The Enemy of My Enemy - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the crew on their channel? In this episode of 7 Days, the gang is ge...
The Enemy of My Enemy - 7 Days to Die Fallout
The Enemy of My Enemy - 7 Days to Die Fallout

The Enemy of My Enemy - 7 Days to Die Fallout

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest video, 'The Enemy of My Enemy - 7 Days to Die Fallout'? It's like a sitcom with zombies!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! I love how we try to be friendly with our neighbors and end up in a zombie apocalypse. Classic Neebs Gaming!

appsro: I can't get enough of that video! The banter between us is priceless. And who knew zombies could be so entertaining?

neebs: It's definitely one of my favorites. Plus, it's a great excuse to show off our new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster! Who wouldn't want to see what magic we can pull out of a dumpster?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the crew on their channel? In this episode of 7 Days, the gang is getting to know their neighbors. It's always fun to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to in the game, and this one is no exception.

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hey NES yeah you've been into the6.125.08
passing gas next to us oh no okay you8.165.2
want to check that out man how are you11.23.519
not getting attacked by everybody right13.363.919
now I'm sneaking okay I'm sneaky you14.7195.161
going over there uh yeah figured uh it's17.2794.561
right beside our place hell it might19.884.96
even be nicer know what I mean my health21.845.8
is at 18 eight oh I didn't know that now24.845.24
I feel bad about asking you to go no27.644.68
come with me I'll sit here and watch you30.084.56
how about that I'll be the lookout I32.323.36
hear someone34.643.88
talking yeah no there's a there's a guy35.686.16
in there okay is he fighting I don't38.524.8
know it looks like they want to get out41.844.879
but they're not are they friendly um43.326.04
come on get that son of a [ __ ]46.7196.0
challenge me I'm not sure I'm not 100%49.365.76
on that names go up to that window look52.7194.961
in there okay just peeking no one sees55.126.56
me hey fellas57.687.0
fellas man that did I just hear a dog61.684.84
yep they might be hitting dogs uh the64.683.759
dogs around here are not nice so oh wow66.523.48
no it's a whole crew nebes there's like68.4393.32
five guys in here really yeah and I70.02.84
think they may be beating the [ __ ] out71.7592.951
of a dog in the72.844.959
corner I'm going to kill you or die77.7997.601
[ __ ] Simon look what I got in my hand82.365.36
ooh that looks like a fancy looking85.44.56
weird gun it's like a scrap laser gun I87.724.719
think I got a couple ammo for it damn I89.965.119
want to see that thing work uh hey guys92.4395.121
we got company hey oh oh should we try a95.0795.32
laser gun uh yeah try it on this guy97.565.72
yeah who looks kind of wild I I killed100.3994.601
one of them earlier oh God that is a103.283.32
laser gun that's awesome how'd you get a105.04.28
laser gun I found it uh in a in a box106.65.32
back back here that's how much ammo you109.285.6
got I think that's it111.925.36
oh dve what's going on over there under114.884.12
you oh man are they tearing up that117.283.119
thing I'm standing on oh yeah that might119.03.439
be our neighbors who I'm not sure are120.3994.08
cool or not yet but I don't think they122.4393.881
are I thought we decided they're not124.4794.801
cool we just well we didn't confirm that126.324.719
but it it did seem like they were after129.283.4
me and it certainly does seem like131.0393.2
they're now after you you want to132.684.76
confirm if they're cool here goes you134.2396.041
hey buddy hey hey he's trying to hit me137.445.0
with an axe I'm pretty sure are you sure140.283.88
he's not trying to talk me friends that142.444.159
doesn't mean cool you know no he's144.165.24
trying to yep okay yep NOP he's not cool146.5994.841
