Battlefield Friends - Rush

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Battlefield Friends - Rush
Battlefield Friends - Rush

Battlefield Friends - Rush

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! You know what video I can watch over and over again? Battlefield Friends - Rush! It's just so hilarious!

simon: Oh Neebs, you're always going on about that video! But I have to admit, it's pretty darn funny. Those Battlefield Friends sure know how to bring the laughs.

appsro: I gotta agree with both of you, that video is a classic! The way they parody the Rush mode in Battlefield 3 is just too good. Plus, the banter between the characters is spot on!

neebs: Exactly! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a bunch of animated soldiers trying to outsmart each other in a game of Rush? It's comedy gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Battlefield Friends on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel? If not, you're missing out on some epic rush gameplay in Battlefield 3. Trust me, it's a must-watch for any fan of the series.

In this episode, the gang is back and ready to take on the enemy team in a high-stakes rush match. The banter between the characters is hilarious as always, and you can't help but root for them as they try to outsmart their opponents and secure victory.

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good position back there you're way out14.964.159
here let's go see some action the [ __ ]16.84.639
man turn around okay i think the m comes19.1193.92
over here21.4393.441
then you've done it23.0395.601
t4 is in place ah [ __ ]24.885.12
all right i'm taking the income guys28.643.84
watch my back hey hey this is the income30.04.559
huh yeah i'm taking it let's take it no32.484.0
you need to watch my back oh i'm gonna34.5593.041
help i want to help with the mcm we36.482.56
don't need help only one person at a37.63.2
time can take the income hey you don't39.043.44
this is my first time taking an effort40.83.439
you don't need to take it i'm here i got42.483.36
this i'm arming it right now does it go44.2393.921
faster if we both take it no you watch45.844.719
my ass48.162.399
damn it what is wrong with you oh what's53.125.079
wrong with y'all54.7193.48
i was taking it and you should have been59.123.36
watching my back that's what a good60.7193.601
soldier does huh that's what a good62.484.24
player does yeah we're good players64.324.08
we're going to take them66.723.28
let's do it again no okay we'll do it68.42.96
again and i'm taking the income you70.02.96
watch my ass are you good at watching71.363.759
people's asses yes all right let's do72.964.159
this again but you watch my ass when we75.1194.64
get to the mcom and i'll take it77.1196.241
[ __ ] it fine whatever79.7596.241
kill that bastard oh look83.364.079
look a dumb ass no you don't we don't86.03.04
need to take that you don't want that no87.4393.04
leave that here he's covering he's89.043.28
covering us yeah all right he's laying90.4793.761
on fire watch our backs that's an order92.325.2
let's go [ __ ] you94.243.28
all right we only got one ticket left go99.044.88
ahead take it i'm taking it101.284.24
i'm taking it103.922.72
are you105.523.76
i think so am i i don't know no hit the106.645.2
button i'm hitting buttons no the button109.283.839
like what does your screen say your111.842.559
screen will tell you the button hit the113.1192.881
button arm this114.3993.201
arm yeah116.03.6
the button beside it hit it okay this117.64.08
one right that's ammo119.63.68
you don't put ammo down no don't play my121.683.92
arm the damn thing ammo123.284.88
knife grenade the r button not the125.64.24
grenade you just work grenade get out of128.165.4
there huh129.843.72

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I just watched the latest Battlefield Friends episode from Neebs Gaming and it was hilarious! Their animated Battlefield series is so funny and totally nails the experience of playing the Battlefield games.

The chaos of Rush mode is captured perfectly in this episode. I love how they depict the snipers camping way back from the objectives taking useless shots, the noob Assault players who can't hit anything, and how everyone complains about vehicles being overpowered. It's so relatable for anyone who has played BF3 online.

Neebs Gaming always finds ways to poke fun at the most annoying or ridiculous parts of multiplayer shooters. Like how the snipers in this episode are more concerned about their kill/death ratios than actually helping the team. Or how the idiot engineer keeps placing landmines that blow up his own teammates. The writing and jokes just get the culture of these games so right.

And the animation style matches the humor perfectly! It's so exaggerated and amusing to watch the characters freaking out or getting blown up in crazy ways. Neebs really found something special with this animated Battlefield series.

For me, watching Neebs Gaming play Battlefield is the next best thing to playing it myself. Their funny and cinematic style really enhances the experience and lets you enjoy the chaos of Battlefield without having to deal with the frustration of dying constantly in real matches.

If you're a fan of multiplayer shooters, you have to check out the Battlefield Friends series and other videos on the Neebs Gaming channel. Their ability to create enjoyable narratives and humor around games like Battlefield, GTA, and more is second to none on YouTube. I always look forward to their next video!

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