Battlefield Friends - Recon C4

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Battlefield Friends - Recon C4
Battlefield Friends - Recon C4

Battlefield Friends - Recon C4

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, you know what video I can watch over and over again? Battlefield Friends - Recon C4!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! I love how they always mess up with the C4 explosives.

appsro: Those guys are a riot! The way they portray Recon players is spot on. It's definitely one of my favorites too.

neebs: I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a bunch of friends goofing around with explosives in Battlefield? It's pure comedy gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you seen the latest episode of Battlefield Friends? If not, you're in for a treat with Recon C4 - BF4: Sn 4 Ep 4. Trust me, it's a hilarious one!

In this episode, the gang is up to their usual antics in Battlefield 4. The dynamic between the characters is just spot on, and you'll find yourself laughing out loud at their ridiculous shenanigans. From epic battles to hilarious moments, this episode has it all.

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there you go6.563.6
all better we got to take that chopper8.244.0
down man he's killing us hey guys hi10.164.32
could i have a word alone with recon for12.244.64
a second alone you mean alone alone i14.483.84
mean just me and recon yeah we're in a16.883.04
squad we're still gonna hear you if you18.324.32
hey just a second fine fine hey we're19.924.24
gonna go out there just lock the damn22.642.879
chopper i'll take him out with my jab24.163.439
copy that hey noob throw some ammo down25.5193.84
you would like that wouldn't you yeah so27.5993.121
you could take more of my stuff what do29.3593.04
you mean take more of your stuff don't30.724.24
play games with me i'm not playing games32.3994.081
i mean i'm playing a game but i'm not34.962.88
playing games with you wow you're good36.482.88
at this aren't you you didn't take37.843.2
something of mine take something of39.364.32
yours something of mine is missing and i41.045.28
think you know what it is i don't you43.683.84
don't know what you took from i don't46.322.719
hey do you mind the whole thing will go49.0395.601
quicker hey just come out and say it51.124.959
jeep stuff54.643.68
cheap stuff you stole my jeep stuff what56.0793.601
the hell is jeep stuff you know what58.323.68
jeep stuff is i don't know i would59.684.879
expect this from medic but from you what62.04.32
the [ __ ] is that supposed to mean you64.5593.441
know what that means no i don't know66.322.799
what that means you're always stealing68.05.119
my kills with your overpowered rifles oh69.1196.241
oh i thought you were never mine explain73.1193.841
what jeep stuff is so i [ __ ] know75.363.2
what it is tape stuff it's right there76.964.0
on your belt you mean c4 the stuff you78.564.239
put on jeeps and blow it up it's called80.964.88
c4 just say c4 okay we'll just it's also82.7994.881
called jeep stuff nobody calls it jeeps85.842.8
come on guys88.643.6
two seconds i didn't take this from you90.243.919
oh you didn't no did it just crawl up on92.243.919
your belt and hang itself there look i94.1594.64
got it in battlefield 4. my class comes96.1595.041
with it oh i'm sure that'll stand up in98.7994.64
court that's just how i come now i just101.23.84
come with all his stuff there is no103.4394.401
battlefield court hey mind your business105.045.759
we're talking in the same squad i had107.846.319
one thing that i love to use and it was110.7996.561
called jeep stuff and now you took it114.1594.801
from me look you can unlock it it's117.362.96
actually the last thing you have to118.963.92
unlock the last thing yeah nobody ever120.324.56
unlocks the last thing of course people122.883.919
unlock the last name124.883.359
you don't unlock the last thing because126.7993.6
you suck128.2394.72
i'm sorry that was mean hey hey um i130.3993.761
hate to interrupt but when you guys are132.9592.881
done arguing like an old married couple134.163.28
can you spot this chopper hold on i'll135.844.16
do it right now thanks i see him137.444.879
all right and uh how we gonna handle140.04.319
this recon job what are you doing how142.3193.841
are we gonna handle this listen to me144.3194.64
right now if you want it you can buy it146.165.04
i'm not buying it you can switch classes148.9594.881
or you can earn it that's how you wanna151.26.56
play yeah okay fine i'll go earn it good153.847.2
day sir oh my god so can you help us yes157.766.24
i am sorry holy [ __ ] all right161.046.0
here we go and164.06.239
there you happy i earned it and here you167.045.36
know what i'll give you one cause i know170.2395.561
how to share172.43.4

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Wow, I just watched the latest Battlefield Friends video from Neebs Gaming and it was hilarious! Their Recon C4 sketch had me laughing from start to finish. The way they captured the personalities of the different Battlefield classes was spot on.

The Recon character was my favorite - the way he was obsessed with sniping and putting C4 on everything was too good. His sneaky tactics blowing up tanks and the attack helicopter were genius. And the way he kept getting caught and beat up by the Assault and Support characters had me cracking up.

Neebs Gaming really has a talent for creating sketches that feel like you're watching a funny Battlefield sitcom. Even though it's animated, the writing and voice acting make the characters feel so real. I was invested in what crazy antics would happen next.

And the production value is top notch too. The animation and sound effects are movie quality. You can tell a lot of work went into writing, storyboarding, and editing each episode.

These videos are the perfect companion to playing Battlefield games. It's like getting to see the humorous side of the classes and weapons we use in-game. And getting insights into their personalities makes me appreciate the team-based combat even more.

Neebs Gaming is hands down the best channel for cinematic gaming content. Their sketches are funnier and have more heart than other gaming channels on YouTube. You really feel like you're watching a group of friends goofing around, which makes it so binge-worthy.

I seriously laugh out loud every time I watch a new Battlefield Friends episode. I'd recommend Neebs to anyone looking for gaming entertainment that goes way beyond typical let's plays and walkthroughs. Their sketches take multiplayer gaming and transform it into an enjoyable cinematic universe!

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