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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! Episode 31 is filled with all the hilarious moments and unexpected twists that we've come to love from the Neebs Gaming crew.

In this episode, get ready to join the team on a wild journey through the world of Conan Exiles. From meteor showers to lightning observations, and even some mountaineering mishaps, there's never a dull moment with these guys. And of course, their signature improvised comedy is front and center as they tackle challenges like climbing steep mountains, hunting for star metal, and trying to stay warm with spicy foods.

But that's not all - this episode also brings some epic moments with their mounts, leading to some truly laugh-out-loud scenarios and a bit of digital horse drama. It's the perfect blend of humor, gaming tips, and camaraderie that makes every episode of Neebs Gaming a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike. So make sure to subscribe and leave your thoughts in the comments - we all love discussing their strategies, mishaps, and of course, the adorable yet imposing baby bear backpack adventure!

And hey, don't forget to check out all the awesome Neebs Gaming merch and support the team in all their endeavors. Whether it's their coffee, shirts, or even their Folding@Home team, there are plenty of ways to show your love for Neebs Gaming. So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure with the Neebs crew in Conan Exiles Season 2 - Episode 31!

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lightning is that you surprised by that3.885.2
yeah I think it's funny cuz it's short7.23.96
it's like short lightning oh yeah I did9.084.12
see that lightning is a flash of light11.165.32
it's always short no no the length of it13.25.159
it doesn't you can come close to hitting16.484.32
the ground oh that's lazy lightning wait18.3593.76
let me see another one it goes like20.83.639
halfway and it stops yeah where is it22.1194.48
it's like short and fat I relate to this24.4394.6
lightning mhm oh it's behind you nees26.5993.84
you see it it short you know what no I29.0393.24
didn't let's see one more time oh well30.4393.761
here we go what they're coming what's32.2793.761
coming oh yeah looking for oh my God is34.24.08
that the thing I gu that is it looks36.044.12
like a sad face from my angle poor38.284.32
little meteors mete there's so many of40.163.399
them I thought we were going to say like42.64.599
one holy crap stop a moat there they go43.5597.801
boom wao wo hey now how do we find it47.1995.921
wait one just hit like the top of this51.363.76
mountain in front of us it hit it yeah53.123.8
it made like a big dirt explosion all55.123.32
right can we climb that is that too56.923.439
steep only one way to find out I have to58.443.68
go around this Ridge y'all go that way60.3593.811
I'll go around all62.1213.84
right well would you look at that got75.965.72
separated from abso on our way back and78.7595.441
and look at that that PO Isle it's quite81.684.36
big not going to do anything about it84.24.76
though but I've marked it on the map yes86.046.039
also everyone listening I'd like to show88.968.4
you something H oh yes that's right is92.0799.441
it a power shot I believe it97.367.92
is I had my uh keyboard bound to101.526.199
different things for a long time but105.284.72
here I am so shut up no sense in leaving107.7195.04
any more comments you can leave more uh110.04.2
more better comments about other ways112.7593.601
I'm messing up all right I guess I'll go114.23.959
home and maybe we'll be back at this PL116.363.84
you know what on the way I'll I'll check118.1595.161
out that little trailer or whatever120.25.36
maybe loot something from123.324.159
that yeah I don't think we're going to125.563.399
be able to make it up there not with127.4792.92
that kind of attitude come on Simon you128.9593.241
can do it all right I mean there's a way130.3993.84
over here if you can't do it I think uh132.25.48
oh wait w be careful like that's going134.2395.841
great de okay I saw a rock I don't know137.684.6
