He Built a Haberdashery in 2023...?! - Conan Exiles

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 from Neebs Gaming yet? If not, you're missing out on some hilario...
He Built a Haberdashery in 2023...?! - Conan Exiles
He Built a Haberdashery in 2023...?! - Conan Exiles

He Built a Haberdashery in 2023...?! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video where he built a haberdashery in 2023 in Conan Exiles? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one cracked me up! I mean, who even knows what a haberdashery is?!

appsro: I watched that video too! It's so funny seeing them try to figure out what a haberdashery is in the game.

neebs: I know, right? It's like a mix of confusion and amusement all in one. Definitely one of my favorite videos!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 from Neebs Gaming yet? If not, you're missing out on some hilarious moments and epic gameplay. In this episode, the gang dives into the world of haberdashery - but what even is that? Trust me, you'll be in for a treat watching them figure it out.

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oh this is going to be dumb everybody0.9194.84
else is busy playing Minecraft just3.1994.6
building building building should have5.7594.121
brought this the first time and if I7.7993.521
could just sneak around this and9.884.28
activate this stupid scepter thing also11.324.6
noticed this is called the Tower of bats14.166.199
but there is one bat singular okay buddy15.925.92
already beat you but I know you're still20.3593.481
going to be there just want to activate21.844.4
the thing thing it's daytime bat should23.846.599
be just sleepy sleepies mhm you'd be up26.246.8
I don't remember all right up there30.4394.64
you're going to just get pissed the33.044.44
second we don't need to fight35.0795.241
dude oh God what are you doing up here37.487.0
why are you here no no no no I was40.327.759
trying to be sneaky and quiet sneaky no44.485.36
I'm not falling off the edge for you48.0794.561
swear to God you idiot that's not I got49.846.16
to go behind him don't I damn okay I can52.646.28
do it I can do it he won't see56.08.32
me B's being very very58.925.4
patient uh-huh uh-huh wow okay open let64.568.4
me put this uh right here why did that69.365.079
why what happened there where' my thing72.963.04
go it disappeared oh it's right there74.4394.68
crafting you pretty smooth move76.05.88
there Dora almost done with the awakened79.1194.721
staff of the81.884.239
triumverate which I remember was quite83.845.279
talky probably just uh needed someone to86.1195.401
talk to okay I'm GNA take that awakened89.1197.0
staff beautiful and you're f look at91.528.0
you this is awesome all right best way96.1195.401
to get down without killing myself cuz99.525.48
surely it's not that wow you're a great101.526.12
bat seepy seepy105.05.799
bat all right I'll figure out what this107.647.04
does shortly but that was110.7993.881
all right Anthony check this out I check127.886.079
it out boom it's a sacrificial altar130.087.2
it's a thty bench that's what I meant133.9595.081
yeah a thery bch this is where we137.283.679
therager what oh thank God I've been139.043.72
wanting to get into that honestly I140.9594.841
think it's th turgy what does it do142.765.199
bench oh we can learn more magic things145.84.4
oh I actually can I place this on here147.9594.521
hold on oh yeah I can look at this I150.25.28
picked up a skull on our adventurous boo152.485.32
a there it is yeah so let's see hey155.484.119
little skull hey y'all come by later157.84.28
today we're doing grand opening for what159.5995.241
for my store your store it sells what162.085.239
what do you sell a surprise just come by164.844.399
later okay oh it's like one of those167.3193.761
pop-up stores abso you know what I mean169.2393.761
a popup store yeah no I don't know what171.084.2
you mean you like fancy cities in New173.04.36
York like a store opens for 2 days out175.284.0
of nowhere it's a popup store that's177.364.04
what you think did you build it today179.284.44
yeah oh then it's a pop-up store well181.45.8
all things are built in days not Rome183.725.439
anyways what the hell's I don't I still187.23.52
don't know what a pop-up store is it's189.1592.961
