These Spiders are Ridiculous.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? In Episode 6, our lovable underdog...
These Spiders are Ridiculous.
These Spiders are Ridiculous.

These Spiders are Ridiculous.

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video 'These Spiders are Ridiculous'? It's my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where the noobs try to tame an eagle but the spiders keep getting in their way? Classic!

appsro: I can't believe those spiders are causing so much trouble. The noobs need to step up their game!

neebs: Haha, maybe the spiders are just trying to protect their territory. Can't blame them for being ridiculous!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? In Episode 6, our lovable underdogs are on a mission to tame an eagle, but will those pesky spiders get in their way? I can't wait to see how they navigate through this challenge and if they come out victorious in the end!

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how's it going out there simon it's6.963.28
going good you know8.244.88
are you below half yeah finally just10.245.2
just breached that point okay thanks13.124.8
thank god so every now and then i look15.443.679
behind me because i feel like one of17.922.48
those idiots is going to come here and19.1193.281
just punch me right and i don't want to20.43.84
get surprised i don't think i'm scared22.43.6
if or anything but that's fine now you24.244.08
be careful so once you once you get out26.03.279
this water's gonna be cold man don't29.2793.521
they have like little steps on the back31.1993.52
they do but you're right on the damn32.85.2
edge yeah i know [ __ ] i know um i don't34.7194.641
know how i'm gonna get you i mean i'm38.03.36
gonna try yeah to pick me up right out39.363.6
of the water that'd be dope because41.363.679
there's probably sharks and [ __ ] or yeah42.964.16
or out of the45.0393.84
if you could get on the roof you think47.123.36
you can get on the roof maybe maybe48.8793.2
that'd be the best yeah if not50.482.88
definitely not in the water i don't want52.0793.441
to try the water the water scares me hey53.364.719
at least there's light on the horizon55.525.519
yes maybe a lot of bodies in here though58.0794.8
yeah i kind of hope they come back one61.0393.84
more time for one more little slice62.8796.521
wouldn't that be nice yeah [ __ ] them64.8794.521
oh yeah neebs yeah that is a fun90.964.88
situation there i love it so like what's93.363.68
gonna happen is he's just gonna starve95.843.04
to death i don't know either find a way97.043.439
out or starve to death so now where's98.883.599
simon and where's the dragon simon was100.4794.241
just floating around on the river and oh102.4794.561
okay yeah sucks to lose that boat it104.724.399
does but it's part of the game will you107.044.64
sure rebuild if we have to sure yeah i'm109.1194.801
really uh we need polymer so we need111.684.56
obsidian i really am thinking like this113.924.08
is going to be kind of our main for now116.242.879
this place118.03.04
so i want to build i'd love to build a119.1193.441
turret so yeah if they poke their little121.042.8
head in here it's122.562.72
gives us time to like get [ __ ] out and123.843.36
go okay oh yeah i guess that tear down125.284.24
back there is yours oh really yeah sweet127.23.839
which one is that one yeah oh that's129.524.24
terrance trent darby oh really yeah nice131.0395.361
the who is terence darby133.768.839
wish you will kiss and tell me baby136.46.199
nothing nope wishing well nope all right148.07.0
well trust me151.363.64
are you okay i don't know you don't know160.3195.121
what's going on uh oh i'm fine all right162.45.6
okay so loud i feel like a drama queen165.445.12
yeah just scared me dude i'm almost out168.05.12
of this [ __ ] yeah okay well i need170.564.399
water so bad173.124.16
i'm close to you all right was that174.9594.481
because of my stamina was it i mean i177.284.48
don't know maybe i mean you know what179.443.92
you're stabbing is the lightning bolt oh181.762.96
no no no but when that's all the way183.363.519
down you can pass out maybe i mean you184.723.92
know what honestly i didn't think you186.8796.401
passed out but ah yeah yeah you're right188.644.64
all right three so193.924.16
so guys we need polymer like bad okay195.683.839
and that's crap what's in it i've only198.082.72
made two it's cementing face and199.5192.8
obsidian so we are going to need more200.83.12
cementing pace which is easy we can make202.3193.84
that all day but we need obsidian203.924.72
obsidian yeah so uh so what's the plan206.1593.601
do we want to get an argentavis208.642.879
something yeah because209.763.839
obsidian's gonna be heavy man all right211.5193.201
thick you've been out and about have you213.5992.801