if this is one of them or not uh all140.083.799
right I'm going up but yeah now my142.282.76
stamina is not oh there's like a little143.8793.201
ledge here maybe I can stand on it nope145.043.76
nope sure can't oh God all right I'm147.084.04
going to try to over here I found148.83.92
something that looks like a maybe it's151.123.88
one of them describe it with your eyes152.724.239
it's a rock and it has like a little155.04.04
blue dot on it I said describe it with156.9593.681
your eyes you're using your mouth I159.043.04
don't know what you mean by that neither160.645.599
did I show me an example oh God you okay162.085.92
I'm pretty hurt I might try to go around166.2393.64
how you doing all right oh no no no no168.04.36
don't sliding sliding Sim Sim s s s169.8794.521
catch it catch you [ __ ] hi Simon I'll172.363.519
catch you I'll catch you okay you're174.43.199
alive let's go nee's way I'm going to175.8794.801
try to chop do we have to explode this177.5995.36
whack's not here wack is not here oh180.684.44
that's right I'm going to hold on for182.9594.041
come here buddy back up this is pretty185.124.72
cool it's rainy and dark and lightning187.04.84
yeah and you would think very slippery189.844.44
we're discovering something from the sky191.844.16
so this you you're sure this is the way194.284.039
he went it makes sense I mean it looks196.03.519
much better than the way you wanted to198.3192.361
go what's that on the hill do you see199.5193.36
that up above to the left up above to200.684.4
the left there's like a little snow dog202.8795.241
okay I've equipped what wack gave me the205.084.719
explosive arrows I'm going to give a208.123.479
give a shot you know yeah go for it here209.7992.72
go yep we got something folks a blue212.5197.681
shiny ball wait Simon how's your health216.845.52
my health is good why oh I'm extremely220.24.2
cold and freezing to death eat the spicy222.364.2
food I didn't eat the spicy food oh damn224.43.96
oh what just fell something just fell oh226.564.28
my God what what was that oh it looks228.364.68
like some kind of ram the fire went out230.845.16
I'm approaching the ball hold up we233.045.479
might have something okay and Hey listen236.03.48
it's on the side of the mountain it's238.5193.121
hard to even stay on it Anthony did are239.483.679
you sure he went this way cuz this241.643.12
doesn't look good I know he went243.1593.121
somewhat in this direction where's your244.763.72
map we have map I know we have Maps but246.283.92
it's not going to tell me the path that248.483.28
you took Simon don't use the map there's250.23.48
no time follow me manag to get on the251.764.28
Rock here we go I'm going to try and253.686.119
chap chap oh we're doing it star medal256.046.12
that's what we're here for wo you got a259.7994.201
bunch uh yeah still getting it I'm going262.163.92
to chop it all day nice I'm encumbered264.03.68
I'm going need some help yeah that's why266.084.2
we're coming all right so made it267.684.64
top there they are the little ice things270.283.28
okay I don't know how strong they are so272.324.12
careful okay all right I'm273.565.16
running okay they're not that bad I know276.445.28
that there's well here Anthony you see278.724.759
him on the map are we even in the right281.724.479
area cuz I'm just trying to oh damn what283.4794.241
is that thing I don't know but Co is286.1994.0
that thing it is cool nees there's a287.724.08
some kind of creature you know I'm290.1994.521
incumbered so I can't do much yet just291.85.08
you why don't you like take the stuff294.723.72
out of your inventory so you're not296.883.599
encumbered it takes time you're yelling298.443.759
like it's urgent it's going to take me a300.4793.0
minute okay all right well I mean you've302.1993.56
been sitting around for a couple minutes303.4794.601
no I've been chopping up star medal stab305.7594.361
this thing I'm going to stab it freaky308.083.679
all I'm going to stab it too okay you310.122.919
get him oh wait I don't want to kill you311.7592.921
though go go for it you got it all right313.0393.681
oh yeah oh yeah come on baby not too bad314.683.959
