We're LOST in the NORTH Fighting ELK KINGS! - Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 11* Today we find new friends, new pets, and new frozen lands! Note: This is take #2! There was a goof in the video ...
We're LOST in the NORTH Fighting ELK KINGS! - Conan Exiles
We're LOST in the NORTH Fighting ELK KINGS! - Conan Exiles

We're LOST in the NORTH Fighting ELK KINGS! - Conan Exiles

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey friends! So, I just watched the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2, and let me tell you, it was a wild ride! In this episode, the gang discovers new friends, new pets, and even explores some frozen lands. It was so exciting to see them diving into new adventures and uncovering all sorts of surprises along the way.

Now, I have to mention that this is actually take #2 of the episode. There was a little goof in the video that YouTube wasn't too happy about, but the team quickly fixed it up so that we could all enjoy the content without any issues. It just goes to show the dedication and hard work that goes into creating these videos for us fans to enjoy.

If you're not already following the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel, you're seriously missing out. The gang always brings a fun and entertaining twist to their gameplay, and I love how they interact with each other and the community. Plus, they always make sure to keep us updated on their latest projects and collaborations, like their Neebs Gaming Coffee and Xidax PCs partnerships. It's awesome to see them grow and expand their brand in such cool ways.

So, if you're looking for some laughs, exciting gameplay, and just an all-around good time, make sure to check out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button, join their Patreon, and follow them on all their social media channels to stay connected. Trust me, you won't regret it! Let's keep supporting this amazing team and their incredible content. #ConanExiles

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hey Dora oh he's in the bathroom yeah1.628.599
hey Dora hey hey7.166.939
salmon hey hey fun for you boys what you10.2195.741
got oh there you are okay y'all are14.0994.44
gonna lose your Collective [ __ ] I doubt15.966.06
it and boom uh-huh he's a dancer okay oh18.5397.021
oh okay too I'm a dancer yeah look at22.026.599
him but I like I like his moves right I25.564.62
mean you made me you never seen these28.6194.14
moves I know but I like him doing it you30.184.02
know like he's the new kid on the Block32.7593.721
like this is just this is Tick Tock34.23.6
Central here everybody's doing that one36.484.44
yeah but look at look at his abs look at37.85.16
look at oh it's not a competition all40.923.06
right App Store what's going on today42.963.119
what are you doing well I the dancer's43.983.599
great but the dancer's not what I really46.0793.181
wanted I need a crafter I need a crafter47.5793.241
for a crafting benches so we craft stuff49.263.66
faster uh-huh yeah so uh I want to go50.824.02
get a crafter and I think I I there's52.924.08
one in Sinner's Refuge so if you guys54.843.96
want to accompany me your queen Queen57.03.36
Bean you're not my queen and then we58.83.72
will go to sooner's Rampage and we will60.364.08
find a crafter well I just want to get a62.523.48
bunch of blood for my God have you guys64.443.719
considered like worshiping his half at66.04.619
all I haven't thought about Zach not yet68.1593.96
I feel like Seth has really good70.6193.18
platform and a lot of really good ideas72.1195.161
I'm open to pretty much anything73.7996.841
how's that on donations of of money does77.286.18
zath want me to give money or food80.645.04
absolutely just all the things okay so83.463.839
Zach's really into the tide well you85.683.66
know how Gods be well I mean not all87.2994.621
gods be like that hey Dora yeah I don't89.344.74
think your hyena can swim yes it can oh91.924.559
no well it's fine your Hyena's gonna die94.084.14
because it's one hyena against two of96.4793.541
these guys oh they're like a dime a98.224.8
dozen hymas that's my high Hound of hell100.025.16
this is your family right here come here103.024.139
I don't know why I had an attack she's105.183.2
okay that's I'm sorry about that yeah108.385.919
