321
I'm infected and then I've got6144.1195.1
exhaustion for an hour and a half then I6145.924.98
got a broken leg for a little bit and6149.2193.841
then I'm hungry and then I got the poops6150.95.219
and no insurance no insurance whatsoever6153.065.579
not this left okay or where's that going6156.1196.0
was that the that's not where we um oh a6158.6396.421
snake what is that food or that is food6162.1195.761
yeah our whole day we can bring back6165.065.52
five meat from a snake and make one meat6167.885.339
from this and having wasted hundreds of6170.584.86
ammo where the hell did it go6173.2193.331
a little sneaky6175.444.189
sneak them over here it'll jump up out6182.343.779
of the ground and put its fangs into my6183.94.62
neck looking for it come on it was a6186.1194.701
sneaky snack6188.522.3
tired of this baloney yeah let's go home6194.47.08
I'd much rather poop at home even though6197.946.36
I'm pooping right now in my pants6201.485.52
all right buddy let me just have a drink6204.34.74
here and then you could join my other6207.04.26
friend neeb's already got one in there6209.044.26
and I got another one coming in oh hold6211.264.32
on I'm coming all right come on buddy6213.34.5
boy these guys could be tricky see the6215.584.02
last time I jumped down and I knew how6217.83.66
to jump back up this one's been digging6219.63.42
for a while so if I go down there I6221.463.179
don't know if I can get back up you6223.023.42
might not uh we could build up though6224.6394.381
you could probably build up but me I6226.443.96
won't be able to do it quickly enough6229.023.599
jump over here jump the hole and get on6230.43.779
this side so they uh6232.6194.441
you did it come and get me come on buddy6234.1795.881
come here get in there get in there slip6237.065.28
and fall and then I'll hit you I'll hit6240.064.32
you up are you drinking water oh yeah6242.344.339
that's not gonna work uh6244.384.98
I tried to punch with the water but it6246.6794.841
wouldn't work I'll do this I'll knock6249.364.319
him in there with the Sledge come on you6251.524.199
close it Sledge might do too much damage6253.6794.44
yeah try like a club or a fist I don't6255.7194.201
have it you guys do it all right all6258.1193.841
right Simon yeah yeah all right lure him6259.923.779
lure him I got him I got him turn around6261.963.739
what clap come on6263.6995.661
ah get in there get in there6265.6997.42
don't kill it well okay hold on now now6269.365.08
it's gonna die if I hit it with anything6273.1193.181
it's gonna die follow us come follow6274.443.6
over here over here Bubba everybody over6276.33.3
here come back should be able to knock6278.044.199
him with something fall you [ __ ] that's6279.64.88
what I was trying to do6282.2394.281
it's dead nobody wants to watch you jump6286.525.5
a dead zombie there's a live one where's6289.1997.04
the bike you're jumping zombies now yeah6292.024.219
I think there's a live zombie in there6297.54.32
Simon's jumping that Simon's gonna jump6303.866.339
I'm jumping I'm not gonna die down here6307.024.679
with him you have to get another zombie6310.1994.141
sorry Simon your stunt show got thicked6311.6994.681
Simon I'm about to die pretty soon6314.343.839
you're gonna jump over me I wanted to6316.385.0
jump over a zombie6318.1793.201
it does it does you gotta kill something6336.084.119
with it now yeah I do have to kill6338.6992.821
someone with it of course6340.1992.581
um we're screwed tonight guys you know6341.523.06
that right oh yeah man I am gonna make6342.783.0
so many wood spots they're not even6344.582.22
gonna get to us we're gonna have so many6345.782.52
wood spikes well I made some too and6346.83.12
yeah they probably will6348.33.96
um but hey I like the positivity yeah6349.923.9
I'm gonna stay positive and I'm just6352.263.24
gonna keep that's a wood block that is6353.823.06
what I did not mean to put that down6355.54.98
wood spikes boom bam um if you guys want6356.885.339
to help me just load up these uh this6360.483.78
place with spikes I would love it yeah6362.2193.541
I'm gonna start cutting down some trees6364.263.479
and we'll we'll just Spike this place6365.763.479
out that's all we can do this should6367.7393.601
hold them back at least 30 seconds all6369.2394.861
you can do is hope all you can do oh6371.346.02
we're in trouble6374.13.26
hey hey hey how you doing what's up6384.6194.54
kitty cat we need that cat though for6387.363.839
food okay let's kill it let's let's go6389.1593.48
up here a little bit and jump off the6391.1993.901
bikes cat first you ready no I'm not6392.6394.08
ready just have a gun out I should6395.13.36
shouldn't I yeah there you go you ready6396.7194.44
cat first okay ready yep nope I'm sorry6398.464.98
I already counted already did it ah crap6401.1595.241
your gun reload Twitter oh boy6403.444.82
handle that zombie I'm going after the6408.263.359
cat okay6410.1594.321
there's another zombie kidding I'm not6411.6195.761
kidding what are you doing6414.482.9
I can't well listen I didn't but I6417.485.04
killed the cat Okay uh do you have a6419.945.219
knife maybe no I don't think I have a6422.525.159
knife okay I'll skin it so just stay6425.1594.5
with it here no come over here come to6427.6795.421
me look at this far shot far shot6429.6596.621
did you get him yeah6433.15.68
teamwork buddy that's right all right6436.284.959
I'm coming to you you got the cat I got6438.784.439
the cat right here looks like I'm not6441.2393.661
sure if it's a male or a female let me6443.2194.381
see I don't see a PP looks like we got a6444.94.319
lady all right you're gonna have to skin6447.63.059
it because it's not showing up for me6449.2194.44
okay give me the knife you know what I6450.6594.801
might not even have a knife oh well you6453.6593.361
know what this whole time maybe I did6455.463.0
have a knife maybe let's see let's see6457.023.54
what I got I've got a hunting knife6458.464.44
there you go I thought that was more of6460.567.82
a other thing okay I just stab them yep6462.95.48
guys since we're so incredibly screwed6470.884.319
on this horde6473.763.66
um we should all probably have like a6475.1994.801
fallback type of tactic uh because I'm6477.424.44
gonna go to the top of this like Tower6480.03.36
thing and shoot down with my desert6481.863.24
vulture it looks like neebs is gonna do6483.363.96
stripper dances up in his little6485.14.38
stripper cage I think Simon's gonna be6487.324.74
on a BMX bike doing tricks and and6489.483.96
wowing the zombies what are you guys6492.064.32
gonna do well I think I'm gonna try to6493.446.42
get them to follow me for a swim yeah6496.386.839
like that that's fun Okay I uh I have a6499.865.1
room set up in that building behind you6503.2194.141
that's going to be my retreat and hold6504.964.92
out room so we all have a separate6507.365.52
tactic because we're [ __ ] here yes no6509.884.62
you got to It's Like You Gotta Have You6512.883.42
Gotta Have A Plan B here at what point6514.54.32
do we is it like individually based when6516.35.339
we decide to go into plan b or do we all6518.824.799
do it at once probably individually6521.6394.08
based huh probably when we all realize6523.6193.721
that we're completely [ __ ] yeah but6525.7193.301
some of us might be [ __ ] before others6527.343.12
are and that doesn't mean we should all6529.023.659
start our plan and B that's true yeah I6530.464.86
I I leave it up to the individual to uh6532.6794.44
to launch their plan B since they're all6535.323.54
individual plan B's all right since6537.1193.301
we're so stupid and [ __ ] on this one6538.863.6
that will offer some entertainment all6540.424.02
right court is adjourned break all right6542.465.18
keep laying these down6544.444.58
man I know hold on a second I'm getting6549.025.699
off I'm getting off okay6551.765.22
that's not the way to go I should get6554.7194.5
all right Simon yo good job buddy thank6563.965.32
you I gotta reload like nobody saw that6567.04.38
right cut that out cut it out here6569.284.919
listen we got more meat baby yep okay6571.385.88
you down listen I'm gonna go cut up the6574.1995.881
meat okay just call me Chef what do you6577.265.1
call me Chef what Chef Simon Boyardee6580.084.5
that's your favorite oh [ __ ] I love Chef6582.365.279
boy RB B Chef boy or B is that what the6584.586.3
the people call it um it's D Chef6587.6395.881
Boyardee okay all right I'm at the store6590.885.52
you coming uh you're at the tool store6593.526.179
yeah found some uh oh here's some forged6596.44.86
iron that's good did you know the bike6599.6994.381
has storage on it too I heard yeah so6601.264.5
we'll be doing that we got a kitchen6604.083.72
back here oh there's a lot lot of things6605.764.5
here yeah any food in there uh not yet6607.84.56
hold how was this fridge have nothing in6610.263.54
it just because the doors open a little6612.363.359
bit come on what a spoil there's6613.83.96
probably no power you know yeah probably6615.7193.661
so all right back here though back here6617.764.08
that goes outside does it I'm crossing6619.384.38
Don't Shoot Me does it go outside you6621.843.96
already checked all this yep I did is6623.763.84
that outside it is outside you're right6625.83.359
there's something over here I should be6627.63.66
able to break this all right all right6629.1594.141
so this is inside we have other things6631.265.28
happening here okay yeah this looks like6633.36.0
us yeah I bet the good stuff's up there6636.545.28
well nerd pull it up by we I mean you6639.34.319
yep we'll make it look good though yeah6641.823.13
make it look hot6643.6193.321
oh yeah how we looking boys6646.946.1
um we're doing our best now listen we6650.764.02
can we can keep surrounding this look oh6653.043.54
man hey left from up on the hill this6654.783.54
that looks gorgeous it's like a rose6656.583.92
pre-blooded and everything as per usual6660.54.36
I like it yeah it's got a good color but6662.884.2
uh this is a good start yeah but we're6664.864.56
we're gonna go insane keep keep getting6667.084.619
wood yeah keep playing down Spike of6669.424.38
course hey you know what anyone watching6671.6993.181
this you know what they're watching6673.83.54
really history nope wrong Channel6674.887.4
anybody are you a Spike TV yeah6677.344.94
not happy with that one6683.783.72
now I'm happy now that you're doing that6688.886.0
I'm really happy yeah6691.263.62
yeah we're [ __ ] we're so [ __ ] all6696.86.58
right so we'll save some ammo let him do6701.043.96
oh yeah maybe I should hit him with a6703.383.18
sledgehammer yeah I should be doing6705.03.36
Sledgehammer work instead of using all6706.563.84
my bullets up right yeah I do a lot of6708.363.6
melee we have to do anything that guy6710.43.299
just died on those bikes well that's6711.964.32
good and now we've got more up here I'm6713.6994.681
sure right did you go on the roof nope6716.283.78
where'd you go oh wow you're like a6718.383.9
ghost I am like a ghost that's what they6720.065.82
call me ghost Simon ghost man nothing up6722.286.959
here but uh up here maybe yep can you6725.885.7
make that jump I can when I do that bada6729.2395.46
bang we have some stuff up here here we6731.586.42
go yes sir what's in that bag the bag6734.6996.661
has a flashlight and a jar of water I6738.05.04
guess those are handy that's something6741.365.22
and inside this working stiff sealed6743.046.599
clip we have uh freaking steel parts and6746.585.52
a ratchet first time ever had a ratchet6749.6393.721
I don't even know what to do with a6752.13.0
ratchet yeah I can shove it up your ass6753.364.379
or my ass to Somebody's Ass somebody6755.14.559
will like it up their ass well I'm6757.7393.96
pretty sure ratchets have other uses6759.6596.321
yeah but they definitely fit up your ass6761.6997.201
oh man we only got five grilled meat6765.984.3
left you know the problem with cutting6768.93.42
down trees all days is it really eats6770.284.26
into your food supply it do eat into the6772.326.98
food supply yeah up drops6774.544.76
it's not too far it's not too far at all6782.065.079
yeah let's go get it let's go get it all6785.463.9
right I'm going for the one uh 1906787.1393.721
something meters away come on food6789.364.62
foodie food food food food thick looks6790.864.259
like you uh you want to go for that one6793.982.639
on the right looks like you can go ahead6795.1193.54
and test out your swim Theory yeah I'll6796.6193.6
be so pissed if that gets them it's6798.6593.48
Gotta land on land it looks like it6800.2194.44
might land in the water is it gonna land6802.1395.52
on that island maybe oh come on baby oh6804.6595.881
come on come to me oh yeah oh I hope6807.6594.801
you're filled with good stuff oh yeah6810.544.2
come on down come on down6812.464.759
all right come on come on please provide6817.2197.301
us with something good food we got cat6820.267.08
food we got uh beef rations we got four6824.525.46
cans of peas we got some pasta we got6827.346.359
two first aid kits military events a can6829.986.42
of chicken soup and a can of tuna cheese6833.6995.48
we got food buys think what do you got6836.46.239
ah come on I'm almost there I swim so6839.1797.241
slow yeah here we go all right let's see6842.6397.201
who rocket launcher schematic nope uh6846.426.54
nine millimeter ammo yes sweet shotgun6849.844.399
miso soup6854.2397.48
chicken soup cat chow6857.047.38
all right I'm coming back oh I'm eating6861.7195.42
cat food tonight6864.422.719
we'll better get home Simon I know we6867.483.84
still gotta prep yeah but why aren't you6869.44.2
giving me food I need food oh you know6871.324.2
what we both found uh let's try6873.63.84
something stop here yeah so you got you6875.524.02
found us a sham sandwich as well found a6877.443.719
bunch of sham here we're giving you the6879.543.599
Sham see that right no you keep the Sham6881.1596.0
okay boom and boom take that okay I6883.1396.361
think if you drink that water first then6887.1593.721
you can like eat whatever you want to6889.53.78
try that well I had water already but6890.884.319
any water the water I just gave you6893.284.02
Simon it had to be that particular water6895.1994.44
it was in a bottle like a like a plastic6897.34.379
bottle I have I have other plastic6899.6394.381
bottled water so did it mix with or6901.6794.201
coagulate with my other water all right6904.023.84
there's a glass bottle jar yep that's it6905.883.6
and then there's plastic bottle I'm6907.862.879
doing I have the plastic what are you6909.482.82
doing drinking it is that what you just6910.7393.9
drank plastic bottle okay it looked like6912.34.14
a glass well it's because it does look6914.6394.5
like a glass you're just eating stuff6916.444.679
damn right I am okay does it give you6919.1394.801
like a gut thing like a icon yep gut6921.1195.161
thing icon okay I don't know what you're6923.943.48
saying I don't know if this is a good6926.283.12
you don't know what I'm saying I have a6927.424.56
gut thing and there's an icon it says6929.44.62
six minutes next to it okay so it's like6931.983.78
protecting your gut I think right maybe6934.024.38
okay well I just I don't know I can't do6935.763.959
this anymore I don't know what you're6938.43.42
saying oh okay then let's get the hell6939.7194.141
out of here you ready sure let's get6941.824.02
home we got a horde to do sounds good to6943.864.16
good yeah6950.522.599
a lot of ammo hey which one of you has6954.784.2
ranged weapons I kind of do I mean I6956.524.5
I've got my hunting rifle with a red dot6958.984.02
on it but no scope tell you what I'm6961.023.9
gonna I want to give you something for6963.04.139
uh for horde night oh okay I have this6964.924.38
stuff called recog oh yeah that should6967.1393.901
make a when you take that right before6969.34.5
the horde you should do 50 more damage6971.046.36
to range attacks we've used Sports great6973.86.48
yeah what's up biker [ __ ] I'm gonna6977.44.68
assure you get off my property oh sorry6980.283.959
I thought you're someone else we got6982.083.539
some cat meat we're gonna cook some6984.2393.121
bacon that's all we wanted all right I'm6985.6193.301
keeping enough spikes in my pocket to6987.363.779
fill in this uh this walkway when we're6988.924.5
done did we make any metal spikes yeah6991.1394.321
I've got a few how many we want uh well6993.423.719
I tell you what just give give them all6995.463.719
to me and um I don't see I don't know6997.1393.421
where to put them I just have to save6999.1793.96
one for me saving one for you got it uh7000.563.9
yeah if you just give me what you've got7003.1393.6
then I'll just uh maybe I'll line the7004.464.38
the bottom of this pathway like right7006.7393.781
here with him okay maybe that'll work7008.844.08
I'm still making spikes yeah I can't7010.524.08
make these things fast enough put the7012.923.9
bikes up huh well Simon's gonna be using7014.64.22
one of them right oh yeah7016.825.16
yeah but like not all of it I think it7018.825.56
should be like a special time maybe you7021.984.56
know and how am I gonna get back I guess7024.383.779
I'll die and then I'll come back home7026.543.659
but I I need to do it without any of my7028.1593.721
stuff don't I you want to drop yeah drop7030.1993.061
your stuff off in something be7031.884.44
completely naked okay oh dude naked BMX7033.264.919
fortnite there's your thumbnail right7036.324.919
there we were saying that we all decide7038.1794.861
when we do our special thing but neebs7041.2393.061
you're gonna be up here the whole time I7043.043.3
assume right yep and I made the stairs7044.34.379
nicer so you're welcome everybody yeah7046.343.72
I'm gonna be in my tower the whole time7048.6792.94
too even though I don't have a ranged7050.063.72
weapon all right7051.6195.161
boys it's about to happen neebs you7066.264.74
ready I gotta get in my tower man oh get7068.6593.96
in yeah we're two minutes two minute7071.04.139
warning wow I'm ready now should I do7072.6195.161
the jump right away man you do you here7075.1395.221
we go all right here we go holy crap7077.784.379
they're already coming oh yeah well it's7080.364.08
2200. I got a bird coming I'm doing the7082.1595.0
jump oh7084.442.719
oh boy this is a problem oh boy I'm7093.345.02
trying to help you inside but I'm trying7096.862.7
to help you they're on you need to get7098.362.64
back get back on the bike I need to take7099.563.599
that torch off all right back on the7101.04.639
bike come on come on7103.1595.341
they're all going for you7105.6396.641
do it get out of there get out of there7108.55.58
hey you're getting zombies in your hole7112.284.859
I love it okay beautiful lure them all7114.085.099
into your hole all right I think I got7117.1395.04
it now baby where where here we go come7119.1797.101
on Fire and Ice Baby7122.1794.101
hey how you doing I'm good oh you came7138.44.96
up yeah you made it I'm surprised you7141.264.68
made that jump me too you got a gun uh7143.364.859
no but I was planning on dying all my7145.944.14
stuff is inside there you didn't bring a7148.2193.721
gun I didn't no I didn't want to lose my7150.083.84
gun out it's a hard knife Simon I only7151.943.719
got one gun I thought I was gonna die7153.923.779
I'm surprised I didn't die my bed's in7155.6593.841
there where'd you put your ammo Simon I7157.6993.241
could probably use that eventually no7159.53.9
I'm gonna die and then when I die I'll7160.944.08
go back in there and then I'll have all7163.44.14
my stuff we think this is uh that The7165.024.32
Horde is based on our levels and not7167.544.139
days because if it's based on days we7169.344.379
might be all right yeah we're just7171.6794.381
assuming right on the levels do you all7173.7194.261
have zombies yeah we got a couple but7176.063.84
I've seen it much worse than this oh7177.984.139
yeah like this is kind of relaxed I had7179.93.9
one glowing one already oh there's been7182.1194.261
several whoa I just saw your bike away7183.84.74
are you on the bike Simon I'm back on7186.384.38
the bike okay you might want to get off7188.544.26
get on again because it looks crazy no I7190.764.399
wanna I'm jumping it I'm doing it baby7192.86.379
come on get it this time7195.1597.361
oh man very close are you in the homes7199.1795.261
on it I am I'm in the hole and for some7202.523.84
reason I'm still alive and I'm climbing7204.443.299
I'm on the bike still they're not doing7206.364.02
nothing green guy here he comes stop it7207.7394.92
right there sir I found asking them to7210.384.14
stop it doesn't work much or killing7212.6593.901
them with kindness not at all I thought7214.524.699
the bullet would do it but it didn't7216.566.0
hey how's it going up here fantastic we7219.2195.141
gotta get a little crowd to the South7222.564.02
trying to get in bikes are doing great7224.363.72
though better than I thought they would7226.584.079
yeah all right hold on Fike getting the7228.086.18
bike boom put it down come on Mike go7230.6595.881
down boom all right I'm doing another7234.265.04
jump yeah I got a glitch the bike just7236.545.48
took off without you nice7239.35.7
it looks so stupid I don't think I could7242.024.9
ever make this jump no matter what I do7245.04.56
it's seeming that way no it is last time7246.925.0
that's all I'm saying man it's hilarious7254.1994.841
you got to be on it son7256.44.199
where's he going look at him oh he's7259.044.88
going you see me spikes7260.5993.321
that's one way to do it we got a Greenie7264.885.259
yep I'm on it get that green boy thick7267.6794.381
I'm not racist but I hate green people7270.1393.781
in this game yeah there's a reason here7272.065.4
comes another one no none of these guys7273.926.179
got the legs for it hey abstract hey7277.464.56
what's up Hey listen I'm helping and I7280.0993.721
have a gun now beautiful you see they're7282.023.42
obviously trying to carve a path right7283.824.02
here yeah and I'm shooting them oh keep7285.443.96
an eye out of the West there's uh I7287.842.879
can't tell if they're getting the7289.43.18
through the West either all right oh7290.7193.42
come on oh I got a green guy here all7292.583.74
thank you got some killing the Southwest7300.346.94
yeah good job something hey I'm here7303.027.26
okay they're not coming from the7323.263.58
southwest anymore they shifted tactics7325.0993.661
are coming from the north all right I'm7326.844.56
on them oh yeah oh two Bob guys on the7328.764.8
northwest side I'm gonna get him three7331.43.839
bunk guys on the northwest side don't7333.563.78
shoot there oh God this guy oh he's got7335.2393.721
a bug guy trying to break in dude7337.344.74
everything but the bomb okay go down go7338.966.38
down go down come on come on7342.085.94
guys all right do I shoot them in the7345.345.259
head go for anything but that green spot7348.024.199
on them how can I shoot that green7350.5993.421
Blinky spot on there all right I took7352.2197.281
one down yeah that's the spot now oh boy7354.025.48
you guys can't spat on that on baby I'm7359.7396.641
on it oh did that car blow up is that7364.583.96
what happened yep saw the whole thing7366.383.9
dick you look awesome right now you got7368.543.48
that red moon behind you yeah you're7370.283.78
like an action star look at you a7372.025.04
warrior ah spinner here he comes sit7374.064.92
down yeah get that spinner you want to7377.065.0
get a shot to do this but look at you7378.986.179
he's nobody that puppy might make the7382.065.079
jump memes I hope it's okay here he7385.1593.96
comes I see him he's going for it he's7387.1394.281
nothing oh we got another exploding guy7391.6594.54
coming to your neighbors oh he's going7394.584.159
for needs7396.1992.54
hold on I'm working on trying to repair7423.6994.061
it but I'm an idiot I'm flailing around7425.963.54
like a jackass where is this stuff I'm7427.763.54
gonna try oh God there's a crawler you7429.54.58
son of a [ __ ]7431.32.78
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I can't prepare the7442.784.359
breeds we got a breach in the wall we7445.763.3
gotta breach in the wall oh boy okay let7447.1393.6
me kill this guy7449.063.84
do whatever you can I got a sledgehammer7450.7394.021
let me do something come on now watch7452.93.299
that watch out come get you Simon get7454.763.0
back okay I need I need to try to repair7456.1993.661
this wall oh God it's okay where he's7457.764.02
down now Vic can you cover me from up7459.864.7
there oh come on boys7461.785.64
I got him I got the little [ __ ] I7464.564.9
chopped his leg off I can cover your ass7467.424.08
bro okay cover me cover me I need to I7469.463.9
need to build this wall back up hey I7471.55.159
just looted out back [ __ ] fell out fell7473.366.0
out by accident all right no all right7476.6594.44
well anyway I'm looting maybe I'll kill7479.364.2
this guy over here hey guys I fell out7481.0994.921
so that's not good how do I get back in7483.565.28
I have no wood [ __ ] hold on let me see7486.024.92
if I can build a block stay alive Simon7488.844.2
I'm coming for you no I just found some7490.944.679
bullets and some food yes this is what I7493.044.139
needed Simon where you at where you at7495.6193.06
what side all right in front of the wood7497.1793.601
block the wood blocks okay check it out7498.6794.401
check it outside I'm dropping this7500.784.5
that's all I need thank you for getting7503.083.82
here boy thank you all right so now I7505.283.899
got some bullet uh Dora yeah I think I7506.94.38
got some 44s for you I'd love some of7509.1795.96
that up close yeah I got 10.7511.283.859
Don't Shoot Me7515.325.879
Dead okay7517.6593.54
he wasn't dead7521.7395.021
thank you oh are you gonna come up here7524.1394.181
and down the spikes too yeah there you7526.763.24
go I got a little bit more ammo left but7528.324.2
I'm saving it for dire circumstances Hey7530.04.56
listen I've already ran out of ammo and7532.523.24
I kind of want to run out to some of7534.562.7
those loot bags just because I want to7535.763.54
live dangerously go go right out there7537.263.66
I'll cover you hold on let me get some7539.33.78
let me get some uh wood Uh Wood blockage7540.924.44
so that that green that Gringo was7543.085.3
getting close uh7545.363.02
then I got distracted by a gringo oh7560.55.32
[ __ ] I'm up I just got 29 more nine mil7562.945.64
and oh yeah yours did Simon there you go7565.825.339
baby cover me Simon all right hold on oh7568.584.44
you picked up the thing oh sorry I could7571.1593.48
put it down oh yeah come on I'll come up7573.024.4
the thing thank you7574.6392.781
now I pick it up and we're good to go7579.0996.54
I'm a gamer yeah7581.548.22
sweet piano music by far the most7585.6396.761
successful we've ever been yeah7589.764.919
absolutely I'm gonna go down and fight7592.44.44
everything that's left over yeah look7594.6793.781
how many loot bags they drop now that7596.843.6
makes up for uh not being able to man7598.464.56
that is beautiful I love it all right7600.444.38
save a couple for me you greedy bastards7603.023.54
I think I didn't get to use your shotgun7604.825.359
the whole time because it was all ranged7606.563.619
okay hey thick hey just use your shotgun7610.285.7
to save my life you okay neebs yeah this7613.044.98
Tower was awesome yeah it actually held7615.984.02
up pretty well didn't it okay it's7618.023.78
official spikes are pretty sweet now7620.04.32
yeah yeah all right7621.84.09
okay thick uh Dora you guys are on the7632.784.02
bike so if you guys want to go on a7635.1194.02
hedge go for it I've got a bum leg you7636.84.339
got a bum leg7639.1394.741
how'd you get bomb leg from the whole7641.1395.621
night oh did it give you a bum bum give7643.884.62
me a bum leg all right we're going to7646.763.359
under the Draper skyscraper base we've7650.1193.421
always wanted to do it damn it we're7652.283.18
gonna do it it's time all right we'll7653.545.52
see you guys there yep yep yep Jinx I7655.465.639
owe you cocaine is that a thing named7659.063.9
cocaine for drinks it's usually Coke7661.0993.841
I've never heard that once you owe me a7662.963.19
thank you7676.363.0
come here you sucker go ahead go ahead7680.084.18
oh I have no shotgun ammo come on come7682.6393.48
on back here we go okay come on yep come7684.265.3
on back let's scope you nice7686.1197.08
okay that is not the last we will see of7689.566.88
birds that's right I know okay so look7693.1994.861
at the map we'll go up here maybe take7696.443.779
oh is that another bird no it's another7698.064.98
bird let's see if I can hit him I only7700.2195.94
have so much ammo uh you were in the way7703.044.619
I didn't want to kill you I know that's7706.1593.421
the last person I want to kill that's7707.6594.141
very sweet of you very sweet people say7709.584.5
I'm the sweetest who says that you don't7711.84.859
know him oh okay love to meet him tell7714.084.38
them they're full of [ __ ] but up look at7716.6593.361
that straight ahead in the in the road7718.463.9
so get yourself I got a bear hey if it's7720.024.139
a zombie bear we don't want to deal with7722.363.839
it because man but if it's a big bear7724.1596.321
it's a real bear is it zombies uh yeah7726.1996.981
okay okay moving on past them7730.485.94
uh we're here in shitty city which is7736.425.259
great oh wait a minute dralis what I7739.524.26
feel like we kind of have to stop no we7741.6793.721
don't have to stop thick right no right7743.784.68
here no but not the bird that see okay7745.44.62
that's what you get that's what you get7748.464.199
let's go past the thank you sign I've7750.025.699
suffered a deep laceration gotcha all7752.6597.02
because you're a perv indeed7755.7195.52
this trailer that's all I can really7759.6793.301
carry right now we don't need to carry7761.2393.661
cause we're all hungry yeah oh boy7764.94.259
burrow doggy doggy doggy doggy oh we can7766.884.279
eat that dog oh7769.1594.681
wow damn right what did you do he7771.1595.321
knocked him loopy damn dude in one shot7773.844.68
man I listen I'm deadly with this right7776.484.619
click Sledge baby okay oh man I don't7778.524.619
even have uh neebs do you have a hunting7781.0995.04
knife or room for meat and I could carry7783.1394.56
the meat if I had to sure okay can I7786.1393.181
give you the hunting knife uh yeah7787.6995.0
there's a guy in here guys7789.323.379
Louise if I start chopping at him his7792.864.62
stuff oh yeah so pick up these bags need7795.83.24
okay because my inventory is full so7797.483.0
it's just great and bags this is all7799.043.24
right meat he's a he's a zombie oh he's7800.484.5
a zombie dog damn it okay yeah so this7802.284.08
is pointless yep I mean you might get7804.984.1
fat beautiful Rotting Flesh7806.367.319
oh AK-47 machine gun in ten seven six7809.088.619
two what dude that's awesome oh that's a7813.6796.02
score baby7817.6995.701
oh no if that bear sees us oh it's gonna7819.6998.761
see us oh no no how does it not see us7823.45.06
full full back full back7829.8410.799
what no okay oh he's coming7833.89.22
there's uh there's no way which what do7840.6393.46
you what do you think what do you think7843.023.54
hey let's go uh let's follow me be7844.0993.721
careful there's land mines all7846.562.94
throughout this land oh that's perfect7847.824.68
mine perfect perfect oh God I don't want7849.55.04
to follow you dress no maybe you7852.53.78
shouldn't but I'm gonna oh God yeah and7854.544.699
you hit yep nope7856.282.959
I'm coming up and around I'm gonna do7859.7193.9
the same thing7862.1594.861
kinda a little bit oh come on baby oh7863.6195.98
God come on gotta work those calves oh I7867.023.9
see you they're Alias yeah yeah yeah7869.5993.901
yeah okay look at us [ __ ] survivors7870.924.92
are we because yeah we made it to the7873.54.38
top of the hill yeah we did we're out of7875.844.859
shitty City okay great great no more7877.885.88
land mines no more bears only bright7880.6997.821
skies and smiles from now on yeah7883.764.76
I'm gonna go into this crappy biome what7891.6194.381
do you say we turn East and just stay in7893.543.9
the green there'll be more opportunities7896.04.26
for rabbits deer you know meat yes food7897.444.98
food I need food yeah I need food too7900.263.419
all right we're staying in the green7902.422.64
we're gonna hug the edge of this biome7903.6793.0
we're gonna cut through the woods that's7905.063.72
what she said she did not only makes7906.6793.301
sense well I'm gonna cut through the7908.782.819
woods cut to the woods there's only one7909.983.06
stick there it doesn't make any sense7911.5994.08
one little log she said that too hey I'm7913.044.139
gonna use my machine gun and I'm gonna7915.6794.02
kill the [ __ ] out of a rabbit guys I see7917.1794.44
