Raft Season 1 Supercut

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for the second adventure in Raft? Well, if you want to get caught up on all the action fr...
Raft Season 1 Supercut
Raft Season 1 Supercut

Raft Season 1 Supercut

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the Raft Season 1 Supercut video? It's like a highlight reel of all our crazy adventures!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! Remember when we accidentally fed Appsro to the sharks?

appsro: Hey, I heard that! But yeah, that was a classic moment. And let's not forget when Neebs tried to wrestle a seagull for food!

neebs: Hey, that seagull was asking for it! But seriously, this video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to see the best of Raft Season 1.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for the second adventure in Raft? Well, if you want to get caught up on all the action from season 1, then you're in luck because there's a SUPERCUT video available for you to watch right now. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on any of the hilarious moments and epic gameplay that Neebs and the gang have in store for us.

The premiere of season 2 is just around the corner, set to be released next Sunday, December 20th at 11am EST. So, mark your calendars and get ready to dive back into the world of Raft with Neebs Gaming. If you're like me and can't get enough of their content, then you'll definitely want to check out the Raft Playlist on their YouTube channel to relive all the excitement from season 1.

And hey, if you're looking to join in on the fun and play Raft for yourself, you can find the game on Steam using the link provided in the description. Plus, if you need a little pick-me-up while watching Neebs and the crew tackle the high seas, why not enjoy a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee? It's the perfect companion for a gaming session filled with laughter and adventure.

Don't forget to show your support for Neebs Gaming by subscribing to their channel, becoming a Patreon member, and checking out their other social media platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. And hey, if you want to sport some Neebs Gaming merch, they've got a variety of shirts and goodies available for you to rock your fan pride. So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for an unforgettable journey with Neebs Gaming in Raft. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more exciting content coming your way!

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we're stranded on a raft we are1.364.479
whatever happened it's a 4x4 raft3.4393.92
there's a shark in the water this game5.8392.401
is called raft7.3593.2
it is welcome everyone welcome and8.243.359
audrey alice is already10.5592.321
casting his life there's no time to11.5993.361
waste really because there's the shark12.883.44
um we should all focus on different14.963.2
things i'll focus on food16.323.76
okay that'll be my mission oh and you18.163.279
can you can hit e20.083.279
to grab it right by the raft oh really21.4393.76
the e button yeah right with your hands23.3593.601
all right so my goal right now is to25.1993.681
make a fishing rod and i go in and get26.962.319
watch my back all right where you going29.2793.041
i'm just getting stuff i don't have a30.962.8
spear yet i can't oh there you go look32.321.919
at me33.762.24
i'm just cleaning up out here yeah34.2393.681
that's the way to do it it is36.04.719
with the exception of mr sharky face all37.924.319
right hey i'll see if i can build a40.7192.321
and uh make the raft bigger yeah we43.043.92
could really use an extension here we're45.282.08
i think we're fine you think we're fine47.362.8
we're fine with this what do you know49.0392.881
is that what that might be they don't51.924.08
have a spear yet i want to make a spear54.642.32
so i can56.02.8
beat that [ __ ] in the face no i'm56.963.119
still focused on food58.84.079
because you know whoa i want that palm60.0794.561
leaf needs to just hog and everything62.8793.28
like making it pointless for us64.643.12
i'm gonna die yeah because you're in the66.1593.201
water with sharks yeah but look how much67.763.359
stuff i got i know look how much stuff i69.362.96
don't know i gotta beat71.1195.36
i can eat this beat sharks to her left72.327.52
oh perfect i made a i made a spear do it76.4795.28
i'd like to see him try so you're the79.843.599
fighter i'm the fighter all right yeah81.7592.081
you're in83.4391.601
you're in charge of the shark he's83.843.919
thinking about it too yeah i'm on shark85.045.04
i'm gonna be the first one to die you90.963.92
better be careful man if you die92.564.64
that means simon and i just have one94.883.919
chick to pick from97.23.44
i don't mind i'll just watch you guys do98.7993.921
or you can get on the dating app rafter102.883.279
sharks behind us let's get your spear104.642.24
he's coming in he's on come on get him106.883.04
get him doraleous108.724.24
oh this is your job i didn't know he was109.925.12
oh yeah yeah yeah there you go get in112.963.839
here get you go get115.044.719
you going again oh [ __ ] took part of our116.7996.241
boat i was a little slow to that one119.7594.881
all right guys watch out here comes our123.043.119
first grill ready124.643.759
bam knees when you build more stuff126.1593.041
around try to128.3994.081
try to surround that you got it man oh129.26.16
hey you got our first fish boys ah who132.483.68
wants this135.363.44
gigantic morsel um i'm pretty good right136.164.4
now still my health is really low yeah138.83.92
i'll take that do you see this thing140.564.0
how do i get that you gotta drop it no i142.723.599
gotta i gotta cook it but it's just such144.563.2
a little piece that's pretty awesome i'd146.3192.481
like to eat that147.762.32
that one's good that one will be yours148.83.439
then i like that hey uh after150.084.879
yo i got a paddle all right will you see152.2393.761
those big rafts out there154.9592.721
we missed that one but these big rafts156.02.959
and other things and these islands you157.683.839
can paddle us towards these things158.9594.161
are you steering us where are you going161.5193.521
to take us i want to go down to that163.122.8
uh that's too far away i think really165.924.0
yeah i mean it's moving that way it167.923.599
looks like i'm getting closer to him169.923.039
yeah you might be but i'm saying the171.5192.881
current might take him but i don't know172.9592.161
looks like we are getting down let's go175.123.28
yeah you get that i'm moving we're176.483.2
getting out of the path of the178.43.839
delicious debris but okay i feel like179.683.199
we're still182.2392.321
we're kind of close to it don't you182.8793.36
paddle harder don't waste the whole184.562.8
paddle though because the paddle will186.2392.801
break eventually oh damn it am i going187.362.799
to waste this whole thing189.044.24
well it's right there yeah but it's down190.1594.401
current man i'd say wait for the next193.281.76
we're chasing this thing we're looking195.043.119
concurrent i'm going for it196.44.0
good job buddy look out there neebs i'm198.1593.681
gonna stay here200.43.839
save my paddle what happened leave that201.843.039
was really dumb204.2393.601
i'm almost there you got it am i getting204.8793.841
i got it yep you got it all right silent208.724.0
paddle back to him all right oh no a210.643.04
paddle to him212.722.96
yeah he's got to swim to me he's against213.683.6
the current right now god okay215.684.24
i'm hurt yeah exactly okay come on217.283.76
get him sobbing come on buddy neebs he's221.044.08
not on me is he's a shark223.842.8
i'm looking i don't see him you're good225.124.08
i'm under it hop up226.644.879
there you go get your health done all229.23.599
right i got something231.5193.041
i got some stuff all right simon paddle232.7993.681
us back towards that uh that all that234.563.52
debris out there yeah236.485.36
all the good stuff238.083.76
yeah yeah you get it246.645.519
get out of here get out of here breaking249.924.48
my stuff all right he damaged it worked252.1593.28
hard to build that254.43.92
he damaged it255.4392.881
did we start during the day yeah so this258.564.48
is our first night it's good night time261.282.56
yeah we got263.043.52
no lights hey guys i'm gonna throw down263.844.16
our water purifier266.563.04
oh yeah we're running out of space in268.03.52
here huh you guys need to make cups you269.63.2
should be able to make cups pretty271.521.76
empty cups out of plastic oh beautiful i273.283.12
can craft some right now275.122.96
so look you'll get a cup you go to the276.43.6
water you eat you fill that sumbitch278.082.96
with salt water280.02.96
and then you place the cup of salt water281.043.04
in the purifier282.963.04
put a few planks down and boom it is284.083.839
purifying the water okay you wait a few286.03.04
minutes and you grab it287.9194.481
super easy seas get a little rougher is289.045.439
that just me yeah it's getting rougher292.43.44
what what are we here doing we're294.4793.041
surviving we're just surviving295.843.919
right now it's all about survival we're297.524.08
gonna we need to build this raft into a299.7592.961
bigger base301.63.36
not for nothing but uh do we have a goal302.723.68
on how to make it a little bit bigger304.963.04
right now we don't have enough materials306.43.28
to make it a little bit bigger nope308.03.919
i need lots more plastic and wood well309.684.4
what do you want let me see what i got311.9193.84
yeah i mean ask us i've got stuff that314.083.36
i'm not using i'm okay315.7595.041
oh doraleous shark on the back okay up317.447.12
yeah you get get get320.83.76
nice nicely done doraleous all right but325.63.2
that's damaged327.364.16
all right neebs you ready ready man all328.84.16
is that is that it plank 20 planks332.965.36
why don't you throw it towards me well i336.03.44
thought you were in front of me338.322.879
oh you turned to the right well do you339.443.84
see it i saw the first one341.1993.84
did you throw more than one oh now i'm343.283.759
hungry as [ __ ] did you get the 20 flanks345.0393.521
yet i got one thing347.0393.521
did you throw more than one thing no did348.564.72
you get the 20 planes you got the box350.565.28
i got it did you drop two boxes now i'm353.284.24
dropping the other box why don't you355.842.0
look at your [ __ ] inventory because357.843.04
how would i know360.082.399
because i have my own planes i didn't do360.883.84
the match play one game without you362.4793.521
[ __ ] complaining please364.722.72
i'm answering him and he's acting like366.03.12
i'm not answering him stop just367.442.64
everybody stop369.1212.24
we're losing our minds out here370.0813.6
are you sneaking no what do you mean i381.363.6
was talking to neves look like you were383.682.639
sneaking trying to get that384.964.32
bear i'm gonna i'm gonna die for sure386.3193.44
i'm about389.282.72
to have no water why aren't you drinking389.7593.601
because there's a line392.03.6
there's a line at the water thing we393.363.44
need two water things395.62.8
this is rough we need two order things396.83.44
you're right neebs398.43.519
i couldn't get back on the boat no no400.243.84
hold on i'll get you oops401.9195.28
i got him sweet thank you404.085.679
oh god oh my god oh my god oh god get407.1993.84
away from him guys409.7594.56
jesus is he okay uh no what do you need411.0393.841
i i was dehydrated there was no water414.883.84
and there's a long line so416.965.679
up i'll carry you neebs get418.727.36
get it nice job we gotta nurse him back422.6394.4
to help426.083.2
can i like feed you i think i know bed427.0393.921
can you access my inventory and get my429.283.919
stuff ah it doesn't look like it430.965.6
a bed how do we make a bed how do we get433.1994.4
more fish436.563.52
i'm starving already again can anybody437.5993.681
make a simple bed440.083.679
[ __ ] simple bed whose cup is this on441.283.28
probably mine there's a cup always on444.563.28
always at all times yeah you either fill447.843.04
it with fresh water or you take water449.522.32
out of it after450.882.8
this clearly means you have to make the451.844.0
bed um453.684.239
clearly yeah all right let me work let455.843.28
me work ah457.9193.68
[ __ ] phil that's what i'm dealing with459.125.199
[ __ ] [ __ ] fiddles461.5994.801
all right boom i am making a bed hold on464.3194.081
watch out i am putting a bit down oh466.43.519
that's going to take so much carrie468.43.519
neebs put needs on the bed get on the469.9193.041
press any key to wake up472.963.04
okay we're still in the game but now i476.83.44
used all my materials i really need to478.563.68
get a bond fishing rod i've got a bunch480.243.359
you come back with full health and stuff482.241.84
uh nope my health is about twenty484.083.76
percent oh i'm dying oh god i'm gonna485.9192.801
die any second487.842.32
just really because of the food why488.723.44
aren't you eating because oh god there's490.163.28
no fish492.162.56
grab your water i mean why aren't i493.443.12
eating i can say something like i did494.722.24
something a minute ago it's just before496.964.56
you start dying oh my god didn't i just499.0393.6
say i needed fish501.523.04
here here hold on simon why didn't you502.6393.601
say fish there you go504.564.72
have one yep and506.247.04
shrek and shirt burp509.284.0
god i didn't die feel like we're doing513.5993.44
all right boys516.1592.0
i think we'll have a yacht before the517.0393.521
next day's over i don't know what to518.1595.201
think about that520.562.8
thanks for a good conversation out here538.563.839
huh really honestly we got to do540.03.519
so far this is bad attitude already543.5195.681
it's like oh every game i play is boring547.2794.081
if they don't entertain me oh my god how549.23.44
about this everybody calm down it's551.362.0
because we're here552.643.12
honestly it's okay if we're just quiet553.363.039
i know right build something go into556.3993.361
your inventory if i can build something558.165.679
all right live your damn life559.764.079
you're gonna fall yeah okay there you go565.923.44
he's got that one568.482.64
whoopsie daisy we all need spears569.363.039
because i was on the opposite side i571.122.399
need a spear572.3992.481
i think that'll be my goal there you go573.5194.0
make a spear great574.885.519
oh wow look at the size it won't even577.5194.481
fit on the grill this thing's huge are580.3992.241
you serious582.03.6
that big fish won't fit on that grill no582.644.319
this does not fit here585.63.52
so so we got to do something to it do we586.9593.041
have to make a bigger grill589.122.88
we should really make a research table590.04.16
right i mean all the things research592.02.959
table yeah594.163.84
really all the things all right guys594.9596.081
yields i'm about to uh okay more water598.04.24
and another grill beautiful all right so602.244.719
two times i put water in here doraleous604.9592.961
you've been drinking it right606.9593.201
i don't think so yeah which one keep on607.923.44
putting water in here stop610.163.28
drinking the water everyone quick points611.363.44
fresh water right here613.443.68
stop surviving everyone oh did i go no614.84.479
no i forgot there's two of them617.125.04
that's what i'm saying all right very619.2793.841
all the time i'm i'm uh i'm so starved623.124.959
make a wiggle fishy come on fish come on629.364.56
fish wiggle wiggling i'm dying again i'm631.5193.76
dying i'm going to die633.923.359
from what this is just from everything635.2794.081
but what are you specifically dying from637.2795.441
uh no water and apparently639.364.96
i didn't drink the water that i just642.723.04
grabbed from here all right well this644.322.32
water's cooking so645.763.12
curating i know it's cooking all right646.643.68
wait sorry for me look at me here so648.882.079
much fun650.322.639
right here fill that with fresh water go650.9594.801
oh here i got you i'll put you in bed652.9595.281
there you go now wake up just need a655.763.6
little rusty rest658.243.599
all right great now come over here put659.364.96
me in the grippy pants looking annoying661.8394.721
man it's not it's really simple i mean664.323.759
you're too stupid to get it just fill666.563.279
your cup of fresh water here668.0792.961
you know what's gonna make the video669.8393.201
good the fact that you're pissing me the671.043.2
[ __ ] off oh hey did you673.043.039
oh yes this is still full of pressure i674.243.279
don't give a [ __ ] there's still water676.0791.76
good great did you drink it or do i677.8393.041
don't drink salty nut679.763.92
because i'm so dumb i don't understand680.884.24
exactly that's why i'm trying to get683.682.8
through to you this oh685.122.56
you're not filling this with fresh water686.483.12
you keep drinking salt water like a fool687.683.839
can we not get through one video the app689.63.12
store complaining691.5195.601
what about you exactly we argue692.725.92
why does he get to do it i just want to697.122.719
get through one game where you guys698.641.759
simple concepts quickly maybe you should700.3993.921
go to a different channel look there's702.722.48
another one oh great704.323.759
looking we brought the show we got a705.24.879
shark in the middle of the damn boat708.0797.921
the [ __ ] off the boat you [ __ ]710.0797.281
right hey guys check it out oh that's716.03.12
it's a bucket and yeah717.363.2
you just drop it all right i just719.123.279
dropped anchor boys and now we stop720.563.2
you can only use it once and i don't722.3992.801
know if there's any rare resources at723.762.48
these islands but725.23.439
so maybe dive down below yeah if you got726.243.52
the spear you can watch out for the728.6391.44
and stab it if it tries to get you and730.0793.361
just look for stuff732.03.279
uh yeah i don't i don't know what's down733.444.16
there all right guys i'm going to try i735.2793.761
just added a layer of raft737.64.88
good job brown yes jumping in739.045.039
i'm going to the bathroom all right just742.483.039
keep an eye on your oh god oh744.0795.121
[ __ ] get your [ __ ] bleeding745.5195.601
jesus christ are you fighting him with749.23.6
your spear where'd you go751.124.8
i don't see anything okay i already got752.84.159
oh god [ __ ] okay756.9594.241
i'm looking at something you can make760.163.119
shark bait so maybe what we have to do761.24.56
is throw the shark bait and then go see763.2793.921
if we can get resources765.762.8
oh look i can just lay down whenever i767.23.52
want to look at me we can sleep through768.563.76
the night once we all have beds770.723.119
kind of like a minecraft wait a second772.323.28
so we could turn this in today if we all773.8392.481
went to bed775.62.4
if we had four beds so why don't we just776.323.04
make four beds778.02.88
uh they take a lot of resources it's779.364.24
gorgeous that's why we'll need more room780.884.24
yeah i think the sun's about to come up783.63.28
so neebs once the sun comes up we'll try785.122.64
this sharkbait thing786.882.32
all right i'll cook some fish in the787.763.19
oh that's nice look how beautiful793.8395.44
now i'm in a good mood there you go797.683.68
simon i have a spear now are we going to799.2793.441
go in the water yeah i tell you what let801.363.279
me grab this last fish and i'll uh throw802.723.119
this shark bait804.6394.161
oh boy oh yeah here we go oh my god i805.8393.601
got the808.82.56
game i got to make another spear right809.443.68
now oh yeah not killing811.364.88
whoa not kill this thing is he dit we813.124.8
need to eat it oh god can you get me816.244.0
get any meat off of him get him i don't817.923.599
know what do i need820.243.279
stab him i don't know i know wait yeah821.5193.041
you're getting shark meat823.5192.961
am i keep stabbing him yeah keep on824.563.12
getting them oh [ __ ]826.483.28
oh perfect time now we can go down under827.683.279
shark head oh829.763.36
this got some good me getting sharp meat830.9593.68
all day we caught a break833.125.12
good job neebs oh yeah take this shirt834.6399.2
eat my boat838.245.599
all right guys uh should we pull anchor844.04.72
and keep on sailing i suppose so846.244.56
all right neve stop on i'll pull up and848.723.6
i got all this shark meat now850.83.52
i've got a lot of scrap that's used for852.323.36
making good [ __ ]854.323.199
so i guess i could yeah cook some shark855.684.32
meat all right i'm taking this uh857.5194.161
taking the anchor off and we're off860.03.279
again man look at these steaks861.682.8
you know these are gonna be good that's863.2793.281
awesome oh my god864.485.28
oh that is looking good how many of866.564.0
those you got869.763.439
two more beautiful everybody gets a870.564.16
steak boy eat this one and then i'm873.1993.281
gonna go back to town because i was busy874.722.88
we gotta figure out where we can cook876.482.159
uh neither that's called a big old877.62.799
catfish look at that thing you went878.6394.2
catfishing mm-hmm i can kiss simon with880.3994.56