I'm getting inside how come we're not149.44.32
helping NES with a laser gun why can't151.443.799
we beat this dud let's see if I still153.724.0
have it I mean I have any shots left155.2394.08
I'll give him oh wait there's his friend157.723.04
I don't like his friend being here you159.3194.801
know what okay yeah oh oh god oh yeah oh160.765.44
hell yeah you got more ammo for that oh164.125.199
yeah oh yeah oh hell that's what you get166.24.64
that's what you169.3194.64
get yeah all right you got any more uh170.845.36
no that was that was it I guess nothing173.9594.121
on him all right yeah Simon you and me176.23.399
I'm doing oh trust me I'm getting this178.082.28
there we go oh180.3611.51
[ __ ] soon as that sun comes up Simon you192.05.76
and me yeah what what what time is it oh194.684.52
yeah we don't we don't know we have no197.763.36
idea I I do know the moon's going down199.23.64
and the sun's coming up even though the201.122.96
moon going down didn't make any damn202.843.679
sense yeah I mean we could go in can't204.084.48
we I mean I mean yeah we can it's just206.5193.521
you know Zombies going to be running I208.562.92
know they hit a little harder and they210.042.8
run a little faster at night it's true211.482.72
you know what I should have gotten I212.843.039
should have gotten blocks hold on I got214.23.44
a couple of lock picks I there's a215.8795.121
lockpicking mini game with this oh so I217.645.36
got to pick a spot I think it's Skyrim221.03.519
style you got to pick a spot and you223.04.92
just try it no oh crap I broke it so let224.5197.28
me try over here nope maybe here no okay227.925.36
crap I'm going to I'm going to master231.7993.681
that game I'm sure you233.284.879
will nope that's locked all right235.484.679
there's got to be your way in maybe the238.1593.72
okay yeah maybe to the liquor store look240.1593.64
at this look at this look at this241.8795.241
perfect oh man we really need uh oh wait243.7996.041
this will work in vending machine oh and247.127.0
a lady oh oh [ __ ] yeah hey249.848.6
buddy yeah there we go perfect godam oh254.126.359
man I miss looting zombies it's really258.443.84
nice it is the best thing all right what260.4794.16
about water we need man we need murky262.286.44
water yes two murky Waters this is264.6396.56
good so yeah this this is good we need268.725.16
all this stuff hello sir how are you271.1994.121
going to give you that and you're going273.885.759
to be dead in one swing cuz I'm powerful275.326.56
um yeah you put all your stuff in279.6394.84
strength didn't you uh good B what is281.886.159
that a good284.4793.56
bit oh I do see a bird yeah there's two288.967.0
birds oh nice oh look at you holy crap293.0394.44
we got a couple military boys here yeah295.963.32
we do all right we can handle this you297.4794.72
and me you here we can woo wow double299.285.919
team SP roasted his ass oh yeah one more302.1995.72
time you want to get him oh nice got him305.1994.361
can we search yeah we can search these307.9194.481
guys murky water hell yeah oh you jump309.564.32
you jumped how many murky Waters man I312.43.28
got seven murky waters on this run this313.883.599
is this is great this is going great and315.685.16
I got three plastic I hate317.4793.361
plastic oh [ __ ] neees be careful don't323.964.6
be out there don't don't be out I saw a326.524.28
guy you heard those gunshots right328.563.56
I I mean I was just on the roof and I330.82.76
didn't see anybody around here oh I saw332.123.199
him walking right on the street I was333.564.32
facing oh you did just blasting things335.3194.641
yeah I don't see anybody now well I337.883.759
don't either I think it went off to the339.963.519
right so it might be right behind our341.6393.521
building it sounded so close this last343.4793.681
time okay so you're going to do this huh345.165.56
well I'm almost done give me help uh347.167.28
sure oh it's a lot of money uh which we350.725.16
can't do anything else with but we got354.443.96
some more in here listen we got to go355.884.52
