Battlefield Friends - Team Speak

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Battlefield Friends - Team Speak
Battlefield Friends - Team Speak

Battlefield Friends - Team Speak

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Battlefield Friends - Team Speak video? It's seriously my favorite, I can't stop laughing every time I watch it!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! Appsro, remember when we tried to use Team Speak and ended up just yelling at each other the whole time?

appsro: Ha, yeah, good times! That video perfectly captures our chaos and confusion, it's no wonder why it's a fan favorite. Plus, it's a great reminder of why we should stick to in-game chat!

neebs: Definitely, we may not be the most coordinated team out there, but at least we have a good time. And that video always brings back memories of our epic fails and hilarious banter. Can't get enough of it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Battlefield Friends on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel? It's Season 3, Episode 4 and it's a hilarious one! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss out on any of their awesome content.

In this episode, the gang is back on Team Speak playing Battlefield 3 and the banter between them is just priceless. You'll be cracking up at their jokes and antics as they navigate the battlefield and try to outsmart each other. It's always a blast watching these guys play together and their chemistry is just unbeatable.

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this sucks every time you peek your head8.083.2
around the corner they're on us yeah i9.6793.12
know what are we gonna do if i had my11.282.96
mav i'd be able to spawn them horses12.7993.681
would be cool what would that be crazy14.244.64
what horses yeah or like elephants or16.484.639
like crazy animals yeah that'd be great18.884.159
okay we need to get to the old refinery21.1193.681
stash all right maybe we can what game23.0393.361
is that24.82.88
oh really26.43.68
what will they want i'd like to hey27.683.999
we're trying to get to the oil refinery30.083.92
yeah we've got a goal here we'll go31.6793.681
you're talking about horses and [ __ ]34.02.64
what the [ __ ] are you talking about the35.362.719
whole team's talking about this are you36.643.52
not listening oh [ __ ] he's on team speed38.0794.081
yeah i'm on team speak yeah i know and i40.163.2
wish you weren't yeah you're not on42.163.76
teamspeak no no no why would i be i43.363.92
would rather kill myself than go on45.923.76
teamspeak oh that is closed-minded if i47.284.24
ever heard it close-minded team speaks49.684.24
too chaotic oh my my squad apparently51.524.16
thinks they're too good to communicate53.923.36
not too good55.683.359
you think we're too good to be involved57.283.2
in the [ __ ] oh that yeah they59.0393.04
think y'all are a cluster oh we don't60.483.52
you know tell them yeah you tell me you62.0793.44
tell them guys64.03.52
guys calm down we need to flank these65.5195.041
[ __ ] oh flank yeah flank yeah i can67.525.599
flank i'm a flanker uh-huh yeah i should70.564.96
flank okay flank we'll cover you oh yeah73.1195.601
you start flanking ready75.523.2
what do you suppose he thinks flanking81.523.2
means oh guys we got a friendly bird in82.883.599
the sky he might be on84.723.92
teamspeak that means one of us has one86.4793.521
of us has to go on team speak one two88.642.56
three nine90.03.2
[ __ ] all right look it's it's easy man i91.24.48
know just hop over there i ask him okay93.26.239
okay you got this yeah come on95.686.16
here we go99.4392.401
[ __ ]110.0794.08
okay whoever had the flank idea terrible111.284.479
idea hey [ __ ] are you still on114.1593.681
teamspeak yeah can you talk too are you115.7595.121
not on t-speed no and i will i refuse to117.844.959
go there that's just ridiculous do you120.883.519
even know what flank means of course i122.7992.64
know what flanking means what does124.3993.681
flanking me attack attack the enemy no125.4394.32
it means go around and attack the enemy128.084.08
from the side i don't think so yeah what129.7593.921
maybe you don't think so just said that132.163.12
go around i've done that133.683.52
just go around something else listen can135.284.0
you see if that chopper pilot is on137.24.16
teamspeak hey is one of you the chopper139.283.12
oh yeah okay yeah okay good can you ask142.43.919
to flank no no no no see if he can come146.3193.92
over here and offer some suppressive148.8793.44
fire near the oil refinery okay look we150.2394.161
need some impressive fire over by the152.3194.961
oil refinery impressive okay suppressive154.45.119
no that's not that's not impressive oh157.284.64
come on what are you a noob you're like159.5194.08
you're like one of those cod fanboys161.922.8
aren't you163.5993.121
don't taunt him164.726.32
he's not impressing has nothing to166.724.32
what are we trying i'll give you a171.683.52
million billion dollars do what talk to172.9596.791
me come on why are you taunting him175.28.529

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their hilarious Battlefield Friends series! I just finished watching their latest episode Team Speak - BF3: Sn 3 Ep 4 and was laughing out loud the entire time.

The Battlefield Friends series perfectly captures the camaraderie and chaos that comes with playing online multiplayer games like Battlefield. Even though the characters are animated, their personalities and banter feel so real, like you're right there in the match with them.

In this episode, we see the gang struggle with some technical difficulties as they try to coordinate over voice chat. From Troll's mic breaking to Recon's overbearing mother interrupting, the situation descends into total comedic chaos. Neebs and the crew's witty writing and timing is spot on, and their voice acting brings so much energy and humor to each character.

What I love about Neebs Gaming is they don't just show raw gameplay footage, they create an entire cinematic experience around the games they play. The Battlefield Friends series is like watching a hilarious multiplayer sitcom, with each episode telling a tight, funny story from start to finish.

Even if you don't play Battlefield yourself, these videos are so entertaining to watch. Neebs Gaming's skits and editing style make you feel immersed in the game world. The Battlefield Friends series captures the essence of the Battlefield experience - the teamwork, excitement, and frustrations - in such an accessible and enjoyable way.

In my opinion, Neebs Gaming's videos are the next best thing to playing these games yourself. So if you're looking for cinematic gaming entertainment that will have you laughing out loud, look no further than the Battlefield Friends series and all of Neebs Gaming's content. They are simply the best at what they do!

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