A ZOMBIE HORDE ate my PETS! - Conan Exiles

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans, have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? Let me tell you, it is jam-packed with ex...
A ZOMBIE HORDE ate my PETS! - Conan Exiles
A ZOMBIE HORDE ate my PETS! - Conan Exiles

A ZOMBIE HORDE ate my PETS! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another crazy episode of Conan Exiles! Today, APPSRO and I are gonna tell you why this video is our absolute favorite.

appsro: That's right, NEEBS! I mean, who wouldn't love a video where a zombie horde eats our pets? It's like a tragic comedy, but with zombies!

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget all the chaos that happens while you're off on vacation, APPSRO. It's like the game knows when you're not around to keep things in check.

appsro: Oh, you know it, NEEBS! It's like the game is conspiring against us. But hey, at least we get some hilarious content out of it, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans, have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? Let me tell you, it is jam-packed with excitement and action while Neebs is away. So much stuff goes down in this episode, you definitely don't want to miss it!

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I can't get enough of Neebs Gaming and their Conan Exiles series, it's always a blast to watch. And if you're into PC gaming, Xidax PCs are where it's at - definitely worth checking out. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic episode of Conan Exiles with Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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all right I'm going put this thing down3.045.88
oh wow is it crystal ball black orb it's5.966.08
called an orb of nurgle what is up with8.926.28
that just skull just in the Jello-O oh12.046.2
that's Todd oh oh what are you doing15.24.04
excuse me just want to come down and18.243.119
look at it sorry there we go you're miss19.243.64
it looks really cool it sounds really21.3594.481
cool till you say nurgle all right whoa22.885.88
what unless you say nural oh wait25.845.08
seriously is this lost anything or can I28.765.08
just do it do it hold on let me I'm30.924.76
going to step back a little33.846.0
bit and Simon35.687.44
what I am now taller wait wait what what39.846.12
hello yes now I am tall lady can I43.125.759
taller I am giant I want to be tall I am45.965.32
giant Amazon woman Queen oh we should48.8794.081
all be tall then when nebes comes back51.283.4
next week he's be like why am I so short52.963.16
yeah why am I so short oh my God why am54.683.32
I so short tell me they had this in the56.123.56
game when thick was playing wow you just58.03.359
did that I just saw you get taller59.683.879
anyone can do this yeah you can just61.3593.681
completely change your appearance done63.5594.001
yet I'm not done okay oh we can really65.044.119
have done with knes we could all like67.564.0
Swap and dress like each other wow he'd69.1594.681
be so confused yeah look we're all tall71.563.44
now we're tall all right well I haven't73.844.12
done it so you you stare at the that's75.04.72
going to be hilarious I I I don't see77.964.24
how to do it you can do it oh waa you79.724.32
got a different you got a haircut wow82.24.16
yeah and yeah that's it wow uh-huh so84.043.92
this is cool we can alter our appearance86.363.92
whenever we want that's great T pretty87.964.519
neat Simon just do it yeah well do me a90.284.44
favor Dora can you not be a douchebag92.4793.92
and just say just do it and just like94.723.719
when I when I look at it and I'm hitting96.3993.961
e tell me what I'm supposed to hit I was98.4393.761
presenting you with a nice pair of Nike100.365.52
sneakers What tap e Bubba thank you tap102.25.919
in the hole guys this is dangerous I've105.883.839
forgotten what I originally looked like108.1193.28
and I don't think I can ever go back109.7193.08
that's you know what that's fine I like111.3993.961
you this way all right fine now I kind112.7994.161
of want to see what this is all about115.363.0
that me oh wait no this that looks116.963.519
different yeah body Fe features face118.363.48
what did you do so quickly to make120.4794.121
yourself bigger I think body features121.844.84
that bar at the bottom yeah Crank That124.65.0
height y126.682.92
y s you gr it that's it he's so big oh129.9595.761
now I'm going to be134.164.56
short all right this is fun oh hey Dora135.726.2
yeah I got a zath question for you oh138.726.08
I'd be the one to Z can shrink these141.925.599
down finally um can you make a zath144.86.4
blade yes may I have zath blade look at147.5196.0
how short and petite I am I need a zath151.25.039
blade look how evil I am I'm not evil153.5194.601
I'm short and petite and I'm cute often156.2394.28