scavenge too don't we358.43.4
you know what I was thinking about doing360.43.799
a little bit around here like just361.84.0
getting the stuff here yeah well the364.1993.521
fence in the back is broken and I think365.83.48
we need a quick access to the roof you367.724.0
know so we can get up high man I I I369.284.88
need to I got to go loot something then371.723.52
well you want me go with you is that374.163.759
what you're asking did you want to um is375.245.239
that what you're asking will you so yep377.9195.081
I would be happy to dris where to then380.4795.521
um following you buddy food's priority383.07.44
isn't it oh sure D's Cafe uh yeah Cafe386.06.639
that I'm going look over here in this393.286.359
window um this door's locked okay395.527.56
so I don't see any zombies wait yeah399.6395.521
what I see a body on the floor body on403.085.04
the floor yep okay well that that's405.164.759
probably zombie huh uh yeah you said408.124.479
this is locked uh it is I'm going around409.9194.521
back hey we can go up top oh yeah I'll412.5994.44
meet you around414.442.599
back all right417.284.599
yeah and there's a there is a hole up420.125.68
here to fall in on you jumping in I will421.8796.081
when you get here I don't like jumping425.83.88
in things I thought you knew that about427.969.959
me um yeah I get it I get it I jumped in429.689.919
what if you can't get out now you're437.9193.12
trapped in there with all that stuff439.5993.561
I'll bet there's a way to open the door441.0394.6
somehow I see food right now God it443.164.719
looks good yeah I can't believe you went445.6394.881
in there cuz there's food man that's447.8794.521
like a basic rat450.525.399
trap R trap fine we're we're totally452.45.199
supposed to be looting this not just455.9193.521
sitting outside being scared about it457.5993.121
you see a piece of cheese out in the459.443.439
open what you say yourself that's free460.723.56
cheese if I'm hungry for cheese I'm462.8793.801
going to get the464.282.4
cheese oh the big loot yes the big loot468.06.039
R the food loot uh I don't know his food471.4794.921
but oh [ __ ] oh right behind me's let's474.0395.681
don't get trapped oh boy that was a a476.45.519
little [ __ ] yep hey you sit in that479.726.199
chair come on oh look there's a sa you481.9195.641
can spend the next two you right never485.9194.441
mind I that was her body what was that487.564.72
there's a safe you can okay I know you490.365.16
like safes yeah I do I I just not really492.285.08
this early in the game but sometimes I495.522.76
can't help497.365.6
it all right Metal Key another way out498.287.12
cool get that good stuff get that good502.964.639
Goods what's this baby what's this OD505.45.28
one wa a pipe rifle yeah507.5994.44
now we510.683.44
Electronics books all right it's No Sex516.06.159
in the City but yeah it'll do it's not I519.4796.061
know what are we going to do reenacted I522.1596.981
suppose I'm going to get you oh [ __ ] hey530.05.0
cool okay I hope you're cool oh it's a535.04.88
Rad Cat man you scared me what are you538.122.68
doing in539.883.48
here I'm cooking a lot of water I took540.84.44
most my clothes off cuz I'm I'm heating543.364.56
to death and uh all I got on me is this545.244.92
old sham sandwich I'm going to kill you547.925.24
or die trying yeah I feel you oh you550.164.359
know what I got vitamins so check this553.164.6
out M and then I can eat a sandwich554.5194.641
because hopefully the vitamins will give557.763.16
me a little disease559.165.96
resist did I do it yes got a little bit560.925.64
of food wait do we have any more old565.124.399
sandwiches in here uh I thought thought566.565.6
I put one somewhere maybe I569.5196.201
didn't okay anyway whatever St trying572.165.04
exactly how's your day going I can't575.725.239
hire you yet can I cuz uh yeah 25 Sunset577.26.48
sasp Barillas only got four buddy but uh580.9594.281
one day one day you and me are working583.682.8
together this going to be585.243.32
great hope you're not expecting any586.485.28
