HOW TO Hatch Wyverns?! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard about the latest giveaway for a Thick44 YouTooz? I mean, who wouldn't want to get their hands on...
HOW TO Hatch Wyverns?! - Ark Fjordur
HOW TO Hatch Wyverns?! - Ark Fjordur

HOW TO Hatch Wyverns?! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video on 'HOW TO Hatch Wyverns?!' It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! Watching the boys try to hatch a baby wyvern is pure comedy gold.

neebs: I love how they struggle with it, it's so relatable. And did you see the giveaway for a Thick44 YouTooz in the description? We should enter!

simon: Definitely! I could use a Thick44 YouTooz on my shelf. But let's be real, the real magic is in Neebs Magic Dumpster. That channel is a hidden gem!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard about the latest giveaway for a Thick44 YouTooz? I mean, who wouldn't want to get their hands on that awesome collectible? Make sure you enter for your chance to win over at

Now, let's talk about the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episode 28. Can you believe the boys actually hatched a baby in this one? I was on the edge of my seat the entire time watching them navigate through the game. If you haven't checked it out yet, you're definitely missing out on some epic gameplay.

And let's not forget about Neebs Magic Dumpster - that channel never fails to entertain. If you're looking for some extra laughs and fun content, make sure to head over to for more entertainment.

As a die-hard fan of Neebs Gaming, I can't get enough of their Ark: Survival Evolved series. The boys always bring their A-game and it's so much fun to watch them play. If you're a fan of the game, you definitely need to check out their playlist at

And don't even get me started on their coffee - Neebs Gaming Coffee is a game-changer! Plus, their partnership with Xidax PCs means they're always playing at their best. Make sure to subscribe to their channel at and join their Patreon for even more exclusive content. Trust me, you won't regret it.

So, grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, sit back, and enjoy the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe. It's a wild ride from start to finish and you won't be disappointed. Thanks for tuning in and supporting Neebs Gaming - they truly are the best in the business! #arksurvivalevolved #ark #noobvspro.

