Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat! The boys ar...


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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that video we did where we summoned a HUGE DEMON in Conan Exiles? That was epic!

appsro: Oh yeah, that was a blast! I still can't believe we convinced that guy to pay attention to us. Classic Neebs Gaming charm, right there.

simon: Guys, guys, let's not forget about the demon horse sucking. That was the highlight of the video for me.

neebs: Oh, definitely! And who can forget Puddles being born? That was a moment for the ages.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat! The boys are at it again, creating a clifftop bar, taking on the mighty THAG under the city, and even managing to get a man's attention - all in a day's work for our favorite gamers.

I couldn't help but laugh along as they tackled the challenges in the game, from dealing with a demon horse to exploring a wine cellar and facing off against mini bosses. The banter between the guys is always entertaining, and it's clear they have a blast playing together.

And let's not forget the hilarious moments like Neebs sticking his head up a horse's... well, you'll just have to watch to find out. The whole episode is packed with action, laughs, and plenty of surprises that keep you hooked from start to finish. Plus, the resort merch they're sporting is pretty cool - I might have to snag myself a shirt or two!

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you won't want to miss this episode. So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, settle in, and enjoy the ride as the guys take on Conan Exiles in their own unique style. Trust me, it's worth every minute!

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hey wack yeah what's up I need fragments1.244.599
of power okay I think one of the good3.6794.361
places we could go is the wine seller5.8394.241
dungeon oh Anthony and I were in there8.044.04
one time it was really bad it'll be10.083.639
really fun but you know what if I got12.083.959
you with me I I I'd feel pretty good cuz13.7193.921
you you're my16.0396.601
brother oh come on man we all love you17.647.639
and we really need to do something about22.646.32
this because you can't25.2795.84
just where do we go we're going to drink28.965.599
some wine uh yeah so first I'm going to31.1195.6
give you something to drink now and then34.5593.68
we'll drink wine when we get there think36.7194.081
of it like a a hangover cure you drink38.2394.32
it before you drink the wine and then40.83.64
you don't have the hangover gotcha is42.5593.761
there some good Hooch in it yeah so I44.443.759
I'm going to drop this here and just46.323.52
just drink all of those because we're48.1993.36
going to drink a lot of wine what is49.845.0
this called all right H oh yeah that's51.5595.921
all right all of these huh y all of them54.844.64
drink them all down oo I'm uh I'm57.484.12
feeling a little better yeah that's good59.484.679
yeah yeah yeah you're looking better too61.64.72
man I feel like look at you my uh my64.1593.32
head's tingly I feel like my hair's66.323.6
growing back it's a wonder drug for sure67.4793.96
yeah feel a little better look a little69.922.839
better okay but hey if you and I are71.4392.961
going to go out I got to go do something72.7593.201
I was going to say you probably need74.43.64
some armor oh yeah I can get armor75.964.839
that's easy yeah what are you doing here78.047.84
we go and armor o80.7998.121
meyy ho85.887.12
baby we go got a corpse that can take88.926.04
his armor so you're just going to just93.04.0
going to write back into it like that94.966.32
into what the corruption sorcery thing I97.07.28
mean maybe so we Mount up let's go cool101.285.04
I need a horse too then horsey horsey104.284.76
poo horsey horsey horsey ho call me a106.325.839
horse who's ready to go oh nice yeah109.045.21
let's do112.1595.321
for neebs I have returned welcome back135.086.08
buddy thank you I got a new uh new thw138.165.52
you did he's a Berserker ooh what is a141.163.96
Berserker I don't even know I don't know143.682.68
he's supposed to be really tough whack145.123.399
help me get him whack knows yeah there146.364.959
he is saman Berserker and he is becoming148.5194.401
my friend as we speak where'd you find151.3193.441
him out you know what you know what his152.924.679
name is what puddles puddles yeah what154.764.44
he used to live in the puddles he must157.5993.881
like puddles he lived in puddles yeah a159.23.52
then he must hate it here where you've161.484.119
taken to him him hey you know what uh162.725.2
sometimes when you travel you learn more165.5994.601
you expand your horizons right but is he167.924.0
is he allowed to go home puddles is all170.24.16
he he knows so he lives in a desert now171.924.28
yeah you see the problem do you not see174.364.64
the opportunity the opportunity to wean176.24.679
him of the puddle179.03.959
yeah to not just do puddles be worldly180.8793.521
like like me why do you have a picture182.9593.601
over here what is this I found it what184.43.8
is it what is it a picture of I never186.562.72
even looked at it isn't that funny I188.22.759
just hung it up and said there it is oh189.282.879
it kind of looks like abser house a190.9593.441
little bit there somebody standing in192.1594.521
front of a big Cathedral or something194.45.32
yeah huh is this like a hint a secret196.684.479
it's in the mountains isn't it I guess199.723.12
so oh yeah with the snow we'll have to201.1593.761
find that one day I don't like it hope202.843.52
no one ever wants to be my friend and204.923.399