water by the way cuz this is all588.563.2
mine gr yeah there's a bunch of people592.9595.0
in this back fenced in area I know they596.043.88
just yelled at me and threatened me597.9594.481
oh they all got guns there's like a599.924.56
militia back here they're trying to602.443.44
break through their own fence this is604.483.08
the same we better run this the same we605.883.24
killed like three guys from this house607.563.6
earlier yeah right damn it this that's609.123.24
not great don't run to your house you611.162.44
don't when people check you don't run to612.363.2
your house it's our house you shut it613.63.72
yeah but you understand how survival615.563.279
works yeah I do there's a creepy guy617.323.24
following me I'll go home says the man618.8394.721
who doesn't jump into holes okay yeah620.564.32
all right let's just run away so they623.562.519
don't know where we live all right well624.883.6
I'm going to raid this okay I'm running626.0795.241
away okay628.482.84
okay yeah we have a door it's over632.565.16
there okay suit yourself it's a nice637.725.559
door hey yeah I just broke all three you643.5195.44
broke all three well yeah it doesn't647.2793.68
it's the dumbest it's really dumb it648.9594.601
doesn't even make sense so um I don't650.9594.0
understand what you're saying right now653.563.12
I broke all three lockpicks it's like a654.9592.961
different little mini game or something656.683.12
but it's not a game it's not fun657.924.24
oh can't you just chop it like this yeah659.84.2
should we do it and get ready to run if662.164.479
it even works this way it might I'm664.05.519
going to make sure this is all good it666.6396.32
might uh repair that feel like I'm the669.5195.0
only one chopping I feel like I was672.9593.44
repairing something okay now I'm out of674.5194.801
stamina oh lady behind you uh-uh oh hey676.3995.88
yeah good eye forever are you ready to679.324.84
run we don't have a runaway plan uh just682.2796.0
run yep that's it how we looking um684.165.88
uh y y definitely a lot of stuff yeah oh690.047.0
there even got spitting what the hell's694.5194.721
going on over there we got freaking697.044.56
zombies everywhere we made a lot of699.244.719
noise all I think they're all going your701.64.16
way so I'm going to get this soon enough703.9594.041
yep get it I can't yet I'll distract705.764.72
them all right I'm going to go get it708.04.6
cop's going to spit on me I know710.485.96
it ma'am no oh God I'm going to get it712.64.679
oh you know what I'm going to lead him716.442.68
to the neighbor's house okay yeah oh717.2794.321
yeah lead him in there come on lead him719.125.48
in the back I'm721.63.0
trying oh it's going to take so long no727.684.61
god I think I'm going to die but they're733.86.8
going [ __ ] that was a big736.1994.401
fail oh hey the guy that was in our hous741.325.319
is out he's attacking our neighbors oh744.483.2
yeah a lot of [ __ ] going on the street747.684.36
yeah we didn't pay him anything but hey750.324.56
this is working out for us yeah oh God752.045.44
you he got a shotgun dude thank you so754.884.68
much and that'll help us take it over757.485.599
then sure I guess so rad cat you are a759.565.36
hero oh man if these guys got any food763.0793.361
on them I need764.924.279
food I tell you that guy just did me a766.445.759
favor by killing me cuz now I'm fine769.1995.681
it's like I'm full of food right my772.1994.64
health is reset it's wonderful yeah774.883.16
every now and then you got to just die a776.8393.8
little yeah778.044.52
hey Red Cat wild cat whatever your name780.6393.401
is come over782.564.12
here yeah let's go see these guys over784.046.76
here buddy no not that way oh [ __ ] [ __ ]786.685.519
[ __ ]790.84.68
[ __ ] Red Cat wild cat what's your name792.1997.161
Red Cat help me out yeah storm screw his795.487.76
world up screw his world up yes oh my799.366.599
God challenge me yeah whatever you say803.244.2
oh yeah guys let's go get him there you805.9593.921
are oh we're raiding the neighbors807.445.8