some pretentious thing where it's like190.723.28
oh look at my fancy things at this store192.123.759
for one day only or maybe two and then194.04.04
it's gone so they rent a store they rent195.8794.28
a space for a day yes just to sell a198.044.479
bunch of stuff it's day is200.1595.321
permanent ever okay pop-up stores or202.5195.28
your my thing okay well I was205.484.56
talking about popup stores mine's not a207.7994.481
popup we'll see you just started all210.044.36
right hold I want to take a look at this212.284.4
uh this is a mess ABS you figure this214.43.72
out I feel like playing Minecraft today216.683.0
okay yeah go play some Minecraft all I'm218.123.199
going to go build building my tower up219.683.72
high Simons is getting out of goddamn221.3194.761
control it's doing just fine oh hey223.45.039
Simon hey I'm I'm coming for you my226.083.76
Tower's coming for you well now I'm228.4394.121
going with wise I'm I'm on stair day229.844.679
today maybe eventually one day we'll232.565.599
connect the two H we'll234.5193.64
see uh all right Rock Monsters come on238.5198.241
now oh my god really just want to try243.725.4
out my staff like I got a new toy and I246.765.0
can't play with it also I want to get a249.125.36
dancer to get a dancer oh hey rock251.765.199
monster good to see you254.485.319
uh they're kind of everywhere I'll pull256.9596.68
back here whatever hey there big Scorpio259.7995.761
surely up there I know we've been up263.6393.56
there but there's got to be a dancer265.564.16
I'll mess up a dancer up here all right267.1995.361
can I just have some peace please for269.725.039
the staff hard to say staff without272.566.32
infection but I I pulled it off um six274.7596.44
six oh you got to put the staff down oh278.885.8
you come281.1997.081
on yeah all right I don't have my shield284.686.359
out and it's fine idiot thank you horse288.284.759
for the protection how's this work again291.0397.321
six Put it Down Bam talk yes yes I live293.0397.16
again I didn't order to cream pie to298.364.2
damn it cream pie you're standing on the300.1996.161
staff all right stand guard here302.568.359
cream pie good horse awaken St all right306.369.839
uh talk yes yes I live again oh May the310.9198.28
Earth tremble at my coming and all of316.1998.361
that oh hello hi ah well I have you to319.1998.28
thank for awakening me yes yes oh you've324.565.24
done a very great thing know my for327.4793.321
were upset with my advice I was thrown330.86.64
into that sewer in a fit of peak334.685.28
apparently my endless wisdom was only at337.444.84
a premium when they were winning the339.967.32
war that's it more options uh H well342.288.359
I've uh awakened you super thankful for347.285.52
that I guess I'll put you back in350.6395.801
my pocket good Mission got to go get a352.88.679
dancer now ah cream pie356.445.039
hey neebs hey welcome Hey you see you361.686.28
got a uh a store that's not a popup what365.286.12
is this a habid daser needes habiter and367.965.76
goods isn't a habiter a place that sells371.44.919
hats uh I mean and accessories oh okay373.724.4
it's is it even so it has nothing to do376.3193.521
with Hats I don't yeah I don't know I378.122.88
don't see a lot of habid aseries379.843.24
nowadays let me ask you this do you have381.04.759
problems with your armor being too weak383.085.44
or heavy no I got a Armor's tinker's385.7595.921
bench okay your weapons wear out too388.526.76
quickly yep mine do come to ne's391.686.04
habiter I need some stairs there it's a395.285.16
soft open yeah I see that yep okay so397.724.28
what can I get you guys you don't have a400.443.56
Spellbook do you that's not Hab aasher402.04.44
is it no I need a I need a to of kirak I404.03.56
looked it up I was supposed to get it406.442.8
when we fought the sorcerer Anthony do407.563.6
you have a to of kirak no I sold that409.244.76
to neees neebs I need a to of kirak411.165.84
I was trying not to sell those let's see414.04.68
good God I was trying to sell buttons417.03.68
and things like that you you any red418.685.6
cabbage any what red cabbage red cabbage420.685.199
yeah pickled424.283.919
preferably it's right here yeah oh you425.8794.201
do you have pickled red cabbage no I got428.1994.4
that Spellbook thing oh okay so thank430.083.76