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absolute door ABS wrote a door this is0.0794.661
door from Aura boric go ahead are you2.942.7
still have vocal4.743.92
volcano I am okay I'm5.643.02
be off the bat gotcha and then do12.7994.961
vandalan South and then click East15.485.28
and then22.1995.701
East bam oh miss Dick Grayson we're24.34.5
going on a ride27.93.42
all right if I did my job right you31.324.739
should pop up right here in front32.887.56
hey oh there he is here I am his name is36.0596.421
Dick Grayson what's up very nice now40.443.9
this is uh that's the easiest way to get42.483.72
closest to our base yeah we should have44.343.48
probably been doing that oh the entire46.24.58
time yeah yeah we're morons yeah47.827.02
okay one more triangle right up yeah one50.788.04
more one oh is that it yeah54.843.98
hey I noticed this thing the exit's not74.244.96
powered oh is it hooked to the generator77.1594.5
uh I don't think so I'll hook it to the79.24.559
generator no here's the problem this is81.6594.381
built on our stuff for the generator I83.7593.841
don't even know what it's gonna take the86.043.18
fridge isn't working it's not powered87.64.019
right unpowered there's a wire going too89.223.6
what's going out there I don't even know91.6193.0
what that is well this is the one that92.823.18
works right here let's go around and see94.6192.82
where the wire goes to here's the96.03.479
problem this floor right here is double97.4394.381
wham's floor this floor right here is99.4794.621
Simon Slayer floor okay there needs to101.826.479
be a generator here in this floor okay104.17.019
to this box which is connected to other108.2996.621
things all right connected to the next111.1193.801
can you figure it out and do it I can115.13.76
try putting a generator here and see if117.542.7
it'll connect to this okay yeah yeah118.863.84
yeah well you do that yeah yeah like120.243.78
pick up this one and give it to a weight122.72.94
or this one Powers it the incubator124.023.0
right that's right so we need another125.643.06
generator yeah don't worry about it I'll127.023.659
fix it do we want to stick this egg in128.73.0
and see how long it's going to take to130.6793.301
incubate yeah I'm curious Dora yeah131.73.539
that's your job because you're the only133.983.479
one in the Simon Slayer or the was it135.2393.781
double whams tribe I kind of own the137.4593.061
tribe now huh right yeah I'm not gonna139.022.64
let it get to my head or anything please140.522.82
don't betray us when the dragon becomes141.663.659
yours oh shut it who's got the egg it's143.343.6
in the fridge that's fridge it's not145.3194.14
always it doesn't work well it's still146.944.379
better it's insulated at least it's you149.4594.081
know it's got an hour 15 till it spoils151.3194.261
okay okay so yeah let's incubate that153.545.279
bad boy I like rabbit where'd the egg go155.585.28
oh my God158.8193.901
you just hit out I don't know where it160.865.28
went oh it's up top oh there you go oh162.725.58
you wanna you wanna get it all right all166.143.78
right so I'm picking it up go for it and168.33.42
then I'm putting it in don't eat it the169.923.899
love of God don't eat it right right put171.725.04
it in right access inventory I don't173.8194.92
mind if I do this little egg animation176.764.92
they got here on this month it is in oh178.7395.301
it's in there181.682.36
so I guess so now do we need milk what186.0195.14
happened to the other milk it went bad189.33.84
spoiled it yeah we still need milk to191.1594.021
feed the baby once the baby hatches so193.143.84
we have to catch another that was pretty195.183.9
epic when we got that milk before and196.983.96
then it just went bad yeah we knew that199.083.96
was gonna happen how long why did we do200.944.46
it to begin203.042.36
a second I'm sure you didn't know that206.583.42
if we knew I thought we could store milk208.23.66
in a refrigerator like any normal human210.04.86
beings we didn't know you nut bag neebs211.865.099
we talked about let's just try it anyway214.864.44
we knew it was a risk this egg has216.9596.5
gotten much smaller are we concerned no219.37.499
time I was waiting for you guys to stop223.4595.92
yapping because good God you know what I226.7995.401
mean yeah I do yeah Jag requires 100 is229.3794.741
one of my options to click it's already232.23.959
exactly destroy I'm thinking I'm not I'm234.123.539
not gonna click that what's it counting236.1593.901
to it's counting up it's three oh it's a237.6594.021
progress bar look you can see it so it's240.063.72
got to get to 100 before it hatches and241.683.6
it's already at three yeah so we're243.783.239
gonna hurry okay we better go get milk245.284.319
get the milk milk and milk in time milk247.0195.341
milk I'll get milk I'll get milk I am249.5995.881
Spartacus I am also a Spartacus I am the252.364.8
are you a man257.165.21
dick I'm a [ __ ] King284.226.429
um guys we have to start off please okay309.65.7
yeah I'm just running a good idea Simon312.546.48
I got it oh boy oh God315.36.6
I need to have wyvern beds good thinking319.027.5
neems nice apps Bros321.94.62
there's a T-Rex over here that's lonely339.1994.621
there you go yeah where'd he go where'd352.0394.121