all right please next time be careful I111.6596.901
don't want to just kill off ah man we114.2996.0
were so close what a bad start to the118.563.9
day not really120.2993.421
it's nice when you're not attached to122.463.67
things it is123.7216.419
all right we made the climb yeah looks141.35.64
like more K it's getting deep oh yep144.5993.481
there goes the torch I love these146.943.18
torches don't really go out you know I148.083.78
mean a real torch wouldn't go out if you150.123.119
let it dry long enough you'd have to151.863.0
re-light it though these just come back153.2393.36
on but luckily there's one right on the154.863.599
wall we could relate it there okay still156.5993.601
things get wet there's nothing over that158.4594.021
way right uh that's the way we go yeah160.24.319
yep just cool looking wait can we go162.483.72
underwater check it out I'll look up164.5194.261
here okay I look under oh boy I see like166.26.2
a skeleton monkey wolf168.783.62
well you told me to die yep okay how176.44.86
strong is this thing okay how's it gonna179.344.74
action oh that really hurt me even with181.265.04
my shield up okay it seems kind of tough184.084.64
all right186.32.42
he's hold on oh boy ah I could use some190.145.099
help I think okay I'm coming ouch okay192.844.8
oh my God that's I guess I wasn't195.2393.72
listening to your description that's197.643.12
horrifying yeah you should listen to my198.9593.121
descriptions all right let me heal up200.763.68
you fight that thing for a second okay202.086.36
come here boy yeah it just bones it just204.445.4
bones okay208.443.92
that's actually really strong bones okay209.846.28
come here sucker follow me oh God okay212.365.379
now you're really low neebs yep all216.123.119
right switching out217.7394.201
you know I wasn't fighting anything or219.2394.321
dying when I was like under the water221.942.82
yeah well you do you want to go back on223.563.3
the water you want to do this224.766.6
we jump in the water let's do it okay226.866.72
in the water it's bones it can't swim it231.364.5
has no fats gotcha makes sense we're233.584.079
airing it we'll regroup we'll fight this235.863.54
in a minute yeah237.6593.481
underwater looks neat it's a really deep239.44.1
all right boys we're looking for a very243.544.8
particular type of bad guy so we need to246.183.72
make sure we don't kill that particular248.344.02
type of bad guy exactly he's gonna he's249.93.96
gonna have uh something over his head252.363.299
that says crafter all right and he's253.863.3
probably not going to be shooting a bow255.6593.061
yeah that's probably yeah that's257.163.66
probably a good assessment all right258.724.02
there's guys over there there's archers260.823.659
right should we good go ahead and take262.743.239
those out yeah they're already coming in264.4792.94
all right what is this [ __ ] what are265.9795.061
you Fighters oh wow she's a uh267.4193.621
just took down both archers up top it's273.664.74
pretty nuts nice getting strong oh this275.884.319
lady's almost dead nice job Simon yeah278.44.2
yeah yeah all right let me get the blood280.1994.621
let's see look at these guys oh282.63.72
blacksmith we could actually use a284.824.02
blacksmith fighter door kill this girl286.324.92
all right Simon yeah come back to us yep288.844.02
uh do you want me to get the guy or no291.243.38
hold on I want to see what this guy292.863.96
actually these two let's knock these two294.624.0
out knock them out okay hold on I need296.823.36
to heal up guess what while he's doing298.624.34
that so sorry300.182.78
one pull back all right oh see this this305.885.58
girl's a blacksmith we could use a310.024.32
blacksmith use everything really I don't311.464.98
think I grabbed the club I got a club314.343.84
don't worry all right good black Smith's316.443.18
knocked out how's the other one oh318.182.7
you're gonna okay I don't I'm not gonna319.623.419
take their blood then yes don't take320.883.72
their blood can't help it I just want it323.0393.681
same strategy or what well we're326.7593.66
together so it's gonna be a different328.863.899
strategy maybe things like swiping at me330.4194.441
and I'm blocking you're stabbing in the332.7594.741
butt uh yeah we'll just try to bum rush334.865.48
him basically yeah337.52.84