seen any place uh where we might get an214.724.159
argentavis i have seen plenty to the216.44.559
west okay218.8793.28
neebs yeah220.9592.881
davis yeah all right i'm gonna stay here222.1592.72
and work a little bit but why don't you223.842.72
guys go do that yeah i'll go with it224.8793.681
okay all righty i'll just sneak on out226.563.84
here yeah i'm gonna make all the damn228.564.319
cementing paste i can oh god i need get230.44.0
kite and two while you're out yep you232.8792.961
got it buddy234.44.32
go find a turtle235.842.88
you're right there aren't you so close239.25.599
dude hold on let me look behind me haha241.24.959
all right come on they're like cat244.7993.601
roaches work like we wanted to just246.1594.481
break come on baby come on come on piece248.44.72
of [ __ ] yeah yeah yeah250.644.64
all right get some water yeah can you253.124.48
get out yeah i'm good hey buddy hey hi255.283.84
hey do you want me to try to pick you up257.63.52
and drop you on top i like it let me get259.124.079
over to you in the back yeah you're261.124.24
swimming you got it i don't see you i263.1995.28
mean right here now yeah265.363.119
oh yeah did it drop you off it did on269.63.599
top all right perfect all right all271.523.2
right that was very impressive worked273.1993.681
out you could throw it on the wall what274.726.0
throw it on the wall baby i did what's276.883.84
did it do anything281.1994.161
i saw it blow up something but just a282.6394.721
shock of red i'm285.364.32
so confused by this be careful don't287.364.0
blow yourself up well i guess this is289.686.44
gonna take some time too but whatever291.364.76
all right neebs yeah it's kind of a308.723.84
dangerous area but there are some310.84.0
argentavis there's a red white and blue312.563.6
one back there there's a lot by the314.84.8
t-rex yeah yeah yeah but i say we build316.165.92
a trap with those gates where you want319.64.56
it hmm thinking either in the woods322.084.559
which is dangerous or right maybe and324.164.56
see that that little rock ledge in front326.6394.4
of me straight across the water yep kind328.724.0
of hide it right there behind the rock a331.0392.961
little bit yeah i think that's a good332.723.199
idea okay all right let's get on that334.03.36
fast we can go335.9193.521
picking you up again you're on the back337.363.76
i don't see you there you are339.444.64
and boom oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah341.125.2
yeah yeah yeah so i'm gonna use all this344.083.679
stuff and you should come land by me too346.322.96
hopefully i should have dropped those347.7593.761
freaking things on oh yeah you can do it349.285.04
come i'll go back inside hold on hold on351.524.239
okay take these back inside i'll [ __ ]354.323.52
them all up all right so hold on so yeah355.7594.241
do that oh yeah oh you just dropped [ __ ]357.844.639
wiggles i'm going to drop them hold on360.04.88
hold on yeah yeah and then so i go like362.4794.56
this and then i'm going to hit oh oh364.884.8
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh367.0394.561
yeah go ahead and get safe and out of my369.684.4
way all right safe and out of your way371.63.68
you're ready to come get me because i'm374.084.08
going to die soon okay here we go come375.286.16
on baby come on baby come on get in okay378.165.599
um then i should just uh have some fun381.443.199
nope not you384.6394.921
there we go oh god that's coming at me395.364.399
that one's at me397.0392.72
is it breaking yeah402.44.2
this is really fun i like this game409.124.079
oh come on let's make it sick417.0395.761
come on baby please go through the walls419.685.359
all right break up whatever425.9193.12
storage they have obviously right wait429.0393.361
was that it430.962.639
that was it that was it yeah all right434.564.479
so get you're working your way to the437.363.52
back yeah i'm ready i'm ready let's get439.0395.88
the [ __ ] out of here all right440.884.039
[ __ ]464.6393.201
oh god oh god466.04.879
oh no no no no no no no tiny tiny tiny467.844.0
babes yeah spider okay um get up in the471.845.199
air i'm in i'm in the trap can the474.84.48
spider get to you thick you see it it's477.0393.84
too damn dark no it's oh it's right479.283.039
there on the beach yeah this one is480.8793.841
right beside you can you lead them away482.3194.72
if i can try what is it attacking i484.723.759
tamed attained a tear it on because i487.0393.201
thought i might have lost patini so it's488.4793.681
eating that it's eating that one yep490.244.799
okay so let it let it go492.165.52
baby yeah hey495.0394.16
come on follow me follow me follow me497.684.079
dummy this way i can't see it oh god499.1994.481
it's so dark i don't want to light the501.7593.361