he go oh he's up he's still up there hey354.723.8
come here356.162.36
morning wow are those eight sinking geez358.683.299
come on360.94.32
it's really tough yeah oh I think I'll361.9795.361
stay inside365.225.62
come on baby come at me367.345.16
oh my God it's inside it is inside372.54.919
all right378.083.059
you idiot oh there we go389.884.68
oh geez392.35.339
that was insane basilisk394.565.699
all right I'm putting my bat away all397.6394.12
right yeah you guys do whatever prep you400.2592.821
got to do I'm gonna start hunting for a401.7594.141
female a dragon all right I'll try403.085.239
all right fellas I got a female out here408.4195.461
oh good oh and she's a Wily one they are411.064.5
okay I'm gonna go in and get her413.884.02
attention you guys ready yeah ready this415.564.139
went really well last time doralius so417.93.72
good hopefully this will be easy I do419.6995.401
believe in jinxes I do little man so421.626.859
it went awful everybody425.13.379
my ass scorched oh boy turn it scorched438.963.54
Earth all right coming right at you441.123.06
right through the middle nice and low442.54.4
come on baby444.182.72
oh damn I don't have the trunks start453.54.72
drinking everybody else I don't got them456.185.48
everyone else drank I don't either458.226.12
boy we only knew what we were doing we461.664.86
were coming out here we prepped464.344.859
out snuck up on us didn't it466.524.42
I told you there was nothing to worry469.1993.481
about I wasn't worried at all well Simon470.943.84
has all these crazy superstitions I was472.684.98
just annoyed by you guys talking oh okay474.785.58
oh my God what is happening yeah you477.664.52
know what sometimes you just need to480.363.899
Australia's help he's been attacked by482.184.12
an enemy I think that's I'm busy right484.2593.84
now sorry hey this thing can still wake486.34.26
up you guys are goofing off I'm not488.0993.66
goofing off I'm just sitting here490.562.88
waiting to bowling he was just being a491.7593.901
douche hey fellow teammates I think493.444.08
Simon's betraying us he's trying to kill495.664.64
me you should attack him497.522.78
next up salmon yeah next time you shoot502.345.44
Anthony shoot him at the ball gag oh505.55.099
that one wait hold on hey is this thing507.784.439
down go check510.5993.38
shoot a lot of drinks512.2193.961
oh I can get up I pulled assignment513.9794.18
sorry there you go all right now just do516.183.96
your work and be quiet he's not netted518.1594.32
I'm gonna unconscious unconscious520.144.38
unconscious I'm not seeing anything I'm522.4793.541
gonna do this just in case all right524.522.939
cool okay yeah yeah unconscious526.026.379
unconscious okay okay we got the milk527.4597.56
all right let's get out of here before532.3994.861
she wakes up and I told you it'd be easy535.0194.341
it's okay to say it after539.363.599
screw you542.9594.601
oh God get in the bubble get in the545.883.92
bubble you wanna go home with me547.564.64
hold up549.85.2
don't miss the bubble hurry up there he552.26.3
is just made it555.03.5
[ __ ] my bat didn't come with me why I559.446.56
don't know he's not in our tribe oh oh562.925.88
now my bat's just over there by a sleepy566.05.14
Dragon okay yeah yeah I'll uh do you568.83.96
come with me we'll teleport back we'll571.144.02
get the dragon uh here I'm gonna give572.763.96
you the milk are you in the entrance575.163.6
circus yeah okay well you can't carry576.723.42
milk who's this Beyond hold on stay578.762.579
still stay I'll take it all right I'm580.143.0
gonna transfer the milk there the rivers581.3394.981
we gotta get this milk in not a fridge583.144.259
because we don't have a fridge that586.322.88
works keep it in the bat should be safe587.3993.541
we gotta get it in a dragon all right589.24.199
the baby so yeah you guys go up check590.944.56
I'll get dory's backpack oh that's right593.3994.161
that's what we're feeding the baby yeah595.54.92
oh that was a fun sound where's your bat597.565.2
Simon my bat's in a tripod I gotta do600.424.26
that see you back in base see you in an602.764.5
hour is that how you say goodbye yep604.685.219
that's my new out loopy doopy put it on607.263.96
a shirt all right hop in the bubble door609.8993.301
bubble oh yeah bubble well why are you611.223.119
why are you going in the bubble oh yeah613.22.52
I know I'm not doing this bubble hell614.3393.421
out of the bubble yeah yeah615.724.88
going home617.762.84
do it right if you're gonna do it no I622.884.66
like whoopsie it's what you say when you625.445.1
screw up see627.546.96
that's different clearly oh God all630.546.08
all right door I'm grabbing it yeah do636.83.0
oh okay your dopes oh boy dragons639.85.58
Okay hey oh that's a wyvern oh above us645.865.68
above us why would it be straight up649.684.38
[ __ ] with my bat651.545.1
that's a yellow Mama all right I don't654.064.56
see a bat here though you didn't get any656.643.72
sort of message that it was ill I did658.623.24
not oh it's it is fighting the damn660.364.5
river ah [ __ ] oh no we gotta call it oh661.865.599
[ __ ] I can't quite see through your butt664.865.159
okay wait do you think you can shoot667.4596.461
this thing oh God oh God oh God okay670.0196.901
okay oh [ __ ] oh this is not good this is673.925.22