you're welcome for introducing you to341.663.819
that song Oh what I'm stabbing in the343.863.119
butt boogie in the butt it's a classic345.4794.201
Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy okay I can't346.9794.081
we need to give her here we can both be349.682.76
on him all right we're gonna spread351.062.579
boogie in the bud for the rest of the352.443.0
world yeah because honestly I was a353.6393.361
little happier before I knew it existed355.443.0
you just stay there blocking and fight357.03.419
okay he's on me now you stabbing the358.444.319
butt stabbing him in the butt put a360.4194.861
little B in your butt put a man in your362.7595.521
butt put a little can in your butt all365.284.5
right I'm stabbing I feel like that song368.283.18
would honestly get canceled today I369.783.84
don't think so I mean the whole subtext371.464.079
is I don't want anything in my butt373.624.919
that's weird we beat him sword in your375.5394.201
the power of friendship Anthony can379.744.56
never be defeated it's right in your382.024.38
butt see what else is up here what else384.33.78
is up here in your butt all right this386.44.139
looks cool this is like a hmm I like388.084.8
this torch placement Oh I thought this390.5393.541
was going to be a doorway or something392.883.36
surely this is something right it just394.084.44
looks like a wall travel to the396.246.06
highlands X to interact X398.526.0
I think we do it yeah it's your accent402.34.739
oh God oh God e for me we could have we404.523.54
could have discussed like it's a407.0393.901
countdown or something408.065.0
okay okay410.945.759
so I guess that's is this like a413.066.28
Teleport oh what is the highlands um416.6994.981
wait let's look at the map okay oh wow419.344.56
that's a big jump where are we we're421.685.579
below the big Magnum Mountain a volcano423.96.06
I guess you'd call that oh good God snow427.2594.921
I mean I'll say I'm gonna go home today429.965.34
home is further each day jeez all right432.185.16
I guess we just press forward we can go435.35.64
back yeah let's press forward okay437.345.759
she does it good she pushes that stick440.943.9
real well yeah443.0993.121
yeah she hasn't let444.843.18
it let it started no I think she's gonna446.223.78
work out just fine and hey this is448.023.36
exactly what I needed I got a crafter450.04.08
now oh good very good so as soon as451.385.46
she's done I am going to assign her to454.084.86
the uh to the blacksmith bench oh good456.844.139
yeah all right how do you feel about458.944.319
that deer well I wouldn't exactly I'm460.9794.5
asking her son avoid calling her dear463.2596.301
well I'm just being sexist uh where is465.4797.381
HR like who would she report to oh no we469.565.88
don't have that here come on I mean472.864.32
there should be you don't want to be475.443.12
calling this one sweetie and477.183.859
complimenting her side boobs478.564.859
I'm HR you're going to start the HR481.0393.341
department around here if you're going483.4192.701
to be that guy well that's fine nobody484.383.84
talk about her very nice side boob486.123.299
action oh we're gonna go there guess488.224.02
what I'm in charge of the HOA okay so489.4196.381
what's well your shit's too tall492.243.56
what yeah no as someone who lives in the496.466.7
neighborhood I agree okay there's no HOA500.345.28
I didn't sign up for this one there's no503.164.439
damage our department either Bubba all505.623.9
right sorry side boob you're gonna have507.5993.8
to deal with it wow509.525.28
yeah good luck cute butt it's my side511.3997.301
boom foreign514.83.9
it's very cold here you've noticed it's519.626.219
cold huh oh God there's snow very cold522.6595.101
We're not gonna be able to survive this525.8394.68
it's cool to see okay I didn't know the527.765.4
world expanded this much really yeah not530.5194.021
really I mean I've only ever seen the533.163.119
beaches and a little bit of grass let's534.543.66
look let's run down just for a minute I536.2793.12
assume we're gonna start freezing here538.23.12
in a second keep the torch out it's not539.3994.261
keeping me warm uh very cold still but541.324.26
the Health's not going down no it's not543.663.42
doing anything like what would be the545.584.08
next level extremely I mean cold Next547.084.199