with the catfish she's going to wiggle884.9593.201
your wiener886.326.5
you're nuts dude you really are you love888.167.749
oh i see another raft out there to the905.5193.601
left anybody wants to get their907.1995.601
pad alone i will paddle yeah okay cook909.124.959
going down the gullet yeah that was a914.0794.0
good chunk of917.1992.64
it wasn't all the way but it's probably918.0794.0
we need to be killing more sharks man922.163.119
that was good food924.04.32
yeah no kidding all right oh [ __ ]925.2794.8
shovel just broke [ __ ] can you make928.324.079
another one uh i got you i got you930.0795.041
uh where's my paddle oh my paddle broke932.3993.041
son of a [ __ ] i need rope oh man are we935.443.44
gonna be able to catch this thing i feel937.62.0
like we should just let938.882.8
this one go i feel like i've passed the939.63.359
point just let this one go941.683.92
i'm going for it here we go go for it942.9593.201
[ __ ]945.62.239
i'm gonna go towards you just in case946.163.52
we're gaining a little bit i got a plank947.8395.521
i'll throw the shark bait yeah okay i949.684.159
can jump953.362.24
oh [ __ ] shark speaking of it is it953.8393.12
singing i put the shark bait in the955.61.84
yeah get it get it get it get it957.446.24
come on buddy here we go960.6394.88
i got it got some good stuff awesome963.683.44
come back i threw the shark bait in so965.5192.88
hopefully it won't mess with you967.123.6
oh what is this good man can i get that968.3993.041
shark no970.722.479
no no no no no no no he's going for it971.443.68
oh yeah [ __ ] [ __ ] oh that's the bait i973.1993.281
was trying to catch something975.124.24
let's kill him kill it oh can i get this976.483.44
bait back979.364.479
get it back can ya979.923.919
all right okay well shark break it kind990.0793.76
of works993.1991.921
oh what are you working on is that you993.8393.041
neebs yeah i'm putting up pillars995.124.0
oh cool maybe i can have another deck up996.884.0
there well i've got the stairs999.124.88
started turn around oh oh we should have1000.884.72
coordinated this shouldn't we well i1004.02.56
guess we didn't really talk1005.62.88
about it you didn't coordinate your1006.564.079
pillars who built their thing first1008.484.479
me did you yeah i've had this up for a1010.6393.44
few minutes have you1012.9593.841
yes well we need to take something down1014.0793.68
don't we1016.83.52
this this makes no sense i am going to1017.7594.0
put it where should i put the research1020.322.16
maybe right here where you got these1022.483.199
pillars neebs underneath it yeah1023.66.64
sure bam one research table1025.6794.561
i'm liking this game guys yeah yeah it's1033.64.8
crazy that we have no source of light1036.163.679
i thought there was some of the candles1038.42.96
that came up at one point but they're1039.8392.161
not lighting1041.363.679
i see i have blueprints for antennas1042.05.839
and receivers yeah throw those in the uh1045.0394.241
the research station1047.8394.321
what should i do i'm just hooking stuff1049.283.759
just keep hooking1052.162.56
yeah keep gathering resources man1053.0393.281
there's nothing wrong with that place1054.723.68
item and slot to research1056.323.599
i don't really know how this works yeah1058.44.0
it's uh like everything that you have in1059.9193.841
your inventory like your scrap and1062.41.84
yeah like you have to take each1064.243.12
individual thing and put it1065.763.52
in there in order to like learn how to1067.363.439
do it but i wonder if it's shared like1069.282.0
do me a favor yeah go into your1071.283.44
inventory and see if you know how to1072.7993.441
make a bottle of water1074.723.6
it should be under food yep okay boom so1076.243.679
because i learned it now you can make a1078.323.12
bottle of water okay sorry1079.9192.88
you guys know how to make antennas and1081.443.68
receivers then oh wonderful1082.7994.641
check it out i just researched planks1085.124.08
which sounds crazy but i put planks in1087.443.84
the research so now i've opened lanterns1089.23.44
so this is going to be good1091.283.36
yeah we need to land that's going to1092.643.76
make our lives so much easier1094.642.96
we're going to put it put it somewhere1096.42.96
up high up high let's get there where1097.63.8
doraleous is okay1099.365.219
yeah we are talking about things we're1104.963.599
getting there man1107.63.6
we're getting there okay so i want to go1108.5594.24
here i want to learn to make more stuff1111.24.719
get moved oh this [ __ ] let me tell you1112.7994.721
in the water again bud1115.9195.041
oh [ __ ] son of a1117.524.8
[ __ ] every time i go to the crafting1120.963.839
table the familiar sounds of simon1122.325.52
[ __ ] stuck man1124.7996.721
closely everywhere okay i'm gonna learn1127.845.199
i'm gonna learn some more stuff guys i1131.523.68
can make this a chair and a scarecrow oh1133.0392.961
i just learned chair1135.23.76
it says up there neebs i know you are a1136.04.64
fan of uh farming why don't you figure1138.963.599
out how to make us a crop plot a crop1140.6411.2
plot i could probably do that dick1142.5599.281
how you doing neebs i'm good i need to1154.243.679
i'm trying some i feel like sometimes1156.43.68
the water just doesn't work you know1157.9194.481
no it's been working fine for me i have1160.083.52
a cup of1162.43.04
salt water right now that one's full1163.63.199
look at the little red cup on the side1165.442.64
of it you see it full of water oh the1166.7992.24
fresh water1168.082.479
look at this i don't even look at that1169.0393.361
over there oh god yeah that's1170.5593.281
well that changes my mind i didn't look1172.42.639
at that either i was just changing my1173.842.719
whole world right now i'm a [ __ ]1175.0393.121
what are you talking about there's a red1176.5593.441
cup on the side like this one1178.162.879
yeah i mean that's how you know fresh1180.03.2
water is in there yeah see oh see that's1181.0393.121
how it works simon you1183.23.68
even i knew that simon look at this what1184.164.8
if the steam comes up hits the leaf1186.884.64
and flows into the what do you get that1188.964.48
makes a whole lot more sense now oh that1191.522.32
i didn't1193.443.2
that i didn't understand i think i see a1193.844.48
raft out here1196.644.32
let's do it someone else do it i don't1198.324.32
have a paddle man you're the paddler1200.963.199
well i'm not the only paddler and my1202.643.36
paddle's broken pretty much1204.1594.88
and i need plastic and planks1206.05.679
i'll make a paddle too do it i can help1209.0394.0
everyone should have paddles1211.6793.36
all right i'm helping oh wait we're1213.0392.961
going oh wait you want to go to the1215.0392.401
island oh i was going for the raft yeah1216.02.88
all right head to the island1217.444.479
i need some scrap good job neebs thanks1218.883.44
first day battling the sun going down1222.323.2
damn what you doing with that rope simon1225.523.36
yeah what do you mean the rope got it1228.883.36
tied to my ankle1230.483.679
just walking around with that tie to the1232.243.6
damn it1234.1593.361
all right we're anchored at this island1235.843.44
alex can you get on top of there1237.523.92
if we built up high enough can we jump1239.283.44
from the deck to the1241.444.479
to there yeah i don't know like seeds1242.724.8
and stuff yeah i see fruits on those1245.9193.921
hey good job doraleous very nice1251.286.72
what do you see up there um oh oh a red1254.963.68
and a red flower can you pick them up1258.643.279
yeah i'm picking them up there's a1260.7991.921
yellow flower1261.9193.441
awesome yellow flower yellow flower any1262.723.92
seeds any food1265.363.52
um what's this i got is that a can't1266.644.64
grab the coconut1268.883.84
it's insane you ought to be able to grab1271.283.2
the coconut like a coconut1272.723.88
grab everything you can man i am1274.486.96
you try with your hook that's what i'm1281.443.599
doing not working1283.0395.041
yep can you build ladders uh no i tried1285.0394.481
it's got to go off of your raptor would1288.082.479
see him gotcha1289.525.2
can i jump on your head no try1290.5594.161
oh did you get him doraleous yeah nice1296.245.84
there's oh [ __ ] there's like a chest up1299.444.64
there a chair or i can't tell1302.083.36
what oh i want to get up there so all1304.083.12
right so maybe i could get underneath if1305.443.76
you were just jumping on him maybe i can1307.24.24
jump let's try that let's try the three1309.24.08
okay absolutely you jump1311.444.0
get on fall off get on like come on come1313.284.0
on now apps are you're gonna have to try1315.443.119
to jump straight up and i'm gonna try to1317.282.32
get underneath you1318.5593.761
all right ready ready one two three i1319.63.6
nope knocked me off that son of a [ __ ]1323.24.64
hey did you see where i put the uh the1330.644.08
crop plot it's right under the stairs oh1332.483.199
beautiful perfect1334.722.72
and i put the storage right here neebs1335.6793.841
beside the uh the the crafting table1337.444.479
stored on the research table perfect oh1339.523.6
we're about to learn a bunch of stuff1341.9192.24
boys ready1343.123.28
yeah we learned how to make a rug1344.1593.921
beautiful we learned how to make some1346.42.56
i like flippers we learned how to make a1348.965.04
collection knit oh that sounds1352.084.079
collection that sounds like a priority1354.03.12
type of thing1356.1594.081
a large crop plot yes sir and what is1357.123.76
paint mill man are we going to be1360.883.12
painting stuff over here1362.7992.88
i don't know i'm going to put some stuff1364.03.28
in the storage man we're getting smart1365.6792.641
all right i'm going to try to make this1368.323.599
collection net okay this thing just1370.42.88
automatically collects1371.9194.561
items that float into it yeah exactly1373.284.44
it'd be [ __ ] wonderful1376.484.319
bam we got a collection net what's this1380.7993.441
in my hand1382.643.039
what the [ __ ] is that where did you get1384.242.96
a shark head i think when i killed the1385.6792.48
shark i got one1387.23.839
that's awesome is it like a trophy yeah1388.1594.241
you should hang it up somewhere1391.0393.441
actually i think you can make a trophy1392.43.68
yeah i like it1394.483.28
all right i'm pulling up anchor let's do1396.083.76
it all right this stuff will catch it1397.766.48
in our net hey collection thing works1399.846.24
cool yeah [ __ ] that's great we could use1404.243.919
that across like all the sides yeah1406.083.68
exactly once we have a big enough thing1408.1593.201
we'll have collection boxes1409.765.08
everywhere yep that'll be just the bee's1411.364.88
i'm going in remember when we were all1416.243.36
you guys remember that that's because we1419.62.48
were stressed out because we didn't have1420.7993.201
such a luxury cruiser like we have here1422.084.0
this is a luxury cruise it really is you1424.03.36
love getting your hands on out there1426.082.4
don't you need it yeah man1427.363.52
you can get stuff so fast hey guys you1428.483.52
ready to learn something1430.885.36
yup check this out bird's nest what1432.05.919
are you talking about we're gonna get1436.244.88
them eggs all day eggs all day all day1437.9194.88
if we make a bird's nest with birds like1441.123.039
lay eggs there1442.7993.281
palm leaf plank oh we need another giant1444.1594.0
clam that'd be [ __ ] if we were taking1446.083.12
their eggs1448.1593.041
right under them we have to we got to1449.23.839
survive man i guess that's what happens1451.23.52
with chickens on the rag huh they gotta1453.0392.961
pay to rent1454.725.12
yeah really like to catch shark1456.05.919
it wouldn't be realistic with these1459.844.319
poles yeah probably not yeah it would1461.9194.081
yank your ass into the water that would1464.1592.88
actually be great1466.02.72
didn't just drag you around yeah that's1467.0393.041
the price you pay1468.723.52
the shark maps hey i can make a lantern1470.083.199
you want to do it just later huh yeah we1473.2793.201
all know how to make it because1475.124.32
uh shop speaking of shark [ __ ] you1476.484.72
there's a seagull in our craft plot1479.445.359
oh yeah who's got a spear [ __ ]1481.26.959
[ __ ] you honestly i need to1484.7995.281
i need some sort of a goal other than1488.1593.361
just keep on grabbing materials1490.083.36
is that really it no i mean you go and1491.523.68
you're in we're constantly1493.443.599
yeah to build a bigger boat build a1495.23.599
bigger boat great of course1497.0395.281
but what today four beds that's a good1498.7994.0
all right everybody has to make their1502.7993.681
own bed all right i already have a bed1504.243.84
it's down all right that'll be your bed1506.483.12
technically i made that one1508.083.36
okay but i slept in it yeah but i feel1509.63.76
like that one's mine my bed's going up1511.442.88
top there1513.363.36
so just let you know yeah yeah that i'll1514.323.359
let i'll let that be1516.723.73
your bed neebs thanks man1517.6796.88
all right i got some water in my cup can1524.5593.841
i just pour it on this uh thing here1526.084.479
maybe try it hey water crops oh1528.44.0
look huh this is water the crop does1530.5593.36
that just make it grow faster yeah1532.43.279
sounds like we need goals i'm i'm1533.9193.201
accomplishing goals every minute1535.6793.281
well that's great but i need we need1537.123.039
clear goals so that we're all not1538.963.12
sitting around that was a clear go1540.1593.681
what we have a crop plot do you think1542.083.44
all this just magically happened1543.843.439
how do you don't get this big no where1545.523.279
did latter come from who knows1547.2793.52
this thing that collects wood magically1548.7993.201
i was talking about an end goal where1550.7992.561
does the lantern come from i'm talking1552.03.6
about an end goal there is no answer and1553.363.679
of course there's an end goal there's1555.62.8
the end goal of your life oh you're1557.0392.561
really trying to1558.42.8
really trying to push his buttons aren't1559.63.76
you of course he is1561.23.76
going to keep on dragging this out1563.363.439
that's fine man1564.963.52
someone wants to go home and go to bed i1566.7993.921
mean we we need to have a goal we're1568.484.079
recording for two hours we want to have1570.722.319
a goal1572.5593.281
beds hey [ __ ] he was just giving me1573.0394.401
[ __ ] about it so i was talking back to1575.842.0
yeah stay the [ __ ] out of it oh whoa1577.843.68
whoa we were doing so1580.1595.201
good got his thing everything's1581.523.84
stop giving us [ __ ] all right [ __ ]1585.845.04
yeah you got um1590.884.56
anywhere in particular i should put my1593.9193.601
bed you should probably sleep there oh1595.442.56
all right i had a great place for it but1598.03.279
never mind all right well then i'll1599.524.72
take it or i can't pick it up no all1601.2793.28
too late do you think it's a magic bed1604.5593.921
yeah yeah i do i1606.723.439
thought it was a magic bed no what is1608.484.16
this fantasia oh wait i need some food1610.1593.52
come on fish1612.642.56
i'll be over here in the corner away1613.6793.201
from simon no1615.24.0
don't be away from me i've decided not1616.884.96
to edit this1619.22.64
i'm down i'm down with it but listen1622.243.36
i'll be here 451624.082.959
i ain't editing this yeah you are1625.63.52
editing this [ __ ] now i'm good yeah oh1627.0392.721
the sound of your own [ __ ] you can't1629.763.039
take it back after the fact you were1631.442.4
like yeah1632.7992.88
you can't take it back are we done now1633.843.439
with the beds yeah we already got all1635.6792.961
the but we got the bed so we're good is1637.2791.76
oh we can't use them until night we have1639.0393.281
to wait till night now okay1640.483.6
sit down and tell me what else are we1642.322.64
waiting for you're gonna wait till the1644.082.479
sun goes down you have to play this game1644.962.88
longer and it's gonna1646.5594.72
hurt and going so slow god i love1647.844.4
walking around so1651.2793.681
oh we got a1652.242.72
[ __ ]1666.845.719
oh see you go he go1669.2795.601
stab him who's got a spear i gotta do1672.5594.0
somebody stab that signal eat this1674.884.56
up he's off oh wait you know what what1676.5594.281
was he taking our stuff1679.443.599
yeah that little son of a [ __ ] yeah of1680.843.0
course he was1683.0393.281
he's taking our flowers we can't have1683.843.76
that we might have to put a1686.324.4
cage around this thing i'm gonna die1687.64.88
i'm gonna i'm gonna wait the birds back1690.723.439
get a [ __ ] down here bird kill this1692.484.24
[ __ ] bird hold on where is it1694.1594.721
yeah [ __ ] hey someone can harvest our1696.724.0
thing simon here i'll pick you up and1698.882.88
i'll put you in a bed1700.722.88
there you go now you can wake back up1701.764.159
your goal is to wake up simon1703.65.199
you like goals it's pretty clear all you1705.9195.921
gotta do is wake up1708.7993.041
yeah he's not waking up he just got up1714.084.319
from his seatbelt1717.443.119
i heard that he does know hey absolutely1721.844.079
oh fail yeah see that while we're1724.3992.561
waiting trying to wake up1725.9194.48
harvest this harvest the plants yeah1726.965.04
i've done this already oh what do you do1730.3993.681
with it uh i got one blue flower damn it1732.03.76
i didn't get seeds that time though oh1734.083.28
no seeds yeah1735.763.6
all right listen we'll climb uh dally's1737.363.439
tower and we'll come up here this is1739.362.0
crazy though1740.7993.36
the blue flower like all you all all it1741.363.679
gets you1744.1592.64
is you you can paint stuff it gives you1745.0393.36
color oh color i like color i1746.7996.721
do too but look at this what you got hey1748.3996.321
that tells us what direction we're1753.523.36
moving that's right see that collection1754.723.439
thing we have1756.884.48
yeah uh worst possible place isn't it1758.1594.721
or is it i was about to i know that's1761.363.12
pretty good if we're moving this way why1762.884.0
is the trash moving faster than us1764.484.16
we talking about it's lighter shouldn't1766.883.679
it be it's it's lighter1768.644.48
lighter dispersion i don't know if1770.5593.681
that's the word you'd use that we should1773.124.96
have those off to the sides like wings1774.243.84
this okay neebs1778.846.199
jump platform i need to throw you a raft1782.7994.721
wonderful throw me a raft yeah1785.0395.52
here i'll see look paddle to me you1787.524.96
paddle to me oh oh god yeah hold on hold1790.5593.12
on oh man1792.482.799
i'm going for it all right i'm right1793.6794.0
behind you man our ref looks good1795.2795.441
i know man someone's still sleeping hey1797.6795.761
sleeping he has one goal1800.725.6
all right almost there look at this1803.444.64
there's a cooker up here1806.324.239
if there's anything on that cooker uh1808.083.599
nope looks empty1810.5593.36
is it sinking oh yeah you're sinking1811.6793.6
baby here we go1813.9194.88
keep climbing you can just wait for it1815.2794.961
to sink and then grab it right1818.7993.921
oh crap i can't hold most of this stuff1820.243.12
uh oh1822.722.4
oh you hey you you need to research some1823.364.16
of that [ __ ] i got a bunch of it1825.124.08
okay what can't you hold where are we1827.524.32
going we're not a hinge1829.24.719
oh boy come on buddy all right but i got1831.843.76
i got a lot of stuff oh man can i still1833.9192.081
pick that1835.62.0
stuff up can you it's floating over1836.03.36
all right i'll paddle you uh you got a1839.365.28
paddle yep all right i'm going for it1841.2793.361
coming for you man it's a hinge1844.7995.76
make a door yeah oh yeah boom we can1848.03.76
research this1850.5593.201
start coming shark coming oh family bit1851.763.76
my ass here we go all right i'm up1853.764.24
so neebs you pulled us away from all the1855.524.639
good stuff but you got good stuff i know1858.04.08
we got a hinge i'm gonna paddle back1860.1593.201
over there now1862.083.92
okay great look at all those barrels man1863.364.319
oh we've already researched hinges1866.05.44
it's almost heavily oh [ __ ] i gotta1867.6795.921
drink water [ __ ] yeah me too man i am1871.447.92
thirsty i am a toasted boy1873.68.48
simon still sleeping ignoring his one1879.364.24
oh there it summons you whoo you did it1883.64.24
hey hey you woke up just in time to go1886.082.479
to back to bed1887.843.76
yay that's good all right so let's all1888.5593.441
try this1891.62.319
bed thing and lay down and see if it1892.03.36
turns to daytime1893.9193.201
all right you guys ready uh one second1895.363.36
down one second1897.123.679
okay here's that bed i'm here all right1898.723.92
all right simon's down i'm going down1900.7997.041
i'm down and i'll go to sleep and then1902.645.2
bam screw night time1909.25.599
look at that yeah oh but now morning1912.643.279
starving oh wow so am i like i would1915.9193.281
rather fish through the night so i1917.762.96
wasn't starving in the morning1919.23.76
now we know [ __ ] now we know now we know1920.7213.36
don't sleep1922.9614.319
people of the raft uh simon doraleous1934.083.52
apps yeah today we're gonna have a new1937.64.0