not good oh boy oh this is nothing good676.924.859
I was shooting at it is it behind us oh679.144.74
I lost it kind of let's see oh God it's681.7794.081
right behind us how do you not see it oh683.884.22
okay hey yeah time to go yeah we didn't704.065.8
need that [ __ ] yeah what are you707.823.36
thinking look how beat up you are709.865.34
getting into it idiot you are all right711.186.54
she following your door I think so tell715.23.6
you what I'm gonna yeah we'll come back717.724.16
here we'll land at home and yeah718.83.08
oops what oops what neighbors how many725.3394.981
milks do we have there should have been728.763.24
like five right should have been but how730.323.66
many do we have I don't know uh we have732.04.56
four okay I think I drank some milk oh733.985.94
boy ah see I'm sorry how much time I736.567.38
forgot what oh time uh 26 minutes look739.926.539
at the smallest hands son yeah I do yeah743.945.76
sure okay hold on 26 minutes 26 minutes746.4596.201
what about his uh or his hands Smalls749.75.46
I know I was just asking minor752.664.06
proportional yours are weird fine755.163.239
where's the milk go hold on I'm making756.723.72
some spark powder somebody said that the758.3993.841
preserving bin might might help do you760.443.839
have a milk on you yes I do okay uh come762.244.02
back here okay yeah and put some shoes764.2793.961
on for God's sake I'm in tune with766.263.6
nature I'm feeling the dirt you need768.243.48
grounding is important it is the thing769.863.96
but you're not on the grass the stone is771.724.38
nature um all right in here I got the773.823.54
spark powder in there it should be776.13.12
working now right access inventory I'm777.364.56
gonna drag it over and not hit e because779.224.799
that would be stupid and there we go781.925.7
what's it say four hours and 13 minutes784.0196.601
wow four hours that's crazy isn't it787.624.32
it's a little crazy because that looks790.623.0
hot yeah wait isn't that bad but dragons791.943.839
are hot right so maybe are we boiling793.624.08
the milk I don't know man we got four795.7793.601
hours that's all I know797.74.5
it's a nice flight back it was799.384.5
um you don't need to teleport I mean a802.23.84
gorgeous day like this yeah no Enjoy the803.884.5
breeze hey enjoy the flight what's up806.043.38
we're doing the X stuff but it's almost809.428.74
done incubating 86 86 okay812.046.12
kind of wanted to check out some of818.5793.121
these other Realms that I haven't been820.382.94
to the names didn't you say that when821.72.939
I'm zasgard823.323.959
um my favorite one is Joe tunaheim824.6394.981
mignon yeah sure that's that's the827.2794.021
shitty one I know yotenheim that's cold829.623.06
okay that's the Land of the Giants831.33.24
that's where Loki's from look he's not a832.684.32
giant yeah he is not the show I saw he's834.544.799
a frost giant it's Frost giant I have no837.03.899
idea how that works names don't even839.3396.421
okay 88. let's see I'm gonna try yeah840.8996.721
I'm gonna go to Asgard we'll go see if I845.763.96
can find Thor and it's hot mama I'll be847.624.98
back before 94. dinner will be ready now849.724.32
you guys got the milk you got the egg852.63.299
you'll be fine I'm going on an Asgard854.043.84
Adventure enjoy855.8993.481
oh that's right there's a whole another857.886.62
tend after 89. 89 then 90.859.385.12
okay let's hop on the back oh wow yeah869.15.52
now this place is Magic what is this872.164.56
this looks like a hill made of gold874.624.86
play okay yeah I wish I'd known this876.724.559
existed the entire time I would have879.484.5
lived here this is nice except for the881.2795.461
Scorpions and Raptors argentavia man883.984.32
look at this big old fight going on down886.743.719
here man I thought this would be like a888.35.099
place of Peace guard Realm of the Gods890.4595.461
pick it up where are they to hang out893.3994.38
with the gods I want to find Thor's895.923.719
hammer does that exist it probably does897.7793.661
exist in this but I guarantee you got to899.6393.301
do something stupid to get it and I'm901.443.78
not gonna do it all right yeah I'm gonna902.944.74
check out Asgard for a minute905.225.04
yeah that's nice907.685.82
99 just turned yeah we can see the910.265.22
number I know well I'm excited nobody913.54.079
said anything since 96. there's no more915.484.32
tens between 99 and 100 is there no917.5794.32
there is there's only one more digit to919.84.08
the hundred percent right and here it921.8993.141
now oh wow okay okay now what how did925.045.979
you know that was there a bar somewhere929.5794.861
good for you no it was a no okay do you931.0196.361
grab it out of there now yeah maybe it's934.444.8
ready somebody should yeah I think you937.383.36
need to do you have the milk don't you939.243.18
need to oh wait you got it oh it's got940.744.2
two arrows on it now what do we do with942.424.5
it we don't know maybe you put it down944.944.32
and then it's gonna hatch right it says946.925.099
again requires hmm requires what what949.265.16
says hatch egg requires 100 I can I can952.0195.221
still click on it it is 100 so it is it954.425.4
is did I hit it it did it right I'm957.244.62
hitting it hit it right hit it didn't do959.824.379