you are evil and uh I have a mustache158.125.039
now you do oh you do yeah that's my new160.5194.481
thing zath rich I don't think this is a163.1594.561
zath blade this is a ritual dagger oh165.04.08
can never allow well you know what put167.722.72
that in your pocket and think of Zap a169.085.36
bit I'll see what I can do okay oh170.447.2
no what are you laughing at just is that174.444.48
what your hair looked like before is177.643.76
that you it it it is now oh no yeah it178.924.039
doesn't look anything like it does the181.44.119
what's going on wait but I made my hair182.9595.36
long that's not long oh because I was185.5195.241
bald before yeah yeah now I have188.3194.321
beautiful hair all right sweet two190.763.559
different shades I'm down but I love the192.643.44
fact that I'm not bald on the top194.3193.761
anymore congratulations welcome to the196.084.74
Hair Club thank you for198.0810.26
all right Anthony all right kill it kill223.2393.161
it kill it right just right now you225.02.92
don't need anything special uh no kill226.45.679
it but don't Harvest it and227.927.08
and ya all right all right so what are232.0794.88
you getting let's see if this works this235.03.92
dagger that Dora gave me maybe this is236.9594.241
what I need to do what Pixie Girl oh it238.925.44
was if you harvest spiders with this241.25.28
dagger you get these thing called Zite244.365.48
bags bags bags of like it almost looks246.486.319
like a spider egg or something but I can249.845.679
use it or open it and did that give me252.7995.4
that gave me bone and iic cor I hear255.5194.28
you're able to get skulls from these258.1993.641
bags sometimes so I want to keep killing259.7995.12
spiders okay and trying to get skulls261.844.76
that's my goal AB I just got a good look264.9193.28
at you I I've been up in the mountains266.63.2
for a while yeah I mean did you change268.1994.121
your appearance with that altar or are269.84.52
all these veins kind of oh that's272.324.159
because I'm doing the sorcery stuff okay274.323.64
well at least you know I mean are you276.4793.641
willing to accept the risks of that come277.964.16
with them oh absolutely okay well then280.123.6
that's your your responsible adult do282.124.04
what you want let's go kill some spiders283.723.56
oh wait you know what I should probably286.164.759
put on my damn armor spider287.283.639
murder you don't have to say ha every292.6394.361
time you're fighting a spider should295.123.88
watch out what should I say come here297.04.16
stop stop stop rolling you dumb [ __ ] it299.05.56
keeps going all right Zite bag get301.166.68
to and use yes I got five weathered304.565.32
skulls this is great I need 20 of them307.843.04
all right let's keep going you can make309.882.8
noises next time we see a spider I will310.884.319
not I refuse to all right yeah bring it312.685.48
on you eight legging [ __ ] oh what the315.1995.321
hell you just got knocked the [ __ ] out318.163.8
yeah I did I thought you were fighting320.522.72
well I was just oh my God there's so321.963.76
many I know I thought you were you were323.243.48
here with me I was going to let you325.722.52
fight not make any noises it was going326.723.479
to be really awkward hey D328.244.48
need help no I do not need help I am a330.1994.481
competent Warrior yeah you are with a332.723.759
nice mustache I tell you're handsome334.683.92
thank you I feel distinguished happy you336.4794.121
tall now you got a good mustache I'm338.64.159
finally a worthwhile person I tell you340.64.319
what it sure was nice to shrink those342.7594.44
big meat bags I had on my chest oh yeah344.9194.4
oh that's what's different yeah shrunk347.1993.881
my damn titties they were getting way349.3194.201
too heavy we can we we can go back351.084.64
though right oh absolutely oh thank God353.523.92
okay all355.726.08
right uh Dora yes Simon I seriously357.448.039
considered zap what I was like right361.86.64
there who are you who even are you right365.4795.761
now um you look like what's his face368.445.159
from Gladiator what's his face American371.244.84
Gladiator no I just said Gladiator why'373.5994.921
you add American to it because I look376.085.399
like the guy from American Gladiator too378.525.2
no yes I do no Russell Crow you look381.4794.081
like Russell Crow I look like the guy383.725.12
from you don't even have the right race385.567.52
what Russell what I am part Asian and388.846.759
all I've done is become more muscular393.085.44
are not changed my race you are so not395.5996.401
Asian I was before I still am now398.526.32
Russell Crow I look I look Southeast402.05.68
Asian tired Russell Crow I look like the404.846.68
guy from American Gladiators okay anyway407.687.16
all right listen to me I am going to lay411.527.44
down I'm going pit of yog Z left bam oh414.847.12
oh damn it I forget to change the why'd418.966.2