makes me live in the snow and puddles206.363.68
wishes someone wouldn't be his friend208.3193.28
and take him to the desert we don't know210.043.6
yet we'll see this is my friend here too211.5994.2
keep pushing puddles oh hello there he213.643.799
doesn't have a name okay all right you215.7993.281
might want to name him no where'd you217.4393.52
find him over there near my Resort yeah219.084.48
call him over220.9592.601
there okay and craft craft what are you226.366.799
crafting my alter back in order after my230.45.44
mishap oh yeah dismantle yeah I took it233.1595.64
uh I took it apart and and anyway in the235.845.56
meantime I've noticed this Abomination238.7994.72
um we should address it cuz I have some241.43.88
ideas Simon I'm not going to rip on it243.5193.28
but come on well you called it an245.284.56
Abomination yeah but that's just a word246.7996.321
words yeah words or rips words words249.845.36
just like the word rip what does RIP253.123.839
mean to you when I say you're a stupid255.23.2
idiot it's just256.9594.321
words right and and when I say that258.45.72
you're a a nice person yeah words I261.284.8
don't believe you just words CU hey264.123.68
check it I have an idea yeah remember266.083.76
how we always had a meeting space um267.86.04
uh-huh ooh yes up here why not right I269.846.359
mean this is certainly nice this would273.844.6
this could be my dining room table if276.1994.801
you're donating it uhhuh yeah and then278.444.199
we could have meetings here we just have281.03.32
meetings here we just I like those282.6394.241
chairs a lot not not donating it's it's284.324.84
just the meeting space yeah well I mean286.884.8
this is this is kind of my place though289.164.28
yeah but it's kind of ours I know it's291.684.76
not this this isn't yeah but now it is293.445.36
yeah but says who yeah if you think296.445.16
about it it is says who I don't know Hey298.84.92
listen what and to seal the deal off I301.64.56
thought this would be a great touch off303.725.039
in the off in the corner here uh-huh oh306.164.759
come on come on where come on what come308.7594.321
on just let me place it it just310.9194.041
somewhere just anywhere would bewhere313.083.64
you know cuz like you want this by the314.964.519
you want to by the table uh uh uh is it316.725.0
the buffet oh I need the I need the319.4794.081
stuff to make it Oh I thought I would321.723.64
put down that you know we play a bunch323.563.359
of games sometimes it puts down puts325.362.959
down the blueprint and then you come and326.9194.4
add I'm not going to you for not knowing328.3196.44
what to do no I'm a stupid331.3193.44
idiot oh damn it I knew it no whack I335.65.52
was killing a whole bunch of stuff on339.723.28
the way here like how often do you have341.124.24
to kill something with the horses all343.04.6
the time oh man like why even put this345.363.88
in the game let's put in this creature347.64.4
that sucks I don't I I have no idea349.244.519
you'll have to ask somebody else yeah352.03.759
that's a funcom question don't know I353.7593.361
want to write a letter bring in some355.7593.361
sappy music dear funcom why would you357.124.84
put a cre in the game that sucks that359.124.68
cost a whole bunch of [ __ ] to summon and361.963.679
then you can't use more than 5 minutes363.85.56
sign appsro PS what the [ __ ] PS all365.6395.321
right well I guess I'm walking from here369.363.679
on out which is okay I need the exercise370.963.76
look at373.0395.081
me should be any moment now yeah you you374.724.96
think that we're going to be able to see378.123.76
it like it's a really big difference I379.683.44
forget what it looked like yeah it's381.883.28
like a turns into like a big spider kind383.123.24
of thing remember that crazy looking385.164.0
thing okay yeah a work of art really zth386.365.399
has his ways or her way we don't know389.164.759
yeah there should be like a are you sure391.7594.521
a button that zth would have put on393.9194.441
there for what do you mean before you396.284.68
disassemble it like hey are you sure you398.364.64
want to disassemble this dude are you400.964.6
super super really sure yeah cuz zth you403.04.4
think zth would be a better I don't know405.564.039
God I think it's more of a a game407.44.56
mechanic thing over Z's control of it409.5995.641
well I mean zth is the god he's my God411.966.2
your God but really kind of the god in415.245.32
charge of you would think it's own you418.163.8
guys aren't aren't really paying420.563.16
attention to your Gods at all are you no421.963.88
no I I've got stairs to build all right423.723.479
listen I'm sick of waiting for that to425.843.479
switch it'll probably switch soon but um427.1994.84
hey bars open bar oh you did you did429.3195.44
place this all right this is a very nice432.0395.041
bar yeah what can I get you sir I would434.7594.601
like to have uh an orange juice and437.085.04
Bourbon please all right we do not have439.365.679
that sir what else would you like uh can442.127.639
I have tomato juice and rum please m445.0396.6
fresh outer we never had it what else449.7596.961
sir can I have white wine and beer mixed451.6396.481
yeah we don't have that ma'am I'll get456.724.759
right to you anything else uh you want458.127.0
may I have chocolate milk ah no chalky461.4797.68
milk today what else I'll take uh I'll465.126.88
get right back to you oh um okay yeah469.1595.201
still not done do you have a Sprite we472.05.319
don't have Sprite sir damn it474.366.239
hey hey you look good yeah looking good477.3197.801
uh what would what' you want again um uh480.5998.201
how about a a root beer and uh milk485.127.199
don't have it damn488.83.519
