Valheim FULL SERIES Supercut

Hey friends! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you won't want to miss their short-lived Valheim series! It's a trip down memory lane ...
Valheim FULL SERIES Supercut
Valheim FULL SERIES Supercut

Valheim FULL SERIES Supercut

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you watched our Valheim FULL SERIES Supercut yet? It's like a condensed version of all the chaos and fun we had in the game!

simon: Oh yeah, that video brings back memories of when we tried to build that massive castle and ended up getting attacked by trolls every five minutes!

appsro: I still can't believe we thought we could take on that dragon with just a wooden sword. Classic Neebs Gaming move right there!

neebs: Well, at least we went out in style, right? Who needs fancy weapons when you have sheer determination and questionable decision-making skills!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey friends! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you won't want to miss their short-lived Valheim series! It's a trip down memory lane as the gang dives into the world of Valheim and takes on all kinds of adventures together.

The series is packed with hilarious moments, epic battles, and plenty of shenanigans that only the Neebs crew can deliver. From building epic structures to battling fearsome creatures, this Valheim series has it all.

If you haven't watched it yet, make sure to check out the playlist linked above and get ready for hours of entertainment. And don't forget to grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee and settle in for some epic gaming action.

I love how the Neebs crew always brings their unique sense of humor and camaraderie to every game they play, and Valheim is no exception. It's a wild ride from start to finish, and you won't be able to stop watching once you start. So grab your favorite snack, kick back, and enjoy the Valheim series with me.

And if you want to support Neebs Gaming even more, make sure to check out their Patreon, Twitch channel, and website for even more awesome content. Let's show our love for Neebs and the gang as they take on Valheim in style!

Thanks for watching Valheim with me, and let's keep supporting Neebs Gaming in all their gaming adventures. Can't wait to see what they tackle next! #Valheim #Supercut #NeebsGaming.

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all right7.524.72
rainy rainy9.5194.561
sweet sexy bird woman i've never been12.243.84
attracted to a bird woman quite like14.084.4
this one16.082.4
oh i think i see him boys19.523.519
hey norah there he is yeah27.5995.281
how are you here yep yeah30.324.88
that's the haircut you went with huh32.884.64
yeah i like it yeah that's a dumb35.24.72
haircut yeah right right you're you guys37.524.48
are all dumb haircuts first day of39.924.24
valheim i don't know what to do first42.04.719
i'm inexperienced what's the plan well44.164.0
probably the first thing we should do is46.7193.201
probably maybe find water establish like48.163.52
a little place to build a little hut49.923.6
yeah okay yeah that seems like the51.684.48
easiest thing to do so hold on let me uh53.524.96
you know what follow me is it weird that56.164.0
i thought this bird was sexy on the way58.484.64
in but now it's wow okay well it's just60.165.279
a bird yeah but it wasn't on the way in63.124.16
simon i tell you unless i just need some65.4393.841
you know what i mean you might need some67.283.839
if you think a bird's sexy69.283.44
it's time to get laid on the way in i71.1195.401
swear to god it had breasts72.723.8
yeah this is okay90.7994.161
this is okay all right all right92.44.96
oh yeah yeah look oh this is almost94.963.88
oh one turned out a little bit but i98.845.559
like this spot yeah yeah pretty open100.647.119
some hogs uh yeah okay oh we got a boar104.3996.321
over here so boars are hostile correct107.7594.4
yeah yeah they'll kick they'll kick your110.723.759
butt or try to all right uh all right112.1594.481
i'll take care of them i like it i think114.4794.081
we uh we flatten this out we start116.644.96
building some huts make a community yeah118.564.559
yeah sure if you want to get started on121.63.519
that yeah i don't know how but yeah you123.1194.081
want to explore you you strike me as125.1194.48
like a no i want to explore gag127.23.92
i want to go exploring he loves building129.5992.72
okay you don't want to go get into some132.3192.241
wild [ __ ] you don't even have a weapon134.563.039
or anything okay135.763.68
and then go fight something all right so137.5994.561
i guess for now yeah make some axes chop139.445.2
some wood yeah all right all right142.164.719
all right let's demolish this forest144.645.92
yeah the rocks get on it146.8796.321
oh [ __ ]150.562.64
is that bad oh no153.283.36
so sir155.042.72
my guess dora is a damn tree fell on him157.763.92
uh oh160.163.439
oh yeah that's a thing161.683.44
it's too bad163.5994.321
yeah he'll be all165.122.8
a right of a [ __ ] man one hit from a169.5993.041
i mean that's that's no joke172.644.48
that is no joke175.043.44
should be kind of close by here oh boy178.486.479
these rocks are steep damn i just still182.2394.881
don't even know how to make an axe hey184.9593.841
yeah hey how are you listen188.85.6
one hit from a boar that's all it takes192.086.159
huh you're getting hog wild yo194.46.08
did somebody say no because yeah i got i198.2395.681
was dead very quickly no uh yeah he200.484.64
might have been down if he hit you in203.923.12
the back potentially you take you take205.124.64
more damage in the ass oh i think he did207.045.919
give it to me in the ass a butt munch209.765.44
munch yeah big old butt boy212.9593.92
is this that's you right simon i'm not215.23.36
used to what you look like oh yeah there216.8793.28
he is waiting for you looks like he's218.563.28
like the same haircut but you got a220.1594.401
beard oh okay yeah twins yeah and i and221.844.64
i played this game once before and i had224.563.759
different hair i chose the wrong one can226.484.72
i switch it or am i stuck with this228.3194.401
stuck with it it could be worse you231.23.84
could be drillers that's true well i did232.724.0
this so i'd stick out you know what i235.043.52
mean i didn't want you to get confused236.724.079
like you guys are you also yeah you also238.565.2
wanted to be a sexy mama yeah240.7994.961
yeah you're right you know me i know243.763.52
that's why people get dumb haircuts to245.762.479
stick out247.283.2
sure yeah sure thing it shows you got248.2394.08
all right i got a workbench252.3195.6
built it oh wait work with that humor255.763.759
hail warrior257.9194.0
yeah the bird's here yeah he wants me to259.5194.4
read uh you build a workbench workbench261.9193.681
allows you to craft complex items as263.9193.361
well as giving you access to lots of265.63.36
more building pieces267.283.28
all right with that oh so you put the268.963.2
hammer on your hand i think well you're270.563.04
gonna have to build uh you're gonna have272.163.44
to build a structure over that guys oh273.63.92
wait you gotta cover it needs a roof275.63.039
all right so uh roof it up hammer278.6395.601
so we need a roof over it some walls and284.244.48
here's a wall hey yeah286.84.16
look at appsro look at you you look very288.723.6
relaxed baby290.963.84
and i'm i'm taking it easy today i like292.323.28
i like that i think this is going to be295.65.039
your favorite place you've ever lived298.084.32
because you're going to live300.6394.961
the life of relaxation made a wall oh302.45.2
yeah no i'm going to be a mooch full-on305.64.56
mooch in this game oh just relax need307.64.96
more wood way back whoa310.163.84
there's a bunch of it right there oh i312.564.16
just grabbed this yeah314.04.96
but chop it or what316.725.68
chop it or grab it chop it stop it okay318.965.28
it's like that's a stack of 50. give me322.43.84
this let's pick it up yeah you had too324.243.84
much in your inventory did you get it i326.244.239
don't know can i build now sure i328.084.399
thought building was easier in this game330.4794.081
there it goes332.4794.16
what's up got it why laughing so much334.563.52
what's that i just watching names336.6393.441
struggle mm-hmm entertains me i don't338.083.679
understand i don't understand that340.083.119
though i mean i don't understand why341.7593.761
you're being a dick about it i do i mean343.1994.0
you could just you could just chill out345.523.2
why why is he beating a dick about it347.1993.681
besides his normal dickiness he's just348.724.56
staying on brand you know350.883.84
it's looking good yeah it's looking353.284.32
great wow looks fantastic and we'll be354.724.96
able to start building some [ __ ]357.65.36
come on link there we go now roof right359.684.48
that do it362.962.079
this one367.9193.761
why are you laughing371.683.68
that's wrong this is weird keep doing it373.63.92
keep doing it he's just staying on brand375.364.16
keep on doing it come on377.523.679
okay should we build it379.524.959
yeah we can use it now oh sweet381.1995.361
well done bravo needs all right thank384.4794.321
you i'm a genius386.565.199
bellahine protege you're not hot388.85.44
nice sunset boys beautiful makes me want391.7594.481
to [ __ ] you394.244.079
get attacked you little [ __ ] is this396.243.28
actually good to kill these little398.3192.32
it'll do some damage yeah400.6393.761
i think i did already but i don't know404.43.28
where it is three405.9193.361
all right there it is switch it to the407.683.519
stick come on [ __ ]409.283.68
oh there's another one i'm coming in to411.1994.56
help you there's another one412.964.72
suck a dick415.7594.16
thank you thank you417.684.239
i probably was very close to dying so419.9194.081
i'm gonna run now i just don't even know421.9194.72
where my health bar is if i'm at a five424.04.08
it looks like i was just about dead426.6392.321
yeah you were close you were looking428.961.84
careful out there exciting i got your431.5993.681
back i got your back here yeah back to433.443.599
camp back to camp boy thank you thank435.284.4
you boy oh does it not slowly creep back437.0394.321
or do i need to like feed myself for it439.683.68
to go up you can feed yourself you're441.364.32
not gonna die if you don't eat but443.364.399
you're gonna have more health if you eat445.684.72
okay i have no food so i'll just wait to447.7594.72
die yeah look for some no you won't you450.45.359
won't die what did i just say my words i452.4796.321
heard your words you [ __ ] hard okay455.7595.28
listen to me because you're like oh no458.85.2
just die i'll set i'll wait here to die461.0395.921
because if i get hit by a [ __ ] crumb464.05.36
i'm gonna die cause i'm at five the466.964.88
developers took crumbs out of the game469.364.08
oh good471.844.33
thank god you see what i mean473.4417.39
yeah not like having a friend that just490.844.68
creepily laughs at you all day you're493.523.6
laughs at your struggles and thinks it's497.123.25
totally cool499.1994.641
i know how to help you but i won't yeah503.844.0
sam oh diamond517.123.12
probably probably one of these guys oh i522.884.16
see that oh you little [ __ ] yeah those525.044.64
guys are called nicks527.045.44
they should be red i like that dora well529.683.599
i mean532.482.24
at least one of the kinds should be a533.2793.361
red one bad way to start your morning534.723.6
you'll be happy about that539.64.4
oh god541.684.719
jeez louise i'm back in this freaking544.04.64
these uh there's the neck to neck attack546.3993.601
neck attack548.642.48
damn it550.03.279
you guys i'm very foggy simon i wish i551.124.24
could help you i don't know yeah no okay553.2794.401
well uh needs is fighting and i still am555.364.88
looking for my body because you got him557.684.64
that's a neck tail so anyone did anyone560.243.76
happen to see it because on the map it's562.323.199
like this564.04.0
follow follow me simon follow me okay565.5194.481
hold on i see that there you go i just568.04.24
ran by thank you sweet boy it's over570.04.88
this way sweet prince thank you baby572.244.4
booby what574.883.92
baby booby i called you you're my little576.644.24
baby boobie you're over here somewhere578.84.32
do you see it no580.884.24
but it's around here somewhere i believe583.124.159
you maybe i oh i could scroll in on the585.126.2
map all right so hold on587.2794.041
which way that's me all right it's this594.644.319
so where598.9592.56
it should be this way oh my god where601.8395.841
the hell is it605.042.64
gotcha you little [ __ ]610.483.52
what is wrong with you nothing i was616.563.839
just hiding in the bush waiting for you618.643.6
all right well that's yeah620.3993.761
having a good time all right you scared622.244.56
me listen i'm all up for you not working624.164.88
but even this is a little off brand for626.84.96
you like you're being an unusually629.044.88
big douchebag well i'm not trying to be631.763.92
dude i'm just trying to have fun okay633.922.88
i'm not actually going to hurt you i635.682.48
don't think i can unless you've like hit636.82.96
a button or something so you didn't know638.163.44
anything right okay good well i don't639.763.36
well it's hurting me that's fine but641.63.12
like laughing when i say douchebag643.124.48
you're laughing at our uh misfortune oh644.724.239
yeah well i mean you guys are trying to647.62.96
figure it out usually you know i'm the648.9593.201
guy's like oh i know exactly how to do650.563.44
it let's do it let's get to it like no652.163.52
i'm just gonna kind of take it easy yeah654.03.92
well no i do like that part but can you655.684.399
please stop trying to uh hit me even657.924.08
though it doesn't work this i'm actually660.0793.521
leveling leveling up a little bit oh are662.04.32
you hitting me do you level up uh663.64.4
i don't keep hitting me that's hit me a666.323.199
little bit all right i'm hitting yeah668.03.519
the little sparky things came out of my669.5194.0
yeah [ __ ] so that might be it that's671.5194.56
a level up a level up spark oh okay why673.5194.161
does it come out of your [ __ ] i have676.0794.481
no idea feels good i like it though yeah677.685.36
makes a good sound does680.563.44
that sounds good684.04.56
little toot little tuta sparkiness it'll685.445.83
level up fart688.567.789
i kind of like that it's uh yeah i just697.363.919
put a little bed down here i've got a699.8393.201
little burn or a cookie station here i701.2793.841
made a chest right over here too703.044.08
yeah you got a bird in your house yeah705.123.6
but yeah we know how that works though707.122.88
the birds kind of everywhere i don't708.723.52
even see it is it oh yeah what is it oh710.05.04
that's a bed he's on your bed um i might712.244.48
build one just like you got on this side715.044.0
it'll be like a duplex oh i like that i716.724.32
like that yeah we'll put all the i'll719.043.359
put some stuff in721.043.2
in the chest maybe if you want i don't722.3994.081
think it works oh there's a chip a chest724.244.719
back oh so you built a thing here726.484.159
and a chest we gotta put a fire under728.9592.961
this yeah730.6392.88
no i didn't i didn't do that part yet731.923.44
but listen i was i was busy learning a733.5193.681
bunch of stuff right there all right i'm735.363.2
gonna i'm gonna build what you did i'm737.23.12
gonna mirror what you did over here oh i738.563.839
love it i like that too okay and maybe740.324.079
we can make like a frontish room and742.3993.921
that's kind of like a common area well744.3993.601
that's what this middle area is okay746.323.44
yeah it's kind of outdoorsy isn't it748.04.079
uh-huh i like that though i like it all749.767.46
right we got it we got a plan yeah yeah752.0798.0
hey simon uh i hear ya i'm over my house760.0796.56
i see dora and i if you're looking at764.0793.2
coast it would be right okay right down767.2795.12
the coast to the right down the coast769.5195.521
is this you over here my friend hey yeah772.3994.801
i think so i see a body walking this way775.044.0
it probably is you yeah splashing all777.24.48
right okay you i bring tidings is what779.044.4
the bird says what's up now the bird781.683.2
always says that what is this type of783.443.12
floor did my torch just go out damn it784.883.28
my torch just broke786.565.44
um you got a torch yeah hold on bam i i788.164.96
[ __ ]793.122.719
i forgot i think this might be like794.0794.161
parquet arcade because they're like the795.8394.24
it's like a pattern like you know in the798.243.68
older houses they would have this in800.0794.56
like when you like old patio homes you'd801.924.719
open the door and they'd have like804.6393.76
four foot by two foot of this and then806.6394.401
it'd have carpet and and that floor used808.3994.721
to be called parquet811.043.44
really at least that's what i used to813.123.36
call it okay that's all i wanted to know814.483.919
yeah i'm just uh i'm building a parquet816.484.479
floor over at my house okay that's very818.3994.081
nice cause yeah herringbone is a820.9593.281
different type of thing it's in the same822.483.84
family i think is parquet only because824.244.24
it reminds me of it so they're like826.323.44
family who's that running back who's828.483.359
that running back hey it's nate oh hey829.765.04
names hey i got a parquet floor and a831.8395.921
boy pretty fancy yeah i'm getting real834.84.159
oh i'm out of wood i'm just gonna hey838.9592.88
you know i'm just gonna relax for the840.723.2
rest of the night yeah well good oh oh841.8394.401
yeah that's right hold on a second843.924.56
i'm gonna relax with you846.244.56
with my torch in my lap yeah no it848.484.159
doesn't make any sense i laugh at things850.84.039
like that852.6395.2
guys look at you i like it when you854.8395.24
wow also looks like you were kind of860.3993.361
fondling yourself862.0793.921
like the like the motion that yeah that863.765.12
doesn't look that looks a little weird866.04.639
deal with it868.884.079
ah it'll be morning soon870.6393.921
we should go scouting tomorrow simon872.9593.841
okay i could do that i'm a scouting874.565.92
machine or i can be876.86.829
simon look at this uh what is what are884.247.36
we looking at ah this oh this is uh this886.9597.281
is weird because it's it looks like891.64.32
i don't know what it looks like well894.243.839
like the fog the oh yeah that is weird895.923.359
that's a weird effect isn't it yeah it898.0793.041
is if you go left with it it stretches899.2794.0
out like the fog the fog stretches like901.126.64
stretch the fog oh stretch the fog okay903.2797.441
so but this this altar this is where we907.765.28
summon the first boss simon oh910.724.72
all right so mystical alts are one out913.044.4
of eight offer item what kind of915.444.24
offerings are we gonna have deer heads917.445.12
oh okay that sounds nice919.685.04
oh yeah it's a deer right there so uh we922.563.839
need eight deer heads924.723.2
yeah eight deer here we're nowhere near926.3992.88
there we got to make bows and arrows we927.922.8
gotta do all kinds of stuff but for now929.2792.641
tell you what let's come back down to930.722.64
the river i just wanted to follow the931.923.279
river see where it takes us see scout up933.363.52
a little bit it's too bad like i can't935.1995.2
take my club and then beat that deer936.885.6
right there to death in the water you940.3994.24
would think that it could yeah but in942.484.08
the water you know yeah you run the risk944.6393.76
of drowning do what water trying to946.563.68
punch him in the butt you ever tried to948.3993.921
oh wait you're actually doing it yeah950.244.24
oh where you at okay you're chasing him952.323.04
come on come on you little [ __ ] oh955.364.56
he's almost dead958.244.159
come on i'm dead i was about to say959.923.68
don't drown962.3994.201
that was a good uh it's a good start979.363.52
guys we're not too far from each other981.363.12
there's a nice little neighborhood982.883.28
i built like a barn door or a gate of984.482.799
course you did986.163.679
yeah yeah i wish uh yeah i didn't know987.2794.321
how to do that one day so that's really989.8393.761
that's great pretty cool yeah mine's not991.63.44
cool but i'm gonna fix it i'll make it993.63.2
cool yeah we can fix it up mine's over995.043.28
here over there yeah it's over by the996.83.68
water uh just probably going to build a998.323.12
maybe oh no a boat1001.444.079
boat over there sure you know sure it's1003.64.479
yeah all right well hey good first day1005.5194.32
yeah i'm going to go to bed because uh1008.0795.041
yeah it's bad bad all right good night1009.8396.44
good night1013.123.159
black forest that's what's black forest1051.843.199
um tuna1055.0393.52
a marble rye1056.643.76
with like a horseradish cheddar from1058.5595.201
war's head and a little bit of american1060.44.72
is that what you're eating that's what1063.764.08
you're eating right now oh good1065.124.72
and potato chips i put potato chips on1067.843.68
it too oh i love putting a potato chip1069.843.199
on a salad on this sandwich it's1071.524.32
fantastic for tuna oh it's so good tuna1073.0395.441
horseradish yeah oh yeah black forest1075.844.56
hey hugging and first hand black forest1078.483.68
black forest ham is pretty good you like1080.43.44
black forest ham you know i don't know1082.163.44
that yeah maybe yeah you want to try to1083.845.28
swim over here simon um yes i do yeah1085.65.04
let's do it all right1089.124.16
i'm jumping i should take my torch away1090.645.2
all right got the stamina looking at1093.284.24
that stamina i know where it is i'm1095.844.24
leveling up with sparks again always1097.523.6
uh let's go right let's head down the1101.123.439
coast oh come on get out of it yeah i1102.5593.601
really don't like the water to land1104.5593.281
transfer i've been stuck in the water1106.163.12
quite a few times1107.843.04
blueberries salmon blueberries oh i1109.283.6
never did never had a blueberry yeah1110.884.0
blueberries mushrooms yeah the black1112.884.32
forest is dangerous in here but uh1114.884.159
there's lots and lots of good stuff oh1117.24.64
yeah speaking of danger oh hey bubba yep1119.0394.801
i've seen uh i think i've seen pictures1121.844.56
of that that guy yeah what if he's gonna1123.843.68
see us1126.45.04
yep yep he sees this i'm running1127.523.92
yeah this is uh this is bad okay well1132.04.48
this is what you wanted to do oh boy oh1134.324.96
god oh god he is on me oh no faster than1136.484.079
i thought okay1139.283.759
and i'm glad that he didn't kill me he's1140.5595.681
supposed to be after your ass1143.0393.201
you don't see me right here i'm hidden1146.324.56
oh yeah there you go oh boy he throws1150.884.159
boulder oh and there's oh god i'm1153.283.44
getting attacked by like three of these1155.0394.161
little guilty pieces of [ __ ]1156.723.92
you might want to run back to the right1159.24.32
oh boy that's not good running back to1160.645.2
the river1163.522.32
bye can we go home now yeah you get back1166.484.24
to the river we swim back across we can1169.0394.241
go home um back at the river oh my god1170.724.4
oh god that's good though please make it1173.283.68
across please do get your stamina up man1175.123.76
you're being chased by like everything i1176.962.959
it's because they like my ass1179.9193.841
oh god is that troll that trolls1182.43.92
following us1183.762.56
this is great1186.44.32
stabbing enough good1188.324.0
right okay what do we learned about the1190.723.68
black horse we learned that1192.325.76
things can suck there1194.43.68
we'll have to go there later yeah1199.123.919
they'll hide1204.1594.161
low harm1205.62.72
through my spur out there abstro1210.7993.441
i mean like i don't know if my stamina1214.963.839
can do it is it best to not sprint is it1216.5594.161
best to not sprint if you're swimming1218.7993.921
should i jump first into the water yeah1220.723.199
you know what you probably want to build1222.723.04
a diving platform and then jump into the1223.9194.321
water diving platform what yeah you know1225.764.08
use your momentum how deep is it i don't1228.242.799
i don't see your spear i don't see what1229.842.719
you're talking about i see it let's see1231.0394.401
okay so okay stamina stamina1232.5594.561
i'm not sprinting camera's gonna go down1235.443.119
if you're swimming if you stop it's1237.123.439
about the stamina will stop oh i see it1238.5593.841
it's actually out there yeah yeah yeah1240.5593.281
so it's like borderline i'm gonna lose1242.43.68
some health but uh okay my stamina is1243.844.16
almost yeah right i'm gonna i'm gonna1246.084.079
start burning health as soon as i grab1248.04.32
it oh hey here look look1250.1593.921
i'll hook you up are you making up are1252.323.68
you making the theme i'm not making a1254.083.04
thing i'm giving you a little bit of1256.03.36
stamina here so here have a uh let me1257.124.96
split this up okay here have i have a1259.364.48
little neck meat oh i'd love that thank1262.083.52
you and then i'll tell you what drink uh1263.843.199
yeah have a little bit of that and then1265.63.84
maybe eat some uh strawberries i've been1267.0394.0
out gathering stuff i'm starting to shop1269.443.28
okay great oh you're starting to shop1271.0393.361
yeah starting to shop well that's good1272.723.52
to hear i could use some things from1274.43.84
shop yeah but if you uh you eat that1276.243.36
stuff that'll boost your stamina you1278.242.64
should be able to get out there and get1279.62.88
your spear okay that should yeah as1280.884.08
simple as that let's see1282.484.079
i can't eat any more grilled necktail1284.964.16
but i can have some of that and some of1286.5595.201
that oh that feels good1289.124.72
that little yellow bar down there pop up1291.765.12
yeah okay all right i'm getting it do it1293.845.12
get away from my okay here we go come on1296.885.039
baby uh i'm rooting for you go door go1298.964.88
i'm going i'm going i'm going oh boy1301.9193.521
it's going down it's going so close so1303.843.92
close so close come on back1305.444.32
got the spear coming back nice come on1307.764.88
back okay getting down to the last bar1309.766.72
of stamina right now come on and we're1312.645.44
out of stamina going into the health but1316.483.439
we got good health we're good 48 we got1318.084.4
this thank you so baby1319.9193.921
thank you1322.484.319
i'm glad i showed up i am i really am uh1323.844.8
yeah where's that [ __ ] deer now go1326.7994.161
get you a deer yeah you know speaking of1328.644.48
deer are you ready to fight a boss dora1330.965.04
am i yeah a deer boss1333.125.36
yes up to your boss we find a deer bump1336.04.96
yeah we're fighting a deer boss1338.485.96
that sounds stupid1340.963.48
we should probably go for those boars1382.04.0
huh what wait there's boars right here1383.844.079
that's a bore right there in it yeah1386.04.72
yeah yeah yeah i guess what i need uh1387.9195.601
bore juice yes i need points1390.724.8
i'm going to try to get some more juice1393.523.12
wait what is that i got bow and arrow1396.643.76
hello boy1398.963.76
i need the juice give me the board juice1406.887.12
slice disgusting is that you oh come on1410.5596.681
come on1414.03.24
i'm trying i think i got him i just1418.244.16
learned some stuff from killing that1420.724.079
boar would you learn just kill the boar1422.44.48
i killed it there was two bores okay i'm1424.7994.24
gonna run over here now you carry on1426.885.039
okay i hope you killed a boar me too i1429.0395.041
don't think i did but thanks1431.9194.561
oh being chased by a boar biebs you see1434.084.479
he's great right mommy yeah oh that was1436.484.559
yours maybe maybe all right go for him i1438.5594.401
got you back i'm gonna try but don't run1441.0393.76
away buddy come on come and keep on1442.963.599
chasing with you all right with you come1444.7993.681
with me okay come with me where is your1446.5594.561
where is you buddy where is ya you gotta1448.487.4
do a call do a boar call okay1451.124.76
that not working huh that's a pig hold1459.9193.12
right there oh that was the poor thing1463.0394.721
that was the poor call right at my pukas1465.2794.64
come on simon come on i'm i'm chasing1467.763.84
i'm running it's hard for me to see him1469.9193.36
on the run1471.64.64
come on come on take him down come on1473.2795.52
yeah is it right here i can't even see1476.244.88
it yeah that bloody spot that's you1478.7994.401
simon oh is it are we good we're1481.123.72
oh oh yeah i got some raw meat that's1484.845.719
all i need just one raw meat i think so1488.243.84
you gotta cook it though tonight we1490.5593.6
feast yeah actually i need that to make1492.085.76
a bow tonight we make bones yes1494.1596.921
and love1497.843.24
oh hey what's going on guys think 441516.965.599
here welcome to balhan cribs this is my1519.6795.36
first crib uh come on in as you can see1522.5594.641
it's pretty crude but pretty heavily1525.0394.161
enforced with lots of beams and wood and1527.24.56
beams and wood over here i have a chest1529.25.04
i keep things in it keep things in it1531.764.0
got a crafting bench along with a1534.243.6
chopping block so i've upgraded my1535.763.84
crafting bench by putting a chopping1537.843.36
block there which allows me to make more1539.63.36
things this right here is a bed if you1541.23.76
don't know what uh beds do go smack1542.963.04
yourself in the head with a hammer1544.963.36
[ __ ] idiot i just learned some stuff1546.05.039
out here is the backyard also known as1548.325.52
the ocean the ocean is my yard ocean1551.0393.601
pretty soon i'm going to be adding on1554.644.24
building all sorts of things hold on1556.484.96
i see i see a bird over here1558.885.919
as you know i get pretty distracted by1561.444.88
things boom1564.7992.48
and what shall i make with these1567.2794.161
feathers that i got from the bird well1569.124.559
i'll tell you i'm gonna make some1571.444.64
flaming arrows that's right that's what1573.6795.6
we do here uh valham cribs so anyways1576.084.88
i'm pick 44.1579.2794.921
you're not1580.963.24
napes yeah that's a one star deer what's1587.124.08
that mean that means you could probably1589.843.12
get a trophy from that guy uh usually1591.23.68
with deer you want more points like an1592.963.92
eight point1594.883.679
oh all right i got him but yeah he's a1596.883.84
toughy yep you gotta eat him again come1598.5595.681
on chase is on me face is on okay ooh1600.725.28
here we go baby look like your arrow's1604.244.64
dropped a bit no i got him but1606.06.159
yeah oh yeah he's quick he's quick yeah1608.884.72
he's a deer1612.1593.441
i'm not quick i need to eat my food he's1613.64.0
still behind me i'm running slow i'm1615.63.76
trying i'm getting lost in the woods1617.64.48
here yep1619.362.72
dog come on come on get him get him get1622.44.48
him get1624.642.24
oh i got more stamina i think that'd1628.1593.441
make you run slower because the cramps1630.03.2
and stuff1631.64.079
oh okay others on this thing yeah you're1633.24.079
still behind me oh he's out in the field1635.6793.521
i'm behind you it might be my chance1637.2793.361
come on come on1639.23.92
yeah it's far away not you1640.644.56
[ __ ] off we need the other one yeah the1643.124.32
one star1645.24.32
you getting some hits yeah no not really1647.443.68
he man he's squirrely i think he may1649.522.96
have gotten away1651.123.84
damn it all right but uh i know which1652.485.12
way he went so i'm hunting boy we're1654.964.4
getting far from home yeah i don't care1657.62.959
yeah we're out here in the middle of the1659.363.6
night it's probably stupid yeah oh there1660.5594.401
you go thank you there you are keep1662.963.36
still near okay1664.963.599
no he's still running1666.325.44
oh i got him yeah goddamn i got him okay1668.5595.36
shot in the dark baby1671.763.919
oh man come on come on give me some good1673.9193.201
[ __ ] give me some good [ __ ] yeah i got1675.6793.441
me some deer hide four raw meat no1677.124.08
trophy no trouble but still why are we1679.124.799
excited again we got a one-star deer1681.23.76
bragging rights yeah bragging rights i'm1684.963.599
hanging that [ __ ] on my wall and it's1686.7993.841
morning time look at this uh-huh you've1688.5593.36
been out this far1690.643.6
uh nope it's all new to me but it looks1691.9194.561
the same yeah it's the meadows wait to1694.243.919
go the dark dark forest you'll have a1696.483.28
good time there neebs i assure you1698.1594.721
sounds like a place i'd like1699.763.12
you have no idea the hell it awaits us1703.444.76
looking to me i gotta cook some meat1710.488.079
i'm excited to cook some meat1714.5595.921
simon yeah1718.5594.48
i just made a bow i made it oh good for1720.484.88
you i'm looking forward to making a bow1723.0394.081
but i'm gonna cook some meat so hold on1725.365.12
this says cook item e so sure okay1727.125.76
that's my first meat cooking and then1730.484.16
wait and watch that meat and it tells1732.882.96
you when it's done you gotta watch it1734.642.8
you know oh i'm gonna watch it you know1735.843.199
what it reminds me of1737.443.359
you know that meat no the meat that you1739.0394.721
know uh you when you get a girl oh man1740.7994.561
and they're just carving that the lamb1743.763.84
and the beef oh the carving1745.366.48
oh god i love that oh god it's so good1747.65.84
and you know what there's places that'll1751.843.439
sell you the the meat and it's already1753.444.4
like pre-cut in little there you go you1755.2795.76
cheating son of a [ __ ] that's not real1757.845.92
don't try to fool me yeah let me see you1761.0395.36
shave that sweet almost gelatinous1763.763.84
ah foamy looking meat put it in my mouth1767.64.64
i'm gonna hit this little [ __ ] right1770.885.44
here oh no i'm not i'm done oh i have1772.245.6
finished thank you1776.323.44
oh wait oh do i have an arrow on now do1777.842.959
i have an arrow1779.762.96
yep i improved bows just by shooting1780.7994.081
that rock can you grab the arrow can i1782.723.679
grab the arrow out of the rock that's1784.883.6
some [ __ ] that is some [ __ ] i1786.3993.361
don't even know if i got meat out of1788.483.36
that by the way that i hope i got neat i1789.763.68
thought i was enjoying this game and now1791.844.0
i do not enjoy this game wow i just lost1793.444.0
that meat didn't you telling me i didn't1795.843.439
even get any of that meat it just got1797.444.4
some coal or something things went south1799.2795.201
real quick for us simon son of a [ __ ] i1801.845.92
almost raised orgasm and then boom oh me1804.485.12
too now i'm just flopping about yeah1807.762.96
come on come over here i'll give you1809.63.28
handy no i'm good1810.725.52
okay i'll take one1812.883.36
oh yeah they're coming back1820.643.759
oh you're throwing rocks at him you're1822.7993.521
gonna throw rocks at a skeleton that's1824.3992.961
how you're gonna do it where are you1826.322.4
gonna go where are you gonna go you're1827.363.439
not getting in that skeleton's house oh1828.724.0
now you got a buddy he's coming in too1830.7993.681
what are you guys gonna do1832.725.679
cause are gonna eat you eat you alive1834.485.28
you've just given up1838.3993.52
oh nope now now you're back in it oh you1839.764.72
just got your ass hit yeah that skeleton1841.9194.401
at the front gate he's not messing1844.483.439
around he's just swinging look at him1846.322.64
oh okay hey little he got a hit in1848.964.64
oh man1852.3993.361
do i even want to go in here kind of do1853.63.84
i got a club and a shield1857.443.599
stupid to go in here oh hey hey i didn't1861.363.439
know you were coming over here you fight1863.363.84
no skeletons i mean fight me if you want1864.7995.041
to it's a death sentence [ __ ]1867.23.599
all right you know what i'm gonna peek1870.7995.681
oh we just got him1873.25.76
yeah get in1876.482.48
skeleton wins the round1880.245.439
okay skeletons won grey dwarfs zero1882.1596.64
now can i take these skeletons and claim1885.6795.681
their castle for my own this is stupid1888.7994.321
isn't it this is stupid what i'm doing1891.364.48
let's see let me get some distance1893.124.559
it's too early to be [ __ ] around in a1895.844.0
dark forest okay1897.6794.161
here we go oh yeah it helps down a1899.843.28
little bit1901.842.959
oh yeah there you go how you like that1903.125.12
buddy okay nope your health's low though1904.7995.36
peek your little damn head out1908.244.64
come on peek1910.1594.64
boom some [ __ ]1912.883.12
all right i know you got a buddy in1914.7992.561
there i seen him1916.03.039
raid this [ __ ] castle where's your1917.364.96
pal huh oh yeah there's your pal come on1919.0395.041
oh that's a mess come on yeah stay right1922.323.44
there stay right there boom how you like1924.084.24
that how you like that come on1925.764.159
come on come on come on oh yeah you1928.322.959
wanna hide you gotta hide in there you1929.9193.36
piece of [ __ ] oh i should probably eat1931.2794.481
yeah mushroom now yeah get my health1933.2793.681
back up1935.762.639
that's how you survive out here in the1936.962.559
oh you're stuck you don't even know how1939.5192.88
to come out your own damn stairs god1940.724.079
you're stupid come on come on1942.3996.16
oh i want you so bad i watch it so bad1944.7996.24
boom okay one more hit1948.5594.48
one more hit come on1951.0393.201
let's do it1953.0392.161
all right1954.243.279
i'm going in going in i'm coming in1955.24.88
after your ass1957.5192.561
come on bring it on boom1960.3994.721
oh man yes1963.444.4
got me some skeleton fragments ooh now1965.124.559
what's at the top of this hopefully a1967.843.439
good treasure1969.6794.0
oh it is stupid coming out to the dark1971.2794.961
forest though black forest dark forest1973.6794.24
don't think anything up here nothing but1976.243.52
hey pretty good lookout1977.9194.801
and i got some skeleton fragments okay1979.764.88
victory oh it's getting late i'm heading1982.723.52
home heading home1984.645.32
got a shot to maintain1986.243.72
man these pigs are a lot harder than i1997.765.08
thought they were going to2001.2793.601
be yeah2002.844.28
hey did you get anything simon here i2004.884.88
cooked the meat there's three uh pig pig2007.124.799
things oh you just gave me pig things2009.763.759
thank you so much wait a second let me2011.9194.961
see oh so i could eat these oh yes wait2013.5195.04
a second you gotta eat vegetables too2016.883.44
you can't just eat meat in this game2018.5594.081
well that's fine you can but i'm trying2020.324.239
to could yeah you could i'm trying to2022.643.84
put it in how do i eat it i'm trying to2024.5593.441
put it in my slot but it doesn't wanted2026.483.919
me to drop it there hey just right click2028.03.76
on it you don't need to put it in this2030.3993.601
i'll take it i'll take it thank you sir2035.25.68
you're welcome so the bow is what eight2038.04.08
eight hide and i got uh i guess i got2042.084.719
wait a second i have leather scraps i do2044.483.84
have leather scraps2046.7994.001
one i'll give you two more if you want2048.324.64
oh of course how many do you said i need2050.84.799
eight i think so oh wait yes i i grabbed2052.964.08
them here you go all right actually i'll2055.5993.361
give you mine too that puts you at did i2057.044.0
get they go to me again nope you got it2058.965.04
i've got seven now i just need one more2061.045.839
oh i got one oh2064.04.8
yeah come here here come over to my shop2066.8793.681
it takes a village takes a village to2068.83.52
raise assignment rallies that's right i2070.562.48
we all know that2073.044.48
welcome to afroshop simon uh what would2075.444.32
you like to purchase today oh perfect uh2077.525.2
i would like to purchase um i'm looking2079.766.56
for just one leather scrap okay you got2082.725.359
a 20 wood what are you going to trade2086.324.48
hell i'll give you i'll give you 34 wood2088.0794.56
34 wood you know what for that for that2090.83.2
amount i'll give you two leather scraps2092.6393.841
i like it i'll take it so how do i uh2094.04.96
drop a drop of drew do i do that yeah2096.484.96
there you go and then you know what i'll2098.963.92
give you two2101.443.28
bam there you go oh2102.883.52
this is nice hey listen you got any2104.722.97
ladies back there2106.42.56
you passed the test prostitution's2111.5993.52
unless of course it's legal and they do2115.1193.921
it themselves and they make good money2117.043.36
yeah and they're and they're yeah i mean2119.043.28
there's no ladies here but uh you're2120.45.28
naked and i could be hey guys you get my2122.325.36
drifts i know i do but there's somebody2125.683.439
else here right now and i like privacy2127.684.0
what i'm saying okay see you later hey2129.1193.761
what's up2131.683.919
not much i've been hunting2132.883.92
i know you guys were talking about2135.5993.361
wanting bows and i've got a bunch of2136.84.559
deer hide is it deer hide that you need2138.965.6
oh you need uh it's just leather scraps2141.3595.681
i have 14 leather scraps well don't2144.564.96
worry i'll i'll i'm sure need them at2147.045.039
some point but i think no no no i won't2149.524.079
i'm going to need them at some point who2152.0794.161
needs them now noobs neebs does needs2153.5994.961
need them him2156.242.32
oh is that sneaking why are you yeah you2159.24.8
were sneaking why yeah i was sneaking oh2161.764.319
yeah look at this crude bow baby oh wait2164.03.839
it says i need 10 wood i gave you my2166.0795.601
what i can't get do it ah man2167.8397.041
simon here take some wood2171.683.2
everybody here yeah2183.443.679
yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm ready to fight2185.23.68
this thing if i could just uh get some2187.1193.121
berries i think absolutely might have2188.884.32
berries for sale i think so oh yeah2190.244.8
listen i just found a berry i found a2193.23.6
blueberry in my inventory i was so2195.043.76
surprised my health is at 70. i feel2196.84.08
like a new man well welcome welcome2198.84.559
welcome to the shop y'all2200.884.08
got berries yeah what are you gonna2203.3593.281
trade fair trades around here fair2204.964.32
trades only i got uh are you going to do2206.644.56
the fight with us um maybe you need2209.283.52
mercenary services that's the window to2211.23.76
the right there's a difference oh boy i2212.84.24
got dandy lions do you have women back2214.963.76
there by chance2217.043.76
no no women okay dandelion not2218.725.68
interested in dandelion i got uh2220.86.24
got a deer hide oh deer hut i'll take2224.46.32
okay fair trade for berries okay oh yeah2227.044.4
that's uh probably about 25 berries2231.442.8
i think he took my berries what did you2234.244.48
say 25 berries that's a lot of [ __ ]2236.324.48
berries yeah what's a bear tree that's a2238.724.08
lot of berries listen i'd love to have2240.83.76
some berries too you got any deer head2242.84.48
hey no but i do have some rocks2244.564.96
service sucks here hello2247.284.48
mercenaries it's the wrong window sir oh2249.524.16
all right what what could i can i get2251.764.64
one berry and and uh what are the what2253.684.08
is the other food besides meat and2256.42.8
berries what's the other one mushrooms2257.763.68
mushrooms mushrooms yeah i do have a few2259.24.24
mushrooms pretty low stock on mushrooms2261.443.6
though all right so what do you need for2263.443.36
a mushroom i don't know what do you get2265.044.16
i'll give you uh i'll give you a uh two2266.84.559
lumps of coal2269.23.84
okay for that i'd give you five2271.3592.961
mushrooms oh2273.043.76
best best deal of the day you burnt food2274.324.56
worth something yeah oh yeah no it will2276.84.08
be soon a little help here a little bit2278.884.0
of help over here please all right yeah2280.884.0
hold on i'd like something though we're2282.884.08
we're at the fair trade window right now2284.883.6
hold on sir be right with me we're2286.963.68
getting ready together my mushrooms2288.484.16
somebody pick them up figure it out what2290.643.6
do you want what do you want dick i'll2292.642.4
feathers heathers let's see oh let's see2295.044.88
yeah a little low on feathers right now2298.323.12
let me check my inventory all right all2299.923.04
right i think thick got your mushrooms2301.443.52
maybe i'll give you some mushrooms thick2302.963.6
you got mine oh [ __ ] i just threw them2304.963.2
over there give me i'm taking them i2306.563.36
take them thank you i just booked come2308.162.56
all right appreciate that i got uh i got2310.723.04
six feathers well what do you give me2312.562.88
for that thing ooh six feathers you got2313.764.4
a deer hide two but that's a lot for2315.444.08
yeah give me two deer hide i'll give you2318.162.959
the six feathers there you go all right2319.522.96
there you go there you go all right now2321.1192.96
hold on let me all right if everybody2322.483.04
said let me talk to this customer no no2324.0793.76
no my mushrooms i never got my mushrooms2325.523.839
served okay you figured out i gave you2327.8393.041
the mushroom but then he threw him back2329.3593.201
over there and then2330.883.6
hey get your lottery ticket some other2332.563.279
time dick2334.482.24
hey how are you is the right window2336.727.359
yep mercenary services2340.485.359
you want to go fight the the boss with2344.0794.081
us maybe suppose i could that's gonna2345.8393.601
ghost you2348.163.28
i got some mushrooms for you2349.444.399
i'll take them son of a [ __ ] yeah i2351.444.159
want my mushrooms back2353.8393.681
i just woke up ready sir2355.5993.041
you won my2357.522.24
they're mine2358.643.439
it has been my pleasure thank you sir2359.765.04
all right let's gear up yeah2362.0795.201
absolutely i had 15 of them absolutely2364.84.559
please kremlin's mushrooms please please2367.285.6
absorb please shop's closed2369.3595.361
you gotta fight2372.885.68
i just need one [ __ ] mushroom2374.723.84
seriously give me a mushroom2378.963.72
are you leading the way thick2388.84.08
sure let's go all right okay can't wait2390.484.32
to kill this thing oh little guy coming2392.885.28
over here yeah2394.83.36
he just wants a morning hug2398.723.04
oh all right2401.926.8
oh hey fox cleared out nice good okay2404.0797.04
it's at the top of this little mound2408.723.2
i like that word mound2411.923.36
morning deer2414.163.12
here we go try not to get wet if you get2415.284.48
wet it's gonna mess up your uh stamina2417.284.72
it'll be hard to not get wet yeah just2419.764.72
gotta jump that two minutes of wet oh2422.03.92
man yeah2424.483.28
oh man i bought them berries those2425.923.84
berries right here yeah you paid for2427.764.24
convenience berries all right this is2429.763.44
the place2432.03.52
oh all right everybody ready everybody2433.24.0
gather round gather round all right i2435.523.28
think you got enough deer heads believe2437.23.919
punch him get him punch him2446.165.12
take that four down all right good good2448.965.76
good good all right here we go uh yeah2451.284.64
dear god2454.724.08
uh we we give you this offering in order2455.925.04
for you to appear and us to kill you and2458.85.039
get powers here we go right dear god or2460.965.68
dear god i think his name's it fear kind2463.8393.601
come with the or something like that2467.442.96
deer like deer deer that'll do it2470.724.08
that smells good it's not bad2474.883.92
all right2478.83.039
watch out for his lightning horns2502.964.28
has a wide area of2519.3595.921
attack oh [ __ ] he's looking at me2520.8394.441
oh no get away from me you little [ __ ]2527.3593.76
i don't2530.3192.881
see his health bar and it's like not2531.1194.641
existent i don't see it oh it's fine oh2533.23.28
okay all right i'm having a i'm having a2536.484.24
little glitch then i'm doing great here2538.3194.8
we go come on come on come get get you2540.724.72
some big 44.2543.1195.761
you can't oh bro i can respawn and do2545.445.36
this some more huh yeah that thing took2548.883.76
me out with like one blow yep it'll do2550.83.6
watch out savage i'm in the south oh the2554.44.64
tree i think the tree helped me2556.45.28
you [ __ ] oh damn he just knocked down2559.043.84
the tree2561.683.52
be great to be right into the water he2576.723.119
just electrocuted himself you know what2578.244.56
with those crazy ass antlers yeah2579.8395.121
deer don't understand how electricity2582.83.44
and powder work2584.964.08
right into the stuff2586.242.8
oh boy2589.8393.24
what's his health that thick i can't see2595.5994.161
it a little less than halfway oh less2597.284.079
than halfway all right we're doing good2599.765.559
keep telling these oh boy2601.3593.96
remember to eat if you see any of your2622.562.559
he's right there2625.1193.441
can i get out of water in this game just2627.1193.521
get out of the water he's going well2628.566.4
watch out he's gonna go boom there you2630.644.32
take a shot at this thing2645.763.64
oh yeah he's going down we got this guy2650.3194.321
all right2653.283.68
oh we got one more we got a four we got2654.644.16
a lot more i'll take care of the damn2656.963.879
board all right i'll take care of the2658.85.279
deer oh you [ __ ] hey2660.8394.76
i'm in the creek2664.0793.201
i'm in the crack oh i thought you were2665.5993.281
going to take care of that board i was2667.283.76
not bad i was i lost him there you are2668.884.32
you say that yeah2671.046.44
oh that matters2673.24.28
brothers and arms2677.5993.561
uh-huh now what nice did you get his2691.283.44
head thick oh there it is there it is2693.043.68
get the head got all the goodies good2694.724.0
for you yeah all right thick did you get2696.722.879
the head2698.721.92
i did2699.5992.961
yep all right all right everybody follow2700.644.56
the thick and me let's go oh yeah we2702.565.2
gotta go uh we're gonna go this way yeah2705.24.399
that's my spear somewhere but great job2707.764.16
everyone anybody see a spear okay you2709.5994.561
lose that damn spear again i don't know2711.926.199
whatever i'll make another one2714.163.959
all right2721.044.72
oh yeah here we go yes this one right2722.484.48
hang his head thick2726.963.68
and now we get special powers yeah if2731.524.319
everyone goes up and rub the deer head2734.244.96
it'll give us all the power of activity2735.8394.881
i like that2739.24.08
so yeah now so like oh yep hey hugging2740.725.04
yeah please just jump right in2743.284.319
you won't shut the hell up so all right2745.763.76
now here's how these powers work it's2747.5993.361
kind of a there's an activation area we2749.523.2
can all benefit from one person using2750.963.359
their power so neebs2752.722.639
hit f2754.3192.561
f hold up my talking to this bird out2755.3594.561
here bird f2756.883.04
oh really yeah but what what yeah that2762.965.119
gives us a real big stamina boost yeah i2765.764.64
can do that after the cooldown uh yeah2768.0793.601
there's a little cool down you probably2770.42.959
see a little number up the top right yep2771.683.52
it's a good care yeah actually there's a2773.3593.201
number at the bottom left that's the2775.22.56
time that you could really use it but2776.562.0
the time at the top right that's how2778.564.24
long you have the power oh2779.8395.121
yeah that's moya2782.84.72
do we have to be within like uh distance2784.964.48
or does it happen to just everybody2787.524.0
that's no yeah you have to be around2789.443.52
each other all right it's best to get2791.523.52
together and then do the power boom2792.963.76
power love now we can run fast i'm2795.043.36
running fast back home hey2796.724.0
good job guys2801.24.0
yeah i got your spear doraleous2802.564.0
oh sweet2805.23.6
yeah that was the easy part2806.565.279
now shit's about to get real2808.86.48
oh god we are [ __ ]2811.8393.441