anything all right hit it again when you961.864.219
hit it second time964.1994.2
can you place the egg down on the ground966.0795.081
is it still an egg am I pulling it out968.3994.44
guys talk to me here I don't know I971.163.179
don't think that you would put the egg972.8393.841
in in a slot where you could put it down974.3394.381
can you can't you do that pulling it out976.684.68
nope doesn't let me pull it out okay I978.723.72
thought it would just do it I thought981.362.76
there'd be a tiny dragon in there this982.443.6
little cage we're doing something wrong984.124.44
what are we doing wrong well you know986.044.2
what there might be so many things that988.563.839
we're doing wrong at once that it's hard990.243.719
to answer that question Riley try992.3994.161
hitting the button again993.9592.601
yellow Batman I don't think I'm ever998.3993.721
going back to the other place Vanna land1000.384.56
this place is beautiful and it's got a1002.124.019
viking Hall look we could have been1004.942.819
living here the whole time instead of1006.1393.901
like messing with volcanoes and dragons1007.7594.14
and eggs we could have been sitting in1010.044.2
here drinking beer having a good time1011.8994.86
but no we want to get dragon egg we want1014.245.219
to do all this stuff this is a whole1016.7594.801
little town too oh we could have set up1019.4594.201
shop we could have had a bakery is there1021.563.6
anything in these houses this little1023.663.779
town is beautiful anything in here no1025.163.84
empty but you can't build on it because1027.4393.36
I put a bed in the Viking Hall so we1029.03.48
could have put furniture and tables we1030.7993.361
could have had a town with houses damn1032.483.12
it why'd I discover this so late1034.164.519
disappointed in myself1035.63.079
okay I think I'm gonna spend the night1040.163.419
it's going down but man what a beautiful1043.5793.84
you're a brown what's that over there1045.3194.621
looks like bones check out these giant1047.4194.681
bones they shouldn't be here sitting the1049.944.739
Land of the Giants this is a Jordan to1052.13.6
wait is this a swamp this looks swampy1055.75.64
dip too far in here but man okay yeah1058.344.86
giant bones what am I looking at over1061.344.56
there argentavis1063.24.44
kicking myself for not coming here1067.644.14
sooner what is that what is it oh gas1069.384.679
bags hey1071.784.03
they're fun to float around on1074.0597.26
yeah all right1081.329.63
hey hey1091.485.199
what no damn thing away here it is1093.645.38
there's a baby oh wow something happened1096.6794.5
to make it fix the glitch yeah I know1099.025.399
you were that yeah does it need milk put1101.1796.721
the milk in yes milk right milk yes give1104.4194.441
it a milk1107.93.26
maybe even1108.865.66
who names it IU give it the milk1111.165.58
who has the milk1114.525.2
thank you it's he's coming are you1116.745.14
reasonably close sneeze he's on his way1119.723.3
what should we name the thing because1121.882.64
that was a horrible name for a baby it1123.024.32
was a temporary name it is just oh I1124.523.96
don't I can't hear I gotta give it to1127.344.74
you okay give it up one okay one of the1128.484.74
spoil it so uh okey dokey okay1133.226.3
there's any more well I mean it's a baby1136.664.72
milk milk what's the name of this Dragon1139.524.44
the name should be Smokey probably well1141.384.44
I mean well is he going to use the milk1143.963.36
for well it might say don't feed again1145.823.3
for another 30 minutes or something um1147.323.18
well it doesn't say I think it might1149.124.38
conserve well who knows we'll see so you1150.54.679
got you got the one milk you gave to it1153.53.24
did it drink it already not yet no1155.1794.38
you're a little guy okay1156.745.16
so we're good for now right I I believe1159.5594.441
so I believe there's a dragon and it's1161.93.54
alive and it should be able to make it1164.06.02
to the next scene okay welcome youngin1165.444.58
thank you1181.0593.721

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Neebs Gaming's expert editing transforms each episode into an immersive cinematic experience. Clever camera angles, seamless transitions and an epic orchestral score builds tension and suspense during action sequences. Quieter moments are accentuated with close up shots and thoughtful narration. This polished presentation remains true to the spirit of Ark's world and characters.

While clearly not pro gamers, Neebs Gaming's charismatic naivety and charming ineptitude allows viewers to experience Ark as if for the first time again. Their childlike sense of discovery, wonder and fun is contagious. You can't help but root for these unlikely survivors to eventually thrive on the island.

In summary, Ark: Survival Evolved is an imaginative survival game of prehistoric proportions. Neebs Gaming's cinematic series expertly captures the magic and adventure of exploring this lost world. Their enjoyable camaraderie and cinematic presentation makes it the next best thing to playing Ark yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend watching Neebs Gaming's Ark playthrough for a one of a kind Jurassic viewing experience.

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