you do yog uh because I I I've just I421.965.0
changed my mind you did not you messed425.165.0
up no I didn't you messed up no I wanted426.964.84
I wanted to do the pit of yach I thought430.164.0
you wanted zth I was going to do zth and431.83.959
then I changed it to the pit of yach do434.164.0
you know how cool Z is I heard well do435.7594.601
you do you know can okay let me tell you438.164.8
this this this this heavy pressure by440.364.36
the way there's not pressure push is a442.964.04
real turn offs is chill as they come444.725.36
also spider silk for its weight447.04.96
like matched it's stronger than steel450.083.48
like if you were to look at it like that451.965.48
some tarantulas throw hair at at at prey453.565.68
isn't that crazy it is crazy but you457.443.479
know what I've decided to go spiders can459.247.6
see UV UV A and B light or lights yeah460.91910.4
yeah and look at this Simon look at this466.844.479
ready dager work door thank you wow what471.726.919
the hell what happened to you man seing475.6395.881
that you're jumping nice jumps Dora nice478.6395.481
jumps can I jump like that no nice jump481.525.32
you can't nice good jump no thank you Z484.125.72
all right enjoy your yog yeah I uh well486.845.88
I I honestly my God I thought this was a489.845.639
good idea I think you messed up all492.725.36
right I can always change my mind right495.4795.0
yeah you know but you're you really are498.084.399
coming off500.4795.041
douchy yeah you're probably right uh Mr502.4798.361
Crow yeah yeah I get an autograph505.529.079
yeah a it's stretching it's doing Big510.845.679
Stretch oh is that my kitty it's a kitty514.5993.481
it's I had like three of them I think516.5192.601
two of them are dead I haven't seen them518.082.8
in a minute a we got to get them friends519.123.399
we'll go get him a friend yeah all right520.883.92
I'm about to learn my next bit of522.5194.921
sorcery good thank God go one of the524.86.12
Gods alakazoo a bigo b527.446.36
b put them together and what do you got530.925.8
BB Bob snot533.85.76
oh I don't see anything yeah yeah you're536.724.6
not going to see anything until I cast539.563.839
this spell cast the spell I see I got to541.325.199
see this immediately go follow me follow543.3996.281
me we need a lot of room for this well I546.5195.361
kind of want to be away from base okay549.684.52
just in case might be destructive well551.884.76
let's let's see all right554.25.84
cazo um which one it might be this one556.648.04
and uhhuh no not that one560.044.64
maybe oh hey D hey I I couldn't resist565.3994.841
this yeah he's doing some kind of Disney568.763.519
Magic oh I could tell evil was a foot570.244.56
let's see I got to find it in my menus572.2795.0
which is super fun you saying Disney574.84.599
that one maybe it's this one nice jump577.2794.0
store oh thank you well how the hell do579.3994.361
I do this look abore is really easy do581.2794.56
the do the final one over here no it's583.764.6
not it's not that think for what that585.8394.24
thing said you know wa give me a damn588.364.68
minute I got to figure this590.0792.961
out Sun's going down abro yeah I know595.04.839
see where would this is there like an598.363.039
estimate a time that's not it is there599.8393.481
like a time estimate you know what I601.3993.56
don't maybe we shouldn't be watching603.322.959
this might be just is there too much604.9593.521
pressure performance anxiety yeah this606.2794.321
is all lighting stuff I don't I don't608.483.799
think he's listening to us anymore well610.63.08
okay well that's good on him but you612.2793.24
know when I used to do like construction613.683.68
work for people I I couldn't stand it615.5194.0
when customers watched no it sucks when617.364.4
they watch it is a bit much yeah even if619.5193.281
they're just trying to be nice and make621.763.04
conversation D I mean after a while622.83.719
leave me alone I want to work I think624.84.68
abser wants us to watch they no wouldn't626.5194.801
be that yeah he's weird like that is it629.485.919
in this likey I know likey wait like the631.326.16
like the fruit well I don't know it's in635.3994.081
um saki isn't it yeah but that's we637.484.2
don't know we know that but we don't639.485.12
know maybe it's641.682.92
this he's casting something oh boy oh645.245.92
feels evil ah wait this is the one I did648.564.519
before yeah I've seen that this the one651.164.16
I was looking for pure dark your place653.0793.681
looks great it doesn't doesn't it look655.323.48
nice wow yeah lit up in the distance656.763.879
can't even see mine mine needs lights oh658.83.36
you have a place I well I do I haven't660.6393.121
worked on it in a while but right yeah662.163.28
you should show it to me I would like a663.764.44
tour all right you want to go look now665.444.56
this started out as just a normal house668.23.84
