Battlefield Friends - Rooftop Enemy

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Battlefield Friends - Rooftop Enemy
Battlefield Friends - Rooftop Enemy

Battlefield Friends - Rooftop Enemy

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Battlefield Friends! Today we're talking about the infamous Rooftop Enemy.

simon: Oh man, that video cracks me up every time! I mean, who knew rooftops could be so deadly?

appsro: Haha, yeah, that rooftop camper really had it coming. But hey, at least we took him down in style!

neebs: Absolutely, nothing beats the satisfaction of outsmarting an enemy on a rooftop. It's like a game of cat and mouse, but with more explosions!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Battlefield Friends yet? If not, you're in for a treat with Season 6, Episode 9 - Rooftop Enemy. Trust me, it's a hilarious one!

In this episode, our favorite squad of Battlefield Friends find themselves on a rooftop facing off against their enemies in Battlefield 4. As always, the banter between the characters is on point and you'll be laughing out loud at their antics.

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[ __ ] up clear8.164.24
guys watch out there's a sniper up there9.764.56
oh dude just spawn on us we're good oh12.44.08
no no no i'm gonna go get this guy no no14.324.4
don't do that let it go man yeah no he16.483.84
shot me twice he deserved he deserved it18.723.12
but we know how you are this is gonna20.323.039
get you derailed and we've already got21.843.439
that objective no no i'm already at the23.3593.92
ladder so one try doesn't come to us25.2793.121
yeah all right i'm just gonna go up27.2792.24
there and i'm gonna shoot the guy and28.42.799
i'll come back to you so you guys just29.5193.761
oh this son of a [ __ ] has a trapdoor31.1994.321
down if he thinks that gonna stop me he33.285.439
got another thing coming35.523.199
[ __ ]42.844.52
you son of a [ __ ]44.5595.121
that's that son of a [ __ ] okay so spawn47.364.48
on us no no oh i'm gonna get him that49.683.84
was your chance that's just one more one51.843.039
more guys that's all i need to do one53.523.039
more don't do the one more54.8793.2
no i'm not an addict he just needs to56.5593.121
die the thing is he wouldn't be shooting58.0793.441
anyone if you weren't coming back to him59.683.28
well tough [ __ ] i'm already back in the61.523.12
ladder boys all right last chance then62.963.04
you come with us oh this is the last64.642.479
chance because it's the only chance66.02.799
you're gonna need i'm gonna show the son67.1193.68
of a [ __ ] that i'm the last engineer68.7994.721
that you ever [ __ ] with70.7994.96
they really showed him huh damn it god73.524.08
damn it listen he's got the high ground75.7593.441
so what happens when i have the high77.64.24
ground just spawn on us leave the guy79.25.52
alone yeah come on just do it please you81.844.72
said you would now spawn on us i don't84.723.36
want i want to kill a guy i'm gonna86.564.72
spawn in on this chopper88.083.2
hey engineer hey i need to get over92.03.36
delta man there's a son of a [ __ ] on93.923.36
the roof and he's gonna die just hop on95.363.28
a gun sir97.283.28
no i'm not getting on a gun i'm hopping98.643.839
out i want to parachute on top of delta100.563.839
okay be careful102.4795.201
fine go [ __ ] yourself104.3993.281
yeah i'm coming against you you little108.323.92
[ __ ] son of a [ __ ] instead of a stupid112.243.44
maybe some higher ground next time115.685.36
and maybe spawn on us now no i got i got118.963.68
one more trick up my sleeve what leave121.042.96
the game no i don't need to leave the122.642.799
game not die124.04.08
i got it i got it this time boys i got a125.4394.16
grenade for him that's your trick128.084.159
grenade out129.5992.64
where is he134.03.4

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I just watched the latest Battlefield Friends episode from Neebs Gaming and it was hilarious! For those who don't know, Battlefield Friends is an animated comedy series that pokes fun at the Battlefield games and its community. This particular episode, "Rooftop Enemy", had me laughing from start to finish.

The premise is simple - the Battlefield Friends squad is pinned down by an enemy sniper on a rooftop. No matter what they do, this sniper keeps picking them off one by one. The back and forth between the characters as they try and fail to take out the sniper is comedy gold. Dumb sniper jokes, panic revives, air strikes on their own position - this episode has it all.

What I love about Battlefield Friends is that it really captures the essence of playing Battlefield with friends. The camaraderie, the chaos, the crazy moments - it's all there. As a Battlefield player myself, I can totally relate to the scenarios they get themselves into. The writing and jokes are spot on.

And the animation adds so much as well! Seeing these characters come to life in Neebs Gaming's signature art style makes the comedy that much more effective. The expressive character models, the over-the-top action, it takes the humor to another level.

At the end of the day, Battlefield Friends shows why Neebs Gaming is one of the best gaming channels out there. They don't just play games - they create entertaining stories and characters around those games. It's about capturing the spirit of gaming experiences that we can all relate to.

For Battlefield fans or really anyone looking for some hilarious gaming-themed comedy, you can't go wrong with Battlefield Friends and Neebs Gaming. It's the next best thing to playing Battlefield yourself! The cinematic quality of their videos makes you feel like you're right there in the action with these crazy characters. I really can't recommend Neebs Gaming enough if you're looking for gaming entertainment at its finest!

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