morning out sir2820.3194.081
oh hey neebs what's going on here just2822.0794.881
got some boar skin and some meat yeah2824.44.64
look at this tree above our heads yeah2826.963.52
there's that crazy all kinds of gorgeous2830.484.32
in it where's the the trunk you think in2832.644.88
my pants2834.82.72
yeah that's great hey i've got i've got2838.963.68
something interesting that we should2841.25.119
make okay oh follow me to my lair2842.645.28
it's actually just a regular yeah is2846.3193.601
this your lair house i want to go to2847.923.199
that trunk now2849.923.12
yeah okay2851.1194.641
need to build a boat2853.045.44
all right here we go oh i'm not getting2855.765.12
here man this is great right now2858.484.079
give me one second to put all this stuff2860.884.32
together give me one reason to stay here2862.5595.121
oh give me ten wood [ __ ] somebody give2865.24.8
me some wood2867.685.6
hold up whip it out hold on hold on look2870.06.8
i gave you the wood 35 wood there we go2873.285.279
antler pickaxe2876.85.759
which means we can now go hunting for2878.5595.28
yeah that's right copper and tin copper2887.22.96
and tin okay2889.042.799
hold on hold on an2890.163.679
antler pickaxe2891.8394.321
gets copper and tin don't get me started2893.8393.121
i understand that i don't understand saw2896.964.08
the deer didn't you it's a heart it's a2899.284.24
hard antler it's a very very hard angler2901.045.279
yeah super deer okay he shot electric at2903.524.24
us all right great sadly the only place2906.3193.201
to get copper is going to be the black2907.762.96
forest so2909.522.72
we're going to have to send out probably2910.723.28
a party to do that i'm building i'm2912.243.599
building something i'm down to go there2914.04.16
i am listening i am right there i've2915.8394.48
been to the black forest so it's like2918.164.64
it's like a second home to me yeah i i2920.3195.681
love their ham i'm a big fan yeah2922.85.519
you would yeah all right you three do2926.03.92
that i'm gonna build an extra room so2928.3195.121
simon can get his bed out of my house oh2929.925.439
all right guys i like that i give you2933.444.399
permission hey repair all your weapons2935.3594.161
and make sure you have enough food for2937.8393.681
going out wakka wakka you guys are gonna2939.524.72
have fun guys you're gonna have a good2941.525.72
oh this feels good2964.243.68
this is nice out here2966.3195.121
yes man like i feel so trapped where we2967.926.159
are kind of well listen uh i know we2971.444.639
have to stay focused however if we do2974.0794.721
end up finding uh a bee's nest2976.0794.401
we got to take it down and get a b2978.84.64
that's gonna help upgrade our workbench2980.485.599
okay i like that yeah so they're usually2983.443.679
found in2986.0793.76
like homes deserted homes uh2987.1194.48
can i look at that okay we're we're2989.8393.361
staying focused i'm not gonna love that2991.5992.881
i know staying focused with this2993.22.879
deserted home right there man yeah2994.484.079
that's the hut i was uh are they in2996.0795.121
there maybe thick where where2998.5594.321
right here i mean there could be a bee3001.24.32
right here and it seems usually they're3002.883.8
in taller homes3005.524.16
what a bunch of losers lived here huh3009.684.72
yeah yeah poor people3011.684.8
um it's bigger than my place3014.43.199
that much3016.482.56
all right stay focused i've been3019.044.64
yeah you have3022.3194.321
god you're focused oh yeah baby see what3023.684.72
do we see what do we see3026.644.4
i bet we're getting close yeah the black3028.44.48
forest oh3031.042.96
all right okay3034.03.599
so here's what i'd like to do i would3035.5995.121
like to set up an outpost somewhere we3037.5995.441
can come back if we if we need to we3040.725.76
sleep we can yeah something also secure3043.045.36
so what up here how about up over here3046.483.839
yeah let's uh let's take a look let's3048.44.48
take a look somewhere in hey we can3050.3194.081
clear out land3052.883.36
that's how good we are yeah we're really3054.43.679
good at that now you want to be up high3056.243.599
i guess because that's what we are we're3058.0793.52
pretty pretty damn high right now high3059.8392.561
feels pretty good3062.43.84
and we we just need a small place this3064.0794.401
does not need to be the taj mahal here3066.245.04
it is so yeah right here we set up an3068.484.639
outpost all right so we're clearing out3071.284.559
getting some wood yes ma'am3073.1195.281
i love it when you call me ma'am i love3075.8394.561
it when you say wood3078.44.32
hey there you hey man what you working3085.8393.681
on over here i gotta build one of those3088.03.28
uh little wood with the hatchet to add3089.523.2
to my bench over here so i can build3091.283.52
more stuff okay you're building a place3092.723.28
for simon huh yeah it's right there to3094.84.0
the right triplex now what's a duplex oh3096.05.76
so dora's house your house simon's house3098.84.0
you guys got the little apartment yeah3102.83.12
but hey if you're bored we could always3104.82.88
summon the butt you know what i want to3105.923.6
summon the boss again me and you yeah3107.683.12
just you and me you know what i could3109.523.039
use its head for decoration in the shop3110.84.0
okay yeah yeah all right3112.5593.441
hold on there's a son of a [ __ ] up3114.82.88
there attacking my work man3116.04.24
piece of [ __ ] oh yeah i see you did they3117.683.76
do that3120.243.359
they attack stuff they do attack [ __ ]3121.444.08
he's attacking my work [ __ ] what's a3123.5993.52
great leg or what is it yeah it's a3125.524.24
grilling hey [ __ ] you want to deal with3127.1195.921
this come on boom we're about to beat3129.765.599
your air maybe you should put a fence3133.044.24
around it yeah that's coming in the3135.3594.321
future it's gonna be a sweet place when3137.283.92
i'm done with it names it's already3139.684.56
sweet it's gonna be sweeter let's see3141.26.48
like your tight little ass i doubt it oh3144.246.56
baby there's nothing that sweet3147.684.96
tastes like sugar that ass i'd like to3150.84.559
see you match it aha bring it on sugar3152.644.959
all right grillings are out the great3160.83.519
legs are out whoa whoa whoa whoa okay3162.44.56
okay of course yeah railings are out man3164.3194.081
all right3166.964.32
after my ass come on baby come on come3168.45.36
on oh here we go oh yeah3171.287.799
stuck on that x-max max max3173.765.319
oh [ __ ] i hate this spear actually kind3185.044.8
of right now3187.286.44
there we go yeah block's cool oh god oh3204.5595.601
you know what wait yeah what this3207.444.48
is the power of there we go yeah i like3210.163.439
how our brace going3211.925.08
oh [ __ ]3213.5993.401
who brought three graylings into the uh3225.284.799
compound i did probably3226.965.52
yes and i think sarah did too listen3230.0794.321
i've got nothing we gotta go simon we3232.484.4
gotta go come3234.42.48
thanks guys yes all right sora yeah keep3241.8393.76
going keep going keep going yeah yeah3244.3192.321
yeah yeah yeah3245.5992.641
we're good we're going to get there3246.643.28
are we going the right way i believe we3248.243.359
are yeah i'll wait a second3249.922.48
there's one on my ass too the word on3252.43.439
your ass3254.3193.681
yeah hello hi buddy oh you need some3255.8394.48
help all right hold on there's uh3258.05.72
come here boys3260.3193.401
oh that's right i forgot3264.03.119
oh say goodbye that's right i'm gonna go3267.23.6
get my stuff thank you3269.23.44
yeah get your stuff we're gonna3270.83.279
we're gonna build up over here it's a3272.643.28
little more it's a little dangerous that3274.0795.48
way so3275.923.639
grab your shield and your weapons3285.925.199
it's time to battle all right what are3288.644.479
you doing let's go fight the deer oh you3291.1195.041
need mercenary services no um i need3293.1195.521
absolutely no mercenary service no i i3296.164.32
run the shop i don't care i run the shop3298.643.28
but i don't know let's find a deer fight3300.483.76
a deer no you need mercenary services3301.923.6
come right in there and i'll go through3304.243.119
all your stuff and i'll take everything3305.524.559
i want you need mercenary services3307.3595.521
oh hello this is a mercenary service you3310.0794.961
need mercenary services you're running3312.884.08
you're running a scam here no get out3315.044.96
there go talk go talk to the mercedes3316.965.04
what could i do you for i'm in the right3320.04.96
place yep we're gonna go fight a deer3322.05.76
can't it's raining3324.964.48
i'll fight it myself3327.763.76
you're gonna be debuffed it's raining3329.444.0
okay i'll wait till morning rain makes3331.523.76
you weaker are you saying in the morning3333.443.6
we're gonna fight this in the morning if3335.284.559
it's not raining i'll do it but you know3337.046.0
come on in come on inside okay3339.8396.681
your meat's burning3343.043.48
oh oh oh oh3348.244.24
oh oh no what are you doing okay now3350.165.04
it's yeah and then now that one goes oh3352.484.96
yeah who did that doraleous3355.23.44
you can't do that you're going to3358.644.08
destroy our home my outpost you'll be3359.5994.72
up but it's not it's fine that was3362.722.639
it was awesome3365.3594.161
god it was awesome i'm going to die here3367.284.559
with these guys no we're lucky in our3369.524.079
monologues very loud3371.8393.76
if only i had some confident people to3373.5993.921
help me i'm kidding you would [ __ ] me3375.5994.161
too oh you can you could hear me my bad3377.524.319
i love you no you screamed that3379.765.88
i yearn for warriors3381.8393.801
all right guys let's try this again a3398.3193.601
little bit you know we'll take it a3400.163.76
little bit more cautious right yeah well3401.923.04
i mean3403.923.36
stay together you guys have shields i uh3404.963.839
you know what but i didn't i didn't put3407.284.4
my shield on i have a bow can i use a3408.7995.361
bow and a shield nope nope that makes no3411.684.72
sense you need three arms i think three3414.165.04
that one out before asking that one okay3416.45.76
well then i am not going to use my3419.25.44
the the shield even though i learned how3422.163.919
to do it and i have one i want to shoot3424.642.56
the bow3426.0793.441
mm-hmm okay3427.23.359
all right3429.523.839
all right well yeah well there's the3430.5595.121
black forest that's the just on the3433.3595.841
other side right yep and what we need is3435.685.6
copper and tin and i'll show you what3439.24.08
that looks like yes please forget it'll3441.284.799
help all right so copper and tin and3443.284.4
we're just gonna and we're we're here3446.0793.201
not to start any trouble yeah we3447.683.2
absolutely are oh we are just we're3449.283.2
trying to start trouble too i don't know3450.883.28
if i don't know if we're is that a snake3452.484.4
i think i see a snake a snake snake are3454.164.08
there snakes in this game nope that's3456.882.959
not a snake there's no snakes i haven't3458.243.28
seen one that's just a little tendril on3459.8394.48
a on a stone a tinger looks snake that's3461.524.72
a tendril that's an interesting word3464.3193.121
good for you3466.242.96
i've never never used that word it's3467.445.119
certainly a word yeah we've heard it3469.25.84
oh i mean kendra i i agree with you i've3472.5595.201
just never heard it tendril yeah tendril3475.044.559
is tension with something that you've3477.763.0
t-e-n-d-r-i-l ten-year-old yeah what the3480.764.599
hell is a tendril what's it guys let's3482.964.72
let's keep an eye out let's keep an eye3485.3594.48
out for stuff because3487.683.84
this is i know but can we get back to3489.8394.401
the tendril thing no no no okay so i3491.523.92
didn't realize that it was something3494.243.76
that's used all the time like oh god no3495.443.84
it's not like all the time you don't see3498.03.2
tendrils every day unless you live in a3499.284.16
maybe a jungle when i think of a tendril3501.24.08
i think of somebody who like who like3503.444.32
plays the plays the harp3505.284.72
why you know i don't think that like i3507.763.68
don't know3510.03.2
isn't that you're way off track is that3511.443.679
something else what is that it is3513.23.2
something that probably oh we got3515.1193.121
enemies straight ahead all right yeah3516.43.04
and mushrooms3518.243.68
try to hit me you idiot come on come on3519.446.24
grayling oh mushroom yummy3521.925.12
you hit him i'm just gonna watch you3527.043.92
guys because it's fun you got oh3528.884.719
erica you you bullied that poor little3530.965.28
gray link3533.5992.641
survived survivors yeah oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]3536.3196.961
why why why don't what skeletons3540.0795.52
okay so skeletons are bad3543.284.96
yeah good simon all right so i mean how3545.5994.801
bad i just think you just need to shoot3548.244.079
yeah okay all right i'm gonna try to3550.42.8
come on oh boy let me see if i can see3553.24.159
you you little [ __ ]3555.764.96
oh he shot me with an arrow3557.3595.841
headshot oh you want to shoot me he does3560.724.24
oh i guess he does okay i need to heal3563.23.84
up a little bit he also also wants to3564.964.399
shoot me yes come on you little [ __ ]3567.044.48
i'm pretty strong huh well he's he's got3569.3594.321
the star by him so he's he's a bit uh3571.524.559
more powerful3573.683.36
simon can spawn at his bed yeah that's3580.484.639
true and it's not so far away3582.7994.56
all right oh he's coming for me yeah he3585.1194.401
is i'm gonna try to shoot me he does he3587.3594.0
does we established that no dude3589.525.599
oh he hit me okay get him realise3591.3595.521
we're dancing around a tree3595.1193.361
he doesn't know he doesn't know what to3596.884.32
do he's like a dog he's like oh where's3598.485.839
my mom oh i got your ball oh come on3601.25.76
come on yeah nice round3604.3194.48
good job hopefully somebody will meet us3606.964.72
back here shortly3608.7992.881
all right you ready neebs no i just got3611.763.2
to eat and look at this you didn't eat3613.523.44
already well just ate oh yeah but still3614.963.52
it takes a minute after you eat i have a3616.964.56
hat now well good and you got shoes yeah3618.485.2
i got damn shoes when did you get shoes3621.525.12
killing more okay run a shop slash3623.684.56
mercenary thing i don't know i got a3626.642.959
split personality thing going on there i3628.243.359
don't even have shoes whatever i'm doing3629.5993.2
oh okay3631.5993.281
where does it come out uh wherever it3632.7993.361
right up there all right3638.483.56
yeah this might be a little easier3650.882.8
because there's only two of us yep it3652.165.08
scales in difficulty3653.683.56
yeah okay okay3666.03.88
oh come on now come on now he's behind3671.685.119
the game3675.1194.0
oh [ __ ] he got me a little bit but i'm3676.7994.721
okay okay sneak up on him3679.1194.72
nope he saw me coming yeah they'll do3681.525.68
that okay come on come on3683.8395.041
where you gonna go how are you gonna3687.26.2
handle it yeah what's your itinerary3688.884.52
oh god3700.883.32
hey drop josh3724.0793.201
oh that's the way i'm going okay there3734.245.879
you go there you go3736.483.639
oh [ __ ] there we go come on really you3750.965.04
might want to [ __ ] oh3754.44.159
jim yeah okay3756.05.119
come on go away3758.5593.921
all right i'm breaking in a shield i'm3761.1194.161
breaking this shield here we go3762.485.44
boom i blocked your ass bam here right3765.284.0
here sandwich3767.922.879
club sandwich oh he's gonna do a thing3769.283.519
back up up i didn't know i didn't know3770.7993.76
thank god i walked off the [ __ ] cliff3772.7994.081
here we go3774.5592.321
oh god oh oh [ __ ] i forgot these right3778.246.72
here come to me ready i got this3781.0393.921
the power of your kazoo oh god which is3786.724.56
who we're fighting [ __ ] him up [ __ ] him3789.763.359
up [ __ ] him in his ass [ __ ] him in his3791.285.2
little dear wet ass come here3793.1195.44
come on he's scared he's scared he knows3796.483.92
he knows he knows he's gonna die he's3798.5593.921
hurt you've heard the legend you think3800.44.399
he's lost from his herd ah but i heard3802.484.0
get him3806.484.76
you better run3807.763.48
get out of here oh boy oh3815.0395.76
okay got him we got him he's gonna die3818.7995.961
he's gonna die you made names3820.7993.961
bam all right3836.43.439
sweet all right now i got a deer head3847.923.76
hell warrior shut the [ __ ] up hugging do3851.685.2
we get another one of those uh copper3854.5593.601
me check oh absolutely i got three of3858.164.959
them all right here you can have one3860.7995.361
i'll take one there we go sweet we are3863.1196.881
warriors we triumphed3866.167.04
we triumphed [ __ ] yeah we did3870.06.24
that'll be 50 wood3873.23.04
yeah right here3877.285.2
is a copper deposit this is always oh3879.25.2
oh come on3882.484.96
you know what i'm gonna burn these guys3884.45.199
i'm not there we go that's easy that's3887.444.159
nice i like that i tried to shoot them3889.5994.321
with this new work these are my favorite3891.5994.561
arrows ever yeah i need to get some of3893.924.08
those they look like a ball hard to make3896.163.52
not hard to make i'm not good at3898.03.44
shooting things with these arrows all3899.682.96
right i better3901.445.2
switch to the old x3902.644.0
oh there's another guy right here leave3907.0394.56
me alone bucko all right [ __ ] it3908.883.679
come on3911.5992.321
you know what i'm going to get the hell3912.5592.8
out these things are going to kill me we3913.923.28
need to get this copper yeah i mean we3915.3593.521
got to clear it out though right yeah3917.23.119
these guys are good3918.883.84
all right here we go so and you know3923.444.0
what i should have thought about this3925.8393.28
should make you guys some of these uh3927.443.44
axes too oh i got another one i got3929.1193.761
another coming in got another cover me3930.883.84
go ahead you cover once i like how this3932.884.0
is copper deposit what do you call it3934.724.96
when copper turns green like this thick3936.885.6
is it oxidization or i don't know i'm3939.685.2
not a sure not a geologist i thought it3942.484.559
was uh it's a well the finish is called3944.884.32
the patina i thought it was yeah let's3947.0393.52
ask the guy who'd never heard of a3949.24.639
tendril hey patina copper turns color3950.5596.401
it's patina you never heard of that no3953.8395.121
maybe i have yeah i think it goes from3956.964.24
you tendrils probably years ago tendrils3958.965.24
oh neebs uh-huh i'm looking at my house3964.7996.881
uh okay hold on take a peek into my3968.643.6
i was doing the uh3974.7993.52
trying to get some more deer do you know3976.723.76
my shirt was just a rag shirt yeah you3978.3193.681
did yeah i could look at it and tell3980.483.44
it's a red shirt the insane thing i was3982.03.52
speaking of deer you notice what i'm3983.923.36
sitting on um3985.523.92
oh a rug yeah it's a deer over here3987.284.079
there we go you gotta use that to make a3989.444.24
rag shirt yep but you didn't yep there3991.3594.401
we go did i just do that do what just3993.684.24
put a meat on your fire no that was me3995.764.24
no i'm cooking the meat i got today the3997.924.96
deer meat gotcha yeah this is this is4000.04.4
what i like about this game is moments4002.883.52
like this is just sitting around yeah4004.43.28
everything just4006.43.36
slows down to a crawl4007.684.0
you just relax at night you cook a4009.764.0
little meat it's the simple things isn't4011.683.919
it it is just sitting around a fire with4013.764.16
a buddy yeah having a meal sitting on4015.5995.281
your deer rug boom4017.923.919
got plenty of food4021.8396.96
life is good life is good not too bad4024.0794.72
you want to jack off in front of each4029.1194.361
have told me my shirt was a rag shirt4034.03.68
all right guys4042.0792.96
we got some things to do first and4043.523.839
foremost we're gonna go get4045.0393.681
bees bees4047.3592.801
bees are important and that was for4048.723.2
things that yeah that allows us to yeah4050.163.52
okay we'll be able to upgrade our4051.923.679
crafting bench with that make new things4053.684.24
also we need to find a cave4055.5993.681
right so4057.923.28
because and there are some things within4059.284.72
that cave that will allow us to again4061.23.919
right so it's like we're looking for for4065.1195.44
any cave or just uh cable particular4067.0396.481
cave oh most caves most caves have well4070.5594.321
whoa whoa4073.523.36
well i need some stamina yo what do you4074.884.239
mean hey if you need some stamina gather4076.884.4
around me real quick we've got a threat4079.1193.841
an immediate threat4081.284.319
really gather round wow look at you oh i4082.964.72
was about to say a dramatic4085.5995.44
thick my wood and i are by your side oh4087.686.879
yes we've got a troll in front of us4091.0396.081
oh so what are we planning on doing uh4094.5594.8
we gotta i i would say we surround it4097.124.4
yeah i've never got i can see it's butt4099.3594.161
crack it's buck it goes all the way up4101.524.159
it's back holy4103.523.36
so i'm gonna flank right huh okay should4106.884.879
i be doing the arrows4110.084.0
arrows indeed okay4111.7593.44
blanking right4114.082.639
and then i have simon in the middle4115.1992.64
right in the middle right at the butt4116.7192.0
yeah careful oh i got another uh threat4118.7194.161
to deal with who would i oh [ __ ] bees4120.644.32
are attacking bees okay4122.884.479
okay good good good oh this [ __ ] is4124.964.96
coming at me with this big old oh boy4127.3594.0
am i am i supposed to be shooting this4131.3594.081
thing he's going to be easy yeah yeah go4133.123.76
ahead and shoot okay4135.442.319
all right4136.882.879
yeah he's going to take some down some4137.7593.6
trees for us too4139.7594.0
oh man don't get hit by the trees right4141.3595.041
i got really low guys sorry oh boy4143.7594.641
that's okay um i gotta read i got it4146.43.839
this is gonna be this is gonna be easy4148.43.68
simon is coming towards me4150.2392.721
yeah yeah when we have him surrounded4152.963.68
like this and he doesn't know who to go4155.044.56
to plus we've got trees in the way yeah4156.644.559
he's he's gonna4159.63.199
he's gonna burn in hell i'm shooting4161.1992.801
oh no wrong way and another one4164.06.64
boom and another one oh i took him out4167.045.679
nice simon all right he's gonna drop4170.646.24
some of his skin which is disgusting4172.7195.04
doraleous dora4177.7594.48
australia's killed by4180.3193.681
probably a neck4182.2394.161
all right well let's just wait for him4184.03.12
i got no problem with that great job by4187.124.159
the way son oh thank you i'm a little4188.883.76
bit more of a man today than i was4191.2794.361
hey neebs hey what's going on i just uh4217.844.879
there's a boar you following me i'm4221.042.96
thinking uh4222.7193.201
nope doesn't look like it okay check4224.03.36
this out i was sick of seeing you4225.923.2
struggle with this little bait4227.364.879
man this is exactly what i wanted4229.125.84
there you go this is perfect so crazy4232.2393.761
you're gonna have those benches4234.962.96
everywhere oh what the workbenches yeah4236.03.04
yeah we'll just take them up when i'm4237.922.88
done with the project though oh if you i4239.043.92
thought it had to stay no oh no no yeah4240.83.52
you can absolutely once you're done once4242.962.4
i'm done building the bridge i'll just4244.323.359
tear out i tear it down didn't know that4245.364.08
that's good to know yeah what you want4247.6793.921
to get into today i don't know4249.443.92
i still feel like i don't know enough4251.63.92
about this game to know what to do so4253.364.16
you're you're more uh you want me to4255.523.6
decide because i don't know well if you4257.523.04
want to i mean obviously i got this4259.123.039
bridge project going on it looks like4260.562.72
you're about to go catch up with the4262.1593.841
other guys catch oh catch up i get up4263.284.56
with them yeah go get up with them i'm4266.03.12
sure yeah they're over there in the dark4267.842.96
forest you'll love the dark forest yeah4269.125.119
so if i just uh hold on if i just go map4270.85.359
boy just go there by myself yeah i mean4274.2393.761
i could go with you but you know you4276.1593.761
have to hire a mercenary yeah what do i4278.04.4
use this uh elk pickaxe for oh that's4279.923.759
yeah in the dark forest you can get4282.42.88
copper and tin that's the stuff we're4283.6792.721
gonna need matter of fact bring me back4285.282.959
some copper and tin yeah i'll just go4286.43.36
get some copper and ten and come back4288.2394.241
okay you know what actually a copper tin4289.764.8
and a certainly cool4292.484.88
a lot a serling core4294.566.04
a circle4297.363.24
a certain core4302.083.2
yep i know where to get that i'll get4305.284.959
that go get it this way yep that way4307.526.75
baby okay i'll be back with a stair4310.2397.601
all right this brace is going to look4317.844.399
good baby4319.762.479
guys yeah yeah bees are in here oh i4324.45.6
know i i i walked in accidentally and4327.6794.881
got are they done are they big bees no4330.04.88
not really um i just have to knock it4332.564.96
down with the okay ah damn it hold on4334.884.56
hold on hold on i got and guys no do4337.523.84
your thing for the rec um4339.444.08
might that death i just had yeah that4341.363.6
did that didn't count i forgot how to4343.523.12
roll so that didn't count right like i4344.963.04
was okay4346.643.039
i just didn't remember it's been4348.04.159
how does that not count though of course4349.6793.681
because i was like just trying to4352.1593.601
refresh you know i got the b i got the b4353.364.48
all right let's get the b okay get the b4355.764.399
all right you go all right we got the b4357.844.0
okay why is that it'll be fine no no4360.1593.441
it's not that bad it's not that bad okay4361.843.44
you're carrying a b all right in your4363.63.76
hand or in your pocket and you're gonna4365.284.32
bring it i've got a queen bee in my4367.365.2
pocket who's ready to launch and we are4369.64.8
gonna upgrade our base and looks like4372.563.679
there's some honey already up here oh4374.43.68
look at the high that we can get look at4376.2393.761
that honey honey let's go ahead and4378.083.92
cross everybody get your stamina up4380.04.32
we're gonna cross this river really all4382.04.719
right hold on yeah why wouldn't we yeah4384.324.08
okay no4386.7193.681
i'm going to jump on the tree look save4388.43.36
myself a little bit of stamina can you4390.42.88
do that it worked out didn't it can you4391.763.76
walk down from here no it didn't can you4393.283.56
walk from here4395.523.44
yeah all right swim you can swim yeah i4396.843.879
know but i just want to see not too bad4398.963.36
well i got a little fear of the water i4400.7193.361
had this spear situation and guys4402.323.359
there's some blueberries over here also4404.084.8
some mushrooms oh i love blueberries and4405.6794.56
we're gonna venture in the direction4410.2394.081
that i'm heading right now uh-huh and4412.1595.281
we're gonna look for that cave4414.323.12
this is the same it's the same forest4419.845.839
think i think it turns into pine trees4423.124.32
wait that looks different down there the4425.6793.04
bottom of the hill4427.442.64
pine trees4428.7193.121
here we go got a river to cross4431.844.64
black forest4434.565.76
okay now could i jump on this and do4436.485.84
like they do in the old4440.324.96
or i run and it takes me across4442.325.2
that'd be great i'll run this way and it4445.283.68
goes backwards4447.523.28
come on4448.966.16
nope okay we're gonna have to walk4450.84.32
hold on here we go we got to go into the4457.123.84
river strong4459.125.599
rest up over here this log here we go4460.965.199
jump on this log4464.7194.0
oh it's going it's going4466.1593.761
now go that way4468.7194.0
go that way okay we're just going for it4469.924.72
there's a pig there to greet me4472.7193.921
pig i come in peace4474.643.36
pay no mind4476.642.96
i won't bother you if you don't bother4478.02.48
now what am i looking for4480.483.679
oh there's the thing4482.44.4
there's the thing i see you you're what4484.1595.761
come on shield okay4486.84.8
huh where you going4489.922.72
oh that's a tough one okay shielding4492.643.76
oh shoot neebs4496.43.6
yeah neebs hey what are you doing here4498.083.92
i'm getting attacked yeah i was trying4500.05.76
to get that student cure4502.03.76
look at your back4505.843.12
okay okay here we go hey guys we're4507.044.4
coming i think yeah4508.964.48
i'll follow a new door4511.444.56
i don't know if that's a good idea4513.444.239
oh here we go here we go over here all4516.02.8
nope gotta go all right where are we at4518.84.04
here we4520.565.28
are team jump in there i gotta i gotta4522.846.12
recover come on baby oh come on okay got4525.845.12
the arrows coming in4528.963.12
oh boy4530.963.759
suck on that chunky man i'm gonna tell4532.086.159
him to suck on it simon do it4534.7193.52
all right here we go spear you'll spear4544.565.04
in the shield yeah yeah yeah yeah4547.442.96
all right4549.63.52
trying to help out here yep burning them4550.45.92
stir it let's go stamina oh boy one's4553.125.2
down neebs4556.323.839
don't leave me again4558.323.28
coming in neebs4560.1593.681
all right beautiful4561.65.04
nice it is not friendly here no no no4563.845.68
that's why they called the black forest4566.645.76
you know black nightmarish yeah neebs4569.524.639
good to see you though thanks i'm here4572.44.48
for a summer corps for what some i'm4574.1594.241
sorry so i'm trying to get some4576.883.76
sneaker bacons yep i know what you're4580.643.92
talking about we have to go to a cave to4582.83.25
get that4584.564.569
oh yeah i'm gonna do that on the other4590.42.72
and then you know what i'm gonna call it4593.124.079
that looks uh that looks pretty damn4594.883.839
good if you ask me4597.1993.761
boom boom oh yeah4598.7194.081
now i don't have to hear any [ __ ] about4600.963.52
getting caught in the crick4602.83.52
i'm dudes i don't know how to swim i've4604.484.08
caught the crick look at me how do i get4606.324.879
out of the creek4608.562.639
that's him all right you tearing you4613.843.12
your nut and okay hmm so what now all by4616.967.84
myself oh i know exactly what now4620.965.92
work on a pad i need some roads around4624.84.08
here oh yeah this path needs cleaning4626.884.24
this is ridiculous make a road over here4628.884.319
that goes to dick's house then maybe4631.124.0
goes to the center of town this place is4633.1994.561
going to look good hey ada4635.124.4
say your name you hiding out in thick's4637.765.68
house you've cut all the trees down4639.523.92
all right guys we're about to upgrade4649.6796.0
everybody say hello to our new beehive4653.1994.641
hello newbie hi hello4655.6793.681
inside the house we have a beehive4659.365.6
we need more open the business okay okay4662.1595.281
that's fine4664.962.48
hold on whoa okay yeah right yeah4667.6794.721
outside knees yeah i mean i'm allergic4670.084.4
to what's up your bed this is your bad4672.44.319
neebs uh wait i thought it was just for4674.483.28
the night because it said i had to be4676.7193.201
near the fire okay all right we're doing4677.763.919
fine with that tonight then we're gonna4679.922.56
i'm putting the beehive outside good4682.484.08
that's new4687.762.64
yeah all right perfect okay4690.844.839
all right now we are upgraded on the4693.64.88
workbench okay and do we get honey uh we4695.6795.281
will get honey yeah okay good i like4698.484.88
honey i like it's a good moisturizer the4700.965.36
beehive upgrade to the workbench uh yes4703.364.319
actually along with this little hide4706.322.56
and why is that hold up hold up hold up4708.884.319
real quick okay okay guys uh4710.644.4
looks like uh the the4713.1995.04
it doesn't upgrade the workbench4715.046.0
but we have honey4718.2396.561
that's coming to us yeah yeah okay okay4721.045.44
well i'm pretty sure i just said does it4724.84.879
be we have upgraded yep sure does yeah4726.485.36
these things are wrong he was wrong but4729.6794.401
we could still make baklava now now we4731.844.08
can make as much baklava as we want with4734.084.48
the honey exactly or honey croissants it4735.924.4
takes a lot of time man you see how many4738.565.04
layers that so many layers it is so good4740.324.64
have you you've never once made it in4743.63.36
your life i guarantee it i guarantee it4744.964.48
no of course i never ate it i've never4746.963.92
made it but i ate it that's all that4749.442.64
like forest black forest like forest4752.083.84
yeah i got things to get all right okay4753.844.56
neves neebs yeah pick this booger out of4755.925.2
my nose i heard you a car will appear oh4758.45.44
really yeah4761.125.28
sounds legit4763.842.56
i love you thick4766.645.72
no you don't nope he doesn't4767.924.44
oh you see us you see cave see a spawner4779.926.799
what yeah i see that okay so all right4783.365.44
let's back up a little bit let's hey4786.7195.361
neebs hi hey see that spawner you see i4788.85.04
like how you say back up and you move4792.083.2
forward what the hell is that yeah4793.844.0
that's weird nice oh that's all right oh4795.284.24
nope i've moved back i didn't know there4797.843.44
were spawners in this game all right so4799.523.84
listen okay so spawners that purple4801.284.16
thing we we can destroy those things i4803.364.4
don't want to do it now or i've seen4805.444.32
i've seen listen listen listen listen4807.764.16
shut it shut it shut it because i have4809.764.72
seen no one said anything not one person4811.924.0
i've seen what's wrong with you what4814.483.92
what am i i [ __ ] talking are you guys4815.924.799
hearing me talk please talk good god4818.44.16
wait wait wait wait just tell us to shut4820.7193.44
up for another minute before you [ __ ]4822.563.92
you gonna talk now yeah i don't know am4827.124.079
i when do you i don't know i'm killing4829.1993.601
deer right guys go ahead there's a way4831.1993.681
to turn those spawners into things that4832.84.8
actually will be an unlimited source for4834.884.88
wood and stone like minecraft oh i know4837.64.24
what it is yeah bees you got to bring4839.764.16
bees to it yeah connected to your4841.844.16
oh my god4846.04.239
just leave you guys here to die no but4848.323.919
you can't you can't not understand that4850.2394.0
that's funny but it's fine it was a4852.2393.361
misunderstanding i know you know that's4854.2393.121
funny misunderstanding i know but it's4855.63.119
still funny thank you ladies and4857.364.48
gentlemen still funny we have spoken4858.7194.881
all right all right so what are we going4861.843.359
to do thick to do what you think is4863.62.72
going to happen4865.1992.48
or can happen4866.322.72
we're not going to do that right now we4867.6793.04
can't do that right now okay we just4869.043.36
know where it is we need to keep we need4870.7194.0
to keep searching for arcades cave time4872.44.62
focus focus4874.7195.79
yeah coming right out oh is this a4881.6794.401
mystical force in this area stops me is4883.63.44
it you4886.083.119
is it you you headless schmuck yeah4887.045.599
you're all head now ain't you bubba4889.1995.121
got your power oh actually i need to4892.6393.281
hang that guy in my wall4894.323.919
uh okay i can make a little like gate4895.924.719
right here kind of clear this area out4898.2394.321
yeah this will lead right back to town4900.6393.201
that's what i love about this game is4902.562.639
like what are you gonna do today yeah4903.843.44
i'm gonna work it on a path4905.1995.681
you try to [ __ ] stop me4907.283.6
yeah another spawner yeah i feel like4912.563.92
i'm getting off track here i was4914.883.44
supposed to get some uh4916.484.0
samper nickel yeah something well part4918.324.399
of navigating this forest is like4920.484.159
exploring it and taking care of like so4922.7192.96
what do we do4924.6393.361
what do we do with the spawner shoot it4925.6794.321
i'ma fight it you fight it you're like4928.04.239
i'm getting in there you guys cover me4930.05.199
wow oh i mean well i just shot it and it4932.2394.161
went down and won4935.1994.241
i got it got it already yeah like4936.45.68
wow the second my arrow hit it win all4939.445.84
right so i'm gonna try to shoot maybe4942.084.96
got him got my guy4945.284.0
a little arrow we were we designated i4947.045.76
didn't know we designated damn it4949.285.52
i'm not like there's a shaman himself4952.85.2
trust me4954.84.64
heals those guys we got to kill the4958.04.159
shaman the red one green one green one4959.446.56
you got green eyes i just shot them4962.1593.841
oh yeah setting them on fire i'm sorry i4967.1993.681
need that fire4969.443.68
thank you4984.563.159
the shaman is almost it's almost dead4993.445.04
you're almost there oh no that's stupid4996.1594.08
come on that was really fun grayling4998.483.759
come on oh boy5000.2394.721
okay names down me and simon did it go5002.2394.96
oh yeah5007.285.12
come on [ __ ] all right no got one down5008.46.56
now simon what do you mean no i'm gonna5012.44.96
uh don't want you to die now okay but5014.964.32
i'm kicking ass uh he keeps healing5017.364.56
those grey dwarfs yep this is a problem5019.286.24
oh [ __ ] there we go so this shield that5021.925.92
can in fact hurt them when they're5025.524.48
swinging yeah if you time it out right5027.844.0
it'll knock them back5030.04.159
i love it5041.285.04
i'll take care of these guys until my5046.324.399
little brothers come back5047.922.799
oh yeah this is nice it's my favorite5054.6393.921
part about this game it's just so5056.963.759
peaceful and relaxing i'm just cooking5058.564.159
some meat from my shop5060.7194.161
i'm doing it in neebs house or neebs is5062.7194.641
barn i think i don't even have a [ __ ]5064.885.279
chimney in here5067.364.96
ah yeah there we go get some meat put5070.1593.601
some more meat on5072.323.2
that's a nice night got a good day5075.525.119
somebody to pass i'm a path maker look5078.06.88
at me i'm the i'm the trailblazer here5080.6397.04
i bet those guys are5084.885.2
yeah i bet they're having fun5087.6796.281
oh fire went out5090.083.88
guys follow me5098.084.079
all right i saw a cave on the way back5099.6794.48
here right here if we go in those guys5102.1594.321
can't follow us oh perfect everyone is5104.1594.961
everywhere oh wow okay cave cave cave oh5106.485.04
geez all right i'm going in the cave5109.123.28
okay go in all right going in going in5112.44.319
it's a troll cave what5116.7195.361
this is a troll cave i thought you said5120.323.839
we didn't want a troll cave is it a5122.084.72
troll cave okay hold on hold on let's5124.1594.721
get everybody in here into the troll5126.84.16
cave i heard that yeah5128.884.24
yellow mushrooms in here5130.964.96
oh i'm coming mushrooms oh god5133.126.44
oh no oh5135.923.64
that doesn't sound good at all what just5140.7194.321
happened simon died simon died in there5142.85.68
it's very very close quarters5145.043.44
he went in5150.964.16
for safety he went in for safety and he5152.2395.041
could have come out like5155.123.92
do you understand how caves work you've5157.283.919
got an entrance do you that also works5159.043.599
as an ex why aren't we hiding in the5161.1993.201
okay you gotta get thicked is that5164.43.44
you're gonna blame it on that because i5166.082.8
find out5167.843.12
i don't know oh there's a there's5168.883.02
there's simon5170.963.6
no i've got i guess sure sure you know5174.564.96
what i'll light i'll light and i'll kill5177.62.559
hold on we got we need some light here5180.1594.0
oh there's that [ __ ] that's what5182.83.76
you're going to do5184.1592.401
i'm getting out of here5191.043.96
see doroth the uh cave work says the5197.64.88
entrance works as an exit and he can't5200.083.68
get out5202.482.32
so i don't what do you5206.564.079
what world do you live in what do you5208.963.44
mean oh he got fixed he went in there he5210.6394.241
cut her ran right back out okay okay5212.45.279
buddy all right5214.882.799
oh my god dude look at this a black5221.1995.04
forest just went right down from the5224.1592.961
these guys are way up there this one's5227.123.44
so much closer5228.83.919
it's like right here5230.564.72
let's see i actually want some skeleton5232.7195.041
fragments any skeletons oh my god look5235.284.399
how lucky i am5237.763.439
look at you guys5239.6793.761
hey i need your bones baby i'm going to5241.1994.881
take a swipe boom take a swipe watch me5243.445.759
fap come on try it again whoop gotta bow5246.085.28
boom come on take a swing take a swing5249.1993.841
oh you got buddies oh you got buddies5254.04.0
hey i need your bone fragments baby5256.563.28
you're already like weak5258.03.92
there we go oh5259.844.319
more okay i didn't know you wanted some5261.925.52
but damn come get some baby5264.1596.0
come on come on boom boom after versus5267.444.88
the skeleton after wins every time but5270.1593.52
you won't hugging5272.322.48
delves and dungeons can be found oh is5274.84.32
this a skeleton cave this is a skeleton5276.883.759
i'm going in5280.6394.0
oh boy that's a one star skeleton this5284.6394.161
might be a bad idea5287.123.44
i can't use much of a shield in here i5288.83.04
don't have a light5290.562.88
hey boys5291.843.76
what's y'all uh what y'all doing over5293.444.08
there oh you're hitting ada there in the5295.64.0
corner that i can clearly see5297.523.679
hey aydah5299.63.44
okay let's see5301.1993.921
can i sneak behind you guys just whack5303.044.88
you whack it5305.124.8
oh god whoa all right yep you're a one5307.924.48
star okay yep you're a little tougher5309.924.88
than the rest5312.42.4
coming in here alone it might be stupid5315.124.4
might be real out okay yep i'm getting5317.65.36
the [ __ ] out of here5319.525.199
all right i needed how many skeleton5322.963.279
fragrance i got three i got some back of5324.7193.041
the house but i might be able to make5326.2393.601
that thing i wanted yes yes i can make5327.765.479
the thing i wanted5329.843.399
all right all right5339.843.839
who else is here there you go okay we're5341.764.399
all here we're all all right so uh5343.6795.841
ever did every who died besides me i did5346.1595.201
all right hey wait don't we have like5349.524.56
powers yeah for stamina like come5351.365.68
together and i'll uh is it help oh yeah5354.085.36
smell my pants yeah5357.044.639
sure we just want to go in go go get5359.444.56
them simon stuff and get out yeah get it5361.6795.361
okay you ready yes help just just just5364.04.8
that's a grab-and-run thing i did it5367.044.0
grab it and run don't wake him up all5368.84.56
right i see him all right oh my god5371.045.42
right there5373.364.96
i'm out of here i'm out5378.324.72
i got my stuff5380.965.199
neebs oh sweet good job guys5383.043.92
oh crap5386.966.4
oh neebs well hey grab a seat oh guys5388.965.36
i think i see a cave straight ahead5394.324.48
let's go into that cave you see it see5396.1595.201
if it's any better you go in that cave5398.84.16
instead of sending me into the death5401.362.64
i know i could have left5404.03.44
i'm okay straight here neebs will see5405.524.48
this hey hugging shut up i'm gonna talk5407.444.719
to you get you off my screen i'm busy5410.05.76
i'm on youtube [ __ ] off oh okay did you5412.1595.52
talk did you talk to the bird simon i5415.764.32
did i've been doing it all day you're5417.6794.401
the best all right you're entering in5420.084.48
this one too okay drill cave burial5422.084.96
chambers that's nice got some skeletons5424.565.28
right here oh you're talking okay oh ooh5427.045.28
i don't even know okay okay just right5429.844.16
on that okay i should probably get5432.323.359
clothes on5434.04.48
let me eat some food5435.6794.401
hit me good there5438.483.84
ha ha he missed me good there5440.084.079
i need fruit5442.325.919
like we all need fruit you know yep5444.1596.08
what lies ahead of us yeah let's go this5448.2394.081
way all right gonna go to the door to5450.2393.601
the left5452.324.669
okay i'm not a skeleton guy what no what5458.965.6
do what do you mean i just left oh i'm5461.765.439
coming back in now there we go burning5464.565.639
burning them yeah5472.04.96
i just5474.562.4
kind of dry it tastes like bones all5478.6394.08
right let's see if we can find these5481.64.4
[ __ ] things oh here it is5482.7195.121
certainly other things there's something5486.03.76
here's a thing so we can build up we can5487.844.24
build a fireplace or actually make5489.764.879
better [ __ ] oh yeah all right do we go5492.084.32
into the other door or no which other5494.6393.441
door where was it right here5496.44.48
oh right here up i've got yeah we're5498.084.24
gonna go sorry about that sorry about5500.885.44
that whoa sorry back up simon oh boy5502.326.319
all right yeah sorry it's tight quarters5508.7194.0
that was a bad move5510.483.36
all right i'm bringing them back to the5512.7193.041
main chamber at least one of them5513.845.799
oh boy that was a fire5515.763.879
i'm screwed5519.924.56
i'm screwed so bad unless i get around5521.364.96
these guys here we go oh i think 44 is5524.484.159
i am not gonna nope5529.523.6
hey names5540.6393.841
dick the other guys died hey go get my5542.03.44
i don't know i've got it i'm busy i mean5547.1993.04
the first time i went in there he was5549.1993.04
like crouched in the corner that's what5550.2393.681
i need to happen this time let me see if5552.2393.44
i can distract him a little bit come on5553.923.759
come with me if he's if he's snoozing5555.6793.361
don't don't like get his attention we5557.6793.841
got to sneak we should sneak sneak in5559.045.28
sneak in oh neebs there's two dead nibs5561.524.56
bodies over here i know i don't know5564.323.359
which one it is it's probably the deeper5566.084.4
one yeah just sneak5567.6795.52
i just recovered okay come on items5570.485.36
recovered take it off take it take it5573.1994.801
what's happening wait do i have i think5575.844.08
i have all the good stuff right5578.03.84
yeah that's good let's just get out of5579.924.0
here okay just get out of here okay5581.843.839
don't ever don't ever come here again5583.923.68
okay well now we will5585.6794.321
all right it's a good day uh black5587.65.2
forest uh i guess i'm sitting down now5590.04.08
good news neebs5592.83.2
got we got certainly core5594.084.96
certainly core yep5596.04.32
i don't think that's what i was coming5599.044.56
here for i think it is um5600.325.04
can i have one i only have one i gotta5603.63.76
go get more but it might be okay you5605.364.16
know what i feel bad for you there you5607.365.44
go ah perfect5609.526.8
i don't have room for it do i5612.85.04
you're great5616.324.24
you're the best5617.842.72
oh it's good we're good5627.044.679
we're god5629.042.679
oh yeah oh yeah5652.884.16
yeah yeah yeah5655.046.08
boom after build a cape i got a cape5657.046.96
check out my sexy cape fool my god okay5661.125.28
what am i get out of deer hide i also5664.04.48
made it out of skeleton parts i got a5666.44.56
sweet-ass cake now i look good walking5668.484.96
what else i got what else i got5674.966.159
oh [ __ ] boom i made a beehive yeah i got5677.446.16
a beehive and a sweet ass cake got a5681.1195.921
sweet ass cape and a beehive5683.63.44
i gotta get a hobby oh [ __ ] i'm going5691.045.76
crazy here by myself5693.844.319
either way5696.82.59
i got a cape5698.15914.641
sneaker beacons sampernickel circling5721.65.36
i don't think that's what i was coming5726.963.679
here for5728.2392.4
okay guys5731.044.0
daddy's back uh this time i don't have5732.883.92
my baby sisters with me for you guys to5735.043.44
chop up let me just do a little this5736.82.8
right here5738.482.88
yeah baby5739.63.519
i need these circling cores you can hand5741.363.52
them over or i'm just going to come take5743.1192.801
another simon grave5747.044.48
all right certainly coors not over here5749.63.599
all right we're good we're good let's5751.524.32
take a look back over here i won't even5753.1995.201
you know what i won't even use my shield5755.844.72
yeah yep i can kill anything in this5758.43.6
come on back take a swing see and then i5762.04.4
take a swing and two swings and three5764.6395.921
swings and you still haven't hit me god5766.46.0
not gonna get rid of these uh mushrooms5770.564.0
just yet want some good lighting oh is5772.45.759
this a spawner it's a ghost it's a ghost5774.565.76
oh i'm scared of ghosts5778.1595.121
come on ghosts come and give me ghosts5780.325.04
ghosts you're already dead you want me5783.284.8
to kill you twice ghosts5785.364.799
cirling core5790.1594.321
got it need a few of these oh yeah read5791.525.36
some [ __ ] elder blah blah blah5794.483.36
get some more of these certainly cores5800.486.43
be out of here we'll make some new [ __ ]5802.4814.4
hey come here help me get my blocking up5816.883.359
come on5818.882.799
take a swing5820.2392.96
all right try another swing bang oh yeah5824.085.2
there goes my block level getting up do5827.364.319
it again do it again bubba come on5829.286.0
prepare the feast memes has returned hey5831.6795.601
what is up hey5835.285.12
i got some goodies oh man hold on let me5837.285.52
end this guy's poor life give it to me5840.45.68
yeah there you go oh right hey man how5842.85.68
was the uh black forest super good check5846.084.88
this out you're gonna lose your mind oh5848.484.4
man okay5850.965.279
bam oh yeah that's good5852.885.04
that's good that's good that's good5856.2394.161
copper ore yes sir oh hold on i got to5857.923.92
talk to hugging5860.42.4
shut the [ __ ] up hockey you heard it man5862.85.16
all right that's enough out of hugging5868.7193.841
okay is that all you got just the one uh5870.483.04
well there's5872.561.84
technically well two okay the one and5874.43.2
the one all right that's not gonna do us5876.03.44
any good let's build something okay well5877.64.079
listen we have um they have a couple of5879.444.96
i've discovered a black forest to the5881.6793.681
there's a skeletal cave5885.362.879
do you want to go to the black forest5886.963.36
and get into a skeletal cave and get5888.2393.681
more circling cores i mean i just got5890.323.6
back from uh black forest you want to5891.923.6
rest a minute okay5893.923.68
well i mean not right there also i was5895.523.44
thinking about building another bridge5897.64.079
over to that that island yep but that's5898.964.159
that's gonna be a big old works project5901.6793.921
yeah that's something for us to do yeah5903.1194.161
you want to do that nah i'll go to the5905.63.039
black forest you want to go to the black5907.284.32
forest okay we'll do that then okay all5908.6395.361
right we'll rest up we'll leave uh soon5911.63.84
okay well5914.03.44
leave that bridge alone what are you5915.445.0
all right simon you see it you see it on5925.363.279
the see it on the map5926.883.759
yeah well i see that i see it on the map5928.6393.52
but i don't see5930.6394.56
it yet you know like my body5932.1594.881
right right okay5935.1993.601
uh there's a bird oh okay there was just5937.043.36
a bird over there just5938.84.399
like flying in mid air look at these5940.45.36
sons of [ __ ] look at them just sons5943.1994.401
of bitching right there5945.764.16
just sitting there just all sons of5947.63.519
bitching are we looking the wrong way5949.922.56
yeah we're going the wrong way but look5951.1193.201
at them back there i think over here is5952.484.0
where we need to go oh there i am there5954.323.76
i am right in front of my face here we5956.483.759