as I'm sure yours did at one point right670.04.44
I did actually yeah yes then you just672.045.239
expand so you go up the stairs go up674.444.68
these stairs here I'll pull out a torch677.2792.961
it's a little dark thank you yeah I679.122.56
don't I don't know if I have mine then680.244.159
you go up these stairs mhm and these I681.684.2
did I did a few more stairs than I684.3993.201
thought I did but then it then it just685.884.68
kind of ends up in elevator shafts oh687.66.239
you ready yes woo no elevator but we690.565.68
just climb yeah no oh oh God oh God I'm693.8395.841
sorry yeah sorry okay so no elevators no696.245.0
elevators you got to climb this is a699.683.68
this building was built before elevators701.244.599
were invented wow the world's first703.365.08
Elevator Shaft was installed 4 years705.8394.761
before the elevator was invented it's a708.444.16
retro building it's like the opposite of710.63.799
my building yeah I think I figured out712.64.16
how to do it I got to make a pouch are714.3996.941
you okay all right so we come back back716.765.96
no hey D oh yes I think I figured out722.725.52
how this works it's really dumb all726.244.64
right let's see dumb should have be how728.244.279
you have to activate it I had to make a730.883.319
leather pouch but I got to go into this732.5193.721
one yeah I noticed you wanted to be away734.1993.561
from things earlier now you're you're by736.243.2
my no I think it's going to be okay but737.764.92
uh then I escalate 20% corruption okay739.445.959
and then I escalate again to 40%742.685.0
corruption [ __ ] ton of corruption and745.3997.201
then I should be a to do it747.684.92
wa what is what what what why are they756.166.64
attacking things what you come forth my759.046.96
minions did you raise what did you do I762.86.399
summoned an army of zombies what how's766.05.6
that help us I don't know maybe to fight769.1995.161
that's Prett damn cool [ __ ] out of here771.64.76
don't kill my zambies they're trying to774.363.719
kill my [ __ ] oh they shouldn't be doing776.363.68
that all hey got778.0794.76
I'm sorry I780.042.799
thought it's a lot of fog of your785.0794.401
zombies my793.445.88
bad get out my house what happened down795.2797.161
there a zombie fast don't kill all my799.325.319
man they're killing my baby oh I didn't802.444.16
I didn't KN they' do that wow is really804.6393.56
what they're doing it's really foggy806.64.479
Dora they they're killing our our808.1995.32
animals yeah they're killing mine I811.0793.601
don't know if you got any of them but813.5193.76
you know no bad zies bad zambies I I814.684.08
honestly didn't think they'd do that I817.2793.321
don't know why they do that well be818.764.0
they're zombies right they're probably820.64.88
evil get out of my house oh no this is822.765.92
Margaret Margaret chill Margaret no man825.485.32
I feel like your animals went ham cuz828.684.8
you went ham no no they started with the830.85.88
ham oh okay well that is a cool damn833.486.039
power though right zombies it's bad ass836.685.24
just not here yeah no this was a bad839.5194.921
spot yeah oh wow horrible spot man yeah841.924.359
I'm sorry like half of your animals are844.444.639
dead and I'm not sorry I killed you but846.2795.161
I accept your apology yeah no I did not849.0794.801
realize oh man they're everywhere this851.445.68
is cute it's a lot of zams it really is853.885.48
there's a lot of pollution in the air857.123.8
your pocket this does not look good for859.364.719
the environment that zombie farts hey860.925.96
guys I wonder how long this last it's864.0794.281
already too long it looks like it's866.884.879
spread out it started too long oh this868.366.2
guy just laid down and he pooped away871.7594.32
wow that was cool874.567.92
looking oh oh it went away thank God huh876.07910.56
man I did something bad didn't882.484.159
I jesus yeah this is bad man it's it's887.727.119
horrible oh wait I'll tell you what this892.443.759
will make me feel a little bit better894.8396.541
use my Zite ritual blade ab's corpse896.1998.421
Ow like a voodoo doll over there what905.243.24
the hell did you just apparently I907.3992.36
didn't know it worked that way that's908.484.12
amazing yeah hey you made a mess and909.7596.52
killed 1 2 three I feel really bad okay912.66.4
I didn't think hey I I know how can I916.2794.521
make it up to you yeah no we're good919.04.72
we're good yeah sweet all right well do920.84.279
one of you guys want to go with me to923.723.679
visit a wine seller go ahead Simon I'm925.0794.601
so close to making my new alar I can927.3995.161
smell it okay we got to go into the city929.685.04
it's a bit of a932.566.44
hall hey s i looks so good I mean you do934.726.239
I know I mean I kind of want to I don't939.04.319
know kiss myself kiss yourself yeah you940.9594.481
