Simon Found the Torches - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In...
Simon Found the Torches - Conan Exiles
Simon Found the Torches - Conan Exiles

Simon Found the Torches - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest Conan Exiles video? It's the one where you found the torches!

simon: Oh yeah, that's my favorite video! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch me stumble upon some torches in the dark?

appsro: I still can't believe you managed to find those torches, Simon. It's like watching a master at work.

neebs: It's like a treasure hunt, but with torches instead of gold. Simon, you're a real pro at finding the essentials.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In this episode, our favorite duo, Appsro and Neebs, are on a mission to find treasure, while Dora and Simon are busy sprucing up their abodes and putting on some TV specials.

The adventures in this episode are absolutely hilarious, with Dora getting lost, Exiled Lands' Got Talent making an appearance, buried treasure being discovered, and even some unexpected foreshadowing involving Appsro's shoes cosplay. And let's not forget about the heartbreaking moment when Dora's best friend meets a tragic end - it's still talking!

But the fun doesn't stop there! From hiring a contractor to trying out new push-ups techniques and witnessing SGTV's first flop, there's never a dull moment in this episode. And of course, we can't overlook the amazing music that sets the perfect tone for the adventures in Conan Exiles.

So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming coffee, courtesy of Player One Coffee, use code NEEBS10 for 10% off, and settle in for another epic episode of Conan Exiles with the Neebs Gaming crew. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, check out their Patreon for exclusive content, and join the Discord community to connect with fellow fans.

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all right got the alchemical base from0.7196.241
all those coins and boom new sorcery3.045.639
spell you're going to become darker and6.964.24
darker man I hope so yeah did you say8.6794.321
coins yeah coins are you over there11.24.96
reading that book yeah oh it's co word13.06.76
power okay hold on got some new uh16.166.56
spells let me pull out my pull out your19.765.56
what my wand uhhuh it's like you22.724.52
misplaced your keys should I be standing25.323.52
right here is this going to is this safe27.243.84
here maybe I got to find where it is it28.843.8
said I had a new word of power but it31.084.28
doesn't tell you where it is so I got to32.644.32
go digging through menus what's it35.363.879
called I don't know man I can't even36.963.919
find you guys I hear you talking where39.2394.64
are you back at house sorcery bench40.8794.561
sorcery bench you know you don't43.8793.081
understand what that means no I don't45.443.119
when you got 50 benches it's kind of46.963.56
hard to it's the closest bench to our48.5593.84
Island yeah there you go thanks for50.523.839
letting me know you are starting focus52.3995.761
on rare resources reveal deposits y here54.3596.801
we go oh oh this will detect like rare58.165.399
mineral deposits I guess did you do it61.164.68
yeah I did it oh that okay that didn't63.5593.56
seem should have done that here why65.843.48
don't you have pants on uh I was fixing67.1195.64
them Hey listen look what I can do Place69.325.92
huh Place chests who's this guy this is72.7594.801
a treasure chest we fill this full of75.244.239
like treasure and then people come and77.564.199
try to get it from us so we're just79.4794.241
asking for trouble oh like that could I81.7595.081
put that cat in here maybe oh well83.724.359
actually no you know what I have a86.843.36
treasure map okay NE you want to go find88.0793.601
a treasure with me yeah I want to fill90.23.84
this Treasure Chest full of treasure boy91.685.36
this UI sucks NE you're in the way of my94.044.88
my UI okay that's that's the kind of97.043.68
information I need you know you got98.923.32
stuff like that just throw it out there100.724.56
UI is like urinary infection it is yep102.245.479
your last spell was dumb it was dumb I105.284.74
don't like it107.71911.121
so there it is nees right above us is121.925.04
the blackand ship oh okay the first part123.885.239
of the treasure map says on the east126.964.999
side of the black hand ship there is an129.1195.161
anchor so is that up there to our right131.9594.041
uh no east side which let's see134.283.8
according to the map the black gallion I136.04.2
think this is the blackand ship oh I see138.083.76
he I see an anchor oh right in front of140.23.48
us oh we got a little rock monster back141.843.36
here we're going to drop the horses off143.683.72