torch up otherwise bieber's butthead503.683.919
might see us he still won't well there's505.124.24
that there okay okay that's good all507.5993.921
right now can you lead it away509.363.049
oh it's coming to me511.522.56
it must have been like right across in514.083.199
the redwoods and saw us damn these515.444.0
things can't see him i do i see he's in517.2793.921
he's on the lake okay519.443.92
see him right there drifting across oh521.23.68
he's underneath me not sure what his523.364.0
range is oh he's fighting the dodicarus524.884.16
cool all right maybe he'll leave us527.363.04
do you ever have a wraparound pillow532.643.36
like a snug pillow like put your arm534.164.16
around no but i'd like to have one of536.04.399
those that like goes underneath the538.323.6
pillow and there's like a little cave540.3994.401
for you try one i want to try one so bad541.925.52
yeah because i i sleep like that yeah544.84.479
and then i have to like train myself to547.443.6
not sleep like that because i wake up549.2795.521
and my arm won't move oh yeah yeah yeah551.046.4
how about like a in between your knees554.84.32
you ever do that like one of those like557.443.839
long pillows yeah but like do you want559.123.76
something between your knees i don't561.2793.921
mind it like if it's there like when i'm562.885.28
sick i'll i'll usually like that that'll565.25.199
that'll come into play yeah i roll back568.163.76
and forth all night so i'd need one of570.3994.081
those weird tunnel pillows on each side571.923.76
i want to get i'm so old i want to get576.483.28
one of those adjustable beds that578.163.679
elevates my legs in case my ankles start579.763.84
to swell oh yeah they smell like581.8393.921
mothballs do they well because for old583.64.239
people i know but i mean but do they i585.764.8
don't think they could yeah587.8394.961
i hope not because that smells bad maybe590.564.48
werthers i like werther's i'll take that592.84.719
i'll take that like caramel i'll take a595.046.239
worthers all day all day all day right597.5195.041
you might put some more of those under601.2794.0
your pillow that i'll take that over602.565.519
over money from the from the tooth fairy605.2794.56
give me some more others608.0793.121
and you'll get more teeth because that609.8392.961
[ __ ] just rots the teeth out of your611.23.759
mouth if you don't floss next time we612.84.24
should um not to see each other naked614.9594.0
but it's i don't like sleeping in my617.045.28
armor right it's not comfortable618.9596.0
and and when you pinch your balls it can622.325.12
seriously got in between a couple plates624.9593.841
so next time i don't mind i don't mind628.83.76
looking at your under drawers you know630.484.1
yeah good night good night632.5611.279
oh boy643.8393.601
guys you may want to do this without me645.2794.081
oh god oh god oh god hey can you call647.444.0
time to go buddy where's that spider oh651.443.36
god he's right below me he's right below653.443.12
here oh got that that's not that damn654.83.68
cardo jesus christ oh carter's in the656.564.16
water oh boy i'm going down underwater658.484.479
all right i've got tears with me yep you660.723.52
guys do your thing come on i'm trying to662.9592.801
leave this spider off this damn cliff664.243.279
come on come on dummy come on don't you665.763.28
want to jump off that cliff yeah yeah667.5193.201
yeah he's so close he's so close to669.043.28
jumping off that cliff man i hate those670.724.559
things hit him with a passion672.325.36
what the hell was that675.2794.641
from that distance677.685.92
yep it was long oh my god679.923.68
okay where'd they go oh god tiny tiny i684.884.48
need you to come to me buddy time to go687.63.44
time to go tiny689.365.12
tiny tiny tiny tiny come on buddy there691.044.799
you go694.484.32
i i have prepared okay i'm right here to695.8394.721
your right all right spiders off the698.82.65
let's see if we can catch this damn argy703.63.76
of course there's a t-rex here now it's705.5195.921
okay all right thank you thick yep707.364.08
simon what are you doing i was just713.443.519
flying around the coast what you doing i714.884.56
was just taking fatty out for a walk oh716.9594.32
yeah fanny hadn't been walking a bunch719.444.24
you know what i mean yeah i do i don't721.2794.0
want to deal with those guys even though723.682.959
fatty would [ __ ] him up we should have725.2792.881
called him fatty726.6393.44
josephine like we don't where's even728.164.32
what's that from i have no idea someone730.0794.56
else named it but that's okay well well732.484.0
i tell you what i changed the name we'll734.6394.32
change the name right now736.483.919
all right now740.3996.081
all right options change name so you742.726.799
took that main downward hill i mean i've746.484.56