he's not you taste of that you don't316.723.759
even know what's going on I'm I'm inside318.6394.241
you right now pal whoa wait what I am320.4795.0
I'm inside his uh cavity and he's not322.883.84
really putting up a fight I think he325.4795.121
might have liked it oh god oh yeah man326.726.08
that was fun did we get something cool330.64.28
we got a a dead Ram Simon where's the332.83.6
rock I don't know I don't even know334.884.12
where neebs336.42.6
woo man this water's cold 10 out of 10346.9195.961
though see now now this Castle's nice350.285.0
you go byy it used to be a dump but then352.883.879
I came in here and I'm like you know355.284.0
what it needs it needs something on the356.7593.88
side of it it looks like it's made out359.283.359
of a bunch of crap I found on a beach360.6393.201
and I'm going put it up there and I'm362.6392.481
going to make it nice I'm put a diving363.842.919
board got a diving board oh I should365.123.44
probably make a way in on this side yeah366.7593.361
you know what I should be build some368.563.52
stairs why did I even get distracted by370.123.88
this I was waiting for wack to come back372.084.04
he's not here his horse is over there374.04.56
looking all ghosty and dumb all right I376.124.88
should make a move then Bean I'm sorry I378.564.12
got way too distracted but oh you know381.03.919
what I did see something over here oh382.684.12
yeah you see that over there Bean that's384.9194.241
a little bear that's a little baby bear386.84.119
and I see Mama over there so there's389.163.439
mama and a few Cubs oh that one's390.9193.84
isolated right hold on put my warrior392.5994.04
gear back on real fast and if I'm going394.7594.081
to be carrying a baby bear I think I'm396.6395.161
going to need a baby bear backpack all398.845.24
right grab the Bear get on bean and then401.84.399
get out of here got more sorcery stuff404.084.44
to do406.1992.321
anyway come here wi the [ __ ] gotcha oh409.885.039
yes and I'm not heavy this was a great413.4793.241
idea all right I'll come back and make414.9193.041
some stairs I'm going to make this place416.722.479
nice God I kind of want to build a417.963.4
castle on top of this Castle how cool419.1993.72
would that be being Castle on top of421.363.239
Castle although I guarantee they've done422.9192.84
that before you know they've been424.5993.121
they've wrecked a castle like where425.7593.961
should we put the New Castle and some427.725.199
[ __ ] said oh no we put it on top of429.727.12
the old one love right right Roy oh why432.9196.521
they're English cotney those people436.844.799
never had any439.445.08
money okay so I've been accused of being441.6395.24
a loot Goblin and it's true I am I see444.524.72
that chest there it's a very busy place446.8794.201
when get attacked I might die they seem449.243.56
to be in cahoots with rock monsters and451.084.6
snakes that's unfortunate but if I just452.85.44
get in and out grab it and go just grab455.685.4
it and go take all okay okay get out of458.244.92
here oh right the button that's the461.084.6
right button yeah yeah now I'll go home463.165.08
I've accomplished something also didn't465.686.479
I have a horse where's my horse [ __ ] can468.247.48
you call a horse I don't remember but uh472.1596.16
mission accomplished I'd say time to run475.725.72
home like a [ __ ]478.3193.121
no get away get away get come on now oh483.568.479
no no no no oh what really Simon uh the486.9199.0
horse is dead and I I don't know why492.0396.16
this little thing right here this little495.9194.321
fall right here would kill it was the498.1994.12
fall the horse not the not the glowing500.244.6
demon no cuz the help from the horse was502.3195.32
not low it was down a little bit but504.845.56
like down 10% [ __ ] hor man I think507.6394.28
the falls in this game are ridiculous510.44.84
it's [ __ ] it really is and and I511.9195.081
don't even want to ride a horse anymore515.243.96
told the horse was probably going to die517.04.32
yeah it did what was your horse's name I519.24.04
don't know was it splooge you didn't521.323.28
even care enough to name the horse I523.243.12