it's still those sons of [ __ ] but5961.363.6
where do you want to go oh wait i don't5963.363.6
know that was like a torch i got another5964.963.0
body somewhere5966.963.12
that was a torch in there yeah yeah oh5970.085.44
damn it okay was it uh no5972.84.56
yeah that's the thing it's like once i5975.523.76
lose it well no is it in the cave do you5977.363.44
want to just do a peek in just go ahead5979.282.32
and put5980.83.359
oh yeah i did have i did have something5981.64.559
some of us right yeah just take a little5984.1593.681
thing yeah i'll hear you if you got some5986.1592.96
issues i'll come and save you here you5987.842.799
know what hold on i don't need to go do5989.1193.441
me a favor what's up give me a favor new5990.6394.721
torch take my torch take that torch and5992.564.32
take this thistle5995.363.6
i'll have one torch with face that's all5996.883.12
i got5998.963.199
who should i give it to salmon give it6000.04.88
pass give it to uh give it to poppy and6002.1594.321
all right let's go6006.483.199
come on6008.43.04
they're gonna argue over that stick my6009.6794.48
stuff is still here hopefully6011.444.48
i don't see it though6014.1592.801
[ __ ]6015.923.92
shouldn't my stuff be right here6016.965.44
i gotta pick up a yellow mushroom i6019.844.799
don't hey [ __ ] what are you doing here6022.43.52
[ __ ]6024.6393.201
yeah yeah you scared the crap out of me6025.922.96
do you know where my stuff is yeah6028.884.319
follow me thank you okay because i6030.7194.881
already found like one of my bodies6033.1994.081
might be over here6035.63.519
might be the other way actually probably6037.283.839
the other way i i locked a skeleton6039.1193.921
inside a pla yeah that's the other way6041.1193.6
come on come on come on all right all6043.043.84
right so you also might have seen the6044.7194.48
bag that just had one torch in it so6046.883.6
because i just got something through6049.1993.681
that door if you go through the store to6050.484.719
the right6052.882.319
don't worry about it i gotcha6057.66.8
i tell you that was a good trick i liked6060.85.919
it yeah especially on this trick i6064.44.16
didn't get hit all right so there was a6066.7194.721
body out here and i was able to get that6068.564.0
so maybe6071.443.04
i'm pretty sure yeah it's over here6072.563.44
there and there's nothing over here6074.483.12
promise come over here come over here6076.03.679
baby all right baby come on it's right6077.64.48
here it says sign that's your name my6079.6794.96
name is simon i've already cleared out6082.084.88
all this [ __ ] is that all your stuff oh6084.6397.281
that's so must all right goodbye baby6086.966.64
all right thank you sir you're good all6091.923.6
right all right you'll be good i love6093.63.68
you all right i love you too now give me6095.522.8
okay good6098.323.44
quack yummy yummy you got yummy kisses6099.366.16
thick i do i taste like cinnamon6101.765.359
dora hey simon you got your stuff yes6107.1194.721
and i got a kiss from thick oh good do6109.763.919
you want me to give back that torch6111.843.359
no i'm uh you want to you want me to6113.6793.04
give you a tour no no you're good give6115.1993.121
it give that you can you can give that6116.7194.081
to somebody again who was that again6118.324.64
but okay great let's uh let's we'll deal6120.83.52
with these sons of [ __ ] on the way6122.965.279
home sons of [ __ ] that'd be a cut oh6124.325.76
did you see that thing6128.2394.601
yeah that was ada6130.087.28
okay scared me [ __ ]6132.844.52
oh my god6138.562.639
all right neebs6147.1194.721
you want to take a gamble um6149.763.919
maybe well i was going to build us a6151.843.52
little place we could put beds down but6153.6793.121
it's daytime and i hate to waste6155.362.72
daylight in this game this is the best6156.83.439
time to go into the black forest okay so6158.083.68
take a gamble without a [ __ ] we're out6160.2393.44
of bed that means if we die you were6161.763.439
it's going to put us all the way back6163.6794.48
yeah all right eat up i just ate all6165.1995.52
right here we go okay6168.1594.401
oh are we getting into a fight already6170.7193.281
we might i'm just going to go ahead and6172.564.48
give us uh the power okay just in case6174.05.84
right all right what are we after susan6177.045.92
sarandon squares all right yeah see when6179.844.24
you were in the black forest with the6182.963.44
other chumps did you run across this uh6184.084.48
it's like a just a r it's just rocks6186.44.0
it's all this it's a burial chamber oh6188.564.639
is it yeah um probably i don't remember6190.44.56
we're going in yeah we're going in all6193.1993.92
right tell you what your torch yep i'm6194.964.48
front man okay let's do it right behind6197.1194.481
no i don't think i did do this i went to6202.324.0
a cave with a troll this is a one-star6204.563.76
skeleton watch out yep i can take him6206.323.76
okay just light me up i'm keeping the6208.323.68
light up got it okay there's a skeleton6210.083.599
over here behind this rock yep all right6212.04.0
come at me come at me try to swing boom6213.6794.641
swinging a miss oh back sorry i didn't6216.04.0
see that one oh i'm gonna needs that you6218.322.64
got to give me a little breathing room6220.02.239
here baby okay6220.962.64
god damn it i don't know where you're6222.2393.281
going no yelling me you're walking into6223.64.079
me jesus gets more out of my way there's6225.524.639
more oh god took a hit took a hit took a6227.6794.641
hit there's a bunch6230.1593.841
oh [ __ ] get out of here get out of here6232.323.2
get out of here okay6234.04.159
come on out wait what's this all right6235.525.52
good place for you aydah6238.1596.56
you guys not gonna pop oh okay6241.045.599
i'm out wait did you get back in no i'm6244.7193.44
i'm still in6246.6393.681
you're still in yeah they're firing at6248.1594.641
me coming back hold on6250.324.48
lord what a place to sit do you have a6252.85.12
bow and arrow uh yep perfect okay you6254.84.96
need light no i need you to shoot a bow6257.923.52
and arrow and the [ __ ] shooting6259.764.72
arrows at me got it here goes bam there6261.444.719
you go there you go this is what i like6264.483.199
to see yeah6266.1592.48
uh get some popcorn because the show's6268.6394.48
begun oh they're down there yeah all6270.44.319
right hold it i think they're gonna have6273.1193.12
a hard time getting up here that's right6274.7193.121
this is gonna work to our advantage they6276.2393.281
don't know how to climb steps like we do6277.843.52
idiots go for this one of those on the6279.524.159
left this is a one star you got it oh6281.363.52
yeah come on6283.6794.0
take them down right you can't okay you6284.884.56
can run and hide i got you i got you6287.6793.04
blocked i got you blocked one to the6289.443.679
right here here we go oh boy am i out6290.7194.241
are you out yep all right you need to6293.1194.56
switch to uh being the shield guy oh or6294.964.8
that that's fine okay oh just these guys6297.6794.721
look weak come on sir i forgot he had6299.764.8
those this guy coming's not weak here we6302.44.719
go here we go watch out neebs oh god yep6304.566.48
you want light i would love light okay6307.1198.04
hold on all right there we go6311.044.119
took the gamble6316.2392.721
well hello neebs hey hey hey good6321.765.76
morning what you doing we took a chance6324.1595.681
we're actually heading back to the main6335.764.959
base so if you want us to escort you sir6338.04.48
we could do so ah6340.7194.0
i'm pretty quick all right okay well6344.83.68
it's just about sticking together yeah6346.6393.681
yeah let's see if we can6348.483.36
keep up with you i mean neebs if you6350.323.44
want to go by yourself by all means a6351.843.6
race that's pretty fun though too you're6353.763.12
saying don't slow me down all right6355.444.239
let's let's do a race then race your ass6356.885.04
okay not racing you guys6359.6795.641
i'm just watching6361.923.4
down here6372.083.44
nope that's just mushrooms which i will6375.523.52
gladly take yellow mushrooms that can6377.522.719
come in handy6379.043.599
let's see6380.2394.241
well we might have lured a lot of these6382.6393.681
idiots out of here which is good news6384.483.28
for me6386.324.72
oh what's this here a little treasure6387.765.6
yeah i want all that take all that6391.045.44
anything beyond this door hello6393.364.72
all right skeletal remains take those6396.483.52
bone fragments i can use that to upgrade6398.082.88
good [ __ ]6400.02.48
it's not so bad in here after we cleared6400.962.8
everything out6402.483.679
okay anything in here6409.284.72
more mushrooms6411.64.16
that's it this is really kind of a bogus6414.03.84
hallway isn't it man i want to get lost6415.763.28
in here6417.844.319
all right here's a door here's a door6419.045.84
anything in here oh god it's so dark oh6422.1595.361
man it's so dark it's so dark6424.884.72
what does this lead to nothing it's just6427.524.159
oh it's filled in it's a rock it's a6429.63.84
basement that goes nowhere get out of6431.6792.56
all right head back to the master6434.2393.281
huh this one's pretty well pretty6450.04.48
peaceful all right one more hallway this6452.325.399
neat stuff6454.483.239
is that a skeleton that's a skull i'll6458.563.28
take that6460.882.319
all right6461.844.08
hey there we go all right two skeletons6463.1994.161
in there all right bring it all ding6465.925.52
dongs take a swing boom bam oh three huh6467.366.4
okay ooh they were to fight oh they're6471.444.08
they're hit they're hitting data sorry6473.763.6
aydah they're going after you two6475.524.96
actually made the advantages to me6477.364.72
yeah one day6480.484.159
hey leave our camera person alone what6482.085.76
sets our channel apart you jackass6484.6394.641
you want some6487.843.55
now okay yeah nice shot boom6489.285.389
good god6496.410.91
your ass with a torch6510.964.56
oh boy all right you brought a friend6512.565.36
baby baby baby baby6520.486.639
what oh look at all these streisand6523.1194.961
oh man i gotta get rid of something6528.083.28
again let's see6529.363.839
how i wanted this neck tail who wants a6531.366.08
neck tail i need certain balls6533.1994.241
man this was a hall6537.63.96
all right6548.482.32
man i feel like we should put this6549.523.36
towards the center of no no put her over6550.86.0
here no no no no no no no tick thick6552.885.52
what that must pick i've washed6556.84.08
protected by a wall don't come here come6558.43.839
here it's pretty you don't want them to6560.882.64
be protected come on6562.2392.96
maybe like come on6563.523.599
vic come on let's let it get too oh are6565.1994.161
you scared over here are you scared in6567.1194.161
our village do they destroy those can we6569.364.319
protect them can we protect it while we6571.284.399
put it in a different place and then6573.6794.721
build a vents around thick thick then oh6575.6794.56
this looks like a wall this looks like a6578.42.799
let's put it in your place this makes6581.1992.881
sense oh come on you got the best6582.42.96
wow i know best wall it's okay i'm sorry6587.364.56
i'm gonna be a good boy okay okay you go6589.845.399
there we go6591.923.319
it looks like half of a giant turd6610.324.08
sticking in the ground is somebody is6612.483.28
somebody going to talk to him because he6614.43.52
keep he's just still there i talked to6615.762.959
i was just taking it all in okay6618.7194.88
we need coal all right6621.844.799
yeah and i need to get you know a6623.5995.361
facial that's the next station yeah6626.6394.08
that's what i'm hoping for need to6628.964.759
where's she going there we go6641.763.52
so dangerous in this game i know man so6645.6794.56
we're going to build another uh little6648.563.76
thing here yeah just a place to you know6650.2393.44
just a place to sleep because there6652.322.48
might be a lot of good stuff in that6653.6792.721
black forest and i6654.84.48
leave them without it okay hey bird not6656.45.279
hugging birds a sea bird like a6659.285.56
what you call it seagull yeah6661.6796.48
yeah that one hit me i'm okay though all6664.845.64
right keeping my belly full hey hello oh6668.1595.601
hello all right hey buddy oh all right6670.485.28
that's a couple of green dwarfs yep uh6673.763.76
here yeah keep the torch out they hate6675.762.64
the fire6677.523.28
boom you know that uh i think i did know6678.44.239
that are you fighting them no they hate6680.83.359
the fire i'm just staying near you oh6682.6393.281
they won't eat what was that that was a6684.1594.48
big green guest oh god one of those what6685.924.799
do we do oh that's that that's a lot6688.6394.08
that's a lot all right hold on let's get6690.7193.601
back up right now uh no don't back up6692.7192.96
for me i want to eat real quick here we6694.323.839
go he's spraying grease yeah okay i am6695.6794.48
poisoned yeah all right all right what6698.1593.841
do you mean don't back up okay because6700.1593.681
you're eating yeah because i was eating6702.03.599
i was trying to stay not poisoned for a6703.843.6
second okay should we be running faster6705.5994.401
than this right uh no running drains are6707.444.719
stamina this is super slow and they're6710.03.76
throwing rocks and i'm gassing it oh i6712.1592.881
get it i get it this is not a good6713.763.359
situation this is a lot this is a lot of6715.043.92
them okay yep we were caught out here at6717.1194.241
night that was stupid i feel like our i6718.963.36
feel like we're not doing the right6721.363.279
thing okay here all right get your bow6722.324.24
and arrow out start wailing on the green6724.6393.841
guy yeah yep6726.563.599
okay come on6728.483.119
take the korean guy out just the green6730.1594.56
one the other one's down okay up why oh6731.5996.721
idiot okay another green guy two green6734.7196.0
guys yeah why yeah not doing the right6738.323.76
thing of course he's not doing the right6740.7193.681
thing because he never listens to me6742.084.639
here we go here we go6744.46.4
okay come on come on shaman6746.7194.081
bam all right shaman's down now it's6754.6392.541
let's do it here we go let's do this6761.285.439
bring it all ding dong boom all right6764.7193.761
you're down all right yeah your6766.7193.92
brother's coming at me what the [ __ ] is6768.484.88
world in the ass bam6770.6393.921
come at me6773.365.2
got you one more come on gone bam [ __ ]6774.565.119
yeah i believe i survived that6781.5995.921
jesus that was an onslaught6784.485.36
come back to me neebs6787.523.599
what are you looking at nick you got6789.843.12
some [ __ ] to say6791.1194.801
i got some [ __ ] to say6792.966.0
[ __ ] you completely missed6795.925.279
lucky right guys come here yeah all6804.844.12
right all right6807.843.44
this is what we need right here6808.963.84
let's see6811.283.919
and we now have6812.84.16
a forge6815.1993.761
we have entered this this one's right in6816.963.84
your house thick that's that's kind of6818.963.679
that's a big deal this one is out here6820.84.0
that's a big deal well it's also this is6822.6394.241
also the community place where6824.84.799
anybody can come in and use it oh yeah6826.884.08
so right here6829.5993.361
uh like you can make a copper knife if6830.964.8
you wanted to yeah copper knife is a6832.966.32
really odd choice for a knife look man6835.766.32
i'm just trying to upgrade i know i'm6839.285.439
just saying that copper is a very soft6842.085.519
metal it expands and it contracts quite6844.7196.161
a bit i i like the knowledge that you're6847.5995.201
dropping right now and i love it and i6850.883.52
like it listen6852.83.2
that doesn't care to hear it listen6854.44.319
that's why that's why copper pipes are6856.04.88
used you know for hot water and cold6858.7194.561
water it has that it has that expansion6860.884.319
and contraction but it breaks at a6863.283.68
certain point so when it's very cold we6865.1993.361
need to be careful around the knives6866.964.0
just saying i am so erect i'm afraid i'm6868.563.84
going to run out of skin i'm just6870.963.36
banging away at nothing look at me bang6872.44.16
away bang i'm not making a damn thing6874.324.08
not one thing am i making oh but i'm6876.563.76
just banging away and you guys got some6878.44.0
tin did any of you guys bring that yeah6880.324.399
i got some suck a tin6882.43.92
sorry do you want to tell us about tin6884.7194.641
simon uh tin's also very soft very6886.324.399
[ __ ] cheap6889.364.0
and uh not worth a damn if you want to6890.7194.801
make a weapon with it but go ahead give6893.364.0
it to him okay give it to me door give6895.524.32
me the 10. just the 10.6897.363.359
that doesn't thank you just give him the6900.7195.121
tin like perfect tip but just the tin6902.6395.681
it worked [ __ ] man no no i thought it6905.844.319
was good all right we're good it's one6908.324.399
syllable well because because it also6910.1595.601
began with t6912.7195.281
ti thank you two out of three letters6915.764.399
that's a big deal6918.04.32
yeah you're right6920.1595.04
jamaican piece6922.322.879
for dicko i don't know i don't know man6928.7196.641
just taking a sip6932.42.96
guys yeah looks like the team's getting6944.2394.081
back together6946.883.279
okay come on let's go uh let's go see6948.323.52
the others let's see what they want i'm6950.1593.04
finna see what they've done6951.843.6
oh that's right yeah well let's simon6953.1995.361
come on yeah i'm saying i'm happy to go6955.444.799
with you and this is the first time i'm6958.563.36
seeing the beautiful sky6960.2395.521
what's up boys hey6961.923.84
hey hi dick is that a got a blue shirt6966.7194.241
on is that a troll shirt that's a troll6969.444.719
shirt that's sweet i'm jealous yeah hey6970.965.679
what'd you guys do oh we got more copper6974.1594.48
uh you got a uh you got a furnace going6976.6394.881
come on right over here to the community6978.6395.921
center aka fix house yep uh we're gonna6981.524.56
have to expand that if that's gonna be a6984.563.119
community center that's a very small6986.084.24
community center6987.6792.641
you know what it's the it's the uh what6990.483.679
do you call that like the weight room in6992.484.719
the hotel it's small but it does its job6994.1595.281
okay hey hugging shut the [ __ ] up get6997.1995.04
out of here oh you got your yes6999.445.12
yes ma'am oh7002.2395.281
yeah that's the kill baby yep just need7004.565.119
some tin and i can make a cauldron7007.523.679
oh 10 we didn't get any of that we got7009.6793.601
plenty of copper though okay well put7011.1996.281
the copper in the uh7013.284.2
where's the there's the kiln here we go7018.44.319
so we'll come up here we'll add some7020.6393.52
wood oh7022.7193.681
getting it nice and hot boom yeah get7024.1593.761
that choco kit we're making some7026.44.16
charcoal baby oh yeah7027.924.08
all right oh neebs you put some coal in7030.563.44
there i don't think i have coal uh you7032.03.36
must have had coal because you put some7034.02.96
coal in the coal slot i think someone7035.362.96
else did because it said you don't have7036.963.84
any coal then it kind of oh gave me some7038.324.56
attitude now i got some i got a piece of7040.84.24
coal here we go i'm waiting to coal in7042.883.44
heat what's this again this is for the7045.043.04
copper that's no that's that's the kiln7046.324.08
that's where the wood goes ah7048.084.079
you put the wood in there and you make7050.43.92
coal and then you take the coal and you7052.1594.721
put it over here in the kiln with the7054.324.64
copper and ore and then you're making7056.884.799
all the metals d loop it's like valheim7058.964.96
101. and how do you put the copper in7061.6793.681
it's on the other side i believe yeah7063.922.719
right over here you're putting a little7065.362.64
hole in the other side this is good7066.6395.641
positioning get a squeeze here7068.04.28
[ __ ] this wall oh my god all right all7084.083.44
this place has got this place has got to7087.523.04
be extended out this is crazy all right7088.883.6
all right all right it's not that crazy7090.564.96
you're welcome abso yeah okay i'm7092.485.759
grateful [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] him7095.525.599
my son's a [ __ ] that brings that back i7098.2394.081
like that7101.1193.441
yeah that's why i set it up my mouth7102.325.6
yeah that was good7104.563.36
all right thick sorry for destroying7108.964.08
your yard that's okay i figure you have7110.6394.96
a plan oh i got a plan baby we got all7113.044.079
these materials that's good but we're7115.5994.64
gonna need more stone copper and tin7117.1196.08
stone copper tin okay and i'm gonna give7120.2395.041
you something that's gonna help your7123.1996.801
stupid journey okay okay yeah and kaboom7125.286.1
wagon wagon7130.03.52
all right so neebs stand in the in the7133.523.44
middle here okay right there yeah stand7135.1994.0
right there okay so uh sticks in the7136.965.6
back and then you go here we go7139.1995.281
right very nice i like it7144.483.6
look at this go yeah does it go in the7148.083.44
water no don't go in the water with it7149.764.16
oops okay oh god7151.524.96
all right oh you're damaging it yeah be7153.924.239
easy with it because yeah if you break7156.483.36
the damn thing you know yeah we're gonna7158.1593.281
lose everything i think it'd break that7159.843.68
easy all right i'm gonna stay here i'm7161.443.44
gonna get to work on the house and i'm7163.522.96
also gonna be building a big old bridge7164.883.359
over there i got [ __ ] to do you guys go7166.483.199
to the black forest and get the stuff we7168.2394.4
need wait say it again7169.6793.761
all right god damn it7173.442.96
fish and nickel reminds you you [ __ ]7176.46.08
going the wrong way neebs7180.7192.721
no he's not it's the right way is that7183.443.36
the black forest i went to the black7185.043.679
forest the other way but okay7186.84.77
this is black force too thick okay7188.7197.921
yeah come here we're going to make uh7217.5993.6
god i hate this weather we're going to7219.5993.281
make a workbench in this little shack7221.1992.721
so we're going to live in this shack7223.923.759
yeah why i figure you know it's already7225.284.08
covered okay so7227.6793.52
yeah we might as well get a workbench7229.362.96
build it7231.1993.44
hold tight i'm have to cover this place7232.325.12
come on missing requirement workbench7234.6396.241
yes indeed indeed oh boy he has a cart7237.445.92
up it stopped cart's good don't worry7240.884.719
about it all right good man good man i7243.364.0
appreciate you7245.5993.04
here we go7248.6392.721
there it is7251.363.2
okay oh yeah well it's a tight fit in7252.44.88
here that's okay thing missing oh there7254.565.92
is on the roof over here oh yeah yeah7257.285.68
hold tight big place i can see how you'd7260.485.44
miss that man glad you're here yep glad7262.964.639
you're here for those things just i mean7265.923.36
there's four pieces of roof well why7267.5992.961
don't you put it on there because i'm7269.283.839
missing i mean i can cut down yeah7270.564.72
all right let's see if i got it i go to7273.1194.721
a building and then see if i can do it7275.284.72
oh no that's the wrong way here we go7280.04.8
got it do it7283.443.759
i think i got it yeah7284.84.72
well my hammer did a thing it went bam7287.1994.561
and then it went up oh okay okay how do7289.524.32
we fix that cart oh we just need some7291.763.04
more wood7293.842.879
and uh you you just use your hammer on7294.84.399
it i'll use your hammer on it yeah7296.7193.601
what are you doing we're trying to do7299.1992.881
stuff we're building and you're messing7300.323.76
stuff up oh look at that guy oh there's7302.084.32
more um so can i do it right here is7304.084.079
this too far away i don't know try it i7306.43.04
hold six7308.1593.361
i'm making more rooves7309.445.04
roofs roofs7311.522.96
oh look i'm doing it there you go it7315.923.52
just went from uh the yellow bar went up7317.5993.52
it's blue okay7319.443.279
all right good deal hey all right grab7321.1194.08
the car yep that copper deposit is just7322.7194.96
right over here on the edge of the black7325.1995.92
forest okay right behind you hey boy i7327.6795.92
could eat another bite i'm excited i7331.1193.6
don't know7333.5994.161
memes just uh maybe put the cart uh not7334.7194.88
on top of it put the part before the7337.764.08
horse hey when you're digging a hole do7339.5994.08
you put stuff right on top of the hole7341.843.839
that you're gonna dig you've seen me dig7343.6794.241
all right birch log you're in my7351.043.679
buildings but oh is the weather clearing7353.1993.761
oh the weather cleared7354.7195.281
that's so nice okay first log you were7356.965.92
in my building space so you got to move7360.07.639
come on yep yep yep yep7362.884.759
okay so7369.1194.321
uh i'm gonna have to break down this7371.044.72
kiln over here and okay i'll break down7373.444.159
the kiln i'll break down the smelter7375.763.439
we're gonna move that out here we're7377.5993.52
gonna like yeah we're gonna really7379.1994.48
centralize all this stuff this is gonna7381.1195.201
be swell i'm completely out of stone7383.6794.241
though i gotta make the oh i can all7386.322.879
right i can continue making the bridge7387.923.36
now cause damn storm stopped7389.1994.561
oh yeah look at that that's looking i'm7391.284.16
not going to say nice that's not looking7393.763.68
nice yet and the waves are still messing7395.443.52
up the waves are too high we have to7397.443.279
build a little higher that's okay that's7398.963.679
okay we're going to get this done7400.7193.281
this is going to look tense this is7402.6393.201
going to be a nice port we'll be able to7404.04.639
sail out do all kinds of fun stuff oh7405.845.68
damn it the sun's going down it's gonna7408.6394.721
be dark7411.525.679
i hate the dark oh well back to work7413.367.879
get the [ __ ] out of here seagull7417.1994.04
was that copper you just got up yep hey7426.1594.881
we got a shaman coming in7428.7195.52
oh really yeah watch out he does poison7431.046.079
boy you think this guy's the guy that uh7434.2394.641
doraleous hangs out with in the desert7437.1194.48
in costa rica see if he's got ayahuasca7438.885.359
yep uh looks like yeah because um now is7441.5995.361
this poison okay is this a hatchet guy7444.2396.321
or a club guy uh fire fire yeah he7446.965.92
doesn't like fire okay but uh you know7450.564.48
like i was hearing did you use oh he was7452.884.319
easy i was hearing you use uh not your7455.043.92
patches you hatch it hatch it on these7457.1993.44
guys yeah that guy but what about the7458.964.32
shaman guy hatchet or fire another7460.6395.6
shaman hatchet or fire you speak you7463.284.799
don't do full sentences you should do7466.2392.88
what about7468.0793.441
what are you hatching you could use a7469.1195.441
hatchet or fire on a shaman guy yes7471.525.36
we're switching back7474.563.28
i swear it's not just me thick you're a7477.843.92
hard person to talk to no that was7479.843.92
pretty easy to what about a shaman7481.764.64
hatchet or fire yeah more coming in who7483.763.76
is this guy7486.43.44
oh that guy's a big boy big boy7487.524.96
i got the wrong thing here brute yep7489.843.68
come on7492.482.239
catch it7493.523.36
catch it and fire that's that's what i7494.7193.701
neebs you gotta learn to fight7499.523.88
okay so i think this would be good put7510.485.84
the wood in the kiln we're making coal7513.844.16
you take the coal you put it in the7516.323.279
smelter and it's all right here in the7518.03.679
corner yeah this will be nice this will7519.5994.401
be nice this will be real good who's7521.6794.641
that hey what's up7524.04.48
what are you doing back here i'm gonna7526.323.44
just get a little something to eat i'm7528.483.199
hungry and then i'm gonna go back out7529.764.08
there and do some uh you know get those7531.6795.121
things we're getting neebs yeah you got7533.844.879
to remember to put a bed down7536.84.399
mm-hmm playing up these games you know7538.7194.641
right i don't know i go to a spot that's7541.1993.681
dangerous first thing i should do is put7543.364.08
a bed down yeah so that if i die there7544.885.359
i'm already there yeah right yep right7547.444.88
no i get it there's something about this7550.2394.321
game that just my my brain's like ah7552.324.399
just wing it no don't just wing it hey7554.564.96
it's raining again yeah7556.7196.0
oh thunder thunder this time7559.525.599
yeah talk some [ __ ] odin7562.7194.721
we're getting out of here bellheim we're7565.1195.441
going to valhalla [ __ ]7567.445.92
ah that's good you sound like a warrior7570.564.24
like you're right like you ain't scared7573.363.52
of nothing yeah you see me making this7574.84.879
call luden i'm gonna use this to smelt a7576.885.12
bunch of metals that i'm gonna use to7579.6794.641
stab you in the ass how you gonna act7582.04.239
out in whoa7584.324.24
gave it to him i like it yeah all right7586.2394.081
go get your [ __ ] back get back to thick7588.564.32
build a [ __ ] bed yeah maybe we'll see7590.323.759
never getting out of here without you7592.882.48
building beds7594.0793.441
remembering to build beds7595.365.799
odin hates beds7597.523.639
oh wow thick7604.84.16
oh good progress you're back7606.45.279
yeah thank you thank you um just in time7608.964.88
for me to finish up i've got one little7611.6794.321
nugget here left so7613.843.839
both of these are copper right is this7616.03.44
copper right here it is not i'm standing7617.6793.841
on it'll say copper deposit if you're7619.444.4
standing on it man i hate you had to dig7621.524.24
all that out by yourself yeah yeah me7623.844.879
too hey i need you to get better at this7625.766.08
game right if possible yeah well no look7628.7195.041
it's good that i don't look good at some7631.843.839
games so you can shine7633.763.919
right i can't be shining all the time7635.6794.96
thick i i'm trying to remember a shining7637.6794.721
shining moment for you remember that7640.6394.641
time i uh killed that rock drake i7642.44.56
remember the time different game i7645.284.16
remember the dino union that you there7646.964.0
there was like a lot of dinosaurs you7649.442.639
were like ah they're just gonna roam7650.963.36
free my dino union they all got killed7652.0792.961
so there you remember that one yeah7655.043.28
wasn't shining7656.963.119
but hey here we go we have a lot of7658.322.64
we need 10 though that's what we need 107660.963.92
is usually found around the water from7663.1994.161
what i understand only 10 i'd go higher7664.886.16
like a 20. double it 10 10 like uh 107667.365.759
cans ah go 20.7671.045.76
10 the the material the metal 10. boy7673.1195.281
how does this work7676.84.08
just walk up oh you do that ah you just7678.44.719
throw stuff so i could throw my tail my7680.884.4
neck tails on there and then does a box7683.1193.721
show up nope7685.283.12
hmm you're not helping all right not7686.843.48
helping neebs well i'm learning learn7688.44.16
how the cart works and you said that7690.324.0
wasn't copper remember7692.563.679
i know i'm chipping away at this to see7694.323.68
if there's any copper underneath it my7696.2394.48
axe broke gotta go fix it7698.04.88
i'll just do all the mining take your7700.7193.36
oh thank you thank you so much7704.0794.08
oh oh oh oh is he gonna do it is it7711.1196.56
gonna do it yeah7714.2394.321
finally guys you are testing my damn7718.565.119
patience today odin but i ain't gonna7721.5993.921
let you get to me no no no i'm getting7723.6794.081
out of valheim you can't do [ __ ] about7725.524.639
it you can't do [ __ ] about it you stupid7727.764.72
all right let's see at some point i'm7732.562.559
gonna have to go down here i need to7733.923.92
make a nice little central fireplace i7735.1194.56
think storage storage is gonna be where7737.843.759
where am i gonna put all the storage7739.6793.761
no wait maybe storage storage can go on7741.5993.761
this side because we're gonna need lots7743.445.44
and lots and lots of storage7745.365.759
okay all right now the weather's calm7748.886.0
i'm gonna actually do a little uh hey7751.1195.441
yeah yeah here we go all right little7754.883.68
calm weather can i complete this7756.563.92
come on come on come on7758.564.639
oh i bet i don't have enough stone7760.485.199
all right i need to raise the ground7763.1994.96
come on valid placement that's valid7765.6795.361
that's valid close okay7768.1595.52
yeah there you go all right come on7771.044.32
oh god i'm so close7773.6794.801
come on come on i'm so close so close7775.364.879
yeah yeah yeah yeah i'll miss a7778.484.08
requirement need more stone but hey look7780.2393.601
that's getting7782.563.36
that's getting somewhere all right neebs7783.843.839
and thick it's on you fill up that damn7785.924.4
wheel barrel wagon whatever it is get it7787.6793.601
to me7790.323.12
get it do me down oh you need repaired7791.286.919
hold up we can't leave you like this7793.444.759
i broke it7800.1592.721
neems i made you a bed7805.283.839
and a whoa oh you didn't tell me you7807.1993.52
were doing that i was trying to squeeze7809.1193.841
it in over here oh no7810.7194.241
okay like it's got a fire under it and7812.963.44
then it's uh right here you're gonna7814.964.4
roast oh it says spawn point set nice7816.45.279
that's okay it's been mostly cold okay7819.364.319
good good good all right well we have7821.6794.801
another one over there anyways cool so7823.6794.801
let's go get some tan7826.484.639
okay now 10 i've never seen7828.484.88
all right it's uh it's shiny7831.1194.56
grayish silver yeah let's follow the7833.364.08
coast and see if we can see it looks7835.6793.601
like a does it look like a rock or what7837.443.04
does it look like7839.283.28
yeah it looks like a rock like whoa tin7840.483.679
deposit right here neebs i'm gonna let7842.563.44
you smack it oh this little thing here7844.1594.48
and then use this uh-huh right yeah7846.05.04
you're gonna do it let's see7848.6394.401
come on baby7853.044.559
keep it coming7854.486.56
did we get some uh let's see hold on7857.5995.921
watch your toes i did i got three oh7861.043.92
really there's no more 10 otherwise i7863.523.119
would say 10 deposit let's find some7864.963.6
more all right you got three and you7866.6395.201
said you wanted ten of them7868.563.28
look at all this code7872.323.52
put a little bit more in here making the7874.323.52
cold make it the cold is it oh got it i7875.843.92
got too much coal oh7877.844.96
look at my poor body oh that said i got7879.765.28
too much coal walk there's too much coal7882.84.16
in me but nope gotta take the stairs7885.044.32
cause i'm old too much coal i can't even7886.964.159
jump up this can i7889.363.6
oh there we go7891.1193.681
all right made it out7892.963.759
stick some in the chest in here7894.85.52
can i do it can i do it nope i'm stuck7896.7195.731
i am stuck this is where i live now7900.325.369
god just hit our cart yeah saw that i'm7907.444.32
vlogging him7910.0794.64
nice hey we've got we have got a ton of7911.765.359
materials man we should get going7914.7195.041
especially away we we got a lot of7917.1194.401
these these idiots coming can you grab7919.764.08
that cart and i'll keep you safe look at7921.524.639
this yeah i was trying to repair but uh7923.845.52
okay um grab it now yeah just grab it7926.1595.841
[ __ ] around till morning no grab it now7929.364.799
and let's get some time to travel i feel7932.03.36
like no one's gonna agree with you on7934.1593.681
that right grab it now middle of night7935.363.2
leaving at night yep we're going to7938.563.119
leave at night we're going to get away7940.1593.52
from the dark forest black forest7941.6793.92
whatever it is get the [ __ ] out of here7943.6793.92
you don't hunker down with one of your7945.5993.441
where one of your guys has his hands7947.5993.441
free and torches7949.044.639
all right you're making the calls yep7951.044.0
hold on7953.6792.641
there we go7955.043.599
oh there we go i'll i'll have my weapons7956.324.64
out you torch it torch and pull i like7958.6395.6
it yeah he said let's leave at night7960.965.759
tombstone put that on it i'm the guy who7964.2395.761
stays alive hasn't died yet actually7966.7196.321
protect her7970.015.82
this is it man8011.443.36
are we gonna like have uh better weapons8012.964.4
today because of all this i hope so8014.85.6
i think so if anything like better uh8017.365.359
let's say like better acts something8020.43.679
and cut down heavier wood and make8024.0794.881
better things okay including a portal8025.764.72
is that a wagon full of [ __ ] there's a8031.6794.92
wire full of [ __ ]8033.765.919
oh let me see let me take a peek where8036.5994.761
you want it uh you know what yeah just8039.6792.801
leave it right yeah just leave right8041.362.96
here right outside for now oh my god8042.483.759
this thing is beating up the hill yep i8044.323.44
wanted to fix it he wanted to leave at8046.2393.761
night okay let me see what you got in8047.764.24
oh yeah that's a mighty good bit of tin8052.06.56
yep yeah all right yep let's see oh i8054.7196.48
got the sweats8058.562.639
i can't get over the lip oh you're fat8062.84.24
[ __ ] get over there all right yeah you8064.883.6
know what i'm gonna8067.042.96
give it no i'm like drop it i'll carry8068.482.719
something here why don't we just pull it8070.03.28
over pull the wagon over here yeah pull8071.1993.761
the wagon here you go yeah i'll drop8073.283.839
that oh god am i still really oh it's8074.963.84
because of all the [ __ ] wood i like8077.1193.681
this door seems unnecessary i shouldn't8078.83.359
have picked anything up to begin with8080.82.96
hey drop it i get it there you go there8082.1593.361
we go got it yeah bring it over here put8083.763.359
the tin in the smelter all right should8085.523.52
be able to put the tin over on this side8087.1194.241
neebs okay got it and then i'll put in8089.043.36
the coal8091.364.08
and yeah add ten got it and i'm adding a8092.44.48
whole whole bunch of code put all the8095.444.4
ten you got okay all right we get ten8096.884.96
copper smelting we'll be able to make us8099.844.799
a badass axe oh axe now something's like8101.844.399
a helmet or a shield or something8104.6393.761
[ __ ] we need an axe so we can8106.2394.321
chop down some really good trees8108.44.0
you see these damn birch trees out there8110.563.92
uh yeah yeah we're gonna be able to chop8112.44.08
those down we can get us some fine ass8114.483.92
wood then we can make some real good8116.483.36
[ __ ] okay8118.42.799
which is8119.843.759
when do i get a nicer helmet you get a8123.5993.52
nicer helmet when we have enough8125.5993.04
materials to do that we got other [ __ ]8127.1193.281
to do first okay8128.6394.241
asking screaming to get you ass out8130.45.88
how you learning8132.883.4
get him get him bad teacher good ass8140.6397.321
teacher sit down get in class8143.1994.761
crafting a bronze axe you got it yeah8152.965.679
oh i know what i want to do now it8160.1592.721
better be8161.922.159
chopped down one of these damn birch8162.883.359
trees get some fine wood chop down one8164.0794.481
of the birch trees get some fine wood8166.2393.201
oh man i've been sick of these things8169.444.239
sitting in here in the yard hold up i8171.764.08
want to see okay that stuff okay if i if8173.6794.4
i don't watch it yeah what i've been8175.843.279
doing do you have a stroke what do you8178.0792.721
mean i've been doing the coal in the8179.1193.52
copper oh you think you can build that8180.82.919
timberlake oh yeah hit the bird hit the8183.7194.761
birch oh [ __ ] it's gonna go in the water8186.83.52
stop here i'm gonna stop it all right8188.483.68
it's not going anywhere all right yeah8190.323.52
get it thick get it get it swing it8192.165.359
swing in and swing swingy swing oh get8193.847.44
it get that fire i got that8197.5195.361
i got some8201.283.76
now we're gonna make a birch uh birch8202.884.559
boat yeah tell you what neebs yeah turn8205.044.16
your hood on and thick throw some fine8207.4393.841
wood at his face i already got some fine8209.25.84
wood oh bucket uh chair bench table8211.287.279
stool what else ward portal portal8215.046.08
yeah that's what you wanted right oh8218.5594.8
baby banners okay i didn't know we're8221.123.76
getting banners man should we build a8223.3593.441
portal just can we build two portals8224.883.439
just to test it out how many how many8226.83.12
sterling cores do we need i don't know8228.3193.681
ah wait i got some of those remember8229.924.479
that deer taking our bridge hey he's8232.05.28
doing what deer on the bridge8234.3994.96
what a nut what's wrong with you8237.283.76
every day you see a deer walk over a8239.3593.36
bridge [ __ ] do it again8241.044.24
twice in one day look at him hey get the8242.7195.201
[ __ ] off the bridge that's cool you got8245.285.68
it all right two certainly cores only8247.924.799
two yeah i have like a bunch of them at8250.963.84
the house oh let's let's do it let's do8252.7193.281
it let's do all right let's do it that8254.83.04
all right guys check it out check it out8257.842.559
check it out8259.3593.441
give me uh you know what let's come over8267.043.2
here to my house this is just a demo8268.3992.96
we'll tear this stuff down so we can8270.243.119
actually move somewhere else sure okay8271.3593.04
and then yeah boom8274.3994.721
oh wow8277.23.76
it just went huh it just did okay i8279.123.92
think i think i turned it the wrong way8280.963.2
but theoretically i think it's connected8284.964.0
i think all right so i could tag this8287.4394.481
just i can name this home h-o-m-e all8288.965.28
caps boom8291.924.24
now i can't go through there because i'm8294.244.56
carrying some orb oh yeah if you carry8296.164.159
an ore you can't do it all right that's8298.83.759
okay but if i touch here hugging i get8300.3194.16
it man just [ __ ] off8302.5593.361
all right but if i come here and name8304.4794.88
this one the same thing home uh-huh boop8305.925.679
yeah yeah8309.3593.441
that's how you connect them you name8311.5992.481
them the same thing they're the same8312.82.559
thing names all right i'm gonna go8314.082.639
through this one8315.3594.08
and whoa8316.7194.321
oh nice8319.4392.721
portals are working there he is yeah we8322.165.519
got part-time portals baby8325.044.88
time traveling no not8327.6795.361
traffic time travel8329.923.12
there you go we'll get a flex capacitor8333.4393.04
then time travel anna will want our mom8336.4795.361
to [ __ ] us8339.22.64
can't get up on this roof are you8344.883.759
kidding me oh here they come here they8346.243.359
great lean attack8350.3994.0
come on cooking today you guys hold them8352.4793.92
up until my food's done8354.3994.801
come on baby oh yeah they go they go8356.3994.801
oh that's a shaman he's shooting green8359.24.159
stuff all right you messed that root8361.24.72
[ __ ] up i gotta hit him8363.3594.881
oh goodness he hit me good try it again8365.924.88
see what happens boom lock that ass down8368.246.56
back boom oh boy he's in pretty good8370.84.0
try it again say hello to lebron's james8377.765.36
watch out behind your thing i see it8380.3994.561
jump dick8383.124.72
boom boom8384.962.88
come on fatty yeah8399.763.12
he's a tough one there he is oh now i'm8417.765.92
out of arrows8421.26.0
oh boy hit me good there8423.683.52
nice okay oh hey guys is that all i'm8427.925.36
going for my going through my fire going8430.84.8
for my hut what come here he's inside8433.284.079
he's inside my oh i see him i see him in8435.63.2
the center bend him over bend him over8437.3594.08
and [ __ ] him thick whoa whoa8438.86.24
hey he's wrong i8441.4393.601
you don't want to taste it you don't8446.3194.0
want to taste it yeah you better run bad8447.843.84
that's uh8450.3193.281
all right you say when you say taste it8451.684.639
do you mean you know exactly what i mean8453.65.839
oh coming back are ya bold move8456.3194.08
okay good8460.3994.401
all right are we all finished there yeah8461.845.04
yeah i know i am8464.827.49
house oh the big house tiny tiny little8498.964.08
dumb house hey that was just like a8501.3594.641
makeshift place all right hey hey thick8503.044.24
how's that uh how's that boat8506.03.439
construction going uh i haven't started8507.283.119
on it8509.4392.721
i was getting materials for this big8510.3993.201
house that you're building so it's going8512.163.04
well how much fine wood do we need we8513.63.12
neeb's got a bunch of fine wood last8515.23.119
time with that axe right you should be8516.723.52
getting fine wood uh yeah i've got a8518.3194.16
bunch of fine wood let me take a look at8520.244.56
what we need for said broat8522.4794.321
do it do it simon dora good to have you8524.83.679
back thank you so much i noticed there's8526.83.679
a portal on the stage that sounds fun8528.4793.521
well there's a portal on the stage and8530.4793.681
there's also another portal over by8532.04.399
absurd's trader thing yeah those those8534.164.319
things are linked once thick it's off as8536.3994.561
fat ass and start building a boat then8538.4794.481
uh then you guys can like hop in a boat8540.963.76
go to another island and set up a portal8542.963.519
on another island8544.723.92
with everything that we need for our bro8546.4794.161
in great shape all right what copper8550.643.44
thing what are you talking like a helmet8552.723.04
or a shield you're not going to make a8554.083.68
copper thing you make bronze you take8555.763.76
copper and then you take tin and then8557.763.36
you can suppose to make bronze when do i8559.523.6
get a better thing that's my question8561.123.76
well we have brought you can we can make8563.123.44
bronze it's just how much do we want to8564.883.2
use uh-huh8566.563.44
okay you want a bronze helmet so not8568.083.92
today or today i mean i can make you8570.03.439
like you know what look if you're going8572.02.64
out on the journey you want a little8573.4393.04
extra protection i'll make you a bronze8574.644.08
helmet how about that that sounds great8576.4794.561
that sounds great yeah oh so what's your8578.724.719
helmet now i'm sorry leather neither8581.044.0
yeah give that helmet to simon you're8583.4393.04
going to look great in a in a bronze8585.043.2
helmet i'll tell you it'll make you a8586.4792.801
bronze helmet you're going to look like8588.243.28
i can pull an eye8589.284.0
if anyone's bronze helmet head that's8591.523.839
you you've got the head from yep for8593.284.48
bronze right you're not just saying that8595.3594.641
yeah and i was backing it up you're just8597.764.0
saying it no no i'm not just saying i8600.03.84
thought yeah no no i was just saying8601.764.559
that i i i simon was just following he8603.844.0
doesn't even know where we are what game8606.3192.401
we're in8607.843.12
so no this is definitely8608.724.96
conan you're right buddy8610.963.519
thank you8614.4793.201
come on over i've got something to show8617.682.48
do it thick do it do i have everyone8622.04.68
baby that's better than what i was8630.963.12
expecting yeah me too like a little dumb8632.644.56
wrap me too that that is a nice sproat8634.084.8
why are we calling it a broke now well8637.23.76
listen before we head out we should tear8646.3195.201
down one of our portals so we have the8648.963.6
yeah no we should put somebody in the8656.3993.761
road you guys travel out try to find a8658.243.84
trader and then uh yeah wherever you8660.163.68
guys land first thing you do is set up8662.083.68
an outpost build some beds and put a8663.844.24
portal down okay that way you can easily8665.764.0
warp back here to base this is exciting8668.084.239
[ __ ] i dig this okay very exciting oh8669.765.52
wow and i think i i said use use fast8672.3194.561
what is it when you hold on to this8675.283.76
thing here i guess i'm using it oh yeah8676.883.76
you're just holding onto the boat yeah8679.043.279
there's something for you down here in8682.3193.841
storage that i that i've8683.764.719
given you in the storage of the boat8686.164.72
yeah right down to the bottom here take8688.4795.601
a look take a look hold on it says e8690.884.88
no use ladder i don't know how to help8694.083.359
to get in there oh you know that boy all8695.763.84
right maybe this was a bad idea there's8697.4393.441
like it might have been like it looked8699.62.48
that little hole this little square8700.882.24
simon in the boat oh square in the boat8703.124.8
thank you oh8706.3194.801
storage here we go and you gave me six8707.924.96
wood oh8711.124.48
uh no it looks like a bronze sword oh8712.883.519
how did you get six what got him used8716.3993.121
with sword that's nice8718.084.48
crap all right oh damn wow he needs it8719.525.68
so nice i do need it8722.564.24
he's right i need it thank you thick8725.23.6
you're a good man you're welcome simon8726.83.84
use it well i don't want to8728.83.76
look at this thing8730.643.92
can i cut the ropes by accident like8732.567.0
this no no no no8734.565.0
i knew you'd get pissed that's why i did8743.044.72
it oh he's so cunning guys he's so8745.63.44
cheeky [ __ ]8749.042.16
all right8750.242.72
let's go uh yeah you guys should gather8751.24.0
up food gold whatever you need to take8752.965.439
and then yeah set out8755.23.199
neebs man i feel like a housewife and8759.843.28
you're about to go out on a big journey8761.842.559
and i won't see you for a little while8763.122.64
you'll be like one of those ladies that8764.3993.121
stares at sea yeah waiting for me to8765.762.88
yeah every night i'm gonna do it every8768.642.719
night until you get back i'm just gonna8770.082.88
stare out at sea like i should give you8771.3593.521
something like a bracelet oh well8772.964.16
something to think about i got you this8774.884.559
oh really i think it usually oh it just8777.124.08
went into me didn't it did it did it8779.4392.641
this is it are you ready oh i'm ready8782.084.399
let me put it on i'm never gonna take it8784.3193.601
off uh8786.4793.281
until i get a better helmet8787.923.6
right but for now that'll keep it8789.764.16
protected okay it's raining it's this is8791.525.12
damaging every bit of wood in here and8793.925.519
here i'm gonna give you this8796.645.12
hang on to that until i return what was8799.4394.561
that fine wood it was just regular wood8801.764.08
okay well i'm gonna use that let's go8804.03.439
not that one set that one aside and8805.843.36
think about me until i get back you see8807.4393.201
how much roof i gotta build here yeah8809.23.36
but just just lay it the floor don't8810.644.08
walk near it until i get back no i'm8812.563.44
gonna use it to build something all8814.723.2
right well you know build something with8816.03.68
your hat okay build tip with my hat see8817.923.519
if i give a [ __ ] i will all right i'm8819.685.5
gonna miss you miss you too8821.43910.881
goodbye daves goodbye abstroke goodbye8842.645.92
[ __ ] it rocks8846.884.24
yeah uh couldn't we waited like until it8848.564.96
cleared up a little bit nope gotta go8851.125.68
now gotta go now okay why am i going the8853.524.72
opposite direction8856.82.88
i don't know looks like we haven't8858.243.6
really gone anywhere no i think we have8859.684.32
not we haven't face the boat the way you8861.845.2
want to go and then do a sail thing okay8864.05.52
right yep space to sail8867.043.68
straight ahead south straight ahead8870.722.8
that's straight ahead means where the8873.524.64
point is who's got the sail no one8875.045.359
apparently okay i don't know i got it i8878.163.44
don't have to wait8880.3993.521
that's nice right there right there8884.165.12
