GIANT Desert Monsters! - Conan Exiles

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's Episode 13 and let me tell you, today everyone finally reunites! I...
GIANT Desert Monsters! - Conan Exiles
GIANT Desert Monsters! - Conan Exiles

GIANT Desert Monsters! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that GIANT Desert Monsters video on Conan Exiles? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where everyone finally reunites? That's my favorite video! Those monsters were so epic!

neebs: I know, right? And the way we all worked together to take them down was pure teamwork at its finest!

simon: Definitely! Plus, the banter and jokes we made along the way made it even more entertaining. Good times, good times.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's Episode 13 and let me tell you, today everyone finally reunites! It's such an exciting moment in the series, and I couldn't wait to see how it all played out.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you'll definitely want to check out this episode. The team always brings their A-game and keeps us entertained with their hilarious commentary and epic gameplay. I love watching their Conan Exiles series because they always manage to surprise me with their creativity and teamwork.

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I mean my God Simon right it's big yeah1.5995.28
I know and I was just experimenting on5.04.84
the sides to see how far I can build and6.8794.64
it looks like I can't really do much I'm9.842.959
going to have to start adding some11.5193.561
pillars cuz I'm going to go yes it's not12.7994.441
all about the length we need some girth15.084.32
how much higher can you go I don't know17.244.08
right now I'm I'm concentrated on the19.44.199
girth I want to say I'm maybe half the21.324.719
height that I want to be okay yeah hey23.5994.401
keep going I'm going to but I need to I26.0393.761
need to see what my base is going to be28.03.8
like cuz I can't I think I need a29.83.48
stronger base now do you know if there's31.83.52
a limit to these elevators like if you33.284.2
had an elevator one that like started at35.324.0
the very bottom and went all the way to37.483.52
the top oh that'd be wonderful and very39.324.12
convenient and fun fun to ride cuz that41.04.68
elevator that goes up in an insane hike43.444.799
I mean take a day that would be good and45.685.359
listen I might be I'm I'm building in48.2395.041
the middle to add on to the one at the51.0395.04
top so I really need to yeah I don't53.284.16
know I don't know how to explain what56.0792.921
I'm trying to you don't have to I57.442.88
imagine they're talking about about this59.03.719
across the land at this point I yeah60.324.239
everybody can see this for Miles yeah62.7194.521
hey Dora yeah Simon you guys want to go64.5594.321
check out a kind of a cool spot yeah67.243.44
we're really experts at checking out68.884.12
cool spots and stuff I can see really70.684.079
well it's what this game's about uh I73.03.159
tell you what I'm your favorite74.7593.641
Alchemist I'm going to drop some potions76.1595.081
for you guys oh so take that potion take78.45.48
that potion Tak and then real quick Dora81.245.96
yeah hit me okay slap me perfect all83.885.4
right then now I can drink Bo completed87.24.44
that Journey boom I'm an alchemist what89.284.24
yay I'm doing Journeys I'm doing91.643.6
Journeys and stuff I'm a potion maker93.524.04
now okay nice so you're an alcoholic95.247.28
Alchemist abro yeah what spank me moo97.567.599
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay y102.524.12
that was my own personal Journey not in105.1594.081
the game perfect yeah you liked it I did106.643.97
thanks completed109.249.6
how's it look down there green luscious122.04.719
sure you God so with the horse in you126.7194.52
you're still able to climb pretty easy129.5993.921
yeah it's not I mean I'm slow what is131.2394.241
that across the river what oh the red133.524.2
thing kind of like guia monster or135.484.839
something oh excuse me I don't know kodo137.724.08
Dragon oh but yeah but what was the140.3192.441
first thing you said I don't know I141.82.6
shouldn't have said it I don't know is a142.763.199
Gia monster I feel like there a thing I144.43.119
heard and don't know what it is sounds145.9593.481