think he was SP it wasn't my horse524.64.04
wasn't your horse no it was Dora's I526.365.479
just said Dora's horse yeah Dora what's528.644.84
Dora riding I don't know I think he's531.8393.44
cream pie yeah that wouldn't be Dora's533.483.32
Horse no he had another one called535.2793.161
spooge and then he gave it to536.84.56
Simon yeah I said don't kill it I said538.444.839
well it might die and then that was it541.364.719
yeah you warned him so I did um and now543.2795.24
I'm overweight with a saddle yeah so546.0793.721
nebs what do you think about Simon's548.5193.601
ability to take care of a horse uh not549.84.4
impressed dropping the saddle I'm not552.123.76
good at taking care of saddles either554.23.48
that's sitting right there and while555.883.04
we're critiquing I don't love your557.684.96
clothes either that's fine558.928.599
wow back home alone nobody's here can't562.647.56
get cream pie out of my head man ah567.5195.681
where's where' I leave cream pie damn it570.25.079
I guess on the on the bright side573.25.48
Simon's got spooch so I'll get spooge575.2796.161
when Simon's back let's see all right578.685.719
turn around this was nothing and no what581.444.88
oh no no584.3993.68
what that's not even that590.045.72
high it's not even that593.07.04
high what how what oh595.766.4
oh my God like I'm genuinely upset I600.047.359
like being a lot son of a [ __ ] oh God602.168.44
damn it need a drink oh what have you607.3996.88
got on you oh let's see oh wolfhead I'm610.65.56
taking that saddle God if you never614.2793.721
leave a saddle those things are [ __ ]616.163.119
annoying to618.03.32
Simon neebs I'm getting tired of this621.324.519
got what all right Dora can't even find623.645.4
cream pie abso just jumped Bean off of a625.8395.24
cliff Simon just killed his horse yeah629.044.6
and and Dora knows Dora knows that we're631.0794.041
breaking the wall here yeah I get it633.642.52
we're breaking the fourth wall we're635.122.8
talking to the developers of con in here636.164.64
the horse thing is [ __ ] it is okay637.924.32
have you ever ridden a horse in your640.84.64
life no you can't go down steep stuff642.245.44
you know that this isn't real life I645.444.199
have a star metal sword from the gods it647.683.68
is dangerous to take a horse down a649.6393.361
super steep incline it's not a super651.363.96
steep incline look at this this is where653.03.839
it died right here ready you would take655.323.079
a real horse on these rocks right here656.8393.481
no my my horse would have died in real658.3993.841
life but this is a game and in a real660.323.48
life the horse would go hell no I ain't662.243.96
jumping down that right so really this663.84.839
is all Conan's a eyes fa and I and I666.24.0
actually I mean no matter what broken668.6393.361
legs yes wouldn't have killed the dead670.24.28
like that and it was from here it landed672.04.8
here and then kind of slid down here I674.484.08
didn't realize what Rodeo Cowboys you676.84.2
guys were look mhm the fact that you678.564.76
think I'm a bad father comes down to the681.04.2
horse physics in this game and I don't683.323.36
think that's fair of you taking a baby685.22.92
horse putting in a bag and leaving it in686.683.24
the middle of nowhere for it's a digital688.123.64
horse it doesn't matter okay that's689.923.159
where we draw the line when something691.763.36
digital I but that horse was doing great693.0794.32
great it was thriving Baghdad was was695.124.2
living life going places and then it697.3994.24
fell off a tiny Cliff okay Bean one of699.325.56
our favorite characters dead gotcha what701.6395.161
a great Point Conan needs to change704.884.079
something yeah and they won't and that's706.84.2
fine the horse is being stronger I'd be708.9593.721
for it I'm going to protest horses how711.03.68
about that go for it I'm protesting712.684.2
horses until Conan fixes horses you714.684.36
don't e no more hunger strike Simon me716.883.56
and you we're walking I'm going to kill719.044.32
your horse don't do that come we can do720.445.8
that that's a real protest protest the723.364.599