somewhere safe right yeah actually I145.23.48
think yeah there's a beach right here147.43.32
doesn't seem too bad I'm GNA hop off148.684.16
right now you got a rock monster is it150.723.64
on me oh yeah and there's another one152.844.24
coming in come on you morons hold on154.364.799
threee H I don't need you to stay out of157.084.079
this okay stay in the water oh your159.1594.241
horse your horse Al Bean's tough oh is161.1594.08
he a lot tougher than a rhino oh we got163.44.28
some uh Fighters coming in too yep okay165.2394.761
oh yeah oh boy whop this rock Monster's167.685.6
almost down yeah get it okay one more170.05.84
idiot oh yeah Miss want you try again173.284.76
give it to her abro oh yeah take him to175.845.28
school boom she dead all right graduated178.045.04
anything good on her I might read that181.124.199
later okay your horse is still following183.084.0
you like uh yeah I know all right Bean185.3193.441
chill out chill out let's stand guard187.082.879
just chill out here on the beach would188.763.399
you yeah you kids just play have a good189.9594.481
time we'll be back all right let's see192.1596.401
here we go salako instructions salao194.446.519
cao's instructions sure both are right198.563.959
on the east side of the Blackhand ship200.9594.161
there is an anchor from the anchor take202.5196.8
45 steps Walk Don't Run North okay so205.128.199
let's see anchor back here uh this one209.3196.241
maybe you know what I saw an anchor hold213.3194.721
on no there can't be two anchors there a215.564.319
bad MAP there's two anchors uh yeah it218.044.44
absolutely is a bad MAP but uh hold on I219.8793.881
want to let me let me climb this real222.483.8
quick surely this is the anchor right223.763.96
you would think but I could have sworn I226.283.8
saw an anchor up here so I'm facing you227.724.76
got to face North says east and then fa230.085.439
and then turn north okay walk 45 steps232.485.399
I'm facing East should I start this or235.5193.72
you still looking in some hold I want to237.8793.08
look into some something give me a damn239.2393.881
minute all right we not listen talking's240.9594.441
fun too don't get aggravated cuz I'm243.124.16
talking at you what I said don't get245.44.44
aggravated CU talking at you aggravated247.284.12
oh look yep there's a damn anchor up249.843.84
here I knew I saw something ah so it's251.45.239
probably that one huh uh maybe we got to253.685.48
end up at a tree says end end up at a256.6394.961
big tree oh man I think I'm seeing how259.163.92
this cuz I don't see any big trees down261.62.96
there I mean do you see the big tree263.083.0
let's just go to the big tree I see a264.563.56
big tree in the distance yeah we can cut266.083.24
this mess out and just go to the big268.123.48
tree you're not wrong all right hold on269.324.319
let me look at this map one more time we271.64.039
read what it says I don't feel safe with273.6394.0
our where our horses are from the anchor275.6395.041
45 steps North turn East finally turn277.6395.361
East 50 steps hidden at the base of a280.685.04
mighty tree is my chest I see a mighty283.04.36
tree off in the distance it's got to be285.723.4
one of those okay are you worried about287.362.96
the horses cuz I'm worried about the289.122.76
horses you don't think they're fine on290.323.76
that beach there's a camp right there291.884.159
what if somebody come back okay well294.083.959
move them I don't know I saw a cave296.0394.241
under the pirate ship area move them298.0394.401
there okay oh and I think I actually see300.284.72
a chest on the Rocks as well sometimes302.444.08
caves have bad guys in them all right305.03.0
put the horses where you're F where306.522.76
you're comfortable putting them and then308.04.72
climb your ass up here we'll309.283.44
do hey D so how long has that glowy313.165.36
thing been following you around all day316.243.84
man I I don't know if it ever I know all318.523.799
day but like like so like but reasonably320.084.8
new uh yeah I just learned the spell322.3194.921
this morning okay good so it wasn't like324.886.68
a few weeks um I have a uh I have a thr327.246.239
okay one second I'm assuming it's a331.564.56
dancer cuz of the way it looks on its th333.4795.081
thing yeah I feel like this is uh what's336.124.919
this land called do we know oh uh I mean338.564.56
we should know but I don't remember it341.0394.761
would make my joke343.122.68
better well whatever this place is346.0395.401
called [ __ ] it's Got Talent oh okay348.126.519
there you go so it's uh yeah I'm uh351.445.039
Simon Cowell there you go I've been354.6393.761
watching I've been watching uh clips of356.4794.361
that recently all right boom oh no wait358.45.0
too close to another thr says it right360.846.199
there it's very big letters um all right363.46.6