it okay n what are you doing is your495.04.199
horse a boy or a girl I don't have a497.684.639
horse it's dead Ah that's right I guess499.1996.28
it was a boy I think how did you know502.3194.801
cuz this one they have ding-dongs in505.4793.601
this game you know I yeah I've seen them507.122.96
my girl is a hor my horse is a girl my510.084.439
girl is a horse that's wrong yeah yeah512.7193.32
that you shouldn't say that sometimes514.5193.601
when I say things especially since we516.0394.041
record everything we say yeah I'm like518.123.159
why would I say that you think you'd520.083.28
learn with all the the practice you have521.2794.081
I don't me neither oh that's that's not523.364.8
good don't no there's no dingdong here525.364.24
okay yeah but you're like cooking the528.164.04
horse meat right free holay could be um529.64.84
boy or girl I'm pretty sure well frees532.24.44
can be whatever he wants she it they534.443.8
[ __ ] let's go back to the other base I536.643.199
want to change this hat my my hat looks538.243.24
stupid and tired of it yeah I didn't539.8393.0
want to say anything but it's true hey I541.483.0
want to train my guy so while we waai in542.8393.881
fears let's uh let's murder stuff okay544.484.76
okay wish you had a horse I'll keep up546.726.88
okay away I like that horse talk ah the549.247.36
ancient city of blah blah blah Seer Maru553.64.76
oh yeah that that's that's what I meant556.64.679
SE sep City for short sep City sep City558.365.159
I like that sep City all right so you561.2793.321
lead the way you know where we're563.5192.76
supposed to go in sep city right you564.63.52
know where Conan's bar is right I do566.2793.441
know where Conan's bar is talked to568.123.36
Conan I remember nothing he said because569.723.119
it didn't point me to anything571.483.88
significant yeah well he does but you572.8394.56
know he kind of need a dakoda ring a575.364.0
what yeah Dakota ring you know like577.3994.241
crackerjack box Dakota ring wait they579.364.2
have those in this game no no I'm just581.644.28
being silly oh okay gotcha see I don't583.563.719
know when you're serious or not you're585.924.159
so dry well there's a door back here587.2794.441
yeah this was it I think either Anthony590.0793.401
and I or Simon I went in here with591.723.559
somebody at one point all right well593.483.56
this time you're going in with me heck595.2793.721
yeah let's do it my favorite guys in the597.044.799
next room your favorite guy ooh I might599.05.8
yeah yeah his name's his name's Seth and601.8395.601
uh he's a drunk and he's hilarious yeah604.84.479
I vaguely remember this guy yeah don't607.444.2
get hit by him he'll like one shot you609.2795.0
really yeah he's Wicked Strong oh so are611.645.04
you look at you well since we got the614.2795.401
star medal I got this new Katana oh yeah616.684.839
dude that thing's sick oh man he's got a619.683.04
bunch of good stuff on him hey this621.5192.88
works out I needed food he's got a bunch622.723.4
of spiced pork take off you didn't bring624.3993.721
food no forgot what am I going to do626.123.24
with you I don't know it's like I was so628.122.32
worried about armor and getting629.362.96
everything ready you forget the basics630.443.72
sometimes did you see these chests over632.324.72
here too uh no hold on I'm EA some pork634.165.4
if you feel like getting tipsy oh oh oh637.044.64
yeah yeah hey now now this is what we639.564.279
got all right ready yeah oh yeah I've641.684.12
been ready okay let's get to it you get643.8393.881
that one he likes you all right or he645.84.52
likes me switch to my bow and arrow just647.724.04
don't hit me with that thing I'm going650.323.759
to try not to there you go look at this651.764.24
team work already what you got oh what654.0793.88
was that oh she's shooting at you are656.03.839
are you going to shoot back657.9595.201
there we go man my uh aim down sights is659.8394.68
doing something weird instead of like663.162.88
aiming at the thing it's like looking at664.5193.201
my butt what's going on there it's like666.043.68
when I lock on to them okay whatever667.724.44
weird damn games damn video games I love669.723.799
them and I hate them oh there another672.163.44
chest there's there's more booze in here673.5194.641
taking the boo boo booze everywhere yeah675.64.479
we're taking that booze oh yeah and I678.163.88
remember this this is pretty and uh yeah680.0793.481
I didn't go far in here we started to682.043.64
get uh overwhelmed really quickly you683.564.2
see off in the distance there that light685.684.08
area with the structure687.764.0
yeah that's where we're headed all right689.763.68
I'm I'm I'm here for the journey hey691.764.96
let's go so why did you ask me what I693.445.04
wanted if you only had one thing to696.723.72
drink I don't know I I thought there'd698.484.68
be more back there um service sucks here700.444.92
but it's not bad it's good view it's a703.165.08
nice view but aren't you the service you705.364.88
built it you got this is your place I708.244.279
was filling in I think it's our place um710.243.92
I don't know how this works I just made712.5193.281
it how about that foundation for the714.163.679
table now the meeting room oh I mean I715.84.839
like it a lot you like my perimeter that717.8395.361
I'm laying out here oh I like that a lot720.6393.921
and I'm going to I'm going to build the723.23.639
fence all the way around so it's you724.564.88
know so so it's kid-friendly I like that726.8394.281
yeah man as far as pub names I was729.443.04
thinking like if we I wish there was731.123.2
like little baths little like little732.484.56
tubs and we could call it pubba dubdub734.324.92