horse kill it all right do it Simon kill726.243.52
the [ __ ] horse all right stab the727.9593.081
horse it's just digital you're right729.763.079
it's a digital horse I don't care kill731.043.4
the horse it's not real killing the732.8393.481
horse it's not734.444.72
real actually I'm not I'm not going to736.325.56
kill the horse Justice yeah it's digital739.165.479
I'm not really dead oh [ __ ] [ __ ] horses741.885.8
where's his bed remove it remove his744.6395.401
bed look at me747.685.719
Queen reduced to a lowly peasant walking750.045.2
barefoot down a river with a damn bag on753.3994.0
her back manam I was living the good755.244.159
life and then I had to follow this whack757.3994.161
character up and to get crazy blood what759.3994.201
did I get black Blood Demon blood I got761.563.24
the demon blood I think it's the black763.63.479
blood anyway it's ridiculous but now I'm764.85.0
heavy I got a bear in my bag I got a767.0794.801
saddle in my bag and I got a walk home769.84.039
it's insane I'm a queen I'm a queen I771.883.8
have a castle maybe not a full Castle773.8392.961
but it's a pretty awesome looking thing775.683.0
it's a cathedral I have a cathedral I'm776.84.479
like a queen Queen priest priest Queen778.684.88
is that a priestess is that the proper781.2794.081
Priestess wonder if they did785.366.479
kids no this is my conviction this is it788.3996.0
if you don't stand for nothing you are791.8395.12
you even alive you're not even alive794.3994.601
grab my things I don't see the horse796.9595.081
though did Simon kill it all right Simon799.05.199
you on me yep yep yep how you like that802.044.44
new horse it's nice what's it what's his804.1995.841
name I think I would name it Sophie are806.485.479
you going to rename Anthony's horse810.043.479
maybe I don't know it's probably not811.9593.281
going to make it home alive well here's813.5193.721
what you do now look I I want to go this815.244.52
way I think because I think uh we want817.244.68
to go to the right want to go I think we819.764.079
have to get over these mountains uh yeah821.923.159
what makes you think that there's a823.8393.081
clear way well here's what you do when825.0794.481
you go over uh hard terrain you want to826.925.52
climb it not ride your horse yeah no I I829.564.6
understand the horse will follow yeah832.443.36
see but are we going to be able to make834.163.96
it up I mean h this looks pretty good I835.84.719
don't know cu I don't see anything that838.124.519
looks like we can climb it that looks840.5194.12
too tall all right well let's just keep842.6394.2
trying but this is the way you do it844.6395.64
with the horse on foot okay it makes846.8396.68
sense they follow yeah I like horses850.2796.761
this might get too steep yeah but maybe853.5196.12
not we'll keep trying okay well looks857.044.799
like uh maybe to the left over there859.6395.041
that's where you're going mhm oh no861.8394.521
here's the tricky part this is a long864.684.76
bit here please don't fall this should866.364.719
be I should be able to stand right here869.444.24
stamina out yes I'm going to try to get871.0794.88
in this little crook over here yeah did873.684.92
I use that right yeah it's a crck crook875.9595.601
there's also a nanny right it's a what878.65.32
Crook and Nanny never heard that CR am I881.563.88
saying it wrong I don't know crooked883.925.12
neet no nooks and crannies oh nooks and885.444.92
crannies is that what you're talking889.042.88
about that's what I was trying to say890.363.479
listen nooks and crannies are what891.924.88
Thomas's English muffins have okay nooks893.8395.36
and crannies butter them up baby so not896.84.959
nannies I don't think so what' I say899.1994.961
Nook and Nanny I'm not sure what you901.7595.241
said but it was close enough for me to904.164.479
understand you were trying to say nooks907.03.56
and crannies look people don't say that908.6393.801
much no they don't I haven't I haven't910.564.959
heard that since a a commercial in 1986912.445.16
all right let's bring it back let's uh915.5194.161
you know what I I got an infection in my917.64.44
nooks and crannies that sounds pretty919.685.36