it's got to be back here really okay367.0396.041
boom hey is that a what's going on with370.05.56
that oh okay little bit of dance I like373.086.2
that okay the bag head wow that's375.565.079
confidence right there yeah you know379.284.199
what you're going places kid ooh really380.6394.161
all right how repet that was a little383.4794.201
Spider-Man and then a paa that was a384.85.239
quick assessment yeah I'm easy to387.684.959
impress yeah yeah honestly just the fact390.0394.16
that you're not in pain right now from392.6393.801
those jumps cuz my knees are shot yeah394.1994.56
you're moving on to uh the next round396.444.24
wow yeah you're going to make it you're398.7593.361
going to go to the where's the where's400.683.28
the next round go to same I think it's402.124.519
the same stage okay yeah not a different403.965.72
city no you're not making it to Vegas406.6396.161
hey sorry we have limited budget yeah409.684.239
you're just going to come right back412.84.16
here no prize413.9193.041
either you're right up here right yeah417.524.399
you see Bob lights uh I did then they419.9193.601
went away oh now I see you yep you421.9193.761
should see me oh there you are okay so423.525.04
uh anchor big tree where's the big tree425.685.72
uh yeah the big tree is off this way428.565.0
okay oh yeah that's kind of see it in431.43.199
the distance I mean that tree looks like433.562.479
the obvious tree right you would think434.5992.961
it said it's at the base of a mighty436.0393.121
tree and like I'm just going to go to437.562.88
these Mighty trees and look around the439.163.28
base of each one yeah if they called440.443.8
this tree Mighty yeah that'd be [ __ ]442.442.96
you would know the treasure is not good444.242.6
I mean it was also kind of crap that445.43.04
they had two anchors cuz yeah I was like446.843.0
you I was like maybe it's this think448.443.479
they godess all the one up top yeah no449.843.44
kidding I'd have been in the water451.9192.801
walking around yeah it would have been453.283.28
real stupid oh there's a guy there you454.723.24
don't want to mess with us buddy we're456.563.359
just here looking for trees I got it457.964.04
beses okay stand back watch an expert459.9193.4
that's not all we're looking I feel like462.02.72
you're misleading cuz we're not looking463.3194.641
for trees really are we honey jerky ooh464.726.439
that's nice honey and jerky both have a467.965.16
good shelf life yeah oh and look at this471.1596.641
me you find it all right let's see loot473.128.44
chest oh man nice 19 gold coins 19 I477.86.399
need like hundreds okay silver dust well481.564.4
hey also there well there's a heavy coin484.1993.641
purse hold on let me get that so with485.964.0
the heavy coin purse I think I can open487.846.199
it and use boom now I got 105 gold coins489.967.16
there we go yeah more of that okay hey494.0394.201
you know where I think we might be able497.124.32
to find even more gold coins mm- so he498.245.32
see that pirate ship in the distance501.443.56
okay yeah I bet they got lots of503.563.639
treasure you want to go get them yeah505.03.52
yeah we're raiding a pirate Village507.1994.041
today come on baby508.522.72
okay Simon yeah you got something to512.0394.841
show my new best friend really not named514.084.72
yet but all right that's a lot though516.883.959
best friend or518.85.2
ooh yeah I wish it was bigger but I love520.8395.641
you all the same well I'm surprised it's524.04.44
actually this big this one is going to526.484.16
just be hanging around you all the time528.446.2
yeah follow me follow me oh yeah oh yeah530.646.48
watch out for the fire uh-huh that is534.644.12
man I'm starting to think that your537.124.68
religion might be the coolest538.766.88
one W I'd be happy to talk about zath at541.86.84
any point with you uh Z's pretty cool545.646.12
what do I so should so would you take it548.647.56
upon yourself to help me do what you've551.766.92
done yeah cuz you'd have to do that oh556.25.079
listen listen I'm still558.686.2
listening okay so would you help me oh561.2796.24
you wanted to that's a yes or no uh yeah564.883.84
yeah I mean but you know you'd have to567.5192.88
hold my hand like they do it like the568.724.08
other churches they hold your hand and570.3994.641
they of course you get I give them money572.83.44
though do I have to give you money is575.043.239
there a tithe thing no no no no no576.244.599
listen uh I was thinking about having578.2794.68
like a little um you know one of those580.8393.921
uh you bring people and I'll give like a582.9593.761
little speech up here on the stage at584.764.4
some point you mean like a sermon n not586.724.48
a sermon kind of like you know when you589.164.2
remember Amway I do didn't they sell591.24.639