you could take a bath and have a737.046.72
drink Pub pubba dubdub mhm now that's a739.246.88
really good idea for an actual place743.765.12
agreed yep just have a drink in a tub746.125.76
yeah hot water and alcohol damn right I748.884.759
tell you it's a good mixture it really751.883.84
is they recommend you stay in hot tubs753.6394.0
and drink alcohol for more than an hour755.723.28
that's what I've heard good healthy757.6393.521
stuff we should do something yeah first759.04.399
thing warn people that that was a joke761.163.799
right that can kill you that's a good763.3993.44
call you can't sue us I just ordered one764.9594.041
more I don't know why oh good for you766.8394.081
this tastes like there's urine in here769.03.6
isn't it oh you know it I'll take770.923.96
one you been in here Anthony uh no I've775.244.44
been in the old house778.0793.721
okay oh my God he probably doesn't want779.684.68
us in here whatever oh wow so there's781.85.279
one of these benches oh God which one is784.364.599
it one of these allow me to turn this787.0794.0
helmet I got into something else nebes788.9593.761
do you walk into a room with this kind791.0793.681
of you know sight and just continue your792.723.88
casual conversation uh yeah I think794.763.12
you're getting desensitized to this796.62.64
stuff remember you used to be freaked797.883.48
out yeah listen I know a guy that grew799.244.24
up in puddles he's got a lot to look at801.364.039
and to learn about the world he's not803.485.24
even here right not yet yeah all right805.3994.641
what's your point what what's your thing808.722.84
what does the thing do it might be this810.043.599
one what does it do again so you you811.564.399
open it and it says Source stats then813.6394.281
appearance and then illusion so I think815.9594.401
I can take this dumb looking hat I got817.925.84
off but give things the same stats as it820.365.56
yeah it should be the same strength I823.763.4
think that's called825.923.44
transmogging okay that sounds really827.165.72
nerdy yeah it is it's very M this and I829.365.68
want the appearance of this and then it832.884.44
should if I combined it boom transmog835.043.599
unable to apply visual illusion The837.323.84
Source St item a no transmog damn oh I838.6395.521
got to fix it fix it then transmog got841.165.0
you okay but you see the point yes844.164.4
transmog your items yeah okay so I'll846.164.119
just fix these stuff and I'll do this848.563.199
all right trans mug did I say anything850.2793.36
weird today when I talked trans mug all851.7595.32
right I got to fix some stuff853.6393.44
transm oh you got a couple coming in on857.3993.88
your whack yeah you called them up here859.6392.921
didn't you you were shooting them over861.2793.041
the fence weren't you oh that was like862.562.92
an age864.324.48
ago oh I'm getting stuck oh my gosh wow865.485.479
these guys are you guys a little tough868.84.68
yes they are okay careful there's Bunch870.9594.921
up yeah I'm kind of pulling back cuz873.485.08
they're all on me oh man that's AIG some875.885.6
off real quick I got one oh God that's a878.565.92
big boy wow that's a big boy man we need881.484.359
the whole we need the whole team for884.485.039
this this these guys okay all right how885.8396.56
you doing um okay drink drink drink889.5195.041
drink drink all right yeah you do that892.3993.721
if you can run back this way and I'll894.564.68
try to take him off you you do I'm f a896.125.04
really big guy over here where we came899.244.2
from yeah I'm with you I'm with you okay901.163.64
yeah you want to get some action there903.443.44
you go all right man your sword is so904.84.279
much better than mine wow he's got some906.884.04
good stuff there too yeah I think I just909.0793.88
took his heart yeah all right what about910.923.479
the other ones you clear them out got912.9593.201
him didn't look at what they had on them914.3993.041
though so we can loot them on the way916.163.72
down gotcha I feel very underprepared917.444.12
with the weapons I have cuz yeah you're919.883.959
weapon chew through these guys mine did921.564.56
not yeah it'll be fine let's go ahead923.8394.521
and shoot those guys down there all926.123.48
right yeah here we go go get him928.363.919
softened up for me there we go tell you929.65.08
what Bob makes it really tough to see oh932.2795.92
God come on oh934.686.76
Boom Boom come on one more oh you missed938.1995.841
oh why does he keep doing that941.445.56
and almost hat yeah well I stole your944.044.84
kill all right now I know we're here for947.04.04
fragments of power but there's Bunches948.884.28
of other good stuff here okay that's951.043.919
great now where are the fragments of953.163.56
power though a little later on in the954.9593.56
dungeon okay cuz that's that's really956.723.32
all I'm here for if I get the fragments958.5194.12
of power I'm out so we should be able to960.046.039
find Ki Steel in here as well oh Cari962.6397.32
steel I I love her yeah I mean it's a966.0797.081
it's a steel but perfect yeah I don't969.9595.401
know who you're talking973.165.359
about never heard of K975.366.36
steel all right got to got to go down978.5197.24
here get a little more981.724.039
oh God I was in the water was that too991.926.2
shallow for like the first time ever995.487.32
maybe maybe not that that was uh [ __ ]998.126.0
nebes I have a problem let me show you1002.82.92
something okay check this out you know1004.123.44
if you hit e you can tell your THS to do1005.724.88
stuff you can say come here go there now1007.564.639
over there is a good guy and he's taking1010.63.08
his name a little literal because he'll1012.1994.0
go here uh and uh then he likes to go1013.683.92