chapter in our1940.5593.761
ocean survival uh we're gonna be better1941.63.52
at this1944.322.32
we're gonna collect food we're gonna1945.123.679
kill that shark when it tries to take rf1946.643.68
from us1948.7994.161
should we have duties yeah one person on1950.324.32
food nothing but fishing and cooking1952.963.36
that was me last time i can do that1954.644.399
okay simon you just collect stuff like1956.323.359
so i'm collecting now yeah once you go1959.6793.681
ahead and start there's a lot of good1962.482.4
stuff going by look at that1963.363.6
just go ahead and grab that diamond1964.883.039
right there there's where1966.962.719
barrel just like barrel just going right1967.9193.12
through the ship how about me names what1969.6792.0
do i do1971.0393.441
keep fighting the shark okay and then um1971.6795.36
well i can um come up1974.486.64
okay you know where is it1977.0396.48
he's right here he's right here get your1981.124.799
foot you get it you get you get get here1983.5192.961
get it get it get it get one more gift1986.485.199
[ __ ]1988.844.36
how do you do it come on just keep1991.6792.72
stabbing it keep stabbing it during1993.23.839
let's get that sharp meat1994.3994.321
yeah yeah hop in you're safe [ __ ] her1997.0393.281
out of here don't drift too far we can't1998.722.64
go back and get you2000.325.52
okay okay2001.364.48
there's also a raft here i think you can2022.1594.0
make it over there i'm sure i can ah2024.242.4
beautiful i'm an olympic grower hey2026.644.08
there's like a there's like a structure2029.362.319
on top of that island2030.722.559
oh yeah we gotta get up there structure2031.6794.0
you say a structure i say2033.2794.24
all right you see it absorbs yeah i2035.6793.521
seize it actually is the loot on the2037.5192.721
bottom floor2039.22.4
yeah you i mean yeah you're in a better2040.243.12
position to get that than i am i'll get2041.62.079
well okay all right here i got it i got2043.6793.761
it i got it you got it bam2045.6794.96
is that it yep it's sinking2047.443.199
oh man all right hey after can you build2051.9194.74
an anchor2055.522.319
maybe hold on i'm getting my head back2057.8393.441
into this game2060.562.24
yeah you put me on cookie cooking dude2061.282.799
now you put me on [ __ ] i don't know2062.81.839
there's gonna be2064.0793.6
land here oh boy my thing just broke oh2064.6396.79
hold on my inventory is full2067.6795.041
all right about another paddle all right2072.723.119
you want me toss this anchor neebs2074.243.28
place the anchor on the boat uh i think2075.8393.04
you hit was it e or r2077.523.68
to rotate it yeah then you gotta pick2078.8794.561
the bucket up and don't throw it yet2081.24.8
uh throw it towards the island throw the2083.444.8
bucket towards the2086.04.24
that'll that'll like suck us closer to2088.243.209
all right towards the island once it2093.763.68
hits the bat the ground it should bring2096.02.8
us in tight2097.445.6
all right we're in okay uh hmm2098.87.36
getting wavy it's getting wavy2103.044.48
i wish the boat was turned around the2106.163.199
other way can we hop over there2107.523.68
all right hey somebody i don't know okay2109.3593.281
hey that uh that one of these uh2111.23.6
shark steaks cooked somebody get that2112.643.92
who's the hungriest yeah i'm well i'm2114.82.4
probably die soon so but you ain't gonna2117.23.68
eat it well the thing is as soon as i2119.042.4
eat it2120.882.32
in two minutes i'm gonna need to eat2121.443.679
more all of us same for all of us2123.23.68
to see i know that's the whole thing2125.1193.281
there's still not enough food but it's2126.882.479
kind of annoying2128.42.56
how much you have to eat and drink tell2129.3593.281
you what before we go on the island2130.963.119
let's just sit here and eat and drink2132.643.12
until we're completely full okay2134.0793.04
good call i don't think that could2135.7610.079
happen uh it could happen2137.1198.72
hey i know we're using planks to build2146.563.92
this raft up a little bit but um2148.483.44
we really could use some planks down2150.482.96
here on these grills and there's no2151.923.52
fishing around oh there's some fishing2153.442.48
in there2155.442.0
yeah i mean you could fish here well i'm2155.923.439
gonna i'm gonna try to get some planks2157.444.0
i'll look for planks2159.3594.321
there you go thank you neebs over there2161.443.52
cute little dent2163.682.96
you have some of that awesome thank you2164.963.36
thank you and there's a fresh waters2166.642.88
available whoever needs it2168.322.96
damn i'm a good cook i have a blueprint2169.523.599
for an antenna by the way2171.283.36
if that means anything it means the2173.1193.441
world to me does it we can get a radio2174.643.12
station out here hello2176.563.76
it'd be nice2177.762.56
be cool if i could just make that jump i2183.043.84
don't like being here we're just2185.24.8
shoved up against the rock2186.883.12
hey i made it awesome i just like did a2193.5994.401
run and jump and i got up here all the2196.243.359
stuff you get it all get it get it2198.03.28
okay i'll get it all we'll pull up2199.5993.441
anchorament set sail what do you see up2201.282.16
uh there's a crate uh i got a bunch of2203.444.639
scrap and bolt and2206.563.12
oh man i should enter my inventory did i2208.0794.161
drop anything2209.682.56
riley's behind me2212.323.519
we really got to come up with some some2223.763.68
shark defense um2225.524.96
yeah i just need a spear and mine bro2227.444.72
everything good down there yeah i think2230.483.28
we're good2232.163.04
hold on grab the stuff we're gonna be2233.763.44
thinking about it okay i got2235.24.96
palm leaves wonderful i got mangoes uh2237.23.52
flakes that was what we needed well yeah2240.723.04
you get planks from trees2242.563.039
any other good materials though anything2243.763.52
you can put in the research station2245.5994.881
plastic scrap nails got a few more trees2247.285.12
to harvest2250.485.599
you know i need rope then i got three2252.45.439
you make that with palm leaves i can2256.0793.04
make a bunch of rope for you to rallies2257.8393.041
hold on just need three2259.1193.761
all right i'm gonna do my jab there you2260.884.16
go you ready2262.885.959
clear you got rope oh yeah all right2265.044.96
i can do my jerk2270.03.119
jeez what's taking you so long i want to2273.8393.28
get everything ah2275.685.04
i'm eating a watermelon now2277.1195.441
man there's so much good food up here2280.723.359
yeah i'm glad you're eating it all2282.563.68
yeah thanks well i need the inventory2284.0793.601
space yeah meanwhile we're running out2286.242.96
of plates down here2287.683.28
i'm getting i can't feel anything don't2289.23.28
worry about it i'm getting planked2290.964.24
i see [ __ ] up i see planks i'm going for2292.483.76
careful simon i know jerk's coming back2296.244.64
you're coming back keep an eye on me ah2299.3593.201
you're good you're good he's good2300.883.76
yeah i'm on shark watch up here hey2302.563.279
simon hey2304.643.28
we're swimming yes we are you're behind2305.8393.681
we better get back on the boat it's2309.523.12
dangerous hold on i'm gonna get four or2310.642.88
five flanks2312.643.52
you guys are clear right now yeah from2313.523.76
clear then come to me2316.163.28
now come on back i can't go to you i'm2317.283.68
getting materials though man i just got2319.443.12
six flags there's like one and a half2320.962.08
all right why don't we get too far i'm2323.043.2
not too far i'm right here man2324.564.16
got my eye on this [ __ ] oh you got a2326.245.839
shark coming to you simon all right yeah2328.725.28
oh yeah i'm gonna keep coming back all2332.0793.201
right i'm coming2334.03.52
i'm moving i'm shaking and shimmying you2335.284.48
gotta jump just before you to the boat2337.523.68
shucking and shafting2339.763.44
there we go all right can we take off2341.23.2
names did you get everything off that2343.21.68
absorb i think we should do one more2344.882.8
thing before we leave okay what do you2346.484.24
want to do we're going in2347.683.04
watch your air oh you run out of air all2351.5993.681
the way down2354.563.36
just until you start seeing things like2355.284.72
you see like this scrap here oh boy got2360.03.2
you just hit this strap and then these2363.23.84
little like clay mounds2365.1193.521
you got to hold the thing down just hold2367.044.0
it all right i got to go back up gotta2368.644.24
go backwards here comes the shark swim2371.046.319
ah i'm trying man i don't like that [ __ ]2372.886.16
all this seaweed has stuff too i think2377.3595.121
you can uh harvest these2379.046.72
oh god that's good2382.486.32
like that was pretty crazy oh god coming2385.763.28
i absolutely hate that i don't want to2389.043.28
do that anymore hey i think we had a2390.82.96
good stop should we pull anchor yeah we2392.322.72
should pull anchor we need to get out of2393.763.6
here we need to gather more resources2395.043.68
it was a good stop that island got some2398.723.2
good food2400.962.72
got new debris to collect yeah i need2401.923.28
planks so i can make a fishing pole did2403.683.12
did you make me a fishing boat neebs i2405.26.72
sure did throw it down um2406.88.96
there you go fantastic thank you sir2411.926.399
you're welcome you didn't make this you2415.763.12
had this2418.3193.201
well it sounds cool that i've had it2418.883.199
thanks for the half health fishing rod2422.0794.24
so this table2424.244.32
after you were saying you open it right2426.3194.161
you go here2428.566.32
and can i research seeds2430.485.92
you may have already learned i mean you2434.884.56
can see the material search this fish2436.46.24
i don't know yeah i i researched so much2439.444.96
what about a nail well you already did2442.643.199
the nail i may have2444.42.959
a lot of the stuff that we already had i2445.8392.881
already researched it i researched2447.3592.72
pretty much all of the all of the2448.724.08
stuff we had in our inventory mango nope2450.0795.04
scrap and you researched everything i2455.1193.041
may have dude2457.282.799
i mean remember remember that that burst2458.164.0
i did something i did the boat2460.0794.161
oh awesome when you research it you lose2462.164.24
it yeah exactly all right can you now2464.243.52
when you put stuff in there you hit2466.41.84
right yeah i learned uh it's a better2468.244.32
fishing pole oh hell yeah better hatchet2470.3195.441
a better uh gathering hook oh that's2472.563.92
that's awesome oh a clock that's cool2476.484.24
yeah all right we know some new stuff2480.723.119
now guys awesome2482.562.88
oh hey i can craft that better fishing2483.83911.031
rod hell yeah2485.4412.529
we're good we're good okay pop it off2507.043.039
grab it all right i got it i got it oh2508.482.48
god now i'm stuck2510.0792.641
i'm stuck now i'm stuck i'm [ __ ] i'm2510.963.04
[ __ ] i'm gonna you're not [ __ ]2512.725.599
you're fine very dramatic yes2514.04.319
little drama queen huh i'm hungry oh my2518.484.48
i can't swim fast because i'm either2522.963.2
starving or thirsty to death2524.3194.961
hold on hold on yeah okay made it back i2526.164.88
made it back what do i need2529.284.72
oh i need water i'm a thirsty [ __ ] this2531.044.72
cat's really funny i just realized that2534.02.16
yeah one of those should we name him uh2536.163.199
we could name him2538.3194.161
acharya chari charade yeah it's like2539.3593.76
charlie but2542.482.8
yeah hello chary like asian chocolate2543.1194.081
how about seymour because we found him2545.282.88
in the sea2547.23.84
yeah we could name2548.162.88
yeah you might need more of these2553.923.6
storage containers that's for sure they2556.03.359
fill up quick they're pretty tiny2557.523.68
you know what i can actually make a2559.3593.521
bigger storage container that might be2561.23.84
cool i'm gonna2562.884.0
bam where should we put it you got a2565.043.44
bigger storage container yeah i don't2566.882.959
know man um i'm gonna2568.482.72
put it here with the other ones yeah2569.8393.041
keep them all together all right2571.23.119
i think one cool thing about this game2572.883.76
is you can pick just about anything up2574.3193.681
all right boom we got a bigger storage2576.643.28
container oh yeah it opens up the wrong2578.04.56
way but i see let's see you just hold x2579.926.159
you remove it like this okay up2582.568.279
and then uh r oh [ __ ] your little2586.0797.76
[ __ ]2590.8393.0
where is he going maybe we should chase2595.443.2
him after we hurt him2597.044.0
repairs we could all go in and attack2598.643.84
him huh2601.046.799
i mean we could might be fun2602.485.359
i'm ready i'm gonna eat some freaking2608.163.6
shark meat2610.882.88
all right he's by your corner simon oh2611.763.2
he is all right stand by2613.763.04
all right i'm watching him there you go2614.963.44
i see him2616.83.2
he's coming ready let's attack him let's2618.44.88
attack him right here you're doing it2620.06.16
come on [ __ ] come on oh bruh you want2623.285.12
to run2626.162.24
forget it he knew what was up2628.87.039
hey man should i make us a sale2636.245.28
yeah can you make one i just need one2639.524.319
more plank and uh there's one right here2641.524.16
boom tell you what though let's put it2643.8393.361
up top all right2645.683.919
crafting a sail there where our flag is2647.23.76
all right you ready yeah2650.966.24
oh we got a sail boy hell yeah this is a2654.243.76
we're legit2657.22.08
it's got a little handle so you just2658.04.48
drop it and steer it all right hold on2659.283.76
hold on2662.482.56
look at that i know how to rotate2663.043.039
that's really so pretty too oh okay2666.0794.881
okay you get up here you hold on you2669.283.28
move the mouse make sure you don't steer2670.962.24
us out of the2672.562.559
out of the debris right right i'll uh2673.23.04
i'll put2675.1193.041
pop it up for now next time wait right2676.243.839
there steer in that direction is that is2678.164.24
that a wrap oh yeah yeah so2680.0795.121
and then there we go all right is this2682.44.08
working are we heading towards it yeah2685.23.6
we're heading towards it it's working2686.484.879
oh yeah all right almost there after i2688.83.6
know man i know2691.3592.561
all right it looks like something's up2692.43.04
top on this one okay2693.922.96
i'll help help get us in a little2695.443.28
quicker all right i'm gonna uh yeah i'm2696.882.88
gonna raise the sail2698.722.72
i feel like we're close enough to it now2699.763.839
you can jump from up there um there i2701.442.639
really so yeah here yeah i'm close i'm2704.0794.471
jumping from here2706.04.64
all right let's see what you got on2710.643.439
board jump in jump on that thing behind2712.163.52
you there's a grip up on top2714.0795.121
right we got a grill all right rope2715.684.08
plank rope stone plank the scarecrow in2719.763.44
that raffle2722.0792.481
i know i wish you could pick those up2723.22.48
there's a grill up there there was a2724.562.08
grill on there too2725.683.2
that would have been nice i [ __ ] you2726.647.199
stabbing everybody2728.884.959
should i make a calendar can you make a2735.924.08
calendar i can make a calendar yeah2738.164.0
why yeah i'd like to know how long we've2740.03.599
been here yeah keep up with how many2742.162.48
days we're out2743.5993.281
so let's see where can i put it oh put2744.644.08
it here by the uh by the torch2746.884.32
put it on the post yeah yeah try that2748.724.32
hey we've survived 12 days so far2751.24.399
wow hey look at us holy crap i would2753.043.68
have said like four2755.5992.48
yeah now we've been out we've been out2756.723.52
here 12 days i lost track2758.0795.52
yeah man oh land hoe2760.245.839
lin ho2763.5992.48
can you do it yeah what is that up there2767.763.12
it's probably a treasure chest how do we2770.883.439
can you make that joke we have to2774.3195.361
oh yeah you did it hey cool but i don't2777.443.679
know if i can get up to the like the2779.682.8
good stuff2781.1193.2
well there's some ways around the island2782.483.599
but don't chop any trees down until2784.3193.121
i'm not chopping any i don't have a2786.0793.04
hatchet hey see if you can go around2787.442.48
that way2789.1192.881
like this way yeah and there might be2789.923.76
like it looks like a dead end to me and2792.04.079
you can scale that cliff2793.685.76
just kind of jump and shimmy around oh2796.0797.201
yep we made it you round i'm around okay2799.445.2
all right so when you want to go diving2803.284.319
did i just drop the oh god2804.646.4
ah coming no because i'm hitting the2807.5994.801
numbers and my shift2811.044.96
my my fish is moving in my inventory2812.46.48
i'm trying to eat it2816.02.88
[ __ ] how'd you eat the fish yeah2820.3196.321
ready to dive nope just go without me2823.525.52
go without me or stop rushing me either2826.643.36
because i'm not ready okay how long is2830.03.52
it gonna take you i don't know man it2832.162.08
it really does depends on what's going2834.243.04
on because uh you know my brain doesn't2835.682.72
work sometimes2837.282.64
i think i'm ready now all right well2838.43.04
then come over here okay2839.922.72
all right head on you know you know how2841.442.72
to harvest stuff down there yeah no you2842.643.6
get this hook out2844.163.76
forget it i was just getting a spear now2846.243.359
i need to repair my hook2847.924.32
so you'll have to wait again i think i2849.5993.841
live here now2852.242.96
was there a crate here i did i picked it2853.443.04
up what was in it2855.23.119
i just picked up the crate you just2856.483.2
picked up the crate2858.3193.361
yeah uh maybe it's just like another2859.683.52
store oh2861.682.879
were there things in the crate there's a2863.23.359
bolt a boat yeah2864.5595.841
a hinge a coconut2866.5596.081
a mango seed yeah we need to get some of2870.43.439
that [ __ ] going2872.642.8
all right simon you ready yeah all right2873.8393.841
let's go man let's go2875.444.0
so you see this scrap simon you come up2877.683.76
to that and you just2879.443.6
hold hold the mouse button and you2881.443.84
harvest stuff is this scrap i'm getting2883.043.12
hit by something2885.282.559
you have to i have sharks down here2886.163.199
sharks down here so just keep your eye2887.8392.321
out for him2889.3592.561
try to get as much scrap as you can how2890.163.199
about i just protect you because i don't2891.923.76
know how to get the scrap2893.3593.76
you go up to it and you just hold hold2895.683.36
the button i know your your description2897.1193.361
is [ __ ] brilliant you just go2899.043.12
up to it and hold the button i don't2900.483.04
know what the it is2902.163.04
i've not been diving it looks like scrap2903.523.12
it looks like metal you know when you2905.22.399
see it2906.643.919
it's like look over here see simon no2907.5994.24
see you fish2910.5593.76
[ __ ] off shark hey you see me simon uh2911.8393.28
yes it is2914.3192.721
see these are like little pipes there2915.1193.44
you go that's the scrap yeah go up to2917.043.2
that and then just uh hit it where's my2918.5592.321
eyes oh yeah2920.243.359
shark's coming back your oxygen level oh2920.884.239
is that him yeah it was him i want to2925.1193.761
[ __ ] kill him2927.283.279
hey i would like to as well all right2928.883.12
i'm getting more stuff2930.5593.921
keep an eye on me i lost you already so2932.03.359
good luck with that2934.482.72
oh god i got bit all right i'm my2935.3593.041
health's bad i got2937.22.72
i'm getting out i'm getting yeah yeah2938.45.439
it's not fun2939.923.919
neebs yeah man i don't think i can get2944.0793.04
up there man it's just too steep huh2945.5992.881
it's just too steep and i tried to do2947.1192.48
that whole like2948.483.52
just can't i mean one day we'll have a2949.5994.561
structure we can get up there but2952.03.599
yeah not right now let's go let's get2954.162.959
back yeah we got some good stuff yeah2955.5992.881
it's time to get back heading back hey2957.1192.881
we should do a jump shouldn't we2958.484.72
um cliff dive into the trees yeah over2960.04.559
there that's the way to go yeah2963.24.0
couple trees down here oh great i got2964.5594.641
hey absurd simon hey what's up boys uh2969.24.0
we got some good stuff how'd y'all do2971.5993.52
oh yeah we tried to dive that damn shark2973.23.6
just keeps nipping at us can we make a2975.1193.761
big crop plot and plant some mangoes2976.84.16
we need to it'll be great we need to2978.883.92
i've got some mango seeds now too so2980.964.56
the big crop plot i have palm trees oh2982.83.2
let's just found a hinge i got a hinge2986.03.2
oh i've had a hinge2988.0794.721
so we need a hinge uh six nails uh2989.26.24
full rope and tin plank makes a crop2992.83.039
i got i have everything but the plank2995.8393.201
i've got2998.163.919
well i got planks for you2999.043.039
all right and you guys ready yep yep bam3004.648.1
big old crop plot so now goes yeah3008.3196.611
all right3021.5998.561
so long island it was fun i'm surprised3027.444.08
you guys didn't there's like mango on3030.163.04
that side there's more trees3031.5210.319