yes oh oh no oh no wow they got guns809.885.319
that's that's something oh boy I'm going813.243.839
to sneak up on this guy I'm going to be815.1994.0
behind radat he's got power armor on817.0794.081
start shooting Simon watch out behind819.1993.64
you all right I'm running but I just got821.163.64
a few shots in on that guy with the gun822.8395.601
oh Jesus all right oh yeah there's more824.85.56
in here Red Cat ow what the hell was828.445.12
that probably a gun yeah they have guns830.365.44
is it safe I'm coming through get my833.565.88
stuff back oh [ __ ] oh God unshare NES oh835.86.24
Jesus oh God does it feel safe Rad Cat839.445.399
that's my head all right I got it I'm842.046.4
good I'm going back home good844.8395.761
luck there another baddy right in there848.444.04
red cat's coming in to take care of him850.65.64
okay careful abro yeah he's right that's852.485.919
one be careful Peaks around corner859.927.599
yeah all right get this867.5195.201
okay oh man there's a there's like a870.64.4
power armor station in here yeah there's872.724.239
still that b oh875.05.24
jeeee psycho wait we can get him we can876.9595.56
take him all right all of us all of us880.244.279
coming in all right where'd he go882.5194.361
where'd he go I think I think he's884.5194.161
behind this Barn yep behind the barn886.883.6
think I think there's also a guy inside888.684.519
the garage maybe I'm going to get this890.486.479
guy all right how'd you how'd you do you893.1996.121
think he did good oh good I there's896.9594.44
there's fire to keep myself899.327.36
warm okay I'm getting you Booyah Booyah901.3998.12
Booyah I got him or906.685.519
maybe yeah and then and then another909.5195.841
shot careful912.1993.161
out guys what I just I just grabbed a919.446.12
bunch of power armor wait what yeah I'm922.84.36
in the garage I came in through the925.563.079
build holy [ __ ] watch out he's right927.163.64
there oh I know okay I'm just going to928.6394.64
try to sneak past real quick get my930.84.959
how's that933.2792.48
going timeon I see you oh God he he's936.3194.801
walking right by you yeah no yeah he's939.5193.56
right out front now does he know where I941.124.279
am I feel like I feel like he can smell943.0793.921
you Dora where's that power armor you945.3993.841
got it I got it on but I don't let's see947.04.959
I'm coming in to [ __ ] him up do it well949.245.2
I don't have a gun oh well damn it is he951.9595.24
still here yeah no he's uh he's left the954.444.92
back but like he's in between their957.1995.0
place and ours yeah I think I saw that959.365.64
boy I'm hungry and thirsty oh rad cat's962.1995.721
back Rad Cat please help us965.06.759
out [ __ ] red cat you are our only hope967.926.52
man I swear to God see red cat there you971.7594.44
go red cat get him oh God he's in here974.443.839
with me Red Cat what are you doing in976.1995.601
here this guy I'm punching that bch red978.2797.521
cat oh my God981.84.0
D oh right cat he's dead red cat's dead986.126.0
no I mean the the the guy that red cat990.0793.281
was fighting's992.125.839
dead and he got 17 small stones in him993.366.399
thank God I can get my stuff back that997.9593.721
was so999.7594.76
good let's loot this gas station1001.685.36
honestly all right Sora you picked up1004.5194.161
power armor you said but you can't use1007.044.68
it well I I put on most of it um that's1008.684.44
what it looks like Believe It or Not1011.722.799
doesn't look like you have but there's a1013.125.32
piece of power armor arms I've got arms1014.5197.401
for power armor but you can't put it1018.447.08
on guys I'm going down oh you found a1021.925.56
bunker oh let's Hunker and the Monker1025.523.919
maybe it's cooler down here oh you would1027.485.28
hope man if it's oh God weapons cases1029.4394.801
damn it I don't have any lockpicks man I1032.765.199
don't either I will sit here oh God he1034.247.199
got oh God start swinging start swinging1037.9596.641
boys start1041.4393.161
swinging get up here use your brain no1047.45.24
I'm locking myself in this is my place1050.0395.961