back over there behind the bush and he1016.1994.2
goes oh he he timid isn't he he's shy1017.64.88
he's bash like come here and say hi to1020.3994.241
nees it's like a child like come here1022.485.479
say hello hello how are you oh he went1024.645.12
by me well you know he doesn't and then1027.9592.921
there he goes he's back to his room to1029.763.039
go play with his toys he doesn't want to1030.884.159
hang out with guests yeah I've got a an1032.7993.921
antalope like that oh yeah the one1035.0393.52
inside your house bobby socks bobby1036.724.319
socks he's a weird one yep hey what do I1038.5595.88
do how do I fix this man so I mean I1041.0395.121
don't ever mess with that stuff will he1044.4393.561
just follow you and fight no he won't he1046.163.12
won't follow me I'll come all the way1048.02.799
over here oh you know what you know who1049.284.04
else was like that Bobby no not Bobby uh1050.7995.361
ee yeah yeah in his house yep like all1053.325.04
right watch I hit e got it I'm too far1056.165.56
maybe I'm too far now e no no okay some1058.364.559
this is different maybe let me try to1061.723.4
talk to him sometimes they just you know1062.9194.041
all right he needs like a man to talk to1065.124.919
him okay yeah hey come here did you give1066.964.68
him a name you did oh I didn't know if1070.0392.601
you're going to go with that his name is1071.643.039
over there okay just call him call him1072.643.88
there for short short for what short1074.6793.441
call him if you want to talk to him just1076.523.44
be like hey there oh that works out1078.123.439
perfectly hey there uh you want to1079.964.04
follow me I can understand why you're uh1081.5595.041
acting crazy around Anthony um Boop and1084.04.919
then okay so yeah moving doesn't work1086.64.76
follow okay I'm going to try this we're1088.9194.441
coming back good is he following me no1091.363.6
but check out I found this fan where'd1093.363.24
you get that fan I just found it is that1094.963.12
all it does yeah it does I should move1096.62.959
that a lot quicker shouldn't I it's not1098.082.88
really creating much of a breeze can you1099.5592.721
like swing it I kind of look like I'm1100.965.079
anointing you like ah welcome to the fan1102.286.519
I dust thy helmet I dust thy helmet with1106.0395.161
feathers on high make a pledge Get It1108.7994.841
Pledge but seriously what's wrong with1113.643.64
my guy we got to fix him okay yeah no1115.63.68
he's done no he's he's not done I've1117.283.519
seen this before he's done no he's not1119.283.759
done you saw eore eore came back and1120.7994.081
then died eventually in abor's house so1123.0393.321
eore got the crazies and that was the1124.883.36
end of him no he wasn't he had a whole1126.363.92
Arc after that you forgot this yeah he1128.243.559
just ended up showing up in abro his1130.283.0
bedroom and then yeah and he was a1131.7992.921
beloved character and then he died1133.283.68
randomly somehow I forget I admire your1134.724.48
commitment to over there I'm not leaving1136.964.599
there okay I'm with you then all right1139.24.44
we're going to figure this out go to the1141.5594.281
thing all right first boss do not get1148.364.559
hit by this guy oh wo all right that's a1151.084.04
boy yeah all right and he hits he hits1157.0396.0
good and hard oo all right I'm going to1160.5594.641
let you do the swinging I'll do the that1163.0394.161
was you that was me I apologize right1165.23.88
through my head that was me I but yeah1167.23.88
that was yeah that was bad so yeah you1169.083.68
look like I'm wearing one of those one1171.083.959
of those funny hats with the arrow1172.764.36
sticking through it yep watch out my1175.0394.281
arrows please yeah how am I suppos I'm1177.124.08
fighting this guy how am I supposed to1179.323.44
pay attention to your arrows I don't1181.23.959
know good boy I'm going to try and not1182.763.919
hit you I'm going to aim high okay I1185.1593.921
appreciate that he is you know like 141186.6794.601
ft taller than I am so right he's1189.085.8
squirly too oh oh oh oh oh I can't1191.285.96
believe I missed both of1194.885.159
those there we go got a shot in trying1197.245.12
to wait for the little Ting damn stamina1200.0394.561
Ting every time The Ting happens he's1202.364.28
moving ow1204.65.24
whoop oh [ __ ] oh God that took a hit1206.646.159
that took a hit M break it up he hits1209.845.68
hard oh [ __ ] sh [ __ ] he likes me he1212.7994.561
likes me you're good should have time to1215.524.519
heal up oh oh oh I wasn't ready for that1217.366.72
move oh there we go nice holy crap does1220.0395.52
he have a fragment of power oh yes1224.084.64
that's it what is that thing though KY1225.5595.561
okay there's your Ki steel yeah so got a1228.724.12
little K steel got a little fragment of1231.124.32
power there in concert at a Amphitheater1232.845.68
near you yeah K steel coming soon she's1235.445.52
a little [ __ ] that dances to pop music1238.524.279
hey I got a question for you what do you1240.964.079
power your little light on is it1242.7995.12
caffeine or cocaine oh what Bob is that1245.0394.681
what you call it Bob oh yeah Bob the1247.9196.481
green light yeah methamphetamine sir1249.724.68
methanamine mes I followed wax's idea of1255.724.12
walking really far away and now he's1258.23.12
running straight towards the crocodile I1259.842.719
know he is he's walking right towards1261.322.599
the giant crocodile what is he doing1262.5592.561
what's his there's a Crocodile coming at1263.9192.961
him you better fight it he has his own1265.124.08
agenda okay oh wait it was only when I1266.884.64
left now he's now he's back to just1269.23.64