right there no no nope turn it8886.04.24
no nobody's turning it someone hold me8904.04.08
hold the sail yeah8906.644.16
is it me hold on oh i got the fast now i8908.085.92
i hope i i hope to god i sink and die8910.85.44
we've never done this why did you help8917.044.8
it's a bad storm and8924.084.88
there isn't something that says use sale8926.726.57
it just says fast how fast8928.9612.839
it only says hold fast it doesn't say8944.884.08
operate sales thing right you sure8947.283.84
you're not switching the switch was sick8948.964.08
hey thick get up and see if you could do8951.123.76
it no i'm staring i'm not going to get8953.043.76
up you're steering you're steering in8954.884.479
circles you mad man you have no [ __ ]8956.86.44
idea where you're going8959.3593.881
because nobody's handling the [ __ ]8963.4394.241
sale we don't know how to we're asking8965.64.56
for advice all you got to do8967.684.56
there yep just leave it there leave the8970.163.12
sail there8972.243.04
no it doesn't that's the point it keeps8973.283.76
on spinning because nobody's [ __ ]8975.284.079
holding it thick yeah no one did that8977.044.319
thing you're like there no one even did8979.3594.08
that nobody did anything but shouldn't8981.3595.921
someone hold it wait it8983.4393.841
says somebody put a tour can somebody8988.846.28
torture if you got there you could tell8991.686.4
us what you see i'm not gonna leave my8995.125.52
posts oh see because you're gonna leave8998.085.96
it right now9000.643.4
dick get up no tell us how to do it9010.244.56
you're acting like you know how to do it9013.282.72
all but you're not helping us at all9014.82.559
yeah you got to do it throw it in our9016.03.439
face slap us in the in the face with9017.3594.641
your with your right [ __ ] come on we do9019.4396.081
it fine right now i don't know why9022.06.16
okay here we go here we go thank you9025.525.6
move hold fast sorry hold fast that's it9028.164.72
great great oh you got it you got it9031.123.359
hold fast oh that's all i got for you9032.882.4
yeah look good just do what you're doing9035.284.079
there yeah cool all right stay there i9037.24.64
thought i did that i'm sorry thick yeah9039.3593.521
why didn't you say that what did you9041.842.72
have to do that yeah you didn't know you9042.883.36
don't know how to do this yeah you just9044.563.12
had to tell us9046.242.48
yeah just tell them hey that's doing9048.723.52
something how'd you do that how'd you do9050.724.24
oh yeah and it also keeps on going9052.244.8
how's that is that it is that what we do9054.963.68
oh no i forgot i didn't realize that we9057.042.64
were supposed to do that i don't know9058.642.16
what i i don't know how to do this9059.685.6
somebody else figured out new [ __ ]9060.86.72
i figured it was just jump off the user9065.283.6
friendly yeah9067.523.2
you figured i figured it was9068.884.24
user-friendly i apologize all three of9070.724.0
us at this three of us yes you9073.124.239
apologized i am good for you now9074.724.88
uh maybe someone9077.3594.161
someone could uh9079.63.759
try to figure it out maybe captain9081.522.879
what an inspiration9084.3993.92
i tell you you're a good man i try it9085.925.439
leads by example yeah9088.3193.761
just try9093.283.76
anything clapton's maybe a beer well i9094.565.04
mean like you know what you could do9097.044.08
since we're not doing anything you could9099.63.6
try anything you can't because i'm9101.123.84
jumping in love but i'm actually doing9103.24.239
something oh please you're avoiding uh9104.964.24
responsibility by sitting in that9107.4393.121
[ __ ] chair that's what you're doing9109.22.96
i'm steering9110.563.44
i'm steering the ship9112.163.44
we're not going anywhere why do you want9114.03.28
us to steer the ship we're not going9115.64.08
we're doing it oh my god you want us to9117.284.8
do the sale so i'm steering if anybody9119.684.4
wants to just maybe search on the9122.083.44
internet to see9124.085.12
how to [ __ ] with the sale i want to slap9125.527.04
you in the face with my hands that are9129.26.56
wet from sweat that excites me9132.564.799
all right i guess i'll look it up9137.3593.521
i'm trying everything to turn this i9139.283.36
don't know what to do all right so the9140.883.92
sale turns itself automatically with the9142.644.16
wind and the driver controls everything9144.83.84
else so the driver9146.83.84
it's up to the driver all of it oh yeah9148.644.48
yeah it's entirely done entirely oh i9150.644.16
did i did not9153.123.04
get here9154.84.8
we're going fast now9156.165.279
guys i figured it out kept yeah just9159.64.08
figured it out uh9161.4395.04
yeah i guess i'm in control of the sails9163.685.04
here wow9166.4794.481
wow oh yeah i can take them oh this says9168.724.8
ocean are you kidding me like right now9170.965.12
it's right like mutiny right right like9173.524.799
like prompts did it not give you any9176.084.8
prompts no it didn't how about how about9178.3194.801
the prompt of the boat moving forward by9180.885.04
you moving things on your mouse hey oh9183.125.6
boy oh boy he's right whoa okay yeah9185.924.96
this is rough hang on simon9188.724.719
oh god oh [ __ ] okay i have to hang on we9190.883.36
gonna die9194.243.36
i'm holding fast now we're all holding9195.65.68
on um dick yeah great job great job9197.65.6
you're clearly the most qualified i feel9201.283.199
safe right now9203.22.4
this uh9204.4793.441
this is pushing me around a little bit9205.64.64
this oh wait are we still going south9207.924.32
nope yeah we we're just turning in a9210.244.32
circle we're doing a little uhui double9212.243.44
yeah back the way we're going i did see9215.684.639
some lane the storm i like it yeah9217.64.64
that'll that'll learn your story9220.3193.441
the lightning has no clue what you're9222.243.84
doing lightning's nobody9223.763.44
my god9226.082.96
it's this is very difficult to steer in9227.23.92
a storm guys i didn't think i was going9229.043.68
to die at sea9231.122.8
i'm hoping9232.723.36
are we all inside one another holding on9233.924.08
to this is there three of us here we're9236.084.16
all four staring yeah well i only see9238.03.76
one person sitting down so i guess the9240.243.44
three of us are inside of one another9241.763.92
say that like it's a bad thing no i mean9243.683.52
it's good but somebody should be9245.684.24
videotaping oh eight is here that's cool9247.24.239
we still don't have that only fans i9249.924.08
just saw a sea creature jump in and out9251.4393.841
of the water9254.04.319
oh behind it directly behind us do you9255.285.76
not go that way thing how big i mean you9258.3194.561
know looks like a giant circular one9261.043.68
around right now vick's heading uh well9262.883.04
not right too9264.725.52
get your arrows out oh god9265.927.2
oh god i see it right now it's not good9270.245.28
it's breathing fire you just came out of9273.124.4
the water and it could breathe fire i9275.523.6
see land straight ahead here we go here9277.523.68
we go oh man actually oh yeah we got9279.125.04
some hits we got hits yes are we9281.26.159
fighting or running well9284.165.279
we're doing both needs all right i don't9287.3593.601
want to let go of the mask i'm going to9289.4393.521
fall out9290.964.56
help help let go let go i don't have9292.964.64
arrows you got them let go neebs oh9295.525.04
ocean ocean9297.62.96
oh god i can't see i'm the new best in9301.045.6
the way you got it you got it buddy9303.4394.801
there he is oh9306.642.56
he's on our ass he's right underneath us9309.25.04
god this is not a good oh oh man i'm9311.844.32
maneuvering the best that i can here oh9314.243.44
boy there's land right there though so9316.163.12
that i know right9317.684.0
there's also a bunch of graylings right9319.284.079
where we're going yeah so i'll take a9321.683.679
bunch of red to another yeah i'll take a9323.3593.841
bunch of graylings here it comes over9325.3595.761
this comes oh did i hit your boat9327.23.92
[ __ ] come on baby cry can't see there we9331.924.16
i think we both caught my face he sat on9336.884.72
his face what the sail is in my face you9339.044.08
can't see9341.63.36
you sat on your face9343.124.64
sail man we just got to make it to land9344.964.16
you're getting closer you got it you got9349.123.84
come on baby9352.964.0
come on oh it's dead9354.724.4
it's not dead i think it's turning9356.963.28
around ho all right i'm out of here bam9360.245.84
i'm gonna air it out there we go okay oh9363.26.52
he's gonna eat the boat9366.083.64
he's leaving he's leaving maybe he's9371.3593.841
also coming back do we know that he9373.283.84
doesn't eat boats well don't i'm9375.23.68
watching him all right he's going he's9377.124.48
leaving sorry that was harry okay first9378.886.08
thing absolutely said uh beds9381.66.32
oh enemies incoming watch outdoor whew9384.965.359
and i need another torch excited dark9387.924.559
oh [ __ ] simon9392.723.719
back what's up yeah there's a pig right9409.044.24
away i'm getting my ass killed all over9410.963.84
the place i got nothing this pig's9413.282.88
probably gonna kill me get out of here9414.83.04
you pig i don't even give a [ __ ] i'm9416.163.52
punching you in the face9417.844.24
god i am pissed off yeah where are you9419.684.32
at i'm right pissed off yeah well9422.083.76
freaking greylings took me out9424.03.92
lickety-split i don't know what the hell9425.843.84
i'm doing when i fight them and they9427.923.519
were really far away and i wanted to be9429.684.719
in that adventure man and now i can't be9431.4395.04
okay um man i feel like i need to give9434.3994.561
you some training son ah damn it i do9436.4793.92
would you be down for that hey would you9438.963.04
be down you and me we'll go into a black9440.3993.441
forest and i'll teach you how to fight i9442.04.64
will be down with that as long as i can9443.844.32
call you mickey9446.643.839
sure you want me to call you rock yeah i9448.163.84
want to be rock i want to be that dumb9450.4793.601
italian guy with the dog all right so9452.04.0
i'll call you rock yeah i'm probably9454.083.52
mickey come on nick and i'm gonna i'm9456.03.28
gonna teach you how to fight all right9457.63.28
you get a club and you get a shield9459.283.28
simon all right i'll do that make i'll9460.883.519
get it i'll get it going right there and9462.565.759
you can go get a club at a steel rock9464.3993.92
i'll get that all right i'm right on it9469.24.159
i just threw up in my mouth yeah and you9471.763.12
should be able to go back i mean if they9473.3592.96
set up a portal hopefully this one will9474.883.76
activate let's see if it's activated yet9476.3194.0
okay well it's not now because i'm9478.643.12
guessing it would glow9480.3193.601
needs come to the boat9486.963.76
are we leaving here though because we're9489.125.6
just going down we're just going down9490.724.0
you know why i like to hear thick's full9497.284.0
plan because it's usually a bad plan9498.964.24
neebs we're gonna go further down the9501.284.159
shore where it's safer so we can build9503.25.199
an outpost repair the boat okay and have9505.4395.681
beds made and placed down and then we'll9508.3995.521
come back and get some and stuff9511.124.88
actually we'll be able to to craft a9513.924.88
portal and simon should be able to just9516.04.08
come back9518.82.88
get his stuff9520.082.64
you want me to steer the boat from here9522.724.16
from the mast9524.3192.561
all right yeah pull your [ __ ] out simon9530.883.519
yeah i don't know how to just put it in9532.563.6
like your clubs in your one slot your9534.3993.121
shield's in your two slots yeah it's9536.163.52
important yeah boom it's out oh now it9537.524.32
is all right so all right now hey real9539.684.0
quick here's the trick you hit r boom9541.844.479
puts it away real easy hit r again bam9543.685.36
pulls them both right back out okay okay9546.3194.561
all right i like that right so now let9549.043.439
me teach you right click right click9550.883.76
boom yeah holds that shield up protects9552.4794.241
you yep i think it's baby because i9554.643.92
don't i don't understand the whole like9556.723.599
the reticle thing i think i'm swinging9558.563.12
where i'm supposed to but that reticle9560.3193.04
is like really tiny and i forget that9561.684.0
it's even there oh don't even ignore the9563.3594.641
reticle what yeah no it's not about the9565.684.24
reticle it's about where that club well9568.03.92
if i is that club gonna make contact9569.924.0
with something or not okay but do they9571.923.519
always have clubs sometimes they're just9573.923.439
waving around their skinny hands right9575.4393.761
what are you talking about grayling yeah9577.3592.641
yeah but what are you talking about the9580.02.8
reticle well yeah i was talking about9581.283.039
the reticle meaning when i swing at the9582.83.28
cl when i swing the club i think i have9584.3193.441
to have the reticle on the grayling like9586.083.92
right now my reticle's on your head yeah9587.763.44
you don't have to have the reticle on9590.02.479
the grayline what9591.23.44
what the [ __ ] the reticle there for uh9592.4794.481
for bows and arrows oh so they show it9594.644.24
to me when i got a bat but i'm not9596.964.399
supposed to use it for the bat9598.885.84
all right right that's stupid okay9601.3594.881
okay let's see if we can find a grayling9604.723.759
i think i thought i saw one over here9606.243.76
let's head in the black forest it wasn't9608.4792.88
they're always hearing the black folks i9610.03.12
swear i just killed one on the way and i9611.3594.241
used the reticle and he died yeah but9613.123.84
you didn't use the reticle you just used9615.63.12
your club no i used the reticle i said9616.963.359
oh maybe i like this look at this bear9618.723.12
over here now the or what do you call9620.3193.201
this you think that's a bear not a bear9621.843.28
i said all right listen to me i'm gonna9623.523.04
get this it's the board i'm gonna get9625.123.44
the boar hey boar9626.563.839
radical yeah but you don't have to have9628.564.24
the reticle on critical9630.3994.08
it could just be near it it's a it's a9632.84.0
swing of a club i beg it doesn't matter9634.4794.321
if the reticle is on it i mean it helps9636.83.76
that you're facing it yeah i've been9638.83.44
dying left and right swinging this9640.564.08
[ __ ] bat at everything9642.244.32
i want to kill this deer over here hey9644.643.6
dear you want to die no no no no stay9646.563.44
focused stay focused come with me come9648.243.199
with me okay9650.03.92
all right come in with me here i just9651.4393.84
saw damn greeley you know what stay9653.922.559
right there stay right there let me see9655.2792.641
if i can pull the ground into you9656.4794.0
where's one come here up i see one i see9657.924.559
one coming at me hey you little [ __ ]9660.4793.521
throwing stuff going all right9662.4793.121
all right all right let me have him let9664.03.68
me have him why okay9665.63.28
because i want to teach you i want you9667.683.12
to look at me for a second okay go ahead9668.883.439
course he's on you hey hey hey hey hey9670.83.679
bubba right here right here i'm your guy9672.3194.0
all right now take a look at what i'm9674.4793.441
doing right i've got my shield up see9676.3192.721
now what you don't want to do you don't9677.922.0
want to run around you don't want to9679.042.48
drain your stamina you hold your shield9679.923.84
up and move that's a troll simon oh wow9681.524.4
that's a troll that's a troll okay this9683.764.16
was a little bit more than we intended9685.923.6
yep i think it might have been i'm gonna9687.923.12
teach you now i'm gonna teach you how to9689.524.0
roll see roll if you if you're holding9691.044.16
right click and you hit spacebar you can9693.524.08
roll simon roll roll right into that9695.23.76
yeah you don't want to roll right into9697.62.64
it when he's swinging you want to roll9698.963.6
away okay watch this don't jump i mean9700.244.079
jumping's wasting stamina okay you're9702.564.719
right oh roll i can't roll i didn't do9704.3194.881
the right thing roll9707.2794.481
up roll why would i do that look at i9709.24.48
just rolled right into his little grassy9711.764.719
butt no yeah watch out okay yeah all9713.684.88
right get your stamina up okay stamina9716.4793.84
is up like i'm all right check it out9718.563.759
simon i'm about to do this9720.3194.721
boom gave me some damn magic power damn9722.3194.321
now can i all right can i hit f and get9725.043.68
magic powers too nah you pray you did9726.643.679
that a second ago to cross the river i9728.724.24
did should i hit this guy in the toes uh9730.3194.0
no like here's what we should do we9732.963.12
should surround it but when he's about9734.3194.561
to hit you roll you roll away oh no like9736.084.56
now roll sorry oh that went right9738.883.84
through him all right now hit him9740.644.4
and then roll oh god he hit me back all9742.725.84
right that was bad that was bad9745.043.52
okay well that didn't work9749.2792.881
you're a big guy i'm running oh [ __ ]9752.163.76
you almost got me9755.925.6
oh god9758.087.29
need a hand9767.4393.681
uh yeah i'll chop you fight all right oh9768.564.16
okay that guy's gone9771.123.84
all right i'm gonna quickly9772.723.92
man i just want to quickly build like a9774.964.16
little hut yeah okay here pick this up9776.644.32
what do we need to do what do we need to9779.123.44
build the portal like that's important9780.964.16
right yeah give me a second i'm keeping9782.565.12
an eye we're pretty clear you took time9785.124.319
ah [ __ ] just put some floor down put9787.684.4
some floor down like we made some beds9789.4394.88
yeah all right so i can build a bed you9792.083.76
do your bed nice is that what we want9794.3193.761
them for doraleous i got one there we go9795.844.24
i got mine i made one all right now we9798.083.6
got to build some walls around this9800.083.6
while i build the portal you just put a9801.685.28
bed on my bed chris i said i got it9803.685.599
i can make my own bed i'm a big boy9806.965.519
time to build the portal yeah9809.2795.361
yeah yeah we name it home is that what9812.4794.96
it was yep set tag home9814.645.759
boom portals down baby oh9817.4394.561
look at that looking good9820.3994.0
okay does it work now it works right9822.04.399
simon block okay they roll you got your9824.3993.761
stuff back hold on yeah i got you gave9826.3994.321
me that thing hold on i gotta get one oh9828.165.52
look what9830.722.96
from another portal wow9834.245.039
nice hey okay so simon if you want your9837.123.76
stuff i imagine that portal probably9839.2793.681
takes you to it yeah i'm gonna do that9840.884.24
and then i will need continued training9842.963.04
thank you hello9846.03.359
yeah i'll go with you i'm going with you9847.63.28
guys everybody goes9849.3593.441
all right everybody's gone yeah this is9850.884.559
great oh trippy excuse me it's like a9852.84.479
really shitty kaleidoscope yeah these9855.4394.96
are poor portable graphics portals9857.2794.961
all right simon i'll take it to your9862.243.28
stuff let's go9863.524.64
let's go let's go rock all right mick9865.525.32
all right mikko yeah all9868.165.199
right neebs9870.844.439
i have something for you i don't know if9873.3593.281
you're gonna want it9875.2794.0
but okay it's this wow i got a9876.644.88
sledgehammer or something wow that's two9879.2794.241
gifts this uh this particular episode9881.525.04
names yes special man you hello i didn't9883.525.12
uh i didn't give him a go i gave him a9886.564.799
gift and then he got two gifts wow i'm9888.644.08
just counting what everyone else gets9891.3594.801
okay is this for free9892.723.44
is this for fighting or is this a tool9896.82.96
that is great for fighting especially a9899.763.36
large number of enemies oh yeah that's9901.3594.321
clear control here in the house damn not9903.124.08
in the house yeah don't do this in a9905.684.08
house okay so like if uh go over there9907.25.37
try it out here go play in the woods9909.765.76
and then block9915.523.28
i just got very hurt very what how did9919.64.16
you get hurt we don't have friendly fire9922.3193.161
yep yeah what the hell is he getting9927.24.0
hurt i don't know did he i'll wait you9929.044.56
know what there is a way to turn um he9931.23.92
must have hit the button did he hit the9933.63.28
car he hit the damn button9935.123.12
there's a yeah there's a little button9936.883.68
here top right that says take damage by9938.243.84
other players he must have just clicked9940.563.2
it out of just clicking things haven't9942.083.359
heard about that everything yeah he9943.764.0
doesn't read things he just pushes them9945.4394.081
oh you're not i'm not near you sorry9949.524.24
sorry i heard something through my brain9951.4393.84
no i heard it through the portal he's9953.763.44
back at the ho that's what it was come9955.2794.561
on back simon learn to read there you go9957.24.8
read you learn to read learn you learn9959.843.519
to learn to read [ __ ] you learn to9962.03.52
redo it you learn to read9963.3594.681
you learn to read push them up9965.525.559
did you push the button again did you9975.23.199
push the button this time no9976.4795.041
i just got out of the way9978.3993.121
i don't know where the button is but9982.83.44
let's just leave you alone people9986.723.599
boy that looks creepy yeah yeah yeah a9994.565.28
little bit there's trees like really big9997.3593.281
i've seen those uh the little bulbous10000.644.24
glowing things on those trees before10002.963.439
what are they yeah i don't know what10004.882.96
they are i've just seen them before in10006.3993.761
another map that i was on10007.844.8
maybe we should uh i don't know like try10010.164.72
to shoot one with an arrow just pull up10012.644.56
real quick gotta do a quick uh drive-by10014.884.559
yeah yeah sure sure oh10017.23.52
what is that what is that what is that10019.4393.04
you see that thing who's that guy is it10020.723.04
that is a guy10022.4794.441
oh god10023.763.16
oh he's just walking into the water oh10028.3194.481
wow freak what are you doing what do you10030.3195.12
mean free we went to his home yeah10032.84.16
that's a good point good point what10035.4394.081
about the drive-by yeah no no we we10036.964.8
should probably you know continue on the10039.525.36
road the water road so we had a goal to10041.765.12
to do a drive-by and then we didn't do10044.884.559
the drive-by yeah no we did it driving10046.884.479
just wasn't that entertaining well we10049.4393.761
were hoping to shoot at least the green10051.3593.441
thing we didn't10053.24.0
i missed it my bad yeah we didn't say a10054.86.11
good drive-by we just said drive-by10057.228.14
i don't know10099.4394.0
we're so far away from the trader cab10101.3593.281
what is10103.4394.401
the sale these boats are [ __ ]10104.645.04
yeah just decided to stop now that we're10107.843.68
getting to our destination like what's10109.683.759
up right i don't know10111.524.16
maybe maybe thick should swim for it10113.4394.721
thick he's not gonna make that no none10115.684.0
of us would none of us would i wouldn't10118.163.199
recommend that to my worst enemy that's10119.684.16
right stamina you're very quiet up there10121.3594.401
names oh yeah you guys are asking all10123.843.36
the right questions everything i was10125.762.88
thinking you guys have asked it we had10127.23.84
you covered got you yep i'm like is that10128.644.88
our island are we stopped right are we10131.044.72
not going anywhere all this yep right10133.523.6
nothing you guys are great do you want10135.763.04
to complain about the speed of the boat10137.123.76
as well or did we have that yeah i think10138.84.0
we all wanted to right right yeah we did10140.884.08
have it yeah okay yeah yeah that's it i10142.83.76
guess we'll just sit here until we die10144.963.68
yeah it feels that way i'm gonna i'm10146.564.32
gonna kind of follow the contour of the10148.644.799
land a little bit just in case10150.885.12
we're like going straight into something10153.4395.201
and we're greeted by the worst that we10156.04.72
could be greeted by well i think that10158.644.24
you're dragging it out and i think that10160.724.4
maybe we should just get in there and go10162.884.0
get killed if it if it's meant to be10165.124.159
it's meant to be is that a giant bowl10166.883.28
did you say a giant bowl is that thing10170.164.159
yeah holy oh boy oh boy all right yeah10174.3193.761
yeah yeah yeah watch out watch easy easy10176.244.159
focus focus i wish i could see what you10178.084.399
guys it's behind us it's directly behind10180.3994.561
us now no that's not a freaking bull10182.4794.481
wait are you telling me it's bull like10184.964.24
it's it's huge it's like a big bison10186.964.64
yeah yeah but it looks like but it's a10189.23.84
bunch of trees10191.64.24
right okay10193.042.8
you know what10197.044.16
how does this look hey is that a bug oh10198.84.0
yeah it is it's something10201.24.159
it's fighting10202.82.559
get it get it door no it's well i wanna10205.63.36
when i10208.083.52
i'm back death skeeto huh are we getting10208.964.16
ready to get killed by a mosquito oh10211.65.04
don't hit that nope oh no no no10213.125.199
breaking the boat i didn't mean to i was10216.643.28
trying to hit a mosquito you told me god10218.3193.281
look at look simon that's what we're10219.922.88
talking about10221.64.0
oh look at those holes holy crap10222.85.679
that's what that's damaged10225.62.879
two of them oh no there's two of them10228.725.36
oh my god try to shoot the mosquitoes10231.66.16
with you okay okay okay okay oh man10234.085.199
someone anybody helping me with this10237.764.08
just i'll be helping needs yes10239.2794.881
i'm getting chats i'm getting shots for10241.844.4
that for the editor10244.166.0
let the editor get the shots bye boys10246.246.32
right here i think i just killed it with10250.165.279
my sword oh you swung the sword yes i'm10252.565.04
a man i'm pretty sure i got straight10255.4394.561
ahead and i don't care what's straight10257.63.52
weird we're just gonna dock10261.124.56
yes and that's gonna be it and thank you10263.2794.16
for showing me those big things that10265.683.44
don't look like boars they look more10267.4394.161
like trees i said it looked like a bull10269.124.48
yep that too10271.64.0
bull bore i think bison was pretty10273.64.16
accurate bison was very active it was a10275.64.24
good job names i see something with uh10277.763.04
yep over there too up there and he's got10280.84.0
a mosquito place all right hey here's10282.83.2
what we got to do10284.83.76
we got to do a quick like navy seal10286.05.2
mission where we dock the boat portal10288.565.2
goes up within seconds yes okay like10291.24.4
right here at this edge right here this10293.764.8
looks like a nice area looks kind of i10295.65.52
mean just safe for the foreseeable10298.564.32
you know what you can see yeah10301.125.6
foreseeable series for cmlc foreign10302.886.16
do it everybody jump out protect protect10306.723.759
thick second heat10309.042.96
build that portal all right all the10312.03.68
missing requirement oh i need what do10313.924.16
you need i need a workbench workbench10315.685.2
quick build it oh crap i'm looking just10318.084.16
over this hill i'm kind of keeping an10320.884.96
eye on the i see one thing with a shield10322.246.48
and a sword it looks kind of mean he10325.845.04
does but he's not walking our way don't10328.724.96
call now he is now he is huh yep it's a10330.884.8
fulling what's a fulling10333.683.12
you gotta fight different than a10335.685.2
halfling it's like twice as well nice10336.84.08
oh crap simon10340.963.6
oh no10343.22.95
oh we lost dora10344.562.799
nick are you here i'm running peebs run10347.3593.441
with me10349.62.799
did you die too10352.3996.441
oh crap can i kill this thing10354.644.2
there's no way i'm taking that boat10369.041.9
right again10370.3192.481
i love that10373.682.719
oh my gosh10375.2792.721
i think i just missed getting a shot of10376.3993.761
it but yeah the fulling just one shot10378.04.96
your boat as well oh god10380.163.68
the boat is [ __ ] gone in one shot10383.844.08
i mean too10389.3594.401
that's that's perfect10390.726.4
i love it wow10393.763.36
yeah no more swimming for me look at10400.165.92
this need to add a roof in maybe i don't10402.844.84
know maybe all i wanted to do is really10406.083.92
just get across without having to swim10407.684.48
and mission accomplished feel pretty10410.04.16
good after a week can i cheer10412.164.48
well we don't know what it was a fulling10428.964.0
a fulling10431.4393.761
and i'm a sweetheart oh you guys went10432.963.84
into a planes10435.23.52
yeah we're nowhere near ready for that10438.724.559
yeah that was a bad idea10441.044.96
well let's focus now we didn't we10443.2794.721
hold on let me look at the map where the10448.03.359
[ __ ] is neebs he's probably at the other10449.3595.12
island that we built oh [ __ ] oh yeah i10451.3596.0
see him on the island oh no i see all10454.4794.88
right i tell you what i'll go with you10457.3593.681
guys this time thick10459.3593.92
build another boat the stuff is probably10461.043.76
still there but it's not worth trying to10463.2793.04
get because it's in a plane so we don't10464.82.96
need to go anywhere near damn planes10466.3193.681
right now all right oh okay i guess10467.764.08
we'll just build what we can with what10470.04.479
we got uh yeah why don't simon door you10471.844.88
work on getting some um armor and [ __ ]10474.4793.201
right because i guess you've got you10476.722.639
guys have lost everything now there's no10477.683.599
getting back i i have nothing i have10479.3593.361
nothing i'm going to be in my underwear10481.2792.881
for the rest of the day you had the10482.723.12
bronze sword didn't you10484.164.319
i had to burn sword10485.844.98
oh man that's that hurts10488.4795.521
oh this is perfect10495.63.36
someone left a piece of cooked meat10497.3594.96
behind the fireplace10498.965.28
not where i wanted to spawn10504.243.28
i know that10506.082.96
we need to have a boat10507.523.52
how am i gonna build a boat i guess10509.043.68
first i'm gonna need a10511.043.76
one of those tanning things and a10512.724.719
chopping block i'm gonna need to kill10514.83.76
and deers10518.562.64
i thought i saw a boar out here a second10522.162.64
i don't want you oh here's a boar but10525.64.0
you stay over there grayling whatever10527.923.439
you are nice10529.63.44
god that fire scared him didn't it i10531.3595.361
gotta get sneaky hey bar there he is ah10533.045.6
i didn't want you10536.723.84
here we go10538.643.679
is that working10540.564.64
come here yeah oh yeah no i just afraid10542.3193.761
of it10545.24.159
right of the fire i harness fire10546.085.92
come here come here10549.3595.201
okay whoa yep10552.03.6
come here10555.65.6
ah he just runs there we go got him okay10556.886.399
i'll see more of you out there10561.23.199
this really took the wind out of me10566.246.079
hello have fire keep moving10568.3196.96
get fire remember10572.3192.96
yeah still here10577.4393.121
all right thick you got enough stuff yep10582.3993.92
here we go10583.685.679
talking [ __ ] vote number two hey dora10586.3195.12
yeah why don't you and simon just uh10589.3593.521
stay here well i don't know clean up the10591.4393.04
place do something well chill we'll10592.884.0
we're gonna do something yeah yeah yeah10594.4793.84
i don't know get into something yeah get10596.883.439
simon built back up you know yeah yeah10598.3194.0
yeah yeah yeah all right thank you10600.3193.761
driving you want me to drive uh you go10602.3193.521
ahead and drive this time and sit down10604.082.8
just be safe y'all yeah you've had a10606.884.32
hard day yeah and um10608.883.68
absolutely you're in uh you're in luck10611.23.199
it's a quick trip10612.563.52
all right which way is neebs if i look10614.3994.161
at mel okay all right he's down south10616.084.64
we're heading south all right goodbye10618.564.4
this is why i love this game like the uh10626.04.72
the defeat and then the build back guys10628.04.64
you know i get it yeah but that was just10630.724.4
a really really long trip like i felt10632.644.719
like i was playing uh arma three all10635.125.199
right we gotta take a chopper 90 miles10637.3595.12
for you to get sniped no i get it look10640.3194.08
look the trader is in a stupid spot in10642.4794.401
this map but uh neebs is not so we can10644.3993.841
get the thieves10646.883.12
coming to save you neebs can i tell you10648.243.6
about conan exiles they've got some new10650.03.92
content ooh10651.843.92
well we wrecked this boat maybe we'll do10653.923.92
forest is moving10660.84.88
the forest is moving dora10662.644.56
i think you're right here we're being10667.24.239
attacked by some things10668.724.88
oh sorry sorry sorry it's happening10671.4394.081
sorry i was just relaxing meditating a10673.65.04
bit what's go oh god those guys yeah10675.524.4
they're bigger10678.643.2
what is up with these guys i don't know10679.923.84
but the forest is moving that's what10681.844.0
they're bigger i'm going to napster's10683.765.599
place right now can you can you go away10685.845.2
right i need to get my where do i have10689.3592.481
yeah there we go10691.843.439
i've got a club10693.524.08
i'm gonna go out on this and do a little10695.2793.601
all right i'm gonna hide up here i'm10698.884.08
gonna do a little crouching i'll get10701.3594.08
this little guy come on10702.966.319
oh no is he destroying stuff any weapon10705.4396.96
oh you dick okay oh boy come here one10709.2795.04
down come on dude there's a boar get the10712.3994.0
[ __ ] out of here boy no time stay away10714.3194.561
from our stuff i'm gonna lure them away10716.3994.401
i'm coming come here come on good call10718.884.479
sons of [ __ ] come on10720.84.559
get him from behind look at that thing10723.3596.641
look at that the goat or that deer10725.3594.641
get away10730.964.56
get away [ __ ] bore are you kidding me10732.165.52
simon sorry got me from behind the10735.523.32
sneaky little10737.683.52
bastards ah why is this poor a part of10738.845.479
this i don't know10741.23.119
we got it10744.4793.041
okay okay simon's not10745.2793.601
something's not okay10747.523.12
all right i'll lead i'm gonna lead them10748.884.76
yep let's see yep wait10756.164.72
wait is full okay10758.643.6
head back10760.884.16
still hardly any hide yet10762.244.88
i'll go put this wood up10765.043.92
and then uh build some10767.123.76
wood things let's see that built the10768.965.12
hammer right oh it's number two10770.884.399
hey what are you doing coming to save10776.3193.601
your stupid ass is what we're doing i10778.244.079
don't need saving i'm a survivor okay10779.924.479
well we're coming to pick you up anyway10782.3193.361
yep all right10784.3992.721
well that'll be easier than me10785.683.84
rebuilding from scratch okay so well we10787.124.08
don't have anything for you so tell you10789.523.759
what you you still want to get built up10791.24.72
a little bit what here uh if you want to10793.2793.841
all right you all right we have two10795.923.2
options we can either uh hop in the boat10797.123.52
and sail back to where you guys were10799.123.6
going that traitor uh-huh or we could10800.643.839
stay here a minute kill some deer let10802.723.52
you build up it's up to you baby well i10804.4792.721
mean there's10806.242.6
it's the same stuff here as we have back10807.23.119
home so we can only see the point we10808.843.4
could try to get our stuff oh boy no i'm10810.3193.921
not i'm not doing that boat ride again10812.244.32
well just for the boat ride like 1010814.243.76
hours in the boat i know it's a long10816.562.96
boat ride you hop in or not yeah i'm10818.03.84
hopping in i'm gonna jump in from this10819.524.24
rock all right we're going to the island10821.843.92
where the traitor's at bam nice turn all10823.764.24
right yeah you heard yourself10825.764.0
okay boop10828.04.24
boop and i'm backing up a little bit10829.764.0
yeah okay all right so let me take a10832.243.76
look at the map this traitor is oh god10833.765.599
so far south okay heading south wait all10836.04.08
what do you mean we're heading south to10840.083.92
the trader the one i just went to yeah10841.843.439
the one you died at but i'm not gonna10844.02.72
park us in a dumb spot it sounds like10845.2793.04
you guys ended up on a plane which is10846.724.0
insane wake me up when we get there oh i10848.3194.08
know it's big trip10850.723.679
crap i don't know play it play a game or10852.3993.841
something okay have you ever been on a10854.3995.92
long road trip i'll do a spanish lesson10856.244.079
so this traitor might be in this black10863.24.72
forest huh i don't know i don't know man10865.24.64
usually that's where traders hang out so10867.923.76
tell you what yeah we're gonna park here10869.844.08
in this black forest okay all right i10871.684.16
see a little area i already see enemies10873.923.28
uh yeah they're gonna be enemies here i10875.842.639
think we can take them they're just like10877.23.92
graylings and [ __ ] oh i'm sitting back10878.4794.161
names yeah you're the most vulnerable10881.123.04
matter of fact names i put some food in10882.643.44
the uh in the boat oh cool you should10884.164.8
eat i will eat and just so10886.086.76
we have it i am going to activate our10888.965.519
okay let me slow us down want to bring10894.4794.401
us right in okay thick immediately i10896.565.36
want you to get started on a workbench10898.885.04
and then a shelter we need to build10901.922.88
first things first is shelter advanced10904.84.559
wait to the right are you kidding what10907.124.56
look at the troll to the right10909.3594.481
yeah that is a troll10911.686.4
okay okay okay maybe we go further down10913.845.519
maybe a little further down tell you10918.083.04
what yeah i'll go a little further down10919.3593.201
not much though10921.123.199
i see something else up there yeah this10922.564.08
is a dangerous area i'm not gonna lie i10924.3193.841
think we can take a troll though you got10926.643.36
a bow and arrow thing i do10928.164.159
okay well then the flaming area take it10930.04.319
i think um all right then yeah i think10932.3193.361
we can take a troll if he comes over10934.3193.201
here what is that structure over there10935.684.16
uh that looks like a castle or some sort10937.524.64
of yeah black forest castle probably a10939.844.08
bunch of skeletons living in it and [ __ ]10942.164.48
okay yeah again not a fun area all right10943.924.96
thick docked oh we're doing it yeah10946.644.48
we're doing it all right i'm gonna eat i10948.883.2
all right beds are the first thing10952.084.56
keep an eye on that troll oh he's coming10954.3994.241
towards us he's coming all right thick10956.644.32
let's do it okay10958.643.92
that's gonna mess us up that gives us a10960.963.6
little deep up all right thick we're10962.565.44
taking down this troll yeah go team10964.567.36
oh boy here we go here we go10968.03.92
yeah no you don't10972.084.08
oh maybe maybe a little bit10973.925.12
come on get you in the back10976.165.36
you can do it your foot pussy's on fire10979.043.76
hit him thick10981.523.2
he's after me oh he's stunned10982.83.28
you guys are rock stars10986.085.76
come on come on swing take a swing yep10988.084.72
man this is a dumb i mean10992.84.24
you know ping pong all right he's10994.963.519
halfway down we're doing good we're10997.043.359
doing good come on10998.4794.561
come on bubba yep i'm gonna make a tunic11000.3994.801
out of this [ __ ] hell yeah this11003.044.08
damn tunic tunic sandwich i hit him in11005.24.079
the armpit got the wingspace oh no we11007.124.08
got we got green links coming in11009.2794.401
careful of course oh no we're gonna11011.24.96
fight for this yeah we're gonna get11013.684.16
simon stuff back we're gonna get that11016.164.96
sword it's gonna be epic11017.843.28
all right we got we gotta take this guy11032.4793.361
i got an idea i have an idea i have an11034.243.44
idea i'm going to this cave is that a11035.844.08
troll cave it's a troll cave but then i11037.684.639
can get my stamina back just in time all11039.924.88
right he's looking at me okay i'm coming11042.3194.481
back he's standing still for some reason11044.83.36
yeah he might be right at the gate when11046.83.599
you come in why am i so tired is it11048.163.76
because i'm cold what's in your11050.3994.0
inventory are you heavy nothing well11051.924.96
yeah a bunch of rocks11054.3993.841
this is the most epic [ __ ] troll11058.244.239
yeah bam11073.24.239
damn thick nice job11075.2793.921
good job11077.4393.281
all right hey11079.22.8
let's do this11080.723.84
uh no i don't want to build i got a11082.04.72
crafting we want this11084.564.16
boom i got some stuff but i can't get11086.723.84
out of the boat because i'm too tired11088.723.52
you okay over there names i'm tired too11090.563.68
now i'm carrying a bunch of [ __ ] yeah11092.243.36
that's okay all right hold on let me get11094.243.84
a workbench going i got the workbench11095.64.48
you got the workbench awesome i'll start11098.083.44
building it up where we can actually use11100.082.96
it all right we got to get this place11101.523.839
built up quick beds down thought enough11103.044.16
uh yeah that's right oh god the portal11105.3593.521
we need to build that portal uh thick11107.24.48
here yeah yeah here i brought the five11108.884.96
cores i think the grayling eyes and what11111.683.759
else it was fine wood here's a [ __ ] ton11113.844.0
of fine wood all right here we go yeah11115.4393.84
get a portal up and what was the name of11117.845.36
it home huh i believe yes sweet okay oh11119.2796.561
ho oh gloria's home11123.26.48
portal's down yes yeah11125.844.8
boom okay we can go home now11130.644.24
hey neebs how are you doing hey hey11140.4793.92
what a welcome party11144.3996.721
my friends are here yeah yeah yeah11147.844.559
okay good job my bed was in the wrong11152.3994.88
place so uh yeah i figured as much11154.4794.481
yeah i do i do we might have taken some11157.2793.361
of your stuff there's just no telling we11158.962.96
were kind of all11160.643.12
kind of you know i did not take two of11161.924.24
your honey honey i'm just putting honey11163.765.519
in this game yeah there is honey yeah oh11166.166.239
yeah there's bees in there yeah11169.2795.921
okay well uh i'll see if i got anything11172.3994.88
left i got the door open i'm just trying11175.25.44
to kill boar yep here we go board and11177.2796.241
board killing i'm bored of killing boars11180.644.32
i wish there were more11183.522.4
you think you can find some more board11185.923.84
down the shore possibly four maybe we11187.524.08
should take a tour see if you can't11189.763.76
lower i don't know if tour11191.63.2
that's kind of going into a different11193.524.4
pronunciation like four is fine you know11194.85.36
what happened so uh deal with it just11197.924.08
not church show to have that's all i'm11200.164.239
saying can't stop it now you guys are11202.04.88
boring me with your argument i already11204.3994.241
used that one oh11206.885.04
oh sorry i was half asleep don't get11208.646.639
sore your mom's a [ __ ] good one simon11211.925.92
thank you11215.2792.561
okay let's set up for the trainer looks11218.3995.121
like we're heading south okay the black11220.3994.801
forest is a little dangerous but if we11223.523.839
work as a team i think we'll be able to11225.23.68
make it all right11227.3592.801
right there just just fyi simon don't11230.165.199
okay avoid the troll all right11232.4794.721
i'm gonna pull a torch out i'll be the11235.3594.481
leader follow me okay11237.24.32
like i'm not gonna run we're gonna walk11239.843.439
or we're just gonna kind of train normal11241.523.839
speed normal speed we do not want to11243.2795.161
drain our stamina okay11245.3596.16
man this thing is like squeezed in11253.043.68
between swamp and mountains this is11254.645.36
stupid that's what she said um i don't i11256.724.96
don't know how that worked11260.03.68
hey look at that sweet [ __ ] squeezed in11261.683.679
between swamp and mountain yeah no she11263.682.799
would never11265.3592.08
seemed like it worked there oh burial11267.4394.241
chamber probably oh god skeleton yeah11269.043.68
keep going keep going nope11272.723.599
okay yeah you know what we're close11275.044.16
enough yeah run it11276.3192.881
i'm a little behind you yeah you good11279.4392.88
oh there it is we found it we did it11282.3195.0
oh the tame one fishing that's crazy oh11298.846.439
yeah that's a locks neebs a lux oh yeah11302.643.839
you guys were in the planes you might11305.2793.361
have seen a locks earlier yep simon i11306.4793.521
believe you're on fire11308.644.639
simon thinks it looks like a tree sorry11310.05.2
okay thick can you buy anything from11313.2794.881
this guy i just laughed at me uh11315.24.8
i can buy fishing bait11318.164.48
50 of them yeah well well that that'll11320.05.04
make good stuff what about a headlamp we11322.644.0
really need a headlamp for like dark11325.045.04
areas i don't see it uh11326.645.44
why why can't i sell any of my rubies or11330.084.319
anything to this guy he only takes gold11332.084.239
let me talk11334.3994.721
hold up here i go all right so11336.3194.561
i can buy11339.123.279
yamir flesh11340.882.88
fishing bait11342.3993.681
or a yule hat what uh it's got to be11343.764.32
more than that let me look a yule hat is11346.083.359
that a light up hat it's like oh you11348.082.96
don't want a damn yule hat okay the11349.4393.441
light-up pad is called a11351.044.8
burger circlet that's what we need11352.886.32
but it cost uh 620 coins11355.846.08
yep and you have oh boy i only have 5311359.24.0
hold on let me i'm going to sell him11361.924.319
some of my [ __ ] i only have 193 coins11363.26.0
think what's your coinage at 202 oh [ __ ]11366.2394.0
all right we're not gonna have enough11369.22.32
coins for that11370.2393.04
all right we need to go into more uh11371.522.799
we need to find treasure boys11374.3192.791
all right11376.4793.9
what's the plan11381.63.44
i don't know well right now i'm building11382.883.519
this little platform because we need to11385.043.359
go get that portal okay i need to put a11386.3993.761
portal here so we always have a portal11388.3993.92
that goes out to the trader oh yeah that11390.164.0
makes sense there's a there's a troll11392.3194.401
like right out over this way okay oh wow11394.164.4
this little trader bubble we're fine11396.723.28
yeah so that makes me want to mark it11398.563.759
can i mark it mark what11400.04.0
who just shot at him11402.3194.0
nobody i was shooting oh11404.04.72
shooting at a grayling back here yeah oh11406.3193.761
speaking of graylings we also have a11408.723.28
grayling spawner right up here we should11410.083.76
probably take that out so you know they11412.03.84
don't just keep that seems priority is11413.844.24
that priority it could be priority tell11415.843.36
you what we all want to work together11418.083.199
and try to take this thing out right now11419.24.0
remember what i don't have any armor i11421.2793.361
lost everything and y'all drug me out11423.23.039
here i don't i don't really think you're11424.643.2
effective in doing this beginning so it11426.2393.281
doesn't reach that we can hit it with11427.843.12
our look at that i just hit it we're11429.522.56
gonna take it out with this here they11430.963.68
come oh okay so what do i like i don't11432.086.0
have arrows so i'm just watching11434.644.96
i'll try to i'll try to protect some of11438.083.92
you guys oh that's a big boy oh god yeah11439.63.759
he hits hard11442.03.12
all right okay fall back back into the11443.3593.04
bubble back into the bubble this is a11445.124.56
one star brew yeah he's gonna hit really11446.3995.281
super hard hitter damn it but yeah watch11449.683.599
it yeah they won't attack us in here11451.683.04
it's all right i can hit it from here11453.2793.281
and i have been come on come on baby11454.723.84
come here come on it's a little little11456.564.56
high a little high oh11458.564.4
yeah yeah he hits hard i was playing a11461.123.44
different game earlier and now i'm11462.963.92
so where are those guys gonna spawn back11483.044.56
at i wonder11484.962.64
how'd you die simon i think i ran into11489.24.88
the fire i got hit first that i had 5011491.524.48
health and then i i don't know how the11494.085.359
fire got me down to zero11496.06.399
yeah i got nailed by uh a brute yeah11499.4395.04
okay so all right we got decisions to11502.3994.641
make we need to get back to them damn it11504.4794.481
it's getting dark which means yeah being11507.043.84
in the black forest while it's dark is11508.963.359
not a good thing are there any branches11510.883.68
down here if i can make a hammer i can11512.3194.881
go ahead and break our portal here down11514.564.24
oh really wait11517.24.079
why is our portal are you working okay11518.84.0
yeah so our portal is still working11521.2793.601
which is good so that leads back home11522.83.36
all right tell you what i'm gonna go11524.883.439
back home real quick and get something11526.164.64
to break this portal down and then we'll11528.3195.521
we're going to uh run back to those guys11530.84.4
and we can get our stuff because it11533.843.2
doesn't disappear yeah we can get our11535.23.039
stuff we should be able to get our stuff11537.043.6
no problem yeah cause i got strawberries11538.2393.921
and [ __ ] in there you know who's this11540.644.88
who is this ames how did you die uh11542.164.72
chopping a tree11545.524.48
and a troll was helping me chop it and i11546.884.399
died oh11550.02.88
all right you want to go home and get11551.2792.481
some stuff11552.886.599
me i saw neebs i saw neebs trying to11582.05.12
fight a troll or something i'm like what11584.883.519
are you doing he's like fighting him11587.123.44
with a twig i thought we had like one11588.3993.121
to take out the spawner thing i ran out11591.523.759
of arrows yeah and then neebs is over11593.523.52
there dancing with the troll11595.2793.04
we're down to man simon's the big11599.3594.161
mystery here huh look at that what do11601.3594.88
you what do you think killed him uh fire11603.524.56
okay right right yep so not a mystery11606.2395.521
okay yeah yeah um11608.085.04
i don't know whether to11611.763.2
like i've got the stuff for a portal so11613.124.48
i can build a portal yeah oh11614.965.12
my concern is that it's dark and that11617.65.679
these idiots out here can come over and11620.084.56
tear everything down if we're not11623.2794.641
careful yeah but we're oh yeah11624.645.759
wait until morning wait till morning11627.925.04
and find the others okay okay that11630.3996.361
sounds like a sound plan11632.963.8
all right neebs i think i got everything11637.124.239
i think i might go through this portal11639.3593.681
break the one down on the other side and11641.3593.201
then try to get back to door and thick11643.042.399
gut speed yeah yeah you you guys will be11645.4394.241
okay here i mean i got no else all right11647.683.759
well i tell you what why don't you gear11649.682.799
back up11651.4393.441
food we need food uh i had food in my11652.4794.161
house it's been picked over my place is11654.883.599
picked over i can't even build an axe i11656.644.0
know yeah it it it's tough living with11658.4795.041
moochers wow all right so i'm going to11660.644.48
head head back11663.523.919
so uh yeah good luck good luck good luck11665.123.52
to you11667.4394.081
hey neebs yeah you really like they11668.644.32