you yeah you got to work on like432.5992.72
dropping it like not in front of you433.843.16
like somewhere else got you I mean I got435.3194.0
really close to the it's soft open again437.04.12
y okay soft open when's the official439.3194.241
open what up here no who's this guy well441.124.44
it's bend over Bobby he's he's with me443.564.079
he's a kid of the first to the Queen's445.564.44
guard okay you B over Bob needs some447.6395.4
buttons or some uh lighter armor yeah we450.05.479
might get bend over Bobby something if453.0394.56
he's good hey nebs how soft is the455.4794.361
opening I still got work to do you think457.5995.201
it'll catch me from up here sure let's459.845.359
see oh yeah it's going to live I'm going462.83.16
live yep that didn't work it's fun to465.964.199
watch though he could have used better468.6392.84
armor couldn't he yeah yeah all right470.1592.281
I'm going to go see if I can make a471.4792.801
spell book come on bend over Bobby tell472.444.08
your friends no cabbage Simon just let474.283.84
me know when you're ready for the red476.524.16
cabbage you got some for me okay you478.124.359
you're welcome it's not it's not Hab480.684.11
aasher pickled red482.4794.28
hello oh God this wasn't worth it at all488.4795.84
it was just for a joke I got to go home491.967.4
now where is home where am I nees help494.3198.401
AB thr499.365.92
okay okay I see you all down there I've502.724.479
taken a couple of The Archers out I505.284.12
don't know if there's a dancer cuz i'507.1993.72
just was hoping to see him dance but it509.43.759
is night time or do I go up I don't know510.9195.641
what's above here maybe people513.1596.041
throwing down a spider ball that'll be516.565.52
fun for the party let's see suck if it519.26.52
killed the dancer H how about that way522.086.319
in the fire okay not in the fire open up525.726.48
ha that's so cool they're not phased at528.3996.201
all that's really something do I have to532.24.639
phase them oh yeah someone's phased all534.65.2
righta it was I that threw the spider536.8397.201
ball all along it's a very throaty sound539.87.68
what are you God I don't know who to H I544.045.08
might want some help with oh this isn't547.484.599
going to be good is my spider ball is my549.125.8
spider gone yeah probably at least552.0795.041
I have another I'm going to need it aha554.924.08
spider ball didn't see that coming did557.124.36
you that's my spider friend that will'll559.06.279
distract you uhhuh as I kill you and561.486.0
kill you565.2794.68
slowly he so cool if you just learn how567.487.08
to dance for me uhoh and then I'll kill569.95910.401
you oh no no no no no no no no no no no574.567.64
oh can't do that can't do that no no no580.365.159
pull out of that no no no no582.23.319
no all right check this out Simon what585.925.44
you got well using the toome of kurak588.645.48
I'm going to craft a toome of Kur what591.364.24
uh okay I know that sounds stupid but594.123.959
I'm not making it up we go o googly595.66.96
booly boo chly booly bar598.0798.401
o smacky Packy rackety smacky boom what'602.566.16
you do I got to remember that I think I606.484.52
know how to cast more spells now let's608.727.44
see boly booly boo smoly smoo ooh oh611.07.079
yeah there's a new one here I think616.165.96
wield the forces of Life Death and618.0797.121
undeath that scared me a little bit yeah622.124.399
that's impressive I think I may have625.24.6
gotten out of it so wait boly626.5195.921
then if I choose this629.85.24
one cheeky bar is that not the trick cuz632.445.399
I like that already yeah see I can imbue635.045.239
a soul onto a fixed Point Illuminating637.8395.8
the area and I can imbue a soul onto640.2795.921
their own flesh Illuminating their path643.6396.041
what the sorcerer imbus a soul onto646.26.12
their flesh Illuminating their path yeah649.684.52
what that's that doesn't make sense to652.324.04
either boom I did it okay who you who'd657.2794.961
you do it to oh there he goes oh yeah660.243.32
it's a little soul look it's going662.243.839
around yeah a little soul here okay who663.564.76
is it is it what's up you sum summoning666.0793.841
demons hey you need to get your body up668.323.8
from my store it's not good for business669.924.0