how did we get more trees3033.28.639
hey doraleous yeah did you say you found3043.283.92
a giant clam i did what do i do with it3045.1194.72
uh you can make a bird's nest with that3047.25.28
and and birds will lay eggs that we can3049.8394.081
good make the bird's nest i will what3053.924.08
else do i need i wonder3056.244.16
well there it is palm leaf plank and3058.06.16
clam he's coming for australia3060.43.76
all right come on sucker there we go he3065.763.2
didn't do too bad3068.164.64
damage guys yes i'm gonna put the bird3068.966.32
nest right down here right next to the3072.83.44
crop blot3075.283.6
yeah with the small one or is that too3076.244.4
cluttery do birds need to be up high3078.883.04
well i know sometimes these damn3080.643.04
seagulls will take [ __ ] yeah why don't3081.923.679
you put the bird's nest up top3083.683.52
but then then we definitely don't see3085.5993.601
the seagulls coming to take it well no3087.23.52
the bird's not gonna take his own eggs3089.22.8
yeah the seagulls take [ __ ] out of the3090.722.32
crop plot3092.03.44
oh so yeah put the bird's nest up higher3093.043.279
up how it is3095.442.56
i'm gonna put it underneath that the3096.3193.121
highest steps we have3098.04.4
cool sounds great bam come lay some eggs3099.443.6
we got a3102.45.199
nest for you yeah cacao cocoa3103.044.559
he's eyeballing it all right we'll check3107.765.12
back later3110.3192.561
so uh let's make more of these net3113.1193.521
these things are great i'm looking out3116.643.199
for the the3118.165.439
the shark oh a bird just came by and3119.8396.771
left a feather in there3123.5996.181
how do you make a smelter how are we3130.243.599
making a smelter i got to figure this3132.3192.961
out if we can make a smelter we can do3133.8392.24
all kinds of [ __ ]3135.283.839
you smelt or filter3136.0796.641
oh drab rick that's a good one3139.1197.121
you smelt your filter like that's a3142.724.639
the guy who [ __ ] just goes around3147.3594.561
smelling people and then feeling them up3149.043.519
where are you seeing smelter3152.5593.28
you know you smelt it delta yeah no3156.247.119
in the menus where are you saying okay3159.924.96
no i'm not seeing smelter in the menus3163.3592.96
i'm seeing smelter for things like i was3164.882.479
wondering how to make goo3166.3193.361
and i looked at seaweed oh in here but3167.3594.0
hold on now i'm gonna research i just3169.683.28
made a wet brick3171.3594.641
okay can i research the wet brick no3172.965.44
it says it says i need a dry brick to3176.03.52
make a smell hold on3178.44.08
i think i take this wet brick and i lay3179.524.079
it out to dry3182.484.24
you ready i got a brick3183.5995.201
okay let that let that brick dry don't3186.723.44
touch the brick nobody touched this bit3188.87.039
it's my [ __ ] brick3190.165.679
what's he yelling about that was up3202.163.6
there big i'm battling3204.163.76
this first okay can i get the sale going3205.763.68
uh sure make it faster3207.924.72
oh we have a mango tree really [ __ ]3209.444.879
that tiny thing okay i mean it's the3212.643.12
beginning of a mango tree isn't it3214.3193.52
yeah is that full grown though i don't3215.764.48
know no it looks like a good3217.8393.841
we'll be patient maybe it needs more3220.243.76
water at this point hey this sail worked3221.685.28
great man yeah i see a box on top there3224.05.839
all right putting the sail up3226.966.0
hey all right got it yep3229.8396.401
yeah yeah come on now3232.965.359
come on [ __ ] [ __ ] you got this here we3236.243.44
go here we go come on [ __ ] you3238.3192.161
thinking about it3239.682.8
back under mine gear get some stone got3240.485.44
a plank so long3242.483.44
mr doraleous yes sir did you say you had3254.0793.76
a feather yes sir may i have this3256.162.32
yes sir3258.483.92
thank you man i caught it you see that3262.43.52
no i didn't damn i'm good3264.5595.441
i'm bad let's see so3265.924.08
i'm just gonna grab some stuff do it3270.484.48
make sure you check those uh3273.1194.0
our nets too you know hey boys you ready3274.963.119
to learn some stuff3277.1193.041
sure what you got we are gonna learn3278.0793.76
and we are gonna learn oh simon you're3281.8393.041
gonna love this3284.163.919
what are you ready you ready yep3284.885.48
can yes on his ass how's that brick3291.523.36
looking still wet3293.924.08
my wetsuit oh neebs got a dry brick3294.886.719
grab brick beautiful yeah now if i3298.07.28
think i'm gonna do this right3301.5997.261
oh neebs you ready yeah smelter3305.2812.069
yeah i just made some shark baits so we3329.283.839
can get sand and clay3331.25.119
ooh yeah beautiful i call this fish i'll3333.1193.921
just cook them3336.3192.24
okay all right i'm russ i'm gonna throw3337.042.72
this shark bait and then i'm going3338.5592.24
diving you come with me3339.762.4
yeah i'll come with you hell yeah let's3340.7993.441
do this all right ready3342.165.12
yeah throw the shark bait all right go3344.245.599
have you figured out how to get sand uh3351.443.28
yeah you just go to the scene you see3353.442.24
little clumps of sand3354.723.2
oh and you just uh you pick them up with3355.684.639
your hook3357.922.399
oh that's the shark mate i was about to3360.964.399
oh look at him going at that bite3362.45.36
going at that bite oh [ __ ] so what are3365.3593.121
we supposed to3367.763.92
attack him now while he's going at it uh3368.484.8
well that wouldn't be a bad idea would3371.683.679
it nope you want to3373.285.68
do it that's what i'm doing come on3375.3593.601
come on you son of a [ __ ] back here3380.483.839
[ __ ] and now he's going down3382.483.839
he'll be back he'll be back you think3384.3193.441
yeah come on back up3386.3193.681
stay safe all right we'll keep an eye3387.763.839
out he'll come back he can't resist that3390.02.319
[ __ ] i like3391.5992.161
flynn oh i do too3392.3193.681
oh clamshell3396.03.2
metal yep that's metal3399.286.559
it it didn't know it's out there still3416.963.44
still there it's still there the bait's3418.722.16
still there3420.42.8
yeah and he attacked you absolutely yeah3420.883.439
he bit my ass3423.22.8
well we've been we've been attacking him3424.3193.76
while he was on the bait oh maybe3426.05.119
any runs yeah you got a little payback3428.0793.601
on me3431.1192.24
neebs how much sand you get i've only3431.683.439
got one right now3433.3593.521
okay well hey yeah give me what you got3435.1194.48
i'll put it in here3436.882.719
what oh he's fighting i'm going down i'm3439.763.839
gonna get some more sand3441.444.0
there's no santa in this small box neebs3443.5994.641
well i'm getting more hang on3445.446.32
there's a bird up top oh [ __ ] i'm hungry3448.245.76
i'm eating this [ __ ] pineapple how3451.763.76
about the watermelon3454.04.96
it looks good doesn't it i mean3455.525.839
okay i gotta look at the where'd the3458.963.2
boat go3461.3593.291
oh wow i'm way out here oh crap3462.163.6
i got three sand it's getting dark isn't3465.763.839
it yeah it is3468.723.76
all right hold on one more time we're3469.5994.081
gonna need a lot if we're going to make3472.483.839
a smelter3473.682.639
ah there we go3477.23.04
come on3481.0416.04
that's absolutely what you're doing yeah3497.923.28
you took him off the bait well that's3499.283.519
what we said we did well yeah yeah3501.23.359
we're trying to kill the sharks i get it3502.7993.28
but yeah i mean3504.5593.361
we were trying to dive i know but we did3506.0794.161
that like immediately3507.924.87
seven saying fantastic give me that3510.245.2
did you get ready i don't know all right3515.443.04
where do you want the sand3517.283.279
just out put it put it big storage put3518.483.44
in the big storage there's already some3520.5592.721
sand in there just pile it up3521.924.399
all right it's 13 in there now oh yeah3523.285.76
okay yeah so there's not did you take it3526.3193.361
hold on3529.043.84
what close it i just looked in there oh3529.685.119
it's in my inventory dumb ass sorry i3532.883.199
pulled a simon3534.7994.161
yeah okay uh those two guys let me get3536.0793.841
some food cooking3538.963.44
am i right you're right no one's ever3539.923.679
gonna be able to use this footage we're3542.43.84
both shaky3543.5992.641
here comes the shark simon simon yep3547.3593.76
let's go for it3549.8394.72
oh oh oh3551.1193.44
there you go coming right back at me3559.23.68
oh he's going for the bait go over the3564.7996.0
he's going down soon we're gonna i just3572.643.6
want to kill sharks3575.1192.881
that's all i want all right guys i'm3576.243.04
putting some bricks down don't y'all3578.02.88
touch these bricks3579.283.039
where's the first bridge we ever touched3580.883.84
bricks the first break i had gone3582.3194.081
all you researched researched it that's3584.723.04
right we're gonna need more bricks than3586.42.399
that you need more sand3587.762.88
uh need more sand i need more clay uh3588.7993.28
well let's don't let's don't get out of3590.644.08
here until we get enough sand3592.0794.321
there's the shark let's see if he goes3594.724.48
after this bait we'll go back down there3596.45.12
so don't attack the shark if he's if3599.23.359
he's attacking that bait3601.523.039
leave him alone okay i think the point3602.5593.681
is if he continues to attack it he's3604.5592.881
going to eat it very quickly3606.242.96
and then it'll be gone that's kind of3607.443.2
what i'm thinking but we'll see3609.22.879
well listen what we did before wasn't3610.642.88
working because he was coming after us3612.0791.921
no well3613.523.279
it did work but i got bit by a shark so3614.03.44
i didn't3616.7992.0
all right well i'm gonna make a point3617.442.56
but i'm not going to because it's3618.7993.201
wasting breath on you so go ahead3620.03.68
make your points no it's okay we're good3622.04.079
here comes here i can't wait3623.684.48
all right let's let's go don't don't3626.0793.441
don't [ __ ] with the shark no we're not3628.162.72
gonna [ __ ] anything go guys no3629.523.2
go see you later i'll watch the show3630.884.0
yeah that's great too what else is fun3632.724.079
y'all fish or something don't have a3634.888.959
fishing pole well neither do i3636.7997.04
still going at it simon yeah i'm just3649.444.32
gonna watch it3652.43.28
yeah because i can't uh there's nothing3653.764.079
to harvest up and it's gone the baby3655.686.48
is gone heads up guys what is this3657.8396.881
oh crap i'm not a copper oh boy no3662.163.679
come on oh crap really deep um3665.8396.161
health going down come on everyone's3672.3193.921
here we go there's gotta be it okay3676.249.599
all the fish i had three fish on here i3697.043.279
was hungry3699.282.319
you made all three fish and then put3700.3192.641
nothing back we didn't we couldn't have3701.5992.0
three fish3702.962.639
i had three fish three of those things3703.5995.281
now grab the mango3705.5993.281
cooking fish oh flavor okay3710.0795.601
i have some coconuts i'll eat those and3714.04.72
i got one more fish as well3715.686.08
i'm going after the shark3718.723.04
where are you going after them let's be3722.483.92
a team doraleous i feel like we've been3724.3193.76
doing this together3726.43.12
all right let me stick with you because3728.0793.04
this is the only fun i'm having right3729.522.16
let's try to kill a shark all right i3731.684.639
see the son of a [ __ ] he's right3734.962.72
he's coming oh god he's coming right out3736.3195.52
yes he is3737.684.159
hey guys these uh these bricks are3752.7993.52
dragged they're done yeah3754.3195.04
yeah i'm making a smelter love it3756.3196.881
ready boom we got a smelter boys i think3759.3597.041
if you spelled their filter3763.25.52
it's a3766.42.32
i'm about to do something awesome oh3775.5994.561
yeah yeah i got some metal ore3777.8393.921
okay i'm gonna put it in our brand new3780.164.48
smelter oh yeah oh yeah3781.766.24
so guys yes what's the dilue3784.645.36
well the dealio uh neebs wanted to get3788.03.44
all the [ __ ] off this island before we3790.02.24
take off3791.442.159
i'm making metal because i want to3792.243.599
research a grill so i can make us some3793.5993.041
yeah the big grill for the big fishes i3796.644.32
got some other stuff i can learn check3799.5992.401
this out3800.964.0
metal spear oh yeah and we got a3802.04.4
stationary anchor3804.964.0
i'll learn how to make bolts learn how3806.44.56
to make a battery3808.965.44
a battery yeah learn how to make a hinge3810.966.0
wow and last but certainly not least i3814.44.399
learned how to make a circuit board3816.965.2
oh snoop hey neebs the smelter was a hit3818.7995.121
yep all right now get on that island go3822.163.52
get you some [ __ ] i'm going3823.926.0
you ready yep i'm ready okay3825.684.24
simon i thought you were fishing or3830.3193.76
something well i was and then i wanted3831.8393.441
to be up high3834.0794.401
okay then we can make this jump yep yep3835.285.2
yeah you just gotta jump though simon3838.484.24
are you here3840.482.24
oh [ __ ] look at that didn't work for me3843.0395.441
mr doopy doop that's where we're gonna3846.163.12
call you today3848.482.559
you're mr dupin oh look the birds just3849.283.039
landed in our thing3851.0393.52
are there eggs up there dralis huh are3852.3193.361
there eggs3854.5593.201
just a feather just a feather that's3855.683.679
nice of it though okay3857.762.96
all right here we go here's the job i'm3859.3592.521
gonna make it3860.722.48
made it all right let's uh harvest these3863.24.32
trees some watermelon3865.25.04
well that's the good stuff you know what3867.523.68
i already regret3870.243.44
coming why is that because you know what3871.23.359
i need to eat3873.682.32
it's like i don't have the luxury to3874.5593.361
just run around i need to actually3876.04.0
no because in 30 seconds i'm gonna be3877.924.159
flashing like i'm gonna die3880.03.839
because you know how the game is ah3882.0793.28
right the game yeah playing3883.8394.161
and how that the fun right right right3885.3595.76
yeah i guess i'm getting down there too3888.04.48
i guess he didn't know there's mangoes3891.1192.871
and watermelon up here3892.485.14
guys yeah i'm very proud this is my3898.963.76
first big fish i ever caught oh man oh3900.7992.32
congratulations simon you were gonna use3903.1193.92
that big fish i know that's what i want3904.964.079
i'm excited because guess what daddy3907.0393.52
absorbs making right now3909.0393.441
please don't refer to yourself as daddy3910.5594.24
i just made an advanced grill where are3912.487.68
we putting it oh3914.7998.641
my god wait why don't we do that3920.165.36
we do it again i wasn't part of it oh i3923.444.96
made a big grill3925.522.88
bird there's a bird over there you son3933.524.559
of a [ __ ] kill the birds get out of3936.43.84
all right knees where do you want to put3942.482.8
this grill look this whole place is a3943.5992.48
mess we need to3945.282.16
organize we're the kitchen all right3946.0793.601
we'll designate a spot for a kitchen3947.444.96
you decide uh all right i mean the most3949.684.32
rooms over here right now3952.43.28
okay god we really gotta move these beds3954.03.599
yeah this whole place is such a mess3955.683.359
all right all right here we go here we3957.5994.161
go all right is everybody watching3959.0395.201
no no come check this out you're going3961.763.599
to want to see it3964.244.24
i'm so close you ready boom3965.3596.0
we got a grill oh look at this grill oh3968.484.48
it's a webber bring that big fish3971.3592.0
okay hold on we got to put the stuff in3973.3594.0
it right3976.42.48
thanks put your planks in there simon3977.3593.281
get that big guy out all right i'm gonna3978.882.959
get the big guy out3980.643.6
that's what she said all right put that3981.8394.401
[ __ ] on that grill3984.246.0
yeah we're cooking a big old fish oh3986.244.0
is that thing done need more planks more3993.23.52
it takes a minute to cook but i am3996.723.44
curious to see how much you get from it3998.163.679
anyone really hungry you should see like4000.163.12
anyone almost down to nothing4001.8393.841
no i i should eat it i'm actually down4003.284.0
to nothing there you go you eat it4005.684.72
oh me yes4007.283.12
you got picked eating the big fish i4010.5593.921
mean i did build the grill right you did4012.243.76
you deserve it my friend the grill4014.483.52
master gets the big fish yeah4016.05.28
well not all oh4018.05.76
catfish okay here we go i'm about to eat4021.283.44
this whole damn thing4023.764.1
oh you can take more than one bite okay4028.0794.081
three bites filled me pretty much almost4032.164.32
all the way up is that a shark4034.484.4
you ruined every moment you stupid pizza4036.483.839
chicken we were in the middle4038.885.04
of the boat i was trying to eat my fish4040.3195.201
i'm going back up top to loot this4043.923.679
island do it then let's get out of here4045.522.4
hey needs yeah you got any idea where we4053.1193.761
get vine goo4055.8393.2
um i think you want to get that from4056.883.28
like make it out of seaweed or i believe4060.164.24
it's seaweed and the smelter4062.5594.961
oh and the smelter huh is he right do i4064.44.32
take seaweed4067.523.279
yep you were right yep we're making4068.723.52
oh that's gonna help guys we're gonna be4072.243.76
able to make some bad ass [ __ ]4074.485.04
today all right what's the day day 174076.06.079
day 17 is gonna be badass that's badass4079.523.519
[ __ ] making day4082.0793.121
it's gonna go down in in history is the4083.0393.841
most badass day4085.24.159
in the first 20 days we'll never forget4086.883.679
this until tomorrow4089.3592.881
no no no we won't the 17th is going to4090.5594.0
be a holiday and on the 17th4092.246.4
there was badassery and it was good4094.55911.28
shark he's going down4098.647.199
beautiful that's always a pleasure4106.46.709
what are you doing yesterday uh i just i4113.8393.681
made an empty bottle4116.43.439
and then i researched it here in the4117.524.239
researching station and now we're about4119.8393.601
to learn us4121.7594.96
boom an oxygen bottle no we are not4123.445.6
we're going to the bottom of the ocean4126.7193.201
we can go deep4129.044.0
up you made a you made a bottle uh yeah4129.924.56
i don't at a vine goo you got to keep4133.042.639
taking this vine goo and you gotta keep4134.482.4
sticking it in the smelter4135.6793.361
i'd like to have a bottle hey i can make4136.883.6
another bottle yeah i'm tired of4139.042.48
drinking a little4140.483.359
sippy cup right where do you fill the4141.523.12
bottles at4143.8392.641
what do you mean like when you have a4144.643.119
bottle the bottle contains more4146.482.96
fresh water right you can you can just4147.7593.201
get out of this can you i4149.443.759
have no idea you don't have to make a4150.963.44
bigger thing like with the grill4153.1993.201
i'm eating a steak by the way i don't4154.43.68
know you just went and researched it4156.43.359
yep i know hey give me more time you4158.083.279
know me man i'm a research guy4159.7593.681
okay actually i'm a girl see my butt i4161.3593.84
see it oh yeah see the vagina get in4163.442.08
i can't really try to bend over this is4165.523.44
as far as i can i can't i can't tell4167.043.44
what sex you are from this angle there4168.962.239
how about this one4170.483.199
it's just your face really and you you4171.1993.681
got boobs4173.6794.0
do what i guess there yeah little guys4174.884.72
down there yep4177.6794.721
i look good as a woman i think it's very4179.64.8
man that's freaky when you're4182.43.439
you just like turn to me at the same4184.44.16
exact time well you were talking4185.8394.96
i know yeah we're like the twins from uh4188.564.0
the shining aren't we4190.7994.88
you want to play salmon red rhymes4192.568.24
you want to play red4195.6795.121
red yeah i don't like it4200.845.95
yeah neither do i4203.925.12
i see raft out there you can make4209.043.28
reinforced uh4210.964.48
foundation armor once we get metal4212.323.76
wrapped out there i'm repairing some uh4216.086.079
anyone have uh anyone have a paddle my4219.124.0
are broken i'll paddle abser you want to4223.123.76
man the sail4225.443.44
i'm really busy doing the vine goo thing4226.883.279
man the sales simon4228.883.279
yeah let's make the sale manning okay4230.1593.52
there's a sale4232.1594.56
yes there's a sale how do we okay for4233.6793.441
yeah go up top man the sale all right4237.123.2
man in the sale4239.1993.361
in a minute i can see how you might not4240.323.76
have noticed since there's only4242.564.159
four of us on a tiny raft oh look at4244.084.24
that sail4246.7195.201
what do i do with it angle it ow4248.325.68
you can grab it you look at it it'll4251.923.44
prompt you to tell you what to do4254.03.52
well i have my hud off because i'm good4255.363.04
sail's down4257.523.36
now steer it towards the raft okay right4258.44.08
hold right to4260.885.92
what no i'm over just through the hook4262.488.36
okay r hold rotate4266.87.439
smoothly very smooth4270.845.96
just tell me which way to go is it going4274.2394.48
the right way neebs you got him4276.85.04