a chicken wait where you see it Simon7919.6993.54
you see it no kill that chicken we'll go7921.6193.06
back to the trailer and cook it where is7923.2393.661
it it's right there it's to the north a7924.6793.601
little red chicken right there in the7926.93.18
bushes oh you see it Simon wait that7928.283.24
little tiny thing I think it's I see7930.083.24
something right yes boom did I get us7931.524.74
Nice Shot Simon yeah all right come on7933.325.46
needs look at that wait did you give me7936.264.2
that knife uh no I got the knife I'm7938.783.6
gonna pick up the meat after I got it7940.463.719
yeah here we go all right he's dropping7942.385.16
bags I got them bags I get them bags oh7944.1794.681
god wow that was it they're going7947.542.76
everywhere I know that was an explosion7948.863.18
of bags keep the bags together please I7950.33.899
can't there's raw meat up here is this7952.044.74
meat that's feathers get it all raw mate7954.1994.44
okay got it raw meat up here get this7956.783.54
get this raw meat that was a hell of a7958.6393.361
shot wasn't it hey that was a good shot7960.323.359
Simon oh man now I just want to keep on7962.03.48
Hunting baby all right well we're gonna7963.6792.94
have an opportunity because I think we7965.482.52
gotta walk through the woods for quite a7966.6193.6
bit I like that that's what she said she7968.04.199
did not say that7970.2193.061
man remember this uh-huh we can't do7973.286.18
this right now we can go around to the7977.1794.02
North or we could build a bridge which7979.464.08
is that's like the neebs thing to do he7981.1994.38
loves building bridges and barns I know7983.544.139
he does but are we do we have like I've7985.5794.14
got like what five wood and it's just7987.6793.96
gonna fall down yeah you need it to be7989.7193.301
supported from the bottom we can't do7991.6393.421
this here yeah we have to go around and7993.025.099
I think that's to the Northeast okay I7995.065.639
am following you since you are clearly a7998.1195.401
local ah man I'd love to go to that army8000.6994.701
base over there but I'd love to have8003.524.5
ammo and uh room in my interview they8005.44.36
probably have it there whoa what is that8008.024.559
oh what are you cute little is that a8009.765.339
fox oh God I thought you were nice is8012.5795.52
that a coyote it is a coyote coyote meat8015.0996.241
we're gonna eat coyote bird yep yep yep8018.0996.201
I'm gonna do the quick yeah8021.345.46
you know what forget it I'll lose my8024.34.54
bike chasing after a rabbit okay8026.85.1
hopefully just over this Ridge yep uh8028.845.399
but take it slow take it soft and nutty8031.94.64
hey it's like a ranger station or8038.023.119
something there's got to be good stuff8039.6992.821
in here man you would hope at least food8041.1393.121
I need food so bad8042.523.3
got that chicken you can at least cook8044.263.66
that chicken meat yeah uh yep but it's8045.823.96
like four yeah so you're gonna get one8047.923.179
meat that's all you're gonna get from8049.783.419
that if you're lucky hey hey Twitchy Bob8051.0993.961
take that guy I'll look for a way in8053.1993.661
what are you doing you're doing some8055.065.96
Mario cosplay here it's me me8056.869.239
Mario oh yeah baby this is a neat little8061.027.659
spot it is going in the back door I'm8066.0993.841
just gonna chop this door down real8068.6793.181
quick that's what she said no she didn't8069.944.139
say that why would you say that oh hey8071.864.2
sir there's a military person right here8074.0793.961
oh military oh there's military people8076.063.48
all right it's gonna be tough in the8078.043.9
window yeah oh yeah oh okay you just8079.543.659
step right in front of me almost shut8081.943.36
your head off yeah you did neeb sorry8083.1996.121
yeah like hold on let me see hey hey8085.37.379
I've lost my head oh you did see and8089.325.58
that's one to grow on oh are y'all doing8092.6793.54
a reenactment yeah we're doing a8094.92.94
reenactment I wish I'd have been there8096.2193.721
have been great to see all right what we8097.844.02
got in here food uh let's clear it out8099.944.5
uh look around let's see a lady oh8101.864.379
there's another one well there's two you8104.444.639
need help um8106.2392.84
that's what happens you didn't know what8111.7194.301
happened yeah oh hey there's a way up to8114.1593.781
the roof here yeah I'm checking it out8116.025.04
all right let's see oh I bet there's8117.944.32
something good up top that's where this8121.062.46
is I've been up top that's where the8122.263.0
good stuff is you know it anything in8123.523.78
this old trash nothing not a bit in that8125.264.379
old trash okay stairs are here let's see8127.35.22
this is a neat little spot I like it I8129.6394.621
don't like it too there's a zombie or8132.523.78
something in this doghouse I think8134.265.879
that's funny what in the doghouse yep oh8136.36.54
we got a show God shotgun Messiah yeah8140.1395.221
great there we go drop it in hold on8142.844.79
Nissan here we go8145.365.329
he's fine look at that dead dead yeah we8162.545.5
got some ammo oh look at this okay8166.1794.141
ammo's good but yeah what about these8168.044.86
medical supplies got some shotgun shells8170.325.7
oh good no food huh oh wait there's a uh8172.95.46
AK-47 and some nine mil damn okay8176.025.219
another AK that's good [ __ ] oh okay got8178.367.5
some more 762 and uh uh some 44 magnum8181.2397.081
uh I'll take the nine mil if uh nobody8185.864.14
wants it and hey there's a decent still8188.323.24
Sledgehammer in here I'm gonna replace8190.04.5
it boom where's that nine mil [ __ ] uh I8191.565.1
don't think I got any nine mil [ __ ] did8194.53.599
I you can take mine I probably won't use8196.665.22
it yet okay thank you oh yes yeah all8198.0994.92
right there's another [ __ ] to look at8201.882.94
downstairs so let's do that before we8203.0194.021
move out boys now come on come on come8204.822.95
yes sir bridge is out it's been it's8212.0995.5
been out yeah hey so we can bike through8214.8994.74
this we can bike through I Simon did it8217.5993.721
Simon did it I saw it happen with my8219.6393.361
eyeballs we can do it through the water8221.323.239
through the water there's a zombie on8223.05.359
the other side uh okay here we go8224.5593.8
a little steep over here oh yeah nice8229.0197.061
remember when you were a kid and you8233.6794.5
bike Through Rivers with your friends8236.085.88
yeah just just on the bottom floor of8238.1795.641
the river all the memories my friends8241.964.559
all of them oh man that was fun doing8243.825.039
wheelies Burn yeah yeah you got a bird8246.5194.08
yeah I couldn't see I could never do8248.8593.601
wheelies underwater what's wrong with8250.5993.781
you I don't know he's working on it I8252.464.139
could just do uh endos is that a thing8254.384.979
it does yeah yeah I did I did sweet8256.5997.021
endos hey there's the city I know oh wow8259.3596.061
that was that was kind of a long trip8263.623.72
wait all right we gotta do the same8265.423.9
thing Mike underwater again through the8267.345.16
rivers we go just like Huck Finn under8269.326.68
the river and through the river8272.53.5
I'll get them out you guys be ready okay8278.0193.84
uh yeah I'm ready ready all right you8279.822.94
got Arrow8281.8593.061
Arrow be loaded uh yeah I have an arrow8282.764.679
hey hey hey there's a door hey hey8284.924.679
there's nobody here oh wait I see one8287.4395.28
all right uh oh wait I'm outside now I'm8289.5994.8
outside what are you doing this goes8292.7194.38
outside okay cool if you found food uh8294.3995.341
no I was luring the zombies remember8297.0994.62
well you're doing a piss-poor job well I8299.744.02
didn't realize that went outside so how8301.7193.781
about this how about you go inside you8303.763.959
find food and if zombies come and get8305.53.719
you then you run out and you lead them8307.7194.38
to us okay Simon yeah you said you were8309.2194.14
flashing red are you are you about to8312.0995.101
die uh not yet I'm 127 out of 162 but8313.3596.24
I've got no stamina okay oh God I just8317.24.56
saw a chicken there's a zombie and then8319.5994.38
you ready I'm lower it yep yep yep yep8321.763.839
yep yep I'll check over here don't let8323.9793.061
them get me because then my back's turn8325.5994.821
yeah I'm working on it all right8327.046.059
I can trust you all right yeah yeah you8330.424.96
got him you good you are good yep I got8333.0994.5
another one hey I feel like that guy on8335.383.839
the street that Twirls the sign and I'm8337.5993.361
bringing the business in come eat an8339.2194.321
extra in summons bullet [ __ ] spinning8340.965.219
spinning the Arrow come over here [ __ ]8343.544.559
all right that should be it let's loot8346.1793.781
now go inside and get a whole bunch of8348.0993.96
food please dear God I think we're good8349.963.78
on zombies oh wait no there's one behind8352.0593.601
us Simon oh wait neebs did you say you8353.743.239
could get outside I just saw a chicken8355.664.5
yeah oh I want to get outside found a8356.9794.74
ladder get the chick do you need help8360.163.54
where's the chicken I'll get you hello8361.7195.041
sir how are you today where's that8363.75.399
chicken oh come here chicken oh man look8366.763.66
at that look at that Food level down8369.0993.781
there it's so low oh8370.424.62
the way to the roof cool have you found8372.885.46
food no I wanted to go up on the Roof oh8375.045.04
wait there's a thing over here good8378.344.86
please God get food it's just purple dye8380.084.92
surprised you're not happy about that8383.24.319
you jackass maybe if I was thick yeah8385.04.2
it's true8387.5194.981
I lost the chicken that's what she said8389.26.32
she said that maybe used8392.53.02
to see what I got beautiful8397.123.08
thick I saw another rabbit but you want8400.783.42
to put your meat on this fire because8402.763.42
I'm hungry I just put my meat on the8404.24.14
fire yeah um look where'd you get that8406.184.08
gun man oh I stole it from the uh that8408.343.84
Trader we passed from his uh his safe8410.263.78
behind him let's go try it out in that8412.183.54
electronic store I think that's a8414.043.54
perfect place to try it out those guys8415.723.179
will get here we'll figure out where to8417.583.0
go from there a lot of dead bodies in8418.8994.561
here already yeah yeah it was uh okay8420.584.62
what's that noise8423.466.019
um probably just an employee oh guys8425.24.279
yeah yeah okay use a little help out8431.9398.441
here hey oh that's a great sound yeah oh8435.766.74
they're coming in the ceilings8440.385.28
down nurse you know what I'll bet8442.55.319
there's a lot of uh electronic parts8445.666.0
here that's a good guess uh we'll we'll8447.8196.721
find out look man this place is great we8451.663.96
should probably set up here for the8454.543.42
night or at least for the next five days8455.624.08
until the guys get here and we'll take8457.962.76
it from there8459.73.0
believe there's an awful lot of birds8462.73.48
out here yep and there's a guy on the8464.54.979
ground behind you listen oh God freaking8466.185.82
Birds I know I don't know why in the8469.4794.141
hell they're out here it's ridiculous8472.03.359
you got them all yeah I think so so8473.624.08
there's boiled meat and uh eggs boiled8475.3594.921
eggs on the fire I gotta get that pot8477.74.739
back though I'm gonna I'm gonna eat one8480.284.56
of these boiled Meats oh what can I I8482.4394.561
gotta drop something good Lord there's a8484.844.26
hatch over here in the well is this just8487.04.38
the looks oh there's a bag what's in the8489.13.0
um a water and some pears Simon did you8492.16.0
say you were infected yes here take8495.765.099
these antibiotics oh you're a cutie pie8498.15.16
thank you no you're a cutie pie all8500.8594.201
right so I got a drink though right I8503.263.54
got a drink water before I take them or8505.063.66
after no you can just take them okay8506.84.08
y'all grab that food let's go um okay8508.723.78
you get the food Simon all right so that8510.883.84
food's for me that much gracias well no8512.54.439
I need I need one too oh wait I did take8514.724.679
I took two boiled meat so okay I took8516.9394.261
one boiled meat and and then and two8519.3993.481
eggs so we're even okay perfect perfect8521.25.46
oh we're eating all right oh that feels8522.885.7
better neebs thank you yeah yeah all8526.663.84
right get that cooking pot off and uh8528.583.6
yeah let's start traveling let's hit it8530.53.979
right behind you8532.184.98
all right girls yeah there's something I8534.4795.441
know about this town so so very well8537.164.98
what is that Vic is the building over8539.924.86
there under construction this booby trap8542.145.219
like a nightmare I wonder why I don't8544.784.92
know but it's gonna be dark soon we'll8547.3594.261
just check a few more places try to loot8549.74.32
up and and fall back to the electronics8551.624.92
store I know abstra was talking about uh8554.024.5
being in the lobby of a this is way too8556.543.48
big a Lobby right here isn't it that's8558.523.48
way too big I don't know and it's messy8560.023.9
look how messy it is in there it's like8562.03.78
all crumbled down and we can clean up8563.924.68
yeah but do you want to not really that8565.784.14
doesn't seem like the place it doesn't8568.64.259
seem no no okay moving moving on this is8569.924.979
fun we're we're house shopping there we8572.8593.841
are well is that that's the only other8574.8993.661
big building right here it's not even8576.74.199
that big yeah what is this place I8578.563.299
thought they were like bigger8580.8993.0
skyscrapers well that's the big one what8581.8594.801
is this higashi huh higashi8583.8995.46
pharmaceutical yep chicken you know you8586.663.9
know that's where like all the crazy8589.3593.601
crap okay chicken time like there's some8590.564.259
uh they worked on some stuff there there8592.964.5
and it's not ethical kind of a thing8594.8195.461
really yeah not good things in there8597.464.56
it's not good things I feel like there8600.283.659
would be good things if we brought our8602.023.959
goodness into it so should we clear that8603.9393.96
should that be our lobby it's not the8605.9793.42
tallest though but we've got a little8607.8994.321
bit of time right now to clear it okay8609.3996.181
let's clear it get in get out do our8612.226.44
thing and go to bed8615.583.08
yeah stay here for the night yeah that's8620.885.2
probably a good idea wait you know what8623.744.68
neebs yeah I think I see a barn over8626.084.62
there so not this place no we can stay8628.424.32
at that place but sometimes barns have8630.74.4
like pigs out like out back8632.744.739
ah let's do that all right we'll do that8635.13.7
and then we'll come back we'll stay at8637.4793.721
this place okay well I I'm not promising8638.84.26
there's pigs but sometimes horns have8641.23.42
oh hey look the place is called Bob's8644.624.62
spores you think they'd have fours oh8646.785.94
come on piggy piggy oh piggy piggy any8649.245.88
pigs in this fence is he corn I'll take8652.724.679
the corn I'm wrapping around yep piggy8655.124.859
piggy piggy all right Carl's corn and8657.3995.941
Bob's bores okay okay let's see let's8659.9795.88
see let's see did you go in uh no that's8663.344.2
that's gotta be the corn place so the8665.8593.301
piggies are probably over here come on8667.543.54
son all right this is somebody's house8669.164.08
it looks like they keep the pig in the8671.084.5
house I don't know where are the pigs oh8673.243.96
wait there's some cages out back okay8675.584.62
is there not one damn piggy here not you8682.926.7
sir please dude I have no interest in8686.25.4
dealing with you8689.625.54
we got corn though this is the win in my8691.66.18
books I bet you if you break down right8695.164.36
here there's something right underneath8697.783.78
it you think uh yeah well that's what8699.523.419
happened one other time that we were in8701.563.12
a place like this we ended up coming up8702.9393.781
right here because this is Grace oh8704.684.2
you're right Simon this is Grace Grace8706.724.259
was that big pink that'd be a lot of8708.884.62
meat but if Grace is down there and uh8710.9794.801
but it just turned nighttime it's we are8713.54.26
in a bad spot we are in a real bad spot8715.784.5
Simon no we're not we got corn baby corn8717.763.84
it doesn't matter that we got corn8720.284.199
leaves it does matter oh blueberries I'm8721.64.32
getting them all right get the8724.4794.441
blueberries get oh oh Simon what there's8725.925.22
piggies in here there are yes that's8728.923.68
what all right8731.143.9
here's our strategy we kill these8732.64.66
Piggies we get full and then we take8735.045.1
down the big piggy yes hey sorry I'm8737.266.32
late all right you ready yeah8740.145.64
yeah all right hold on let me knife this8743.583.76
trellis we should get out of here it's8747.343.9
starting to get hairy agreed I did just8749.143.96
get a uh kill a chicken in the lobby8751.245.88
that was unexpected yeah uh Happy not8753.16.18
accident but just yeah it's a good thing8757.124.02
yeah not much else we can do but I feel8759.284.56
pretty comfortable uh we got the four or8761.145.58
the claim block down back at the Circuit8763.845.16
City yep I feel like we're set I feel8766.723.9
like I'm gonna check out this short bus8769.03.96
here oh yeah four lock picks in there8770.625.22
perfect as per expected okay hey let's8772.966.18
go have a okay all right let's Okay okay8775.846.26
this is this is ridiculous8779.145.64
there it is all right what all right8782.14.6
how'd you get out had to get out just8784.784.88
fortitude uh positive mental attitude8786.78.18
yeah hey positive mental attitude nice8789.669.1
oh God Simon yeah did you fall in a hole8794.886.76
yes I fell in the hole oh and I found a8798.765.28
scrap chest armor with number six is8801.644.86
that seems like it's a good thing how's8804.043.5
that food going8806.54.2
oh what's wrong I fell again and there's8807.545.08
a big pig I'm with Grace right now8810.74.5
should we go help him oh God yeah we got8812.625.359
him they're coming in here8815.22.779
oh boy8819.222.54
I killed it nice good job Simon oh boy8824.885.2
we got this guy to continue with yep yep8828.3993.481
yep yep yep come on come over here come8830.083.359
over here come get me keep an eye on8831.883.32
that man no it's not for him8833.4394.581
not for him8835.26.159
okay I got no meat down here you got no8838.025.56
meat no meat there's a little rabbit hey8841.3594.08
rabbit I thought you killed Grace Grace8843.584.5
don't have me I shot him like 30 times8845.4395.341
and then it disappeared in my face and8848.084.739
there's no meat oh what a rip-off leaves8850.783.3
well we got a ton of meat from these8852.8192.761
small pigs yeah how much meat we got8854.083.42
right now well we got a hundred I can8855.583.899
make boiled meat because I don't have a8857.53.84
what you call it yeah hey well meat8859.4793.721
that'll keep us fed all right I'll cook8861.344.32
the water I'll pull the meat yes all8863.24.56
right Simon be careful down there okay8865.664.86
I'm just gutting a rabbit and I got 108867.767.2
meat baby I'm gonna eat like kings boys8870.525.67
barely I want to I want to uh take a8877.745.38
head off and I haven't done like one of8880.724.62
the the right full swings yet oh that's8883.124.56
the best yeah right click yep yep8885.344.68
exactly here let me see yeah name start8887.685.1
some zombies up yep uh so just like8890.024.56
break a window yeah that usually does it8892.784.079
yeah hey come on come on come on come on8894.584.8
somebody wants the best hit it come on8896.8594.561
get out of here my buddy Simon wants to8899.384.86
smash your brains in with his back up I8901.425.7
see uh one guy hello for more all right8904.245.699
oh perfect I hate these hoodie kids8907.124.98
there's two of them oh one of them's a8909.9394.081
runner all right Runner he's anxious all8912.14.62
right yeah yeah dude it's you come at me8914.025.9
bro nope swinging a Miss8916.727.08
yeah there it is oh come on oh I tried8919.926.1
to get the head all right this one head8923.84.88
off head off8926.022.66
I'm telling you man bats are awesome in8928.744.72
this game uh as they should be a bat is8931.34.32
an unbelievable weapon oh wait let me do8933.465.18
one oh yeah I haven't got8935.623.02
dipping your nuts in there I like it8946.383.82
look I don't have any more room to carry8948.583.359
anything we just need to head to the new8950.23.42
location yeah I wanna yeah I want to8951.9393.481
loot this place but it's dumb hey I'm8953.624.819
gonna rinse this car though8955.423.019
big old crack8964.04.2
the biggest yeah possibly the largest8965.9794.261
and they've got an arbucks coffee how8968.24.8
nice oh yes they do yeah8970.244.8
um oh hey buddy yep lots of people I'm8973.03.6
just gonna lead this guy to the to the8975.043.02
old spikes8976.63.719
oh he just went right through it yeah8978.064.18
that didn't go I want a nurse getting8980.3193.421
her read on you going right through this8982.243.18
too how do you go right oh because you8983.743.18
go around because you're you're smart8985.423.36
these guys are readers they're learning8986.924.38
as are we as are we the most learned and8988.784.079
we're here to be more learning yeah8991.33.3
right just sit down man so what's the8992.8593.421
main thing that you want here to Rally's8994.64.799
what what sort of skills well you know I8996.285.039
like I think it's great when you uh when8999.3993.901
you max out if you read all the books9001.3193.54
about something I guess the books are9003.32.519
um well I just need to know what to look9005.8193.361
for for you how did that not work for9007.084.2
her right is that like a faulty I'm9009.185.1
trying it is that a dud yeah it's a dud9011.284.56
because you should keep it down in9014.283.72
places of reading heading up all right9015.845.16
moving up oh boy9018.04.56
it's kind of fun being back in the old9021.03.42
neighborhood huh yeah they changed the9022.563.839
name of it it's not turd Town anymore no9024.423.78
it was Dyersville that we changed the9026.3993.781
name to turd town and now it's dire but9028.24.26
they they went behind us my glass house9030.183.96
was in this neighborhood yeah it was9032.463.06
right down uh right down that street9034.144.02
yeah it was that's right it's all coming9035.524.98
back to me yeah unfortunately we're full9038.164.319
up otherwise I'd say we'd go crazy here9040.53.72
but uh yeah I think we need to focus on9042.4794.261
getting to uh doralius and oh what's his9044.225.16
face all right well if I could kill if I9046.743.9
could kill this chicken with a baseball9049.383.42
bat it's a win oh I want to see that9050.644.08
yeah do it do it do it let's Corner him9052.83.599
Corner in corner him Corner him come on9054.722.82
don't let him get away don't let him get9056.3993.301
away I'm getting away9057.546.56
oh seven damn right9059.74.4
I'm getting to me9064.343.66
Vic how you doing up there fantastic how9068.9394.081
about yourself I can't move because I9071.043.54
broke my leg but doing really really9073.024.02
good uh good spirits you know you need a9074.585.52
split yep I have a bunch I know it would9077.044.92
just take me forever to get up there oh9080.14.08
one try on the wall safe and I got9081.964.859
polymer string mod that's that's great I9084.185.16
don't know what that is I don't either9086.8195.101
um strings are involved I guess I did9089.344.68
get a treasure map you know how much I9091.924.92
like those yeah oh found a 44 magnum9094.026.0
nice yeah I think I just went into a9096.844.559
little bit of Christopher walk in there9100.023.36
you always do you're always right there9101.3993.841
on the edge of it on the edge of on the9103.383.96
edge of walking Walking On The Edge9105.244.98
you're always watching9107.344.04
oh here uh I might as well go for it uh9111.386.88
in this room as Christopher Walken go9115.924.559
for it is it fine it's a fine painting9118.264.98
of a Native American man looking very9120.4795.941
stoic I gotta break it perhaps this9123.245.46
treasure me and you granice we love9126.424.62
trash sure what if it's worth a lot of9128.74.56
money yes you do it too I like that I9131.044.62
like that whoops now we got lots of guys9133.266.92
in here holy hold on yeah9135.664.52
okay I love machine guns so much9141.3596.96
all right Simon you can kill a chicken9145.8596.061
with a bat but can you kill a dog with a9148.3197.981
bat oh well in this game I can because9151.926.36
uh that just sounds weird when you say9156.33.48
kill a dog with a bat that's yeah9158.283.6
because I think there might be a wolf9159.784.56
like a wolf yeah that's like a wolf okay9161.884.26
we'll face if you get in trouble we'll9164.344.38
help you out hey we'll be I'm gonna come9166.144.08
over there I'm gonna sneak up on you I'm9168.723.42
crouching maybe it doesn't see me don't9170.223.3
do it sneak up on it that's what I'm9172.142.94
doing hit him in the butt I'm gonna hit9173.524.2
him right in the ass with the bat come9175.085.16
on baby give me your fat ass oh I'm9177.724.32
gonna get the bat right in the pooper9180.244.44
hey papa9182.045.74
it's Stephen9196.044.48
okay this is where this is book storage9198.4795.761
I would imagine oh hey employee sleep at9200.526.66
home job yeah yeah we caught you oh boy9204.246.06
what oh right here wow wow okay yeah9207.185.46
they're really okay you're all sleeping9210.36.98
on the job that's off goodbye9212.644.64
good good I'm honestly proud of all of9217.8195.441
them for book learning you know oh9221.464.28
they're in the break room9223.267.32
uh-huh yeah I need a break oh like for9225.747.9
eternity oh oh here's some more book9230.584.7
lots of books I didn't want that book9235.284.24
yeah don't don't hog all the books you9237.783.36
know I figured you hogged all the ones9239.524.2
on the other floor they're hardly any no9241.144.94
actually the only library was uh already9243.725.4
scavenged by you listen we are a team9246.084.66
we're gonna read all the books together9249.125.58
sure oh boy oh boy dicks yeah I have9250.747.14
angered some zombs all right coming no9254.76.239
no oh yeah9257.884.8
coming back around because I'm still9260.9394.621
slow that's it we're good they're fine9262.686.24
oh wow good job you're a damn hero I9265.565.16
heard your thick 44 actually yeah I9268.923.18
haven't I haven't told anybody that yet9270.724.259
human man Warrior did I get that did I9272.15.28
get that right that's what they say as9274.9795.34
in that saying they you yeah that's9277.384.5
about it9280.3194.141
all right neebs dip our toes in into the9281.885.82
sand okay9284.463.24
all right I love the desert okay I got9287.765.04
my Poncho one okay it says I'm hot I can9290.3993.601
deal with hot it's when you're9292.82.42
well it's your legs sweltering that uh9295.225.62
it kills you I think I'm okay I think9298.923.84
I'm okay too I'm just in the hot9300.844.38
environment oh now it's gone yeah maybe9302.764.559
I'm all right you're not swelterling not9305.224.679
sweltering one bit okay all right I9307.3194.561
guess this is the road South well you9309.8996.321
keep hitting South oh dog dog dog9311.884.34
fox what is that yeah9316.645.849
man giving Simon a bat was like the best9325.225.86
idea we've ever had oh yeah we're not9328.25.4
gonna waste this are we no no yeah no of9331.084.319
course cut it up cut it up you're having9333.66.0
chicken wolf coyote Pig for dinner oh9335.3997.681
he's a pretty little baby9339.67.799
I think this might be what top floor I'm9343.086.48
hoping about done with this place oh man9347.3995.481
there's a sick good Lord wait9349.567.14
hey this is the print okay good yeah9352.886.84
we've got it okay9356.76.18
soup in the bookstore what yeah I got9359.725.74
some tuna and I'm actually starving and9362.885.28
almost out of space I know I know we're9365.465.28
almost out of here good yeah let's see9368.164.44
got a lot of concrete up here that's9370.744.5
good to know because we could use it yes9372.65.58
for things thick yeah we gotta start9375.245.28
thinking about where we want a base and9378.184.679
I'm I'm thinking that big skyscraper and9380.523.9
we don't even fortify it we just see if9382.8593.301
they can get to us kind of like that9384.424.38
okay just create a few uh choke points9386.164.58
you okay rallies9388.84.74
yeah yeah yeah I've never been better9390.745.079
never been better yeah yeah I would love9393.544.8
for you to show me up there there we go9395.8194.681
uh-huh wow that's that's impressive9398.344.62
stuff yeah so you just uh you just gotta9400.54.2
be good at being short right right oh9402.964.5
that's the problem what happened oh God9404.74.76
fell through the floor9407.464.92
I gotta stop that nonsense9409.465.74
yeah realize you be careful listen to me9412.385.16
yeah maybe you take the rest of that I'm9415.24.44
gonna head back and unload some of this9417.544.14
stuff perfect and I'll meet you back at9419.646.48
the electronics store oh God I got it9421.687.219
oh do you guys see that building yeah9426.125.4
skyscrapers that's our destination good9428.8994.96
good listen we need a grill damn it okay9431.524.74
well what are you talking about we need9433.8594.62
food we need food yeah neebs has a ton9436.263.42
in his pocket we're gonna get there9438.4793.121
we're gonna find Beavis and Butthead and9439.683.42
then yeah we're gonna we're gonna eat9441.63.36
I'm just saying I want to be very full I9443.13.839
want to see that full green bar in the9444.963.66
bottom all right that's what I need I9446.9393.181
don't have a grill though I just have9448.623.0
meat but we're gonna have to find a9450.123.12
grill it's gonna have to be priority9451.623.48
well I mean eventually man neebs you9453.243.6
know you need to start a farm yeah now9455.13.06
I've been picking up seeds all the way9456.843.42
along the trip yeah good because yeah we9458.164.14
need a farm we need the good food I mean9460.263.3
you know that's the thing grilled meat9462.33.42
goes so quick in this game five meat to9463.563.72
make one grilled meat I think I'm gonna9465.723.3
lay a bed down I'd hate to die right9467.283.659
here man you know what that is a smart9469.024.32
smart smart smart smart smart idea hey9470.9393.901
Bird come after me you guys let me know9473.343.24
when you got your bed rolls down I'm I'm9474.843.54
watching this bird mine's down all right9476.583.899
okay good I gotta make one make me one9478.383.9
too I got the eye on the bird Simon I'm9480.4793.541
covering you make two make two bedrooms9482.283.24
make it two I'm getting the fiber that's9484.023.18
not one of the things I was carrying so9485.523.6
hold on all right get that fiber oh you9487.23.48
gonna come in on me you gonna come in on9489.123.779
me man he's chicken nope he's a vulture9490.684.679
I know but he's you understand that9492.8995.221
oh he's he's a he's a coward he's afraid9495.3595.341
yeah okay well he's probably looking at9498.125.819
your bed my ex idiom confused fuses me9500.75.64
even though I know what it means you9503.9394.681
know what's up what's him uh9506.343.599
what's like9508.623.54
a plane like a like a thing here's a9509.9394.561
here's my bed roll and then hold on a9512.165.04
second there you go and that's your bed9514.56.66
roll bang good call neebs uh-huh he9517.25.82
really not gonna land is nope I ain't9521.163.659
gonna worry about him let's move on it9523.024.02
looks like a uh it's an auto parts store9524.8195.521
up here okay I could use a carburetor I9527.045.279
right I don't know what a carburetor is9530.343.479
I've heard the word but I don't know9532.3194.861
what it does I'm so old a carburetor is9533.8195.641
what used to be put on older cars before9537.184.44
they have fuel injection this does any9539.464.14
of that make any sense to you I've heard9541.626.08
the word fuel injection an idiot9543.64.1
I don't speak cars I'm sorry I'm a9548.784.659
carburetor guy you're an idiom guy hey9551.523.66
there you go everybody's got their own9553.4394.141
specialty that's right9555.184.639
and this whole time this whole time I9559.885.559
forgot I had a junk turret oh wow this9562.624.62
is a serious bookstore when you've got a9565.4393.901
Hilo landing pad on top you know you're9567.244.92
not messing around with your books oh9569.346.72
yep and that's what this is for whoops9572.166.84
now let's go ahead and do that hey guys9576.065.72
is that wow my junk turns weak as [ __ ]9590.8996.401