now [ __ ] oh they can open1052.645.24
doors they're they're going up they're1056.03.88
up no no no open the1059.885.76
door get out get out get out get oh my1063.05.64
God oh my God oh my God red oh my God I1065.644.6
time I'm1068.644.56
stuck let me in let me in open this door1070.246.4
close it I'm in the bathroom [ __ ] hurt1073.24.8
yeah it hurt I'll make it hurt even1076.644.6
worse sit your ass1078.07.48
down oh god oh it's going stamina1081.246.36
stamina I'm knocking the [ __ ] out of one1085.484.079
of them up here please come on now come1087.64.439
on you little [ __ ]1089.5596.36
no okay killed one in the1092.0393.88
garage I killed one in the bathroom1096.364.88
okay um how are we feeling do we want to1109.9195.0
keep bunked up in here I saw there's a1112.444.04
place right down the road it looks like1114.9193.681
it has like a pretty it's got two1116.484.12
stories that little it looks like either1118.64.079
a Schoolhouse maybe a fire department1120.63.72
this place kind of sucks oh yeah this1122.6792.921
place is going to get tight quick what1124.322.599
do what do you guys think about going1125.63.28
over there clearing that out and like we1126.9193.64
make that we make that our base yeah1128.884.0
that's not a bad move oh yeah let me let1130.5593.801
me just dump a little bit of [ __ ] off1132.883.799
and we'll do1134.365.16
it yeah Bell Tower everything this looks1136.6795.801
awesome yeah Bell Tower be that'd be fun1139.525.639
yeah we can make this something let's1142.484.64
find a way in there's a door open here1145.1594.64
on the side all1147.124.799
right can you'all see all right oh yeah1149.7994.561
thank you nees that'd be a big help you1151.9194.361
got it I'll light it up we could have1154.363.08
just gone in through the back door look1156.285.6
at this [ __ ] wide open yeah yeah oh1157.447.2
wow uh we got we got enemies right here1161.886.2
to the left and a copper and falling1164.644.6
from up top1168.086.719
to little help oh yeah okay okay yep oh1169.246.919
crap he's going to pop he's going to pop1174.7993.041
watch don't pop in here we're going to1176.1593.321
here a what he oh no what you fire truck1179.486.96
BL the fire truck I really wanted a fire1184.443.88
truck and he blow up the fire truck BW1186.443.0
up the whole fire1188.323.64
truck hey we got to turn off this valve1189.444.119
how do we do that maybe it's got to be1191.965.079
up top somewhere yeah yeah1193.5597.441
yeah can we just break the pipe oh God1197.0396.201
burning all right so we can't break the1203.966.199
pipe well found the valve oh where's it1206.6795.36
at it's right it's right on the bottom1210.1594.241
over in the damn Corner son of a [ __ ]1212.0394.0
oh well what is all that oh the1214.43.68
neighbors is that you nebs uh it's it's1216.0393.401
one of those metal guys in the street1218.083.36
shooting a zombie oh good oh he's cool1219.444.92
Rad Cat oh Rad Cat huh yeah name's Rad1221.445.119
Cat seems like a nice guy you guys found1224.364.04
the valve huh uh yeah right in the1226.5593.961
corner we're idiots so we're moving in1228.45.639
here uh yeah I like this spot okay I1230.524.84
don't know what you guys think but it's1234.0393.321
nice and roomy it is I'll set all the1235.364.48
storage and [ __ ] up upstairs there's1237.364.36
some light up here right now yeah n you1239.843.44
going to you got a torch like yeah let's1241.723.72
light up upstairs a little bit uh sure1243.286.04
yep okay and there we go fixer upper oh1245.446.84
fixer upper for sure man yeah I like1249.324.839
this fireplace oh look and we got to get1252.283.759
out it's like straight up Ghostbusters1254.1594.921
yeah go down this I love it yep no this1256.0394.401
is cool I think this is going to work1259.082.64
out well yeah NES give me a light I'm1260.443.16
going to start working on storage okay1261.723.8
you got it we'll keep the couch though1263.65.01
the couch is nice couch is awesome1265.5215.219

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