I'll get rid of it what is this what's672.123.48
happening we think it's a soul but I'm673.923.76
not very clear okay all right and what's675.64.08
the what's it supposed to be doing just677.683.24
hanging out around us I know does it679.684.08
follow me like if I go over here come so680.924.56
kind of yeah oh yeah okay so it's like a683.763.36
little light he's a pet oh it's just685.483.32
almost like in Dark Places if I have687.124.24
this going around oh it's a flashlight688.83.92
that's what sourcers do to make a691.362.96
flashlight that's interesting a692.724.04
flashlight look at my magic Wow you694.325.04
can't control it I'm a sorcerer too but696.764.68
now wait can I do this and oh see look699.365.0
at this now now I can have a light and701.445.199
fight at the same time oh my God look at704.365.56
this oh yeah wow oh look I can I'm a706.6396.361
sorcerer look this magic I'm sorcer oh709.925.96
no this is just a start of my sorcery I713.04.519
think it might well I think it might do715.884.04
something else I'm assuming but if not717.5193.361
good for719.923.479
you I'm going to go get my body kns yep720.885.0
thank you Ro proudy abro yeah thank you723.3995.041
we support you let's see this Imus a725.886.759
soul onto a fix point oh so it is just a728.447.639
light awesome light yeah cool I can put732.6396.121
on a fireworks show now oh yeah tonight736.0794.56
I want to see it yeah being a sorcerer738.762.72
great okay so you're not a dancer but741.485.0
you are my first potential friend and744.0796.361
now to get back to cream pie uh without746.486.64
dealing with rock things see if I come750.444.04
up over I know you're just over there753.123.36
cream pie I'm coming okay let's speed754.485.68
this up nothing should jump out of the756.487.2
ground don't do it don't you do it760.165.2
where's cream pie again we there you763.684.399
still with me perfect ah were you back765.365.96
here cre yeah okay and I think think you768.0795.401
can do the whole let's pick that up can771.323.84
I pick that I think you can yeah you773.483.2
stay with me don't you there you go775.164.08
enjoy your trip leave me a good review776.686.399
okay there we go that's a good girl that779.248.2
is a good girl oh wait where did783.0797.361
hello nebs hello Anthony hello I790.9595.761
would like your services oh really what794.364.32
do you want cabbage no do you have a796.724.6
book actually a magic book nope I'm just798.684.88
kidding hey I have armor that I actually801.325.56
want you oh hey AB oh hey God I was803.566.079
hoping like stop hey I'm going to travel806.884.28
uh I'm going to travel to the West I809.6392.76
think there's birds there I'm going to811.162.799
go get feathers okay you and your812.3993.12
flashlight keep each other company oh813.9593.68
wait I think it's a soul name it I don't815.5194.44
know Bob all right come on Bob he's817.6394.401
really creative anyways I have a full819.9594.841
set of ancient Japanese armor that I822.045.599
would like to be upgraded did that box824.86.32
just open it did and it shut and now it827.6394.961
open now has always been a thing I've831.122.839
never seeing that I feel like the ones832.63.32
on the ground don't why does this one833.9594.041
that's crazy okay so tell me again what835.923.359
do you want done with your armor oh well838.02.8
here let me uh let me open it for you so839.2793.401
in there you wait what do you what do840.83.36
you do to armor well I can make it842.683.44
lighter I can make it stronger I would844.164.2
like stronger please stronger okay so846.123.719
you've got let's look at your chest848.365.2
piece this guy oh this is a y yamatai849.8395.44
demon chest plate yes pass down through853.564.04
the generations of my family weight of855.2795.441
13.78 that's pretty heavy mhm okay and857.64.599
then you want it you want more armor860.722.96
value right that would be nice yeah if862.1992.64
you could fix it up make it a little863.682.56
more sturdy let's see you might be able864.8394.24
to add a thin armor plating to it all866.244.24
right all right so your armor value is869.0794.241
59 all right you got it yes so it'll go870.486.0
up right one of those is it fully uh is873.325.319
this is this broken are you bringing me876.485.039