okay just take your time one at a time9594.246.32
we got this we can make a line please9597.36.24
and your turrets out of it okay well9600.565.259
that worked out pretty good9603.544.16
come on9605.8194.801
now to get all the goods which I assume9607.75.26
are on the Helo pad because that's where9610.624.68
you put the goods any Goods up on the9612.965.66
Hilo pad oh yeah9615.37.44
yes yes okay9618.624.12
okay I need is so hot I'm ready to be9624.243.96
done traveling I know hey see that place9626.163.779
out there though which place look look9628.23.42
over there across the lake on the stilts9629.9393.96
yeah uh yep it's kind of a cool spot9631.624.5
isn't it yep to look at or what to live9633.8993.601
in yeah well I don't know I guess we9636.122.819
need to yeah I guess we need to talk to9637.53.18
uh thick and door and find out where9638.9394.021
they've set up base but yeah I'm with9640.683.54
you sick of travel but we're almost9642.962.82
there look it's right it's right around9644.223.42
the corner that's it can we run are you9645.784.68
too tired oh I think I'm fine yeah let's9647.644.02
just get there let's just get there why9650.463.42
not all right oh boy but yeah I've got9651.664.62
the I've got the flashing red Sun so I9653.884.14
know that's not good is that an idiom no9656.283.3
it's not an idiom it's what's happening9658.023.66
on my screen there's a flashing red sun9659.583.3
down there at the bottom left you9661.682.94
jackass wait what's another word an9662.884.74
idiom what's another idiom apps bro but9664.623.96
you're asking me to think one off the9667.622.4
top of my head it's like a phrase so9668.583.48
your chicken chicken's one of them like9670.023.66
your chicken so if you were learning9672.063.419
English and someone called you a chicken9673.682.88
you probably wouldn't understand that9675.4793.92
yeah because you're not a chicken9676.565.94
but it's yeah it's a phrase but an idiom9679.3996.04
I don't know like a dumpling uh he's a9682.54.62
little dumpling didn't he yeah I guess9685.4393.241
that might be could that be considered9687.122.88
an idiot yeah because he's not a9688.683.24
dumpling so I don't know I mean that's9690.04.2
if idiom is what you say it is that's9691.923.72
what I think it looks like if you want9694.23.239
wrong I'm not a goddamn English teacher9695.643.96
yeah like if you're if I said you're a9697.4394.741
butthole is that an idiom yeah maybe I9699.64.44
guess so see you know what I think you9702.183.299
might we might have just learned that9704.043.6
you're using the phrase wrong or we just9705.4793.721
don't know what it means and you using9707.643.12
it right well I think we all don't know9709.23.0
what it means otherwise one of us would9710.763.12
be like this is what it means I don't9712.23.779
know what it is [ __ ] idiots oh I have9713.883.96
no clue I mean I'm an idiot though9715.9793.721
everybody's an idiot Simon about9717.843.54
different things that's true it ain't9719.74.619
about idioms or you're or genius we9721.385.099
don't know yet so now we gotta find now9724.3195.181
we gotta find the door and thick9726.4795.88
hello hello where are you guys at9729.55.62
electronic store so is that a two-story9732.3595.641
building one story what's it called uh9735.127.04
Mo Power Electronics Mo power9738.08.399
hey good to see you and good to see you9742.167.9
hey bud hey oh you got a bat yes I oh9746.3996.241
man I've been having fun today oh that's9750.064.919
a cool location it's all right yeah just9752.644.08
been waiting for you here okay this is9754.9793.541
where you guys are set up for now you9756.723.9
guys have storage inside a little bit we9758.524.379
could use some more I'm sure okey doke9760.624.76
oh yeah it's like a [ __ ]9762.8995.58
an electronic store yeah nice welcome to9765.385.08
my power no money more power yeah wait9768.4793.481
hold up guys before we get too settled9770.463.06
here I actually saw a really cool place9771.963.54
coming into town I think it's too far9773.523.9
north a little bit okay why don't we all9775.53.359
go over there and check that place out9777.423.479
before we settle on this place as a9778.8593.54
place we want to stay because that place9780.8993.241
is a lot closer to water yeah I'm not9782.3994.021
we're not we're not married to this no9784.143.719
not at all we're just waiting for you9786.423.3
guys yeah okay well name do you want we9787.8592.821
want to dump off a little bit of our9789.722.46
storage and go check that out yeah let's9790.683.36
check it out all right9792.184.02
Victor what do you guys think I love it9794.044.62
pretty interesting yeah sure it's got9796.24.86
character oh and it's got a chicken and9798.664.92
it's got a barn that you think would be9801.064.62
red but it's yellow and I like it it9803.583.66
looks like a barn at least doesn't it9805.683.42
growing weed in there buddy oh there's9807.243.6
some military stuff going on here okay9809.14.259
I'll bet it goes below too maybe you9810.844.8
think babes why are you so slow look man9813.3594.141
it's hot and I got a late start hang on9815.643.719
what do you think of this place it looks9817.53.6
pretty cool it doesn't yeah it does need9819.3593.241
a little Fixer-Upper gonna need a little9821.13.719
bit of work and there is a road yep9822.63.839
there's a road that leads right to there9824.8193.66
dude we can convert This Barn into a9826.4394.561
garage yeah this place has potential9828.4795.521
absolutely I like it a lot all right is9831.04.56
this where we're moving in I mean well I9834.02.939
mean we want to get inside and check it9835.562.82
out but I mean from the outside looked9836.9395.04
at it I mean this looks nice yeah up and9838.385.64
hey there's solar there's solar power9841.9795.401
really yes on the roof that's incredible9844.026.72
I love solar oh cheerleader got in yeah9847.386.36
we need to uh we gotta establish some9850.745.52
defenses here so it was a no basement I9853.744.02
don't think there's a basement if this9856.264.139
goes up huh I guess so and this is uh9857.764.679
destroyed why does everything not work9860.3994.021
oh don't worry we can break it apart I9862.4393.241
can build a new one don't worry about it9864.423.3
okay how's it look up top we're getting9865.683.48
there slowly it's like playing a9867.723.599
platformer game of sorts oh It's gotta9869.164.319
be rebuilt huh yeah we'll have to build9871.3194.261
it up a little bit look at there you go9873.4794.321
thick there you go almost there well you9875.584.98
see thick uh nothing yet ah it's not let9877.85.099
me come on let me jump because it's you9880.564.98
put a block on top of you yeah right9882.8993.801
there we go all right I hear a lot of9886.74.779
nonsense in here I'm gonna see what said9889.3195.881
nonsense is about okay okay oh zombies9891.4795.701
up top I got you your back I got your9895.24.26
back I appreciate that does it look cool9897.184.74
like we'd live there absolutely who's9899.464.26
gonna want to go up there on a regular9901.924.08
basis still with this freaking stared9903.724.5
nightmare it's a really good point I'm9906.04.74
going to be living in the garage with9908.224.44
you buddy thank you listen we can9910.743.78
rebuild those stairs though yeah and9912.663.779
great rebuild them and then it's like9914.524.32
yeah let's go up to the Maze of stairs9916.4394.021
every freaking time I want to go up9918.843.96
there hell no it's not a maze it's you9920.464.38
should go upstairs something gets lost9922.84.019
and stuff like that but it's just there9924.844.26
you just go up how is that amazing how9926.8193.961
many different freaking look at this9929.14.259
look at the freaking stairs on this9930.784.98
place yeah which way do they go they're9933.3595.101
crazy damn that's not amazing they're up9935.763.559
they're over they're up they're down9939.3195.321
they're right they're upside down you're9941.884.92
ridiculous we'll make you a map it'll be9944.644.679
fine yeah this way goes up this way goes9946.84.639
two construction guys out here yeah hey9952.3194.641
okay yep you're right it's bigger than9958.13.66
that isn't it9960.424.22
swing it up9964.645.44
it got me a little bit okay right in the9966.964.2
shoulder I didn't care for that ninja9970.085.34
Bubba take that you're next lady oh got9971.165.94
her good I love it when the head pops9975.423.66
anytime the head pops just makes me go9977.14.92
yay okay popped like three heads that9979.084.68
time oh there's a guy back there you're9982.024.5
not getting away baby long shot I get9983.764.26
him I don't know I can't see him he's on9986.523.959
a run Man On The Run oh oh yeah over9988.023.9
there on the side okay yeah you got him9990.4792.761
hey don't waste the ammo we're actually9991.923.62
low on ammo right now okay hey hey hey9993.244.68
stop it stop what you're doing sit down9995.544.98
shut up9997.922.6
we could hardly fortify that place and I10009.164.48
don't think they can get to us I don't10012.22.699
even think they could take out the10013.643.24
foundation okay I have to see what10014.8993.241
you're thinking I'm down for whatever10016.883.18
this is your call yeah I mean I'll I'll10018.144.14
try it but I mean they could obviously10020.064.259
overrun the entire thing break through10022.283.84
walls and kill us you don't think that's10024.3194.441
very possible the walls here are very10026.124.859
tough to break through and for them to10028.764.62
even find their way upstairs to get to10030.9794.38
us is going to be nearly impossible well10033.383.78
this is just block though there's any10035.3594.321
glass in here oh there's glass what do10037.164.26
you mean there's no glass there's look a10039.683.6
little closer my friend okay that is10041.424.38
glass that's the good glass okay that's10043.284.68
the good glass yeah that's bulletproof10045.84.26
stuff there I'd like to see a nerd pull10047.963.72
all the way up to the top of that thing10050.063.6
how many how many blocks do you think10051.683.299
that would take that takes a bunch of10053.663.12
blocks but I'd like to see you do it I10054.9793.301
have to get a lot of wood why don't you10056.783.78
guys go in uh-huh start looting up10058.284.82
listen I think it's gonna take10060.566.54
uh the one two three four five six seven10063.17.42
eight nine ten eleven to 148 blocks okay10067.15.64
I'm going to make 148 and see how far10070.523.959
that gets me I like that that's perfect10072.744.38
thank you what a fun game yeah fun for10074.4794.441
the whole family play at home if you if10077.124.38
you can you guys yeah definitely play at10078.923.979
babes I need some heat resistant gear oh10082.8995.021
yeah you high I'm hot I'm not hot at all10085.73.36
you know what cause you got that cowboy10087.922.64
hat oh is that what it is probably10089.064.2
that's the thing you're wearing a poncho10090.565.22
so yeah I got a poncho it's got a lot of10093.264.26
heat resistance this shirt inexplicably10095.783.42
has a lot of heat resistance this little10097.523.78
little mask I got on your armor is it10099.23.779
making you hot or no armor shouldn't10101.33.72
affect it at all okay now I heard you10102.9793.721
say you hate this sign I mean yeah look10105.023.18
at it it's just like floating off I was10106.73.119
gonna put it up here like put it on the10108.23.0
wall right here I started to do that and10109.8192.761
I'm like we should name the base up10111.22.699
there like we should have a big sign10112.583.84
that says uh Fort something dumpster10113.8994.5
Fort dumpster I mean yeah really got the10116.423.72
dumpster should we ask the others just10118.3993.54
go for it I like four dumpster look at10120.143.78
this place is a dump at least for now10121.9393.96
yeah we're really gonna change this10123.923.24
place for the better though this place10125.8993.121
will be wonderful when we're done with10127.162.58
um Papa maybe there stick it on the wall10129.743.6
it's on the wall what do you mean it10131.962.46
looks like it's floating off the wall10133.342.94
it's not floating off that's floating10134.424.86
Off the Wall sorry it's very perspective10136.285.039
okay okay yeah you're right last chance10139.284.92
four dumpster do it okay dumpster not10141.3194.921
very catchy here we go four times four10144.23.96
dumpster I'm gonna plant some potatoes10146.244.56
and uh corn cool10148.165.4
hey I went up a level Simon hey look at10150.84.74
you yeah look at these guys twins you10153.564.5
just killed the the McCormick twins it's10155.545.399
just all the um all the business peoples10158.066.24
in this lovely business building yeah I10160.9395.04
do like the building though it's there's10164.33.9
a lot of uh hey oh hey what's going on10165.9794.38
guys hey hey you just one just10168.24.14
disappeared yeah I see that are you are10170.3594.321
you not there nope just disappeared oh10172.346.18
man just Illusions Illusions hello10174.686.96
where's thick thicky poo hey what level10178.525.22
are you guys on I think two level two10181.643.96
Bubba I'm I'm at one of the corners of10183.744.02
the building come find me I'm I'm on the10185.64.92
northeast corner the northeast corner is10187.765.24
right yep10190.525.4
oh watch out for Birds oh God there's10193.07.359
everything after you Simon oh geez10195.926.439
all right I'm running but this is gonna10204.225.5
be good was that 146 I can't I can't10206.848.24
swing the back yes oh boy oh no oh10209.727.98
Simon's a nurse chasing you she likes10215.086.52
you she's down she's sexy nurse she's10217.75.88
sexy nurse football what are you doing10221.65.879
here okay back to the task at hand yep10223.586.06
I'm gonna keep going up good luck fix be10227.4794.551
careful up there yeah10229.643.719
more dumpster's got a lot of character10233.3594.08
yeah but listen uh I Honestly made a10234.684.44
sign in there it's got all the10237.4393.721
ingredients to the chemistry table oh10239.123.84
yeah that's that's a lot so I want to10241.163.239
make that so we can give him more10242.964.08
character yeah I agree make some paint10244.3994.92
wanna hit up this Auto Parts store yes I10247.045.22
do yeah I would love to make a Jeep too10249.3195.341
that also needs a lot of materials okay10252.264.44
are you close well I think I think Dora10254.664.14
found a chassis oh you're saying chassis10256.74.44
now yeah I've learned I hate that you10258.83.78
know how when kids speak wrong you don't10261.143.6
correct it just because it's funny no I10262.583.6
was trying to oh you don't do that no no10264.743.54
I always correct my daughter okay well10266.183.66
you don't say it that way you say it10268.282.94
this way does she say anything wrong10269.842.16
oh I can't think of anything up the top10272.04.2
of my head yeah it's too late you ruined10274.343.54
her oh really10276.24.26
Otto is where we are oh oh oh oh oh10277.884.019
I don't know Parts see anything in this10281.8994.261
car come on give me something good what10284.124.56
is this a reflex sight mod schematic10286.164.02
that I haven't read oh yeah neeb's Pro10288.682.82
tip do you know how to know if you've10290.183.299
read something or not in this game10291.53.899
um no all right so I don't know if you10293.4793.42
can see this but there's like a little a10295.3993.361
book icon at the top left of these10296.8994.08
things okay uh once you read them if I10298.763.599
found that mod again that book would be10300.9794.681
open oh really so if the book's open oh10302.3595.901
really Auto really10305.665.6
you've read it10308.266.099
okay uh we got a construction guy behind10311.265.5
us and a whole store to loot okay let's10314.3593.601
get to it10316.763.059
guys it's looking like I'm almost up10319.8194.921
there how many blocks I've got 66 left10321.746.36
oh so I told you too many I don't know10324.745.46
we'll see Dora where you going buddy I'm10328.13.36
trying to follow you but I don't think10330.23.119
I'm doing a very good job yeah you put a10331.463.84
block directly above your head so that's10333.3193.901
not gonna help you no no somebody else10335.34.38
did that oh that was you this is going10337.223.3
to take us a while I don't have enough10339.682.52
wood to get to the top but I want it so10340.524.56
bad oh boy yeah this is not good I'm not10342.25.34
gonna do that I'm at the top okay what10345.085.1
do you got Bubba I've got 44 left out of10347.546.6
151. okay so I was way off and what's up10350.186.36
there probably my death probably so I10354.144.38
can hear everything up here I don't10356.543.66
think they can get to me got some fat10358.523.419
people how big it up there the10360.23.779
elevator's out I don't know everyone's10361.9393.84
in for some bullets today oh yeah10363.9794.261
there's a lot of folks up here man I10365.7794.141
wish there was a nerd pulled up you guys10368.244.28
can I'm think I'm gonna10369.925.64
just can ignore me huh is it gonna be10372.524.72
like that I mean nothing to you oh yeah10375.563.9
now you see me you stop10377.245.22
you quit those rocks not snowballs I ice10379.465.939
the uh I tore apart the ice machine okay10382.465.34
I'm going in hey they're open10385.3994.321
look at this which found a bunch of10387.85.82
rewards for wanted people oh man that'd10389.725.58
be cool in this game bounty hunting yeah10393.626.3
Lisa AKA stabby for stabbing people yeah10395.37.08
lucky okay reward for bringing him in10399.923.02
I don't know it looks like stami we're10406.65.379
taking in damn it we're gonna get dollar10409.226.719
signs okay oh hey this guy's a runner10411.9796.481
you good oh yeah I think I'm good10415.9394.321
look out for interviews buddies I'm10418.463.6
gonna check these shelves see what kind10420.263.24
of goods we got we're looking for a10422.064.56
chassis hey repair kits and a bucket10423.54.68
what the hell happened here oh yeah10426.623.779
behind you got it they're coming in10428.183.299
through the roof too there's a guy up10430.3993.301
there okay uh nope but I'm gonna finish10431.4793.661
this guy off wait they look like they're10433.72.76
fighting each other no wait that guy's10435.143.12
giving him head what there's a zombie10436.463.72
[ __ ] up here well don't stare that's10438.264.139
weird I'm staring okay there's a way to10440.183.78
the roof up here what are you guys doing10442.3994.5
okay enough of this boat show's over10443.966.859
there you go there you go okay hey hey10446.8996.96
yeah that'll teach you to give a [ __ ]10450.8194.901
on the roof of an oh really auto parts10453.8595.221
store yep obey the rules10455.726.36
hey guys can you hear me up there yes I10459.084.68
think I'm a floor below you but I got10462.084.56
some um I'm prepared for some things I10463.767.38
see what do you see hey guys that wasn't10466.648.16
an answer what do you see oh come on now10471.147.679
come on now let's play games yes yes yes10474.86.059
what are you talking about yes yes yes10478.8195.641
yes come on bring it in yes yes oh hey10480.8598.881
yes hey guys yes oh hey all right hit10484.469.5
that bomb anybody want to hit that bomb10489.744.22
oh yeah10494.243.96
yeah I'm not on drugs guys I just feel10496.463.859
and then you stop talking to us well10500.723.84
because I was dealing with uh combat10502.584.14
what now where are you buddy I mean like10504.564.14
where should we go and and how are we10506.723.66
going to meet up I don't know10508.73.06
I don't do it up there I'm just kind of10510.382.82
clearing this out a little bit I'm down10511.765.78
in a heating area hey how you doing10513.28.22
hey nice you should get out the election10517.546.66
come on10521.422.78
oh football player yes and what are you10525.8594.141
doing yeah okay they're hard hey hey10527.8994.441
guys guys if you want you can come and10530.04.02
run over here if you feel like it just10532.343.3
run into the wire and kill yourselves10534.024.28
thank you10535.646.48
oh come on give me some good uh some10538.35.679
arrows I'll take some arrows let's play10542.124.02
some tits neebs is it yeah I like it10543.9793.3
let's see all right we're gonna jump10546.143.299
down this hole uh yeah flashlight this10547.2794.461
gotta be good oh it's Gotta Be You Ready10549.4395.781
yes here I go10551.743.48
okay I'll see you lady10555.885.08
um can't have you here sorry did you10558.384.62
kill anybody uh no it seems pretty clear10560.964.92
in here I'm walking around well there it10563.05.04
seems what is this down here seems to be10565.884.5
a lot underground oh yeah like the10568.044.26
little mechanic station I guess but you10570.383.12
see there's some spikes and stuff back10572.34.38
there oh yes that's Luke that's Luke I10573.54.68
told you this place was tits oh there's10576.686.299
a there's a guy down here okay oh10578.184.799
there you go oh Mr construction worker10584.125.279
ah dude there's a tunnel down here yep I10586.9394.561
see that what okay10589.3994.261
um this there's two right uh one over10591.53.18
there and one over here yeah that one10593.663.0
has spikes around it I bet this tunnel10594.685.099
leads over to that shall we see yeah I'm10596.665.76
right behind you I'm gonna go slow seems10599.7794.141
like a bear or some [ __ ] would be down10602.423.42
here I better get a different gun then10603.926.2
huh oh oh yeah see him in the corner10605.847.2
oh boy hey I got a gun if you need me10610.126.04
I'm good I'm good oh yeah hey come on10613.045.239
you doing great yeah10616.164.14
I got this gun because you don't have to10618.2793.641
reload it because I can't reload it's10620.34.46
just too much you just hit R yeah10621.925.58
okay I think we did it we did the loop10624.765.32
okay let's see what we got a little bit10627.55.04
of ammo here yep yep some Magnum ammo10630.085.16
some shotgun ammo what's in this Jason10632.544.38
oh this is locked holy see if I can pick10635.243.6
it what you got neebs uh wait a minute10636.924.68
cement mixer schematic yeah it's10638.844.5
actually pretty good and if I look at it10641.63.66
I have not read it because the book's10643.345.04
closed read it read it oh oh man this is10645.264.62
actually some decent stuff knuckle Parts10648.383.78
cooling mesh mods silver nuggets all10649.885.34
some nine mil a spear 762 some steel10652.166.92
boots Blunderbuss ammo and I am full up10655.229.559
oh my God guys holy crap guys holy crap10659.088.62
is he okay yeah it was just it was just10664.7795.021
raining zombies all over me it was uh10667.76.42
fun I love this ax oh my God this ax is10669.86.92
that's a very dramatic yell for a very10678.046.72
dramatic scene10681.82.96
all right neebs take short iron pipe off10687.265.7
the list we got 31 of them okay iron10690.384.68
pipe off forged iron we can probably do10692.963.0
um yes how many do we say we need we10695.965.399
needed oh wow we need a hundred forged10698.723.96
iron you know what yep I'm gonna go10701.3592.58
ahead and get that cooking you can make10702.683.42
that crafting 100 floors down it's gonna10703.9393.84
take about five minutes okay so we got10706.14.44
that we got the pipes uh how much acid10707.7795.521
do I have hold on I just got three and I10710.544.8
got some upstairs oh go get I think we10713.33.599
might have enough acid then holy crap we10715.343.3
might be able to do this I have I got10716.8993.721
one okay and what's it called for five10718.644.44
yeah we got that hell yeah okay I'm10720.623.779
gonna go upstairs and grab the other ass10723.082.94
yeah hell I think that was the hard part10724.3993.061
hold on let me look damn we might be10726.023.12
able to pull this off right now cooking10727.463.72
three cooking pots oh can we make10729.143.6
cooking pots yeah we can make cooking10731.184.56
pancakes make a brush baby dumpster Fork10732.746.18
gonna look good cooking pots three of10735.747.46
them one two three crap daddy crap10738.924.28
Simon yeah do you like meth I mean10743.64.74
honestly I've never given it a real10746.244.38
chance well it looks like a meth lab in10748.345.82
here this is crazy this is nice okay so10750.626.3
oh look at look at all this someone's10754.164.98
been cooking in the kitchen yeah and you10756.923.78
know what somebody's been keeping it10759.143.48
tidy I'm really actually the counters10760.74.68
look pretty nice not too bad yeah uh oh10762.625.76
boy sorry what nothing I just ran into a10765.384.26
couple friends and I'm out of bullets10768.383.08
hey sorry10769.645.58
you got it oh boy hey I might need some10771.467.0
help okay oh boy [ __ ] no no I'm gonna10775.225.34
need help thank you here back up back up10778.464.399
back up okay okay okay10780.565.58
damn I'd be bloody but brother I'd be10782.8595.141
bloody and it's saying that I'm Gonna10786.144.32
Keep On bleeding and I'm done bleeding10788.05.76
oh okay good good good good yeah this is10790.465.84
a score man yeah medical supplies10793.767.639
steroids yeah yes10796.35.099
stop it hey I thought I had one damn it10803.244.86
there's no way hey why do you always get10805.9393.901
my hopes and dreams up we're just one10808.14.56
acid short okay one acid10809.843.84
um I don't know if those guys are going10812.662.22
for those drops you want to go for those10813.683.36
drops yeah when did those pop up I don't10814.883.2
really auto parts store oh really oh10818.084.98
classic okay how is it for we walking uh10823.3596.601
yeah let's walk okay10827.3596.42
I fell thick how far broke my leg and I10829.965.859
probably fell down like three stories at10833.7794.2
least oh shoot yeah I'm dealing with10835.8195.16
more businessmen but uh hey I have stuff10837.9794.681
that I have a splint that you can use10840.9794.38
for sure good I'm actually on floor10842.666.18
eight but I'm in the stairwell and I10845.3598.481
can't go up oh let me let me see oh [ __ ]10848.848.9
holy [ __ ] you just10853.843.9
yeah what floor are you on do you know I10876.345.979
think I'm on seven all right we're on10879.385.519
eight so come on up and meet us here no10882.3195.101
I'm full why would I do that fine I see10884.8994.561
loot here I'll get it myself you get it10887.425.82
yourself all right holy [ __ ] yep uh oh10889.465.76
Simon no no no back up back up back up10893.243.78
and just stay where I'm at there are10895.223.9
landmines in here okay there are nine10897.024.14
duct tapes in that go hit that line man10899.125.3
just sort of a [ __ ] hit it what come on10901.166.6
he's dead come on Chase me guys be10904.425.439
careful are there any more yes there's a10907.764.139
landmine here there's a guy here come on10909.8594.5
where are you oh he disappeared I guess10911.8993.801
he's done10914.3594.951
Simon God damn it buffoon10915.74.9
he's trying to Simon scream come from10920.63.9
that building oh yeah yeah I wonder10922.764.139
where he respond hopefully at the base I10924.54.14
think we put bed rolls down I don't but10926.8993.841
you know you know him who knows I think10928.644.02
he lost one of our cars on this River10930.743.06
if I'm not mistaken it sounds just like10933.84.86
him this looks familiar yeah the bridge10936.684.38
yeah the yeah yeah like if we go10938.663.6
straight over this hill is that going to10941.063.12
take us back to where uh Hibachi Bistro10942.263.48
used to be yeah you're in the right spot10944.183.66
okay okay hopefully we got something10945.744.92
good in this bad boy chances of acid10947.844.86
being in there pretty low yeah they10950.663.54
usually don't get acid in these drops10952.73.239
that would be great if they dropped acid10954.23.72
yep okay all right let's see what we got10955.9394.92
let's see what we got oh shotgun shells10957.924.979
couple of uh first aid kits cool a10960.8594.5
little bit of ammo antibiotics some10962.8995.04
armor parts no acid unfortunately no10965.3594.441
they don't know what we need all right10967.9394.081
go for this other one yep uh let's do it10969.83.78
I wonder what kind of defenses they're10972.023.24
making over there you think they're that10973.582.699
far along there's no way they're10975.262.58
probably still figuring out what to do10976.2793.12
yeah I wonder what they're thinking10977.843.62
thick yeah I think I'm on the eighth10981.8195.141
floor right now but I'm not sure where10984.9793.84
are you at buddy same floor that you10986.963.96
lost all your stuff on I got these three10988.8194.921
guys chasing me oh [ __ ] damn it I'm10990.924.439
going down where I shouldn't go down but10993.743.72
I am that's not good I just tried to get10995.3597.381
up oh and then I fell what the hell hey10997.467.019
it's Batman me you're like Hey I'm hey11002.743.72
I'm Batman I did but I was down here11004.4794.38
when I died yeah you were in hold on11006.464.74
hold on well I'm looking at my bag right11008.8594.981
here it says 29 30 28 there's the bag11011.23.9
yeah I think it's over here come on come11013.843.0
on come on come on come on hey there's11015.13.42
still a lot of land mines over here by11016.843.78
the way wait by the way I missed you by11018.523.6
the way meaning I don't know where you11020.623.239
went what do you mean I was with you I11022.123.02
was just11023.8593.841
yeah and then I turned around and you11025.144.96
were gone oh Simon come back here go11027.74.26
back the way you came this is where I11030.15.04
was when I came down come on go man I am11031.965.16
so encumbered right now I have looted up11035.144.139
so much we have so many supplies all11037.124.5
right that's good I had some stuff too11039.2794.261
I'd like to take it home and leave yes11041.624.02
all right yeah11043.544.62
all right we need to go all right your11045.644.62
stuff is in here I see the blind11048.164.14
landmine there oh that's another land11050.264.32
mine I think I was looking for11052.33.54
search it take it and slowly bake it oh11055.847.979
yeah that's the way now we go to the11061.3595.241
Baker and play11063.8192.781
you ready what are you doing11067.063.24
sneaky okay they're not gonna know I'm11069.13.9
coming oh okay no you know what you saw11070.34.139
me right away what are you trying to do11073.03.12
there I was trying to be sneaky but uh11074.4393.661
he saw me coming you failed miserably I11076.124.26
know I I don't even know how he knew I11078.14.08
was coming like he was over there taking11080.383.36
a nap and then he got up and he started11082.183.06
jumping nah the whole place is waking up11083.744.32
now okay uh yep hey just open the door11085.244.199
oh see you can't open the door now11088.063.06
they're blocking it I can't just yeah11089.4393.54
there we go all right batter up you got11091.125.34
him Boop uh yep yummy just help or just11092.9795.88
watch they seem like they like you11096.464.68
better than me yeah they really do back11098.8594.381
okay this guy's face looks so gnarly11101.145.16
yeah okay here we go and uh oh I'm out11103.245.94
of stem did I get you did he get you11106.35.099
we'll say he got you uh yeah I'm fine11109.183.84
though I'll bandage up just a little bit11111.3993.361
where y'all keep dancing at probably11113.023.72
find more clothes here than anything but11114.763.66
you know let's see uh let's check the11116.743.18
back room that's where they keep the11118.423.18
chemicals that's the acid bro this is11119.923.899
online I don't want to do it hey bubbles11121.65.78
okay here we go11123.8193.561
uh what is this like a clothing rack is11133.144.299
that what they're going for here it's11136.064.2
it's pretty uh lazy attempt but I guess11137.4394.981
so okay so this is the manager's desk11140.264.38
nothing here okay we got a wall safe I'm11142.423.479
gonna try to pick it there you go that's11144.642.46
where I keep dancing that's where11145.8992.761
they're keeping the acid in the wall11147.13.75
we got money and a serrated blade button11152.75.44
no acid maybe one of the boys found acid11155.9794.511
on their gluten spree today maybe so11158.144.2
what is that down there oh it's names11162.345.28
and absuro hey guys hey11164.564.62
hey oh11167.623.62
do you have acid yes I do oh can you11172.844.74
throw me down a bottle of acid let me11175.664.56
try without falling oh please drop acid11177.584.68
drop acid in my face all right I've11180.223.9
always wanted to drop acid come on come11182.263.559
on come on11184.124.14
catch it I gotta catch it I'm just gonna11185.8195.381
let it drop and then oh yes all we11188.265.4
needed was one we got two now two sweets11191.23.9
hey I have another present for somebody11193.662.94
that I'm gonna drop neebs how about you11195.13.12
I'm gonna catch it yeah hold on look at11196.63.08
that look at that look I wasn't ready11198.224.8