Level would be your health going down I549.663.9
see a castle in the distance oh yeah I551.2793.781
kind of want to go to it and explore it553.564.32
well let's gather some wood because yes555.064.56
we still have to build fires or shelter557.883.18
or something let's build a little place559.624.14
to keep warm when we need to okay561.064.26
uh let's don't forget how to get out of563.763.48
here right the Pat the only path we565.323.12
should leave little signs or something567.243.3
yeah go up the only path and hit hit the568.444.56
button you hit X I hit e okay what was570.545.76
that is that deer deer we can hunt we573.05.279
could just live out here we'll build a576.34.5
log cabin yeah I hate the weather just578.2793.901
so you know you don't think snow is580.84.08
pretty nope in pictures not when I'm in582.184.38
it so you agree it's pretty though yeah584.883.6
but not when a minute okay we're not586.563.12
really in it right now all right we're588.482.88
not losing Health at the moment okay589.685.099
let's push forward build home wait neebs591.366.12
yeah there's a giant lake Lake Lakeside594.7795.221
Cabin okay all right we'll build597.484.5
something even though I'm in it he's not600.03.1
really in it601.983.24
I said horsefield salmon it's feeling605.225.82
better I do uh I I do like it it is607.385.94
quite Majestic and running on the beach611.044.739
is always nice yeah feels good yeah it613.324.44
does it's so much a better way to travel615.7794.441
in it yeah I mean much prefer this than617.765.04
running exactly but uh we still need a620.224.2
few more because I don't think Dora has622.83.12
a horse I don't think Anthony has a624.423.539
horse okay oh you know what this is the625.923.72
first time I'm swimming with them oh627.9593.781
yeah yeah okay629.644.8
good that's not bad is it I was I used631.744.38
to do a lot of horseback riding when I634.444.019
was a kid and I went for I really paid636.124.62
attention to the color if it was like638.4594.141
white with like you know like black640.743.779
smudges on and stuff I would think that642.63.299
that would be an ugly horse I didn't644.5193.301
want to ride an ugly horse oh really so645.8993.901
you were very discriminatory towards647.824.019
your horses very discriminatory I was649.84.32
very into the brown horses maybe with651.8393.841
some white like you you got a pretty654.124.14
horse there oh yeah it was awesome but655.684.98
uh you know if that one I don't know if658.264.259
it had more white and it was a little660.665.28
bit dirtier looking I'd be like no way662.5196.541
just saying I realize you665.945.399
I know very big snob all right here's669.064.019
our little Outpost here so I don't know671.3393.541
if you recognize this island673.0792.341
no this was our first island way back in675.425.34
the day way way back in the day oh yeah678.483.96
no I would never first Conan series but680.763.06
yeah the horses are right over here so682.445.04
there yeah come on you horse racist oh683.826.199
it was awesome687.482.539
babes I like this roof design yeah I690.484.74
think you're gonna I got an idea I think693.123.719
you're gonna love it what's what tell it695.223.239
to me what is it I'll just show you I696.8393.12
like to show people things okay show me698.4593.421
well it's gonna take time to build oh so699.9594.081
this is like talk about it later Anthony701.883.78
yeah you were I mean you said you want704.044.32
to go hunting I do okay made a bow my705.664.919
first bow you're wow yours is a fancy708.364.02
bow have you I don't have a bow we've710.5793.181
been here for like two weeks I'm the712.383.06
katana guy I hit things with a katana713.763.78
okay did you want to hunt that Big Moose715.444.56
oh I didn't even see a moose I seen deer717.544.14
elk I don't think that's a moose well720.02.64
there's deer right here why don't we721.682.219
start with the little baby ones let's722.643.66
Crouch down yeah let's like sniff the723.8994.141
ground and look for726.33.599
tracks well they're right in front of us728.043.84
I know but I just want the whole729.8993.481
experience why don't we pick one and see731.883.06
if we can get them in one shot all right733.384.38
left of the three uh left of the three734.945.339
you got it let me aim oh God I'm already737.765.94