picked you clean like they took11671.522.879
everything because i didn't do any of11672.963.04
that nonsense11674.3995.84
okay i believe you no god11676.05.68
who's attacking the boat hey get away11680.2393.521
from the boat11681.684.48
[ __ ] that oh god oh god he hit me he hit11683.764.4
me he hit me what is why is he dodging11686.163.84
this game oh god get in here get it out11688.163.04
close door11690.03.279
all available going for it going for it11705.522.94
going for it11707.3595.251
all right11717.4394.081
let's see uh we've got this shitty11719.2794.721
little shack here yeah hopefully we can11721.524.16
repair we can do11724.03.76
something we'll run if it's even if it's11725.684.48
wrong i'm not complaining but why why'd11727.763.12
face it out away from i don't know i it11730.885.68
was hastily made ah obviously yes okay11733.3595.281
no i'm not guys hey11736.564.64
hey all right i got the portal stuff oh11738.644.08
awesome but that's gonna be great all11741.22.8
right where are you putting that you11742.722.8
want to face it11744.04.08
face it away face one way nothing no no11745.524.48
go ahead no yeah we just wanted to be uh11748.083.279
yeah we just wanted to be close to this11750.02.8
guy oh there's my stuff hold on let me11751.3593.12
get my let me get my other stuff back11752.83.12
boom okay11754.4793.601
that one strawberry from your one straw11755.924.08
oh thank you yeah somebody's been11758.083.92
picking over my food one strawberry it11760.02.96
was one11762.02.64
all right i'm just gonna put it right11762.964.64
right there perfect all right11764.645.92
there look at that mm-hmm that's right11767.64.879
drippy sweaty look right now i think if11770.565.44
i name it home h-o-m-e you're a drippy11772.4795.441
sweaty [ __ ] right now home says it's11776.04.88
unconnected there it is okay all right11777.925.439
nice okay oh all right i need to11780.885.12
organize my [ __ ] yeah all right well all11783.3594.241
right now we have easy access to the11786.04.0
trader yeah awesome yeah beautiful well11787.64.32
done good to see you thank you thanks11790.04.56
for the strawberry11791.922.64
it's a nice fire you got going there can11796.3994.561
you spare a little bit of meat yeah you11798.963.68
should sit down too that's how you rest11800.964.08
come sit on this rug before you go back11802.644.639
over there am i did i make the rug uh11805.043.52
did you make it11807.2793.2
no i mean i i don't know if i was11808.564.24
sitting on it yeah okay now i'm on it11810.4794.401
okay it should say resting like when you11812.84.8
sit down and it says resting oh well if11814.884.399
i don't see that yet that's advanced11817.64.0
stuff oh there they go they're ready oh11819.2793.361
pick them up come on grab them it's not11822.643.92
grabbing them don't let me grab them can11824.883.92
can you grab those oh there it is yeah i11826.564.96
always hit like e i think did you did11828.83.599
you get one11831.523.759
uh i did get one thank you11832.3994.08
so look11835.2793.361
this thing just kind of lit up um maybe11836.4795.121
they got it switched okay yes definitely11838.644.56
because our stuff is on the other side11841.63.52
right hopefully yeah i guess i should go11843.24.8
too yeah yeah come on11845.125.18
big money big big big money11848.04.88
what are you doing oh [ __ ] okay11852.884.559
that's something to come into11855.4394.561
wow oh damn it i just burped myself11857.4394.0
three times in a row that's not good11860.03.68
that's a fire back get back11861.4393.361
we're summoning let us regroup [ __ ]11864.84.16
fire god damn11866.884.559
i love it the first time when you're11871.844.8
here yes i'm here you got your stuff no11873.924.319
right here my stuff i don't have my11876.643.52
stuff do where's my stuff that you said11878.2393.921
it's right here oh yeah yeah yeah right11880.164.72
beside the fire of course it is11882.164.56
all right just gotta step into it11884.884.32
yep jeez i'm gonna go see if the troll11886.724.0
still has my thing so i'll be back all11889.23.199
right you need protection neebs looks11890.723.759
pretty clear okay good luck don't really11892.3994.481
need this i had nothing to lose11894.4795.361
trolls coming oh how do i grab it's been11896.886.16
a while just hit hey hey charles leaving11899.844.88
good bye11903.042.8
if you put more stuff into your11904.722.639
inventory it won't take it you have to11905.842.72
take all or you have to organize your11907.3593.281
inventory names it's control right there11908.565.12
should be a take all button11910.643.04
never mind probably it probably says11913.843.68
take off that's what gave it away yeah i11915.683.04
know that did it11917.524.879
hey you guys see any berries around here11918.725.28
hey come on11922.3993.681
who do i gotta blow to get some berries11924.05.359
huh any of us really oh wow that's you11926.085.44
answer too quickly11929.3593.681
hey thick yeah11931.523.44
you want to work on making some uh some11933.043.6
walls around this area because yeah11934.963.519
these damn gray doors just keep coming11936.643.36
in yeah i know11938.4793.601
hey you want me to go uh back to our old11940.04.0
home and grab some wood yeah if you want11942.083.44
to nibs yeah he'll thick with the wall11944.02.56
because yeah we need to get a wall11945.523.44
around this place like tomorrow11946.564.08
yeah i can go with him11948.963.519
okay getting wood11950.642.719
yeah i know it's probably a bad idea but11953.3595.92
i really want to go get my bronze axe11956.3197.281
oh over in that uh plains region yeah ah11959.2795.601
man i11963.63.04
i'm pretty sure you do it but that's11964.883.68
gonna have to be a grab and go yeah i11966.643.839
don't i don't i don't want anybody to11968.563.839
help me doing it because you know the11970.4794.88
whole thick thing and i get blamed11972.3994.88
well it's true that's true but if you if11975.3593.841
they go i would do this yeah your11977.2793.281
stuff's there too and that's right i11979.22.56
mean you had some good stuff too didn't11980.562.799
you simon yes11981.764.479
vic i would go with you because my sword11983.3595.201
that you gave me is there right yeah11986.2394.24
well i don't of course know where it is11988.563.6
but i'll go with you just because what11990.4793.361
the hell let me just get rid of whatever11992.164.0
stuff i might want to keep just a couple11993.844.0
things baby well yeah why don't you two11996.164.079
do uh go together on that come on why11997.843.92
not come me and you12000.2393.521
i'm you're practically alone if i come12001.764.88
well the only problem is is that do you12003.764.719
do you see a skull and crossbones on the12006.643.92
map oh no i'm gonna i'm gonna have to12008.4794.641
run across it probably okay yep that's12010.564.08
gonna be well you can just come for the12013.122.4
yeah let me just don't [ __ ] and i'll do12015.524.24
it no pro of course not you promised12017.124.239
thank you neebs you know what screw it12019.764.32
i'm just going uh i got nowhere to go12021.3594.96
i'm thick i'm right behind you buddy12024.085.04
probably gonna die of course of course12026.3194.401
we're probably gonna die isn't that12029.123.199
that's like my middle name it's really12030.722.96
long middle name we're probably gonna12032.3192.241
a lot of words three words there's12034.565.0
this is a bad idea there's a lot of12075.843.76
people right now being like man just12077.3595.441
forget it no why forget it so why forget12079.64.719
it when you know what because it's12082.82.8
it's who cares if it's dangerous look12085.63.52
i'm gonna eat a berry i'm gonna have a12087.23.76
little bit of meat12089.124.239
and and i'm gonna get ready to kick some12090.964.479
ass and so are you buddy that's what's12093.3594.0
gonna happen don't go into this with a12095.4393.601
negative attitude go into it with a12097.3593.441
positive attitude buddy12099.044.08
how about this is there a massage button12100.84.639
can i give you a little parlor12103.123.359
no i would give you a massage but if we12107.3593.521
wanted to go to a massage probably you12109.2793.281
know i recently got a massage he was12110.885.519
very nice yeah yes and he was quite12112.565.28
you know i bet i bet doraleous gives a12117.845.36
mean massage oh wouldn't you love to12120.884.24
have those big slabs of meat on your12123.24.159
those rib eyes just smacking away12127.3594.321
at my back12130.3993.201
having those chicken fingers all over12131.684.24
your [ __ ] back that would be so nice12133.63.93
yeah yeah12135.923.2
i think i'm one oh god what's all right12139.124.88
okay so this is we're moving12141.3594.321
simon there's the peninsula right12144.04.08
peninsula is like uh i think it's in my12145.684.32
grave oh you're great oh well that's12148.083.76
good i was forgetting what a peninsula12150.05.04
was uh are you on the coast uh because i12151.845.68
see the coast i know but i is your body12155.043.84
on the coast because i could see a12157.523.68
little thing at the at like right on the12158.884.64
edge of the water that looks like it's12161.24.88
uh you know a dead body so if that's not12163.524.08
you maybe it's me12166.082.319
it'll have our names on it i know i like12168.3994.96
that that makes things easier12170.885.439
but we are going to have to do this fast12173.3595.92
dude i see three i see three bodies12176.3194.721
right in front of me of course we got to12179.2794.401
do this fast all right so listen i could12181.045.04
take my hand off this raise this uh12183.683.759
you're gonna get real close right with12186.082.72
the boat it's close enough that we can12187.4394.081
jump on it [ __ ] turn okay it's okay12188.84.639
you're doing good look at this you're12191.523.28
gonna be able to see12193.4394.241
bodies right away like i could see uh i12194.84.479
could see practically name right there12197.683.759
that's neaves isn't it oh i see i see an12199.2793.841
[ __ ] out there12201.4394.321
yeah that's that's a neebs12203.124.4
i see simon now i don't know if that's12205.764.0
my did we go back and try to get turned12207.523.919
turn turn12209.764.0
turn you know what forget this uh forget12211.4394.481
this [ __ ] uh what do you call the12213.764.4
sale forget the sale we're done okay12215.923.6
here we go here we go12218.162.88
getting off getting off oh [ __ ] all12219.524.24
right i'm getting on 44. come on baby12221.044.72
come on baby take all tickle where's12223.764.4
take all i forget where it is [ __ ] take12225.765.519
all bam and sword you take the sword12228.165.44
that's the most important thing12231.2794.96
[ __ ] oh god12233.64.799
no no no12236.2394.721
you do it12238.3992.561
don't die12242.02.64
oh god i'm so tired i can't even get on12244.964.16
the boat12248.02.96
please please12249.124.239
oh god thick12250.964.96
thick are you are you are you dead12253.3594.401
i can't even use the rudder12255.923.519
all right all right all right all right12257.763.44
you're carrying too much stuff all right12259.4393.361
carrying too much stuff let's get rid of12261.22.8
some [ __ ]12262.83.599
mushrooms i haven't eaten you in a while12264.04.8
okay keep the bronze that's good we got12266.3994.241
some berries what else is this a gray12268.84.0
dwarf eye screw that [ __ ]12270.644.32
some bones that's probably good why the12272.84.96
hell can i freaking uh let's take some12274.966.0
rock forget the rock i got two hammers12277.765.2
i got two of these outfits12280.963.84
let's combine that [ __ ]12282.964.08
let's just drop it come on there we go12284.84.08
use rudder hey12287.043.279
it's working12288.883.28
okay come on can i back up let's see12290.3193.281
what thick was talking about it sounds12292.162.88
like it was a nightmare to drive this12293.62.639
thing let's see12295.042.48
come on12296.2392.321
i'm just screaming at your body but look12298.564.08
man it wasn't that hard to figure out12301.043.439
how to drive this boat12302.644.24
unless oh now it won't now that now the12304.4794.8
thing won't go down now i feel you12306.885.28
give me oh12309.2792.881
come on baby12312.3992.88
come on12313.686.0
i'm the master sailor yes i am12315.2798.481
my name is simon and i'm the man12319.688.08
i'm the man who's in the sailboat now12323.766.24
that's the end of the rhyme because i12327.765.2
don't know what else to say12330.04.47
[ __ ] wind12338.563.4
damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it12355.925.12
i'll show you there yeah i'm in this12359.044.08
house man i've really bit off more than12361.044.56
i can chew with this thing so12363.123.6
what's wrong12365.63.36
uh man well one i built this thing at a12366.724.8
such a stupid angle too like i'm having12368.964.64
trouble with the weight you know what12371.524.0
it's it's okay to just start over12373.63.36
sometimes didn't it i thought we were12375.523.52
like uh why are you here i thought you12376.963.6
were doing the thing out by the traitor12379.043.199
you doing collapse what thing got by the12380.563.36
trailer flaps on me you were building a12382.2392.881
base what do you mean what thinking12383.923.439
about the traitor the traitor no yeah12385.123.6
thing i don't understand what you mean12387.3593.361
by things we're building by the trailer12388.723.519
that's yeah that's done yeah we got a12390.723.04
little base out there with the portal in12392.2393.281
it that's fine12393.763.76
okay but yeah now i want to do this12395.523.759
whole thing like yeah again bit off way12397.523.36
more than i can try i tried to make this12399.2793.681
thing too damn big yeah okay yeah i'm12400.883.599
just you know i'm just gonna like12402.963.92
rebuild this thing and try to do it in a12404.4793.92
decent manner yeah i'm just trying to12406.883.519
make a boat oh yeah how's that going12408.3993.441
well i made pants12410.3992.96
okay well hey pants aren't bad that's12411.843.439
not a bad start yeah so now it's shirt12413.3594.241
or bow i'm gonna pick bo12415.2794.16
yeah i'd pick bo because then you know12417.63.759
you could use your bow to kill more12419.4394.321
things and get more you know fur all12421.3595.361
that good stuff yep to get a shirt yeah12423.764.4
okay this thing should break apart12426.725.95
pretty well okay yeah it's going12428.166.4
okay gonna have a lot of wood around12434.563.04
here i'll tell you that we're gonna have12436.04.319
plenty to rebuild that's right things12437.63.839
are looking up12440.3193.12
i'm gonna go try to make a bow all right12441.4393.84
sounds good sounds good i'm gonna like12443.4393.761
build a house that's not so damn crazy12445.2795.12
good luck with that thank you12447.23.199
don't get too close to the poor are12452.2393.521
those guys coming back or something's12453.843.519
getting stops picking up stuff around12455.762.4
you know just been here a long time i12458.163.04
think i picked up almost everything12459.843.519
around you know what screw it i saw this12461.23.119
over here12463.3592.96
where was that thing there you are up12464.3195.281
here okay day 123 good job bus12466.3194.641
all right12469.64.0
rest get that stamina oh12470.965.6
crack the back there we go12473.65.52
all right not probably the best idea12476.564.879
sure no probably no12479.124.72
i can't oh mushrooms is always a good12481.4393.761
idea though12483.843.28
yellow ones love that okay12487.126.56
are you what is that12491.764.08
what is this nothing what is this over12493.683.12
who are you even wow oh [ __ ] okay okay12496.85.2
yeah yeah we saw that coming right okay12499.844.559
we saw that okay do i just get out12502.04.08
i probably just go out because i wasn't12504.3994.0
here we go back in12510.965.519
i seize you12513.925.2
i seen you oh where you going where you12516.4794.8
going where you going i got you come on12519.123.76
come on come on come on12521.2794.241
oh oh oh nope nope12522.885.84
excuse me excuse me pardon me oh i got12525.526.0
you come on come on you guys are wildly12528.724.88
little sons [ __ ] yeah i got you there12531.522.959
there's a lot of fire in here12534.4794.721
um coming back come on back come on back12537.043.92
let me time it perfect yeah that's how12539.23.68
you time it perfect they don't get me up12540.963.92
here huh it's kind of a12542.883.599
loophole i would imagine12544.884.399
i like that i like loopholes12546.4794.401
suck it you sucker12550.883.2
okay little by little it doesn't look12554.084.76
goodbye and goodbye12558.845.0
that's how you gain12563.842.73
oh these are the thingy things12567.924.0
that's money12570.724.639
jewels man okay i'm glad i came by i'm12571.924.96
glad i came by i'm just gonna i'm not12575.3592.641
gonna go12576.884.32
register register location okay register12578.05.279
i don't know okay great what does that12581.22.88
certainly core ruby12584.084.48
certainly core don't mind if i do12586.2393.841
coins thank you12588.563.52
freaking expert certainly core i'll take12590.083.359
certainly certainly12593.4393.441
my spirit is nearly broken12600.165.84
but i think i can do this12602.723.28
i know what drug addicts feel like12606.2396.24
got to get my stuff got to get my stuff12608.3994.08
okay just watch out for mosquitoes12614.086.88
leave this thing running12618.964.399
jump in jump out12620.964.8
i feel like i see12623.3595.761
[ __ ] mosquitoes right around my12625.765.12
stupid dead body12629.123.44
but if i turn this way12630.883.359
if i turn this way12632.563.919
man i am a fast12634.2393.521
oh god it's just hovering over my grave12637.765.2
[ __ ] [ __ ]12641.4393.281
guy see me12642.964.479
okay okay12644.724.48
i can't tell12647.4394.721
oh god okay okay just12649.24.72
i i have to be patient12652.164.96
just maybe did it go away12653.925.68
maybe it went away12657.125.119
adam's recovered12659.65.679
okay okay okay12662.2393.04
i'm in the water i'm in the water12666.883.96
how can you get underwater you're12672.83.92
go god get okay get get in nope oh my12676.726.08
god just12681.3594.0
just stay alive stay alive pick 44. you12682.83.679
have this12685.3595.281
man versus mosquito down how are you12686.4796.321
okay use12690.646.719
use go go go go go go12692.84.559
go come on12698.846.84
i know i have it i've got the bronze axe12701.4397.361
this guy cannot12705.683.12
later loser12710.4794.681
i just dropped my headset12720.4795.361
oh god12723.2795.561
oh my god12732.83.28
that's pretty awesome that's pretty12736.645.639
awesome i'm done12738.563.719
hey boys12745.63.679
oh hey hey what's up12747.24.079
you guys just uh relaxing by the fire12749.2794.16
yeah yeah yeah cause it's not it's not12751.2794.561
the planes you know right uh hey anyone12753.4394.161
want to see the new digs oh yeah yeah of12755.843.92
course yep yeah all right yeah yeah yeah12757.63.36
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah12759.763.28
come on follow me is that closed what's12760.964.479
next it didn't sound like clothes digs12763.044.399
or clothes and i was admiring just how12765.4394.88
you looked in general follow thor yeah12767.4394.161
all right so check it out i know you12770.3192.721
guys were hanging around about around12771.63.28
that campfire that's cool at all but12773.044.0
i've made this nice little nook over12774.883.68
here yeah12777.043.279
we got this campfire it's got a good12778.563.759
amount of shelter we can put like a12780.3194.401
workbench over here12782.3195.92
okay taking the blacksmith bench so big12784.725.599
discuss this diggs thing right yeah yeah12788.2395.12
yeah so or digs digs or uh12790.3194.641
what we think right oh yeah i don't12793.3593.681
think it comes down to like a12794.964.16
building structure anything right okay12797.044.48
clothes it's not like uh living space12799.124.64
digs no one's used to it's always nice12801.524.16
that's right okay well i was wrong that12803.764.639
my bad looked my new digs okay so we12805.683.84
cleared that up12808.3991.92
learning this is great okay good could12810.3193.521
also be an insult12812.2393.841
well i mean like a dig these are my new12813.844.639
you're ugly but that's not how you'd12819.763.76
ever do it though you wouldn't say12821.63.52
that that would that wasn't a berm12823.524.08
absolutely what a dumb shield yeah ooh12825.124.56
nice dig to raleigh i got my new digs12827.64.719
yeah that's it no you got your new digs12829.683.92
that doesn't work like that all right12832.3193.201
well listen i left my digs back at that12833.63.679
island uh where i got killed by a12835.524.16
mosquito can somebody come with me i12837.2793.761
want to get my12839.684.639
my pickaxe back my antler acts okay i'll12841.045.84
i'll join you on that oh god two planes12844.3194.881
okay okay yeah you know what i should go12846.884.479
i should go you should you're the yeah12849.24.56
the knowed one the learned the the12851.3595.601
knowledge you're the wise one mm-hmm12853.764.719
all right you want to join us on that12856.964.08
might as well i've been there simon okay12858.4795.441
what's it simon and i will what no no no12861.044.96
go go into dungeons uh fight skeletons12863.924.24
okay we need gold we need gold okay12866.03.92
there is this one uh we can clear out12868.163.76
this one dungeon by the trader simon if12869.924.24
you're down for that i'm down with12871.925.439
dungeon clearing yeah12874.168.04
you dig i dig it eggs12877.3594.841
i dig it good for you12884.23927.601
there's a mosquitoes right there oh boy12913.25.6
get out of speedos uh yeah i see him12916.164.64
okay i'm gonna get away get away all12918.83.04
right i'm doing it i'm doing it we're12920.83.599
gonna avoid those suckers okay thick you12921.844.16
uh i i didn't come out here with you12924.3993.201
guys but i'm driving the boats you're12926.02.72
gonna have to kind of point me in the12927.62.719
direction i need to go yeah just follow12928.722.719
the coast12930.3193.601
and i will tell you exactly where my12931.4395.601
skull and bones are oh boy12933.925.2
did y'all bring your good stuff huh you12937.043.279
guys you guys are wearing your good12939.123.04
stuff well i'm not planning on getting12940.3192.721
this is going to be a drive-by this is12943.043.199
going to be a drop-off for you [ __ ] and12944.563.6
you come you come back to the boat i12946.2394.16
plan on it either but it happened i got12948.164.64
pretty much everything that i need12950.3995.441
i've almost got everything that i had so12952.84.88
it's just like golden rubies that i12955.844.639
don't okay if if they get after me12957.686.0
i'll run and you grab my antler pick12960.4796.241
and my copper hat okay pick copperheads12963.684.799
all right swing along12966.724.0
right a little bit yep swing right12968.4794.401
right so there we go there you go yeah12970.724.08
we're fine is it on uh12972.883.68
yeah directly ahead of us yep on the12974.83.76
peninsula ahead of us12976.564.0
okay cool cool cool keep an eye out for12978.563.52
those mosquitoes because sometimes12980.563.12
they'll just float and you can hit them12982.082.88
from a good distance with a bow and12983.683.44
arrow okay so if we see any mosquitoes12984.963.84
we can try to kill them before we even12987.123.6
like even attempt to go on land you know12988.83.28
what i mean i didn't bring one of those12990.722.88
okay i have one of those i didn't want12992.083.44
to lose it i understand this peninsula12993.63.759
up here nick yep12995.524.24
oh there's the other boat oh god yeah12997.3594.801
the other boat we'll take two boats back12999.764.559
yeah okay all right i'm slowing down13002.164.56
we're gonna take this nice and easy yeah13004.3194.16
i do see mosquitoes out there by those13006.724.0
big uh woolly things all right all right13008.4795.041
tell you what oh [ __ ] it's all wavy okay13010.726.0
oh yeah i see you guys stuff yeah13013.525.04
and the mosquitoes let's see all right13016.724.0
where are these mosquitoes at uh13018.564.4
it was science i didn't know if i could13022.964.72
fight mosquitoes from right here13024.565.919
i'm looking i see mosquitoes here13027.685.599
yeah he's got those things yeah he's i13030.4794.481
hate to take a shot only because i don't13033.2792.881
want to hit one of those woolly things13034.962.88
we pissed those guys off that's going to13036.162.96
be bad you want to get when we go13037.843.2
straight for the tombstones i'll jump13039.124.08
out first i'll get everybody's attention13041.044.239
and i'll just run and you guys clean up13043.23.92
everything tell you what yeah i think13045.2793.521
you guys can make it to shore from here13047.123.44
really we'll be out of stay when we get13048.83.36
there we'll check it out have a little13050.563.52
stamina baby yeah13052.164.239
yeah all right all right all right doing13054.084.239
it yeah do it just don't uh don't hold13056.3994.561
shift and swim just swim normal okay13058.3194.641
here we go uh bam13060.963.519
regular swim13062.963.6
should i go get my stuff absorb in the13064.4794.161
water and then get on the other boat is13066.563.679
that a bad idea yeah oh yeah you13068.642.96
absolutely should thought we were going13070.2393.281
together yeah my stuff's in the water13071.64.56
neebs oh really okay uh i'm almost to my13073.523.839
my stuff13076.163.92
floating oh man i see i see squido's i13077.3594.641
got it i got it you get your [ __ ] all13080.084.399
right get back come on get get get back13082.04.56
into the boat come on stamina all right13084.4793.681
you guys are clear right now i don't see13086.563.919
any mosquitoes okay can you swim back to13088.164.079
the boat neebs i just want to rest up13090.4793.681
and here we go13092.2394.0
i'm coming all right come to my boat got13094.164.0
a ladder right here right here yeah yeah13096.2394.24
dick do you get your stuff i did yeah13098.163.92
okay did you leave some stuff in there i13100.4793.361
still see your gravestone but i don't i13102.082.76
don't need it13103.842.639
let's get the [ __ ] out of here there it13106.4796.081
is my copperhead13109.4393.121
how do i how do i go oh god dick uh all13112.964.239
right thick let me teach you how to13116.162.72
drive this thing you see the wheel right13117.1994.0
yeah if you hit up you'll see like three13118.884.24
arrows here we go that's like that's13121.1993.681
like full speed and if you tap down the13123.124.079
arrows go away to practically nothing13124.884.64
then you can also tap uh s again you'll13127.1993.921
see one arrow pointing down that's you13129.523.919
know paddle backwards so13131.123.68
just tap w13133.4393.76
just tap w tap w thick there you go now13134.83.92
you yeah you're going to open your sails13137.1993.521
yeah and oh [ __ ] we're against the wind13138.723.44
tell you what let's take ourselves out13140.723.679
into the god we're surrounded by planes13142.165.52
this sucks come on13144.3994.88
yeah you can turn you should be able to13147.684.559
turn out to see come on let's go outside13149.2795.2
come on think follow me baby i'm trying13152.2394.96
oh my god wow what the hell why can't i13154.4795.521
move i don't i don't know13157.1994.401
this can't be easy for him absolutely13160.02.72
there's no one in the boat for him to13161.62.08
oh god damn you needs13163.684.96
wait wait w man just tap w you get those13165.685.2
three arrows that's full speed once you13168.644.48
get full speed uh you see a little icon13170.883.76
on the right that's your boat and you13173.123.92
want to like put your icon into the wind13174.644.719
look i'm i'm finally moving all right13177.045.439
now tap www open those sails baby open13179.3595.04
them sails yeah there you go yeah open13182.4794.161
them sails up13184.3994.0
catching the wind13186.643.52
all right there you go there you go now13188.3993.201
you move whoo13190.164.72
okay oh wow i got my gold i got certain13191.66.08
cores yeah the other stuff was just13194.885.359
general [ __ ] all right you with me yes13197.684.24
okay okay now all right we're gonna go13201.923.68
back to base we're gonna stay far13204.083.359
offshore from the planes of course we're13205.64.0
going into the [ __ ] wind so you know13207.4394.081
what it's actually easy or thick if you13209.63.759
uh just get rid of all your arrows and13211.523.919
just have the one arrow hey is your13213.3593.761
paddle moving yeah yeah your paddle13215.4393.281
moving all right i got one arrow13217.123.359
pointing up13218.724.559
adventure no mosquitoes oh and hey we13220.4794.241
got the wind on her side open her up13223.2794.161
thick yep13224.725.849
simon yeah so i got some of those uh13232.886.479
servicer cores uh and a few other oh13236.05.199
hey hey how you doing aydah hey what's13239.3593.761
up chillin ben's at just chills right13241.1994.321
there anyway wow uh one time but you've13243.124.0
been in these and i just know that i13245.523.2
didn't clear out everything so we could13247.123.279
probably make sure that it's cleared13248.723.519
okay you know some skeletons lurking13250.3994.8
around corners and such yep13252.2395.04
and then reset now i don't know but we13255.1993.761
might find some gold though because13257.2792.721
where that's what we're supposed to be13258.963.6
doing yeah all those kind of things so i13260.04.319
don't know i think i went down this way13262.563.44
i think i went mostly this way i don't13264.3194.401
even remember but well you got the sword13266.05.52
okay so i'll lead the way yeah why not13268.724.24
and then we'll just fall back and deal13271.523.759
with it as a i do know this every time i13272.964.0
was getting attacked and was overwhelmed13275.2793.841
i just ran back to that entrance and13276.963.439
they weren't coming all the way up the13279.123.92
entrance look mushrooms by the way yeah13280.3995.441
that's cool all right and let's see we13283.044.8
seem pretty clear let's go ahead and13285.843.76
open the chest picking up the damn13287.843.76
mushrooms i mean all right we got some13289.65.12
uh arrows see i don't have i've got some13291.65.44
gold got some gold oh good i'd like a13294.724.0
bow and arrow i don't i've never have13297.043.439
enough to make it even as simple as it13298.724.24
is we'll take care of that um but in the13300.4793.92
meantime you've got13302.964.0
a sweet sword i do no you're right about13304.3993.521
here's a13306.963.92
certain core that's cool okay some bones13307.925.279
are probably good skeleton remains oh13310.884.08
yeah those are really nice things sure13313.1994.24
yeah man this is cakewalk so far look at13314.963.92
this what is this amber yeah i'll get13317.4393.04
the amber yeah why wouldn't you get the13318.883.2
amber it's so pretty13320.4793.281
you got room for amber you put the amber13322.083.44
in your pocket get it you put it in your13323.765.12
pocket and you thank the lord that you13325.525.6
there's going to be an attack guaranteed13334.4794.161
behind one of these two doors okay well13336.4794.561
if there is hold on let me let me let me13338.644.559
food up here silly me i didn't even do13341.044.239
that it's a good good time to food up oh13343.1994.961
look at this there's some amber oh my13345.2794.721
goodness you could make a necklace with13348.164.079
that and sell it at a flea market for a13350.06.319
good good price sold all right you ready13352.2396.881
sam my health is a horizon but i'm13356.3194.641
willing to go oh do you have the option13359.124.239
to hit the button that makes you extra13360.965.359
powerful i could oh do we do that now13363.3594.241
and yeah yeah13366.3193.201
i think i think just one of us has to is13367.65.759
it f hold down f all right you did it13369.524.879
by the power of required yeah didn't13374.3997.521
seem to do anything for me yeah sure13377.764.16
oh i need that light nothing oh this is13383.124.72
like oh perfect absolutely nothing going13385.684.24
on here yeah there's there's a yellow13387.844.88
mushroom and this is a yep there's13389.924.479
nothing can you jump it doesn't look13392.723.36
like all right13394.3996.361
hey by the power eek fours13396.084.68
got all your stuff back on neebs how you13411.763.12
doing i'm good i was looking for13413.522.64
somewhere to store something but13414.883.76
whatever okay make a storage box yeah13416.163.76
you can make a storage box right you got13418.642.96
any wood the man won't hold anybody up13419.923.6
or what's the plan well wow i'm not13421.63.28
going out here in the middle of the13423.523.04
night oh you've been in the dark forest13424.883.68
at night you know how stupid that is so13426.563.36
what is this just us sitting around the13428.563.2
camp talking yeah but we planned how13429.924.16
about we plan for tomorrow ah sounds13431.763.92
like talking to me it does sound like13434.082.8
talking but hey it's kind of what you13435.682.559
have to do in a game like this yeah what13436.883.04
you want to do tomorrow well here's my13438.2394.08
proposal we got these two boats we got a13439.924.88
whole black forest in front of us13442.3195.12
probably full of tin and copper13444.85.04
i say we go out get as much tin and13447.4394.401
copper as we possibly can we throw it13449.843.599
all in the boats and we sail at home13451.843.68
that's a good plan yeah all right and13453.4394.241
then we all get copper uh stuff copper13455.524.879
chest plate yeah exactly copper i think13457.685.44
it's pronounced queerest queer ass um13460.3994.481
never heard that it's like what's so13463.124.64
it's like spelt c-u-r-i-a-s13464.885.2
something looks like it's spelt curious13467.763.679
i think it's actually pronounced queer13470.084.08
ass okay oh okay we just see if it's13471.4394.88
like i think it's curious13474.164.159
for that yeah let's just call it curious13476.3194.08
to avoid curious yeah we'll get our13478.3193.761
curious armor on but we'll do that in13480.3993.761
the morning sounds good all right right13482.085.68
now i'm on guard duty to your garden sit13484.164.8
down duty13487.762.96
big day tomorrow lots of copper13488.966.399
harvested and queer ass i mean curious13490.724.639
simon yeah you want to just kind of like13496.3994.08
i don't know check your inventory make13499.042.64
sure you can run in like a certain13500.4792.641
direction we just kind of like explore13501.683.2
one direction just a little ways just a13503.123.199
little ways just13504.883.92
check my inventory like i've got one two13506.3194.721
three four five six seven spots13508.84.399
available yeah but maybe like don't13511.042.96
maybe don't have your sword i don't know13514.03.52
we don't want to lose the sword out13516.164.72
there how close how close is it like oh13517.525.759
like like like it's like a quick little13520.884.8
peekaboo ski like this whole you think13523.2794.561
this whole uh all right so13525.684.24
you think we'll get there uh like let's13527.844.24
see very quickly let's try it i've gotta13529.923.6
look over this hill look at that i'm13532.083.84
looking for the oh my god look at that13533.525.36
yeah oh swamps don't look good huh no13535.924.8
they don't that does not look like a13538.884.479
happy place for for me to go yeah so13540.724.639
that's not the answer13543.3594.321
no this way bring us though maybe a13545.3595.12
little like we haven't been13547.685.28
passed up where we were13550.4794.321
kind of just were in that one place or13552.963.439
at least we haven't we can kind of go13554.83.2
that direction or follow well that swamp13556.3994.321
edge uh yeah that that one place i13558.05.52
remember that distinctly yeah13560.724.8
right the one we were just in13563.523.919
moments ago13565.524.48
the last time we were together in a13567.4394.321
a little dungeony cave thing you know13570.04.319
what i mean you know what i'm sorry but13571.764.4
what i want to have is just i want to13574.3193.601
live in the woods like this this is13576.164.079
where i want to live13577.924.16
i can smell the can you don't you can13580.2394.0
almost smell it i could smell what can i13582.084.399
smell what can you smell this mossy13584.2394.641
mossiness like the whole yeah i love it13586.4796.161
smell it i love it i want to be here and13588.885.12
the fact that you're running away and13592.642.88
trying to make me live in a place that13594.03.84
looks like hell like that over there13595.524.4
is not good i was trying to explore i13597.843.519
don't want to live there nothing like13599.923.84
that it's been an unusually quiet hasn't13601.3595.04
it oh my god so quiet13603.764.24
and this is beautiful13606.3992.88
holy [ __ ]13608.03.12
it hasn't been quiet though because you13609.2793.841
won't shut up that's a good point that's13611.123.84
a good point simon how about we both13613.122.96
look at this13614.963.2
like a ruin thing it's like a ruin thing13616.084.48
is it really let's enjoy it with that13618.164.72
without exactly did we just do a circle13620.564.48
and this is where we just were yep simon13622.885.76
let's go home yep yep yep see you see13625.044.64
mother [ __ ] it's nice to get out every13629.685.36
now and then it's great exercise isn't13632.2395.841
it did you get a power up boostie sure13635.045.439
oh god thick i see that guy that is a13645.4394.96
draugr and yeah you know what up the13648.725.36
hill yeah get away get away get away13650.3993.681
yeah i think yeah um they can hear the13654.3995.441
sound of us picking this copper okay all13657.124.239
right you know what i'm gonna kill that13659.842.479
whoops kill it yep kill the blob kill13662.3193.361
the blob i think we can i think we can13664.3993.761
take the blob okay oh yeah we can13665.684.559
he's got a buddy whoa13668.163.22
he jumped all right13670.2392.561
all right he's down he's down he's down13673.683.2
oh does that drop13675.4392.641
another block you had another blob13676.883.519
coming in yep i just dropped i picked up13678.084.72
a zoos oh yeah yellow blah blues yeah we13680.3994.08
can make it ooze bombs it's not like a13682.82.8
bath bomb13684.4793.521
oh yeah watch out watch out okay yeah13685.65.52
one more good shot two more good shots13688.05.279
bam okay he's yeah he's gone he's gone13691.124.159
ooze huh yeah what can you make out of13693.2792.721
bombs ooze bomb yeah it's almost like a13696.03.76
gas bomb something like that neeps yeah13698.083.119
all right like a bathroom boozers are13699.763.679
made out of can we keep harvesting i13701.1994.321
think so we can't fight that other guy13703.4393.201
we sure can13705.523.44
we might be able to the three of us we13706.644.08
should we probably could but he hits13708.962.8
so i mean you get hit once or twice13711.764.0
you're done maybe i should stay i'll13713.63.759
keep eye out you guys dig you keep eye13715.763.679
you keep eye he's coming13717.3593.92
all right i'll stay quiet13719.4393.521
i don't think he likes this biome i feel13721.2793.12
like he peeks into it then he's like i13722.963.279
gotta run back yeah13724.3993.361
his mom probably when he was little is13726.2393.281
like hey don't go over there that's13727.763.599
where those neebs gaming guys are that's13729.523.679
right nothing but trouble where is he13731.3593.441
names i don't see him he's by the big13733.1994.961
tree you guys want to play ball nobody13734.85.12
likes you draugr13738.163.52
i got a ball13739.924.559
that's his voice yeah hey13741.684.96
uh oh oh [ __ ] i see him he's moving13744.4796.8
faster now he kind of yeah13746.646.96
what if i do this oh boy this is one of13751.2794.321
those yolo plays in it thick's shooting13753.64.08
at him are we shooting at him no what oh13755.63.92
he's got it there's two of them oh no no13757.684.48
no no no no he's got a bow all right all13759.523.6
get the [ __ ] out of here they don't want13763.122.72
to play ball nope follow me follow me13764.162.96
we're going we're going back we're going13765.843.04
back to the base going back to the ship13767.123.6
they're coming they're coming13768.883.68
just keep running just keep running i'm13770.723.04
behind you13772.564.0
you need a elixir thingy13773.765.2
no an13776.562.4
has anyone been into the skeleton castle13785.2794.96
yet um i think i may have that sounds13787.046.359
about right13790.2393.16
all right so simon down13794.4793.281
this way13796.3992.641
it looks like we have it you see those13797.764.16
guys as the sons of [ __ ] up there13799.046.0
yeah yeah yeah i was just eating sorry13801.924.96
so that's okay i see him well there we13805.043.6
go they're here so it's like clear we13806.883.92
have to maybe deal with them but like i13808.643.759
mean we should deal with them here they13810.83.12
go here hey13812.3993.521
don't even start with me yeah they13813.922.88
it totally started yeah i'm trying to13816.84.16
learn how to fight now you know we got13819.043.84
that okay okay yep yep13820.963.84
and i'm trying to do better come on a13822.884.479
little [ __ ]13824.82.559
oh watch your back and then i got this13827.684.24
guy i'll do this this might be the best13829.525.4
where to go13846.4793.361
good job simon that was good let's eat13857.66.08
up mmm eat yummy yummy yeah yeah yeah13859.2796.881
it's getting darker13863.684.16
yeah well that was the end of the scene13866.164.4
so you know13867.842.72
okay perfect yeah we can go in here at13873.63.2
that's a good way to spend the evening13876.83.679
that's a good perspective oh okay13878.3193.681
they're just stopping by oh yeah yeah13880.4792.561
well they're just saying hey we got13882.02.399
these torches out these things these13883.042.96
guys hate fire yeah all right look at13884.3992.641
what's a good weapon for in there or13887.043.439
should i hold torch while you all fight13888.4794.0
yeah you know what your torch boy okay13890.4793.521
let's do it do it13892.4793.361
guys if we can lead them right over to13894.03.6
this step they can't actually hit us13895.843.28
when we're on this13897.62.32
that's right yeah and you got that13899.923.519
hammer thick yep that's good for crowds13901.522.959
all right we're gonna do this kind of13903.4394.321
methodically let's go left okay hello13904.4795.281
i'm gonna go straight i got a shield and13907.765.599
a torch i'm the light man13909.764.88
all right these mushrooms for a little13913.3593.761
while at least until we clear the area13914.644.0
there's nothing in here nothing in here13917.123.119
let's uh all right take a look here13918.643.04
taking the mushrooms these mushrooms are13920.2393.361
good food oh yeah13921.683.04
they glow though you should probably13923.62.56
shouldn't eat things that glow oh no13924.723.2
listen we can mix these guys in we can13926.163.36
make some good shoes good recipe think13927.923.76
of any food that you eat that glows dude13929.523.6
it's a video game shut your ass all13931.683.679
right well oh here we go coming in with13933.124.159
light yeah hit him think13935.3592.801
that thing yeah clears careful careful13938.163.36
he's running yeah he's running he's a13941.522.56
coward all right he's coming back he's13942.963.439
got he's got a bow and arrow yep i just13944.085.119
saw one hit the wall oh god anymore he's13946.3994.241
down he's down i got him yeah i would13949.1993.441
love more light where'd you go well it's13950.643.679
crowded near it now i know it's crowded13952.643.599
here it's a [ __ ] dungeon it's like a13954.3194.321
changing room skeleton deck watch out oh13956.2393.281
get him13958.642.719
yeah yeah that's how it's done nice work13962.564.48
light man13965.3593.84
okay we're going left yep anything down13967.044.08
there thick no it's just remains all13969.1993.761
right just remains hey that's bones we13971.123.84
can use that i picked them up yep i feel13972.963.359
like i feel like the light guy is not13974.962.72
going to get as much credit as the guy's13976.3193.601
swinging you love what you're doing yeah13977.684.08
yeah hey you feel an important role shut13979.922.72
i just want to make sure i'm just as13982.643.679
appreciated great you're doing it oh13983.764.8
sterling chords baby yes this is good13986.3194.561
stuff amber oh we can trade that stuff13988.564.799
for gold at the traders i got a ruby13990.885.76
some amber arrows feathers13993.3594.801
sweet yeah we can sell all that steph13996.643.44
neebs that's good that's good yeah good13998.163.84
[ __ ] that's good [ __ ] all right14000.084.0
yeah let's keep going all three got it14002.03.92
take some monsters just hold the torch14004.083.199
hey yeah you're going to benefit you're14005.924.319
going to benefit yeah14007.2792.96
big guy14010.3993.281
kill it back get back back get back get14011.62.799
oh that's a two-star holy [ __ ] yep holy14014.3995.521
[ __ ] oh god where do i go where do i go14017.685.519
help me out guys i'm lost i'm lost14019.925.12
help me out the light man14023.1993.601
get the hell out of there all right get14025.043.52
him dick i'm brit i'm leading him back14026.82.72
at this wall here14029.522.799
that's right14031.123.199
here take a torch to the face14032.3193.841
all right guys get back to this stuff14034.3193.681
no we're doing it we're doing it my14036.163.92
torch is prepped oh [ __ ] me oh wait14038.03.92
maybe it's not you're the lighting guy14040.084.0
hold on maybe it's not me i thought it14041.925.12
was i can't see a goddamn thing14044.085.199
there's more light over here back up oh14047.043.84
god oh god he hit me all right i'm14049.2793.12
backing up all right we got some light14050.883.12
here yep14052.3993.84
just like that14054.03.68
oh god if i get hit one more time i'm14056.2393.281
done and you gotta go then you get up14057.683.12
here with the torch you're fighting and14059.523.2
running fighting who's got a torch14060.83.76
someone's got a torch right okay i'm14062.725.2
like guy i'm like guy [ __ ]14064.563.36
man i am low man our other light guy was14068.04.08
really good who's the greatest neebs14070.03.359
neebs get up here i don't think i don't14072.082.8
think he can get up here okay he can't14073.3593.281
oh yeah hit him with arrows hit him with14074.882.8
nope not in the face okay where'd he go14077.684.96
there he is there he is light his ass14079.845.519
oh he's squirrely oh yeah you dumb body14082.645.12
[ __ ] come on that's right oh you think14085.3594.161
you're gonna run down the hallway14087.763.28
oh wait we should probably eat right i14089.523.28
mean yeah make sure your health gets14091.042.8
back up14092.83.28
oh yeah he's coming he's coming14093.845.439
mushroom strawberry there we go get him14096.084.48
fixed yeah14099.2792.401
got him all right let's go see what he14101.683.2
was guarding oh he had to be guarding14103.522.4
something good14104.883.92
i bet it was a pair of socks where was14105.924.319
it where was it hope it's not another14108.84.04
skeleton i think it was just a bunch of14110.2394.96
mushrooms oh you kidding me yeah it's a14112.845.24
bunch of goddamn mushrooms hey but that14115.1995.441
was an adventure that was and we we all14118.085.119
survived look at us yes we are prettier14120.644.48
this is better we're getting better14123.1994.561
i think okay okay that's what having a14125.125.52
good light guy does14127.762.88
all right simon14136.084.64
nice little napski and here we go again14138.3194.481
there was that troll we got rid of the14140.724.96
other [ __ ] right um i figured we'd14142.86.0
take down the troll yeah i mean we and14145.684.719
what is this are we gonna take down the14148.82.559
just because you want to take down the14151.3594.241
troll no no because then beyond it we'll14153.4394.0
we'll see if there's anything that might14155.63.92
have loot any other caves or something14157.4394.321
like that okay but can we avoid control14159.524.24
is what i'm asking you oh well you see14161.763.76
him up in the hill you see him up there14163.764.479
oh now i do yep just so his shoulder oh14165.525.44
maybe we can i mean i mean if you want14168.2394.96
but you kind of want don't lie you kind14170.963.84
of want to [ __ ] around i haven't dealt14173.1993.361
with one i haven't i haven't dealt with14174.84.0
wait so she's like patrol i feel like14176.563.919
these trees do they knock trees over14178.83.519
simon you're like okay here we go yes14180.4793.84
they do shoot the truth this is it game14182.3193.201
the face14185.522.48
watch out for the rocks yep forgot about14189.4393.84
the rocks oh boy14191.4394.8
here run to uh ugly son of a [ __ ] guys14193.2794.401
does he break he does break trees you14196.2394.721
said uh yes um i said yes because that's14197.686.32
the best answer for me sure sure maybe14200.964.72
i'll get try to get close to him should14204.03.359
i try to get close and do a little oh14205.684.799
boy oh that's up to you simon oh god14207.3594.161
i'm [ __ ] wow that was bad that was so14211.524.4
bad i didn't get that close that was14214.3193.841
really close that was stupid that was14215.924.8
just stupid clothes you're a human enema14218.165.84
close don't do that oh no that's bad14220.724.8
yeah i mean look it14224.03.279
i don't feel so bad about this you14225.524.16
shouldn't feel bad guess what he's a14227.2795.441
dirty dick i hate you troll you ugly14229.685.519
[ __ ] honestly god that is one probably14232.724.08
son of a [ __ ]14235.1993.2
but i wish we could i wish we could like14236.83.36
talk it out it's a well i hate that it14238.3993.601
just automatically goes to this like14240.164.079
well and then you know what i'm glad it14242.04.319
does cause something that ugly needs to14244.2393.761
die i don't know man that's a weird14246.3193.601
that's a weird subjective thing whoops14248.04.319
it is but that ugly one look at those14249.924.479
eyes look at those [ __ ] soulless eyes14252.3194.321
that this little troll has this giant14254.3994.561
disgusting troll it's probably a family14256.644.799
troll simon you know what give me some14258.965.84
expression in your eyes troll and maybe14261.4396.0
i can be convinced that you have a soul14264.83.599
there we go14267.4392.721
all right we're close we're close sorry14268.3993.92
buddy are you are you oh you are close14270.164.319
get him get him14272.3194.321
you little [ __ ] you little [ __ ] i'm14274.4794.88
gonna get you14276.642.719
did you really are you14280.3193.361
what the simon14283.684.719
come on timer14285.845.439
you didn't even have to get14288.3992.88
all right he's down14292.4793.561
all right thick remember how to drive14298.563.6
that thing nope but i'll try14299.683.44
all right14302.162.64
this is easy you just do back up see the14303.124.4
one arrow down there the one arrow yeah14304.84.639
just the one arrow if you tap it again14307.523.6
it gives you a two arrow no uh for14309.4393.04
backing up you only ever you only ever14311.122.88
get one if you're going forward you hit14312.4793.201
twice you got two arrows you get three14314.03.68
arrows for two for two times if you hit14315.684.16
it twice yeah you get two okay14317.685.2
all right so now i'm gonna turn us here14319.844.399
and then14322.882.559
open her up14324.2393.601
three arrows should catch the oh yeah14325.4394.88
winds at our back this is great we're14327.844.639
going home oh yeah it's gonna be a long14330.3194.16
journey this was a yeah this was a hell14332.4793.92
of a journey out here but uh we need to14334.4793.76
go home oh boy i'm turnt sorry i was14336.3992.96
looking at the map i'm looking at the14338.2393.04
map right behind you baby let's go let's14339.3593.441
brunch chest plate for the day's over14342.83.679
okay okay14344.882.88
yeah we might have enough materials to14346.4792.8
make it we didn't get as much copper as14347.763.599
we had 10 10 was everywhere okay but hey14349.2793.681