ever you ever do that in the mirror kiss943.3194.921
yourself no that that would just get945.444.6
stains all over the mirror wouldn't it948.244.64
it did it did yeah it was weird I don't950.044.4
do it because of the cleanliness thing952.884.12
but yeah I think if I could clone myself954.444.12
I would do stuff with myself you know957.03.0
you know what I mean you would wouldn't958.563.44
you why not I mean you already do stuff960.04.519
to yourself now right and then so now I962.04.6
have another person that's basically me964.5194.0
he knows what I like I know what I like966.64.76
let's have some fun yeah you know what I968.5195.361
mean yeah come on love how loose you are971.364.32
all right it's great I think this door973.884.519
over here might be our wine cell might975.685.56
let me see all right all right is this978.3995.88
the secret Sellar oh yeah enter oh you981.245.56
just disappeared in there come on in uh984.2794.48
can you get out easily maybe maybe maybe986.85.32
not oh wow it's dark yeah come on in um988.7595.361
okay I think this is uh this is going to992.124.12
be a call for Bob this this isn't994.125.32
dangerous is he I don't know okay Bang996.246.079
there he is that's Bob your life oh and999.444.399
look there's uh there's the goddess1002.3193.841
goddess who just appeared oh look at1003.8394.841
that godess has a nice butt yes she do1006.164.239
oh there's a drunk oh how do you know1008.684.32
he's drunk look at him I mean he's just1010.3994.841
okay yeah okay well he was just standing1013.04.16
there you want me to kill the drunk no1015.243.599
don't leave don't kill the drunk leave1017.164.039
Al well but he's got a weapon sir we're1018.8394.0
just in the one well okay yeah okay I1021.1993.88
got him I got him yeah that's a strong1022.8394.281
drunk it is a really strong drunk holy1025.0795.081
moly okay can oh it's Seth the drunk1027.126.48
Seth the drunk yeah whoop his ass Simon1030.164.6
yeah I'm going to do oh okay he's1033.65.239
bleeding out in a wall and now go oh oh1034.766.159
I got more idiots I'm going in all right1038.8397.321
do it need resin wine fiery hot suit oo1040.9197.76
come on now you mess with the wrong oh1046.163.879
Simon okay you got to you got to talk1048.6792.481
before you come in there swinging you1050.0392.721
know what I mean I swear you were pretty1051.164.08
far away from me but maybe not and I was1052.764.6
also aiming to the right well you know1055.243.72
how it is in this game this game is like1057.363.76
squirly it is squirely I apologize1058.965.079
you'll dive like 20 ft stab somebody and1061.126.16
uh oh my1064.0393.241
this is this is much much more1079.365.76
intimidating than I than I thought what1082.285.56
yeah why look how big this place is Big1085.125.36
this place is that's it now I wasn't1087.846.44
saying why I was saying what okay jeez1090.485.4
okay this might be a group man there's1094.284.08
like aast let's go down that bean a1095.885.279
little bit I mean yeah I want to see I1098.364.439
heard where there some black lotus1101.1593.041
something something here and I need that1102.7994.521
stuff man this is1104.25.44
what's up buddy huh I just getting just1109.644.96
getting comfy well that that's not a bad1111.6795.161
spot no my butt's really warm can I can1114.64.319
I just be open about something what's up1116.843.44
I don't know about this yeah tell me1118.9194.12
whatever I can I I was I was did you1120.283.92
have more to say well I just wanted to1123.0393.281
say we're friends and you can tell me1124.26.04
anything I was about to go ahead anytime1126.326.76
except for right now this old Z I don't1130.245.08
know wait are you having fa you're1133.084.04
having doubts about Zach forget it you1135.323.719
know what forget it just forget it tell1137.124.16
me what's wrong I think you forget it1139.0394.481
maybe any God should make you make1141.284.399
shaped wood and hardened brick and steel1143.524.6
reinforcement even if Harden brick1145.6795.921
requires iore and Twine Dora what you1148.126.32
are the zath man that's your gimmick1151.66.04
right now yeah you can't give up on it1154.444.84
yeah especially not after starting that1157.643.519
beef with Simon and yog well I think1159.284.44
he's over the yeah this has to be1161.1595.081
carried out man you're right you can't1163.724.6
give up do you have any iore what is1166.244.72
sore good question sounds like a type of1168.326.4
music i h o r I'll go search my boxes1170.965.56
for it yeah I'll help you through this1174.724.4
crisis of Faith yeah dude this new altar1176.524.279
is going to be dope and and people be1179.124.039
like hey that that's cool yeah you know1180.7993.961
what maybe I will think of you know what1183.1594.721
you can change Simon's mind yeah yeah I1184.764.88
think he put that up by accident the yog1187.883.48