broken armor I mean that's is this not878.6395.361
what does a habiter do but repair things881.5194.041
and make things I'm going to need884.03.56
leather that's not my problem I'm the885.565.68
customer hold on be right back over here887.565.68
um just sit tight it's like a guy891.243.64
running to Walmart when you need like a893.243.039
sandwich he's like hold on I'll be right894.883.6
back got you one oh boy nope it's896.2793.641
nothing it's wrong kind hold on it's the898.484.279
wrong leather what's up losers hey bu899.925.359
hey dor you got a new date maybe well902.7594.601
need iron bars stand by just sit right905.2794.48
there sit tight NE honestly I think I907.363.36
you know I don't know if you know how to909.7593.401
run a business just sit tight working on910.724.679
it there's not even a waiting room okay913.164.16
that's a good input I'll put your chair915.3993.68
there all right thank you but I honestly917.323.319
could just leave and come back whenever919.0793.56
the service is done there we go hey920.6394.361
that's also a great idea okay wait what'922.6394.681
I say 59 armor value yes also how do925.04.88
what do I pay you in um here we go you927.324.4
ready well before you do the service can929.883.319
I know the the amount what is this a931.723.16
hospital we already done it look in933.1994.961
there open ooh it's purpley yeah and934.887.72
it's 63 now it was 59 wow would you look938.167.08
at that and now it's on my person and942.64.88
I'm leaving and I haven't paid you I'll945.244.719
put it on your tab note for the future947.485.56
get payment before the job it's a small949.9595.8
community you don't make everybody angry953.044.919
by being a jerk you owe me money people955.7594.961
are going to know nobody has money here957.9595.281
okay we'll barter later sounds good give960.725.08
us a good review on963.246.48
what oh oh I think I see one bom bean965.85.8
look straight ahead pink right969.725.52
here on the beach ooh I wonder is Zars971.66.159
Crossing well about to get real cross975.244.2
with this bird let's see is this water977.7594.0
shallow enough for me to do979.444.759
this this might be real stupid let's try981.7596.241
it come here bird y oh wow yeah that984.1995.721
took a lot off that was a green one too988.03.759
didn't even see you you were Blended in989.923.279
you guys even going to fight back oh you991.7592.801
don't even know how to handle it oh993.1993.0
missed you okay be let's get a good run994.563.6
and start how fast are these birds oh996.1993.56
they're pretty quick not as quick as998.164.239
Bean you and me oh get the green one999.7595.241
yeah one bird down all right you little1002.3994.201
pink come1005.05.519
here yeah Bean you and me1006.66.84
baby we are killing it all right Bean1010.5195.32
let's see I'm going to put you stand1013.443.8
guard right there don't do anything1015.8393.56
stupid now I'm guessing I get plenty of1017.244.719
feathers from these idiots eggs head1019.3995.241
feathers yes there we1021.9596.201
go Mission1024.643.52
success all right hun man if you were a1033.165.44
dude I'd have named you tholly Shore but1036.3195.12
you're not and I know you're a fighter I1038.67.52
get it but you're gonna be zat's little1041.4398.36
can I not does it only take a I1046.125.36
can't put you in there I really want to1049.7994.161
put you in there ah do you just have to1051.485.6
you can only fight is that how it1053.966.599
works man sorry zath I'll get you next1057.086.64
time bro Z's a big uh Spider thing I1060.5595.321
um let's see how do I first it's been a1065.888.799
minute Dar fari fighter hey all right1070.526.279
you can hang out1074.6795.641
maybe here how you doing sorry about all1076.7995.281
that I'm killing your whole sorry about1080.323.76
that but um it's nice to have you around1082.084.76
it's good to be less of a sausage party1084.084.92
I know abster abster is like a female1086.844.199
but but is he nah right all right let me1089.04.96
give you some GRL just chill by a bunch1091.0395.401
of idiots here you go have1093.966.199
fun Oh no you're fine you're fine we're1096.447.28
cool what are you doing um uh moving1100.1597.4
guard moving guard uh maybe just you1103.726.439
don't have to surrender we're cool what1107.5596.721