standing there well you had him you had1271.524.12
him to follow but he wasn't following me1272.844.439
is he following me now well he thought1275.644.039
he was he's following me now no he's not1277.2793.961
he's yeah he's right on you all right1279.6792.801
I'm going to go a little further away1281.243.0
and see if anything crazy happens okay1282.483.4
see look now he's just chilling again1284.242.96
well just keep running I'll keep an eye1285.883.32
on him all right keep an eye on him and1287.23.839
when I say keep an eye I don't mean I'll1289.23.92
make sure he doesn't die y better he's1291.0393.76
running towards the crocodile again God1293.123.84
damn it no there come here I mean not1294.7994.681
directly at it so keep running no that's1296.964.079
not he's not going he's going to the1299.483.12
left of the crocodiles before he was1301.0394.681
safe keep running all right fine if this1302.64.64
gets my guy killed you ow me you owe me1305.723.72
a man I'll tell you when to stop running1307.245.16
yes sir over there what you going to1309.445.8
do uh nope he ran for a second and he1312.46.2
stopped what you still running yeah what1315.246.48
keep running he's just sitting1318.67.2
still don't judge how I say1321.7212.16
Ste there it is come on he's almost down1334.725.48
he's almost down he's almost down there1337.7997.281
he goes oh man oh look we got special uh1340.28.2
special sword dude a pristine Ki sword1345.086.199
yeah help damage 59 okay you know what1348.45.96
I'll I'll take that I'll take that okay1351.2794.961
then I'll take the steel may as well why1354.364.0
not I'm going to leave that mystery meat1356.245.52
sup okay um so we uh we get to fight the1358.365.28
boss now right yeah let's go introduce1361.766.68
you to Tha th th his name is th th1363.647.56
yes all right so we got a spit roast th1368.444.52
if you stay at his back I'll stay at his1371.23.8
who this place looks awesome oh got a1375.05.159
couple skell boys here yeah the views1377.884.399
always interrupted by something right1380.1594.88
right all right now soak it in check1382.2796.081
that out yeah this man this looks neat1385.0394.88
yeah see when I told you to look over1388.363.04
here at the beginning it didn't do it1389.9193.12
justice did it yeah no you can see in1391.45.04
the distance but uh yeah this a ways1393.0396.681
away you know I'm sick of salmon what1396.444.96
are you sick of sick people saying we1399.724.28
don't do nothing in this game we do1401.45.44
things yeah we do things we were busy1404.05.559
we're doing thing hey we you looking at1406.845.56
stranger oh is that is that uh I you got1409.5595.321
a problem stranger what happened here1412.44.96
huh where did these people come from oh1414.885.08
the bar is really picking up yeah1417.364.84
picking Up's doing real good listen you1419.964.959
got to not listen to the haters right1422.24.68
all right cuz you know what they don't1424.9194.0
know what we're doing right cuz we're1426.883.76
doing our own thing they got to live1428.9194.041
their own lives yeah time [ __ ] him I'm1430.644.8
not going to I'm not going to [ __ ] him1432.963.92
why why you sound like you're talking1435.444.119
like your IR [ __ ] you stranger who the1436.885.6
the piece of [ __ ] at the end the bar oh1439.5594.761
yeah well there's no stranger just1442.482.799
okay Anthony you s me in the1455.326.44
bushes what what is he doing I don't1458.1595.201
he's just standing here as far as he1461.764.44
knows I'm still running away I don't I'm1463.365.199
over here yeah okay there you are yeah1466.24.0
what is he doing is he okay science is1468.5593.48
that I don't know I don't want to come1470.23.079
back and ruin it you told me to keep1472.0393.36
running yeah but it only works if you're1473.2794.681
running he okay he's facing the other1475.3995.081
direction he doesn't know yeah all right1477.964.56
do you think he's okay not if he doesn't1480.484.0
Anthony what come over here and talk to1482.523.399
me I don't want him to know come into my1484.483.48
little Bush Fort he was you know what1485.9194.601
Crouch down Crouch down can the horse1487.965.24
can the horse Crouch uh is he following1490.524.279
me yeah he's right there he's fine okay1493.23.12
so he obviously knows where we are well1494.7993.88
he the horse does but not not there can1496.325.079
you just make sure hit follow again and1498.6794.321
if he follows you we're done with this1501.3993.721
right right but what if he doesn't I1503.04.24
stab you with my star metal sword all1505.124.279
right okay let's do it let's try it over1507.245.24
there hey buddy hey I'm so oh he looked1509.3994.76
away from me immediately are you okay1512.483.319
hey yeah all right I don't know let's1514.1593.24
see follow all right you ready to go on1515.7992.801
more Adventures we've been having fun1517.3993.561
today he's already a level five uh-huh1518.64.439
that's really high oh here he comes1520.963.88
neees there's hope for us yet yep come1523.0393.321
on nees you're doing great come on1524.843.92
follow us all right to more Adventure1526.365.6
glad we did this1528.763.2
woo got a question how do we get out of1533.444.839
here we take another door out okay I was1535.844.28
about to say we don't have to walk back1538.2794.081
through all that stuff do we no thank1540.123.88
God no yeah goodness gracious that would1542.363.039
have been that would have been a chore1544.04.159
and a half so this is where Tha lives1545.3995.88
this is where Tha lives oh man so all1548.1594.561
right I'll try should I I I'll do1551.2793.921
distance with Tha is that my best option1552.724.679
I'm the arrow guy I mean you you decided1555.24.199