products yeah yeah I mean are we going593.364.44
to sell things cuz I'm I'm all about595.8394.521
making the coin yeah yeah but hey let's597.84.719
gather all the riches we have and put it600.364.36
in nee's chest first and then uh we'll602.5195.44
talk okay okay I mean that's weird I you604.725.4
soon all right hey well no but just to607.9593.841
focus we got to do things for the team610.124.52
first wow I really dig your religion611.85.2
you're messing with dope you're messing614.645.16
with my mind man it's like it's like you617.05.0
you're like the perfect religion so far619.85.479
yeah Z yeah622.07.68
yeah oh spider just disappeared Magic625.2797.161
ooh nees yeah look what I found where629.684.12
you at you in the village is that you632.443.639
with the backpack yeah I'm behind you I633.84.52
got a backpack oh my gosh you remind me636.0794.481
of shoes my carrying capacity right now638.325.079
is insane it was this guy oh wow man he640.565.2
looks tough oh we can take him yep come643.3994.12
on ah you don't you to know my friend645.764.44
shoes is behind you I'm not shoes oh but647.5196.481
you look like her boom boom oh we got650.25.199
okay all right I'll get her watch out TR654.03.839
it and yeah seems like like a lot going655.3994.24
on to be fighting in that you know yeah657.8393.321
but man this like UPS my carrying659.6393.841
capacity by like 45 points oh man and661.163.72
with the treasure that's perfect yeah663.483.52
exactly man we can haul everything back664.884.6
okay so it's a shame it looks stupid it667.05.079
looks a little dumb yeah now listen why669.484.28
did you bring this out here oh I didn't672.0793.481
I got it off of did you pick it up cuz I673.762.84
picked it up off one of the guys and675.562.719
then I just dropped it okay yeah I saw676.63.28
that you dropped it and I picked it up678.2793.0
okay you want it well I guess we can679.883.16
take it with us now we got this backpack681.2793.081
why don't we just leave it right here683.042.52
and when the people come back they'll be684.362.96
like oh no tiger yeah oh yeah that'll685.564.2
fool them be hilarious like we going on687.324.759
this ship yeah reckon so okay you know689.764.12
what I feel like I I got to unequip this692.0793.361
pack though for just a second because I693.883.72
tell you it really blocks my view I hear695.444.399
you there we go yeah now I want to see697.63.919
okay so what do we think go up and go699.8393.961
right yeah let's go up let's go right701.5194.12
and is that a what are you doing is that703.83.719
a guy yep oh yeah I'll fight him on the705.6393.961
bridge watch out come on oh on your way707.5194.56
yep yep yep yep yep yep oh oh boy he's709.64.0
shooting at us now yeah I know I know712.0793.041
okay I'll shoot him [ __ ] did I drop that713.63.12
did I drop that helmet you Dr I did I715.123.6
did I meant to equip it you better knock716.723.64
that off boom all right there we go now718.723.76
I'm good boom okay you better get in720.365.2
there uhoh okay about got the Archer722.485.64
down Archer down yep and the Fighter's725.564.76
down all right got to love fighting on728.124.36
Bridges we're boarding your ship yeah we730.324.44
are let me take your coins you got coins732.485.24
on you now some decent armor let's see734.764.96
all right um we're on board yeah let's737.724.04
not trigger everybody at once n sorry739.724.799
already did idiot yep okay that was dumb741.764.56
all right feel like there's another744.5193.601
anchor here you can't put so many746.323.92
anchors up watch out watch out I'm748.124.719
blocking oh boy okay come on what you750.244.68
got TR in lady oh boy yeah we shouldn't752.8394.041
have we triggered a lot at once we can754.925.44
do this yeah we can oh [ __ ] all right756.885.959
that's you you're good yep I'm good okay760.364.52
behind you got them beses yep man you762.8393.761
and I are a Powerhouse aren't we that's764.883.959
right they're on my back there you go766.64.0
yeah oh boy oh what what was that that768.8394.201
just H hit me hit might me I'm sorry770.64.599
good God I about to kill me I'm sorry773.044.159
you got any Alo a yeah drink some stuff775.1995.64
my bad777.1993.64
hey Simon how you doing uh good just784.563.44
lighting it up listen I'm going to take786.6393.841
Gerard uh out get a little bit of iron788.05.16
and maybe um an easy fight or two790.484.799
Gerard's a bit of a [ __ ] oh yeah you793.165.08
got to got to get her tough for him a795.2796.441
little taste of uh of some action mhm I798.244.839
don't know how your place isn't in801.723.919
Flames yeah I know it's kind of fun yeah803.0795.161
it's toasty over here too anyway yeah805.6393.88
we're going to go we're going to go play808.244.279
a little bit okay okay have have fun I'm809.5194.841
just going to continue to do my thing I812.5193.521