there's a rifle level five and level11199.685.98
five oh damn that's a good ass rifle11203.024.98
sweet thanks got anything else you can11205.665.22
drop drop your claws uh oh oh something11208.07.14
really important that I found ah one a11210.888.099
two three what is it what is it what is11215.146.719
it oh I caught it oh what is it I don't11218.9796.361
know I just caught it though it's a uh11221.8596.981
um Advanced Bellows yeah11225.345.519
Simon and I are gonna figure out a way11228.843.34
down we'll meet you at the house just11230.8594.62
jump I'll catch ya no thanks wait hold11232.185.46
on can I make a hay block can you oh my11235.4794.081
god that'd be so awesome plant fire I11237.643.54
just need I just need 10 plant fibers11239.563.48
hold up we're doing this11241.183.54
that's enough right yeah yeah you would11243.042.7
hope that's a good that's a good little11244.723.24
pile so take see that hey pile yeah you11245.744.26
can make that easy right yep let me see11247.964.13
come on here we go11250.09.13
broke my leg oh oh well all right boys11262.684.599
let's go home and make a chemistry11265.846.32
station yeah might be a while yeah11267.2794.881
we'll see you there in an hour11272.2794.971
you ready Dora you ready you ready you11279.2794.761
ready am I ready11281.023.02
all right now check it out real quick11284.344.059
let me put some gas in it also what I've11286.33.9
learned that I like to do is I like to11288.3993.661
put a little extra gas in the storage as11290.24.14
well as a splint some painkillers and11292.064.32
some bandages just in case you have a11294.344.019
Mobile Medical station a mobile treasure11296.384.26
getting medical station thank you afro11298.3594.08
yeah you're welcome man oh I should look11300.643.179
at the treasure map first to see where11302.4394.081
it is huh yeah you stay away bird you11303.8195.881
stay away look at it circling he likes11306.525.4
you I can tell he might like you no he's11309.73.779
looking at you he's like I want that11311.924.58
sweet sweet normally11313.4795.581
nope he's chicken actually he's vulture11316.54.779
good luck with things you guys do today11319.064.74
thanks I'm moving the boot good luck oh11321.2794.441
yeah go get him yeah I thought she liked11323.84.979
it he likes you he wants that sweet door11325.726.24
but me oh he's going down you [ __ ] just11328.7794.141
Simon yes sir you see that building over11343.243.96
there that's under construction oh I11345.523.06
mean the one that looks like it's just11347.23.96
kind of like steel frame yeah yeah tons11348.585.04
of loot in that oh okay but it's gonna11351.164.86
take a warrior to conquer it and I think11353.624.319
you're that Warrior my friend I'm sorry11356.024.14
what me yeah I can guide you through it11357.9395.281
I thought you were a human man Warrior I11360.165.52
am but I'm busy well what could I can I11363.225.16
be a human I'm not a man maybe I'll be a11365.686.48
human boy Warrior uh no no you can be11368.386.059
you can be a man Warrior too really11372.165.279
there's not just one it's a category of11374.4395.46
individual but this place it's a little11377.4394.081
bit difficult okay I'm gonna have to11379.8993.601
prove myself maybe this is the test11381.525.04
Proving Grounds I like that I like11383.55.1
proving that I'm a man if you want I've11386.563.839
kissed you just to prove you I'm a man11388.63.96
I'll help you clear out the bottom and11390.3994.321
then you start climbing I will say this11392.566.2
we do have to watch out for land mines11394.727.259
oh landmines will be the death of me all11398.765.019
right get this guy11401.9793.781
watch out behind you Simon back up back11403.7792.781
falling back okay they're already taking11406.564.78
down signs don't waste your ammo don't11408.884.68
oh don't okay don't waste my ammo okay11411.344.019
I'll hang out out here they're all gonna11413.564.259
bottleneck right over here okay well11415.3594.321
then what what should I hit them with11417.8193.96
then things do you have a bat I wasn't11419.685.4
thinking that but I do have one oh these11421.7795.281
guys must be triplets I was hoping that11425.084.8
pop off the head Come On Pop walks ahead11427.066.419
oh there we go oh nice looking good11429.885.28
anyone else want a little oh you got11433.4793.721
stuck behind the bench oh look at him he11435.165.1
broke through oh and he fell you silly11437.25.159
little bit oh is hey this looks like11440.265.519
zombie me oh yeah okay how you doing11442.3598.361
hoodie boy hoodie and biker dude11445.7794.941
really early this episode Jesus you did11452.9396.941
Simon you're somebody yes all right now11456.586.02
get to climbing11459.882.72
passenger side should have11463.183.02
him I would have hurt if I had one too11466.964.64
hurry oh here's some cars11468.16.12
are you uh harvesting cars today yeah I11471.64.54
got this uh I got a ratchet instead of a11474.223.78
wrench you ever seen one of these um no11476.143.24
I have not hold on let me look at this11478.02.7
where you at um came around the other11479.383.3
side of the car there you go it's a11480.73.72
ratchet that's a ratchet oh I didn't11482.683.54
mean to hit our car but first make sure11484.423.42
there's nothing in here worth that [ __ ]11486.223.3
you get more stuff with that than a11487.843.36
wrench yeah it's supposed to be a little11489.522.4
and I'm starting to wish we'd lived here11491.924.439
this is a cool spot we could all have11494.4394.261
our own little hotel room there's a11496.3593.841
Drink Machine yeah you know Hey listen11498.74.46
we can move here I mean11500.22.96
we're at now yep oh man but yeah I mean11503.684.86
I agree with you like yeah at least one11507.043.18
two three oh man that's almost a perfect11508.543.42
amount of hotel rooms who gets the house11510.223.599
though see that'd be a big argument who11511.963.24
gets the house I wouldn't want the house11513.8193.181
I just want the room that's more to11515.23.659
clean I know that's a lot but I mean11517.03.84
look at it it's a nice house I mean it's11518.8594.021
a fixer-upper but still you get a house11520.844.8
yep okay so you're wrenching I'm gonna11522.885.04
kill zombies go for it I'm only renting11525.645.88
these cars I want the X the x is what11527.924.92
you're getting baby11531.523.9
at me before I got you oh that rabbit's11532.844.019
gonna okay I thought that rabbit was11535.423.72
attacking that lady but it wasn't I've11536.8593.781
never seen a rabbit attack anything in11539.143.78
this game uh thick rabbit taste thick11540.644.62
yeah different game though okay we need11542.926.32
that rabbit meat nope nope11545.263.98
get your knife I got a bone [ __ ] wait11549.523.48
are you the good Hunter because I got a11551.84.139
good knife I'm not a hunter I'm a cooker11553.05.52
okay but do you harvest more resources11555.9394.441
from animals I guess as the uh the11558.523.72
phrase I should have used there no but I11560.383.78
think I just made a phrase up I'm not a11562.243.42
hunter I'm a cooker I don't think that's11564.162.699
a phrase you're just saying what you're11565.663.18
good at11566.8594.441
all right thick did you like jump up11568.844.559
from wood to wood over here like you see11571.33.599
where I'm at yeah and you got to be fast11573.3993.601
okay I got to be fast because it was my11574.8994.92
break boom yeah11577.06.54
fast okay working my way up in the world11579.8197.08
today because I love to work so hard11583.545.52
don't forget the boxes that are there11586.8993.601
have stuff in them you can break them11589.063.78
open we need all the lube we can get so11590.54.68
then I gotta uh look all over the place11592.844.62
oh so these boxes here have stuff in11595.183.599
them that's what you're telling me11597.463.78
absolutely all right hold on let's get11598.7795.04
the ax out baby cause I got some11601.244.92
swinging to do and I'm not talking about11603.8194.261
having sex with your wife listen I don't11606.164.8
swing that way you understand do you I I11608.085.1
understand yeah I don't question it all11610.964.979
right good I got a ratchet okay good you11613.184.32
clear out the rest of it until you get11615.9393.301
to the top okay don't worry about11617.54.319
busting any boxes because the top is11619.245.039
what's got it there's a oh oh you Bird11621.8194.401
come on11624.2796.241
come on shipping crack corn that's what11626.226.3
I do care I care11630.523.919
holy [ __ ]11632.525.5
okay I need the handgun there you go son11634.4396.221
of a [ __ ] that's the way to go go stop11638.025.879
bleeding oh no bleeding a lot and I11640.664.86
don't know I don't think I have bandages11643.8993.241
[ __ ]11645.523.62
I know I got repair11649.8994.321
I can't fix your bleeding face no it11651.75.6
can't but I have aloe11654.229.2
let's do that cut away I need some time11657.36.12
all right one more hit yeah we're in11663.526.419
we're in we're in hello okay all clear11667.05.1
yeah hey told you this was a nice place11669.9394.441
yeah kind of big for me I don't want to11672.13.9
live in it and I don't know like yeah11674.383.54
it's a fixer-upper but oh found a guy11676.04.8
let's make it guys hit meebs he did a11677.924.979
back handspring with his head you know11680.83.54
what I want to find so bad I want to11682.8993.781
find a flaming mod for my bat okay so my11684.344.019
bat can be on fire I'll take the11686.683.42
pictures out uh yeah I guess it can't11688.3592.901
hey I got the stuff flaming mud ammo is11691.265.5
that ammo looks like ammo let's see yep11694.663.779
a little bit of 762 and some shotgun11696.764.38
shares okay that's still a rock kitchen11698.4394.861
oh I'll see you [ __ ] over here in the11701.143.66
corner hello [ __ ] can you sit down11703.35.36
[ __ ] go ahead can we hit you down11704.86.3
I about jumped in I'm still jumping in11708.665.319
all right okay we're seeing anything in11711.15.4
the cupboard oh some lamb rations I'll11713.9794.441
never turn those down this there's a11716.53.96
dead cheerleader out here really she's11718.423.12
still warm11720.462.76
um I don't think so okay I'm not11721.544.26
interested oh she gone she either11723.224.679
disappeared or11725.84.38
um disappeared so she disappeared your11727.8994.08
choice man it sounds like okay sure11730.183.48
there's a basement in this house oh yeah11731.9793.181
of course there's a bait this is the the11733.663.72
Bates Motel right kind of what this is11735.164.14
based on those Psycho movies cheerleader11737.384.38
that's where she went we found her come11739.33.5
down here11741.763.42
keep your eye on her because she likes11742.84.0
to disappear you gonna disappear on me11745.185.66
you still warm yeah she's cold11746.84.04
thick you see me I do you're handsome11751.065.04
all right above me how many zombs are11753.226.9
there one okay two oh three three okay11756.15.759
there's three oh they're they've gone11760.124.8
aggro all right aggro aggro you've got11761.8596.241
negro I see two of them yep and some11764.924.559
more coming around the corner coming11768.14.08
around the corner yes you are yes you11769.4793.441
coming around11772.923.12
oh look they're falling down look at11778.55.62
this so bad oh geez you saw that guy11780.888.04
coming he's gone he's gone he's gone11784.126.9
what do you think the best way for me to11788.924.2
go up is my friend or am I do I have to11791.023.959
figure this out myself yeah any more11793.125.46
ladders uh sure sure because I believe11794.9796.8
there's some there's some11798.583.199
son of a [ __ ] not a big deal but I11802.065.759
swore I I wasn't gonna fall I said to11805.544.5
myself you don't fall Simon don't fall11807.8194.021
you don't want to work so hard and just11810.043.6
all of a sudden die from something11811.843.96
stupid you gotta have so much spatial11813.644.2
awareness it's crazy on this building11815.84.26
but you can do it you right now you're11817.844.559
doing it better than I did the first11820.065.219
time we went through this wow I like11822.3994.321
hearing that I like it when I'm better11825.2793.601
than you because it makes me feel better11826.724.02
about myself for some reason you should11828.883.66
feel you should feel amazing you should11830.743.36
be erect right now as a matter of fact11832.544.2
how did you know because I put a Viagra11834.15.06
in your water11836.742.42
one two three jump in11839.566.839
wait is all this coal holy crap really11843.066.04
this is the cold mother load isn't it uh11846.3994.981
no it's not cold hello oh found a couple11849.13.839
ladies back here11851.383.559
okay nice right in her head trying to11855.064.34
write in the face11857.743.8
okay that should have been right in the11861.543.819
face that thing takes a while to reload11863.743.18
I thought we had an agreement what the11865.3593.12
blender bus yeah yeah I just didn't have11866.922.88
it reloaded I should have had it11868.4793.3
reloaded okay that's why I have a gun11869.83.84
that has like I don't know 30 some11871.7794.801
bullets in it why because reloading is11873.644.92
hard to remember what he thinks in this11876.584.68
trash four coins or coin we don't need11878.564.98
coins well we could use coins is out11881.263.9
getting treasure I hope I hope he's able11883.543.8
to buy something good at the trailer11885.165.48
oh here hey this guy11887.346.28
there we go magic Duo team nope not11890.645.799
magic Duo team Nathan kicking ass okay11893.624.859
until you throw something out though11896.4393.061
office up here okay you just went up11899.54.08
thought we discussed important decisions11901.65.82
like that hmm is this lady hey nope11903.586.359
she's dead wait is that the back side of11907.424.68
a picture Yep they're double-sided I11909.9393.721
guess so which makes zero sense11912.14.44
interesting oh yeah this is the psycho11913.665.64
the psycho room right let's see oh I11916.544.38
think I can make a couple of Molotov11919.34.2
cocktails actually yeah yeah yeah yeah11920.924.559
yeah let's make some molotovs what's in11923.53.6
the molotov the cocktail a little bit of11925.4792.641
cloth a little bit of gas a little bit11927.12.879
of oil in an empty water jar okay11928.123.48
different than the recipe I had I11929.9793.96
thought there was Citrus vodka all right11931.65.04
yeah now I can mess somebody up let's11933.9396.721
see hello hello who's thirsty hey Aaron11936.645.88
we're outside okay I wanted to mess11940.664.14
somebody up I'm going back in my eyes11942.523.6
it's like when you leave the movie11944.83.42
theater you know oh yeah it's so bright11946.124.14
and you're like11948.224.5
like a cat like old [ __ ] cat me no cat11950.264.559
oh we're in the hotel part that's what11952.724.74
he does that's how he kills him yeah11954.8194.741
have you ever seen psycho been a long11957.464.019
and then I want to sneak over here and11962.625.46
say something hello yeah11964.66.799
shoot you [ __ ]11968.083.319
all right come on baby come on oh yeah11972.8995.021
right on top of me hopefully I'm in a11975.8193.781
place where I just can't die come on11977.923.72
baby you're like an action hero I am11979.64.44
shooting them in the anus11981.643.6
yeah oh get get up with me get up me so11985.245.48
far this has been pretty freaking good11988.246.48
wow that's horrible uh coming up that11990.726.4
was insane you were oh I see you oh so11994.724.38
that wasn't even the top not the tippy11997.125.279
tippy top Tippy it looks like you have a11999.15.52
ladder over there yes I do let me throw12002.3995.88
down my my jujuboo and uh Little Dicky12004.625.9
um up see up nope that didn't work oh12011.9396.571
the hell was that they hit the landmines12019.8594.861
they hit the landmine that I would have12023.045.1
oh yes I so would have died you're like12024.725.4
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had a baby12028.144.94
yes your Rumor Willis I'm Rumor Willis12030.125.76
man she's got a big forehead but this12033.085.08
[ __ ] doesn't matter that doesn't matter12035.884.68
it's actually an overall big head and we12038.164.5
all have things wrong with us who am I12040.565.04
to [ __ ] judge I found the mother lode12042.666.239
nice make sure there's no landmines and12045.65.58
not like a false floor in there that may12048.8994.261
or may not happen but it looks like the12051.184.56
motherload Michael can you say that oh12053.163.8
I didn't expect to be making our next12056.965.38
horde bunker down here five lock picks12059.3995.101
and here we go everybody loves this game12062.344.5
everybody loves it12064.55.72
four three two12066.849.479
holy crap one lock pick wow [ __ ] look at12070.229.52
that load that's awesome yeah I will see12076.3196.261
you soon a Trader12079.746.97
looking for stuff treasure hunting12082.588.47
ourselves that I just thought I look12095.4794.361
like a cool emergency light oh12097.3195.04
yeah it's not an intro to our damn magic12099.844.08
show whatever you're thinking I thought12102.3593.0
we could do Vegas all right I'm gonna12103.923.059
jump into this room with the multi12105.3594.441
cocktail okay and see what's what yep12106.9795.161
hey what's what in the butt okay A12109.84.019
little bit of trash yeah is this open12112.144.74
okay outside again huh no wait go12113.8195.101
outside I saw one of the rooms yeah all12116.883.96
the stuff I saw that too might be this12118.923.78
one here with the door all boarded up oh12120.844.139
yeah gotta be can you do like picks on12122.73.6
these I've never done like this I think12124.9792.88
you can do like picks on these but I12126.33.12
can't do steel sledgehammer and I don't12127.8592.881
think it's in this one I think it's in12129.423.42
the one over there but we'll see we'll12130.743.78
see this is how magic groups break up12132.843.66
they don't discuss things before they12134.523.839
start breaking doors down let's see oh12136.54.08
yep yep yep it is in this one hey looky12138.3593.96
look yep there's no damn zombies in this12140.584.44
place though shotgun Messiah two of12142.3194.801
those and I'm working stiff okay I was12145.026.0
working stiff oh I got us wait scope mod12147.126.3
it's the scope mod oh yeah that's good12151.024.74
that's a scope for a rifle oh is it okay12153.424.26
I was like is it a real scope or is it12155.763.84
something to like make a scope no that's12157.684.08
a real scope good fine hold on we're12159.65.28
scoping this baby hold on I was just12161.764.44
saying it's early what was I saying12164.883.059
earlier what remember I was saying12166.23.0
earlier you say a lot of things no I12167.9392.101
don't remember what the hell you were12169.22.159
saying earlier I was saying what I12170.042.58
wanted oh you said you wanted a scope12171.3593.301
earlier you right I won a scope earlier12172.625.239
now you got a scope good job12174.665.39
magic show you son of a [ __ ]12177.8596.841
Bob in a minute how you been Bud good12184.75.5
cool hey give me a second gotta sneak12187.385.04
off into the corner little does Dingle12190.24.98
nuts know he's selling sugar butts out12192.424.439
of the vending machine on the side of12195.183.92
his building12196.8595.401
yeah sugar butts right on the side of12199.16.4
the wow okay12202.267.5
um okay hey books look good I got a12205.57.439
couple things in mind Bob all right I12209.766.0
could see the inventory let's see oh12212.9394.981
well let me get rid of this first so12215.765.519
those suckers so these suckers sell all12217.926.899
those suckers yeah damn do I get those I12221.2795.96
mean we can't do anything with it yet oh12224.8196.96
God it's a lot of money damn it I feel12227.2396.461
like I should talk to the guys first12231.7794.261
I'll get that for news I tell you what12233.74.68
Bob but now's the time because I've got12236.044.56
sugar butts in me damn it Bob this is12238.383.87
tough it's a lot of money foreign12240.64.709
yeah I don't even think I've ever been12248.424.059
here I've heard you guys oh really in12250.623.779
here yeah well I was here in the older12252.4793.541
version they've uh they've improved it a12254.3994.261
lot actually easy Goods the sheriff is12256.024.86
there a gun store here in town oh yeah12258.664.199
look gutting fun right behind us yeah we12260.883.54
should at least loot that kind of fun12262.8593.361
yeah definitely all right pretty happy12264.423.84
with my guns but yeah but I mean ammo12266.223.42
ammo's always a good thing yeah okay12268.263.059
I'll be doing that yeah why not I mean12269.643.12
we're here it's getting late so let's do12271.3193.301
this and let's head back yeah right damn12272.765.16
out yeah yeah man I love having a steel12274.624.44
Sledgehammer because you don't have to12277.922.76
play by the rules yep just break in12279.063.66
wherever you want to knock knock amazing12280.683.96
match no we're not come on ourselves12282.723.84
after the last damn time12284.643.599
what have you thrown out thieves an12286.564.679
astro jerk-offs don't like it okay okay12288.2397.101
hey look at this good stuff yeah yep12291.2394.101
I did a few warnings uh armor triple12295.465.019
Pocket Mod that sounds good yeah uh yeah12298.383.96
if you like things that come in triple12300.4795.121
oh impact race12302.343.26
should have given those to Simon are you12305.724.599
okay back here yeah I was just missing12308.584.319
for comedic effect okay sure let's see12310.3195.641
hey another bandages okay alcohol this12312.8994.681
is good stuff memes oh well there's one12315.963.72
on the ground look at that military base12317.584.8
Silver Bullet oh man this is a haul yeah12319.685.52
seven six twos any still hearing stuff12322.385.82
getting some seven six two oh man leaves12325.24.44
I'm full up I gotta put stuff in the12328.23.539
Jeep you full up yeah I'm full up I'm12329.643.719
putting stuff in the Jeep oh wait before12331.7393.24
we continue on or something I've always12333.3593.781
wanted to do what's that12334.9793.84
okay you ready yeah what do you want me12337.143.54
to do down down down down down down down12338.8193.96
down down down down down down down down12340.684.38
down down and then you like12342.7795.101
on shoulder not at me okay sorry take12345.064.919
two all right start it again down down12347.885.599
down down down down down down12349.9793.5
like a cake12358.144.56
drop do I crouch and roll uh I don't I12360.063.96
think it goes out afterwards I'm gonna12362.73.84
need a freaking a major bandages yeah12364.025.04
crying just barely got it though good12366.543.72
all right you ready to go home my12369.063.54
Health's 20 something okay I make more12370.264.26
bandages listen there's aloe everywhere12372.64.62
I can bandage you up buttercup okay the12374.524.379
union wouldn't stand for this all right12377.222.94
I'm getting more stuff in here real12378.8993.061
quick all right we're going back I get12380.165.579
the name the duo because [ __ ]12381.966.06
Simon we got some zombies over here yeah12385.7394.74
one's dead uh Southwest I'm looking12388.025.299
Southwest he's coming at me like a no no12390.4795.101
Runner oh I think we got another one12393.3195.801
over here uh looking looking South McGee12395.585.1
oh a couple of oh we got the Spiderman12399.125.76
oh nice these goggles are amazing I love12400.686.42
these things you still got that guy here12404.884.92
at your butt there you go I got him I12407.15.28
got oh well I'm missing every shot yeah12409.85.7
yeah yeah yeah baby suffered an abrasion12412.386.0
oh what oh damn cactus cactus cactus12415.54.34
what get it12418.384.979
watch out don't shoot the cactus I need12419.845.26
I need food thick I heard you got some12423.3594.08
food give me some food because of your12425.16.299
bravery today I'm giving you this oh wow12427.4395.941
okay heads up behind you Simon behind12431.3993.42
you Simon behind you what's up guys12433.383.979
watch outside12434.8192.54
we brought a friend jeez we had more but12438.3194.721
they couldn't keep up we got a lot of12441.663.239
good materials today so uh let's see12443.044.319
this is day 12 we got day 13 and then 1412444.8994.201
is horde night we only have two days to12447.3594.261
prep yep we are screwed no way got the12449.15.16
best base full proof I said that last12451.624.44
time and we saw what happened it was12454.263.3
great all right we need to get to making12456.063.96
spikes making lots of stuff let's do it12457.564.919
all right oh [ __ ] lots of zombies out12460.024.58
all right are we safe we good yeah12478.13.94
everybody get inside everybody get12480.663.9
inside hold up for the night [ __ ] crazy12482.045.779
out here crazy pants12484.563.259
hurry up names am I wrong with you no12489.7394.481
door's ride with me uh I'll take the12492.34.08
bicycle there's two bicycles Debbie okay12494.224.259
I'll walk you guys there's none of12496.383.96
vehicles yes there is there's a bicycle12498.4793.661
there's a mini bike there's two people12500.345.519
there's three people here oh boy12502.145.88
I didn't know all right thick lead the12505.8594.441
way leading the way I need to know what12508.025.42
floor is mine oh yeah baby12510.38.22
that was thick so fast with his little12518.525.24
legs I don't know12520.683.08
I think what do you call it when you get12524.124.48
a spot out back up hit maneuver yeah I12526.263.9
think thick just did that to me with his12528.63.42
bicycle that's right why are we circling12530.163.119
this whole building I know because we12532.023.06
didn't go the right way honest to God12533.2793.301
what are we doing okay here's the12535.083.239
entrance I do it all the time though we12536.583.18
could have went the other way saved some12538.3193.601
time oh absolutely this is it huh this12539.765.58
is it this is our horde Tower the song12541.926.479
Tower oh yeah baby neebs would you like12545.345.16
to see Dishon that's a good decision12548.3994.38
let's go inside12550.54.859
all right neebs close your eyes12552.7794.62
um I don't know how oh yeah also yeah we12555.3593.361
couldn't even tell if he was closed them12557.3992.401
or not because he's got those goofy12558.723.059
goggles on yeah yeah it could be lying12559.84.08
looks so dumb come on in okay this is12561.7795.04
neeb's floor it's me huh yep cool well I12563.885.7
got a window washing thing outside sweet12566.8195.341
you do okay so I gotta secure this floor12569.584.5
that's the plan yeah let me show you the12572.163.54
best part hey if you come out here to12574.082.94
the window12575.74.14
first of all take in the view oh yeah I12577.024.32
love it and then if you come over here12579.844.16
neebs I know how much you like swimming12581.345.34
neebs you have your own swimming pool12584.04.899
diving board that's awesome but hey the12588.8995.401
zombie's only way up here is just on the12592.563.66
stairs right probably so why would they12594.33.78
just keep going up the stairs why would12596.223.42
they actually come out here onto the12598.083.899
floor we'll put a sign up says you gotta12599.643.599
it's not gonna work that's just gonna12601.9792.76
keep climbing up the stairs shouldn't we12603.2393.12
just be securing the stairs I think12604.7393.181
what's gonna happen is each of us are12606.3593.0
going to be on a floor and they're12607.923.12
probably gonna come after whatever they12609.3594.561
smell on the floor meaning one of us but12611.044.62
yeah but they're gonna come from the12613.923.3
stairs so if you're trying to lure them12615.663.48
somewhere how are we going from the12617.223.599
stairs up to the next floor I just12619.143.54
assumed we didn't care like we just said12620.8193.781
fix doing it and we just assumed that12622.683.719
Logistics okay yeah you know what yeah12624.63.9
all right fine fine I'm I'm we're all12626.3993.96
gonna die but we're gonna die on our own12628.54.38
floors love it can't wait show me my12630.3595.341
floor thick all right let's go12632.886.24
look at the sign old man sex ah I like12635.75.579
that yeah and this is my floor this is12639.123.48
your floor you can get behind the desk12641.2793.421
and uh and also help people right all12642.63.719
right welcome to old man sex would you12644.74.02
like a sack no no I would like a12646.3194.561
confidence in this plan that's what I12648.723.78
would like got any confidence back there12650.884.08
for fresh out12652.55.1
so that was Simon yes sir this is my12654.964.439
floor and it's kind of a wacky floor I12657.63.12
tell you so I don't really know what12659.3992.821
kind of angle to take because I don't12660.722.82
know where they're coming from but I12662.223.96
chose this quadrant over in this corner12663.544.439
right only because of the options I am12666.184.2
going to put a bunch of Mines down in12667.9794.741
this area all over here uh-huh and if I12670.384.8
want I can go up to here for kind of12672.724.32
Escape season I can go way up top there12675.183.719
right but I think the majority of the12677.043.66
time I'm gonna hide over here like a12678.8993.601
[ __ ] and shoot them because I'm just12680.73.539
gonna like float here and I don't know12682.54.2
hey optional what are you on that floor12684.2394.801
down there uh yeah 10th floor oh12686.73.659
beautiful I've got a neighbor I like12689.043.54
that oh there you guys are hey what's up12690.3595.941
hey hey hey so yeah this is where we die12692.586.659
or I die yeah this doesn't look safe at12696.35.58
all no no I think that they're gonna be12699.2395.641
jumping down on top of your spot from up12701.884.62
there they're gonna be all over the12704.883.3
place yeah well they're not going to get12706.53.84
past you I think that they're going to12708.183.599
be all up in this building aren't they12710.342.519
going to be spawning in this building12711.7793.481
too I think we're all screwed yeah or12712.8593.42
screwed this is gonna be a good time12715.263.3
it's gonna be a good time after all it's12716.2794.62
not oh it is not12718.564.32
hey neebs hey how you doing how do you12720.8994.38
feel about your pool oh I love the pool12722.885.34
I think as far as uh a horde base yeah12725.2795.521
that's probably none worse oh what I'm12728.224.2
just confused by the whole thing like12730.83.059
the zombies not they're not gonna know12732.423.12
where to go am I supposed to protect the12733.8593.42
stairs am I supposed to uh they're12735.543.359
coming up the stairs I don't get it I12737.2794.2
think it's it's about surprise okay they12738.8993.721
don't know where to go all of a sudden12741.4792.941
they're like oh a pool then they see12742.623.48
neebs and he just mows them down with12744.423.72
whatever Contraption you have I might be12746.13.12
a zombie because I don't know where to12748.143.54
go either the place is a maze I know but12749.224.8
we'll learn it it'll be fine12751.684.2
um for the top floor I'm gonna need some12754.023.959
Decor I'm gonna need couches can we can12755.883.84
we make those things because it's gonna12757.9793.84
be basically a lounge I have one trap12759.725.219
and then that's it so couch couch12761.8195.221
something nice something modern leather12764.9394.861
sofa leather nails and wood you can make12767.045.52
a couch oh awesome yeah I really want12769.85.4
this roof to be like a lounge a place12772.564.5
where we can go and just you know talk12775.23.96
about old times okay well maybe I'll12777.063.419
just leave my floor the way it is and12779.163.06
just hang out in the lounge you could do12780.4793.0
that because it's going to be completely12782.222.639
safe there the only thing we have to12783.4794.141
worry about are the vultures gotcha but12784.8594.08
I'm gonna get cracking on some blade12787.624.92
traps okay uh yep I'm gonna make signs12788.9395.641
so I can find my way around that12792.543.779
building okay let the zombies know where12794.584.859
to go too free brains top floor there's12796.3195.101
none up there12799.4394.401
hey now we didn't forgot anything hey12805.084.92
guys oh we've got some business in here12807.8995.701
whoa whoa whoa buddy oh didn't we live12810.07.939
that ow that was a horrible start12813.64.339
all right this is fun it is fun I'm not12835.885.559
moving though I want to move head pop12839.523.719
off come on I like it when the head pops12841.4394.621
off what you okay ammo issue there we go12843.2395.221
I just didn't have it okay oh hey bud oh12846.065.719
I just found this12848.463.319
no no okay sorry at least I asked12857.67.859
hey man I just I just broke my leg again12891.686.16
yeah and uh it's like 26 minutes with12894.665.699