to be the arrow guy so I say we just1557.3994.16
stick with it all right sounds good okay1559.3994.4
does dag have friends or is it just dag1561.5594.761
dag has friends oh of course dag does1563.7995.641
all righto bag you yeah so got to light1566.325.44
these on fire oh oh wow it's like a1569.445.839
summoning thing yeah this is right up1571.765.159
your alley you know that yeah this is1575.2794.0
kind of cool I like this all right I got1576.9194.681
the last one last one there you go all1579.2794.561
right bring it on bag we're stuck in1581.64.52
oh there he is oh yeah that big boy that1596.524.84
real big boy yeah holy crap it's like a1598.764.96
minur or something so you shoot for his1601.364.88
head don't shoot from my head done okay1603.723.92
yeah he's a he's big enough I should be1606.243.2
able to like clear that no problem so1607.643.919
what's Dag's story I don't1609.444.8
know he's he's just a monster that lives1611.5595.201
down here huh yeah all I know is is how1614.244.76
to kill him and where where he's at I1616.764.039
don't know what is he's looking at never1619.05.84
stop he's looking W oh man wait should I1620.7995.88
uh can I use any of my sorcery here1624.844.24
summon zombies I don't know you can try1626.6794.041
okay keep me covered keep me covered1629.082.599
never tried it I'm going to try to1630.722.559
summon zombies on his ass that could be1631.6794.761
fun 22 minutes I got you I got you 221633.2797.041
minutes go summon demons a bat that's1636.445.8
not it where's the zombie one God damn I1640.324.28
hate this B system let's see why not a1642.244.72
radio wheel right I don't hear you sham1644.64.64
Lama dingdong though oh I'm sham a1646.965.36
dingdong and let's see escalate where's1649.245.08
the zombies one where's the zombies1652.324.4
Harvest materials no that's the terror1654.325.56
one Jesus where's the zombie one you1656.725.079
think it would be in the summoned one1659.883.72
wield the forces of Life death and unde1661.7993.401
that's got to be it right there you go1663.62.88
that sounds like that sounds like it1665.23.479
would be let's escalate a little bit1666.484.52
escalate a little bit more here we go1668.6794.641
now you better hurry you better de1671.04.88
something it's happening it's happening1673.326.239
okay oh [ __ ] what the hell was that he's1675.887.0
got his own his own kind of sorcery did1679.5595.681
it work the zombies coming I think so1682.885.56
it's awful foggy in here at least holy1685.245.159
smokes don't let me die where's the1688.443.64
zombies where's the zombies where the1690.3993.321
zombies why you make it hard to see in1692.083.76
here I don't see a single zombie I don't1693.724.28
see one damn zombie where my zombies I1695.844.319
can hear them why aren't they in the1698.05.679
arena I don't know uh all right slow SL1700.1596.481
slow music for a second dear funcom1703.6795.321
please let me summon zombies in the Boss1706.643.639
Arena because if you're going to give me1709.03.36
the power to do it you got to give me1710.2794.64
the ability to to be able to use it1712.365.199
appsro PS damn1714.9196.841
it PS uh I cannot kill this guy what is1717.5596.081
going on come here all right I guess1721.763.799
I'll just back to shoot man what any1723.643.8
other sorcery Powers you think would1725.5593.521
actually work what have I got1727.443.719
invisibility wouldn't probably do1729.084.68
anything for me uh there's the fire one1731.1595.321
but that one seems dumb you could try1733.765.72
splintering yourself into to another1736.484.919
person or whatever but I think I think1739.484.64
he'll just come to me because I'm doing1741.3994.28
damage yeah I guess if we need to1744.123.32
confuse him I could do that man where1745.6794.041
are my zombies all I did was think1747.444.119
they're they're on the they're on the1749.723.92
balcony they're all up on the balcony1751.5596.041
behind you are you serious they are IDI1753.647.12
of them oh my God what are they scared1757.64.6
no I think they're just watching the1760.763.279
show I mean look if you got an1762.23.839
invitation to this you would probably1764.0394.52
just watch too this is entertaining for1766.0394.0
sure but they work for me you're not1768.5592.921
supposed to be invited you're you're1770.0393.081
supposed to be here to work yeah well1771.483.52
you need a better agent well well you1773.123.679
know we're working him down he's going1775.03.96
pretty well okay we got another round1776.7994.48
we're going to get uh some skeletons and1778.964.88
he's going to bash the floor okay here1781.2794.921
comes oh wow wow he spawned right on me1783.844.24
and here comes the1786.24.12
floorb that's a lot of skeletons that's1788.084.719
a lot of skeletons quack1790.325.28
yeah this is silly this is quite silly1792.7995.36
all right swi in uh I'll try to kill the1795.65.199
skeleton oh God he's puking see that1798.1594.64
yeah watch out for that it'll it'll get1800.7994.961
you oh what I lost the internet1802.7996.48
connection sorry whack no no I'll I I'll1805.766.08
try to get back1809.2792.561
on D do you know1817.124.76
what these things1819.486.4
are like it looks like it's a1821.884.0
nest d1826.5595.511
are you out you're out for good1829.5194.081
huh I was going to ask what you thought1833.64.6
about the fence what do you think about1836.5194.921
the fence Dora oh I kind of finished it1838.25.76
going around pretty good do you hear1841.446.239
me yep hold on a second let me see will1843.967.92
you feel that you feel that ah1847.6796.441
yeah hold on let me see if you feel it1851.883.519
on your1854.124.6
foot yep just make it sure you're still1855.3996.441