offensive sounds racist everything's147.5193.961
racist to you not everything you can't149.443.48
be the boy that c wolf with that you151.483.44
know oh I'm sorry did you just assume152.924.599
I'm a boy yeah that's offensive there154.924.239
you go what is this thing why haven't we157.5193.8
seen this before it's not a kimono159.1594.521
dragon you going to fight it uh I guess161.3194.721
so okay all right you're a lot tougher163.684.8
than it is yeah look at that roll that166.044.36
was impressive though ah scratch that168.483.839
belly a come here you got to scratch170.44.16
that belly use this to scratch the belly172.3193.2
scratch what a175.5194.561
pumpkin yeah oh now I now I walk like177.445.36
there's a horse in my stomach yep get180.083.68
used to182.83.359
it all right we got a turtle coming in183.764.96
yeah we do ah [ __ ] yeah yep y you go186.1595.041
ahead he's course is on on me attracted188.725.079
to my ass oh he wants me I need help I191.25.599
need help boys okay get the [ __ ] away193.7995.72
from cream pie there you go beautiful196.7994.201
all right now let's place our horses199.5193.761
down so they don't follow us into this201.04.4
good point good point Dory notice203.284.8
anything different about me205.46.8
um you're still sexy yes thank you but I208.086.12
got no top on youp because I brought my212.25.8
new top here we go boom oh now I take214.26.119
you more seriously and then how about218.05.64
kaboo oh220.3196.12
okay you waited to to get here to show223.646.08
us yeah but even check these out oh boy226.4395.36
okay these are made of steel stepping229.723.879
back from that [ __ ] those are those are231.7993.761
good looks like you're leading the way233.5993.401
yeah hell yeah I'm leading the way I'm235.563.44
ready to whoop some ass take some names237.02.92
all right you guys drop dropped the239.02.879
horses right yeah yeah yeah let's go239.924.64
check this place out yeah scorpions I I241.8794.161
remember no there's something worse than244.564.16
scorpions beyond the Scorpions oh really246.044.52
yes do you want to avoid them yeah we248.723.799
can try to go around at first wide left250.564.039
yeah let's swing left don't wide left252.5193.56
nothing says Warriors like avoiding a254.5993.721
fight damn right it's just smart really256.0793.44
yeah because we're going to be fighting258.323.24
eventually why fight fight fight fight259.5193.161
when you could just fight fight true261.562.24
speaking of fight let's take this big262.683.0
scorpion out you just ran past your door263.84.08
all right well he's coming right at265.685.16
me yeah let let me get some get some267.885.24
action here come okay I missed I missed270.843.96
completely there's some good bleed273.124.32
damage there there you go baby oh he wa274.85.0
he went under he went under back up okay277.446.52
W what the hell I didn't see that move279.87.44
coming that's is it dead yeah choke out283.965.679
dead man I've never seen a scorpion do287.244.64
that dig under choke himself on Sand and289.6393.56
then fling himself out while he was291.883.08
dying yeah they rarely do it apparently293.1993.641
that was294.965.4
beautiful how we looking APS shh oh how296.845.12
we looking there's a bunch of people300.363.839
down here okay oh wow they're direct I301.963.64
should probably put this fire out hey304.1994.201
look at me what hold on fire up hello305.65.599
okay this is me crouching yeah see this308.47.4
is me which one's faster all right stop311.1997.28
stop there okay and now you're going to315.85.119
go to the tree in front of you and go318.4793.641
yeah and ready for crouching crouching322.125.359
is that faster I think you're faster326.083.119
crouching yeah okay I'm carrying this327.4793.28
horse crouching the rest of the way is329.1994.521
it the is it the aerodynamics maybe the330.7594.801
wind is easy I think you're right that's333.723.36
the science yeah it's easier to go over335.563.199
you um do we have to murder all these337.083.88
people you think uh well I'm not going338.7594.241
to die with this horse on my inventory340.963.16
you want to stay up there and I'm going343.02.68
to go try and murder them yeah I can344.123.04
help you with the bow and arrow yeah and345.684.12
if it doesn't work we we run and we go a347.164.84