gross from sex stuff that was922.045.359
unnecessary people knew what we were925.044.279
talking about I'm trying to make it up927.3993.481
oh no I'm not going to be able to make929.3194.281
it I'm going to fall and probably really930.884.36
hurt myself yeah you shouldn't climb933.62.76
something unless you're sure the935.243.0
stamina's going to hold up well well I936.364.12
mean sometimes you just got to go for it938.246.2
okay and uh this is me going for it and940.487.68
step it okay ooh quite hurt quite you944.446.12
did not die huh nope no I didn't you948.165.28
look hurt well it's cuz I am all right950.565.48
heal up let's figure this out953.446.199
yep man I'm too slow there's no way I956.046.359
can take all these guys on oh wait I959.6396.721
have an an idea okay I'm heavy but I962.3997.24
wonder if the bat can haul my fat ass966.368.399
let's see and that one and then this one969.6399.241
the come on please work come974.7596.471
yes see now this is the way to go home I982.485.799
could just do this go over all the enemy985.7594.52
encampments all right just need to get988.2793.961
down to the river and I got to hit the990.2794.12
river and then take a right all right992.243.8
not too not too high I don't know how994.3993.12
long you last I wish there was a meter996.042.799
or something telling me how long you997.5193.721
last cuz I know you got kind of a kind998.8395.24
of a short lifespan please don't drop me1001.245.44
I am not in good help all right here we1004.0795.56
go easy down on the beach you know what1006.684.36
yeah oh yeah there you go all right that1009.6393.64
perfect okay why have I got my fist up I1013.65.799
don't know why but it looks awesome look1017.124.24
at this barefoot walking on a beach with1019.3994.841
a bag like a hobo what is this down here1021.365.12
someone someone trying to catch fish oh1024.244.52
okay yeah that's that crazy lady's place1026.484.4
got it okay not too far from home now1028.765.039
I'm in safer safer areas just no turtles1030.885.079
bring these out just in case [ __ ]1033.7993.481
bag creen1037.287.159
pie creen pie come on I love my cream1040.03910.361
pie I miss my cream pie cream pie1044.4397.841
this place is the dumbest structure I've1050.44.6
ever seen it's just simply the dumbest1052.285.88
thing in the world well1055.05.16
creep all right I know the guys ran1058.163.759
ahead I saw them on the map they're1060.164.84
climbing mountains I1061.9195.401
think I know they ran ahead but this is1065.04.24
going to be fun when they get to the top1067.323.8
of the mountain I'll just be there maybe1069.243.2
I'll do like an emote where I'm leaning1071.123.64
against the wall it'll be funny I'll be1072.446.64
like hello hello there can like Obi-Wan1074.766.039
hang on how do I I'll do like the lean1079.084.479
on the wall like hey about time you guys1080.7996.481
made it up here yeah sorry Simon I know1083.5594.801
we had to go all the way back around1087.282.92
that mountain it's just too steep yeah1088.364.76
no I I don't1090.22.92
mind God damn it we got horses so it's1094.0396.64
quick to get around yep so what just1097.9195.0
down here I got to be careful yeah just1100.6794.401
keep heading south back to back to home1102.9193.841
all right get rid of all this uh star1105.084.52
metal stuff I'm going to need some a1106.765.44
when uh so if you see some yep I'll keep1109.65.199
an ey for a lake or a stream I don't1112.24.2
know if I've seen many streams in here1114.7993.481
and I've been paying attention to them1116.44.399
all right we'll find you one oh water1118.286.56
there you go right up here perfect maybe1120.7996.561
there'll be something cool down here too1124.846.56
huh yeah good job good job guys oh don't1127.367.4
worry it's not a hobo it's just me hey1131.45.279
what's up not much what are you what's1134.764.24
what's happening with you oh man I i l1136.6793.961
bean I had to I got a bear in my1139.04.12
backpack I left cream pie out there oh1140.645.039
my God way out there yeah what are you1143.123.32
going to do you just going to leave her1145.6792.841