the cast come on man come on you have12897.844.559
the splint is what I'm guessing yes and12900.3594.801
I die too much I die too much for I12902.3995.761
never ever upgrade it's just it's a12905.164.64
problem have you thought about trying12908.164.68
Hey rebellious I just ran over a rabbit12909.84.479
with uh with the mini bike that was fun12912.845.04
oh very good job listen I I try thick I12914.2796.54
do try it's just that I'm not good I'm12917.885.46
not gonna disagree okay yeah maybe try12920.8195.16
harder try harder that's a good thing12923.345.519
it's just a pro tip harder yeah see12925.9794.621
think you should have said what dorelli12928.8593.901
has said harder yeah try to go for the12930.64.5
harder angle I'm so stupid I'm gonna12932.765.24
kill you in your sleep12935.12.9
what's up Babes hey man uh12938.545.199
so you're just okay you're not even12941.8193.301
gonna try are you I just don't know what12943.7392.881
to do tell you what we'll team up I feel12945.123.0
like I'm better at feeding people or12946.623.48
creating my own base from scratch okay12948.123.3
yeah tell you what follow me follow me12950.14.32
let's go to 10. yeah all right so this12951.425.399
is my floor so do you have a hammer I12954.424.559
got this oh beautiful tank because I12956.8194.5
could use all this fix because what my12958.9794.441
my plan is if you and I are up here that12961.3193.601
means Simon's gonna be the one coming up12963.423.059
the stairs right okay all right so12964.923.18
zombies come up here if this is filled12966.4792.941
off oh they won't worry about this12968.13.06
ideally and then they'll come I can do12969.423.6
this All Cobblestone yeah that'd be12971.164.14
great yeah but then so hopefully they'll12973.024.14
run through here I'm gonna block this12975.33.36
off a little better but uh and then12977.163.9
they're gonna run into this okay my Maze12978.665.34
of electric fence gotcha and then and12981.065.759
then man you really got you did great at12984.05.76
this well we'll see crazy all right so12986.8194.741
but at the end of it12989.763.9
um this is where we get up to Dora's12991.564.02
floor right here okay and I was gonna12993.663.42
build some stuff right here because we12995.582.88
can look into the room they're coming up12997.083.359
in as well and shoot them as they12998.463.72
approach gotcha so we're shooting them13000.4392.88
as they approach we're shooting them13002.182.16
here and hopefully they're just getting13003.3193.181
shocked and [ __ ] man this is great I'm13004.344.08
glad sixth floor is closed now yeah me13006.54.979
too you would have died13008.425.76
Simon You Like Drugs absolutely there's13011.4794.5
a pills place here along with an urgent13014.183.54
care we should probably find some good13015.9793.721
drugs here maybe yeah hold on a second13017.724.74
though check this out slam huh have you13019.74.38
seen one of these the hell is that it's13022.463.779
a freaking uh uh what the hell is it I13024.083.18
don't even know I forgot what it was13026.2395.221
called a robotic Sledge wow so I think I13027.266.24
could use this as a I want to kill a13031.463.72
zombie let me see if I can find somebody13033.54.319
and see what it does there's a whoa okay13035.185.219
there's a hole here yep hello who would13037.8195.221
like to try my little my little robotic13040.3994.981
Sledge huh I hear him here I'll help him13043.044.02
out I'll help him out okay do that13045.383.66
because today is a positive day for me13047.064.2
is it I didn't I didn't realize it was a13049.044.08
positive day the person behind this door13051.264.559
has purpose and I care about them wait13053.123.96
they're worthless and they're nothing13055.8193.181
though I thought no no no no no it's a13057.084.199
different day okay so they are something13059.04.08
they are something they have a purpose13061.2794.2
right now their purpose is to be the on13063.084.199
the other end of your little Sledge13065.4793.721
device there that's right I hope it's13067.2793.781
just left click on this thing come on13069.24.26
does that they need gas or anything who13071.066.12
knows it might oh13073.463.72
oh [ __ ] okay well three and it's it's13078.9795.101
something I mean it's fun let's try it13082.343.599
again and take the head off all right13084.083.239
come on13085.9394.081
it's kind of it's kind of a wonky it's13087.3195.58
like a donkey punch machine it is come13090.025.7
on baby this is hilarious you gotta get13092.8995.04
the timing right oh okay yeah got him13095.724.019
took a long time to kill that son of a13097.9393.3
[ __ ] with this thing but hell it was it13099.7393.24
was worth it hey you know what hit me13101.2393.601
with it see how much damage it does here13102.9794.321
come here okay you ready yeah to the13104.845.099
face don't move the face oh okay so I13107.35.519
did almost 20. almost 20. yeah not too13109.9394.38
bad that was to the you didn't go flying13112.8193.061
back those hoping that would do so let13114.3193.66
me try it on a door oh a door yeah we're13115.884.439
gonna bust open it up for you if the13117.9794.26
world is gonna be like no doors locked13120.3194.381
up here probably come on really come on13122.2395.221
give us a door it's hammer time what how13124.74.619
can there not be one door when I I want13127.462.939
a door13129.3194.561
oh looking good names uh yep listen13130.3996.241
we're gonna need more signs just to make13133.884.92
sure of what that Simon knows which way13136.645.52
to go or the zombies no you stop this13138.85.04
thing you have with making signs for the13142.164.02
zombies it's dumb well we don't know we13143.843.72
don't really have the math they're13146.183.42
zombies they're not gonna look at signs13147.564.679
free brains sure you know it's not even13149.64.32
on the wall not even the wall I hate it13152.2394.141
brains hey tell you what come over here13153.924.019
to my side gotta figure out how to make13156.383.96
an arrow with that's probably yeah13157.9394.861
they'll get that right free brains hey13160.344.74
yep come over here okay uh be there in a13162.83.439
trying to think yeah if we could get him13166.2393.941
to this point and stop him a little bit13168.623.72
and uh yeah maybe just have a hold of13170.183.719
fire down what would you recommend here13172.343.36
with some sort of wall or some sort of13173.8994.821
trap bars bar oh bars would be good13175.76.659
oh what about two layers of what the13178.725.38
[ __ ] what is that what is that what is13182.3593.12
that what is that did you get hurt what13184.12.639
the hell was that did something get you13185.4792.88
I don't know yeah wait don't do anything13186.7393.301
I'm gonna try something I've been13188.3595.521
practicing my seven days survival skills13190.045.34
um oh what's that I don't know I got13193.883.78
hurt what is it um what the hell's13195.383.96
happening I don't understand neebs I13197.663.36
don't either man is it just this spot is13199.343.36
someone shooting us is there like an13201.023.48
invisible oh wait yeah death machine13202.73.9
here is it Dora or thing are they13204.53.6
looking at us they're messing with us13206.63.179
but it felt like I was getting punched13208.14.139
yep same are you still hurt um a little13209.7794.261
bit yeah uh oh wait no and actually I'm13212.2394.021
good oh crap why what are we gonna do13214.043.42
you're gonna bandage me up you can13216.262.82
bandage another person can't you you can13217.463.18
actually I should be doing that because13219.083.42
I'm the physician yeah I want to see how13220.643.36
this works so hold up stay still we13222.53.0
could do this the other way13224.03.72
we go all right but I'm the physician so13225.53.42
like this would make more sense yeah13227.723.84
yeah I'm in 105. you put it on you it13228.924.019
looked like I put it on me is your13231.562.94
health going up nope you probably hit13232.9392.761
the wrong button maybe hit the other13234.53.18
clicker button see any sort of like13235.74.14
there's an option Okay but well hit the13237.683.48
other button that button obviously13239.842.939
didn't work nope you're still fixing you13241.163.06
I know I'm still fixing me but I did it13242.7792.761
on you I'm not paying for this doctor13244.222.94
bill hold on let me try it again right13245.544.319
click no Health going up no weird I feel13247.164.94
as I sit here alone at lunch looking at13255.28.88
our inevitable tomb oh boy that's gonna13259.766.36
it's going to really be something I like13264.084.859
the idea kinda but it's not going to go13266.125.64
down anything like we expect that I13268.9395.3
hey uh I'll think hey Simon how are you13279.525.68
look at this look at this it's like a13282.8594.321
blender if they make it up here they're13285.24.14
done watch this okay oh you were13287.184.08
standing there I just took it out I was13289.345.479
but what's gonna happen I'll do this13291.263.559
blender blender blender you're a13295.123.819
smoothie maker13297.563.719
protein and stuff now do you think13298.9394.021
they'll they'll last all night because13301.2793.421
it's a great concept but you know those13302.963.18
things kind of break down don't they13304.72.579
well I'll tell you what it's probably13306.142.219
going to take them a while to get up13307.2793.721
here anyway so I will have this wired up13308.3594.681
here so where I can turn it on and to13311.03.72
say you know what let's turn on the old13313.044.199
smoothie machine and make some zombie13314.725.219
smoothies I'll take a acai berry blast13317.2394.801
please would you like any would you like13319.9394.5
any protein or any other like fat13322.045.34
burners or vitamins no thank you I take13324.4395.101
my own vitamins I don't overpay for them13327.384.979
from some crappy smoothie place okay13329.544.62
well I'm the crappy smoothie place today13332.3593.661
yes you are but sorry you it's13334.164.319
overpriced yeah but hey the rest of this13336.024.32
place is gonna be an awesome Lounge13338.4793.42
there's gonna be couches there's gonna13340.342.939
be nightlife there's going to be lady13341.8993.0
okay there's not gonna be ladies because13343.2793.181
there's nobody else here but I could be13344.8993.96
a lady I could be a lady you could be13346.467.439
hey hey oh hey Simon Simone I'm a female13348.8598.46
and I have boobies13353.8996.901
oh Simone I love boobies yes but you13357.3195.761
can't touch them because they're mine13360.84.2
unless you ask permission and then maybe13363.084.08
I'll let you okay well I got a champ13365.03.84
sandwich with your name on it if you13367.163.36
know what I mean that's all I needed13368.844.439
touch my boobies so are you gonna put13370.524.919
them right here is that where the bars13373.2795.58
go no I was kind of thinking more like13375.4396.241
from this side to this side because I13378.8594.62
think right there well there yeah two13381.685.639
three four five so that's five well I13383.4795.521
mean we're gonna have a door even when13387.3193.361
they attack yeah I'm thinking vault door13389.03.66
you know like one of those nice ones13390.685.099
gotcha so two on each side if you go one13392.664.92
more stack that's four are we going13395.7793.841
three high or too high I think too high13397.583.96
I'll get the job done you make 12. yeah13399.623.72
okay that's plenty isn't it should be at13401.544.08
least for this um okay then we could do13403.344.139
two of those couldn't we if we had two13405.624.199
doors yeah absolutely why not let's do13407.4793.181
it you know what you should have one13409.8192.281
right here where they're in the electric13410.664.02
oh you know what that's a good idea13412.14.56
that's a good idea that's why I wanted13414.684.92
to help before [ __ ] like that neebs free13416.664.92
brains come and get them there's the13419.63.9
sign over there for some reasons right13421.583.24
I'll put one over here13423.52.819
so doralis yes thick do you have uh13426.3194.441
boxes to nerd pull with of course I do13428.723.78
you want to have a race to see who can13430.763.12
nerd pull to the top of that building13432.53.12
fastest we'll start right here oh13433.883.84
re-race oh we start right here yeah I'm13435.623.48
gonna have my blocks out it's like the13437.723.12
mongoose versus the Cobra which one are13439.14.74
you the the the Mongoose all right Goose13440.847.82
versus Cobra okay three two one go13443.848.18
good job13448.663.36
I don't let's I don't know what song I'm13454.425.08
doing it's crazy I don't either I should13456.84.019
have drank some coffee that would have13459.53.979
helped my stamina13460.8192.66
it's on oh yeah it's on you're going13464.625.02
down now I'm going up that's the13467.544.08
opposite of down did you know that oh13469.643.42
boy who's gonna we didn't even come up13471.624.02
with what the winner gets uh winner gets13473.064.74
to the top bragging rights that no one13475.644.259
will care about yeah nobody cares oh oh13477.84.92
what's wrong nothing I'm really good I'm13479.8995.221
not that far away I'm here but oh now13482.724.2
that there's birds like yeah13485.125.18
yeah I made it I won thick13486.925.519
theoretically this should work Simon if13490.34.12
we could just lead it right here Boop13492.4393.54
pops him right down the shaft well that13494.422.7
would be good but what's going to stop13495.9793.181
it from like when the zombie comes here13497.123.359
and it's just gonna hit me right here it13499.163.119
might I guess I guess we just have to13500.4793.181
see right yeah and you know what there's13502.2793.66
a little frowny face on the uh right on13503.664.14
the Sledge you see that oh on the T yeah13505.9393.781
on the tip of it yeah I like that it's13507.83.36
cute look at that13509.723.719
I found a zombie oh break a man I'm13511.164.319
coming bring him right yeah from from13513.4394.201
where you come go go to the left of the13515.4794.981
the turret gotcha okay and it brains13517.644.679
this way sir keep coming all right so13520.463.42
I'm gonna walk to the left of this uh13522.3193.66
little thing here and see what happens13523.885.22
yep yep yep yep come on baby knock him13525.9795.34
in knock him in okay not here all right13529.13.9
knocked him that's not gonna let him ah13531.3193.301
it's not gonna let him man I want to see13533.03.72
one of these guys just he just walk13534.623.48
right through it huh come on the other13536.724.7
way oh yeah yeah come this way13538.13.32
I'm still getting up again come on come13547.223.139
on right now13548.963.84
I feel bad for this guy yeah get over13550.3594.361
the door is Simon see if he'll fall in13552.83.599
there all right follow me in come on13554.724.62
buddy clean afraid to move now oh13556.3994.561
what the hell is that just punched him13559.344.139
yeah I think he's caught in between my13560.964.56
um I guess pylon there in the uh the13563.4793.721
electric uh thingy yeah the electric13565.523.719
fence thing in the wall yep hey buddy13567.23.659
will he hit me hey man he didn't get13569.2393.181
right up on this guy or maybe it's dead13570.8594.641
it's glitched oh no maybe not13572.425.22
well I don't think it's gonna work this13575.54.6
might work if you had like a one uh one13577.644.38
block balance beam and just knocks them13580.14.02
off of it yeah yeah let's put him out of13582.023.839
his misery oh well good effort right13584.124.08
yeah we did science I always hated that13585.8594.141
you get an A for effort and I'd be like13588.24.56
it's an e or is it the opposite effort13590.05.34
effort's an e it's an e yes you were you13592.764.08
were correct Simon it's an e you could13595.344.26
get an A for efficiency no that's still13596.844.5
that's still an E I know but it's a13599.63.48
grade though yeah but he was saying13601.343.3
isn't yeah an a forever it never made13603.082.94
sense to him because effort starts with13604.642.639
an E I don't think it's the same feeling13606.023.24
game it's not a spelling game it's like13607.2794.08
a great system you got an A in science13609.265.28
hey quiet you hillbilly have we thought13611.3594.981
of everything abstra man I don't know13614.543.12
but here's how I think this is gonna13616.343.72
work so the zombies are to come in from13617.663.84
the first floor then they're gonna make13620.063.24
their way up to the fifth floor where13621.53.779
our buddy Simon's at now Simon's laid a13623.33.96
bunch of spikes he's gonna try to solo13625.2793.361
fight them off as long as he possibly13627.263.719
can then Simon has an Escape Route he's13628.644.32
gonna go up the stairs hopefully back to13630.9794.141
the stairwell and bring the zombies up13632.964.08
to the 10th floor where you and I13635.123.9
currently are once they reach the 10th13637.043.84
floor Simon will lead them into this13639.024.02
room which I shall call the spider web13640.886.24
of electricity yep okay so once Simon is13643.046.0
here he'll run here he'll have to come13647.123.6
through this gate and soon as he does13649.043.18
we'll close these Gates they'll turn on13650.723.12
this battery activating the electric13652.224.259
fence yep and then once they breach this13653.844.08
enough where we feel like we have to13656.4793.541
fall back we are going to all climb up13657.924.92
to the roof to where thick has a uh some13660.024.44
trap set up and that's where we make our13662.843.54
final stamp gotcha and that's if13664.465.359
everything goes according to plan13666.383.439
I'm feeling pretty good uh I just really13672.3994.481
hope Simon makes it up here because yeah13675.383.3
once he makes it up here Hey listen13676.884.2
they're not gonna make it past me oh13678.684.5
good so you know you might want to come13681.083.359
down here after a little while because13683.182.58
you're going to be bored I don't know13684.4393.721
why you're lying I've got a plan right13685.763.84
here where it's going to be very13688.163.3
difficult for them to do it I believe in13689.64.759
you all right13691.462.899
oh yeah all right seven you're up I am13702.586.64
ready and wait is it officially started13706.8194.861
oh yeah yeah keep us posted all right13709.225.4
well I heard the the noise but okay I'm13711.685.04
waiting I will keep you posted play by13714.624.859
play play by play it might be like 1013716.724.559
minutes before anyone even comes in here13719.4793.84
right that's true oh yeah we have no13721.2793.54
idea what's gonna happen here all right13723.3192.941
this could be very boring they might13724.8193.0
just all hang out on the bottom is there13726.263.059
any game that we can play while we're13727.8193.181
waiting like a name game or some sort of13729.3193.66
like game that we could try to guess all13731.03.66
right I'm thinking of a zombie all right13732.9792.76
you're picking up zombie all right I'll13734.663.6
ask you a question is it a female zombie13735.7394.981
yes screamer is it the Big Mama it's the13738.264.62
big mama there you go that's my next13740.724.4
I don't see one though hello zombs are13753.8195.201
you out there yeah you know what Simon13757.2793.361
makes some noise Laura I'm up to you13759.024.62
okay hey guys shoot your gun I I just13760.646.299
did hey hello13763.644.679
that sauce bro yeah why did that sun13766.9393.84
just break that's a bad sign now it says13768.3194.04
Old Man X13770.7794.021
why because we're getting right off fall13772.3595.321
to our deaths I bet if they bring down13774.85.34
this entire building oh my God we'll13777.684.74
lose everything oh that's right we will13780.144.38
that'll suck man Simon I almost feel13782.423.84
like you need to run downstairs and lure13784.523.959
them up but I can't because I've already13786.264.32
I've blocked myself in with spikes I'm13788.4793.42
gonna kill myself I don't want to do13790.582.699
that you don't want to do that yeah but13791.8992.46
we gotta do something I can hear this13793.2792.46
place creaking13794.3593.421
they can't take this building down it13801.54.56
would take forever I just watched a13803.545.899
metal letter fall off the wall and break13806.066.24
that's true so maybe five minutes it'll13809.4395.021
take Simon what's going on down there oh13812.34.86
it's crazy can you hear my annoyed voice13814.464.5
it's not it's13817.164.079
crazy about it there's nothing happening13818.965.04
oh boy I see blocks falling that's13821.2394.761
yeah up on my floors some blocks fell so13826.04.779
should I go down and really see what's13829.343.479
going on I'll break down these these all13830.7793.841
right hold on try to lure them towards13832.8193.841
the stairwell or something well I have13834.623.779
to break the spikes so give me a second13836.665.699
okay I'm so excited I'm so excited13838.3996.96
just came in oh I'll go back to my spot13850.965.019
why are you over there what is going on13853.724.48
get his attention oh man what he's going13855.9794.621
hold on I'm trying to get to my spot13858.24.86
that just shut his head off cool huh13860.64.98
that's interesting just one lone zombie13863.066.54
oh screamer screamer right there you're13865.586.18
done baby girl but he was screaming13869.64.2
right in the hallway so I have a feeling13871.764.26
that's gonna do something maybe yeah13873.84.439
well it was just screaming on this in13876.023.9
between the second and the third floor13878.2393.841
on the stairway neebs are we gonna have13879.924.08
to go down for us it's hard man we're13882.084.88
way up here I know13884.02.96
find out his or her name I'm thinking13890.265.16
it's Steve13892.9392.481
I saw it it sucks this is not good this13897.347.599
is the furthest thing from good the sign13902.7797.08
says ultimate AC now oh no think this13904.9396.96
is fine I haven't even shot my gun yet13909.8593.661
I'm doing pretty good it's a nice breeze13911.8993.361
out actually tonight are you guys scared13913.524.379
that the whole place is breaking down no13915.266.54
yes oh listen to scaredy cat neebs we do13917.8997.021
keep seeing like pieces fall out oh God13921.85.639
there's a bomb guy right here I'm13924.924.019
shooting a bomb guy that's probably not13927.4393.481
good right don't shoot the bomb shoot13928.9394.8
around the bomb okay oh he just blew up13930.924.62
I'm sorry should I go try to clear path13933.7395.761
man yeah go go okay I believe in you13935.546.66
that bomb guy just blew the stairway so13939.54.68
perfect I can go down and rebuild it13942.23.539
well neebs is in the stairway I believe13944.185.66
neebs hold on man I'm making my way down13945.7394.101
uh still breaking down Spike13955.965.859
um no sign of a zombie yet what in the13959.066.179
world oh that was a big oh boy a lot of13961.8195.521
stuff fell a lot of stuff hey Nick was13965.2394.861
that you between five and six hello big13967.344.979
44 is here good Lord the time put all13970.14.139
these spikes up of course I did it's13972.3193.841
wood it's one of the very few things I13974.2394.5
can just keep on hacking away okay well13976.164.14
I'm sure this is why they don't think13978.7393.721
the stairs of the Bible option I'm sorry13980.37.28
I'm so goddamn good in this game13982.465.12
oh there you are there you go hey what's13994.05.2
up hey hey all right so yeah I mean if13996.4394.201
you guys have building stuff I barely13999.23.48
have any blocks so I can't go down past14000.645.7
uh three okay uh-huh is this clear watch14002.686.0
my back got it oh yeah there's no way no14006.343.72
way they're gonna get up here can you14008.684.44
repair it Dave I'll try hold on have you14010.064.679
got a silencer on that what is it or is14013.123.42
that just regular oh no it's a it's that14014.7393.961
red dot sight yeah it's the Red Dot14016.543.899
that's nice that's gonna come in handy14018.73.9
for when this place collapses yeah it's14020.4394.021
not gonna help um I just want to make14022.63.719
sure I grab my turret as I Fall to my14024.463.42
death you may want to go ahead and grab14026.3193.901
it well it's up to you yeah I got it14027.885.939
yeah uh names how's the stairwell coming14030.225.16
I'm working on it can you put some14033.8193.721
square ones right here yeah right see on14035.383.479
the back of those down there little14037.543.359
silent move move get out of my way14038.8593.901
almost killed me listen don't what the14040.8992.88
hell are you talking about I almost14042.763.54
killed you I almost fell off all right14043.7795.101
well that's because you're stupid no yes14046.35.16
because you put me I didn't touch you14048.884.38
they're close you see him over there to14051.463.54
our right I do they're so silly now14053.264.62
we're about to run once they start yeah14055.07.46
let's see go y'all ready yeah um14057.884.58
stay back14070.267.139
I think so I'm Not Looking Back14073.144.259
hey I'm on the fifth floor where you14080.045.08
guys at six I'm on seven all right14082.64.2
hopefully they're coming up I haven't oh14085.122.84
hello lady I'm in a bad position I'm in14087.967.06
a bad position how many [ __ ] three and I14091.965.519
fell I fell through their trap oh boy14095.024.02
they're all just hanging out right here14097.4793.42
I'm gonna try to play a game with them14099.044.319
boy hey guys how you doing hey look14100.8995.061
they're off with the ball right now hey14103.3596.12
hey oh boy fell again this is gonna be14105.965.819
interesting you're a hero people14109.4795.42
oh yeah go ahead14111.7796.46
come on come on14114.8995.321
come on come on14118.2395.361
don't be an [ __ ]14120.223.38
Simon's dead but now he's ascended into14124.1995.381
heaven being the top floor oh god what14126.6995.421
the hell what how are they up here14129.586.08
up here up where the top floor14132.127.26
she's she's here14135.663.72
all right boom boom fence fence is on14148.3197.441
places oh14152.163.6
a couple people there he is14158.4395.581
yeah oh there's a guy trying to get away14160.55.68
this way why don't they just go to the14164.024.52
door I mean look at this14166.184.559
did you see that name did he fall down14168.544.18
the hall he found a hole oh that's why14170.7393.24
they're not coming there's a hole there14172.725.04
okay fence off I'll fix it okay14173.9796.861
oh oh I'm sorry14177.763.08
still all right it's off it's off it's14181.565.1
look at this except four names fix that14190.024.6
four okay come on big lady's still up14192.6993.361
you see her I got you back I got your14194.623.18
back you just focused stay focused thank14196.065.1
you thank you you are my man oh you see14197.84.62
them they're coming oh they're coming14201.164.8
yep okay shoot him you're like Kevin14202.425.819
Costner not Whitney Houston hey fix the14205.965.519
floor yep okay don't worry about it I14208.2396.54
got you covered thank you thank you I'm14211.4794.92
not gonna fight them because you're14214.7793.96
doing it exactly okay all right come on14216.3993.601
back come on yeah come on back I'm14218.7392.881
moving oh the floor broke the floor14220.03.359
broke again neebs it must be it must be14221.624.079
a structurally unsound14223.3594.441
um is it morning yeah it's morning good14225.6993.54
morning everybody we're still here14227.83.0
though they're still here you know we14229.2393.301
know sick how you doing up top doing14230.83.96
great we're coming down baby yeah we're14232.546.02
coming down we're gonna say hello oh14234.763.8
I fell through another floor you okay14249.9394.8
yeah I'm alive find the stairwell get14251.9796.171
the 10 let me know when you're up here14254.7394.801
going down I'm on I don't know what14259.544.319
floor I'm right behind you or going down14262.3593.0
I think to the second14263.8593.54
um I'm on the first floor there you go14265.3596.141
hello hello everyone big 44. yep and I'm14267.3998.761
simon32 and we're here to make your day14271.56.64
you know they call Simon the human14276.164.26
peanut butter oh that's right because14278.145.9
people love to lick him I get stuck14280.426.42
nobody's here he just gets stuck on the14284.046.72
road I do always14286.846.5
oh this was easy14290.764.96
hey Nick should we just head downstairs14293.345.08
yeah man nothing going on up here yeah14295.724.74
geez I'll fix these holes and we'll go14298.423.899
downstairs and uh clean up the zombie14300.464.319
mess yeah oh hey what's up Bubba where'd14302.3194.321
you come from there you go there you go14304.7793.841
just good boy yeah where were you14306.645.9
earlier we had a party you missed it14308.623.92
thank God14326.343.24
it was a success right yes it was very14338.565.04
much a success yeah it was an odd14341.83.96
success though it's like yeah I guess14343.63.48
they've wore themselves out at the14345.763.0
bottom or killed themselves on the walls14347.083.06
I don't know what the hell I mean nobody14348.763.42
would have died nobody I went down there14350.144.08
because there was nothing else to do I14352.184.38
think we should go up there again I'm14354.223.719
intrigued I want to see what happens14356.563.24
here's here's what I think we have to14357.9394.201
almost build a path for the zombies to14359.84.32
travel on for those pushers too at the14362.143.839
top that Pusher we're talking about yeah14364.123.6
I'm thinking maybe could we could we14365.9793.361
build a path on the side of the building14367.723.42
that kind of snakes its way up the14369.343.96
building why couldn't we and there's a14371.143.599
whole bunch of traps on this crazy14373.34.2
walkway that would take a lot of stuff14374.7394.861
but yes oh yeah well let's see but if14377.53.42
we're focused on getting the stuff and14379.63.0
we're focused on the building like I14380.922.76
think we can make it happen Where's14382.63.139
Nate's hey oh hi bud14383.684.98
that's how sneaky I am you look great14385.7395.021
thanks so what do you think Hey listen14388.664.14
me personally I'm looking forward to14390.764.38
when we build a brand new base but if14392.83.96
y'all want to do that again14395.143.179
um I'll help out we could do this you14396.763.719
can could start a new base and we could14398.3195.701
do this prep yeah I like that idea14400.4794.92
all right Simon I'm gonna give you14404.024.32
something real nice here ready sure bam14405.3996.42
that is an iron pickaxe that is a level14408.347.92
six iron pickaxe wow I had a steel14411.8197.141
pickaxe but it was only a one I think14416.263.66
that one might be a little bit better14418.963.18
but yeah steel pickaxe is also good but14419.924.439
hey uh so if we're gonna actually do14422.144.92
this project we need a ton and I mean a14424.3595.58
literal ton of stone well a ton of14427.064.679
stones actually not a lot that's only14429.9393.84
like what what's a ton like two thousand14431.7394.08
pounds I I honestly don't know I forgot14433.7794.5
I remember learning it but go maybe like14435.8194.801
2200 pounds so a ton you're gonna have14438.2794.141
to say instead of to be a lot we're14440.624.859
gonna need dozens of tons or tons and14442.424.74
tons of stone by the way we're gonna14445.4793.901
need a lot and uh but be be careful in14447.164.14
here because you can collapse a mine on14449.384.019
yourself if you'd make it too wide oh so14451.33.36
kind of what I'm thinking if you just14453.3993.0
want to stay focused on getting nothing14454.663.72
but stone that would be awesome I'll do14456.3994.021
it I'll do it I'm a new [ __ ] all right14458.384.319
just yeah just keep on trucking you got14460.424.319
it all right good looking there thank14462.6993.141
you sir14464.7392.781
what's up Bob okay I wish I had some14467.525.679
sugar butts so I could you know pull one14470.7394.321
over on you a little bit and I don't14473.1993.481
know how that works but I wanted to look14475.063.799
in here because we had one particular14476.685.04
goal where was it where was it where14478.8595.021
were you down there I knew you were down14481.723.599
there weren't you down there I could14483.883.18
have saw you were down there what let's14485.3194.561
see here no not there not there was it14487.064.86
there you could talk to me Bob it has to14489.885.519
do with gyrocopters did you sell it to14491.925.519
some damn it Bob damn it I told the guys14495.3993.661
I was coming back with them okay I'll14497.4393.481
figure it out I'll find another Trader I14499.064.56
swear Bob you're done with me boring14500.925.58
boring Bop14503.624.619
what you doing there nibs I'm gonna14506.54.02
build a base right here it's gonna look14508.2394.381
like a a rocket ship because who doesn't14510.524.379
love A rocket ship right everybody loves14512.624.26