safe way okay you ready to go for it I'm349.84.76
ready to go for it good luck352.06.479
D I'm stuck I'm stuck on the wall can't354.565.56
move they already know know you're here358.4794.481
I I'm stuck I can't I can't yep oh there360.125.56
we go it's a pretty dumb attack so far362.965.28
dumb attacks are what I was born with365.684.72
doing huh is there only one oh wait I368.244.359
saw arrows coming in from the darkness370.43.56
okay one's down you're getting shot at372.5992.88
by arrows I know I know I know are they373.963.2
across the river somewhere they're375.4793.401
they're everywhere it seems everywhere377.164.36
actually yes oh God just stay up there378.884.319
it's going to be fine oh wait up I see381.523.2
some people it's going to be fine don't383.1993.921
worry keep the horse safe okay a384.724.039
surprise attack from above you didn't387.123.28
see me up here they're shooting back I'm388.7593.241
healing you're doing great Yep they're390.43.359
after me so you should be safe for a392.03.44
second where'd they go they're too too393.7593.681
tight end on this rock all right going395.443.879
back in I don't want to fall oh there he397.443.64
is oh he's399.3193.761
going [ __ ]401.086.239
off can't see you my Battle Cry [ __ ]403.087.72
you oh Archer right there oh yeah who's407.3196.121
left who's left nice thank you thank you410.85.239
you're welcome is that it did we do it413.446.0
uh yeah all clear huh yeah come on down416.0395.921
all right nees and baby whse coming down419.445.56
oh yeah what was that a a person yeah421.966.239
who is that I heard that I heard that oh425.06.44
God okay I don't see anyone though man I428.1995.68
don't either um yep let's just keep431.444.039
moving then don't need to stick around433.8793.281
here I mean there's a nice warm fire we435.4793.681
could rest out the night okay that does437.164.24
sound nice what are you doing huh Crouch439.165.0
a that's right okay fire or home at home441.44.519
I can't take it anymore all right let's444.164.2
go oh my gosh we'll be there in no time445.9195.84
now yeah here Crouch448.363.399
too you know what would have been a good452.124.4
journey to do what's that watching our454.125.28
super cut of this cuz well yeah we we456.524.88
would know oh yeah we would know what to459.43.639
do maybe things have changed you never461.43.16
know I mean we haven't played this thing463.0394.081
in so long for a couple years yeah we464.565.359
didn't have horses back in the day true467.124.88
dam look at this stuff pouring out of469.9194.72
the snake's mouth this look cool yeah472.04.0
there must I think there's a snake474.6394.321
involved here yeah is there I see a guy476.04.599
all right I don't need this torch I I478.964.48
don't think he's going to need it's nice480.5994.04
to have the light but yeah there's a483.443.84
dude up here okay I'll do the light all484.6395.041
right who wants to talk to him um not487.284.12
the guy with the light I'll talk to him489.683.04
you talk to him dor you're you're the491.44.239
talker okay yeah I'm a I'm the talker492.726.84
what's up uh uh petruso the sandstorm495.6396.801
Maniac oh purchase heart of sand Scourge499.564.84
stone for Jagged Scourge Stone piece502.445.56
shattered Scourge talk stinging sand504.45.4
stinging Sands and sing508.05.2
Sands singing stinging ringing Sands509.85.679
biting Sands biting513.26.16
Sands biting I'm not making it up you're515.4797.48
not exiled lands reptile lands exiled519.367.599
reptile defiled lands okay yeah that was522.9596.201
that does anyone else think that that526.9593.961
huge light should be giving off like529.163.119
that flame should be giving off a lot530.924.2
more light I mean look at this right532.2795.361
yeah that yeah look at this right wow am535.125.6
I saying goodbye now yeah yeah so this537.644.68
guy wants us to purchase something from540.723.84
him well take a look poor fool I don't542.324.16
expect them to survive long that's what544.563.88
that's what crazy pants said see546.484.56
purchase heart of the sands for doesn't548.444.2
let me this might have been a waste of551.044.6
time in the first run we did too yeah552.645.319
heart of the Sands oh if we bring him a555.644.24
jagged skirt Zone piece we can purchase557.9593.281
the heart of the Sands I don't know what559.884.0