hold on uh no exact wrong way4278.7196.561
180 like this 180.4281.845.2
[ __ ] a man i don't know how to do4285.283.28
this what do you mean4287.043.199
swap with them neebs somebody [ __ ]4288.563.04
get up here and do this [ __ ]4290.2392.881
all right you keep paddling directly4291.63.44
let's see what this is4293.125.039
i can't wait to watch you do is there uh4295.046.88
thing is up there we go uh arp4298.1596.321
there we go that's uh a little more to4301.924.239
the right4304.484.239
there we go there we go that was great4306.1593.281
here we go4308.7195.52
good work4309.448.96
oh boy yeah this is the biggen4314.2394.161
this is the mother lode right here oh4318.883.6
[ __ ]4320.7195.52
yes get them both and then i'll finish4322.484.4
off with4326.2393.681
that oh yeah you [ __ ] [ __ ]4326.887.04
oh man y'all competing yes we are4329.925.759
this is we're having a lot of fun here4333.923.36
these fishing for these barrels4335.6793.601
that barrel look at this barrel shot4337.284.72
right here up hold on4339.286.24
duty calls duty calls go for it4342.07.92
i give up next beer oh [ __ ]4345.527.04
little [ __ ] [ __ ] look at that it's4349.923.759
like you did nothing you4352.564.88
dumb ass4353.6795.841
yeah what's up astro hey neebs i got4357.444.0
something for you oh yeah yeah4359.525.92
what you got we'll check this out4361.446.239
this is a fancy water bottle i've4365.443.52
already made one for myself there's4367.6792.961
actually water in it oh yeah4368.964.56
delicious with leaving it and uh but4370.644.0
this one4373.523.199
that one's for you baby man i almost4374.643.44
feel like simon should have that but4376.7192.0
i'll take it4378.081.599
yeah i'm gonna make something for4378.7191.921
everybody that's why i've been cooking4379.6792.401
all this vinegar oh and speaking of4380.642.32
guess what i'll be cooking now i did the4382.966.48
chicken pot pie oh sand4386.06.56
sand got some sand in here gonna learn4389.444.64
to make glass we can learn to make glass4392.563.119
i think i can make that advanced water4394.082.48
oh yeah then we'll be able to make4396.564.159
chicken pot pie yeah but listen and4398.643.44
after that i want to do something else i4400.7192.96
want to clean this [ __ ] up this place is4402.082.32
a wreck4403.6793.761
it is it's a nightmare yeah i want like4404.44.4
you guys need to build like a cooking4407.443.2
station so we need a kitchen you get you4408.82.96
get started on the kitchen you're our4410.642.24
building oh i'll make the kitchen4411.762.479
somebody make a [ __ ] kitchen i'm4412.882.56
working on all this [ __ ]4414.2392.881
well look at this huge area i've made4415.444.32
over here hey that's a nice area i got4417.124.16
over there doraleous i know4419.764.8
might be good for a kitchen it might be4421.287.04
it's awfully catch-ish land hope4424.566.08
are we stopping yeah we probably should4428.323.359
it's so close4430.642.559
oh god do i have an anchor i don't think4431.6793.121
i've made another anchor hold on i'll4433.1993.201
paddle so busy with the4434.83.439
everything else i know i know hold on i4436.43.04
can do it just give me a second4438.2394.801
paddle i'm paddling i can hold this in4439.444.4
place for a minute4443.042.56
you're doing great man i'm just gonna4443.844.16
watch you okay4445.63.92
yeah we need to get some seaweed i see4448.03.6
it down there what you need4449.524.4
nothing i'm making it up paddle broke4451.63.68
it's perfect perfect timing don't worry4453.922.96
about doing it just in time4455.284.64
all right we're anchored boys what4456.884.56
all of our climbing stuff's on that side4459.923.52
of the boat ah4461.444.16
that's nice sorry yeah i don't even know4463.443.52
i didn't even cross my mind because4465.62.96
we're new at this that's okay we need to4466.963.36
build up anyway hey yep4468.563.44
sure i got one more thing to do though4470.323.28
for before we get started okay4472.04.719
you ready for this maybe bam i got an4473.64.72
advanced purifier where are we putting4476.7192.241
it oh4478.322.72
[ __ ] this is okay this is a big deal4478.963.12
well the kitchen's still under4481.042.48
renovation so just4482.085.599
put it wherever so uh how does this work4483.526.48
fill it with water looks like you put4487.6794.161
water in the back and it drips down to4490.02.4
the front4491.843.04
oh okay it heats up it evaporates it4492.43.839
collects the condensation4494.883.6
science science beautiful let's fill4496.2393.44
this thing up4498.483.92
oh look filled with fresh water fresh4499.6794.161
water is done4502.44.24
so i'm filling up and i'm drinking uh i4503.844.0
want to see how many times i can fill4506.643.44
this water bottle4507.844.879
was it just twice no also it's twice you4510.084.0
got oh there's another one bam another4512.7192.241
one again hey4514.082.8
oh my god phil i got a full water bottle4514.963.36
man i'm drinking4516.885.12
shark shark he's not a bad place4518.327.52
man i just drank4522.03.84
we almost lost our freaking plot over4526.43.68
here that has flowers4528.643.599
that god knows what we're gonna do with4530.083.68
well he took the stairs4532.2395.92
oh [ __ ] he did take the stairs4533.768.72
[ __ ] that's funny4538.1594.321
neebs yeah i need to go down for some4546.083.599
seaweed okay4548.323.76
we i don't have any planks i can't build4549.6794.081
up well this is a good stop anyway4552.083.52
because we need materials i need ore4553.763.68
and i also need i i need seaweed4555.63.2
seaweed's important to me but you see4557.442.239
what i got my hand4558.83.359
uh yep bait bait i'm gonna throw that4559.6794.241
bait i'm gonna go get some seaweed baby4562.1594.08
okay neebs i can give you your spikes4563.923.6
i'll take your planks yeah4566.2394.881
yeah oh [ __ ] i threw the bait in4567.525.92
you son of a [ __ ] why are you biting me4571.123.84
hey here's bait throw this in it4573.443.52
distracts the shark bait doesn't work4574.964.239
you sure well it's right there and i4576.963.84
don't see it okay maybe if i come up4579.1992.081
hey shark shark4581.286.399
see that bait there you go you dumb son4585.1210.72
of a [ __ ] all right i'm going in go in4587.6798.161
all right seaweed days how's this coming4597.123.76
not good man4599.843.52
too close to the rocks it's really what4600.883.76
i want to build oh man4603.363.52
should we just readjust can you paddle4604.643.44
us back a minute4606.884.16
i don't have a paddle uh anyone got a4608.084.32
negatory i got a paddle can you paddle4612.43.6
us away from the island4614.642.96
yeah just pedal that way let's see if i4616.06.48
can place this uh roof i'm going back in4617.67.68
ah yeah i got it okay okay good job4622.483.36
let's see4625.282.24
can i come up here thank you so hard and4625.843.44
then uh i guess i'll walk up here and4627.522.24
nope hey i'm up here now all right well4629.763.919
that's good but4632.642.8
it won't do you much good unless you can4633.6793.761
get to the next stop right4635.443.759
now let's see maybe i can climb this4637.444.239
tree yeah4639.1994.571
yeah up here okay4641.6794.241
i'm up hey whoa hey good climbing man4645.927.44
all right i'm like a tarzan up here4650.7193.52
exactly like4653.363.52
pretty good pretty spot on huh all right4658.7195.761
here it is found the treasure planks4662.083.76
nails wood hinge4664.485.6
got a hinge i like hinges pretty good um4665.846.48
take my hatchet to some of these trees4670.084.24
yeah bring all that wood down i gotta do4672.323.919
some repairs and [ __ ]4674.323.52
look at this i got hungry while i was up4676.2393.841
here and i got this gigantic fish4677.844.8
not even worried about it eat it all day4680.084.24
also got a bottle of water just carry it4684.323.28
with me4686.882.88
who who do i gotta [ __ ] to get a bottle4687.63.84
of water4689.763.919
all right let's [ __ ] yeah i mean4691.443.92
honestly get over here let's start4693.6794.401
banging baby4695.362.72
simon yes sir i got a water bottle man4703.125.52
all right you ready for this yeah come4706.7194.0
to me come to me all right all right4708.645.68
there it is slam all right now take that4710.7195.041
water bottle put it in your inventory4714.322.399
come over here4715.764.24
yeah congrats on uh becoming part of the4716.7194.96
water bottle hey doraleous you're next4720.03.84
oh i know all right so in the meantime i4721.6793.601
should have food anyone want to give me4723.843.44
food uh there's i can wait i got five4725.283.12
beets hold on4727.283.28
eat your baits can't beat that okay i4728.43.6
we're never gonna do too many of those4732.05.679
yeah that's a hard joke to beat4734.03.679
damn that was good [ __ ] we're funny4740.2395.201
yeah we're hilarious all right i'm gonna4743.6793.361
go beat off somewhere4745.444.719
yes capped it off4747.046.4
what because he said oh wow and that was4750.1595.681
wow that got over your head it went4753.443.52
right over his head4755.846.11
damn that's okay it was that good4756.968.239
oh all right that's enough for me4765.1994.641
you think you got enough yeah i don't4768.563.36
want to wear the shark out yeah okay4769.843.2
well what do you want to build next what4771.922.799
do you need me what do i want to build4773.042.24
next egg4774.7193.921
well listen right now4775.285.76
i want to talk to my good buddy4778.643.36
yes come hither oh is you giving me a4782.03.6
waffle oh4784.323.12
i was giving you some water bottle you4785.65.119
can't even bunch on that car4787.443.279
thank you sir water bottles hey cheers4796.1593.121
you are welcome4798.484.4
flank clean clothes yeah doraleous fill4799.285.12
it up let's all take a drink4802.883.44
all right everybody cheers man cheers4804.43.12
cheers cheers4806.322.399
clink clink clink clink clink clink4807.523.6
clink hey good day i just got i got one4808.7193.121
oh you can fill it up multiple times so4811.843.44
pull it up again all the way up4813.64.32
fill it up again see how that works i do4815.284.0
now who's smart me yes you4819.2814.56
i'm the i'm the smart guy4822.411.44
oh [ __ ] i just drank the wrong water4839.766.0
that's a good start it is yeah i just i4843.443.759
accidentally poured out my entire water4845.762.6
bottle list4847.1992.561
god there's so many annoying things4849.763.04
about this can we get off this island4851.361.92
yeah we need planks i'm gonna start4853.283.359
uh yeah start rowing right now growing4856.6393.361
to the side hey you know what4858.483.679
i got a freaking brand new paddle i'll4860.04.159
help you row keep rolling boys keep4862.1592.641
are we leaving i need to get on the boat4864.86.24
yeah you should get on the boat4868.03.04
keep rowing simon keep rowing doraleous4885.124.88
all right i got one plank4887.1994.161
we haven't gone anywhere but we're4890.03.84
anchored yeah i know4891.365.76
see we're so dumb no4893.845.839
i'm not adorably dumb are we pulling up4897.125.86
the anchor boys4899.67913.841
it's gonna be so much fun if you could4913.523.84
rope towards the sun you can have so4917.366.48
much fun probably stop rolling now simon4920.563.599
okay we're in plainfield well yeah4924.1596.881
getting dark we need more stuff we need4929.124.4
more lights my water bottle by the way4931.043.119
which was4933.523.92
a wonderful gift is almost uh broken4934.1596.08
no it's not broken it's almost empty oh4937.444.16
fill it up again simon well everything4941.62.96
else is measured by that bar on the4943.1992.881
bottom and then when that bar is gone4944.562.639
it's broken4946.084.559
such a interesting angel why your sweet4947.1995.201
little dumpling is what you are it's the4950.6393.681
only thing that's called my bar4952.43.52
simons say the darndest thing and it's4954.323.68
hilarious everyone understands that4955.923.92
means water4958.04.56
why because what is orange but when you4959.844.24
fill it up watch the bar4962.564.0
no i'm drinking it it's going down my4964.083.28
bottle's breaking4966.562.32
well can i can i explain something to4967.363.52
you when you look at when you look at4968.882.56
shovel right yeah it has a bar4971.443.44
underneath it right4973.923.44
yep when that bar goes down yeah and it4974.884.319
disappears what happens to that shovel4977.363.6
we understand why you think that we just4979.1994.0
think it's adorable but i think that's4980.964.48
insane that you think it's adorable when4983.1993.681
it's exactly how many people here4985.444.4
thought their bottle was broken4986.885.68
no one so the bottle never breaks i4989.843.76
don't think it doesn't look like it like4992.562.4
you just keep well the cup doesn't have4993.62.24
a [ __ ] bar4994.962.48
under it and wouldn't you think wouldn't4995.843.6
you think the cup would have that4997.443.759
does the cup have that no oh yeah but it4999.443.44
just has the the graphic image5001.1993.281
either empty or not empty but all the5002.882.96
other ones the shovel and everything5004.483.52
else the bar is uh yellow there's a very5005.844.08
no clear difference in color yes the5008.03.36
wood is orange dick face5009.924.0
yeah orange orange goes away the thing5011.363.359
there's three colors right we're right5014.7193.52
but it doesn't seem strange to me but5016.43.6
simon go go fill up the water bottle you5018.2392.641
see it go from5020.04.159
there being no line to it it's filling5020.883.52
from broken to fix right once you put5024.43.12
water in it5026.1593.921
i cannot believe that i'm getting this5027.523.36
much black5030.084.32
i'm not even taking part there you go5030.885.839
i told you it was adorable well that's5034.44.4
kind of a really shitty way of getting5036.7197.121
me black5038.85.04
doraleous yep i have a gift for you good5048.84.16
take a look at me take a look now i'm5052.963.92
sick of seeing you with that that5055.1993.04
[ __ ] spear you got5056.886.08
so i have made you a very very nice5058.2396.48
where the [ __ ] is it i made it i swear5062.963.199
to god i made it maybe oh no there it is5064.7192.561
i'm now i'm crafting it5066.1594.08
i have me i've made you a very nice i'm5067.283.68
thinking middle5070.2393.44
giving you a gift thank you oh what did5070.963.279
i just do5073.6792.48
you just oh because i don't know your5074.2393.361
inventory is full throw away that old5076.1592.48
piece of [ __ ] spear5077.63.28
um i'll take it yeah i'll take it don't5078.6395.201
throw it it's actually yeah and oops now5080.883.6
um did i get it you got it5084.486.56
bam and i got that no5087.924.88
someone took the good spear simon you5091.043.36
take the good spear yeah you should have5092.82.08
it till i i thought i thought it tab5094.884.08
check and check your inventory make sure5097.362.72
that's what i'm looking for i've got a5098.963.36
i've got two wooden spears i've been out5100.082.88
here for like5102.322.96
22 days no someone took the really good5102.963.44
spear i don't know5105.283.04
i don't think did the spear just go5106.43.52
drifting off into the5108.323.52
ocean no it couldn't have everyone5109.923.52
looked in their inventories well right5111.842.319
now i have5113.442.64
two wooden spears and one of them it5114.1593.761
looks like an arrow almost5116.084.639
like i don't have it where the hell did5117.923.92
it go5120.7192.721
in the ocean this is like this is a5121.845.2
mystery it looks like a spear5123.446.88
oh there it no it's not stop it hit tab5127.046.88
yeah tab thank you5130.326.319
looks like a spirit of me here and i5133.924.56
picked up what i picked up got me an5136.6393.361
extra spear which i see i'm5138.483.44
hovering over that right and it says5140.03.36
wooden spear it doesn't look like5141.923.92
anything else oh there it is so i was it5143.363.52
in your inventory5145.844.08
maybe see so all right yep yep mystery5146.884.799
where was it hey5151.6794.161
i love that food it's not that big of a5164.2394.081
deal anymore but uh yeah simon5165.844.96
oh okay test it out test it out oh he's5168.323.04
right here5170.83.919
one [ __ ] yeah two hits two and he5171.363.76
on and yeah and he got scared he get it5175.124.8
in two hits5178.485.36
that's a two hit5179.923.92
let's go i'm curious5186.2394.4
what's that a diving board you got going5190.6393.201
on there to wrap well it's5192.083.84
just for the island thing i think it's a5193.843.44
diving board i'm gonna jump off of it5195.922.319
i'll get doubles5197.284.16
doubles like if if uh5198.2395.201
if i need to get to him to get and y'all5201.443.36
look great up there i5203.442.64
know hey you know what would look even5204.84.16
better up there a standing torch5206.084.079
i don't know because i'm really liking5208.963.279
the silhouette right now5210.1593.52
look at the moon well i could always5212.2392.881
pick it up couldn't i that looks like5213.6791.761
scene from mary poppins an e.t just down5215.444.32
a little bit5218.6397.201
y'all do steppin time5219.766.08
all right i also have to put a torch5240.323.76
down to celebrate oh yeah right here5241.6792.801
all right i'm jumping off the davenport5244.489.36
please ruin my shot names all right i5255.6793.52
want to see if there's any feathers up5258.03.36
is this a metal thing done um probably5262.6393.841
yeah take that5265.63.599
drop what a drop i don't know that's5266.484.08
middle ingot here i'll grab it and i'll5269.1992.641
make you uh make you a bolt5270.563.28
no uh yeah i need a bolt yeah i need a5271.843.6
bolt yep boom5273.843.28
catching the bolt boom there's the bolt5275.443.68
got it okay standby5277.124.72
what are you making i'm making a bow i5279.124.24
made some uh flippers in an oxygen5281.842.56
bottle last night5283.362.56
oh wow we're gonna have a good dive5284.43.2
today uh5285.924.0
can i make arrows yeah you can make an5287.65.36
arrow i saw arrows in there5289.923.04
oh that's looking tight you know what5293.64.0
you know what that bow is good to shoot5295.845.2
uh sharks birds birds birds birds when5297.65.28
the things running away you can kill it5301.042.8
in the air when5302.883.04
if it gets away look at this boat oh i5303.843.2
can't wait for you to kill5305.923.6
me and absolutely are going diving okay5307.044.159
ready absolutely uh yeah well now5309.523.199
another shark came around do we need5311.1992.801
some shark bait i'm gonna see if this5312.7193.121
bow work underwater i'll protect us5314.04.159
that's your plan yeah that's that's your5315.843.52
plan that's my plan5318.1593.04
uh i feel like a little bit of bait5319.363.04
would work better but whatever whatever5321.1991.52
got your back let's do it all right i5322.7193.761
got my flippers on i got my5324.485.04
oxygen bottle on okay here we go right5326.484.719
behind you5329.523.76
i'm looking for the shark the shark is5331.1994.161
uh not by you guys5333.286.24
uh totally didn't notice you go down5335.364.16
down the giant clam i'm going even5340.964.88
deeper i'm getting crazy5342.563.28
i found a crate down here full of hinges5348.883.31
and nails5351.044.32
all right coming back up holy moly i can5355.363.44
go deep now that is5357.524.96
awesome that is awesome sharks coming5358.86.16
i got my5362.482.48
hey you got enough time to make a uh5370.484.0
either make more arrows or make um5372.1594.681
some bait i got five more arrows at the5374.484.159
moment got an arrow in his face5376.845.16
he does wear his face yeah that's in the5378.6394.961
front of his body not sure5382.03.52
oh yeah i know i was i was i mean where5383.63.44
is where's the [ __ ] shark can you see5385.523.52
the arrow back give me that5387.046.8
give me that5389.044.8
oh wait is he coming to me now nah he's5397.523.28
good all right i'm swimming down under5399.523.679
for more5400.82.399
all right i think i was uh pretty5405.1994.0
successful i'm ready to get out of here5406.85.359
you got some good stuff man i i'm loaded5409.1994.0
up with scrap5412.1593.281
let's see i got a couple of pieces of5413.1994.161
copper i got a metal5415.443.44
yeah i got plenty of stuff to keep us5417.363.76
busy hey neebs5418.883.759
yeah i can make two of these copper5421.124.88
ingredients i can make a circuit board5422.6393.361
oh you came to the wrong spot5428.7197.121
yeah you're okay man that was exciting5445.764.08
the music helped5450.0813.76
hey yeah man i got something exciting5470.083.44
uh nice fish by the way i'm eating this5473.523.36
big fish do it uh5475.1995.121
i have learned a circuit board or i just5476.884.96
made a circuit board5480.323.76
and now i'm coming over to the research5481.843.12
around mr simon okay circuit board here5484.966.48
let's research a circuit board bam now5488.6394.08
we know how to make a5491.444.64
receiver to locate nearby radio signals5492.7196.401
okay and an antenna that i guess5496.084.48
goes along with our receiver what do we5499.123.2
need to make those things uh i don't5500.562.88
know let me double check5502.325.12
uh yeah two circuit boards plastic hinge5503.445.52
i'm gonna need more copper ingots so5507.443.279
next island we see let's stop5508.962.88
but i think we know how to make5510.7192.561