just been doing a loop you don't want to749.5194.481
you know worry about me i'm coming back751.046.0
i'm coming back up okay come back up i'm754.05.92
coming back up too fatty okay not757.044.4
josephine because we don't even know the759.923.84
origins of that makes no sense no we got761.446.56
fanny piatti i like fans me too763.766.72
fat little thighs771.5195.601
it was fat guys i got fed up with thighs774.485.28
he's so cute fatty loves it oh yeah he777.124.56
loves it779.765.199
oh look at that oh fatty patty patty781.686.0
how'd you spell fatty f-a-t-d-y784.9593.541
okay fatty787.683.879
yeah that argentavis wins man that's a798.164.08
keeper that'll be the one i think he's800.162.96
come on baby803.123.04
that's gonna be our one should i give804.563.04
him a little help yeah if you can get a806.162.88
shot on that just you know how the807.64.08
weapons are oh yeah okay hold on oh809.044.479
we're all here yeah i'm here too great i811.685.76
got my rifle out all right let's see813.5196.161
come on t-rex leave that rgb817.443.36
who wants to lead him i'll lead him all820.82.96
right i'm going to the trap i'll be on822.323.12
the back door all right823.764.4
moving in moving in hard moving in soft825.444.56
there you go give him a little nip or828.163.919
something come on take it slow take it830.04.8
super slow yeah this guy's gonna be a832.0796.241
beast i got a t-rex all right no spiders834.84.96
no [ __ ]838.324.48
here we go all right tidy he wants to be839.765.36
our friends get one of the doors open842.84.399
all right coming in both doors are open845.124.159
okay on the caboose okay so you're gonna847.1994.32
close the back door neebs yeah all right849.2794.881
i'm on the side looking at this door851.5194.961
nick tell me when to close it go boom854.164.08
all right yes yes yes yes all right856.483.2
[ __ ] stay in there stay in there858.244.08
going all right oh yeah easy appearance859.684.56
come on aren't you come on look at me862.324.8
look at me baby look at me baby oh he's864.244.8
he's a big boy i know it i know he's a867.123.92
big boy yeah what was his level i don't869.044.479
know oh level 100 yeah come on go down871.044.159
go now he's bloody why is he bloody873.5193.521
maybe because he was in that fight i'm875.1993.2
dropping all right he's down he's down877.044.0
he's down okay nevermind all right878.3994.24
okay putting in some meat putting in881.044.08
some narcotics and boom882.6395.2
we're taming a damn argentavis finally885.124.159
oh neebs get out my way please right889.2793.841
here on the beach raptor on the beach891.124.959
that's my favorite drink893.126.399
okay oh this is okay or if they found896.0795.521
this place yet salmon i found like a899.5194.721
village thing really yeah like you could901.64.799
start a little commune of uh904.245.039
losers you know i think i might have run906.3995.201
across that wooden fence there yeah yeah909.2794.24
this is uh this is neat for if you had a911.63.679
group something to do i'll be back and913.5195.12
i'm gonna raise a creature from an egg915.2795.601
oh that sounds good918.6394.961
all right and light the fire920.885.44
um okay what the [ __ ] let me uh let me923.64.64
at least put some in here926.323.28
and light it929.64.0
still i think that'd be weird if still i931.1995.281
mean that'd be weird if still933.65.359
all right purple now don't burn me now936.484.96
yeah too cold what the [ __ ] was there a938.9594.56
special way to i don't know i'm going to941.443.44
eat that egg943.5193.201
what is it944.883.12
because or whatever it's one of those946.723.039
little like that can kind of fly a948.03.44
little bit it's not important i was just949.7593.44
bored ah951.445.12
are these like there i don't know953.1997.281
i don't know guess what what956.563.92
yeah now we're ready for something that960.883.04
takes this much heat that's what she962.246.519
said i don't know she might have963.924.839
there we go yeah968.884.319
okay open the door just to follow and970.85.279
get out of here yeah hey time to go973.1995.841
buddy okay with me yeah let's see let's976.0793.921
get back979.042.799
he's following you yeah yeah yeah all980.06.399
right nice you got it yeah oh what a day981.8396.641
i need a drink oh yeah yeah i'm going986.3994.161
back i'm getting a drink yeah we'll get988.483.68
a raptor on the beach990.563.199
what is it a raptor on the beach i don't992.163.44
know never had one said it was your993.7593.361
favorite drink let's make it up right995.64.96
now rafter on the beach whiskey rum997.127.04
vodka and uh orange juice schnapps1000.564.88
that's gross1004.162.88
wrapped on a beach1005.442.959
[ __ ] on the beach1007.044.76
that's got kahlua1008.3993.401

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