is wow okay that's okay I may have done1110.1596.321
this wrong yeah you just your arms get1114.284.92
tired you can put them1116.482.72
down there they are they got the best of1122.445.88
us last time hey frees you uh watch the1125.284.279
respond bed over there I'll be right1128.324.52
back okay see how we do all right where1129.5595.041
are they at some of these guys are1132.844.68
Traders like they trade stuff just like1134.65.6
myself entrepreneurs all right let's see1137.523.76
how we get maybe I'll start with the1140.23.44
blades okay we'll just the first person1141.285.08
attacks us we attack them back right1143.645.159
there a pretty big Camp up here let's1146.364.28
see I think that symbol that's black1148.7993.601
hand I think these are pirates I wonder1150.643.96
if they have any Sorcerers Pirates1152.44.08
Sorcerers oh man I wonder if I can get1154.65.72
this guy off to the side1156.486.6
first yeah all right come at me lady1160.325.68
there they are yep oh okay come on there1163.085.599
we go all right will be far like we're1166.04.32
stronger than we were okay oh there's1168.6793.961
more coming in now yep backing out oh1170.325.12
boy okay there we go you little Shield1172.645.6
oh come on oh boy boy that okay yep1175.445.119
we're fine pre holiday don't worry oh1178.244.08
you're not going to come at me you got1180.5595.641
Bing hero too scavengers boy all right1182.327.44
going in hard oh nice shot not nice1186.25.76
enough though okay we got two of them1189.763.6
that's a little better than last time1191.963.719
all right drink my potion going back in1193.364.92
oh she died okay yeah the bleed damage1195.6795.24
huh oh okay they're firing arrows hey1198.284.68
you guys got any Sorcerers laying around1200.9194.12
oh yeah this is a nice big spot you know1202.963.88
what I'm going right into the damn front1205.0393.841
door if it gets too hairy I'll bail out1206.843.959
three hls we got another one we're doing1208.884.039
really good out here I think this better1210.7994.481
equipment and uh L one up is doing good1212.9193.601
I'm like in the middle of their base1215.284.0
right now okay here we go head shot1216.526.32
coming in boom who's that that's the guy1219.285.56
that you beat up the other time now look1222.842.76
me I got to be better Archer than that1225.63.72
all right what about you you want1227.7993.961
to come at me oh am I out of ammo oh I1229.325.2
guess I am well where's he at he's so1231.764.919
stealthy that's right didn't see him1234.525.36
coming cover a day baby man I got this1236.6796.321
armor now I got these steel things oh1239.886.32
I'm a forc to be wrecking with1243.06.559
hey how am I doing this am I invisible1246.26.24
like oh there she is you'll never make1249.5597.401
it look at your legs that was crazy aha1252.447.64
where oh over here there's a pile of you1256.964.76
okay I'll take you all on I'm starting1260.083.8
to get a little confident in myself all1261.724.04
right I'm coming in I'm coming in like a1263.884.08
violent wind here he goes don't get1265.764.919
woo nope too quick boom how about you1271.645.24
what are you a carpenter oh you know1275.24.56
what I might keep1276.882.88
you too quick come at me whoa whoa whoa1280.647.039
whoa whoa Carpenter too quick boom all1284.5597.48
right W yeah all1287.6798.0
right jeez look at this solo can you1292.0395.161
believe it I'm going give you a chance1295.6793.281
leave okay you're our new friend1298.964.44
unconscious okay let me uh let me Rob1301.2794.76
you guys o i see a loot1303.44.24
son yeah boo boo are you up in on the on1307.646.08
the in your thing yeah yeah I'm building1311.085.199
The Stairway to Heaven there's like one1313.724.4
of those shalebacks making its way down1316.2793.961
was it fighting you up there no it was a1318.123.48
it was a friend of mine did he did he1320.243.28
escape I was trying to keep him he was a1321.63.36
pet well looks like it's making its way1323.523.639
back down yeah it's too bad I'm going to1324.963.92
miss him didn't want to be up there huh1327.1593.921
I guess no oh really wanted you to1328.885.12
see my new helmet oh yeah yeah it's got1331.087.04
a a level of 80 eight really 80 that1334.06.44
that's that's quite a bit I should care1338.125.439