everything now like that's everything in5511.843.2
the game we'll be off this raft in no5513.282.879
we build that radio we'll find a good5516.1595.441
radio signal and uh we'll take us home5517.66.48
sharks in yeah trucks in sharks gonna5521.63.28
right here easy oh come on i'm cool5524.888.96
come on shark show us what you got5538.086.24
oh he's coming boom oh5541.285.76
daddy what the5544.322.72
i got him we got him i think i mean my5554.7194.401
action's still good you guys getting5557.523.52
stakes we're getting steaks where's the5559.123.44
boat come on summon5561.044.48
okay mistakes are out wait is he sinking5562.564.88
i don't have anything to get steaks with5565.525.84
i already got steaks we gotta swim back5567.443.92
all right i only got three steaks you5573.123.28
with me simon5575.62.639
i'm with you well i see the boat i don't5576.45.36
know where you are i'm right beside you5578.2396.801
that was intense that boat's getting big5581.764.959
boats getting big i just added another5585.043.92
thing man there's an island too5586.7194.081
all right today let's get on the island5588.963.04
the right way5590.84.08
we could do this yeah we can i got it5592.03.84
backwards now5594.884.08
i'm ready to rock all right you guys5595.845.0
you guys got to paddle us in the right5598.963.44
all right i'll make an anchor we gotta5602.43.52
turn it around turn it around we'll5604.1592.161
so tell me what to do i don't know is5606.324.319
this working5608.1592.48
so what do i do to try to spin it around5610.84.0
like come by me maybe i don't know5613.1992.321
you were the guys that were all5614.82.0
confident about being able to know we5615.523.119
weren't but we were saying we'd like to5616.82.48
try it5618.6393.52
okay go for it are we turning at all we5619.283.76
need to turn we're5622.1592.56
facing the wrong way that's what i'm5623.043.52
trying to turn out like this5624.7194.801
you see where i am i'm going to do what5626.563.599
you're doing5629.522.159
exactly right where i'm going to help5630.1593.681
you let's see if it's like5631.6795.281
like this end around5633.845.28
well wouldn't this spin it the other way5636.964.56
don't we want to do it the other way5639.124.24
as long as we turned around i don't know5641.523.76
if we can doesn't look like it's doing5643.363.16
anything does it5645.286.0
well this is the worst place we could5651.283.52
have landed i think this is a bust5652.83.919
uh we could build like a bridge over5654.84.08
here i think that's what doraleous is up5656.7193.52
there working on it so we're5658.882.799
so we don't have to deal with this again5660.2392.881
all right neebs i'm going under you5661.6792.081
going under5663.123.28
yep keep him off my ass okay here he5663.764.08
oh sucker oh man is there nothing on5667.843.92
this side i think i picked the wrong5670.41.68
to jump into you keep running5672.087.28
there we go bam he's going deep5675.766.64
be careful okay daddy needs5679.367.12
copper come there's a copper on5682.47.6
oh really this island sucks5686.485.6
there's nothing here he went deep again5690.03.92
oh he's coming up at me5692.085.36
here we go suck up keep coming5693.924.96
all right let's see what can i get heck5697.443.04
can these get some scrap man i really5698.882.64
wanted some copper5700.482.96
oh i won't copper so bad5701.523.599
hey i got a bunch of my arrows back go5705.1194.961
okay what's this what's this metal5708.2394.081
that's better nothing take some metal5710.085.84
i really wanted that copper oh i killed5712.324.16
okay hey shark's dead get the shark meat5716.487.28
i'm on it get my arrows back there we go5720.1596.56
we're gonna eat you now5723.762.959
i'm going for it you got it doraleous5726.884.64
come on5729.1194.241
that was a bad jump did you jump did you5731.524.159
even jump yeah but it was a bad job5733.366.56
okay oh i gotta cook this meat i can't5735.6796.801
eat this like this i want to see this oh5739.923.6
yeah that's right you got a shark5742.484.56
again jump5743.526.0
i just need one more now i want to try5747.043.92
something i'll do one more5749.523.599
we'll cook this steak what are you guys5750.963.84
trying trying to get on huh5753.1193.281
i just don't have enough stuff i don't5754.83.68
have enough stuff we had one more5756.45.68
over we've been gold and5758.486.08
you know what if maybe i can where's the5762.083.84
they're way up top salmon oh way up top5765.924.64
huh this uh that one part is tricky but5767.843.44
hold on [ __ ]5771.283.52
so how do you do i just had one5774.965.92
oh and it wouldn't have one plank one5778.1594.401
sure i do one plank yeah here hold on5780.883.12
i'll hook you up ready5782.563.84
here we go5784.02.4
here we go oh you're right5787.926.56
you're off coming with you yeah5791.287.52
man just for the fun of it slam5794.488.159
yeah hey you made it up here dude5798.84.54
good job5802.6393.6
you got some black flowers is that is5806.2393.201
that good5808.562.88
yeah you ever figure out how to do the5809.444.4
coconut put the lime in it5811.444.239
drink a boat up call the doctor in the5813.842.53
all right going deep one last time5824.83.52
oh is that is that cop is it right there5829.363.2
god that wasn't deep at all5831.364.48
oh yeah [ __ ] yes copper oh5832.564.96
i'm gonna be able to make some good5835.844.399
stuff with that5837.525.28
neebs can i borrow your bow and arrow5840.2394.721
i'm pretty attached to it you know5842.86.24
well i will i promise i won't5844.966.32
how's that going after good i had to get5849.044.159
a little bit more scrap i'm working on5851.284.24
working on making this an antenna oh5853.1993.361
really yeah5855.522.96
oh that sounds good i made two circuit5856.563.679
boards now all i need is a bolt5858.483.52
so i'm cooking some metal over here and5860.2393.041
it's almost done as soon as the metal is5862.02.56
done i'll be able to make a bolt5863.284.32
okay oh look at that5864.566.4
is that a like a metal hatchet5867.63.36
yeah yeah you're going to use it i think5872.2393.44
i saw a tree and y'all need a tree up5874.2392.721
there i got it i got it5875.6794.881
i used it i'm on that okay is the island5876.964.56
yes island is clear cool move on ready5881.524.0
to move on everyone5884.322.96
oh we got absolutely going down now yeah5885.523.599
he's trying to get copper oh [ __ ] who's5887.283.52
got planks put planks in the forge5889.1195.361
i'm on it yep uh blanks coming up did i5890.84.08
do it5894.482.08
there you go no the uh neebs this5894.883.279
island's baron i got everything that was5896.563.119
uh at the bottom of this island oh but5898.1592.801
there's my metal ingot5899.6793.361
holy moly can i do it yep i can make a5900.963.759
bolt hey and then boom5903.044.88
i can make us an5904.7196.0
antenna hey where do we want to put it5907.923.52
wait i got5910.7192.321
maybe an antenna should go up higher i5911.443.12
shouldn't yeah it should all the way up5913.041.84
at the top yeah head up there5914.884.96
whatever wherever we put it we just got5918.083.92
to make sure it's not going to like5919.844.96
collapse or disappear if it's where one5922.03.44
of these5924.83.52
pillars gets eaten by a shark you know5925.444.96
what i mean maybe kind of in the middle5928.326.64
safer all right here we go come on baby5930.46.96
oh yeah it's so hard for me to say down5934.963.92
here oh it's a little storm here5937.363.6
i can see it now we get hbo are we5938.883.279
getting a reception5940.964.0
ah no i think we got a well yeah it5942.1594.0
needs a receiver5944.963.52
okay so i got to make a receiver that5946.1594.08
makes sense we'll do that then5948.484.48
yeah we'll do that next time good work5950.2393.361
good work all right hold on look at me5953.66.19
man i need help paddling i'm paddling as5981.923.199
hard as i damn can but i5983.843.12
can't seem to get there i got the bucket5985.1193.441
simon what5986.963.52
a battle nope i don't have any of my5988.563.52
[ __ ] and none of it's in my inventory5990.482.4
right now what5992.082.559
oh my shit's gone you're always you got5992.883.68
a paddle yeah i'll be right there5994.6393.281
maybe i can get it with the bucket i5996.562.4
don't know we're close enough man you5997.921.92
might want to throw the bucket down5998.962.0
throwing it5999.843.44
ah that was a bad throw okay all right6000.963.759
but still no no no this is6003.283.28
this is all right this is all right oh6004.7193.281
yeah look look at that6006.5615.679
hey yeah easy6008.016.0
oh i hate the sun's going down man it's6022.2393.281
so ready i want to go i want to go down6024.02.48
i want to get copper6025.523.28
hey guys i really don't i don't have6026.484.96
anything and i'm a little bit confused6028.85.28
all of my stuff is gone don't you try to6031.443.92
leave and then come back all right so6034.082.639
you're saying i gotta go6035.363.12
and then come back you got nothing huh6036.7194.721
nothing yeah nothing you should log out6038.485.12
log back in hold on you sure didn't just6041.443.279
empty your inventory when you left you6043.61.36
crazy stuff no i didn't i'm exiting6044.964.32
goodbye okay bye6047.1993.44
i hope everything turns out all right6049.283.2
with him oh i did too me too6050.6394.241
i would hate for him to lose his uh palm6052.483.04
yeah dave do you think that rock looks6055.525.199
kind of like a shark yeah a little mouth6059.364.64
up front yeah see that6060.7196.48
shark island you get you get you get you6064.04.719
still got enough yeah yeah6067.1994.881
hey simon nothing nothing i got nothing6068.7194.4
all right what do you want we'll get6072.083.119
we'll build you some i want everything6073.1193.921
this is so frustrating i'm actually6075.1993.761
busting my ass and now6077.043.84
everything that i've worked hard for is6078.963.679
is gone there you go6080.885.68
there's a fishing pole thank you a hook6082.6397.281
here's a paddle here's a here's a big6086.565.28
fish to eat this paddle you gave me is a6089.923.36
piece of [ __ ] hey6091.843.279
beggar's camping channel hey all right6093.283.2
man damn i'm friends yeah6095.1193.04
i fight that shark i gave him my spear6096.483.12
all right i got him6098.1593.761
no i'm just ah he's gone back no but the6099.63.76
but it was pretty much broken and you6101.922.64
can't repair it well you didn't have6103.362.72
anything a second ago okay6104.562.96
i'm just saying we're gonna keep6106.083.599
complaining you keep complaining you6107.523.76
know what i'm not talking to you neebs6109.6792.721
i'm talking about6111.284.8
appsro shoot him neebs oh really6112.47.04
oh [ __ ] no he stabbed me did he6116.084.079
hurt you6119.444.0
you told me oh really we want to play6120.1594.96
this game yeah we'll play this game6123.443.279
play that game what are you doing hey6125.1192.881
i'm gonna hit you with my hook this is6126.7193.041
not a game6128.07.84
stupid oh he's throwing hook to people6129.766.08
oh easy i'm gonna die okay6137.1194.051
when somebody said hey shoot him and6147.6793.52
then the other one6150.43.52
said okay that's when i said [ __ ] it6151.1994.161
what am i gonna do just sit here and6153.922.08
just take it6155.364.56
and then what happened shut up you6156.05.52
all right well maybe you wouldn't have6159.923.52
gotten shot had you been respectful in6161.523.599
the first place all right fine6163.443.759
damn fish there you go that's good thank6165.1194.0
you okay i gave you that fish no i'm6167.1992.321
i'm good we'll see how the rest of the6169.523.119
day goes the fish at half health yeah6170.82.319
not we're good thank you guys thanks for6173.1193.52
talking now we need a bottle6175.1194.241
we need a half broke bottle for simon no6176.6394.881
i'm good i'll just keep on dying6179.363.52
i don't need a bottle i don't need6181.523.73
you know what i lied when i said i6189.043.199
didn't want a bottle you want one now6190.482.88
don't you i do6192.2393.121
but you know what you got to do what me6193.363.839
and you we're going to get some goo6195.365.12
all right simon what neebs yeah hold on6197.1994.401
i was getting ready to show him how to6200.482.639
get some goo i know but you don't need6201.63.28
to because bubba boom after already had6203.1193.52
a spare bottle6204.883.6
but i need you guys to go make it anyway6206.6393.361
because uh my oxygen tank6208.484.88
busted so go get goo6210.03.36
that's that's not it it looks just like6214.1593.04
it go straight6216.43.52
[ __ ] sure okay see that long tall6217.1993.44
oh yeah these are seaweed plants all6220.6393.281
waiting for e to come up nothing did6223.924.48
someone pick them already6226.883.359
nothing someone already picked them i6228.45.44
don't think6230.2393.601
down here all right6234.562.8
hold on fellas did you pick out stay6238.04.08
awake no i was grabbing some crap6239.845.279
absolutely yeah i'm cooking it right now6242.085.28
i was trying to take seven go deeper6245.1193.681
there's probably some more down there6247.364.96
simon come on hey sucker6248.85.6
can i keep can i pick while i got my6252.323.44
spike or my spear6254.44.0
i think so all right ready all right6255.764.24
come back down6258.44.96
look at you start coming up okay i hit6260.03.84
all right we got to move we got to move6263.843.68
around the island i know6265.524.0
this way follow me well you're going6267.523.599
under the boat no6269.523.84
all right i'm adventurous all right well6271.1193.921
we're i'm going to run out of oxygen so6273.363.68
let's go up and look there's the anchor6275.044.24
all right star's coming i got him hold6277.045.36
on ready i'm up6279.287.52
all right you went up where you at6282.46.64
oh there you are yeah you ready get your6286.83.12
air i'm good6289.043.52
i am ready going down going down right6289.924.08
here simon i think right here6292.564.4
oh [ __ ] hold on i'm going to get some6294.04.48
right here right here6296.964.08
e where are you at yeah did you get it6298.483.52
some i don't see6301.044.639
e yeah there's no segway left there's6302.05.6
nothing to [ __ ] prompt to get6305.6795.121
start coming up6307.66.72
worst lesson ever6310.83.52
yeah did you take all the seaweed6315.364.48
everywhere i took most a lot of it or6317.1193.761
out there yeah6319.842.879
teach me when we're on an island that6320.884.0
these [ __ ] hell go deeper6322.7194.241
go deeper you did great no now you'll6324.883.359
know when you see it it's like you'll6326.962.719
see those little seaweed stalks and6328.2393.201
there's like a big bushel of it and6329.6792.721
that's kind of glowing6331.442.64
you're gonna have one of them i know i6332.43.6
picked a lot of them but you know yeah6334.083.2
there's probably some still down there6336.02.88
keep looking don't give up oh [ __ ] that6337.282.48
let me [ __ ] that6338.886.08
[ __ ] that just keep going6339.767.04
see names we may have to uh oh is that6344.963.279
copper yeah that's copper6346.83.439
hell yeah here's the seaweed i found the6348.2393.041
seaweed got a seaweed6350.2393.041
seaweed let simon pick it all right6351.283.12
don't don't pick these i'm gonna have6353.283.76
simon do it6354.42.64
okay look around the island6362.965.12
you told me to look at the island in the6366.03.36
water well6368.084.559
well you said look around the island6369.366.56
so no up can you see me i see some i see6372.6394.801
two people i'm way out6375.923.6
way out there look at you come towards6377.443.52
me you're looking good6379.525.04
all right come towards me all right6380.963.6
get a big breath sure you're ready ready6385.63.519
all right going down6388.324.16
going down it was like around here some6389.1193.681
was it here you see me summoned i do6392.88.0
is it uh papa6396.565.76
here we go you see these two in front of6400.84.16
me oh yeah you picked those oh yeah6402.323.919
that's seaweed then we're gonna put that6404.963.279
in the forge and you can make uh like a6406.2392.4
okay oh oh oh oh yeah breathe6408.6397.441
yeah oh6412.848.279
man come on that's getting close6416.085.039
holy [ __ ] all right that was close6421.1994.561
afterwards you get a6423.844.96
bottle of oxygen tank uh no i6425.765.12
i still don't have enough goo but i made6428.83.6
another water bottle so yeah6430.883.2
i i'm getting there i'm getting there6432.43.6
all right hey6434.084.32
oh shark just happened already seemed6436.07.84
like it was a shark6438.45.44
oh neat yeah i can craft this battery6448.325.52
yeah used to power electrical machines6451.523.04
yeah see6453.843.12
i got a battery battery yeah does that6454.563.44
go up there by the6456.964.08
thing i don't know can you set it down6458.05.28
it's the only electrical thing that i6461.045.119
know of gentlemen yeah can we get back6463.283.439
in the current6466.1592.161
hold on we got this battery we're trying6466.7194.641
to figure out how to use it6468.325.839
now the antenna requires the receiver so6471.364.24
can't use the battery here but i bet i6474.1592.881
can use the battery with that receiver6475.62.4
once i make it6477.042.96
okay but i'm gonna need more uh i'm6478.03.52
gonna need more parts6480.03.28
well we should go get more stuff are we6481.524.159
done here yeah i think so6483.284.64
okay i could be done here yeah actually6485.6793.681
when we get going neebs i got a surprise6487.922.799
for you so the sooner we get going the6489.364.56
quicker your surprise happens6490.7193.201
does anchors away mean uh pull it up or6494.1593.841
take it i think let's put it down6496.483.199
i would oh yeah well i would think it's6498.03.28
also pull it up6499.6794.56
like anchors away away from the ground6501.283.439
thankfully my phone still has a tiny6504.7193.52
charge out here6506.964.4
i can google it anchors away drop anchor6508.2393.761
is one thing6511.362.08
and then anchors away would be we're6512.03.28
gonna go away pull it up says6513.444.08
the phrase anchors away is a report that6515.284.56
the anchors are clear of the sea bottom6517.524.0
and therefore the ship is officially6519.842.64
anchors away i was wrong yep and i was6522.485.6
who's got one plank i got blanks for6571.523.679
days i need one plank6573.763.359
maybe not for days but how about planks6575.1993.761
for days i used to have flanks6577.1193.52
oh the jellies and i have one yeah i do6578.963.12
i was just collecting items6580.6394.0
are you ready no no no i got it no i got6582.084.0
it i got the one i was right in front of6584.6392.56
your face you don't have to6586.082.8
worry about tattooed here i'm crafting6587.1992.96
i'm crafting the receiver i didn't mean6588.882.16
to craft the dude6590.1592.401
you didn't mean to craft it too oh i6591.042.72
crafted it it'd be fun if you could6592.562.4
craft an attitude6593.762.64
all right i think this receiver and this6594.963.44
antenna have to go together okay we got6596.43.6
to go upstairs all right yeah6598.43.44
somebody i i need more space up here who6600.03.36
can make uh who can make some more6601.844.56
dude i'm working on it here we go how6603.363.759
about that6606.44.64
all right you guys ready for this yeah6607.1196.161
oh oh and you can still get through6611.044.48
perfect oh look at this it's got a wire6613.284.56
that's where the battery goes right here6615.524.32
i got the battery so okay yeah we'll put6617.845.12
the battery here and6619.843.12
okay turn on hello oh6623.1196.961
hello wait antenna one two and three6626.485.44
too close to receiver not connected not6630.083.36
connect oh god we gotta make them we6631.922.719
gotta make more antennas6633.442.799
too close to receiver we gotta can you6634.6393.841
move that one uh yeah i can remove it6636.2393.92
gotta put it way out there in the corner6638.482.96
all right so i'll remove it and put it6640.1594.241
over here okay oh yep we got one antenna6641.445.279
online all right one and ten online okay6644.43.52
so [ __ ]6646.7192.48
all right so i gotta make two more6647.923.36
antennas and hopefully we can find us a6649.1992.96
signal boys6651.283.919
yeah wow we're gonna get inside6652.1595.361
we're gonna get saved am i hearing a6655.1993.04
shark attack6657.522.96
yep probably so [ __ ] oh yeah somebody's6658.2394.321
down there right in the middle6660.487.36
[ __ ] you i'm oh6662.565.28
here it comes oh i got a hit6681.6797.44
there we go come back around damn it6685.924.16
come on get him hey6690.085.76
oh crap oh and there's a shirt oh i see6696.084.159
him i'm going for him6699.1994.4
okay here we are come on come on seagull6700.2394.88
you got it i got him i got him i got him6703.5993.281
oh god he bite you6705.1193.361
uh no i'm good i'm good i'm good coming6706.883.44
back coming back oh man i wish i had my6708.482.639
i wish i had my clippers right now6711.1193.281
where's this shark he6712.883.359
might be behind us i'm looking i got our6714.43.36
backs all right i'm almost there i'm6716.2392.241
almost there6717.763.2
we're gonna have chicken salmon oh you6718.483.04
killed it6720.963.679
yeah rock on yeah he nailed it hold on6721.526.079
i'm tired i can't i can't make it i'm6724.6394.08
sucker you might gotta paddle6728.7196.321