to starve well I got spooge in the1146.444.88
meantime Simon took spooge okay so you1148.524.88
can to leave cre pie to starve1151.325.08
potentially but if we'll see we'll see1153.44.24
you have a bear in that bag huh you1156.43.08
wouldn't know it yeah you wouldn't know1157.643.36
it's tiny bear okay all right I'm going1159.483.16
to go ahead and put this I'm going to1161.03.28
tame a bear I think that'd be kind of1162.642.919
cool yeah I didn't think you were going1164.283.6
to do anything else with it no all right1165.5594.681
let's see right do open the animal pin1167.884.24
put the little baby in the berer and1170.243.799
then baby probably won't meat I need to1172.123.799
go out and get some meat oh I'm light1174.0393.88
again thank God there you go okay I'm1175.9193.481
going to go out get meat get this baby1177.9193.401
bear rocking what else was I doing oh1179.45.399
yeah sorcery oh yeah evil things yes yes1181.325.16
yes yes yes cool yeah I'm going to do1184.7994.441
something soon I promise all right yeah1186.484.679
yeah I'm sure you will hell of a day1189.244.08
yeah yeah you you're working hard yeah1191.1596.321
you don't know I do you don't I do you1193.329.0
you don't I do do you do1197.484.84
not summon yeah come by the ledge no1205.085.56
thank you why I've already killed a1208.324.56
horse in these parts Oh I thought you1210.643.72
were on team let's kill all the horses a1212.883.44
minute ago I well I was just saying that1214.364.199
I switched teams but I I would rather1216.324.839
not kill this one you know I don't want1218.5594.401
to kill this one on purpose oh jeez yeah1221.1593.921
it's steep yeah but here's the thing I1222.964.48
think with this game the horses follow1225.084.52
you like it's it's kind of ridiculous1227.444.28
you know well I mean yeah but the thing1229.64.36
is it could I could very easily just1231.724.28
shift by accident and then all of a1233.964.04
sudden the horse is falling okay oh like1236.03.559
right now okay but it doesn't matter I'm1238.03.08
going to try to climb down and see what1239.5593.321
the horse does well I think I should I1241.083.599
kind of want to jump down I like jumping1242.883.72
and trying to catch on to the yeah go1244.6794.441
for it I'm going this way all right I'm1246.67.4
going to jump okay and Booyah o did you1249.127.28
do it yes I did all right I'm probably1254.03.799
being a little more safe than you are1256.43.32
all right I'm jump on there oh yeah1257.7994.801
slide another slide oh yeah wait who's1259.725.92
that's my horse he's already here yeah1262.66.6
okay and there we go H that is crazy and1265.646.279
there's my guy hello all right doesn't1269.24.92
make any sense but I'll take it why not1271.9194.36
shall we yeah we shall where you think1274.123.84
Anthony is I don't1276.2795.52
know what is this what is this place1277.966.599
circular rocks epic castles and they1281.7994.641
want to go back to the starting desert I1284.5593.161
get it there's a bunch of benches there1286.442.88
it'll be hard to move but this place is1287.725.4
infinitely cooler I get it ice snow but1289.326.08
seriously I want to explore this part of1293.126.36
the map I'm going in oh blue Bridge1295.47.48
across this bridge stands Zula it was1299.485.4
originally an outpost built by your1302.884.919
people cross this bridge stand1304.885.64
zul oh and I'm dying of1307.7995.0
cold whack thank you thank you for the1310.524.08
spicy foods oh God I ate the spicy foods1312.7993.081
it's not working it's not working it's1314.62.6
very cold here it's too cold it's1315.885.08
absurdly cold oh God God run run run run1317.25.64
run of the cold die out the cold Jesus1320.964.24
Christ why is it so [ __ ] cold1322.844.64
here come on eat the food eat the meat1325.23.68
eat the meat eat I'm eating every steak1327.487.439
I have volcano why volano1328.886.039
oh well I got really dramatic there at1338.325.12
the end but uh I made1340.482.96
it hey buddy I've just has got a bad1345.485.799
feeling you know you ever get a bad1349.1594.601
feeling you ever feel anything just1351.2796.121
saying got a bad feeling yeah but should1353.765.76