we would do that with yeah yeah wish561.243.599
this game had a little bit more563.882.519
Direction well I mean you're supposed to564.8394.081
figure it out I mean yeah we okay so we566.3993.88
know we can buy the heart of the568.924.68
sandstorm from this guy oh great we've570.2795.161
been I don't know right we could with573.63.56
with did you guys figure out what the575.444.079
money was yeah scourge of the scourge577.165.679
Bor Borg stone stone Borg of the scourge579.5194.681
storm so maybe that's what we're going582.8393.961
to kill maybe okay all right let's go584.24.0
kill something this was a bigger waste586.83.4
of time let's see are there any rooms to588.24.16
the side I kind of I kind of warned us590.23.84
here I know but weren't we supposed to I592.362.52
thought there was going to be like a594.042.479
snake or something cool to fight594.883.88
treasure for Treasure wait are we not596.5194.521
fighting anything I don't know I mean598.764.4
these snakes throwing up stuff is cool601.044.799
but not that603.162.679
cool can I swim with this baby horse is606.164.56
it recommended yeah I think pregnant608.764.68
people they give birth in water oh yeah610.724.0
okay I guess that's a thing all right613.442.48
don't sink it's kind of a bad way to614.723.0
come into the world right oh God look at615.923.68
this like I don't enjoy getting dunked617.724.4
into a pool when I'm not expecting it no619.63.72
and that's the very first thing I've622.123.32
experienced of the world look how I swim623.325.8
put me back in yeah the the fact that625.445.28
you're swimming slower wouldn't that629.123.2
just mean you sink to the bottom and die630.723.239
I don't understand the science there632.323.68
yeah swimming slower means you sink633.9593.601
right but well your arms are barely636.02.92
moving which means you're trying to637.563.32
tread water but there's no way moving638.924.12
that slowly would help you stay above no640.883.519
I don't think I'm swimming slow because643.043.72
I'm sinking it's just cuz I'm carrying644.3994.88
stuff right exactly so you're heavier646.763.879
beach balls aren't fast but they're not649.2792.68
going to sink cuz they're moving slach650.6392.841
are full of air that's why they don't651.9594.401
fall I'm full of air and a horse okay653.484.96
you have lungs lungs have air yeah but656.363.2
they're very small small and they're658.443.24
smaller than even the smallest of baby659.564.48
horses okay well I'm not going to have661.684.36
this conversation with you cuz you seem664.043.96
crazy okay well then what do you want to666.043.799
talk about instead tell me what do you668.03.24
know about you don't know about air669.8393.161
apparently what do I know about in671.244.24
general uh-huh um I mean I know a little673.04.519
bit about a lot of things I wouldn't say675.485.0
I'm an expert in in in much okay well we677.5194.801
can both talk about food I guess what's680.484.24
your favorite food needes food I like682.325.28
food food's I like all food I'm glad684.726.0
we're bonding687.66.28
and here we go that there's I didn't690.724.76
realize it was the friend right next to693.883.759
him as well there's two of the flips got695.484.64
to pull it back W you got to pull it way697.6395.081
back it's going like over them is it oh700.125.719
there we go oh that hit both got it of702.725.52
course they did great but they're both705.8393.721
okay they thought about it and now708.244.32
they're both coming for D I'm going for709.565.12
the bus let's see how weak are these712.563.399
idiots we're going to find out they714.682.959
ain't too bad I bet bet you they're not715.9593.44
they used to be so yeah yeah they're not717.6393.121
bad wow this tell you what this new719.3993.721
weapon great Bo it drains my St hell720.765.56
okay baby oh get off of me get off of me723.124.48
my butt726.325.0
yeah o I took a hit there727.66.32
oh one down how you guys doing over731.324.0
there oh hold on I'm going to get out of733.924.039
the way that potion I gave you Simon all735.324.519
right I'm drinking it baby let's see how737.9593.361
how much better is it than the oh look739.8393.161
at that look at that see how much better741.323.4
that wasn't a bandage oh much better of743.03.279
course yes744.723.88
wonderful thank you I mean bandage is a746.2793.56