rocket ships so remember that base I had14514.8994.201
on on horde night one no what do you14516.883.66
mean everyone loved it it was in the14519.13.9
paper I don't read the paper okay right14520.544.56
um so I was on like this Tower and there14523.03.72
was these steps and they would run at me14525.13.179
and they'd jump and they always missed14526.723.12
right uh-huh so I'm thinking about14528.2793.901
having four of those around the edges14529.845.16
and in the center when they missed they14532.185.16
will fall into a big pit of death but14535.04.439
you know what we need oh hey all right14537.344.139
what's app store doing shut up shut up14539.4393.721
shut up shut up I need these stop it14541.4794.201
stoppies these aren't yours okay we need14543.164.199
to we need a lot of materials we gotta14545.682.88
have a lot of materials to make this14547.3593.0
thing I have to build a staircase that14548.563.54
winds up a skyscraper yeah you14550.3592.821
understand the kind of pressure I'm14552.12.58
dealing with you just you just Harvest14553.183.719
trees I need those I need those plant14554.684.32
hey seven yes abstro come out of the14559.04.8
Minds come over here to the base all14561.884.019
right hello hey I gotta introduce you to14563.84.5
your new best friend follow me my new14565.8995.101
best friend did you get me a puppy nope14568.35.099
check this guy out what bam that's a14571.04.439
cement mixer okay all right you're gonna14573.3994.681
be helping me make submit so I tell you14575.4394.561
all that stone you get yeah you come14578.083.3
over here to the crafting bench okay14580.03.479
you're gonna make cement but I also need14581.383.78
crushed sand so you're gonna make that14583.4793.72
in the cement mixer what's your did I do14585.163.9
something to make you angry today or14587.1993.361
something what makes you think I want to14589.064.139
work angry no not angry we gotta build a14590.563.96
staircase that wraps around the14593.1993.061
skyscraper that's a lot of stuff right I14594.523.299
thought it was a good idea but let's not14596.263.3
get crazy and have me doing things for14597.8193.12
you I mean come on let's get crazy we14599.563.179
gotta we gotta build this I can't build14600.9393.661
it by myself I'm gonna need help oh geez14602.7393.721
okay fine I didn't know you wanted to14604.63.78
make it such a big thing it's a14606.464.019
staircase around the skyscraper enough14608.384.26
God you're getting very excited please14610.4795.34
please wait wait wait who's this this14612.645.639
Dora Dora is sitting right here I was in14615.8193.96
the last scene so I I shouldn't have14618.2793.841
been here that's why I'm hiding oh oh14619.7794.321
you got here deer in our okay gotcha I14622.123.18
mean Tom could have passed in between14624.13.24
turn around anyway I can still see him14627.345.04
okay hey I don't give a [ __ ] all right14629.9795.161
do you just do your thing I'll I'll put14632.385.04
sand in here okay do you need sand no14635.144.32
you you make you make sand in there so14637.423.779
yeah make sand and make cement I'm gonna14639.463.779
need it all but I have sand already I14641.1993.481
thought you said I had to put sand in14643.2393.66
there I have sand no this this makes14644.684.139
sand we also need sand I don't even14646.8994.261
whatever whatever man I'm gonna put14648.8194.561
rocks in here that's all I'm doing I14651.164.079
need crust sand I need small rocks I14653.383.3
need cement that's gonna make us the14655.2393.421
concrete mix Simon when we're gonna need14656.684.679
a lot of damn concrete mix fine we made14658.664.14
the point already14661.3594.441
yes sir you ever see the old Bruce Lee14667.625.44
movie Game of Death no well Game of14670.3595.641
Death was one where Bruce Lee had to go14673.065.339
up this like building uh-huh and on each14676.04.739
floor there was a different boss oh and14678.3993.96
he had to fight all the way to the top14680.7393.901
until he got to the main boss which I14682.3594.741
believe was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar former14684.645.58
NBA great wow that is a very interesting14687.17.139
choice for a monster well this is what14690.226.0
we're gonna do with our horde it's gonna14694.2393.781
be Game of Death one of us is going to14696.224.62
be a boss on selected floors here and14698.025.1
honestly there's going to be hardly any14700.846.42
defenses on each floor up until oh thank14703.126.359
you you're welcome up until you get to14707.264.679
the top floor which that will be the14709.4794.561
main defense where they have to face all14711.9394.88
of us so it's like we're all Kareem14714.046.42
Abdul-Jabbar yes like I'm like Kareem's14716.8195.92
foot and then I'm his you're his penis14720.465.279
hand or his hand14722.7395.931
yes okay let's make this happen how's14731.585.739
business back oh has that been oh that's14734.9794.5
been empty we already got that okay hey14737.3194.321
ate my sugar butts I'm not supposed to14739.4793.84
tell you that let's see your inventory14741.643.96
I've got to sell all this I like what14743.3193.96
you got here you got a good selection of14745.64.44
stuff Bob not a bad selection at all14747.2795.341
however I'm gonna need some specifics14750.045.22
for you to get in14752.624.98
um like Jeeps for dirt cheap gyrocopter14755.264.139
except we're not there yet ooh and the14757.65.06
other Wheels how many wheels14759.3993.261
um I'm not I wasn't fully prepared and I14764.383.599
need to figure this out real quick Bob14766.722.46
give me a second I'm going to go back in14767.9793.241
this corner and and look at my uh my14769.183.78
numbers in the books and stuff okay I'm14771.225.04
gonna be back here Bob don't mind me Bob14772.965.58
oh chicken yeah worry about that later14776.263.78
all right you said there's a camp yeah14778.544.62
it's right there oh okay so it may have14780.046.06
uh landmines oh you yep good good call14783.165.819
watch out for the old land man like if I14786.14.379
would put them way out here if I was if14788.9793.84
that was my Camp honestly or would I you14790.4794.201
know what I've never put landmines this14792.8193.601
far from my Camp I'm just like these14794.683.96
people all right I'm moving in slowly a14796.423.899
couple of iron deposits here it's good14798.644.38
to know leave the bike right here14800.3194.861
I'm keeping and uh well this kind of14803.023.48
reminds me of our first horde base a14805.183.48
little bit with the cars the stack cars14806.55.22
I don't see any land mines though no14808.665.159
moving in oh wait you know what I got14811.724.8
something cool neebs okay boom uh14813.8194.92
Blunderbuss I made a blender bus look at14816.523.379
all right where you at zambi oh there14819.8995.38
you are hold on she's gonna come out14823.663.36
okay back up yeah come on up here14825.2793.781
sweetie I got something for you you ever14827.023.48
had a bunch of scatter shots in the face14829.063.54
because there you go oh God did I14830.53.899
completely miss her how in the world14832.64.86
like a shotgun there we go oh man you14834.3996.5
just broke her neck what's that14837.463.439
that was a home run baby yes it was that14844.625.319
was great reloading my Blunderbuss yeah14847.7794.5
you broke her neck that looks good bad14849.9394.8
break her ass next I hear him no he14852.2794.321
jumped oh he is a jumper hey sit down14854.7394.441
[ __ ] boom is that a one shot it was a14856.64.02
one shot I'm telling these board buses14859.182.94
are sweet all right let's get in there14860.623.6
let's get the goods haha it's us we're14862.123.54
here we're here to get the goods show us14864.223.36
the good chemistry station too oh this14865.663.36
one better not work we just built one14867.583.6
this one worked nope destroyed thank god14869.024.86
oh names be careful I see dog houses uh14871.184.2
I don't see any dogs though I don't see14873.883.359
any dogs but you like I've seen in this14875.383.12
game like you go up to a trailer park14877.2392.7
and there's a doghouse guess who's in14878.53.6
the trailer dog the dog I'm just gonna14879.9394.321
do this and peek haha oh yeah look at14882.14.259
that look I'm just laying here dogs no14884.263.84
nurses I'm gonna shoot this [ __ ] in the14886.3594.161
back of the head14888.12.42
ah no hey what are you doing over there14891.2394.601
okay I'll just I'll get you with the14893.564.56
pistol yeah babe oh now you want to get14895.843.72
up okay come over here and smell my14898.123.6
Blunderbuss the smell all this scattered14899.563.96
shot right in your damn face you dude14901.723.84
did I miss again you really suck at that14903.524.44
thing God okay all right she's down14905.564.62
we're in boom we got the gun you're14907.964.34
Simon this place is a death trap right14915.526.0
it says beware right there beware yeah14917.86.54
yes all right I felt I've already fallen14921.525.16
twice down these little holes here so am14924.344.68
I let me try to navigate through here is14926.684.5
there a reason to is there why why would14929.024.2
you what's that I'm gonna do it but is14931.183.719
this what we're doing this on purpose or14933.223.12
am I gonna have to come right back we're14934.8993.84
doing this on purpose all right here we14936.344.2
go we could have went up the stairs you14938.7393.061
know there's stairs over there that14940.543.18
would that actually went upstairs but we14941.84.019
have to clear this out but I like this14943.724.38
floor as the first floor for them to14945.8194.441
face okay I like it too you know what14948.13.36
because we're gonna keep it just like14950.263.019
that they're gonna keep on falling14951.466.019
zombies zombies one down hello zombies14953.2797.301
oops I have to do a Reload maybe behind14957.4795.081
you all right all right I'm not prepared14960.584.56
and he's got no arm how you doing buddy14962.564.56
no arm no head Maybe14965.144.139
he's down all right all right Looking14967.124.44
Good Feeling Good Feeling Great got some14969.2795.241
honey got some honey14971.566.419
this is your floor Simon it is they have14974.526.339
to face you up now watch out okay hold14977.9796.021
on good God14980.8593.141
I'm getting the ax out for you son [ __ ]14984.4795.641
let me ask you a question14987.167.199
play on words yep uh easy come here boy14990.127.079
go ahead 6 44.14994.3595.401
popped his head like a pimple there are14997.1994.421
a lot of zombies here there are you know14999.764.439
why because it's a good place to be this15001.626.06
is the greatest place for your floor you15004.1995.761
were the first boss I am the first boss15007.684.83
I'm the weakest and I don't care15009.964.26
at the same speed I know I'm telling you15014.224.139
these Mega crushes are great yeah like15016.53.899
I'm barely catching you what if I had to15018.3593.781
make a crush and jump on the bike no you15020.3993.361
don't think it would stack like that uh15022.143.66
it'd be cool you want to jump on real15023.764.439
quick yeah okay there's no way that's a15025.84.32
waste of my mega Crush really there's no15028.1993.54
way to measure it really because I yeah15030.123.9
no no no no no no no no no yeah you take15031.7394.261
the bike back I'm I'm hopped up on15034.023.9
energy drink right now all right good15036.03.84
I'm right behind you where are we going15037.924.22
this house yeah15039.845.399
hey guys oh what's up Dora Dora boom15042.145.5
boom Oh hey there Bing bongs we're15045.2393.66
getting ready to loot this house you15047.643.24
want to join us you're damn right I do I15048.8993.781
got some wheels and stuff uh get us a15050.884.439
little closer to that damn 4x4 oh sweet15052.684.139
I think honestly I think uh if you have15055.3193.061
the wheels all I got to do is make the15056.8193.241
parts I think we might have to be able15058.383.42
to accomplish it today your mouth we15060.063.96
need that so bad yeah no a Jeep would be15061.85.179
wonderful agreed doors open doors open15064.025.759
I'll take points Oh What a fine pool15066.9794.84
table down here there's a basement yeah15069.7793.96
I'm going with you Dora what kind of gun15071.8194.08
you got there that's a shotgun oh a15073.7393.601
shark what the hell that's a crazy15075.8993.661
looking shotgun it's a jacked up Beast15077.343.78
of a shotgun hey let me guess you're15079.564.379
gonna jump out of the cloth oh wow oh no15081.125.88
oh there they are oh no oh I didn't load15083.9395.241
our big lady just jump in front of me in15089.8996.241
the kitchen you okay I think15092.583.56
oh nice good pop good pop it's pretty15097.525.56
effective you see yeah nice little15100.385.099
office oh a bookshelf hell yeah I got a15103.083.779
lady trying to break through with the oh15105.4793.3
back door she didn't even live here get15106.8593.721
out of here we don't want any stay out15108.7793.601
we don't live here all right some more15110.583.119
clay you need you know how you and our15112.383.479
Taco we don't have enough cloth guess15113.6993.721
how much cloth I got from like breaking15115.8592.941
down that tent at that other camp we15117.423.779
just rated 11. no we got like two I got15118.84.32
like 200 clocks I was gonna say you15121.1993.601
didn't let me guess it's been cool if I15123.122.819
could have guessed I like those games15124.83.899
okay yeah but you weren't there 40 no it15125.9395.04
was 200. oh yeah15128.6994.021
on the other side of that wall Simon15130.9793.361
there's some there's some loot yeah I15132.723.96
know wait a second I think I just saw oh15134.344.5
there you go that's me I'm pick 44 not15136.684.98
not a bad guy so much no you're not uh15138.844.019
those guys are trying to break through15141.663.0
right here oh they're over here oh15142.8594.141
they're chasing me oh I got him come on15144.664.819
oh man that's a hefty gun you got I know15149.666.22
it is listen I found it uh in in15152.644.92
somewhere where the bed was I just15155.884.559
picked it up it was a 45 okay fantastic15157.564.56
all right let's go let's go over to that15160.4396.061
that area and see what we have ah right15162.126.9
here always look up always look up15166.54.859
always oh I didn't look up until very15169.025.459
late uh oh got a padded chest Armor All15171.3595.821
Right fantastic oh we got a a black15174.4795.281
strap coffee like I've never seen a15177.184.559
black strap coffee before I don't know15179.764.139
what that is but I'm intrigued it looks15181.7395.101
like a Tin Cup really all right we need15183.8995.761
to make our way up uh oh right up here15186.846.3
right huh how do we Okay Okay off like15189.665.699
this this is where you are a climbing15193.144.5
fool and then I go like that15195.3594.801
um oh okay I go over here and then go15197.644.5
over here and then boom look at me15200.165.34
platforming king you are yes I am uh15202.145.7
this is a gym yeah we have not cleared15205.54.68
this place no we have it Karen's here15207.844.68
hey Karen right in the head baby do it15210.184.259
do it yeah well that wasn't the head I15212.523.54
don't know why it didn't pop off you I'm15214.4393.241
gonna tell you what right now Simon I'm15216.065.339
in the gym I'm using steroids damn right15217.686.0
yeah today's resistance Day come on15221.3994.621
we're doing upper body lower body we're15223.684.5
going back and forth compound movements15226.024.32
you look at my girlfriend ah get the15228.185.7
hell out of here Beetlejuice15230.343.54
I didn't shoot you you're looking at my15234.384.599
girlfriend uh stop looking at his15236.884.2
girlfriend and look at this testicles15238.9794.081
shrink she actually broke up with me she15241.084.44
said oh two aggro I told her look you15243.064.02
need to calm down just because you're15245.523.679
come on legs scoot it up look at that15252.4396.04
apps row I'm like uh one of those uh X15255.724.559
Gamers what are you doing out here just15258.4793.601
ride my bike up these stairs oh you15260.2793.241
think you can make it to the top maybe15262.083.48
hold on I just got corners of the15263.524.679
problem yep yep yep Bunny Hop Bunny Hop15265.564.62
all right yeah cool got it we've seen it15268.1994.321
now right uh I mean what you got15270.183.599
something going on yeah I got something15272.524.44
going on okay uh Corners Corners coming15273.7795.881
down there we go okay oh yeah hey look15276.964.68
at you all right hold on let me check15279.663.48
let me check my little let me check my15281.643.839
little project here all right come with15283.144.02
me come with me come with me come on me15285.4795.101
okay yeah15287.163.42
yeah we got such a treat baby I already15291.546.54
got gasoline in my pocket I am refueling15294.2395.46
let me look at the storage I'm putting15298.083.18
some gas in the storage there's always15299.6993.54
gas in the storage we can go anywhere15301.263.719
now names you know where I want to go15303.2394.341
where to the forest to get some15304.9794.741
chrysanthemum okay well I'm gonna15307.584.239
harvest the lid while you get that okay15309.724.019
okay road trip I'm driving I'm driving15311.8194.021
I'm driving I'm riding oh nope you're15313.7393.601
driving I got it before I do oh really15315.844.939
yeah yeah right now15317.343.439
Simon yes sir you know who loves15326.13.9
swimming uh no I don't this could be15327.964.5
neeb's floor he's all into fitness die15330.05.72
[ __ ] die [ __ ] what15332.465.58
I heard you guys up here in the yoga15335.724.9
place it says that on the wall die [ __ ]15338.045.64
oh die [ __ ] hey guys oh hey get them15340.626.38
all how are you oh hey get a ball too15343.685.7
I'm not doing accountable but neebs does15347.04.54
have a swimmer's body he's like Michael15349.384.319
Phelps swimmer's brain as well it's15351.545.159
waterlogged so he's gonna be the the15353.6996.181
monster they're all monsters or months15356.6995.341
monsters no they're not monsters they're15359.883.96
just bosses they're like people you have15362.044.02
to fight what are you talking about Game15363.844.38
of Death Bruce Lee oh Kareem15366.064.74
Abdul-Jabbar yeah it's like a video game15368.224.44
like bosses like you make a way that's15370.83.179
how we're that's how we're taking this15372.663.9
yep I know but I just thought of bosses15373.9794.141
as being monsters and Arc so you know15376.563.78
that's related that's a monster sir not15378.124.5
monster monster that's a that was a hit15380.347.34
TV show it's a cheese monster cheese15382.625.06
all right your chrysanthemum's the pink15391.585.199
ones yeah yeah man look at it uh getting15394.1995.221
on right now hey have you ever seen a15396.7794.92
blender oh it's not loaded sorry I15399.424.38
forget to reload hey man I I'm gonna15401.6994.321
quit using single shot weapons why is15403.83.78
that because it's reloading oh yeah the15406.022.82
reload takes some time but man this15407.582.88
ammo's so cheap to make and like when15408.843.96
you actually do it it works it's oh so15410.463.54
I swear something's going on with these15414.03.239
things like that's that scatter shot it15415.922.519
should have just blasted him15417.2393.781
ridiculously all right you pick flowers15418.4394.321
I'm gonna loot this house all right stay15421.023.48
at the Moon we're gonna have paint I can15422.763.479
paint the house how great is that gonna15424.53.479
be man yeah I'm excited about getting15426.2393.721
that place looking good hopefully thick15427.9794.201
and Simon are making our board night15429.964.08
good you know I always worry what could15432.183.719
go wrong I don't know I feel like that15434.043.42
gets distracted a lot with looting and15435.8992.821
other stuff and like nothing gets done15437.462.66
and then it's horde night we're all like15438.723.66
yeah but he's got Simon there with him15440.124.06
to help out that's true that's true15442.385.0
Simon's usually pretty good at building15444.183.2
well guys I think we found abstra's15448.047.439
floor old man sacks old man sex15450.664.819
I like it because he would make a joke15455.664.72
about ball sacks Simon would too but15458.163.72
Simon's already got a floor I'm guessing15460.384.2
yeah and I'm also an older man so it15461.884.26
would work better for me but I'm lower15464.584.44
I'm I'm on five I think yeah so I think15466.144.98
we only have a few more floors above us15469.024.32
yeah so let me yeah let me take a look15471.124.079
because the sky is wide open over here15473.344.32
oh boy you got some action coming this15475.1994.681
way all right15477.665.279
nice they're coming in from this way I15479.888.22
see them get over here ladies gentlemen15482.9395.161
oh so many of them all right bats what's15489.965.239
up bats15492.65.639
you'll be fat somewhere else we're busy15495.1995.2
we gotta get into this building right no15498.2394.261
no that's where we were into this door15500.3994.441
there you go there you go I got you15502.54.319
covered yeah we can see what do we got15504.845.34
here one two or three more it looks it15506.8196.0
looks like one two three or maybe even15510.185.34
four possibly four nice got some seven15512.8194.441
six two I'll distribute that shortly15515.524.32
hold on I gotta break this uh this thing15517.264.979
over here oh it's safe oh nice yeah15519.845.04
that's Thick's job he's the Picker15522.2395.341
listen uh damn it let's just go ahead15524.884.26
and do that I want the stuff that's in15527.583.0
that safe I almost picked it myself15529.143.36
yours I'll pick it it's all yours15530.583.899
everything that's in there thank you I'm15532.53.96
the next floor whatever that is I'm just15534.4794.081
gonna take the next floor okay great so15536.464.26
then everybody's got their floor I'll15538.564.02
take the top floor we'll meet on the top15540.723.9
floor in five minutes sounds good I'm15542.585.48
sweating my ass off15544.623.44
what name two birds15548.3995.58
got them got them both all right good15551.423.939
job you ready to head back it's getting15553.9793.0
dark yeah I got over a hundred15555.3595.34
chrysanthemum and I can make seeds oh15556.9795.281
hold on real quick before we hop in let15560.6994.58
me let me refuel this bad boy okay15562.265.7
it takes too much gas I love it but it15565.2794.181
takes a lot of gas oh it's a gas it's a15567.963.3
gas hog but you know what yeah it just15569.463.42
allows us to get around this entire15571.263.84
world so much easier okay are you ready15572.883.96
yeah okay like you remember how long it15575.13.42
took us to get from the desert uh here15576.843.84
on foot now this thing's crazy fast but15578.523.66
you know there's that motorcycle is15580.682.82
pretty awesome too oh yeah like the15582.182.519
motorcycles we need to build some of15583.53.779
those next oh we stop here huh why get15584.6995.28
some coal for gunpowder oh yeah you know15587.2794.321
what good talk and would have stopped15589.9793.42
that was so cool what just swerving into15591.64.5
it yeah every time never gets old man15593.3994.141
we're gonna have lots of resources I15596.12.759
love it like we're the guy you want to15597.543.48
have around yeah in a zombie apocalypse15598.8593.721
exactly the guy that comes back with15601.024.14
stuff useful stuff yeah and makes you15602.584.02
paint the paint's kind of worthless15605.164.039
you'll see15606.62.599
rest of them it's just gonna be like15615.04.08
spikes and whatever but honestly I don't15616.7394.681
even think anything can get to us when15619.084.739
we're up here I think you're crazy I15621.423.96
think that there's gonna be a lot I15623.8194.08
think it's kind of crazy too I'm not a15625.384.439
crazy person well you're gonna be at the15627.8993.721
top they have to get through us I'm15629.8193.361
gonna put some spikes around my floor15631.624.26
okay okay oh yeah I'll put some spikes15633.184.44
around my floor I like being in charge15635.884.38
of my own floor I think that's exciting15637.624.619
what floor number are you Simon again do15640.263.78
you know what number I think five I15642.2394.2
believe it is five I'm eleven like we've15644.044.319
got some serious separation between us15646.4394.26
all but that's okay all of the bed rolls15648.3593.96
are gonna be up here so if you die you15650.6993.061
just go back down you go to the next15652.3193.841
floor the zombies go to there you go I'm15653.763.54
down with that I'm gonna start working15656.162.76
on my floor a little bit all right I'll15657.33.12
go ahead and start working on my floor15658.924.26
and I'll stare up into the sunset yeah15660.425.519
that's so nice I like looking at you15663.184.259
while you do that get okay well I'm15665.9393.601
gonna happen okay yeah good move over15667.4393.84
right all right let's get to work yeah15669.547.22
now well I'm staring uh yeah15671.2795.481
I found this Ranger Station you want to15677.184.9
go check it out yeah all right watch my15679.53.899
back watch my back I'm trying to15682.084.08
conserve ammo hello oh wow look at this15683.3997.701
oh there's a uh vacation guy in here hey15686.164.94
I guess we went loud didn't we uh oh15694.343.639
yeah we did go that way we probably15696.723.78
should yep okay it was a big guy oh he15697.9793.781
dropped something I'd love it when they15700.53.84
drop stuff well it's in here damn level15701.764.979
six iron spear that's a damn good iron15704.344.139
spear I'm gonna try that out throw that15706.7393.601
to somebody you know you know throw them15708.4793.0
um I guess you hold right click right15710.343.059
maybe I don't know let's get sneaky get15711.4794.26
sneaky get sneaky oh look there's a mini15713.3994.38
bike chassis in this uh workbench really15715.7394.2
yeah that's awesome grab it got it all15717.7794.441
right get sneaky get sneaky okay get15719.9394.021
cool sneaky15722.223.84
um wait I don't have a quiet weapon oh15723.965.04
oh god oh boy oh yeah no we're going15726.064.679
all right you got him uh yep I'm just15730.7394.321
gonna line up a head shot and Bam nice15733.023.5
nice head shot15735.064.86
oh my God I'll even reload why not wait15736.525.14
where's the other one oh there she is15739.924.14
geez let's say I know two came out of15741.665.0
here will you sit down15744.064.799
they both came just flying out of this15746.664.36
house that was creepy all right anything15748.8594.08
good in here hmm we need to get15751.025.64
silencers for our guns no hold on did15752.9396.181
you check it to see if that drinks yeah15756.664.199
I didn't have drinks didn't have drinks15759.123.3
I checked it but you can get some good15760.8593.241
forged steel and forged iron on these15762.423.54
things okay but if it gets drinks don't15764.13.42
tear it up okay tear it up if I could15765.963.06
actually use it it's not plugged up I15767.522.7
want to see you throw that Spirit15769.023.24
somebody oh I want to throw that Spirit15770.224.32
somebody I'm gonna look be ready hey if15772.264.08
I start screaming that means I found15774.543.06
somebody right right right right right15776.343.3
don't wait oh yeah on the floor is that15779.643.719
somebody yeah let me get sneaky hey no15781.8595.601
no you back up you back up let me15783.3594.101
oh yeah15793.044.899
where's the spear Hey where's the spirit15795.426.0
get my spear back we got a spear bag oh15797.9395.161
no he's never gonna talk he's gonna need15801.423.3
us face to talk and you just knocked it15803.13.06
off wait a minute where did spear go15804.723.719
that happened to me once oh why would I15806.164.98
oh okay you didn't care all right well15808.4394.981
lesson learned never throw Spears yep15811.145.58
write that down boys and girls15813.425.819
Simon it's a lovely night it is so15816.724.979
beautiful this is fantastic hey you guys15819.2395.221
way up top yeah hey look where I am are15821.6996.061
you hold up oh hey hi good to see you15824.465.399
yeah good to see you uh this comes15827.764.2
straight from my floor I've made a I15829.8593.241
don't know why15831.962.519
um well I guess it's a way to get back15833.13.719
down to mine nice and easy should I die15834.4794.621
well isn't that nice yeah that's perfect15836.8195.04
this is a very interesting place I like15839.14.5
it a lot and I have a plan over here15841.8593.781
doralis you can't see but Simon what15843.64.08
what we're gonna do this is the only way15845.644.74
up right I mean that we know of so15847.684.92
what's gonna happen back up back up yep15850.384.5
backing up what's gonna happen oh I'm15852.64.139
gonna put a hole here anything that15854.883.359
comes up they're gonna fall straight15856.7393.841
down probably even you know three four15858.2394.441
five six stories okay we're not gonna15860.584.68
even have to do anything hardly you're15862.684.62
living in fantasy world and I feel like15865.264.8
coming to play that's right man oh man I15867.35.82
we are gonna have the easiest easiest15870.066.12
toward night ever the absolute easiest15873.126.9
my I totally agree yeah I love being15876.186.5
is that open nope locked what about any15882.8995.221
of these windows nope they're boarded up15885.124.26
all right let's let's yeah let's move15888.123.42
around the building15889.385.059
around here15891.542.899
okay hit him with my fire stick yep nope15894.685.32
okay easy with the fire stick yep there15898.083.54
you go okay it's equipped though it's a15900.03.06
clip yeah I know again all right he's15901.623.06
down good job with the fire stick what's15903.063.36
this thing made out of asbestos it's an15904.683.96
asbestos bird okay oh another bird yeah15906.423.42
come at me come at me I'm gonna hit you15908.643.599
with this damn bat batter up and what's15909.843.23
yeah I don't know what that means15916.883.64
batting a thousand I I yeah I'm with you15918.543.72
I hear it the the sports ball people15920.523.419
talk about it no clue what it means I15922.263.599
have a thousand they hit one I think oh15923.9394.561
hey this window's open oh cool15925.8594.641
uh yeah we're gonna probably have to15931.763.4
shoot okay can we shoot in through these15933.7793.781
windows right here and weapons weapons15935.165.539
weapons oh is it night time15937.563.139
it's dark all the time dude stay down15940.924.62
there we go the uh you look around here15943.264.26
there's fart clouds I get that but15945.543.659
there's also a damn clock at the top of15947.524.139
the [ __ ] game you know uh you're15949.1993.96
gonna pull the there's a clock at the15951.6593.181
top of the game card on there if you're15953.1593.54
gonna ask if it's dark okay it's15954.844.139
nighttime Dingus get on stairs yep you15956.6994.261
behind me okay you being sneaky being15958.9793.661
sneaky this torch is probably gonna give15960.964.26
us away um something quiet here it is15962.644.38
awful quiet in here this is unlocked15965.225.599
anything in here any zombies any zombies15967.026.78
okay this place has a basement neebs oh15970.8194.901
really yeah it goes deeper does go15973.84.139
deeper that's what she said and well no15975.723.719
she well I guess she could have said15977.9394.141
that if she has a really deep [ __ ]15979.4395.34
oh hey wait I picked up I had spear15982.084.56
really yeah it must have just been to my15984.7794.101
that's hot A Day miracle bam did you get15990.3594.58
it yeah all right15993.34.019
okay oh boy that's all right we got15994.9395.88
another one wait okay15997.3193.5
here we go uh nurse16004.968.319
okay nice man we are a well-oiled zombie16008.86.639
survival machine yeah let's see all16013.2794.261
right so shut it down threw a torch up I16015.4393.3
switched to my gun that doesn't need to16017.543.42
reload that's for the movie stuff is16018.7394.2
that the movie stuff yeah yeah can't16020.964.26
wait to see a cast in something dip [ __ ]16022.9394.5
too Electric Boogaloo I don't think16025.224.559
there was a one ah there it is me what16027.4396.3
is it uh boxes yeah baby what's in this16029.7796.301
backpack something good yeah yeah16033.7394.08
yeah all right let's get into these16036.083.72
boxes let's get back to the truck yeah16037.8194.861
the hell out of here oh we got ammo we16039.83.78
got Medical16042.681.92
guns moving on16044.65.58
I'm going off-road16063.563.56
oh it's good to be alive16068.7397.301
okay sorry sorry oh no man oh my God16071.628.319
this was bad Simon yes I know out of16076.046.6
here just back up backing out backing16079.9396.54
out we're doing it baby oh [ __ ] okay oh16082.646.54
no got out for no reason okay trying to16086.4795.941
go now I'm stuck back up back I'll try16089.185.94