know I know what you're going to do yeah814.364.64
all right by Jord be safe he says thank816.047.599
you no he doesn't I819.04.639
know oh yeah bring in a few okay we got824.365.32
these folks right here huh all right827.923.44
I'll get behind them oh yeah now you in829.684.719
a need AB sandwich oh boy coming they831.364.919
all start swinging at the same time all834.3993.081
right yeah I don't want to hit you neb836.2792.761
you're right in the middle of that pile837.483.279
I'm out of the way for I'm going to go839.044.239
all right archers down oh boy big guy840.7594.2
with a sword big sword he's got a big843.2794.321
swing there you go backing out oh yeah844.9594.761
nice all right they we're good what kind847.64.64
of what is that meal oh it's Alo soup849.724.799
Alo soup it heals you okay take one of852.243.959
those man that's good I'm getting some854.5193.76
rare gemstones and look at all this856.1994.481
treasure more gemstones heck yeah we're858.2793.441
going to be able to put that in our860.682.92
coffers man yeah this place is loaded861.723.559
with people all right keep your health863.63.039
up and we'll slowly make our way through865.2792.641
it yes yeah should we just try to lure866.6393.721
them in one by one yeah like this guy I867.925.479
love that idea to me what was that I'm870.364.76
not going to tell my friends yep I'm873.3993.721
going to hide right here I'll hide right875.124.159
here okay no idea we're getting ready to877.124.04
surprise attack879.2794.24
oh there's two of881.165.799
us you fell for it you nut o he's got a883.5195.44
coin purse oh man yeah we're making all886.9594.24
kinds of money today this is perfect888.9593.601
what are we going to buy nothing we're891.1992.681
going to put it in the Treasure what's892.562.56
the point of all the money if we can't893.883.24
buy anything just to see if we can keep895.124.12
it from everybody okay this is a cool897.123.36
base I wish we could own it you know899.243.0
what I mean I guess we could couldn't we900.483.2
no cuz they these guys would just902.243.92
respawn or they would give up because903.684.399
it's not worth it anymore you think that906.164.599
would happen maybe yeah I think you're908.0794.56
uh kind of wishful thinking there that910.7593.0
happened with the neighbors we have at912.6392.961
our place right now guys arm just rolled913.7594.64
off the cliff I know that's a good point915.64.919
nbes we yeah no I get what you're saying918.3993.521
man I wish we could build in here maybe920.5193.401
we can oh there's an idiot here doesn't921.923.719
even see me there's a whole place down923.923.08
here huh925.6395.12
and oh yeah yeah yep oh oh These are927.05.72
these are workers are these folks you930.7593.88
mean they're dead oh wait no this guy's932.724.0
got a chest or something ooh let's get934.6395.0
it he did man this guy does oh nope I936.723.919
thought he was going to be friendly for939.6393.12
a second no it's just their blacksmith940.6394.0
okay is there a bunch of cups in there942.7593.76
in the chest yeah oh yeah there a bunch944.6394.521
of Cups what is this frenzy wine Honey946.5194.8
whiskey can we drink this hell yeah I949.164.32
mean you can drink it honey wine yeah I951.3193.241
might as well take it we can drink it953.482.359
when we get home I don't want to get954.563.32
drunk here surrounded by enemies I'm955.8393.281
going to drink one right now what is957.884.12
this oh oh no I Pi up I picked up959.124.519
something and they're talking to me and962.03.68
I drank my stuff I'm feeling Tipsy well963.6393.32
yeah what are you doing drinking we're965.683.079
on a mission but I'm also warming up966.9594.88
we're in the desert down okay good point968.7596.241
we weren't deserting we was all going971.8395.36
get to talk forever aren't they damn it975.03.72
yeah I need a minute977.1995.041
anyways hey s hey buddy Gerard's dead978.726.119
what yeah yeah I was uh Crossing that982.243.88
body of water over there just wanted to984.8393.321
get to the other side and and then one986.124.0
of those Turtle things uh you know988.163.479
Gerard wasn't following me he was set to990.123.159
guard me and took a couple hits and he's991.6395.68
dead oh no yeah it was a big shame is993.2796.24
super close to that little nugget right997.3195.08
yeah anyway have a good one oh I was999.5194.521
going to I was going to say do you1002.3994.161
remember when it's all right I'm just1004.044.88
going to Y all right back to lighten1006.565.279
this puppy up it he did gain a level as1008.925.56
he died though that was something oh did1011.8393.881
it make you1014.483.52
proud yeah there was a pause there it1015.725.119
didn't make you he proud that it no no1018.05.199
when I awoke I was alone out here still1020.8395.0