great but748.63.799
just look at that boom I'm already full749.8394.761
again and I I'm I'm not going to waste752.3993.641
them so I'm just going to do a bandage754.63.28
on top of that did you grab the stuff756.043.08
I'm going to grab the stuff let's see I757.882.8
would I was going to grab stuff sand759.123.88
Beast biog gland nothing like a biog760.686.68
gland a biog gland bio bile baby b gland763.08.04
b i l e bile I like a good fried bile767.366.719
gland oh771.043.039
did you see that up ahead explosion look779.9594.12
like an explosion oh there's a girl with782.483.479
a hammer now was it her are you the784.0792.88
one oh she's causing she's causing786.9595.401
problems man what was it no it wasn't789.84.599
her wasn't her she's not explosive it792.364.08
came up right over these rocks oh me let794.3994.041
me rush over there in my crouching STS796.443.72
no I got it NE don't worry well I want798.443.6
to see too well there's another man all800.163.64
right he's weing for a minute see if802.043.479
they have any more of those explosives803.83.719
well he's wearing like oven mitts so805.5193.481
maybe he was holding something hot that807.5194.521
exploded right okay hm what was that809.05.32
explosion let me search him never he812.043.88
doesn't have any explosives oh wait814.323.44
here's some more stuff over here more815.923.96
stuff there's like a ogre kind of people817.764.6
over here ogre people yep oh the little819.884.44
the little whatever the hell is yeah822.363.4
really what then they don't seem to have824.323.199
much technology they explode here I'm825.763.0
just going to let him attack me for a827.5193.641
while till maybe he explodes explode at828.764.999
me get mad get angry yeah I just saw831.165.679
like something went boom over okay oh833.7594.601
nope I don't think so n he's not836.8394.761
explosive to him on fire what was that838.366.08
oh Anthony oh oh oh oh God oh God oh God841.65.159
he's going to what's he doing waa it was844.444.36
that thing good God Anthony what just846.7594.961
happened a man ran up to us and exploded848.85.479
holy moly that's that's an accurate851.724.039
description of what just happened are854.2793.881
there more I don't think I did I ever855.7593.88
see that I don't remember seeing that858.163.44
before there oh there's another one but859.6393.721
it's far away okay what if you shoot it861.63.28
with an arrow will it explode wait the863.363.08
smaller ones or the blow up ones the red864.882.879
ones the red ones nebs come on it's a866.443.0
video game red things exp shoot the red867.7596.52
one got hurry hurry oh nope oh God869.447.72
shield shield don't block explosions874.2796.12
well okay I'm fine though so wow all877.164.76
right glad880.3995.8
huh that is what a weird existence yeah881.925.919
like what kind of why would nature do886.1993.921
that it's like a bee it's like oh I'm887.8394.12
I'm afraid I'll explode and just die and890.123.56
sting you and kill you so maybe they're891.9594.161
protecting a queen huh maybe that893.684.12
reminds me I'm the Queen's guard I'm not896.123.639
doing my job because of this horse yeah897.84.36
your priorities are all out of way yep899.7595.2
and you're a bad dad902.165.239
ouch cre904.9595.041
pie cream907.3995.641
pie cream pie oh aora I'm looking at the910.04.72
follower management it says she's913.044.479
returning home why okay here here's what914.725.76
I think I think when you put a horse or917.5194.56
a follower down you have to tell them to920.483.919
stand guard so they stay in spot I think922.0794.56
you told it to unfollow which means it's924.3993.88
just going to go it's then it's just926.6393.12
going to go back to the last place it928.2794.401
was standing guard which is back home I929.7597.721
know it's dumb it's dumb okay well I I932.686.519
you go slow just on foot you guys want937.484.279
to explore just this way I'm pretty yes939.1994.08
I mean we're here we may as well just do941.7592.961
a little exploration let's see how much943.2793.601
quicker you are I'm not too slow go944.724.239
ahead now how does this work Dora like946.884.079
right now if I'm if I'm riding look at948.9593.721
that look at that oh yeah all right well950.9593.041
I'm going to kick it into gear well I952.683.48