uh no i gave i gave my shitty paddle6732.883.359
i'm under the pub i'm dehydrated6736.2395.761
simon where you at get that shitty6740.483.199
paddle kid no6742.09.84
i got everybody right here grab my hook6743.67911.361
grab the hook okay yeah6751.844.96
i need water all right you guys doing6755.043.679
all right get you some water man6756.85.52
oh [ __ ] wait simon where are you at oh6758.7195.44
i am uh swimming and getting stuff6762.324.96
because that's what i need to do6764.1593.121
simon simon simon6768.86.799
okay where's simon simon6772.484.88
got some water i was just about to say6775.5993.681
how we don't ever die did the shark get6777.364.72
oh i see him i see his buddy6779.285.52
come on leaves i'm coming keep me6782.083.519
i'm coming girl let's build a paddle6785.5993.52
paddle back towards us all right coming6787.443.759
i'm back okay6789.1194.56
yeah i got him i got him i got him keep6791.1994.0
me covered neve keep me covered i'm6793.6792.321
i'm one it's a hard current hard curve6796.05.599
you're doing great doraleous we got him6799.1194.48
we got him he'll be fine6801.5994.801
it'll be fine y'all see the shark anyway6803.5993.361
i don't6806.41.839
all right no we're good we're good come6806.963.52
on names yeah all right okay6808.2393.761
boy all right let me throw him down in6810.483.36
this bed6812.03.36
all right you let him rest up a little6813.844.08
he'll be fine6815.362.56
okay [ __ ] yeah okay yeah it's intense6820.563.28
yeah well i needed stuff right i'm about6823.844.56
to starve now6827.044.559
[ __ ] it i'm going back in6828.43.199
well don't don't get caught up there6833.5993.171
god damn it silence is he dead again6838.485.119
he's dead again coming up he really just6841.5998.241
did that yeah6843.5996.241
i know what a [ __ ] idiot6852.486.719
it's jesus there simon6856.087.76
wow simon wow6859.1994.641
hello all right barrels6864.084.559
all right [ __ ] all right damn it i'm not6872.86.08
gonna paddle paddle no paddle gotta6877.1194.08
go get him cover me i'm trying to eat6878.884.16
i'm starving to death and some nut keeps6881.1993.92
jumping in the water oh come on you6883.044.159
idiot you idiot6885.1193.52
come on get there all right i see the6887.1993.841
shark i think i'm okay you're okay6888.6393.6
jumping on the water like that it's6891.043.36
amazing i know man like jesus6892.2395.121
all right damn it that does hurtles all6894.44.4
right everyone yeah point an air run6897.362.319
don't let me know all right now you guys6898.82.16
are jumping out water don't go don't go6899.6792.0
back in the water6900.961.84
because they need the barrels let's go6901.6792.401
to the battles go to the battles let's6902.82.319
go to the barrels6904.082.559
i need stuff this barrel is coming from6905.1193.201
the other way look around yeah6906.6393.361
i need stuff there look at all this6908.323.76
stuff okay you know what simon6910.04.159
don't talk about it right here look look6912.084.559
there's like there's like two barrels6914.1595.681
simon no right here there's barrels look6916.6394.801
behind you simon look at me6919.843.759
look at me simon no i don't look at me6921.443.199
simon i'm done with you6923.5993.441
simon look at me done simon look at me6924.6393.761
he's trying to help you6927.044.88
come over here over here come over here6928.44.56
two barrels like in6931.922.719
into that net right that's fine but i'm6932.963.12
joining in the waves6934.6393.6
hey names nice job killing the bird you6936.083.119
kill the bird6938.2392.48
oh yeah we were gonna have drumsticks i6939.1993.04
got this bird i'll cook i'll cook some6940.7192.721
drumsticks i'm looking forward to eating6942.2392.48
some chicken leaves6943.443.04
good job you've earned it simon you6944.71915.681
better watch it doraleous sir6946.4815.44
remember that surprise i was talking to6960.45.199
you about okay look at my dick6961.923.679
yeah that's what it is look at it wait6965.6795.361
you're gonna build something over here6968.7195.201
are you ready yeah boom oh wow it's a6971.043.599
paint mill6973.922.0
are you serious look at that that's6974.6392.96
crazy take all those flowers you've been6975.922.16
throw it in there you can make paint no6978.085.119
hold on a minute6980.42.799
look at this there you go let's start6985.1193.12
spinning around look at that thing just6986.882.48
making paint6988.2392.641
is that what's happening yeah is how you6989.363.44
make plant paint you just spin a flower6990.883.839
around i've never done it before but uh6992.85.359
sure you seen a simon yeah6994.7198.691
i'm as unimpressed as anybody6998.1598.861
all right we're on the other side of the7009.283.359
island is this working yep that's7010.482.639
all right now point the sails back7013.1193.441
towards the island leaves okay yes sir7014.2393.92
put it back towards the island7016.563.84
i'm doing it oh yeah look at this here7018.1594.321
we go here we go throwing the anchor7020.46.16
the best i could [ __ ] uh yeah yeah yeah7022.486.159
awesome fantastic does that work we're7026.564.72
getting good at this7028.6395.441
hey simon yeah these chicken legs are7031.283.52
oh i'd love to eat some yeah there's7034.83.839
three of them oh come over and i have a7036.482.8
chicken leg7038.6393.921
sounds good to me that's true7039.285.919
yes you want chicken leg uh yeah i'll7042.563.84
nibble on a chicken leg7045.1992.801
i think i think you need to whisper7046.44.48
cause he's whispering7048.02.88
how are those chicken legs um they were7051.1194.56
delicious yep they're fantastic yep7055.6796.241
and simon earned his died three times7058.885.12
hey someone grab this clam it's a giant7061.923.679
clam oh yeah throw it down here i like7064.02.639
those things i know7065.5993.12
thank you here's some glass too take the7066.6393.761
glass i'll take that glass yeah yeah7068.7192.161
all right anything else um two clay7070.886.719
by the board yeah oh here's the hinge7074.085.84
all right sweet i got it there we go7077.5993.201
that it7079.923.679
i mean yeah i7080.82.799
yeah okay sweet i'll see you later bye7084.6395.281
neebs he's like he's like a walking7088.083.92
treasure chest for me7089.924.64
what happened what'd you do sorry i7092.03.119
loudly so in the morning i think you and7095.1193.361
i should7097.764.16
dive i'd like to have another antenna in7098.484.239
the morning7101.922.96
yeah yeah i think that's a great idea7102.7193.52
let me research let me look at that real7104.881.839
oh man we need another circuit board and7106.7193.121
bolt uh oh7108.42.719
i can make bolts i need to cook some7109.843.52
metal ore circuit board circuit boards i7111.1193.6
need copper copper's gonna be the big7113.362.56
thing let's work through the night and7114.7191.841
dive in the morning7116.568.629
right behind you yeah i'm just kind of7126.563.84
scoping out because i'm looking for7128.7193.361
little shiny things all right7130.43.04
that looks like it's gonna be good i'm7132.083.519
gonna go up and take a breath7133.444.96
i miss my oxygen tank and flippers all7135.5993.761
right going down deep7138.42.48
oh i didn't realize you didn't have that7139.363.279
no yeah i didn't have enough stuff to7140.882.719
make it i need7142.6394.641
more stuff oh yep i found some copper7143.5994.64
hell yeah7147.283.28
all right i'll get this other stuff7148.2393.201
sweet sweet sweet copper meat meat7151.446.719
what are you doing man dude i'm making7156.2393.121
this uh7158.1593.761
i'm making this thing and i i know it's7159.364.16
gotten out of hand well you know what i7161.923.36
respect you for the fact that you work7163.524.079
very hard on it i can't really judge7165.285.52
right um right our uh what's your what's7167.5994.161
your next plan7170.83.76
to keep the same thing well i mean uh7171.763.52
same i mean7174.562.639
which way which direction are you gonna7175.283.52
go or are you pretty much7177.1994.161
done no no because we always come across7178.83.2
stuff that7181.363.44
wow why why what's going on here can't7182.03.36
get up there7184.83.919
just i just [ __ ] myself but oops7185.366.16
it looks like you built the ladder up to7188.7194.0
a ceiling yeah i7191.523.28
[ __ ] okay now we're good we're back in7192.7193.361
all right back in7194.83.359
to come up there with you no i'm good up7196.083.84
here man what are you doing7198.1593.921
i'm just getting stuff what are you7199.924.48
drink some fluids you get nibbled on7223.363.44
yeah that happens7225.444.4
be careful out there hey simon hey7226.85.839
so what's up man uh not much i've7229.845.359
actually got like clay and7232.6395.921
stone i got a hammer oh yeah so i can7235.1994.96
repair stuff now is that the first7238.563.52
hammer you've had first one really7240.1593.44
because i i was never told to repair7242.083.84
stuff come on7243.5994.321
forgot where my my thing is because my7245.923.52
hud's off7247.925.279
with a hammer you can dive safely7249.445.29
come on i'm going after him7253.1993.601
suck up come here yeah oh boy7256.87.439
come on come on shark7260.2395.601
shark's almost dead if we can kill him7264.2393.601
we can uh you know just7265.843.359
dive yeah you're the one with the bullet7267.843.6
air man do it7269.1995.601
oh my bow and arrow bro oh no7271.446.159
gotta make a new one7274.82.799
oh he's coming after me oh look at all7277.845.279
the arrows in his face7280.1596.401
you did it yeah good for you7283.1195.281
get those stakes oh we got him yeah now7286.563.039
we can dive in peace7288.42.96
all right we got him everybody get out7289.5998.241
there and uh scavenge7291.366.48
oh what's that oh i see shiny shiny7300.43.199
shiny all right7302.84.72
metal i could use metal yeah7303.5998.08
oh goodness7307.525.76
what's over here anything here in the7311.6793.44
corner i know i've been here before yep7313.282.72
that's the cave7315.1194.161
all right all right i think i'm happy7316.05.44
i think i'm damn happy oh is that7319.282.74
uh yeah i was gonna put this uh second7332.2393.201
antenna down7334.43.839
so we got the receiver wait why is this7335.443.679
thing off7338.2394.081
i don't know bam put the antenna down7339.1195.921
this used to be on wait we didn't drain7342.324.72
the battery did we7345.045.44
battery's dead i wasn't even working7347.045.28
does that mean that battery's no good i7350.483.44
don't know can we charge it yeah there's7352.323.2
no way to charge this thing son of a7353.923.279
[ __ ] we should have waited we should7355.522.8
have waited i didn't know i didn't know7357.1992.081
you'd put it on this thing it'd7358.321.919
immediately go to7359.282.959
it just go to town oh [ __ ] well hey at7360.2393.44
least we got two antennas we're working7362.2392.161
towards something7363.6792.48
i'm gonna take this battery there no way7364.43.199
no no way to charge it i'm throwing it7366.1591.921
what are you talking about throwing it i7368.083.84
just tossed it in the water you just7369.923.92
throw batteries in the water yeah okay7371.923.44
that doesn't sound environmentally7373.842.0
exactly have you seen this [ __ ] place7375.843.2
we're gonna have to we're have to7377.6793.281
pull anchor soon we need uh we need7379.043.199
anchors away7382.23934.801
all right neebs yes sir antenna number7417.043.44
dinner number three already yeah are you7420.483.92
up there no i just made it7422.563.599
down here on the forge how many antennas7424.43.52
do we need three7426.1593.44
uh but now i gotta make another [ __ ]7427.923.6
battery right7429.5993.361
what do you need for the battery well7431.524.559
let me take a look let's help7432.964.8
uh oh i got everything copper i just7436.0793.201
need plastic who's got plasti oh wait7437.762.479
where there's plenty of plastic i got7439.281.28
right here look at this look at this and7440.564.8
brand new battery needs okay should we7445.364.799
go plug it in the antenna you got the7447.763.76
antenna and the battery i got the other7450.1592.641
antenna yeah7451.523.52
all right simon if you want to uh paddle7452.83.68
over to that raft go for it that's what7455.042.0
i'm doing7456.482.48
oh we're gonna go up here and uh try out7457.045.119
this receiver trans7458.963.199
all right hopefully that's not too close7464.882.719
together i'm taking the battery i'm7466.484.32
putting the battery back in7467.5996.881
and i'm turning it on here we go7470.86.399
what's this say distance are we the7474.484.0
middle or with a green blip7477.1992.48
i think we're the middle yeah of course7478.483.04
we're the middle okay what's the green7479.6792.56
it's a signal it's a signal head tor7482.2393.36
head towards the green7484.6393.681
angle the sails right what angle the7485.5993.281
we got guys we got a signal hold on7488.885.68
i want to get this open hold on are you7492.0793.12
which way do i turn this uh hold hold on7495.1993.92
neebs hold on let's simon get all that7497.6793.04
going here get that stuff simon get up7500.7194.081
there you gotta jump you gotta jump7502.884.64
i gotta jump [ __ ] it i'm not gonna go7504.83.76
yeah you are you're getting up there7507.522.0
it's sinking anyway7508.563.519
all right okay7509.522.559
i'm coming towards you simon all right7512.7193.121
do you get the cooler got it all right7515.844.0
sweet now yeah swim back swim back metal7517.6792.48
one metal ore worth it maybe maybe maybe7520.1593.361
all right appsro tell me which way to7523.523.119
angle the sails uh7525.044.639
turn the sails that way see which way7526.6394.321
i'm looking the way that i'm7529.6793.681
oh turn it a little bit like uh this way7530.963.679
yeah go that way go that way with it7533.361.839
like that7534.6394.0
and uh hold on yeah distance is getting7535.1994.161
whoa yeah7539.3610.48
up oh what i hit e by accident and it7551.444.96
shut that thing off7554.7193.601
oh yeah but then it turned it back on7556.43.6
all right i thought i thought i'd7558.323.839
[ __ ] facebook don't push buttons well7560.03.36
you know what i got to push buttons7562.1592.721
that's a stupid thing to say7563.363.839
yeah really no well what you said no7564.883.279
what you said no7567.1993.04
i got a push button did i say i gotta7568.1593.841
yeah you're like oh i gotta push buttons7570.2393.601
no i i gotta push buttons to play the7572.03.04
game don't say7573.842.56
oh yeah but don't push the buttons on7575.042.96
this thing of course not but i gotta hit7576.42.4
the button7578.02.719
which buttons not on the phone yeah the7578.83.04
receiver buttons7580.7192.801
yeah just that's the one button how we7581.843.04
doing how's that what's our distance7583.522.88
oh man is our battery gonna make it7584.882.48
we're gonna have to make it on the7586.42.0
battery i'm guessing7587.362.48
we are making another battery that's the7588.43.759
name of the game now isn't it that's uh7589.843.6
we still got more than halfway what do7592.1593.681
we have 700 no you have to make another7593.445.36
battery we have resources for batteries7595.845.92
uh let's see those aren't easy to make i7598.84.64
need one copper ingot which i can make7601.764.08
plastic's easy and scraps easy yeah yeah7603.443.679
yeah i can make batteries7605.843.12
well if you turn it off for a minute7607.1193.281
save the battery just let's just7608.962.719
we know what direction we're going we're7610.43.199
going in the right direction i like this7611.6792.4
all right7613.5992.48
turn it off yeah just check the battery7614.0794.241
out i'm just gonna turn it off well last7616.0793.52
time we had it off7618.322.96
wait did we turn it off the battery ran7619.5993.52
completely down i think it just ran down7621.283.76
okay all right let's see let's do7623.1193.841
science here we're gonna turn it off at7625.045.199
600 exactly turned off7626.965.84
600. it was 600 when you turned it off7630.2394.801
600 and the battery i was about7632.85.359
a little more than a third okay uh7635.046.24
how long should we wait like now yeah7638.1596.0
try now see what happens turn it back on7641.284.64
the distance is eleven hundred and7644.1593.201
eighty five what what are you talking7645.923.36
about and the battery is the same thing7647.364.879
jesus christ what and now that green dot7649.284.959
is in a completely different [ __ ]7652.2395.761
oh boy here we go what the [ __ ] falls7654.2395.44
right not all about someone needs their7658.03.44
ass kicked for that design decision7659.6793.761
all right so what we got to do is when7661.443.759
we turn the battery on it's got to stay7663.442.0
it's got to stay on good call simon or7665.444.29
872. yep7679.964.279
there you go all right taking it out put7682.963.04
the new one in7684.2395.36
turn it on oh good all right yeah all7686.05.28
right hey we're still at 800 something7689.5994.161
all right perfect so get another battery7691.283.52
get another battery i'm working on7693.762.24
another bag got it you7694.83.839
got this it didn't change nope didn't7696.03.28
so if we switch them out quick we think7699.283.6
it's i gotta pull it out it worked that7700.962.32
i need one more scrap that's all i need7703.283.359
oh scrap7705.843.279
i got up there i got scraps you ready oh7706.6393.841
yeah give me some scrap neebs7709.1194.401
hang up boop is that good and then7710.485.84
bam got another battery ready ready to7713.523.44
go ready to go7716.323.279
all right man this is tight this is7716.963.679
all right guys who put this uh7720.6396.96
random uh out here this one7723.845.44
i don't approve of that oh yeah okay you7727.5993.921
need to form a sentence oh this one7729.284.0
i did because look it's going to catch7731.523.44
that leaf right there it is but now i7733.282.64
feel like i have to make a little now7734.962.639
who feels like a full7735.923.84
who feels like a stupid fool i feel like7737.5993.6
i need to do a whole run that's a leaf7739.762.64
we would never have7741.1993.44
just sticks out it's weird all right7742.44.08
you're the one who likes symmetry and7744.6394.0
things like that we'll build around it7746.483.28
will we7748.6392.56
all right so we're ignoring that island7749.763.04
yep uh your call man7751.1993.361
uh yeah yeah ignore this yeah we're7752.83.04
ignoring that i am the prize7754.563.599
better things to do oh man we're at a7755.843.04
580 right now oh wow7758.885.04
we should be wow i think we should be7762.011.84
able to see something soon7763.929.92
do i hear a shark yes shark7782.6397.761
come on come on you see me laying there7786.7195.201
like that movie uh what where's the7790.43.36
snipes where it kills vampires7791.924.88
yeah i feel like mom yeah mr mom7793.765.28
that was a wait that was not monkey7796.83.2
wasn't it yes7799.043.52
old movie i should have never said it i7800.04.8
think i saw that in the theater7802.564.72
all the kids love mr mom i'm sure they7804.83.04
michael keaton got fired and now he's7807.843.63
home with his family7810.1592.881
doing what only women should do mr mom7813.047.76
eating pumpkins who has to cook and7816.564.88
michael keaton does oh no he's mr mom7821.444.799
what sort of hijinks is he gonna get him7824.563.519
in with that clorox7826.2394.081
it was crazy like half that movie was7828.0795.6
about the boss trying to [ __ ] the mom7830.325.04
and it's like totally acceptable at the7833.6794.801
end of it it's just like oh shucks7835.365.04
i guess he shouldn't have tried to [ __ ]7838.484.32
the mom that's not nice7840.46.0
he wanted to be mr mom7842.86.16
hey we're we're at 280 now boys we might7846.43.199
make this7848.962.0
we might make it with this battery i7849.5992.321
think we are going to make it with his7850.962.159
batteries better he's not even halfway7851.921.52
oh the green's actually starting to move7853.443.44
very closely oh yeah you're right7855.283.76
the green is moving i'm going to angle7856.884.4
the sail just a little bit more7859.044.32
a little bit more that way how's that7861.283.439
looking simon you see anything in the7863.361.92
anybody well i'm i'm staring at the7865.284.72
screen which way7867.286.0
would we see something uh towards uh7870.06.88
holy [ __ ] i see something huge7873.285.76
really oh yeah i see oh yeah see it too7876.883.44
see you too oh7879.046.8
oh oh see you too all right7880.325.52
got the anchor ready we need to have the7895.283.2
tall end7897.842.64
uh line up so we'll go beside it and7898.484.159
then we'll anchor hey i'll steer you7900.484.32
anchor what should we be doing right now7902.6393.44
guys you guys are doing great yeah just7904.82.0
pedal us7906.0792.56
towards it all right we should oh yeah7906.83.439
hey tall end's gonna pop right on there7908.6392.241
i think this7910.2393.44
this is gonna be great we're going good7910.884.56
the way we are you ready7913.6793.92
yeah i think yeah just keep uh keep7915.443.6
maybe angle the sails a little bit more7917.5992.08
towards it towards it okay towards it7919.6793.761
okay we want the back end to get sucked7921.5992.161
good here7923.762.8
yeah we want to get the back end you7931.042.72
want the backhand i guess yeah all right7932.562.88