going oh my goodness what is he going on1023.1994.72
about sand storms I don't know it's some1025.8394.641
pirate story yeah who in the world like1027.9194.04
who thinks someone's going to pick this1030.483.04
up playing with their friends is going1031.9593.12
to stop and listen to this whole pirate1033.523.72
story somebody right now watching this1035.0794.36
video is like man I that was my favorite1037.245.16
story I ever heard yeah oh thank God1039.4395.52
it's over there you go that lasted 51042.44.519
minutes it's insane it doesn't belong in1044.9593.521
a survival game does it no hell no it1046.9192.961
doesn't belong in doesn't belong in a1048.483.439
single player game like a campaign or1049.883.52
something right a baby there's more1051.9193.041
interesting way to present lore and1053.45.24
story hey all right you dead mhm okay1054.965.64
yeah let's get these idiots some on your1058.644.12
six oh boy I'm I'm jumping over here1060.62.959
with these1062.763.96
archers and1063.5593.161
then give it to him oh boy okay how you1070.247.16
doing yep Oh that girl sassy mm oh1073.7996.12
there's two you need help uh maybe all1077.45.44
right pull back yep I'll get the girl1079.9196.721
okay maybe not oh oh [ __ ] oh God damn it1082.846.04
nebes I knew he was going to do it step1086.644.8
right in there in front of me you [ __ ]1088.887.2
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh1091.444.64
boy oh God I'm dangerous with these1096.127.919
things as neebs found out AB I'm on sing1099.845.839
Oh you put a bed roll down yeah I'm1104.0394.52
really smart good sorry about that it's1105.6794.561
okay I was stuck on that sail and I1108.5593.961
couldn't get out of your way oh gotcha1110.243.799
I'll be back in a second if this tiger1112.523.6
didn't kill me it's fun I'm watching a1114.0394.681
sexy lady dance over here it's all good1116.127.36
uhhuh B you're so scary what a scary1118.724.76
Kitty uh I found my new inspiration just1124.286.399
fire man I love it and there's so much1127.726.199
more to get lit up now listen uh it1130.6796.841
looks great I like your lighting now do1133.9196.361
you do contract work I mean I can cuz I1137.524.399
think I think my place would just like1140.284.399
maybe four torches would be like if I1141.9194.401
just had four cuz I can't even really1144.6793.721
even see my place even with this little1146.324.359
glowing orb that doesn't disappear oh I1148.44.44
could I could do that like if there was1150.6795.041
just a you know I I'll cover you with as1152.846.56
far as like the um gold and silver that1155.725.76
you should provide to the chest over1159.44.72
there I will cover your end if you do a1161.484.52
little bit of lighting work on my tiny1164.124.64
Place absolutely I'd be happy to do it I1166.04.559
appreciate that like yeah do you have a1168.764.52
card uh you know what don't worry about1170.5594.721
it you're my neighbor yeah thank you1173.283.84
yeah I don't need a card that's I'm so1175.283.44
good I don't need one it just felt like1177.123.4
it was a natural part of that whole prog1178.724.24
I appreciate it but no that's good we1180.524.2
we'll see I'm going to do this for you1182.963.079
all right I'm going to put some I'm1184.722.76
going to put some silver in that chest1186.0393.241
in your name good and and you're going1187.484.319
to leave a good review for me oh you're1189.285.12
damn right in town somewhere thank you1191.7994.521
all right let's light this baby up1194.44.56
Tastefully all right1196.324.2
trust me I know what I'm1198.963.76
doing what if this is the main area oh1200.524.039
there a lady over here doing push-ups1202.724.0
push-ups yeah she doing push-ups I1204.5593.641
didn't think they invented push-ups till1206.723.079
much later is that something you have to1208.23.8
invent I thought it was a modern thing1209.7993.521
think they did that back in the day I1212.02.96
mean why not it's a good way to exercise1213.325.0
isn't it okay are we doing this uh yeah1214.964.959
you want to be long range or short range1218.324.04
say win 3 2 1 go there we go all right1219.9195.041
Taskmaster oh push-ups is behind you oh1222.364.84
oh boy wow oh man oh wow they're coming1224.964.4
in hard okay uh I don't want to get you1227.23.76
you don't get me okay I'm going to try1229.364.0
not to don't get anywhere near me know1230.964.599
what's good for you yep I hear that oh1233.364.96
boy I'm not swinging until you ask me to1235.5594.721
oh actually I guess I can do that right1238.325.56
swing me y oh yeah got one down and boom1240.287.24
she dead there it is all right ooh Man1243.885.0
Rhino head sou will increase your1247.524.48
carrying capacity by 45 oh my gosh uh-oh1248.884.48
oh God I think I may have triggered a1252.03.52