alive a only doing what a good friend1858.724.0
do does that helmet work1862.727.4
still yep that helmet still works you1866.3996.681
got a good helmet maybe I can borrow it1870.124.48
yeah what are you looking1876.885.72
[ __ ]1886.9195.921
okay is he ready I think so see okay all1889.245.24
right hang on let me get ready to1892.843.559
welcome him all right to the fan club1894.485.039
yeah there we go okay welcome this is1896.3995.201
puddles puddles yep I'm going to give1899.5193.601
him a hat cuz he looks horrible yeah I1901.63.039
was going to say like I don't want to1903.123.039
say puddles you you look like [ __ ]1904.6393.88
puddles no you should tell him puddles1906.1594.601
you're supposed to be this Grand epic1908.5195.12
thw and you're balding that's not good1910.764.12
genetic that's not the problem it's the1913.6393.201
haircut well you can't have a haircut1914.883.759
cuz there's no hair no had like weird1916.844.0
hair it's better to to shave it than to1918.6394.681
have weird hair you know yeah but he did1920.843.719
have weird hair oh you're right all1923.324.28
right can we shave ooh huh all right1924.5594.921
this is doing wonders for his look yeah1927.66.48
now this guy he is uh H level zero okay1929.486.159
I don't like to hear that but he kind of1934.083.24
looks like a Han Solo type like an1935.6393.28
adventurer yeah we're going to hear1937.323.8
stories about puddles I don't even know1938.9194.561
uh I'll wait toy whack but uh Vitality1941.125.48
Health bonus 1,67 maybe that's good is1943.484.76
that good I don't know well how many1946.63.28
health does this guy have oh yeah look1948.244.96
at your guy uh 760 760 compared to what1949.885.799
I said yeah and he's a level six so yeah1953.24.479
that's good and my guy's level zero yeah1955.6793.401
okay I still like you over there we're1957.6792.321
going to work together we're going to be1959.082.36
a good team just murdering people with1960.04.08
THS here we go um puddles and I'm going1961.445.199
to spell it weird not I mean normal not1964.084.959
weird how you going to spell it P u d d1966.6395.961
l s p u d d poodles I hope I spelled1969.0395.36
that right in front of these people okay1972.64.439
there we go puddles welcome puddles you1974.3994.501
can join the fan club don't die1977.0393.961
puddles all right looks like I'm1981.05.2
reconnecting all oh I'm back in the game1983.26.68
I think oh hey the fog's gone excellent1986.25.439
time things work out we're getting1989.883.799
pretty close we got him under 10,000 hit1991.6394.16
points so nope oh God I got kicked from1993.6795.72
the server again no no what the hell's1995.7997.281
going on okay coming back in all right1999.3996.361
still working on him yeah sure oh that2003.085.04
was cool oh wait I don't have my stuff2005.763.84
I'm back in but I don't have my stuff2008.123.799
probably just loading in still oh okay2009.63.959
how are you doing then by the way yeah2011.9193.521
I'm still alive all right it's good2013.5593.6
thing you let me pick up all that green2015.443.88
stuff yeah welcome watch a floor watch a2017.1594.841
floor oh what's happening more skellies2019.325.68
and more floor pounding uh oh my stuff's2022.05.32
back this is good uh but my controls are2025.05.24
not work oh w w w w w I'm over2027.324.88
encumbered I think the sandwich wore off2030.242.88
[ __ ]2033.123.0
oh God I'm at the beginning of the wine2043.6394.801
Celler oh [ __ ] I just got to run oh son2045.325.88
of a [ __ ] come on whack you can do it I2048.446.04
believe in you oh come on stamina a2051.26.56
little bit of space charge up death all2054.485.84
right dag it's you and me buddy you2057.764.359
killed my2060.325.079
putty well yeah over here past the2062.1195.0
waterfall I think I'm on the right track2065.3993.24
this seems like the right track it's so2067.1193.48
dark in here I think I'm getting close2068.6395.321
qu he's fighting all right good deal I2070.5995.28
almost got him I have to kill him for2073.964.56
the doors to open oh stamina come on2075.8793.72
he's one2078.525.399
hit there we go oh no get him away I did2079.5996.24
where you at oh I'm on the bridge I'm2083.9193.361
approaching the temple there might be a2085.8393.961
skeleton behind me okay I'm watching any2087.285.04
help would be2089.82.52
appreciated hey awesome job man a thank2092.486.599
you holy crap sorry you had uh yeah your2095.286.079
body should be over here yeah yeah2099.0794.121
perfect loot2101.3594.681
all okay I think my crazy armor2103.24.76
disappeared didn't it might have yeah2106.043.72
okay that's okay I got uh I got other2107.964.119
stuff I got some boots I2109.764.88
found you just put this stuff on real2112.0794.601
fast all right that'll work to get me2114.644.68
back home oh you want to you want to see2116.685.439
what uh our fight got us yeah there you2119.324.96
go that right there okay this is a2122.1196.121
scroll car car a note okay in2124.285.64
reading this will unlock knowledge of2128.245.24
the Ki Soldier armors ooh so that seems2129.926.08
good right yeah so I should read this2133.485.119
that's what you use your Ki steel for2136.05.2
boom I learned it Ki Soldier right on2138.5994.281
nice all right so where's the door out2141.26.08
of this dunk right this2142.884.4
way he used to live in the puddles he2154.284.24
must like puddles he lived in puddles2156.643.56
yeah a then he must hate it here where2158.523.76
you've taken hey you know what uh2160.24.399
sometimes when you travel you learn more2162.284.68
you expand your horizons right but is he2164.5994.081
is he allowed to go home puddles is all2166.964.08
he he2168.682.36

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