one that was an accident oh yeah no and1189.644.12
he's just too stubborn to admit it he is1191.364.439
a he's from New York he's he's one of1193.766.799
those people hey I meant to do1195.7997.76
that yeah probably in the water I'm1200.5594.721
going to go look for iore I appreciate1203.5593.36
that I'll see you in a few okay I almost1205.283.96
have all my steel reinforcements I know1206.9193.841
you're in a in a rush but I'm going to1209.244.4
take the elevator n take your time oh I1210.766.919
will zap does I mean it's Big W it looks1213.646.279
cool though it does it's a castle or1217.6793.601
something off in the distance and1219.9192.921
there's a little place right here like1221.284.04
oh there's there's is that people maybe1222.844.56
that's people right there oh yeah all1225.325.16
right so you hang back I'll run in first1227.45.72
okay that oh wow okay there all couple1230.483.92
what actually a couple are going to you1233.123.039
you want you kill the ones going to you1234.44.0
wow okay I turn I ran and then I was1236.1595.721
hoping they'd follow me ran I ran I stab1238.45.32
me I'm getting stabbed this isn't good1241.884.799
I'm hitting this one oh oh god oh boy1243.724.64
Simon we might want to fall back hold on1246.6793.601
hold on these guys are [ __ ] tough are1248.363.64
they oh yeah there's bleed damage going1250.284.48
on though right uh but you're half done1252.06.12
you're half dead oh God okay okay okay1254.764.399
I'm right in the middle of it I'm trying1258.123.36
to get out I know I know man I'm trying1259.1594.561
okay I'm out oh my God I have a s this1261.484.439
is crazy I didn't even bring a bandage1263.723.28
oh my God yeah we're going to need way1265.9193.361
better weapons to come in here these1267.05.039
guys are [ __ ] they're hard yep yep1269.285.84
yep yep yep okay where do I go from here1272.0395.64
all right oh God they're on my ass am I1275.124.24
going to get out here get out get out1277.6794.36
get out return service I made it out oh1279.364.88
you made it outy I'm not having as much1282.0395.0
luck oh boy oh my God there's a punch of1284.244.88
them I have1287.0394.481
band come on take a drink take a drink1289.126.12
take a drink oh kill a take a1291.523.72
drink okay you okay oh yeah I'm just now1296.7995.041
putting up a fight oh this is dumb1300.085.32
though this is dumb this is1301.843.56
dumb [ __ ] [ __ ] zimon yeah you made it1306.9195.24
out yeah where are you okay you're ready1310.243.439
right here putting advantage on all1312.1594.241
right yeah that was much more intense1313.6794.801
than what I was anticipating like what1316.44.519
kind of like powerful people were they1318.483.799
cuz that was a little bit nuts like1320.9193.961
normally this axe that I have could take1322.2794.161
some people down yeah same thing with1324.884.399
these things I got they're normally yeah1326.444.76
they're normally like that yeah normally1329.2793.88
I kick butt with them not today all1331.23.44
right I need we need to upgrade our1333.1593.081
weapons before going in there all right1334.644.12
and have more people yeah okay all right1336.243.52
let me look at some things I need to1338.762.399
come up with Plan B I'm getting that1339.763.48
black lotus [ __ ] by God okay let's go to1341.1593.921
the outskirts go back to my little house1343.243.76
I think is this way are there any1345.083.199
mirrors in this game I just want to1347.02.6
stare at1348.2793.0
oh okay yeah wow hey they're all going1351.2795.241
they're all running even even abos over1354.763.159
there is running we're going to get this1356.522.32
we're going to get this today it's going1357.9191.961
to be great we're going to get all the1358.842.76
wood it's going to be awesome what who's1359.883.72
operating these I'm using uh three of1361.65.16
abos um furnaces and that looks like1363.67.04
it'll happen by the end of today oh abro1366.766.12
sure is kind to let us use all this crap1370.644.12
yeah I love when he's gone mhm like1372.883.36
earlier I stole like a hundred of his1374.763.2
iron build that elevator and he does1376.243.919
doesn't know n he'll never know yeah1377.963.92
he'll never know how would he find out1380.1594.64
he he he doesn't keep inventory no thank1381.884.72
you Anthony you're welcome no this is1384.7993.161
happening this I'm glad you were having1386.64.72
like just like a not do much day yeah no1387.964.92
I'm honestly I'm just kind of relaxing1391.323.4
my goals are kind of uh it's fun it's1392.883.2
going to be fun yeah is this guy te-1394.723.6
posing for you I don't know but but I1396.086.04
will say this Z's next alar I'd argue1398.326.68
the coolest looking alter in this game I1402.125.2
will be the judge of that yeah we'll see1405.05.279
we'll see by the end of the EP mhm now1407.324.479
the goddess is here everything in this1410.2793.241