here's the nice thing now that we're14351.3593.12
away from this island we have you know14352.963.04
we have a portal set up to get us back14354.4793.121
to this island to get to the trader that14356.03.68
was the goal accomplished goal now we14357.64.4
can go to the black forest near our home14359.684.559
we can get copper and tin there14362.04.72
so i think we can really work towards14364.2395.761
building up everybody having um some14366.726.4
nice armor nice and then after that14370.05.439
we'll be able to take on that next boss14373.124.64
the elder the elder thick i actually14375.4394.8
think you know where the elder is i do i14377.764.96
read something and then it showed up and14380.2394.561
you used to mow his yard when you were14384.82.88
get off my lawn14387.686.2
what you're paying me to mow it14389.64.28
simon yeah14395.923.359
i think it's a troll cave you think we14397.4394.0
can take down another well you died but14399.2793.761
you think we can take down another one14401.4395.121
uh i think so what's14403.046.159
okay hold on a second i'm about to run14406.563.839
out of [ __ ] i don't even know what14409.1993.2
weapon to use14410.3993.84
salmon okay14412.3995.121
oh it's so dark in here14414.2393.281
oh boy it's really dark okay14418.164.44
that was awful14430.4792.8
i think14431.766.08
that wasn't there i didn't know how14433.2794.561
listen to me i was in for a fraction of14439.1993.841
a second but it was a [ __ ] nightmare14441.124.239
as soon as i went in there the [ __ ] went14443.045.279
down i know i'm fine it's the worst14445.3594.561
thing that you ever could have done want14448.3193.441
to do it again maybe so go ahead you14449.923.76
want to do it again let's go but maybe14451.764.24
it's like all about rolling huh yeah hey14453.686.24
oh my god it got his crotch look at him14456.03.92
oh god oh god14461.64.08
no no14463.3594.321
i made it out sorry seven14465.684.24
wow you were so close i'm14467.686.04
i was so close14469.923.8
oh [ __ ] [ __ ]14480.084.239
sea serpent coming right at me14482.083.279
zig zag14484.3192.801
neebs i see it14485.3594.401
i see it oh yeah oh yeah take him over14487.124.319
here take him over there oh yeah he's on14489.763.519
you thick yep steering around steering14491.4393.521
around names we gotta help thick oh he's14493.2793.2
doing steering around no i thought we're14494.963.439
gonna sacrifice no names no we're not14496.4793.76
gonna sacrifice stick right okay zig14498.3993.521
zagger on the same page14500.2393.761
zigzag him what do you make sacrifice14501.924.96
i thought we were dudes14504.02.88
it is it is it's a [ __ ] boat i didn't14509.65.04
get this in my class did i okay14511.684.719
nick i see our island dead ahead we're14514.643.36
still running towards it yep i'm14516.3994.161
zigzagging though zig zag all you want14518.04.399
yeah our base is straight ahead oh he's14520.562.56
try to stab me14523.123.359
run him ashore run him ashore then we'll14524.564.24
kill him with land needs can you go14526.4795.681
towards thick names okay jesus christ i14528.84.88
was talking about the plan why are you14532.164.319
getting so far away from first today the14533.685.92
first time driving back clearly clearly14536.4794.96
point the boat in the direction of our14539.64.799
friend all right turn around or slow up14541.4394.88
we want to catch up to you so we can14544.3993.521
help you fight this thing and i ain't14546.3193.601
fighting i'm running i'm going to go to14547.924.88
land and i'll be fine i see him i see14549.924.8
him i see him how much we do jump him is14552.84.72
he a ramp now that would be sweet okay14554.724.88
um rocks rock straight ahead yup i'll14557.522.879
see you14559.62.48
i see him it's all a part of the plan14560.3994.0
okay cool but you just fighting this14562.084.72
thing aren't you14564.3993.761
now he's on us14566.83.36
no we don't wait we have our buddy he's14568.162.96
all right he's backing off yeah14572.2394.801
did you scare him uh we might have14575.126.56
scared him okay well done amsterdam okay14577.045.84
like we're on the same page you got to14581.682.799
communicate you got to communicate with14582.883.28
me all right except for the sacrifice14584.4794.321
part of dick yeah honestly well that14586.164.319
means sometimes you got to leave every14588.83.04
option on the table but also like you14590.4793.041
know hey let's help thick out let's stay14591.843.84
near him we're like sailing away from14593.524.48
them like a nut yeah but if we all die14595.684.4
what's better uh we all die that's14598.04.0
didn't know that14602.03.84
now you do14603.4392.401
oh i see it yeah take it right take it14608.565.2
right neebs yep i'm turning yeah14611.046.84
home sweet home baby14613.764.12
damn that was like a 30-minute boat ride14618.4794.88
it's insane yeah i'm probably done with14620.4795.281
the boat rides okay yeah for now now we14623.3593.761
we can we can use them every now and14625.763.439
then but hey we got a hole full of good14627.123.52
stuff oh yeah14629.1994.08
let's take it let's smelt it oh it's14630.644.32
gonna be good watch out yeah don't run14633.2793.2
into that14634.963.6
all right there we go bring it right on14636.4795.201
here good job boys we did it great job14638.564.96
successful day14641.685.4
vikings baby14643.523.56
oh what's up neeps i want bronze armor14649.684.88
today man you might be in luck uh at14652.3193.441
least some of the14654.562.639
copper and tin we've been gathering i14655.762.8
might be able to make some for you okay14657.1993.2
oh yeah you know what hold up hold up14658.565.12
okay i've got 10 on me 10 what uh 10 in14660.3995.761
the middle 10 10 yep okay is it raw 1014663.685.44
or like it's uh it's it's flat14666.164.319
flat what do you mean it's a sheet of14669.123.279
flour smelt it or is it raw tin i would14670.4793.361
assume smelt it i doubt it comes that14672.3993.04
way naturally okay then yeah all right14673.844.88
um put it in the top top box what what's14675.4395.04
it feel like guys14678.724.4
what does what feel like tan no the uh14680.4795.121
bronze any any bronze anything like in14683.124.48
your hands what's it feel like uh feels14685.64.48
good for me i gotta i got a brown sword14687.64.32
and it's like hold on14690.083.199
that's awesome14691.922.64
yeah i've never felt this stuff you know14693.2793.12
what i mean i can't i can't let you feel14694.563.919
it i know i know yeah14696.3994.561
gotcha yeah i'm wearing like the bottom14698.4795.361
of someone's foot i think hey neebs yeah14700.964.96
do you have any deer hide uh yeah give14703.844.399
me all your deer head all of it14705.924.16
most of it i've got 23. give me seven14708.2393.2
give it to me you're getting [ __ ]14710.084.399
bronze yeah no [ __ ] yeah i helped it's14711.4394.321
not like he's just giving me problems14714.4793.281
he's not i mean he's not wrong i left14715.763.84
food in my house and guess what that's14717.764.08
all gone you said we should because we14719.64.24
were in a situation i didn't say all of14721.842.72
we had to survive boundaries okay i'll14724.563.839
tell you what i'm gonna all this cert14726.723.519
okay whatever we contribute the money14728.3994.08
certainly cores i thought we were a team14730.2394.561
you guys are weird yeah i just said all14732.4794.081
of it i want to keep a little weird14734.83.519
okay all right all right here you go14736.563.839
neebs yep uh14738.3194.401
huh uh-huh14740.3995.281
we're playing fetch yeah [ __ ] get it14742.724.559
okay hold on14745.682.4
oh wait how do i do it just right click14750.2395.2
it oh yeah there you go i put it on14752.085.199
no you just took the pants off you got14755.4393.441
to right click on it it'll put it up14757.2793.2
there there you put them on now put the14758.883.68
chess piece on yeah14760.4794.8
oh yeah do it you're looking nice and14762.565.52
shiny now oh yeah yeah14765.2794.08
that's right14768.083.76
i would do a thumbs up but i forget how14769.3593.84
all you have to put in the chat you have14771.843.519
to enter and i think it's like slash14773.1993.441
yeah there you go wow14776.644.16
celebration time nailed it all right14778.83.439
simon what are you doing today finding14780.82.96
pants i hope neebs give them your old14782.2395.04
pants okay there you go simon old pants14783.766.719
hey barely sweating them i love it the14787.2795.12
day is done14790.4794.0
thank you i already got i've already14792.3994.08
done everything i need14794.4794.641
yep pretty cool yeah oh yeah looking14796.4795.76
good simon you got pants on good all14799.124.72
right i'll tell you what we still need14802.2393.521
more copper because yeah now guess what14803.844.0
we're out of bronze yeah let's get14805.764.8
copper so you me black forest with a14807.844.88
wheelbarrow we're getting stuff that's14810.564.08
right yeah14812.724.24
you guys go get stuff we will simon go14814.643.52
check with doors see if you guys have14816.962.96
enough money go to the trader see what14818.163.44
you can buy see if you can buy what are14819.924.319
they um headlamps traders14821.64.16
trader headlamps i'm going to try it14824.2394.321
right trader headlamps you got it14825.764.4
looking good names this should be called14828.564.56
smell armpit14830.162.96
yeah it's nasty14835.43916.081
so simon yeah mr bronze club uh i14858.3195.601
thought about buying myself something14862.3994.161
nice yeah well are you gonna buy your14863.924.559
you're gonna get the headlamps14866.565.52
this is tough so we i've got 1258 gold14868.4795.441
right fishing bait don't want that14872.083.279
fishing rod i'm not going to get that14873.922.399
even though14875.3593.521
nah i don't want that yamir flesh14876.3194.96
great there's this ring that gives the14878.885.92
wearer super human strength but14881.2795.441
that's probably just carrying [ __ ] what14884.84.24
oh well i mean oh really nah it's pretty14886.724.4
cool but that's expandy okay and then we14889.044.399
got this verger circlet which is the14891.123.76
perpetual light source is that the14893.4393.201
headlamp they were talking about at one14894.883.76
point i think so14896.644.24
but i always say that because i i just14898.644.24
want to agree with you well here's the14900.884.24
here's the catch so those are 6 20. we14902.884.16
can get two of those right just barely14905.124.56
yeah but up top there's this yule hat14907.044.159
it's a red cap14909.683.44
in the style of house gnomes and that14911.1993.681
just sounds like a hoot14913.123.84
it does but if there's no light on it it14914.884.16
sounds like a dumb hat that's a good14916.963.84
point damn it i'm so glad you're my14919.043.84
friend simon yeah well well you know14920.84.72
we're friends forever yeah i'm getting14922.886.399
two of these verger circlets yeah and um14925.525.36
i'm gonna i'm looking forward to seeing14929.2793.841
you wearing one14930.884.08
is that uh how do i do that how do you14933.124.239
do oh there it is14934.963.76
that looks pretty good14938.724.8
all right normally i'd say let's put14943.524.639
down beds but we got this banging armor14945.924.64
on i made a little bit myself uh-huh14948.1596.881
i got this brand new bronze pickaxe okay14950.566.799
yeah check that thing out that does the14955.043.84
same thing that the other pickaxe does14957.3593.681
it does but uh just harvest more i think14958.884.0
okay all right so do you want to grab14961.043.76
the cart uh yep14962.882.96
got it and then yeah we'll head into the14965.843.84
black forest you know what let's head14968.3193.681
uphill okay you got it oh look at all14969.684.24
these strawberries14972.03.52
oh now that we're in the black forest we14973.922.96
need to keep it out for blueberries if14975.522.56
you have a bunch of blueberries and a14976.882.96
bunch of uh strawberries uh-huh you can14978.083.68
make this stuff called queen's jam14979.844.559
queen's damn awesome makes you uh more14981.764.32
energetic yeah something like that it14984.3993.201
just gives you more uh just gives you14986.082.96
more stuff14987.62.799
oh man14989.043.52
you know like stamina yeah like energy14990.3994.481
yeah okay and uh oh is this oh i got14992.564.56
names right here is this copper this is14994.884.319
a copper deposit14997.124.56
it's a lucky damn day i thought we were14999.1994.0
going to go down there15001.682.719
other side i thought we were going to15003.1992.561
have to go all the way into the damn15004.3992.88
oh boy okay put this up15007.2795.2
wait are you using the copper one copper15010.724.16
one what pickaxe yeah oh i thought only15012.4794.72
the deers would do this the deer ax no15014.884.559
watch out behind you okay yep sucker15017.1994.801
don't you see we're working got it okay15019.4394.401
you just you do that i'll do this you15022.04.56
need help yep i got it i got bronze15023.843.92
armor cool15026.562.879
yep there's one down here hey guys oh15027.763.92
there's some copper there's some copper15029.4395.441
yeah you're safe keep working worker i15031.686.08
am up on the hill yeah i got him keep me15034.885.12
covered neve you're doing great throwing15037.765.679
rocks at us yeah oh [ __ ] wait what troll15040.06.479
troll okay oh god oh god oh god oh god15043.4394.641
oh god we're fighting we're going15046.4794.72
to fight him okay we're flipping my boat15048.084.8
what is he oh no he's hitting our damn15051.1994.641
cart don't hit the car oh god oh god oh15052.884.16
god oh god15055.843.12
i look i look away for like five seconds15057.044.399
what the hell yep this guy's fighting15058.966.479
our cart quit picking on the cart15061.4396.081
okay oh there we go all right i think15065.4394.161
the troll just took out a skeleton yep15067.524.959
oh man i should have oh god oh god oh we15069.64.24
don't need to make beds there's no15072.4792.96
reason to make fans15073.843.439
we got armor remember yeah we do got15075.4393.401
armor all right how many arrows do you15077.2794.241
have i got like 40. all right good15078.844.84
because you're gonna need them okay keep15081.524.639
moving [ __ ] whoa oh the hell just hit me15083.684.4
right in front of you sorry oh15086.1594.32
he's right there that's a bad move oh15088.083.52
wait why would you do that right there15090.4794.96
why would you do that right there okay15091.65.92
i know it works great15095.4394.8
oh come on neve take him out15097.525.679
he's so close one more problem one more15100.2394.801
yeah there you go all right come on15103.1996.12
great door there you go wow15105.044.279
troll farts oh look at all these coins15114.3195.361
oh my god yeah coins the first coins i15116.84.479
ever had oh there's a trolling man oh we15119.683.44
got the trailhead sweet let's get back15121.2793.92
to the cup is the card okay you know15123.124.8
what last i saw it was yeah i see the15125.1994.96
cart and it's looking good all right you15127.924.559
know what let me pop this bad boy right15130.1593.28
and then i can repair the cart can't15133.4393.76
believe i just survived a hit from a15135.63.92
troll i love it all right cart's fully15137.1994.08
let's get this copper yep you got it15141.2794.08
g'day mates in this next scene simon's15145.525.44
discord headset broke his recording was15148.2394.801
fine but the conversation didn't make15150.963.92
sense when edited together15153.044.159
so instead ada had to stick a microphone15154.884.16
in a shoe and wave it around in front of15157.1993.681
her speakers to restore the original15159.043.8
quality right simon15162.846.28
unexplored territory we are like15166.044.68
lewis and clark15169.124.079
right lewis and clark i was going to say15170.725.439
all of the great exploring teams15173.1995.361
we don't know we don't know15176.1594.561
the fountain of youth these these15178.564.719
blueberries i'll bet are the most deli15180.725.28
oh what is that okay it was just a what15183.2794.96
i'm not scared you're scared um it was a15186.04.479
deer that's all right the deer deers are15188.2392.96
getting late this is nice15191.1994.24
um it looks like it's getting whittled15193.1995.04
down to where we we can't go in there15195.4394.72
that's crazy down in there yeah i don't15198.2394.321
want to go down there oh oh oh oh one15200.1594.801
one way yes what be a little something15202.565.12
little guy little [ __ ] oh i see i see i15204.963.76
him i took this and scared me15208.725.04
you are so tough with that sword simon15211.1994.481
i can't get over it15213.763.84
sometimes you just gotta have to get15215.683.759
over it at some point all right this15217.64.24
looks like it's bottlenecking into where15219.4394.8
we'd have to be mountains or15221.844.479
yeah i don't this can't be good this15224.2394.481
can't be good for anyone all right we um15226.3194.481
and yet we're doing it still yeah we15228.723.519
still are15230.83.84
look at this down here is safe15232.2394.881
down here super safe if it wasn't you15234.644.88
i'd be wandering until my death anyway15237.123.84
you you're not done this is we're way15239.523.12
too far and it's going to be like night15240.963.12
time at some point15242.643.12
well i got the sword so i'm going to try15244.084.239
to do things15245.762.559
and another structure straight ahead15251.3594.481
those sons of [ __ ]15253.124.72
oh my god they're the sonsiest of15255.844.72
[ __ ] they are the sunniest of it15257.844.8
look at that all right oh man i missed15260.564.639
[ __ ] oh here they come fight's on simon15262.643.679
it's like15265.1992.801
it's like i know you got you've got me15266.3194.561
covered to some degree15268.06.08
because you're so good salmon15270.883.2
all right i'm gonna i'm gonna take this15278.884.88
back out and i'm gonna go for that15280.3195.441
it doesn't look good15283.762.88
come on15285.763.08
come on [ __ ] oh15286.645.36
sure yeah15288.844.84
i love when you've got that that makes15292.04.88
me so happy me too all right let's bring15293.684.91
this and15296.885.04
man you're good15301.922.479
you're so good15303.3592.561
i'm hitting the left click with the15304.3994.08
sword and i tell you it's15305.924.88
doing wonders all right this is the this15308.4795.361
is the mack daddy big big big money big15310.84.24
[ __ ]15315.044.8
what [ __ ] they suck15316.083.76
they suck simon15320.1595.921
what a waste of time okay15322.83.28
oh god i wish i could understand you15338.4797.72
oh wow you really can't understand me15341.64.599
it was like 30 gold it was like nothing15350.644.32
simon 30 gold this year15352.644.799
okay 30. it was like 30. there's nothing15354.964.8
here hey is this the first one this is15357.4394.88
the first one right that's the first one15359.763.28
there's something else around here this15363.042.96
is really dangerous dude15364.3993.121
i know well15366.04.479
danger's my uh the name of my penis15367.525.36
i love how now you're all about it yeah15370.4794.321
but that's okay i dig it i dig it i know15372.883.599
as you should maybe15374.82.96
something oh [ __ ] no what what no15377.768.96
oh that looks like spider webs right15382.85.76
is that webby why would you even that's15386.723.84
super webby i'll grab these blueberries15388.565.599
oh good blueberries yeah let's adventure15390.565.759
oh i got berries here too15394.1594.16
i just wanna i almost wanna just shoot a15396.3194.641
fire arrow in there do it of course you15398.3194.641
do yeah but i don't watch outside live15400.963.359
your life live your life that's not that15402.963.76
wasn't a fire arrow here we go come on15404.3194.0
baby shoot it up15406.724.559
oh yeah burn burn15408.3194.401
aren't you at all we should go home15411.2792.721
simon uh15412.722.96
we'll need the guys for this don't i15414.02.8
know but don't you just want to take a15415.683.12
peeksies oh you really want to go in15416.84.24
there don't you15418.84.72
feel cool15421.042.48
i don't care what you said but we're15423.763.599
okay the wastelands well we'll get the15428.1593.2
guys and15430.03.84
the missed lands the mistlands oh [ __ ]15431.3595.521
these suck something15433.843.04
you got any meat15441.3593.04
yeah you don't have any meat no maybe15443.043.439
damn meat okay uh what kind of meat you15444.3995.521
got i got the pig meat oh well15446.4794.8
cook it oh no i've already cooked oh15449.922.64
you've already cooked it oh okay then15451.2792.241
why the hell are we sitting here by the15452.562.4
fire i thought you're gonna cook me do15453.523.12
you want me do you need me no i have15454.963.199
some meat i'll have meat too it's a meat15456.642.88
and mushrooms no i'm good i thought we15458.1592.32
were sitting by the fire so you could15459.523.04
cook me um i already cooked it oh yeah15460.4793.521
you already cooked me no i'm just so we15462.562.4
don't need to sit at the fire cooked15464.01.84
meat because you've already cooked the15464.962.0
meat why are we sitting at the fire if15465.842.559
we don't need to cook meat i'm just15466.962.96
waiting our next order what are we doing15468.3994.401
oh one more pickaxe bro so did mine okay15469.924.88
so that we should probably head home yep15472.84.24
to repair our pickaxes okay you know15474.83.599
what we should do i don't know if we15477.043.119
have enough materials we should build a15478.3994.321
portal out here15480.1594.08
and then we can just go back and forth i15482.722.559
mean we can't carry the copper through15484.2393.2
the portal all right proposal are there15485.2794.16
any uh sterling cords at the house15487.4393.521
there's four15489.4393.521
near my place four near your place i15490.964.8
think you need five okay all right maybe15492.964.399
dora has some sterling cores but we go15495.763.36
back we get enough sterling course to15497.3593.04
make a portal and then we'll make a port15499.122.96
of the house and come back make a portal15500.3993.601
here so we can go back and forth to fix15502.083.84
our pickaxes quicker if we need to that15504.04.8
makes sense yeah yeah okay and then oh15505.924.16
but should we leave the car i don't want15508.82.88
to i mean look at the car all we need is15510.084.239
the copper all we need is the copper yes15511.684.08
leave everything out hopefully the cart15514.3193.521
should be safe yep right here right all15515.767.08
right break follow me be afraid good boy15517.845.0
oh oh here we go all right okay15530.1594.0
what is up15532.83.76
another world with the forge15534.1593.361
we are here with you15537.525.44
hi hey hey what's up oh there's that15540.84.72
lamp look at you oh look at bo oh yeah15542.963.92
yeah yeah15545.523.6
yeah yeah i went shopping we went15546.884.479
shopping oh man that looks great yeah i15549.124.0
hope you see it pretty good it's it's15551.3593.761
pretty great you kind of take it for15553.123.68
granted i'm sure like you15555.123.039
you don't realize what it was like to15556.83.359
not we didn't go into a cave per se but15558.1594.08
the night was perfect yeah okay hey tell15560.1593.601
you what dory is here yeah you're gonna15562.2393.441
be the money guy i just gave you more15563.763.679
money well i'll buy more of those as15565.683.599
soon as i can right and you know you can15567.4393.601
sell like amber and rubies and all that15569.2793.361
[ __ ] i got a chest up here with a bunch15571.043.6
of yeah okay15572.643.599
yeah and door look at this top left15574.643.599
chest because i'm pretty sure yeah i put15576.2393.841
some amber in here that amber you could15578.2394.561
sell yeah but i thought i just took gold15580.084.159
no no you can sell it there's a little15582.83.519
okay there's a little sell button if you15586.3193.761
have rubies and pearls and amber you can15587.843.76
sell them all kinds of [ __ ] dude i'll15590.083.52
have more of these then in no time yeah15591.63.52
more of those would be good also those15593.62.639
belts i don't know if we could afford15595.123.039
those belts those belts are sweet all15596.2393.441
right there's some more of these over at15598.1593.12
that other uh crafting thing but i was15599.684.24
gonna give you these yes and uh you15601.2794.801
probably need oh wait i got some certain15603.923.84
cords you need more15606.083.76
more wood you have any core wood by15607.764.24
chance yeah let me just dump on the wood15609.844.0
should i get the circling yeah get the15612.03.279
sterling of course15613.844.08
okay certain it's cert certainly15615.2793.841
are you certain about that sir certainly15619.124.4
go ahead and you've got a home oh wow15621.4394.0
that was that was an attempt at it okay15623.524.08
right oh i need fine wood actually then15625.4393.121
i don't have that but i'm gonna go sell15628.563.679
some [ __ ] to that idiot15630.1594.16
put the wood and the thing with the coal15632.2394.641
come over here put the coal in the thing15634.3194.721
smell the thing back hey what's up i got15636.883.519
core sterling core yep perfect all right15640.3994.721
fine wood any fine wood you find wood15642.963.439
we'll find wood we'll find wood all15645.122.8
right because because we got to make we15646.3992.96
got to have some fine wood so we can15647.923.68
make a portal to the black forest i15649.3593.92
don't have an axe for that that's a fine15651.64.24
stop stop stop sniffing your damn armpit15657.2794.721
hold or15667.844.639
whatever [ __ ] name name all right so15669.4394.641
okay so that's what they were talking15672.4794.161
about you can hit this15674.084.48
we don't make it very obvious that this15676.644.799
is like fine print haldor15678.564.48
you don't really make it stick out do15681.4394.8
you so sell what sell what15683.045.359
whoa whoa whoa what's he selling what am15686.2393.12
i doing15688.3992.321
what did you buy15689.3593.281
what is going on15690.723.84
what did he just buy what'd you do15692.644.4
haldor you son of a [ __ ] it's not that15694.564.4
hard to make things clear what did i15697.045.359
sell what did i sell15698.966.8
uh oh oh wait got more money than i had15702.3995.681
bought something i don't want to buy15705.764.88
you [ __ ] all right15708.085.52
sell what am i selling not a yule hat15710.644.16
what'd you buy what did you oh ruby i15714.85.12
see it oh god that's sneaky but i didn't15716.965.279
tell you what i wanted to sell haldor15719.924.08
you just buy automatically stuff okay15722.2395.441
that's it and we've got 301.15724.05.12
man we're not quite there but i could15727.684.4
buy a yule hat15729.122.96
i'll think on that haldor make your [ __ ]15734.084.319
more clear you're like one of those15736.4793.76
you know how this works15738.3994.08
i'm eyeing you15740.2394.881
i'll recall the bbb15742.4794.96
[ __ ]15745.122.319
damn it names what's wrong man i need i15750.564.56
need two leather scraps okay do you have15752.85.04
any leather scraps yeah i got uh15755.125.039
nope uh you told me to get rid of15757.843.68
everything i know you got rid of the15760.1593.28
leather all right we need we did15761.523.759
what is it i got some of the house i15763.4393.76
think okay please i just bring me two15765.2793.601
leather scraps wasn't there15767.1994.641
wait this is oh deer hide yeah no not15768.884.72
deer hide yep leather scrap all right15771.842.8
don't move15773.62.96
i can't i can't move i'm too right back15774.644.88
yeah yep i'm too full of [ __ ] okay15776.564.4
yep i know that15779.523.44
i've heard you talk just be a second15780.964.08
second okay can we get a beer you want15782.964.8
one uh yes oh hey names15785.043.92
heck what's he wearing okay do you guys15788.963.439
need leather scraps15790.884.479
uh yep i got some do you have them yeah15792.3995.84
i got some leopard scrubs okay15795.3595.04
i need a system i don't have a system i15798.2395.12
don't have a system15800.3992.96
ah there they are there you go15803.683.92
absolutely did it have15805.2394.761
just walked right by me okay that's my15807.64.16
leather scraps aren't good enough yep15810.03.439
yep oh wait did you give me a leather15811.763.92
scrap store oh you just ran right by me15813.4394.0
oh that's simon never mind [ __ ] no15815.682.799
that's me15817.4392.641
oh here we go i told you this game had15818.4793.361
crap graphics why do you have a damn15820.084.0
santa hat on what's that15821.845.359
why do you have a santa hat on right15824.084.0
you don't need the scraps anymore that15828.083.119
was this question oh yeah dora hooked me15829.64.0
up with the scraps i think yes i can15831.1994.16
make what i need to make did you get the15833.65.2
flashlight hats or no you just saw yep i15835.3595.601
got i got one15838.84.08
okay yeah15840.964.239
we got santa hats with our troll money15842.883.519
did you you start wanting to get hats15845.1993.04
yeah i noticed that too15846.3994.721
okay all right okay where am i here all15848.2394.96
right neebs i've made a bronze axe thick15851.124.159
had our bronze axe uh-huh but you know15853.1994.24
he's not here okay because like you got15855.2794.241
brain cancer my name's dick 44 you know15857.4394.401
how it is just to get out of mine and15859.525.28
copper the things that you'll do uh okay15861.845.68
i am going to take this with me15864.84.96
okay i think i got all the fine wood i15867.524.48
need yep yep yep yep15869.765.04
gonna stick you right over here15872.03.84
let's see15874.83.2
yeah i think you'll look real good just15875.843.12
bam there oh that's a portal huh okay15878.965.12
it's a portal and i'm gonna name it just15881.764.639
all lower case15884.085.92
woods woods woods that is not memorable15886.3994.96
at all okay you want to name it15890.05.68
something smelter forge pigeon forge15891.3596.321
it's too long it's too wordy okay pigeon15895.684.479
smelter one one word one very memorable15897.684.32
don't pressure me why would woods15902.04.479
it's easy it takes like this portal is15904.723.519
going to take us over to the woods it's15906.4793.361
just right over there where everything15908.2393.681
is wood yeah but i know which woods this15909.844.08
goes to everywhere you look is woods and15911.924.319
that's your description of it okay those15913.923.6
woods we were near what was near it15916.2392.721
troll woods everybody's watching trolls15917.523.28
in the woods this game is about trolls15918.963.12
and woods give me another descriptor15920.84.16
then genius uh across the water woods15922.085.279
it's way too long okay way too damn15924.964.96
water woods yeah all right water woods15927.3594.321
all one word lower case we got to15929.923.12
remember that when we build the portal15931.683.36
over there water woods you ready to go15933.044.64
uh yep ooh man we should make a road you15935.044.399
want to make a road this is a road well15937.683.28
i mean like one across this road where15939.4393.121
the road stops us15940.963.12
yeah sure you got it you got a little15942.564.16
road maker oh nope is that a hoe yeah15944.084.399
it's just like a little hoe you take it15946.725.439
nope i got rid of my hoe a long time ago15948.4795.281
i got rid of mine recently i've been15952.1593.351
with her 16 years oh boy15953.764.479
simon simon yeah yeah where are you dude15959.764.32
where are you i'm i'm close to you i15962.1593.361
think cause i'm looking15964.082.96
oh there you are there you are there you15965.522.719
are come on come on come on come on come15967.043.119
on come on come on okay come into here15968.2394.481
come into here and then just hit e and15970.1594.401
don't move forward all right not moving15972.724.4
forward not moving forward okay now now15974.564.879
what let's let's take a little hold on15977.124.0
hold on hold on snack break yeah yeah15979.4393.201
yeah yeah keep bringing i need a15981.123.92
mushroom yellow mushroom i'm gonna i'm15982.644.16
gonna look at this i'm gonna relax a15985.042.72
little bit15986.84.399
listen to me too look at that i'll take15987.765.2
a breather oh no don't worry about it i15991.1993.521
see that ahead i see it i'm not going to15992.963.12
come here they can't come here oh they15994.723.12
can't good get it going15996.082.88
we're fine15997.843.76
go ahead suckers go ahead lick my15998.964.319
testies oh wait they're taking my health16001.63.12
down they're checking my health down16003.2792.96
what's taking me out are they shooting16004.725.2
okay all right summon let's do uh16006.2395.2
are you oh that's ada oh simon where16013.925.2
were what what happened16016.725.28
you didn't go in i'm so confused i did16019.127.76
okay man what just happened16022.04.88
let's let's take a little hold on hold16037.64.08
on hold on snack break yeah yeah yeah16039.842.639
i need a mushroom what yellow mushroom16042.4794.081
i'm like i'm up look at this i'm gonna16044.563.44
relax a little bit16046.563.839
let's meet you two me too16048.04.319
look at that i'll take a breather oh god16050.3993.76
don't worry about it i see that ahead i16052.3193.281
see it oh my god come here they can't16054.1593.12
come here oh they can't good get it16055.62.4
we're fine go ahead suckers go ahead16058.05.199
lick my testies oh wait they're taking16060.963.68
my health down let's check out my health16063.1993.28
down what's taking me out16064.643.28
okay all right16066.4794.161
let's see i'm not16067.926.76
not that can't really16070.644.04
i don't know what the hell16079.2795.2
i'm doing in this game16081.66.48
here we go anyone back here hello hello16084.4796.321
hey how are you where where are you16088.083.84
can't see you16090.83.679
oh you can't okay i could see you16091.923.359
well well well if it isn't me and you16095.2797.601
yes how are you i am not doing well how16098.85.12
are you16102.883.68
great feel fantastic i have a bow i16103.924.16
gotta i gotta go to the other portal16106.564.56
that's around here right like outside uh16108.085.279
the other one i've been away so i i'm16111.124.88
gonna follow you to a follow me follow16113.3594.8
me you show me the way you haven't been16116.03.76
here all right that's right you have you16118.1594.801
are here all right okay here we go hey16119.765.12
what's up who daddy16122.965.16
run through you know hey16124.886.64
hey i'm on fire what y'all got oh my god16128.125.56
you guys look great yeah i know we look16131.524.4
good we got a cart full of copper that16133.683.92
we're gonna take back to the uh the old16135.924.08
base and start cooking the copper okay16137.63.92
all right i want a copper shield do they16140.02.64
make shields16141.522.639
i don't know if they make shields but if16142.643.519
we all you know had some copper weapons16144.1593.681
or at least copper armor that'd be great16146.1593.04
because we got to work towards fighting16147.844.8
the elder boss i think okay just wait16149.1994.801
just wait till they die of natural16152.643.92
causes right we could do that no i i16154.05.12
think he's a god neebs elder to me16156.565.52
sounds like he's an old citizen16159.124.159
all right but we're uh neebs i think16163.2792.801
we're ready you gonna pick this up or16164.82.8
you want me to pick this up16166.083.92
i'll do it sure why not you got to get16167.64.08
in the middle remember oh that's right16170.03.68
yeah get in the middle pick it up16171.683.759
do you use your legs do you guys know16173.683.28
where oh that looks cool do you guys16175.4393.361
know where my stuff might be all right i16176.964.08
got to look at my map don't i [ __ ] there16178.84.32
you go yeah you died in the woods like16181.044.08
behind me i think okay well i see where16183.123.68
dora is so16185.123.68
yeah let's let's head the door how about16186.84.0
that uh yeah all right but i'm i'm i'm16188.83.599
running the door i'm leading the way16190.84.08
thick i'm leading the way16192.3994.561
damn it yep it should work right no no16194.884.64
you ran right into a log now i'm stuck16196.964.399
okay going around yeah push it back put16199.523.36
your back really bad i can just clear16201.3594.241
that right right yep okay i should have16202.884.559
driven the damn thing yep you gave me16205.64.48
the option yeah take a break yeah i need16207.4395.501
you're doing it we're doing it16210.0828.64
door should be up here so somewhere yep16238.723.84
yep there's a purple thing over there16241.043.119
though you saw that right it's a spawner16242.563.44
yeah we'll have to we'll have to take16244.1594.24
care of that all right some stuff simon16246.04.479
i should be yep i should be very close16248.3993.281
of course i am right there16251.684.12
and take all boom16256.4794.401
hahaha that's very nice so wow i16258.724.88
actually got everything is dora in here16260.883.68
burial chambers yeah let's enter16264.568.08
hey dora how's it going dora ah man i'm16268.846.2
glad you guys made it back simon here16272.644.24
yeah yeah i'm right here put my clothes16275.043.68
on i got your sword bud i just want to16276.884.16
make sure that you disappear i16278.723.599
appreciate that you know what i'm going16281.042.72
to give you for the sword i'm going to16282.3192.241
give you something we're going to give16283.762.479
you a nice present no i don't want i16284.562.719
don't want your shirt it's got to be a16286.2392.401
blue all right then you don't get any of16287.2793.2
it then you don't get the wood that's16288.644.0
fine all right hey uh is this place16290.4797.76
cleared out nope huh okay but can i uh16292.645.599
there's a level two skeleton right16301.123.359
around this left corner here you want to16302.723.519
light it up for me please i will i'm16304.4793.521
just going to give this sword back to mr16306.2394.481
needy people look yeah yeah that's me oh16308.05.359
thank you that did it there16310.723.599
all right here we go16315.684.08
my friend level two level two right down16317.044.159
here i already killed the spawner down16319.763.599
the way so okay16321.1994.16
all right let's take a look and look16323.3593.92
yeah you will16325.3593.04
oh hey16327.2793.761
see him oh yeah you do oh yeah let's see16328.3996.561
ah smack pal smack pals oh what up16331.044.8
nice coins16335.843.0
i'm getting that16337.4394.8
coinage rubija what's in there16338.844.2
and stuff and circling cars let's head16343.044.48
back that other way actually there's a16345.923.6
door right here16347.522.959
yeah oh oh god oh god16350.4794.241
expensive stuff oh oh guys guys16367.044.8
where am i going where am i i don't even16372.83.359
know where it is got him16374.644.559
you did yeah i got him okay good job all16376.1595.2
right that was harry yeah let's let's16379.1994.561
just regroup right here but then but16381.3594.801
then harry met the hendersons didn't he16383.765.119
ah he also met sally16386.164.719
yep that was a weird relationship okay16388.8793.121
hey i'm16390.8793.682
home is this place cleared out fully now16392.05.039
no no no no not at all all right i'm16394.5614.158
going to heal up a little bit and then16397.0393.041
we got to go to the right move forward16398.7192.64
yeah but you got this all clear that16400.083.44
that room was it simon's checking no i'm16401.3593.92
not nope nope that's right you're not16403.523.199
all right16405.2794.721
this wasn't clear thick okay now i just16406.7196.48
got shot in the face down there sorry16410.05.279
didn't we just run from ghosts down here16413.1993.76
i mean how the hell did we know it's16415.2794.561
clear oh yeah that oh yeah i do see a16416.9594.801
guy hold on let me take care of this why16419.845.119
is this red oh no wrong button yeah all16421.764.4
right he's burning16424.9592.881
oh tip for tat16426.165.039
pop toots dude for scoot toys for tits16427.847.119
nice more gold oh my gosh16431.1993.76
toys for tits drive that sounds great16436.03.6
yeah toys for tits who's not going to16437.923.519
want to give some toys to see some tits16439.62.72
yeah that should be a stripper thing16442.325.36
that should be damn right yeah16444.085.359
that's that's taken you know it is16449.4395.44
by you16452.42.479
neebs yeah do you have any core wood16457.3594.561
yeah oh hook me up okay i'm over here16459.3594.721
yeah yeah yeah just throw it down16461.923.84
i'm sweaty because i'm overweight i got16464.084.08
a lot of bronze in my pocket16465.766.16
you got it i do oh neebs yeah i'm making16468.166.279
something good for you oh yeah16471.925.279
absolutely all right is it a bronze16474.4394.122
shield no16477.1993.68
i am putting you in charge of what you16478.5613.839
do best neebs16480.8793.92
you are now the proud owner of a16482.46.319
cultivator a cultivator that's right16484.7997.201
okay hold on a second here oh hey guys16488.7196.08
hey what's up thick not much man you16492.05.359
guys just look so good whoa16494.7994.801
neems look at that16497.3595.041
yeah how does this work oh well poseidon16499.64.4
yeah he's a farmer now you can go out16502.43.36
you can you can actually cultivate land16504.03.92
we can plant crops you can make good16505.764.64
damn food neebs you're the town cook now16507.924.959
wow okay so i love that16510.44.559
here in the field uh yeah if you want to16512.8793.682
go out there in the field walk me16514.9593.441
through this i'm i'm watching you16516.5613.279
through this can i put a garden right16518.44.44
maybe not in front of the door uh yeah16523.843.439
you know what neebs if we well if we16525.63.039
establish a farm be good to have it16527.2793.121
behind walls right here like a little16528.6392.961
strip right here oh yeah we can do a16530.42.639
little strip right there all right first16531.62.961
things first you know turn your damn16533.0392.881
hood on so you can actually see what the16534.5612.718
[ __ ] you're doing i can see what i'm16535.923.68
doing okay so now the cultivator if16537.2793.201
you're holding it in your hand you16539.62.32
should be able to right-click uh-huh16540.482.719
kind of works out the same way as a16541.922.959
building tool and you have options16543.1995.121
cultivate grass carrots all right so16544.8795.601
cultivate yeah oh16548.324.559
there you go all right has does anybody16550.485.12
have any carrot seeds or uh not usually16552.8794.641
what is it beet seeds i think carrot16555.64.16
seeds are found in the dark forest16557.524.24
nobody has seeds not only i don't have16559.764.48
this i don't know all right god we're16561.763.92
the worst farmers no well we didn't know16564.243.199
where we were farming just neebs he's16565.683.519
the farmer yeah it's true16567.4393.122
don't put an assignment16569.1994.0
i didn't know hey listen i i actually16570.5614.158
have a fur cone but all that's going to16573.1993.84
do is grow a tree so yeah no we don't16574.7193.761
want to do a fur cone i think you can16577.0394.16
plant trees actually neebs so oh yeah16578.483.84
you know what actually that'd be good to16581.1992.481
have here16582.323.44
this is a pine cone okay all right now16583.683.84
let's plant a nice pine this will be i16585.763.279
need oh man i need to flip that door16587.523.119
around maybe16589.0393.522
maybe like out here out here somewhere16590.6394.0
see if you can plant a nice pine nice16592.5614.558
pine right here yeah sure why not who16594.6394.32
gives a [ __ ] there we go you don't have16597.1193.281
to cultivate the land before you plant a16598.9593.76
pineapple oh you don't okay so then uh16600.43.44
right click16602.7192.961
yeah and if you have uh16603.843.599
pine tree an option there you go there16605.683.759
we go hey look at that16607.4392.961
what a cultivator you are yeah that's16610.45.2
gonna grow into a nice big healthy pine16612.5618.599
this will be our family tree i got seeds16615.65.56
here we go okay three carrot seeds oh16629.2795.84
carrot seeds oh got it16632.5614.959
some carrots neebs uh-huh you guys i16635.1194.0
just learned to really like carrots16637.523.679
recently by the way oh really it's16639.1193.23
pretty delicious it's good for you16641.1993.041
see i like cooked carrots not not the16644.244.639
other kind16646.7193.92
interesting i love them both all right16648.8793.281
we're growing some carrots just three of16650.6393.601
them but hey it's a start yeah16652.164.16
they're looking good oh needs you can16654.243.92
make a cooking pot you can make all16656.324.241
kinds of good stew i'm gonna that's16658.164.559
everybody go work up an appetite okay16660.5614.638
cookie with a cultivator all right next16662.7194.24
plan of action does anybody know where16665.1994.401
the elder boss is located i do i thought16666.9594.24
we were gonna wait till they're dead16669.64.0
tell who's no you jackass someone needs16671.1994.321
to take the boat go to the island where16673.64.08
the elder boss is located and establish16675.524.4
an outpost with a portal you know the16677.683.84
drill we've done this before oh that's a16679.924.48
long ride oh that's easy16681.525.359
that's an easy long ride i'll take a nap16684.43.9
i'll go16686.8794.74
oh man this is another one of those16700.43.28
moments where i'm like i'm not going to16702.43.52
see you guys for weeks16703.684.24
oh is it going to be that long you think16705.924.4
yeah yeah i'm like a sad widow watching16707.924.32
you guys sail off to wherever the hell16710.323.84
is you're going just take off your shirt16712.243.84
yeah go oh yeah that's a good idea16714.163.279
if you're doing that yeah if you're16716.082.719
going to be the woman we've got16717.4393.36
spotlights on you the second yep yep yep16718.7994.32
you want to see the nipples come on oh16720.7993.84
oh oh oh16723.1193.6
thank goodness sweetheart oh thick thick16724.6393.121
that is16726.7194.16
thick shake them honey shake them yes16727.764.72
there we go are they jiggling yeah16730.8793.201
they're jiggling good16732.484.319
yeah that's a look yep fine nice thank16734.084.719
you all right bye guys i find that16736.7994.961
comforting thank you16738.7994.08
dick did you figure out how to sell that16741.763.92
thing by now yep i don't think he does i16742.8794.641
bet i'm pretty sure he doesn't have clue16745.684.16
no that's fine16747.523.919
yeah there you go open it up there you16749.842.64
all right good luck guys thank you thank16752.483.84
i'll miss you on vagina probably not16756.324.399
bring back something good16758.8793.281
i don't think you know how to know how16760.7193.521
to sell that damn boat you just asked me16762.164.16
that and i said yeah but he does it16764.243.68
though it's obvious i'm just going16766.323.84
against the wind i've got to go around i16767.924.56
see where i need to go right if you're16770.164.16
going against the wind take the sails16772.483.44
all the way up and just use that first16774.323.2
little arrow it's just a little rower16775.923.68
yeah go quicker absolutely when people16777.523.68
leave your house do you talk to them all16779.64.96
the way down the road yeah it's weird i16781.25.04
like it though16784.563.92
i miss you boobies16786.243.68
i'm not gonna answer that one16789.923.76
i'll miss you16792.242.96
don't have i'm talking to him don't16793.682.88
don't know16795.23.72
he just keeps going with it it's weird16796.563.6
sad idiot16801.363.598
sad sad16803.044.96
is he having a stroke16804.9583.042
yeah we'll have to16822.322.72
can you go any quicker thick16826.165.2
uh trying16828.086.7
i'm gonna miss them16831.366.52
what is this16847.22.64
what is this thing does it have16848.563.2
barnacles well it's a16849.843.68
barnacle yeah okay yeah it's kind of16851.763.118
it's not a turtle is it i don't know16854.8784.0
should we just check it out and see16871.922.718
their nipples they look like they're16873.443.92
little nipples little uh little uh uh16874.6384.802
tootsie rolls little um you know what i16877.363.84
mean i like that16879.444.4
anus is this a giant turtle what is what16881.24.56
is happening you guys gotta check it out16883.843.6
right check it out check it out check it16885.763.36
out doing it be ready for be ready for a16887.443.92
quick escape it's an abyssal barnacle16889.123.758
yeah you're right about the barnacle16891.362.4
they seem fine nicole16893.764.08
okay let me see let me see you know um16898.845.48
let me just see about that whoops i16902.563.52
can't punch him16904.324.318
oh there's a that's a zero on that let16906.084.16
me switch to my16908.6383.842
i don't have a yeah i have a no that's a16910.244.398
hoe [ __ ] i don't know pickaxe yeah but i16912.483.52
don't have a pickaxe either i don't16914.6382.802
think now all right16916.03.28
watch the boat hold on well i'm sitting16917.443.518
i do have uh16919.283.678
some stuff here let's see16920.9583.68
oh wait well16922.9582.882
oh wait16924.6384.602
wait guys16925.843.4
oh okay16940.843.798
something's happening i feel like we're16942.9583.92
angering it i'm gonna i'm gonna get it16944.6384.16
let me get a little more i'm good i'm16946.8786.642
good go for it go ahead get the more yep16948.7985.602
okay all right all right yeah that's16954.44.8
probably time to boogie huh yeah yeah16956.324.96
i'm just gonna do i'm driving dropping16959.25.04
get in get hit get out of the ladder16961.285.12
get off the ladder16964.244.398
oh my god what is wrong with this16966.43.76
it doesn't sound good that doesn't sound16968.6382.882
good thick16970.162.08
[ __ ]16971.521.92
just popped up in the water behind simon16973.443.6
you gotta you're the you're the captain16975.443.518
you gotta pull back pull back16977.044.48
hold on i'm stirring i'm stirring i16978.9583.84
meant steering16981.523.438
what the hell just happened i don't know16985.125.36
but i'm happy that i'm on the boat16987.845.84
me too i'll get his stuff yeah his stuff16990.485.84
is right there i'm turning around sure16993.684.88
sure i think that'd be important let me16996.324.478
get rid of what's not for me all right16998.563.44
here look at this now i'm straightening17000.7983.522
it out again going forward look at that17002.04.958
i think yeah17004.325.04
so shouldn't we take his stuff and like17006.9584.642
uh we could either build a portal right17009.363.84
simon you're a smart man how did you17011.63.358
even think of that well i didn't hear17013.23.518
aydah just suggest it17014.9582.962
oh i did17016.7182.08
go ahead grab it as [ __ ] i mean i think17019.764.56
i've got stuff17023.122.96
i've got stuff to make a portal on me17024.322.96
all right well what about thick stuff17026.082.798
that's right there there might be he's17027.283.12
got he can come get it then he can come17028.8783.122
get it once he comes through the portal17030.43.6
okay well i guess that sounds wonderful17032.03.68
all right so these are the closest coast17034.06.16
the closest coasters closest coasters17035.687.118
all right so this is this is the closest17040.163.92
this happens17042.7982.722
pull back like slow down a little bit17044.083.28
let's see okay slowing down17045.523.52
pulling up the actually it's going17047.363.68
faster now don't know why yeah and17049.043.758
that's okay this is yeah let's just17051.044.0
crash it right here crash it right here17052.7985.362
okay okay okay all right all right um17055.044.88
i'm gonna stay in the water just in case17058.163.6
we need to get away we're okay we have17059.924.798
good [ __ ] calls yeah yeah17061.764.56
bam we got a portal now i got to name it17066.324.8
right oh name it name it17069.043.758
what was the what was the thing no17071.123.678
what's the one to the other portal oh oh17072.7984.642
it's called uh elder17074.7984.802
elder elder17077.443.6
it's the elder fight i think it's held17079.64.08
or something zelda something elder elder17081.045.598
[ __ ] elder space oh boy17083.684.24
yeah one17086.6382.962
i don't know i don't think there's any17087.923.6
space i think it's all one word there17089.65.038