I'm trying okay we're gonna pretend like16092.425.46
that never happened16095.124.43
there with you I just heard her yep I16102.8194.12
see her she's going I think she's16105.4394.641
heading upstairs oh there you go16106.9396.061
oh yeah you know are there more she16110.085.02
screamed I don't see any but you know16113.03.6
what at least we know the path is16115.13.66
starting to work huh kind of weirded out16116.63.78
that she ignored me like what's what's16118.763.36
wrong with my brains maybe it's your16120.384.38
breath you might have stinky knee breath16122.124.739
I've been eating hobo stew Ah that's the16124.764.019
thing I I just started so I'm sure it16126.8593.54
should be ignored me soon enough okay16128.7793.721
I'm Gonna Keep clearing this out I want16130.3994.621
to re-uh resupport some of these beams16132.54.26
that came out yeah that's a that's a16135.023.9
good idea for sure there's also a lot of16136.763.479
damage on the outside if you want to16138.922.76
repair that too nibs yeah what do you16140.2393.361
want you want to keep this uh Deshawn or16141.684.259
name it something else like uh something16143.64.5
Stadium it's not really a stadium is it16145.9393.3
yeah I don't know why you'd make it16148.12.879
something it wasn't just it sounds cool16149.2393.841
when something Stadium if it's a stadium16150.9794.081
it does yeah I'm with door on that one16153.083.96
naming this place something Stadium all16155.063.299
right make zeros I haven't heard the16157.043.54
first name yeah it could be abstro16158.3593.96
Stadium ends with stadium is the problem16160.583.54
I think the Stadium's the problem part16162.3193.481
right yeah if you want to go with App16164.123.119
Store building fine but I don't want to16165.82.34
take responsibility for the whole16167.2391.92
building what about what if it was16168.142.759
doralia Stadium doesn't change the16169.1593.061
stadium part come on I don't think we16170.8992.58
want to give it anybody's particular16172.223.66
name how about this neebs how about16173.4794.861
doralius planetarium yeah I like that16175.885.0
why why do you like that no yeah16178.344.68
planetariums oh my God we'll make it16180.883.58
look like a planetarium no we won't16183.022.6
that's it final16184.462.88
all right sick do you see anywhere we16187.344.979
should go in because you know I'm I'm up16189.384.74
for anything but you know me I like to16192.3195.04
nerd pull into places but uh maybe to16194.125.579
the right okay yeah do that because I16197.3595.161
only have like seven wood blocks with me16199.6994.2
I don't even know how much would I have16202.523.36
maybe I do have some have we been here16203.8994.441
I'm not sure business16205.885.24
is this16208.342.78
files and such spreadsheets you know16211.844.599
what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make things16215.03.659
a lot better for everybody okay we16216.4393.781
haven't been here so this is good this16218.6594.681
is good I have lots of noises lots of16220.226.479
noises okay uh where did you uh hello16223.346.24
behind you yep yep hello16226.6994.62
thank you ma'am16229.584.06
don't get up what are you doing16231.3195.421
please this bat used to work better I16236.86.179
swear it did16240.266.059
I killed the fat guy thank you I'm not16242.9796.46
doing too good no no let me help up here16246.3195.16
you health up let me go ahead and be a16249.4393.3
man Warrior and take care of this16251.4794.021
[ __ ] do it oh wow so many of them16252.7396.12
here you go all right all right I'm16255.57.399
right behind you right behind you baby16258.8594.04
one else want to be gone16263.6593.381
there you are you hear that I hear it I16269.03.3
just walked around the entire building16271.222.939
it's not out there you think it's inside16272.34.28
sounded like a scream got out didn't it16278.8993.84
yeah like when she screams do they come16280.9394.441
outside or do they go in the stairway I16282.7394.261
would think they'd Spawn from outside16285.383.479
here they come from outside here they16287.03.6
come neighbors outside I'm gonna come16288.8593.661
you guys need my help no you keep16290.63.719
working we got it okay going back up16292.523.959
where'd you go oh there they are what16294.3194.141
are you guys doing come on we're over16296.4795.641
this way quit we're around baits behind16298.466.8
me okay16302.123.14
nice turret doralis saved my life16305.9794.72
there's another zombie coming in the16309.084.079
front door we'll greet them16310.6996.54
hello ma'am welcome to planetarium Tower16313.1599.171
yeah and we got some salmon16317.2398.12
I hear a mess of things just a mess of16325.3596.101
things I like that I like being messy16329.2394.2
you know what I mean a messy sloppy boy16331.467.38
I do like it oh right here oh Jesus okay16333.4398.88
problem I need a better weapon oh boy16338.845.12
get the lady16342.3194.681
it's a weak spot oh it is all right it16343.965.019
is very weak oh watch out this one's16347.03.72
still alive sorry baby the shadow run16348.9793.541
the movies huh looking good all right16350.724.559
yeah we got some serious effects uh yeah16352.525.7
we'll build up here and keep Conquering16355.2796.721
the building because we are strong16358.227.259
make the stairs there hurry up16362.04.979
neebs you're here in the step oh there16365.4792.821
you are you're right here yeah hey um16366.9792.521
did you16368.33.0
think I'm working on it I can't oh see16369.53.96
they're a mess everywhere is a mess yeah16371.33.72
well hey come here before before you're16373.462.58
doing that come down here a second16375.022.339
because I want to talk about something16376.043.06
okay so they get up this we're on the16377.3593.361
third floor they get up here they're16379.13.36
gonna run across here which is like the16380.724.04
blade trap area16382.464.681
but we don't want them coming up the16384.764.24
stairwell just yet so we either need to16387.1414.199
block the [ __ ] out of it oh geez here we16389.03.779
go again did you take the Torches out16391.344.439
some of them him well yeah I'm going16392.7795.282
down going down well I started and then16395.7794.741
I realized this place is a mess so and16398.0613.718
then I wanted to clean it up just16400.523.9
realize that huh yep oh below you there16401.7794.561
she is oh you see her yep in the stairs16404.423.18
yep yeah this is what I'm talking about16406.342.58
if we don't want them coming upstairs16407.63.42
because then they uh they could get16408.924.26
behind us yeah so we either gotta Spike16411.024.74
the stairs up tremendously or we have to16413.185.16
destroy them in a one area we'll just16415.764.74
put a wall right here huh if that's what16418.343.9
you want to do my concern is they break16420.53.061
through the wall but then again it may16422.243.18
not be a bad idea once we fall back to16423.5614.138
this location like if some of us want to16425.423.721
come down here and like we leave these16427.6993.301
holes right here and Peppa Peppa so16429.1414.92
maybe build the wall lower yeah okay but16431.04.5
I did a lot of work here so let's leave16434.0613.058
this and we'll just have one little area16435.54.92
that ruins it for them okay16437.1195.641
I've got your back baby all right16440.424.26
getting out a different gun here we16442.763.539
should have a bed roll damn it I don't16444.683.179
even have anything to drop a bed roll16446.2993.361
here wouldn't that be a smart thing to16447.8596.561
do probably do I have a bedroom16449.664.76
no just stay out there I need to heal up16476.266.881
I'm infected I'm bleeding oh my God16479.5396.0
Simon Hey listen when I see you when we16483.1413.898
get back together I promise I'm gonna16485.5393.18
rub your tummy okay and you're gonna16487.0394.5
feel better okay okay they're coming16488.7194.08
through the bottom they're falling16491.5392.881
through the bottom they can't get to me16492.7994.221
oh hey nice night guys oh hey I'm taking16500.925.56
your torches down everybody's16504.8593.741
complaining who's complaining abstro16506.484.92
dralius everybody can sound like16508.65.08
everybody there's me and Simon Simon16511.43.84
hasn't said a word so yeah we're trying16513.683.42
to cut down on the screamers a bit okay16515.244.92
I died sorry for your loss okay well I16517.14.92
appreciate it uh it's gonna be tough16520.164.74
going back to get up my stuff but I16522.025.339
think I can do it yeah maybe did you go16524.95.219
out there on a on a in a jeep yes Simon16527.3594.26
still has the Jeep yeah why don't you16530.1193.18
take like the mini bike and then you can16531.6194.022
uh you can both drive back together okay16533.2995.881
hey I wonder do I still have uh the damn16535.6416.058
things under here oh no I don't that's16539.185.699
okay I sprained my leg I thought I had I16541.6995.041
thought I had the hay bales I thought I16544.8793.781
had the hay bales did you jump down yeah16546.743.479
because there were hay bales down there16548.665.1
yeah I think we moved those you know16550.2195.58
what uh I'm just gonna jump down and16553.764.5
then respawn okay16555.7995.221
oh I didn't die I just broke my leg more16558.265.939
ah there's some birds here just kill me16561.025.599
I guess16564.1992.42
oh geez16569.63.779
something's going on okay this isn't16570.744.619
good there's this is going to continue16573.3795.641
and I'm not in good shape how do you16575.3597.141
climb up there hello thick16579.024.621
I hope you're coming16582.54.92
soon because I need you oh thank God I16583.6418.839
have a lot of nine millimeter oh boy oh16587.425.06
this is not good for me this is16593.265.039
okay I'm gonna do it shoot and I'm gonna16599.07.561
stay alive jumping down oh that's right16602.7797.141
[ __ ] come and get me yo no that was16606.5615.779
too far16609.922.42
okay still alive16613.06.641
that's right you [ __ ] come on who's16616.7795.981
coming after me I dare you oh there's a16619.6417.158
box in here maybe I could find some16622.764.039
oh hey babes hey what you doing up here16633.1993.66
I fell and I can't figure out how to get16635.03.42
back upstairs now well here's the16636.8593.0
stairwell do these hurt me just by16638.422.699
walking no you'll be fine walking16639.8592.76
through them what are you doing way up16641.1195.1
here anyway I was uh God you scared the16642.6195.58
hell out of me sorry okay I'm sorry hey16646.2193.601
do you guys have anything to help me I16648.1993.541
gotta get back to my stuff and I and I16649.824.26
have like nothing uh can you give me16651.744.559
anything that helped me survive and I16654.084.859
need a mode of transportation to get my16656.2994.681
stuff that's very far away should you16658.9393.561
wait till morning to go get your stuff16660.985.161
uh I don't know maybe I mean all right16662.55.141
tell you what you can uh give it a shot16666.1413.298
but uh let's see what can I give you16667.6414.578
what can I give you16669.4392.78
there you go plunger bus plunder bus16672.346.16
ammunition oh you're a good man good man16675.4395.041
and uh yeah that's all I got at least16678.52.879
you got something to protect yourself16680.483.6
that is I can't ask for much more here's16681.3796.06
some bacon and eggs look I couldn't ask16684.085.16
for more and I got more I couldn't ask16687.4393.901
for any more well make sure whatever you16689.244.08
take out are you running I couldn't ask16691.345.039
for any more yeah run that's the best16693.324.379
thing to do well we could give him the16696.3792.82
bike well then we're gonna have three16697.6993.061
vehicles and two people out there any16699.1993.24
more stuff that's why I was saying no16700.763.42
more stuff okay no yeah I got nothing16702.4393.061
else left again all right make sure you16704.182.82
put the bike in the Jeep before you come16705.52.279
God's kid that's not what I said16707.7793.68
why am I so hot ah I see the place I'm16711.6196.061
just gonna nerd pull up I swear to God16715.584.02
if I make it there hopefully there's no16717.683.84
Bears or any nonsense like that I know16719.63.541
we pissed about three of them off on the16721.524.5
way ah just keep why is it hot in the16723.1414.859
desert at night that doesn't make sense16726.024.439
it's not a thing deserts get cold at16728.07.699
night fat what's that oh you Beetlejuice16730.4595.24
good God man what is oh oh oh bad reload16736.9396.84
time battery low time I got you covered16741.264.92
I got you covered oh God they're in the16743.7794.08
building too holy crap yeah I was16746.184.279
running security16747.8592.6
yeah we took the Torches down it's just16755.7993.521
night time this could be a Wandering16758.0613.779
horde I heard a screamer oh I'm serious16759.325.879
here huh she got a screaming that's16761.845.459
always good bring her down I brought her16765.1994.08
down up here they come yeah they're16767.2994.32
coming from the south out this way south16769.2793.901
south side coming to you coming to your16771.6193.301
door I'm gonna bring it in no let him16773.183.24
come inside let my turrets do some [ __ ]16774.923.538
gotcha oh yeah beautiful beautiful bring16776.424.86
them in bring them in come on there you16778.4584.562
go there you go look at those turrets in16781.284.56
action you never gonna make it yeah yeah16783.025.278
nice work girls this is great thank you16785.844.14
I'll just uh be in charge of security16788.2984.622
down here while um yeah okay that sounds16789.984.08
good I think I just heard another16792.924.22
screamer so that's cool16794.063.08
thick Simon oh thick thick thick real16797.325.86
quick there's there are mines around16801.624.2
this area just stay on the concrete16803.185.22
please oh okay I need to get my stuff16805.825.46
it's throbbing like a very large thing16808.46.42
that throbs okay yes I gotta get my16811.286.178
stuff too all right well should I not go16814.824.62
inside should I I forget does it16817.4584.742
disappear no no it doesn't can you nerd16819.444.5
pull up I don't have anything to nerd16822.23.84
pull because I came back I I got a blunt16823.944.14
there are trees behind you just cut them16826.045.52
down oh yeah just just punch them sure16828.085.7
I'll just punch them thick punch him16831.565.04
show them who's boss oh yeah yeah yeah16833.787.38
tree I'll beat your ass oh I'm getting16836.67.02
hurt oh God I'm getting to eat right16841.163.9
there's a freaking all right hold on16843.626.06
damn it uh doggy and a lady she's gonna16845.068.0
kill me don't kill me lady but yeah16849.686.118
Jesus all right and she dropped16853.065.26
something maybe it's something good oh16855.7985.642
vitamins and some cat food cat food is16858.327.5
vitamins oh God okay hey hey hey so I'm16861.446.778
I'm close to my stuff uh-huh I'm gonna16865.824.8
try to get it damn it another dog what16868.2184.322
are you gonna name it oh God I'm gonna16870.626.92
name it go to hell and I hate crazy16872.545.0
is head touching does that count does16882.323.84
that count as like a spot to have throw16884.125.16
hey what's up hey how are you how are16886.165.7
you did you get stuff uh no no I died16889.284.62
again you lost a blunderbuss no yeah16891.863.84
yeah I love support Bus Lost the bike I16893.93.66
mean not lost but you know I will get16895.74.32
them back just probably in the morning16897.565.22
right I think I suggested to begin with16900.025.1
yeah well I mean when you suggested it16902.784.62
you know it sounded wrong but when I say16905.123.838
it it sounds right doesn't make any16907.43.72
sense listen I've been wrenching cars16908.9584.022
with your ratchet that you were told me16911.123.54
to take really good care of and now it's16912.983.72
on the third floor of a building that I16914.663.66
may or may not be able to get to well16916.73.9
maybe thick can get to it okay all right16918.324.02
you know what I'm going back with you oh16920.63.84
I like that me and you it's it's we're16922.344.02
gonna have a little party together right16924.443.72
yeah because I really want that I don't16926.363.42
want to lose that ratchet we cannot lose16928.163.24
that right we're not gonna lose the16929.783.84
ratchet don't worry so much but I'm glad16931.45.42
you're coming because you'll help16933.626.96
I got my stuff and made it to the top we16936.828.26
know that it's yeah oh my God so much16940.587.5
stuff oh where do I begin it's like it's16945.084.638
like Christmas16948.085.82
ah so okay that's stupid I'm just gonna16949.7187.66
go for the the chest and then I'm going16953.95.64
to get revenge on those [ __ ] down16957.3786.0
below me oh come on be something good be16959.547.08
something good let's see oh we got some16963.3785.642
shotgun shells we got some 762 we've got16966.626.178
a helmet we got a bipod mod oh ammo16969.027.98
things and stuff oh a thrusty thing nice16972.7986.902
uh this was worth it sometimes we have16977.06.6
to learn our lesson though and uh oh now16979.75.758
I'm a little heavy okay I'm gonna take16983.64.02
this stuff down but I am gonna go get16985.4584.082
some quick Revenge16987.625.16
uh ladder there we go16989.546.54
it's gonna drop down uh yeah let's see16992.785.04
maybe we get16996.082.76
let's see16997.823.78
some of these ready all right16998.846.36
open the door oh hello everybody17001.66.3
who kind of screwed my life up17005.26.258
how about I screw yours17007.96.72
God why didn't that go oh Cam burning17011.4588.76
why this game now burn17014.625.598
oh boy going up going up that's the17021.186.1
worst that could happen yeah I got17024.765.72
another one for you take that17027.286.98
out of here losers17030.483.78
oh good morning neebs good morning we17035.084.5
all clear out here all clear clear clear17037.845.038
clear clear cool okay whoa what do you17039.587.4
think I you love it I knew it17042.8786.42
planetarium towers and you helped come17046.984.0
up with it you can be proud of that my17049.2985.042
friend tell your grandkids I I did what17050.984.62
it doesn't make17054.345.64
okay he said planetarium it was a it was17055.67.68
a joke and there's only one oh okay17059.986.12
yeah welcome to shark gun Messiah17066.15.22
strategic location watch out oh sorry17068.745.94
sir sorry sir yes okay sorry yeah hold17071.326.96
on let me let me fix that sorry ah man17074.686.538
all right um ow stop shooting me sorry17078.285.82
about that yeah he's so excited look at17081.2185.402
them here you had a little girlius damn17084.16.358
bird these birds suck for the worst all17086.625.46
right I'll let you kill that bird okay17090.4583.782
he's dead so we doing this so come on17092.084.558
come on yeah we're doing this oh guys17094.244.978
check this out look at this wow look at17096.6383.902
that put it up put it down put it down17099.2183.482
put it out do it but uh okay now we wait17100.544.56
should I help him yeah oh I just17102.73.96
realized I have Vision night vision17105.14.56
goggles yay Vision Night Vision Night17106.665.1
Vision baby Vision Vision Night Vision17109.663.54
all right yeah we can help him a little17111.764.52
bit that's the least we can do17113.23.08
this is a level six one too you know17123.365.08
that's nice yeah but it was I was hoping17125.985.898
to be a lot quicker okay17128.443.438
hear that zombie names I do you know17133.444.54
where he is no I don't see him I hear17136.2983.542
him is he up here with us I don't think17137.983.6
so and hey if he makes his way up here17139.842.94
I'll actually be good kind of happy17141.583.058
about that that means it's working okay17142.784.74
my crazy Contraptions working so what17144.6383.962
are you doing down there aren't they17147.522.34
supposed to be up here well yeah but I17148.63.118
gotta like build it out and I fell all17149.863.778
right so it's a big old hole right here17151.7184.622
okay yep yep I'm kind of thinking about17153.6384.862
using this awning over here it's just17156.343.66
this kid has got to be fixed thing when17158.53.24
he put this down didn't it uh probably17160.03.48
but there's something on the roof over17161.743.24
there what has anyone got that I wonder17163.484.08
I would imagine yeah oh yeah no you know17164.984.2
it's a big box yeah they picked this17167.562.94
place over there's nothing left up there17169.184.618
yeah I told you you're right hmm okay17170.55.4
this place has been doored Simon and17173.7984.5
thick really curious what zombie is I17175.93.84
hear hey well you want to run downstairs17178.2984.262
you think it's downstairs maybe it's17179.744.38
hard to tell I can't go fast though I17182.564.68
got a broken leg oh you do okay yep you17184.124.98
gotta be safe when you're working yep17187.244.138
stickers about that quieter quieter that17189.14.26
way yeah it sounds like it's below us17191.3783.782
right here louder here yeah okay let's17193.363.3
go down the floor let's go down the17195.163.42
floor jump out the window we'll jump17196.664.2
like uh the seals do where they do the17198.583.84
cord and then they swing through the17200.863.0
window yeah man that'd be cool if they17202.423.48
had that in this game chords yep let's17203.864.32
see uh we can use thick little yep17205.93.66
little dick pole here okay you ready17208.184.08
yeah pick uh pick one up okay and boom17209.564.44
yeah you coming with me uh yeah I guess17212.265.878
so okay oh that's glass that's glass huh17214.06.0
hey we know you're in there baby's on17218.1383.24
the bottom I'm going to the bottom ow17220.03.36
okay I guess I'll just jump on catch me17221.3784.5
we see him we hear him this guy's sneaky17223.365.54
no I'm see him anyway this guy is sneaky17225.8785.162
sneaky zombie I kind of want to keep him17228.94.238
now yeah we'll make him a room we'll get17231.044.14
him a penthouse yeah put his name on it17233.1385.462
with hookers and bad decisions17235.185.458
all right Vic yeah we're gonna need17238.64.68
their attention so whenever you're ready17240.6384.442
I'm gonna put that down there we go17243.283.84
there we go uh-huh17245.085.96
um come come yes yes17247.123.92
okay where am I at oh [ __ ] okay oh boy17254.8784.962
there's a lot here they're coming guys17257.983.12
coming through the door on the left17259.843.42
Simon I don't know I see him I see17261.13.778
there's two of them there on the right17263.264.08
as well reload reload I'd like to see17264.8784.142
him try they're doing their best but17267.343.298
they are they're definitely trying and17269.023.48
look to see them try harder yeah hello17270.6383.622
yes yes17274.263.06
up here he comes up there he goes oh17277.7184.802
green guy oh yeah Green Guy where a17279.946.32
couple couple green guys oh boy okay17282.527.938
yes the green goes17286.264.198
how about you gonna get you this is fun17291.8786.562
this is really fun this is great yeah17294.284.16
sit down17298.863.18
please people I think these barrels are17302.284.96
explosive I hope they are uh not the17305.023.92
ones close to the car how about these17307.245.58
yeah explosions dick 44 made of17308.945.858
explosions but that would have been much17312.824.92
better if we utilized that earlier yeah17314.7985.402
it doesn't matter it does it does it17317.744.02
really does all right pressing forward17320.23.48
pressing forward don't get into these17321.763.958
yet oh we got a couple uh we got a17323.685.34
couple of Nanos uh one down here Nana's17325.7185.16
huh yeah all right let's watch behind17329.024.38
you little [ __ ] just shot him in his17330.8784.562
business ass hey there's an upstairs17333.44.5
here that might oh hello how are you sir17335.445.22
they're dropping drop electrolies oh17337.94.44
[ __ ] out of the bullets that I want17340.664.44
thank you thank you Dora I'd say that17342.345.458
was a overwhelming success17345.16.0
oh I see him oh did you finally find him17347.7985.282
yeah where is he he's right down here in17351.13.6
front of me okay what do you want to do17353.083.298
oh he just fall what's happened you17354.74.018
coming down here ah I guess so oh can I17356.3784.562
survive yes it'd be all right yeah do17358.7183.782
you really want to build a penthouse no17360.943.6
not really I I'm trying I'm trying to17362.53.6
build this crazy stairway around this17364.542.88
building okay I don't have time to build17366.13.92
a pan please17367.422.6
okay thank you babes reload your gun I17372.044.86
usually do that's why I have this gun17374.864.62
that holds like 30 some bullets the 8K17376.95.28
it's wonderful but what happened oh he's17379.484.92
gone there was a body right here I swear17382.185.22
a body a mysterious spooky bot it was a17384.44.92
zombie just like that one but he was17387.44.318
dead right here hmm maybe he fell from17389.324.92
up top I don't know nope I hear another17391.7184.022
one oh really that well that sounds like17394.243.66
a screamer oh really yeah you hear that17395.744.138
I hear it all right yeah that sounds17397.93.238
like a screamer you don't do that do17399.8784.982
they hi yeah they do that hi yeah hi hi17401.1386.842
screamer hi how you doing all right we17404.865.22
gotta go find her okay I'm right behind17407.983.658
you let's see let's go let's go out the17410.083.24
way we came in all right I'm reloaded17411.6383.302
let's see can we jump down from here oh17413.323.2
yeah check this out17414.945.72
oh come take down good morning17416.524.14
all right boom we're down we're down17421.54.6
yeah good morning morning I think she17423.74.92
was over here somewhere where were they17426.14.44
above us again probably above us yeah oh17428.624.8
wait nope there's the [ __ ] get her down17430.545.58
professional yep17433.426.36
guys yes yes fun Challenge and uh which17436.126.42
one of you two wins we shall see this is17439.786.06
a true test of of which oh if if it's17442.545.94
wits I'm out there's a chicken on this17445.844.44
side which one of you gets it first go17448.484.26
go go go go go go oh you don't know17450.284.92
where it is but I do no I can't I can't17452.744.2
even get over there I see it that's17455.25.28
gonna affect your oh die chicken I think17456.946.24
I completely mutilated it pick one I won17460.484.86
wow I didn't even jump over fine that17463.184.02
was uh in my head that was gonna be a17465.344.378
lot more fun guys this place is great I17467.24.258
know this could be like our secret place17469.7185.042
oh like our our man cave time yeah for17471.4586.302
the men yeah yeah that makes sense no17474.765.28
rules like right now we would have rules17477.763.72
that we wouldn't be able to do certain17480.043.418
things we got to have rules here that17481.484.318
are just anything goes right yeah hey on17483.4584.142
the way back can we just uh stop at one17485.7983.782
more house I was uh intrigued by yeah17487.63.31
sure follow me17489.584.449
I got a shotgun I had your back if you17504.244.058
hadn't killed him out I got him right17506.863.54
has this floor not been picked over I17508.2983.542
just came onto this floor but like look17510.43.54
maybe not what's in that box all this17511.843.6
stuff says untouched yeah there's food17513.943.42
on the counter right there what the hell17515.444.14
here we go thought for sure this floor17517.363.84
would have been picked over but you17519.584.378
missed it yes sir hey lucky us huh and I17521.24.74
like this room yeah this is all right17523.9583.722
hey you come up here and I can do one of17525.943.54
those uh you know like the voices like17527.684.98
what you gonna have darling Oh give me a17529.486.06
pizza pizza in the usual yeah and some17532.665.76
milk coming right up honey ooh thank you17535.544.74
darling that's how that goes at those17538.423.958
places you gotta be a little bit flirty17540.285.518
too nice tits you got there Dolores17542.3786.662
you say the craziest things show me your17545.7984.992
muff that's outro17549.045.58
this is the hot spot right here yeah now17554.624.8
I will say we should probably watch out17557.684.8
for mines sure Pro tip oh boy all right17559.425.58
guard on duty hello guard thank you for17562.484.38
your service thank you so much you're a17565.03.24
hero all right17566.863.54
um so do you guys have a particular way17568.244.08
you want to jump in here let's go for17570.45.398
the best way come on everyone wake up17572.326.78
we're here oh there you go watch out hey17575.7985.462
thank you I got this guy don't worry17579.13.5
about it17581.263.78
okay I'll see you in the rec room rec17582.65.34
room okay17585.042.9
Hey Brother17588.243.84
very nice very nice Australia Simon how17593.4585.702
about your bench17596.442.72
man I honestly bench about 65. okay hey17599.947.358
it's a start it is17604.365.518
all right I'm thinking we build a wall17607.2985.222
here why'd you change clothes I wanted17609.8784.5
to put something comfy on yeah like17612.523.3
wearing all that armor doing all this17614.3783.122
work just wore me out you know what I17615.823.42
mean we're [ __ ] in class barefooted17617.53.36
yeah it's fine I got dainty little feet17619.243.96
dainty oh you're so you're like uh so17620.864.68
light you don't get cut like an elf from17623.24.38
that uh that movie about the gays with17625.544.62
the ring elf yeah um oh no wait that's17627.584.44
that's what's his name from starting out17630.163.54
live Will Ferrell oh you're talking17632.023.66
about that movie that's a terrible movie17633.73.42
I don't remember there being a ring you17635.683.118
know I got a uh I got a brother-in-law17637.123.06
that swears that movie's awesome and I17638.7983.122
watched it last Christmas a lot of17640.183.48
people love it I know it's weird yeah17641.923.12
and I'm not knocking anybody who loves17643.663.24
it but I just didn't find it funny and I17645.043.24
like Will Ferrell I like him in things17646.93.84
okay just not that movie it's a taste17648.283.9
isn't it yeah it's all about taste that17650.743.24
movie's weird to me okay is this the17652.183.84
final room maybe I'm thinking yeah we17653.983.84
lead them up here I'm gonna string all17656.024.32
kinds of uh um I guess electric wires17657.825.16
through here and we can all pop in here17660.345.298
and we're here17662.982.658
yep all that good stuff and um number 4317668.045.44
numbers up stuff like that yeah right17671.3783.782
and I might build an escape hatch going17673.483.42
out this way like up here you know what17675.163.12
I mean like we can climb up like if it17676.93.0
does get breached we can go oh no then17678.283.12
come up here oh there's food up here17679.94.02
what there's food up here needs ah that17681.43.478
would have been a nice surprise during17683.922.16
The Horde wouldn't it would have been17684.8783.662
let's see oh man can of chili I am gonna17686.084.86
eat that oh and some Goldenrod tea you17688.546.0
know what When in Rome 18. drink it yo17690.946.62
18. okay gotta do it yep sorry17694.546.178
hello hello hey staff sergeant17697.566.398
commanding officer present okay hello17700.7185.762
sir we're good there that's uh he's17703.9584.802
cleared clear clear uh uh should we go17706.485.22
down first yeah let's go down sure we17708.764.5
don't want to clear above us though I17711.73.24
mean we'll go we will we will well it17713.263.36
doesn't seem like it's a good okay17714.944.26
that's fun oh there's safes over here I17716.625.46
love it I love it oh look at this what's17719.25.16
the best way to get in there what is the17722.083.84
best way to get in that looks like it's17724.363.24
the only way to get it unless there's17725.924.08
can we oh my God can we grab the17727.64.618
explosive barrels that are up top bring17730.03.36
them down here and shoot them and blow17732.2183.682
the this up yes try try try try try try17733.364.92
I'll be back I'll be back17735.95.44
oh oh oh I remember this hey I found the17738.286.78
secret path anyway guys oh secret path I17741.345.038
remember this too now that you're doing17745.062.76
it but it'd still be fun to blow17746.3783.0
something up let's blow something let17747.823.3
you blow them blow it up you coming17749.3784.382
there can't pick up the barrels ah all17751.124.38
right yeah he found a shortcut we're17753.764.198
coming this way okay here we go17755.53.9
and you know they're gonna pop out17757.9583.122
straight ahead so be ready here they17759.43.86
all right get to picking I'll take care17773.044.24
of the safe there's some bullets over17775.783.96
here all right oh three mile top17777.284.38
cocktails those are new for me they're17779.744.44
fun and delicious oh four pipe plums oh17781.665.7
very nice come on baby come on baby did17784.186.36