mean that's going to okay okay it's954.05.12
still like not CRA you piece of [ __ ]956.165.239
yeah I just want I forgot it's very S I959.124.719
forgot that horse is Hurt No I just961.3994.841
forgot how reactive it963.8395.44
was all right so don't try to shoot me966.245.12
like you just did again I missed twice I969.2795.281
know you did I know huh yeah kind of971.364.839
feel like we'll stay on this side of the974.563.68
river god Sim I swear to God what yall976.1994.721
doing I swear to God to shoot me twice978.244.76
you just ran over me twice you idiot I980.924.12
know well one of them was an accident983.04.079
I'm sorry I'm having fun with the power985.043.719
great I'm having a blast with it too987.0794.641
there you go boys will be boys we really988.7595.52
will okay good then stop trying to shoot991.724.44
my horse will [ __ ] your horse you shoot994.2793.281
me I'm going to hit you again and this996.163.08
is going to be a vicious cycle oh yeah997.562.839
you don't want to kill that horse he999.243.0
seem you're not that easy to get try s1000.3993.56
you really want I want to get in the1002.243.719
middle of this in the middle of it is1003.9593.641
that what you want to do n yeah go ahead1005.9594.24
s okay yeah I can do that good for you1007.64.359
that was a good do we do it all day you1010.1997.481
know what I mean all day all day all day1011.9597.761
all right let's move on that D yeah hey1017.683.48
follow me we'll go we're going to go up1019.725.52
this mountain okay we made it Anthony1021.167.159
home finally well the first signs of1025.246.12
Home are like a altar of some kind yeah1028.3195.681
I don't think that's dr's uh alter whose1031.364.599
is that what is that I mean you know1034.04.28
it's well s's been building a lot but I1035.9593.321
don't think he would build something1038.283.48
useful no not on this side yeah things1039.284.36
have changed that's got to be ABS we've1041.763.4
been gone so long this isn't even home1043.643.559
anymore things change man what's the1045.163.08
first thing you're going to do when you1047.1993.041
get back I'm going to put this horse1048.244.439
that was abandoned into the Stables so1050.244.24
it can grow up and be uh you know have1052.6793.481
its own life that's cool I'm going to1054.483.68
make armor oh yeah yeah we got a bunch1056.164.32
of thick hide oh yeah I got I got a ton1058.165.48
of thck upgrade right okay we can do1060.485.12
some damage now but we're too weak what1063.644.24
are these what are what little fire pits1065.64.199
is this all a part of that Shrine I1067.883.84
don't know it's very nice though yeah1069.7993.721
you can put up chairs around this and1071.723.4
man this is where you throw parties1073.523.279
right here yeah be like a nice Brewery1075.124.799
right here yep mhm M we get some dancing1076.7995.721
some barbecue oh God Simon's Tower is1079.9195.521
grown jeez I got to get to work on mine1082.526.36
mine look wow Mine used to be tall yep1085.445.719
and now it now it's not it's hilariously1088.884.12
tiny yeah all right I'm glad we're back1091.1593.201
I got to start building put that horse1093.02.36
in there do whatever the hell you want1094.362.52
with it I'm going to go uh build1095.363.24
something oh yeah I didn't think you1096.883.76
cared so I was going to well why change1098.64.52
it today honees yep wor little horse I1100.645.48
got you buddy I'll ride you no you won't1103.125.28
he doesn't have a choice you'll just a1106.125.799
ANM again maybe but apparently according1108.46.44
to the other scene it will just return1111.9196.201
home oh I like that Dora yeah yeah get1114.847.48
us all wound up huh uh1118.124.2
yeah yeah baby try yeah been trying to1122.66.72
sleep for an hour1126.23.12
yeah Simon you're going to burn oh fire1129.444.0
went out1131.964.92
yeah yeah you're still going1133.446.239
huh what the hell the fire didn't go out1136.886.159
let's see the the do you need wood let's1139.6795.601
see I I put wood in the damn thing there1143.0394.841
wood still in it oh hey there's uh I got1145.284.399
some roasted hunch in here for everybody1147.884.12
I'm splitting it up oh thank you yeah1149.6794.081
some of that Exquisite meat I got y'all1152.03.6
get some of that out of the fire hold on1153.763.56
let me get up what is what you learn to1155.64.24