was this no there was a17091.523.118
pretty space there was a space i17095.63.44
remember hearing space you don't listen17096.9583.602
i'm pretty sure17099.044.08
i'm pretty sure i said all one word this17100.565.12
would be a good time for aydah to talk17103.126.48
yeah else oh watch out oh support elder17105.686.88
port held one on one word oh you [ __ ]17109.65.358
simon you're like nowhere near me i know17112.563.68
i don't know what the [ __ ] going on17114.9583.282
this boat's doing its own thing17116.243.92
i'm trying to control it now i feel like17118.244.16
now i know what thick was bitching about17120.163.6
oh god17122.43.52
all right coming to you bubba i promise17123.764.8
elder port elder fort is it all one word17125.924.16
or was there a space17128.564.398
space [ __ ]17130.082.878
that's it baby all right listen now he17134.6384.32
can he should be able to come in right17136.6383.282
i think17138.9582.962
good simon dory are you on the other17139.926.4
side [ __ ] yeah yeah yeah17141.924.4
pick come on through did you guys make17147.764.4
it to the elder boss wait where is there17150.03.92
i don't know i'm just hanging out by the17152.163.36
portal waiting for it to be activated17153.924.0
where are you guys at uh we uh had a17155.524.8
little mishap uh there was this island17157.924.08
that sank and then fit couldn't get on17160.323.44
the boat and he died so we just made a17162.03.76
portal as as close as we could to his17163.765.28
stuff oh god okay so if you see this17165.764.878
tell him to come through here uh i17169.043.12
haven't seen thing17170.6382.562
where the hell would he have17173.22.56
well yeah you looked at the map17175.765.44
ah no not yet i just built the portal oh17178.245.76
[ __ ] he's down there he's making his17181.24.96
okay i'm looking at him on the map he's17184.03.92
making his way to the trainer17186.163.68
and there should be a portal there i17187.924.16
hope he's okay okay and then he'll come17189.843.6
here and then you can send them through17192.083.76
okay he'll figure it out i'm gonna go17193.444.16
make sure simon's okay17195.843.92
okay gotcha yeah i'll wait here for17197.63.358
thing he'll pop through this one and17199.763.118
then i'll send it through this one this17200.9583.522
is a good day17202.8783.522
oh hey aydah oh look at me i got the17204.484.96
best armor in the game17206.45.12
i fly around i'm a god17209.443.198
thick hey17212.6383.522
i drowned i'm gonna go back yeah they17214.163.52
got a portal gotcha yeah that yeah17216.163.28
that's the portal they built for you you17217.684.958
pop right in there hey remember you just17219.444.56
you know if you're in the water just17222.6383.682
just stay still okay17224.06.08
hey aydah hey back hey guys hey hey hey17226.326.558
jumping hi bubby jumping what's up peter17230.085.28
hi adam hey duh you know where my stuff17232.8785.362
is or do i need to steer to my stuff17235.364.48
yeah why don't you steer to your stuff17238.244.16
yeah that's a good way to do it17239.844.48
kate yay17242.46.04
we're all back together again17244.324.12
all right neebs uh-huh we got a good17252.04.4
chunk of bronze oh yeah what are you17254.44.0
making i don't know let me see what i17256.43.76
can make i mean if we're gonna fight17258.44.08
this uh this elder boss uh-huh17260.164.88
everybody's gonna need decent armor oh17262.485.12
you know what this is for you17265.044.4
you already gave me something i know but17267.63.52
you've been talking about this for so17269.443.04
long i want to give this to you where'd17271.123.04
you go the shield i'm looking at what i17272.484.72
can cook can i cook this mead base17274.165.84
healing oh yeah mead mead would be great17277.25.04
i can't though yeah you need more stuff17280.04.24
yep more stuff all right gotcha but hey17282.243.52
look you've been talking about this for17284.244.32
so long uh-huh this is for you is it a17285.763.84
it's a shield oh17289.65.038
thought it was going to be like nope17292.7184.722
here's another farming tool nope you got17294.6384.08
a shield baby17297.443.84
which i like whip it out baby you had me17298.7184.322
believing there wasn't such a thing no17301.284.32
you got a bronze shield look at this oh17303.044.72
man you're dead you're a damn warrior17305.64.64
right now i bet i could block uh17307.766.16
freaking elderly people's blows exactly17310.246.638
we fight the elder elderly bam right17313.924.878
bam smack17318.7983.042
okay we're not too far away guys17324.563.76
hopefully there's17326.7983.362
the way in through here17328.324.88
i don't know it's very rough17330.164.88
is that a way right there like what's17333.24.64
happening to the left oh yeah yeah17335.044.16
that's like a17337.843.84
rip or maybe or does it stop i can't17339.25.28
tell what what i kind of17341.685.68
bet i bet we can go through it's like um17344.484.88
this is like where you can really show a17347.364.96
bit of a captain huh oh yeah yeah yeah17349.365.92
oh this is like the mississippi river of17352.324.16
actually that that doesn't look good17355.282.8
that doesn't look good that looks like a17356.483.68
dead end i'm swinging around around okay17358.083.92
i don't do that oh my god what yeah17360.163.84
doing yeah those guys no they're like17362.04.24
waiting ready for any idiot who would go17364.04.24
through there right look at this hell we17366.244.398
gotta find an opening in here okay those17368.243.76
guys are oh17370.6382.642
we got snakes17372.03.44
snakes they're behind the snakes in the17373.283.598
snakes in the water behind us in the17375.444.0
water okay in the water17376.8785.042
what are we doing legion all right17379.444.0
all right yeah that's different so you17381.922.718
go fast17383.442.16
while i17384.6383.842
uh look at door shoot go ahead you're17385.65.44
looking at dora's shoot what's that door17388.484.8
door shot it oh i thought i thought you17391.044.64
said you were looking at his chute17393.285.438
like no i'm looking at i'm looking at17395.684.88
dora shoot17398.7183.282
good job17400.564.0
good job what color is it17402.04.878
blood red now yep i think it was red17404.564.64
before but you know look at all these17406.8785.682
guys just waiting it's crazy they are17409.25.598
do you think they specifically were like17412.564.318
yep there's gonna be some some guys17414.7984.0
coming around yeah17416.8784.08
kinda and you know that they're lonely17418.7984.642
and they're looking for a new wet hole17420.9583.76
yeah right17423.443.84
dora's shoot yeah right up in my chute17424.7184.722
yep and you know what guys sorry guys17427.285.12
these holes they're already filled17429.444.4
yeah sorry17433.843.52
plug life yo17435.844.08
that's right17437.362.56
slap it on a shirt17441.525.438
i wonder if this is a decent area17449.766.48
it doesn't look bad okay i'm turning god17454.083.76
you just completely turned around yeah17456.244.32
this is very very rough water yeah odds17457.844.48
are no it's not a decent area i don't17460.563.76
know how we're gonna find like this17462.324.398
happy place to land but we'll see let's17464.324.638
cross our fingers possibly that oh i see17466.7184.962
a spawner oh in the distance there maybe17468.9585.042
this maybe this is a bit of a peninsula17471.685.278
here that we can post up at yeah that17474.05.2
looks like a good spot right there i17476.9583.92
don't see anything17479.23.678
threatening right yet but over the lift17480.8783.84
there's probably about 50 guys waiting17482.8783.92
all right okay let's see17484.7184.802
let's see it's a movie oh losing the17486.7985.042
boat you're losing the boat oh drive it17489.524.8
simon bring it back no i i i fell out17491.844.958
right or so now i'm gonna try to get it17494.324.478
oh my stamina you know what happens with17496.7983.122
that [ __ ]17498.7982.16
there you go simon how do i get the sail17501.763.84
down again i forget yeah all right17503.683.52
here's don't worry well17505.63.44
i wasn't fighting well you getting hit17507.24.96
out here oh no oh no yep yep they're17509.044.56
coming at you i'm trying to cut them off17512.163.84
with the boat come on i [ __ ] that all17513.64.72
right let's get myself better okay now17516.05.04
i'm stuck again that's not good easy i'm17518.324.318
gonna just get off the boat just get off17521.043.44
the boat okay i'm gonna get off the boat17522.6384.08
help out all right helping out with the17524.485.238
oh no wait [ __ ] you know what i have17533.364.0
like practically no health because i17535.684.48
forgot to eat oh [ __ ] take them out i17537.366.4
got them take them out take them out17540.165.28
there we go all right good i got all17543.763.198
there's a ton of them over there kind of17546.9585.442
okay shoot so guys holy [ __ ] ton of guys17548.565.28
still coming17552.42.88
let's get the hell out of here i don't17553.842.72
want to drive in the boat come on get in17555.282.56
the boat get in the boat get the boat17556.562.318
everyone in the boat running the boat17557.844.24
running run run run run run run remind17558.8784.962
you a little [ __ ] no no no get away from17562.083.68
me don't hit me hit him you're gonna be17563.843.44
getting married hold on get married all17565.763.44
right sorry i'm hitting i'm here where's17567.283.438
my sister17569.24.16
oh my god now he's a captain i'm hitting17570.7185.842
the captain great warrior17573.365.68
i swear to god simon follow me coming17576.564.398
out all right oh thick yes okay17579.043.918
following you all right adventure come17580.9585.442
back to land i am holy [ __ ] here we go17582.9586.242
let's get on the boat17586.42.8
oh my god17589.363.76
all of them oh god get back get out of17590.8784.482
oh my god seems pleasant here doesn't it17613.042.88
guys i i am very nervous that our boat17615.924.4
is broken17619.042.8
don't go that way don't go that way17620.324.318
things are bad there's a spawner oh god17621.844.24
the regular butts guys they're on our17624.6383.762
butts they're on our butts17626.084.08
i see where the elder thing is all right17628.43.52
yeah just make a portal because we know17630.163.28
we're close no matter what so why would17631.924.0
we yeah yeah okay well wow there's like17633.444.72
six great that that's not good six to17635.924.48
eight on me i'm not fighting these guys17638.164.88
i'm gonna die yeah real quick let's17640.44.8
[ __ ] run out17643.044.08
we'll be able to oh my god killed by a17645.22.96
can you just run and make a portal17648.164.4
somewhere okay17650.165.12
i am not i need to run away oh my god17652.565.28
they're everywhere17655.282.56
i'm running like a [ __ ]17658.325.04
uh oh my god17660.7984.882
portal make that portal yeah like i can17663.364.32
because i'm being chased by all of them17665.683.92
but you're not being chased by all of17667.684.72
them because i'm getting chased17669.64.32
oh right here this is a good spot this17672.42.8
is good i gotta i'm making them work i'm17673.923.28
making a work bench right here17675.24.72
oh they're right no [ __ ] they're on my17677.24.08
oh my god this is the craziest [ __ ] i17681.284.96
don't know what's happening17684.04.16
simon get closer i at least have some17686.243.44
extra power17688.164.28
oh my god oh my god oh god17689.683.92
what is happening why are you so far17693.64.88
away from get closer17695.125.04
this is a bad place no i can't do the17698.483.36
portal i'm missing portals no17700.162.88
hold us down all right what does it come17703.044.48
to it oh i gotta we just gotta name it17705.285.28
we just gotta name it elder space pork i17707.524.64
know i'm getting away we got to lure17710.564.318
these away i'm luring too they're all17712.165.52
following me minnie guys i almost ran in17714.8785.76
the air oh blue dwarf shot is that a17717.684.24
i've never seen a slime17721.924.64
oh my god17724.6385.042
oh dude there's things spawning all over17726.564.64
the place i just need to name this17729.683.76
[ __ ] thing what is it elder what17731.25.28
horton elder space17733.443.04
capital rt17736.8784.882
bam no i didn't no no17738.8784.402
door staying still17741.763.198
simon's going up17743.283.76
thick's moving away17744.9585.522
uh oh door just disappeared17747.043.44
does that mean he's dead17750.7984.322
uh is so there's no portal and things17755.844.08
need to be named can you all just please17758.163.68
leave me alone because i'm like a little17759.925.92
flea over here i'm like oh flop the [ __ ]17761.845.038
okay okay okay okay oh jesus screw you17769.524.32
screw you17772.7183.92
all right i'm i'm i am17773.844.798
oh come on come on i love it i've got17776.6384.962
i've got all my food eaten17778.6385.442
okay i gotta get high ground gotta get17781.64.88
high ground oh if i can if i can find a17784.085.44
cave only fix left neebs just one yeah17786.485.44
just one two down one to go yeah this is17789.523.76
pretty resourceful though i mean yeah17791.924.4
maybe maybe he can pull this one off man17793.285.2
human wire come on17796.323.36
got to be able to lose them they're17798.482.238
oh that's another one17800.7183.762
they're still behind me i can hear them17804.484.64
i can smell them i can taste them oh god17805.925.52
this isn't going to end well17809.123.12
come on thick i believe in you come on17817.22.96
come on17820.163.84
come on17821.682.32
he disappeared he disappeared dick's17825.843.44
i should probably go with him next time17829.282.96
why do you say that17831.044.64
because i know what i'm doing okay17832.243.44
guys we're gonna need some help you know17836.244.24
agree yeah i agree17838.44.96
so over here17840.482.88
neebs and what you jokers want hey some17843.446.32
help yeah help help oh god all right so17847.043.758
you guys are back from the boating17849.763.92
mission what happened failure death doom17850.7984.962
yeah we need to get stuff back but17853.683.76
what's important is i put down the17855.763.84
portal i just named it wrong so if we17857.444.4
name this one we switch it over oh sweet17859.63.52
what would you name it you remember what17861.843.28
wasn't it like shoulder port i think i17863.124.4
just didn't17865.124.0
all right well try it see if it fires up17867.523.52
if it fires up then uh you might be okay17869.123.36
i can't remember like a retirement17871.044.0
community you do like oh i don't report17872.485.52
all caps yes so this does sound like a17875.044.64
retirement community here we go well we17878.03.68
call it like autumn living we can't17879.683.84
change it now we can't change it final17881.684.24
destination okay17883.523.52
yeah yeah17885.923.2
okay all right yeah hold on all right so17887.043.598
you guys have stuff is through there17889.124.0
it's bad news it's bad news through17890.6385.042
there oh okay tell you what should i go17893.123.758
through first make sure everything's17895.683.198
safe if you want to go yeah just let me17896.8783.682
get this bronze out of my pocket i'll17898.8783.202
stick it in this chest for now all right17900.563.6
now i'll go i'll let you know all right17902.083.68
i'm right behind your name17904.163.68
all right do you guys i don't even know17905.763.6
where i was we didn't okay what's the17907.842.958
rest of the plan here we're getting an17909.363.2
update yeah we're no we're here i'm17910.7984.642
gonna go through it here all right17912.565.28
all right it seems pretty clear come17915.444.64
through coming through all right hey17917.843.76
listen i need everybody to grab17920.084.0
blueberries got it no i'm grabbing my17921.64.24
[ __ ] got it oh got it you guys yeah you17924.083.44
guys are right on the edge of a swamp17925.843.2
yeah yeah i know17927.523.358
okay we're here to help you all you got17929.043.36
to do is grab blueberries that's all i'm17930.8783.202
asking dory your stuff's right there17932.44.558
right here guys17934.082.878
it's not good it's what that means do i17941.043.678
fight it where did my stuff go i don't17942.483.92
know right there oh i got it i got it i17944.7182.962
got it all right you might have just17946.43.6
picked it up oh it all right i see17947.684.72
another there's another thing over here17950.04.958
okay i got my stuff [ __ ] get that stuff17952.44.478
there's more strogaret your thing's17954.9583.602
still here simon i know i didn't get17956.8783.282
everything why did you guys park on the17958.563.76
edge of a [ __ ] swamp shut up17960.164.24
everybody look for blueberry god there's17962.325.12
draugr i'm getting the hell out of here17964.44.238
all right i'm leaving i'm i just watched17968.6385.362
him die i'm going past his body and i'm17971.25.04
getting back wow i just saw a blob of17974.04.718
something all okay where's that portal17976.243.52
oh no17979.763.6
oh no i'm lost17980.7984.722
i see you neebs after i see your okay17983.363.68
i'm going through gotta go going through17985.523.198
as well come on17987.044.918
get through17988.7183.24
oh awesome oh i'm glad you guys made it17992.6384.24
all right17997.044.8
yeah baby where's apps from17999.365.04
here he comes oh he's dead hey no i'm18001.843.44
hey buddy good lord why did you guys put18005.283.518
everything on the edge of a swamp18007.362.64
because we're going to stay packed18008.7983.202
listen we're closer now we can move it18010.04.0
from there it's better than nothing it's18012.03.36
better than doing that trip in the boat18014.04.48
again i promise you very much so all18015.364.72
right your stuff is right there in front18018.482.88
of it yeah let me see if i can run18020.082.638
through and grab my [ __ ] and come back18021.363.76
okay why why is this shut down who shut18022.7183.362
it down18025.122.64
what are you do you have something in18026.083.28
you i never shot i didn't shut it down18027.763.44
it's not working why is it not working18029.364.08
what happened they didn't break it18031.24.48
did they did they did they destroy it at18033.443.358
the end18035.682.48
no no18036.7984.562
how it's is it elder port all two words18038.164.32
yeah it wouldn't have changed it18041.363.04
wouldn't work it's all caps it happened18042.483.68
on the other end clearly but neebs you18044.43.52
just came through it i just came through18046.164.32
it you were enemies no18047.926.0
no what all my all my stuff18050.484.8
oh no18053.923.84
oh god did you have blueberries no i18055.285.28
didn't have no [ __ ] blood18057.762.8
oh god oh look at my map oh way out18060.6382.962
way out there is where my stuff is hey18063.63.76
it's a pleasant journey18065.362.81
boat trip18067.362.0
road trip18069.363.24
what'd you just give me18100.484.29
something you're gonna love18102.45.22
i don't want that18110.02.718
it's yours come on neebs coming18113.124.8
your ladder uh yeah it's on the other18116.083.2
side watch your stamina watch your18117.923.68
i don't take it we have a freaking dock18121.683.68
or something no we don't have a damn18123.764.48
dock okay dora thick build a dock yeah18125.365.84
okay here we go got it let's do it okay18128.244.88
here we go okay we'll be back in a18131.23.598
little bit hopefully you portal you're18133.123.518
gonna love this yay18134.7984.322
bon voyage thank you enjoy yourself it's18136.6384.722
pronounced bomb voyage18139.124.48
hey and you might see a turtle oh yeah18141.363.76
turtle yeah18143.64.16
yeah get its barnacles i will not okay18145.124.08
we've got to go tickle it's little18147.763.6
it's gonna be a big trip neebs uh we18151.364.24
should do a shanty18153.365.12
shanty right shanty yeah you wanna come18155.64.4
up with a shady while we're on this trip18158.486.158
we're off on a voyage on the sea18160.08.56
diamond even old dear me18164.6387.842
we're on the river it's not a river18168.567.52
[ __ ] ocean you dork18172.485.04
verse 218176.082.96
take it simon18177.525.438
we're on the non river but it's a river18179.046.4
if we want to say it's a river18182.9583.362
we can call it a river cause there's no18187.447.12
police to tell us what to call the sea18189.847.36
i'm sorry i didn't help with that18194.566.52
gonna be a long trip18197.23.88
hey hal you mind if i call you hal this18202.166.32
is hal thick hell go to hal is what they18205.284.64
they do18209.923.36
yeah all right i'm gonna get you one of18211.64.0
these i'm gonna get you this uh this hat18213.283.28
because you deserve it thick after that18216.563.6
journey we add together okay yes and18218.43.6
hell indeed anyway i could sell this18220.164.798
yule hat back it was a dumb purchase and18222.05.28
it was like a i didn't mean to i thought18224.9583.92
it'd be silly and it wasn't it was just18227.283.28
stupid i was wondering if you could take18228.8783.602
that back it didn't look like he could18230.563.52
though just buy it back from him you18232.482.64
know what whatever he could probably18234.084.558
sell it how about you go to hell18235.123.518
yeah it every time you say it it's a18238.7983.602
little bit better here you go thick hold18240.564.078
that on your dumb18242.44.478
be part of this crew simon yourself18244.6385.522
myself yep look at this yeah thank you18246.8785.042
hal was hoping he'd be more helpful but18250.163.42
that was all right for now more helpful18251.922.68
all helpful let's go back to a safe18257.363.438
place yeah he certainly had some18259.123.11
oh jeez knees looking at the map18266.44.8
what is that what are we looking at over18269.763.28
here i don't know is that like a house18271.23.678
there's a structure it looks like a blue18273.043.598
fog coming out of it yeah well speaking18274.8784.0
of fog that's i can't see any damn thing18276.6384.722
right now okay what should we be looking18278.8784.722
for there's something flying you see18281.364.16
that it's like a witch that was probably18283.64.48
ada nope it looks like a ghoul like a18285.524.32
goblin it does look like you're talking18288.083.28
about over there by the building that's18289.844.0
on the side oh yeah yeah yeah that's a18291.364.32
ghost we're not gonna mess with that18293.843.76
yeah so like i said what are we looking18295.683.52
for now there's something on the ground18297.63.52
look at him he's walking around yeah18299.23.36
that's a draugr18301.123.838
oh can can you guys not hear me yeah18302.564.64
yeah sorry i was just the ghost got me18304.9584.562
spooked okay i was i was trying to see18307.23.758
if there was a cut through but it's so18309.523.6
damn dark and foggy right now because we18310.9584.0
got to get around either go around this18313.123.518
island or cut through this island i18314.9582.882
didn't know if there was like a river18316.6382.962
maybe because sometimes this game has18317.843.68
rivers where you can cut through uh cut18319.63.6
through biomes we were just sailing on a18321.523.358
river according to the song well no i18323.23.518
mean like an actual like a very narrow18324.8783.122
so right now we're looking for a very18328.05.36
narrow river yes on our left18330.165.36
yes without ghost18333.364.72
swamp look i can't believe you guys put18335.525.118
that damn portal next to a swamp18338.085.44
you guys oh yeah you were getting darker18340.6384.562
too so you're looking for that break are18343.523.76
you using that map as a way to to see if18345.23.758
there's a break in there18347.284.24
uh yeah oh this actually looks a little18348.9584.322
promising right up ahead18351.524.08
maybe i could push through cut through18353.284.16
push through cut through if you have a18355.63.52
pickaxe or anything worst case scenario18357.443.6
you might have to dig us out of here18359.123.838
yeah we got like a deer18361.045.598
antler axe oh yeah okay okay we might be18362.9585.202
able to squeeze right through here i'm18366.6384.16
gonna take it slow and easy18368.164.88
all right see a blob over there on the18370.7984.482
left this is proper creepy right here oh18373.043.918
yeah oh yeah i don't like this at all18375.283.2
trust me this sucks18376.9584.082
so oh i don't know how shallow it is18378.484.478
yeah but it's looking good though isn't18381.043.758
it oh god is that i think we might have18382.9584.0
an eel behind us okay this is looking uh18384.7984.08
oh god how shallow is it come on please18386.9583.522
get through come on please we got this18388.8783.282
please come on we got it18390.483.68
please get him get on the left turn to18392.163.92
the left a little bit yeah yeah yeah18394.164.558
yeah yeah yeah yeah oh drop down a18396.085.2
little bit bump a little bit18398.7184.24
we might have done it we might have done18401.283.438
it open up open up open up the sinks18402.9583.84
when i said i want to do this with you i18404.7184.482
thought we were just like oh [ __ ]18406.7983.522
you got it we got it we got it we got a18410.322.24
here we go here we go yes we got through18412.562.96
wow that was18414.324.08
okay never mind i was gonna complain but18415.525.118
now i'm all good all right so let me18418.44.08
take a peek at the map all right gotta18420.6383.842
turn left a little bit and we are18422.486.0
heading towards my stuff18424.487.28
oh yeah that was dumb we're off on the18428.485.99
dora i've been in the snow area now i18466.45.2
i've been gone i haven't gone into it18469.044.0
because it's chilly look what i built18471.63.358
i'm all by myself what'd you build18473.045.04
bronze sword oh nice yeah all about the18474.9584.322
club now18478.082.96
part of the club part of the sword let's18479.283.28
check this place out i want to see if18481.044.0
there's like different uh animals maybe18482.564.48
or you know maybe i think they'd throw18485.044.32
one or two in there you would think oh18487.045.36
i'm freezing okay yep that's a big issue18489.364.72
uh and it goes down quick that's why we18492.44.0
haven't gone there thick ah18494.084.638
we need to make um18496.44.08
foot warmer like we need a bunch of18498.7183.762
stuff booties mini booties good i'm18500.484.0
still i'm freaking still freezing there18502.485.12
that's crazy that's insane i feel like18504.485.44
40. that's horrible what what do you18507.65.68
need well i would imagine like a scarf18509.926.4
would be a bronze scarf bro18513.284.0
that'll that'll be nice and insulated18517.284.24
man these swords are great i can see18519.64.4
what all the hubbub is about the hubbub18521.523.68
yeah man i just want to18525.24.96
run out and and kill things18527.844.08
that are easy to kill right now because18530.163.6
i don't yeah i didn't want to be on a18531.924.16
boat no where we i mean look what we18533.764.48
dealt with last year i know right yeah18536.083.92
yeah we don't have to be on a boat again18538.244.08
you got mushrooms killing mushrooms i18540.04.08
love it i would love some of those18542.323.92
[ __ ] all right this is a structure18544.085.44
over here let's see yeah yeah see simon18546.245.52
and i we did we did a good bit of18549.525.84
exploring i will say yeah oh18551.765.6
might have it might have been here even18555.363.84
yep looks like it you guys will yeah18557.364.24
it's good like we went let's see we went18559.24.48
we went far kind of this way to be18561.63.92
honest oh okay yeah it's that snowy18563.683.118
region we got to figure that out don't18565.523.438
we oh yeah what18566.7983.84
do you think those are18568.9583.84
what do you think those guys made it18570.6383.762
where are they at let's take a look at18572.7982.562
the map18574.43.04
oh fun that sounds fun oh they're18575.363.598
they're over there ma'am we should head18577.442.32
holy crap yeah yeah yeah let's head okay18579.764.24
let's head back matter of time no time18581.684.72
right oh and this is a hey you want to18584.04.48
take down an ogre real quick or a troll18586.45.44
thing troller trogler yeah let's do it18588.485.28
there's one in here we never we didn't18591.844.64
get it okay well let's yeah18593.765.36
troll cave troll cape can we do this are18596.484.0
we good at this i don't know18599.123.36
are you oh i gotta get my uh wait18600.484.478
stamina stamina oh he's down get ready18602.484.56
god his butt crack goes all the way up18604.9584.322
his back oh i need is this a yeah i need18607.044.24
this mushroom i need the mushroom oh18609.284.64
easy easy easy easy easy i need it i18611.284.72
need it okay he threw it yeah he did he18613.923.52
did that18616.02.32
okay [ __ ] i don't know if i was ready18618.324.558
sorry oh i ended i if i'm out of the18620.244.0
cave okay18622.8783.442
all right go meet the guys yeah let's go18624.244.88
meet the guys all right yeah cool yeah18626.326.398
we got him we killed him yeah18629.123.598
oh [ __ ] forest is moving yep see that oh18665.846.56
god fall back fall back a fight fight18669.65.118
okay we got a stamina that's the brute18672.44.08
okay come on we need to take this brood18674.7184.24
out okay converge on the brute18676.484.96
i don't see the bird i am the brute now18678.9586.322
he's a big guy all right there we go18681.446.16
damn it boy we're doing good yeah we are18685.283.518
i'm gonna ah18687.64.0
he's big wow i should have it i almost18688.7984.962
died there yeah i blocked it18691.64.48
yeah nice good job with the brute18693.765.76
okay one more oh yeah is it all of them18696.084.96
no there's probably gonna be more wow18699.523.04
these walls are not working at all are18701.043.758
they no they're not is there a spawner18702.564.0
or something uh yeah no yeah there is a18704.7983.682
spawner over there in the woods i see it18706.563.92
that purple thing yeah we need to go18708.484.238
take that out after we uh after we fight18710.484.478
all these guys off got it18712.7184.16
on the water so yeah look there yeah18714.9583.92
they're climbing around the wall right18716.8784.0
over there yep we had to build the wall18718.8784.722
all the way to the boat yeah i guess so18720.8784.722
all right take a swing bubba there you18723.64.16
go got him all right another one coming18725.64.88
neebs yep i'm eating hope simon you are18727.764.08
low on health man i would recommend18730.484.398
falling back eating18731.843.038
i'm a beast i just keep on wanting to18736.04.0
all right we survived the attack good18740.162.88
job good job18741.683.52
okay it's getting dark fight the spawner18743.043.918
tomorrow fight the spawner tomorrow we18745.23.36
do not need to try to approach that in18746.9583.362
the dark needs let's work on making this18748.564.078
wall and then bigger simon18750.323.76
and simon18752.6384.08
oh boy18754.084.558
hey thick hello18756.7183.442
okay you know what hey this actually18758.6383.122
might be perfect are you guys geared up18760.163.76
because we have a spawner not too far18761.763.52
from us you guys want to go knock that18763.923.68
out i do want to knock that out so bad18765.283.76
oh man yeah look at you thick you're18767.63.118
geared up go uh go take that spawner out18769.042.64
you see it over there in the woods18770.7182.24
purple i do18771.682.56
i'm a man18772.9583.362
i'm coming i'm coming all right you can18774.243.84
bang that out before the sun goes down18776.323.52
i'm going to bang all of them coming18778.083.12
i'm coming too because i feel like dying18781.23.438
i feel like living we're going to hit it18783.523.68
from here we can eat it from here can we18784.6384.32
let's see yes18787.24.88
look at this oh you just shoot it got it18788.9585.522
dude let's make it smaller lasers18792.083.84
okay that's not that wasn't a laser18794.483.2
really yeah i'm shooting i got all the18795.924.08
suck up let's go clean up let's go clean18800.244.638
up clean up time but we're gonna prove18802.7984.242
something oh we got big boy over there a18804.8783.92
big building18807.043.04
he's a brute18808.7983.042
okay what's he gonna do what's he think18810.084.96
he's doing yeah come on guys18811.845.52
oh oh that one didn't work okay oh that18815.044.8
hurt a lot excuse me excuse me okay that18817.365.598
hurt a whole bunch a lot oh okay okay so18819.846.08
i'm careful careful with fire fighting18822.9585.282
from afar oh he's on fire look at this18825.923.92
i'm gonna get his hands18828.245.6
come on come on18829.844.0
there it is sucka oh what's this18836.7186.402
what did i just get did i get a potato18840.7183.92
an ancient18843.123.678
an ancient sweet potato18844.6385.222
ancient asian seed potato18846.79828.322
that's a level two yeah18891.25.438
about to be level zero18893.523.118
good kill okay first thing in the18898.6384.24
morning uh i'm gonna make a run for my18900.7184.882
stuff who wants to be my bodyguard i'll18902.8786.722
be working you be my bodyguard18905.64.0
it's a good song you know if i'm looking18909.843.84
at it it's right down the beach i'm just18911.764.0
gonna run for it grab it and go because18913.684.0
it's close to that swamp and we don't18915.764.16
want to mess with those uh grade wolves18917.686.0
or not gregor jarraga18919.923.76
they are sluggish18924.563.6
yeah joggers suck like zombies or some18925.923.44
[ __ ]18928.163.12
you're a great abstract18929.364.56
oh yeah no this is easy this is easy18931.284.72
got a full belly this time should have18933.923.28
had a full belly last time that's where18936.03.52
i messed up i needed neat i need a full18937.24.96
belly i need some fruit i need your18939.526.0
throats i need my protest protest oh no18942.166.24
oh oh i see a troll18945.526.08
uh-huh that is indeed oh yeah left side18948.44.72
you know what18951.64.0
my stuff where's my stuff okay oh yep i18953.124.32
see my stuff i'm making a run for it18955.64.32
okay good good good it makes18957.444.8
around here all right looking good18963.23.36
looking good and hey here's all the18965.23.12
pieces of the portal that was beside it18966.564.72
oh nice all right i'm getting my [ __ ]18968.324.398
can i take all18971.284.08
right boom back in action give me that18972.7183.92
kind of hugging the coast back what do18976.6384.0
you think uh sure yeah i'm looking18978.163.76
across the way it looks like there's18980.6382.882
some pregnant ladies18981.923.68
oh those are probably yeah yep avoid the18983.523.68
draggers all right stay on the coast and18985.63.92
head back to base mission accomplished18987.24.16
oh troll hey18989.523.358
how does he see us18991.363.358
i don't no he was just looking our18992.8783.282
i'ma shoot him in the head yeah you are18996.164.08
idiot yeah getting picked19000.246.16
okay here he comes sure got him oh19003.125.758
okay you're doing this oh yeah all right19006.43.92
yeah let's take him down let's take him19008.8783.602
down everybody work together got this19010.323.6
all right you're coming too who are you19012.484.0
coming to who are you even coming19013.924.4
oh don't hit me don't hit me19019.043.838
please don't get it oh wow stop me take19021.23.2
a big hit get out of there i know but i19022.8785.802
hit him so i feel good about myself19024.44.28
oh [ __ ] there's another troll really19039.67.44
that's a one-star troll oh god19043.285.598
okay all right back to base here's the19047.044.16
first no take care of the first one kill19048.8784.0
him first makes sense19051.25.0
makes sense19052.8783.322
oh dude i sure did this one sells19065.924.718
coming into base you got arrows uh yes i19070.6386.402
do gonna need them okay19073.366.88
oh no troll two first oh god this first19077.046.2
all right first one's down focus fire19084.565.92
and troll number two beautiful beautiful19086.7985.442
okay he's going he's running away this19090.483.76
might be a good thing19092.244.24
give me some of that [ __ ]19094.244.718
i'm really19096.482.478
all right he's running he's running he's19100.6383.682
running okay i'll stop it all right cool19102.163.44
we've had enough19104.322.318
all right19105.63.44
good work gentlemen yeah all right oh19106.6384.562
god simon you and thick guy we got to19109.043.598
get you guys back to your side i know my19111.23.36
stuff's right there i could see it it's19112.6382.962
by him19114.562.88
kinda oh god19115.63.44
that's the problem all right no but it's19117.443.04
okay i'm gonna sneak i'm gonna sneak a19119.043.678
little sneaky sneak attack yeah he seems19120.483.84
to be going up into the woods yeah19122.7184.0
you're gonna be fine huh there's a19124.324.0
trailhead right there in the water see19126.7183.682
it yeah get it hang it on your wall i19128.324.08
don't really like that detour it takes19130.43.76
up a lot of space i don't know it does19132.43.44
it does it's a giant troll head what is19134.163.36
this though is this food yeah i think19135.842.798
there's some meat in the water there's19137.523.118
meat in the water blueberries everyone19138.6383.842
kept their blueberries right i just19140.6384.482
threw away a whole bunch of blueberries19142.484.238
i'm gonna be joking19145.123.598
you better be joking simon of course i'm19146.7183.762
joking i don't throw away berries i'm19148.7184.482
not crazy dick's body's over here is he19150.485.52
coming uh let me look at the map oh god19153.24.56
oh geez he must have spawned at the19156.03.84
beach near the trail oh he hadn't slept19157.764.878
in a bed in a while19159.842.798
he's working his way back19163.523.118
he should be able to get back19166.7183.122
all right we're all here here yeah yes19174.7185.362
yes i believe so yes yes thick lead us19177.125.838
over to uh this elder spawning place19180.085.2
please okay all right everybody follow19182.9584.482
think he has the blue cape yep you you19185.282.88
they smell very bad follow the blue19188.163.84
capes okay yeah blue cape are the19190.082.96
natural born leaders that's right19193.044.96
hello dear19196.6383.042
hello flowers19198.03.36
is this going to take long i got carrots19199.684.08
back home hey listen19201.364.48
yeah we're super close to this thing i19203.764.958
had to pick my first carrot today oh19205.846.4
go on that's exciting tell us that's it19208.7186.08
oh okay you like that cultivator neebs19212.244.88
oh yeah yeah the thing i'm planting yeah19214.7983.602
the thing you have in your hand that i'm19217.122.64
looking at right now yeah it's like a19218.42.558
rake isn't it19219.764.28
cultivator's a bit much for a break19220.9585.282
what do you call a shovel a digger oh i19226.244.718
see it there it is it looks like a uh19228.485.92
nice place for summoning and sacrifice19230.9586.0
this is it boys okay let's see if i can19234.44.158
figure out what we're fighting here oh19236.9584.802
lovely place for sacrifice19238.5584.802
but wait we're we're not fighting19241.763.76
anything big right now are we no not19243.364.16
right now not right now this says burn19245.524.08
their young all right so this is the19247.524.0
ancient bowl we gotta burn items all19249.63.52
right thick yeah you're our greatest19251.522.64
that's right we we need the seeds that19254.165.04
you gr that you gather from gray dwarf19256.5585.682
brutes oh so that's your job thick i19259.25.28
need you to go hunting for brutes i'm19262.244.16
gonna go get their seed so gather as19264.484.72
much seeds as you can simon dora yeah19266.44.238
i'm gonna give you guys pretty easiest19269.23.12
tasks we need bird feathers we're gonna19270.6383.362
have to make a [ __ ] ton of fire oh my19272.325.04
god i'm ready right now oh me too so so19274.05.28
uh and it also wouldn't be bad to ha19277.364.56
kill gray dwarfs to harvest the uh resin19279.284.16
because we want to make fire arrows19281.923.84
resin we don't need copper no yeah well19283.443.92
yeah you know don't worry about don't19285.762.72
worry about getting copper all right19287.362.64
feathers and resin19288.482.8
that's right you can call me the resin19290.03.52
queen does the burning bow want carrots19291.283.76
cause i got carrots no the burning wool19293.524.0
does doesn't want any goddamn carrots19295.045.36
so neeps not a wok neebs all right looks19297.524.4
like one needs you and i yeah we're19300.43.52
gonna continue working on those carrots19301.923.84
food we need to make some nice mead so19303.923.76
that we have curatives for this boss19305.763.44
fight tell you what neebs i'm on your19307.682.72
side though when we're done with this19309.23.598
boss douche we should make a nice satay19310.44.0
or maybe some chow mein or something up19312.7983.76
in this [ __ ] that's like chilly yeah19314.44.158
that's a true trophy19316.5583.442
it's good we're gonna agree on chow mein19318.5584.482
after this hi yeah19320.03.04
okay all right all right who has a fine19325.23.598
bow i adore you i do i see it in your19326.9583.282
hand all right so two fine bows we need19328.7982.802
a couple more fine bows and i want to19330.242.638
make sure we have the stuff to upgrade19331.62.24
it all right everybody knows what19332.8782.882
they're supposed to do yeah all right19333.843.84
break ready break it19335.766.28
all right which way do we go19337.684.36
okay spawner19367.923.92
here let me let me just do this let me19369.764.16
get the the19371.843.92
whatever that name is let's see how it19373.923.2
looks over here19375.763.76
blueberries neebs would lose his mind19377.123.598
right now19379.522.88
i'm gonna have to go hard in the paint19380.7183.92
here if you know what i mean19382.43.92
you don't okay19384.6382.802
i need your seeds19388.244.398
you guys are nobodies i say it all the19390.05.52
time it's it's it's even getting old19392.6385.282
yeah you trying to oh you got me19395.524.32
you got me with your magic and19397.923.36
there's a lot of us so19401.284.4
i'm gonna dance around this rock a19403.924.08
little bit get a little bit of staminas19405.684.72
we got you we got you we're looking good19408.03.84
we're looking great we're feeling good19410.44.08
feeling great bam smack oh19411.843.92
all right19414.484.478
a brute that's the guy i want19415.766.32
oh [ __ ] there's a lot of skeletons19418.9585.282
uh let's see let's let's go back to the19422.084.24
guys because i want to show them just19424.245.6
how stupid you guys are you know19426.323.52
okay simon you got something for me i do19433.685.52
one fine boat oh whoa19437.24.56
already huh oh yeah don't lose that19439.25.04
that's important okay now does it is it19441.764.32
still the same amount of drop as the19444.244.398
other bow it might fly a little easier19446.084.16
you'll have to test it out it's not like19448.6383.92
uh an obvious i don't know i don't even19450.244.478
remember it didn't make me go oh my god19452.5584.562
this is but it's better it's better19454.7184.322
that's what we know right okay19457.123.28
and i'm gonna gather the materials that19459.043.678
we need to upgrade all of our fine bows19460.43.84
because we need to go in there to this19462.7182.962
boss battle with the best fine bows19464.243.84
possible yeah yeah yeah and we're gonna19465.685.92
get uh copper if we come upon it so19468.084.798
we're just gonna have our little mission19471.62.72
and this is the first time i'm i'm doing19472.8784.482
this sucker so i guess yeah that's fun19474.326.558
hey don't have a door this way this way19477.363.518
can i get in i don't know about that19481.23.678
yeah yeah yep there we go get in bring19482.8783.442
it bring it right through here door i've19484.8783.76
uh designed i've designed this uh for a19486.325.2
reason impressive oh19488.6384.802
yeah there's the bridge right there hey19491.524.16
hey names hey sorry i didn't wipe off my19493.444.16
wheels before i came in hey names yeah19495.684.0
hey when you get uh when you get to the19497.63.6
outpost over there by the black forest19499.683.6
remember to sleep in a bed so you when19501.24.08
you respawn you'll respond there yeah19503.283.76
yeah yeah we'll probably won't start19505.283.12
until the morning but we'll get a little19507.042.96
closer all right no yeah don't go into19508.43.6
the black forest tonight19510.04.4
yeah just dumb yeah19512.06.24
what are you remembering to do19514.46.08
what are you remembering to do19518.244.08
are you are you talking to us19520.482.96
uh don't go to the black forest at night19523.444.88
are you really nope what19526.243.2
we're getting what are you remembering19528.322.0
to do19529.443.04
we just covered that i thought we were19543.043.678
going back further to like better19544.7984.482
remember okay yeah we had that down well19546.7185.442
do we i didn't yeah19549.284.56
just shut your mouth like19552.163.6
the last thing we talked about yeah but19553.843.92
i wasn't listening19555.763.118
they're gonna forget the bed yeah maybe19558.8782.882
they won't forget the bed but yeah19560.6382.562
they're probably gonna forget the bed19561.763.36
we're right here yeah we didn't leave19563.23.678
the we didn't leave you're still talking19565.123.598
we're right here don't forget the bed19566.8783.122
we're gonna do something we're gonna19568.7183.602
bring a bed it's annoying we're gonna go19570.04.24
we're gonna go stay stay along the coast19572.323.92
yeah you'll run right into the outpost19574.243.84
we're waiting to them yeah wait until19576.245.04
morning what time are we waiting till19578.084.478
what time19581.283.76
morning what time we wait19582.5586.442
we're gonna wait till morning19585.043.96
go away19591.043.28
go away19594.323.44
i'm busy with19596.03.6
with work things19597.763.44
i work here19599.64.88
i work here and i'm oh [ __ ] okay where's19601.24.48
the portal19604.482.56
oh [ __ ]19605.684.24
where's the port19607.044.0
uh okay19609.924.92
hey go away i work here i'm an19611.048.32
employee hey guys uh hey thick what's up19614.846.84
someone someone's asking for you on the19619.364.24
other side of this portal is probably19621.684.72
some sort of solicitor oh god is that19623.64.32
base getting raided again yeah all right19626.43.6
yeah kind of where yet i'm coming all19627.923.68
right yeah we need uh we need all the19630.03.84
defense we can uh muster bringing this19631.63.84
to the base oh my god is that a four you19633.843.118
trying you trying to come at me are we19635.443.358
jumping in yeah jump in jump in there's19636.9586.522
a boar in there i know in there19638.7984.682
huh god how did the troll go how did19656.9584.0
that troll get in here uh he he just did19658.5585.842
his like troll thing oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]19660.9586.402
okay ow oh man we got a one star gray19664.44.8
dwarf we got a troll19667.364.56
oh boy oh boy this is this oh he's19669.25.28
coming this has gone to [ __ ] quick yeah19671.925.12
oh that's a one star troll okay here we19674.485.36
go bring it out hey door oh throwing19677.044.56
rocks okay19679.843.44
his health is down right keep an eye on19681.63.198
your health keep an eye on your stamina19683.283.518
boys yes sir oh don't let that troll19684.7983.92
destroy it i just built this house miss19686.7983.362
me gotta let that troll destroy this19688.7184.322
house you got it oh come at me come at19690.164.0
me yeah19693.044.0
take care of this great oh [ __ ]19694.165.36
your house get out19697.043.598
now i look at his health and it looks19699.522.32
like it's all the way down is that just19700.6382.0
must be just you he's about halfway okay19702.6383.762
i'll stay on him19704.9582.962
oh that's a good hit19706.45.2
oh yeah oh that's good stunt oh [ __ ]19707.925.52
oh he's almost dead yeah yeah yeah we're19711.64.88
doing good we're doing good19713.443.04
yeah there we go yeah that's how it's19716.7184.882
done good money for this oh yeah oh yeah19719.283.92
you might might get a little bit of gold19721.63.92
do we have enough to buy uh i don't know19723.24.32
more headlamps i've never bought oh look19725.523.118
at all this money look at all that19727.522.72
help all right can't get arrows but we19730.244.718
got money yeah that's good19732.7184.24
all right that was hairy man i tell you19734.9584.162
we built this wall as well don't do [ __ ]19736.9584.482
nope gives us time buys us a little bit19739.125.36
of time but uh yeah i saw another19741.445.92
spawner so once daylight comes i'm gonna19744.484.64
go get it beautiful you know what to do19747.363.438
i'm heading back i'm gonna keep working19749.123.28
on making sure we got the materials to19750.7984.242
upgrade or find boats all right then i'm19752.45.68
harvesting my carrot19755.043.04
simon you see what i see and smell what19760.7983.122
i smell19762.8783.202
oh there's a bird right there well19763.923.92
there's a bird but no the resin behind19766.083.36
us too i was just like oh you're going19767.843.84
to take my bird19769.443.92
okay well fine i'm going to go pick up19771.684.0
some stuff yeah get the i want to get19773.363.92
this resin you can get the feathers i19775.682.958
don't know how to get this off me how do19777.283.358
i okay well i'm getting resin that's19778.6384.0
your kill so it's like just part of me19780.6383.92
now what do i do i don't know i'm not19782.6383.92
picking up the stone so where the hell19784.5584.08
are those feathers at no help me here19786.5583.602
with these guys19788.6383.442
one second you say get the feathers i19790.163.52
did i'm sorry i'm sorry i was trying to19792.083.92
get this off all right my bad my bad i19793.684.64
picked up the feathers i got some resin19796.05.04
and my heart boy now is this one might19798.325.92
be permanent form potentially uh i got19801.045.678
my sword out let me see what i could do19804.243.92
here any any more of these little19806.7183.362
[ __ ] i don't hate it but like i don't19808.163.6
know how to get out of it let's see19810.083.76
double space what do we got19811.764.24
f no that turned in my19813.844.16
what was the power what do we got oh19816.03.84
you don't know how to get off of there19818.04.0
um i would hit uh well you don't19819.843.28
remember what you hit to get on19822.03.2
obviously not double e well i thought it19823.124.0
would have been one of the double e is19825.25.12
that everything i don't know a tripoli19827.124.56
you want to do a tripoli and then a19830.324.16
double b i'm kind of like uh what's that19831.685.6
what's the horse uh man person what is19834.485.36
that again uh oh uh the horseman person19837.285.12
is a oh [ __ ] man mandatory is that a19839.844.958
[ __ ] minotaur19842.43.76
look at me19844.7983.282
okay like a minotaur all right then it's19846.163.84
over with a cart oh i need to eat we19848.083.36
need food we need all that stuff but19850.02.798
that was a good start to this we're19851.443.04
getting to that black forest pretty soon19852.7983.76
just around the end i guess we i don't19854.483.84
know do we just follow i feel like we19856.5584.24
haven't really had anything19858.324.558
on the coast we also got two of the19860.7983.442
things we're looking for and look at19862.8783.362
that resin right down there simon open19864.244.718
your eyeballs oh oh oh19866.245.12
attached to my body i need your eyeballs19868.9584.722
to be better okay19871.364.88
on that or your eyeballs can be the19873.685.118
better of the eyeballs and my leg since19876.244.398
you're tethered to that thing could be19878.7983.682
the legs19880.6383.842
this is going to be forever this is this19882.483.84
is just me now simon this and i'm19884.483.6
looking at resin jesus what are you19886.322.72
resin flint it's not that was that's19889.043.598
what i meant to say19891.282.24
all right19892.6383.682
come on sucker come on sucker watch me19893.526.0
dora watch me be be my voice all right19896.325.12
good job ah19899.524.24
you like that thank you all right we're19901.444.24
close oh there looks like the outpost is19903.763.52
that the outpost that outpost we make19905.683.6
that i don't know we'll see there looks19907.283.92
like the outpost19909.283.518
that's what you said it sounds official19911.23.598