I need you should you need us that's1357.44.48
from Labyrinth it's a great movie all1359.526.24
right let's see what's this hey Rhino1361.886.08
hey yeah I've had rhinos for a long time1365.764.44
you guys never V hey Simon hey I got a1367.963.959
question for you is what horse is that1370.23.44
Simon what's Anthony's names where's the1371.9193.521
name if you look at its inventory or1373.643.919
information you'll find out but hold on1375.444.119
hold on don't1377.5593.921
jump me off a cliff is no no everybody1379.5594.681
hold on yeah where's spoe at son who SPO1381.486.64
yeah SPO that was the name spooge son of1384.247.559
a [ __ ] I knew it you knew what but it's1388.125.88
that spooge would die I I left cream pie1391.7994.321
out there all alone too oh well that's1394.03.88
that's bad I did warn you though and I1396.123.439
didn't do it on purpose and it was1397.884.08
ridiculous how it how she died okay it's1399.5595.081
fine it's fine it's fine whatever I'm I1401.965.079
do this hey on the bright side who's1404.647.0
Brown named after and is level 20 you no1407.0397.041
banana nope oh wait wait what's a legum1411.645.039
again it's a in a bean I think so don't1414.084.52
bring up bean I miss beans what happened1416.6795.24
to Bean Bean's dead ah she dropped three1418.65.92
foot off of a cliff but hey I got I do1421.9193.841
have something cool you guys stay there1424.522.92
I'm coming no one knows the answer to my1425.766.68
question huh uh um your horse uh1427.449.0
fre level 20 Level 20 wow does that does1432.446.08
that mean it can it can handle a 6ot1436.444.92
drop probably maybe seven wow I1438.524.8
challenged that how do you put a damn1441.364.72
how do you put a damn saddle on oh there1443.324.56
is no saddle for the Rhino like when you1446.083.599
tame the Rhino you got to mix it with1447.884.32
the uh the soup son of [ __ ] you know it1449.6794.521
makes perfect sense so I can't ride this1452.25.079
one no [ __ ] I don't think so I could be1454.24.32
wrong but I thought you had to make the1457.2793.481
saddle with the soup a soup saddle1458.523.88
something I could be wrong on that you1460.763.0
might actually have to make a saddle1462.43.8
somewhere I didn't know you can ride I1463.763.84
thought you had a rhino and got it1466.22.959
killed riding it didn't you no I didn't1467.63.319
get killed riding it I couldn't ride it1469.1593.201
oh you couldn't ride it yeah because I1470.9192.801
made it with soup so maybe you don't1472.362.88
need to make the soup they make it1473.723.839
really unclear but hey check this guy1475.246.64
out boom this is gnarly ooh oh that1477.5596.961
Badger that name is fitting it's a bear1481.884.96
oh you are a gnarly little bear garly1484.524.2
little bear you look very unhealthy does1486.844.559
it look like a bear it's a bear we saw1488.724.52
like the baby bears earlier it looked1491.3993.16
more like a bear when it was a baby1493.243.0
didn't it it looks like it's wrapped in1494.5594.761
Bear hide no I got it w change that's1496.244.96
not a bear that's a posum nope that's a1499.323.8
bear you riding AUM this is gnarly1501.23.52
didn't it look like a bear the baby1503.124.32
needes earlier saw bear this that bear1504.724.959
was cute this thing looks like a ugly1507.444.119
POS don't you say that about gnarly1509.6794.36
that's a bear okay this is gnarly and he1511.5595.801
adorable aren't you gnarly aren you I'm1514.0395.841
going to feed you all kinds of people1517.363.96
gnarly a good gnarly and you're going to1519.882.6
play dead at night and then you're going1521.323.56
to walk real slow across the street by1522.484.52
your tail it's already dead names oh1524.884.24
sorry for your lost abro thank you you1527.04.279
look good Simon hey you thank you very1529.123.64
much all right gnarly come on let's get1531.2793.201
to it we got killing to do all right1532.765.399
guys uh meat facial facial and cream pie1534.484.48
nice facial wow facial is not moving oh1538.967.319
we're we're a little stuck1543.2795.28
[ __ ] good ride1548.5593.48

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