do that door why does the fire keep1157.323.88
going out s you're putting the damn fire1159.843.28
out with your damn head no I just first1161.23.56
of all I I might have just hit it just1163.124.76
there but what this you turn the fire1164.765.0
off did you take you took the wood out1167.884.679
of the fire uh I don't think it's me no1169.765.32
that that time I might have cuz I hit R1172.5594.12
how am I supposed to pull up the wheel1175.084.8
again to to to get me to not be laying1176.6795.161
down oh to cancel the emote I don't know1179.883.72
I just roll out of it your damn horse is1181.843.4
standing in the way now cuz you don't1183.65.12
know what to do with it no I don't sh1185.246.08
there it is alt is roll there you go all1188.724.079
right all right we're ready to move on1191.324.88
yeah I'm time's over let's1192.7997.441
go I rested well1196.24.04
so then Anthony picks up this baby horse1201.0394.801
with his parents and just like the horse1203.484.0
was happy or I forget what they're1205.843.36
called they're not Colts God what are1207.483.0
they called Anthony what are they called1209.23.16
what baby horses yeah you think I would1210.483.88
know I don't like them that's right and1212.365.92
then he drops it in a bag in the field1214.366.96
to die and I was like not to die not on1218.285.16
my watch not to die probably would have1221.324.0
just disappeared and respawned lived1223.444.119
again that's dying in this game Anthony1225.325.64
it's rein Nation okay yeah okay how do I1227.5595.48
apply this thing to my sword can you1230.964.199
drag it and drop it on the sword hey1233.0395.801
Ison here oh thank God hey buddy what1235.1597.76
that how you doing nice entrance Simon1238.846.44
oh wow hey ain't seen you guys in a1242.9193.681
minute this thing's like a oh is that1245.284.2
cream pie yep cream Pie's right here oh1246.64.199
oh is that the White Horse he's just1249.482.76
been hanging out here oh yeah that's1250.7993.401
creepie she came back oh you guys look1252.244.319
amazing oh the all of you what's the1254.25.52
blacksmith's name side boob oh okay oh1256.5594.48
yeah you meant side boom CU I was going1259.722.76
to say cream pie sounds a bit1261.0393.801
chauvinistic oh I see why I see why you1262.484.84
named her that cuz cuz she's white like1264.844.959
a cream pie so weird oh we got another1267.325.4
thr actually I forgot about her okay ABS1269.7994.48
how do I put a kit on a sword I've never1272.723.319
used kits I don't know you can't d drop1274.2793.361
and drag it no I'm dropping a drag and1276.0393.0
ain't doing the drop and drag what if1277.642.84
you do it in like a place where you make1279.0394.721
swords M all right I'll go do that isn't1280.484.84
that right here oh yeah I guess there is1283.763.519
multiple there's too many benches man1285.324.04
you just realized that no I've heard1287.2793.4
this complaint but now I'm really1289.362.559
understanding there's a lot of benches1290.6792.88
in this game it's kind of overwhelming1291.9193.24
these six look the same this one looks1293.5593.401
like a cream pie isn't it this one with1295.1593.88
side boob all right yeah hey side boob1296.964.0
yeah Anthony you want a friend sure1299.0396.041
never had one and Bo she's all yours1300.967.16
hello you work for Anthony now hello you1305.084.52
can name her whatever you want you can1308.125.64
beat her what no I won't unless she acts1309.66.439
up exactly you can put her in a bag and1313.764.44
drop her off in the middle of nowhere1316.0393.961
she dies you got options yeah funny1318.23.32
story about that actually neebs will1320.02.72
tell you I'm sure he won't shut up about1321.522.72
it what's a funny story neebs it's quite1322.723.76
a yarn someday I'll take you a whole1324.244.88
thing yeah I can't wait side boob1326.483.76
probably work a little faster there1329.124.2
honey Y and you know let's just say that1330.244.84
I feel uncomfortable with the the1333.324.479
beating of anyone male or female that is1335.086.24
working for us for free oh right yeah no1337.7995.801
abouta how's that going to happen how's1341.325.719
that going to happen huh I think good1343.65.28
let's do it let's do it1347.0393.361
in a good environment for a horse to1348.882.49

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