when you say it like that19912.7985.122
and it's an outpost i didn't mean to19914.7985.682
ping the map19917.924.878
outpost is much further away oh so this19920.484.078
is not it no19922.7984.0
okay so how do you what is the outpost19924.5584.0
this is it okay i just never parked it19926.7983.442
all right all right sweet we're at the19928.5583.602
outpost yay19930.244.24
home sweet home19932.164.638
[ __ ] off me19934.483.76
are we not taking that through the19936.7983.442
portal no we're getting stuff down here19938.243.52
we're not going through the portal okay19940.243.04
we're going to the black forest oh yeah19941.762.56
that's right19943.282.64
how do you get this off you19944.322.398
hey hey you guys gonna sleep in the bed19946.7184.482
you're on fire um oh yeah yeah we're19949.124.0
going to sleep we're going to sleep in19951.23.12
the bed19953.123.28
hey how do i get this off me oh you got19954.323.44
to look at the handles and you should be19956.42.478
able to hit e19957.763.198
oh my god really19958.8784.0
yeah really there you go yeah we're19960.9583.6
going to go back going to the bed thank19962.8783.602
you for your concern no19964.5585.522
i slept in the bed thank you19966.483.6
let's see19971.842.958
yeah what are you two doing you're just19973.24.4
in time astro what for we are all19974.7985.84
gathered here to celebrate the miracle19977.65.44
of nature19980.6385.202
these carrots were once a seed and now19983.046.64
they have matured to three carrots19985.846.0
all right and now we pick19995.124.4
do i just pick it says healthy oh i can19997.285.278
pick this one make that two carrots19999.525.118
two carrots all right you gotta make20002.5583.522
something delicious with that well i've20004.6382.962
never gotten past this part that was the20006.083.44
first time no i don't i don't think any20007.63.44
of the ingredients that we really need20009.523.76
to make require carrots why'd i grow20011.044.32
these carrots the [ __ ] if i know you20013.284.24
gave me carrot seeds you gave me the the20015.363.278
that's the thing i think karen's kind of20018.6383.202
coming to play later i mean it can't20020.243.2
hurt to have but i mean uh hold on let20021.843.36
me take a peek over here20023.444.56
at your uh your cooking station right20025.24.64
let's see oh god damn it i'm all fire20028.03.52
get it20029.844.4
yeah listen i was saving my blueberries20031.524.32
and strawberries for the queen's jam20034.242.96
yeah queen's jam blueberries and20035.842.798
strawberries we need what we really also20037.24.0
need to make is uh minor healing which20038.6384.0
is honey blueberry strawberries and20041.23.92
dandelions gotta [ __ ] down at dandelions20042.6384.08
some [ __ ] needs you and i need to go out20045.122.96
and like pick blueberries and20046.7182.802
strawberries i've been20048.083.52
blueberries are more rare than diamonds20049.523.76
around here do you have any burritos20051.63.118
yeah you gotta you gotta go to the black20053.283.358
forest yeah i have no that's where i20054.7183.682
look i've been picking blueberries for a20056.6385.042
week straight okay i've got 25. that's20058.45.6
not a bad start make some queens jam oh20061.684.48
we need we honestly need more honey okay20064.04.4
those bees are lazy yeah we also need20066.163.68
strawberries so we need to go strawberry20068.43.04
picking thick how are those seeds coming20069.843.52
along well i have one20071.444.72
and i was waiting till daylight until i20073.365.12
go get the other it's daylight it's a20076.164.798
stormy day but it's daylight okay well20078.485.28
i'ma go yeah keep keep working man i20080.9584.322
gotta go out and chop some birch trees20083.764.48
tell you what i'm going to be in the20085.284.08
i'll look for strawberries you head to20089.362.72
the black forest and you look for20091.043.12
blueberries okay doing it for a week i20092.083.6
was excited about the carrots now20094.163.6
they're worthless do it for another week20095.684.56
god damn it okay you wanna you i want to20097.764.16
get out of here yeah i can't get out of20100.244.08
here you don't go fine quit subtracting20101.926.16
me [ __ ] bloopers you son of a [ __ ]20104.325.68
huh what do you forgive me20108.084.638
so we can eat the cats okay i'll eat a20110.05.28
[ __ ] carrot all right20112.7184.722
get out of here pizza [ __ ] i'm going to20115.284.0
get birch i don't even know why i got20117.443.84
this fermenting thing20119.284.64
so when we make the mead we can ferment20121.284.08
it okay20123.924.638
i hope it's cooler than the carrots20125.365.92
oh wait i can make carrot soup20128.5586.762
yeah but i need three of them20131.284.04
i got about i got about 50 blueberries20136.163.76
don't tell neves i'm eating them just20138.323.12
just for fun20139.923.52
i've had them the whole time haven't you20141.444.64
oh [ __ ] time every time every time20143.446.4
both just holding 100 each20146.083.76
all right all right20150.8784.642
we end up blueberries i got so many20152.9584.162
blueberries i didn't even tell neebs how20155.523.358
many blueberries i had like a [ __ ]20157.123.36
blueberry millionaire20158.8783.76
sounds like a sexual position20160.484.238
gave her the old blueberry millionaire20162.6384.482
hey grow door but i missed that i missed20164.7185.202
you yes come on come on come on i suck20167.125.2
on you i suck on your toes20169.925.52
come on whoa neebs hey20172.324.8
hey how long did it take you to know i20175.443.84
was here good lord that scared me why20177.123.28
okay hi20179.283.04
how long have you been behind us ah20180.44.08
like an hour an hour20182.324.318
that's just crazy i really doubt that20184.484.64
what do you do uh blueberries um20186.6384.16
blueberries we got blueberries let me20189.123.36
check the uh20190.7983.682
i'm fresh out of blueberries hey listen20192.483.6
it's just me you know what i'll give you20194.484.078
a blueberry for six strawberries never20196.083.6
mind i'm gonna look for my own20198.5583.362
blueberries fine but i'm making food for20199.683.76
the whole group just so you know all20201.922.718
right fine20203.443.118
we haven't found any blueberries yet20204.6384.16
we're looking for them oh hey yeah these20206.5584.24
were my blueberries that i need to eat20208.7983.742
all right got dark on me out here but20216.6383.602
let's see20219.23.2
i got a good amount of fine wood all20220.245.44
right now i need some core wood but i am20222.44.88
camping in the woods tonight man i love20225.683.52
camping in the woods it is just like20227.283.598
some of the best20229.23.598
nobody tell me what to do i'm out here20230.8786.402
all by myself can masturbate all i want20232.7986.322
although it is lonely20237.284.08
very lonely20239.124.64
it is20251.844.48
penis penis20254.243.76
can be as crude as i want i love it20259.765.6
camping's great20262.482.88
big floppy donkey dick20266.244.6
all right i need some fine wood uh we20275.66.48
have some fine homes here of my friends20278.46.96
and uh i also need one more seed20282.085.6
just a one a more seed let's see if20285.364.56
doraleous has any fine wood20287.683.36
dry i said20289.923.52
doraleous has five seeds20291.043.44
i didn't even20293.442.88
i just needed to go to doraleous place20294.483.04
and just20296.323.12
oh my god all right20297.524.48
all right well we have enough seeds [ __ ]20299.443.6
all right20302.02.0
neebs memes what do you have do you have20304.04.0
any seeds because everybody seems to20306.083.76
have [ __ ] seeds20308.03.28
neems has some feathers i'm going to20309.843.038
take those and i'm going to replace it20311.285.92
with a deer uh head and then20312.8786.722
yep neeps has a lot of nice stuff i'm20317.24.08
gonna i'm gonna leave neeb stuff i don't20319.64.32
see any fine wood but hey we're ready to20321.283.92
fight the boss20323.923.36
i killed like five brutes20325.23.358
seven brutes20327.283.518
something like that abstra20328.5584.642
abstract yeah killed a bunch of brutes20330.7985.202
five seven oh good five seven how many20333.25.2
seeds you got uh i got seven i got seven20336.04.24
seeds seven seven seeds you know what20338.43.68
yeah follow me under the house i i think20340.243.52
i saw a chest in here with some seeds20342.084.478
uh-huh yeah let's see am i mistaken i20343.763.92
could have sworn there might have been20346.5583.522
let me check these chests not that one20347.684.0
not that one20350.084.24
yeah there's two seeds in here the chest20351.684.64
uh the over there on the right we we20354.324.478
didn't really need to kill brutes but20356.324.8
okay we have nine seeds now i don't know20358.7983.84
how many seeds we need i don't know if20361.123.36
we need damn 10 i don't know if we need20362.6383.762
15. i don't know if we need two all20364.485.36
right whatever uh okay well i guess20366.45.04
we we try it20369.844.32
we need lots of errors right oh yeah no20371.444.48
yeah well now another thing is feathers20374.164.08
and resin that's what simon and dora are20375.924.48
what happened20386.6385.621
hey hey hey you guys at the big base yep20395.286.16
yeah right in the big base all right i20399.363.92
got lots of berries20401.444.32
sweet make some of that sweet sweet mead20403.283.278
oh mead20406.5583.522
making mead now i guess yeah why not20407.844.08
talking about it we're going to meet it20410.083.6
we're getting a good one dick so our20411.924.32
blueberries are made uh no all right so20413.683.92
let's see20416.243.36
come over here to the cooking pot okay20417.63.52
can't wait to smell this i can't wait to20419.63.118
smell it so tell you what like uh20421.123.518
healing meat that's honey blueberries uh20422.7183.522
raspberries and dandelion you should20424.6383.362
have all that right well my honey's over20426.243.2
here hold on oh yeah get the honey out20428.04.0
of the thing okay sorry i don't need20429.444.8
resin do i i don't think so uh20432.04.48
blueberries uh-huh strawberries20434.244.08
blueberries strawberries honey and20436.484.478
dandelion and dandelion got it see20438.326.08
dandelion dandelion dandelion oh well i20440.9584.882
absolutely dandelion yeah danda right20445.845.28
you have panda it's dandy20447.926.0
dandy danda don't even don't even all20451.124.32
right main thing because i got the blue20453.923.68
cage stirring the pot look at you oh20455.445.68
stop stirring the pot nibs20457.63.52
uh made would you base minor healing oh20461.24.64
healing would be great if we have20464.243.84
healing brews during that fight that's20465.843.52
wonderful that means we can heal20468.082.878
ourselves if we get hurt liking the20469.363.68
smell already so mead based minor20470.9584.322
healing sure click20473.045.44
craft nothing oh wow kitty got all the20475.287.76
stuff 17 honey yeah like 54 blueberries20478.485.76
65 strawberries wait yeah yep20484.246.92
and dandelions20487.843.32
got them all and it won't let you craft20491.283.678
it there's a one here does that mean20493.364.08
something required one station level we20494.9583.68
have that right oh we might have to20497.443.84
upgrade the station uh really20498.6384.32
well let me take a picture that's okay20501.283.278
how would you pick it i would do that20502.9583.362
app store is gonna do it no problem20504.5584.24
watch it watch this20506.324.0
i don't know what the hell does he have20508.7983.84
what does a one mean one there is a one20510.324.16
we should be able to make this20512.6384.24
i don't know oh see you i honestly don't20514.483.52
know i thought you had the [ __ ] in your20516.8782.402
pocket you were able to make it is it20518.03.44
too far away from all the other stuff to20519.284.96
upgrade or does it make any damn sense i20521.445.04
don't know it's just a damn cooking pot20524.243.6
well do you got all this stuff in your20526.482.88
inventory right nate do you upgrade or20527.843.52
make a little inventory okay try to make20529.363.438
some queens jam try to make something20531.363.278
else well i've made a soup it's not like20532.7983.122
i don't know how to make stuff hey yeah20534.6383.522
i know i get it queen's jam oh wait20535.923.44
maybe it's because20538.162.798
is full would that be it dumb20539.362.48
[ __ ]20540.9583.042
you didn't think maybe20546.084.16
dump some [ __ ] off so that when you make20548.243.92
it it casts somewhere to go here we go20550.244.8
mead based minor20552.162.88
and that escalated quickly you guys are20559.045.518
very angry people he's got a sauce thank20561.25.12
you all right you made the mead yep all20564.5582.882
right now stick it over here in the20566.324.16
meadery uh and this yeah metering what20567.446.08
the [ __ ] that was20570.483.04
making me need20573.684.4
now that's all right yep that's gonna20575.763.92
take a minute so20578.083.44
so we just what it's a waiting game well20579.684.24
if if we're gonna wait dora now has a20581.524.32
blue cape now i was gonna see if you20583.923.36
guys wanted to have like a leaders20585.843.2
meeting or thick too20587.283.92
yeah sure sure yeah20589.042.88
yeah okay20591.922.958
now yeah we need to do more of what we20593.24.32
did today we just got to do more of it20594.8785.362
and then we're going to fight a boss20597.524.08
okay okay and then i'm going to get a20601.64.64
blue cape after that20603.844.08
no you ain't getting up damn no i won't20606.243.68
i'm not i'm not going to get a blue cap20607.924.48
is that is that a wrap it could be for20609.924.638
for today yeah20612.44.64
goddammit just sit down and chill just20617.124.08
relax for a minute20618.7984.0
tonight thanks a lot i know thanks for20621.24.4
the caffeine wow a red bull and i know20622.7985.042
i'm wide [ __ ] away did anyone else20625.64.8
just get a boner no oh you're the only20627.845.36
one you [ __ ] pervert wow20630.45.28
i mean i got my nubs my nubs happy yeah20633.25.48
good morning gentlemen good morning20642.9584.082
all right so check it out you remember20645.762.72
that giant turtle you guys found you got20647.042.96
those barnacles off of oh that was a20648.483.2
turtle how can i forget that all right20650.04.16
with the barnacles you got i've made20651.684.72
this thick take it oh20654.164.88
i think i think i did he give it to me20656.44.0
i didn't mean to give it to you yeah20659.042.88
give it to me throw it out give it a20660.43.44
thing give it don't even start with me20661.923.92
okay hold on hold on see if i can it's20663.843.92
like a game it's like maybe i'll get it20665.844.08
okay hold on maybe you will get it go20667.765.36
jordan right now hey hey ooh get it20669.926.0
abysmal harpoon yep that's a harpoon and20673.124.8
neebs isn't here today so food's gonna20675.924.16
be an issue so i thought you guys might20677.924.56
go out find a sea serpent harpoon that20680.084.798
[ __ ] drag him on the shore and20682.484.0
then and then kill it and then we'll20684.8784.402
cook its meat20686.482.8
i'm gonna make everybody good armor for20692.163.44
this boss fight and i'm gonna make20694.163.44
arrows and i'm gonna stick everything in20695.63.84
these boxes here in this house and then20697.63.44
when we fight the boss we'll lay down in20699.443.92
this bed we'll get some good rest and20701.044.24
we're gonna kick this thing's butt hell20703.366.48
yeah let's get us a serpent20705.284.56
thick yeah it looks like we're pretty20734.484.96
close to land to the right there uh-huh20736.9585.042
how far out do we need to be it's hard20739.444.4
to see i think we just kind of circle20742.03.68
around you know is that another turtle20743.843.28
thing off to the left there this little20745.683.038
thing i think so20747.123.28
i think a straight ahead is another20748.7182.612
turtle thing20750.42.158
no it's like a big rock rock like things20752.5584.642
sticking out like water it's just an20755.363.598
island there's a tiny20757.23.758
tree okay could have been the top of the20758.9584.642
turtle shell no no i could see that you20760.9585.522
know okay it's an interesting uh unless20763.64.4
it's just not rendered in is that20766.483.12
straight ahead it looks like an erect20768.04.08
penis coming out of the island yeah it20769.65.52
do yes it does yes that is an erect20772.085.2
penis but we should probably swing back20775.124.16
around because we are getting we're not20777.283.518
in the ocean right now we need to go20779.283.358
back to the ocean all right so just turn20780.7983.92
around we'll just what about that thing20782.6383.92
that's on the island right there20784.7183.762
hey hey hey paula yes i'm turning around20788.484.8
that's what you said to do yep yep all20791.24.88
right i am concerned just because of uh20793.284.8
bugs and stuff you know can i just hit20796.084.558
this guy maybe no it's no let's20798.084.558
do anything to any of us can't swim20800.6385.402
though right golden rule you heard it20802.6386.471
the wind it's like we're not really20811.123.758
moving to see him on fire would be fun20812.9583.76
oh that oh that was a horrible shot20814.8783.522
that'd be fun to see him on fire right20816.7182.562
that's fun he's gonna be fine20819.285.12
oh [ __ ] he's coming20822.43.92
are you kidding me you heard us now oh20824.44.08
my god i didn't know we could swim i'm20826.323.76
trying to i really wanted to get away20828.486.12
that was a bad move let's get away20830.084.52
can i hit this thing with a harpoon i20839.284.72
don't know oh my god i got him you got20841.284.8
that with the harpoon20844.04.4
how do i let go i don't want that there20846.084.08
we go i don't want it either20848.43.92
all right that was dumb of me i i20850.164.96
apologize for that yeah uh here let me20852.324.318
let me steer because you're we're going20855.123.838
into the planes here20856.6383.92
okay i'm gonna come up20858.9583.76
i'm out i'm out calm down i can't calm20860.5584.32
down you just got one of us killed20862.7183.762
yeah i didn't mean to do any of that you20864.8783.122
know what i mean well i know but i i20866.483.28
even said i was like hey20868.03.76
don't do it don't do it yeah i remember20869.764.798
that part yep and you did defiant little20871.766.798
child yeah well next time just don't do20874.5586.08
it yeah we're yeah we're better than20878.5584.482
that i know20880.6383.442
you're still hitting it though aren't20883.042.4
already yeah listen man dora was20892.085.6
shooting this like big buffalo looking20894.7985.362
thing on an island and then it swam and20897.684.878
freaking killed me but i was20900.164.96
oh god okay he shot a lock so you said20902.5584.0
big buffalo looking thing yeah that's20905.122.56
the only thing i can think of in this20906.5583.602
game that's a lux yeah that wasn't fun20907.685.198
because i got killed and i am now back20910.164.478
and my [ __ ] is in the middle of the20912.8784.562
water somewhere okay well20914.6385.762
is the boat okay i mean i think so i it20917.444.72
seemed to get me20920.44.558
and the boat seemed fine at least then20922.164.798
okay well all right if they pull up do20924.9583.6
we have a crafting thing out here20926.9582.802
hopefully they're going to come back for20928.5582.962
you then yeah we can repair the boat20929.764.16
yeah yeah and i can get my stuff because20931.524.24
believe me i got some [ __ ] in this game20933.923.44
i don't want to be sticking over like20935.763.198
yeah that bronze sword that bronze sword20937.364.0
is going to be uh great yeah that and20938.9583.84
killing that serpent i care about20941.363.68
berries yeah god berries yeah man i need20942.7983.92
more berries yeah neebs actually made20945.042.96
some healing brew so we're gonna have20946.7182.802
healing brew for the fight oh that's20948.03.12
good that'd be nice i'm looking forward20949.522.64
to that20951.122.56
look at these birds just sitting out20952.163.04
here you're lucky i don't have my bow20953.683.92
birds or you'd have one in the poop20955.23.518
damn i didn't realize there's so many20958.7183.202
birds around here yeah this place is20960.083.76
bird paradise yeah20961.923.68
all right i'm still working on doing my20963.843.68
thing i guess are they gonna come i20965.63.76
don't know come get you that's they are20967.525.118
they are right there there they are20969.363.278
hey what's up20972.7182.882
all right yep20977.042.23
all right so no more shooting that [ __ ]20980.7984.402
that we don't need to shoot no yeah20982.8784.482
never except oh look at that yeah look20985.23.678
at that look at that simon20987.364.0
it's like her husband's coming home oh20988.8784.482
oh and this is like the widow's peak20991.364.16
yeah yeah like we're waiting we're20993.363.68
waiting for you to come home and give us20995.524.0
a good spanking we've been bad20997.043.36
man i direct penis oh all right simon21000.45.04
get on the boat go get his uh yeah guys21003.523.198
you got to get simon's stuff it's21005.444.64
important yep exactly moy importante all21006.7185.602
right waste a ton of time so i don't21010.085.52
feel a ton bad okay okay good i'm back21012.326.16
on baby yeah you are all right all right21015.65.6
goodbye i'll miss you oh you won't we21018.484.398
were right next to you when you was21021.23.758
really want to make sure you heard it i21022.8784.162
know but that hurt my ear why would you21024.9584.322
we were very sharp got some problems21027.047.24
with uh proximity yeah21029.285.0
big daddy21055.763.24
gonna be good21067.922.958
oh god we're going to lose this all21085.763.6
[ __ ]21090.485.158
oh god21091.843.798
oh it's right on your ass you turn it21116.7983.362
around there we go yep yep here we go21118.243.76
okay all right you drive all right21120.164.24
trying to all right driving get it get21122.07.84
it come on got him got him that was21124.45.44
like better trees better trees to the21140.7985.362
right ominous okay they're like ominous21143.444.64
to me but okay what the heck just21146.163.76
happened to them oh oh my stamina is21148.085.68
running out oh boy yeah okay21149.925.68
because we're excited21153.763.52
yeah all right how's it how do these21155.64.08
trees look oh he got away get away21157.284.72
oh oh he got he got away21159.684.16
here comes come on he's coming he's21162.04.32
coming let's21163.842.48
come to me21167.363.12
all right let me get out your way you21168.7983.202
got him thick21170.483.52
got him all right now the shore's right21172.04.558
here what do i do slow down21174.05.04
i'm slowing down no no no no what what21176.5585.122
yeah that's it no oh god there's a ton21179.044.72
of no we got a bad21181.685.44
bad place very bad place21183.763.36
sorry about that okay hold on i'm trying21187.443.118
to move but it doesn't seem to want to21189.22.4
[ __ ] uh not in a good position i don't21191.67.278
think oh boy no don't bite me oh21193.765.118
hold on come on baby come on move21208.085.84
i'm not exactly sure how to make it move21211.286.48
but i'm trying oh that was a good shot21213.926.24
okay yeah come on21217.765.198
it's hurting a little bit now all right21220.163.92
a little bit21222.9582.0
all right21224.083.52
simon all right all right21224.9584.802
again did it run away oh it's fighting21227.64.56
fighting all the madness like all those21229.765.84
trolls and [ __ ] on love right now right21232.164.88
he's not probably21237.043.838
but if we21238.322.558
it's almost dead and it's pretty close21247.845.038
to land come on baby like it is almost21249.685.6
dead uh-huh i got it harpooned oh21252.8784.722
i'm gonna drive towards this little son21258.04.958
of a [ __ ] yeah i think does that mean21259.525.92
doesn't matter it does when i do21262.9586.6
something good it makes me happy21265.444.118
oh hey guys hey hey21272.166.558
you ready for some sweet serpent meat oh21275.364.48
am i21278.7184.16
yes yes actually i am i've got six six21279.845.76
okay that's not terrible we could use21282.8785.442
more of course i expected more to be21285.64.48
honest i didn't know what to yeah here21288.324.0
you go i'll give you these21290.083.04
get some more um we probably need to21293.124.16
repair the boat a bit sam oh yeah repair21294.7184.482
that boat yeah that needs uh fix it yeah21297.284.0
hey come over here let's um21299.23.678
actually i don't think we have a cooking21301.282.96
station here follow me follow me let's21302.8783.442
cook this okay all right yeah yeah yeah21304.244.398
i'd like to see what serpent tastes like21306.325.6
slurping serpent21308.6383.282
all right yeah we'll use this uh this21313.043.518
one right here let's check it out21314.9583.84
straight by the way21316.5584.16
look at that21318.7984.642
holy [ __ ] all right so that's why21320.7185.442
there's six of those big massive good21323.444.8
how did i carry that how was i carrying21326.164.798
that i don't know you weren't it's a21328.244.96
it's a game well that's bigger than me21330.9584.082
and it is yeah21333.23.28
and there's six of them that you were21335.043.36
carrying apparently mm-hmm21336.483.52
man you know what reminds me it reminds21338.43.76
me of like the flintstones yes you know21340.03.68
what i mean yeah21342.162.638
big ass21343.683.68
big-ass pizza meat yeah it's like in the21344.7984.242
drive through in the drive-through they21347.362.88
dropped it on there and it tipped the21349.043.12
whole car over remember that it was ribs21350.242.638
yeah it's reds like dino ribs yeah yeah21352.8785.362
now these obviously these take a little21356.5583.442
bit longer to cook than your standard21358.243.28
meat you got to be safe we don't want to21360.04.4
get sick yeah exactly oh yeah we also we21361.524.48
also don't want to let this stuff burn21364.42.558
keep an eye on it all right it should21366.9584.082
change at some point it will think so21368.7183.122
cooking works make a little sound21371.843.76
that's how you know21374.083.68
my god oh my on21378.9580.0
keep him coming keep him coming cook21381.923.36
serpent meat yeah tell you what yeah21383.523.6
i'll uh you guys go get more serpent21385.284.4
meat i'm gonna cook these all right21387.124.0
i'm gonna put them in the box with the21389.682.8
uh with the other stuff so we can be21391.123.28
well prepared for this boss fight21392.484.158
sounds good kill this boss more serpent21394.43.28
guys right here oh okay okay oh no okay21406.8786.402
okay all right we're gonna go right back21411.523.92
to our base all right am i gonna am i21413.283.92
gonna jump you tell me when to drive is21415.444.08
that still the situation or no yeah that21417.24.24
was gonna be a plan so there it is good21419.525.438
call simon you're remembered trying woo21421.448.16
hey okay calm down calm it coming down21424.9585.522
all right21429.63.278
so which direction am i going now oh21430.484.158
[ __ ] i had us in the right direction21432.8784.0
there you go good job21444.483.52
no we're going the wrong way now now21446.7982.402
we're going the wrong way we got to go21448.03.68
to the left left left okay all right i'm21449.25.438
i'm making a left now okay i see see the21451.685.36
lamps with the lights i do i see the21454.6384.24
lights down i see them and i'm going21457.043.518
towards the lights21458.8783.202
yep come on21460.5584.562
come on baby we got this i don't care if21462.085.52
you run this ashore okay stamina is21465.124.56
running out running it ashore that's21467.64.48
what i'm doing baby but not full speed21469.684.878
go ahead slow down okay i had to slow21472.087.0
down again is it s there it is21474.5584.522
look at that come on you little [ __ ]21491.23.358
wait wait take him out i gotta get up21492.43.84
back on the land here on the wrong side21494.5583.762
of this i'm running out of stamina he's21496.244.718
like all escaped how was what escaped21498.324.558
escape oh my god21500.9584.242
the serpent is no21502.8785.202
no no no no no no21505.24.88
and the boat's gone21508.084.24
what yeah cause it was broken even21510.084.16
though i barely wrote it up come on come21512.326.2
on back come on back back21514.244.28
it's still there it's still there still21527.63.358
there come on21528.8783.042
[ __ ]21530.9583.442
why isn't this thing shooting oh is it21531.925.2
dead now it's dead it's dead all right21534.44.64
let's go harvest21537.124.48
the [ __ ] over there go get it i'm21539.044.56
shooting at nothing now just for fun can21541.63.92
i make it across this probably not well21543.63.6
you can just go around let's just go21545.523.198
around i know but21547.23.438
don't tell me what to do i feel like i21548.7183.522
have to because you've gotten us a lot21550.6383.842
of trouble recently oh have i have that21552.244.24
that was one locks thing uh i pretty21554.484.078
much uh oh boy there's a shaman guy21556.484.72
right here yeah all right let me uh i'll21558.5584.882
shoot i'll try to shoot the shaman guy21561.24.88
come on you [ __ ] uh oh that's my guy21563.444.24
stand a chance21566.083.2
might have been done all right might21567.683.278
have been done you're gonna drown oh21569.283.2
don't drown buddy it might have been21570.9583.6
done might have been done come on get on21572.486.238
that lad get on it stand stand yes21574.5585.522
oh yes21578.7183.602
oh i just mess everything up though21580.083.68
that's what i do21582.324.558
is mess it up did you get the scales21583.764.958
oh i don't know about that even get the21586.8784.482
scales scales are important i think are21588.7184.16
they on the bottom well i was going to21591.363.278
drown okay i've got the meat not the21592.8784.482
scales all right21594.6384.962
i'm on the other side attempting to21597.364.0
shoot these things and doing a very bad21599.65.358
job of it okay with my arrows ah you21601.365.68
guys doing good yeah i just rested yeah21604.9584.162
i'm doing fine by myself yeah i just21607.043.758
killed everything thank you drive21609.123.518
through oh well then i didn't even need21610.7983.122
to come over what are you wasting my21612.6383.042
time for my god21613.924.0
thick we don't need to be like this no21615.684.16
no listen if you're gonna you're doing21617.924.24
it all yourself you said where are you21619.844.48
communicate you need to communicate21622.164.398
earlier can you dive is there a diving21624.323.04
yeah you know what hey listen i'm not21627.363.92
i'm not liking your negative attitude so21629.363.358
you can go to hell yeah where'd that21631.283.84
come from oh i don't know no no here's a21632.7184.24
negative edge yeah i don't i don't know21635.123.518
i don't know i could look at the map you21636.9583.522
know what you could look at my dick i21638.6383.122
see them down there thick i just don't21640.482.72
know how to get them you mean simon's21641.764.08
dick no21643.23.518
uh the scales yeah21646.7184.802
well you can't dive can you no it's an x21648.7984.482
no why would why would they make you not21651.524.48
be able to get hmm you see them i do21653.283.76
there's got to be a dive button yeah21657.044.0
something button okay well we have more21659.044.0
meat i think that's that's all we need21661.044.08
but the scales would be great oh okay oh21663.043.918
now it's okay why would we just ask21665.126.438
aydah if she maybe she knows21666.9584.6
you probably just ask in your normal21677.044.08
voice ada do can you dive to get scales21678.45.2
no you can't but i could do it for you21681.124.08
hey hate them21685.24.48
maybe goddess ada will dive and get the21687.24.48
scales for us if we're sweet little21689.685.118
dumplings but that yeah that'd be cool21691.686.958
we have given you mediocre content aydah21694.7985.76
please bestow us21698.6384.16
some sweet sweet scales21700.5586.32
reward us with what we do not deserve21702.7984.08
oh is that more serpent meat oatmeal yep21737.25.518
we got six more okay hand them to you21739.685.76
please oh yeah did you cook them already21742.7184.202
sweet awesome yes and hey guess what i i21746.925.16
took a look at our recipes and i21750.04.08
actually went out into the woods last21752.084.08
night and i got a bunch of mushrooms so21754.084.478
we can make serpent stoop21756.164.16
and stew you say21758.5583.442
yeah i do say that's gonna that's gonna21760.324.08
give us one hell of a health boost21762.04.638
let's do it maybe if neeves gets off his21764.43.92
fat ass21766.6384.0
make some of his uh carrot soup we could21768.325.6
have like a stack of like meat carrots21770.6385.602
serpent stew to kick the [ __ ] out of a21773.924.798
boss nice and then all we need is mashed21776.243.68
man god i would love some mashed21781.22.64
potatoes i don't think they have21782.7184.642
potatoes in this game be great21783.843.52
i don't know we'd be so much stronger if21788.8784.322
we had mashed potatoes sour cream mixed21790.9584.962
in oh and some cheddar damn it some21793.24.88
butter on top yeah21795.925.16
has gotten you guys a little out of21803.364.24
control i apologize yeah it's actually21804.6384.402
we could probably level ourselves up you21807.62.72
know what we should do we should level21809.042.24
ourselves up a little bit more so21810.322.16
everybody hit each other for a minute21811.283.278
okay uh hold on let me how do i get rid21812.483.76
of my sword21814.5583.842
now you use the sword you used a sword21816.244.478
no i just yeah just don't so yeah look21818.43.68
at that yeah we're going to level21820.7182.962
ourselves up we're going to be able to21822.084.558
kick the [ __ ] out of the box21823.682.958
we're super good friends and we're21827.763.118
getting tougher21829.443.518
we're fighting each other and punching21830.8784.962
into faces and [ __ ] you [ __ ] you too21832.9585.76
[ __ ] you [ __ ] you21835.842.878
alright boys today is the day you're21840.325.6
right yeah i found the boss doraleous21842.8784.642
yep i have gifts for you all right let21845.922.798
me face you21847.522.16
pants oh21849.682.72
simon ah i have gifts for you what was21852.44.478
that noise that was me half yawning and21854.9584.242
half excited21856.8784.322
all right pants21859.23.92
leg or leggings there there you go21861.24.24
mardi gras show me the boobs oh we made21863.123.28
neebs what are you doing back there21866.43.36
making carrots21867.923.28
how many carrots you got already we're21869.764.24
ready to fight this boss like boy only21871.25.12
19. i've been replanting them well we21874.04.16
don't have time for you to make a damn21876.324.318
carrot farm got a box to kill needs okay21878.164.24
come on bobo learning everyone's21880.6384.0
blueberries this is for21882.44.398
the government government blueberries21884.6383.762
like government cheese actually if you21886.7982.962
have blueberries and strawberries do21888.43.44
give them to neebs he can make queens21889.764.0
jam yes21891.843.84
it's your lucky day bubba play your game21893.763.36
hey you pay your21895.682.56
got a little bit of a couple21897.122.56
strawberries there you go there you go21898.243.36
yep bring it all in squeeze down all21899.683.68
right but here's my proposal sun's going21901.63.44
down right now through the night we do21903.363.68
any last-minute preparations and then21905.047.11
come sunrise we kick a boss's butt yeah21907.0427.68
all right so we're gonna rest in here21936.8784.162
tonight let me check these chips all21939.123.36
right this chest on the left guys this21941.044.08
is that serpent stew we made okay don't21942.484.8
touch it yet i'm just looking yeah look21945.123.678
just watching21947.282.8
all right the one on the right there's21948.7983.442
gonna be all your flaming arrows oh i'm21950.084.798
gonna get one of those and then the one21952.244.96
on the left i've actually made a healing21954.8784.642
brew for everybody so that's if you take21957.24.56
a big hit and you need to heal yeah i21959.524.16
think neebs made some of that too so21961.763.84
okay i got one of those healing brew i21963.683.278
got to get rid of [ __ ] i got too much21965.63.84
stuff cool man21966.9583.92
man we're pretty well prepped i feel21969.443.518
good yeah i feel real good i feel like21970.8783.282
we're gonna be able to kick this thing's21972.9583.122
butt but uh yeah before we go out there21974.163.36
what we should do we should all sit in21976.083.12
here next to the fire on this rug that's21977.523.278
really gonna boost our comfort it'll21979.24.24
give us another stat boost oh god yeah21980.7985.76
god i'm a gamer oh that is21983.446.68
somewhat comfortable21986.5583.562
i wonder can i21996.9583.282
can i21999.22.64
can i do this22000.244.558
can i do this can i do this22001.845.44
stop it22004.7982.482
you're on [ __ ] yeah guys weather22009.524.4
just cleared where the [ __ ] is neebs22011.524.8
uh probably dealing we said hey morning22013.924.32
time we would all be here god damn it22016.323.12
i know that's so much fun isn't22020.8784.08
quit catching each other on fire we're22026.7184.08
gonna bust a fight today i know but fix22028.086.92
the one that started oh22030.7984.202
[ __ ] damn it how the [ __ ] is neebs22035.925.2
let's see here22041.125.518
cooking queen's jam i'm the man who's22043.766.08
gonna save all the land it's neebs22046.6384.16
it's neebs22050.7984.402
cooking queen's jam with my hands look22052.6385.682
at me not using frying pan i'm neebs22055.24.24
neebs where the [ __ ] you at22059.444.53
i'm right here cooking22061.925.179
your neebs22068.7183.762
neebs yep where you at where are you at22072.484.56
i'm over here by the portal it's morning22075.524.56
time oh uh well it just quit raining i22077.045.758
know it just quit raining okay so22080.084.478
so get let's get to the house we got we22082.7983.602
got a job to do baby you ready what we22084.5583.362
live through here now22086.43.92
when do we move through here22087.925.12
ah you got a bow uh yeah all right sweet22090.324.72
okay um some flaming arrows up here this22093.043.598
is where we're all prepped22095.043.518
you damn too quick fighting all right22096.6383.442
all right he's the one that started it22098.5582.962
we're warming up yeah all right22100.082.798
everybody come in here and make sure22101.523.52
your uh your comfort level's up or your22102.8784.162
resting level whatever yeah okay when22105.043.44
did we move here i didn't know we lived22107.043.758
here didn't move here oh but yeah hey22108.483.92
claim a bed because this is where we're22110.7983.362
going to fight the boss quit pushing me22112.43.44
in the fire22114.164.08
everybody's got to get it yeah it's it's22115.844.48
a blessed fire fix the only one that22118.244.08
hasn't been caught on fire yet oh the22120.324.558
fire's gone oh good no22122.323.68
serpent stew there we go all right yeah22126.03.76
everyone get into the chest take a22128.163.6
serpent stew neebs if you got food divvy22129.765.76
it out okay just just one serpent22131.765.28
they last a while they should last us22135.523.92
the boss fight gotta hope all right i22137.043.678
won't take the time we're losing22139.442.8
daylight so the quicker you idiots go22140.7183.522
the better you're an idiot wow there you22142.245.84
go really sweet kid fyi okay guys i22144.246.318
think everybody slept in the bed yeah uh22148.084.24
i did not sleep in the bed well not22150.5583.202
sleep but you plant yeah you claim to22152.323.76
bed we got nabe's thick simon dorm all22153.763.92
right follow me let's get this party22156.083.6
started okay who destroyed the fight22157.683.68
whatever thick keep pushing people in22159.683.44
the fire yeah22161.365.06
we're so antsy we just can't wait22163.1210.159
and i hear who we are okay22188.165.638
all right i got the seeds in my pocket22193.844.16
that we need to sacrifice they were just22195.844.56
happy to see me all right everybody get22198.05.68
around this thing okay22200.43.28
okay all right let's eat our food all22203.765.52
right stew queen's jam22206.485.76
carrot soup oh yeah eat it right now22209.284.64
yeah eat it right now what about the22212.243.04
other foods and then eat all the other22213.924.08
regular foods soup or no uh eat what you22215.284.24
can yeah feel like [ __ ] you can eat22218.03.52
three things so yeah eat up oh wait22219.524.08
what's the stew what's the serpents do22221.523.76
oh did you not get the serpent stew no i22223.63.198
never got a circle22225.282.96
there's a whole chest full of serpent22226.7983.522
stew well just forget it22228.243.92
no hold on i brought an extra here you22230.323.52
go neebs take that thank you just took22232.163.68
it i'm gonna eat it right now oh yeah22233.844.24
eat it right now oh oh i got a problem22235.844.48
hey i got booted out22238.084.16
oh man get out22240.322.52
of here22242.242.16
oh [ __ ]22244.43.36
i'm in another realm right now okay22245.843.28
we'll come back to this realm as quick22247.764.32
as you can trying oh boy oh doraleous is22249.125.28
now playing valheim okay22252.084.96
serpent stew is running i can't tell if22254.45.36
i got those the the fire arrows in my22257.045.04
bow or not if you right click on them22259.763.92
it'll load them okay22262.084.16
all right come on dora coming call doing22263.685.118
it coming come on now baby come on now22266.243.68
get in there22268.7983.202
why is it taking forever22269.924.0
in the bed22272.03.92
oh he's back in the bed we're in the bed22273.924.32
oh [ __ ] what he's back in the bed hey22275.924.718
bring stew bro i gave you a [ __ ] stew22278.244.318
huh i gave you a stew and we can some of22280.6383.842
this thing and he can yeah you know yeah22282.5583.042
all right he's you know what that's a22284.482.398
good idea thick we're gonna go ahead and22285.63.038
some of this thing door can come into it22286.8784.642
he's to roll into it all right i22288.6385.282
am sacrificing what we need all right22291.524.56
it's coming boys all right where do we22293.924.798
go oh wait [ __ ] there you go yeah use22296.083.28
power okay22299.364.24
okay we're the oh watch out simon he's22301.124.64
spawning right on you okay cool awesome22303.65.64
there he is22305.763.48
and when he shoots out those vines22329.363.12
trying to hide behind a tree22330.7183.92
or maybe uh one of these pillars yep on22332.483.92
a tree oh yeah one of these four pillars22334.6385.522
might actually be a better idea okay22336.45.68
oh boy what's up dick you got a root22340.166.88
next to you i see it watch out for those22342.084.96
got the tree baby oh boy oh no not a22359.65.198
good spot for me get away get away and22362.5584.562
there's simon troy we're wearing his ass22364.7984.642
down already i love it22367.125.438
it's easy what happened good preparation22369.445.6
the cover22372.5582.482
you may want to use these pillars22375.123.04
they're a little bit more sturdier watch22376.5585.042
out thick i see it22378.163.44
all the roots22382.8783.402
that's fine let him look all he wants22397.764.0
he doesn't go anywhere huh he stays22424.084.878
there oh yeah he's a slow lumbering22426.085.76
[ __ ] whoa don't bite the roots22428.9584.402
they're pretty mean yeah stay away from22431.843.28
the roots the best course of action just22433.364.56
get away from them22435.122.8
oh we're kicking this guy's ass oh [ __ ]22438.166.92
no he's kicking my ass22441.23.88
almost want to get in close yeah get in22453.925.12
close thing if you want22456.082.96
oh he's stepping on me oh yeah watch out22470.085.04
dick okay okay okay stop her he's just22472.324.16
please damn no oh yeah oh right away22476.485.478
that's what you call preparation boys22498.6386.482
preparation h22502.242.88
whew i got the swamp key i got something22505.24.64
oh yeah he dropped goodies yeah yeah22507.64.08
yeah oh yeah we should each get five22509.843.6
swamp keys yeah we should each have a22511.684.0
swamp key ah i got i got all five22513.444.48
somehow okay well you can divvy about22515.683.92
one i've got one i don't know that's if22517.924.08
we want to go to the swamp right oh yeah22519.64.16
no you guys can have them22522.03.04
oh guys hey it's getting dark let's get22525.043.12
back to us get back together good call22526.6383.042
lead the way all right all right wait22528.162.798
who got the head did somebody get the22529.682.72
head um22530.9582.322
i got the elder trophy yep elder trophy22533.284.0
sweet yeah back to base back22535.524.72
let's go whoa wow damn good job fellas22537.286.56
gg squirt22540.243.6
you get one thank you i just chucked22553.764.798
something because i was full you get one22555.685.44
yeah hold up where is it probably popped22558.5584.312
in your inventory oh yeah tinker22561.123.92
what is this where is it22565.046.2
cheers everybody cheers22566.7984.442
what's it look like i don't even know22582.242.24
what it looks like it's like a diamond22583.364.96
damn tanker stein a tanker22584.485.44
look at what we got in our hand22588.322.96
what does it look like i'm looking i'm22589.923.2
looking in the inventory right now if22591.283.358
you want you could yell more and maybe22593.122.72
that'll work22594.6383.122
how's that sound inventory22595.843.6
did somebody did somebody take it about22597.765.52
you [ __ ] face all right cheers friends22599.446.8
clank clan22603.282.96
what the hell does that stuff do it22609.524.0
looks good just makes you drunk oh okay22611.124.56
i'm glad i didn't take it anyway22613.523.6
actually you drink whatever potions you22615.683.118
had on you so that hell potion that you22617.123.438
guys had in your pocket you just drank22618.7986.282
it oh yeah all right cheers22620.5584.522
all right so what now we got to go hang22626.6383.682
the head hang the head oh yeah same22628.243.28
first thing in the morning we're hanging22630.323.6
ahead okay who's got my cup i feel like22631.524.08
we should get this at the head hanging22633.922.56
like this22635.62.32
okay you don't drink in the morning22636.483.12
neebs well it seems like a special22637.923.6
occasion you can't drink all day unless22639.64.72
you start in the morning i found this22641.525.76
i found the tankers yeah did ya yeah it22644.325.6
was on the ground22647.282.64
no i don't i don't still have it now you22655.766.16
do oh now i got it see22657.684.24
stand by him so i can get something22665.843.44
all right i think you got the head22673.685.198
oh sorry door again yeah hold up let's22676.325.92
see if i can guess which one it goes on22678.8783.362
you are more simon than simon well i22688.7984.402
really hate being used as the the sign22691.124.24
for stupid well you've earned it i guess22693.24.4
so you [ __ ] idiot cities are bloody22695.365.358
god i [ __ ] hate you22697.63.118
oh there you go yeah yeah yeah22701.523.438
yes yep22703.282.96
all right let me take a peek let me take22704.9582.482
a peek22706.245.318
all right let me take a peek22707.444.118
oh wait did we get a new power well you22715.523.6
have to pick one power or the other but22717.24.16
this power gives you a faster wood22719.124.24
that's what you went with what was the22723.363.198
other choice well the other choice was22724.9583.68
like a stamina boost oh22726.5584.24
cutting's the power okay oh yeah see how22728.6384.0
fast i can cut this tree get it boy22730.7983.442
let's see you're getting laid tonight22732.6382.722
come on22734.242.96
let me hit it boom22735.363.118
are you going to activate your tree22737.24.0
cutting power oh yeah just like ichthyr22738.4785.762
okay watch out here they come yo22741.25.84
is that faster22744.242.8
there we go the whole forest22749.683.44
yeah that was that's not a lame power if22754.6383.522
you're working on building a park oh boy22756.4784.08
that's a [ __ ] awesome power dick okay22758.163.28
flying is too why didn't you pick flying22761.444.72
flying wasn't available neebs uh-huh22763.844.48
okay well22766.164.638
what now22768.322.478
all right guys we're gonna do something22774.4783.922
fun okay uh we're gonna have our22775.685.118
wonderful editor ada hop she's gonna22778.43.92
spawn one of the normal boats aydah22780.7982.882
spawn one of the normal boats normal22782.323.2
boat please normal bro22783.684.24
i'm a boat22785.522.4
there's ada22789.523.68
boom all right that's a normal boat22791.123.438
right there22793.22.8
don't get it don't get on the door oh no22794.5583.362
we're gonna go okay22796.04.0
get the [ __ ] out of there very tempting22797.923.68
all right aydah was the wonderful editor22800.04.24
on this show she did a great job but now22801.67.48
aydah spawned one of the bigger boats22804.244.84
and we played a little longer uh yeah22813.684.798
this is what we would have achieved22815.525.038
right behind the door [ __ ] buddies22818.4784.562
guys come22820.5582.482
why i'm so angry because you're a dick22827.843.6
nope all right let's go let's go find22834.8783.6
some planes22837.24.88
just see how long we can last22838.4783.602
i love this game22846.47813.792
oh i think i see a river oh all right22953.444.72
we're gonna make up our own game this is22956.5584.4
valheim plains battle royale okay okay22958.165.68
last man standing is a winner okay22960.9584.722
all right i'm gonna stay on the boat me22963.842.958
all right maybe go down this river what22966.7983.522
are we fighting just anything anything22968.6383.84
attacks i think there may be a fueling22970.324.478
village down here okay we could try to22972.4784.32
raid a village that'd be real stupid and22974.7984.402
we'll stay close together22976.7983.522
man it's going to be every man for22979.22.96
himself at some point i think but i want22980.324.478
to know you know who's around oh i want22982.164.798
to see structures what what do you see22984.7983.202
to the left22986.9582.242
yeah guys we're vikings let's raid this22989.23.438
we're waiting we're raiding the village22992.6383.042
yeah we're raiding this village first22994.322.158
all right don't don't hit the big woolly22996.4783.762
thing no i know that other than that22998.083.84
we definitely learned the hat are we are23000.244.96
we landing yeah let's raise this village23001.925.038
village their treasure and steal their23005.23.598
walmart hey23006.9584.882
come on attack baby23008.7983.042
probably a fueling fueling god yeah23015.365.358
fueling oh these guys okay these guys23018.084.878
those little guys are bad yes they are23020.7183.282
very good23022.9582.402
oh okay23024.03.6
[ __ ] you mosquito my shield work with my23025.364.32
shield work oh god we got a fueling mage23027.63.24
too oh my23029.684.32
god big guy look at that oh god oh [ __ ]23030.847.32
oh [ __ ] stick my closet okay23034.04.16
i'm trying to get away in the boat what23038.245.04
what's the fueling23040.5584.802
hello sir23043.284.64
okay listen fellas23045.364.56
you're destroying the boat23047.924.3
and there's this23049.923.6
simon wins23053.525.56
in your dreams you sit beside a fire in23066.9584.962
a great hall surrounded by a chatter of23069.763.68
familiar voices23071.924.08
someone tugs at your penis you wake up23073.443.92
a strange traveler has built a bed23077.366.08
in your home23080.7182.722
yes yes yes yes yes yes23084.166.08
watch out i'm going to try the tree too23088.323.6
yeah try the tree get it get the tree on23090.242.96
it all right23091.925.84
try try try come on [ __ ] come on23093.25.92
get down oh i thought it was already23097.763.44
gonna fall get down get down yeah hold23099.123.518
on no he's running away wait until i'm23101.25.678
sorry too late dick oh my god23102.6384.24
sorry mom killed me23108.44.398
now i just want to chop down trees and23113.524.06
see if they fall on these guys23115.442.59
it turned into a thing because we23140.7983.602
stopped paying attention23142.167.558
oh i love it that that flipped it23144.45.318

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