pile okay I'm ready all right I got this1253.363.439
guy I'm going to flank him well you1255.523.08
might trigger another pile be careful no1256.7993.12
I'm Ser1258.63.4
snaky oh here he1259.9195.041
is oh yeah oh saw me coming that's a big1262.04.4
boy right1264.964.24
here okay keep her distance y please1266.44.96
keep her distance yep bring at me bring1269.23.88
me I got two of them on me so you should1271.363.04
be good all right yeah all right yeah I1273.084.24
need a drink yep you drink oh boy I need1274.45.08
to heal up all right no I don't try oh1277.323.839
[ __ ] yeah come out take that why did I1279.483.439
put my weapons away all right I got this1281.1594.0
guy good all this is the boss up here1282.9194.041
needes how much you want to bet this is1285.1594.241
the pirate leader there's a boss maybe I1286.965.44
mean look at her yeah looking off like1289.46.2
finally we meet these are my lands I've1292.45.8
been waiting for this day all my life1295.64.24
yeah you want to shoot this [ __ ] in the1298.23.76
back of her head with an arrow yes I do1299.844.6
all right and then I'll get her okay and1301.966.8
stand by boom Oh that's boss fight baby1304.445.239
all right I don't want you falling off1308.762.96
the cliff cuz I want your stuff that's1309.6796.801
right yeah and a boom yeah and she down1311.726.12
let's see what you got on you anything1316.484.24
good good oh I do like that helmet uh1317.844.6
and let's see can you believe she waited1320.723.52
her whole life for that moment for for1322.444.04
what for us to come along yeah oh man1324.244.96
I'm encumbered neebs uh but no worries1326.484.48
take your soup I don't need my soup1329.24.04
where is the uh yeah here we go boom got1330.964.28
the bag on now I'm all good there you go1333.242.799
oh there's a whole another little1335.242.08
village over here but I feel like we've1336.0393.321
done the main bit okay we've got a lot1337.325.359
of gold and uh gemstones so we just grab1339.364.679
the rest of it and get out of here yeah1342.6792.48
let's get out of here let's get back to1344.0392.52
the horses they're probably worried1345.1593.241
thick well I told them we were going to1346.5593.72
be a while yeah all right same way we1348.44.24
came in right side yep all right make1350.2794.921
sure we let yeah scaven this area make1352.643.84
sure we didn't miss anything then yes's1355.24.24
get out of here you get1356.485.799
it you need to just you want you want to1359.444.51
be in a bright1362.2793.921
space Hey listen DIY1366.24.599
baby are you a1372.725.559
man what the hell do I need a bur lap1375.765.48
pouch for this magic craps for the bird1378.2796.321
Simon yep yep sure is how's it going1381.245.6
over here okay I like the I like that I1384.64.84
uh I got to ran into a little technical1386.844.16
difficulty the [ __ ] hold on a second1389.443.56
stay right here I I stay right here of1391.03.799
course what what are you doing it's just1393.04.48
a wall hold on is this going to work1394.7994.88
[ __ ] yeah that's perfect you idiot what1397.484.799
are you doing D I've screwed up you just1399.6795.081
built you built that thing and you can't1402.2795.841
do a wall listen I was trying to pick up1404.766.399
the damn torch I thought I could cuz I1408.125.72
rearranged it wrong how did you do any1411.1594.921
of what you did how did how did what me1413.844.28
taking one trying to take one torch out1416.083.719
take out the rest of this whole damn1418.124.0
side that's why I asked what I asked how1419.7994.401
did you make anything that you did over1422.124.72
there very easily really but this is1424.25.16
just this just all right this got you1426.845.64
huh all right well no my will one story1429.366.08
listen here look boom uhhuh that's it1432.485.12
right that's a thing yeah this side had1435.445.2
a a door I think so right okay I'll fix1437.65.36
it that I'll show you how look look look1440.644.519
how quickly and wonderfully I'm doing it1442.967.839
yeah see pieces tell you what um what1445.1597.88
the review is going to be it's going to1450.7994.0
be what bad well I don't know it's like1453.0394.441
you know I wanted to I know be back in1454.7995.401
earlier I know I screwed up I'm sorry1457.483.96
it's not going to be a good review1460.22.64
you're going to put me up tonight right1461.442.8
you can stay at my place I don't have1462.843.199
want stay at your place it's not a your1464.243.039
place doesn't look comfortable but just1466.0393.601
somewhere maybe like a maybe like a I1467.2794.4
don't know what this what like a comfort1469.643.519
in a little better than that would be1471.6793.441
cool better than that well you know what1473.1594.361
sorry you can stay here tonight pal I'll1475.124.52
be back with materials stop trying to1477.523.84