yeah stop paddling let me7933.764.479
drop the sails here how's that yeah can7935.443.12
make the back end suck in uh yeah now7938.563.679
yeah angle the sails right towards the7940.83.359
building now okay that'll come back in7942.2393.84
how's that yeah that's good yeah keep7944.1593.841
hanging keep angling i'm about to throw7946.0793.04
anchors thrown oh yeah beautiful7949.1196.48
i think we can get on the platform boys7952.6393.52
let's do this7956.1592.581
all right you boys ready to hop on this7966.483.44
thing uh yeah yeah all right everybody's7967.923.679
got their belly full7969.923.84
of water and fish i think we can hop on7971.5993.201
right here really7973.762.319
it looks like it doesn't know i'm drying7974.82.72
it you gotta wait until the oh yeah you7976.0793.04
made it7977.525.35
ah slam7979.11914.421
where are we going all right we're right8001.1993.52
up right up here huh8002.84.16
climb up here top of that roof over here8004.7193.601
to rallies huh8006.964.639
oh slime up it's like a little8008.324.24
platforming section8011.5993.12
oh that's simon you love platforming oh8012.563.76
it's so much fun8014.7193.36
this is pretty easy though yeah damn it8016.324.399
[ __ ] this8018.0792.64
y'all coming and we'll be right there8021.1993.92
making sure simon gets up here8023.763.359
simon you're coming well it shouldn't be8025.1193.841
that hard there oh you did8027.1194.641
yeah oh look at what you got it's a8028.963.6
you can grab it any planks in there that8032.563.599
was a lot of stuff in there8034.6393.44
where do we go to from here well we can8036.1595.201
platform down over on this other side8038.0796.56
oh yeah over there okay i'll jump up8041.363.839
there jump8044.6391.921
all right all right all right i'm with8045.1993.361
you here hold up8046.563.2
there's got to be something important8048.562.72
here the radar took us here right8049.762.08
there's a8051.282.08
they're broadcasting a signal for some8051.843.04
reason something8053.364.0
lead the way to rallies okay okay you're8054.884.48
the man with a shark head8057.364.879
there's this room to the hi neebs8059.364.48
there's this room with uh8062.2393.681
more plastic oh look at plastic all8063.843.12
right plastic8065.922.799
uh-huh this is so much fun there's a8066.963.44
bunch of cabinets here that you can't8068.7192.721
interact with at all8070.45.04
was that phone work no no it didn't no8071.447.44
e e call somebody tell them we're stuck8075.444.159
in the ocean8078.883.52
hey i'll take a large pie with just just8079.5993.6
cheese and yeah8082.42.64
just cheese don't stop this cheese8083.1994.241
garlic you get toppings on there i'll8085.044.159
get some green peppers and onions8087.443.52
you can't live on bread and cheese you8089.1993.841
nut guys there's some stairs over here8090.964.0
enough with the phone thing8093.045.44
um who's going up simon yeah8094.966.96
oh now i get you aha8098.484.639
neebs i got a good angle what a8101.923.199
beautiful shot this is oh yeah8103.1195.04
oh hello hey i'm on8105.1196.641
yes you are so oh look at8108.1596.801
okay look at this [ __ ] guys see me8111.764.72
yeah yeah i'm right behind you oh yeah i8114.963.36
think i see what we got to do gotta walk8116.483.759
around uh-huh uh-huh a little bit more8118.322.799
simon you got8120.2392.801
all day this is easy all right come on8121.1194.0
doraleous you got this8123.046.32
oh i did it okay8125.1194.241
yeah yeah that's going to be a little uh8129.522.8
that'd be a little pain in the ass here8130.883.12
all right so you did that did you run8132.322.879
and jump that yeah i did8134.03.199
okay hold on well i ran and jumped at8135.1993.52
the left [ __ ]8137.1993.201
you did what you did after all right8138.7193.44
here come here come gonna do it again8140.44.239
uh look at me running yeah going forward8142.1594.321
going forward ha ha damn it8144.6394.401
like i'm hitting spaceballs and jumping8146.483.52
listen i did the8149.043.36
jump like and run at the last minute i8150.03.119
got myself8152.42.64
like right close to the end and then i8153.1195.201
did like a space bar run go like that8155.046.159
here we go here we go there we go all8158.323.759
a little earlier than you think8162.0793.761
what an idiot come on nibbs i'll be8165.923.04
there in a minute doraleous you made8167.522.4
that thing look so easy8168.962.8
i know and i apologize for that nailed8169.923.12
it i should have purposefully8171.762.64
made it look harder all right food and8173.042.88
water's gonna become an issue neebs we8174.42.56
really need you to do this you're8175.923.199
killing us all slowly neebs8176.965.279
got it yeah there you go awesome8179.1195.04
oh there's more so that if one little8182.2393.521
screw up here makes it all8184.1592.801
one screw up here and you're going in8185.764.8
the water there's no need to screw up8186.963.6
nothing to jump though so you should be8192.03.76
good yeah i'm gonna grab that scrap door8193.843.36
elias got the scrap8195.764.4
okay with some radar dishes up there8197.24.239
maybe that's that's where the signal is8200.163.359
coming from radar dishes yeah radar8201.4392.561
radar dishes all clear in the back8204.06.559
yeah anything in here nope just a bunch8207.044.399
turned over tables and chairs yeah this8211.4394.0
place sucks8214.4794.321
another non-phone functioning phone8215.4394.96
oh yeah there you go doraleous everybody8218.83.04
with us yeah i hope there's something up8220.3992.96
there because so far this place has been8221.844.479
a disappointment yeah yeah8223.3592.96
just a couple of oh boy8226.3995.361
oh that's that's that's easy yeah they8229.5193.281
should have made like this should be the8231.762.24
hardest jump right8232.82.719
yeah so when you get all the way to the8234.04.639
top then you're disappointed exactly8235.5194.721
wow yeah first time everyone did it on8238.6393.281
the first pressure napes8240.245.119
none here we go yeah see yeah8241.925.04
that one's stupid easy you're a man8245.3593.12
we're gamers8246.965.12
wow we're up here all right um8248.4796.401
okay guys some goods i mean i don't know8252.083.84
achievement unlocked8254.884.799
is there a utopia okay is this uh8255.925.12
is this where we were getting the signal8259.6792.88
nothing none of this turns on someone8261.042.8
want to grab that crate i'm sure there's8262.5592.08
some goodies8263.845.2
yeah there you go i did it um8264.6396.401
all ice will melt scientists estimate8269.043.439
two years8271.046.639
uh-oh what i'm thirsty oh i got a drink8272.4797.761
look at me oh crap i just poured all my8277.6794.161
water out8280.244.56
wrong oh my god all of it can i borrow8281.843.759
someone's water8284.82.639
yeah i'm a lot of water just have a sip8285.5993.681
yeah hold on hold on i'll uh drink all8287.4393.2
my water let me take a sip of mine8289.283.83
i just need a sip i know hold on let me8290.6393.68
there you go take my water bottle thank8294.3193.881
you take a sip and give it back8296.3193.441
so what now there we go thank you8299.764.959
that was good yeah what does this mean8303.23.359
here it's just like the end8304.7193.361
where does this just mean that we're8306.5592.96
just covered in water and we're just8308.081.92
people utopia is there oh god okay so8310.05.599
all ice will melt water is expected to8313.6793.84
rise yep and then there's what it looks8315.5992.641
like in the end8317.5193.2
australia completely covered in water8318.243.439
okay so8320.7193.041
the entire planet's flooded but there8321.6793.84
may be a place called8323.764.08
utopia that's safe that may have people8325.5194.721
which is just tops of skyscrapers but8327.842.96
well are they tops of skyscrapers or are8330.83.839
they skyscrapers8333.283.84
on top of the water i think it's just8334.6394.321
water that raised up on a city and you8337.123.439
can live on the top part still like8338.962.559
ah what i heard that's a smelly [ __ ]8341.5194.08
hole the water is very dirty is that8343.843.599
where venison comes from8345.5993.92
no no i don't know it's nice yeah the8347.4393.601
place would be just full of dead baby8349.5192.561
cows why would deer8351.042.559
live in a place without ground i was8352.084.08
thinking what was i thinking8353.5994.401
veal is what i'm thinking i feel so now8356.163.12
what um8358.03.679
i guess now we all live on a raft we got8359.283.039
out of this place it doesn't seem like8362.3193.441
some resources crates8364.084.239
and the promise of a possible utopia but8365.765.04
that's it8368.3194.32
go ahead neebs i got a great shot of you8370.83.2
through my shark teeth8372.6394.08
oh really yeah you ready shark tooth cam8374.05.12
there we go8376.7192.401
oh crap oh that hasn't hurt that had to8379.924.16
hurt yeah what's under water here8382.4793.361
is it worth checking out underwater oh8384.083.68
wait yeah there's a whole nother level8385.842.16
there oh yeah okay that's gotta be what8388.03.6
we're looking for all right um tell you8389.4393.521
what let's wait till morning though8391.63.36
so so we can see better uh because we8392.963.92
need to fill up on food and water anyway8394.963.12
so just eat and drink8396.882.72
yeah and cook fish and we'll regroup in8398.085.76
the morning copy that8399.64.24
watch my back what you gonna do i think8411.925.02
i see a plank8414.564.08
way out there yep the shark on you is my8418.643.04
is coming at you all right good drugs8421.683.679
come up maybe i'll get it decided8423.123.68
you turned you're good you sign it8425.3593.441
against it i'll go back8426.83.599
i think you're good man go out there and8428.83.84
get all that stuff all right8430.3995.521
where's the shark dallas it's down um8432.647.12
uh right behind you right behind me8435.923.84
all right look i'm putting on my8451.682.48
flippers i'm putting all my oxygen your8452.722.0
body that's8454.165.279
perfect i'm going deep going with it8454.725.92
all right there's a room here neebs you8459.4393.201
behind me yeah once we get in there we8460.643.44
should be safe from other sharks right8462.642.799
all right i'm gonna take a quick breath8464.082.96
oh but yeah air oh there's a room up8465.4393.04
here too oh good8467.046.8
i'm gonna check this room out first8468.4795.361
yet another room full of8478.85.499
all disappointments taking a breath8485.524.56
going into the room below8486.963.12
uh give me something game8490.166.48
uh i can't pick this up nope nope nope8493.4394.96
just a trash can you can't interact with8496.643.679
okay well here's some scrap8498.3994.321
uh-huh crap scraps yeah it's a bunch of8500.3193.361
oh there's a all right got a big thing8503.683.679
you got a big thing what oh like a8505.844.72
like a thing yeah like a thing oh we8507.3595.04
need there yep air coming out coming out8510.565.28
going up8512.3993.441
all right all right let me check my8515.924.24
yeah yeah some ingots and8520.166.88
nothing really some glass should we do8523.526.24
straight hello uh straight to the bottom8527.043.279
uh sure here we go i'm going deep oh8530.3193.841
yep yep yep seaweed get some of this8534.164.4
come on come on game give me something8540.84.96
you're still working on this game right8543.923.28
uh yeah i think so8545.766.559
good there's nothing down here8547.28.88
almost at half i'm so deep man come on8552.3194.321
they should8556.082.08
you need to be rewarded for going this8556.643.679
deep we made this [ __ ]8558.165.44
all right coming back up8560.3193.281
doraleous yes simon alright so what's8563.925.36
what's our deal cause if this is it like8567.043.04
is this maybe8569.282.96
it just trying to keep things positive i8570.083.68
don't know i don't know i mean that but8572.243.04
that could be positive what8573.763.12
you're you're i want to talk look at8575.283.68
your face one second i'm just kind of in8576.883.68
grill mode why don't what kind of fish8578.962.399
are these8580.564.0
um without the tilapia are they i don't8581.3593.601
you know i hear that most of the fish8584.963.92
that we eat in restaurants is tilapia8586.4794.88
farm you know it's just tilapia i just8588.884.08
need a drink of water real quick8591.3593.201
like they if they say oh did you hear8592.963.04
that neebs tilapia8594.563.04
no they say like if you order like8596.03.6
chilean chile and sea bass you know what8597.62.799
you're really getting8599.63.92
tilapia tilapia i heard that if you uh8600.3995.681
yeah a lot of foods a lot of foods8603.524.16
you're getting a steak8606.086.239
tilapia right uh chicken pot pie tilapia8607.685.28
pot pie8612.3194.321
right a pizza pie tilapia8612.968.8
yep chocolate ice cream tilapia8616.645.12
can we check this room we checked this8622.3194.0
don't look the same crate8626.3196.561
that's my inventory8629.922.96
oh yeah a lot of stuff my neebs i don't8635.25.199
see anything down there8638.963.359
yeah another crate in this room oh rock8640.3993.761
and roll you sure we checked everything8642.3193.521
no not a hundred percent go for it if8644.163.6
you want to i'm just gonna get the uh8645.843.92
i'm gonna get the regular stuff the8647.764.4
sun's going down again8649.764.48
we've been here all day we should get8652.163.6
the hell out of here gotta leave8654.242.8
i mean this is the biggest thing we've8655.763.84
found i know this is depressing too8657.044.399
it just seems crazy to leave this big8659.63.44
thing i know8661.4393.04
and i don't want to stay here we're8663.042.96
gonna need planks planks are gonna be an8664.4792.721
issue very soon8666.02.72
listen guys i think we have to come to8667.23.36
terms with the fact that uh there may8668.722.96
not be any land8670.563.2
just the top of mountains how did we how8671.683.92
did we get that signal this last time8673.763.36
yeah like built the receiver well we8675.63.12
need to see if there's another signal8677.123.92
right so can we all agree let's head8678.723.28
back out to sea8681.044.21
turn it on later maybe find another base8682.011.089
coming back up coming back up hey8728.085.92
hey yo what you doing up there baby i8731.23.68
was just trying to8734.02.64
look around see if the shark was coming8734.884.0
see what's happening8736.643.92
yeah look at this place starting to feel8738.883.599
like home i know yeah i'm really loving8740.562.799
it i like uh8742.4793.201
yeah your house is coming along nice my8743.3593.601
house over here i made a little sitting8745.682.4
area for us8746.963.519
simon yeah do you see inside my house8748.084.08
you see what i got check this out8750.4795.441
all right hammock wow8752.166.159
that's pretty cool feels good too and8755.923.519
you got that little uh8758.3194.481
asian kitty above your that's nice8759.4395.04
it's as if it's giving you see out the8762.84.0
hand motion yeah he's like waving at me8764.4794.88
yeah or fanning me yeah that's what he8766.83.84
was gonna say8769.3593.601
but yeah no i've made it feel uh quite8770.643.28
homely this is all i8772.962.32
is all i really wanted just a little8773.923.04
shack did you see my place yet8775.283.44
you got a place yeah now show me your8776.963.84
place right here oh you build it on the8778.724.24
back here i was gonna just do the table8780.84.08
and then i decided you know what i'll do8782.963.68
the walls we'll keep it open8784.883.12
and then i put the roof i closed8786.643.12
everything in yeah you know what hey8788.03.28
this works out we can use that table8789.763.12
over there for nights when it's you know8791.282.96
nice outside and this table for when8792.882.08
it's raining8794.243.36
yeah oh or you know i mean when it's8794.964.16
nice too sometimes you want to keep the8797.64.4
bugs out i'd like to put some screens in8799.124.8
but i don't think the game has screens8802.03.28
neebs four bugs8803.925.05
simon ah all right let's set sail8805.286.75
when should we turn on the uh we call it8812.083.52
yeah i don't know the receiver the8815.63.68
receiver it receives8817.844.08
the signals okay i mean is it too soon8819.283.68
should we try it8821.922.88
i guess it wouldn't hurt you you guys8822.963.2
come out i'm coming up8824.83.519
okay is that your house dallas yeah i8826.163.6
mean it's not as nice as yours but it8828.3192.481
gets the job done8829.763.28
i like it look at that yeah you got a8830.83.92
little uh good guy what is all that8833.044.16
that's just a raised bed it's a razor8834.724.56
it's nice if you're laying it it's nice8837.24.48
go on and get it yeah i like it8839.284.159
doraleous yeah that looks real good i8841.682.32
like the8843.4392.641
the area right i am turning on the8844.03.6
all right we have it we have a signal 18847.64.08
300 meters away8850.4796.161
oh boy we need to angle the sails going8851.687.28
that way i have another battery down in8856.644.0
here simon's still sleeping8858.964.16
probably needs to get up someone you8860.644.32
guys could still do this without me8863.123.84
we got a signal simon we got another8864.964.24
signal yeah or it's the same one let's8866.963.6
hope it's a different one well let's8869.22.72
hope how close are we8870.564.0
uh we're um like almost running a8871.923.76
thousand meters8874.563.2
battery's almost dead but i got a full8875.683.04
one in hand8877.763.52
battery died picking up the old battery8878.724.4
putting the new one on8881.284.88
sweet all right battery's full we got8883.125.279
about 930 meters8886.164.239
or distance whatever hopefully it's8888.3995.441
something different8890.3993.441
distance is 280 now 280 what8913.287.119
hold on i know i'm just curious8916.83.599
i wouldn't know if it was 280 meters8925.123.92
inches 280 distance yeah8929.046.16
oh i didn't realize it was 280 distance8932.164.72
what do you mean go to bed i was just8935.23.279
asking an honest question he's like oh8936.882.72
hold on8938.4794.241
there i see it i see it8939.66.799
where oh [ __ ] i lost it oh neebs8942.725.44
yeah yeah look at this all these all8946.3993.361
these catches here i have a barrel8948.163.44
i've never seen that before how did i8949.763.52
lose it it's your lucky day oh wait i8951.62.08
up yep i see something just over the8953.684.0
yep it's up there yeah okay i saw hold8957.684.15
on i need to angle the sails8960.164.749
why'd you pull the sail up wait i didn't8971.923.2
mean to8974.562.72
what what guys it's different it's8975.123.44
different it's different8977.284.0
yes i think it's different you're not8978.564.4
putting the sale back down i'm trying8981.283.36
you [ __ ] hold on8982.964.0
wow somebody's a touchy man mary today8984.643.44
just did this8986.964.39
what's this day8988.083.69
yeah this is different because there's8993.23.04
just one big8994.883.92
satellite up top oh really i feel like8996.245.04
we're gonna be equally let down though8998.85.12
i think we're gonna find live puppies i9001.283.84
have a feeling we're fighting against9003.922.08
the wind here9005.123.199
puppy island puppy island not one of9006.03.6
them is going to be dead but they're all9008.3192.961
going to be very sick and die9009.63.52
soon hey do we need to paddle towards it9011.283.28
let's do it make pedals9013.123.279
yeah damn we're going to lose this thing9014.564.4
all hands on deck get the paddling9016.3995.04
all right i'm getting food good story9018.963.76
yeah tell us more about your food9021.4392.321
and yeah this uh this is different yep9023.763.2
much smaller it's like half the size it9026.963.2
would appear well we don't know what's9028.721.92
it looks like it might be more on the9030.643.759
bottom we're getting closer yeah neebs9031.844.479
about ready to drop anchor uh yeah man9034.3994.0
hello anybody yeah9036.3194.881
utopia we're here this isn't that this9038.3993.521
isn't it9041.22.4
well if there's people here that'd be9041.923.439
cool all right drop anchor9043.66.64
okay hold on here we go9045.3594.881
anchor dropping no it's smaller than the9051.4394.081
last place9053.923.12
already addressed that yep we already9055.523.2
talked about that great story tell me9057.043.2
more about your [ __ ] food stuff9058.723.36
at least my food was new dip [ __ ] we9060.243.04
already said what you said9062.084.88
oh i'm getting [ __ ] up what do you see9063.285.44
i just picked up a crate and a couple9066.963.519
pieces of scrap and there's a phone that9068.727.12
doesn't work calm down simon hey9070.4795.361
i can't9083.527.2
sorry continue all right i'm going to9089.124.56
check this top room9090.722.96
plastic i found plastic9094.4794.721
that's good simon thank you oh [ __ ] and9102.3993.201
i found a crate9104.722.24
great job please tell me there's9105.63.04
something that gets us like9106.966.16
home i don't see a damn thing here neves9108.647.759
all right back on the raft9113.125.6
just another big pile of disappointment9116.3993.441
you know what after9118.723.44
what at least our place is looking good9119.843.36
oh yeah no9122.162.8
i could live here a while yeah i mean we9123.23.44
have no choice all right9124.965.44
let's pull anchor anchors away9126.6423.2

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