shooting okay ready three no why does it740.2795.401
keep yep when I aim down side it just743.73.72
shoots for some reason I'm even745.682.88
downsides and I'm not shooting you747.423.359
that's that's weird now it's working748.564.32
okay good all I did is hold this and750.7794.081
then uh shot him all right well luckily752.883.78
the other two deer have started to see754.863.78
now it's a Chase come on now we gotta go756.664.679
get closer okay well I'm I'm just gonna758.644.68
go harvest the one we got okay but we761.3393.901
gotta do the cool take it down shot763.324.079
gotcha you do that and I'll Harvest this765.245.039
one okay that the whole point was to do767.3996.0
it together all right well bam yep770.2795.221
you're right those are both one one shot773.3994.021
kills it was ruined I'm gonna get this775.53.12
one while it's moving it'll be epic777.423.539
ready uh yeah I'm studying its pattern778.625.0
it's stuck okay if it goes right back to780.9595.06
oh that was so close783.624.42
now like we have what we need to survive786.0195.701
five right but this is now a game788.047.02
all right fine you live today but your791.725.88
brother's not so lucky795.064.74
shouldn't be even when you hunt you797.63.88
should be thankful but we're murdering799.84.38
things yeah but it's like thank you you801.484.44
gave your life for mine moose you're804.184.08
next and I'll only use a small part of805.925.88
you it should never end with the muhaha808.265.759
I'll only use your Hooves and the rest811.85.3
will go to waste814.0193.081
oh oh Zaff I apparently worship you that817.389.24
you're pretty Neato I said listen I've822.8996.421
been thinking in no disrespect zath826.625.459
um a rebranding of sorts because I829.324.74
respect the spiders and stuff but832.0793.481
they're creepy834.065.519
what if like a like a moth or a Katie835.567.68
did or maybe a an aphid God but hey you839.5796.121
we don't have beef843.243.96
um just throwing out some stuff because845.75.16
I worship you so hard and I think you're847.26.96
all knowing and god-like anyway think850.864.979
about it put in your back pocket think854.163.119
about it we don't need to be a big855.8394.141
creepy spider all the time but uh you857.2796.62
just think about that you're the best at859.983.919
there it is what a beautiful Majestic866.045.16
you're gonna scare the Majestic creature873.34.86
okay you're gonna do the arrow you wanna875.5195.101
hit him at the same time no I'm building878.164.14
how's the place look from there from880.623.779
there it looks like a mess it almost882.34.38
looks like Simon's place no no it884.3994.021
doesn't a little bit this is gonna be my886.683.42
place and whatever there's gonna be your888.423.12
Tower right but right now things are890.12.52
just jutting out all over the place891.542.64
they're not finished you see his892.623.3
potential they're right wait it you're894.183.3
gonna build it that way so the room is895.923.06
like a big L897.484.74
an L yeah I mean an upside down L but898.986.24
yes this one's mine yeah that one's902.224.919
yours is gonna match it and it'll be an905.223.78
L what are you made of now907.1393.901
there's a letter preferably the Capital909.05.519
One but you maybe with a line down and911.045.4
then a line to the right yeah but I'm914.5193.961
separating it between the two of us okay916.443.839
I don't know what you're talking about918.483.299
I'm gonna look to my right that moose920.2793.06
better still be there I see it right921.7793.06
here all right good I'm gonna hit this923.3393.3
a capital l926.6395.7
upside down one think Tetris what that's929.04.959
that's a perfect description of what I932.3394.921
mean maybe an upside down m shut up all933.9597.44
right are you shooting at me nope ah937.267.639
I missed the moose moose don't care941.3993.5
I missed the Moose again moose don't945.063.66
care memes I'm getting closer yeah I946.443.54
would suggest that because you don't948.723.9
shoot good there he is and why are we949.984.5
doing upside down letters you're the one952.623.839
building it oh God it's a boss it has a954.483.599
skull on it yeah he's coming in quick956.4593.981
all right I'm gonna start hunting loose967.763.699
with a katana just like the Japanese did969.724.919