I get it in one did I get it in one I17787.367.62
did I did yeah stuff oh nice kind of17790.547.44
lame stuff but stuff nonetheless17794.985.52
all right neebs I think this uh this17797.984.56
ramp's looking pretty good I love it um17800.54.798
but now man I'm I really need batteries17802.544.2
because I need to make a couple battery17805.2982.642
Banks because if we're gonna have all17806.743.12
the traps that I wanted17807.943.3
yeah we got bam you doing all right oh17809.863.12
that's a screamer where is it where is17811.244.08
it you see her adult about right off17812.983.6
hand all right I'm heading back17815.323.6
downstairs okay you behind me uh well I17816.583.84
was looking for a screamer and then oh17818.924.02
god oh there she is I'm coming are you17820.424.26
good yeah I see a football player17822.943.778
downstairs see him oh did she screams17824.684.26
did she holler yep oh boy all right17826.7183.842
let's head down okay right behind you17828.943.54
hmm I think there'd be more zombies huh17830.563.84
I just don't hurt a football player yeah17832.483.898
I don't know well no I saw a big guy too17834.45.898
oh yeah yeah there's one come up here17836.3786.362
you got him yeah big boy coming in17840.2984.782
there's more damn oh yeah you want to17842.745.82
reload just in case football player17845.086.78
okay I got you uh he's still up okay big17848.565.398
man Big Boy yep got him I think so did I17851.864.74
hear another screamer uh maybe oh yeah I17853.9584.802
see some people outside there's a torch17856.63.96
got a couple torches in this room but17858.763.66
it's not many you know yeah no it's not17860.563.3
many but yeah maybe we'll just like17862.423.12
we're around here so much we're just17863.864.08
attracted them right here take a number17865.544.678
oh boy she's uh she got a she's got17867.944.018
Glory eyes there you go you told her17870.2183.24
didn't you yeah she's gonna get back up17871.9585.402
maybe nothing yep there we go oh another17873.4585.18
she's screwed stop screaming you got her17878.6384.362
oh [ __ ] I've got reload hold on I'm17881.3783.182
coming oh where's the door it's glass17883.02.7
everything's glass oh this is right17884.562.36
behind you man17885.73.54
oh we got a cheerleader coming in watch17886.923.6
out neebs17889.244.58
oh man17890.523.3
bam that it nope one more cheerleader17894.05.798
out there I'm gonna get her with the17898.543.12
rifle right in the face right in the17899.7983.0
I got a number three Marksman rifle17902.7988.242
yeah nice I gotta move my face nice ammo17906.4588.34
yeah I heard a screamer yep oh I see17911.045.8
here yep here we go be a good time for17914.7983.962
this pipe bomb Simon oh yeah or the17916.845.9
molotovs trailers watch out here we go17918.763.98
I got a little bit more down here17923.983.86
stop it I got 10 seconds can I drink can17932.826.22
I drink something oh boy I'm still on17936.525.16
fire and I don't like that I'm gonna17939.045.22
drink something right now too okay the17941.686.08
screamer drink drink17944.268.16
sorry sorry I'm going down God you are17947.766.58
such a dick what an [ __ ] wasn't17952.423.718
intentional well it doesn't matter cause17954.343.06
if I did that you would have been17956.1383.66
[ __ ] in my mouth17957.46.058
I see oh anything in here gunpowder17959.7986.722
empty can wait what are you what are you17963.4586.242
doing BMX stuff no not me hold on let me17966.524.68
try to jump this car I think I got left17969.74.62
hey another battery yeah yeah yeah see I17971.24.258
think I'll need to make a battery17974.322.94
charger as well as a battery like17975.4584.322
several battery Banks okay so uh yeah I17977.264.378
need materials materials is what we're17979.783.678
getting that's it that's it that's it17981.6384.74
take this road goes anywhere cool17983.4585.26
um let's take a beat okay yeah wait you17986.3783.602
should have brought a bike I really17988.7182.822
should have yeah I'm getting kind of far17989.982.76
away from home I would just look over17991.543.3
the hill I'll just I'll peek yeah you17992.743.54
pick you pick anything around the corner17994.843.78
uh looks like oh wait there's a drop17996.285.22
over here we didn't get yet what17998.626.74
I don't know usually using for it18001.53.86
come up here all right well there's a18005.583.48
building down the road so I'll meet you18007.563.72
down the road okay oh boy there it is18009.064.86
it's right on Top of the Rock hey you18011.284.8
gotta climb a cliff [ __ ] come on18013.924.28
this yep yep yep18016.084.558
hey I'm over here on the road on the18018.24.54
road yeah down here on the road hey what18020.6383.682
up buddy what do you see from up there18022.743.718
well there's a building right down the18024.325.44
road too yeah it looks like uh uh I18026.4584.622
don't know it's a building you're right18029.762.458
all right yeah we'll grab that stuff18031.083.12
let's go check it out okay I'm getting18032.2185.342
it what's in there shotgun uh 44 gun18034.27.2
parts food and Rita thing to do the18037.566.898
schematics not bad sweet meet you in the18041.44.62
building okay18044.4582.582
hey guys yes pipe bomb I've never I've18047.046.32
never got used18050.75.4
okay watch out watch out no no no no no18053.365.08
no I'm not in here okay come here come18056.14.618
here come here I almost did hey there's18058.444.5
another lady jump outside jump outside I18060.7184.08
just threw the pipe bomb damn it did you18062.944.32
light it no no didn't light it didn't18064.7984.92
light up hold on hold on pick it up it's18067.264.378
right here I know it's fun oh I just lit18069.7184.262
it now I let it now watch out get out of18071.6384.342
the way that's right18073.984.92
that should be insta kill hey don't blow18075.984.6
up our truck I threw another one that18078.93.84
was unlit this without yeah that's a18080.584.558
waste of two right here nope that was18082.744.92
unload oh geez this is a complete fail18085.1384.922
all right hello lady well not really18087.664.798
because I got a pipe bomb me too I found18090.065.42
it on the ground yeah me too completely18092.4585.462
come on I found one too on the ground18095.484.3
but it's my you gotta give it back don't18097.923.68
don't even think18099.785.098
don't even here Simon here here I'm18101.64.9
gonna drop it for you there you go buddy18104.8784.882
thank you fire in the hole oh no no no18106.56.958
vehicle oh my God you almost flipped the18109.767.42
Jeep you are such an idiot you know that18113.4585.942
keep you on your toes18117.186.26
did you oh seven18119.48.0
I threw one it was awesome18123.443.96
you bastard I did just throw something18131.485.5
for that [ __ ] he almost walked over it18134.526.02
you son of a [ __ ]18136.983.56
hey all right enough enough enough and18140.66.0
I'm the one18144.122.48
yes oh [ __ ] I forgot their bed rolls are18148.6386.842
way out there18152.825.638
names yeah oh look what I found look18155.486.88
what I found bam that's a drill it's an18158.4586.122
impact driver okay see how I impact and18162.364.26
drive with it see how yeah it works the18164.583.66
same way as a ratchet kind of on cars18166.623.0
but it breaks down a little things a18168.242.58
little quicker oh and you should give me18169.622.7
the ratchet and I can help oh yeah18170.823.18
that's true that's true but I don't know18172.323.6
my raps is probably18174.03.36
a little bitter I don't know this thing18175.923.24
goes quicker okay well give me one of18177.363.18
them right oh you know what yeah but you18179.162.52
harvest stuff like we already got18180.543.36
another battery yeah you know what I'm18181.684.26
keeping this bad boy okay I leave you my18183.94.2
ratchet and that's the ratchet okay cool18185.944.14
yep all right I'm almost full up we need18188.14.02
to go back I got like five batteries now18190.084.32
right so we're gonna be making a lot of18192.125.518
traps tomorrow ratchet word okay I got18194.45.16
it ratchet um you ever use one of those18197.6383.962
things uh no you just uh what right18199.563.658
click oh yeah no yeah just left click18201.63.18
left click yeah there we go there you go18203.2182.882
what I get18204.784.8
um yes radiator electric stuff you're18206.14.98
full up you're just you're just [ __ ]18209.583.96
bags right so let me do it let me oh God18211.083.66
yep it's all right here let me get all18213.543.178
this okay good Lord yep could happen to18214.744.02
what the hell where the hell am I dog18218.766.72
dorelius you will pay18222.566.42
you will pay18225.483.5
you gotta be kidding me dorelius my18229.085.218
stuff's gone my stuff is gone now too18231.785.64
night time I'm far away I gotta go in18234.2985.402
here with nothing Jesus18237.424.2
geez maybe I find something huh give me18239.74.258
a weapon give me some sugar huh okay18241.625.04
nope run run run run if I set you on18243.9584.26
fire will that eventually kill you18246.663.84
because that's all I got please let that18248.2185.642
kill you another hit another hit is this18250.54.798
a good enough weapon to kill I've never18253.863.12
killed with a torch before I don't think18255.2984.142
come on [ __ ] come on lady you know you18256.985.3
want to burn come on come on burn baby18259.446.72
yeah oh you're getting up again geez all18262.285.38
right anyone else want to come out this18266.164.62
oh I'm almost dead too hey yeah come on18267.666.24
come on lady leave me alone I'm just18270.785.28
trying to all right I'm running I'm18273.93.78
almost dead right now I probably18276.064.38
shouldn't be here they're Elias I'm18277.683.9
Gonna Get You18280.445.88
all right bed roll down Health creeping18286.325.52
back up this is just pretty much a18289.7984.142
suicide mission here because I've got18291.845.038
I've got nothing except for this torch18293.944.68
which apparently has a very hard time18296.8784.202
killing anybody come on anything nothing18298.625.04
in here uh oh come on baby give me18301.087.02
something good oh look at this yeah okay18303.667.138
do I not have a broken bone I do I can't18308.14.68
use it when I have a broken bone I can't18310.7985.602
use a split you son of a okay18312.787.678
okay I'm gonna compose myself here uh uh18316.46.818
wow I'm really glad oh no I woke you up18320.4584.802
didn't I I don't want to mess with you18323.2184.262
lady can I mess can I can I lose you in18325.264.14
here you think I could lose you I'm in18327.484.2
the menus now oh no no no18329.44.5
still behind me or something lady come18331.685.9
on now that hoodie18333.93.68
oh poor Simon yeah uh where do you think18340.56.62
he is should we go look for him18344.525.52
uh well he's this way that's where he is18347.124.42
unless that's not oh yeah we could see18350.043.12
the arrow you know yeah that one little18351.545.338
arrow okay yeah we can oh excuse me I18353.165.28
don't know if you saw that sorry it's18356.8783.602
okay yeah I feel a little bit bad but18358.445.04
not bad you know well it's uh it's a18360.484.68
tough lesson to learn sometimes we've18363.483.238
all been there we were just fooling18365.163.718
around weren't we we were goofing we18366.7184.562
were goofing throwing explosives at each18368.8784.92
other like you do yeah that's why I have18371.285.04
two fingers yeah uh could you get him18373.7984.262
out of my ass please oh yeah sorry about18376.324.558
that we're coming Simon we're coming yep18378.065.34
don't know why I didn't take it horrible18380.8787.142
route yeah ah here we go I love that I'm18383.46.238
putting my fingers back in it's your18388.024.98
fault okay all right okay call it18389.6385.842
leaves amen are you down to this hole oh18395.664.84
God there's a dog there's a dog on me18398.823.42
there's a dog oh you went to my home oh18400.54.32
yeah I met a hole are you in the hole no18402.244.978
man I'm doing another thing okay hold on18404.823.898
come towards the water towards the water18407.2184.022
okay where are you at I'm saving you oh18408.7184.562
I gotta reload of course hold on there's18411.245.16
a zombie too okay oh I got it okay I got18413.284.858
the zombie oh you're on the island in18416.44.318
the middle yep I see you dog oh reloads18418.1384.08
come why can't I remember that I don't18420.7183.362
know you're an idiot did you get the dog18422.2183.542
he's like oh the zombies18424.084.26
yeah get the zombies chasing me reload18425.766.92
yeah after every shot after every shot18428.348.58
okay am I out what's going on there's18432.687.09
two zombies okay18436.925.929
yep am I reloaded no damage every time18444.328.86
I swear the gun unload sometimes got him18449.186.458
oh nice shot thank you that was that was18453.184.198
going through the river he's gone I'm18455.6383.542
reloaded I'm switching to my good gun18457.3784.862
okay I'm over here oh yep I see you I18459.185.58
see you okay God I got hurt my knees18462.244.38
hurt really and I'm infected hold on18464.763.78
where's this zombie at I just saw him18466.623.96
already swim you're good you're clear18468.544.56
now okay what are you doing I'll come to18470.584.28
you I'll show you my hole18473.14.08
that's what I like when the lady still18474.864.98
be there but not you18477.186.778
there we go okay a nice refreshing night18479.846.76
swim huh sure so yeah what's this hole18483.9584.862
about uh look at this I mean this isn't18486.63.72
for now this is for the future but I was18488.823.78
thinking about a whole base you know18490.324.08
like a hobbit hole base not like a18492.64.08
hobbit but like look it's a thing we're18494.43.78
up there we attract the zombies they18496.683.66
fall into a big pit of death I don't18498.183.538
know if I'm doing the rocket this is18500.343.78
gonna be awesome someday someday okay so18501.7183.902
you're not only building that base out18504.122.82
there on that island you're also18505.622.88
building this future base oh that's my18506.942.938
house I'm gonna live there oh okay18508.53.298
that's your house yeah all right so you18509.8785.042
got plans speaking of plans for bases I18511.7985.882
have made a lot of traps okay and I am18514.924.26
gonna go rig them up you want to join18517.683.778
yep I'm your man all right let's do it18519.184.64
oh I just jumped over you you did Simon18527.425.56
go go ahead and jump in we should have18531.63.06
probably taken two vehicles18532.984.62
um yeah this makes up for uh our blow18534.665.718
each other up time doesn't it no no18537.65.88
I lost a lot of good stuff man I might18540.3784.902
the bank disappeared I made a chest back18543.483.6
there that can replace some of your18545.283.78
stuff that you don't remember uh listen18547.084.08
and the pipe bombs that you stole from18549.063.72
me and then killed me with no I picked18551.163.12
up the ones that you didn't effectively18552.784.98
throw oh yeah don't worry I'll get you18554.286.3
I'll get you dress can you ride on can18557.764.56
you ride on this I could use a good yog18560.584.798
it's all good okay well be safe I will18562.325.398
be safe thank you18565.3785.282
all right I'm thinking one right there18567.7186.542
that's for the feet and boom that one's18570.666.5
for the head oh yeah right here yeah18574.265.58
head and feet go what you were doing18577.165.68
sounded like the electric fence oh I18579.844.26
have some I have some of that too we're18582.842.76
gonna put that down okay all right let18584.13.358
me get my wiring is that how you do saw18585.64.14
blades though with your mouth18587.4586.84
yes here here yeah this is easy let's18589.747.32
see should be 40 Watts total I'll go in18594.2985.642
here well one battery do it yep Max18597.065.158
output 50 Watts on one level six battery18599.944.278
all right stand back Neve18602.2184.74
yeah you hear that that sound right18604.2184.842
that's not near what you need not that18606.9583.242
sound I'm talking about the sound when18609.063.36
they actually go through it18610.24.16
let's see right now18612.424.02
because there's nothing going through it18614.365.08
there's a lot of trash out there what a18624.266.34
messy World hey door yeah right here bud18627.65.46
right here right under here oh let me18630.63.72
unlock it for you let me unlock it18633.063.36
please yes let's see there's some stuff18634.323.478
in here for you it's just a good little18636.424.378
Simon starter kit Simon starter kit okay18637.7984.882
oh wow18640.7985.822
wow I was not expecting this okay yeah18642.687.48
so I got a MAG okay all right that makes18646.626.838
up for some of it yeah yeah I love you18650.165.52
know what this almost makes up for18653.4583.722
everything it does make up for18655.683.6
everything it almost does any of us18657.183.66
could have died anything could have18659.283.12
happened we were we were just listening18660.845.22
about it you know you're like 99.9 it's18662.46.238
like so okay with that I appreciate that18666.064.44
that is so cool thank you what does he18668.6384.022
have to do to be a hundred percent we'll18670.54.02
see Simon's one of those that likes to18672.664.2
keep just a touch of drama around you18674.524.32
know what I mean no just hang on to it18676.864.018
touch in his pocket listen We're not18678.845.22
gonna go to bed angry I promise it'll18680.8784.982
all be done soon what's oh what's up18684.063.36
hanging from your lips I'm oh it's a18685.864.278
little wet drama noodle18687.426.18
is that what it is maybe you okay hey18690.1384.722
there's plenty of places that we've18693.63.18
haven't we haven't looted up in the city18694.864.08
Why Don't We Go There rallies can see if18696.783.84
he can prove himself to you Simon I18698.945.46
already did I already two 100 completion18700.626.78
that's Hey listen listen you can't deny18704.44.68
the fact that I did have I'm happy that18707.43.3
you replaced some of them but I did have18709.083.12
more stuff and I did have some better18710.73.78
stuff and I didn't have a pistol that's18712.23.84
about the only thing on your lip right18714.484.2
there is it new let's go to the city18716.046.9
let's go to the city come on oh yeah oh18718.686.538
yeah can weeps I got one oh yeah yep you18722.943.96
got those spikes down yeah I mean I18725.2182.942
don't know if they're gonna hit it but I18726.93.238
hope so oh crap there's a screamer down18728.163.9
here too shoot her in the head uh-huh18730.1384.922
okay oh that's my wrong thing okay all18732.066.62
right this is chasing me the uh18735.067.94
it worked oh good it worked18738.688.44
got her in the face okay uh what there's18743.06.7
are there more they're coming oh I see18747.124.8
she's chasing oh this guy's running yeah18749.73.78
when the screamer screams they usually18751.923.32
uh yeah18753.483.96
boy can you help me can you shoot them18755.244.42
ah yes I can I'm gonna slow him down18757.445.22
I need a scope on this pistol yeah right18772.2184.842
in your face dummy it's a good idea I'll18775.1383.602
hide behind the spikes watch out fight18777.063.78
what are you doing come on okay here we18778.743.78
go now I'm ready for you all right I18780.843.0
think there's just one hoodie guy down18782.523.118
there left I see a big mama to my right18783.844.02
it's here oh yeah I see her all right18785.6384.202
I'm gonna get this big mama got eyes on18787.864.938
uh yep18789.842.958
yep she almost ran for a minute I bet18794.4584.082
she doesn't run a lot all right well you18796.743.6
missed it but uh this this actually18798.544.258
worked perfectly that's great man so18800.344.44
yeah load uh load up all the spikes down18802.7984.862
there so if they fall yep just like in18804.785.46
Mortal Kombat fall into the pit wait I18807.664.02
don't remember that was the video game18810.243.12
you would uppercut the guy to fall into18811.683.36
the pit come on man I remember the18813.363.42
uppercut don't remember the pit there18815.043.418
was a pit18816.784.678
hey so why don't we go in here doralis18818.4584.742
see if you can find something that just18821.4584.562
takes takes it to a hundred percent of18823.27.14
just all good Even Stevens I mean I I'm18826.027.02
so okay well you didn't die though no I18830.344.618
know you know so that's one thing that18833.044.14
you're not you know even with yeah but18834.9584.382
you die a lot Simon it's like I don't18837.184.618
know I do I do but you know whichever18839.344.44
Hey listen let's just let's search and18841.7985.402
see watch out all right excuse me oh wow18843.785.518
no no18847.25.16
oh that was very nice of you oh what's18849.2985.902
this over here no18852.365.278
oh look at that he blew her head off18855.24.06
what else you want guys what else you18857.6384.08
want I got it all day man I feel like18859.265.458
yeah I feel like you're almost there how18861.7185.58
about this guy yeah get out of here18864.7184.74
[ __ ] I'm nowhere near you you did it18867.2983.66
it's happened to your right behind you18869.4583.962
right behind you buddy right here oh18870.9584.5
there you go yeah thank you oh he's18873.423.958
killing everybody in the name of Simon18875.4585.902
wow our Lord and savior18877.3783.982
all right Nev let's see if I get this18882.25.8
right oh oh wow oh wait we didn't warn18885.9584.802
me about that that's wasted I thought I18888.04.378
hooked it up to the thing oh like a18890.763.48
pressure plate yeah uh it doesn't look18892.3783.662
like it no there's a wire going to it18894.244.32
yeah the wire goes to this yeah I'm18896.044.5
doing something wrong hold on maybe oh18898.564.38
that's why power triggered you were18900.544.258
gonna shoot me weren't you yeah well I18902.943.72
gotta test it yeah but you you ain't18904.7983.122
even gonna let me know you're gonna like18906.662.76
be like hey neebs come here and then I'm18907.922.94
gonna step on that am I supposed to hook18909.423.958
the wire to that like that way is that18910.864.018
what's going on all right hold on let me18913.3784.08
try this again is it on still shooting18914.8784.562
still shooting I don't know okay all18917.4584.022
right it's hooked up to that it's power18919.444.32
oh wait you know what here okay hold up18921.484.26
I bet I know what I need to do I bet let18923.763.78
me disconnect this wire disconnect it18925.743.898
disconnect it or there we go disconnect18927.543.66
that then the plate goes there right18929.6383.24
yeah that's what I've done I've done a18931.23.42
guy I had that backwards so this goes to18932.8784.382
the plate and then the plate goes to18934.625.94
this okay now now now now now now now18937.266.3
sit on Boom okay so yeah it's on not18940.564.44
shooting all right step on the plate you18943.563.72
want me to take one for Sciences yep18945.06.06
science it okay uh 161 Health okay18947.285.58
that's cool right that goes quick I know18951.063.898
it's supposed to good Lord about died18952.864.32
just in that few seconds all right yeah18954.9584.68
I'll uh I will fill this up with darts18957.183.66
actually let me let me turn this off18959.6382.702
right now you know don't worry anybody18960.843.538
come over here getting hurt all right18962.344.74
that's off okay and then they'll come18964.3785.642
into this room and this is gonna be kind18967.084.92
of our final stand Yep this is an18970.024.08
electric room this is the the noise you18972.03.6
were doing before I laid out some color18974.13.18
palettes here I don't know if you like18975.64.32
the blue and white uh color palettes18977.284.858
yeah gotta think of a theme for this18979.924.14
Diner you don't seem like you care too18982.1383.602
much about it so I'll just go yeah you18984.063.54
know what yeah exactly I I don't care18985.743.18
what you want to color it in here go18987.62.58
nuts okay I was about to do something18988.923.12
dumb I need to start from the battery18990.184.86
bank and then work my way down18992.045.28
yep just gonna be a big old spider web18995.045.04
mess full of okay I'll get the painting18997.326.66
yeah do it shut up19000.087.2
Dora yes Simon I know I'm not gonna Feel19003.986.238
Complete it's that one that the tiny19007.285.4
little sliver until until I kill you19010.2184.562
what that's all you're not gonna lose19012.684.44
any of your stuff like I lost some of my19014.783.9
stuff but then I'm gonna have that like19017.123.838
Grim Reaper thing it doesn't matter no19018.685.1
come on no why not just no I don't want19020.9584.202
the Grim Reaper it lasts forever and19023.783.3
it's annoying but you killed me and it19025.163.478
doesn't last forever it goes away19027.083.66
eventually accident it was an accident19028.6384.382
you love hanging on to this stuff you're19030.744.5
that person really now you're gonna try19033.024.02
to make me feel bad when you're being a19035.243.42
dick oh you're one of those types of19037.043.24
people that like to turn it around on19038.664.2
the person that they [ __ ] over I19040.284.62
didn't realize you manipulative son of a19042.864.56
[ __ ] don't cast like me Simon oh you19044.94.2
are you kidding me you are Mr19047.423.718
gaslighting my friend that's what you're19049.14.44
doing listen you give me a chance you19051.1384.382
give me walk about 10 feet and give me19053.544.2
like uh give me four seconds to try to19055.523.84
shoot you and at least I'll have a I'll19057.744.02
have a fighting chance did you okay did19059.365.098
you put down a new bed roll Simon no19061.765.66
okay oh no oh no19064.4586.242
oh oh he's just well this is weird this19067.428.378
is awkward huh yeah okay19070.78.518
there it goes oh yeah all right maybe19075.7985.762
that'll make up for everything I I think19079.2185.042
that you just reverse made up for things19081.564.46
okay you little [ __ ] this is what we got19086.025.58
going on here wait listen I understand19089.245.58
sometimes more happens it's not a big19091.65.5
deal let's just do this19094.825.28
this is looking good is this gonna go19109.13.48
all around the whole building no it's19110.843.48
not gonna go all the way up if we go too19112.583.18
high I think the zombies just get19114.323.478
confused so we need to like I don't know19115.764.02
keep them maybe I don't know five floors19117.7983.962
and Below okay but are you looking19119.783.54
something to do because you can fortify19121.763.06
the uh the lobby because that needs19123.323.478
doing I can do that because yeah we want19124.823.898
to funnel them into you know the front19126.7984.682
so we need to fortify the outside and19128.7184.682
all that other stuff with spikes so yeah19131.483.78
wood spikes anything don't you want them19133.44.26
to come in the lobby though yes okay but19135.265.698
we want to surround them nice19137.666.6
on spikes it hurt yeah no [ __ ] okay I19140.9585.402
figured I had sharks but I'm okay I'll19144.264.08
keep working on my Spike Garden I will19146.365.96
help with the lobby beautiful get on it19148.347.32
hello okay Simon listen I'm not even19152.325.62
messing around anymore stop where are19155.665.04
you Dora Dora yes Simon where are you19157.945.16
just passed me Simon did I mm-hmm all19160.75.098
right come here no what why not oh hey19163.14.68
hi why do you have to why do you have to19165.7984.682
act like that no because you were come19167.786.358
on why you know why I was asking you I19170.486.84
was asking you that's all I did I asked19174.1384.802
you a question and then what'd you do19177.324.02
then you started this stupid fight now19178.944.56
and now you know what I'm not letting go19181.343.9
of this I'm not letting go of this at19183.54.798
all my friend I'm Italian I hold on to19185.244.58
[ __ ]19188.2983.602
yeah thick kind of what I'm thinking19189.824.36
here I'm gonna jump down yeah probably19191.94.558
broke my leg on that okay but this is19194.184.32
gonna be obviously our first first stand19196.4583.782
area like zombies coming in the front19198.53.54
right uh-huh so but the most important19200.244.08
thing is we don't want zombies coming in19202.044.2
from the second floor so whatever you do19204.323.78
to go around the building secure19206.243.36
everything make sure they can't get in19208.13.96
on that second floor second floor got it19209.64.44
yeah and also yeah you see where our19212.063.36
first horde night they've broken these19214.043.12
little pillars and everything yeah kind19215.423.718
of repair that so we can stabilize the19217.163.36
building a little better oh okay because19219.1383.122
this place is still creaking I still hit19220.526.18
creek oh yeah it is not safe no no no it19222.266.72
is not nope yeah what's going on over19226.74.98
there Dora is that you yeah it is me hey19228.985.898
hey hey hey hey19231.685.278
if I got a little bit of wood just a19234.8783.282
little bit of wood a little bit of wood19236.9583.302
yeah I need to make some a couple blocks19238.163.478
so I can reach my stuff I don't want to19240.263.9
grab I don't want my stuff to disappear19241.6384.08
in some weird glitchy way thank you so19244.163.54
much gotcha yeah I just gave you the19245.7185.062
blocks right oh19247.73.08
I smell in Italian19251.026.76
hey you could smell my balls you some19254.566.46
[ __ ] go ahead smell of my meat my19257.786.0
meatballs they look like they're having19261.025.06
fun yeah19263.784.98
what is this place has everything like19266.085.08
Asian around here gashi front door's19268.765.58
open hasn't been in here yet uh it's19271.164.92
gonna go straight up see if I can get19274.344.68
the roof oh hey what do you guys do19276.084.86
nothing in there because they're like19279.023.42
you know the diner this is where19280.943.0
everybody goes after work get off to19282.444.4
work and have a beer19283.942.9
oh boy okay excuse me gotta go uh nope19287.927.08
can't be up stamina already19295.04.78
last class19298.164.68
that was close I hurt my knee I'm an19299.785.58
effector ah I don't have my stuff with19302.846.48
me do I sorry guys I gotta run uh we'll19305.365.518
have drinks later I gotta go get some19309.323.318
antibiotics oh19310.8784.202
what is going on19312.6385.32
geez all right yeah you guys might have19315.086.378
fun without me see you on Monday19317.9583.5
get away from me I'm going to ax here we19331.245.34
nope I'm getting hurt help throw this19340.05.378
behind you oh and I'm infected and I got19343.14.56
a broken bone oh no I want to waste ammo19345.3785.362
but okay19347.663.08
oh Simon I didn't see you there I19350.7985.022
thought that was the screamer oh and I19353.843.66
forgot to tell him that I accidentally19355.825.72
broke his bet roll oh [ __ ] okay19357.58.36
all right well I feel better19361.544.32
neebs yeah neebs do me a favor can you19366.24.08
give me something that can kill quick I19368.782.76
need something that can kill reasonably19370.283.0
quick I only have a blunderbuss please19371.543.72
please wow this seems like why they have19373.284.018
like laws for guns and waiting periods19375.263.78
and stuff yes please please listen to19377.2983.182
you could you do me something hey boys19379.043.418
did you look over hey did you look over19380.484.02
there in weapons where is he yes I did I19382.4584.5
did but I don't see I don't see uh oh19384.53.78
wait a second I probably didn't look at19386.9583.92
weapons of course I didn't19388.284.22
let's stealing all or what you just19392.54.2
dropped a gun on the floor probably did19394.74.74
[ __ ] yeah you did okay I'm gonna pick it19396.76.34
up hold on watch look bam all right I'm19399.446.96
out I'll uh you're out uh kinda uh let19403.044.94
me see it but uh19406.45.398
okay and then free look okay I'm ready19407.987.36
to kill come on you Santa [ __ ]19411.7986.062
what you doing Simon I where are you19415.346.48
where are you stop stop stop what stop19417.867.74
am I stopping stop I packed up my stuff19421.826.84
you son of what are you doing where are19425.66.72
you at you are done you you this is how19428.665.52
you try to [ __ ] just get me to stop19432.324.2
let's have peace well let's have peace19434.184.02
let's have peace we're gonna set you on19436.523.84
fire let's talk about peace what are you19438.25.22
what are you come on you want a truce19440.365.46
can we do a truce this is not we're19443.425.58
wasting time we're wasting time fine19445.826.84
fine truce truce whatever man let's just19449.05.638
move on can we move on where are you19452.665.34
hello all right everybody oh no there's19454.6385.402
no truce here well you didn't say truce19458.04.26
there is no truce here19460.044.98
oh you you know what you just started19462.263.84
and I19466.12.6
sorry buddy19473.97.919

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