game is just breaking today yeah it's1411.7993.641
fine yeah it's fine everything's great1413.523.039
B all right Simon you see that gaping1416.5595.881
wet stink hole over there oh do I have a1419.085.12
from what I read there's some chest in1422.443.76
there oh I see a chest already some of1424.23.92
those chests might contain some black1426.23.92
lotus potions or something that's fine1428.123.679
so I'll get you back listen why don't1430.123.28
you do your business these dogs okay oh1431.7993.76
wow I can kill these little doggies no1433.44.04
are they they're pretty tough but hey1435.5593.681
all right we can this one's dead what is1437.444.88
this this is like a a mutated hyena look1439.245.28
at that looks gross it does look gross1442.325.04
all right so I'm here to now ooh now get1444.524.88
in in and out of here feel like I've1447.363.84
been haven't I been here you oh yeah1449.43.36
back in the day I guarantee we've been1451.24.16
here oh I'm seeing chest already getting1452.765.24
up getting back up is an issue I1455.364.64
immediately remember that oh yeah oh and1458.04.36
there's an undead dragon monster like1460.04.52
right in the middle yeah one of the yeah1462.365.0
oh yeah one of the things with the horns1464.524.84
so I'm I'm not prepared to fight these1467.364.24
freaking guys I have an axe all right1469.364.76
well I just want to get a chest okay so1471.63.64
tell you what if you want to hang here1474.123.919
you hang here going in slowly I mean1475.244.6
listen if you give me a clear way to1478.0394.24
come back up I'd be happy to come down1479.844.36
you just climb don't you I think I1482.2793.841
thought that there were issues with that1484.25.16
oh I got Simon what see I see a chest1486.126.4
down there1489.363.16
O all right all right I'm coming down1496.524.48
yeah come on down all right oh my God1499.0394.24
this worked perfect I me this that was1501.04.2
great man I'm a damn good SW oh1503.2793.361
something getting shot I got shot I got1505.23.839
shot skeletons oh yeah yeah yeah all1506.645.24
right can work together I'm on it man1509.0394.601
watch out I do not want to hit you all1511.883.44
right I'm staying back I'm trying to be1513.644.24
very and all right all right I'm jump in1515.324.52
get in get in all right these guys are1517.883.6
tough too man we really got to upgrade1519.845.12
our weap more okay okay nice get thing1521.486.96
in that what is that rck compost needes1524.964.8
might want that all right watch out1528.442.8
there's another guy shooting and he's1529.763.88
hitting me I'm going to start with him1531.245.08
oh oh God there's actually another one1533.644.48
too yeah let's not lure a bunch of them1536.324.359
out here Simon pull back pull back this1538.124.039
way pull back this way we don't want all1540.6792.6
right all right all right but he's an1542.1592.801
arrow guy he's already shooting at me1543.2793.041
this isn't good you'll have you'll have1544.963.52
to come come over here F fine we can do1546.323.52
that yeah all right now he's shooting at1548.483.079
me all right tell you what I'm going to1549.845.16
he where you come on can we tag team1551.5595.281
from front and back and not h no that's1555.03.88
dangerous well right here I'm doing it1556.843.76
oh yeah you go ahead and do it but yeah1558.884.24
I died too much to uh people swinging1560.64.439
all right yes man's in a dumb spot go1563.123.76
ahead man's in a dumb spot sorry not in1565.0394.24
a good spot either brought a guy over I1566.884.96
did I brought a guy over I apologize I1569.2794.961
apologize I'm running that that is a big1571.844.559
W that's a big lizard yeah it is not1574.244.4
good but we can go over here control the1576.3994.801
situation come on all right I'm going to1578.644.2
get this I'm going to sneak up on this1581.24.04
guy and hit him he should be almost dead1582.845.959
boom boom this boom got him T all right1585.244.919
help oh boy help me with the lizard all1588.7992.24
right I'm going to help I'm going to1590.1594.64
help right and swing boom boom all right1591.0395.12
I'm going to get it from the back side1594.7993.921
there yeah you he after me go there we1596.1595.801
go take a Boom come on oh I'm very hurt1598.726.079
that's no it's not okay Sandstorm coming1601.964.64
in got to run got to run got to run got1604.7993.0
run oh boy come out there you go my1607.7995.641
friend Simon we laid down a bed roll all1611.3993.4
right where was that chest is there a1613.443.16
potion in this chest this what I came1614.7994.961
for gray Lotus seeds not Black Lotus1616.65.079
gray Lotus boom if I get those I can1619.764.0
talk to neees oh is there a sandstorm1621.6794.041
happening right now why is it so dark1623.763.399
I'm going to wait for the sandstorm to1625.723.559
pass and then I'm going to see if I can1627.1594.4
get out of this hole right now it's dark1629.2794.481