back in the day all right I'm helping971.4596.421
okay oh God it's strong boom dangerous974.6395.7
strong we got him almost halfway oh my977.884.74
Katana broke oh yeah perfect timing980.3395.761
Anthony okay wait I'm gonna climb the L2982.625.7
no it's not a nail don't if you think986.13.299
it's nail you don't get up here right988.324.56
now mine's a lowercase L all right moose989.3995.521
nope you can walk out there and fight992.884.319
like a man Anthony running yeah look at994.924.2
him you gotta pursue you can't wound an997.1993.06
animal and then let it run off in the999.122.82
woods and die that's hunt rules I'll1000.2593.5
kill you1001.944.62
oh he healed moose healed all right1003.7594.481
bring him back let's do this magical1006.563.719
healing moves all right I'm getting hit1008.244.62
okay oh he's coming to me nope I'm back1010.2795.461
up sword backup sword yep oh yeah this1012.864.68
bow is doing good damage good you're1015.744.26
both cool yeah I didn't make that trashy1017.544.68
one I built mine in the woods yeah but1020.03.48
we used to live in a home you could have1022.223.0
prepared right but I didn't now I'm1023.483.359
beating a moose to death with stone that1025.223.8
I tied to some sticks1026.8395.1
okay yeah I missed that shot1029.025.319
how our grandfathers did it neebs I know1031.9395.52
and go out and fight Moses that's going1034.3394.561
to break into their homes we've all got1037.4593.0
them they own them do you think we'll1038.93.899
get what do they call the points the1040.4595.181
ears the antlers the antlers1042.7995.941
that one oh he's he's about done you got1045.647.24
him yeah yeah yes we're eating good1048.745.819
tonight neebs that's right and we're1052.882.94
living in a building that looks nothing1054.5593.601
like an owl we eat our feast in our L1055.824.7
all right sexy boys I've never done this1061.785.08
before but let's see if it works so I1064.524.8
think I just take the thrall1066.865.28
oh yes oh1069.326.78
all right that side boob oh yeah side1072.146.24
boob is helping us do blacksmithy stuff1076.14.26
now she looks happy now happier than1078.384.26
pushing the thing oh yeah of course yeah1080.363.78
look at that she's she's in her element1082.644.26
you work for us now miss boob Miss boob1084.145.22
yeah her name's side boob yeah yeah but1086.94.62
miss boob is the is a nice professional1089.364.38
way to refer to her and Dora if you'll1091.524.38
come with me I've got something for you1093.745.78
I think you're gonna like really yeah1095.96.54
have you guys considered uh taking the1099.526.34
path of zath um I have it oh that made1102.446.0
see that makes it sound snazzy yeah it1105.864.319
does I like it did you come up with that1108.444.979
I did and I I ruled out take a bath with1110.1795.761
Seth yeah I don't want that it's that1113.4194.741
snow on marketing though yeah I mean I'm1115.943.66
sure that's how you get abstract but1118.163.74
it's also a damn spider no one wants1119.65.4
to take a bath all right I'm working on1121.95.139
that's gross all right door yeah you're1125.06.059
gonna love this oh1127.0394.02
uh-huh she is a beaut1132.085.52
yeah usually I don't like the white ones1134.864.96
yeah we established that earlier yeah1137.64.62
really yeah he's a voice racist I'm very1139.824.979
much into the to the dark ones all right1142.225.699
well let's see gotta have a saddle yeah1144.7994.62
no I'll get you a set I'll actually I'm1147.9193.721
working on it right now okay well I'm1149.4193.661
just thinking of a name but you know it1151.643.419
might take some time let's see yeah but1153.084.26
saddle is done I'm grabbing it I'll slap1155.0594.141
it on the horse slap it and then we got1157.343.9
one more cooking for Anthony and I think1159.26.24
uh yeah we all have horses yeah and Bam1161.245.52
hey thank you so much yeah you're1165.442.88
welcome maybe consider joining My1166.764.68
Religion the religion of Queen Bean yeah1168.325.82
you look good on her or him not sure1171.445.64
yeah we don't know I saw no penis I1174.145.399
looked I believe you1177.085.04
we think hello neighbor pretty great huh1179.5394.741
it feels a little claustrophobic okay1182.124.5
like I can't jump can't get out of here1184.285.04
I don't know oh hey look I can hang yeah1186.624.08