more I know you don't cuz you're doing1340.444.479
this I don't know what a level a good1343.5593.561
level is you know yeah like I don't even1344.9194.161
know what I have if I if I knew what I1347.123.72
had was like oh this is ugly but it's1349.084.52
functional I just s you place that piece1350.845.199
yeah good choice on that piece well I1353.64.84
mean I need a waste of materials at all1356.0394.801
I needed them to connect it oh thank you1358.444.4
yeah I know well hey I'm harvesting them1360.843.8
and then they come back so you know what1362.844.48
are you complaining about I don't know1364.645.8
anyway I'm having fun Anthony what has1367.325.08
this become like a challenge between you1370.445.4
two what the towers yeah oh yeah oh yeah1372.46.08
I feel real inadequate right now on my1375.844.64
way well listen just when you do get1378.484.48
taller realize you're like a toothpick1380.484.679
okay you've got no girth my thing is1382.964.599
mostly girth you're the toothpick well1385.1595.161
listen I am I am girth I might be Hollow1387.5594.881
in the middle but I am wide do these1390.324.68
stairs all over the place I've got a lot1392.444.28
of real estate too I'm building my1395.03.84
floors or this is just the beginning I'm1396.723.52
going to be expanding out with every1398.843.12
floor I don't know about that if I hold1400.244.36
my hand above my head am I 7 ft tall1401.964.88
okay you'll see you'll see you're1404.65.679
getting a little invasive of Simon I I1406.846.28
hear you and don't care I've gathered1410.2795.361
that thanks didn't say that but okay you1413.125.84
don't have to okay sorry about all this1415.646.159
put your hands down when you1418.962.839
want all right boys I'm back we got a1422.0396.321
carpenter oh hey let's see I'm going1425.445.359
stick her on the wheel come me you hey1428.364.08
Bob oh yeah Bob's still hanging out I1430.7993.0
don't know if I can get rid of Bob Bob1432.444.479
is here forever yeah did not expect that1433.7995.601
all right and then hello she has very1436.9195.64
long hair there you go get to work you1439.46.04
yeah no play Hey play have fun yeah so I1442.5594.321
think when she's done yeah she'll be a1445.443.44
carpenter she'll help us uh make wood1446.884.64
stuffs more I guess efficient this is1448.883.919
how you train someone to become a1451.524.159
carpenter uh yes no that's how you break1452.7995.24
their Spirits so they'll work for you as1455.6794.521
a carpenter you don't have to pay them1458.0394.24
yeah get to work yeah what's going on1460.24.04
back here back where is this is this1462.2793.52
going to be Stables is this what I'm1464.244.4
looking at oh so abro before we started1465.7994.88
you were like hey your Tower looks like1468.644.159
speakers oh yeah you're Yeah well yeah1470.6793.88
the side of your Tower there yeah your1472.7993.521
Tower does look like big speakers my1474.5594.24
brain said I'm going to make a stage oh1476.323.88
for like shows and stuff for like shows1478.7992.841
and stuff these are just to line up the1480.23.839
seats look if I get rid of these boop1481.644.519
boop boop look we got a stage with two1484.0393.921
speakers hey that's all right get up1486.1595.481
here and rock yeah oh yeah see can I see1487.965.12
you can't sit on the benches I'm working1491.643.36
on replacing those yeah it's a whole1493.083.64
work in progress that's you can1495.03.32
make plenty of stuff you can sit on this1496.723.24
game why not why can't you sit on these1498.323.0
benches I don't know but I'm going to1499.964.04
replace them all with chairs okay yeah1501.324.4
no yeah we want to be able to sit watch1504.03.919
the show watch the show yeah this is fun1505.723.48
what kind of shows you think we can I1507.9192.441
don't know but I'm hoping it attracts1509.23.4
some big axe to our area you know magic1510.364.039
you God you know what we need what1512.63.76
dancers and we put dancers up on this1514.3993.52
stage yes like five of them and then we1516.362.76
can just come and watch them whenever we1517.9193.081
want to this is where we go to get our1519.124.6
corruption done okay I'm getting a1521.05.919
dancer next that's my next goal dancer1523.726.439
dancer work1526.9193.24

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