I'm scared I'm just going to hide in a1631.5595.961
corner stop it I I should come down did1633.766.519
you respawn yeah I did I but I'm going1637.524.68
to die right if because I have no1640.2793.841
shelter shelter I'm going to should I1642.26.8
jump down sure okay oh no I went to the1644.126.76
wrong one the one that should I should1649.03.799
have went to the one that had the oh I1650.885.12
see you you see me uh oh no you got to1652.7996.921
be able to see Bob yes see Bob um going1656.06.64
to die jumping trying to get on that1659.727.16
thing right there no that's not good1662.647.68
St hey I'm back is the sandstorm cleared1666.887.159
out uh yeah I think so is your bridge1670.325.88
that you made still there uh yeah but1674.0393.561
tell you what I'll try to I'll try to1676.23.079
make a bridge out oh you got to get your1677.63.4
stuff don't you I do hold on I just1679.2793.081
jumped down all right there was somebody1681.03.159
else there you jumped down over there1682.363.76
now I did all right it's okay if I die1684.1593.681
again I don't care right do matter well1686.123.439
no you want your stuff right I can still1687.844.28
get my stuff if I keep on dying all1689.5594.0
right let's see if I can make a bridge1692.125.2
to you all right here we go come on get1693.5596.12
to it come on get to it come on get to1697.324.52
it all right starting to love this1699.6793.36
little Bridge potion all right come on1701.842.48
top let's get it and let's hop on the1703.0393.321
bridge quick before the bridge goes away1704.323.599
all right good take off all right go go1706.363.919
go go go up I'm trying I'm going I'm1707.9197.281
moving Bob Bob Bob Bob stop it Bob oh no1710.2796.88
Jesus all right all right all right I1715.23.959
forgot now just go straight up right1717.1594.681
right God you lead the way all right I'm1719.1593.64
leading the way no you're leading the1721.842.24
way okay I'll go with up you go up you1722.7993.041
go all1724.084.04
right all right we got that potion and1725.844.079
boom there goes the bridge that was1728.123.84
awesome all right that was freaking1729.9195.281
awesome okay one second one second here1731.965.16
okay got to be got to be patient I'm I'm1735.23.52
being patient I'm just sitting here just1737.124.399
content you know yeah we worked hard on1738.725.64
oh my1741.5192.841
God woo that is disgusting and awesome1744.648.0
oh I love that e hey Z what's up can I1749.1595.721
climb Z yeah if you want sure yeah it's1752.645.279
like for the kids for the kids little1754.886.2
Jungle Gym yeah yeah Z I'm 9 years old1757.9196.321
can I climb on you Z scratch the back of1761.084.88
his head oh here you go give a little1764.243.52
scratch I'm going to step on it feels1765.963.439
good I gained a level thanks Z you're1767.763.48
the best I'm going take a nap up here1769.3994.801
all right zth1771.242.96
nap what you suppose they're doing in1774.724.64
there Simon uh I don't know that seems1776.726.64
like some real big like end of the world1779.366.319
stuff maybe yeah just we were just going1783.364.52
past this place like what dude you see1785.6793.801
that guy over there kind of like doing1787.883.96
some weird like kind of dance don't you1789.484.76
want to get closer and like I think we1791.844.199
we certainly can yeah what the hell is1794.243.08
happening here that almost looks like a1796.0393.041
a player or something like hitting the A1797.323.199
and D you know what I mean then move1799.083.719
back and forth yeah what in the hell is1800.5194.0
this what are you guys doing trying to1802.7994.521
open a portal to another world what is1804.5193.961
wrong with these people oh yeah they're1807.323.28
com whoo wao wao yeah and they're like1808.484.36
they're like glowing yeah what is going1810.65.439
on storm sick they're storm sick okay1812.845.36
are they is that about are they weak or1816.0394.52
strong uh they're well they're not yeah1818.24.92
I feel like I can take him okay hold on1820.5595.081
I hit C and I'm hitting two I'm going to1823.124.84
fight him oh wow dude he's just popped1825.645.039
like blew up what the hell was this what1827.965.0
is on you what is this Spectre coating1830.6795.801
coating that harms the dead some food oh1832.965.76
I hope I hope it's not hurting1836.485.64
me hey leave my friend alone you storm1838.726.079
[ __ ] man I like how they pop I like how1845.644.399
they pop what do you got on you look at1848.124.96
this is good stuff ooh a star metal1850.0396.201
shortsword hey you working for1853.086.52
Thanos oh wow there are a lot of you all1856.244.319
right I'm not going to be able to do1859.63.12
this all right pull it back pull it back1860.5595.12
oh manoo that looks cool though that1862.726.24
looks really damn1865.6793.281

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