that's pretty cool that's pretty fun1189.322.88
actually all right I'm warming up to it1190.73.24
this is fun I heard the modem we're like1192.24.14
hey what's up do some Pull-Ups1193.943.54
yeah I don't know if there's room for a1196.344.32
pull-up no Jungle Gym monkey bars but I1197.484.62
like it I have my own space you have1200.663.72
yours yep and we can just hang out right1202.13.9
next to each other yeah we can go oh1204.383.06
look what's over there there's a deer1206.03.6
yeah and you'd be like hey Anthony come1207.443.84
hang out right but we're already hanging1209.63.12
out right but like what if I wanted to1211.282.58
hang out at your place you have me over1212.723.06
as a guest um I guess we go downstairs1213.863.96
in the common area like this is oh so1215.783.24
I'm not allowed in I guess there are1217.822.82
private spaces this is like a hotel1219.023.48
where they're join rooms but not really1220.643.659
because you really well at a hotel you1222.53.12
have balconies right next to each other1224.2993.24
and it gets awkward does it I mean it1225.623.72
depends what are you doing in there at1227.5393.0
the same time as the people right next1229.342.64
to you and what are you doing in there1230.5393.361
and where why aren't you on your balcony1231.983.36
because you said come down to the common1233.93.54
area and hang out I said if I didn't1235.343.24
know we were doing it now I just said1237.443.0
that was hypothetical are we going down1238.584.56
there I'm there right now okay so if you1240.444.92
want to hang out you know you can say no1243.145.46
you can cancel I there we are hey how1245.364.8
did that door open I'll meet you in the1248.63.0
what do you mean why did this door open1250.163.54
the door I was standing here and I1251.63.72
expected you to walk out through this1253.74.02
door because it opened on its own1255.324.32
and then there you are no man this place1257.723.42
is already haunted we've had it for one1259.642.88
day all right look I don't have my1261.143.96
Katana anymore and I feel real weak so I1262.524.32
need metal okay let's just go down the1265.13.24
beach and see if there's something just1266.844.14
a little bit all right let's get metal1268.345.76
ah gentlemen ma'am hey what you got1270.985.64
there my horse yeah and a perfect name1274.15.04
perfect name all right I want she was1276.624.08
like her head was like through my wall1279.142.94
and it looked like it was a mounted head1280.72.7
on the inside and I looked up I was like1282.082.52
you little silly goose I'm gonna name1283.43.86
you cream pie1284.62.66
okay okay how does cream pie come from1287.785.3
what how do you not understand that uh1293.55.08
the the White Horse no I get cream pie1296.364.319
okay but I don't see how the name came1298.584.26
to you when I have no idea it was just1300.6794.321
silly she's a silly goose oh silly goose1302.844.699
silly goose1305.04.559
and I thought that maybe the head1307.5394.181
through the wall was resembling some1309.5594.261
sort of cream pie that really just just1311.724.68
was the timing of it all right I don't1313.824.38
mind it hey Simon yeah I know you1316.44.38
already got a horse but I think you're1318.25.479
really gonna like this one uh1320.786.66
oh I do you say you like the black horse1323.6795.261
well this is the black or you want to1327.443.3
ditch no name and get this one well I1328.943.84
mean yeah I'll take that one and I like1330.744.38
I like a black horse or brown but yes1332.784.92
Majestic all right there we go and Dora1335.124.74
yeah oh if I got something for you you1337.75.58
ready oh a new he out from hell oh this1339.865.52
is the he out from hell1343.285.1
oh boy what are you doing down there I1360.0396.041
am looking closely yeah that's yeah yeah1362.725.339
yeah yeah I'm gonna call you cotton1366.084.92
candy oh that's a good name cotton candy1368.0596.421
yeah candy cream pie welcome to the team1371.07.02
cotton candy and cream pie we got us a1374.486.38
family going here boys1378.022.84
there you go see cotton candy1383.7995.441
although yeah they're gonna have fun1387.383.72
together yeah I'm gonna see cotton candy1389.244.5
in my nightmares1391.14.64
this is awful1393.743.85
love it1395.7423.529

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