get fre you know what I know I'm not1479.643.44
getting a good review I might as well I1481.363.72
should just leave1483.085.24
wow oops I didn't mean to get I'm not1485.084.719
going to I'm not going to I promise1488.323.16
listen I'm still going to try to get a1489.7993.281
good one redeem yourself please all1491.484.079
right I'm going to try next when you see1493.085.04
it again it's going to be so good it'll1495.5595.041
be good I promise it looks worse yeah I1498.124.6
know at night it's going to be gorgeous1500.63.6
that's what I have I have it till1502.723.92
tonight the lightning reveal of the1504.25.44
century all right quit1506.643.0
talking all right Sam it looks great1510.9195.041
thank you yeah I know right and it was1513.125.24
done quickly and Tastefully and1515.964.079
Tastefully I didn't appreciate the1518.364.0
attitude but yeah thank you for the work1520.0394.081
I mean listen most contractors have at1522.363.28
least a little bit of attitude that's1524.124.799
true that's true so actually you know I1525.644.919
mean only when you were hostile you were1528.9193.321
a little bit hostile to me you're right1530.5594.441
I was I was I was angry I I had just1532.245.84
lost a dear dear friend that's right uh1535.05.919
Gerard Gerard I remember the name yeah1538.085.76
cuz of my other buddy yeah yep who was1540.9194.721
not a bookie all right he did not1543.844.36
illegally take bets why would you say1545.644.639
that then because he just didn't he1548.25.16
didn't do that for a living gotcha oops1550.2795.321
I kicked the hair1553.364.799
again all right I'm going go go get some1555.65.079
iron and do something good for the day1558.1594.681
Gerard didn't pay taxes on that money1560.6794.6
keep Gerard's name out of your mouth1562.846.16
okay I'll kick the air again I swear to1565.2793.721
God I was hoping I'd find one those1569.084.319
backpacks oh yeah like this yeah we both1571.1593.88
have them yeah they're pretty cool1573.3993.201
although you do sacrifice a helmet for1575.0393.281
it you know I know but sometimes I'd1576.63.48
rather wear a bag than wear a helmet1578.323.88
yeah not depending on the circumstance1580.084.56
I'm curious to all this treasure we got1582.24.079
like these gems can we put this these1584.643.32
gems in this treasure chest I'm still1586.2793.601
learning about Treasure Chest so I don't1587.964.88
know well I guess we're about to do some1589.886.2
science treasure science yeah I'll uh1592.845.839
let's see I did learn all the skills for1596.085.28
it so let me do some reading okay hello1598.6795.441
anybody at B hey coming over right now1601.364.36
what's up bend over Bobby you looking1604.123.799
good baby so if I get in this oh there's1605.724.72
some gold in here already but like hey1607.9194.521
yeah I put that stuff in there like I1610.443.719
picked up these gems yeah okay you can1612.444.32
put these gems in here oh okay I'll put1614.1594.88
some gems in there and uh and I think if1616.764.24
you look at this guy and you interact1619.0394.801
with him okay yeah you so yeah right now1621.07.159
our total Coffer value is 610 now 6601623.847.319
I'm still adding dollars okay so oh if I1628.1595.481
hit X I can Proclaim our wealth oh1631.1594.321
really yeah we're going to start getting1633.643.919
attacked or what should I try oh I mean1635.483.799
that's just we start bragging and then1637.5594.401
we start fighting yeah do it I'm doing1639.2794.4
it I'm proclaiming our wealth all righta1641.964.16
it let the world know oh no beware Exile1643.6794.201
by proclaiming your wealth you will draw1646.124.08
the attention and greed of the stigan1647.884.56
Empire to your door their armies will1650.24.44
assault your stronghold and seek your1652.444.359
treasure wait will that happen right now1654.644.44
no I can cancel it oh okay and we1656.7993.681
probably would want to put this in a1659.082.839
much safer Place yeah you're not wrong1660.482.919
all right you know I'm going to cancel1661.9193.681
this but uh can we move this guy1663.3994.921
interact cancel dismantle oh [ __ ] we1665.64.6
can't move it maybe because it's full or1668.324.16
maybe this is where we got to defend it1670.23.959
defend it here this is my damn sorcerer1672.484.079
tap yeah that's that's the boat we're in1674.1594.481
no no it's not okay how much it cost to1676.5594.24
build this it wasn't much okay we'll1678.644.12
build another one or dismantle this guy1680.7993.441
take all the [ __ ] out of him dismantle1682.763.2
all right yeah move this guy take care1684.243.439
of it yeah do it all right all right1685.965.24
send out the equivalent of a JK yep oh D1687.6796.0
you got a bag too yeah yeah we're bag1691.24.479
w y You Look Silly want to be a bag1695.6795.0

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